IELTS Maps: Vocabulary and Sentence Structures

This lesson gives useful tips for IELTS map vocabulary and sentence structures for writing task 1 academic paper.

IELTS Map: Video Tutorial

Useful Map Language

  • north south east west
  • north east, south east, north west, south west
  • X is located in the north east of the town.
  • The population of Y is 60,000.
  • Y has a population of 60,000.
  • X is located to the north east of Y, which has a population of 60,000.
  • The railway (main road) runs through / crosses / passes through /goes through Y.
  • A is located in the town center which has a railway running through it from north to south.
  • B is situated in the north east of the town just outside the housing area.

Paraphrases for Maps

Be careful with paraphrases. Most words in the key do not need to be paraphrased.

  • town center = city center / center of the town (a town is not a city, don’t try to paraphrase the word town)
  • road = street (road and street are different)
  • housing area = residential area
  • is located = is situated / lies / is


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