The Function of Schools Essay Ideas

Here is an essay title about the function of schools in the development of a child:

Some people think that schools are merely turning children into good citizens and workers, rather than benefiting them as individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

You can use the ideas below to help you answer the essay question.

Schools merely turn children into good citizens or workers:

  • schools teach discipline which turns children into effective workers.
  • children learn what is right and wrong in school.
  • schools instill the cultural values that are shared by society.
  • skills that enable children to succeed in the job market can first learned in school.

Schools benefit children as individuals:

  •  schools help children discover their potential.
  • children are able to choose the subjects that best suit them.
  • teachers are trained to help children understand their strengths and improve their weaknesses.
  • children can develop confidence as a person either through lessons or extra curricular activities.
  • through school education, children are able to develop an understanding about the world in which they live.


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  1. Hello Liz
    Which types of essays can I not have a balanced opinion.

  2. Hello Liz! Can you please give me some essay ideas for sport. I also had the topic for writing test 2 in January @ how international sports events contribute to world peace@, and I didn`t know to write a word, it was so hard. I have no idea what to write about that. Could you be so kind to give me some tips, ideas? Thank you in advance, your lessons help me a lot!

    • International Sports Events:

      They promote international cooperation. They raise nationalism but in the spirit of tolerance towards others. They bring countries together and unite them through sport. Famous sporting personalities and world leaders unite to show peace. The interlocking rings of the Olympic Games symbolise the five continents coming together in harmony. Sports events are about fun and enjoyment as countries forget their differences.

      I hope that gives you some ideas 🙂

  3. Hi Liz! Here’s my essay. Could you please assess it?

    It is argued that school is basically for young students to mould them into a responsible person towards the society instead of shaping them for their own future success. Personally, I disagree with this view because I believe that getting an education would mostly benefit an individual.

    One significant purpose of school is to teach young schoolers a good educarion that would largely benefit their own future. Primarily, they are taught with basic mathematics, reading and writing skills which are essential for their foundation especially for pre-school. For example, they learn problem solving skills in a Mathematics subject that they need later on if they want to come up with a successful business. Moreover, they learn good communication skills that they may apply in their workplace which would greatly mould the children as a better individual. Furthermore, basic good manners and right conduct are also learned in classroom but it is best learned at home with the guidance of the parents.

    Being a well-behaved and responsible citizen is not solely learned in the four walls of the classroom. Young students learn how to act accordingly in the society through the virtues imparted by their godparents and what they also saw on television with proper guidance. For example, teachers may tell pre-schoolers not to liter garbage on the environmemt but a parent could largely impact rightful acts towards their children because time spent at home is greater than in school. Likewise, being responsible can be learn in school but it is mostly learn from their parents by doing householdchores. Later on, these skills would significantly help them in their own future career.

    In conclusion, school would benefit the individual because it is where they learn all the basics in life that are necessary for their own success. Moreover, some skills are also influence by teachers but parents has a greater significant lessons to teach their growing children.

    Thank you, Liz. Godbless you.

  4. Bharat Chhabra says:

    School which is the second home to the children played a very crucial role to every student in developing personal and professional skills.While some people questions on the efficacy of the today’s school system,that it is not helps in stimulating their hidden talents of the children that can helped them in their later life,some says school specific role is to make the students grow as an individual that can aid the society.In my opinion,the aim of the school should be the intellectual growth of a child.

    To begin with,it is imperative for every school to come with a well balanced approach that aims in promoting the all round development of the student.Instead of,only focussing on the studies,students should be encouraged to participate in different curriculam activities such as different quiz,cultural activties.There is a need to include a curriculam department that specifically,has the responsibility of recognizing hidden talents of every students and emerging them.Understanding special needs of every student,and exposing them into their required fields should be the aim of this commitee.

