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  1. Hi Liz,
    This is Satya, I took speaking test on 24th July.
    Location : Malaysia

    Here are the questions:

    1. What is your full name?
    2. How may i address you?
    3. Do you live in a flat or house?
    4. What kind of house do you prefer in your future?
    Let talk about fruits.
    5. What kinds of fruits do you like?
    6. Is it important for children?
    7. Were you fond of fruits when you were a child?

    Part 2:

    Describe about a person whom you worked with and helped.

    1. Who is she/he?
    2. What kind of help you have got from him/her.

    Talk about the person little bit.

    Part 3:
    1. how is it important helping others?
    2. How children can be taught to help others?
    3. What characteristics needed to help people?
    4. What are the advantages/disadvantages working as a team?
    5. why do you think team collobaration is an important?
    6. In your country, whom are being paid well?
    7. Do you think any of industry is being paid very less and need to take any action on that? if so which industries and what kind of actions?


  2. 20 July (Jalandhar-Punjab)
    Task 1 – Two pie charts about Australian water usage and aggregate economy.
    Task 2- Billions of dollars are being spent on space exploraion. Should these be spent on improving other conditions? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking Cue Card
    Describe a place where you want to go on a trip in future

    Cross Questions about travelling n tourism.

  3. I have my exam on 8 July

    Part 1
    1. Tell me about ur hometown.
    2. Why u like ur hometown
    3. Do u wear wrist watch.
    4. Have u ever wore wrist watch in ur childhood
    5. Anyone gifted u watch.
    6. If u given a chance would u like to move from ur hometown and why.

    Part 2
    Talk about the time when u have spend time with a young child
    1. Who was the child.
    2. Why u spent time with him/her.
    3.What have u done that day.

    Part 3.
    1. Who spent more time with child father or mother.
    2. Do you think children have more toys compared to past.
    3. children learn something by electronic gadget.

  4. Hi liz, i am harpreet
    I just had my ielts speaking test on 23 july 2017..
    Part 1 : what is your name
    How may i address you
    Questions about hometown,sunshine,politeness( who taught u politeness, do u know any polite persn…)
    Part 2: cue card.. A great invention which has changed your life in an appropraite way.
    Part 3: cross questioning on invention like.. Which technology we must have in our homes and in schools .. Advantages and disadvantages of using this technology..

  5. Faiza Ahmed says:

    IELTS Speaking Test
    General Test
    Date: 22 July 2017
    Venue: British Council Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Part 1:

    Please state your full name
    Do you work or study
    Did you find your studies to be difficult
    What did you like to do when you came home after your studies
    Do you watch a lot of TV
    What type of shows do you watch and why do you like to watch them
    Do you look at yourself in the mirror a lot and why
    Do you ever buy clothes without looking at yourself in the mirror and why
    Have you bought a mirror recently? When?
    Are mirrors good decoration for any room? Why?

    Part 2:

    Describe the most polite person you have come across in your life and also say
    Who is that person
    How do you know the person
    How are they polite
    What are your feelings towards them

    Part 3:
    Do you think others find this person polite also?
    Why do you think respecting others is important?
    What does respecting others really mean? Does it have different meanings?
    Do schools teach children to respect others?
    Do you think half of the worlds problems will be solved if people started respecting each other more?
    Why do people from different backgrounds and places behave differently?
    Can movies and tv shows made in a certain place have an impact on the behaviour of people in other places?
    Do you think differences in peoples behaviours will minimise in the future?

  6. Ifeoma Ekweanua says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you so much for this blog. It has been astronomically helpful to me for the preparation of my IELTS.
    I had my speaking test on 19th July while the LRW were on 20th July 2017.
    I took the Academic module.

    What’s your name?
    What do I call you?
    Tell me about your home town
    Do you like Jewelries?
    What kind of Jewelries do you like to wear?
    Why do people keep Jewelries for a long time?
    Tell me about a neighbour of yours
    Why so you think people should be nice to their neighbours?

    Task 2:
    Describe a personal goal which you have not been able to achieve.
    Do you think you can still achieve it? How will it benefit you?

    Follow up questions
    1. Do you think children should learn how to set goals for themselves?
    2. What role does a mentor play in a child’s life?
    3. Who do you think is responsible for providing the role of mentorship to children?
    4. How can people benefit their countries with their goals?
    5. Are you parents aware of your goals?

    Writing Academic
    Task 1
    A line graph depicting 4 different countries is shown. Study is conducted in 3 different years, 1991, 1999 and 2007 on how the health care system has been accepted across the population (given in percentage) over the 3 years sampled.

    Task 2
    More Universities have began to adopt distant learning internet education as against the classroom system.
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method of education?

    Reading Academic
    Passage 1
    Talks about Australian Aborigines and their ancient Gwion arts
    Passage 2
    Describes modern day scientists and fraud in scientific results publications, plagiarism etc
    Passage 3
    Explains the relationship between symbols and child learning. This passage had 6 paragraphs. We were asked to select the Topic sentences from the lists provided. Etc
    This is all I can remember. 

    Thank you so much Liz. Honestly I must confess it took me about 3 weeks to prepare for my ielts exam.
    Your blog was my salvation.
    God bless you for your contribution to human success.

    Warmest Regards,
    Ifeoma Ekweanua.

  7. Hi Liz


    1 The usual introduction
    2 Do you know about robots? have you watched robot movies? will you trust a robot to perform any task? and a few other questions about the same topic.
    3 tell about a recent inspirational speach you heard. do you prefer discussions or seminars? should people be allowed to give speeches in schools etc

    1 About Dairy shops in New Zealand
    2 About development of different means of transportation in London
    3 About a discovery of a new bone fossil leading to change in views about a certain dinosaur
    The reading part was very long and difficult. You need a lot of practice to complete it in the given time.

    Task 1 was a chart of the amount of time taken by different car manufacturing companies from 2000-2005.
    Task 2 was whether everybody should have free university education or not. What are the positive and negative points of it and what do you support?

    Writing was the most difficult since it is at the end and you are exhausted by then.

  8. Hina Patel says:

    Hi, i’m Hina,
    I’ve recently given ielts examination
    Venue : Ahmedabad,India

    Writing task 1 was about pie charts:australian aggregate income and water usage..
    Task 2 was of ‘government spent more money on space research, it should be use for improving people’s conditions. Do what extent you agree or disagree!!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Exam date: 8/07/2017 Academic
        United Arab Emirates
        Listening:- a conversation of 2 people planning a party (it was reletively easy)
        :- questions about who agreed on what
        :- a man explaining the ways companies use to encourage consumers to buy their products
        Reading: passage of music and diseases
        T/F/not given and yes/no/not given
        There was also multiple choics ques
        Writing:part 1- line graph of the time used for the production of 4 different cars by US car manufactures.
        Part 2- some people agree that education in all its stages (primary,secondaryand university) should be free to everyone, others think that university education should be payed by people who want to pursue it.
        Discuss both point of views and give your opinion.
        Thank you Liz for the very helpful site. Its very appreciated by IELTS candidates.

  9. Academic module
    20th of July, 2017

    •writing session
    Task 1 LINE GRAPH ( levels of people’s satisfaction regarding the health care system in 4 countries, over a 3-year period)
    Task 2 ADVANTAGES-DISADVANTAGES (distance learning)

    Good luck 🍀

  10. IELTS Academic

    Stockholm, Sweden 20th July

    Line graph about satisfaction with healthcare systems in 4 different countries

    Many universities offers online courses . Discuss advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

    Do you like the city there you live?Why?
    Public transport
    Household work

    Cue card: Describe a famous person

    Part 3: different questions about celebrities

    Thank you Liz for your videos, each of your tips was useful today!

  11. Bikramjit Singh says:

    (Jalandhar) India 🇮🇳
    20 July 2017

    🔴Reading Questions
    Para Information matching (6-7)
    Y/N/NG (5-6)
    Choose one letter A/B/C/D (6-7)

    🔴Writing Task 1
    The pie charts show the amount of water used for agricultural products in Australia in 2004 and the other shows the value of them in Australian economy in the same year. (2 pie charts with 5-6 agricultural products)
    🔴Writing Task 2
    Billions of dollars are spend in Space research every year. This money can be used for improving living conditions of people on earth.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree.?

  12. ADITYA V says:

    Thank you Liz for everything.
    Writing Task 2, Academic – July 15(Hyderabad)

    Many countries are willing to improve standard of living for their citizens through economic development but many of them think that social values might be lost if they do it.
    Till what extent do you agree with this?
    Also state the advantages as well as disadvantages and do you think disadvantages outweigh advantages?

  13. Hi..
    20 July.Academic
    Writing task 2-
    Billions of dollar of money spend on space research.This is a wastage of money ,more money must be spend to improve the problems of people on earth .To what extent do you agree or disagree.

  14. Hi Liz,

    Your site is very helpful for me. I am preparing for my general module test. I have a question regarding Reading answers:

    My answer is river
    But any site or practice test answer is (the) river.

    Which answer would be correct?
    Thanks in Advance.

    • When you see “(the) river”, it means there are two possible answers: the river / river = both are correct answers.

  15. Date: 15- July-2015
    Academic, USA Virginia

    Writing Task 2

    Maintaining public libraries are waste of money and resource since internet is now replacing their functions. What extend do you agree or disagree?


  16. I gave Academic ielts Speaking on 4th July. Questions I was asked included:
    What do I do ?
    Do I enjoy my work?
    Would I like to continue working in the same field ?
    What I thought about Sunshine ?
    Can sunshine be used for generating energy?
    Would I like to move to a place with more or less sunshine?
    Part 2 : had to describe a happy experience from my childhood.
    Part 3: about memories
    Why do some people remember some things more than others ?
    What sort of experiences do we remember from the past ? Or something like that- I don’t remember the exact question
    Is it important for adults to have a good memory ?

  17. Hi Liz,

    Took the General Training Test
    On 8th July 2017
    Jakarta, Indonesia (IALF)

    The listening was same with the academic one, is that right??

    Task 1
    Write a letter to your boss that you want to use a room for breaktime lunch with your friends.

    Task 2
    I can’t remember..

    Are you study or work?
    What do you do after working?
    Do you like watch TV? What channel? Why?

    When did you go to the cafe/restaurant? How it is look like?
    Why you go to that cafe?
    How often do you come to cafe/restaurant?
    Can you explain the different of cafe and restaurant?
    Do you think people like to have a party at restaurant or at their own house? why?

    I’m very nervous on the speaking test that make me hardly to say.
    Was that make my score lower? T_T

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your speaking score is based on your fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation.

  18. Shweta Kumari. says:

    15 July 2017

    The bar chart below shows the average consumption of soft drinks and bottled water per person per liter in five country in 2002.

    Most countries aim to improve their standard of living through economic development,but important social values have lost.
    Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  19. June 3, 2017 attended IELTS Academic test.
    Speaking topics were,
    Tell me about yourself.
    Tell me about your hometown.
    Describe about swimming
    You should say:
    Do you know about a swimming pool.
    Whom do you like to swim there?
    Why do you like them to swim?
    How swimming help in health.
    Is training by trained person or the common person good. Why?
    Do I have any household activities that I don’t like to do and why?
    Is there any particular article is that I carry when I go out?
    Is there separate bags I take in morning and evenings?
    Why do you think public clubs has to be introduced for swimming?
    Is it not approachable for all?
    Why do people not practicing good health maintenance?
    What can we do?

  20. July 15th speaking Manchester:
    What do you do? Do you work or study?
    Do you find your work quite stressful?
    Would you say people in your profession are under a lot of pressure?
    After work what do you like to do to deal with the stress?

    Do you watch television?
    What shows do you like?
    Did you watch tv as a child?
    Do you think you watch too much tv?

    Do you play any musical instruments?
    Did you learn music in school?
    Do you think schools should teach music?

    Topic: describe a trip to the countryside. Who did you go with? Where did you go? What did you do?

    Do you think the countryside has changed compared to how it was 40-50 years ago?
    do you think this is a problem?
    What might have changed for people who still live in the countryside?
    What do you think the government can do to combat this problem?

    The questions aren’t word for word I just tried to put in as much as I could remember!
    Good luck everyone and thanks Liz for the website! I’m a native speaker and found this site super helpful for tips!

  21. Bikramjit Singh says:

    15 July Test
    Academic (Jalandhar, India) 🇮🇳

    🔴Writing Task 1

    A bar chart shows the consumption of bottled water and soft drinks per person in 5 different countries in 2002.

    🔴Writing Task 2
    Many countries aim to improve their standards of living through economic development , somehow it can loss social values as a result. Do the advantages of the economic development outweigh the disadvantages?



    Study 📖
    Robots 🤖

    Cue Card

    Talk about an occasion when you received a good service from a person.

    What the service was
    When and where you recieved
    What that person did for you

    How you felt after you recieved the service

    Follow ups
    1. What’s the difference between services in big shops and small shops?
    2. What jobs require staff to get in touch with many people?
    3. What qualities does the staff need? Why?
    4. What should people do when they get bad service? Some others Question I forgot.🤔

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your results !

      • Liz, I will appreciate if posting can actually state if the questions fall under academics or general.
        Again, are there situations where academics questions are being given to general training applicants?

        Thank you.

  22. Aboodles says:

    July 15th 2017

    United Arab Emirates


    Writing task 1: Describe a bar chart that displays the consumed amounts of two different beverages (bottled water and soft drinks) 5 different countries in 2002. Make comparisons where relevant.

    Writing task 2: Economical growth contributes in improving the quality of life. Though this development results in the loss of social values. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

    Not sure of the exact literal wording of the questions, though I tried to use the same vocab as in the exam.

  23. Hi
    Liz your videos helped me alot
    Can you clear my doubt. My cue card was
    To talk about the plan you would like to do – not plan of your work and studies

    Can we speak on business plan that I would like to set up in future.

    • You are not marked on ideas so you can talk about anything you want.

    • 15 th of july UK – Hammersmith. Writing task 2 – Many countries aim to improve their standards of living by economic development , this may lead social values to be lost. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

      • Can any one point out what can be written in this essay. I am bit confused.

        • Bikramjit Singh says:

          🔴Higher average incomes (which, ideally, results in a higher standard of living)
          Improved public services and infrastructure (more people are able to pay taxes, which gives the government more money to spend on infrastructure and public services)
          Lower unemployment rates
          Lower government spending (less people are on unemployment benefits)


          Demand-pull inflation (if demand increases faster than supply, more people are able to buy more things)
          Recession usually follows after inflation
          An increase in wealth inequality

      • Was your reading part difficult? And what type of questions were they?

        • Bikramjit Singh says:

          Yeah. Reading was bit difficult. But I managed

          Questions types
          12-13 True False N/G
          10-11 Blanks
          11-12 Matching Paragraph Information
          5 Short Answers questions

  24. Sulham syahid says:

    Indonesia (15/07/2017)
    Task 1:
    Table about three countries in making cars (2003, 2006 and 2009) in Thailand, Austrialia and Argentina.
    Task 2:
    Animal species are becoming extinct because of human activities, why is happening? What solution to solve this problem?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Liz , academic / Newcastle city
      Writing task 2
      Most countries want to improve the standard of living through economic development, however, others think the social value is lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?

      Writing task 1:
      The graph below give information about consumption of soft drinks and bottled water in five different countries.(united states , Japan , Italy , Germany , …)

      Reading about ( anthropology / global warming / …)

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I just finished my academic test 14/07/2017
    Session 1:
    1. Let’s talk about where do you live
    2. Do you want to live there in the future
    3. Do you love to do housework
    4. Which part of the housework that you dislike
    Session 2:
    Describe new shop that recently opens in your city
    a. Where it was
    b. What they sell
    c. How often you went there
    d. Explain your prediction of the success of this shop
    Session 3:
    a. Do you think people prefer to go the large shop or the small one? Why?
    b. What is the advantage of people spent their money in shopping?

    This is my 2nd attempt in IELTS test. Thank you very much for your website, Liz

  26. 13.07.2017
    speaking Part 1
    do you study hard ?
    do you often go out?
    Do u like to look at mirror?
    How often you look at mirror?
    Do you buy mirror?
    How do u use mirrors to decorate houses in your country?
    Part 2
    Describe a shop that opened in your country
    What is its name?
    Where it is?
    Who usually goes there?
    Part 3
    Advertisement – several questions like how ,where ,by whom,why
    shopping’s effects on people
    why people imitate and want to look like stars
    how it effects society
    do you like watching advertisement
    Sorry i just remember these ones

  27. July 15th

    Part 1:
    Full name
    1.where do you live in your country?
    2.Do you like the place?
    3.will you like to live there in the future?

    4.what kind of shoes do you like? you buy shoes online? you think its reasonable to spend a huge amount on money on shoes?

    about my high school you like your high school you still get in contact with friends from your high school?

    part 2:
    describe an enjoyable place you visited in the country side
    when did you visited the place?
    who was with you

    describe why the place was enjoyable
    would you like to go there in the future?

    part 3;
    what are the advantages of living in the country side?
    will the country side change in the future?
    what advantages does the city has over the country side
    mention a situation in which people will leave the city and move to the country side.
    what changes have happened in the country side compared to few years ago.
    Thats all i could remember.A big thanks to Liz.
    I would say you are wonderful.I wish you all the best today and in years to come

    points to note: try and learn the vocabulary on various topics.when i mentioned the flip flops as one of my examples, the examiner was like waooo

  28. Amalka Withanage says:

    Hi ,
    I did my speaking test today in CMB at BC.
    Here are the list of questions
    part 1
    1. Describe a place you live
    2. Reason to select the place.
    3. How long you will be live in that place

    part 2
    Describe job category which is paid well
    Reason to pay well
    What they have to do
    Why you think it is well paid job
    Explain with examples

    Part 3
    Describe about other places who paid well in non professionals
    Reason to pay high amount of salary
    Talk about motivation
    Why worker need motivation
    From where they get motivation
    How good leader be motivated.
    How employee will get motivate from their self.

