Paragraphs Review for IELTS Writing Task 1?

Lets check your understanding of IELTS writing task 1 paragraphing. This is for academic writing task 1.

Below are a number of options for how to structure your writing task 1. Are all these options good for IELTS writing task 1?

Option A

  • Paragraph 1 = introduction & overview
  • Paragraph 2 = body 1 detail
  • Paragraph 3 = body 2 detail

Option B

  • Paragraph 1 = introduction
  • Paragraph 2 = overview
  • Paragraph 3 = body 1 detail
  • Paragraph 4 = body 2 detail

Option C

  • Paragraph 1 = introduction
  • Paragraph 2 = body 1 detail
  • Paragraph 3 = body 2 detail
  • Paragraph 4 = overview

Option D

  • Paragraph 1 = introduction
  • Paragraph 2 = overview
  • Paragraph 3 = body 1 detail
  • Paragraph 4 = conclusion

Questions for You

  1. Which paragraphing options are suitable for writing task 1? 
  2. Is there an option above which will get you a higher score?
  3. Which structure is not acceptable?

Paragraph Options Explained: Answers

Options A, B, & C are all possible to be used in Writing Task 1 and get a high score. Option D will not give you a good score. Read the details below to learn more:

Option A

When the introduction is very short, such as with diagrams, I sometimes put my overview statement with the introduction. I feel it gives a better balanced of paragraphs. Although the introduction and overview are in the same paragraph, they MUST be separate statements. The introduction presents the information (paraphrases the description) and the overview contains all key features.

Option B

This is my personal favourite. Writing task 1 is not an essay. It is a report. The overview contains all the key features and I prefer to present that before giving all the smaller details. I like the reader to understand the gist of the chart, before seeing small examples of data. 

Furthermore, the overview is THE MOST IMPORTANT PARAGRAPH IN WRITING TASK 1. For this reason also, I like to put it early on in the writing. The overview needs to be both clear and contain information well selected.

Option C

It is also 100% fine to put the overview at the end of the report. However, if you choose this option, make sure you manage your time well – your overview is the most important part and needs to be thought about carefully and written very very well.

Option D

There are two very serious problems with this structure.

  1. The body must be divided into a minimum of two paragraphs. You are being marked on how you take the detail and divide it into logical sections. Most writing task 2 will have two paragraphs for the body, but occasionally you might have three. 
  2. You cannot have both an overview which contains the key features and a conclusion that summarises the key features. This would mean in a short report, you would have repeated the key features twice. This will lower your score. There is no reason to repeat anything at all. Once you state the key features in the overview, your body paragraphs (plural) will present all main details. You never repeat it all again. This means you do not need a conclusion. 

I hope you have found this useful 🙂 My main writing task 1 page has lots of model answers which show both option A and B. CLICK BELOW:

IELTS Writing Task 1 Tips, Model Answers & More

If you want letter writing tips for GT writing task 1, see this page:

All the best





  1. Hey Liz!!!!
    Is it possible that we can use only 3 paragraphs for task 1???????
    Paragraph 1 – Introduction para
    Paragraph 2- detail paragraph in which everything is described
    Paragraph 3-sum up(overall) paragraph

    • I have explained, you CANNOT use this structure if you want a high score. I explained very clearly that a) there must be at least two body paragraphs – you cannot have one.
      Please read the page again and learn the right lessons from it. This pages shows very clearly that it is not about the number of paragraphs, it is about which paragraphs you choose.

  2. Option B

  3. Ravinder narwal says

    I like all methods mam because your methods so easy and I am easily understand your methods mam thnx

  4. Darshita Patel says


  5. I would like to have my essays reviewed. How can sign up for this? My test is in a few weeks. Kindly assist as soon as possible ma’am.