    Another point to consider that,the activities like sports and other physical activities can be benefical to the students in building their great future,beacuse it increases the confidence of ondividual,students learn how to cooperate with each other,and broadens their mind thinking of capability as it allows to develop different strategies.In addition to this,schools include different classes in their whole period that allowed teachers to focus on individual,accustomed them with the each student weakness and strengths.

    To conclude,there is a high need for every school to focus of education to students that produces a well balanced academic knowledge.

  5. Hi Liz,

    In answering this type of question, would it be fine if I’ll just focus on one side of the argument and only mention the opposing view on the intro?

    Would this be an acceptable introduction? Should I trim the ideas down? Does it need to be more concise?

    It is indubitably true that educational institutions play a crucial role in honing a child’s well-being. Some people believe that schools are solely concerned with producing good members of the society and productive workers, but are not assisting individuals to reach their full potential. While it is true that schools prepare students to be model citizens and equip them with necessary skills to excel in their chosen career, I completely disagree with the notion that these institutions do not pay particular attention to personal development.

    par 1 (I’ll probably write about improving talents like writing, painting…)

    par 2 (about honing social skills…)


    Thank you so much, Liz.

    • Sorry but I don’t give comments on writing.
      All the best

    • Why did you used the hook? Interesting- is not assessing!You are supposed to merely do the background statement appertaining to paraphrasing the question period.

  6. Aisha jarrar says:

    Hi Liz
    Here my essay , could you please assess it ?

    Many people believe that an educational organisations are solely designted for teaching material to prepare successful and qualified laborer instead of developing a student’s individual potential .in my openion , while I agree that a schools are focusing on generating well trained worker and respectful inhapitants , I strongly disagree that a student’s individual potential are overlooked by the department of education .

    At an early age , a school is teaching children a very basic knowledge of life . Students are taught good and bad concept , which allow them to differentiate between wrong and right in every possible moment , to ensure building strong society . Moreover , educational department has introduced music and art class as well as variant kind of sport and give the right for every student to take part in any of these activities to support their own potential and talents . in addition , a student is given the right to celebrate the Christmas ,Muslim Eid and all other faith and cultural events that is improving their understands of all different culture for raising student’s individual potential .

    Furthermore , an educational organisation is instilling the core material such as math , physics and biology to enable a student of choosing his future career confidently . At the same time , an optional disciplines is provided for students at their secondary school level for helping them to determine which kind of career they are aiming to get . for instance , students who are interesting in studying medicine they can choose the related discipline to been learned in their secondary level rather than wasting their time in non preferable modules , by doing this no tiny chance has left to blame the educational department responsibility toward improving a student’s potential .
    In conclusion , a schools are providing balanced educational system turning student into successful and wise laborer with high personal’s potential .

    • You have presented a clear opinion with supported ideas – you have good technique. To improve your score, you will need to improve your grammar. There are quite a lot of mistakes with articles, plural nouns, verb agreement. I would also choose a different linking device to start your second body paragraph, for example “Another point that to consider is…”.
      All the best

  7. It is undeniable that education in school is a crucial part for a child in developing his personal and professional skills.where many people argue about its role regarding the growth of child as an individual in a society.the same people believe that it is solely meant to nurture child with qualified labourers and respectable citizen y view,school provide far more qualities than just providing benefit to a society.
    First of all the role of school in helping a child to decide his career.instituions give different options with respect to personal abilities,and a child can make his own choice in career he likes to persuade.there are student councellers which help them in getting focus,in order to achieve what they desire.
    Another important quality is various customs and traditions cherished by the students in schools.take an example of Christmas,where children rejoice this occasion and celebrate with his peers.similarly any other religion is equally celebrated in school like eid and holy,which develops better understanding between children from different cultures.thus,making a multicultural society more connected and instillig some great values and customs in an individual.
    The most important quality which a child develops is the joy he finds in persuing his it is seen that a lot of children are usually neglected when it comes to their hobbies.take for instance music and guitars,which a child of strict career orieted parents would never allow him.indeed with various co curriculum activities like swimming,singing,cooking,painting and many others can be enjoyed by the students.this activity will enable him to evolve his inner qualities and abilities.
    Although I do agree that schools also provide immense benefit to peers in few of them is the discipline he develops while being in a class,alongwith that he can grip the skills required to succeed in his future jobs.furthermore,subjects like history,economics and mathematics can help his understand his own country and the efforts made by his great leaders.moreover,with subjects like mathematics he is more likely to handle his accounts and debits much more efficiently.
    To conclude,all these qualities does not only make him a reliable citizen and a best co worker,but also guides him in making his own decisions and realising the difference between good and in my opinion,schools provide way more than what the opponents suspects,as it is seen in helping a child in various other manners to evolve as an individual.