  29. Took my speaking exam today.
    The topic was about
    My work
    Part 2 was about a thing that a family member did that made us proud.
    Part 3 was a bit complicated for me. I was asked about pride and proud. What is the different from people’s pride now and before, does pride affect the relationship of countries and things like that.

    In part 2, i didnt actually follow the pattern given in the cue card. I hope it was fine because i still talked about an achievement of a member of a family that made us really proud.

  30. Ankit rana says:

    Writing task 2- few people say education should be free at all levels ( primary secondary tertiary) ,while some people say that individual should pay his own university fee,,,,,discuss both the views and give your opinion,,,July 8 Chandigarh

  31. Mohideen says:

    Test date: 08-July
    Location: Chennai, India
    Module: GT

    Writing Task:
    Task1: You have made a friend from another country, invite him for a party.
    1. What is the party about?
    2. Invite him
    3. Give him the instructions to reach your home

    Task2: Some people believe that all students should go to University, while others think that it is not benefit for everyone. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    I want to thank you very much, I am new to this site but it helped me to prepare the best for the IELTS exam. I wish you all the best.

  32. Hi Liz,

    General training exam on 08/07/2017.
    location: Bangalore India

    Writing : Already few members posted about it same topic.

    what is your full name?
    Do you live in a house or Apartment?
    Tel me about your future house?
    DO you wear Jewellery?
    What kind of Jewellery you wear?
    Why people prefer to keep Jewellery from long time?
    Did you gift jewellery?
    Tell me about your neighbour?
    Do you prefer young or old neighbours?
    did you get help from neighbours?

    Part 2:

    Describe about Childhood memory you remember?

    1:How old you were?
    2:Who were with you?
    3: what was it?

    why do you remember?

    Part 3:

    related to memories
    what triggers you to remember childhood memories?
    why people remember childhood memories?

  33. Nisha Jomon says:


    Dear Liz
    Your website has been very useful. Thanks for sharing so much on your website, its indeed a blessing.

    Speaking – General

    Part 1
    What is your name?
    what can I call you
    Where do you stay?
    Which part of the country do you belong to?
    What is the peculiarity of your state
    Would you like to go back to your hometown

    Do you prefer to have one friend or a group of friend
    Do you like making friends
    What do you like to do with your friends

    Have you enjoyed watching robots in movies as a child
    Would you like to have a robot in your home?
    Would you like to have a robot driving your car?

    Part 2
    Describe a situation where you had to wait for something special to happen?
    What was it?
    What did you do during that time?

    Part 3
    Do you like to wait for something?
    Do you think in our country people have to wait for long time?
    At present do people have to wait longer compared to previous times?
    Are children more patient or adult”s?
    Do you think younger people have to wait more compared to the elderly?

  34. Hello Liz,

    10 July 2017
    Ahmedabad India

    I got repeating question as prepared from here. Thanks for this section.

    Part 1
    Same questions Work and Mirror which is posted by Himansu.
    Part 2
    Popular place for swimming.

    Part 3
    Same question regarding swimming and children are allow to do so.
    New topics – what about higher and lower sport facilities

  35. Ielts- academic
    Speak about a happy couple u know

    Wt-2. Some people believe that free education should be given to all children while others think that students should raise their fees on their own


    My GT held in Abuja, Nigeria on the 8th July 2017(LWR) and 10th July 2017 Speaking.
    Writing:Write a letter to a new friend you made from another Country inviting him for a celebration :state what you are celebrating, when it will be holding and give directions to your home.
    Speaking:What is your name? Do you work or study? do you make friends easily? ,do you prefer to have a best friend or a group of friends?
    Cue card question:State an occasion that you had to disagree with a decision. With who? On what decision?
    Task 3:Do u often tell people when you don’t agree with their decision? Is it better to make a decision in a group or by yourself? What do you think someone in a position of authority need to consider while making a decision? Do think it’s OK for the government to make a general medical decision for its citizens.
    I hope these helps. Good luck to those yet to take their exams.
    Thanks Liz for this blog. God bless!


      In addition to the questions asked in task 1,I was also asked if I wore a wrist watch as a kid and if I had been given one as a present before.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Could you please share the writing task two question.

      • ABIODUN OLABOOYE says:

        Sorry I missed that out. Here it is:Some people believe that everyone should go to the University while some think the University is not for everyone. Discuss both arguments and state your opinion.

  37. AhmedHammad says:

    Today’s speaking test :
    Tell me what do you do?
    How do you celebrate with your birthday?
    Who else you always make sure to celebrate their birthday?
    Do you remember how you used to celebrate your birthday when you were child?
    Topic: describe a change happened to you ?
    What is the change ?
    How did it effect you ?
    Tell me why ppl like to buy jewelry?
    Do you often buy jewelry ?
    For whom ?
    What jewelries do you buy ?
    Do you wear jewelries ?

    Thank you

  38. hi i’m harry
    i had speaking on 4th july,
    academic, in (ldh)
    describe a plant that grown in your country
    related to farming
    in which their problems and benefits included

  39. Manpreet says:

    Hi Ma’am,

    I had my GT exam on 8th of July in Singapore.

    First of all, I must mention, these comments has helped me a lot for understanding the speaking questions and Writing topics. I would like to thank you for organizing and offering this site to enhance skills for all and all the test takers for their posts. I would also like to share my post so that it can also be a part to help others who are appearing for IELTS exam in future.

    Speaking Task 1:
    * Where do you live in House or Apartment?
    * What type of house do you want in future?
    * What do you think about being polite?
    *Who was the first person to teach you about politeness?
    * How it can help you to being a polite?

    Speaking Part 2: Cue Card
    Had to Speak about cake
    * What type of cake that was?
    *what was the occasion and who was with you family or friends?
    * How did you felt about it?

    Actual question may bit different but it was same another way round.

    Speaking part 3:
    Most of the question about food
    *What type of foods people do prepare at different occasions?
    * What do you think about people eating food outside? Why ?
    *Do you think families eat should eat together?Is this possible nowadays?
    *Do people still cook food at home in your country?
    *Do you think there is any difference of preparing food on some other celebrations and religious occasions?

    Task 1:

    You and your colleagues want to use a company room for break-off times. write a letter to your manager using below points:
    * what will be the advantage of getting that room?
    * Suggest a room which will be better of this purpose.
    * What changes you wanted to request to your manager to be made?

    Task 2:
    Now a days increasing noise is becoming a problem?

    why this is a problem?

    what are the reason of this and how it can be solved?

    SORRY FOR MISTAKES It may not exactly the same. But, the meaning is almost same. Hope it will help.

    Good Luck To All!

  40. Test : general traning
    Place : new delhi, india
    Date: 8th july’17

    1. You made a friend from overseas. Invite him/her to the party you arranged at home. In the letter you should include
    a)what is the party for
    b)give directions to reach your home
    c)how you became friends

    2. Some people think that everyone should go to university while others think that university is not best for everyone. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    Test -general training, Speaking
    Date -9th july’17
    Country -new delhi, india

    1.what you do
    2.why you do thia work
    3.will you continue this profession in future
    4.what jewellery you wear
    5.whats your favourite dress
    6.which jewellery you wear with your favourite dress
    7.why do you think it suits best with the dresa u read magazines u watch cartoons or read magazineswhen you were young
    And 3 more questions which i can’t recall

    Discuss your favourite dress
    Whats special about it
    How often do you wear it.

    1.How has fashion impacted people in your country has globalisation impacted fashion industry

    Hope this helps !!

    Richa 🙂

  41. Dear Liz
    Hope you’re doing good. A very big thanks to the great work you’re doing for all the students !!

    I need to ask you just one question related to the speaking test i had today.

    In speaking part 3, i was asked a question “what impact does globalisation have on fashion industry?”….. As i was really short of ideas on this and it was the last question, i just didn’t want to stop to think or give an impression to the examinor that i can’t speak on the topic.

    So, i just spoke on fashion industry fluently but was a little bit off the track. Do you think this will impact my scores?? Your reply would ease my stress and anxiety to some level.

    Thanks in advance.
    Richa 🙂

    • Your speaking score is based on the language you produced, not your ideas. Being off topic makes no difference to your score in speaking, but in writing, it will greatly affect your score.

      • Thanks a million for your reply. You are one of the finest teachers anyone could find with such helpful tips and advises.

        Have a good day

        Richa !!

  42. Well Wisher says:

    Hi Liz,

    Had my exam yesterday, July 8, 2017.

    Writing Taak 1:
    The line graph shows the amount of time spent in making cars by 4 different US-based car manufacturers from 1998-2002.

    X-axis: Years
    Y-axis: Time in hours

    The 4 companies were represented by 4 different lines with 3 companies showing decrease in number of hours until 2002 and one company showing slight increase.

    Writing Task 2:
    Some people believe the government should provide free education at all levels (primary, secondary and university) while others are of the opinion that students should pay for their own university education.

    Discuss both and give your opinion.

  43. Hello mam, I was having my ielts exam on 8th July 2017
    Task -1
    No. Of hours spend on vehicle by four different manufactures in 4 different years

    government should provide free education for different level ( primary, secondary, university) however some say individua should pay their own university education.. discuss both the views and give your opinion .

    Thnku soo much mam 🙂

    Also I’m having my speaking on 10th July
    Wish me good luck 🙏🏻

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your speaking – remember to be chatty and open. The examiner needs to hear your range of language.

    • Pls tell me how was ur reading nd listening means tough or easy pls explain???

    • I had my test done in Reading UK, 8th July, listening: lady is having a party and calling a company and ordering equipment, vegetable garden for children, conversation between John and his professor about road tolls, discounts in stores (buy one get one free…), Reading – 1. About subways, horse-pulled trams.. , 2. New Zealand dairy and which stores are selling dairies, 3. Ptesaurus or some kind of saurus. (Was not easy at all), writing – 1. Table about energy sources in the UK in 1990, 1996, 2000. 2. Maintaining public libraries as everything can be read on computer. At what extent do u agree or disagree. Listening – where do I live, what kind of accommodation, what kind of accommodation would I like to live, buses or subway I like to travel with, do I like fruit, do I cook with them, is it important to eat fruit. Second part: describe your favourite piece of clothing. Third part: questions about shopping clothes, why do I think some people like to shop with friends, fashion and industry, if i.reuse the clothes we no longer wear, and if there would be an industry growing out of this.kind of use of clothes.

  44. Academic Test: 8th July 2017
    Ahmedabad, India.

    Part 2 Speaking
    1. Talk about polite person you know.
    2. Talk about a quiet Place.
    3. An interesting idea of a person that helped you.
    We were three friends, so three topic

    Writing task 1 : Line graph
    Writing task 2 :
    Some people believe Government should provide the free education to primary, secondary and university students. Whereas, other think, individual student should pay their own fees for university.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  45. Perugia, Italy 8/7/2017

    part I
    Do you work or study?
    What’s the best thing of your job?
    Do you like fruit?
    What kind of fruit do you eat?
    Did you like fruit when you were a child?
    Do you think fruit is important? Why?
    Do you send email often?
    Do you think email will still be used in the future?

    Describe a crowded place you’ve visited in your country
    – where
    -with who
    how you felt about it

    What do you think are the advantages or disadvantages of living in tall blocks of apartments?
    What should governments do to solve the problem of crowded urban centres?

    Writing task 1: usual line graph about the amount of hours spent to produce one vehicle by 4 different companies
    Writing task II: Discussion essay + opinion about free education. (more or less the same question used by Liz in her advanced lesson )

    P.S. Thanks a lot Liz! What you’ve created is amazing.

  46. Vishvesh says:

    Hello liz,

    Let me tell you that your one of the best teachers of ielts according to me :). Your tips & guidance has helped me a lot till now.
    I had given my LRW module on 8th of july 2017, the contents being as follows:-

    Task 1 – a graph showing production time taken by 4 american car manufacturers between 1988 and 2002.

    Task 2 – many people believe that government should give free education to all students (primary, secondary & university). Other’s believe that student should pay for their own university fees.
    Do you agree or disagree.
    Describe about both sides.
    Give your opinion about it.

    A map where i made few miss outs and furniture service complaint cell call and also a study research in chemical laboratory.

    2 articles based on dairy development in new Zealand and modes of intercity transport development from buses to subways and trains. 1 research article on mysterious creature pterosaurs. Scientists mr.wilkinsons findings and thinkings.

    Hopefully i think i did well in LRW but could have done better in listening i suppose. My speaking is on 10th of July. Will update it too later on.
    Once again thanks for all the lessons and help,
    Would surely recommend all my fellow test takers to follow you.


  47. Hi Liz,
    Please find below my exam questions. Location Singapore.

    Type: General
    Date: 08/07/2017
    Location: Singapore

    Writing Task1: Write a letter to your manager by asking the permission to use a separate room as a staff relaxation room.
    – Mention the problem you are facing without such a dedicated room
    – Describe why you suggest particular room
    – Mention additional arrangements that need to be done to this room

    Writing Task 2:
    Increasing noise level is becoming a problem in most of the countries.
    – What are the problems of this tendency?
    – How can we address this issue?

    Part 1:
    Mixed questions about my hometown, Robots, Shoes
    describe a book that I have read.
    Further questions about reading habits and how it changed over the past few decades.
    How technology changed people’s reading habits.

    Thank you !!! your blog was so much helpful.

  48. Hi Liz,

    I had my Academic speaking exam last July 7, 2017 in the Philippines. The questions were:

    Part 1:
    – Introduction
    – Describe a person from history that interest you the most.
    – Describe a historical place that you have visited.
    – Describe a historical event that was adapted on a film.

    Part 2:
    Describe a person you know who gave a clever solution to a problem.
    – Who is that person?
    – What is the solution?
    – What is the problem?
    – Explain why you think it is a clever solution.

    Part 3:
    – How do you identify a clever kid?
    – Why some people are intelligent while others are not?
    – Do you think the society needs different intelligent people?
    Keep up the good work in helping the candidates.

  49. Deepak Joshi says:

    Hi All,

    I had my Listening, Reading & Writing parts yesterday.

    General Training
    08th July, 2017
    New Delhi (India)

    Listening Section 1:
    Conversation between a customer and an insurance company’s agent regarding the claim
    for the damaged and missing items while shipping goods to overseas.

    Listening Section 2:
    A lady called her friend and left a message on voicemail guiding her how to travel the new are which is she is aware of (Map was a bit tricky)

    Listening section 3:
    Two students were discussing about their project (multiple questions & Fill in the blanks)

    Listening Section 4:
    A lecturer describing how time was measured in the earlier times like Sand glasses and Sun’s position were used (Fill in the blanks with no more than 3 words)

    Reading exam was a bit lengthy and there True,False & Fill in the blanks. However, the trickiest part was that in the Section 2, there were Questions&Answers with no more than 3 words instead fill in the blanks.

    Also, the section 3 was lengthy as the Match the headings paragraphs were 3 instead 1 and included 3 diagrams (which was new to me)

    Task 1: Write a letter to your friend who is from a different country and invite him/her to a party.
    – Explain the reason for party.
    -Invite him/her.
    -How to get to your place.

    Task 2:
    Some people think that going to university is good, other people think that university is not always best for everyone. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

    @ Liz – I am really thankful for your website as this really helped me this time in all the sections. Also, in the Letter I didn’t mention anywhere that my friend is from another country, However, I responded to all the 3 points. Will it impact my score in Task Reponse?

    Looking forward for your inputs.

    Deepak Joshi

  50. Arvydas says:

    Hi Everyone,
    General IELTS
    Vancouver, Canada
    Speaking 1:
    Where you from?
    Do You work or study?
    What kind of work do you do?
    Do you plan to work here in future?
    Speaking 2:
    Talk about invention that changed world in a good way.

  51. Hi Ma’am Liz, thanks for your invaluable support and materials, please find exam details for LRW as below.

    Location: SG
    Test: GT
    Date: 8th July

    Writing Task 1: Your and your colleagues are discussing to have restroom dedicated at the office. Write a letter to your manager.
    – Why you need the restroom
    – Which room do you prefer
    – What is required in the room
    I believe this need to be written on behalf of the team, instead of writing as an individual, what should be the content and how should we end this letter.
    Task 2: Ever-rising noise pollution.
    – Why is this a problem?
    – explain how this can be prevented?

  52. IELTS general writing. July 8th 2017
    Some people believe that children under 10 years should have the same subjects at school and some people believe that it could be better if children will be able to choose their subjects

    Discuss both points of view and give your own opinion

  53. Hello Liz,

    General Exam
    8 July 2017

    Thanks for this section, because this would be helpful to other students, who are preparing for ielts exam.
    Today, I was appeared for examination for LRW .
    Here, I want to share topics for Writing Task so it will essential for others.
    Task 1 – You have made friend from another country. Invite your friend for party at your home.
    1. Invite your friend.
    2. Why are you organizing this party.
    3. Show the way to get to your home.

    Task 2 – Some people think that University should be for everybody. Other thinks that it is not best option for everyone.
    Discuss the both views and give your opinion.

    I hope, it is pivotal to others.

    My Speaking exam would on Monday 10 July 2017

  54. Chandra says:

    Test Date 8th July, 2017 – Oman
    Writing Task 1: Write a letter to a new friend abroad and invite him to the party.
    Writing task 2: some people believe that everyone should go to university, while others think it is not best for every one. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Speaking Test:
    What is you full name?
    Where are you from?
    Can I see you ID?
    Do you work or study?
    Where you work?
    What is your role?
    Do you like to work here for a long time?
    Do you like fruits? which fruit you like most?
    Cue card:
    Watching sports should be encouraged:
    what is your favorite sport?
    Why you like that sport?
    When did you watched sports last time?
    Follow up questions:
    Watching live sport or at home? which is beneficial?
    Advantages of playing sport?
    Should we encourage young children to play sports?

    I cant remember few questions.

    Thank you very Liz. This site helped me a lot in a short period. I spoke little faster and i had taken few pauses.