  6. B

  7. 1- B,C

  8. A or B

  9. A

  10. Tanyaradzwa Adelaide Chinhoyi says


  11. Omojola Odunayo says

    1. Options A and B
    2. Option B
    3. Option D.

  12. 1. A and B
    2. B
    3. D

  13. Option B

  14. Option B

  15. A,B&C

  16. B

  17. harpreet kaur says

    A,B,C are correct

  18. Option
    B and C

  19. Nnoyiba Lilian O says

    1, C

  20. Option A is the best one I think. Normally, after the introduction, the overview of general trends should be given.
    Then in the body there need at least 2 paragraphs, so I will spend them describing main trends in details. No need to have a conclusion.

  21. 1. Option D
    2. Yes, Option D is the formal method
    3. Option B and C

  22. Option D
    Option D
    Option C

  23. D

  24. 1. B&C
    2. B
    3. A

  25. D is suitable for writing test 1.
    Structure A is not acceptable.

  26. I think option B is suitable for task 1

  27. I think option D

  28. Yetunde Ajibade says

    1 B
    2 B

  29. Hello liz
    I want to use this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you have been doing.
    I sat for the ielts exam few months ago and the result was disheartening even though I studied hard. I still don’t know were I went wrong I scored 7speaking,6.5writing,6.0listeining and 6.0reading. What do you think counts have made this possible as this has demoralized me from reading again.

    • I don’t understand your question. This sentence doesn’t make much sense “What do you think counts have made this possible as this has demoralized me from reading again.”. Can you write it again? What is the problem with your score and what you are asking me?

  30. C

  31. Alphonso S.Lamee says

    I will prefer paragraph (D) as after my introduction I will have more time for giving adequate details to my audience before reaching conclusion.

  32. it’s option c

  33. Nyienepok Francis says

    1. A, B & C
    2. C
    3. D

  34. option c

  35. Mohammed Alatrash says


  36. 1. Option B
    2. Option B
    3. Option D

  37. Hi Liz,

    I am currently re-studying IELTS exam to sit on the 2nd of March. I have seen your site before and used this intermittently along with the other tutorials website. I am always hesitant to ask questions due to my number of failures in the test, as I needed a band score of 7 in all section but unfortunately, I am stacked at 6. Although I received 7 in writing in 2013 exam frustratingly I received a score of 6 in listening, this hinders me from practicing my profession as a nurse.

    Now, I am totally desperate to get a 7band score in writing as my registration application is on the process. I wanted to adhere to your lessons this time and hope for the best to get a good mark. I am grateful for your website as it truly guides me as I begin this journey again, your efforts are well appreciated.

    My answer to your questions:

    I think option A is the best way for writing task 1. However, I believe that all of the options except option D can make our score higher along with complying to all the required aspects by the IELTS examiner. Option D, I suppose is not very effective to use because of the risk of redundancy.

    Thank you very much.


  38. Pargat singh says

    I think these would be only right

  39. Spencer Svova says

    I think option D would be the best for me

  40. Ashish Waghmare says


  41. 1.A,C

  42. A.1. B
    A.2. B
    A.3. D

  43. Option A

    This is actually confusing, though i selected option A, 2 months ago i did Cambridge BEC Exam (Same IELTS academic task 1 in both Exam)

    Becuae Liz’s website i put my overall after introduction always, but during the preparation classes lecture asked us to put overall at the end. ( and i think Pearson’s books following same pattern)

    And also if it is a process asked us to put a conclusion, instead of the overall.

    Thanks for clarifying this issue.

  44. Q1: A, B
    Q2: A
    Q3: C, D

  45. Q1: A
    Q2: A
    Q3: C

  46. Dinesh Arya says


  47. 1. B and A
    2. B
    also the overview can’t be at the end

  48. Anuja Bhattarai says

    Question 1 : B and C
    Question 2 : B
    Question 3 : A and D

  49. Mogajisunday says


  50. Option A I think.

  51. Komal Bajwa says

    question 1: B,C
    question 2: A
    question 3: D

  52. Q1: A, B, C
    Q2: C
    Q3: D

  53. D

  54. 1.Option C
    3.Option A

  55. 1. A,B
    2. A
    3. D

  56. In my opinion option B is suitable for question 1 & 2 and D option for question 3.

  57. Muhammad Irfan Hidayat says

    1 A
    2 B
    3 D


  58. Q1.option A,C
    Q2.option C
    Q3.option D

  59. option B

  60. Rushell Rowe says

    1)options A and B
    2)Option A
    3) option D

  61. B and C are the best options
    The most important part is the Overview which can be either written in the second paragraph or in the last one.

