Reported Essay Question Jan 10

Here is an IELTS writing task 2 essay question which was reported in the test on Saturday. Below are some ideas for your answer.

In some countries, fast food restaurants and companies give money to schools provided that the schools promote their products to school children.

What do you think is the positive and negative of this in the development of children?

Positive Effects

  • children benefit from the additional resources and facilities that schools can afford due to the funding from companies
  • children can learn the value of money in order to buy the products being promoted
    • learning to manage money is a useful life skill
    • children learn to be selective about what they buy

Negative Effects

  • promoting companies such as fast food restaurants encourages a poor diet
    • poor diets, which include high quantities of salt and sugar, can be harmful to a child’s health
    • this sets children up to be unhealthy adults which can be expensive for the state in the long run
  • advertising and promoting to children can be exploitative and unethical
    • they are easily influenced
    • they are not able to criticise or form their own opinion
    • this form of advertising is aimed at the parents through their children
    • children are unable to distinguish what is promotional and what is educational

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  1. It is really helpful website for student attending IELTS.Thanks Liz .

  2. Liz, Hi!!!.
    I want to ask you about this essay (when the question contains “……. is the positive and negative……….”.
    it would be posible, if you give us an example of the essay???

    Thank you!!..

  3. Hi dear Liz,
    Thanks for your site. You are so kind to help us.

    I have a question regarding to “positive and negative” questions.
    I have read 2 essays in your site which answer to this type of question and have understood that if the instruction says ” Is this a positive or negative development?” we choose one side (positive) and write about it throughout the essay as well as giving our opinion without mentioning the second side (negative)
    However, If the instruction says ” What do you think is the positive and negative of this in the development of children” then we write about both positive and negative impacts of this on the development of children.
    Please, can you correct my understanding if I am mistaken.
    Thanks in advance.

    • If it says “what is X and Y”, you write both because there is the word “and”. If it says “do you think X or Y”, it is asking you to choose one. Just follow the instructions.

  4. Maman Saputra says:

    There is my written. You cann corret and comment for my written.

    Nowadays, there are so many food restaurants and companies. They always expand their products to all sector, included school children. They give money to shool provided it.

    There are some positive argument for the topic. The schools can to get money from the restaurants and companies. Those money can be used to schools program development for the children. Beside that, the cooperation between school and the restaurants or companies will be better for the next other activities. In addition, the children easier to get all products from the restaurants and companies, don’t need go out from their schools.

    On the contrary, there are so many negative argument for those topic. The children can always use and consume the products. This is on of the risk factor for children health. Because the fast food is not very good for consumed every time. Moreover, the collaboration from the schools and the restaurants or companies can abused by both to get more advantages only, without pay attention to the children.

    In summary, the restaurants or companies must not only promote their products, but also give other useful for the children. The schools must be proffesional on the network linking with other site.

  5. Dear Liz,

    I’m wondering for this type of essay question, should we take it as advantage and disadvantage essay? I purchased the advanced lesson for task 2, but this type of question is not included.

    • This question requires you to choose. It doesn’t say “what are the positive AND negative developments”. It says “is this positive OR negative”. You choose, present your opinion and support your opinion. I will make an advanced lessons for this type of essay later this year.

  6. I appreciate your efforts Liz. Best information is provided by you . Awesome work . 👍🏻😀😀😀

  7. hi dear liz
    I am pleasure to become familiar with you .
    thank you most kindly

  8. I think we have to write both positive and negative as the word is “and” not an “or”.

    We have to write what are the positives we think and what are negatives we think.

    I’m still looking for a better explanation!


  9. Great points Liz!

  10. Ana Gabriela says:

    Hey Liz,

    Lets say I coudn’t find any positive points. In this kind of question do I NEED to describe positive and negatives or can I just describe negatives and why I dont think theres any positive side?

    Thanks! 🙂

  11. dear Liz,
    Why did you write a child’s health , health is not a countable name , I’m a little bit confused.