  55. Hey Liz, this is regarding ielts academic 8 July 2017, Pakistan.

    Writing task 2: Some people believe that the government should provide free education at all levels primary, secondary and university. Others believe students should pay for university. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Thanks for all your help.

  56. Hi Liz,

    Today I had my LRW test for IELTS general module. There was only few minutes left before the end of reading section as the reading section was too long.
    By mistake I missed out one of the answer while transferring it to my answer sheet. Which led to wrong sequence i.e answers are not according to the exact serial number. What will happen in this case ? Will the invigilator straight away mark it as incorrect ? Is there anything that can be done ?

  57. Hi Liz…hello everyone!!

    I took the exam today, July 8, 2017 here in Bangkok, Thailand….Academic Module

    For Task 1 it was a floor plan of a museum back then and at the present

    For Task 2, Everybody should stay in the school until the age of eighteen.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree.

    By the way, thanks for your great help!!!
    Hoping for the best….

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi Liz,
        Thank you for all the tips and free lessons.Very useful and easy to follow.
        Part 1: Australian Accent
        Customer booking a venue for her husband’s birthday party.Answers are one word or number.
        Part 2: Children’s outdoor activities. Fill in the blanks and multiple choice
        Part 3: Matching Type.
        Part 4: Conversation between a professor and a student.Multiple Choice
        Part 5: Fill in the blanks.British Accent.Its all about bargains.
        Ans: economical,obesity,fruits,gift,perception,reduction,seasonal
        Part 1. Matching headings: About Metro buses ,Underground and overground railways..
        Part 2.Yes/No/Not Given Type.
        One passage is about Pterosaurs. I forgot the other passages.
        Task 1: Table shows the energy produce in the UK in 1996,1998,2000.Measured in tonnes.Fuels are:Natural gas,coal,oil,hydro electric power,I forgot the other one.Discussed the important trends.
        Ex:Fuels 1996 1998 2000
        Natural Gases 75.1 77.2 91.1
        Oil 3.5 3.4 3.9
        Coal 4.0 4.8 3.1
        Hydroelectric power 2.1 4.3 5.0
        The figures are not exactly the same as the exam.
        Task 2.
        The maintenance of public libraries are just a waste of money because of computer technologies which has the same function.
        To what extent to you agree or disagree.Explain.
        Part 1.
        About my self
        Work or study
        Do you take the bus? Why?
        Will you take the bus or walk in future?
        How will the government improve bus service in your country?
        Do you read magazines?Do you read emagazines?
        Did you had access to magazines or comics when you were a child?
        Do you think more young people are reading magazines or more elderly?
        Part 2. Cue Card. Sports
        What sport do I like
        When did I first watch it
        Who did I watch it with
        Why do I enjoy watching it.
        Follow on questions:
        Are the money being spent on sports justifiable?
        Should the government spend public money for sports?
        Why do some people does not want to watch sports?
        Do you think more women in your country will be competing in sports?
        Finger’s crossed.
        Good Luck Everyone

    • Hi, what the center was? British council or IDP ? Because I had different topic .

  58. Location: Russia, Moscow, Students International
    Module: General Training
    Date: 8/07/2017

    Writing Task1:
    You’ve recently made friends with someone from abroad. Invite him/her to the party:
    * Tell him what is the party for
    * Invite him/her
    * Tell how to get to your place

    Writing Task2:
    Some people consider that everyone should go to university, while others consider that is not the best option for everybody. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

    Part1: Work, Buses, History
    Part2: TV Drama Series
    Part3: Discussion about TV Series, most of the questions were derived from my answers to previous ones:
    * Why so many people watch TV series?
    * Why they do it during the day?
    * How often do soap operas teach us something that is common with real life?
    * Some people think that all the ideas for soap operas have already been used. What is your opinion?

  59. sharada says:

    Hi all,

    India : General module
    Date : 8/7/2017

    Writing task 1

    Write a letter to your friend in other country. Invite him/her for the party

    writing task 2

    Some people think every one should go for university education. whereas, others believe university education is not always for everyone.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Sobia K says:

      We also got the same questions here in Lahore Pakistan for GT today, ie 8 th July…. while listening confused me Today… pretty unhappy 🙁

      • Pakistaniii says:


        i am afraid about reading it was too long and difficult as well. did you guys also think reading was bit difficult!!!

      • shalini says:

        Yes.Same Topic in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
        Listening seems very confused .Not Good one never expected.

    • Same here in Bahrain on 8th July.

    • Navjot Singh says:

      8 July 2017
      Durban, South Africa
      General Training

      I also got the same questions for Task 1 and Taak 2. I hope I have done good. Let’s see when result comes. I am doing my speaking test today at 2pm SA time.
      Thanks Liz for everything.

  60. Nirav Pachchigar says:

    HI Liz thanks for the tips. They are very useful.

    Ielts general examination
    Ahmedabad, India
    8th July 2017

    Writing topic 1

    Recently you have made friend in overseas, write a letter to him or her inviting at your home for party.

    – mention what kind of party it is
    -how he/she can reach your home.

    Writing task 2:

    Some people think that every one should go to university. While some people think that university is not for every one.

    Discuss both the view and give your opinion.

  61. GT on 24 June in Manchester

    Writing1: write a letter to Airline manager for a problem you met during your recent business trip overseas
    – Describe the problem
    – Show your dissatisfaction
    – How to improve

    Writing2: some people support children should learn art music drama and creative writing from school and therefore these subjects shall occupy a large amount portion on school timetable. Do you agree or disagree.

    Speaking: tourism
    The effect tourism brings to city
    Describe a city which is famous in your home country
    Cue card: discuss a city you want to travel in your next trip, alone or in group, what to do there, why you want to go.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi everyone,
      Unfortunately I couldn’t find how to post a comment by not replying to a message. Sorry about this.

      Anyway, please let me, firstly, express my gratitude for your significant help, Liz, through your blog in my IELTS exam.

      Below is the content of the exam I held.

      Almaty, Kazakhstan.
      08 July – main test.


      Part 1.
      Do you work or study?
      Some related questions to my occupancy.
      Question about robots: did you played games about robots, what do you think generally about robots.

      Part 2.
      The main theme in the cue card was about shop that recently opened.

      Part 3.
      The further discussion of the information I gave related to the store, mostly do people prefer sopping in small shops or big ones.
      The next partly related question was about service shops gave and how people respond, the importance and so on.
      The last questions was about the advertisement stores put in order to attract people. The importance of the advertisement and what exactly they do to attract older generation.


      1. There was gives line graph that showed the amount of time taken to produce vehicle by four US-based manufatures (there was a list) from 1999 to 2002.

      2. Discussing Essay. Education.
      Some people believe that goverment should provide free education at all levels (primary, secondary and university). Others, however, believe that some individual students should pay for their tertial education. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Liz,

      I have got the same topics for both writing tasks here in UAE as that of Manchester one dated 24 June,but on 8 July. It seems like they repeat such topics with the difference of few days.

  62. Mabdelmageid says:

    Location: EG
    Module: GT
    Date: 8-7-2017

    Part1: A woman wants to reserve a place.
    Part2: Woman talking about planing a garden for children.
    Part3: Student (J) discuss with the professor (H) about traffic
    Part4: Topic about consumers (offers, gifts)

    T/F/NG, topic about theater in Australia
    Heading, topics about several websites
    Fill in blank, topic about claims
    Fill in blank
    Heading, MCQ, Fill in graph about Bridges.

    Task1: Write Letter to Friend invite him to party.
    Describe what is party for.
    Explain how to reach the home.

    Task2: Some people think that everyone should go to university, others disagree with that.
    Discuss both opinions and give your opinion.

  63. IELTS Test from 08.07.2017

    Task 1: a comparison of the amount of time spend on production of a vehicle in four different car companies from the US between 1998 and 2002.

    Task 2:
    It is claimed by some people that government should provide a free education at all levels (primary school, high school and university), while others think that students should pay for their university education on their own. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Thank you very much for your help 🙂 Your website is very useful and you are doing a great job!

  64. hi liz .,,,moga. india yesterday i had speaking part 1 about dreams ,about your city like it is interustind place to live part 2 famous person cue card part 3 about celebrities and 8.7.2017 writing tast 1 line graph about time taken by car company to produce vehicle task 2 some say that government shoud provide free education at all levels like pri sec and uni others say that students should pay for uni education both views

  65. Location : Saudi Arabia
    Module : Academic
    Test date : 08/07/ 2017

    Writing task 1 : chart about amount of time production for US cars (Nissan, Ford, Crysler and General Motors ) manufacturer from 1998 to 2002.

    Writing task 2 : Some government pay for educations for all levels ( primary, secondary and universty) and some don’t pay. What is your opinion on that? What do you prefer? And why?
    ” < something like this "


    Reading :
    Third one: was about some kinds of dinosaur.

    Good luck.

  66. Dear Liz,
    I took my academic ielts exam today(July 8,2017) at Riyadh, KSA.
    Writing task 1: Four line graphs about the time taken to produce vehicles by 4 companies in US.
    Writing task 2: Some belive government should provide free education at primary, secondary and university levels.Others believe students can support their own University studies. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

    My conclusion was only 1 sentence where I stated my opinion. However, I discussed both sides. Have I achieved the task in this case or will I be penalized for a short conclusion? I’m sure, I don’t have less than 250 words.

  67. Hi,
    General test on 8/7/17 in Melbourne, Australia.

    Task 1: Letter to my manager to request permission to change a room in the company for staff break times.

    Task 2: There has been an ever-increasing amount of noise….(forgot the rest of the question) Why is this a problem? How do you think this problem can be solved? Give your reasons and provide examples from your own knowledge or experience.

    Part 1: Dreams. Do you often have dreams? Do you believe dreams have meanings? Would you like to know more about dreams?
    Part 2: Describe a holiday where you would like to visit in the future. Where would you like to visit? Who would you like to go with? Which places would you visit? Explain reasons why you would visit this place.
    Part 3: Have you spoken to anyone about this plan? What are the problems tourists face when travelling to another country?
    *There were other questions but I can’t remember very clearly.*

  68. Location : Indonesia
    Module : Academic
    Test date : 08/07/ 2017

    Writing task 1 : maps of art gallery ground level in 2017 and 2005
    Writing task 2 : Everyone should stay in school until the age of 18 eighteen. To what extent do you agree or disagree

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Speaking: 08/072017
      PART 1
      1. Are you working or studying?
      2. What kind wok are you doing?
      3. Do you like you work?
      4. Do you like taking buses?
      5. Do you prefer to take buses or underground in a big city
      6. How can government improve bus service in your country?
      7. Do you like to take buses in the future?
      8. Do you like reading magazines?
      9. Did you like reading magazines when you were a child?
      10. In your country, the old people or yang people which group would prefer read magazines?

      PART 2
      Describe a couple you know who have a happy marriage
      Who are they?
      How did you know them?
      What they usually do together?

      PART 3
      How people celebrating their wedding in your country?
      Why do people like spending so much money on their wedding?
      What kind of roles of husband and wife normally played in a family in your country?
      Compare to the past, have their roles changed or not?
      Do you think men should spend more time to take care of children?

  69. General / 07th July 2017 / Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Section 1.
    What is your name?
    Are you studying or working?
    Why did you chose to work in this field?
    In future do you plan to continue the same job and why?
    What do you think about adverts now a days?
    What do you think about jewelry, what kind of jewelry do you like?
    Do you wear any or have you ever bought it for someone and what was it?
    Section 2.
    Let’s talk about cakes.
    What was the last occasion when you had cake?
    What kind of cakes do you like?
    Who was with you in that occasion?
    Section 3.
    Food now a days.
    Spending on food in your country.
    Families spending time together while eating.
    Trend of eating and food in future.

    That is all I can recall for now.

  70. Mohammed says:

    You save my future. Thanks a lot Liz

  71. Nanditha says:

    I completed my speaking today at Kochi in India.

    Thanks a lot Liz for the tips. This was my second attempt .I had 7 for listening. Hoping to get a better band this time.


    Part 1

    Place you live
    Domestic work
    Importance of getting children involved in household activities

    Part 2
    About a child you met, the time you spent with the child etc

    Part 3

    Role of mother and father in bringing up children.
    Whether child should be punished for mistakes.
    Role of parents in teaching the value if respect.

  72. Tatiana says:

    I did my Speaking test today 07th July, 2017 General Training
    Location: Brisbane, Australia (Griffith University)

    Part 1
    Where are you from? Do you like your hometown, and why? Would you like to come back and why?
    Questions related to indoor games and public transport

    Part 2

    Describe a place where you go that is quiet 

    -where is that place

    -when do you go there
    -what do you do there
-why do you enjoy this place

    Part 3

    Questions about if people prefer go to quiet or noisy places
    If people prefer listen music while work or study
    Why do people feel uncomfortable with noise?
    There would be quiet places in the future

    Thanks Liz!!

    • Tatiana says:

      I did my Speaking test today 08th July, 2017 General Training
      Location: Brisbane, Australia (Griffith University)

      Writing Task 1
      You and your colleagues need a spare room for break time in the company, write a letter to the manager:
      What is the advantages of having a spare room?
      What do need the room?
      Tell him a suggestion about where should the room be?

      Writing Task 2
      There is an ever increasing amount of noise in our everyday lives. What are the reasons and what can we do about it.

      Thank you Liz for all your useful lessons🤗

  73. Hi everyone. I took the IELTS speaking test yesterday (8th July,2017). My speaking part 2 topic was about plants. I’d found this website very useful for the beginning of the test and of course, I was able to speak about the topic as I prepared each topic from this website.
    Finally, thank you Liz.

  74. Supriya says:

    I completed my ielts speaking test on 5/6/17
    Module: General
    Part 1:
    1) About work and leisure time
    2) Dreams
    3) Music

    Part 2:
    Describe a historical event and its importance

    Part 3:
    Follow up questions on impact on knowing the history

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Shraddha says:

      Hi supriya
      Surprisely i faced same questions today. Instead of music it was on museum.

    • Jamilyn says:

      July 7,2017
      Speaking test
      Part 1 hometown
      Where do you live in the future?
      Where is your hometown located at?
      Did you find your current address nice to live in? Why?
      Part 2 Describe a neighbor that interests you
      Where did u met?
      Explain why did u enjoy your friendship to your neighbor?
      2 follow-up questions regarding the part 2
      About community:
      Shoes: colorful or comfy?
      Have you tried buying a shoes through online? What are the disadvantages and advantages?
      Have you had many shoes?
      How can your neighbors be a good influence to other people?
      Which is better, the small or huge community?

  75. Ielts speaking test ,6 July 2017,kottayam,India.
    Section 1.
    What is your name?
    Are you studying or working?
    What all responsibilities you have at work?
    What do you do after your work in order to relax?

    What all things you take when you go out?
    Is there any difference in the things that you take in mornings as well as evenings?

    How often you see a dream?
    Do you often remember your dreams?
    Are you interested in listening to others dreams?
    Do you wish to learn about dreams?

    Part 2
    An interesting speech that you heard?
    Who was the speaker?
    What was the speech about?
    Why you find it as interesting?

    Section 3.
    Why some people become nervous while delivering speech?
    What all things do they need to prepare for a speech?
    How can speaker gain the attention of children during speech?
    Differences between conference and discussion?
    Is discussion is more effective than conference?
    Do nations benefits from cultural exchange?how?

  76. Hello Liz,

    Many thanks for hosting this resourceful website. I had just 3 days to prepare for my Speaking Test (which happened today, i.e. 06-Jul-17). Your tips and suggestions were invaluable.

    I posted by Speaking Test experience on the wrong page. So I am reproducing it here.

    Part 1:
    1. Are you a student or do you work?
    2. Where do you work?
    3. What is your role at work?
    4. What do you like about your job?
    5. Do you plan to continue in this job?

    Part 2: Talk about a person who has really helped you.
    – who is s/he?
    – what is your relationship with him/her?
    – how did s/he help?

    Part 3: (follow-up questions from Part 2. I made reference to my Part 2 speech in one of the questions. I think it went down quite well with the examiner)
    1. How do you teach children to be helpful?
    2. Should parents be role models to children?
    3. What trait other than empathy is required to be helpful?
    4. Something regarding role of society and caring… <she again picked up on 'core values of society / culture' from my reply and asked the next question.
    5. Are we becoming more selfish?
    6. Should nurses and doctors be paid more?
    7. Can you explain?
    8. Do you read magazines?
    9. Did you read magazines as a child?
    10. Do you like emails?
    11. What are the advantages of emails?
    12. Do you think email usage will increase in future?

    That is all I can recall for now.

    Thank again Liz,

  77. Natalia says:

    Today (06.07), Wellington, New Zealand.
    General IELTS
    Part 1
    Do you study or work?
    What our favorite part of your work?
    Let’s talk about sunshine (or sunligts)…
    How are you felling when the wether is sunny?
    Do you prefer warm wether?
    Is in your country pepople use energy from sun?
    Part two.
    What your favorite clothes?
    When you buy it?
    where you bui it?
    Why do you like it?
    And two more question…

    Part 3.
    Let’s talk about shopping…
    Do you like shopping?
    Why some people like shopping with friends?
    What do you think about on-line shopping?
    Tell me about some formal clothes in your country.
    Sometimes we judge people by thier clothes… What about your country?

  78. Hello Liz,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I took the speaking part of my exam today
    06 JULY in Iran, General Module
    A service that I received as free
    related questions about free objects
    free public services by government
    free educational offer to people

    I wish I had a look at the website before my exam yesterday and today cos the part 2 question was shared here that I just saw it 🙁
    I will take the second part of the exam on Saturday on 8th of July
    please if anyone took the General module at the same date or the other days … share here.
    Anyway thank you for everything

    Wish me luck

  79. sharada says:

    Hi Liz and All,

    I just finished my speaking. India

    Part 1 : All about Mirrors 4-5 Questions

    Part 2 : Describe a well-paid job you would like to do

    part 3 : part 2 related Q’s

    1. who are paid well in your country
    2. who else have to be paid well
    3. is everyone choose their job based on salary
    4. Is it important to accumulate money for future

    I have my other modules on 8th July Saturday. Need your wishes.

