Repeating the question: Find the answer to yesterday’s question

Hi guys,

I’ve posted answers and advice about asking the IELTS examiner to repeat the question in speaking. You can find details of the answers and tips on yesterday’s page. Click here: Asking to Repeat the Question


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  1. Is there any difference between task 2 essay writing of academic and GT ielts?

  2. abbutalib says:

    great website Liz,
    great help

  3. Hi Liz, I just wanted to check about asking the examiner to repeat the speaking task 2 written question.
    You say it is not allowed but is this correct? I thought it could be done but marks would be lost.

    • What do you mean? In part 2, you are given a cue card with a topic – there are no questions from the examiner in part 2. What do you mean?


    12-8-2017 Reading in idp was horrible, most of the questions based on sentense matching. Around 25. Listening was managable but still 20 mcq in that also.

  5. Hii…liz my test will in 19 aug and feel nervous because of writing task 2

  6. Hi Mam !!
    I have IELTS speaking test on 17th of this month , I’m very much tensed about that day and i feel very nervous. Will you help me to overcome that fear and encourage me to get success… I will be waiting for your reply !!

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