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  1. syamnadh reghunathan says:

    Dear Liz madam.
    I have taken IELTS exam on 25th of August at the British Council Muscat center.
    * I was given speaking topic on the favorite book that I had read during my childhood.
    I have described the all-time favorite book: Harry Potter and I was credited a band score of 7.5
    *Discussion was based on the reading habits of the new generation. I explained the pleasures of reading both electronic and printed media, linking the technological boom to the reading habits. I concluded by saying ” let our new generation get respite from the stressful computer screens and video games by exploring the pleasure of reading.”
    thank you for ur lessons and advice

  2. Hi Liz ..really I would like to thank you so much for your great effort that you are carrying out to help millions of people to stay aware about the prerequisites of this exam
    September 17 2017 Egypt.
    Academic version.

    Writing task 1 was bar chart about the use of childcare centre among 5 European countries and there is separate column titled as an European average! Parallel to the countries demonstrated data (In the same diagram but separated by a line drown vertically ..should I have to mention it in the overall part ?)

    Task 2 is about how media advertising makes us similar to what extend do you agree ?

    Speaking part 1

    Meaning of your name?
    Why you given this name?
    Did your family celebrated in any way when you was born ?
    Describe that celebration events ..what they did ?

    Work or study
    Study Subject?
    Why you choose this kind of study ?
    Newspaper paper versus online news ?
    Domestic news versus world news ?

    Part 2

    Where ?
    When ?
    With whom?

    Part 3

    About Driving

    License and age opinion ?
    Including training on driving in high 2ndary school syllabus? Opinion
    What are the jobs that need good driver and why?
    Driverless cars and trains advantages versus disadvantages?

  3. hello liz,
    I wrote my ielts general module in kuwait on 9/9/2017.
    I believe, I have done excellent. Your website and your tactics helped me a lot in preparation. I practiced for few weeks using your site besides few more.
    The topic for letter writing was….
    1. Write a letter to your friend and inform that you have moved into a new apartment.
    + explain why did u moved.
    + describe your new apartment.
    + invite in your new apartment.

    2. Some people argues school students should not burden with extra homework everyday at home. While others think that students of all ages should study extra hours to become successful.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion?

    my speaking topic was..
    Part 1.
    what do I like about my work?
    What do I feel, when I see sunshine?
    What do I think about solar energy?
    Is it good to use solar energy?
    What is my usual activity on sunny day?
    Do I know my neighbors?
    How important to know our neighbors and what good characteristics should one neighbors have?

    Part 2

    About English lesson which was fun.
    – where it was?
    – why it was interesting?
    – what you learned?

    Part 3

    How important is foreign language?
    What benefits to learn international languages?
    What do you think grammar importance in a language?
    What qualities should a foreign language teacher posses?
    Why some students learn foreign language better than others?

    I am just waiting for results, and hopefully I am expecting very high band scores.


  4. Hello ..
    i had my IELTS test on Saturday 16th September
    In Jeddah/Saudi Arabia

    Task 1 :
    Was about the number of children in childcare in 5 countries in 2008 ..

    Task 2 :
    Advertising discourage us from being different individuals makes us look the same. Do you agree?

    cue card : an interesting place in your country the tourists don’t know about it :
    Why they don’t know about it?
    And explain the place.

    Thank you liz 💞..

  5. Hi,
    I am Virendra from Mumbai just given my speaking test I am really thankful to you. Your video help me alot. My speaking topic are as follows
    1) good experience in your childhood?
    How old you are that time?
    Whom you are with ?
    Which place it was?( Speaking topic part 2)
    2) how people improve there memory?
    3) why people remember the childhood?
    4) is that child hood photograph is important to remember mamory?
    5) what is the best experience people having in school?
    6) why children remember there teacher?

  6. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for providing this platform for us to share the recent topics. I practiced some speaking topics here before my test yesterday and got exactly the same one of the topics here.

    Test Date: 16/09/2017
    Melbourne, Australia

    Part 1: Where do you live?
    How is your neighborhood like?
    Do you like your own house? Why?
    How do people celebrate a birthday in your country?
    Which birthday is the most important one in your country?
    When was your favorite part in your birthday when you were a child?

    Part 2: Describe the situation when you recently move your home/ school

    Part 3: Why people move house in your country?
    Don’t you think children like to change house than adults?
    Why don’t some people like change?
    What are the advantages of people staying in one house for the whole life and people keeping on moving houses?
    Is Email still popular in your country?
    Do you think email will disappear in the future?
    Do you like to communicate with others by calling them?

    Task 1: two maps comparing the changes of a place in the past, present, and future.

    Task 2: Nowadays young people don’t know the importance of financial management after they finish high schools. Cause and solution?

    Reading was easier than what I expected, but the speaking in listening was faster than before.

  7. Harjot Kaur says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks for this wonderful website..Its a great help.I appeared for speaking test yesterday 16-9-2017,in Amritsar Punjab,India.
    Part1-where are you from?
    -Do you work or study?
    – Is your job tough?
    – would you like to continue the same job in the future?
    -How you celebrate your birthday?
    – Do you remember your birthday celebration in childhood?
    – Do you use emails?
    -Are people using more emails or social media for communication?
    -Do you think use of emails will continue in the future?
    Part2-speak about a piece of clothing.
    What is u wear it often..why you like it
    Part3- Are women more interested in shopping than men?
    Why men don’t like to accompany women during shopping?
    Is it a good idea to take friends for shopping?
    Has shopping interests of men and women changed over the time?
    Have you bought clothes online?why?
    Why youngsters are shopping clothes online?
    Do you think you can judge a person by clothing?how?
    That’s all I remember..again thanks to Liz and all the best for IELTS test takers..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • gurkirat singh says:

        Hey harjot ,
        Please also share task 2 topic

        • Writing Task 2
          16th September 2017
          Academic (Chandigarh)

          Advertising discourages people from being different individuals by making us want to be and look the same.
          To what extent do you agree or disagree?

          P.S. it was my first attempt, my all other modules were marvelous and i didn’t expect that this kind of complicated topic will be given to us and I’m still not able to understand it.. Please liz help us understanding it..

          • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Advertising encourages people to buy popular items and also controls their behaviour. This means if people are influenced by advertising, they will be less individualistic and just follow popular trends which are set by advertising.

    • Hey harjot m also gave this exam yesterday but i don’t remember the topic name of listening n reading can i tell me about something

    • harminder singh says:

      pls write your writing ,listening,and reading topic.
      good luck for your result

  8. Academic 16-09-2017
    Melbourne, Australia
    Task 1: two plans, first from 1965 (couple of houses, trees and a river), the second plan from present day with a planned development for 2018 (more houses, a bridge instead of a ferry etc.)
    Task 2: Students in many countries lack understanding how to manage their money after they graduate high school (do not remember exact words)
    3 articles, topics: South Pacific food culture, Museums, Translating and interpreting
    1st: call between a customer and a motorhome rental company
    2nd: teacher informing students about details of their excursion
    3rd: two students talking about their project about Stone Point in New Zealand
    4th: description of a new method of farming vegetable
    Cue card Part 2: Describe a place where you went where there were a lot of people
    – What was happening there
    – Who did you go with
    – Why people go there
    Part 3: questions like: Pros and contras of living in an apartment building? Should people have some time only for themselves? (do not recall more)
    Now just wait for the results and hope for the best…

    Liz, thank you very much for your website, there are so many usefull tips and thank you for giving us the chance to share here previous topics and help each other by doing it, it is amazing what you are doing!
    Warm regards,

  9. lovepreet singh billing says:

    My speaking was held in the punjab
    A garden you visited in youger age
    Facilities in garden should have
    People need to pay for garden
    Nature beauty apart from garden ,parks

    Writing task 1
    The bar chart shows the amount of children in childcare in 2008

    Writing task 2
    Advertising discourages us from being different individuals to make us all want and to look the same
    To what extent do you agree or disagre?

  10. Hi Liz ,
    First of all many thanks to you, for providing precise material to all , and your lectures are really very helpful.

    Exam topics as on 16/09/2017
    California ,USA
    Writing task 1:
    Two bar charts showing different (6)age group who spent average amount of their time per day on 2 leisure activities ,namely reading books and listening to music in new Zealand.

    Task 2:
    Many forms of advertisement are very powerful and they have harmful effect on some people.
    Explain about such advertisements and solution to solve this problems.
    (1st sentence same as asked , 2nd sentence don’t remember exactly).

    Speaking test:
    Task 1:
    -Where is your home in your home country
    -What is special about you town
    -How long you have been in your town
    -what is famous about your home town
    -what time do you take your meals
    -who do you take your meals with
    -do you like to stay at home or outside
    -what things you did as child at your home

    Task 2:
    Talk about the person you admire who is not from your country.
    -who is he/she
    -have you met him/her
    -why do you admire him/her

    Task 3:
    -what are adv and dis adv of working with international companies
    -international company in your company have positive effect or negetive effect
    -something related to brands over local companies
    -how international sports can have effect on relations of different countries
    -cultural background can have any hindrance while working in other country.
    ( Task 3 topics are not exactly as they were said,don’t remember exact words)

    I wish everyone ,lot of luck:)

    Thanks again dear Liz.

  11. 16 sep 207 Sydney idp test
    1. Plan map
    2.students in many countries leave the high school before learning how to manage money. What are the reasons for this and what is the solution .

  12. Hi liz
    Thank you for your wonderful website and all your help.
    I did my test today 16 September.

    Do you live in a house or flat?
    Do you like your home?
    What kind of house do you like to have in the future? How often do you use jewellery?
    What jewellery do you like?
    Have you given them to anyone?
    How do you feel about advertisement that pop on the screen?
    Have you bought anything after watching ads?
    Are advertisement on the walls good or bad?
    Part 2
    Describe an occasion with a special cake?
    Part 3
    Is eating meal good with family?
    Why don’t people cook food now compared to past?
    Is food today good like it was in the past?

    Writing task two essay was quite difficult.
    Advertising discourages people from being individuals, rather they like to be and look the same as each other.

    Task one : bar graph shows information about childcare in five European countries for children in two age brackets.

    I have a question regarding my essay. I appreciate if you kindly reply it. I forgot to write (in conclusion) at the start of my conclusion paragraph. How will this affect my score? Is it a great deal in decreasing my score?
    Again, thank you liz for your hardwork.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 If you didn’t write “In conclusion” to start your conclusion, or a similar linking word, it will affect your score for Coherence and Cohesion. The examiner will still know that you have a conclusion and it is only one mistake.

  13. Punjab amritsar Today task 1 -( vertical bar graph )percentage of children in childcare in five european countries in 2008.
    Task 2- advertising discourages us from being different individuals to look the same .To what extent do you agree or disagree.
    Reading and listening was too easy

  14. Thanks Liz for putting this IELTs website together.
    I’ve just sat my exam this morning. Details below:

    IELTS – 16/Sep/2017
    Speaking test
    Sydney, Australia

    o Task 1
    ♣ Where do you live? Do you live in a flat or a house?
    ♣ Do you like where you live? Why?
    ♣ Let’s talk about sunshine.
    • Do you like sunshine? Why?
    • Do you prefer to live in a place where there is more sunshine or less?
    ♣ Let’s talk about jewellery.
    • Do you think it makes people look prettier? Why?
    • How often do you wear jewellery?
    • Have you given someone jewellery as a gift before?

    o Task 2
    ♣ Describe one important invention that you think has changed our society.
    ♣ How has it changed society?
    ♣ Is there a difference in a proportion of people from different age groups using it?

    o Task 3
    ♣ Technology
    • Let’s talk about the invention of wheels. Tell me why do you think it was important?
    • Do you think computers will replace teachers?

  15. 15-Sep-17
    Doha, Qatar

    Speaking Part 1
    Where are you living?
    Are you happy with your room?
    How do you feel sunshine?

    Speaking Part 2
    When was the last time you received good news?
    How does it feel?

    Speaking Part 3
    How your country celebrate good news?
    Do you belive in fake news?

    Hello Liz,

    In part 2 of the speaking, I was asked to tell about the good news I recently received. However, I told the examiner that I could not remember when was the last time I got good news but I told him that I received the other way around which is the bad news, and I elaborated about it. Will it affect my score?



  16. Hi Liz
    I’ve just finished my speaking test 5 minute ago !!
    Fri 15/9/2017
    AUC test venue in Cairo

    I asked about myself ( where do you live ? Work)
    What do you do in your house
    Do you like to stay at home ?
    What do make to keep yourself healthy ?
    Cue Card : What is the activity you like to do ? and some questions related to this
    In you opinion, What can the government do to encourage people to keep there fit ?
    Does the exercise do sufficient to keep the individual fit ?
    *** Please Liz
    During the exam, the examiner had repeat some questions twice. Does it affect my score ?
    Thank you

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 No, it won’t affect your score 🙂

      • Sept 16
        Academic (singapore)
        Writing 1: 2 maps 1965 and present day plus future plan for a particular area
        W2: it’s all about highschool send to study abroad don’t know how to manage finances. Give the reason why they don’t know how to manage money and give recommendations for them to understand how to manage money.

        Speaking 😞
        do u work or study
        What’s the best thing about ur job
        Do u use email
        Do u think people will use email in future and why
        Which u prefer using email or talk over the phone
        Person interesting in your history

        Describe a fruit/plant/tree grown in ur country
        What is it
        Where is it located
        What u like or dislike
        Why is it impt in ur country
        Why do u need to protect the natural environment
        Who can help to Protect the natural environment
        Few questions about planting like what is the advantage of plantindoes people in the future will do planting
        What plants or veg that is popular in ur country

  17. Rajveer Kaur says:

    Hi, my name is Rajveer Kaur.
    My speaking test was on 14 Sept in Punjab, India.
    Part 1 –
    About your name, its meaning and celebrations done when your parents kept your name.
    About your home town and You like in your home town.
    Part 2 –
    Speak about a famous businessman
    Part 3 –
    Business related questions
    1. What qualities are needed to be successful in Business ?
    2. Which is necessary to be successful in business – experience or qualification ?
    3. Do you think people should carry on the same business throughout the life or change their business ? And why ?
    4. Does business must proper look at the facilities to its staff ?

    And may be 1 more question, but it’s now out of my mind.

  18. Today’s speaking topic was about
    Part1: full name
    about the home town
    about high schooling
    leisure time
    Part 2: letter that you have received
    when? what was in the letter who wrote it and why it is important to u?
    Part 3: letter now a days and prediction for future
    disadvantages of letter
    few more thing but i forgot.

  19. Ramakrishna says:

    Hi Liz
    Speaking test Sep 15 Hyderabad
    Part 1
    What you do study or work
    What is the best part of ur studies? why
    Do u like to continue study same subject in future.
    Questions about magazines
    Travelling by bus and some other questions on bus.
    Part 2 Cue card
    A change in ur life
    What was it
    What it caused to change
    How u feel about it now.
    Part 3
    Some questions on change in life
    Such as why some people like change and y not some others.
    What are changes in ur country compared to past
    Y children should change these days

  20. Hello Liz, I took my speaking on the 8th of September in Abuja, Nigeria. These were my questions:

    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or in an apartment?
    Describe your house
    What do you like about your house?
    Will you like to live there in the future?
    Do you use email?
    How often do you use email?
    Do you think more people in your country use email today than in the past?
    Do you think emails will eventually phase-out letters?

    Part 2
    Describe an activity you will like to do on or by the sea

    Part 3
    What professions requires people to be on sea?
    What are the dangers involved in this type of profession?
    What are the benefits that could be gained from marine exploration/research

    For the first 4 questions in part 1, while elaborating I mistakenly talked about my neighbourhood rather than talk about my house. Will this mistake negatively affect my score or are we allowed to be tangential in part one?

  21. Shifat Sharmin says:

    Date : 14/9/2017
    Speaking part 1 : What do I do?
    Why did I select this job?
    Will I continue this job? Why?
    Do I like jewels? Why?
    Do I regularly wear jewels? Why?
    Do I like fruits? Why?
    Do I like cooking with fruits?
    Speaking Part 2 : Describe a couple you know who have a happy marriage.
    Speaking Part 3 : Do you think man should take care the baby?
    Have marriage changed nowadays compared to past?
    Is it okay that children give decision in family matter?
    Can young adults give decision in family matter? etc..

  22. Speaking part,
    What is your name.
    From where you belong?
    Do you live in apartment or house?
    where would you like to live in apartment or house?
    Do you like any popstar?
    What if You get chance to meet with your favorite popstar?
    what if someone offer you to become a popstar?
    what is your opinion about advertisement, does it influence people?
    have you bought anything because of the advertisement?
    advertisement of the building is good idea or not?
    Task2: describe an English lesson you have learned and enjoyed?
    what is it about?
    where you have learned?
    whats teacher opinion?
    A lot of Questions regarding task 2,
    why we should learn foreign language?
    what skills required in foreign language instructor?
    some think that certain people learn foreign language easily and quickly, why ?
    we need to pay more attention towards grammar while learning any foreign language?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Janika Parmar says:

      At which place u gave exam?

    • Frey Angelo says:

      In addition to those questions regarding foreign language, I was also asked why children can learn a foreign language easier and quicker than adults.
      Will this profession (teaching foreign language) be demanded in the future?
      In our modern society, do you think technology can replace instructors of foreign language?

  23. Academic
    I took my exam on 9.09.2017 in Poland

    1. The line graphs about working hours in one European country and the table about average hours of paid holidays in the same country.
    2. When the child commit a crime should he/she be punished or the parents. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    Part I:
    About houses and flats, what I prefer, where do I live etc.?
    Part II
    Tell about the recent event that has changed your life.
    Part III
    Are changes good or bad (and also for children)?
    Should we encourage children to do new things?

    Thank you, Liz! All your tips were very helpful during my IELTS exam. I gave myself only a month (too little) to prepare so I think I won’t get the score I can be satisfied with but for sure I’ve learnt a lot due to your website. I ‘ve just subscribed your advanced writing lessons, will prepare better and I am going to take the test soon again. You are a brilliant English teacher and inspiring person who do a great job. Thank you and keep going, please!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your scores might surprise you, so wait and see. If you do take the test again, I wish you lots of luck 🙂

  24. Preeti Kunal says:

    hi all,
    My speaking test was on 13th September, my Cue card questions were –
    Good evening, can you tell me your name , please?’
    what do you do? are you a Student or you work?
    Do you like your work?
    will you continue your work in future?
    do you like to travel by Buses?
    In future do you see yourself travelling more by buses?
    what would you prefer – a Bus or underground Metro?
    # Speak for 2 min –
    incident where you have been to a crowded place
    1 with whom you went theer? 2 . how you felt? and why did you go/

    #More questions on same-
    Where would people of your age want to go(Crowded place)?
    do you like crowded places?
    why do you think some people do not like crowded places?
    why would anyone be interested in standing in long queues?
    Do you write fruits?
    do you think people should eat fruits?
    did you like fruits as a child?
    do you think in urban life people are left with less time to think?
    do you think it is important for an individual to have time for themselves?
    are people able to derive time for themselves these days?

  25. Hi Liz,

    I had written conclusion in task 2 discussion essay ‘in conclusion ,it is a controversial question whether to select job satisfaction or permanent job,but i believe that both things are essential for……

    my question ,will this answer reduce my marks?

    • It is NOT a controversial question at all. Don’t use these expressions to impress because it doesn’t impress – it shows lack of understanding. IELTS rarely use controversial issues in their essay questions – they use everyday issues.

  26. Muskan Rahim says:

    Hi Liz,
    So i just did my speaking test and to be honest i am having a bad feeling about the 2nd part. I am not allowed to watch TV so I didn’t know much about that and on top of that the questions were about my culture and sadly I haven’t lived in my own country for too long so i didn’t know what to talk about. However, i did talk but i took a 7 second pause in part 2. Also i caught myself using “coz” instead of because thrice. I just need a band 6, will it be okay if i had a pause and used “coz” and had a bit of redundancy? 🙁

    13th September, Malaysia
    Academic: Speaking.
    1) what is your full name?
    2) what can I call you?
    3)where are you from?
    4) do you work or are you a student?
    5)which subjects have you studied?
    6) does your country has a lot of historical sites?
    7)How do people show politeness in your culture?
    8) who taught you politeness?
    9) Is it important be polite? (and comparing how politeness between children nowadays and 20 years ago)

    Part 2
    Talk about your favorite TV series
    – who are the main characters

    part 3 – Discussion
    1) Do you think is it better to show affection through reading or on screen?
    2) What type of programmes do youngsters like to watch compared to the elders in your culture?
    (that is all i can recall)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It sounds like you don’t understand much about IELTS speaking. It is excellent to use “coz” instead of “because” in IELTS speaking because it shows natural pronunciation. Your ideas and choices are not marked in IELTS speaking, so when you are asked about your culture, you could talk about any culture at all. It is important that all students understand the flexibility of the speaking test before they take it.

  27. Colombo Sri Lanka GT

    Writing Part 1 : You bought a ticket of an event (not remember exactly ) and now you are unable to attend it due to some reason .Write a letter to friend to give ticket you already bought. (What is the event ,why you cannot attend it ,how you can handover tickets )

    Writing Part 2 : Garbage becoming huge Problem trough out the world . Write about reasons , what can you do for reduce the problem.

    Speking Test :
    Are you working or studying ?
    What type of training you had to that job?
    Do you think you will need training in future ?
    Do you think is it a problem to delay for an appointment ?
    Is it a problem to delay to for an appointment in 50 years back?
    What did you do with your friends at secondary school?
    What is your favorite teacher at secondary school?

    Q Card:
    Describe a situation where you were apprised positively by some person.
    Who is the person ?
    What did you do ?
    What it is important to you ?

    Do you think parents need to apprise their children’s positive acts ?
    Do you think employer need to apprised there employee ? and how?
    What do you think about any ones apprisalon you ,which is not actually means it?


  28. Hamza Iqbal says:

    Hi Liz!
    I gave my academic test on 9th September (L,R,W,S), In Buraidah, Saudi Arabia.
    I am really stressing out on speaking assessment, I generally believe, I messed up speaking part 02 by time length, I guess I spoke for a minute or less, so could this factor can get me to trouble, I am aiming for a band score of 7 or 7.5, no more or less.I did well regarding vocabulary, grammar, fluency and to the point. Please assist me.

    Where do you belong from?
    Is there any importance regarding name in your country?
    Who gave you the name and any importance regarding it?
    What happens when a child is given a certain name?
    Where it should be located?
    What it should consist?
    Large, medium or an average size home?
    Do you think this is possible?
    Does type of property reflects a person’s personality?
    What is a particularity of designs of buldings?
    Why you prefer this size or kind of house?
    Did you ever visited this kind of house and who was it?
    The more the modern house the better?

    (Task 01)
    Total waste production in several cities during 1980, 1990 and 2000
    (Task 02)
    Some people think childrens have gain freedom than ever
    Do you agree or disagree?

    That’s all I remember, hope to see a reply in future as soon as possible
    Thank You for the work you are doing
    May God Bless You!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Speaking part 2 is a chance for you to show the examiner your level of fluency – your ability to speak at length without effort. So, it will have an impact that you spoke for only 1 min. However, fluency is measured in more ways than just length – so you’ll have to wait and see how it affects the final outcome of your results. Good luck 🙂

      • Harpreet singh says:

        Hi liz
        Cue card topic: talk about about a speech you heard recently.
        Can i speak on a speech, i listen on youtube , of any great speaker?
        Or it should be which i hear on live concert?
        Please respond quickly my speaking will on 16th sep.

        • You are not marked on your ideas or your choices in IELTS speaking. This means you can talk about anything relating to a speech.

      • Hamza Iqbal says:

        Hi again! I just wanted to say I got my result today and I am really happy with it.I got a band score of overall 7.0 and 7.0 in Speaking, 8.5 in Listening. I am really really satisfied and that’s what I wanted. This was my first attempt, all I have to say is keep similin, the confidence and courage won’t let you down. OVER AND OUT!