    • Don’t have more than 5 paragraphs in total. You get a good score for developing ideas which means writing longer body paragraphs. Please see my model essays to learn more about IELTS essay writing.
      All the best

  8. Mary Salcedo says:

    Hi Liz Im very sorry to bother you I know u had so much emails to attend to but this is my first time to send one for your advise and correction. Appreciating your help.

    Some people think that schools are merely turning children into good citizens and workers, rather than benefitting them as individuals. To what extent to you agree or disagree.

    Many people believed that educational institutions are only focusing on generating students to be better member of community and useful workers, instead of helping children to discover and develop their personality and potential. In my opinion, while I agree that schools are the main precursor of producing good inhabitants and laborer, I disagree that supporting children’s individual potential was overlooked by the department of education.

    At an early age, children learn the basic and important skills at school. They are being thought of what is right and wrong, how to respect and treat each other rightfully hence, building up their concept of being a good person. By instilling discipline and teaching them the consequences of their action, they will be able to understand and assume positive behavior at all times possible. In addition, young children learn about different cultures and accept differences between other people helping them to co-inside harmoniously as one part of the society. More importantly, students learn the required subjects such as Science, English, Mathematics and many others in preparation for their chosen career, thus, turning them into a productive workers contributing on society’s prosperity.

    Another significant thing that a school does is identifying each child’s character and potential. Educational system has included in their curriculum on how to support student’s weaknesses and strengths giving them guidance on how to excel in other aspect of their life. For instance, pupils can enroll to dance and music lessons or specific sports of their interest. This then develop their confidence and acquire essential skills that are useful in real life. In terms of recognizing their deficiency at early stage, trained teachers are focusing delicately to provide assistance to children on how to deal with their weaknesses and convert it in a positive energy. Learning how to accept defeat for example, is one of the vital skill to possess as in reality, the world is not perfect.

    In conclusion, schools provides a balanced educational program that not only aid young generations to be a better member of society and productive workers, but they also provide invaluable support that shape children’s individual potential making them a stronger and competitive person as a whole, in order to survive in all dynamics of life.

    • You have good ideas and can express yourself well. However, it’s very long – could you write this in only 35 mins with 5 mins for planning and checking? Also keep your vocabulary academic, “thing” should be avoided.
      All the best

      • Mary Salcedo says:

        Thank you for your reply Maam Liz, I just don’t know personally if I’m ready to take the exam. I find writing the toughest. In your assessment was I able to address the task response? Need band 7 on each category. U think this would pass?

        • Sorry, but I don’t give have time to give assessment on band scores. You will need to find an online teacher for that.
          All the best

  9. Any one want to practice speaking on skype
    farhanshekh3 is my skype name

  10. Some people believe that schools persuade children to become a good member of their country or a great co_worker ,more than helping them as a person alone .In my point of view school programs contain both of these two aspects of education as well .
    It is obvious that , schools thought children how to be fit in social manners ,specialy by encourage them to take a part in groups or asking them to work on procedures that need any member to take a role as a basic item to be successful at

  11. Hi Nadis,

    I only have time to give you one comment. If you strongly agree that schools teach children to be good citizens and do not help individual children, then you can also think schools can help children individually. If you agree with the statement, it means you are agreeing with the whole statement which includes “schools do not help individual children”. Be careful with your language when you write your thesis statement.
    All the best

  12. Oops, I press POST COMENT by mistake.
    So, continue….

    Hence, I strongly believe, agree and share the opinion of those who think that schools have an important role, and are doing great work to produce effective and efficient futures workers and citizens. The schools acts as precursor for the further education and therefore, to produce competitive workers.

