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Coming Lessons from Liz

Next week, I will be posting:

  • Tips for Overall Band Score 8.5  from an IELTS student
  • Writing Task 1 Bar Chart Full Model Answer

All the best




  1. Ramkrishna says

    sorry mam i can not able to unsubscribe your website ..because it is so helpful as well as i am keen on your website…

  2. Your tips are awesome, so please keep me on the mail list 🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Tereza Pierre says

    Dear Liz,
    I would like to continue receiving your emails as I intend to take an IELTS exam by end of 2018.
    Thank you!

  4. Fayza akter says

    Hi Liz,
    I think ur lessons r highly beneficial for me as i want to attend IELTS exam ..so please don’t seem that i want to unsubscribe..i just like ur lessons and that is really easy to understand for me..so i want to keep in touch with ur lessons and tips..

  5. Quoc Dung Nguyen says

    Hi! I am very keen on your lessons and I have watched your video usually but my English is not still impruved. Can you show me how to speak English better?

    • My videos are not English language videos. They are exam skills. My whole website is about exam skills for IELTS. You will need to find an English language website which you can google online.

  6. Hii Liz…My confidence level is rising day by day with the help of your notes…Thank you so much mam…I think student who want to pass out the IELTS exam would never unsubscribe your website…Thanks mam…

  7. Richelle says

    I want to keep your updates. I passed my IELTs exam last January for my appication to America. Got my required band score with your help. Thank you for doing a free lessons it was wonderful. I may not need IELTS again but i will recommend your website to my friends. Keep posting.

  8. Why will anyone unsubscribe from what provides them with reservoir of information and moreover what teaches a person to be philanthropic !
    Sorry Ma’am
    Even in my wildest of my dreams I won’t do that.

  9. hi liz, I appreciate your effort, you are my angle, I feel I am improving only after your
    wonderful lessons, videos. now its my daily rotten to stay about two hours in your side.
    thanks and Regard


    Hi Liz,

    Oh how I love your tips and lessons, why should I unsubscribe? its a big help for me.

    Thank you & best regards,


  11. Hi ma’am I wish u may live with good health and prosperity,so that more students can have benefits from your useful site.You are giving your best as all reviewers are always keen to learn about something new. I had taken my exam on 2nd June ,my speaking module is in 6th June.I believe I ll clear my exam with flying colours this time .But,I always want to remain with the learning process.

  12. DANIEL YIDANA says

    Your sacrifice and the value addition to students of IELT is beyond imagination.
    The subject of unsubscribing is very interesting but some of us will still be your student even after band 9.
    We are not ready to leave your website.
    Thank you for being there for IELT students.

  13. Hi Liz
    I don’t want to unsubscribe , your Tips , videos and lesson are very useful.

  14. I nvr want to unsubscribe mam… you are blessing in my life

  15. Seena shibin says

    I like your lessons which u r posting its very useful for me.I don’t want to unsubscribe

  16. SHIVANI shroff says

    I like ur lessons & I don’t want to unsubscribe Mam

  17. Arya Suraj says

    Hello Mam,
    I like your lessons ,so I don’t want to unsubscribe .

  18. Hi Liz
    i like you lessons very much .And I love you so much more than you expect you help a lot of people and all of them pray for you to recover fast .moreover I will stay one of your fans forever .
    Waiting for you dearest Liz.
    Never unsubscribe for princess Liz blog .

  19. I like ur lessons and don’t want to unsubscribe

  20. Well, this is very sad, you know how much I suffer to find some good websites which is giving proper information about IELTS. One of the greatest website you created. You just look from users side then you can understand how much important it IS. The style of teaching its very understandable in my family number of kids we are learn together they saying your English miss is awesome they wish some one like you teach them the words not fabricated for a podium speech it is coming from my bottom of my heart. IF you can find a young, energetic, English language enthusiastic who can taught us after you also who can lead this web site for further learnes. That would be a good step for future. Why I am saying like I want always ieltsliz.com on the top like MICROSOFT.

  21. Hello Liz,
    I like ur lessons..so i don’t want to unsubscribe this blog ..

  22. Madam you should make a advanced video on direct essay question because your videos are very helpful…

  23. Anunkor Chisom says

    Thank you ma,am not planning to unsubscribe frm your link pls stil very useful to me. Am looking forward to your lessons next week.

  24. Sanjeev Malhotra says

    Respected Madam,

    I am writing this comment regarding to healthy complain I do not unsubscribe this blog.

    I hope you understand my problem.

    You are best Madam.

    Sanjeev Malhotra

  25. Fabulous tips…

  26. Balijepalli Kishore says

    Never thought about this. We all want good information . We appreciate what are you doing for us by giving valuable tips.


  27. Thanks a million for your IELTS lessons,which are useful for us all in my city,Egypt,I like them so much

  28. Vishal Lagotra says

    We never want to unsubscribe this blog. It’s a boon for all English lovers, who want to clear IELTS. Your guidance is super beneficial for all of us… Thanks a lot for providing us such a great blog and an extremely hard working and helpful teacher too. God bless you Liz.

  29. Sheetal verma says

    I like your lessons and never want to unsubscribe.

  30. Hamilton says

    Thank you very much for your invaluable lessons, for your time and generosity, for your true teacher spirit!

  31. Your lessons are an asset.

    Thanks liz

  32. Manpreet kaur says

    Hello mam,
    I am preparing for academic. I practice to much for ielts. But i don’t see any improvement in myself because of poor grammar. My score is average. Please tell me how can i improve in reading and listening. Also give some suggestions for writing task because of my sentence formation and grammar.

    • Go to the Red Bar at the top of this website and click on the part of the test you want to learn. There are over 300 pages of free tips and lessons – start learning 🙂

  33. Avtar Singh says

    No please, I never want to unsubscribe your blog.It’s as nice as you.

  34. Ezzatrahimi says

    Hello liz
    I’m Ezzat Rahimi one of your students
    Thanks for your help. Iusually watch your video on you tube too.
    I just want tosay you can nod get rid of us
    We realy need your help and appriciate of your ielts lessons.

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