  29. Hello,
    Thank you
    Academic test on 9 sep 2017, location- india( hyderabad)
    Writing: task1- a table is given about profit of the hotel rooms.
    Task-2 some people think that job satisfaction is important than job security.
    Discuss both the sides.

  30. My ielts exam was on 8/9/2017. In speaking test Part-2, when i was answering about the favorite TV show, i stopped for a while when i finished my speaking & was thinking to add more to speak. The examiner asked me if i want to add something else while she was watching the stop watch. I am feeling depressed from that day as i thought that i stopped speaking before the time & I will not get good band. Is it seems true as i am feeling? I am very depressed & loosing hope.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It might affect your score for fluency but there are other ways to measure fluency. Try not to worry and wait for your results 🙂

  31. Academic test on 9th September 2017

    comparison of two bar graphs

    It is good to have large spaces in towns and cities such as parks and square. Do you agree or disagree?

    – What is your name?
    -What should I call you?
    -What are you doing nowadays?
    -Do you like sitting at home?
    -What do you think about rainy days?
    -Do you think that rain affects mood?
    -Should everyone have an aim in their life?

    SPEAKING TEST PART 2(cue card)
    What is the greatest achievement of your life which you feel proud of?
    -what did you do to get it?
    Explain its importance in your life.
    -Were there anybody else who was proud for that?
    -Some people fear of doing things having the greater possibility of failure. Do you agree with it?

    – what are the good qualities of an employee?
    -What should employers do to motivate their employees?
    -Is verbal motivation important or monetary one? Why?
    -Do motivating employees has advantages to the organization? Explain.

  32. I took the Academic IELTS on 9 Sept 2017 in Helsinki, Finland

    In writing task 1, there were 2 graph about the number of working hours per week in one European country between 1998-2004 and the number of paid holidays per year in the same country within the same period of time.

    Writing task 2 question was:
    Some people think that children should be punished when they commit crimes. Others think that their parents should be punished. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Speaking part 2:
    Have you ever moved to a new home/school?
    – when did you move
    – where
    – why
    describe your feeling when you moved to a new home/school.

    In part 2, the questions were about moving, how education affect social mobility, the reasons people in your country move, the advantages & disadvantages of living in a same house for a long period of time.

    I ran out of time so I could not finish writing task 1 🙁 (I did task 2 first), otherwise I think I did okay. Now it’s the waiting game. Thank you so much, Liz, your website has been a huge help!

  33. Hi everyone and hi Liz. I’ve been watching your videos on youtube but i wasn’t able to discover your website immediately. I’ve been reviewing for IELTS since May and i have my exam scheduled on the 30th of September. I’m confident with my listening and reading skills, but unfortunately no one analyzes and gives feedback on my writing and speaking. I am a bit nervous at the moment and i feel like i need to study more especially for writing and speaking coz i tend to forget the words i wanted to express, i mean i can remember it in our own native language and find it hard to translate in english maybe because i feel pressured or because i am not totally focusing coz i am just having my review during my spare time at work. I’m just a bit curious, is it possible that questions will be the same as the ones they are sharing here in the comments? I really appreciate if you could give me an answer. Thanks and more power!

    • For the speaking test, the examiner has a long list of topics. The list of topics are used for a period of about three or four months. So, yes, it’s possible you will get the same topics but not certain.

  34. IMRAN ASGHAR says:

    Hello Liz and all people around the glObe. I had my speaking test on 11-09-2017 at Akbar Kinara Resort Gujrat Punjab Pakistan.Its situated at the banks of river Chenab, you might guess how pleasant it had been to see a river through window while having IELTS test.
    Speaking first part.
    Why were you given this name?
    How parents in your country choose a baby’name?
    Whats special thing about your town
    And some other questions , I dont remember.
    P-2(was something like this)
    Describe a place in your city, where people go to listen music
    Whats the place?
    What kind of people go there?
    What kind of music played there?
    Why you enjoy music at that place?
    Why should children listen to music?
    Effect of technological advancement on music?
    etc etc.

    I had IELTS-GT. I require 7*4.

  35. Joseph Mendoza says:

    Took exam on Sept 9, 2017 in Mexico City
    Writing task 1 – 2 bar graphs comparing about employment rates of people in UK by ages and by ages of their youngest children

    Task 2 – Is it important to have huge public spaces like parks and squares in towns and cities do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking part 1 all about yourself: work, live, news, newspapers, if you want to be a newscaster in the future
    part 2: Describe a businessman you admire most.
    part 3: all about business

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • 09-Sep-17
        Doha Qatar

        Writing Task 1: Two pie chart that shows production of energy in a country for the year 1985 and 1990.

        Writing Task 2: Some people believe that improvement of business losses cultural ties between the countries. Other people contradict to that belief. Give your opinion?

        Listening: About plants that easily catch fire. Cleaning of roof gutters. Arrangement of shelves in a department store.

        My suggestion to improve your listening skills is to browse IELTS Listening in YouTube. There are wide range of selections including from Liz. But, increase the speed of the video to 1.5 than the normal one. It’s terribly fast but it is good for practice. Once you get used to such speed, you would likely catch up the recorded coversation in the actual test.

  36. Hello Liz thanks for all your support which you are providing without any charge and reason.
    I have recently given Ielts speaking exam on 8 Sep 2017 where I have been asked about sunshine importance and I had replied with respect of sunsign. Then after 2 more questions about politeness I have been asked about sunshine importance in my country and now I had realised that I have given wrong answer and asked for clarification on sunshine and examiner said Sun rays and I have replied correctly this time. Would it impact my score as I understood sunshine as sunsign?

  37. Dinesh Chinthaka says:

    IELTS Speaking
    British Council Sri Lanka

    Part 1

    Full Name
    Are you Working or Studding
    What is the interest thing about your Work
    Do you like Neighbors Why?
    Is it good or Bad to have Neighbors why?
    Did neighbors help you?
    what would you prefer is better to have mature neighbors or young?

    TV Series that you have watch
    What was it
    Who are the main character?
    What is happen in the End (Something like that i have forget exact word)

    What are the most popular TV program in your Country
    TV Series that mature people like What are the Program that young people like?
    Is there are program that old people and young people can watch together ?
    About Fairylale’s
    What is the different between Stories (Story Books) and Movies ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Aruna Bandara says:

      Thank you, Dinesh for your contribution. As a Sri Lanka, I really admire your job. I agree with you. Most of Sri Lankan students use this helpfull Blog, but they are not going to share with others. If you are interested we can do something. We are already helping to students those who doing GRE Mathematics subject test.

  38. Hi Liz,

    In the written test, task 1, I have put exclamation mark after the sentence such as – I am looking forwarding to hearing from you soon!

    Is this correct or incorrect and the question of the Task 1 was as below:
    A letter to a speaker to invite him again for talk at club, I being the secretary of the club.

  39. Hi everyone,
    IELTS | GT |Melbourne Australia|9th September

    Speaking :
    Part 1 – From where are you , what kind of jobs does your city have?
    do you want to live in city or country side
    In your country do people prefer apartment or house?
    what kind of people do you think choose to live in city?
    do you like jewelry ? what do you do with it?
    are you influenced by ads?
    do you get pop up ads online , how do you feel?
    What about ads on buildings?
    Part 2
    Talk about a city/town/place you visited
    when was it
    what did you do
    with whom did you go
    will you go there again ,why?

    Part 3
    Have you visited many places?
    Do you think lot of efforts should go in city planning?
    what about country side?
    do you think there are environmental problems in city>(Something like that)

    last question was tough i didnt even understand it , but answered around it. Something like
    do you think geographical ……willl influence in city planning in future?

    Task 1 -letter
    Write a letter to a hotel manager appreciating the hotels receptionist for her help during your stay

    what was the problem
    describe how the receptionist helped
    suggest how you the hotel can avoid the problem in the future

    TASK 2′

    Some people think schools should bring together all students in the same class?
    what is your opinion?

    Thanks ,

  40. I took my IELTS GT in Malaysia.
    Writing -1
    You stayed in a hotel a few days ago and u faced a problem.The receptionist helped u with it .Write a letter to the manager regarding the same.
    Writing -2
    Some people believe that children of different ages should be put together in the same class .What is ur opinion about it .
    What is ur favorite website.
    How did u get to know about it ?
    How was it helpful to u and would u recommend it to others.

    some questions on E-books and text books.
    Would u feel that e-books totally replace normal text books in the future.

  41. Hi liz and Everybody,

    I had IELTS Academic version 9th of September in Saudi Arabia.

    Speaking : Task 2 = Card task
    Talk about a school or home you moved to ?
    what? where? why you moved? Explain how you felt?
    I felt like I didn’t speak for 2 mins and I was wondering if that will affect my score in speaking ?

    Writing :
    Task 1 :
    A table describes Production of waste in six different countries?

    Task 2: some people think that parents shouldn’t give their children complete freedom, others feel that parents should limit their children’s freedom.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    The problem is that I just wrote around 200 words in Task 2, and I don’t know if that will be the reason for losing too much?

  42. Type of test: General Training
    Date of test : 09.09.2017
    Location of the test: Dakar, Senegal (West Africa).

    Part-1: Examiner was very polite and friendly, she started with general questions about where do you come from, Do you study or work, 2-3 questions about my job, Do you listen to pop music?, Whom do you like the most? How do you like the way pop stars are seen in the society, have you been to a pop star’s live show? Do you want to become a pop star? I don’t listen to pop songs but I answered with the knowledge I have in music so the examiner kept on asking on the same topic

    Part-2: Cue card question : When did a group of people smile for you:
    What was the occasion?
    Who all were there along with you?
    How did you feel about it, celebrate it?
    She stopped me as my time was up, i spoke for about 2 mins, time was strictly maintained i feel.

    Part-3: Why do people often smile, Do you think women smile more than men and Why?
    Why do people smile in photographs? , Any disadvantages of smiling? these were the questions n part-3 related to cue card topic.

    WT-1: You have purchased a product from a website and the company sent you a wrong product. write a letter to the manager explaining about
    What was the product ordered?
    What was sent to you and how it caused you problems.
    What do you want the manager to do about it?

    WT-2: Some people think all students have to do some community service (unpaid) taking sometime.
    What is you opinion on it?
    Question was very short so i could remember exactly about the usage of words some people, all students, and unpaid .

    Sec-1 Finding information from the restaurant ad’s about cost, type of food, time and quantity.
    some questions from the detail on usage of BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit). It was T/F/NG type which I found it easy. Usually these type of questions are tough.
    Sec-2:Flowchart completion from an essay on filling of posts for travel guides.
    Sec-3: A-J paragraphs were given with information about the early life, trade of pearls, location of Qatar, and how people extracted pearls in Qatar. The questions were finding information type and last 4 questions were summary completion type. This section was time consuming as the number of paragraphs were 10 (A-J) and searching for information took a long time, as there were many distractors in the paragraphs.

    Section-1: It was a talk on hotel booking by a women, It was a form completion type but it was difficult as 4 out of 10 questions has distractors(speaker used to information and then take it back saying she does’nt want it), never panic if you missed out some of the answers or did not write down anything it will affect your answers for next questions.I recommend to take a lot of practice in listening type to get accustomed to different accents and how to deal with distractors while listening.

    Section-2:Talk between a professor and a research student about health issues in new born babies. It was MCQ type. Also one important thing I would like to mention is the questions has terms like main reason for, what Dr.Hanes agrees with Lisa’s point, so concentrate while reading the questions.
    Section :3 Open day talk of a library. It was MCQ Type and a map on extension plan for the library.
    Section-4: A talk on course details for becoming an interpreter. Sentence completion in four sections with one word answer (i found it easy as the speaker gave out answers directly)

    I thank Liz for her extraordinary help to people taking IELTS. I benefited a lot from the tips and videos especially for the speaking section. Also, the content of each section is well organised and easy to understand. I suggest everyone to give more importance to tips mentioned in all the sections and do a lot of practice before the test.

    You are doing a great job LIZ!!!!!!! Keep it up.

  43. Hi Liz,
    I took academic exam on 09/09/17 in Riyadh . My task 2 writing was
    Some people think nowadays children have too much freedom. What extent do you agree?

    Actually I couldn’t understand the question. I agreed thesis and wrote about the benefits of giving freedom to children. Is it correct or off topic. Could you clarify me?

    • This is about too much freedom. Too much means that they have more freedom than is good for them. The opposite is that they don’t have enough freedom. So, it’s not really advantages and disadvantages – it’s about how much freedom they have. Personally, I think children do have too much freedom. They have too much controlled access to the internet. They have mobiles phones allowing them to contact their friends any time they want. Parents as well as teachers struggle to control their freedom. Compared to the past, children have more freedom today.

  44. Writing task 2:
    The advantages of English as ‘Global Language’ will continue to outweigh the disadvantages in future.
    To what extent do you agree?

  45. I gave my IELTS General in New Delhi
    L/R/W was on 9th sept
    As a secretary of an international club you invited a foreign delegate whose speech was admired by all members of the club…write a letter to the delegate
    – thank him for his presence and explain why everyone liked his talk
    – tell him all the club members want more information about his country
    – schedule another meeting with him and invite him to attend that meeting

    Some people think that It should be the responsibility of schools to teach good behaviour and awareness about write n wrong, parents alone should not b held responsible for this.
    Do you agree or disagree?
    SPEAKING WAS ON 10th sept
    Full name
    What should I call u
    What kind of house do u live in?
    Do u like living there?
    What kind of house would u like in future?
    Who taught u politeness?
    Why politeness is important?
    With whom we need to b more polite?
    Do u read magazines?
    What kind of magazines or comics have u read as a child?
    describe a situation when u moved to a new house or a new school.
    – when
    – what changes were there?
    How u felt after moving?
    Follow up ques
    – have u been back to ur old house?
    – why do u think people move to new houses?
    – is it important for people to move to new places?
    And then there were some mind boggling questions related to
    Brain drain(as in if someone goes abroad for higher studies and never comes back…what impact it wud have on economic situation etc)

    That’s all I cud remember
    Hope it helps
    Keep up the good work Liz

  46. Centre : Mumbai
    Module : General
    Date : 11/09/2017

    Cue card : Happiest memory from childhood
    With whom

  47. GT, Abu Dhabi, Sep 09

    Speaking :
    section 1 – 1. About my work, things I enjoy in my job, future plan about job etc.
    2. Questions related to Birthdays- how you’ll celebrate, memorable b’day, etc
    3. Questions related to Advertisements.

    section 2 – Describe a city which you visited recently?
    – where is it?
    – Why did you visit?
    -what did you do?
    Follow up Q: will you visit again this city in future?

    Section 3: Questions about city life, advantages, disadvantages, migration from rural areas to the city, population issues with expanding cities, town planning, environmental issues etc.

  48. Thank you Liz… You are doing a great job.. 
    GT – 09/09/2017
    Sri Lanka – Colombo
    Task 1
    You bought a music concert ticket. However you are unable to go.
    So you offer the ticket to your friend.
    – explain detailed the concert.
    – why you are unable to go
    – how can your friend receive the ticket.

    Task 2
    In the part of many countries, the amount of rubbish(garbage) is an increasing problem.
    What are the causes of these problems ?
    What can be done?

  49. September 9th Academic Canada
    Two bar charts employment rate of men and women who are having different aged children in the UK in the year of 2008
    In cities and towns, large parks and squares are constructing for the public and many people say that it is useful. Do you agree or disagree?

    Part 1
    What do you do currently
    What was your previous job
    What preparation you have done for your job
    Will you continue this job in future
    Part 2
    A thing you bought recently that you are pleased with it
    Part 3
    How people spending have changed over the years
    Do you think people buy more things nowadays
    Why people love to do shopping

  50. Deepak Joshi says:

    Hi Liz & all the Aspirants!

    Without any second thought, this is the only best website for the IELTS preparation which anyone could come across. I would just like to give one advice before I share the recent questions that control your anxiety and start meditating every morning by focusing on your breath which in turn, will surely help in practicing and achieving your goal. – Good Luck!
    L,R,W Exam Date – 09th Sep
    Module – General
    Location – New Delhi

    Listening –
    Section 1) Conversation between 2 people discussing about Scuba diving such as, Date requirements, etc. (FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH ONE WORD)
    Section 2) Related to some park and it’s pros and cons (MULTIPLE CHOICE AND CHOOSE THE CORRECT LETTER)
    Section 3) Discussion between a professor and a student for her Just Coffee Project (MULTIPLE CHOICE & FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH MAXIMUM 3 WORDS)
    Section 4) A lecturer giving insight on the latest course available to enroll i.e. Textiles with Business (FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH MAXIMUM 3 WORDS)

    Section 1) Match the Headings & Choose the correct letter for correct paragraph.
    Section 2) True, False, Not Given and Choose the correct letter for correct paragraph.
    Section 3) True False, Fill in the Blanks and Choose the correct letter for paragraph.

    Task 1) Letter – You are a secretary for an international club and recently some other speaker from another country gave a speech at your club. Your club members liked his speech and want to know more details about his country. Write a letter including –
    – Thank him for the speech and why your club members liked the speech?
    – What other information your club members want to know?
    – How the arrangements will be done?

    Task 2) Essay Writing –
    Some people say that schools should teach good behaviour to children and introduce them to ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Parents should not be the only one to blame for it.

    Do you agree or disagree?
    LIZ – I would not say thank you as that’s a very small word for the help you are doing for everyone. Your techniques are so amazing for every section that anyone could improve their scores easily without so much of efforts. MAY GOD FULFILL ALL YOUR WISHES!

  51. Hi Liz:
    My exam was today (10.09.2017) and I would like to tell my topic in speaking part. I really don’t remember exactly but I hope it will be helpfull for your students.
    Part 1 was about general questions as everybody knows such as are you studying or working?
    – do you like rainy days?
    – do people like rainy days?
    Part 2 Cue Card: about a place which I have been in my country and non visiting by tourists
    – why the tourists don’t go to there?
    – why you were going to there?
    – what was your reason for visiting there?
    And after part 2 the examiner asked me a question: did your family visit this place?
    Part 3: about tourism
    – which cities available for visiting by tourists in my country?
    – Why the tourists visiting this these cities?
    – what are the facilities to benefit in these cities?
    – is there any protect which taken by the government for people’s dangerous behaviour?

    Thanks a lot for this blog. Good luck for everyone.

  52. Academic:@Tokyo taken on 10th Sep

    Speaking tips
    General items such as
    – house(where, how is like, which better urban or countryside)
    -jewelry (do think to put on, do you have, do you present it, which color is better)
    -neighbor(do you have, which better older or younger and why)

    describe the occasion you arrive so early for something

    importance to be punctual
    which is more important the case with friends or business, why

  53. Yuko Takahashi says:

    Academic:@Tokyo taken on 10th Sep

    Speaking tips
    General items such as
    – house(where, how is like, which better urban or countryside)
    -jewelry (do think to put on, do you have, do you present it, which color is better)
    -neighbor(do you have, which better older or younger and why)

    describe the occasion you arrive so early for something

    importance to be punctual
    which is more important the case with friends or business, why

  54. Soumen Aich says:

    General – taken on 09/09/2017 – Delhi
    Writing Task2:
    Some people believe, schools should also teach good behaviors, ideas of “right” and “wrong” . It should not be left alone to parents. Do you agree or disagree?

    Hi Liz,
    Firstly, thanks for all the material and specially the advanced writing tutorial which was really helpful. I have a question regarding the above essay. I decided to use the word “conscience”, to paraphrase right and wrong, but I think I got the spelling incorrect. Would that result in IELTS not considering that word for scoring? or will it be taken as a “slip”? Thanks again!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Marking isn’t so black and white. Using that word will show your range of vocabulary but the spelling mistake will show your problems with inaccuracy. Both of these things will be taken into consideration when marking.

      • Twinkll Sisodia says:

        Hey Liz,
        I gave LWR on September 9 amd in that I had a doubt.
        In listening section 1, the speaker said that,” probably the course will not start on the 1st of this month rather will start on Saturday.”
        And the question was -” Course started on a _________”
        I found ” Course started on a Saturday” weird so I wrote “weekend ” in that place. Is it correct?

  55. Biren Adesara says:

    Place – Ahmedabad, gujarat,india
    Speaking Date : 10th Sept 2017, time 12.20

    What are u doing,
    U like your professional, why
    You continue in future
    What is your favourite fruit., Why

    Cue card – Parent you know and admire the most.
    – who are.
    – when u meet
    – quality
    -what is u like most.

  56. Puneet Dhawan says:

    Date: 09th Sep, 2017
    Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Module : General (L/R/W)
    Listening :
    1.Type of classes taken in a library I guess
    2.Type of boats
    3.Discussion between professor regarding IT implementation for a small company
    4.Crocodile research

    1.Company giving interview regarding train it operates and how they keep it clean and listen to customers
    2. Paragraphs for different type of shops with description of what they sell and how they are organized. Had to choose appropriate title
    3. Great grand fire in London 1566 I think

    Task1: Share a good news with friend
    Task2: reason why people choose dangerous sports and what can you suggest to reduce injuries..something like that

  57. Sukhpreet singh says:

    Reading topic of 9 sept
    1 topic-wil. Com fashion
    2 topic- discovery of baby mammoth.
    3 topic- rebranded of old museum.

  58. hello Liz ,
    I did my academic test on 9th Sep 2017 , in UAE , Abu dhabi .
    I cant remember every thing but this will help >
    Task 1 writing :-
    Bar chart showing the number of people doing sport ( four diffrent sports) in a particular Europen country.

    Task 2 writing was as following :-
    Some people think that university education is important to have a successful life , while some others think it is not true nowa days .
    discuss both side of view and give your opinion .

    Speaking -Part two was
    speak about activity you like to do on or by the sea .
    what type of equipment needed for it ?
    why you like to do it ?
    would you love to do it alone or with some body ?
    hope this will be helful
    and Thank you Liz for your help

  59. Phebe Janeo says:

    Sept 9 , 2017 jeddah
    Academic writing Task 1 topic
    Table below shows total waste produced in cities and towns in six countries for three different years over a 20 year period.

    Task 2 topic

    Some people think that nowadays children have too much freedom. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  60. Type of test: Academic
    Date of test: 09.09.2017
    Location of test: Azerbaijan

    Writing Test 1:
    A line graph about average working hours per week (16-30 hours, 31-45 hours, over 45 hours) and the number of people (in millions) between 1998 and 2004.

    Writing Test 2:
    Some people think children should be punished when they commit crime. Others believe parents should be punished. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    • Sorry. I forgot to write second part of Task 1. It was a table about average days of payed holidays from 1998 to 2004 in the same country.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • reza vaseghi says:

      Hey dude…I was there that day…the reading was too hard…i couldnt finished whole reading questions….The reading 1 was about art and buildings facet…the second reading was about chemicals and neuro systems functional when they are people nervous at their jobs…The third reading was about learning to animals to talk and do unique jobs…

  61. Sabeena Jithin says:

    Thank u Liz. Your website really helped in my IELTS exam today. My speaking cue card : favourite piece of clothing. Part 1 work, about house, neighbors. Part 3 formal clothing in your country. I don’t remember remaining questions. Academic writing 09/09/2017 kuwait task 2. Majority of people regard increase in business and cultural contacts between the countries as a positive development. Others, however, think it leads to the loss of national identities. Discuss both the view points and state your opinion. Task 1 comparison of two pie charts

  62. Hi Liz,
    Purchasing your advance tutorial video was the most useful thing for the IELTS preparation
    Test- General
    Date- 9/9/17

    Task 1- you work at office, you need new equipment to do your job well, write to your manager about this
    Write a letter explaining
    – explain the equipment you need
    -why you need it ?
    -what you want a manager to do

    Task -2
    In some schools, sports lesson are included in curriculum.
    How important is this for girls and boys to do sports activity at schools ?