    Moreover,there are people whose opinion is that schools are not focusing to discover children’s potential as individuals.
    My opinion and sentiments are on par with this point. Firstly, a class is compound of 15-20 students which I find it to much for one teacher because he/she can’t focus on each child in a short given time of class.
    Secondly,every pedagogues are different. Some are more motivated than others and do care about children’s potentials while the majority are not.

    All in all, I agree that upbringing institutions do great work to prepare children to become good workers and citizens. However, still need an effort from pedagogical institutions to focus on exploration of children’s potentials as individuals to fortify there great work.”

    Thank you,

    • Hi,

      Sorry I can;t understand your paragraphing or your opinion. Here is the essay question “Do you think schools just produce good citizens and workers rather than helping individual children? You must put your answer to that in your introduction, thesis statement. Then you decide two main reasons why you think this. Each reason goes into a separate body paragraph with supporting points. This essay is not about schools having an important role. It’s about whether they only create good citizens or if they actually benefit individuals. You must answer it directly. Please read though my model essays: Take your time to understand the techniques of essay writing for IELTS. Plan your paragraphs and supporting points. Don’t write about “he” or “she”.
      All the best

      • Thank you for your response,Liz.
        I think I mis understood the question.
        I’ll study your model essays.
        Thank you again,

        • Hi Liz,
          Following your advice and tips I have picked a new topic to practice agree and disagree questions.
          Please have a look to the essay below and let me know your thought and what score possibly I could get.

          Littering in cities is an increasing problem which needs to be dealt with. Some people think that steeper fines is the best way to deal with the problem.
          To what extent do you agree?

          Littering in cities is a rising problem which is necessary to discuss. Some people believe that an elevated fine is the best method to solve this problem.
          It is true that many people litter the streets because they don’t care about our envoirement and think that is not a problem.

          An elevated fine could be one of the solution to this problem in addition to training people since they are young.
          However,I will mention a few more method that I find useful and could work to stop littering.
          Firstly, place more bins on the streets with phrases that awares people about this problem and benefits of dropping the waist on the bin posted on it. Phrases such as ” If you love your neibourhood show him the respect by dropping the waist on the bin” or “let’s take care of our envoiroment by mantaing it clean”.
          Secondly,contact relevant authorities to complain about the problem.
          Thirdly, contact local television news stations, some local television promote the fact that they will investigate and help to solve problems.
          Fourthly, creating a sighn of “Stop Littering is a good solution against littering because you can explain and aware people about the problem while they are signing.

          In conclusion, this are my four reason to disagree with that steeper fines is thebest way to deal with littering.

          • Hi Monica,

            Unfortunately I do not offer a free essay marking service. I previously tried to find time to comment on students’ essays but due to the large number of essays being posted, I am unable to continue accepting full essays.
            All the best

  13. hi liz! sorry for disturbing you again, i want you to assess my essay that i posted. its been awaiting moderation for sometime. thanks a lot

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, I have many essays in moderation and will soon have to stop receiving full essays. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to comment on so many essays. However, I will get round to your essay but it could take a few days.
      All the best

  14. Hello again Liz,
    The follow is the body and thesis of the essay.(already posted the introduction and paraphrase sentence)

    “It is undeniable that schools lessons equip children to become a successful adult in different fields.
    There are many subjects such as Geography, physics …etc, especially and carefully tailored to teach and prepare them for future employment. Besides, most institutions offers extra curricula activities to children. For example; Taekwondo (in order to train them concentration and not only sel-defense),painting and music, just to mention few of them.
    It is also importante to mention that now days schools have many multicultural class which allow children to interact with different culture at early age. Thus, for them(children) to become an adult who is capable to live and work in multicultural society.
    Hence, I stronly

