Solving Traffic and Pollution Problems: Essay Ideas

Below are some ideas for the following IELTS writing task 2 essay question.

Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?
What other measures do you think might be effective?

There are two questions to answer:

  1. Do you think increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems?
  2. What other measures do you think might be effective to solve traffic and pollution problems?

Increasing the price of petrol:

  • if the price is increased, less people will be able to afford it
  • if less people can afford petrol, less people will drive cars
  • if less people drive cars, there will be less congestion on the roads
  • if less people drive, there will be less air pollution

Other ways to solve traffic and pollution problems:

  • traffic problems can be solved by improving public transport to encourage more people to use it rather than to use their own cars
  • public transport can be improved by having more public transport available, making it more punctual and reducing the price of tickets to make it more affordable to the average person
  • another measure is to have no traffic zones in city centers which will  reduce both congestion and pollution in urban centers.

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  1. hrmn deep says:

    Dear ma’am ,
    How can i improve my sentense formation ……….
    My teacher said that ” mostly, i make incorrect sentense ” please give the instruction to make correct sentense ……….

    • You need an English language teacher and an English language website. This website is for IELTS skills. Start developing your English first.

  2. Hi Liz, this topic popped up on 25 Mar IELTS in Australia.

  3. kalaivanan pullaiannan says:

    hai liz
    please suggest what type of essay is the below mentioned one.

    Some companies have uniform for their staffs which must be worn at all times

    What are the advantages for a company of having a uniform?

    Are there any benefits of having a uniform for the staff ?

  4. hi Liz,
    i’m not clear about what type of question is this?is it opinion essay,cause/solution or direct question essay????

  5. Ahmed Alblooshi says:

    Please have a look at this one.
    Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree. What other measures do you think might be effective.

    Growing traffic is considered to be a major issue to the world. More cars are hitting the road day by day, which lead to serious pollution problems. In order to tackle this ongoing issue, countries decide to increase the price of petrol, as they think it is the most convenient approach and use some alternatives to petrol like wind and solar power that might be effective. I personally feel that increasing petrol price is not necessary to cut down pollution problems.

    To begin with, we can classify people into three categories based on their income such as low income, middle income and rich. When the country increases the petrol price, the first two of these categories will be affected. With regards to low paid people, they suffer from paying petrol’s normal price, but when it is increased, they will not be able to afford it. It is likely to be the same with middle-income people, the money they get is only sufficient for their hand and mouth, so they spend their money consciously. Most of their money goes for household appliances, children education, electricity, and petrol. When petrol price increases, they will suffer a lot and think twice before paying for petrol. On the other hand, this will not majorly affect rich people, as they can afford petrol because of their extra allowances.

    However, the country should encourage people to reduce the usage of cars by advertising the consequences of the traffic congestion on the society. Having said that, carpooling is another environmentally friendly solution, as it reduces the carbon footprint of each individual by going to work in groups. In addition to that, we as individuals play a major role in this process. We should be aware of keeping our body fit by cycling or walking instead of using cars for short distances. This will help us to be physically active and healthy, as well as reduce the consumption of petrol. Furthermore, Government could also reserve separate lanes for carpoolers, bicyclers and pedestrians so that they can reach their destination faster which will encourage other people to follow them.

    To conclude, traffic is one of the main causes of pollution as it produces harmful gasses and we should be aware of this catastrophic problem. The Government should raise awareness among people on limiting the usage of petrol and use public transportation to keep our atmosphere safe and clean. In this regard, I feel that the government should focus on educating the people instead of increasing the price of petrol. Government and people are the two sides of a coin, so not only the Government always plays a role in saving our earth, but also we should work along with the Government in order to restrict the pollution problem due to the large consumption of petrol.

    • I don’t usually comment. However, I will say that your conclusion should be either one or two sentences long – no more.

  6. It is believed that the most effective solution to rapidly increasing traffic and pollution problems is to make petrol expensive. In my opinion, I agree that, by doing so, it will help to bring down the traffic congestion but there are also other ways to curb the exploding traffic and pollution menace.




  7. Hi Liz
    How can I write a thesis statement for a cause and effect essay?

    The percentage of overweight children in western society has increased by almost 20% in the last ten years.

    What are the causes and effects ?

  8. Hi Liz,

    I noticed that the question states “pollution problem”. Would I be deviating from the topic if I state that increasing fuel cost will not be the optimal solution for mitigating pollution issues since other factors unrelated to car use may pollute the air, such as improper waste disposal?

    I am looking forward to your response. thank you very much.

    • For this essay question, the subject is both traffic and pollution together which means you can separate them. The pollution in the essay question relates to traffic pollution only so it wouldn’t be advisable to start writing about other sources of pollution.