    I wasn’t sure about the type of this question, could you please let me know type of task 2 ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m really pleased my advanced writing task 2 lessons were so useful 🙂 I hope someone can confirm the type of essay above.

    • This is a debatable topic as it indicates two sides and asks a question on HOW important is it to do sports activity at school. So, some people will have a view point that it is highly important and some will think it to be not important. Both sides are correct but we need to state our opinion and support it with reasons.

  63. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a whole lot, ma’am. God bless you more. Your educative tutorials were more than helpful!

    Date of test: 8th sept [speaking test]
    9th sept [written tests]
    Test Venue: LAGOS, NIGERIA

    PART 1: Describe your hometown?
    Where do you live presently?
    How long have you lived there for?
    What do you like about where you live?
    Do you still keep your secondary
    school friends? Give reasons
    What do enjoy doing with your friends?
    Do you use computer @work or for study
    Did you computer as a child?Give reasons

    PART 2:Describe a car journey you recently.
    had. You should say:
    How long it took? Who were you with?
    Why you went on the journey?
    Describe your experience?

    PART 3: Will you still travel again to that place
    What industries do you think need
    drivers the most?
    What qualities make a good driver?
    Should driving be part of secondary.
    school education?
    Do you think other means of transport.
    would be better than cars?
    Adv and Disadv of vehicles powered by.
    fossil fuels?
    Future of vehicles.

    TASK 1: A line graph of the average working hours per week of workers in an European country in 1998-2004 and a table illustrating the average number of days of paid holiday from 1998 to 2004.

    TASK 2: Some people believe children should be punished for crimes committed. Others feel their parents be punished instead. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    The exam wasn’t bad at all. Hoping for the best. Once again, thank you, ma’am.

  64. My topics today (Academic):

    Writing Task 1: line graph with the average number of working hours (16-30; 30-45,over 45) in an European country between 1998 and 2004 and a table with the average number of days of paid holidays (between 25 and 32).

    Task 2: Discussion essay:If children commit crimes should the parents be punished or the children?

    Speaking long turn: What did you achieve and are proud of?
    Speaking par 3: Questions regarding achiement (what do you need to achieve something?, what were great achiements in the recent history?,what could make an achievement faster?)

    Hope it is of help for somebody!

  65. Muhammad Awais says:

    Task 1
    You and your friend bought tickets for theater.You wont be able to go
    Explain reason why you cant attend
    Recommend a friend to him

    Task 2
    Nowdays,people are doing work at home using computer and telephone,
    Explain advantages and disadvantages of this development

    Listening task was very tough whereas rest were good

  66. The type of test – General Training
    Date of test: 09-09-2017
    Location of test: Russia, St. Petersburg

    Task 1:
    You’re recently bought smth in internet. But they sent you wrong item

    White a letter explaining
    -what was wrong with your order
    -how it affected you
    -what you want a manager to do

    Some people say that students should regularly work voluntary (unpaid work) for the community. What do you think about it?

    Part 1:
    1. Where do you live – city, town? How big is that?
    2. Do you like the city where you live? Why?
    3. Do you spend time at home? How often?
    4. What do you like to do while at home?
    5. How did you spend time at home when you were a child?
    6. How do you usually check time? Why?

    Part 2:
    Card: please, talk about some local food, which is common for your country.

    Part 3:
    Questions about local traditions in food – whether it draws a lot of tourists to the country, whether local people value traditions in food. How people aware of what they eat? Can you find local food in supermarkets? Should the government contribute to the saving of local food traditions?

    I adore speaking part! It went so fast, so interesting. It was like a Ping-Pong game. But the examiner follows the script – so is sounds rather mechanical. I really wanted to involve him into discussion. He was smiling and polite!

    By the way, Listening part was rather challenging – Part 3 was awful because of the multiple choice. I hope I was ok in all parts. But listening is at risk in my case.

    Liz, I appreciate your help! Bought some lessons from you – you are amazing!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the speaking test – it’s great when it is like that. Hopefully your results will reflect your ease. I’m glad my advanced writing lessons were useful 🙂

  67. Dinesh Chinthaka says:

    British Council Sri Lanka (BMICH)
    Exame Date 09.09.2017

    Task 1
    Tow Bar chart showing that aged-female and male in 4 Region (Europe , East Asia , South Africa , Northern America ) attend to their Secondary Education and Higher Education. In Year 2000.

    In One Chart The Secondary Education

    Other Chat Higher Education

    Forget Exact Words…………….

    Crime has increasing .To prevent of Control this criminal should be sentence to Long Period. Some Say There are alternative ways than sending to long Period..

    Forget Exact word……………………


    Tough for me I don’t know about others

    1 st Para Power creating using Ocean waves

    2nd para Desert

    3rd Airplanes ……


    1st Dad Birthday Party arrangement

    2nd Old Game Like ICE Hokey

    3rd can’t remember ( Sorry)

    Speaking will be on 12th After the exam i will Update the Questions …

    This Blog help me lot Thanks to every one who post their Exam Questions on this web

    Special Thanks to **************** LiZ *************** For creating this Blog and awesome lessons you are amazing

    I think My Post will help Others


    Lot of people use this blog but They are only taking everything from this blog and not giving anything to Others SELFISH ….. i have recommended this site for lot of people ( Specially for Sri Lankan SHAME TO SAY) and any of them didn’t post their questions they have completed their exam .that’s all they need Don’t want to help others their job is done so they don’t care about others i don’t know what kind of a people are they any way..


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s a shame, as you say, that more people don’t share. But that’s the way of the world. For your speaking test, remember that there are no right or wrong answers – only opportunities to speak and showcase your English. Don’t worry if the examiner interrupts your answer – it’s normal. Expand all answers until the examiner stops you. Add extra information – past memories and future hopes to boost your score. Good luck!!! 🙂

  68. 09-09-2017
    Writing Task-2
    Some people get involved in sports that are dangerous for them.

    Why do some people get involved in such sports?

    What could be done to mitigate the danger involved?

  69. This is very helpful for my preparation.

    • joseph mendoza says:

      Sept9, 2017 Academic
      Writing task 1 two bar graph comparing employment rates of women and men by ages and ages of their younger child
      Task two is it important for cities or towns to build parks and squares. Do you agree or disagree

  70. Rita chiedu says:

    Rita, Nigeria, General module. Hello Liz, thank you 4th for all d useful resources on your website. I had my speaking on Wednesday September. 2017,cue card was a recent change that occurred in my life, questions concerning change, also asked about politeness, features of politeness and if it’d good for children to be polite. Who tot me politeness first in life. Also asked about eating fruits and cooking with fruits. Had my other text today 9/9/17,writing task one was problem with an item ordered online, wat d problem was and what you want the company to do. Task 2question was That some people think students should do voluntary work for the community, what is ur opinion, give reasons for your answer with relevant example. Thank you so much. Expecting a band 7.5score.when it’s released will post it here.

  71. Test Date: 9th September
    Test Venue: Guwahati, India
    Test type : Academic
    Writing Task 1: There was a table of three years of income and expenditures of an establishment. One had to write a report in 150+ words
    Writing Task 2:Some believe job satisfaction is more important than job security. Others feel nothing one’s job need not be satisfactory and that having a permanent job is more important. Do u agree or disagree.
    I believe i did fairly well. The only thing that worries me is my handwriting that got messed up on account of time shortage. And i am concerned about listening and reading, on account of the distractions. Wrote about speaking test earlier this week……

  72. Vaibhav Patel says:

    Academic exam on 9th Sep.
    Centre-Ahmedabd (india)
    Writing: Task-1
    Roshbell hall’s expenditure and profits shown in table over a period of three years.

    Some people think that job satisfaction is more important than job security while some people think that they cannot always expect job satisfaction, a permanent job is more important.

    Reading and listening were easy.
    Speaking was on 6th sep.
    Part-1 basic que related to my self
    -birthday celebration
    Part-2 A website which helps me
    Part-3 how yongster spend their time by using Internet
    -nowadays children learn from internet, is it benificial or not?what do u think?
    -some related this type que

  73. Test date : 9th September
    Centre : Mumbai
    Category : General

    Writing task 1

    Letter to international speaker who gave a talk about his country in your club to gave a talk again
    1. Thank him and why you liked it
    2. What will you like him to talk about the country in the next talk
    3. Suggest arrangement

    Task 2

    School is responsible for teaching good behaviour and what is right and wrong. Ohers beleive parents responsible.

    Do you agree or disagree?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • RATI TALWAR says:

      This question came in Amritsar also for GT on 9 Sept.

    • this question is not in this way
      it was like
      some people say that schools should teach good behaviour and introduce right and wrong parents are not only responsible for teaching the same.
      Do you agree or disagree?
      So this topic was completely argumentative
      2 views were not there
      there was just one view in which we were required to agree or disagree?

      • I got the same writing task .. however i mentioned in the introduction both views and disagree with the view in the question.. so will my task response going to be wrong ?

    • Aman Sharma says:

      I got the same test. Listening to my experience was a bit tricky especially in the second section. Reading section was fairly easy. Writing was decent as well.
      Speaking was scheduled for 13th september.
      After Introduction some of the questions asked during speaking test were –
      What kind of house you live in?
      What kind of house do you dream of living in??
      What kind of different houses do people live in your city?
      Do you think housing spaces have changed from the past?
      What kind of changes do you imagine happening in future in the way people live in their homes?
      All questions were related to houses and property.
      What would you like to change about your current house?
      Another tip. Examiner kept gesturing me to speak louder. Guys please speak loudly as the recording device needs to record your voice properly. I hope it doesn’t affect my scores.

  74. Divya Sundaravadivelu says:

    Hi Liz

    Module: GT
    Date : 9th sept 2017

    Writing task 1:
    You are secretary of an international club. A speaker who is a member had delivered an interesting talk about his country. Make arrangements for another talk. Write a letter to him
    Thank him for giving the talk
    Why club members enjoyed his talk and what other information they would like to hear
    Arrangements for the upcoming talk

    Task 2:
    Some people believe, schools should also teach good behaviours, ideas of right and wrong. It should not be left alone to parents. Do you agree or disagree?

    Short NIT course
    About riddley turtles
    Summer camp activities
    Bicentennial park

    Scuba diving – info request
    Conversation between a student Lena and professor about justcoffee project

    • Divya Sundaravadivelu says:

      Centre: Chennai, India

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I got the same test here in Noida India. I lost the first question about month in listening but regained sense soon. Though, I can say from my past experience that listening was a bit tough at some places this time or more tricky you can say.

      For speaking
      Part 1
      Do you work or study?
      What does your work involve?
      Do you like jewelry ?
      What type of jewelery you find the best!
      Have you ever bought jewelry for someone else?
      Have you ever bought something after watching a n advertisement?
      When browsing internet what do you feel about pop ups?
      Part 2
      Cue card – talk about a recent change in your life (at work, home etc.)
      What the change was
      How/why it happened
      Why you felt happy about it

      Part 3
      Do you like changes?
      Some questions about kids and upbringing etc. which I don’t recall exactly.

    • Hi,
      In a hurry, I have addressed the writing Task Letter 1 to “(Dear) Samantha”.
      I am not sure though, it was written ……his country in the question paper.
      How many marks could be lost if the letter is addressed to the opposite gender?

    • Hi could you tell me at what time exam starts in chennai?

  75. Exam date: 09/09/2017
    Style: Academic
    Centre: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
    Writing task 1: The plans show the library in a school.
    There are two plans (5 years ago and now) showing the inner structure of the libary just like a floor plan. Generally speaking, there were more rooms with different purposes added while some of the old compartments were replaced. Not a hard one to write but I only wrote about one and a quarter page.
    Writing task 2: People can use mobile phone to call at anytime, anywhere. Does the positive effect outweigh the negative one? Explain.
    Well I think I did quite well but there might be some minor errors in terms of spelling or grammar. Finished the entire written exam with only a pencil. 😀 Hopefully can get > 7 bands.

    Well, I was lucky to have a very helpful examiner. I did speak fluently despite the minor mispronunciations throughout the way. She kept on asking me to add more details when comes to the second part and some of the questions in the third part. Perhaps I did not speak long enough.
    P1: General topics (Transportation- Bus or the others) + (Took bus before?)+ (What do you think about the bus in your area)+ (Reading habits: Do you read magazines and why?)+(Magazines or comics at the early age and why)+ (Men and women’s interest in magazines?)
    P2: Talk bout a conversation that you have with a stranger
    When and where was it? Why is it interesting? Who is he and how did you get to know him?
    Describe the conversation.
    P3: 1) Do you like to talk with strangers? Why?
    2) Do you think ppl should talk to the strangers? Why?
    3) Should you talk to someone you don’t know regarding your personal issues? Why?
    4) Which kind of strangers that you can talk your issues with? Why? Give 2 samples.
    5) Do you think talking face to face or through telephone is better? Why?
    Thats all for the exam. Thank you Liz for your guidance and tutorials.

  76. General 9th Sep, QUT KG in Australia

    Do you think different age students should be in same class?

    Do you live in flat or house?
    Do you like where you live? Why?
    Where would you like to live? Why?

    Describe a person from history.
    Do you think history in film is useful?

    Tell me about a big company/organization close to where you live.
    What is the company?
    How big is it?
    What do people do there?

    Do you think young people have difficulty finding a job?
    What kind of training young people need?
    Do you think old people should retire early to give jobs to young people?

    Not exact words but that’s all I can remember…

  77. Ielts General Test 9th Sep 2017 – Dubai

    Writing Test
    – Task 1
    Write a letter to friend and share him that you received some good news , effects in life after getting news , invite him to celebrate the news.

    – Task 2
    Extremely dangerous sports who played , why ?

    Listening :
    Study on crocodile

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Same as above
        From Abu Dhabi 9/9/2017
        Section 1 — conversation about course art and craft
        Section 2 — types of boat ( I think )
        Section 4- research work about crocodile

        Section 1 – Auckland water
        Section 2 – paid leave
        Section 3- about paintings

  78. 9/September/2017 Academic Stream, Australia

    Writing Task 1:
    two diagrams depicting library layout 5 years ago and now. 5 years ago the library has no dedicated laptop areas and no privacy study areas whereas now more laptop areas and privacy screen between study areas. Some more changes to shelving, converted conference room, etc.

    Writing Task 2:
    Mobile Phone enables us to take work or personal calls anywhere anytime. Do you think it has positive or negative impact on individuals and society?

    1. map reading in male and female. How in 1970 it is widely believed that males were superior in map reading. However later evidence showed that male were more susceptible to distance (compass based) navigation while female were using landscape and surrounding
    2. Rocket Science: New Zealand rocket scientist / engineer / entrepreneur Peter Beck’s story
    3. South America archaeology and migration, human migration from north to south of South America around 11,000 years ago. Archaeology sites and carbon dating techniques, some sites have valid findings where others can not conclusively yield historical facts.


    how should people express politeness? when should people express politeness? tell me how people you your country express politeness? what has changed in your culture recently in terms of politeness?
    do you like sunshine? why?
    tell me an invention, why do you think we have inventors?
    2 minutes speech on how the internet is changing the world
    should we still have teachers in this internet world? why?

    some topics on a garden, and some other can’t quite remembers. My impression of Academic stream listening is that the voice over is pretty quick and it usually gives you a number of similar statements with nuanced differences so you really have to pay close attention to the voiceover on what exactly it is referring to.

  79. UKVI academic 8th september 2017
    lahore , pakistan
    speaking :

    cue card topic – a piece of clothing someone gave you , who , why , describe.
    other topics were in the range of fashion industries , advertisement , describe my home , my ideal future home . transportation in my country , what the government can do to improve it , will i be using the bus transport more in the future and why.

    That’s about all i can remember atm . good luck to the next batch of students! 🙂

  80. Speaking test 8 th sept. General module
    Vadodara, Gujarat, India

    Part 1
    . about hometown
    . Gardening plants in your hometown
    . 1st day of school
    . Common friends during primary and secondary school.
    . How you spend time with your school friends
    . What help can you get from common friends
    Cue card.

    A time when you teamed up with old person to teach something to a friend /relative
    What did you teach
    How did you teach
    Did friend/relative understand what you teach
    How well they know about what you taught

    Part 3

    What should older people learn from younger people
    What attitudes and behaviour Should older people learn from younger people.


  81. Milan Panchal says:

    Hello Liz, I would like to tell you my speaking topic . I hope its may be a helpful to examiner
    Speaking Topic:-
    Part 1. : About house and apartment
    Part 2 : Cue card on Website.
    Part 3 : On email , transportation .

  82. Shamsher Singh says:

    Your name and where you from?
    What can i call you?
    Do you live in a house or apartment?
    Why do you think the change is required?
    Who taught you the quality of being polite?
    What sort of role politeness plays now a days?
    What are the situations where you can show your politeness?


    Describe the situation when you move your home or a school?
    When did you moved?
    Why did you moved?
    How did you feel about moving to the new home or school?
    (I spoke about moving home)
    How often you visit your old home?why?
    Some people don’t change home in their entire life. What do you think would be the reason?
    Who are more comfortable with the changing homes adults or children?why?

  83. Hi there, below is detail of my speaking test, hope this helps:

    Writing test date: 09 Sep 17
    Speaking test date: 09 Sep 17
    Venue: IDP Vietnam
    Module: General Training
    Part 1:
    – Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    – What can you tell about your dream house in the future?
    – Do you read any magazine? Particularly on which section?
    – Do you think inline magazine is popular?
    – Have you very bought a product after watching an advertisement?
    – Does it affect you when an ads suddenly pop up on your computer?

    Part 2:
    Describe a situation when you had a conversation with someone you didn’t know:
    – Where it was
    – What the conservation was bout
    – Your thought after the conversation

    Part 3:
    – Do people in your country like to talk to a stranger?
    – Do you think it is helpful in anyway to talk to someone when you are stressful even to s stranger?
    – There are lots of TV or radio program broadcasting about people’s story or confession, do you think it will work?
    – What are suggestions to help a people under a stressful situation? Should they talk to someone else or better off being alone?
    – How do you think social media has changed people’s attitude? Do you think social media is good? How?
    – Discuss more on social media effects on youngster and elderly.

  84. Speaking test on 6th sep 2017
    Centre Bangalore
    Part 1
    Some questions about names
    Part 2

    What physical activitybdo you do to keep yourself health
    What do you do?
    Where do you do it?
    How often do you do it?
    Why do you think it has kept you healthy?

  85. Mehul Kumar Gadhavi says:

    Hi Liz and a very good morning to all in India.
    I’ve just completed my speaking test at Ahmedabad,Gujarat.
    The lady who conducted exam was very polite and cooperative​. Let’s see what I was asked

    Part zero
    General greetings good morning with smile
    Part 1
    My name
    Working or students?
    Where do I live
    Do I like it, why?
    Would I change it in future if so where ( discription) why?
    Then she jumped on to my routine…
    Which time of day I like the most?
    If any changes I wish to change in my routine and if so why?

    Part 2
    Cue card
    Sports I like to watch
    With whom
    Also she asked which games are popular in India ?

    Part 3 counter questions ( I think I went off topic in this part as she did not give me enough time to think or may be I did not took it by using some connective sentences…)
    1 benefit of sports
    2 has the trend changed?
    3 why some people do not like sports
    4 how do I prefer watching games on TV or at ground
    5 what’s different in them two
    6 do I think some sports persons earns too much
    7 why so..
    8 is commercialisation good for sports.?
    Who do I think should be paid more?

    That was all hope it’s useful to other aspirants!!!

    For Liz…
    Certainly we can not thank you enough!
    Please let all us know when you come to our country and give us chance to do something in return .
    It’s my second try I missed by half band in writing.!
    Hope for best this time , 8 7 7 7 is what I’m aiming for!
    Thanks all please share you LRW experience too!
    I’ll share mine.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Also thanks for your kindness. I hope one day to visit a number of countries and see my students face to face 🙂 And enjoy the local food – I’m such a foodie 🙂

      • Mehul Kumar Gadhavi says:

        Sure dear, most welcome to Ahmedabad, India.
        Regarding today’s LRW test I found it bit tougher than my last time one!!!
        Writing same as above mentioned

        You are International club’s secretary and inviting overseas speaker second time”

        ” School should be responsible for children’s manner learning and decisions making attribute. Not only parents responsible.
        That’s all I remember.

  86. 1st I want to thank u for such a beneficial website.
    today I had my speaking session
    1st part
    pop star
    part 2
    a person who helped u
    part 3
    what are the ways to teach children to be helpful to others
    what is the real picture
    what are the helpful profession
    Do these professions deserve higher salary
    what r the qualitities to hve in these profession
    I answered in wrong direction for two tmes she heard my full answer annd then again took me to the track,then I answerd.It is like a conversation,not exam 🙂
    would it effect my score,I’m worried about it as I could not get her question accurstele for the first time

  87. Suzen Christian says:

    Hello, I am Suzen from Ahmedabad (India).
    Speaking Module

    Part 1
    what is your name?
    are you a student or you are working?
    why you have selected this field?
    what is the most interesting thing in your field?
    do you read news in the newspaper or by internet?
    do you share some recent news with your friends?
    how do you usually travel to your college?
    how much time it takes to travel to your college?
    how easily you traveled here?

    Part 2

    the rule that was made in your school hat your agreed or disagreed with

    Part 3

    is that rule is still in your school?
    is the rules for the children and young teenergers should be the same?


    is the uniform must be complusory in the office?
    what are the benefits of having uniform?
    why the working hours are set at work?

  88. Damitha Sulinika says:

    Speaking test date – 8 September
    Location – Colombo, Sri Lanka

    1. Work related questions – what kind of work you do, are you work late hours, are you planning to continue this job in future

    2. Magazines – do you read magazines, what kind of magazines, when you were a child do you prefer to read comic magazines or fashion magazines

    3. Cue card – A special cake that you have seen in an occasion, what type of cake, what was the occasion, what makes it special, why people use cakes for occasions

    4. Fruits and food related questions – why people serve different kind of foods in occasions, why people spend so much money on food, do you think it’s good or bad, do you think that we need to advice people on using fat and high sugar food and why, is government responsible for this, there are lot of advertisements for fat and high sugar food so, do you think that blaming them would be a good method to stop that

  89. Puneet dhawan says:

    Date: 07th Sep, 2017
    Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Module : General (Speaking)
    Part 1
    Where you stay
    Why you stay here
    Type of house you would like to live
    Why you like sunshine
    Part 2
    Invention in recent times and how it has changed things
    Part 3
    Who taugh you to be polite
    Why one should be polite
    invention of tyres and its significance
    use of technology in academia is good or bad
    Tv program in school educaion is good or bad
    use of computers as teaching ad is good or bad
    I think i could have done better but examiner bombarded with me with lots of why why why questions without lettng me breath out.he didnt make me comfortable at all and was in hurry to finish exam as he had 6 more candidates lined up.
    I stumbled at why you live there question as I got confused but I did manage to make one liner. Regarding invention, I selected smartphone as topic. There was one moment where I topped for a moment and then continued.I may have repeated one or two line.will this impact my score.
    Rest was fine. I think IELTS is a bit unfair system. One, speaking is very subjective and not true test ones speaking ability,seconds students should have option to redo just the speaking test by paying partial fee.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is normal for questions to be asked one after another, quite quickly, in part 1. A smart phone for part 2 was a good choice as there’s lots to say about it.