    • Hi Monica,

      Just a few tips:

      1. don’t use “etc” in your writing. This is a language test so you want to use your English language to better effect for a better score. If you want to give examples, just choose two appropriate ones.
      2. be careful of capital letters
      3. don’t use brackets () in writing task 2. Instead you should be using clauses to add information.
      4. Use logical paragraphing – one central point with supporting points.
      All the best

  15. Hello Liz,
    It’s my first time posting on your blog.
    I found your IELTS LIZ videos by accident and like them. Your explanations are very clear and helpful.

    I have paraphrase the topic you post above and would like to hear your opinion about it.
    (I’m preparing for IELTS TEST academic modul and wish to get band score 7/7.5, at least)

    “It is believe by some people that the education institutions are just/simply producing optimum citizens and workers instead of focusing on there potential as individuals.”

    Thank you,
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Monica Macias

    • Hi Monica,

      It’s good but be careful with your vocabulary. I wouldn’t use “optimum” in relating to the noun “citizens”, just keep the word “good” or “useful”. Also make sure you write “their” instead of “there”. Otherwise, it’s fine. Both “just” or “simply” are possible to use.

      Sorry – is that your whole introduction? That is only the background statement. You need to add your thesis statement. Please watch my free video lessons in the writing task 2 section of this blog to learn how to do that.
      All the best

  16. Hi Liz, i wrote bellow essay about the subject topic. it will be kind of you if you review it and give me feedback.

    It is believed, that schools are just helping children to become good citizens and workers, rather than benefiting their personality. I disagree; i think schools help each individual to build good personality as well. In school children discover their potential, find subject of their interest, develop their confidence and strength.

    schools help children discover their potential. Until students are not challenged or tested they will not understand the potential inside them. In school students are required to complete assignment or sport competitions and by accomplishing the assignments or sport sport competition automatically students discover the potential and ability that exist in them, consequently it help them to deal problems in their personal life as well.
    In school children are able to choose the subject that best suit them. School curriculum is very well designed which include which include all subjects and its natural during childhood each one of us has interest talent in specific field/profession. So in school we find subject of our interest which suits our attitude and talent in our life.

    Children can develop confidence as a person either through lessons or extra curriculum activity. After completion of each test or class activity student will feel confident that they can do it, And by entering higher class next year they feels more strength or confidence And as a result their behavior will change toward best at family , school and society.
    In conclusion i would like to say that school is the place where children not only learn to be good citizen or workers but also give them confidence, strength , help them to choose subject of their interest and they know the world they live in.

    • Hi liz , I am still waiting you to review my essay and ur feedback Comment.

      • Unfortunately, there are too many essays for me to mark at present. Hopefully I will get to your essay and give you a reply in 1 to 3 days. However, I don’t offer a free essay marking service and will soon need to stop giving comments on essays due to the large number of essays being posted.
        All the best

    • Hi Esmat,

      I have kept your essay in moderation hoping to have time to answer it. Unfortunately, I do not have time. Hopefully other students will pass comments for you.
      All the best

  17. Dear Liz,
    Thank you for giving ideas for this essay. This essay is very difficult for me but I tried to write by using your ideas. I would be very grateful if you kindly give advice for me.

    Some people think that schools focus only on teaching children to become good members of society and useful future employees. However, I believe that schools also aim to help each and every child to have important necessary skills.

    On the one hand, I can understand that why some people argue that schools are solely creating future members of society and workforce. At present, most schools focus on important academic subjects, such as Language, Mathematics and Science, which help young children to gain knowledge and develop skills that will be vital for their future careers. In addition, children not only learn to obey school rules and respect others, but also experience working with people from different backgrounds which teach them how to co-operate with each other and how to contribute the life of their community.

