Recommended Book List for IELTS

Below is a list of books that I recommend for your IELTS preparation. The first set of books are a must for IELTS and no student should be without one of them. The rest are useful books which you can get depending on your time limit and areas of weakness. There are many books for IELTS preparation on the market but these are the standard books that you will need.

Must Have IELTS Books

IELTS Cambridge Books: The only must have books for IELTS exam preparation are the Cambridge IELTS books 1 to 10. Unlike other practice test books, these books have been published by IELTS and contain authentic (real) exam papers for you to practice with. Each book contains 4 full tests, 2 tests for the GT test reading and writing, as well as answer keys and listening audio transcripts in the back of the book.  The audios or CDs should come with the book in order to do the listening tests.


  1. No student should enter the IELTS exam without having first done some practice tests from one or a few of these books.
  2. Book 10 is the most recent books at the time of writing this page (2015).
  3. These books have limited topics and questions for the speaking test. You will need to find practice speaking topics online instead. Here’s a link to some free speaking topics and questions for IELTS.
  4. These books often cost more than other practice test books but you must remember that these are real test papers from IELTS and have not been written by other teachers or other authors. They are the only real test papers that exist.

IELTS Cambridge Recommended Books


These books can be bought from any amazon online store. They can be bought new or second hand. It might also be possible to find them in your local book stores.

Other Useful IELTS Books

IELTS Official Practice Materials: If you have completed the above set of test papers (IELTS Cambridge Books), you should try these practice materials.


IELTS Trainer: This is a book which contains 6 practice tests for IELTS as well as some useful advice for tackling the test. Please note that the practice tests are not officially published by IELTS but are still quite realistic. Also note that the practice test materials in this book are for the academic paper only.

ielts trainer book

Vocabulary for IELTS: Improve your vocabulary for IELTS topics. This is a useful books for students wishing to develop their vocabulary or just to refresh what they already know in preparation for writing and speaking. The books consists of various common topics, words lists and exercises.



Grammar for IELTS: Improve your accuracy and range of grammar for IELTS. The grammar is presented in both text and listening audios with exercises and explanations. It covers a good range of grammar