  12. Marine Thomas says:

    Hi Liz
    Recently only I noticed your link related to ielts. It’s very useful for me. Thank you very much

    • You’re welcome. I’m sure you’ll find some useful pages and don’t forget to check my youtube channel as well.

  13. Hetal Patel says:

    Hi liz….
    I have written essay here. Can you please review it n help me to know that at what level am now. Thank u so much.

    In some countries, fast food restaurants and companies give money to schools provided that the schools promote their products to school children.
    What do you think is the positive and negative of this in the development of children?

    In today’s competitive world, each and every business keeps try to maintain their position at first level by advertising or by making promotions of their products. for that, some of them funding money to schools and likewise, every coin has two sides, there are some advantages and also disadvantages of doing this.

    On the one hand , the money provided to the schools can be used for improving educational standards, in other meanings, more equipment and necessary study materials can be granted to children. Moreover, children understands the value of money. Also, some of the children who are financially not able to afford essential things required for study that can be fulfilled by these types of organization.

    On the other hand, the way which is implemented by many companies, which involves children is unethical. For example, children are very younger at their age that they have not sufficient knowledge to distinguish between right and wrong. So they just follow the actions which are being told to them to do. And it might happen that it provokes them towards bad impacts unknowingly. Furthermore, foods which are provided to them that may leads to poor health as they have lost quality while preparing them very tasty by adding more salt and spices that can be scathing for nation in a long run.
    To conclude, I believe that it is good that fast-food restaurants and companies provide money to schools but they should not insist children to promote their products too. children are very innocent and one should not use them for their own benefits.

  14. Hetal Patel says:

    Hi Liz…
    My name is Hetal n I have recently started to read watch your tutorials. They are really very helpful in improving my english language..
    Thank you so much….

  15. My essay for this task please correct me

    With the emergence of fast food chains and restaurants in the school,companies are funding the school authorities in order to publicise their products.In my view,on one hand where they posses a great risk of obesity and exploitation among children,on the other hand,it gives little benefits to the school in terms of its infrastructure and maintenance funding.

    Benefits from the funding first of all includes the money being used in the maintenance of school for example building sports grounds for children to play , constructing a library, or even buying computers for the peers.All these can be constructed if this funding is used in a better way.Furtehrmore, these funds can be utilised in educating children without any fees.these children includes those belonging from an impoverish families,like in Pakistan illiteracy rate is so high that they are in constant need of funds to educate their youth.hence all these can be the positive side towards this activity,although I believe that there are more stronger negative points to be considered.

    These points which are destroying the atmosphere in school are based on three basic of them is the negligence by parents,where mothers will be happy to send their kids to school and let them have whatever they want for lunch.this will create unhealthy habits and as a consequence of which there will a rise in obesity.evidently,this has been brought in notice recently by the number of youngsters developing serious conditions.secondly,an unhealthy mind will not be able to think or act efficiently,due to which he can lack in his academics and ground activities.apparently children who face these situations are tend to be more out of shape and are at a risk of developing psychological illnesses.thus,my view sticks with the outrageous effects caused by funding from the food chains.

    In conclusion,as there are several benefits mentioned in my argument ,in my opinion,there adverse effects are far more dire to be considered.And thus, this activity by restaurants and companies should be avoided in order to maintain a healthy environment in school.

  16. Nazir Ahmed says:

    highly helpful website.

  17. good day!

    Fast food restaurants and companies are granting monetary award in some schools in globally, in return that the school will promote their products to their school children. However, it has positive benefits as well as negative side effects in the growth and development of the children.

  18. honestly speaking, i’m really confused with this question, because i thought this is an easy that should be writen based on the pros and cons of the question been asked, but you said in your last comment, that its an opinion easy, which means it will be wrong for me to write my thesis statement this way,(they would seem to be some benefits and draw to this development) presuming i’ve already paraphrased my background statement, right?

    Since this is an opinion easy, is it right to write my thesis statement this way (in my opinion, there are a lot of disadavantages to eatery and companies offering money to institutions, in order to advertise their goods)? Then i can proceed in the next paragraph to support my point?