    At the same time, I also believe that schools play an important role in all-round development of individual children. Firstly, children develop confidence as a person either through lessons or extra curricular activities, as teachers are trained to help children understand their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Secondly, schools use different activities to draw out the hidden potentialities of the children and develop them in a proper way. Finally, schools train children to think independently, adjust properly and solve problems effectively, which are the most important skills for each individual child.

    In conclusion, I believe that schools not only produce good citizens and workers but also benefit individual children.

    • Hi Tthin,

      I was hoping to have time to give you a comment but unfortunately, I am overloaded with work at present. Hopefully other students will give you comments.
      All the best

  18. Hi dear Liz,

    To be a good a person in our society it thought by others that it is the responsibility of the education system instate of letting them without teaching. I’m my opinion, I go with the point of view that it is really the school duty to teach the future generation how to be helpful to our countries in the future.

    First of all, school has a major role in making students good generation of the future in different domains like business, politics, social and the basic daily life rules. However, in early ages we can control the children by teaching them the right and wrong. Moreover, we can guide them about the strict rules they have to follow and in the same time the limitation of our freedom as it ends when other freedom start so by this we are teaching them to respect each other as humans in the first place.

    School has many positive aspects in preparing our children for tomorrow . Firstly, both parents in these days are too busy to observe their kids and how they are behaving from what they have learned. Secondly, educating center can do really impact the personalities of the citizens specially in early ages between 4 to 6 years while they are the receptors and teachers are the senders. Moreover, they are raising them to be creative and effective in the society. Thirdly, teachers can discover the talented children and encourage them to be more creative and lead them to know which career is suitable for their future to work on it and prepare them from now. In fact, I believe in this idea because they will be expert in the time they will start working . Furthermore, as one thing lead to an other this will reflect on their confidence .

    In my experience with my son, I believe that school has a big effect on the new generation as they grown up on things we did not used to.

    To sum up, education centers are the best method to make our kids better in serving the society when their turn com.

    Pleas evaluate me dear Liz

    • Hi Sally,

      There are two issues which you will need to work on:

      1. This essay is not about the responsibility of the school. It’s about what a school actually does at present. Some people think schools produce good citizens and that schools don’t currently help individual children. What do you think of that? You need to give your view on that. What do schools currently do? Do you agree with the statement? Work more on giving clear answers.
      2. Don’t put an example of yourself if you are going to do the academic test. And certainly never put it in a separate sentence. Each body paragraph must have a main point with supporting points.
      3. work on your language “kids” is not accepted in essay writing. “I go with the point…” is not accepted in essay writing.
      Try to work on the above points.
      All the best

  19. Binhminh says:

    Hi Liz,
    First of all, I want to thank you for your useful website. I have known this Web for a short time and I find your lesson are easy to follow.
    This is my first essay and perhaps it has many mistakes. So please save time to read and give me advice. How many band scores will it get? My target band scores are 6 to 6.5. I do not know my english level is enough for me to take real test.

    For some people, the pure function of schools are to develop good members for society and help them to become skilled employees in the future. In my oppinion, schools also benefit each child in some ways.

    It can not be denied that all schools focus on educating young generation so that they could be helpful citizens and qualified workers in the long run. Obviously, children are taught to behave rationally through moral lessons which is a main part of the education programme. In school environment, children are aware of discipline and regulations. These, in turn, are important elements for producing good man and make them to join successfully in workplace. In addition, subjects that are trained in schools such as mathematics, literature as well as others actually build up background for future students’ occupations.

    On the other hand, schools make benefits for children as individuals. By teaching children everyday, teachers might recognize the strengths as well as weaknesses of each learner. And based on these, teachers can help them to discover their potential abilities or how to overcome their constraints. In many schools, some special classes are organized for studens who are interested in and qualified. Futhermore, education programs of schools nowadays include a variety of optional subjects or topics. By doing so, schools are giving learners more opportunities to study that they concern.