    I had my speaking test today in Abuja, Nigeria. General module 7/9/17 and 9/9/17
    Below are some of the questions asked:
    Part 1:Your full name, where is your hometown, which town do you live in your country? How long have you lived there? Who do you live with? Do you think keeping to time is important? What do you do to while away time when someone keeps you waiting? Do you think keeping to time was as important in the olden days as it is now?
    Part 2:Cue card:What is an achievement you are proud of? What challenges did you have achieving it? Did everyone feel the same way you felt when you achieved it?
    Part 3:Do you think employers should compensate employees when they do well on their job? How important is staff motivation to an organization? What invention has impacted the world positively? That’s all I remember, I hope this helps someone.
    Thanks Liz for making this platform possible!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • ABIODUN OLABOOYE says:

        Thanks too! I had the listening, reading and writing today 9/9/17
        The writing Part 1:Write a letter to manager of an online store where you purchased an item but a wrong one was sent. State the item ordered , state what was sent and the problem it has caused, state what you want the Manager to do.
        Task 2:Some people believe that students should be made to do voluntary unpaid work to help their community. State your opinion with examples. Thank you

  91. Hello Liz

    Theses are some of the questions I encountered during my speaking test today

    Where are you from?
    Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    What type of house will you like to have in the future?
    Do you have a favorite pop Star?
    Who is your favorite pop star and why do you like him?
    Do you think Social media has affected the way friendship are made?
    Do you think elderly people are less likely to use social media platforms? Name the platforms
    Do you think women are more chatty than men?
    How do women show politeness ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi Liz,
        Good morning , is there any link that i can find the very recent academic writing exam on your website because the newest are mostly speaking.
        Thanks .

        • Just just need to look through all the comments on this page to find the writing. Also people will start posting writing soon. Many students have their test tomorrow – so wait for that.

          • Thanks Liz.
            I purchased one of your advanced writing ielts tutorial ( advantages and disadvantages ). At first i was thinking what would be the difference from other tutorials that are available online also, I have read some of your model essay and I said to myself, I’ll just copy your structure but due to curiosity, I went ahead and purchased it . Now I really understand , it’s not about looking onto the others work to get some patterns or ideas, there should be a better understanding how the essay is made. Thanks . I recommend this to everyone it is very helpful.

            • I’m really glad you found it useful. I tried to make things as clear as possible. In fact, that lesson was 1.5 hours because there was so much to explain. Thanks for recommending it 🙂

      • Shamsher Singh says:

        Speaking test today on 8th Sep 2017 at 1:00 a.m.
        Venue- Delhi west

        Your name and where you from?
        What can i call you?
        Do you live in a house or apartment?
        Why do you think the change is required?
        Who taught you the quality of being polite?
        What sort of role politeness plays now a days?
        What are the situations where you can show your politeness?
        Do you love to travel by bus and why?
        If you given a chance to travel in city what mode of transport will you prefer? Underground train or by road?


        Describe the situation when you move your home or a school?
        When did you moved?
        Why did you moved?
        How did you feel about moving to the new home or school?
        (I spoke about moving home)
        How often you visit your old home?why?
        Some people don’t change home in their entire life. What do you think would be the reason?
        Who are more comfortable with the changing homes adults or children?why?

    • Hi Liz
      My exam date : 8 September 2017
      General speaking test British council Chandigarh
      Examiner asked me cue card on traditional product of your country.
      What it is
      How it made
      When did you try it first time
      Why you like it
      That time I was so confused because it was new topic for me so I spoke on traditional punjabi suit. I think I spoke wrong. please guide me it will effect on my band score.

    • I just had my Speaking test and although I thought I was well prepared I was incredibly nervous. I was shaking and you could even hear the tremor in my voice. ;( Let’s hope the reat of my tests will go well!

      My long run topic was to talk about an achievement I was proud of and what I did to achieve it. Nerves really got the better of me…

  92. Deepak Joshi says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you is just not enough for the help you are doing and creating a stepping stone for many aspirants.

    Below are the questions which I got in my speaking test.

    Date: 07th Sep, 2017
    Location: Delhi, India
    Module : General (Speaking)

    Section 1:
    1. Do you work or Study?
    2. Was there any special training required for this job?
    3. Is there any training required for this job in future?
    4. How do you usually watch a time and why?
    5. Do you like rains? Why?
    6. Do other people in my area like rain? Why?
    7,8,9. Some more questions related to rain…
    10. What do I usually do when I have to wait for something?
    11. Were people more patient earlier?

    Section 2: Cue Card
    1. Describe .. of an achievement you are proud of?

    Section 3:
    Questions were related to achievement and success in life..

    I will share the L,R and W questions on 09th Sep, 2017.

    @ Liz – I did pretty well as per me however, I fumbled with few words and there might be some grammatical errors when I was speaking as I went with the flow.. but I know I’ll get my desired scores this time 🙂

    • Deepak Joshi says:

      Thanks Liz, I have already purchased all your advanced lessons last month as I was getting only 6.5 in my previous attempts. However, after going through the right techniques mentioned by you, I was able to secure 7 Band in each L,R,W,S but I am looking for 8 in all. I will follow thw same strategy this time and will improvise.

      • Brilliant !! It’s great that you pushed your score to band 7. The key to going from band 7 to band 8 is basically producing bettering English. This doesn’t mean filling your essay with new words, it means being more accurate and reducing your errors. So, try to work on that. Good luck!

      • Shamsher Singh says:

        Hi deepak,

        Where is your venue for L/R/W


  93. Test Date: Sept 7th (2 days before written test)
    Location: Vienna/AUT

    Task 1:
    My home: current and future
    neighbours: do I know them well, do I think it is important to be a good neighbour, would I prefer older or younger ones
    jewelry: What kind I like, do I wear it often
    Task 2: an englisch lesson I enjoyed
    where, when and what about was it, why did I enjoy it
    Task 3-qualities of a language teacher, what kind of people enjoy this job
    why is it important to have speakers of foreign languages today

    Hope this helps any of you, good luck to everone having the speaking exam still ahead of you.

    I wanted to thank you Liz for all the great material and advice you provide on here, it really helped me a lot for preparation, Thank you a lot.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your written test 🙂

      • Abdulrahman says:

        Hello Liz

        first of all i would like to thank you for the good work that you did and still do, i just finished my speaking test an hour ago here in Saudi Arabia and i would like to share it here with others.

        * Part 1 :
        – Do you work or Study ?
        – Do you like your job ? why ?
        – Do you think you will change your position in the future ?
        – Do you use the bus for transportation ?
        – Do you prefer the bus or underground train ?
        – Do you think your government will activate the bus as a public transportation ? ( after i told him that government don’t support the buses in here and there are no public transport )
        – What do your government need to activate the public transport system ?
        – Do you like reading magazine ?
        – why do you prefer newspaper over magazine ?
        – do you think people in your country like magazine ?
        – where do you read the newspaper ?

        *Part 2 :
        – Describe an art or painting that you saw :
        – What is it ?
        – Where is it ?
        – Did you like it ?
        – What did you feel when you saw it ?

        – Ending part 2 question : do your friends felt the same when they saw it ?

        * part 3 :
        Question related to part 2 :::
        – Do you think people in Saudi Arabia like art ?
        – Do people in your country prefer music over art ?
        – Do older people interested in art more than the younger ?

        Btw in part 2 i was only looking in the card and my written notes ( just to focus more) do you think this will affect my score ?

        Thanks again …

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s fine to look at your notes and the cue card when you give your talk. Of course, most teachers will recommend that you use eye contact – but it doesn’t actually alter your score if you use eye contact or not. So, don’t worry. Good luck with your results 🙂

      • Chirag patel says:

        I am form Ahmedabad, gujarat
        Recenty,i heard about new cue card after August, so please tell mam what is it.
        My exam is on 16 September plz help me

    • Today I got the same questions and question card as Lili . I stuck in part 1 but part 2 and 3 was good. She wrote 4.5 , 8.50 like in sheet. Is it matter

  94. Hi Liz
    i had my speaking test today 7 september 2017

    part 1
    what do you do
    do you ant to pursue your career in same field
    general questions which i dont remember

    part 2
    Describe something you got free
    what as it
    where you got it from
    for what purpose you use it

    part 3
    do government need to spend more on education or not
    and more questions related to government spendings

  95. Mohammed Gomaa says:

    Thanks Liz for the useful site and your awesome help,
    I just finished my speaking test (IELTS General, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, British Council) so allow me to share with you the topics of the speaking exam

    Part 1:
    Where are you from?
    What do you do, study or work?
    What do you like most in your work?
    Did you like any Pop star when you was a child? Why?
    Have you ever met one of them?
    Do you prefer to listen to music in concert or radio?
    Do you read any magazines?
    Did you occasionally did when you were a child?
    Did you try any online magazines?


    Take about a happy marriage which last for long time.
    Who were the couples?
    How much did it last?
    Why do you like it?


    What usually happens during marriage in your country?
    What do you think about spending huge fortune on the wedding?
    what are the roles of men and women in the marriage in your country?
    do you think that it has changed from the past?


  96. test date: 7th September
    Location: Guwahati, India
    Test type: Academic
    The examiner was a polite n professional young woman. I said good morning to her at the first instance. She responded to my greeting. Then asked my name and ID. After that she began to ask.
    Q1. Do u work or study?
    What kind of work do u do? Do u like ur job? Do u plan to continue this job in the future?

    Q2. Tell me about fruits. What fruits do u like. Have you cooked boiled fruits ?

    Q.3 Cue card: talk about a couple. How long have they been married ? How long they he bn together?

    Q.4 What do u think about the male and female roles of husband and wife. Are these roles different from the past ?

    Q.5why are ppl living in single families nowadays? What could be the reasons behind ?
    I think I did fairly well. However I didn’t summarise points but gave answers in general. Smiled at the examiner while explaining and maintained eye contact. Will I lose marks for saying the names of only a fruit or two and adding that I had nvr cooked with boiled fruit cos it destroys the vitamins n minerals ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You don’t need to summarise any points in IELTS speaking. Your score is based only on the language you produced.

  97. Dear Liz , Thanks for such a nice website
    Speaking at noida on 06/09/2017
    Part 1
    About your work
    About friends, where do you meet them
    Which one you prefer public or private transport for working
    On what kind of transport you come here
    Part 2
    Describe a garden you visited regularly during your young age
    Where it was located
    How did it looks like
    What kind of visitors came there
    Part 3
    Do you visit this garden now
    Questions related to nature
    What sorts of natural sites like mountain and lakes in your country
    Do people prefer more these places now then in past

    During part 1, I won’t able to understand one question. So examiner repeat the question, but I couldn’t understand then she changed the question. Does this will impact my score

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your score does alter if you didn’t understand something, so don’t worry.

    • My speaking cue card is on describe a clever solution u got from a problem?
      What was the problem?
      Who was the person?
      What solution you got?
      I used hindrance, imperative, assuaged vocabs i spoke for 1 min 40 secs as she halted me. 6

  98. Hi Liz,

    I took IELTS IDP speaking test on September 6th in Mumbai, India, my L/R/W is scheduled for 9th September.

    Task 1.
    Where are you from?
    Are you a student or you work?
    What are your responsibilities at your workplace?
    Do you have to take up some additional course for your current job?

    Task 2 cue card
    What is your idea of a perfect home?
    1. Location
    2. How it should look
    3. (Don’t remember the third point)

    Task 3 Questions related to topic given in the cue card.

    1. Do people prefer staying in modern home or older ones?
    2. Do people prefer having houses near to their workplace or far from the city
    3. How much importance do people give to design and practicality of the house.

    There were few more questions I don’t remember.

    Advice I would like to give who are giving the speaking test is don’t get tensed, the interviewer will try to make you feel comfortable. After the test I felt the lady who took my test is the most polite person I have ever met in recent times.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Thank you!

  99. 06.09.2017
    Baku, Azerbaijan
    Speaking Test

    Part one:
    – Job
    -Daily Travel

    Part two:
    -Recently bought gift, which made you happy

    Part three:
    -Online shopping
    -The difference between them
    -Men /women preferences

    I struggled with Cue Card, because I had to imagine what to say. Btw, Examiner was very polite and attentive person. I liked they way she behaved.

    Thank you, Liz.

  100. Hi Liz,

    Your blog has helped me alot with my speaking test.
    Test date September 5, 2017. Philippines
    My questions are:
    Your fullname
    Do you live in a house or a flat?
    Do you like where do you lived? Why?
    What part of the house you like to stay? Why?
    Do you prefer extended family? Why?
    Do you read magazines or newspaper? Why?
    Ten years from now, what invention do you think that will help chores? Why?
    Do you think, virtual could replace the actual interview? Wh?
    What is the most helpful invention at school? Why?
    Do you think technology made the human lazy? Why?
    Cue card:
    What invention that made the world changed?
    What is it?
    How it affect the human life?
    How did it affect the wolrd?

    Forgot those follow up questions. Right after my answer, there’s always a “why?”

    Was able to answer directly, sometimes its off the topic. Hope to get score that i needed.
    Time to help others too, so im sharing these questions.

    My fellow matrs questions were about music?
    What tyoe of music
    Where is the best place listening to music
    Do you think it is better that kids are listening to music?
    What are the effects?

  101. Academic test, 6. Sep 2017, Auckland, New Zealand
    1- General questions about where I live, house/ apt,
    – idols/ pop stars – do you have one? who? why?
    – prefer concert or listen to radio? why?
    – moving/changing the location- whats the reason for people to move in your country
    2- describe when you had to move for work or study
    (sorry I think I havent even looked at the cue card cause i dont remember any points for this topic, ….ups… lol)
    3- is it good to live in the same house the whole life?
    – whats are difficulties people face when they move to new place
    – is it easy to change the job, difficulties….
    -is it more difficult for kids to adapt to new environment or for adults
    – does changing the job have influence on parents-children relationship

    (all i can remember right now,.. there were many questions about the change of location, job, moving,….)

  102. Can you elaborate this cue card as I have my speaking on sep 7th

    Section 2:
    Describe an occasion when someone said positive comments about the work I did for them.

    • You can choose any action you did that other people thought was good. You can choose anything at all. You did well at work, at home, at school – anything. You are not marked on your choices – only on your English language. So, don’t get stressed over choosing an idea. Choose anything easy to talk about.

      • Hi Dear Liz,
        Today I had a speaking exam,
        It was perfect, I felt very happy.Because examiner was British.
        Questions were common.

        1.Talk about your work?
        2.Would you like to continue it in future?
        3.Sunshine do you like or not?

        Cue card;
        Which thing you have not done yet but want to complete/

        Dear Liz, I answered to all question very good.Because it was very easy for me.He also was smiling during my answers.

        But I didn’t understand one situation I saw that examiner wrote some numbers on the paper while I was answering.
        2 and 4 he wrote
        please make it clear.
        thansk a lot
        Lots of hugs!

  103. Margi Sheth says:

    Hey Liz,
    Thanks for creating such a informative website!!
    I had my speaking exam today in India.
    LRW is on 9th Sep.
    Part 1
    Introduction questions followed by travelling questions.
    Examiner asked have I ever travelled by boat?when I was about to start my answer he changed little bit and asked me have u ever travelled by boat??
    Now I am in confusion why did he changed proposition in question from by to on??
    However I answered I travelled by boat once when I went to kanyakumari.
    Liz pls tell me am I right or wrong?
    Or i have miss heard of on board??

    Part 2
    Cue card about healthy life style

    Part 3
    Questions related to cue card.

    Once again thanks Liz.

  104. Srinivasan Elangovan says:

    Hi Liz,
    India Sep5.
    First of all I would like to thank you for this good blog.

    Part 1:

    1. hometown
    2. news – get news from tv or newpaper?
    3. travel
    how much time, it will take for you to reach your office?
    what is mode of transport you use?
    what you will do in your journey?

    Part 2:
    about favourite book

    what kind of book
    what kind of people use it

    Part 3

    whether men and women have same kind of reading habits.
    next also of same kind, reading habits of old vs young people.
    what kind of books people choose in your country.

    A film is released based on a novel, whether you will first see movie or read book?
    will movies will achieve success, if book got released first and then movie based on that book got released?
    After watching movie will you read that corresponding book? I said yes,
    examiner asked why? so be ready with an answer for this why:)
    some more questions based on this topic.

    that’s all I can remember.

    For all the question after I answer something, examiner raised why? this happened many times. for example: i will take company provided transport to reach office and said sometimes I prefer to go by my car. once I finished, examiner raised why? then when I said I used to listen to some music while I am travelling to office? again she raised why?

    In part 2, I have taken notes about my favourite book, my start was good, but in between i was out of ideas and I got blocked and kept quite thinking about ideas for nearly 15 to 20 seconds, after which I picked up well and spoke complete 2 mins.
    Also for question men and women have same kind of reading habbits, I said “from my personal experience, myself and wife got different thoughts, i prefer technology oriented books related to work and my wife prefer cooking or beauty related topics” she requested to say in generalize manner, don’t want from personal experience.

    I am aiming a band of 7 in speaking, whether this two points will impact my scores?I am disappointed and worried on this.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 When you run out of ideas in part 2, it is important not to stop talking. Even if you say “I’ve just run out of ideas, let me think of what else to tell you …. I guess I could also tell you about a time in the past when I …“, it will help your score because you are still communicating in English. Just fill the gaps!! Don’t worry about things now. Your score will be based on your overall performance – so wait and see 🙂

  105. My IELTS Speaking test questions on the 4th of Sept, 2017.

    Section 1:
    Activities I did while in schools.
    Do i still keep in touch with my old school mates.
    Question about my work.
    Do I prefer public transportation for commuting?
    What I do while going to work in public transport.

    Section 2:
    Describe an occasion when someone said positive comments about the work I did for them.

    Section 3:
    Is positive comments/feedback required in the workplace?
    Do most people prefer to get public attention for works they do?

    These are the ones I could recollect. Hopes it helps someone

  106. Today I took my speaking test IDP jalandhar and I got following question:
    – Where do you live house or appartment?
    – about politness
    Cue card:
    A piece of clothe which is you favourite
    Followed the cue card and asked only question related to clothes.
    Actually, liz I was really worried about my exam. In cue card I stopped earlier but after 1 minutes in that make some grammer mistakes. However, in part1 and part2 I did respond well to the questions. Is that any effects if I say tradational outfit name in their names not in their english name. I said to examiner ‘kurta’ and ‘Pyjamas’. Is it effects to my score??
    Please do reply me mam.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your score is marked over the entire test so small pauses don’t matter. You can say a word in your own language but it won’t help your score at all. But if you say “my favourite item of clothing is a’kurt’ which is a kind of loose shirt that is worn over trousers” – then you will do well because you have paraphrased it and the meaning is clear.

  107. My test was on the 19th of August – General

    Cue card topic: Discuss an instance in which you disagreed with a decision that someone made. Who made the decision and what was it? Why did you disagree?

    Writing Part 2
    The pros and cons of digital technology in the home. Do you believe that it has more advantages or disadvantages?

  108. Gurjant singh says:

    I have done speaking today Amritsar India
    Part 1 what is your name
    Do u live in house or appartment
    Do you know a person from the history of your country
    Tell me about historical place you visit
    PART 2 DESCRIBE agood news about a person you know well.
    PArt 3 why people share good news
    Do peoplecelebrate good news
    Why some people dont share good news
    Tell me good news that belong to your personal life
    Tell me news that is fruitful for people in your village
    In your community people share good news or hide

  109. Hi!
    I had my speaking test today.
    1) Ideas and ecperiences about holiday.
    2) Advantages of social network, fast communication.
    3) A moment when I felt really happy to have a cellphone.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 What was your cue card topic? “having a cellphone”?

      • I had my speaking test in 24 august
        Moga punjab india
        Introduction,about work
        Wrist watch ,expensive,any one give u gift in childhood ,
        Why people wear expensive wrist watch
        Cue card
        Any speech you heard
        Who is speaker
        What about it
        Why it is intresting
        Where you listen
        Following question
        Which person school invite for speech
        Children intrested to hear it
        Audio visual presentation effect audience

  110. Helitha from Sri Lanka says:

    Hi Liz,
    I did my speaking test today. These are the questions I got. I’m looking forward to the other parts of the exam on this Saturday.

    Section 1
    – Do you live in an apartment or a house?
    – Why do you like to live there?
    – In future, where would you like to live? why?
    – Do you like jewellery? Why not?

    Section 2
    – Describe a person who helped you during your studies or work
    — Who is he/she?
    — How did he/she help you?
    — How easy for you to work with him/her?
    –What is his/her speciality?

    Section 3
    – What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in groups?
    – Is everybody not contributing equally a disadvantage?
    -Who do you think do well in a group, Men or Women?
    – Does attitude affect their contribution?

    I don’t remember the rest. For the most of the questions in section 1, I answered in detail. So she didn’t have to ask me why. Hope that is alright 🙂

    Thank you for all the lesions 🙂

  111. Hessen_elsherif says:

    I want to share my exam questions in writing 19th August. Although i achieved well in other parts R 8.5, L 8.5, S 7.0, I wasn’t able to get the target 7.0 in writing. unfortunately, i got 6.5 in writing.
    Writing task 2:
    some people prefer to do their house tasks by hand, while others prefer new automatic machines. do advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
    Writing task 1:
    Write a letter to you neighbor telling him that you will move to a new house and inviting home to visit you there.

  112. 2th september

    cue card
    describe a rule in school?
    what is the rule?
    Do you agree with that?
    what will be happen if students break the rule?

  113. Hi Liz
    3 September 2017 in Iran
    Speaking Part 1
    House or Flat
    Email Vs Letter
    Daily Routine
    Part 2
    About Plant
    Part 3
    About Environment

  114. 2/9/2017
    Abu dhabi
    Academic ..
    Part 1
    Where do you live ?
    Describe the house that gou would love to have in the future
    Do you like sunshine ?
    Would you love to live in a sunny place in the future ?
    Part 2
    Describe a crowdy place that you visted
    Part 3
    Why do you think some peaple prefare to live in modern cities ?
    What are the prons and cons of living in a city ?
    Do you think social media is an important part in our lives and why

  115. Dear Liz,

    Thank You very much for your valuable lessons.

    I did my General IELTS exams on 19th August. I got my results yesterday & I have overall band 7 but band 6 for speaking, Unfortunately, I need band 7 for each, so I have to do it again.
    I am sharing my questions from speaking & writing test.
    Writing part 1 :- Write a letter to a friend, informing that you recently moved to a new place & invite her to visit.
    Why you move
    How is the place look like
    can’t remember the other point

    Part 2
    Some people think school homework is necessary for students while others think it is not. Give reasons for both opinion & state your opinion. (Can’t remember exact words)

    Part 1
    General introduction
    Do you work or study
    What are you doing in your birthdays
    What did you do in your birthdays in past
    Do you still like birthdays
    in your country which birthday is more important, 21,60 or 80

    Part 2
    Tell about a friend who helped you in studies or work from your work place or school.
    Who is she/he
    How you met
    How did he/she helped
    Why is it important

    Part 3
    How can we teach kids to help others
    like Doctors & nursers jobs to help other & what qualities should they have

    I can’t remember Other questions exactly.

    Best of luck for everyone for your exams!!!!!!

    Thank You

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Remember that your aim in speaking is to show a range of language – not to present intelligent ideas. Your ideas are not marked in speaking. This means it is fine to go off topic in speaking – in fact you need to add extra detail in part 2 that is beyond on the prompts if you want to do well.

    • Idp or bc

  116. Hi mam.. if we have confusion that answer is polural or singular in listening then can we write s in bracket or not????

  117. Bhumit Patel says:

    Dear Liz,

    Exam date : 26th August
    Module : Academic
    Location: Ahmedabad,India
    Speaking on 28th August

    Part 1 :
    Home ,

    Part 2 :
    Describe a TV Program that you watched

    Part 3 :
    which type of program watch Youngster And Older ??

    ” Oparah show ”
    What the advantage of oparah ?
    what the disadvantage of oparah ?
    and also many other on this topic

    please mem here help me….
    i dont know oparah show
    what is this ??
    plz tell me that what to do when ask these type foreign questions ?

