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The Function of Schools Essay Ideas

Here is an essay title about the function of schools in the development of a child:

Some people think that schools are merely turning children into good citizens and workers, rather than benefiting them as individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

You can use the ideas below to help you answer the essay question.

Schools merely turn children into good citizens or workers:

  • schools teach discipline which turns children into effective workers.
  • children learn what is right and wrong in school.
  • schools instill the cultural values that are shared by society.
  • skills that enable children to succeed in the job market can first learned in school.

Schools benefit children as individuals:

  •  schools help children discover their potential.
  • children are able to choose the subjects that best suit them.
  • teachers are trained to help children understand their strengths and improve their weaknesses.
  • children can develop confidence as a person either through lessons or extra curricular activities.
  • through school education, children are able to develop an understanding about the world in which they live.


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  1. http://Priyank%20patel says

    I have problem in that how to start the introduction and body paragraph and also to develop the ideas for body paragraph ..please help me..

  2. http://Kevin%20Lee says

    Hello liz:
    University students should pay all the costs of their studies because university education benefits individuals more than society. To what extent do you agree or disagree.
    In dealing with this question, if i don’t agree with this opinion, and my first body paragraph argue that tertiary education benefits society more, should i have another body paragraph argue that if students bear all the costs, university will become rich people’s privilege? Or simply denying that education benefit individuals more is enough?

  3. http://Gauri%20Jadhav says

    Hi Liz,
    I have my GT- LRW test tomorrow. I would like to know, if it is mandatory to follow the sequence in the particular order in which question is asked.
    For example: Write a letter to a friend for a recipe because you are organising a party. 1. Tell her about the party. 2. Ask the recipe. 3. Invite him.
    So, should it be fine, if I invite the friend first and then ask for recipe?

    Secondly, in an essay: Some people think children should play games which require teamwork, whereas others say they should be doing individual sports. Do you agree or disagree?
    In this case, If I agree with the individual sports can I make it as my Body Passage-1, inspite of being mentioned in the second statement?

    Thanking you in advance.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Part of your writing score is coherence and cohesion (for both task 1 and task 2). That marking criterion relates to logical organisation of information and linking words. Don’t change the order given. Your opinion is NOT that you agree with individual sports. Your opinion is that you agree with individual sports and not team sports. There are two issues in this question. Write a full opinion.

  4. http://Camille says

    Hi Liz! Good day!

    I found a website, and it has the same content as yours about the function of school.. I am just worried if this website just copied your ideas.. 🙁

  5. http://Rawan says

    Hello Liz
    Which types of essays can I not have a balanced opinion.

  6. http://Mika says

    Hello Liz! Can you please give me some essay ideas for sport. I also had the topic for writing test 2 in January @ how international sports events contribute to world peace@, and I didn`t know to write a word, it was so hard. I have no idea what to write about that. Could you be so kind to give me some tips, ideas? Thank you in advance, your lessons help me a lot!

    • http://Liz says

      International Sports Events:

      They promote international cooperation. They raise nationalism but in the spirit of tolerance towards others. They bring countries together and unite them through sport. Famous sporting personalities and world leaders unite to show peace. The interlocking rings of the Olympic Games symbolise the five continents coming together in harmony. Sports events are about fun and enjoyment as countries forget their differences.

      I hope that gives you some ideas 🙂

  7. http://sindiso%20zvandasara says


  8. http://Jillian says

    Hi Liz! Here’s my essay. Could you please assess it?

    It is argued that school is basically for young students to mould them into a responsible person towards the society instead of shaping them for their own future success. Personally, I disagree with this view because I believe that getting an education would mostly benefit an individual.

    One significant purpose of school is to teach young schoolers a good educarion that would largely benefit their own future. Primarily, they are taught with basic mathematics, reading and writing skills which are essential for their foundation especially for pre-school. For example, they learn problem solving skills in a Mathematics subject that they need later on if they want to come up with a successful business. Moreover, they learn good communication skills that they may apply in their workplace which would greatly mould the children as a better individual. Furthermore, basic good manners and right conduct are also learned in classroom but it is best learned at home with the guidance of the parents.

    Being a well-behaved and responsible citizen is not solely learned in the four walls of the classroom. Young students learn how to act accordingly in the society through the virtues imparted by their godparents and what they also saw on television with proper guidance. For example, teachers may tell pre-schoolers not to liter garbage on the environmemt but a parent could largely impact rightful acts towards their children because time spent at home is greater than in school. Likewise, being responsible can be learn in school but it is mostly learn from their parents by doing householdchores. Later on, these skills would significantly help them in their own future career.

    In conclusion, school would benefit the individual because it is where they learn all the basics in life that are necessary for their own success. Moreover, some skills are also influence by teachers but parents has a greater significant lessons to teach their growing children.

    Thank you, Liz. Godbless you.

  9. http://Bharat%20Chhabra says

    School which is the second home to the children played a very crucial role to every student in developing personal and professional skills.While some people questions on the efficacy of the today’s school system,that it is not helps in stimulating their hidden talents of the children that can helped them in their later life,some says school specific role is to make the students grow as an individual that can aid the society.In my opinion,the aim of the school should be the intellectual growth of a child.