    Thank you

  80. Speaking Test 5 July 2017
    Part 1
    Do you study or work?
    Do you live in a house or apartment?
    Do you like your house?
    What house should you like to live in future?
    how often you visit your neighbors?
    relationship with your neighbors?
    do you read books or magazines?
    which magazines do you read?
    book reading in your country?
    Part 2
    Describe a very happy couple in your life that you know?
    who are they?
    where do they live?
    why do you find them interesting?
    Do you often see them?
    Part 3:
    What type of marriage ceremonies do you have in your country?
    do people spend more in marriages? why?
    would they be more spending in future?
    age for marriage in your country?
    men and women responsibilities in your society?
    should women do work outside?

  81. July My speaking test is the first on 5th july
    1-in first part question related to Indoor games and public transport
    2- in second part the cue card is New shop opened in your city
    3-discussion part questions related to big shops and small shops

    Hlo Liz , examiner asked me why in many questions sometimes I confused to give answer because I didn’t have more ideas. is it affect my scores?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You are not marked on ideas. But if your lack of ideas affected your fluency, then that will have an impact.

  82. Liz plz plz plz reply me
    Yesterday I had my speaking test. In the last past she asked me how do you think young children should be appreciated ?
    And I think answered by putting my self in the example like ‘when I was young my parents…’ but she stopped me by saying this these are general question so reply me in general way.
    Do you think she deduct my marks because of it?

  83. Speaking test on July 1, 2017
    Part 1
    1. what is your name?
    2. what part of the country do you live?
    3. do you like where you live?
    4. do you like games?
    5. what game did you play when you were a child?
    Part 2
    Describe a popular place of swimming you know in your country
    Who are the people that go there?
    when do they usually go there?
    Part 3
    talking about swimming do you think children should be allowed to swim?
    who should teach children how to swim, their parents or a swimming coach?
    Do you think swimming should be made part of school curriculum for children, why?
    do you think the youths spend more time in leisure than in cultural activities?

  84. GURDEEP SINGH says:

    i have given speaking exam on 2nd july at patiala…

    My speaking topic was:-



  85. Deepak Joshi says:

    Hi All,

    I have given my Speaking test today i.e. 04th July, 2017

    Type : General Training
    Date : 04th July, 2017
    Location : New Delhi, India

    Part 1:
    Q.1: Where do you live?
    Q.2: Is it an interesting place to live? Why?
    Q.3: Will I live in the same place in Future? Why?
    Q.4: Do you like looking yourself in a Mirror? Why?
    Q.5: How many times do I look in a mirror in a day?
    Q.6: Do I like decorating my room with Mirrors? Why?
    Q.7: Have I ever purchased mirror from the market?

    Part 2:
    A job that is well paid for you –
    – Who all are the people involved
    -Why do you think it’s a well paid job
    – (there was 2 more points to cover)
    Followed with another short question which I don’t remeber.

    Part 3:
    Q.1: What are the major or highly paid jobs in my country?
    Q.2: Does people choose their career based on highly paid jobs?
    Q.3: What other jobs should become highly paid in my opinion?
    Q.4: Apart from Salary, what other factors could be considered for Motivation of an employee?
    Q.5: Do you think self motivation is better than being motivated by others?

    @ Liz – Thank you so much for your wonderful website as it has really helped me a lot this time and it’s helping others as well. *** In my speaking part 2, I was not able to cover the last point as I think my 2 minutes were over and the examiner stopped me and moved on to the next question.**[Will it impact my score?]

    Looking forward for your inputs.

    Thanks and Good Luck to all
    @ Liz – Please wish me luck for my remaining exams as I am preparing them with your advanced writing lessons 😉

    Deepak Joshi

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The prompts on your cue card are guidelines – you don’t have to use them and you don’t have to complete them. Good luck with the rest of your test. In writing, remember to keep your eye on the clock and plan all points carefully. Also avoid making grammar or vocab errors – basically, aim for accuracy rather than trying to impress.

    • Sweta Rawal says:

      Hi Deepak,

      Did you go for IDP or British C?


    • thank you for shared this.. because i got the same question today so i can answered it :))

  86. Sweta Rawal says:

    Dear Liz,

    For writing a letter to a teacher (for reference letter), can we write as below:
    Dear Madam,
    Greetings of the day!
    I am xxx from the 2002 batch of Economics class……

  87. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for the support. Below are the questions I got during my IELTS Speaking. I felt it was like a rapid fire questions and I was stopped talking on almost every questions. Hoping to hit my min target of 7+

    Type : General Training
    Date : 4th July 2017
    Location : Kuala Lumpur

    Part 1
    1) Where is your hometown
    2) What’s special about it.
    3) What are the attractions at your hometown.
    4) Has your hometown changed much since you were a child ?
    5) Are you planning to live there in future?
    6) Do you often look in the mirror?
    7) Do you look at mirrors when you try cloths ?
    8) Have you bought a mirror recently ?
    9) Is it a good idea to use mirrors in the interior design?

    Part 2
    What is the special occasion that you have waited patiently in the past ? 3
    – What was the occasion
    – How long you waited
    – How you felt when you were waiting

    Part 3
    1) How often you see people waiting for something ?
    2) Where do you see people waiting.
    3) Do you prefer to have a best friend or group of friends and why?
    4) How often you spend time with your friends and why ?
    5) Do we need leader in society for ratification ? —- This surprised me a bit and took a moment to respond.

  88. Hanna Abu Ata says:

    Hi Liz,
    First, i’d like to thank you for your continuous support to all those preparing for IELTS exam include myself of course.
    Results shall be announced on the 7th so wish me luck.

    Type: General Training
    Date: 24th June 17
    Location: Amman-Jordan

    Task # 1:
    – you have bough a product from a store. they have advertised for the product but after buying you have realized that the specifications don’t match those claimed by the company. Write a letter to the company, address the issue, and what you would like them to do for you.

    Task # 2:
    – A lot of people like to travel alone while other like travelling within a group. discuss both options and give your opinion.

    – where do you live?
    – whats your career plans?
    – which is better reading a book or watching the movie?
    – what do you think of Soap Opras?
    – do you find them realistic?
    – talk to me about a series you have watched recently and enjoyed?

    Thank you again.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • muhammad says:

        In 2000 i gave IELTS test and i had same writing task #1 which Hanna ABU ata got in exam. I got 7.5 band in writing at that time (i dont know how).
        Liz can you please guide how to write this Task 1 because this topic has got certain things to be explained like product detail,specifications etc.

        • I can only provide a model answer if someone provides a copy of the task. IELTS do not publish all their tests so a student needs to reproduce the task and email me.

  89. Hi Liz,
    First of all, I am really grateful for the support I have received from your tutorials. Today I had my speaking test in UAE. I went really well except that I used “aa” at one or two places and I got stuck while pronouncing at one time.
    The questions were as follows:
    1. What is your name?
    2. Do you work or study?
    3. Do you find it difficult to manage your work?
    4. What do you do after going home?
    5. Do you think that public transport system has been beneficial to get to work?

    Describe a holiday you plan to do in the future?
    1. Where are you planning to go?
    2. With whom are you planning the trip?
    3. What will you do there?

    1. Describe the specific features of a tourist destination?
    2. Do you think that a public transportation system is beneficial to the tourist?
    3. Is there any disadvantage of travel to the local people?
    4. What are the famous holiday spots in UAE?
    5. Do you think it is beneficial for people to stay in a tourist destination?
    6. What is the best age to travel?
    7. Do you think it is good for children to travel?

    I am in short of words to thank you. As, I didn’t hire a private tutor and your tips were the only support. I hope I score at least 7.5 or 8.

    Thanks a lot once again.

    Best Regards,

  90. Hi Liz, my IELTS was on 17th June 2017.

    This are the following questions which I got during my IELTS:

    Task 1: Describe a graph diagram with the year range from 1980-2000 split in 5 years gap in between. There were 4 countries whose data was shown with there amount of energy generated by wind (in MW). Countries: India, US, Germany, Netherlands.

    Task 2: Many people are of the view that the system of teachers and students in a classroom will soon go to extinct till the year 2050.
    Do you agree or disagree about this thinking? Give your opinion on this.

    Part 1: I had the same topic as @Kireeti had. in the previous comment.

    Part 2:
    1. Which was the last place you went to a trip?
    2. Where is it?
    3. Whom did you went with?
    4. What did you do?
    5. Would you like to go there again in future?
    6. What is it / Why is it a special trip?

    Part 3:
    Let’s talk about Countryside.
    1. Have you ever went to countryside?
    2. What is the reason you liked the countryside and why?
    3. Is it a good place for a children to grow up in countryside?
    4. According to you what age range of people suits the best time to stay over there?
    5. What are the major differences between countryside and in city in your country?
    6. According to you what measures can be taken to grow countryside in your country economically?

  91. Md.Aklakur Rahman Ridoy says:

    Hy.Liz….Am having my IELTS exam on 8th of july means the next month…I have a few days left for my exam..All of my module is ok …Just a little problems in the Reading section …I always get 24 or 25 not above this from Cambridge ..I have some problems in headings and yes no N.G….Is there any possibility to get more fill in the gaps in reading section coz one of my friend gave exam in the previous month from IDP that was on 17th of may…he said in his exam there was 24 fill in the gaps…Is there any possibility to get more fill in the gaps in the next IELTS exam…let me know Thank you

  92. Kireeti says:

    Hi Liz,
    I was busy at work hence the delay.
    Exam Date: 03/06/2017
    Module: Academic
    Location: Bangalore, India

    Part 1: 1. Full name
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Do you work or are you a student? – Ans: I work for a civil design consultancy in Bangalore
    4. Do you often extend beyond the regular working hours? – Ans: Yes I do. We deal with Middle East and North American clients and hence in order to have an overlap of timings for interaction we extend regularly.
    5. What do you after office hours? Do you meet friends? – Ans: Usually after office hours we get back home. get fresh and prepare dinner ourselves. We do catch up with friends after office and have a cup of tea and spend time talking about lives.

    Part 2: An event from history which you remember the most? Why is it important for you?
    What is the event? When did it happen? Who all are involved?

    Ans: I would like to describe an event of prior (Incorrectly spelled, immediately corrected it saying sheer) importance from history. It is the Independence of India. It is of utmost importance not just to me but to the entire population of the country.

    It has happened on the 15th of August 1947. The event is of much importance as the entire nation united together to see the downfall of the colonial establishment by the British. Eminent people across the country were involved in the event. ( I have stopped here, it was 1min 10sec and the examiner wanted me to continue talking) – Will this reduce my score?

    The particular event which i am more connected to, by reading books and online articles, is the whole episode of events that happened a night before the 15th. It was the day when Pakistan got its independence. There was power tussle at the apex level on who should become the Prime Minister of India (2 mins was over by then and i was stopped)

    Part 3: 1. How important it is to know the history? Ans: It is of utmost importance to know where we came from and what we people went through
    2. How do you think people learn history? Ans: We get to know history from an younger age through academic books. Governments fix curriculum of schools and institutes through boards that monitor these organizations
    3. Do you think only books are the source? Ans: Books are the basic sources of information. One can always access internet and refer to specific event and its details that is of interest to them
    4. What do historical museums contain? Ans: Museums possess literature and articles of the that time. Like swords, utensils etc used during the period in question.
    5. Should the entry into museums be made free to public? Ans: No. Immediate question was why not ? – Ans: Anything given free of cost would inculcate misbehavior in public and leads taking it for granted situation.
    6. How much should they be charged? Ans: Any minimal token amount like 50rs or 100rs would be fine.

    ——End of Speaking ————

    Can you estimate a score for this section? I have got 6.5 unable to understand. Expected 7 as minimum.

    • Kireeti says:

      I forgot part 1 had a topic:

      Lets talk about dreams
      6. Do you get dreams? – Ans: Yes, I do.
      7. Do you often remember your dreams? – Ans: Yes quite often (My intention was to say not often, but since i uttered it i dint bother). Most of the dreams i get are related to daily activities going on at work or events involving my family.
      8. Do you share your dreams with your friends? – Ans: Not all the dreams, but if the person has or understands a connection in the dream then i will.
      9. Do you listen to dreams of other people? Ans: No, not really. Immediate questions was why not? Ans: It generally depends on what type of person . If a person normally has too weird or too fancy thoughts i will not be inclined.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your ideas are not marked for IELTS speaking. Your score is based on fluency, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation so it isn’t possible to estimate scores without hearing the test.

  93. Hi Liz. I hope u r doing well.
    I took the test on 24th of June.
    I was given warning at that time due to showing my answer sheet to another candidate according to their thoughts. However, I was innocent and didn’t do so. Will it have a negative impact on my reading score? How far? ( they wrote my name on the warning list) thanks in advance👌🏻

    • I don’t usually allow comments on this page. However, this is a serious matter. You need to contact your local test center and discuss the matter with them. Possibly you can write an account of exactly what happened – a very clear account. They will tell you if it is necessary to submit it or not.

  94. Kashmira More says:

    Hi Liz,
    Exam date : 24.06.17
    Location : Bangalore, India
    Writing , Listening and Reading topics are covered by few members already but I didn’t see similar questions for speaking.
    My Speaking test :
    1. Your full name
    2. Do you work or study
    3. What did you study and share some information
    4. Did you get chance to do what you like in evenings during college days? how?
    5. Tell me something about Mirrors
    6. Have you purchased any mirror ? why ? what is the second use of having mirror around you.
    7. Do you wear watch ? why? what do you think of buying expensive watches . why people generally spent alot on it.
    8. 1-2 minutes topic : Describe an interesting neighbor
    9. Do you feel geography matters when it comes to staying in touch with neighbors? why ?
    10. What is like bonding with neighbors in busy cities
    11. What is the use of having neighbors
    12. Is Nation a community? Sorry I quietly asked her to elaborate this question , not because I didn’t understand the meaning but didn’t know what to speak… She again repeated the same question ( will I loose marks?)
    I said, nation is a community only when there is a cricket match OR someone attacks our country or an outsider says something bad about us .. otherwise I daily see lot of problems between two states , within cities and people aren’t together.
    13. What can be done to avoid fights between two states? I said, education can improve as people generally fight when they are in- secured or find other person superior .. but they don’t realize that we all our under one roof and its helping the country grow..

    That’s all happened during speaking test on 25.06.17. Hope that helps, thank you.

    Kind Regards,


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You do not lose marks if you don’t understand a question or ask to repeat it. Your score is based on the language you produce and nothing more for speaking. There are no right or wrong answers – just opportunities to show your English.

  95. I gave my speaking exam today
    Part 1
    Questions related to hometown,domestic chores and things you carry while going out of home
    Part 2
    Any historical event in history of your country
    Part 3
    Questions about sources to know about historyand why persons are remembered for long time

  96. Hello Liz,
    I did my ielts on June 24/2017.
    Regarding writing,
    Task 1 describe a table about the total percentage of workforce employed in six industries in Australia in 1989 and 2009.
    Task 2 nowadays parents put too much pressure on their children to succeed.
    What is the reasons of doing this?
    Is this a negative or positive development?
    Part 1 general questions
    Do you work or study ?what kind of study?why?
    About friends
    About dreams at night
    Part 2
    Describe a cafe
    When where what and things like that.
    Part 3
    I can’t remember but generally most questions were about living in cities and being lonely.
    Thank you.

  97. I had my General Training exam on 24th June 2017 in Vadodara, India.
    Writing topics:
    1) Letter to landlord to fix a problem in the house. Explain what it is the problem and how he could help
    2) Essay on: should certain prisoners be made to do unpaid community work instead of being put behind bars
    Speaking test:
    1) name, what kind of job,
    2) Do you like pop music? why not?
    3) Have you seen a pop star? why not?
    4) How have you learnt politeness?
    5) How is politeness expressed in your culture?
    Cue Card: Describe a city or place that you like
    Part 3
    1) What should a city have?
    2) Why do people live in cities?
    3) Adv of city life and its disadvantages?
    4) does geography of a place play a role in planning a city?
    5) Adv of rural life

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi Liz,

        Could you please suggest whether writing a letter to own landlord is a formal letter or a semi formal letter? i think to be on the safe side its better to consider it as a formal letter.

        • All letters to landlords should be formal. You do not usually know your landlord as a personal friend, most landlords are known through your formal contact of leasing a property.

  98. Hi liz,
    I had my exam on 24th June
    Location :Australia ,Brisbane
    Exam type:General training

    Writing task 1-write a letter to old retired couple whom you know,who wants to visit your hometown,give them some suggestion about your hometown …….

    Task 2-many countries wants to host international sports event while other countries thinks hosting a sports event have more problem than benefit.discuss both views & give your opinion .

    I have one confusion about letter is it formal ,informal or semi-formal letter?? Thought I wrote is as semi-formal and addressed them dear Mr & Mrs John & end with yours sincerely .i was right??
    Thanks in advance

  99. Hi Liz,
    I wrote the exam on 24.06.2017 in London.
    Task 1:Table – Australian retired single person and couples (two people) spending money for seven different categories (housing,clothing,food,transport,leisure,medical and other) weekly and also mentioned weekly total expense.unites are measured in dollar($).
    Task 2:(sorry i couldn’t remembered the whole question)it was related to Global environmental damage lies politicians should be the part,individual can do something more than them.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Reading: All three passage was quite easy.
    Listening: It was not cleared and I spoke with two other candidates after the exam,they also mentioned about the clarity.
    Speaking: Part 1: Where you come from,do you planning to settle there in future? why? and related questions.
    Friendship: do you prefer many friends or a one good friend? Why and importance of friendship?
    Part 2: Topic-Weather
    1.How many seasons does your country have?
    2.What’s your favorite season of the year?Why?
    3.How all seasons affect people daily life?
    4.Which season most people like?
    Spring season (I spoke about all seasons and my favorite season spring)
    Does the seasons affect any festivals in your country?How and Why?
    Do you think world’s weather is changing?How and Why? Solutions.
    Climate change and global warming
    Causes,example and solutions
    Thank you very much Liz,your website is really help me a lots…
    Good luck for all…
    Thanks and Regards

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Well remembered 🙂

    • Yes I got the same test as yours .
      Writing task 2
      The problem of global environmental damage should be controlled by politicians as individuals cannot solve the problem alone.
      Do u agree or disagree.
      Give reasons to support your answer and examples drawn from your personal experience or knowledge.