  9. Hi Liz sorry for disturbing.Could you assess my essay and give some advices.

    Nowadays,increasing number of cars on roads,one of the big issues for the environment and growthing amount of people.Owing to,vehicles emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,which able to create greenhouse effect in the atmosphere.Simultaneously,greenhouse gases cause to raise average ambient temperature.
    In my opinion,increasing the price of petrol isn’t the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems.Due to,the people who has afford to drive a car,although increasing price of petrol,ongoing driving,by connecting it with their needing.Meanwhille,increasing price of petrol can influence to the price of other manufactures trade,makes it raise.That is why,I can’t go along this opinion.In addition,the increasing price of petrol also can lead to protest and demonstrations,which aren’t good for goverment policy.
    I suggest that the solution start mass to make vehicles which use alternative types of fuel instead of petrol and that is can mitigate the pollution of environment.Furthermore,for reducing traffic congestion I reckon that,some rich people need change their opinion about cars psychologically.They should look to cars as transport method don’t as luxurious.Because,many rich families have more cars than they need.To conclude,I’d like to mention about that,todays many entrepreneurs at the world are interesting about mass producing cars which use alternative types of fuel (hybrid,hydrogen e.t.c.)

  10. Hi Liz,
    Could you assess my essay which I spent whole afternoon to finish and give me your opinions about the estimated band score as well as some thing I can do to make my essay better?
    Thank you very much!

    Many people believe that the price of petrol needs to be risen in order to reduce traffic and pollution problems. In my opinion, I completely disagree with the idea that it is the best solution since there is a better measure could be taken to mitigate these potential problems.

    Some people could argue that a higher price of petrol will discourage travellers from using their own vehicles, which will contribute to a reduction in traffic congestion and a concomitant reduction in pollution as a result of less means of transportation travelling. However, this argument is flawed owing to several reasons. Firstly, traffic congestion and pollution problems are mainly caused by cars, which in many countries, only rich people can afford to buy, therefore, a prohibitive price of petrol cannot intimidate them. Secondly, commuters who only have medium salaries will still choose to drive their own vehicles to work regardless of the high petrol price because of the drawbacks of public tranport.

    For the reasons mentioned above, I believe that increasing the price of petrol is definitely not the best way to solve the traffic and pollution problems. I personally comtemplate that improving the quality of public transport would be the better measure. If the government could support the price of bus ticket to make it more affordable to the average people, and even make it free for students, there would have been a considerable increase in the number of people using public transport. Furthermore, a minus point which makes many people reject public transport is that they tend to wait so long for a bus or a train. Therefore, if there is more public tranport available and it is more punctual, there is no doubt that a majority of people will consider it to be their best choice since the convenience and the cheap price which it offers. Consequently, this leads to a significant reduction in traffic congestion and pollution.

    In conclusion, I believe that a high price of petrol is not the most effective measure and improving the quality of public transport is the better solution to the traffic and pollution problems.

    • Hi Hoa,

      You write very well indeed. This is probably borderline 8. Here are some comments:

      1. vocabulary: “needs to be risen ” – needs to be increased
      2. grammar -” I completely disagree with the idea that it is the best solution since there is a better measure could be …” You need a clause “…since there is a better measure which could be…”.
      3. grammar – “…and a concomitant reduction in pollution as a result of less means of transportation travelling.” This is a long complicated sentence and the part quoted here is confusing to the reader. Don’t over complicate your writing. The key is to avoid errors. A good complex structures doesn’t need to be so long.
      4. ” I personally comtemplate that improving the quality of public transport would be the better measure.” This sentence two problems. 1. don’t use “I personally contemplate” – contemplate is the wrong verb to use for an academic essay. 2. you have put about improving the quality of public transport but the idea directly following this is about price not quality – try to be clearer and more precise in your meaning.
      5. grammar – “…there is no doubt that a majority of people will consider it to be their best choice since the convenience and the cheap price which it offers” = “because of the convenience and the cheap price.”
      6. grammar – “Consequently, this leads to a significant reduction in traffic congestion and pollution.” = “this should lead ..” or “this will very likely lead …” (using “will” means 100% – it’s too strong).

      Your technique is all good and your organisation is great. Instead of trying to impress with over complicated sentences, just try to produce controlled accurate complex structures. Also be more precise in your meaning.
      All the best

      • Thanks for giving me valuable advice. It really bolsters my confidence a lot.
        Have a good day!