    I know only name in Hollywood movies….
    like a Foreign culture dance …..
    i gave all answer in roughly if my luck work and so i dont want stop in speaking…..

    plz tell me if i dont know these type topic then we can say that examiner ” i have no idea ” or other something plz change question…???

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is fine if you say you have “no idea” but try to explain more. Each question is about showcasing your language – so even if you don’t know, you can still use language to explain why or other views you might have.

  118. Hi Liz..
    Exam date: 12-08-2017
    Academic module
    Task 1: Recycling process of used cans
    Task 2: Some people think that it’s necessary to visit a country to learn about that country. Others feel that TV and internet are sufficient. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
    General introductory questions
    Where do you live
    Is it a big house or small one
    Which fruit do you like the most
    Why do you like that fruit
    Part 2:
    What clothing do you like the most
    Where do you get that from
    Why do you like that
    Who else prefer that clothing
    Part 3:
    Some questions on clothing
    Do people judge based on clothes one wear
    Do you use email
    Do you think more people will use email in coming years
    How do you use email

  119. Hello Liz,
    Date: 28-08-2017
    Speaking Exam
    Examination Center: Bengaluru, India.
    Examiner was an old lady.

    First, general introduction

    1. Are you a student or do you work?
    2. Is your job easy?
    3. Why?
    4. Do you want to see yourself in the same field in the future?

    1. Do you often communicate with your neighbors?
    2. what are the advantages of having neighbors who are aged?
    3. Do you want your neighbors to be ages or the new ones?

    Pop music:
    1. Which is your favorite band?
    2. Why?
    3. Have you attended any concerts?
    4. What would you like the most – attending the concert or playing the recording?

    Liz, as I was speaking, in all these sections the examiner stopped me by making hand gestures. I don’t know why she did this, but I had so many points to add.

    Cue- card:
    Describe an activity which you want to do in your leisure time near the sea?
    1. What is the activity?
    2. What requirements do you need?
    3. And why?

    Here, I spoke about sitting idle near the beach or sea which brings peace in oneself. I have a doubt, after 1.5 mins I was done. The examiner kept smiling, and I added 2 more points during which she stopped me.
    Does the small pause of 5 seconds affect my score?

    After which, she asked: WIll your friends do the same activity?

    Continuation of Leisure activity.
    1. Why do some people want to go near the sea during their free time? (I told the same as part 2 but this time relating to work employees)
    2. Tell me about children’s, what activity can they do? ( I told about setting a campfire or playing volleyball)
    3. Why do children like spending time near the sea? (Here, I told that they are fond of water. Counter Q: WHY?)
    4. What kind of people usually work near the sea? (Stopped by making Hand gestures)
    5. There are some people who just don’t want to spend time near the sea? Why is that? (I was speaking: It all depends on peoples perspective …. she said that is the end of your IELTS speaking exam. I wanted to complete my answer, I don’t know why she did this.)

    I said, Have a nice day (no response) I feel that the examiner was bored and was cranky. Does this affect my band score?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 In part 1, it is normal that the examiner will interrupt your answers. Also remember that if the test has reached the time limit, your examiner must (this means it is a rule) stop you immediately. I think the problem here is that you weren’t expecting these things to happen in your speaking test – but actually they were normal and usual. Your fluency score is marked based on your overall performance. Some examiners are friendly and some are not so friendly. Students need to be prepared for any response. Even if the examiner isn’t welcoming, you still need to be chatty and friendly in order to preform well in the test. Good luck with your results 🙂

    • Manoj Mohan says:

      In India, examiners are told not to exchange any sort of pleasantries with candidates – no wonder your examiner didn’t respond to the comment you made at the end. As a former examiner, there were situations when even I did the same thing. However, such things have no bearing on your final score.

      More often than not, candidates don’t realise it when they make grammatical / lexical errors during the speaking test. Instead, they focus on the mood of the examiner and try to relate that to the score they receive in 13 days’ time.

      • Probably you are right. But an examiner can surely respond if a candidate says ‘have a nice day’. This only shows that the IELTS authorities need to train the examiners to be human and not machines. Many prefer IELTS to TOEFL because in the latter you talk into a computer and not a human examiner. However, some of the IELTS examiners make the candidates wish they had taken TOEFL.

  120. Shivam Rao says:

    Academic Module (Vadodara)
    Speaking Date 28-8-2017
    Part 1
    Tell me about your self .
    where you from ?
    do you work or study ?
    best part of you job ?
    would you like to do same job in future ?
    historical place you have been recently .
    are you intrested in history do you like to watch historical movie .
    how history help to person needs to know about history?
    how do you feel about sunshine?

    Part 2
    A situation when you need to arrive early.
    when what where how you feel about

    Part 3
    Punctuality and Time management

    do you prefer to reach early and why?
    importance of reaching early vs on time do you think young people better manage their time in comparison to old age?
    do you think younger ones need to learn about time management?

  121. Hi Liz…
    Exam date: 26th Aug 2017
    Module: Academic
    Alexandria, Egypt

    Writing :
    Task 1..graph shows number of visits to a community website in the first and second year.
    Task 2.. It is more important for schoolchildren to learn about the local history than the world history. Do you agree or disagree?
    Liz I wrote it as a discussion essay but I wrote my opinion clearly in the introduction and conclusion, I wonder if I will be penalized??

    Speaking: was one day before the exam
    Part 1.. general questions
    what do you work?
    What do you usually do after finishing your work?
    Do you usually have dreams?
    How often do you remember your dreams?
    Are you interested in people’s dreams?
    Do you want to study about dreams?
    Do you like doing households?
    Did you helped your mother in house chors when you were young?
    Part 2.. Talk about service you received (in a restaurant or a shop)
    What was it
    Where and when
    How did feel after receiving this service?
    Part 3.. questions related to part 2
    What is the difference between large and small customer service stores?
    In your opinion, what are the causes of poor customer service?
    What should people do when they receive bad customer service?

    Thanks Liz for your great blog 😍

  122. Hi Liz…
    Exam date: 26 Aug 2017
    Module: Academic
    Alexandria, Egypt

    Writing :
    Task 1..graph shows number of visits to a community website in the first and second year.
    Task 2.. It is more important for schoolchildren to learn about the local history than the world history. Do you agree or disagree?
    Liz I wrote it as a discussion essay but I wrote my opinion clearly in the introduction and conclusion, I wonder if I will be penalized??

    Speaking: was one day before the exam
    Part 1.. general questions
    what do you work?
    What do you usually do after finishing your work?
    Do you usually have dreams?
    How often do you remember your dreams?
    Are you interested in people’s dreams?
    Do you want to study about dreams?
    Do you like doing households?
    Did you helped your mother in house chors when you were young?
    Part 2.. Talk about service you received (in a restaurant or a shop)
    What was it
    Where and when
    How did feel after receiving this service?
    Part 3.. questions related to part 2
    What is the difference between large and small customer service stores?
    In your opinion, what are the causes of poor customer service?
    What should people do when they receive bad customer service?

    Thanks Liz for your great blog 😍

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 If you write an opinion essay as a discussion essay, it will affect your score for Task Response which is 25% of your task 2 marks. However, you might still do well in the other marking criteria and in task 1. Good luck!

  123. IELTS academic
    Speaking date 27/08/17
    Part 1
    About your profession
    Do you like to continue your profession
    Importance of advertisement
    What you feel when advertisement pop-ups when you are browsing in internet
    Part 2
    Describe about your favorite sport
    What is it
    When you are first watch it
    With whom you watch it
    Explain about this sport
    Part 3
    Do you think sports are important in our society
    Government spending huge money for sports stars. What is your opinion about this

  124. Academic Module
    27th August,2017

    Speaking Part 1
    Do you live in a home/apartment?
    Who lives with you?
    What would you like to have in your house in the future?
    What time do you wake up?
    How is your schedule different from what it was before?
    What changes would you like to make in your schedule?

    Speaking Part 2
    Talk about a piece of art (painting/sculpture/statue)
    Where did you see it?

    Speaking Part 3
    Do you think people feel the same about art as you do?
    Do you think the government is doing enough in terms of preserving art?
    Should the government pay for the maintenance of artwork that is displayed to the public?
    Do you believe that the government should patronise various artists?
    Can advertisements be sold as a work of art?
    How will you distinguish between art and a well constructed object?

    Liz,your website and video lessons made my preparation very easy! Thanks so much!
    However,the above mentioned speaking topic related to art was unexpected. But I think it went well!

  125. 26.8.17
    IELTS Academic for UKVI
    Myanmar (Burma)

    Writing task 1
    Three diagrams are given.
    Bar, line and pie charts representing the number of students, government spending per student and family income respectively.

    Writing task 2
    Nowadays the number of overweight children is increasing. Some believe that it’s the government responsibility to tackle this issue. To what extent do u agree or disagree.


    Part 1
    Questions related to work, transportation and reading

    Part 2
    Describe about the English lesson you enjoyed

    Is grammar important when we learn a language?
    Do you think being able to speak another language is advantageous?
    Why people learn foreign languages?
    Some kids are good at learning a new language but some are not. What do u think about it?
    What’s your opinion on having a global language?

    P.S. I’d like to thank you, Liz, your blog is really helpful to me 🙂

  126. Perth, Australia
    Academic on 26 Aug

    1. 3 charts (bar, line and pie chart): on student population at university in the UK, government expenditure on each student (from 1991 to 2001), and family economic background in 2001

    2. In many countries children are becoming overweight and unhealthy. Some people think that the government is responsible for solving this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Reading Passages
    1. About how crocodiles survive the test of time and extreme climate conditions

    2. A sort of chronicle of how a British guy was tasked to explore New Zealand and make recommendations which parts of the country would be suitable for new arrivals

    3. A researcher’s fascination with the different languages of the world and how other researchers should go about studying about them.

    1. Conversation between 2 people on the summer holiday program at the library
    2. Conversation between 2 friends about some cultural arts events they are interested in
    3. Volunteer Recruitment Drive by a lady who works at a gardening club (or something to do with plants and making nature accessible to the public)
    4. Talk by a lecturer (I think!) about airports and the future of airports

    Thanks Liz, you are the absolute best!

  127. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for your teaching in this site. I had my academic exam on 19th August, 2017 in Vancouver and below are the writing and speaking topics:

    Writing 1: Two graphs about student learning foreign languages in an English speaking country.

    Writing 2: Cost of public transport increases rapidly. Why? And how to solve the problem.


    Part 1: are you working or studying?
    what’s your job?
    will you continue your job? Why?
    Do you like fruit? What fruit do you eat most and why?
    where do people usually go at you age in your hometown

    Part 2: Talk about a place you visit with lots of pepole

    Part 3: Do you like going place with a lot of people
    Why people will line up for a restaurant?
    do you think it worth to wait an hour for a restaurant?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment block with many people living there compared with living in a house

    Hope it helps!

  128. Hi Liz, I want to thank you for you fantastic web site, it helped me a lot during my IELTS preparation. Your web site is one of best one for self preparation for the IELTS.

    test 26/08/17

    1) listening all 4 section was easy
    section 1 phone call between a driving school’s admin and student- blank filling,
    section 2 tour guide talking about a city markets tour multiple choices, map
    section 3 teacher and student are talking about the student project on farming
    section 4 lecture about the motivation why in USA there are just 2% woman in a high management position .

    The reading section was quite complicate for me, special the last one 🙁

    The writing was :
    task 1 :The bar chat illustrates the the number of visitor on a web site for the first two years

    task 2 : it is important for the children learn the local history instead of learning world history
    what extend do you agree ?

  129. Rahil Sanghani says:

    Hi Liz,
    Your site is so helpful, structure for each module is very well explained. All your videos are such a great tool. You are doing an amazing job. I recommend your site to everyone preparing for the test. You Rock.

    Academic – 26 August 2017 – Ahmedabad Gujarat

    Writing Task 1
    The graph shows the number of visits on website for its first and second year.

    Writing Task 2
    It is more important for the school children to learn their local history instead of learning world history.
    Do you agree/disagree with given statement.

    Listening and reading were very simple.

    Thank you once again

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m really pleased my website has been so useful to you 🙂

    • B Rasneet says:

      Really 😕 I’m from Chandigarh , in punjab today’s exam was postponed because of curfews but speaking test is as per schedule.I felt so bad my exam was postponed

    • Center Bangalore
      Date – 26 Aug 17
      Same as above, but Writing task 2 question was – to what extent do you agree/disagree.
      Man enquiring about a summer camp job.
      2 translators describing their experience at a drama theater.
      Islands of New Zealand and shipwrecks around .
      Colorado river flooding
      The people of Piraha and their language
      Australian sports and injuries to kids

    • Yash Patel says:

      Dude how can u get this question on 12:30pm???
      Exam was held on 1:00p.m and writing task was held on nearly 3:00 p.m.

    • Center kandy
      Sri lanka
      26th august 2017
      I got the same questions in writing.
      Rahil..when is ur speaking test?

    • Hi, I’m sending this post from Leeds(England). I had a academic exam today (26.08.2017)and that was exactly same as above!!!
      Listing was simple and easy.
      1) where are you from?
      2) what is interesting in your city?
      3)would you like to back to your city forever?
      4)do you prefer wear comfortable shoes or high heel shoes?
      5)Have you ever bought a shoes from website? How find that?
      6) why ladies have a lots of shoes?
      7)why they want to were special one in parties?
      Part two was about, 2 people of your family who influenced you? And some questions about that topic?
      Part 3 about friend and do you like to have 1 friend or lots of friends?
      Usually how do you spend time with them? Do you want to keep this friend or extend your friend in future?
      Do you think which family is better? Extend or nuclear family?
      The role of parents on childeren? Peer group influence people?

    • Can you tell me
      The graps was line,pie or bar graph

  130. Hi Liz,

    First of all, many thanks for your valuable inputs mentioned here on this site. Really helpful.
    I had my speaking test on 19th, Pune, India.
    Hi everyone – Please check below questions asked in Speaking test –

    Part 1:
    1. Where do you live? Which part of India?
    2. Will Talk about Music. Do you play any musical instrument.
    3. Do you think it should be mandatory in school? Why?
    4. Did you had music classes in school?
    5. Do parents in India encourage music?
    6. Why your city is famous for?
    7. Do you plan to live in future in your city?
    8. How difficult is learning Music?

    Part 2: Cue card on – A future plan different from Study and Career.
    1] How you are planning?
    2] When you are planning?
    3] With whom you are planning?

    Part 3:
    1] Have you shared your plan with someone?
    2] How do you plan your day?
    3] What things do you carry when you go outside?
    4] Do you carry different things when you go outside at different time of day?
    5] Is planning required to achieve something?
    6] Who influences career planning in India? Is it good or bad?

    Apart from this there were small related questions in between.
    Once again, thanks a lot for your help Liz.

  131. Hi liz. Today I had my speaking test held here in Dubai.

    Part 1
    -about hometown, is it a good place to live, are u planning to settle there in the future
    -about school, likes and dislikes in highschool, do u stay connected with old friends
    -about games, do u like playing indoor games when u were a child, why computer games popular nowadays, is there an indoor game u want to learn in the future

    Part 2
    -describe a swimming activity u recently had

    Part 3
    -do u think swimming is important to learn?
    -who should teach swimming to children, parents, teachers or swimming coaches?
    -do you think swimming classes should be added in school curriculums?
    -why some sports are popular compared to others?

    Thank u Liz for the information you shared in your blog. all through out i was just smiling and the examiner was also friendly and accomodating. In part 2, he had to stop me because maybe it was already over 2 minutes yet i was still talking. I was also chatty but in between my voice became shaky and I think I have lots of “uhms” and “ahs”. Still fingers crossed.

    Hopefully i’ll get a good score. 😊

  132. Mandeep kaur says:

    General ilets
    Speaking : 24 august at Jalandhar
    Questions related to music
    Questions related to dreams
    Cue card: favourite book of mine
    Questions related to books and books
    Questions related to literature and culture….

  133. Today i had finished my speaking test .. although i hesitated at one question but felt positive about the overall .

    Module : Academic
    Date : 25-08-2017
    Location : Sudan

    Part 1 : Home , work, free times , in-door games,types of thing you take with you outside

    part 2 : Describe something you plan to do not related to your work or study

    part 3 : Planning
    advantages, good for children? , planning in your country , career , good salary?

  134. Hi Liz,
    I just had my speaking test today at the British Council in Riyadh. The questions are:
    Part 1: about job, buses and advertising
    Part 2: about a person that you worked with that is helpful
    Part 3: questions about caring… and being helpful

    Thank you for everything… These list of possible questions is very helpful….Tomorrow will be my written test… 😊

  135. India
    Academic IELTS
    25th August 2017
    Speaking section
    Part 1:
    What is your full name?
    where do you live?
    Do you work or study?
    Do you celebrate your birthday?
    What do you do on your birthdays?
    what did you do as a child on your birthdays?
    Is there a difference between young people and old people celebrating their birthdays?
    Is 19 year old more interested in birthdays or 60 yr old?
    Section 2:
    Talk about a product you received for free as a gift on purchase of an item? How did you feel about the same?
    Section 3:
    Have you ever received free gifts on purchases?
    Why do you think the value of gift is different when you purchase something and you receive something for free?
    Do you think people value stuff if purchased more than if received as a gift?
    What kind of public services should the Government offer for free?
    Is public transport important?
    Is free public education needed?
    What other public services is needed in your country?

    Was able to speak fluently. A little hesitancy in section 3 but overall did good.
    Thank you

  136. Gurpreet Singh Mann says:

    My speaking was on 24 August at Jalandhar and I am enrolled in General Training
    Part1. Dreams
    Part2. Shoes
    Cue Card: Time when you are disagreed with someone
    Followup : Decision making of me
    Decision making of my friends
    Characteristics of decision maker and why people fear to make decisions
    Long term plan is good or short run .
    why short plans are reqd
    Politicians and bureaucrats make decision that is integral for society. what different characters they have.

  137. Hi liz,
    Today i had a speaking test..
    Part 1
    About work and my honetown
    Part 2
    Describe an occasion u spent with children
    Who the child was
    Why you spent time with him
    How do u feel about that
    Part 3
    Related to children and their play activities
    And who should teach children to respect elders
    Who is the best parent to after a child mother or father?

    I spoke quite well as it was my second, last time i got 6 in speaking i hope this time i would get even more.
    I just got nervous might b so i repeated some of my words again n again … Does it affect my overall score???

  138. Academic – taken on 25 August 2017
    Part 1:
    do you like any popstar?
    Have you ever been to a popstar’s concert?
    Do you read magazines?
    Part 2: describe about a good news you heard
    Part 3:
    what kind of good news do your local community/neighbourhood celebrate?
    Should community announce good news?
    questions related to news and magazines

  139. Test Location : United States of America
    Test Date : 19/08/2017
    Module: General

    Listening questions:

    Section 1: A conversation between a person and reservation manager, questions asked like date of birth, location , occupation etc

    Section : 2 some questions on islands and tyoe of habitat ,

    Section :3 use of bike and questions based on that.

    Section 4 : questions on use of amber


  140. Today I had my speaking test @ Colombo
    Topics are,
    Free offers
    Free services
    Transport related issues
    How do we deal with neighbors
    Fruits, favorite fruit, whether it is good for children’s

    Part ii
    Something you receive free

  141. Module: General Training
    Date: 19th August 2017
    Location: Vijayawada, India

    Section 1: Lady customer enquiry about on two refregirators to a store representative.
    Section 2: Lecture about organisation supports eye donation
    Section 3: two students discussing about a project
    Section 4: Lecture about wild boar and red deer


    Task 1: write a letter to the restaurant manager beside your house about your house repairs.

    Explain in the letter to the manager about
    *What are the repairs about?
    *what kind of problems it may cause to the restaurant?
    *Ask him if he could suggest any ideas about the issue

    Tast 2:

    Most of the people think that enough money brings happiness but others say too much money may bring problems.

    Do you agree or disagree?

  142. Module: General Training
    Date: 18th August 2017
    Location: Vijayawada, India (British Council)


    Part 1:

    What is your name?
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    Where do you live? In an apartment or a house?
    How does it look like?
    Where do you like to live in future in an apartment or a house?
    Do you like fruits? Which fruit do you like the most? Why?
    Did you like to eat fruits when you are child?
    Is it necessary to eat fruits for everyone? Why?

    Part 2:

    Decribe the sport you like to watch
    *What sport is it
    *Where and when did you first see it
    *With whom did you watch it

    And explain what makes you interested in watching the sport.

    Do you think sports are necessary for watch by everyone?

    Part 3:

    Which sport is popular in your country and why?
    What makes the sport so special that United unites the people?
    Do you think people now a days are lacking physical activity?
    What are the steps to be taken to encourage them towards physical activities?
    How can we encourage adults in taking part of it?

  143. Hi Liz,

    on 19th i wrote the test, just want clarification for peace of mind. in listening there was single question with ” ________ and _________”, answer to this single questions was “Questions – Discussion” I wrote “Questions & Discussion”. what do you think will I get marks for this answer or will be treated as wrong? (and already written in question booklet)

    • The word “and” is not missing from the sentence so it is not part of the answer.

    • I had the same question and wrote like u. Do remember the writing task 2 question coz i feel i answered something else other than what was required in the head question. Need ur help and good luck in ur results

  144. General Test
    Date: August 19, 2017
    Place: Montgomery, AL – USA

    1. Conversation between 2 persons – related to a resort booking
    2. Discussion between a reporter and a manager of a company – related to a new initiative to promote bicycle usage from company
    3. Discussion about Coral and sea inhabitats

    1. Multiple paragraphs about an event (various things to do in event for kigs, adults and timing of each events, which event offer food sampling etc. ) – Q1-Q20
    2. Car Pooling – Q21 – Q30
    3. History about a Canadian stampede – Q31-Q40

    1. Letter writing – Write a letter to airlines manager to let them know that you have left an item in the airlines that you traveled. Let manager know
    a) Details about your journey?
    b) What and how you lost this?
    c) What do you want him to do next?
    2. Essay – Some people argue that making new friends thorugh socail networking sites or internet chats is good whereas others say meeting friends face-to-face is better.
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Finally give your opinion.


    Part 1 Introduction:
    1. What’s your name?
    2. What do you do? Work or job?
    3. Whether you like to continue to be in this field?
    4. What time in a day you like most?
    5. What time in a day you hate most and why?
    6. Do you read magazines?
    7. What kind of magazines you usually read?
    Part 2 Task card:
    Explain the a statue or a creative art (ex. a painting) that you have seen
    1. Where and when you have seen this?
    2. Why do like that?
    Part 3:
    1. Have you done any art work? Explain?
    2. Why do you think art is an important thing is life?
    3. Does government need to support such things?
    4. Do you think art can be used for publicity by governement?
    5. What do you look at when you see a painting?
    6. Does people always think the way you think? – Question based on my answer to Q4
    7. What do you think the difference between a painting and an incomplete object? (I had to ask interviewer to repeat this)
    Repeated the question – what do you see a painting compared against a scrap object?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Muhammad Khattab says:

        Dear professor Liz 😍
        I committed a mistake , I was super amped up like snopy dog ,and at the midst of the excitement ;I answered task II in task I answer sheet . Surprisingly, that was discovered before my test ends by 10 minutes ; what the Invigilator told we was to cross out the number 1 in the header and change it to 2 ..
        What do you think about this ? Will that have a negative or neutral impact my score ?

        Thanks dear

  145. Hi Liz,
    I am a big fan of your blog and have been reading your articles for quite sometime. Great work!
    I have a question regarding the use of complex sentences in letter and essay. I am not sure how long the complex sentence should be. For instance, is the the below sentence too long and should be broken into two? or is it normal?

    The phenomena is very common is third party outsourcing industry where only young unmarried individuals are offered role as the employers are of the view that they will put in extra effort in comparison to mid aged married people.

