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  1. Speaking idp 19 april
    1. What is your full name?
    2. What do you do?
    3. Have any plan to change your job?
    4. Have you wear sunglasses?
    5. Have you lost sunglasses?
    6. To home you gifted sunglasses and why?
    7. 2 more questions forgotten
    Cue card: a time when you looked or search for an information
    Follow up : around a dozen question
    1. Is internet huge source of information
    2. Do you think library still a viable source of information
    3. Other source of information
    4. Quality of internet information
    5. Tell about Tv for information
    6. Some areas internet does not acces, what will happened there…
    7. What leads internet information
    8.. Bla bla bla… 3-4 question forgotten
    I have answered all questions without stop, though thete was many grammatical mistake seems to me.

  2. 19.04.2019
    part 1:
    drawing pictures
    part 2:
    describe a lecture that you took part in
    part 3:
    listening lecture

  3. Shouldn’t everyone have to mention his exam type (Academic-General) and his country? It will be more useful. PLEASE.

    • It is not necessary to state if it is GT or Academic. If the writing task 1 is a letter, then obviously the test is GT. For speaking, there is only one test so GT or Academic makes no difference at all.

  4. 17/April/19
    Intro- are you student or employee
    Where are u studying
    Do u want any changes in your college
    Do u like pictures
    What kind of pictures do u like
    Are pictures important
    Do u listen to music
    What kind of music u don’t like

    Handmade gift for someone
    Part 3
    Difference in gifts of past and present
    Do u prefer handmade gift or gift from shop
    Do u think art subject is important in school
    Do u think girls like different gifts and boys like different
    Many more questions

  5. Hi guys,

    If you want to share your experience and tips for the computer based IELTS test, I’ve created a new page for it.

    Click here: Pros & Cons Computer Delivered IELTS

  6. April 13th 2019

    Part-1 (Introduction)

    1-Do you work or study?
    2-What do you like about your work?
    3-Which movie star you like and why?
    4-Do you want to be a movie star?
    5-Are you a patient person?
    6-How important is it to be patient?

    Part-2 (Cue Card)

    Talk about a healthy habit/routine that you have.
    1-what is it?
    2-when did you start doing it?
    3-what is the benifit of it on your health.

    Part-3 (Follow-up questions)

    1-What should schools do to improve children’s health?
    2-How is employees health important to an employer?
    3-Is mental health of employees important ?
    4-What should employers do to improve employees health?

    Part-1 (Two words only)
    Filling a job application form.

    Question type:
    1-sentence completion.

    Discussion on theater project between drama student and her teacher.

    Question types:
    2-label the map

    Talk on agricultural development in a country.

    Question types:
    1-Sentence completion

    Passage-1 on job description.
    Question type:
    1-summary completion (no more than 3 words)

    Passage-2 on different trains and their routes.
    Question types:
    1-Match information

    Passage-3 on guidlines for business start-up
    Question types: (no more than two words)
    1-Summary completion
    2-Short answer question

    Passage-4 on Real tennis
    Question types:
    1-Match information
    2-True/False/Not Given


    A local magazine editor has asked for readers opinion. Write a letter to magazine editor;
    1-describe what made you choose this magazine.
    2-why do you like and dislike about it.
    3-what improvements do you want to see.

    People doing dangerous sports activities like scuba diving and bungi jumping, they should be responsible for their own life and rescue workers should not risk their lives to save people.
    Do you agree or disagree?

  7. Hi Liz, I had my speaking test on 11 April 2019
    Part 2 topic : describe a gift that someone gave you on your birthday. I did the test nicely without any mistakes but my answers were no long enough. Will that affect the score ?
    Thank you

  8. April 13th
    – Part 1: at school, what is the thing you struggle most with? How did you overcome it?; What is your favourite movie star? Do you often see movie stars in your country?
    – Part 2: talk about your perfect, ideal house and why you think it’s perfect for you
    – Part 3: environmentally friendly technologies usage at houses; the differences between living in a house and a flat; advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment
    TIPS: recently, IELTS speaking tests mainly focus on social problems (things like public transport, etc)
    – I think the listening test is quite easy for me. Personally, I did very well on Section 4 (which is supposed to be the hardest) but missed one answer on Section 1.
    TIPS: – If necessary, you can email the IELTS centre that you’re taking the test, express your concerns and ask them to leave a note for you to sit closer to the speaker (if the centre only offers speakers but not headphones)
    – Be very mindful when you are required to circle TWO answers in the multiple questions section
    – A website that I use and find very helpful in practicing is, go there and you won’t regret it.
    READING: the 3 paragraphs were long and a bit bulky, so DO read them as fast as you can. I’m a fast reader, nevertheless still struggled to manage the time.
    – Task 1: I was given 2 college diagrams (maps) in the present days as well as their plans in the future.
    – Task 2: More and more people are becoming seriously overweight. Some people say that the price increase of fattening foods will solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  9. I had my computer based gt exam today

    Speaking part 1 was about work, sleeping hours and cooking.
    Cue card: something you taught to a younger person.
    Part 3 was mainly about skills that children should learn before school.

    I did really good in part 1 and 2, but i had a complete mind block in part 3. I made some mistakes and i couldnt think of good ideas. I m not sure if this will greatly affect my score. Please advise.

    Writing task 2 was a discussion essay. It was about ppl should be to drive at 18 or 25 years old.

    Writing task 1 was a formal letter to an hotel manager asking about a party you want to arrange for somebody you know.