      • Hi Liz…i am confused with the use of the verb ‘increase’…I thought that it is a passive verb which means that we do not use it in Passive voice as it has a passive meaning..However you used the phrase ‘if the price is increased’or …’need to be increased’…please could you explain me this grammatic phenomenon?…thanks a lot

  11. Hi Liz ,
    This is my first time to me to read from your web site , and really it is interesting . Iv tried Ielts about 6 times , but unfortunately my writing score has freezed on 6 while I need 7 or more .
    My Question is : If the question task 2 statements ask two or three questions , Should I answer them impartially ? even the first question ask for my openion and the second one ask for ideas ?
    Thank you

    • Thank you for reply,
      The question as I remeber was People are less trusting news , What is your openion ? What are the criteria of good journalists shoud have ?

      • Hi,

        If the essay question is “These days people seem to be less trusting of news. What is your opinion? What are the criteria to be a good journalist?”, you will need to answer the questions. Question 1 requires your opinion on the statement given and question two requires you to give the criteria of a good journalist – this last question is directly asking what you think are the criteria.

        Don’t over think the questions, just answer them directly. Do you think people are less trusting of news? What are the criteria of a good journalist? Two simple questions, give two direct answers.

        • Thank you very much , , unfortunately I concentrated on first question with little to say on the second one and I scored 6…
          Again I made the same mistake yesterday and the question was
          People in both developed and developing countries are becoming richer , and studies shownthat the poorer countries citizins are happier while richer or develped one are not much happy.Why do you think ((is)) this , what are the lesson that we can get from this..?
          Really it tooks time for me to think about idea, the I got some ideas like how the money is exploited and the improvmnent in infrastructure odevelopeding countries , however I found my self having less time to write about the lessons . In addition I though it is not big deal as it is not a seperate question ..

          • Hi,

            For that question you need to look at the essay question carefully. “People in both developed and developing countries are becoming richer” – this is the situation. “Studies show that the poorer citizens are happier while richer ones are not so happy” – this is also a description of a situation. It puts developed countries and underdeveloped countries together. This essay is actually about why poor people are happier than rich people.

            Why do you think that is?
            Rich people are often deeply concerned with money, status and what others think of them. Their lives are often more complex. Poor people have simple lives and can appreciate the simplicity in life. That is of course just one point of view.
            What we can learn from this?
            The main lesson is not to let money, ambition or image control our lives and to always find time to appreciate life.
            I hope those ideas help.

  12. Hi Liz!
    Could you give us some collocations for each topics???
    Thanks alot!!!

  13. Hi
    what if the topic in writing task 2 is difficult and there are no enough ideas to write . What we can do ? Thank you ,

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, you are being tested on your ideas and your ability to connect them to the essay question. So, if you don’t have enough ideas, it will be a problem. However, don’t forget that you only need to two main ideas in order to have two body paragraphs. Also, you must remember that there are rarely new topics in IELTS writing task 2. They are nearly all the same topics but the essay questions are just phrased differently so that you approach it in a different way. This means that if you prepare all the common topics, you should be ok:

  14. Hi,
    Can you please give ideas about tourist and its effect on community thanks

  15. Hi liz
    thank you for your useful lesson . IF you can please l need lesson on matching heading . l find it difficult
    thank you

    • Hi,

      Matching headings are also very difficult. I hope to make a video lesson on that type of question in the future.
      All the best

      • Hi , you an amazing person, you teach me a lot more than my English school’s , I’m appreciate what you don for all the English students , I have problems with writing task1 plus task 2 , I feel like I’m lost , I need instructions to follow in conclusion and introduction, to copy it in my Ielts exam , which after 2weeks . Thank you so much.

        • Hi,

          For writing task 1, the introduction is very easy. You just alter a few words. For example, if the task is “The chart below shows the percentage of oil used by 6 countries in 2010.” You can write “The chart illustrates the proportion of oil which was used by 6 different countries (China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand) in 2010.”. You can see that only a few words have been changed and I’ve also added specific names of countries / categories. This is the same for all writing task 1. Also writing task 1 has no conclusion.

          For writing task 1 – please watch the video lesson ( which explains how to write the introduction by paraphrasing the statement and also by introducing main points. It will explain how to take this essay question:

          The best way to improve health is to do regular exercise. To what extent do you agree?

          and then write this introduction: “The most effective method to developing and improving health is considered to be daily exercise. In my opinion, I agree that exercise is the key to health but I also believe that diet is important.”

          To write the conclusion we must repeat our thesis statement. “In conclusion, exercising frequently along with having a balanced diet is recommended for a healthy life. If people incorporated both into their daily routine, they would soon see the benefits.”. You can see that there are two sentence – one is a repeat of the main points and the other is a final comment (the final comment is optional).
          All the best

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