  100. Fernanda says:

    Dear Liz,
    Fristly, thank you for your excellent website and specially this part. It helped me a lot.
    I hope to help some students too.

    IELTS Academic
    Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
    June 22th (Speaking)
    June 23th (Listening, reading and writing)

    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    How is the place you live?
    Do you plan to live there in the future?

    What do you think is more important: a confortable or a beatiful shoe?
    Do you by shoes online?
    Is it important to spend a lot of money on shoes?
    Do you think women have many pairs of shoes?

    Do you prefer to have one best friend or a group of friends? Why?

    Part 2: Card
    Talk about an event when you argue with someone.
    Who is the person?
    What is the situation?
    How you resolved it?

    Part 3: Discussion
    Do you think it is important to give your opinion when you disagree with something?
    Do you prefer to make decisions alone or in group? Why?
    Do you think men and women differs about the way they make decisions?
    Do you think young people have to make important decions?
    Which is the most important decision young people need to make today?
    Do you think it is important to advise young people in their decisions?
    Do you think young people like to be oriented?

    Part 1: Call between 2 people – Father asking information about classes for your 4 years old daughter.
    Part 2: I don’t remenber.
    Part 3: Student talking about the University final project with his professor.

    Writing Part 1: Table illustrating the percentage of workfoce in 6 Australian industries between 1989 and 2009.

    Writing Part 2: Parents put a lot of pressure on children to succeed. Do you think it is a bad or a good thing?

    I hope to get the score that I need! 🙂

    Thank you!

  101. Hi, I’m Safar Usubov.
    I had an exam on June 24th in Azerbaijan, Baku.
    Wrting task 1:
    The map related to the layout of Museum 1957-2007
    Writing task 2:
    Cause and Solution about old people take an exercise for staying healty

  102. Himanshu says:

    Date:- 26 June 17
    Type of test – Academic
    Location: – GSM, Greenford,London

    Part 1
    Q1 Where do you live
    Q2 Is it nice place to live
    Q3 Do you think you will live here in the future
    Q4 Describe a dream that you had
    Q5 Has someone discussed dream with you
    Q6 Should dreams be studied
    Q7 Do you help around in household work

    Part 2 Cue Card

    Describe a cafe visit

    How is the cafe like, where it is located. What kind of food and drink you had. Why do you like or dislike the place

    Part 3
    Does the cafe has many visitors
    Do you socialise in cafe or home
    Do you belive that a person must live by himself lonely or a person must socialise

  103. Hi Liz,

    I took exam LRW exam on 24/06/2017 in Johannesburg, south africa.
    I would like to thank you countless times for your excellent work and helping n number of people allover the world. It’s very useful site to expedite the knowledge on IELTS.

    General Training

    writing task-1:you read a advertisement and purchased a product, write to manager regarding the product, what did you purchase, what happen to the product and your suggestions to the manager.
    writing task-1: travelling alone to the countries is beneficial or need to take some familiar person with them. Discuss in both views and give your opinion.


    About email, smile, laughing, happy and house.

    Smile, laugh and happy all are somewhat similar, so it made somewhat confuse to answer.

    I hope reading , listening and writing did well. but i am worried about speaking. how band score is calculated? do they consider all tests ? how the average is done? please reply me.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You are given a band score at the end of the your speaking test, based on: fluency, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation throughout your speaking test. The examiner does not know your score for other parts of your test. Each part of the IELTS test is marked separately.

    • this my same exact question can you share the answers to the reading or listening ifnyou remeber please, thank you.

  104. Hi Liz,

    First of all, your videos assisted me a lot in my preparation. I had my speaking test on 23rd June 2017 and LRW on 24th June in India.
    In my Speaking Part, a few questions I could remember are :-
    1. What is your full name?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Do women love Jewellery?
    4. What jewellery do you like to wear?
    5. When do people preserve old jewellery?
    6. Do you celebrate birthdays?
    7. Which birthday do you celebrate in the most special way? Like 16th, 18th, 21st or 60th etc.

    CUE CARD – Talk about a recent city you visited. (i) Where is it? (ii) What do you like the most about it? (iii) Don’t remember.

    1. Would you like to visit this city again?
    2. What role does monuments play in the progress of a city?
    2. What can government do in order to attract more people to cities?

    These are few questions I got to answer.
    Expecting my score card by the first week of July.

    Riby (India)

    • Sorry, forgot to mention the questions from LRW module. I opted for General Training Module.

      Listening Section comprised of an audio firstly regarding 4 Hotels and their features (four boxes on the Question paper with features related to each hotel) and secondly, regarding volunteering, examples of two volunteers. The last conversation was a bit tricky with fast speech.

      Reading Section – The history of Navigation tools and how they evolved. The different tools to calculate the lattitude and longitude made by German, Greek, Chinese magnetic compass, etc. Few more articles were there, but unfortunately, I don’t remember. The last questions were bit confusing.

      Writing – Letter : Write a letter to your landlord informing about some minor damage caused to the flat (apartment) due to recent bad weather. In you letter, mention about (i) what is the damage? (ii) What problems you are facing due to this damage? (iii) What do you want him to do?

      Essay : Some criminals should be given unpaid jobs to contribute to the community. Do you agree or disagree?

      Liz, The words are not exactly as mentioned in the paper, but I have managed to jot down a few I could think of.



      • You’ve remembered very well and it’ll help a lot of students 🙂 Good luck with your results 🙂

      • Gurpreet says:

        Hi Riby . I also appeared for exam on 24 . Do you remember some ans of listening anyhow . If yes please share your email id. Thanks

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

  105. Hi Liz, Hi everyone,

    Module: Academic
    Date: 24th June 2017
    Location: Mauritius


    Task 1
    2 diagrams – a small museum in 1957 and in 2007 (It’s almost the same diagrams as in the IELTS practice material 2 book)

    Task 2
    Doctors recommend that older persons should exercise regularly. However, many of them do not exercise enough.

    What are the causes?

    What can be done to encourage them to exercise?

    Good luck.


  106. Thanks Liz , your site helped a great deal, wrote The June 24 exam in Nigeria general test, writing 2 is a question on if people gain more exprerince about a place and culture when they travel alone or as a group .

    The reading was about sheep and it intelligence, listening was on a holiday sports booking

  107. Chandni patel says:

    Hello all ,
    Appeared for academic ielts in Lusaka,Zambia.
    Speaking test was on 22nd June
    Topic was about study n my introduction in part 1
    Part 2 was about neighbour
    Part 3 was about time management.
    It was good overall in speaking.
    Then comes the big hurdle of listening ,reading and writing.. held on 24th June
    Listening was bit tricky.
    Reading was difficult with paraphrased answers in passage 3 ,which was about message in coral (it was difficult )
    Passage 1&2 were ok.passage 1 was about windmills and 2 was about navigation.both passages 1&2 was ok but passage 3 was very difficult .
    Next , writing … it was peanuts
    Writing task 1 was about small local museum and its surroundings in year 1957 and 2007.
    Writing task 2 was about doctors recommend that older people should do regular exercise .however,many older people do not take regular exercise .
    What can be the reason?
    What can you do to encourage them to do regular exercise ?

  108. Remya Ramachandran says:

    I gave exam yesterday, for letter writing I was asked to write,

    1. I’m travelling for a vacation for a month and my friend is going to live in my apartment for a month. Write a letter to my friend giving him instructions on how 1. How to get the key 2. explain about one of the gadgets 3. Suggest places to visit.
    2. Do you think books are losing its importance as a source of information and entertainment. Why?

    1. Do you like travelling in bus?
    2. DO you see yourself travelling in bus in near future?
    3. Do you like ground transport in bigger cities compared to bus travel?
    4. Talk about any happily married couple you know for 1 min.
    5. Do you meet that friend very often?
    6. What is the role of husband in married life?
    7. Do you think husband is equally responsible for childcare?

  109. Hi Liz,

    First of all thank you so much for having this website, it was a great help to me as I almost prepared through it.

    I had my speaking test today. Please find below the details:
    New Delhi
    General Test

    Part1 : General Introduction
    Who is your favorite Pop Star?
    Would you like to become one?
    What do you do .. Job or study?
    Do you like your current job?
    Would you like to stay in the same job in future?
    Part 2 : Topic:
    Is there something which you haven’t done from long time but you always wanted to do?
    What is that thing?
    Why you want to do it?
    Is it easy or difficult to do?
    Why are you not able to do it?

    Part3: Discussion
    Who do you want to become a Pop Star or a Theatre Artist?
    Do young people have goals these days?
    Is it necessary for young generation to have goals?
    How parents are supporting their children to achieve their goals? (A Counter Question)
    Does the government needs to set any goals for the society?
    What they should be?
    Is government allowing several industries for the benefit of society?

    Rohit 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad my website was useful 🙂

      • Hi Liz,

        I am a regular follower of your website and always find it useful especially, because of the recent exams questions.

        I would request you to provide some thoughts to answer the questions related to Pop Star and Happily married couple, which are coming so often these days.

        Thanks in advance!

  110. Himanshu says:

    The type of the test – Academic
    Date of test – 24th June 17
    Location – GSM, Greenford, London.

    Writing Task 1 :- A table was given showing weekly expenses of individual and couple post retirement in Australia. The expenses were given for seven classified.

    Writing Task 2 : – It is reponsibility of politicians to prevent and reduce damage to global enviornment. An individual can do very little. To what extent do you agree or disagree. Give your opinion.

    The writing task are a murder. Start your day to exam center, time spent in travelling. Arrive early to be registered and seated. This is time consuming, there were around 250 students. By the time listening and reading are finished, quite a bit of energy is drained. If task 1 is attended first (as in my case) then by the time a candidate reaches Task 2, he/she is tired, exhausted. Liz had warned about this sceanrio earlier on site.

    Liz, my love, many thanks for your help and guidance. I suspect without your help I would have been at all confident. I have no words to describe how greateful your effort is. Your ease at English Language flows in the videos and responses. Thanks again.

    Listening Part 1 and Part 4 was very simple. Part 1 involved a student enquiring about a new course while entire Part 4 was answer in one word wherein a recording was played on study relating to crocodiles. Part 2 and Part 3 were a tad difficult but al right.

    Reading Passage 1 : – ‘Blockbuster’ event organised at museum. There were 7 or 8 paragraphs.

    Reading Passage 2 :- A study relating to how we navigate/search while in new town ( Ask people or record series of images in memory,follow map etc)

    Reading Passage 3: – A species of dinosaur, Pterosaurs that can fly

  111. Hello Liz,

    I found your website just around the time I wanted to take my exam. I wish I found it earlier in months leading to the exam. Your videos, tips and lessons have been so thorough and helpful for my IELTS preparation. Thanks so much.

    Date of IELTS exam: 24 June 2017
    Test Format: General Training
    Location: Wollongong, Australia

    Task 1: A letter to a retired couple in their 60s coming to your town to see interesting places. Tell them what things to see, what to bring along with them and where to stay.

    Task 2: Nations that host international sporting competitions. Some people think that these competitions cause many problems. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Section 1: About an advertisement for student accommodation. 4 choices and match accommodation facilities to the ones that have them.

    Section 2: Small businesses and their management of finances. Sentence completion, identifying information, matching information questions etc.

    Section 3: Pens and their evolution from time. Multiple choice, identifying information, TFNG and matching paragraphs questions

    Section 1: About a Drama teacher having a conversation with a student’s father. Appointment schedule for classes – timing and note completion questions.
    Section 2: About a Spa visit. A building plan layout to identify areas with letter notations given.
    Section 3: About a student conducting research for her group project. Graphical representation of respondents etc.
    Section 4: About a man speaking about various things related to security of items (i.e. protection of personal items and also some goods in-store) and transport.

    Part 1: Questions about myself, country and interests
    Part 2: Cue Card about a famous person. Who the person is, what the person has achieved and explain why I like the person.
    Part 3: Still focusing on the famous persons area. Who are the famous people in my country, why they are famous and what things make them famous etc.

    The speaking examiner was excited to hear about the famous person I mentioned in my cue task answer. She even wrote down the name to tell her son about it.

    I really hope I get a great band score for the Speaking module and other modules taken.

    Thanks a lot again, Liz. Please continue doing the great work for IELTS students around the world and God bless. Cheers!

  112. General Module
    Date 24-06-2017
    Center – Pune, India

    Listening –
    1. rental apartment inquiry phonecall
    2. education – project report submitted by two students
    3 arts history – archaeology

    1. Apartment ads
    2. Para on hiring process in a company
    3. Use of navigation devices in ancient times for sailors

    Writing –
    1- Recent bad weather caused damage to apartment/flat letter to apartment company for
    damage description
    how it adversely affects me
    what suggestions to fix
    2- Some people think some criminals should be employed in small amount of unpaid community service and as result community will benefit. Do you Agree or Disagree?

    • Speaking –
      part 1 –
      work or study
      are you into cookiing ?
      why is the sun imprttant ?
      are people’s decisions whether to move are dependent on sunshine available ?
      other use of solar energy ?

      part 2 –
      talk about a place you visited recently
      – when
      – where
      – with whom
      why interesting ?

      part 3 –
      town plaanning necessary ?
      what are the benefits of it ?
      does geographical importance hold key in planning cities?

      I would like to thank you Liz for your guidance and efforts that you are undertaking to make things look simple! It was of immense help and many other students like me.

  113. jasvir singh sidhu says:

    writing task 2, 24 June 2017

    Some people believe that learning News on the radio in better others believe that TV is the best.

  114. Hi Liz,
    Exam: GT – LRW
    Date: 24-Jun-2017
    Place: India

    Writing Task 1:
    Write a letter to landlord explaining damage of the flat due to bad weather.

    Writing task 2:
    Some people think that few criminals should be retained at Jail. Others think that should be given unpaid work with society.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Liz, I made two spellings mistake in the letter writing, unfortunately. Is it possible to get a band around 6 or 6.5?

    Thank you,

  115. Hi everyone,
    I took my IELTS yesterday.
    June 24
    Adelaide, Australia

    Writing task 1
    Compare the population of three cities in 1990 and 2000 (including actual number and projected number in 2000).
    Writing task 2
    Scientists predict that in the near future cars Will be driven by computers not by people.
    What might be the main reasons?
    Do you think it is A negative or poaitive development?

    I have a question here Liz. I wrote two main points in each body paragraph and explained in detail or gave an example only for the first idea. So I only had one sentence for the second idea because there was no more lines on the sheet. Do you think it’s a very bad structure?

  116. Hi Liz ,I did my Ielts today in Canada ,
    Part 1 about my house
    About something I recieved for free
    Part 3
    Public trasportation

    Writing task1 table
    Some parents apply pressure on their children
    Why this
    Ist postive or negtive,
    My answer was specific on education ,so Liz please is it wrong to write the whole assey about how perants apply pressure in education field?

  117. Hi Liz,

    I took Ielts today 24/6 in London.
    Writing task 1 is a table describing the expense cost per week of retired single person and retired couple
    Writing task 2: the responsiblity to prevent and reduce global environmental damgage is for politicians. There are little things individual can do. Do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking is about moving to a new house or school

  118. Hello everyone !
    its been great viewing all comments about recent exams related to L,R,W & S.
    all that is pretty much helpful. like everyone did so will i,thank you liz 😉
    so i had my L,R,W general training exam in India on 24th june.
    let me start with what i remember,because i dont remember much of it 😀

    Listening task 1
    * a women booking a hotel( was clear and easy to answer)
    task 2
    * coversation between to students who were about to organize an event( don exactly remember, this was also easy to answer as they were speaking slow and softy)
    task 4
    * a women speaking about science and buildings ,damage occured to them and their reasons

    Reading task 1
    * advertisement on rental flats
    task 4
    * egyptians , vikings, italians, chineese travelling and use of compass( how did they use and when it came to existance)
    task 4 was very hard and lengthy 🙁 i am afraid i might loose marks on that

    writing tasks
    * always remember to start with the writing task 2 first ( from liz’s writing task tips videos, that was very helpful. thanks again 😉 )

    task 2
    criminals should work with no payroll to help the community people ? agree or disagree?

    @liz : my essay was on agreeing to this point so i did not mention any point where i disagree
    i have included that there are skilled and educated criminals also etc etc,whose work might benefit the people in community and gave an example of a person who was in a prison and wrote a novel about life in a prison etc etc..his story published in local magazines and that impact was on other criminals too, and that helped in changing their lives( it was just an example as it said in question to give ur own example or opinion)
    lastly added my conclusion
    my question is i completely agree so i wrote essay only on agreeing to the point ?
    is that correct ?

    tAsk 1
    you live in a flat(apartment), due to bad weather some small damages
    write a letter to you landlord
    1.what caused the damage?
    2.what are the problems you are facing?
    3. what are u expecting the landlord to do?

    thats all form my side
    waiting for my speaking test which is on 26th june 🙂


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 If you agree with one side, then your whole essay will explain your view. Sounds like you did the right thing. Good luck with your results 🙂

  119. sudhira says:

    Dear Liz,
    I had my academic test today,24.06.2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    Hope this post will help many who use your site.
    Task 1
    Diagram of a museum expansion to compare between two different years 1957 and 2007.
    Task 2
    older people are asked to do exercises by doctors, but they never seem to do that.
    why they don’t do it and how can you help them to do exercises.

    Liz, Thank you so much for creating the wonderful website. I did all my practices through your site.It’s so helpful and you have done a great job.