    • I am so glad you are think about this. It is one of the common mistakes that students make – thinking that complex means long. You can cut that sentence into two. They will both be consider complex according to IELTS marking and will be more accurate. I’ve also corrected a couple of mistakes:

      “A common phenomena is third party outsourcing where only young unmarried individuals are offered roles. This is because employers are of the view that these people will put in the extra effort in comparison to middle-aged married people.”

  146. Gayathridevi says:

    Hi Liz,

    First of all, I would like to thank you on your extended support and the prompt advice. Your website, is helpful for every test takers, specifically for those who appear for first time.
    Browsing through these feeds, I can see, on 19th Aug, in India, the questions were same, for Writing module.
    So, I am sharing here my questions on Speaking module, which was held on 20th Aug.

    Part 1:
    General introduction
    Where do I live now?
    Provide more details about the place you live?
    Do you prefer to live in this place in future?
    Do you own any special kind of shoes and why?
    Do you think that some people have many varieties of shoes and why?
    Do you believe, it is better to have one close friend or many friends?
    How often you call your friends?

    Part 2: (I don’t remember the exact sentences, but given here the main points)
    Describe a foreign food, you had recently.
    a. what was the type of food
    b. when and where you had it
    c. what was it made of
    Detail if you had likes or dislike about the food

    Part 3:
    Do you get international food in the place you live?
    What makes you think, about the food you had since the time you were brought up with?
    Do you think the younger children are more fond of foreign food?
    Do you think the trend will change?
    Why are the international food are relatively costlier?
    Is it cheaper for the government to produce their own food?

    I have a question for Part2 (Speaking), Liz. Thought, your answer might to helpful to someone. Although I covered all the points given in the question, I didn’t follow the order. I just spoke on the points in a natural flow. Does this have any negative effect?

    Thanks again.


  147. Glendalyn says:

    Exam Date: Aug 19,2017
    Location: Qatar

    Part 1 – Do you like fruits?
    What is your favorite fruit?
    Have you tried mixing fruit in any dish?

    Name one popular POPSTAR?
    why do you like her?
    Have you watch a concert?
    Do you like live or recorded?

    Part 2 – Describe a goal that you didn’t achieve?

    Part 3 – Why do people set goal?
    What’s the difference when you were young and now you’re an adult in setting goal?
    Do you think money is important?

    Liz! I am not very confident with all the answers I said. I WAS REALLY NERVOUS 🙁 I felt bad after my speaking exam. I can say that the topic given to me were pretty easy and I read it in some of your posts here. I hope I can still get a good score. Though I answered well in some of the questions but what bothered me is the repetetive answers I said. I am just hoping for the best!

    THANK YOU LIZ FOR YOUR BLOG! I am recommending this to my friends it was such BIG HELP! 🙂

  148. Hi LIz
    My exam was in 19th of AUG 2017
    Task 1 : two bar charts show tha amount of free adult time spent in activities between 2008 and 2010
    Task 2 : cities are built from centuries ago and it was suitable for living back then
    problems & solutions

    Part 1 : About me , where do I live, ads.
    Part 2 : a place you went and it was crowded?
    Part 3 : about places that are croded what should you do to inhance it?
    and so on all about places and towns that are crowded

    A question if I may ask……. I thin I din’t understand he writing part 2 question but I’ve wrote about old buildings that can’t be lived and the area that been evacuated due to this and that in this areas will spread diseases because of the evacuation.
    the solutions I gave were 1. make it historical 2. reconstruction
    is this right??

    thank you and many regards.

  149. Guru Singh says:

    Test Date-19 Aug 2017
    Location -Delhi
    Writing Part-General

    Task 1
    Write a letter to manager of the restaurant near to your house regarding some repair work need to be done in your house

    1. What repairs are you going to do?
    2. How it will affect the restaurant
    3. Provide a solution for the inconvenience.

    Task 2 .

    having enough money can bring but having too much money happiness may bring the problem.

    Agree or Disagree.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Kahlon Navneet Singh says:

        Greetings Liz,
        I have followed your content very finely and precisely. You have thrown your every bit of knowledge in making them easily understandable. I hope you’ll be rewarded by GOD in helping others for your efforts. God bless you.
        I have given the same exam on 19th Aug. L R went very well. I was able to find almost all the answers. However, I forgot to rewrite my opinion in the conclusion although I have made my point clear in the intro and the two paragraphs.
        I thank you from the depth of my heart for helping me out.

    • jagjit singh bedi says:

      please post speaking part module..


  150. Akshay Sant says:

    IELTS Speaking Test
    Venue – Mumbai
    Date – 14th August 2017
    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    Where do you live?
    How is your city to live?
    1. Robotics
    Do you like Robotics?
    Do you like to have robot to do all your work in home?
    Do you like to travel in Robot Car?
    2. Music
    Do you love music?
    Do you play any musical instrument?
    Did you have music subject in your school?
    Do you think in schools, music subject should be taught?
    Which musical instruments do you love and why?

    Part 2
    Talk about interesting neighbour you have
    Who is he/she
    where did you meet him/her
    What do both of you do when you meet
    Why is he/she interesting

    Part 3
    In India, Do people know their neighbours well?
    In Big Cities, People do not their neighbour, Why?
    What should we do to make good neighbourhood?
    If there is small industry in neighbour, What impact does it make?

  151. Dear Liz,

    Thank you for the wonderful information and suggestions on your website, as well as on your youtube videos. Let me share my experience.

    Exam: General Training IELTS
    Location: Gujarat, India
    Date: 19 August 2017

    > Listening: Was easy, just needed full concentration.

    > Reading: A bit lengthy. [Was much in a hurry for the last section, hope it goes well]

    > Writing:

    Task 1: Write a letter to the restaurant owner besides your house and inform him about the repair work that is going to be done for your home. Mention was difficulties would come up and suggest some ways to protect his restaurant.

    Task 2: Some people believe that money is the most important factor for achieving happiness. However, others believe that happiness has nothing to do with money.
    Do you agree or disagree?

    > Speaking: This test is to be conducted tomorrow.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Be chatty and friendly tomorrow!! Remember that the examiner wants to hear your English so do your best to expand and be chatty. Don’t worry if the examiner interrupts your answers – it’s normal – just focus on the new question. Good luck!

      • is it the correct question “some people believe that money is important for achieveing happiness. However , others believe that happiness has nothing to do with with money.
        Do you agree or disagree?
        I mean to say that here two opinions are given and if agree or disagree is to be asked then why there is not a single argument ?
        So i think there should be ” Discuss both views and give your opinion?” at the end of question.

        • Questions written on this page are from students who may not remember them precisely. You should use these questions to prepare topics, not as exam questions due to possible errors.

    • Hi Kaushal, I also took the same test on August 19th 2017.Fingers crossed for a good score.

  152. hi My name is Abdurasul from Uzbekistan. I took the IELTS exam yesterday (19th august) and the question that were given like this:
    Writing task 1- two pie charts and a table which show the percentages of people who visited Austraila and its reasons from 2008 to 2012.
    .task-2 Crime is a problem all over the world and there is nothing to that can be done to prevent it. Do you agree or disagree?

    Listening was not easy but coulbe be managed.
    Section one about Home moving , there was a conversation between a man and a woman.
    Section two was a map and some multiple choice questions.
    Section three was full of multiple choice questions.

    Section four was about smell and it was filling the gaps with one word only.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Im in lebanon , beirut. I had my academic exam on 19th of august. I had exactly the same exam as yours. I think i did really good, except in the listening exam the map describing the place was so hard and so quick, that why i couldnt keep track of following.
        Tomorrow is my speaking exam , finger crossed. 🙂

  153. Hello. I sat my Academic Listening, Reading and Writing on 19th August 2017 in Baku, Azerbaijan at British Council.
    The listening section was dialogue to book a flat for students, then appointment and the handover of flat with a guidance inside. The section 3 and 4 I found more challenging. Section 3 started and I missed the idea and realized that I lost 2-3 gaps so tried to concentrate more. Section 4 was more difficult than I expected – with a verbal instructions on how to find lecture hall, and other sections of uni – saying you go out of main hall on the right then bla bla bla then first right…confused…
    Reading – just as should be. Cant remember in details the topics but 1st was about radio assembling automation – fill the diagram according to stages of radio assemble process and some general questions. Other topics about -blood circulation, how and why human bones become more fragile nowadays compared to that in ancient times.
    Writing 1 – line graph showing 3 types of crimes in England over 1975 till 2005 namely car thefts, house burglary, street robbery.
    Writing 2 – its is believed that students at schools and universities can learn better via technology (eg internet and TV etc) rather than with teachers. to what extent you agree or disagree. I found this topic interesting and offering a lot of ideas to express. But I stuck to idea that technology is good and beneficial for both teachers and student as it provide vast information in just one click BUT the roles of personal approach is utmost important as it was before. It helps to develop soft skills and have quality communication between members of society.

    Tons of THANKS to you. For the time you devote to record the videos and knowledge shared, all with warmth and beautiful smile. Overall, you definitely assisted to probably millions of people without being aware. God Bless You! Please, stay with us and continue your dedication as long as you can afford.

  154. Dear All and Liz,

    Thanks for update.

    Test date : 19 Aug. 2017 Location Qatar
    Test : GT

    Writing task 1 : You are moving to another apartment, write a letter to your friend to inform him and invite hime to visit.

    Writing task 2 : School students are getting home work, some people argued about it. discuss both sides and give your opinion.

  155. I have given Academic test yesterday(Aug,19).
    It was not too tough. 1st passage was something about desertification resons behind this and some causes were mentioned. In this, the question types were T/F and completion of flowchart.
    2nd passage was about parrots and their ancestors and something about changed atmosphere. Questions were:1) in which paragraph the following information is present 2) mcqs 3) paragraph completion
    3rd passage
    Multasking nature of human beings experimented by different scientists
    Question type:
    1) mcqs
    2 match the sentences with the options given
    3) yes no not given

    Task 1
    Two bar graphs of years 1995 and 2010 showing types of area in which peolpe live in australia on the basis of australian born or not.
    Task 2
    Some richer coutries are helping poorer nations to improve their poverty. But this is not improving their financial conditions. Some believe that some other sources should also be given
    To what extent do you agree or disagree.

    This is what I remember it may not be exact data. I hope this will be helpful for others.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • dandelion says:

        Hey LIZ,
        Below I have written an introduction for above mentioned task2 (essay on richer countries helping poorer countries). my question or confusion is, if i agree to the given statement then do i need to write my essay on that statement or I need to provide the alternate ways which i think can be used to to help poorer countries?

        “Poverty is one of the biggest challenges for developing countries. Some developed counties provide financial aid to the poorer countries to decrease the level of poverty. However, there is no significant impact seen on their financial conditions.Many individuals believe that some other resources should also be provided to boost their economy. I strongly agree that Alternate ways to develop a sustainable economy in poorer countries should be used. This essay will brief two main alternate methods which can be used to decrease poverty and to support their economy.”

        paragraph 1 about first alternative method
        paragraph 2 about second alternative method

        Could you please help and is the introduction fine? (please provide your comments).
        I look forward to it.

    • bc or idp?

  156. Hi I had my IELTS TEST YESTERDAY. Below
    are writing details. Hope it helps
    From Bangladesh
    Test centre idp
    Date : 19th August 2017
    Task 1
    Write a letter to friend about a music concert which not able to join.

    1. Describe details about the concert
    2. Why you can’t join
    3. How he can collect from you

    Task 2
    Garbage /waste is increasing rapidly.
    What are the cause of this problem?
    what steps can be taken to solve it?


  157. GT, 19.08.17, SRI LANKA BC
    Speaking – a holiday destination you want to go in future, with whom, what do you want to do there, why are you going in future

    Tourism industry, teaching, work, school days

    Writing 1
    A letter to a friend
    Saying that you moved to a new apartment recently why moved, describe the apartment, invite him

    Some people argue homework is not good and some says it’s good. Discuss both and give your opinion

  158. Divya Patel says:

    test date 19 Aug 2017
    general training
    place: NEW ZEALAND

  159. Hi Liz

    First of all, thank you for all the help you provided through this website. It’s very resourceful; couldn’t have done without it!

    I gave the exam on 19th Aug. following were the questions:

    Task 1: you travelled through an airline and left an item on the plan. Write a letter to airline providing details on the journey, item left, and what you expect from them.
    Task 2: social networking sites and chat groups are good for making new friends. However some people think face to face conversations are more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Section 1: general introduction, where I work, importance of shoes, should a person have many shoes, which kind of shoes are better – comfortable or good looking.
    Section 2: a high paying job I can be good at
    Section 3: should people consider salary while taking jobs, can more money mean more happiness.

    Again, thanks a lot for all the study material. It was very helpful.

  160. Kanika uppal says:

    Hi Liz,

    I took IELTS general yesterday 19th august 2017 for GENERAL module. It went well and i hope for good band score. Following are the topics that i got:

    An event that change ur life (a new job, a new person,etc. )

    Writing task 1…
    Your manager is starting ‘ employee of the month’ scheme and you think it is a good idea. Write a letter discussing..
    How it should be started?
    What the rewards can be?
    How it will benefit employees?

    Writing task 2..
    Some people think that youngpeople are influenced more by their friends than by their parents or teachers. Do u agree or disagree?

    In speaking..there were general questions related to Course of my study
    If i like any pop stars
    And the discussion related to changes in profession and its impact on the society.

    Last passage of reading was a bit complex and it contained questions 27 to 40. I really hope i have cracked them well.

    All the best to all IELTS test takers.

  161. Hi Liz,
    Firstly, thanks for your site!
    I took my ielts test today, I think it went well but I have a question.
    In writing, instead of leaving an empty line I indented the paragraphs. I think I made them clear but now I am worried that it will cause a problem. What do you think?
    The questions were like this:
    task 1-a graph about numbers of three different crimes throughout the years
    task 2- students benefit more from their teachers in lesson other than outside sources(internet,tv) to what extent do you agree or disagree?

  162. LittleHelpFromSerbia says:

    Dear Liz and students,

    Thank you for sharing everything on this wonderful website.
    My teacher and this blog were the greatest support I had during my preparations.
    Liz, thank you for your unlimited love, huge patience and unconditional support. 🙂
    I want to say to everyone that this blog has literally everything they need to be successful on the IELTS. I used exclusively information from this website. 🙂

    My exam was today – 13 August in Serbia, Academic module
    Writing task 1 – 2 pie charts about visitors from 7 different areas of the world who came to Australia in 2008 and 2012, and a table about the most common reasons of their visits in 2012. Units are measured in percentage.
    Writing task 2 – Crime is a problem all over the world and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    SPEAKING – all questions have already been reported by students on this blog 🙂
    PART 1
    Where is situated a town where you live?
    Questions about housework. Which chores do you do? Which of them you dislike and why?
    Questions about watching TV. How often you watch TV and what do you usually watch it? Did you watch TV when you were a child?

    PART 2 – A quiet place you often visit

    PART 3
    General questions about the noise and the silence
    Which silent places people visit?
    Is there a place in the world without noise?
    Where people who work can escape from noise?
    Are nowadays the levels of noise higher than they were in the past (because of the modern transportation systems, factories, etc.).

    This is all I can remember now. 🙂
    I wish you all luck. Be brave and smile. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 And I agree with you completely – be brave and smile 🙂

    • Academic test in France 19 August
      Task 1 table and bar graph Uk Heath description and comaprasion
      Task 2 young and social media kind of essay it is
      It ws east to write

    • Hi Everyone,
      I had may exam (academic)on 19th August in Switzerland,my writing questions(task 1 and 2) and some speaking questions were like LittleHelpFromSerbia.
      where are u from?
      do you work or study?
      Do you have watches?and did you have any when you were a kid?
      Do you study hard?
      After class what do you do?
      what do you think about listening to the music while working or studying?
      Do you think is it good to listen to the music while you are working?
      Describe a quiet place that you would like to go.
      where is it?
      when do you often go there?
      why do you like to go there?
      part 3:
      why do people like to go to quiet places?
      what is the reason of noise in street?what government can do to solve this problem?
      Thank you Liz for your useful website.

  163. Today i.e. on 19-08-2017 I had general LRW exam in hyderabad India.
    The questions that I remember for writing task1 and task2 are as follows
    You have some repairs to do at home, but tgrre is a restaurant next to your house. Write a letter to restaurant manager and say.
    -What repairs you are going to do?
    -How will it effect the restaurant?
    – Provide a solution for the inconvenience.

    Task 2:
    Many people think that having enough money brings happiness while other thinks that having too much money may bring problems.
    Discuss and to what extent do you agree or disagree.

  164. Seda Öztekin says:

    Hi Liz
    I had my speaking exam on 18th august 2017 in İstanbul, Tutkey.
    My guestions were:
    My home, the place where i live
    Music and enstruments
    Music lessons on schools
    When Do children should leave their parents?why?
    Materials Of houses
    Wasting energy in houses and solutions
    On card:
    Describe a home or house that i visited before. Why i liked?
    Those are all i can remember
    Wish everyone a good luck!

  165. I took my LWR test on 19 August @ Angamaly by IDP.
    L and W was easy speaking test will be on 21st.
    Writing topic – Many people think having enough money brings happiness but others think too much money can bring problems. Do you agree or disagree….
    I would like to thank you for your support and help…….

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your speaking! Be natural and chatty 🙂

      • Thank you Liz…
        Speaking test was good….the examiner was so good and sweet…
        Future tour destination
        Where.whom with.why.what do there
        Travel and tourism
        Pros and cons
        Environmental issues
        How local people’ benefits etc

    • bharti jain says:

      same for me.
      19th August, Delhi by IDP

  166. Test date 19/8/2017.IDP India Kerala
    I am from Angamaly,Kochi,India.I had LWR test today.L and R was some what easy and the writing topic was “Many people think having enough money brings happiness but others think too much money can bring problems. Do you agree or disagree?”

  167. I had my Ielts Academic exam on 19th august
    In writing task 2 the topic was
    Rich countries are helping poor countries through money,but they should also help them in other ways
    Do what extent do you agree or disagree

    I have written i agreed and given examples of africa
    And i have written around 2 pages is this okay for 6 bands ?

  168. Akinyemi Ganiyat Omotunde says:

    Hi Liz
    I had my test today 18/08/2017 in Nigeria GT
    Listening , section 2 was tough, 7 questions on map, other sections were OK

    Writing A letter to neighbour that has been helpful, tell the person goodbye and that you are moving to a new area
    Tell her how much she has being helpful to you
    Tell her what you will miss about the area
    Invite her to come visit you in your new area

    TASK 2
    Some people make use of machines rather than work that they can do with their hands. Does this development have more advantages or more disadvantages.

    I may not phrase the questions well but its something similar to this

    Will be glad to share my result when it comes out.

  169. Hello Liz.i just want to thank you from the core of my heart for this amazing material of ielts.i took my test today at Lahore Pakistan.task 1 was bar chart comparing some global production in Asia Europe and rest of world.task 2 was about important for cities to have large outdoor public places such as parks , do u agree or disagree?give your personal example.
    Liz i haven’t quoted any example as i completely i have to suffer more for this?please tell me.
    speaking went good.
    section one included questions whether i study or work.and more questions about dreams.
    cue card topic was about wrong decision i made in past .
    last section included further questions about decision making
    please tell me about the penalty of not giving example.thank you 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You don’t need to give examples. It’s your choice how you explain and develop your main points.

    • Hassan Sheikh says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Ms.Woodad, please make yourself calm and cool , now you are done with the test and you did your best in the test and you are not been able to undo it. Please make your mind relax instead of thinking it again and again 🙂

  170. Dear Liz

    Finally, I took my IELTS test on 17th August. I want to thank you for all your efforts, contributions and helps. Your website, videos and lessons were the essential part of my preparation. Specially I studied for speaking part of my exam with the help of your model answers, advices and other students’ comments.

    To be honest, I didn’t do very well on my speaking exam. But it’s okay. I don’t regret because I did my best during my preparation and on exam. In fact, my general english background isn’t very well and of course it highly affected my IELTS preparation. At least, my speaking examiner was very helpful and polite. She did almost everything in order to help me, but as I mentioned before – sometimes things just don’t go very well, it’s the way the ball bounces 🙂
    My listening, reading and writing part were ok, I guess. When I get my answers, I’ll share them on your website, immediately!!! 🙂 I hope I’ll be able to reap the rewards.

    Well, about questions..

    Speaking part 1.
    Very common and general questions about my studies, dreams (ocean of thanks for your model answers), fruits and politeness.

    Part 2.
    It was the worst part, unfortunately.
    Decribe a time you went to a crowded place.

    Part 3.
    Technology, its influences on our life, work-life balance, why people can’t make time for themselves nowadays, why people stand in a long lines.

    Thank you again and again for everything, dear Liz. It’s just impossible to take for granted your efforts. Hopefully, I’ll share my good results with you as soon as possible. I try to think positively 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your topics 🙂 I’m glad to hear you had an encouraging examiner – it does help. I’m also pleased that you found my website helpful 🙂 Wishing you all the best with your results 🙂

  171. Hi! I took IELTS academic module today in Ukraine.
    Speaking part:
    Do you work or study?
    What do you study? What is the most interesting from your study? Are you going to use gained knowledge in the future.
    Question about jewellery. What do you wear them, did you by jewellers as a present to someone. Why do you think people save jewellery for a long time? What kind of jewelleries do you like?
    Are there any historic person which you are interested in?
    Card: Explains some positive new that you revived from someone: when, who was that person, how do you feel about that, where do you usually hear a good news.

    Additional question- What news are usually presenr by international mass medismedia? Do you think that positive news are better than bad ones? Do you think that news are becoming worse and worse nowadays?
    What kind of events people in your neighbourhood usually celebrate? What is a tradition of sekebrating some events in the family in your country?
    Thanks for your website!it helped me a lot! Good luck to everyone!

  172. Samah kannas says:

    Hello ,I would like to thank you a lot liz for this useful website and I would like to share here my speaking test questions
    I sat my exam (acadimic version) today which is 19/8/2017 in the UAE ,ALAIN city
    *Part 1
    -What’s your full name ?
    -Where are you from ?
    -Do you work or study ?
    -What do you study ?
    -Do you usually remeber your dreams when you wake up ?
    -Do you like to know about ather people dreams ?
    -Do you believe that dreams have meaning ?
    -Would you like to study or know more about dreams ?
    -What do you think or feel about robots ?
    -What you would feel if you were in car which a robot is driving ?
    -Did you like robot when you as a child and when you saw them on TV/cartoons?
    *Part 2
    Describe a shop that opened in your city/town
    You should say :
    Where it is
    What it sells
    Who would go there
    and why do think this shop would be successful
    *Part 3
    Questions like
    How shops can attract cotumers
    How the younger people would be attracted to a shop
    Do you think that online ads would attract the youger people or the older people
    And finally how do you think that price and quality would affect on a costumer to purchase a product
    That’s it thanks and I wish all the student who are going to set the exam good luck ☺

  173. Hi, Liz!

    Today, on the 19th of August, I took my IELTS exam, General Module, in Moscow, Russian Federation.

    The writing task 2 was:
    Many things that used to be done in the home by hands are now being done by machines.
    Does this development bring more advantages or disadvantages?

    I was shocked a bit to get such a tricky question. Having thought for a while I decided to use the model of whether advantages outweighed disadvantages (with an opinion). My thesis statement contained an opinion, however, I didn’t use the verb “outweigh” in my vocabulary having used instead of that structures like “I consider this development beneficial” and so on.
    How do you think it was the correct choice of the essay type and wording?