    In conclusion, schools not only create qualified workforce and good people in community but also help children to develop their own abilities.

    • Hi,

      I don’t offer a free essay marking service but I will give you a few comments. Your level of English is enough to get band score 6.5. You need to work a bit on writing clear introduction for this type of essay. Take a look at some of the comments I have given other students – you can learn a lot. Also watch my free video lessons for writing task 2 to learn more. On the whole, you are doing very well.
      All the best

  20. please have a look at this ” it is considered by some people that the current aim of learning institutions is to provide a more viable workforce and responsible citizens without taking cognizance of individual developments. in my opinion , i believe the aim of school is not only to produce good citizens and a competent workforce but also offer various opportunities for children to realize their individual potentials.

    • Hi,

      It’s getting better but remember this essay question is not about the aim of a school but about what is actually does right now. “In my opinion, while schools certainly produce good citizens and workers, I cannot agree that schools fail to benefit individual children.” That’s just an example – I’m sure you could produce something even better.
      All the best

    • i guess this is better ‘lately, it has been considered by some people that learning institutions are concerned about producing a viable workforce and responsible citizens without taking cognizance of individual developments. in my opinion,while i believe schools definitely produce good citizens and a competent workforce, i am unconvinced that schools fail to help children realize individual potentials.’

      • Well done! You’ve got it!

      • lately, it has been considered by some people that learning institutions are concerned about producing a viable workforce and responsible citizens without taking cognizance of individual developments. in my opinion , while i believe schools definitely produce good citizens and a competent workforce, i am unconvinced that schools fail to help children realize individual potent.

        on the one hand, schools have been an avenue where young individuals are modeled to become responsible adults and learn how to take up careers needed by the society. different subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Social sciences are taught, and student can choose which area is of best interest to their different career path.For instance student who wish to become engineers or technicians are made to learn physical sciences and mathematics for them to be able become these professionals. in addition, the curriculum of schools entails subject such as social studies and citizenship education.these subjects are taught to students so as to make them learn about civic responsibility and learn to be law abiding citizens.

        however, schools still provide an array of opportunity for students who choose to want beyond becoming good citizens and take up careers needed by the society. learning institutions do provide classes such as painting, drama, music, art and sport .although these classes are not as regular as the main core subjects taught by schools, they still provide ample opportunity for pupils who have talent in these respective areas to have them nurtured. for example students during these classes can sing, play musical instruments and take part in drama.

        in conclusion, schools offer more prospects for any pupil who desire beyond being a good citizen and being a part of the labor force in as much as there are avenues for this.

        • Hi,

          I personally wouldn’t use “on the one hand” to start the body paragraph. Your opinion doesn’t contain opposite points, just different perspectives. Check your use of capital letters because the more mistakes you make, the lower your grammar band score will be. Don’t forget commas “For instance, …”. Check your use of plurals “For instances, students who ..”. You have some good vocabulary. You have addressed the task and presented relevant main points. Try to work on using more accurate grammar.
          All the best

          • thanks liz! i have taken note of the corrections. you keep building my confidence daily, i appreciate. more power to your elbow. would it have been better if i had written” it has been argued by some people that………” instead of ” on the one hand” and also should it be ” for instance , students ……..” or ” for instances, students………….” i am a bit confused

            • also , you complained about the use of capital letters, was the use of putting capital at the beginning of Mathematics,Physical sciences and Physics wrong? i suppose they are also proper nouns. thanks Liz

              • It’s relating to the fact that many of your sentences didn’t start with a capital letter. You must always have a capital letter at the start of a sentence.
                All the best

            • “For instance, …” is always singular. Yes, your alternative for starting the body paragraph is much better.

  21. please mention the body.Also I want to ask we have to mention both agree and disagree statements?