    Typing was much easier than writing for me, and i was able to revise and read my essay a couple of times.
    Good luck everyone.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • I got my scores today. L 8.5 R 8.5 W7 S8 overall 8

        I was stuck in 6.5 writing score, and this was my 7th attempt.

        I am truly appreciative to you Liz. I would have never scored 7 without your advanced writing videos. They are absolutely useful and comprehensive, and they give clear structure to follow.

        My message to future test takers: follow liz’s structure and advice, include different types of sentences in your writing to boost your grammar score and try the computer-delivered ielts (it was much easier for me). Don’t give up ppl!

        Liz, you’re a life-saver!

  10. Hello Liz,

    Thanks so much for your page, it was very helpful during preparation.
    So, here are my questions for the Academic Module:
    1) Listening: a young man being interviewed about the town he lived in
    a man talking about a vehicle sale/market and how and where to find what on
    a map
    two students talking about a plant and how it affects the environment
    a scientist talking about how people might have traveled from Asia to America
    in ancient times and setteled down

    2) Reading: one text about eating, food and celebrations in ancient Rome, one text about optimism and psychology and science thereof, one text about using old diaries and records of the life cycles of plants and animals and how they are used by scientists today to research climate change

    3) Writing: describe how a TV center has changed over ten years according to two maps
    an opinion essay about how parents and teachers believe that children should be supervised in their activities most of the time whereas others believe that kids need more freedom

    4) Speaking: I had a very nice examiner. My questions were: about my job and how I get to work, about handwriting and if I liked two write with my hand. Then I had to prepare and talk about a situation where I didnβ€˜t have enough time to finish something. After that she asked me about how and why people today seem to have less time today than some years/decades ago.

    I hope it helps. I didnβ€˜t find it that hard but it also wasnβ€˜t an easy breezy thing either.

    • What I forgot: I invested some time in finding a pencil I liked to write with and a good eraser only to find out at the test venue that we were not allowed to use our own stuff and had to use the pencils and erasers that were given to us by the test center. And I really didnβ€˜t like these! I might be a bit strange concerning my pencils and pens but I like to use stuff Iβ€˜m comfortable with in exams. Donβ€˜t know if anyone else can relate to this though.

      • Personally, I fully understand. Pencils are not all the same. Some are easier to write with than others.

        • One experience I would like to share is about preventing smudges on the answer sheet due to eraser marks. To prevent unsightly eraser marks, I found it helpful to rub off lead residue on the eraser surface by rubbing it off on the question paper or on my pants. I did this while I was listening to instructions. The test center initially provided 2 pencils and a used eraser and at the end of the reading test an IELTS staff member went around offering more pencils. I requested 2 more for my writing test. I had about 280 words on Task 1 and about 310 words on Task 2. I used all 4 pencils until they were blunt. The lead was really soft, there was shallow tapering on the newly sharpened pencil tips, and I used a lot of pressure while writing. I hope that would help on the mechanics of pencil writing and erasing on the IELTS.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Glad you had a nice examiner for the speaking test πŸ™‚

  11. Just done my academic speaking today, 12 april

    Part 1:
    – study/work
    – how many hours a week
    – what u want to improve in ur organization
    – questions about email: how many per day access email, do u prefer to have text or email, do u reply email directly or not
    – questions about camera: preferences on camera/smartphone

    Part 2
    – name a successful fried
    – what his/her achievement
    – how the achievement meaning to him/her
    – I missed the last question since it was in the bottom of the box and separated from the other 3 questions. I just noticed it when the examiner took the paper. I hope I’ve covered that question in my 2 mins answer πŸ™

    Part 3
    – achievement in science is better than arts/sports, agree or not
    – how the student should be rewarded
    – 1 more question relate to above questions

  12. Hi Liz, been using your website and resources for a couple of days and i tried using all the tips and tricks you have shared so thank you!!I had my speaking exam today and I am a fluent English speaker but knowing that I will be tested on fluency and vocabulary is quite unnerving. I tried to be as fluent as possible however I realise I did repeat a lot of vocab. How much will that affect my grade?
    For part 1 I was asked about whether I work or study and whether I like parks or gardens.
    Do I prefer open parks or parks with leisure facilities.
    Part 2 was about where I find it easiest to study and why
    Part 3 was about whether academics is better than experience for getting a job.
    Hope this helps other IELTS candidates πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ In speaking, it is perfectly normal to repeat words – it doesn’t affect your score. The score for vocabulary is about the range you use in different topics, not about how many synonyms you use. Speaking naturally and with fluency is the aim. Remember this is an informal speaking test and the marking criteria are not the same as IELTS writing.

  13. Hi Liz,
    I had my speaking exam last week for IELTS General Training.
    Section 1:
    Tell me whether you study or work. Tell me about your work
    Do you enjoy your work and why ?
    Do you look at sky?
    Do you prefer sky at day or night?
    Do you have any particular place in your house where you can see the sky?
    What do you enjoy most about sky?
    Do you use to see sky when you were kid?
    Section 2: Tell one instance when you receive a bad customer experience in a restaurant?
    Cue card: 1- When it happened? With whom you were? What you did about it
    – I explain the restaurant where it happened and with whom I was. How was I mistreated and what I did about it. But at the end of my speaking I was stopped in the middle of my sentence. So I just stopped and said Thank you. Did I do something wrong? Will this affect my score?