    I wrote 2 body paragraphs and only at the end of the test I noticed that my first body paragraph, which was about advantages, appeared to be twice longer than the BP2. It contained about 7 sentences, most of which were long and complex. Regretfully, I didn’t have enough time to change the structure, although I remembered clearly that you advised in your advanced essay lessons to break such long paragraphs about pros/cons in 2 parts.
    What do you think will the decrease of the score be due to the structure problem above?

    Liz, thank you so much again for your advanced IELTS lessons, they improved my understanding of the aims of the essay greatly.

    In the second part of the speaking session, I was given the question which I have already seen somewhere on the Internet about the experience I had eating foreign food.

    I made a good story and as I told everything I decided to finish my speech with a conclusion. I think that I spent about 1:30 – 1:50 minutes for the second task. But as I stopped, I was confused by the face of the examiner: she tried to show me that it would be better to continue speaking, as she pointed with her eyes on the recording device. I got the idea, but it took me about 5-7 seconds to overcome my confusion and invent extra ideas regarding the topic.

    Why did the examiner show me that I should continue? And will my short loss of confidence and the long pause effect my fluency score?


    • Thanks for sharing your topics, Anton. You were right to treat your writing task 2 as an “adv outweigh disadv” essay. It is the same essay but with paraphrased instructions – so well done for spotting that. It is best to have equally developed body paragraphs because it means that each point is sufficiently developed. So, it might affect your score for CC, which is 25% of your mark. But hopefully it won’t affect it too much and hopefully you’ll do well on the other marking criteria as well as task 1. I’m glad my advanced lessons helped 🙂

      In speaking, you have 2 mins to showcase your English through a talk. If you finish early, the examiner will indicate that you have a chance to add more – this means you have a chance to impress with more language. If your only long pause was at that time, don’t worry about it. Your speaking score is based on an overall performance only.

  174. Hi Liz. Today my test passed. WRITING 1 is about 2 pie chart and table visitors coming to Australia. Writing 2: crime is a problem all over the world and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. Agree or disagree?

  175. My LRW test was today.19 August
    At Thrissur , kerala India

    Writing task 1
    Write a letter to restaurant manager
    Task 2
    Enough money brings happiness. Too much money may not bring happiness
    Agree or disagree?

    My speaking is on 21st August.

    Thank you liz ….

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your speaking test. Be chatty and friendly 🙂

    • Bharat Sharma says:

      I have got the same questions. I had my exam today in ambala, Haryana

      Bharat sharma

    • Rimpy Saini says:

      I also had LRW today. The writing tasks were:
      Task 1
      You are going to repair in your home and your home is nearby a restaurant. Write a letter to the manager
      1. Tell him the repair details.
      2. Explain what problems it can cause to his restaurant.
      3. Suggest some ways to deals with the problems.

      Task 2
      People think that money can bring happiness but having enough money more than required leads to some problems.
      Do you agree or disagree?

      I explained task 2 on two aspects (academic+professional requirement and economically sound for country as more revenue more developed nation)and agreed to the notion above said

      I found reading a bit tough.

      As far as listening is concerned,
      section 1
      was a conversation between a buyer and dealer about purchase of refrigerator.
      Section 2
      It was a topic related to eyesave campaign sort of

      Section 3
      Analysis of a project by two students

      Section 4
      A topic about wild boar and red deer..


  176. Hello liz,
    I’m from egypt I examined the written academic today
    I’d like to know your openion about how i structured the essay
    The topic was ” the crime is spread all over the world and nothing to be done to prevent it
    To what extend do you agree or disagree ?
    In the introduction i said ” it’s agreed that no one can prevent crimes from hapening , but efforts shpuld be done to reduce the percentage of the crime ”
    And then in the followin paragraphs i offered the suggetions to reduce it
    One was that prevent the violent thrkough the media materials
    The second was give chance to previous criminals to reduce reoffending
    What do you think of the strcture
    Or I’m off topic.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your answer is fine. However, your score isn’t only about your ideas, it’s about how you present them – how you use them and explain them. Anyway, good luck!

  177. Hi Liz,
    I took my test Academic test today in Wellington, NZ. These are by far, what I’ve remembered…

    Part 1
    -Name, do you work or study, where do you live
    -What can you say about kids playing indoor games or spending time on the computer
    -Think of two people you know that are related (describe how are they related and how they look like)
    Part 3
    -Who has more influence on an individual, parents or friends? Why?
    -Do you think there is a cultural factor when it comes to parents’ influences?
    Part 1 -Primary School Application
    Part 2-A house being advertised on the radio
    Part 3-two students talking about their farming project
    Part 3-The Psychology of Color
    Part 1: Barrel
    Part 2: Bristlecone Pines
    Part 3: Extinct animals in Australia
    Task 1: two tables showing the average working hours of workers in Greece, the UK, the Netherlands compared to other European countries
    Task 2: To what extent do you agree or disagree essay. The topic is about computers in the classroom.


  178. April Sam O. Cuenca says:

    IDP Philippines–Davao City, Philippines
    August 19, Academic Module

    Hi, Liz. I’ve posted the questions that were asked during my speaking test. Just recently, I’ve finished the LRW tests, and I feel that it would be nice for others to see the writing questions that were given during the tests.

    Writing Task 1: The tables gives information about the average hours worked by part-time and full-time men and women in three countries in Europe in 2002 and compare them with the European Average.

    Writing Task 2: For centuries, important parts of education have remained such as reading, writing and maths. With the advent of computers, some people think that computer skill be made as a fourth skill to be added to the list.
    To what extent do you agree?

    These are the writing questions. 🙂 Again, I would like to thank you Liz for establishing this wonderful website.

  179. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the great content. I’ve purchased the advanced video classes as well and recommend them to all.

    Today in Fortaleza (Brazil) the speaking test was:

    Part 1: work or study, what you do, wheather;

    Part 2: wheater (favorite wheater, proper clothes, places, how do you feel);

    Part 3: more on wheater (forecast, dealing with rain, whether impact on people’s mood).

    Good luck to all

  180. Academic – August 18, 2017

    Task 1
    Public transportation

    Task 2
    Describe a situation when you felt exited and explain why

    Task 3
    Dangerous situations
    Why people take risks?

  181. Hi Liz,
    I had Speaking Test day before, 16/8/17 in Islamabad, Pakistan
    1. Do I like music instruments
    2. did you learn to play music instruments in childhood
    3. do you like house hold work?
    4. did you help your mother for house hold work in childhood?
    5. explain any new shop open in your area?
    6. What do you think about -ive and +ive impacts of shopping?
    7. Who often go for shopping, or who takes shopping as a leisure activity?

    I did two mistakes, 🙁 I said, ‘My name is……….’.. and Liz, I used twice word ‘No’ in my answer, (But I spoke complete sentence(s) as well in my answer), will it impact my score?

  182. manpreet maan says:

    Ielts academic
    Chandigarh on 16th August
    Part 1
    Q1:what is your name?
    Q2:where are you from?
    After that topic he asked me some question On dream and friends. …
    Part 2: describe a two people from the same family
    Part 3: all the questions Related to family. .

  183. Hello
    I need your opinion please,
    Today in my speaking exam Part2 the question was
    Described something you received without payment like free ticket or free product
    What is it
    Why you received it
    What did you do to receive it

    I talked about my friend’s gift in my birthday.
    He surprised me
    and I did nothing to receive it as he gave it to me as a gift
    . .is it considered right or off topic
    Thanks in advance

  184. MEHREEN SOHAIL says:

    Hello liz,
    Today was my speaking test
    location: Pakistan, Karachi
    module: academic

    Part 1: related to my house and watching tv shows
    part 2: describe any future plan other than study and job
    part 3: why planning is important, why some people do not plan their future, when people in your country start planning, what is the impact of parents in children future, is it right to force a child in choosing his career?

    Thank you Liz for helping. Really appreciated.

    Tomorrow is my RLW test. Please kindly give me guidance related to writing part. I want to achieve 7 band. I have practiced many essays but till I am not confident. Please provide me tips.


  185. Hi my speaking tesr was today..
    Part 1 was abt common topics like neighbours
    Routine life
    And so on..
    Part 2
    A conversation you had with an unknown person
    Part 3
    Why people chat
    Do women speak more than men
    Advantages of face to face conversatins
    Why somr peopke prefer to tell their problems to a stranger rather than their frnds or relatives
    Is there any benefit of discussing our problem to others…

    And Mam thanks for ur excellent tips and videos….it really helped me…hope my qusuons will be helpful for someone else…
    Tmw is my rest of the exams…
    Thanks once again..

  186. Jun Castillo says:

    8/18/20 Philippines
    Speaking Part 1
    Speaking part 2
    Describe a family member who made you proud?
    Who this person?
    When this happen?
    What this person did?

    – I think i did go off topic because I was talking about how proud i was with my father when he bought me a laptop?

    Will this affect my score?

  187. April Sam O. Cuenca says:

    Academic Module–Davao City, Philippines
    August 18, Speaking Test
    Hi, Liz! I want to thank you for giving individuals the chance to share their speaking questions. I’ve been able to see and review the speaking questions. Part 1 questions was all about the fruits and luckily I’ve been able to practice these questions thanks to your website. Here are the questions during my test!

    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Where do you live?
    Do you work or are you a student?
    What is the most interesting part of your course?

    Do you like fruits?
    Do you like it when you were still a child?

    What fruits are popular in your country?

    Did you cook a meal that has fruits as part of its ingredients?

    Do you enjoy the experience of cooking?

    PART 2: Describe a leisure activity that is near or on the sea.

    Part 3: General questions about sea and travel.

    Why do people like to spend time in the beach?

    Why do children like to spend their time in the beach?

    Do you like travelling by sea? Why?

    Do you think that travelling by sea will be common in your country? Why or Why not?

    Products are transported regularly, do you think that transporting it by sea are common in your country? Why?

    Will it be more prominent in the future? Why do you think so?

  188. vishwas jog krishna says:

    Part I: Name, Work, Leisure, Children, Robots
    Part II: Describe a book u read which you want to read it again in future

  189. Today was my speaking
    1. Do you watch television
    2.children are in great pressure why
    3. Do you think you watch television most
    Cue card
    Most important speech given by anyone
    Who is it?
    Why you like it?
    Where it was ?
    4.why children dont listen speech there diffrence between visiual speech or normal speech
    6 why people get confused in speech
    7.speeches are important why

  190. 17/08/2917 São Paulo, Brazil

    Hello. Your full name.
    Do you live in a house or in an apartment?
    What I like about it.
    My dream house.

    Do you like fruit?
    Favorite fruit?
    If I ate fruit as a child.
    If I cooked something with fruit.

    Part2 Card
    A Time when I arrived early.
    Where. When. Why did you arrive early.
    How did you feel.

    Is it important to arrive early?
    Being late in meetings and with friends. What is the difference?
    Why people are always late?

    Talking about time:
    Technology is to save time, but some people feel that they are actually wasting time. Why?
    Some People feel bad about doing nothing. Why?

  191. IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for August 2017

    See a list of topics that have been reported by students this month.

    To prepare for IELTS speaking you should prepare both common topics and recent topics. You can also find common topics on this page:

  192. (Academic ) Sylhet, Bangladesh
    Exam Date: 17/08/17
    Part 1:
    TV channel
    Childhood TV program
    Transportation system
    International sports events

    Part 2:
    Describe a swimming place where people like to go in your hometown

    Part 3:
    Leisure activities of native people
    Cultural and other festival related to international relationship
    Who likes to spend more time on sports
    What will be the future of festivals
    ( Too many questions, I’v forgotten 3-4 more questions)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Exam date: 18 august 2017, academic module, Turkey
      Mine was the same: “describe a swimming place where people like to go in your hometown”
      who should teach swimming to children? parents of professionals?
      do you think that swimming lessons should be placed in primary school curriculums?
      what are the advantages of learning how to swim professionnaly?

  193. hi liz,
    firstly i thank u, your videos and tips helped me a lot. I do like to share my speaking test which might help others.
    Academic-aug 17-hyderabad
    part 1
    Where r u frm?
    house or flat?
    do u like ur house?
    whats ur dream house like to be? (not exactly)
    when did u feel a beautiful sunshine and why?
    is sunshine useful or not?
    do u prefer a place with sunshine or not and why?
    Do u like ur bdays?
    wat do u do on ur bdays?
    which bdays are considered important in ur country?
    Im sry i didnt remember all exactly bt questions are like these only
    part 2
    describe a cake which made u feel special
    you should say
    1.what type of cake?
    3.y did u feel spl?
    part 3
    is celebrating an event necessary? y?
    what different type of foods are served in ur country on occasions?
    is money wasted on foods in these occasions?
    high amount of sugars nd fat foods are consuming now a days? ur opinion?
    is advertisements responsible? is banning them is a solution?
    is tax burden on these kind of foods makes less consume?
    im sry if im wrong bt the question are similar to these
    questions are repeating so kindly prepare all the models. i think dis is the best website to prepare for ielts. once again thank you liz
    hv a nice day ppl nd all d bst for those who r preparing for ielts.

  194. shoaib manzoor says:

    GT Speaking Test
    15th August 2017 Pakistan

    Part 2 Topic

    Describe the an event from the history :

    When it was happened
    who were the participant
    why it was important

    Liz please tell me. was i corrected if i discussed my result declaration ceremony as mu historical event ?

  195. Tanmoy Das says:

    General Training – 17 August 2017 – Speaking – Dhaka, Bangladesh
    I had my Speaking today. My exam time was 3.20; reporting time was 2:50. However, the examiner was more than 1 hour late. So, he was in a hurry to complete my Speaking test, I assume. My speaking test’s length was less than 8 minutes, I think.
    Dear Liz,
    the examiner tried to finish conducting the speaking test as quickly as possible. He interrupted me several times.
    Do you think his hurry will impact my speaking score?

    Questions (so far I can remember)
    Part 1: Politeness, Apartment
    Part 2: Greatest Invention
    Part 3: whell vs other invention,
    1. Do we already get the greatest invention, or we might get more greatest invention in future?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is normal for the examiner to interrupt your answers. That happens to everyone. But no IELTS speaking test can last under 11 mins. All IELTS speaking tests MUST last between 11 and 14 mins.

  196. Raman Toor says:

    Hi Liz..
    speaking exam date 12 august
    part 1
    study and mirror
    part 2
    Free product
    part 3
    what type of free products company give?
    is giving the free products a tactic tu lure people to buy more products?
    what do u think Giving free gifts are way of advertisement?
    what free services should be given to everyone by government?
    #Liz… i want to ask that i did not give the correct answer of last question….i said transport should be free then he again repeat the question then i said that government gives service of bank accounts nd give pension in old age….then he himself said that do u think so education should be free…then i answer it

    plz tell me how much will it effect on my band score??

  197. Zaid Alhamid says:

    I sat the exam in the 12th of August 2017 Jordan

    1. Listening test
    The first section was about accommodation(blanks), the second section was about fire in a building, the last questions were about palm tree abd its uses (filling blanks)
    2. Reading test
    First passage about
    Second passage about Egyptian ancient canal
    Last passage about ape right (giving them right equivalent to human rights) including different scientists opinions and so on.

    3. Writing
    Task 1
    3 pie charts, one 1984, second 1994, third 2004 about the percentages of students following courses.
    Task 2
    Encouraging children to avoid fast food, the responsibility of the school or the parents. Discuss the two views.

    4. Speaking
    Part 1 familiar topics regarding my job, my residency
    Part 2 recent change in home or school
    Part 3 general questions about the effect of changing hone, the education , advertisements.

  198. Hi Dear Liz,

    Here are the questions of my today exam:

    16 Aug.
    Module: General Training
    Where do you live?do you live in an apartment or a house?
    Do you like your home?
    What does it mean to be polite?
    Has the definition of politeness changed over time in your country?
    what kind of jewelry do you like?
    how often do you wear them?
    Have you ever given a jewelry to someone as a gift?

    Talk about a situation where you had a conversation with some people you didn’t know

    why do you think people chat?
    Do women chat more than men?
    what are the advantages of having a face to face conversation?
    ِDo you think there is any difference between the friends in social media and actual friends?
    why don’t some people use social media?

  199. Speaking test
    What is your full name
    Where are you from
    In which part of the country is it?
    Is it interesting place?
    Would you live in there in the future
    Do you remeber your dreams
    Do you like to hear other’s dreams
    Do you like learn more about dreams
    Which types of shoes do you like comforable or pretty one?
    Did you buy any pair of shoes online
    Why did you buy it from online

    A situation where you were not allowed to use your mobile phone
    What was the situation
    When it happened
    How did feel about it

    Any other people know about this
    In which situations people use cell phone
    What are the other advantages of mobile phone
    What is the difference between using mobile phone by younger people and older people
    Do you think when people speak loud on the mobile phone then they disturb to the other people

  200. Hello Liz
    Academic , Delhi NCR 16/08/2017
    I appeared for my speaking test today..


    What is your name?
    U work or study?
    Do you work hard?
    Do u have one best friend or many friends
    Do u play any musical instrument?
    Should children be taught music in school?

    Part 2
    Any important historical event

    Part 3

    1.Y are museums important?
    2.Entry to musuems should b free? Y or y not?
    3.What would you want to display from this generation to coming generations in a museum?

    4.Something we should learn from past?
    5.N how is it beneficial for us today?

    My part 1 and part 2 went fine but I got confused in question 3 of section3 n started fumbling. Will I be able to score 6.5 after this blunder? Please guide Ms. Liz.

    Thank you

  201. 16 Aug
    Speaking test Pakistan
    Part1 music,dreams
    Part2 describe about importance of history and when and where you went for it,who told you
    Part 3 history related questions

    In part 2 I spoke about festival which I attended in Mohatta Palace (old palace in Pakistan) it about ancient books . culture and heritage of sindh (province of pak) was displayed here
    May I go right?

  202. Academic IELTS
    Test Location- Singapore
    Date-12th August 2017

    Listening (Since I am hearing impaired person, so I have to answer 3 sections only.)
    Section 1- events and exhibitions in festival
    Section 2- Gardening practice for children
    Section 3-Town plan

    Passage 1- Noise
    Passage 2- Psychology (patience and fairness experiment between human and Chimpanzee)
    Passage 3- Leo Tolstoy’s work (very difficult)

    Task 1- Map of floor plan of one conference in 2009 and 2010
    Task 2
    Solving environmental problems is responsibility of international organisations. But others believe that it’s the responsibility of one’s nation government. Do you agree or disagree?

    Part 1
    Where do you live?
    What do you like about your area?
    Will you continue to stay in this area in the future?

    What kinds of shoe do you wear?

    Do you like to have one friend or many other friends?

    Part 2
    Describe the moment that you have been waited . I spoke terribly. 🙁

    Part 3
    In which situation, people should be patient?
    Becoming impatience could lead to new inventions?

    I am pretty depressed on my speaking. I got unfriendly examiner and he made faces after hearing my answer. This is my fourth attempt.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Sorry to hear your examiner wasn’t friendly. It is something all students need to be prepared for. You still need to be chatty, open and showcase your English, regardless of how the examiner behaves. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂

    • I am stock on the questions from 3rd part? I have no idea what to answer😣 can you share with as what did you say on your’s exam?

  203. Hello Liz 🙂 Thank you so much for your endless help and guidance .
    I appeared in my IELTS SPEAKING test in Pakistan on 15th Aug, and these are the topics i got.

    Part one.

    Do You wish to continue this job in future?
    which Fruits do you like?
    What kinds of fruits u liked being a child?
    Why is it important to have fruits?
    Have you ever cooked something with fruits?
    Do u know who your neighbors are?
    Have your neighbors ever helped you?
    What do people think about having a young or an old neighbor,which is better?

    Part two.

    Describe the time you found the CLEVER SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM (something like that)
    Who is he?
    What solution was suggested?
    Why do u think it was a clever solution?
    Describe a Situation where you were clever dealing with the problem?

    Part three.
    Are children born clever or become clever with their experiences?
    Are Children more clever nowadays than in the past?
    Are Clever Children more happy?
    Role of school in making children clever?
    How internet can influence the children becoming clever?
    After the introduction of INTERNET AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,why is it widely used nowadays?

    Liz, i did awesome in the first two sections, but i found some difficulty in answering couple of questions in part three as CLEVER child was a new topic for me,though you had mentioned it in the list of summer topics,yet i dint anticipated it well….well thanks again

  204. IELTS speaking test questions
    Date: Tuesday 15th August 2017
    Location: Nigeria
    Part 1
    Where do Live
    Do you wish to live there in the future and why
    Do you know how to play any musical instrument
    Do you think is easy to learn how to play musical instruments

    Cue Card
    Describe a cafe you recently attended
    You should say
    Why you went to the cafe
    When you went to the cafe
    What you ate
    And Explain why you like or dislike the cafe

    Part 3
    Do you think is good for people to invite others when the celebrate an event
    Do you think people’s social lives relates to their personalities
    Why do you think people invite others when they are celebrating an event

  205. prashanthi says:

    Test taken on 29′ july’ 2017 in saudi arabia
    where are you from?
    what kind of place it is?
    what is your opinion about dreams?
    if u are given a chance would you do indetail study about dreams?
    Speak about two people who belong to same family but influence your life
    How often do they meet?
    How do they look like?
    Who are they?
    What do you say about personality?
    Do we inherit our personality?
    Task-1 Pie diagram about different vehicles travelling over a bridge in UK.
    Some people say that educational qualifications are important for successful life ,where some other say that educational qualifications are not necessarily important for successful life
    Discuss both the views and give your opinion supported by your own experiences.

  206. Hi Liz and subscribers!
    I am from the Philippines and I had my speaking exam (Academic) this morning and these were the questions:
    Part 1
    -What do you do? (Do you study or work?)
    -What do you do after work?
    -Do you prefer having a bestfriend or a lot of friends?
    -How often do you see your friends?
    -Do you wear watch when you were a child?
    -How important are watches in your profession?
    -Why do you think people buy expensive watches?
    Talk about an intresting talk you have heard.
    Part 3
    -Have you experienced conducting talk to children (same question pertaining to adult audience?)
    -what do you think are the things needed for a talk/speech to be effective?

    Godbless you Liz and continue to be a blessing to others 🙂

  207. Dear Liz,
    Thank you so much for your blog and videos, without your help I would not have made the score I recently got. I took my test on July 29th and got my result today – (L: 9, R: 9, W: 7.5, S: 8). Below are the questions that I remember, and I have one question regarding my score if you can help one last time 🙂

    Writing part 1:
    You live in apartment, and there is a construction going on in the adjacent building. Write a letter to the building manager complaining about the problems you are having
    with the construction.

    Writing part 2:
    Some people say that leisure time is important for having a good life, while others believe that money is important. Do you agree? Is there any other important factor for
    leading a good quality life?

    Part 1:
    Tell about your home, where do you live?
    Do you like your apartment?

    Do you like your neighbors?
    How well do you know them?
    Is it good to know your neighbors?

    Part 2:
    Describe a news that you heard recently, explain
    what the news was?
    when did you know it?
    how you got to know about it?
    how did you feel about it?

    Part 3:
    How important is covering local news as compared to international news?
    Is local news very important to be broadcasted internationally?
    What kinds of news is important to be broadcasted and why?

    My Question to you:
    As you see my scores are good (L: 9, R: 9, W: 7.5, S: 8).
    I missed writing by half a point to be able to get 20 points for Australia immigration 189 visa. I remember doing well on the writing section, but to my surprise got 7.5. I saw on IELTS website that if the difference between sections is more than 2 points, it is automatically re-evaluated by a senior examiner. But since my scores fall within the 2 points they may not be reevaluated. Do you think it is worth trying a reevaluation for 0.5 points in writing? I know it is very subjective for your suggestions, but I am looking for that 0.5 point push to cross over to 8. Your valuable thoughts will really help me. Thanks in advance!

