Speaking Part 1 Topic: Sleep

This is a new topic which has appeared in the least few months in part 1 of the IELTS speaking test. Below are some questions for this topic.


  • How many hours do you usually sleep at night?
  • What time do you go to bed?
  • Do you go to bed at the same time everyday?
  • Do you ever have a  nap during the day?
  • Do you think sleep is important?

Here is a question with a model answer for this topic:

Q. Do you often take a nap during the day?

A. To be honest, I hardly ever nod off during the day but, I suppose, if I’ve had a really exhausting day, which is pretty rare, I may have a short siesta after lunch.

Useful Vocab

  • nap (a short sleep)
  • snooze (a short sleep)
  • nod off (go to sleep – often used for daytime sleeping)
  • drift off to sleep (slowly go off to sleep)
  • deep sleep
  • struggle to get to sleep
  • sleeping pill (medication to help someone get to sleep)
  • 40 winks (short sleep of a few minutes)
  • siesta (short sleep after lunch – Spanish in origin)

The Importance of Sleep is an IELTS reading exercise to practice summary completion for this topic. It contains some more useful vocabulary for you.

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  1. Hello
    can you please provide model answer for the topic of acoustic room

  2. tnx

  3. simple boy says:

    Its tough question to answer . Well I think old people need to have rest more than the younger ones . Its so because old people get tired and easily exhausted. Young people are more energetic than old so, it s nice to provide more sleep hours to aged people

  4. Nguyễn Hương says:


  5. What is the best way to answer the question which says, Who is suppose to have long hours of sleep, young people or adults?

    • For the speaking test, you can answer that any way you want because there are no points for ideas. You only get points for your English language. Here are some possible answers for a speaking part 1 question:

      1. I think that young people probably need more sleep than older people because they are more active both physically and mentally. Sleep helps them recharge their batteries so to speak.
      2. I think old people need more sleep because they frequently get tired. Their energy doesn’t last as long as young people so a good night’s sleep is the only way they can get through the day.

      Let me know if you have any other answers 🙂

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