Get rules of using brackets in listening

Hi guys,

Yesterday, I posted a notice about using (brackets) for IELTS listening. I’ve not put up information about this on the original page. Click here to read all about it: IELTS Listening Using Brackets for Answers


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  1. Thank you Liz .really I found you website useful. .I have finished my exam just now
    Egypt. .Alexandria 16 -17 September 2017
    Writing task 1 was bar chart about the use of childcare centre among 5 European countries and there is separate column titled as an European average! Task 2 is about how advertising makes us similar to what extend do you agree ?
    Speaking part 1
    Meaning of your name
    Why you given this name?
    Did your family celebrated in any way when you was born ?
    Describe that celebration?
    Work or study
    Study Subject?
    Why ?
    Newspaper paper versus online news ?
    Domestic news versus world news ?
    Part 2
    Where ?
    When ?
    With whom?
    Part 3
    License and age opinion ?
    Implication of driving in high 2ndary schoolsyllabus? Opinion
    What are jobs that need good driver and why?
    Driver less cars and trains advantages versus disadvantages?

  2. i i have completed my graduation last month and i am not an employee.So what should i answer for the following question: do you work or study?

    • Just say the truth. IELTS speaking does have trick questions. It is an informal chat with the examiner. Just say “I graduated last month and i am not yet employed.”

  3. Thank you, Liz. It’s really useful.

  4. Thanks liz

  5. Ahaa! That’s it.
    Thanks dear Liz

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