    Section 3: Mostly question related the customer experience like, reason why people think that they are getting bad customer service, have you faced bad customer service during online shopping- how ? , Are people having high expectation for customer service. I actually find most of the question quite repetitive, so most of my answer were almost similar. How will it affect my score?
    Thanks and Regards,

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Remember there is only one speaking test. The above questions are for any candidate regardless of what test they take for reading or writing.

  14. Hi Liz,

    Thanks a lot. You don’t know this but i have been a silent reader and your page really helped me a great deal. i was surprised as to similarities in questions that i felt relaxed and instantly at home in the first few seconds of the interview. I had my speaking test today so i would share my experiences as well, like many before me.

    Do you work or study?
    Do you like your place of work and what do you like about that?
    Is there anything you would like to change about your work place and what is that?

    Name someone you know who is doing something good about the environment
    i) Say who the person is. ii) How he/she does this. iii) Challenges he has experienced in the process of doing this.

    Name a serious environmental challenge that you can think of and why?
    Do you think international organizations or nationals has responsibility towards address these challenges.

    N/B: the questions aren’t recanted word for word, just wanted to give a general feel of the questions and hopefully it helps someone as other contributions did help me. like a great woman always “sharing is caring”.

    Good Luck Folks.

  15. Took the GT Test on April 6.

    Writing Task 1 – A item of clothing you purchased but found some issues with it once you returned home. Describe – what the item was, what were the issues, and what you expect the store manager to do.
    I wrote about a 3 piece suit because if I had written about a shirt or a pant, how much could you really write to describe the product. Or how many issues can you have with a single shirt. With a 3 piece suit I could describe all three items separately and mention different issues with each. Hope a 3 piece suit counts as an item of clothing.

    Writing task 2 – Should people get a job right after school or should they attend university. Discuss both and give your opinion.

    Speaking Part 1: Where you live, what you like about the area. What you dont like about it. Do you like pets, which kind do you like, which ones you dont. Handwriting vs typing. Handwriting analysis.
    Part 2: A beautiful/handsome person you have met. Where you met them. Their personality. I spoke about a film actress and told the examiner I have not actually met the person but have seen them on TV in Live TV shows or press conferences.

  16. Im J
    Speaking questions
    Study, sky, children
    2. Talk about a person you admire.
    3. Famous person and children.
    -Growning up related questions

  17. Hi! Just finished my ielts academic yesterday. Overall, it was a great experience tho I thought I was going to have a heart attack haha! I tried to remember everything. Thank you Liz for your helpful website. Good luck to everybody!

    – winter concert
    – 2 students preparing for their presentation
    – cotton production

    – multitasking
    – can’t remember the rest sorry

    – pie charts about responses of club member and general public about a new theatre
    – about retirement: individuals should provide for themselves when they retire, govt should take care of its people. Describe both views then give your opinion.

    – describe where do you live
    – are you a patient person?
    – cue card: describe something you do that is good for your health
    – what schools should do to further promote health among students

  18. Speaking part 2: March 2019

    Describe an intelligent person you know.
    1. Who the person is?
    2. Why do you consider him/her intelligent?
    3. What do you like about the person?

  19. Dear Liz,
    I’ve finished my academic test today:
    Speaking section:
    Part1: Do you work or study?
    what do you like about your courses?
    where do you live? since when? and what do you like about your place? what changes would
    you like to add to your city?
    what kind of things do you like to share?
    did your parents encourage you to share things as a child?
    what things you don’t like to share?
    do you think people will share their cars in the future?
    let’s talk about sleep: how many hours do you need to sleep?
    is it important for you to get enough sleep? why?
    Part2: describe a party you went to, you should talk about:
    where was the party?
    why was it?
    what did you do?
    and describe what you felt after the party and why.
    Part 3: General questions about parties:
    do you go to a lot of parties?
    what festivals do you have in your country?
    some people like to arrange family parties, why?
    are festivals more traditional or religious thing in your country?
    do people spend too much money on weddings and why?

    Writing section:
    task 1: a graph shows the number of immigrants to three countries.
    task 2: government should support sports and the arts at school to encourage children to take part in sports, more than supporting professional sports and artistic performances for general public.
    to what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Thank you Liz for all the materials you provide through your website, I’m really appreciated πŸ™‚

  20. Wrote today
    Writing Task 1 : Line graph showing immigration to USA, Canada and Australia from 1990 to 2001.
    Comment on the main points and make comparisons…..
    Task 2 : Government money should be used to support children in school for sports rather than to support professional sports and arts that perform for the general public.
    To what extent do you agree?

  21. Hi Liz.
    Thank you for making this website available. It has really helped a lot of people including me. I wrote my test today 6th April 2019. General training

    Writing task 1: write a letter to your colleague telling him about your planned visit to the town you use to work. Tell Him details arrangement of your visit.

    Task 2.
    In many countries, weddings are expensive compared to the past. What is the cause? Is it a positive development or negative development?

    Speaking : part 1: where do you live presently.
    2. Do you know people living in that area. 3. How often do you cook. 4. Do you prefer eating home made meals or eating in a restaurant. 5. Describe a delicious meal you eat recently. 6. Do you prefer foundation water or bottle water.
    Part 2.
    Decribe a skill that took you long time to learn.
    Say when you learnt the skill. Where you learn it. Why it took you long time to learn it.

    Part 3:
    Mention other skills that take a long time to learn. Why do people prefer skill that take short time. My answer made the examiner ask me if people are not patient to spend long time to learn skill compared to the past.