    • …meaning that the structure/grammar used in my thesis statement is totally wrong or partially correct ? Although, i got your explanations. Thanks.

      • Hi,

        The sentences are grammatically correct but you just have to phrase them differently to make sure you are presenting a clear opinion. It’s all about the way you write things to make a direct answer rather than giving a sentence which provides no clear opinion. So, as long as you show which side you feel more strongly about, the examiner will be happy that there is a clear position.

  19. last week exams went so well..especially the written parts (listening, reading and writing). With regards to your question above, i think the IELTS wanted an opinion and so the 2nd part of the question was whether YOU THINK this was a positive OR negative development on SCHOOL and school chidren. Thanks.

  20. Hi Liz ,
    One thing i want to clarify is, if giving money can actually mean bribing because i wrote my introduction using that initial before switching it to finance
    “Around the world ,eateries and firms are believed to finance schools so as to have their items advertised to the students in return.In my Opinion, while the students gets to study with upgraded facility and also eat meals at reduced cost ,effect of the food on their health will be a cause of concern.”

    • Hi,

      No, it’s not really possible to use “bribe” instead of “finance”. Bribe indicates something that isn’t particularly legal whereas this situation is completely legal.

      Just one comment on your introduction: be careful with your paraphrasing. “items” is not a direct paraphrase for “product”, so it’s actually a vocabulary mistake. Just keep the word product.
      All the best

  21. It is true that some junk-food eateries are ready to offer money to schools unless these schools distribute their quick meals on their students.While this food can benefit children as they grow into adults, I believe that it harms their health and behaviour, too.

  22. i have commented one of my writing here but i didnt find it anymore.

  23. Ayman Kenawy says:

    I have acouple of questions,first of all, are fast food restaurants,school children and companies can be paraphrased or better left as they are?
    Secondly,Is task achievement entails mentioning of positive and negative aspects of both fast food restaurants and companies,or can we only mention the advantages of company products and the disadvantages of fast food restaurants,
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,

      1. I’m glad you asked about paraphrasing the key words of this essay. It’s something all students should think about before they start writing their essay. Personally I would not paraphrase them much. You could paraphrase school children for pupils but that’s about as far as I would go.
      2. The question asks: What you think are the positive and negative effects on school children of companies and fast food restaurants funding schools in return for their products being promoted to the children? You must answer that exact question and not alter the question at all. This is about both companies and fast food restaurants – may be in your opinion, there are some advantages to companies doing this but not fast food restaurants – that could easily be your opinion. However, to take a complex view, you must have excellent English to explain it. If your English is not excellent, you might end up confusing the examiner which will be devastating to your band score.
      All the best

  24. quite ridicilous question. first of all, prior to having a look at ideas of Liz, i wasnt able to name at least one positive impact of this.Sometimes, it happens and you dont know what kind of ideas you should come up with?

    • Hi,

      I agree – dreadful question. I also had a tough time thinking of some positive points. However, this essay task does ask you to discuss both sides, it does say “What do you think are the positive and negative effects” This means it’s asking for your opinion. That makes it much easier because if your opinion is that there are no positive effects, then that’s fine. The key is to check if it’s asking about your opinion or asking you to discuss both sides.

      I hope that helps

      • Liz,

        Please correct me if i’m wrong.

        In my view, when we have a thesis question asking to give an opinion, better to stick on positives or negatives in your whole essay argument.

        Introduction as ” Paraphrase to some extent and give XXX has more positives …

        Para 1 -> supporting positive main point 1 with example
        Para 2 –> Supporting Positive main point 2 with example

        Conclusion –> conclude the essay on the positive side of the statement.

        Similarly if its more negative, whole essay should be supporting for negative aspects with examples and conclude.

        • Hi,

          If the essay question is asking if you think something is a positive or negative development, you must explain your opinion in your thesis statement. I don’t understand what you mean about paraphrasing “to what extent” in your introduction. If you think it is only positive, then you state it is only positive. Just write your opinion simply in the thesis statement. Whatever opinion you have, will be explained in the body.
          All the best

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