  120. Academic test 24/7/17
    Writing task 1: diagram representing home smokery structure.

    Writing task 2: some people think that radio is a good option to learn about news while other thinks that Tv is a better option to watch news. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

    In task 2 i did as follows:
    Intro + my opinion
    Bp1: why people think radio is better and gave radio’s advantage
    Bp2: same for television
    Bp3: my opinion (3-4 lines about benefits of tv over radio)
    Time was limited so i did not write much about my opinion just listed the benefits and told that due to that i prefer tv and on concluding para i wrote that people have different perspectives about mediums of accessing news but due to visuals provided by tv i consider it better over radio. Is it ok?????

  121. AT in Hong Kong on 24 June
    – about extra curricular classes for a daughter
    – discussion survey assignment of a student
    – on product design to decrease crime

    – about dolls
    – about brochs
    – about memory skills in people

    1 – bar graph comparing three cities population in 1999 and 2000
    2 – opinion & reasoning essay on cars driven by computers in the future

  122. Today india Punjab
    Written task 1st
    Daigram about smoked food like a home somokery

    Written task 2
    Some people think that radio is best way to learn about news but others think that tv is better than radio
    Discuss both view and give you opinion

    Reading i dont know well
    Last section was discution and decision

    Tomorrow will be my speaking at ludhiana i will share

  123. Hi everyone 🙂

    Test date: 24.06.2017
    Location: Skopje (Macedonia)
    Module: Academic (for the first time after getting a band score 7,5 in GM in December)

    Writing task 2
    Doctors recommend that older people should do regular exercise. Besides this recommendations, older people do not do enough exercise.
    What do you think are the reason for this?
    What are the solutions?

    Liz, thank you for creating this site! It helped me a lot during my preparations! Fingers crossed for tomorrows speaking 🙂

  124. Hi Liz,
    First of all, I’d like to say Million Thanks to you!! I just finished my test today and just wanna to share the questions that I’ve got from the test with you guys.
    General Module. Australia 24th June 2017
    Writing task 1.
    Writing letter to someone you know. They are in their age of 60 and they’re coming to visit your hometown.
    – Suggest where should they go and what they should do that suits them. (I don’t exactly remember the question but I’m pretty sure they did mentioned “Retire” )
    – Suggest what they should bring with them for the trip
    – Suggest them where can they stay
    Writing task 2.
    Many countries want their country to host the international sport competition. Others believe that sporting events bring more problem. Discuss both view and give you opinion.
    With this one I did paraphrase by using this sentence >>> “It is considered by some that the athletic competition event” Then I came home and realized that I shouldn’t use “event” with that sentence when it’s already says “athletic competition” Could you please give me some advise about this?

    Good luck guys!! And Thank you again Liz xxx

  125. 24-06-2017
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Part 1 – general questions about my day’s routine, how it is different when I was a child and now?
    Part 2 – Talk about a couple you know and think is happily married couple. How you know them, why you think they are happily married.
    Part 3 – What age do people get married in your country, what are the weddings like, are they expensive. how do you celebrate birthday? Did you celebrate birthdays differently when you were a child.

    Writing Topic:
    Part 1 – You recently purchased two items online, but the order is not accurate. Write a letter to the manager mentioning what was your order, what is wrong and what should he do about it.
    Part 2 – children in many countries spend a lot of their free time doing homework. Is that a good or bad thing.

    Part 1) Choosing a hotel for a birthday part (conversation between 2 people)
    Part 2) 2 people discussing a painting by Jackson Pollock and why it was considered fake.
    Part 3) A flow chart on finding Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting hidden (in a cave or something similar)
    Part 4) Myths about Sustainability

    Part 1) Cleanliness of a train (True, False, Not Given)
    Part 2) Rules of a college like dress code, visitor’s passes, etc (Fill in the blank with two words)
    Part 3) Article about recruitment terms of a Company and then fill in the blanks with two words
    5 paragraphs – each with a Store description (Store A – G). Then few statements were given and we had to pick which store these statements were related to.
    Part 4) Article about the Great Fire in London in 1966
    (a)True, False, Not Given questions)
    b) A few statements were given and we need to say if there incidents happened before, during or after the Great Fire
    c) Which statement is a title to which of the paragraphs from the article

    Hi Liz – My husband and I used you site a lot to prepare for the exams. Thanks a lot !

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Hope you and your husband do well with your results 🙂

      • Hi Liz,

        I think I had the same tests as Diya and Nancy (thank you both for the summary). Liz, is the writing task 2 asking for our opinion if it says is it a good thing or bad thing?

        Thanks a lot for your site. It is so helpful.

    • In my view, the listening and reading tests were straight forward except for the TFNG questions (a couple of them were really tricky)

      The essay’s topic threw me off-balance, I had trouble brainstorming enough supporting ideas to support my opinion that excess homework is not good for students.

      Best of luck to you and your husband,

      Am really waiting anxiously for the result 🙂

    • Recent task 2 essay on 24 june is
      Reason and effects of pressure given by parents to their children to succeed??

  126. Nancy Elsobkey says:

    IELTS General
    24th June 2017
    Writing Task 1
    You ordered two items online, but when you received them they were different than what you have ordered. Write a letter to the manager telling him
    What you ordered
    How they are different from what you ordered
    What do you want from him

    Start your letter with
    Dear Sir/Madam

    Writing Task two
    Some countries give children a lot of homework at their free time.
    Do you think this is good or bad for the children?
    Give reasons and give relevant examples from your own experience.

    Listening had few tricky questions
    Some answers include: horse hair, stopwatch
    Then you have to pay attention if you should write them as a one word or two
    Other answers should be written in capital letters even though they are normal nouns, but in the listening they were names for teams or so. For example the word lead, it was supposed to be written Lead ( as it was a name of a team). There were three more questions the same way. Two or three words of plural like invitations.
    Two of the multiple choice questions were asking about reasons. One of the listening was explains an ancient game and a well known sports club. Curling on ice I suppose.

    It was relatively simple. The third passage was about London Bridge great fire. It was interesting.

    This is all what I remember from the test so far.

    Good Luck everyone and please wish me luck!

    All the best,

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Nancy, I did the same test today.
      I wrote horse hair as two words unfortunately. Google appears to show it as one word.

      For the curling question, what did you choose for the second question? The one with the fancy name: Was it opened to train young people or to generate rules?

      Do you remember the answers to the fill in the blanks about curling? Was the second one asking for the length of the part they play on or the name? Sheet?

      In reading, what was the first answer? True or NG?

      I messed up on the flowchart unfortunately. Do you remember the answers?

      Finally, for writing task 2 were we supposed to give our opinion?


      • Hi Liz,

        My questions are still awaiting moderation. Apologies if they’re not allowed. I noticed you didn’t approve them in another thread either.

  127. 24th-Jun, Malaysia, General Training

    Writing Task 1
    Retired couple 60 years old, coming to visit you in your town for the first time.
    i) Suggest activities that suitable for them when they are here
    ii) remind them things that they should bring along
    iii) accommodation arrangement

    Writing Task 2
    Many people want their country to host an international sporting event. Others believe that international sporting events bring more problems than benefits. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hello Everyone, I too got same questions in Writing. Some of other questions which i remember.
        Reading: Section 4 takes about Pens, how and when it was invented. Quil, Fountain Pen, Ballpoint pen.
        Section 3: Tax exemption for small companies
        Section 1:
        Phone conversation between drama class teacher and parent about availability time, date, discussing other classes like story, music, singing classes.
        Section 2:
        Lady explaining about resort facilities and location of it, the picture is given in question paper, need to identify the location of spa, gym, pool etc by choosing a correct alphabet from a picture.
        Section 3:
        Student explaining about her project to the coordinator why she chooses this topic, information collected from where.
        About a city recently visited, what did you like most.
        how important to have a high rise building, is the geographic location of the city is important and why do you think its important. Apart from buildings, what are the other factors which influence the city famous?

  128. Preethi says:

    Hello Liz,
    I had my speaking test on Jun 22nd in Chennai. I did pretty well this time as this is my 4th attempt of IELTS . I always end up getting 7.5 and I hope to get 8 this time in speaking. My only issue during the exam was that no matter of whatever I talk the examiner was having a strict face without expressions ..It hindered my string of thoughts in my head but I tired to manage…Hope she grades me reasonably. Also , is it true tat all speaking audio recordings of scores beyond 7.5 would be reviewed in London once again ?

    Below were the questions :
    Part I
    Do u work or study
    What is the type of work you do
    Do you think you need to work harder nowadays
    What do you generally do after getting back from work everyday
    Part 2 :
    Do u use public transport
    Why not you prefer using public transport
    Do you think current city public transport is well connect and does it need improvement
    Do you generally like to travel in bus
    Which is the longest journey you have taken
    Part 3:
    Describe a popular place for swimming
    You should say
    Where is it
    What is it like
    Who likes to go there
    Why is it popular
    Following questions were
    Do you think govt must aid sports facities in the city (something similar to this , cant remember exactly)
    Why is it important to involve kids in leisure and cultural activities
    Do you think current generation kids are more tied up to games on gadgets
    And couple of more .. cant remember…

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you hit 8!! I have not heard about high scores being double marked. You would need to ask your test center about that.

  129. Anonymus says:

    My speaking was dated 20th june 2017.
    I was asked about television on the first part. How much do i watch tv, what kind of shows i like, how much time do i spend to tv etc.
    On the second part i was asked to talk about the person i thought was the most polite. How long i know about that person and why i think that person is polite. On the third part i was asked about respecting elders. How to teach kids to learn respecting, if its important to respect people, how the way to show respect has changed over time etc.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I hope your test went well 🙂

      • Anonymus says:

        where can we find answers to the exam questions liz? and i posted the questions of my LRW as a reply to aakash’s comment, which happened mistakely.

        • IELTS do not publish the answers and I do not encourage students to post answers which might be wrong.

  130. Nancy Elsobkey says:

    General IELTS
    23rd June 2017
    Part 1
    What do you do, do you study or do you work?
    Do you like watching tv?
    How often do you watch tv?
    With whom?
    What is your favorite tv show?
    Did you watch tv a lot in the past?
    What do you usually do after work?
    Part 2
    Describe a holiday you want to go in the future
    With whom?
    What will you do there?
    Why do you want to go there?

    Part 3
    Do you think local people of the hometown of holiday destinations feel that this is advantage or disadvantage?
    What are factors that make the holiday a good one?
    What age is the best for traveling?

    Good Luck everyone !

    I would like to thank you so much for your fabulous website. It is extremely helpful.
    I wanted also to ask you one question about the speaking test of today.
    For one of part 3 questions I asked the examiner to repeat the question, and after this I still didn’t get exactly what he wanted. Then he explained the question to me. After I understood it, I answered very well. Do you think this situation can affect my grade?

    Thanks again.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You are not marked on understanding the question and you are not marked on your ideas. The examiner is only going to mark the English language that you say.

  131. I have just completed my speaking part today
    part 1
    house-where do u live?in future would you live in a house or apartment
    magazine- during childhood what did you read megazine or comic
    email-do u send much email?which media u prefer mobile or email?what is its future
    cue card : favourite piece of clothes
    part 3: why shipping is popular
    who shop more youngster or older
    online shipping usefulness
    people go for shopping parents or friend
    part 1 and 2 were quiet satisfactory but in part 3 the examiner stopped me several time,I couldn’t give any further explanation.just gave 2/3 line answer for each and confused in one question.The whole conversation lasted only for 15 min.the examiner was in a hurry
    would it effect my score to get 7. dear liz

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The IELTS speaking test lasts between 11 and 14 mins – not longer and not short than that.

    • Anonymus says:

      I also got questions posted by Hina about friend.
      Do you prefer one best friend or lots of good friend?
      How often do you hangout?
      what do you do when you are together?

      Other than that
      i had my LRW yesterday, and I want to find answers to them. Can you tell me if its possible?
      Anyway, in listening
      the cd was about an aunt who was enquiring about a local club who gave lessons on skiiing, skate boarding etc. It was rather easy.
      ON the second section, a student is conversing with his teacher about his assignment. The student is thinking of working on a sports magazine.
      The third listening was about study of numbers and relation to how humans learned it or something like that. It talked about experiment done with babies and birds, children excited about cards (with numbers made of dots) etc.

      On the reading section: the first reading comprehension was ….i forgot(I’ll post if i remember)
      the second section was about windmills, a little description about usage in past, change in model by netherland, then about challenges with windmills etc.
      the last reading section was about El nino, and its study. Question 40 was to choose the best sentence that summarizes the passage for which i chose answer that said “recent studies suggest el nino’s cycle is nt affected by global warming”.
      The passage talked about cobb’s reserach, about el nino cycle, how its cycle caused drought and fire, and change in temperature across chile , afric, america. Etc>
      Lastly in my writing , task 1 was a diagram /map of a museum in 1957 vs 2007.
      task 2 was: Doctors recommend older people take regular exercise yet we do not find older people doing regular exercise. What could be the reason for this? What can be done to encourage them.
      It was a direct question essay.
      I tried my best to regenerate the question. I hope this is helpful to someone.

  132. Module Type = General Training
    Date = 23-06-2017
    Location = United Arab Emirates

    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    What do you like about it?
    Do you like to travel in bus
    How often do you travel by bus
    What is better, travelling through the underground train or bus?
    In future, do you see yourself using the bus more often or not?
    How should the government in your country improve the bus system?
    Do you like pop stars, who is your favorite?
    Have you met a pop star in person?
    Do you prefer going to a live concert or listening to a recording?
    Would you like to be a pop star, give reasons for your choice?

    Part 2
    Describe a piece of cloth that you like?
    How did you get it?
    Do you often wear it?
    Why do you like it?

    Part 3
    How often do you buy clothes?
    Do you like to buy clothes for your friends?
    How do people dress for formal occasions in your country?
    Do clothes define us a person?
    How does the fashion industry benefit from any change in fashion trends?
    Do you prefer buying clothes online, give reasons?
    Are there significant differences in the types of clothes available to men and women?

    I found my examiner to be quite friendly which put me at ease during the test. In the beginning, he apologized for not being able to pronounce my name correctly. He shared that usually he tries his level best to pronounce Asian names correctly even though they may be difficult because he is not familiar with them.
    During the conversation, he kept adding his views as well. For example,
    “I usually target a stay of 10 minutes in a shop if i want to buy some clothes.”

    In the end, he shared that overall I had done very well. He found some of my ideas to be quite funny because I was saying them from the heart. I shall do fine in the test if i can replicate the same ideas in the writing module.The only aspect that I should focus on improving is the pronunciation.

    Liz, I had used your website for preparation. It helped me a lot considering the limited time I get to study and practice for IELTS.
    Tomorrow, I shall be sitting for the remaining three modules. Lets hope they go well like the speaking test today.

  133. Hi, Liz, i have done my speaking test today, i found that it is useful to encourage ielts candidates to share the exam questions here, helping us to prepare the exam.
    I’m a person really easy to get nervous, so i had some pauses and hesitations during my speaking test. My target is 7, hope it wouldn’t affect my result too much…
    The questions that i was asked are:
    Part 1:
    1. Questions about friend:
    * Do you prefer to have 1 or many friend?
    * How often do you get together with your friends?
    * What will you do when you go out with your friend?
    2. Questions about shoes:
    * How often do you buy shoes?
    * Have you ever bought shoes online?
    * Do you know anyone who likes to buy a lot of shoes?
    * What’s your favourite type of shoes?

    Part2: Describe a book you want to read again.

    then ask several questions about reading.

  134. Eduardo says:

    Good evening,

    I have been following your lessons for a while. I found this blog really useful for everyone, and you do not charge us, Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with the world.

    Speaking part I
    Do you work or study?
    What is your favorite pop star?
    Would you like to be a pop star?
    Do you talk to your neighboors?
    Have you ever been helped by your neighboors?

    Speaking part II:
    Speak about a conversation you had with a person you did not know (a stranger)

    When did this happen?
    What was the conversation about?

    Speaking part III:

    Do you think people talk with strangers about personal problems?
    Why do you think some people do not like to talk about their problems?
    Have social networks have become more popular now?
    Why older people do not like to use social networks?

    When I have my writing exam, I will share with you my questions.


  135. Hi Liz, Hi everyone,

    I had my speaking test today.

    Module: Academic
    Date: 22nd June 2017
    Location: Mauritius

    Part 1
    Questions about where I live, how is my house, where is it situated
    Questions about my favourite colour, is it the same since my childhood, what is the colour among my friends actually
    Questions about chocolate, if I like it, how often I eat it, did I eat more chocolate as a child, why do people like eating chocolate

    Part 2
    Describe a place you go to relax
    -where is that place
    -when do you go there
    -why do you enjoy this place

    Rounding off question:
    When was the last time you went to the seaside?

    Part 3
    What are other means of relaxing
    Is leisure a priority in people’s life
    Do people have more leisure now than in the past

    That’s all I can remember. I hope for the best.

    To all of you: Good Luck.


  136. Exam date: 22.06.2017
    Module: General Training

    I had my speaking test today morning and below are the questioned I have remembered …

    Part one : -about house I live
    -future house I would like to live
    -about favorite pop star
    -would you like to meet a pop star for real
    -would you like to become a pop star
    -do you like going to live concert or listen to CD at home
    -about email
    -how often you use email
    -would you prefer telephone conversation or emailing better
    -benifits of conversations face to face or via internet

    Part two : Describe a person who you met recently that you don’t know and would like to meet in the future
    Describe who this person is
    What did you talk
    Why you want to meet that person again

    Part 3 : questions related to social media and future generation
    How the older generation adapts to social media

    Overall the speaking test was fine for me… hope for the better results…! Thanks liz for your site and lessons… looking forward to do the LRW tests on 24th June
    Appreciate again for the advanced writing lessons as well…!!


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m really glad you liked my advanced writing lessons 🙂

      • Liz the interviewer asked me difficult questions on a particular topic (sports) . Both Part 2 and 3 was on sports, it was evident i was struggling with the topic but still decided to ask me more on it.
        Speaking Part 1 – where i live, where i come from, what i use emails for,
        Part 2 & 3 – Describe a sport I enjoy watching, do i think professional players deserve their pay, why? , Is sports competitive now a days?, Do i agree sports has become very competitive for children, Sports has become too commercialized do I agree, How to raise awareness for the youth to engage in sports, How has sports evolved. That’s all i could remember.