  22. hi liz
    i have done my ielts exam test on 6th april 2019
    writing task 1
    the two maps are the changes on a particular area in 1980 and another was given after the constructing the dam in 2000
    task 2
    more and more people are becoming seriously overweight. some people suggest that the solution this problem should increase the price of fattened foods.
    to what extend do you agree or disagree?

  23. Hi Liz, thank you so much, your website helped me a lot.
    I had my speaking test and L, R, W test at 6th April.

    As I remember, this is my Academic Test:

    Task 1:Graph about overweight men and women in Australia between 1980 and 2010. Compare and summarize!

    Task 2:People realize the importance of natural world.
    What the reason?
    How can increase people knolwledge?

    Liz, what should the idea that I put in details body 1 and 2 in task 2? Because I have little doubt with my answer.

    Part 1
    About hometown,
    Where do you live?
    Why do you live in your town?
    How do you feel live in that town?
    What do you like in your town?
    Do you know people who live near you?
    How often you wearing sun glasses?
    Are you ever lose sun glasess?
    Talk about sport,
    What most popular sport in your country?
    what sport do you like?
    Do you like sport team or individu? Why?
    Who are your favorit sport star? Why?

    I think, my examiner give me alot of random topic in part 1, I don’t know why. But i can answer all of that clearly. What’s wrong, Liz?

    Part 2
    Describe teenager that you know.
    Who is he/her?
    Why do you choose that person?
    What kind of person he/she is?
    Explain her positive value

    Part 3
    How yong people respect to elder people in your country?
    What the difference between children and teenager?
    Do you think that teenager are enough to think in the right way?
    How can the school educate student to have attitude?

    While I speaking, the examiner often cut my answer. Is that bad for the result?

    Sorry, for listening and reading, I can’t remember the details.

    Thank you, Liz.
    And, good luck with high band score, Guys.
    Please, also pray for me, I just need band 7, with minimum 6 each session. Ameen.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is normal for the examiner to interrupt answers – it is a normal part of the testing process. Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

    • I took the same exam at the same date as well.
      Task 2
      Today, many people have little knowledge about the importance of natural world.
      What are the reasons for this?
      How can we solve this problem?
      I found it was quite difficult, and I spent around 10 mins on planning, brain storming part is very hard as well cause I seriously have not much ideas why… so I managed to give some reasons, for example, it’s because people are more interested in enjoying their own material lives and chose to ignore the natural world around us. Another reason is there is not enough information or education provided to the general public by the government to encourage people to get involved more in protecting natural world.
      Also, I give the solutions as: 1. educate people at their young age such as put more information regarding to natural world into children’s study book; 2. Encourage families with children to go out more and have closer contact with the wild world.
      I felt I was out of ideas on this topic and could you give me some advice on this topic… thanks a lot Liz

      • Your ideas are absolutely fine. Why are you worried? Your ideas do not need to be exciting or ground-breaking, they just need to be relevant and well explained. Your reasons are certainly relevant. Another reason is that many people live in urban areas which are not designed to encourage wildlife and have not allocated space for nature, such as parks or gardens. This could actually also lead to a solution of better planning in urban areas.
        Your solutions are clear and distinct which is good. Another solution is to involve the media. In the UK, we have amazing wildlife programs that encourage children and parents to get involved in nature by giving them projects for their garden and suggesting ways they can make a difference. The programs are incredibly well filmed and presented by people who are enthusiastic and good at communicating to a broad age group from 5 years old – 60 plus.
        Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  24. Hi Liz,

    Hope you are well and heading towards Sunday! πŸ˜€

    I had my Listening, Reading & Writing sections. L & R sections were easy and I am positively thinking to have a good scoring in both. In Writing the questions were:-

    Letter – to friend whom you are coming to meet after some time as you shifted to other location for job. Tell him about your current Job, tell him about your stay plan and tell how you are going to make arrangements meet him.

    Essay – weddings are more expensive in some countries in present in comparison to the past. What is the reason behind this? Is this a positive or a negative development?

    Is this an opinion essay? I have not given my opinion in this as it has not asked me.


    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your task 2 required two things from you: 1) to give the causes – this would be in one body paragraph 2) to give your opinion if it is positive or negative (similar to agree or disagree) – that would be the second body paragraph.

  25. Today (April 6th) I took my General IELTS test. Following is what I remember
    A local college is having an international day. You want to speak about your country to students from different cultures.
    Write a letter to the college head
    * Tell him/her about the topics you are going to talk about
    * Why would they be of interest to the students
    *ask for any arrangements that you need

    Some believe that is is the responsibility of people to take care about the environment.Others say it is the government that should take care of the environment.
    Discuss both views and state your opinion

  26. Hi Liz
    I had my speaking test on 04th April 2019
    Part 1- Living place, foods, and cook, shoes
    Part 2 -describe a complaint you made
    Part 3- about complaint making an impact on the organization, Some questions relation to their decision making

    Thanks, Please pray for me to rest of the exam.

  27. Hi Liz,

    Your website is full of valuable information. Thank your so much for such a fantastic website.

    Speaking 04 April 2019
    PART 1
    Do you study or work?
    Where do you work?
    What do you like about your work place?
    If you were to improve one thing in your work place, what would that be?

    Lets talk about food
    Do you like cooking, how often do you cook?
    Why do people like cooking?

