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Sept to Dec 2018 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for September, October, November and December.

Below are IELTS speaking part 2 topics from September to December 2018. These topics have been reported by students in their IELTS test. Remember that there is only one speaking test for everyone. This means GT and Academic students will do the same IELTS speaking test with the same marking criteria. All the topics are for both sets of candidates.

Q) Will I get these topics in my speaking test?

A) There is no guarantee. The examiner has a long list of topics (longer than the list below) to choose from and you can’t predict what you will get. The most you can do to prepare is much as you can. Prepare both the recent topics below and also common topics which you can find on this page: Common Part 2 Topics for IELTS Speaking.

Q) Why from September to December?

A) This is because in September the examiners get a new list of topics which will be used for about 4 months. It is a long list and only some of the topics are listed below.

I will add more topics to the list below once students have informed me. These topics are not predictions, they are topics reported by IELTS students in their test.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics Sept – Dec

  1. an interesting job you would like to do
  2. a time you helped someone
  3. a time you planned something that later got changed
  4. a recent happy moment
  5. a useful website
  6. a journey
  7. a book you recently read
  8. something you made by hand for a friend
  9. a good law
  10. a story you have been told
  11. a decision you made with someone’s help
  12. a talkative person
  13. your favourite animal
  14. a foreign language you would like to learn (not English)
  15. something you lost that was important to you
  16. someone who has visited your country
  17. a piece of equipment you had repaired
  18. a distance place you would like to visit
  19. a place you prefer to study indoors or outdoors
  20. a film or TV show that made you laugh
  21. your first mobile phone
  22. a person you never met but heard a lot about
  23. a magazine you like to read
  24. a teenager you know
  25. a young child
  26. a valuable gift you received
  27. a competition you would like to take part in
  28. a happy event that you celebrated
  29. a family business that you know
  30. something interesting your friend has done
  31. a time you complained about something and action was easily taken
  32. something you borrowed from a family member or friend
  33. someone actively involved in environmental problems
  34. a national flower or plant
  35. a childhood friend
  36. an important part of your country
  37. an interesting thing your friend has done
  38. how you learned maths in primary school
  39. an item you own that needs replacing
  40. something a friend has done that you would like to do
  41. the last time you went shopping in a market
  42. a skill that takes a long time to learn
  43. a beautiful city
  44. a journey you made using pubic transport
  45. a special item of clothing you wore for an occasion
  46. a building you like

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IELTS Speaking Tips

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  1. Hello Liz,
    I have a doubt regarding to the Speaking test whether the test is evaluate by the test examiner or by Cambridge University.

    • Your score for the speaking test is decided by the examiner who asks the questions. Your score is decided when you leave the room.

  2. Sushmitha Dsouza says:

    Hi Liz. Thanks for the topics.
    Could you please tell me what does this speaking topic mean ?
    “Someone actively involved in environmental problems ”
    Please give me some hints

    • This means someone who is keen on recycling or someone who does volunteer work to protect the environment etc. Any person who does anything to help save the environment.

  3. Hi Liz,

    Thanks so much for your sharing. I would like to know whether all the above topics come from Europe or Asia or other areas since different areas have different topics.

    Thanks, looking forward to your response.


  4. Hi,
    I had my speaking on 7th Sep 2018, Doha, Qatar.

    Cue Card: Do you prefer Outdoor or Indoor study?
    1. Why
    2. With whom do you go

    Other section:
    Which one is good. Group Study or Single Study.
    Some questions of owning car/travel by car.

  5. Hello Liz and thanks a billion for this useful website. I had my speaking test today on September 11th and my cue card topic was “an interesting job you would like to do” which is the first topic on your list. 🙂

  6. Had my speaking on 7th Sept 2018 in Surat (Gujarat, India).

    Cue Card: Describe a visit you made using public transport.
    Bullet Points:
    1. Which mode of Public Transport did you choose?
    2. Why did you choose that specific mode?
    3. How did you feel about the trip?

  7. Thanks for sharing the topics.

  8. 43 is written beautiful . but what beautiful ..?? Plz mam could u plz correct it .

  9. Nina George says:

    Hi Liz,

    thank you for all the effort you have put in developing these lessons and videos. I want to let you know that when i tried to purchase your advanced lessons, the payment was denied multiple times by paypal. Many people might have faced the same issue. Can you please look into this.


    • This is an issue with Paypal. I do not own Paypal and I have no control over Paypal. If you continue to have a problem with Paypal you can:
      1) report the problem to Paypal
      2) set up an account and use it to pay
      3) ask a friend to purchase the lessons

  10. Mehtab singh Khara says:

    Thanku so much😄😣

  11. Mehtab singh Khara says:

    Thanks , please tell me , only this cue card prepare for exam mam ,

  12. Thanks a lot, Its very useful and helpful and important update. For your all updates and support many thanks.

  13. Ojionyeaka marita says:

    I really appreciate

  14. I had the 14th yesterday)
    Thanks you a lot for your site

  15. Deep Raman says:

    Thank you so much Liz Ma’am😊

  16. kamalpreet kaur says:

    Thanks a lot mam.

  17. thanks a lot liz, i was waiting for this list 🙂

  18. thankuu mam thanx alot mam

  19. Annah Dieketseng Diteko says:

    Hi, I wrote my speaking test on the 5 September and my cue 💳 was number 11..A decision that you made with someone’s help.. Thank you.

  20. Arka Moitra says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks for this new list of speaking part 2 topics. Could you help me is it necessary to develop my speech in this part with help of provided bullet points or am I allowed to develop my own ideas on the topic. I am confused because its always says “should say” not “must say”

    Thanks , looking forward to your valued inputs.


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