  137. Hi Liz

    Thanks for creating such a wonderful page . I prepared for my exam from your website only. I had my speaking today in Melbourne, Australia. It was good, as i prepared for cue card topics from recent question page. An i got one similar topic.

    Part 1
    Related to work, celebrations
    Part 2
    A happy experience when you were a child.
    Part 3
    Questions related to birthday celebrations, memories, why its important to remember birthdays and important dates, how adult memories are different from a child memory, how you celebrate birthday, at what age a person start memorising things and how it differs from others.

    Examiner stoppd me after exact 2 min and i just started explaining my happy experience after explaining the main situation.

    I hope she give me good score.
    I will post questions of other part of test after 24 June.
    And would like to say others practice from the tips given on this page. It really helps.

    Thanks again Liz😊😊

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your results 🙂

    • Hi Karan, Thanks for sharing the questions. I would like to connect you to get more information about IELTS Melbourne, as I am also going to appear for it soon. Will it be possible for you to share your contact detail ( like Skype ID, email, Twitter, G+)?
      my email ID:
      Thanks to Liz also for this beautiful platform.

    • Thank you for sharing information, could plz write the Q ustion that you will have in writing when finish your exam..
      Thanks in advance

  138. 21/06/2017
    Part one-about my apartment
    Where would you like to live in the future in a house or an apartment
    Part two – sunny day
    Do you like sunny days
    Where would you like to go on a sunny day
    Part three- talk about an important invention
    Do u think anything better should come in the future
    Hi Liz! Thankyou for all your teachings. The part one and two was amazing jus got a little confused in part three I hope that won’t matter much… Hoping for the best! Thankyou

  139. Filexandre Barcelona says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you for the tips and suggestions. I really do wish I could give you something, to show that I truly appreciate your help. I had great time yesterday and was surprised when the examiner said that the exam has concluded. I had that feeling that I wanna talk more because the questions were very interesting, although the least that I expected. I just want to share the questions during my spaeking test and I hope many candidates will get high marks.
    Part1. Random (city life, travel, marine biodiversity and politics)
    Part 2
    Describe a disagreement that you had with another person. You should say

    – who the other person was
    – what the disagreement was about
    – how you resolved it
    – and what the result was.
    Part 3
    -importance of personal values in decision making and what factors need to be considered before making huge decisions.
    – The relevance of “disagreement” in modern society
    -disagreement between people who have had political and ideologic agenda.
    -influence of media in compounding the rhetorical approach of government leaders in modern society

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s great when a student can relax during the test and enjoy the topics. Many of the topics are really interesting to talk about. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you do well 🙂

  140. Katy Richardson says:

    Hi Liz and students!
    I’m an IELTS teacher and one of my students has taken the test twice recently and had a very odd question both times. She said it was after her long turn speaking (part 2), and it sounded like “Do you know which place has the same age?”
    For the life of me, I can’t think what this question could have been. Any ideas?
    Thank you!

    • It sounds like your student can’t remember the question exactly which is why it doesn’t make sense. Also it needs to be shown in the context of the speaking part 2 topic. After speaking part 2, there are usually one or two “rounding off questions” which are related to the topic. They are aimed to help the student unwind before tackling the big part 3 questions. I get a lot of students writing in questions that they have only remembered with 75% accuracy. Without seeing the full question, it’s hard to help them.

  141. Reported by Charlie Brown:
    Date: 18th of June, 2017
    Location : Tokyo
    Hi, Liz ! Thank you so much for your free lesson ! I can’t describe how much I thank you !
    Here is the questions of speaking test which I took 18th of June, 2017

    Date: 18th of June, 2017
    Location : Tokyo

    Section 1:
    •Do you work or study ?
    •What do you study about ?
    •What do you usually do after class ?
    About robot
    •Are you interested in robot ?
    •Did you watch robot animation when you were child ?
    •Do you think you can travel with robot driving car?
    About public trnsportation
    •Do you think people will use more public transportation than now in future ?
    •Is it easy to get your college by public transportation ?

    •Describe about what place do you like that is quiet
    •Where is it ?
    •Whan do you go there ?
    •Expalin about the place

    Section3 :
    •Are you comfortable with no back ground music or no noise situation ?
    •How important the quietness for all ages ?
    •Why do people study at cafeteria with background music rather than study at quiet place such as library ?
    •Why do shops or cafeteria play music ?
    •Is noise serious problem in the most of cities ?
    •Do you think government need to do something for city noise problem?

    That is questions I remember !
    Again thank you so much for your lessons ! I still wait for my result but I feel much better than previous exam , all thanks to you Liz 💕

  142. Monysh Bandeally says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi Liz,

    Finally got my results for the exam on 13 May…they were withheld till now..

    Listening: 9.0
    Reading: 9.0
    Writing: 7.0
    Speaking: 7.5
    Overall: 8.0

    Just wanted to thank you a million. Your videos and techniques were really helpful to increase my score from 6 in reading to 9 this time round. Many thanks for your guidance. Stay blessed.

  143. Hi dear Liz,

    Many thanks for all your supports & really helpful tips, lessons and practices. I’ve learnt a lot from you and I’m grateful for finding your amazing YouTube channel a few months ago.
    I had my academic exam on 17th June 2017
    At London – Hammersmith centre

    Writing Task 1: 2 pie charts comparing the qualifications of a company’s workforces in 1980 & 2008 in 3 categories of PhD, masters and first degree
    Writing Task 2: some countries show their criminal trials on tv for people to watch.
    Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
    Part1: what’s your full name, where are you from? 5 questions about hometown + 5 household chores + 5 going out for vacation… more than 15 questions!!!
    Que card: a famous person you wish to be like him/her
    What do you know about her/him before became famous?
    When did you first know him/her?
    Explain why you wish to be like him her?
    Part3: celebrities / society/ fans and followers/ their private life
    I don’t know why she asked me more than 15 q in part 1 ! I was really relax, I talked as long as she stopped me for the next one and answered well, though. In part 3 she just asked 2 questions!

  144. Rubi Dhungel says:

    JUNE 17, UK
    TASK 1: should criminal trial televised? do you think advantages of this outweigh its disadvantage?

    For me it was challenging. because i was not aware of criminal trial term in detail.
    Please liz, i would like you to request if you can help all Ielts takers by writing essay on this topic.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ll post a model answer for this essay tomorrow – keep your eyes open for the post 🙂

      • Rubi Dhungel says:

        Thank you liz for the essay. I am pleased to read it and definitely will answer well this type of question in future.

  145. Hi liz, hope you’re enjoying the nice weather.😊
    Oxford, 17/6/17
    Academic, writing 1&2
    •Two pie charts comparing qualifications of graduates in an engineering company in 1998 and 2008.

    •In some countries,some criminal trial in law courts are shown on television so that the general public can watch.
    Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I will post a model essay for your writing task 2 question tomorrow – so look out for it 🙂

  146. Karshigul says:

    Academic test.

    Listening :
    1)library membership. filling the blank
    2)about make-overs. multiple choice
    3) conversation between students presentation on salt consumption. multiple choice
    4)lecture about a bird. filling the blank

    Reading :
    1)magnetic treatment .
    matching headings.
    summary fill
    2)about employers helping their employees in
    private life.
    Matching information in
    paragraphs, gap fill, multiple choice
    Y/n/n.g questions. Summary fill.

    Writing :
    Task 1: 2 charts shows Australian hotel rooms cost and occupied percentage. Small and larger 3 , 4 , 5 star hotels.
    Task 2: All business should provide sport and social facilities to local communities.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking :
    1)Do you live in house or apartment?
    About birthdays
    About politeness
    2) Describe a piece of clothes you like
    3) About clothes .
    What is the difference between clothes of men and women?
    Shopping clothes online?
    Is it useful?

  147. 17/06/17
    Task 1: two pie charts depicting three levels of educations i.e. First, masters and PhD for science and arts of graduates in an engineering company in 1980 and 2008.
    Task 2: does the pros of showing criminal trials on tv outweigh the cons? Your opinion?

    Part 1: general questions then 1- what you do after school? , questions on television, how much you watch, if you have started watching more tv in recent times or not, did you often watch tv in childhood?
    Cue card: a cafe you visited
    Part 3: whether people should live isolated?
    Do you think you should visit people’s home to know them better?
    Should people live in tall buildings?

    Mam, My speaking test went ok, I spoke till 2 mins and she stopped me herself, I don’t think I did any mistakes in part 1, but I’m part 3, for the last question I had no idea to speak and I gave an awkward answer, and examiner expression changed completely, i was not fluent for that question, i am feeling bad about it, how much will it affect my score?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your score is marked based on your overall performance – not one or two questions.

  148. Hi everyone,

    June 17th, 2017.
    IELTS Academic.
    Vancouver, Canada.

    Section 1
    A phone call between a man and a woman. The woman is seeking information to find out what is the closest library to where she and her family just moved to. She inquires about the opening and closing times, what type of clubs and amenities are available for her children and also what the library has to offer for people of her age.

    Section 2
    A report on the background information on the fairy tern bird. Questions are in relation to the type of habitat it lives in, it’s predators and what is causing the number of this type of bird to decrease.

    Section 3
    A woman is getting a personal shopper. What changes does the personal shopper make? What did the woman gain from the personal shopper?

    Section 4
    Match the description to the name of the big retail stores given, by hearing what they have to offer to their customers.


    Task 1:
    2 bar charts based on the Australian hotels for one month in 2009. One shows the cost per night for a room and the other shows the percentage of rooms that were occupied during this month. You are asked to explain the bar chat.

    Task 2:
    All large companies should provide sports and social facilities to the local community. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Discuss and explain your idea’s and reasons.

    My listening is not until later this afternoon and I cannot remember the reading all too well as it was one of the first parts of the assessment. I just vaguely remember it was in relation to magnetic therapy and scientific studies.

    I hope this helps someone out there. I know that this website really helped me prepare for my IELTS. Thank you very much for creating this website, Liz.


      What type of house do you live in?
      Do you like living there?
      What do you like about living there?
      Do you have a favorite pop star?
      Why are they your favorite pop star?
      Would you prefer to see your favorite pop star live in concert or on a CD?
      Why do you prefer that?
      Can you explain a person you work/study with? Talk about them for 1-2 minutes and explain what it is like to work/study with this person? What have you gained from working/studying with this person and are they easy to work/study with them all the time?
      Have you ever bought something because you saw it on an AD?
      What do you think of advertising?
      Do you think it’s necessary?
      How do you feel when you are on the internet searching and an AD pops up?
      Do you think that nurses are underpaid?
      Do you think they should get paid more?
      What kind of traits do you have to have when working in a position like that?
      Can you explain a time where you had to be caring?
      How can others help each other?
      Can you think of any part of society that is not being helped right now?
      How could people help them?
      Do you think the media influences people when it comes to caring?
      Can you think of a way in how you could teach small children how important it is to help and care?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

  149. Test date : 17 June 2017
    Location : Indonesia (Birtish Council)
    Module : Academic

    – Listening : it was about father who want to book a party for his children (and I forget about the others)

    – writing :
    Task 1 line graph : the precentage of world population using 5 types of Information and Communication technology (ICT) (mobile/cell phones, broadband, wifi, internet, lupa satu lagi)
    Task 2 : adventages and disadvantages of space travel development.

    I will take the speaking test tomorrow. Wish me luck 😊

  150. Jaspreet says:

    i have seen all of your videos and i prepared about only 15 days for my test . My ielts test goes very well because of you .

  151. Many thanks for making your advanced lessons so affordable! All of the topics are presented so clear and I find them so useful. Thank you so much once again for dedication and professional training you are offering to all of us!
    I’m retaking my test in a week aiming for 7.5 and hopefully I will make it this time thanks to your help <3 I will let you know in comments about my results so it motivates other students to work even harder.
    So generous giving all these materials I just want you to know your hard work is highly appreciated! <3

  152. I had my exam today 17 June 2017
    Writing task 1:
    The amount of energy generated by wind for four countries ( Germany , Denmark, US, India) between 1980 and 2000.
    Writing task 2:
    By 2050 there will be no teacher student classroom
    To what extent do you agree or disagree. Write from you own experience.

    Reading topics:
    About Botany
    Job satisfaction in England
    About psychology ( your own believe about your self and how others see you )

    Speaking :

    Are a student or do you work ?

    The main question (describe a cafe you went to ? What you ate? Why you like it ?

    Do you believe urban city life harder than small cities ? Why?
    Is it possible to arrange “me time ” while being in a a big city?

    Why do think it is important to have your family and friends close to you?

    That’s all I can remember..Thank you Liz

  153. Taslima Begum says:

    June 17,2017, Venue Bangladesh Dhaka
    Writing Task 2
    A typical situation teaching profession and students are not exit in classroom by in 2050, what extent do you agree or disagree.

  154. Supreet Kaur says:

    Today,17th june 2017, i had my speaking exam at Jalandhar, Punjab. My general questions were about shoes and transportation. Cue card was about a café you like. I talked about CCD i.e café coffee day for 1 minute continuosly without any pause. But i have a doubt that at the and i said that there is one thing which i dont like about that café is that the seating area is very congested and as i am a regular customer i have given them suggestion to make it more spacious. Is it ok?? Will it reduce my marks??

    • Supreet Kaur says:

      I was so excited prior to the start of the test i told the examiner that i am very glad to see a female examiner as in my previous test the examiners have been males so i wanted to hv a female as my examiner. She didnt reacted much and recording was not started yet. I know it was so silly of me. Do you think it will decrease my marks?

      • Thanks for sharing. You are only marked on the English language you produce – nothing more.

        • Supreet Kaur says:

          Thankyou for replying and there was one question in which the examiner asked me that do you think humans were designed to live in cities among the strangers?
          I answered that i dont think so because cities came into developement at very later stages of civilization moreover it can be seen that people usually dont indulge much with strangers as compared to the familiar people may be this is their human instinct and they are designed in that way. Is it wrong?

          • You are not marked on your ideas. There is no wrong or right. The examiner will only mark your fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation.

  155. Speaking (Academic)
    June 17, 2017
    part 1:
    what do you do? do you work or you’re a student?
    do you read magazines? then follow up questions about magz
    do you know your neighbors?
    do you prefer younger or older neighbors?
    how neighbors can help you…

    describe a website from the internet that is useful and make you do things.
    what it is
    when do you use it
    when did you know about this website
    ***I forgot about the last question

    part 3:
    more on general questions like the use of internet (advantages and disadvantages)
    if you’re not having internet do you consider it a social disadvantage?
    do you think internet will replace books in the future?
    what can you say about magazines in the internet? do you read them?
    do you read comics?
    how do you see TV shows as entertainment?
    which is better when it comes to entertainment TV or internet?

    very random 😀

  156. I just finished my writing exam which was an academic module in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Date: 17/06/2017

    Task 1:
    The graph shows the amount of energy generated by wind in four different countries by a period from 1980 to 2000.

    Task 2:
    The teaching situation of teacher and students in a classroom will no longer be exist by the year 2050.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

    At least this is what I remember. Good luck everyone and many thanks to you Liz.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I had the same questions today. Academic, Palestine June 17th 2017

    • Jaspreet says:

      Same paper in punjab

    • I had the same question except for the Speaking test.
      Part 1. Full name, where I came from and where it is located
      I was asked about mirrors, how often do I check myself in the mirror, and is it good for home decoration.
      Part 2. Cue card
      Any topic I disagreed with someone.
      Who is that person.
      What topic we disagreed about.
      What is the reason.
      Part 3. About decision making.
      How the younger generation decide.
      Ways on how to help them decide.
      What to tellhem if they have a wrong a decision.

      Liz please can you give us also a model answer of the topic regarding the situation of the teacher and student in classrooms will no longer exist in you agree or disagree?
      Thank you very much.

  157. Module – GT
    Test Date – 03 June 2017

    Speaking questions were as follows:

    1) have u spend time with a child
    2) who is this child. How is child related?
    3) what u both do when together

    Q) do u think technology has taken over playtime nowadays?
    Q) how different is children’s play compared to olden days
    Q) who is responsible

  158. Liz,

    I had my exam on 3/6/2017 in US and here are the writing and speaking questions.
    Part 1: You are leaving the country and moving back to your home country. Write a letter to your friend regarding the furniture that you would like to give away. Your letter should include:
    explain why you wan to give away furniture
    describe furniture that you want to give away
    explain why your friend will like it

    Part 2: Public celebrations(festivals, national day) are held in some countries. Some people think that they are very expensive and government should spend money on some other important issues. Do you agree or disagree?
    I got 7.5 in writing and my husband got 7.
    Part 1: about my self(working or studying), which Household I like to do, which househole I dont like to do?

    Part 2: mobile phone are not allowed in some places. Describe a event when you were not allowed to use a mobile phone. Your answer should include following point:
    where you were not allowed to use mobile phones
    why you wanted to use it
    how did you feel since you could not use it

    Part 3: all the questions related to technology and children using them. Do you think children should not be allowed to use gadgets like mobiles, tablets? how government and companies contribute to limit the use of mobile phones? and so on…

    My husband got the topic of dream in part 2. describe a dream you recently saw.
    Me and my husband both got 8.5 in speaking.

    • Thanks for sharing and very well done with your score !! Great results 🙂

      • Hi
        I am Pyay Oo May from Myanmar. Today 17/06/2017, I had listening , reading and writing test.
        I’d like to share writing questions.
        Task 1
        Line graph with 5 different types of Information and Connmunication Technology ICT
        Broadband ( not sure)
        4 lines are upward trends
        Internet is a significant increase
        Landline decrease
        between 1998 & 2008 (X axis)
        % population of ICT use (Y axis)

        Task 2
        Space travel has been possible and some say that space tourism may probably developed in the future.