  62. B and C

  63. I think the suitable writing structure for task 1 would be option A, B, and C

  64. Option B is more suitable than other three options.

  65. 1. B,C

    2. B

    3. D

  66. Hi Liz!
    Thank you for your work!!!
    In my opinion, the first three are appropriate, however B is more suitable, because I use this one:) . According to the D,this type of paragraphing is not acceptable!!!!

  67. zachary Oguta says

    Option A

  68. Hi!!!1.B, option, such rule to write…

  69. Dr.Navnaaz Grewal says


  70. A & B. Thought conclusion is not a must in writing 1?

  71. Option C because at the end of every speech, you need to conclude in a few sentences

  72. Option D

  73. Answers:
    1. I’d prefer option B and C.
    2. May be option B, I’m not sure.
    3. Option D.

  74. Qn.1 =options A, B,C.
    Qn2= option B
    Qn3= option D

  75. Claudio Cataldi says

    I would say:
    1. Options A, B, C. Task 1 should not have a conclusion, shouldn’t it?
    2. Option B.
    3. Option D

  76. ofir kuberman says

    A and B may be for writing task 1 general

  77. Good day Liz, thanks for the update. My review goes thus: question 1 is option C, Question 2 is Yes which is introduction and overview and Question 3 is D because you can not have an overview and conclusion in paragraph writing. Thank u as I await your answer tomorrow.

  78. Jaspreet kaur says


  79. OptionD

  80. Option B

  81. 1-A AND B
    2- B
    3- C

  82. Hello, Liz.
    I guess, for writing task 1 C is suitable, but A is absolutely not acceptable.

  83. Hi Liz,
    Option A is the most preferable one . Options C and D are not acceptable.


  85. Option B.

  86. Option B.

  87. NAVEEN SAGAR says

    I think option A is the best way to write Writing Task 1

  88. Thank you mam
    I like your way of teaching, acent, voice very clear really you are very great.
    I would chossed option A or B
    Please give me some tips for ielts prepration.


    It is B and C options appropriate for task 1 of the writing section

  90. 1. Options A and C
    2. Option A
    3. Options B and D

  91. Option A

  92. I think options A and B are suitable for IELTS testing write task 1
    B will give you a higher score
    C And D are not good

  93. Dear Liz

    My name is Paul from Zimbabwe currently practicing IELTS. I would like to send you my essays for marking and advice accordingly, if possible may you please send me an email address to

  94. Randa Yousuf says

    1. B and C
    2. both B and C can give you a higher band score
    3. A, i think you can not write introduction and overview in the same paragraph and option D is unacceptable because writing task 1 should not have a conclusion.

  95. A&B

  96. B

  97. A or C

  98. erika tandu-kienga says

    I think that option A is the best and option C the worst.
    B is incorrect,the overview is one sentence or 2 max and C put this one at the end and thi is illogical.

  99. I think the first three options are correct , even the forth one but its not recommended by most tutors.

  100. B

  101. 1. OPTION B
    2. OPTION B
    3. Option C

  102. I believe option ‘B’ is fine to structure writing task 1 essay!

  103. Option D

  104. Hi Liz,
    I believe options A and B are both acceptable. However option B can guarantee a bit more prominence for your introduction and overview as they are described individually. Thus, in my opinion, Structure B may help the examiner to assess your work better and grade you accordingly.
    On the other hand, option D has missed the overview completely which I think is a crucial mistake. So option D is unacceptable, according to my understanding of the subject.

  105. Gaurav Pratap Singh says

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the tips which you are providing.
    I am doing my preparation for IELTS on my own and for that I was doing some practice on reading. I have a question for you from that. My question is: what are the letters, some times articles which are being written with answers of practice papers in the Cambridge text book?