    PART 2
    Topic on environment pollution

    PART 3
    Follow ups on cue card. Below is what I can barely recollect:
    What is the cause of environment pollution in your hometown? And what can be done to stop this practice?
    In your hometown, tell me one person you know is trying to protect the environment pollution?
    How is he doing it?
    What are your thoughts about countries around the globe in regards to environment pollution?
    Do you think enough is being done to protect the environment around the globe?

    I hope to get 8.0.
    Fingers crossed

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that band 8 πŸ™‚

    • First time I seen generalize topic in part 2, I thought it’s something to do with personal situation. Can’t you remember the exact quation?

  28. Had my Speaking Test today (04/04/2019)

    Pretty basic stuffs examiner asked like:
    What you do work or study?
    What does is your company best in business?
    What changes you would like to see in your company?
    Why your company attracts youth?
    Which is your favorite colour? Why is that colour your favorite?
    If you have to choose a car colour which one will you prefer brighter or dark shades? Why so?

    Cue Card: Which is the most beautiful city you have visited
    Where is it located?
    What you loved about City?
    What are the things you can do?

    Followup Questions:
    According to you is historic places be preserved?
    What does it takes to preserve such historic places?
    How shall these places be preserved?
    If government stop giving funds to preserve to historic places, what impact it will have in world?
    Why do people like to explore different places?
    Why do city generally build skyscrapers? what is the reason?

    Just express yourself out that’s the key to speaking test!!
    Hope this helps
    Wish you all goodluck!

    Thanks Liz for this amazing platform, where we could share our ideas! Cheers.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You are 100% right – expressing yourself natural is the key to IELTS speaking. Don’t memorise answers – just prepare ideas and then speak naturally in the test.

  29. Hi Liz,
    Firstly I want to thank you very much for your tips, your blog helps IELTS test takes alot in achieving the target score, a true example of sharing is caring. πŸ™‚
    I have my LRW test on 6th April and I have taken speaking test yesterday i.e 3rd April
    Part 1:
    What do you like about your work?
    Do you like taking photographs?You prefer taking pictures with a camera or mobile phone? Why?
    What photographs do you like taking?
    What do you do with them?
    Who is your fav actor?
    Are international actors famous in our country? Why
    Part 2:
    Talk about a job your grandparent has done? What is it? How did you know about it? Will you prefer to do such job?
    Part 3:
    Which do you think are hard jobs
    Do people doing easy jobs be paid less?
    Why people prefer hard jobs?
    Why should company encourage people doing hard jobs?
    How does a hard jobs help in developing a person’s personal

    I was able answer part 1 and 2 well but in part 3 I felt i have I repeated answers for 2 ques. Hope I could score well. ,🀞

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about answers being similar – the marking isn’t the same as writing. In writing, you should not repeat information because it affects your score for Task Achievement or Task Response , but there is no such marking criterion in speaking. Good luck on Saturday! See this page:

  30. Hi Liz,
    U have been absolutely a great guide for IELTS and I had prepared all from ur website .. today I had my speaking test …I was confident and comfortable talking with long complex sentences as u had said. Following were the topic I got :
    Part 1_
    Do u work or study
    What u enjoy the most about ur work
    Do u like taking photos in camera or cell phone
    Part 2_
    Describe a subject u didn’t used to like during ur childhood which u like now
    β€’what was the subject
    β€’why u disliked it
    β€’what made u change ur dislike
    β€’when did it change
    Part 3_
    does teachers play role for students like for subject or study
    Why do u think so
    How can a teacher grab attention of students for the lecture
    Are the teachers using modern methods for teaching

    I felt good after the test. Hoping for good score..
    All the best to all

  31. Speaking test 03 april 2019
    1) Do you study or work
    2) what do u like about work , any improvements
    3) do u drive ? do u use public transport
    5) when was the last time you took a taxi ; should everyone learn to drive
    6) Do u like parks; how often you go to parks; do u prefer open parks or covered leisure centers
    Part 2:
    Speak for 2 min : Any good law in your country

    part 3 :
    1) Why do we need laws
    2) Are all laws just
    3) Do people respect laws in your country
    4) What kind of international laws are needed and why
    5) Do u think universal laws are possible
    6) Should all countries have same laws ? Is is possible

  32. My topics were

    1) Talk about the SKY

    2) Second part: describe an occasion where someone didn’t tell you all the truth

    3) Honesty

  33. Dear Liz,

    Thank you for all the tips you have shared to us, which were very useful. Today (04 April) i had the Speaking test. After i finished the test, i looked to the white paper of the examiner where some number were written in this order: (from the left side of the paper going to the right side) number 2, 4, 5, than a number 31, and at the end a number 8 0 0. Could you please explain to me what might be the meaning of this numbers, in particular the last number written by the examiner (8 0 0).

    Thank you

    • Examiners make notes mainly of seconds and minutes. Any numbers have nothing to do with your score. All IELTS candidates should not pay any attention to what the examiners jots down on paper. Your score is not decided until after you walk out of the room. The examiner doesn’t make notes of scoring during the test because the results are based on an overall performance and not on each part.

  34. Hi Liz
    I had my speaking test on April 4th. These were my questions:
    -Part 1
    Where do you live?
    Do you like your neighborhood?
    Do you know the people living around you?
    When you were a child, did you go to the cinema?
    Which kind of movies do you prefer?
    How often do you go to the cinema?
    Do you like to watch movies alone or with your friends?

    _Part 2:
    Describe an important decision made with the help of others?

    Did you mad the same decision again?
    Why it is important to consult with other people?
    What are some important decision teenagers have to make?
    Why some people listen to others advises but do not confirm?