  159. Kalaivanee Kopula Ramsekar says:

    Hi Liz,

    Your videos greatly helped me and improved my score. My IELTS score are :
    Listening : 8.5
    Reading : 8
    Writing : 7
    Speaking :7

    I achieved my band score of what i aimed for.


  160. Hi Liz,

    I would like to thank you very much for your sessions and tips in the website.
    I had my IELTS General Training test on June 3rd in New Jersey , USA . Today i got my results and the score is below

    Listening : 7.5
    Reading : 9.0
    Writing : 6.5
    This is the second time i am taking the exam and everytime i am scoring 6.5 in writing . My aim is to score 7+ in writing but not sure where i am failing . Could you please help me on this ? Planning to take test again in July.

  161. Academic (India)15/06/17
    Part 1
    Do u work or study?
    Which subjects u studied in ur bachelors?
    What is the use of ur subject in future?
    Which subject u like the most ?
    Part 2
    Tell me a crowd place you have Been to ?
    Where it is?
    With whom u visited that place?
    Why it is so crowded?
    How u felt after being there?
    Part 3
    Do all people like to visit crowded places?
    What is the use of historic places?
    Is that important to stand in long que to visit a historic place ?
    What are advantages and disadvantages of visiting crowded place ?
    Which places do young people like to visit often?
    Do U ever brought a thing by watching adverts?
    How you feel when adverts pop up on your computer screen?
    How you feel when you watch adverts on apartment and walls?

  162. I have completed my IELTS Speaking test by today in ANAND (AC-BRITISH)
    Part 1 : Quite easy related home , sunny dayes & swimming
    Part 2: Quite difficult : Describe an lexicography event which u have enjoyed in your college
    mam , i know the meaning of lexicography so i spoke up to 1.15 min than i stopped. and afetr examiner asked 3 question on foreign language.
    Part 3: politeness based question
    !! overall performance nice !! but i confused in task 2 ? guide me.

  163. Nadine Njoum says:

    Academic; 17 June 2017

    I had my speaking test today; the questions of the first part came general about household works; what i love and what i hate
    Cue Card: talk about the most polite person you have met; who is this person; how well you know him/her; and what thing he/she does that makes you think he/she is polite
    part three : questions about politeness and respect

  164. Academic, 14/06, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

    Speaking test
    PART 1:
    Do you live in a house or apartment?
    Describe your dream house
    Politeness: are people from your country polite? Do you think family infuences wether people are polite? do you think young people are becoming less polite? why?
    Food: Do you eat fruits? Which ones? Have you ever tried cooking with fruits?

    Describe a time when you moved to a new house or changed school
    When, Where, How you felt, Who you moved with

    Are children more prepared for changes than adults?
    Education and success: is education necessary to be successful ?
    Stress and changes: if a person changes work would there be an impact on their family/personal life

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Marko Espinoza says:

      Do you remember any questions for the writing?
      Regards .Marko

      • I will be taking the other sections on Saturday. I will post the questions during the weekend.

      • 17/06
        Academic. Buenos Aires (Argentina)
        Task1: 2 bar charts, one stating the price per night in different types of hotels (3star, 4star,5 star) with a further divison between small and large hotels. The other bar chart had the same group categories but showed percentage of visitors.

        Task2: Large companies should provide sports and social facilities to small communities. Do you agree or disagree.

  165. Fakhriw says:

    Hi Liz, Thanks a lot for your website.
    IELTS Academic on 17.06.17 in Uzbekistan
    Speaking was today
    cue card: according to the question (describe a time when you received something free ?exp gifts, products and etc)
    I spoke about a useful free advise
    is it out of topic or right answer?

  166. Academic
    Perth, WA

    Had my speaking test today, these are the bits which I remember:

    Part 0:
    1. Do you work or are you a student?
    2. Do you get much free time?

    Part 1:
    1. Do you remember any dreams that you have had?
    2. Would you like to learn more about dream?

    Part 2: Cue card
    Describe a house/apartment that you found interesting
    (I was a bit taken aback when I got cut off by the examiner during this part. I thought I hadn’t covered much of the topic. But I must qualify she apologised for it at the end of the whole session. I’m hoping it’s just because she was sufficiently convinced with regards to my speaking ability and wanted to move on, and not because she was bored 🙁

    Part 3:
    1. Do you think it is better to live in the country or in the city? (I revisited your video about Country VS City living, just last night!)
    2. What type of housing do most people in your country live in?
    3. Do you think that the government should provide housing for the needy?

    All in all, it was a pleasant session. Examiner was very friendly. I just hope I get that 8 that I desperately need! 1 down, 3 more tests to go!

    I cannot thank you enough Liz! You are absolutely brilliant!

    Good luck everyone!

  167. Hi Liz,

    I had my GT Speaking Exam in April.
    Below are some of the questions asked.

    1)What kind of house do you live in? Is that a apartment or independent house?What can you see outside the window? etc.
    2)How do you plan your day? Do you forget the things or important dates? How do you ensure not to forget?
    3) Describe a situation when you forgot a meeting with a friend or occassion and how did you handle the situation?
    4)Tell me something about Bags? What kind of bags to you like to carry and Why?
    5)Why do people like to know about their ancestors? and how do they do that and why?

  168. Marko Espinoza says:

    London, 8 of June 2017
    Speaking, normal question about yourself. Do you work or study? Where are you from? Are people in your country polite? Can you mention when you have been polite? Cue card: Do you have any industry or big company where you live?What do they do? How many people are employed? The last section was regarding employment in my country. Is it difficult to find a job in your country? Is it dangerous to work in your country?
    Best wishes Marko

    • Thanks for sharing, Marko 🙂

      • Marko Espinoza says:

        Hi, Thank you for creating this website. Finally, there is someone who can explain clearly how the examiner assesses your exam.
        London 8 of June 2017. Academic
        There were two pie charts. The first about the reasons why employees wanted to learn languages( holiday travel, business, personal interest) and the other regarding the prefer time they chose to study( part time, full time, weekends or weekdays)
        The second task was about work. In developed countries, people work long hours to increase production. Do you think does affect the quality of life? What extend do you agree?
        Regards. Marko

      • hii mam.. my brother had completed his exam on 3rd june ..and his speking topic is describe a shop that has opened in yr hometown..n intro que was on robotic and transportation..sorry for being late ..

    • How about the listening parts

  169. Academic ielts exam
    june 8, 2017
    Manila, Philippines

    part 1
    where do you live? is it a good place to live in? are you planning to stay there for a long time? what is interesting about it?
    do you wear a watch when you were a child? why do you thin children should wear a watch? why do you think some people like to wear expensive watches?
    do you travel from work to your house? how long is it?
    part 2
    describe a book that you want to read gain
    -explain why you want to read it again
    -what is it about
    – i forgot about the third question already, sorry!
    part 3
    -do children need to learn how to read while they are still young?how important is it for them to have bedtime stories? what is the difference with the reading habits before and now? what are the effects of reading thru ebooks? do you think the reading habits of people will change in the future?

    writing task 1
    -two pie graphs about the main reasons why student choose a particular university in the UK between 1987 and 2007.

    writing task 2
    -some people believe that it is possible for a country to be economically progressive and have a clean environment at the same time. Some disagree.
    discuss both views and give your opinion.

  170. Jasmanpreet Singh gill says:

    I have given my listening,reading and writing modules on 08-06-2017.and the all these three modules are same for every candidate. I have given my speaking test today At A hotel ludhaina and the topics are-
    Introduction:1 full name
    2 Hometown
    3 And the questions related to politeness
    Cue card: a piece of cloth
    Questioning:1 about shopping
    2 Buying Cloths online
    3 are cloths for men and women are same
    4 and many more.

  171. amandeep says:

    I have wrote exam on 8th June Academic India

    The chart gives information about the percentage of young teenagers who smoke cigratte in a European country with their age and gender from 1995-2005.

    In some countries, more parents are educating thier kids in home instead of sending them to school. Do you think the advantage will overweigh the disadvantage?

    In task 1 — I forgot to mention about country but complete my task ,,,it’s not well as my expectations but I used complex and compound sentence various places

    In task 2 — I made 5 paragraphs ; in 1st ( rephrase statement and give my point of view (I declare this trend has more disadvantage than advantages)
    In 2nd and 3rd ( I wrote 4 disadvantages but with comparison with study in schools and 2 points in each)
    In 4th( I wrote one advantage of the given statement )
    In 5th( I declare it’s disadvantage outweigh it’s advantages and my suggestion )

    But I’m very afraid about my result of writing because I think task need only advantages or disadvantages of this statement but I compared its disadvantage with opposite statement advantages ( I suppose that it’s off topic )
    And also about task 1 that I mentioned above

    So Please Reply Liz about my pattern and clear my misunderstanding whether it’s good or bad

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 For writing task 2, your view was that the disadvs outweigh the advs. This means you must explain this which will include covering both sides relative to your opinion. It sounds like you did fine in relation to answering directly.

  172. Pooja Rani says:

    Hi Liz,
    I took my IELTS Exam on 8th of june with Academic module and the test centre was Delhi and my speaking test was today i.e 9th june.

    The listening and reading part was quite simple from what i expected it to be. And in writing part
    The chart gives information about the percentage of young teenagers who smoke cigratte in a European country with their age and gender from 1995-2005.

    In some countries, more parents are educating thier kids in home instead of sending them to school. Do you think the advantage will overweigh the disadvantage?

    And in Todays speaking test, i was lucky enough to have got a supporting examiner.
    After the introduction she asked me
    What is “sunny day”?
    What do you feel about sunny day? Why?
    What do you like to do on sunny days? Why?
    Which one will you prefer, a place with more of sun or a place which is cold?

    Describe a situation when a known person cleverly solved a problem?
    When it was?
    Who he was?
    What was the problem?
    How he solved?

    Do you think you often behave clearly?

    What do you think all the children are born clever or they learn to be clever?
    What is the role of school in making child clever?
    Do you think parents play a role in making their child clever?
    Are all the children equally blessed with similar level of intelligence?
    Does people in your country use email?
    How often you use email?
    What do you think email will be used more in future?
    What will you prefer sending email or talking over a telephone?

    Thank you liz for your tips and lessons. It was really very helpful.
    May God bless you.!!!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your results 🙂

    • What was asked in listening ( I mean anything you remembered about it ) and reading ? What were the passages about ? Didn’t you found them lengthy and some pronunciation hard in listening ?

      • abhijit says:

        ya ,I also found reading quite lengthy.But unexpectedly last passage was easy compared to 1 st one

  173. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for the beautiful collection of questions and special thanks to the millions of folks contributing here. I recently took my IELTS exam in India along with my wife both of us almost received similar scores.
    My scores were: S/L/R/W-7.5/8.5/9/7.5 and my wife’s-7.5/8/9/7.5

    Our speaking questions:
    House or apartment describe it 5-6 questions
    Cue card-your fav drama series
    rest of questions were on importance of story telling against visual experience
    influence of western shows on Indian shows-whether useful or not
    My wife’s question were more on style of cloths ,shopping,e-commerce vs traditional shopping etc
    writing on 25th was a letter to restaurant manager on the constant noise from his place
    and essay was on young people becoming leaders
    Thanks again

  174. Hi liz
    My exam was on 3june
    Acedamic ielts
    Writing task 2 was about causes of applying law to cut down working hours of an employee. .and asked either the effects are possitive or negetive
    Writing task 1 was diagram showing the changes in council which will be done in future
    Both task were good bt i forgot to write the overview of task1
    In speaking intro questions were about pop musice ,birthdays
    Cue card was describe that interesting conversation with whom you dont know
    Follow up questions were about face to face chat and why people share their feelings with unkown and with known ones
    Cue card was good ..but i got nervous in intro questions. .and was taking pauses ..i think i would effect my band score ..overall reading and listening was easy

  175. Hi Liz! Caracas, Academic
    I did my speaking test on monday and I got questions about being polite, about transportation, and on part 2 it was about free gifts. Another friend took it on the same day and got questions like what do you think about mirrors.
    My L,R and W was today. Writing was about plans to reform a conference centre and task 2 was about university students having to do voluntary work! (to what extent…)

  176. Hi liz, thanks a lot for your website.
    Module – Academic
    Location -Mumbai
    Writing –
    Task 1 – bar graph about percentage of young teenagers who smoke cigarette in European nations
    Task 2 – Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.advantage and disadvantage .

    Where do you live?
    Would you like to live there in future?
    Where is it located?
    Tell me more about it?
    do you prefer one or many friends?
    do you like comfortable or fashionable shoes?why?
    have you ever buy shoe online?why not?

    Cue card
    Famous person I like
    Why I like that person
    When u get to know about him

    What kind of people become famous people these days?
    Who were famous in past??
    Should celebrity maintain their private life?
    Is it necessary to have talent or good face?

  177. Glory Claudia Karundeng says:

    Hi Liz. I’m Glory.
    I just had my academic IELTS test on June 8th, 2017 in Indonesia.

    Listening :
    Section 1
    I forgot the topic, but the questions were mostly multiple choice
    Section 2
    – age
    – facillities
    – price
    – six questions provided with 8 answers
    Section 3
    It’s the discussion of 2 people talking about assignment
    There were around 6 questions that had to be filled based on given choice in the box
    The rest of them were multiple choice
    Section 4
    Lectures about history of Aborigin people
    Fill the blank questiona

    Section 1
    Topic : history about civilization
    (Mostly multiple choice)
    Section 2
    Topic : experiment about parfume and its impact on memory
    (TFNG and fill the blank questions)
    Section 3
    Topic : technology and software
    (YNNG and multiple choice questions)

    Writing :
    Task 1
    Pie charts about reasons for students to choose university in UK in 1997 (maybe) and 2007
    Task 2
    Discuss two opinions
    Some people believe that a country will be able to success in economic and have a clean environment. Some people disagree.
    Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

    Speaking :
    Section 1
    – Do you use email ?
    – How often do you use it ?
    – Why do you prefer to use email ?

    – What kind of home will you build in the future ?
    – What’s your opinion about sunshine ?
    – Do you like to live in a place where the sun shines brightly ?

    Section 2
    Describes a plant that grows in your country
    You should say
    – what is the plant
    – (forgot)
    – why do you like/dislike the plant

    Section 3
    – what are the benefits of being a farmer ?
    – do you think farming is an important thing to support the economy of a country ?
    – what challenges do farmers have in your country ?
    – do you think that farming activity will continue in the future ?
    (I forgot the rest of the questions, but they were all about farming and impact on my country)

    My question is about writing in task 2.
    Will I lose mark if I wrote my last paragraph with my own opinion instead of making a conclusion ?

    Thank you

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 If you miss a conclusion in writing task 2, it is a problem for your score in Task Response. Hopefully you will have done well in the other marking criteria and also in task 1.

  178. Sagar Khunt says:

    Today I had a LRW test in Ahmedabad
    Writing task 1
    Two bar graphs compare Young teenager by gender who are smoker of different age
    Writing task 2
    In some countries it has been observed that many parents choose to study their children at home rather than sending them to school.
    Does advantage of studying at home outweighs the disadvantage?

  179. Hi Liz
    Academic india
    New delhi
    8 June
    Writing 1 two bar graph in which given the age teenagers who smoke regularly
    Writing 2 increasing the number of parents who choose their children to educate themselves in their home rather than go to school.Advantage and disadvantage.

  180. Dear Liz,

    I had an exam today, Academic Ielts 08.06.2017 in Baku, Azerbaijan.


    Task 1
    Pie charts show the type of foreign languages ( 5 types such as evening course, part-time etc) by employees of one export company, and the different reasons ( again 5 reasons such as travel, business purpose, communicating with overseas customers etc) for learning it.

    Task 2.
    Countries with long working days are more successful economically, but there are also some negative social consequences. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Listening section 1 questions were different, i mean we already use to see Name, hotel name, age, address, cost etc in section 1, but those questions started with matching type.

    I will also share speaking questions, as my speaking test is after exam.

    Good luck to all,
    Aysel Aliyeva

  181. Hi Liz
    Academic Iran
    8 June
    Writing 1 two pie chart about the type of learning foriong language and the reasons
    Writing 2 the negative effect of to long working hours on societies
    Listening all part multi choices except part 4
    Speaking describe a drama series

  182. describe any activity that you wanted to do but it wouldn’t be completed.
    *what it is.
    *when it is
    *how you feel.

  183. Hi, I had speaking on 07/06/17, academic, in Ahmedabad.
    Part 1
    1 was about my home town and things that are interesting in it.
    2 many more questions about watch, for example if people in India wear it or not and why people like to wear

    Part 2
    An interesting neighbor
    Follow up
    About neighbours in city and mostly related questions

    Part 3
    Views on national communities.
    And if a nation can be considered a huge community or not.

    I have a question regarding part 3, first of all, at the time of speaking i couldn’t understand what the examiner was actually talking about and at one question I gave my personal opinion to which I was interrupted and told to generalize the statement. Further, part 3 became more like a debate rather than conversation. I am concerned that this might lower my band score. Is it too bad??

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Speaking part 3 is a discussion and not just a conversation. The examiner might push you to explain your views or offer a different perspective – this is all normal for part 3.

      • Thank you so much for easing it up. I’m appearing for ielts just depending on your teaching and blog and it’s turning out to be great.
        You are one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.
        Thank you

  184. DEBASIS says:

    Hi, I am Debasis
    Speaking test on 7 June Academic,
    About work

  185. Hi liz, yourvideo’s have been so helpful , kindly keep up the good work,
    i had my exams GT on 03/06/2017

    my speaking was blur as i had a terrible cold, queations where on
    1. the usual introduction for part one
    2. talk on a polite neigbour
    3. how do you relate with people of your country abroad

    for the listening
    1. Discussion btw a female enquiring for used cars
    2. 2 students discussing with another girl about mentorship
    3. Diving ceremoney

    i lost track some where inbetween , really hoping all works out, also am worried becos i did not follow the uppercase and lowercase letters while writtingmy answers

    reading was about motorcycle for brginers

    cant really renmber the rest

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