  208. Academic 12th August , Canada

    writing task1
    Piecharts of graduates who work at an engineering company
    Task 2
    Many countries host Olympics and international football events by spending lot of money, some people support this while some others disagree .Discuss both views and give your opinion

    Talk about your favourite type of clothing

  209. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for the valuable information and guidance that you share with all of us. It is really helpful !

    In return, please find below the IELTS topics for the academic test (August 12th, 2017 in London):
    – Listening:
    1) Telephone conversation between a lady and a letting agent; arranging a day to view a rental house.
    2) A fire warden gives a list of important tasks to his team about the safety measures of a building.
    3) A conversation between two students about their school project (types of birds).
    4) A presentation about an exotic tree.

    – Reading:
    1) The history of chocolate
    2) How the ancient Egyptians transfer large pieces of stones from one place to the other.
    3) A discussion about giving ‘human rights’ to the great apes.

    – Writing:
    A) Task 1: Analysis and comparison of 3 pie charts which displayed a number of different types of academic courses and their popularity among the students.

    B) Task 2: A discussion essay about the increasing number of children who tend to eat junk food. Some claim that school should educate children about the effects of junk food in their health but some others believe that education starts at home. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    – Speaking:
    1) First part: general questions about yourself (origin, work/studies, things you do on your free time, friends, i.e. do we need more than 1 best friend and why, what do you usually do with your friends, dreams, i.e. how often do your remember your dreams, do you believe they have a meaning, would you like to learn more about the dream interpretation).
    2) Second part: 1-2 minutes talk about a pleasant day in the country side.
    3) Third part: a few more questions about the life in the country side (comparison with the past, i.e. has it changed, what type of people are better suited with a life in the country side, comparison between the city and country life).

    Good luck to everyone who is getting ready for his/her exams!

    Thanks again Liz!


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Lis thanks for your website it is very helpful , in your opinion did I answer the question ? Question was some people think that it is the responsibility of school to encourage students not to eat junk food . Some people think that it is the responsibility of parents . Discuss both views and give opinion. In the 2 essay I wrote that educational establishments should provide healthy meals in cafes and canteens and implement. Policies ( banning to use unhealthy food during breaks ) because student use majority of their time at schols. For parepenta I wrote that they play also a vital part in discouraging them to use food which contains harmful ingredients ( hamburgers ,) by communicating with them , devoting enough time and buying fresh vegetables and fruits and carefully look after their health in order to prevent obesity and life threatening diseasesDo you think essay 2 not answering the question ?

  210. Academic
    12th August 2017 ( L, R, W, S)

    Writing Task 1
    – 3 pie charts: percentage of student taking difference courses in Salisbury College from 1984, 1994, 2004

    Writing Task 2
    – school has social responsibility to discourage children from eating junk food. Others think it is the parents responsibility. Discuss both views

    Part 1:
    – House/Apartment
    – Birthday
    – Politeness

    Part 2 : describe the TV drama series that u like to watch

    Part 3:
    – soap drama that is popular
    – western vs local drama in your country
    – why is it popular
    – younger vs older choices of drama series
    – will the trend changed
    – advantages vs disadvantages

    Hope this helps 😊

  211. Rima Blogera says:

    13 Aug 2017
    IELTS Speaking Test in Tehran

    Part One
    Do you work or study?
    What part of your job is so interesting to you?
    Talk about sunrise.

    Part two
    Talk about an unknown person you talked with

    Part three
    What is the effect of social network websites on our life


    test date: aug 13 2017
    can i know your full name?
    where are you from?
    are you a student or do u work?
    how often do u buy shoes?
    what makes people buy expensive shoes?
    did anyone present u a watch?
    how many of them do u own?

    topic card
    describe a person whom did u find polite in ur life
    who is he?
    when did u meet?
    why did u find?

    3rd section
    do respecting people depends upon the place where you live

    hi liz thats far i can remember i have some douts about my speaking module today plzz clear my douts
    in the first section i didnt answer one question fully then examiner asked me the continuous question then i answered it like example do u work or do u study i answered i graduated recently and i stopped she than asked me graduated in which stream? then i answered in civil engg
    in second section i continued to speak for more than one minute and after i finished she asked me do you want to speak some more about this topic then i continued to speak for the next 10 to 20 seconds. what does this mean?
    And in the third section i answered all the question but FOR one question i answered irrelavently and she notified me and then i gave her the correct answer

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It seems you were not prepared for your speaking test. You need to know the format of the test before you take it. It is normal to be interrupted in part 1. It is normal to be encouraged to talk more in part 2 if you finish before 2 mins have finished. It is fine if you misunderstood something. None of that affects your score. Using basic English will get you a lower score. Your aim is to showcase your English.

  213. Hi Liz,
    Your site is so helpful, structure for each module is very well explained. All your videos are such a great tool. You are doing an amazing job. I recommend your site to everyone preparing for the test. You Rock.

    • Thanks 🙂

      • Hi Liz..
        Exam date : 12 August 2017
        -part 1
        -part 2
        Famous personality
        -part 3
        Do you think whole world can become celebrity?
        Other famous person in your country
        What types of Traits should be in celebrity ?
        Many more related questions
        Dear liz.. Please clear my one doubt tht examiner asked me one question do you like to wear watch?
        Then I replied tht no I don’t like to wear watch very honestly…because I always use my mobile phone to watch I gave wrong answer?

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 There are no wrong answers in speaking – the examiner will mark you on fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation – nothing else.

  214. Academic – taken on 12 August 2017 – Chandigarh

    1. Conversation between and lady and a real estate agent for renting a furnished house
    2. Discussion between 2 students discussing pigeons in Melbourne City
    3. Discussion about kinds of Pigeons continued
    4. About tree climbers in an island in Indonesia

    1. History of the Olympic Torch
    2. About a chain of stores in New Zealand – named “Farmer”
    3. About Termites

    Task 1 – Diagram about recycling of Cans – 9 stages shown in pictures – (was an easy one)

    Task 2 – Some people think that it is necessary to travel to learn about other countries. Other feel same can be learnt though TV and Internet. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Pls tell me sunaina abt ur reading is tough or easy??

      • Hi liz i have speaking topic prt 1
        General introduction
        Work or study
        Bday celebrations
        A happy experience you remember from your childhood
        What was it
        How old were you
        Why u still remember it?
        Part 3
        Childhood memories
        How u remember things now?
        What was your first memory of childhood
        Why people remember things
        How people remmeber important events
        Does technology effect memory?

  215. Swapnil Lawande says:

    United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)
    IELTS Academic
    3rd-4th August,2017

    Listening :
    Part1 : Discussion between two people regarding gardening
    Part 2 : Two students planning on positive response of internet on psychology
    Part 3 : Water usage in Australia ( I remember this vaguely)

    Writing :
    Task 1 : Student accommodation plan in 2010 and today. (I was expecting Bar Chart but your videos have always helped me immensely to expect the unexpected)

    Task 2 : In many countries plant and animal species are declining. Give reasons why? And how to avoid this? Give relevant examples of your own.

    Reading : (Was the toughest for me right from beginning, hope for the best)

    Part 1 : Production of oil
    Part 2 : Western African Tribes
    Part 3 : Evolutionary psychology

    Speaking : (I don’t remember much, I’ve mentioned which I remember vividly)
    Part 1 :
    Do you work/study?
    Do you like your job? Why?
    What kind of job do you have? Why you like/dislike?
    What do you usually do after going back from after the work?
    Do you like musical instruments? Have you played any? Why and Why not?
    Is it necessary to have musical lessons at school?

    Part 2 :
    Do you like your job and want to have a career ahead in the same?
    Which field?
    Could you become a good leader/boss ? Why/ Why not?

    Part 3 :
    More questions on the above mentioned part, as I don’t remember much because I was focussing on my answers.

    The examiner was little bit rough, but all thanks you Mam as I was well prepared for the same scenario 🙂 I kept smile right from the beginning and conversation chatty. Hope for the best 🙂
    Your lessons and videos has helped me immensely right from the beginning.
    P.S – I’m a Blue-collar worker working from straight 10 hours a day. Your lectures and videos for 1 month for 2-3 hours have really helped me a lot! Kudos and Thank you so much for dedicating your valuable time for helping the aspirants like us!
    Million Thanks!

  216. Hi! Today I sat IELTS, Academic module, in the Uk. Here are the questions I remembered:
    Listening: 1) estate agent talking to a woman about new accommodation
    2) fire brigade manager’s lecture
    3) students discussing different types of pigeons
    4) don’t remember
    READING: 1) text on apes’ rights
    2) text about ancient Egyptians
    3) text about cocoa beans and chocolate production
    WRITING: 1) three pie charts describing different studying preferences of students over last 20 years
    2) discussion+opinion question about who is in charge of children’s eating habits-parents or school
    SPEAKING: 1) questions about me, where I study
    2) historical figure that inspires me
    3) cue card-to tell about the couple that I know, who are happy in relationship
    4) family, roles of mother and father in family and so on

  217. IELTS Academic

    Task 1
    2 pie charts
    The 1st pie chart illustrates the percentage employees in a company who took a foreign language training and the 2nd chart describes the reason for their language study.

    Task 2
    Some scientists think that there are intelligent life forms in other planet and messages should be sent to contact them. Other scientists think it is a bad idea and would be dangerous.
    Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

    Part 2
    A plant/Tree native to your country
    Agriculture and Economy
    What government can do to improve farming methods.
    How to protect environment at an individual level.

  218. Akshay Sant says:

    Module – Academic
    Date of Test – 12 August 2017
    Location of Test – Mumbai, India
    Writing Task 1 – Diagram shows the process that How Cans are recycled. 1. Recycle Bins 2. Treatment Centre 3. Cleaning 4. Heat 5. Metal Cooling 6. Metal Process 7. New Cans 8. Filling 9. Delivery. Summarise the features and make comparison wherever necessary.

    Writing task 2 – Some people travel abroad to know about other countries. Others, think that Travelling is not necessary as you get all information you want about any country on Internet and TV.
    Discuss the both Views and give your opinion.

  219. Vinaygopal says:

    Academic speaking
    12 august 17

    Part 1
    Questions on studies , politeness , did someone taught you
    Jewelry – do you like , why people like , did you gave any one, why people keep them for long , what do you think of it.

    Part 2
    Crowded/popular place
    Part 3
    Questions on popular places, why people choose specific pop places, what you choose .
    Questions on free time , people need to make free time for themselves, why it is important to make free time.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi Liz, you are a great supporter for all of us. Thank you for being so kind.😊

      • Hi Liz,
        I had my exam yesterday and for writing task 1
        there were two floor plans of 2009 and 2010 , as I haven’t practiced those much and I thought I don’t have to provide overview. Does that really matter and if it does how much marks in terms of band score will be deducted . Though I give the similar statement like overview in last sentence of my paragraph because I wasn’t sure do I have to give overview in diagram or not . Please help . Thanks

        • If you mentioned the main points in a statement, it will act like an overview. The overview is the most important statement in your writing task 1 and is essential for all types of task 1. Your overview may not have been strong but at least you did provide a statement containing key features.

    • Hi Vinaygopal. Could you mention about the questions asked in the writing section as well?
      Which graph and essay did you get?

      • Anupreet Singh says:

        Readind was about.
        1. Olympic light
        2. Based on farmers.
        3. Information about termites.

        Writing was quite easy.
        Task 1- recycling of cans.
        Task 2- Some people say travelling is the best way to collect the information about different countries. Others, however,believe we have internet and tv to collect the information.
        Give your opinion.

      • Bharat Sharma says:

        If you guys can all mention task two it will be really helpful because those are the difficult ones.

    • aug 12 canada

      Part1: full name, do you study or work, do you like music, do you play music instruments
      Part2: describe a foreign food that you eat
      Part3 related to part 2

      1 about An indoor facility
      2 conversation about a swimming pool with few equipments
      3. Don’t remember

      Task 1 pie charts about qualities of graduations work for one family in 1980 and 1990
      Task 2 holding a international sports event, some agree while others think it wastes money, discuss and give your opinion

  220. Speaking test: BC Academic Karachi.
    Part 1.
    Do you work or study
    Do u like what you do
    Why do u like it

    Do u know all your neighbours well
    Is it important to help ur neighbours
    Do u prefer to have old or young neighbours

    At what time do u wake up
    Has your routine changed since u were a kid
    What time of day u like the most
    What changes u want to make in ur daily routine

    Part 2 Cue card
    Describe sonething that u wanted to do for a long time but u hvnt done it yet
    Follow up …will you do this work in future?

    Part 3
    What goals and aims do people have nowadays?
    What are the main reasons to achieve ur aims?
    Do parents help in anyway?
    Do goals of adult people change?
    Does maturity have to do anything about aims and goals?
    Is money important and should be the main purpose of life?

    Gladly, my examiner was quite chatty and friendly. She kept on smiling throughout the test. When the test was done, I showed her a thumbs up to ask if i did well, she smiled and kind of nodded. I hope she meant that it was good.

    My LRW tests are tomorrow. I am too worried about the writing part ;(

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad you got a friendly examiner – it makes a big difference to your performance. For writing, spend time planning. In task 1, you need to decide the key features to put in the overview and then decide how to divide the details into two body paragraphs. Keep your eye on the clock – you need a full 40 mins for task 2. Take time planning task 2 – main ideas, supporting ideas, paragraphing. Read the essay question before you write any paragraph to ensure that each paragraph is addressing all the issues in the question. After you finish, review your essay and check for repeated linking words and mistakes with verbs or articles (a/the). Good luck!!! 🙂

    • Amir please share your writing task 2 question today

  221. Hi Liz

    I recently had a speaking test recently. I was doing well but in the mid of speaking my phone vibrated, it appears that I have missed to keep my phone outside as they asked me all of sudden to go in the examiner room. I continued speaking and examiner was like she does not know anything about the phone, the vibration stopped after a full/semi ring. The speaking test continued, she asked me several many questions after that for which I replied. I was scared that she may tell me about the incident later but she dint mention it at all. After 15-20 mins the test was over, what do you think, will the incident have any impact on my score

    • If the examiner continued the speaking test, it would seem that everyone was ok. If your results are withheld, this is the kind of information you need to explain.

  222. Hi Liz
    Your videos are so helpful …
    but I have one question regarding reading component .
    There is instruction no more than three words/or a number I wrote my answer ’54 million years ago’ I’m confused is it correct or not ….
    I used one number and three words.
    Thanks in anticipation

  223. hello guys. I just took my speaking exam(10th august tashkent) questions were
    how do you celebrate your birthdays
    is it changed
    part 2
    describe your favourite website
    what it is
    how did you find out this website
    is it easy to use
    3 children learning and internet
    is internet useful place to learn for children
    in your country do children have access to the internet
    Liz I have only one question. Does examiner write my score straightaway after I finish each part because I’m not sure but I saw 6.5 on papaer that was on the table and I’m frustrated it is very low score after 7 monthes preparation
    thank you
    Thank you

  224. I wrote the LRW portion of the GT module on August 3rd, and had the speaking section on August 6th, in Pune, India.

    A conversation between a real estate agent and a potential customer | students’ research on moa bird | evolution of bicycles.
    Cannot recall what the second section was about.

    Drawing a blank about reading topics, although I recall vaguely something about a fire (workplace hazards) prevention, and matching toy descriptions to toy characteristics… and more

    Topic 1: Letter to a friend explaining photographs you lost of a recent holiday with him/her, and why one of those photos was important (and which one — describe)

    Topic 2: Give reasons for your opinion on why littering in cities and villages is an increasingly common problem; its consequences and solutions to curb the problem

    Part1: place of residence | an important historical figure (you admire/i.e. your role model) | history, in general | any historical place I’ve visited | if I like history (I don’t!); why or why not | why is history important (or not) | describe a good neighbor you know well

    Part 2: favorite TV show | why you like it, actors, etc.
    Follow-up question – would you recommend the show to anyone

    Unfortunately, I got carried away talking about a show that I really like and I forgot to mention the actors in the show. Before I knew it, the examiner interrupted me (felt much shorter than the 2-minute limit though!) with the “follow-up”. Just hoping I don’t get too heavily penalized for it.

    Part 3: what kind of TV shows do people in your country watch | are there differences in preferences for TV shows that children and adults watch | what role do stories play in our lives; why are they important | differences between stories for adults and kids; what do they mean to people | difference between “written” stories and those that are played out on the screen

    The last question was a bit funky because when I asked for an elaboration on the question to make sure I understood it correctly, I was just read the question back from the “prompt”.

    I had an Indian examiner for the speaking test, so when I talked about some examples of historical persons, I assumed that the examiner would know about those and spoke accordingly. I didn’t think it was necessary to give context of who the person is/was given the examiner’s own ethnicity/background. While I don’t think it would be an issue, what are your thoughts? I hope I don’t have to take the test again,but it would be good to get an opinion in case the results are out-of-whack. 😀

    Personal opinion:
    Unlike what I have seen on Youtube or read elsewhere, the Speaking test did NOT feel like a conversation. Rather it was more of a stultifying interview, with questions coming straight out of a script — which is fine, but it still should feel more conversational…

    …just some thoughts that no one asked for! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your speaking test is marked on your language, not on fulfilling the task, not on ideas and not on understanding. If you didn’t complete the prompts in part 2, it doesn’t matter. If the examiner didn’t know the people you were talking about, it doesn’t matter. As long as you showcased your English, it’s fine.

      Some speaking tests are just one question after another. For other students the examiner is more natural and it feels like a conversation. The questions are the same but some examiners are more relaxed and natural that others. It doesn’t affect your score.

  225. hey there, i appeared for ielts academic speaking test on 8 august, 2017 in amritsar.
    examiner first of all welcomed me in his room. then he said me not to be nervous and he asked me ready to go? before starting the recording . then he first said his name nd my candidate no. and my name. he spoke my name wrong so at that moment i made him correct. is there any penalty for that or not, Liz??

    after that his started questioning me. his questions were:-
    1. what is your fullname?
    2. where are you from?
    3. what is interesting about the place you live in?
    4. do you enjoy living there?
    5. will you change your place of living in future?

    then he questioned me about mirrors:-
    1. do u like mirrors?
    2. do u often bought mirrors? ( i didnot understood his this question for the very first tym so my face expression for not being understood were sensed by him so he himself repeated the question. actually it was his own grammar mistake in the question which he did not even corrected for the second time too… he said bought with do!! will i have any penalty for question repeat ?? plz tell me Liz.
    3. do you try dresses first before buying them?

    then he gave me cue card. it was:-
    describe an important historical event.
    * what is was?
    * where and when it happened ?
    * who took part in this event?
    * what is the importance of this event?

    after my cue card, he asked me do you like history? nd i said no elaborating my answer.

    then he talked about schools. questions were:-
    1. which thing do you find interesting in your school?
    2. which subjects you don’t like nd u thought they must not be there in school?
    then again asked me 3. do you find history an interesting subject?

    then he asked me questions about musuems.
    1. are musuems an important source of information for history ?
    2. are there any charges to visit museums ?
    3. what is the importance of musuems for children?
    4. what is the importance of historical buildings for youngsters?

    after that he asked me,
    * which things of present times will be in musuem in the future?

  226. Academic module.
    Tashkent. 07.08.2017
    Part one.
    do you work or study?
    Do you like your job?
    what type of pop stars do you like?
    have you ever seen them?
    do you prefer recorded music or live?
    part two. cue card.
    describe the place where there are so many people. please tell
    What kind of place it is
    how often you visit there
    Why it is so crowded
    Part three.
    which places the young prefer to visit?
    why people wait so much in turns/lines?
    advantages of apartment
    are there any disadvantages?

  227. Hi Liz,

    Thanks a ton for the awesome lessons and tips. Here are my exam questions:

    IELTS GT, Bangalore India
    Exam Date: 3rd Aug’17 – L/R/W

    WT1: You have recently had a vacation with your friend. You both have taken photographs.
    Write a letter to your friend stating problems with your photograph, asking for photos he has taken and why you need it.

    WT2: Dropping rubbish(garbage) in the streets and countryside has increased. How is this a problem? What could be the solution?

    Speaking Test : 5th Aug’17

    Part 1:
    Do you work/study?
    Do you like your Job and why?
    Will you continue to work in the same job in future?
    Do you think advertisements have influence over your choice in shopping?
    Have you ever bought something because of ads?
    How do you feel when ads pop up when you browse online?
    What do you think about ads with bidding?

    Part 2:
    Describe a company which employs more employees near your home.
    Do you think people should work for a company if they pay more ?
    Part 3:

    Do you like bus or train travel? why?
    Do you prefer bus or underground path?
    How can government improve bus service in your country?
    Government’s role in employment oppotunities?
    How can government lower unemployment percentage ?


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • paramjit arora says:

      Can you tell me about reading paper and listning paper. Of GT 3 august

      • Listening :
        A female inquiring about buying new house.
        Discussion about The Moa Bird.
        History of Bicycles from 18th till 20th century.

        Sec 1: Cognitive Studies on behavioral intelligence of animals.
        Sec 2: Matching description. Gifts for Children
        Sec 3: Fire Accident prevention methods

    • What is to be inferred by company that employs more employees near your home.

    • Sophia Le says:

      Since when did Writing Task 1 include writing a letter … I thought the questions for task 1 was describing graph, chart, table or map. Can someone explain .. ?

      • General Training IELTS writing contains a letter for task 1. Academic IELTS writing is a graph, chart, table, map etc. It depends on the type of IELTS you are doing.

  228. Section 1:
    Are you a student or are you working
    What subjects are you studying
    Why are you studying these
    How do you think this subjects will help you in the future
    Do you have a favorite popstar
    Have you seen any popstars
    Would you like becoming a popstar
    Do you like recorded music or live music in concerts
    Do you have any favorite historical person
    Have you learned anything through historical movies
    Section 2:
    Describe a good news that you have heard recently.
    Section 3:
    What role does social media play in sharing news
    Do you think it is positive or negative
    What kind of good news do we share in our neighbourhood
    Why do you think some people do not like to share their good news with other
    How do families in your community celebrate good news

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi liz,

        I will be taking up my retake this sat aug12. I would just like to confirm if the questions that appeared in India and Pakistan last week’s exam Aug 4 were the same as to the exams in any country all over the world? Thanks

        • Junaid Ahmed says:

          Hi Mahnna,

          Kindly let me know about the questions (Speaking and Writing) you see in the exam. I have my exam scheduled for 14th (Speaking) and 19th (written, reading and listening). I am from Pakistan and hopefully will have the same questions.

  229. Heather Herbert says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you so much for your awesome videos and lessons. They really proved to be helpful for my IELTS General Training exam.I’m sharing the questions I was asked in the Speaking test, whatever I can remember.

    August 5th at Bangalore
    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Where do you live?
    Do you live in a house/apartment?
    What kind of house would you like to live in the future ?
    What kind of fruits do you like and why ?
    Do you eat fruits on a daily basis and why ?
    Do you think school children should eat a lot of fruits ?
    Have you used fruits in cooking ?

    Part 2:
    Describe an invention that you think is useful to people.
    —what the invention is
    —when and who invented it
    — how is it useful

    Part 3:
    Some people consider the wheel to be the greatest invention of all time, do you agree ?
    Any other invention you think was better than the wheel ?
    What do you think needs to be changed about public transport?
    What kitchen equipment is very useful, according to you?
    What equipment would you like to have in your kitchen in future ?
    Do you think one day robots will cook food ? Would you like that?
    Have these inventions made us lazy ?
    Have they not made our lives convenient?

    I was not exactly happy with my answers, but I think I managed okay. Thinking of those 12 minutes still gives me
    The examiner was friendly and pleasant, but I felt like she was rushing me, probably because of my lengthy answers. She would ask me a question and then immediately look at the question booklet to ask me the next one. I found that odd and had to cut off most of my sentences. Anyway, its over and I am awaiting my results.

    Thank you Liz, once again!
    I think you are amazing!!!

    Love from India,