    I want 7 though I had a few pauses and corrected myself a couple of times. Could these things damage my score?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Pauses and self-correction are part of the band score for fluency which is 25% of your marks. But even so, your score will be based on your overall performance, not just one individual questions and answers. Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  35. Hi Liz,
    I just had my speaking test and I just wanted to post the questions, before I forget, as it may help someone.
    So for part 1, the examiner asked me the following questions
    – Where do you live?
    -What do you like about living there?
    -What kind of footwear do you like?
    -Do you prefer comfort over fashion?
    -Tell me about your fav footwear
    -Do you often buy new shoes?

    Cue card
    Describe a place you would like to visit in the future.
    What that place is?
    How do you go there?
    What do you want to do there?
    Explain why do you want to go.

    Part 3
    Mostly questions on young people and travel, like is it beneficial for young people to travel for a year before going to a university?
    What should they carry with them?
    What are the benefits of travelling?
    Why do some people do not want to travel?

    What are the benefits of tourism?
    What are the disadvantages of tourism?

    Thank you for this platform!

  36. I had my speaking test on 2nd April and would like to share the topicsπŸ‘‡
    Part 1 questions:
    What do you do work or study?
    What type of work do you do?
    Are you happy with your work environment?
    Do you want any changes in your workplace?
    Now let’s talk about music:
    Do you listen music?
    Which type of music do you listen?
    Is there any music which you don’t like? And why?
    What do music do to you?
    Have you ever been to live concert?
    Why did you enjoyed the concert?

    Questions for the Topic of SHOES

    What kind of shoes do you usually wear?
    Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?
    How often do you buy shoes?
    Where do you usually buy your shoes?
    Have you ever ordered shoes online? Why or why not?

    Part 2: cue card
    Describe a skill that takes a long time to learn:
    You should say:
    What is that skill?
    Why does it take a long time?
    How and where you can learn it?
    And explain how did you feel when you learn it?

    Follow up questions:
    Which other skills take long time to learn?
    Why do you think so?
    Is it good that to spend long time on skill?
    Why some people don’t like to spend such long time?
    Some people learn skills very fast, what can be the reason for it?
    Why do older people take more time to learn skill?

    Too many questions on skill and that too very repetitive and fast, she did not allow me to complete my answer.
    That’s all I think, there may be few questions that I don’t remember.

  37. I did my speaking test today which is on 3rd April and the questions were….
    section 1 :: About my name and do I work or study
    about my job and the work environment
    do you like texting or emails.
    the most important email which i received.
    Section 2 :: A message which I read on newspaper or internet which made me so happy.

    Section 3 :: Do people read lots of news?
    News reading is different than past.
    How important to teach children to read news?
    How news reporting has changed over time?
    How news reporters will be in the future?
    Do you think news at present are reliable if you compare it with the past?
    How do you feel when you are on a crowed place?
    Have you been visited any crowded place recently?
    How it would be if you are in a lonely place?

    I really appreciate your efforts to create such blog which is really useful. Thank you so much.

  38. Hi Liz,
    I had my speaking on April 02, 2019 and LRW is on April 06,2019
    Part 1: General questions; study or work, education, cinema
    Cue Card: Describe an indoor or outdoor place to study or work.
    Part 3: Follow Ups on cue card

    I hope to get 7.5 in speaking. Fingers crossed !

  39. Hi Liz,
    Had my speaking exam today.
    Below are the questions:
    Part 1:
    1. Do you work or study
    2. Where do you work
    3. Do you like working there
    4. One thing you would like to change in your organisation
    5. Do you like music
    6. Have you ever been to live concert
    7. What kind of music you like
    8. Do music have connection with thoughts
    9. Did you learn any music instrument
    10. Do you drink enough water
    11. Do you think extra curricular is important
    Rest I forgot.

    Part 2:
    About teenager I know how they relate to you. Describe his nature
    What you would like to see him in future

    Part 3:
    More in detail about how to bring up kids affectionate towards older PPL.
    Do entertainment has got changed from older days.
    How would you like to change a teenager to respect elders
    When would you say a child is moving to teenager
    Would you recommend a teenager to take responsibility
    How would you mould teenager.

    These are relatively to the kind of answer I gave in part 2.

    Liz, I laughed out for a question is it wrong.
    I corrected and reused some words while speaking and I was speaking until examiner said exam over thank you. Are these going to be a problem for me in marking?

    Is it also fine for an examiner to start exam right from the moment we enter into the room? Earlier I had chance to relax for a min and examiner will ask for my consent to begin exam.

    And many thanks Liz, I practiced and practiced alot with your speaking questions, so it was easy to do it in exam.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It’s fine to laugh. The speaking test is completely informal. It is also normal to use the same words in the speaking test. Some examiners start directly and some not – there is no set standard for this. The standard starts once the ID check begins and then when the recording is switched on.

  40. I just came back from my speaking test. (3rd April, 2019)

    My test was awesome. I got a lot of easy questions.

    In part 1 she asked me some questions related to my hometown and what was I doing (Are you a student or Do you work) and some questions related to Emails and social networking.
    Part 2 My monologue topic was
    A good news you heard/ read or saw on the internet/ television.
    Part 3 questions were related to News trends and the importance of news and the development in the media and then there were questions about today’s news reporters and the role of schools in motivating young children to listen to news.

