Single-Sex Schools Vs Mixed Schools

Learn useful ideas to talk about the advantages or single-sex and mixed sex schools. This topic can appear in IELTS writing task 2:

Some people think that children perform better in a single-sex school compared to a mixed school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Single-Sex and Co-educational Schools

If you don’t have youtube, try listening to a recording of the video. Audio


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  1. Hello Liz,
    In a Solution Essay, if the requirement only asks for the solutions and not the causes then is it fine to mention the causes anyway or should we stick to the solution only. I ask this because if in case we are not having enough points for solutions how should we meet the word count requirement.
    Your advice and tips on this would be highly appreciated. Thank you

  2. Hi Liz

    Your blog is awesome. Thanks for the amazing videos, tips and notes.
    I have to ask you that in this video you have explained the advantages of single sex and mixed schools but how we will address the question “to what extent do you agree or disagree?”


  3. Karan Gehlot says:


    First of all, your blog is awesome. It has helped a lot.
    The only thing I am concerned with is speaking as in speaking Part 2 I find it very difficult to speak for 2 minutes, I get short of ideas, words.
    Alongside, I am facing problem in reading as well as I have tried all the methods and used all essential tips regard to reading which are given on your blog but I am still not able to improve my score. It usually comes 23-25.

    My IELTS exam is on March 19, 2016. Kindly help me.

  4. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for this wonderful lessons and tips, I’m learning alot from your blog. I just want to ask a question that rose while I was reading the comments.
    Q: What’s the problem in adding personal experience as examples? I mean, would this type of writing would be not appropriate to get a high bad score?
    Let’s say that I disagree with the prompt. Is it bad to present it like this?
    BP1: I would mention the reason 1, and then give further details on it, after that I would present an example based on real experience-For example saying : when I was in single or mixed, I did experience this, or students were not good at this or were bad at that. Dont you believe in this way I would extend the word count very easily, and give more coherent to the text?
    BP2: I do the same as BP1.
    Conclusion: I would just rephrase it, and just mention the two reason why I disagree.
    Leave me an answer as soon as you have time please.
    Best regards,

  5. Ruben james says:

    Hi Liz,
    With tasks with the question “on what degree do you agree or disagree”, is it advisable to do a comparison with the opposing topics or is it better to just elaborate further on your stand?

  6. some parents believe that their children will achieve and concentrate better in single gender schools in comparison to co- educational schools. In my opinion, there are several advantages for the two types of schools, but I think that the co-educational schools are more beneficial.
    hi LIZ
    what do you think about this introduction

  7. Hi Liz,

    I came across an IELTS essay question that asks examinees to discuss both views on single-sex and co-ed schools, and then give our opinion on what is better between them. In answering these types of questions, what format do you suggest? Do we have to write a conclusion? I usually follow this format: Intro, view 1, view 2, and then my opinion. I do not write any conclusion.

  8. Many people think that single gender schools can provide more opportunities and create more convenient environment than co-educational schools. In my opinion, while I believe that single sex education has some advantages over mixed education,I also think that mixed education has significant advantages as well.

    It is undeniably true that when children grow up, they develop teenage hormones , which leads to them early relationships and most of the parents do not want this. In fact, there is no chance of having this problem in single-sex school. Girls often feel uncomfortable or intimidated while they sit next to boys for learning which creates a hindrance for learning.As girls learn faster than boys,so it is better to teach boys as well as girls separately.Moreover, single gender schools have to face less issues about discipline.In other words,there is a chance of conflict between the two genders in co-educational schools whereas single sex schools are out of this issue.Furthermore,this kind of education can focus on particular gender which results in better result.

    Similarly,in a co-education system as boys and girls work together for different projects,it helps them to understand each other as well and which is essential for real world activities,for instance,nowadays every single job need team working.Certainly, single sex school has lack of providing such opportunity.Boys and girls view thing differently.In other words,they have different perspectives which helps to understand topics in various ways as well as to build a good understanding between them.