  106. riachristina says

    Options A and B

  107. I think the answer is Option D

  108. Emmanuel Ndukwu says

    I feel that Option C is the ideal for writing both essays because it contains introduction, body and overview which could serve as conclusion.

    The Same Option C would fetch higher score. Take a look at the Option C, you will find out that it possesses necessary items that are holistic in conveying the central message properly.

    Options A and B are not acceptable because the do not have conclusion which is a very important factor in any good essay writing

  109. Options B and C are the right ones. A – you can’t combine intro anx overview. D – yoi don’t need conclusion, as it’s not an essay.

  110. Patrick Ogbonnaya says

    1. Option B and C are suitable, but B seems to be the best as the examiner sees the overview as soon as he/she start to read.
    2. Option B
    3. Option D

  111. 1 =option B 2 – no idea 3 = option D

  112. 1. Options A B C are suitable for writing task 1.
    2. Option C is perfect to get a higher score.
    3. Option D is not acceptable.

  113. Option A is suitable
    Option D can get me a higher score
    Option C is not acceptable

  114. B

  115. 1 and 2 are equally acceptable, depending on the question. 3 and 4 are not.

  116. Prabhleen Malhi says


  117. Good Day
    1. Option B and C
    2. Option B will get you a higher score.
    3.Options A and D are not acceptable

  118. Hi madam, Can you provide letter for GT I have seen your post, you have not post any letter in recent time.

  119. Option B

  120. Faizs shakaib says

    Option D

  121. 1.Option A. 2 Option A 3. Option D

  122. Rehema Nakato says

    I think option A is the most suitable approach because it presents the answers more logically in a step by step format.

  123. I feel the option A would be a better choice as the letter would become too long with a separate paragraph of overview. Moreover, with option A one can make a balanced essay. In other words, length of all the three paragraphs would be same. Furthermore, conclusion is not required in letters, and providing overview at the end seems not a right approach as by the end we would have already explained the situation in the previous paragraphs. So, other options are not appropriate. Well, thats what i feel. Now the expert Elizabeth can explain better. 😁

  124. Option D is not acceptable, all other three are suitable, but option B is better for higher score

  125. A and B are the best option. However, C is also right. D is wrong, we are not supposed to use a conclusion in task one.

  126. Stephen shirley says

    1. Option B
    2. Option B
    3. Option D

  127. B&C are probably the best.D is unacceptable.

  128. Answers
    3 d

  129. Nyambaatar Batbayar says

    Hi Liz!

    My answer: 1) All options except D is possible.
    2) My score will NOT depend on which option I chose. Rather, it will depend on how I organize my information.
    3) The option D is not correct.

  130. paragraph B

  131. 1. Option D
    2.Option D
    3. Option C

  132. Abubakar Wahlan says

    B and c are correct because it includes overview not conclusion, but B is more clearer than c because it will be easier for the examiner to find our overview early and moreover you suggested us to place our overview after introduction.
    Thank you. By the way my exam is on 23rd of February. Motivate me Liz. Please!

  133. 01. C
    02. C
    03. D

  134. option A

  135. Is this for academic task 1 writing or general task 1 writing
    Pls clarify

    • There is no overview or introduction in a letter! Go to the main writing task 1 page (see RED BAR at top of website) and look for the tips page about GT letters.

  136. Bhawna Sharma says

    Hello Liz,

    I have Letter Writing for Task 1. So I would Prefer the below format

    BP 1 Details
    Concluding statement

    I would like to know if the words would be counted if we are asking about the person’s well being which is not the part of the question in an informal letter.

  137. 1) Option B is most suitable
    2) Options C&D

  138. Samten Dorjj says

    1. C & D
    2. I feel “C” since it has in introduction two body parts divided to speak for the motion and give opinion with summary at last.
    3. “A” is not acceptable since both the introduction and summary can’t be possible at same time.

