Update on IELTS Liz for Feb 2017

Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you know a few things:

  1. IELTS Writing Answer Sheet: A student informed me that the writing answer sheet she got in Russia this month was different. It had 16 lines on the first page. IELTS do not always release the latest answer sheets. So, just be prepared for a different one.
    1. You don’t have time to count your words in the writing test, but you do have time to count the lines. So, count your lines and then multiple it by the number of words on one line. This will give you a fast and clear estimate of word count. Remember aim for about 160-180 words in task 1 and 260 -280 words in task 2.
  2. Using Capital Letters: I have up-dated information for 2017. You can use capital letters or lower case in listening and reading – you decide which to use. You can even mix them up. It won’t affect your score. I’ve up-dated my video with a message and also the list of tips as well: 25 Essential Tips for IELTS Listening. See below for example answers:
    1. Mr brown = correct
    2. mr brown = correct
    3. MR BRoWn = correct
  3. Up-Date Recent Exams Questions Page: I’ve put the Recent IELTS Exam Questions comments into pages. This means that the page shows the first 165 comments. If you want to see exam questions from a few months before, you need to do to the end of the page and press the “Older Comments” link – it’s in red and not easy to see, unfortunately. I am hoping the page will load quicker by having less comments visible and also it’s easier to find the comments box. There were around 3,000 comments on that page before!!
  4. Finding Band Score Information: Some students are still not clear on band scores. Please see this page to learn about them: http://ieltsliz.com/ielts-band-scores/
  5. Using IELTS Liz.com and Finding the Right Page: There are still students who can’t find the main pages of this website. There are over 300 pages of free tips and practice for IELTS and you can find them all through the main pages. The links to the main pages are below:

Main Pages for IELTS Tips, model answers and free practice:

That’s all for now 🙂

Good luck to anyone taking their test this month!! Always follow the recent topics in speaking and writing because they can be repeated: IELTS Writing Task 2, Jan 2017 and IELTS Speaking Jan 2017.

All the best


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  1. Sameh Ahmed says:

    Task 1: Bar char about Computers, Broadband and Internet access in Australia
    Task 2: Few people should be paid extreme high salaries, or government should make a limit to salaries. Explain both views and state your opinion.

    Part 1:
    – Hometown
    – Public Transport
    – Mirrors ( Why do you use mirrors, did you buy a mirror before ?)

    Part 2:
    – Famous person

    Part 3:
    – What kind of people are famous in your country ?
    – What’s the difference between the past and present ?
    – Did they have a special talent ?
    – Do newspapers write in favor of them ?

    I have a question, How many marks will I lose it if I didn’t pass the word limit in task 2 ?, note that I wrote a conclusion as you advised us to do in the last 5 min.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Writing a conclusion is essential to go over band 5 in Task Response which is 25% of your marks in task 2. However, you will lose marks for being under the word count. The penalty depends on how many words you were under and your final score will depend on what your score for task 1 as well as the 4 criteria for task 2.

  2. the task 2 of the 25 feb 2017 question says ,”people need to be paid a higher salaries or, should the Government should make a limit to salaries.Explain both side and give your opinion to the this and give relevant example.

  3. Hi liz,
    Your blog has been really helpful to me. I gave my exam on 11th February.
    For writing part- the essay topic was : in some countries people are going in more for second hand good instead of buying new ones. What do think are the reasons for this. Is it a positive or a negative change. You may give an example from your own experience.

    Letter topic
    You want your child to miss school for one day because of some family event. Write a letter to the principal of the school stating the importance of that event and how would yoir child cover up the studies.

    Speaking :
    All the questions were related to pride.
    Speak about a moment you were proud of any family member.

    When do you feel proud
    When do you t think the previous generation felt proud
    Normally what do people feel. Proud of
    When can pride be negative

  4. prem gudapati says:

    Hey Liz,
    I am done with my IELTS test last week.
    Here are my speaking and writing topics:
    Part-1: Photographs in the past and present
    Part-2: Favourite Advertisement I saw recently, what i liked in it and why?

    Task-1: Letter to your staff cafeteria regarding boring food items and action you propose for solution

    Task-2: Some people think that sports men and sports women on-field and off-field behaviour matters if they play well and some people say it is not the case.
    Write your opinion with relevant examples…

  5. I took my exam on 18th feb in Egypt
    the order of test was different as the test began with writing followed by reading then listening .
    task 2 was little new topic about
    most of building now have open plan design which it means no walls or doors .
    is it positive or negative development ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ve heard about some test centers presenting the parts of the test in a different order. I’ll put a notice up on my blog soon about it.

  6. Shodipe Ibrahim says:

    Thank you for this great job.

  7. On writing task,if the topic is argumentative can the answer be on each line as point or just to write continuously. What of if one is not too goo at vocabulary.

    Pls can you just give us what will be eye catching to the examiner marking the writing tasks,

  8. dear liz,
    16 lines on page 1 of writing task2 is since November 2016 in the Middle East.I used to doubt as well but today you have clarified.Thank you.

  9. Upendra Bhardwaj says:

    Hi Liz, I have a problem that,in speaking , when anyone ask me any question, at that time i cannot able to give answer because at that time i have no idea , what will say and i speak something and that is also like a garbage.and no sequence.so what will i do .
    please! help me , i am so dipres..
    thank you

    • It is your job to prepare ideas for topics so that you have plenty to say. Most people who live alone has views about garbage – how often it is collected, what recycling is like etc. Most topics in IELTS are everyday topics which affect most people.

  10. Sandhyalekshmi says:

    Hi Liz,
    I’ve a doubt that how does we consider a paragraph as more specific or more general? I mean, on what basis?

  11. hi liz.
    i had difficulty coming up with the idea on how international sports events contribute to world peace.
    please help.

    thak you.

  12. Hi Liz

    if I write Mr. Brown is correct? B
    or Mr. brown?

    • It means you can use capitals at any time. Capital letters are not marked. They don’t matter. Mr Brown is correct. Mr brown is correct. Capital letters don’t matter in listening and reading. But they do in writing.

  13. Hi Liz ! I have a question that am I right if I write all answers in capital letters to answer sheet ? Thanks beforehand 🙂

    • Yes, it’s fine to do that. All capital letters are fine. In fact, I think they are good to use in listening and reading because they are easier to read.

  14. liz hear is the new writing answersheet.. both part 1 and 2 https://goo.gl/j5hn6G

  15. TASLIMA BEGUM says:

    In IELTS , in writing task 2, even though in the question they don’t asked for example, should I give example as it fulfill 250 words in the answer?

    • You can give examples or not. It’s your choice how to support your main points. Giving examples can be useful as a way to illustrate your point.

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