    • Hi,

      Sorry but I don’t have time to write the body paragraphs. My opinion is that schools do produce good citizens and workers. My other opinion is that I disagree that schools fail to benefit individual children. That means two body paragraphs to explain those two points. The body paragraphs only explain your opinion – nothing more. So, if you completely agree, your body paragraphs will explain why.
      All the best

  22. Hi Liz, I’m still waiting for your feedback. Thanks

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, due to the number of students posting questions for me, it will take time to get to your post.
      All the best

      • but i guess u can see the eassy now, here in this section, where we both are commenting now??

        • Yes, I can see your essay but I don’t have time to comment on a fully essay today. I’ll try to do it over the next few days.
          All the best

  23. it is considered by some people that the current aim of teaching institutions is to provide a more viable workforce without taking cognizance of individual developments. i agree with this view to some extent. is this good for an introduction ?

    • Hi,

      It’s good. But your thesis statement is limited and doesn’t tell the reader much. What do you agree with? What do you not agree with? What is your opinion?
      All the best

  24. hello liz! thanks for your teachings. i posted an introduction but you have not given a reply yet . it is still awaiting moderation. i hope to write the full essay after your assessment of the introduction. thanks

    • Hi,

      I’ve got so many posts from students that it will take time to reply to them all. But don’t worry, I will get to your introduction in time.
      All the best

  25. Dear Liz
    Thank you for the topic, and kindly advise me for further improvement. I would be grateful if you could guide me how should I approach the question like this( as I cannot agree or disagree on both parts) . But I tried my best to achieve the given task.

    It is sometimes argued that schools usually produce a good member of society and workforce, but bot offering enough for the best interest of each person. While I agree with the functions of school for a nation and economy, I am not convinced that schools fail to develope a true potential of a student for many reasons.
    It is undeniable that lessons at schools prepare all students to become a successful adult in various fields. There are many compulsory subjects,such as Mathemetics and science, which are mainly tailored towards the most important knowledge and skills for future employment. In addition, most schools offer personal and social educcation lessons to have better understanding on different family and cultural values, which help student to live in peace and harmony within today’s multicultural society. That is why, I, like many people, believe that schools play a major role in building community and producing effective workers.
    However, some educational critics argued that schools are not performing well enough to explore and maximise the potential of each and every young person. In that case, I strongly disagree with that view for 2 reasons. The first point is that although most lessons at school are designed for average students, there are many classrooms where able student can learn independently at their own pace. Most teachers aim to do so through continuous assessments and separating different sets based on capability of students. For example, able students work in the top set with higher level worksheets and those with less able ones can also learn without any distress at another classroom. The second reason why I think schools always support and promote individual’s interest and performance is that many schools provide facilities for sports and other extra curricular activities ( music, cookery, language), where students have wide opportunities to explore their talents and potential.
    In conclusion, I believe schools plays a great role not only for the interests of a country and a company, but also for each and every student to possess a brighter future.

    • Hi Moon,

      Well done! It’s a great essay. You’ve got the technique right. Your opinion is very clear indeed and well supported. My only comment is grammar in your thesis statement “While I agree with the functions of school for a nation and economy”. The essays is not about what the function of a school should be but about that it is at present. So, you should write “While I agree that some schools function to serve a nation and the economy…”. You do have some grammar errors and a few vocabulary errors but on the whole it’s over band score 7.
      Good job!

  26. mdzakaria says:

    how can I make introduction & conclusion?

  27. what should be the best introduction for this topic mam ?

    • Here’s a sample introduction:

      “According to some people, instead of schools benefiting each individual child, they think schools just create good citizens and useful future employees. In my opinion, I believe schools teach a range of skills aiming to help each child not only merely creating future members of society.”

      • Hi,
        Is it true, that we shouldn’t use “I or me or mine… etc ” as a refrence to myself in the writing task, except maybe rarely to be used, the phrase “in my opinoin”?

  28. Thanks. Liz I will write the essay of given topic and will share on site upto tomorrow.

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