  41. Today I have taken my speaking test..
    Part 1: Questions about where you are living right now and why, facilities around your home, whether you know your neighbours or not, your favourite colour, did u wear bright colours in your childhood, and 3 to 4 questions about cinema and movies..m
    Part 2: Favourite place of your country
    Part 3: Questions related to remote areas, towns and cities

  42. I had my speaking test today on 2nd of April 2019. I would like to contribute to the list of topics so it might help someone else. I was asked: “Describe a game you played when you were younger” in part 2. Thank you very much for this useful site.

  43. Part one
    Talk about where you live ? What you like there ?
    Whats your favorite colour?
    Does the car colour present your personaly?
    Cue Card
    Talk about a person you have never met but you want to know more
    Part three

    Why do people feel lonely in a big city with milion of people ?
    how to be friendly ?
    how to make new frineds

  44. Today was my Speaking Test. Firstly I want to Thank L8z and everyone who wrote about the latest exam questions because some of them Helped me a lot today. I am a bit sad and worried because in my Cue Card the question was Talk about a person you never met but want to know more. I talked about Julia Roberts her movies prices and some donationes she has made but I didnt say something like what i want her to know about her. Is that going to affect my score ?

  45. Hi Liz,
    Today i had my speaking exam 01 apr 2019.
    1. information about workplace, work hours.
    discussion on tea or coffee
    part2. Describe an item which yu bought and never used.
    Part3. talked about advertisements. talked about recycling.

  46. Hi Liz,

    Your site is very helpful for the test takers.
    It helped me immensely.

    I had my test today

    Part1: questions on sky, beauty of sky, places we can see d beauty of sky

    Part 2: an outdoor sport which i have not done yet and willing to do in life

    Part 3 : continued queations on outdoor sports
    In the listening section one, the caller said as canadian in d call .and in the answers i have written nationality as canada. Will that be marked wrong.

    Writing task1: enquire about the results of interview attened couple of weeks ago
    Writing task2 : tourism bringing environmental probles, what r the causes and suggest some solutions

  47. Hello Liz, I have appeared my speaking test (academic) 01.04.2019…I’d like to share some of the topics with all….
    Part 1
    What’s your name?
    Do you work or study?
    Which institute are you studying?
    What facilities do you have there?
    What facilities do you suggest to add there in future?
    Do you like to cook or not?
    How do you think people find interest in cooking?
    Do you prefer homemade food or restaurant food?

    Part 2
    Describe a family business you know
    Who runs that?
    How do they run that?
    Have you know about that?

    Part 3
    Can you tell me what will be the benefits of having family members in a family business?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of family business?
    What can be skills of a business person?
    Which type of business should people join small or big business?

    I can remember these besides there maybe 1/2 questions extra…..

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Hope your test went well. For all IELTS candidates, remember these questions are for both GT and Academic IELTS – there is only one speaking test for all people.

  48. Speaking part 2 topic:
    A task that you had to do recently but was not given enough time.
    What was the task?
    Why you had to do it?
    Why you didn’t have enough time?

    Writing task 2 topic:
    Nowadays parents are sending their children to trips abroad for educational purpose. What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

  49. hii…my speaking has done on 25th of march
    1 part – intro
    2 part – Describe a game which you mostly played in your childhood.
    3 part – All questions were related to games and children

  50. HI Liz,

    I took my speaking test today..
    Intro questions were about locality i am living right now.
    While answering one of the questions, I totally forget about the question and half way through I asked to repeat.
    Is it ok to do this? I am freaking out right now.

    In Cue card : she asked me to describe a time when I felt cheated.
    This I answered well.

    and follow up questions were on truth and lies.
    1. Is it ok to tell white lies?
    2. how a person may feel if she/she finds out that you lied?
    3. what are the negative effects of telling lie?
    I forget rest of them. But there were many.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is 100% fine to ask the examiner to repeat the question. The examiner will also allow for nerves. Your score will be based on your overall performance throughout the whole test, not on one question.

  51. Hi Liz,

    I had my speaking test on 27th March , here are questions that were asked to me:

    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    Where do you live?
    Why did stay in your city?
    What do you like about our place?
    Do you like going to parks and why?
    When was the last time you visited a park?
    Is there any park closer to your apartment ?
    What do you think, parks should have open space or more of leisure activity things?
    What changes do you think should be made in parks of today’s time ?

    Part 2
    Describe an activity you enjoy doing when you are alone
    What do you do?
    Where you do you it?
    How do you do it?
    Why do like doing this activity?

    Part 3
    What do think kids of today’s time like to do in their lesuire time ?
    Is media playing an important role to keep kids busy?
    Is it important for parents to make a time table for kids , is so , why?
    Why do people like to post pictures on social media?
    When you were kid did you have any bright colour cloths in your wardrobe ?
    Why did you like wearing them?
    If you have to relate you self with one colour, which colour would it be?
    Does car colour defines your personality?

    While I was answering part 2 question, I guess I finished 5-7 seconds before the time got up, is it a problem?
    And while I was answering the last question of part 3, examiner stopped me and said your time is up.

  52. Dear Liz
    You are amazing ! I am watching your videos and reading your blog to prepare for my IELTS after a friend who is a IELTS trainer recommended it to me ! Your tips very helpful especially for non-native speakers of English !
    I just gave my General Speaking Test this morning.

    Part 1:
    Mostly questions related to my house, the area where I currently live followed by some questions related to films and filmstars. This part felt quite simple and went by like a breeze.