    In conclusion,I am convinced that both single sex schools and mixed schools have certain advantages that can be beneficial for students according aforementioned reasons.

    • I don’t see a clear opinion in this essay. You have only discussed both sides without any clear position. I highly recommend that if you struggle presenting a balanced approach, that you aim for a one sided essay instead. If you want a good score, go with your strengths not weaknesses.
      All the best

      • i’ve tried again,Mam
        please take a look.

        Many people think that single gender schools can provide more opportunities and create more convenient environment than co-educational schools. In my opinion, I think that mixed sex schools are more effective than single sex schools to enhance the potentiality of the children.
        Regarding to a co-education system, boys and girls work together for different projects,which helps them to understand each other as well as essential for real world activities,for instance,nowadays every single job need team working.SO,Certainly, single sex school has lack of providing such opportunity.Boys and girls view things differently, which means they have different perspectives which increase the ability to understand topics in various ways.It creates a competitive environment as girls and boys are in the same class and motivates them for getting succeed against each other.

        Similarly, as co education mirrors the real world,it’s a great learning place to learn how to deal with issues that will come in future. They learn how to combine each other ideas to tackle problems and how to deal with the activites they will have to do in future from here. For example, I studied in a co-educational school which helps me to cooperate with females in a easy way where most of my friends feels shy and for this reason they cannot do things properly even in university life. In addition to they sometimes ask me how can you do you job nicely.Then I usually say it’s the result of studying in a co-educational school.

        In conclusion,I am strongly convinced that without any doubt mixed schools can make students skillful, comprehensive as well as effective and moreover these schools are far better than single sex schools.

        • Avoid writing about yourself or your friends and family. Write in general about people. Also avoid contractions “it’s” = ” it is. Otherwise, it’s well written.

          • Unlimited thanks mam for guiding me and gradually i feel confidence that i can write good essays what i could not do before.

  9. HI
    This is absolutely an amazing lesson, thank you so much ,T Liz,
    Please, more ideas in different topics.

  10. Hi
    thank you very much .l think the problem in task 2 is ideas .if the subject is difficult then no ideas .what you think…?

    • Hi,

      Yes, ideas are important for task 2 writing. This is the reason that part of your preparation for IELTS must be the preparation of ideas for common topics. This is also important for IELTS speaking. In speaking, although you don’t get a mark for ideas, if you have lots of ideas and things to say, your fluency often improves.
      All the best

  11. Today’s exam question:use of mobile phones should be banned in public places like library and shops and public transport.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    • These days, it is common to find people using cell phones in various public places such as, markets, banks and reading rooms. In my opinion, I strongly believe public use of phones should be banned owing to several reasons which shall be discussed in this essay.
      Firstly, it constitutes a form of public disturbance. The use of mobile phones generates noise in public places since you have various people talking at various voice pitches. This noise most often is unbearable to people who are present in these places. They are distracted by this noise which often limits people’s activities whenever they need to engage in certain activities for instance, reading in a library. Noise is highly intrusive and is often a nuisance to most people.
      Furthermore, it is a potential health hazard. The generation of noise and radiation from the use of cell phones is seen as being harmful to health. Noise is known to be a form of pollution which is harmful to the human ear. There is a certain level of noise the human ear can adapt to. This level is exceeded by the use of mobile phones in public places as confirmed by medical experts. In addition, the generation of radiation by the use of cell phones also causes various cancers according to medical experts. This radiation is high when exposure to mobile phone radiations is more as seen in unrestricted use of mobile phones in public places.
      In conclusion, the use of cell phones should be highly restricted in public places so as to prevent its potential health hazard to people who are not aware of the harm. Failure to do this may cause a burden on the populace and the government when diseases emerge because of this.

      • Hi,

        Today at 4pm, I will post this essay question with ideas. As soon as it’s posted, I’ll move your essay across and post it with that lesson.
        All the best

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