Camping Topic: Vocabulary with Pronunciation

Camping is a topic which can appear in IELTS speaking part 1. Learn some useful words to be able to talk about this topic. Listen to the recordings to improve your pronunciation.

Camping Vocabulary

Basic camping equipment

camping vocabulary pictures


Listen for the missing word

Listen to the recording below. There is one word in the recording which is not in the picture – what is that word? Words will not come in order so write them down as you listen. Answer

The missing word is “map”.

More Camping Vocabulary

  • bug spray = insect repellent
  • compass = equipment for navigation
  • backpack = a bag which you carry on your back
  • air mattress = a bed mattress that is filled with air
  • hat = for protection against weather, particular the sun or rain
  • raincoat = a jacket which is waterproof
  • wildlife = wild animals
  • campground = the place for camping
  • path = a track or way to walk (people follow paths in the forest)
  • firewood = wood used for campfires
  • cramped  = not enough space, too small
  • being close to nature = spending time near wildlife and in natural areas
  • camping gear = a collection of camping equipment

Listen to the recording below to improve your pronunciation.

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