  139. Andrii Hamuliak says

    Hi everyone.
    1) B. C.
    2) Personally I would go for B, because it’s much easier to write an overview next to the introduction and that also might save your time. However , you can still choose C – nothing wrong with that at all)
    3) As far as I am concerned, option D is definitely forbidden (there is no point in writing both conclusion and overview). But I am not so sure about A. I suppose it is to some extent might be possible.
    Anyway opt for C or D.

  140. Paragraph D

  141. Oluwatosin Oladipo Omisakin says

    I prefer option B

  142. A,B,C, – OK
    D – wrong

  143. Option B and C

  144. Option D.

  145. Option D

  146. p1= introduction and overview
    p2= body 1 details
    p3 = body 2 details

  147. 1.A & B
    3.D & C

  148. C

  149. option a

  150. 1. None
    2. C/D
    3. All

  151. Desire Tshibumbu says

    I believe that options A, B, C are acceptable for task 1. Option C will give higher score.
    Option D is not acceptable because there is no need for a conclusion when an overview is written already.

  152. 1.B

  153. Hajra Iqbal says

    Option B is correct.
    Madam,kindly can you explain about identification of question type in task 2.
    In some question they ask about advantages and disadvantages along with opinion of student either advantages outweigh disadvantages then the question is about opinion or advantages/disadvantages.Please clear my concept.
    Hajra Iqbal

  154. Sukhdev singh says

    General task 1 I want to know about it

  155. 1. B & C. 2. B 3. D

  156. Answers
    1. Option C & D
    2. Option D
    3. Option A

  157. option C

  158. Option a and c are my preferred style. I believe B is better though

  159. Omolola Kehinde-Alasan says

    No 1) A
    No 2) A
    No 3) C

  160. Option B is suitable for writing Task1.
    Option D is not acceptable.

  161. Dr Gur Aziz Singh Sidhu says


  162. D

  163. Lourdu Reddy Allam says

    Option D

  164. For me, the answer for all of question:
    1. suitable format for ielts in writing task 1 is obtion “ A “
    2. Yes, because each component is complicated criteria for examiner to assess the writing task 1 of participant
    3. Option D.., because in writing task 1, it’s do not have conclusion but only overview

  165. 1.Ans:B

  166. Question 1: A, B and D.
    Question 2: A.
    Question 3: C

  167. Tenndryl Gyeltshen says

    Option B

  168. B

  169. Hi Liz
    The guidance regarding Task 1 is appreciable. But some people have deep concerns that you can get band 8 in Listening, Reading and Speaking Tasks but even band 7 is not given in writing. How far is it true?

  170. Lovepreet singh says

    2 B AND C
    3 A AND D

  171. Hi liz,
    The most appropriate one is option A and B, ignore option D because there is no conclusion in task 1.
    Many thanks.

  172. Parvez akhtar says

    A choice

  173. C&D

    Needs a conclusion/ summary

  174. Option D

  175. Sesha sai kodakandla says

    We need to follow option D

  176. Adebayo Taawakalitu says

    Option D is wring,B$C are the best. Thank you

  177. Ekete Obinna C says

    C is my answer

  178. Hi Liz. I just want to ask a question. I saw a speaking cue card in which it was asked describe an effigy you watched recently. I was not aware about the meaning of effigy until I checked its meaning on the internet. My question is if I am having such kind of topic where I do not know the meaning of the word, Could I ask the meaning form examiner or not? If It could impact on my band?

    • It is most likely that IELTS used the word “statue” but the candidate who reported it changed the word. You need to remember, people post questions which are based on memory and are often paraphrased. The examiner cannot help you with meaning. If you really don’t understand, talk about something that seems to fit the prompts on the car and explain your choice at the start of your talk.

  179. I think option is the best 1

  180. I opinion is for option d where all 4 points are there. Without conclusion there is no point of writing a paragraph

  181. Sunita Rathee says

    I think option D is the right answer.

  182. Paragraph 1-Introduction and overview
    Paragraph 2-Body 1 detail
    Paragraph 3-body 2 detail
    Paragraph 4-conclusion

  183. B and C options are correct as far as i am concerned.

  184. Praisy sebastian says

    Option B

  185. A

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