Vocabulary for Food: Vegetables

Learn vocabulary for vegetables for the topic of food. In IELTS it is possible to get the topic of either food or just vegetables in speaking part 1. Make sure you include lots of interesting vocabulary in your answers.

Can you name all the vegetables in the picture below? Under the picture is a list of possible words, not all of them are in the picture (there are 26 words but only 24 answers needed).


broccoli          aubergine          corn           tomatoes         bean sprouts           artichoke         cucumber           lettuce            onions           radish             garlic pumpkin          sweet potato             cauliflower               sprouts             potatoes              asparagus                peas              courgette              red pepper             chili pepper           carrots               parsnip               celery              beans                mushrooms           spinach         beetroot


  1. peas
  2. mushrooms
  3. pumpkin
  4. cauliflower
  5. radish
  6. onions
  7. celery
  8. artichoke
  9. carrots
  10. potatoes
  11. lettuce
  12. tomatoes
  13. aubergine or eggplant
  14. sprouts
  15. courgette or zucchini
  16. cabbage
  17. corn (corn on the cob)
  18. asparagus
  19. beetroot
  20. broccoli
  21. red pepper
  22. sweet potato
  23. cucumber
  24. beans


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    • The tips for GT and academic reading are the same. All question types are the same so follow all my usual reading tips.
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        • The topic of work is also the topic of study. The examiner will first ask: Do you work or do you study?”. Here are your possible answers:

          I work.
          I study.
          I don’t work or study at the moment ….

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    • Sorry, but the only help I provide are lessons and tips on this blog. Most pages are focusing on IELTS exam skills rather than English.

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