    To begin with,it is imperative for every school to come with a well balanced approach that aims in promoting the all round development of the student.Instead of,only focussing on the studies,students should be encouraged to participate in different curriculam activities such as different quiz,cultural activties.There is a need to include a curriculam department that specifically,has the responsibility of recognizing hidden talents of every students and emerging them.Understanding special needs of every student,and exposing them into their required fields should be the aim of this commitee.

    Another point to consider that,the activities like sports and other physical activities can be benefical to the students in building their great future,beacuse it increases the confidence of ondividual,students learn how to cooperate with each other,and broadens their mind thinking of capability as it allows to develop different strategies.In addition to this,schools include different classes in their whole period that allowed teachers to focus on individual,accustomed them with the each student weakness and strengths.

    To conclude,there is a high need for every school to focus of education to students that produces a well balanced academic knowledge.

  10. http://Angel says

    Hi Liz,

    In answering this type of question, would it be fine if I’ll just focus on one side of the argument and only mention the opposing view on the intro?

    Would this be an acceptable introduction? Should I trim the ideas down? Does it need to be more concise?

    It is indubitably true that educational institutions play a crucial role in honing a child’s well-being. Some people believe that schools are solely concerned with producing good members of the society and productive workers, but are not assisting individuals to reach their full potential. While it is true that schools prepare students to be model citizens and equip them with necessary skills to excel in their chosen career, I completely disagree with the notion that these institutions do not pay particular attention to personal development.

    par 1 (I’ll probably write about improving talents like writing, painting…)

    par 2 (about honing social skills…)


    Thank you so much, Liz.

    • http://Liz says

      Sorry but I don’t give comments on writing.
      All the best

    • http://wil says

      Why did you used the hook? Interesting- is not assessing!You are supposed to merely do the background statement appertaining to paraphrasing the question period.

  11. http://Aisha%20jarrar says

    Hi Liz
    Here my essay , could you please assess it ?

    Many people believe that an educational organisations are solely designted for teaching material to prepare successful and qualified laborer instead of developing a student’s individual potential .in my openion , while I agree that a schools are focusing on generating well trained worker and respectful inhapitants , I strongly disagree that a student’s individual potential are overlooked by the department of education .

    At an early age , a school is teaching children a very basic knowledge of life . Students are taught good and bad concept , which allow them to differentiate between wrong and right in every possible moment , to ensure building strong society . Moreover , educational department has introduced music and art class as well as variant kind of sport and give the right for every student to take part in any of these activities to support their own potential and talents . in addition , a student is given the right to celebrate the Christmas ,Muslim Eid and all other faith and cultural events that is improving their understands of all different culture for raising student’s individual potential .

    Furthermore , an educational organisation is instilling the core material such as math , physics and biology to enable a student of choosing his future career confidently . At the same time , an optional disciplines is provided for students at their secondary school level for helping them to determine which kind of career they are aiming to get . for instance , students who are interesting in studying medicine they can choose the related discipline to been learned in their secondary level rather than wasting their time in non preferable modules , by doing this no tiny chance has left to blame the educational department responsibility toward improving a student’s potential .
    In conclusion , a schools are providing balanced educational system turning student into successful and wise laborer with high personal’s potential .

    • http://Liz says

      You have presented a clear opinion with supported ideas – you have good technique. To improve your score, you will need to improve your grammar. There are quite a lot of mistakes with articles, plural nouns, verb agreement. I would also choose a different linking device to start your second body paragraph, for example “Another point that to consider is…”.
      All the best

  12. http://Fati says

    It is undeniable that education in school is a crucial part for a child in developing his personal and professional skills.where many people argue about its role regarding the growth of child as an individual in a society.the same people believe that it is solely meant to nurture child with qualified labourers and respectable citizen qualities.in y view,school provide far more qualities than just providing benefit to a society.
    First of all the role of school in helping a child to decide his career.instituions give different options with respect to personal abilities,and a child can make his own choice in career he likes to persuade.there are student councellers which help them in getting focus,in order to achieve what they desire.
    Another important quality is various customs and traditions cherished by the students in schools.take an example of Christmas,where children rejoice this occasion and celebrate with his peers.similarly any other religion is equally celebrated in school like eid and holy,which develops better understanding between children from different cultures.thus,making a multicultural society more connected and instillig some great values and customs in an individual.
    The most important quality which a child develops is the joy he finds in persuing his hobbies.as it is seen that a lot of children are usually neglected when it comes to their hobbies.take for instance music and guitars,which a child of strict career orieted parents would never allow him.indeed with various co curriculum activities like swimming,singing,cooking,painting and many others can be enjoyed by the students.this activity will enable him to evolve his inner qualities and abilities.
    Although I do agree that schools also provide immense benefit to peers in few ways.one of them is the discipline he develops while being in a class,alongwith that he can grip the skills required to succeed in his future jobs.furthermore,subjects like history,economics and mathematics can help his understand his own country and the efforts made by his great leaders.moreover,with subjects like mathematics he is more likely to handle his accounts and debits much more efficiently.
    To conclude,all these qualities does not only make him a reliable citizen and a best co worker,but also guides him in making his own decisions and realising the difference between good and evil.so in my opinion,schools provide way more than what the opponents suspects,as it is seen in helping a child in various other manners to evolve as an individual.

    • http://Liz says

      Don’t have more than 5 paragraphs in total. You get a good score for developing ideas which means writing longer body paragraphs. Please see my model essays to learn more about IELTS essay writing.
      All the best

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