    Part 2:
    Describe a dish which is usually prepared on special occasion.
    What is it
    When is it prepared
    How is it prepared

    Although it seem simple enough, I do not think I performed very well. I started talking and suddenly got very nervous because I realized the Examiner is not looking directly at me. She kept looking down in her notebook. For some reason I lost my track of thought and started mumbling my sentences. I did talk continuously 2 mins but I was off-topic for the most part.

    Liz, will I loose my marks for this? I am worried that my average score will go down because unlike in Part 1 & 3, I could not use any good vocab or phrases in Part 2. I was just holding my breath while words came out of my mouth.

    Part 3:
    A range of questions related to food trends and how people in recent times have started growing their own food. It was like a discussion on organic farming and organic cooking methods.

    I felt I did well on Part 1 and Part 3 moreover because I felt confident that I had the examiners attention as she kept looking at me and changed her facial expressions along with everything I said. But I lost my calm during Part 2 as I got the feeling that I lost her attention because she did not look up at me even once.

    I am sharing this experience here so that other fellow test takers can be prepared for this possibility. Keep talking and do not get anxious if the examiner does not look up at you. Do not let the nerves take over…. it happens…. it happened to me πŸ˜€

    Good Luck!
    Thank you Liz… you are a great tutor !

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your final speaking score is based on your overall performance and not on one part. If your confidence failed you, the question will be how did it affect your English language. But even so, your score will be based on your general level of English overall.
      It is really important that people are prepared for examiners having slightly different reactions. Some will smile, some will not. Some will be encouraging with body language, some will not. Some will hold your eye so that you feel you are in a conversation, others will not. You need to enter the test determined that for 14 mins, your English will not be affected by any behaviour from the examiner. This requires preparation and determination.
      Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  53. Hi Liz,

    I have completed my speaking test today (27/3/2019). I felt I was able to extend my answers, couple of places I stuttered and couple of places I knew I did mistake but I did not correct it. I said “is nightmares” instead of “are nightmares”, I used to hardly instead of hard, which is entirely wrong (hardly means entirely different but on the flow the word I spoke was wrong , I should have said hard). Apart from these, I believe most of the parts are okay. I spoke until the examiner stopped in the part 2 section. The topics were really unusual or tough to think.

    Part 1:

    Where do you live? Why is it good to live there?
    What are the problems in your area which could be improved?

    Have you ever been waiting patiently and how it feels?
    Are you a patient person usually?
    Have you been the same way in your childhood?
    Is it important to be patient? why ? why not?

    Which places are more crowded in your city?
    How do you feel about crowd wherever you are going?
    Have you thought about living in scarcely populated area? why?
    What are the advantages of living in less populated area?

    Part 2:
    Describe a situation where you intended to do something and did not had enough time to do so?
    explain when and what you were doing?
    what actions you took on this situation?
    <> I was not looking at bullet points while preparing my answer, because I knew this is tough to explain for 2 minutes, so i concentrated on my story related to main topic.

    I chose exams and my slow writing situation in childhood, how i corrected it etc for 2 minutes. (I believe, because I was speaking till examiner stopped)

    Follow up question was also there regarding this. Did you informed anyone else about this situation?


    Time pressure related questions.
    Do people manage time efficiently?
    How can they improve?
    Do Older people take more time to do certain tasks?
    Should people take out time for relaxation? why?
    In the future, will people face same time pressure related problems? Why?
    Do people need to manage work and personal life?
    Why people fail to do so? and how can they do it?

    Though, I was confident while coming out of the test. I am skeptical on my score, as I more and more think about it and few mistakes i have made. I need a 7 atleast, hoping for it. Examiner gave a handshake to me after the exam, not seen anytime in my previous attempts of IELTS. Examiner was rushing up to move to next questions in Part 3 also, which was sometimes distracting for me.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

      • Hi Liz,

        I am very happy to have achieved my results today. L – 8.5 R -8 W -7 S-7. Overall 7.5
        Your website helped me a lot with respect to every aspect of the test.
        I took your advanced writing essay course, which was excellent for understanding how to write all types of essays. Though, I was believing on higher score after I finished my exams (7.5 or so), I am happy with 7 as it is sufficient for me to apply for visa.
        Thanks a lot again πŸ™‚ I have always seen successful results posted by others in this blog. I have always wished one day I would also share such good news and it really happened πŸ™‚

        • That’s great news!! I’m really pleased for you – well done πŸ™‚

        • Congratulations Sushil. I am also trying to get 7 in writing to apply for Canada PR. Your results have given me encouragement that it is possible. I have already given two attempts and I was losing hope. Thanks for posting your results and resources that helped you. I have also purchase Liz’s advanced video and looking forward to the next test in a week.

          • Thank you 😊 All the best for your upcoming exam. Practise in official ielts answer sheet for writing all formats of letters and essays with timing. This will help in measuring our writing speed and mistakes during writing.

            • Hi Sushil,
              Congratulations on achieving your desired score. I am hoping to purchase LIZ’S advanced writing videos but I am not sure it might help me or not. Can you tell me how did it make a difference to your score ? I am stuck at Band 6.5 and have lost all the hope now. Please share how did you attain your band.

              Thanking you in anticipation

  54. Dear Liz,

    Ive completed my IELTS speaking on 26th March 2019.

    Part 1:
    Which part of your city do you reside currently?
    How long you’ve been residing in this location?
    What kind of improvisation should we do to your current locality?
    It is preferred by tourists?
    Are you a patient person?
    If not why?
    What should an anxious person do to overcome their anxiousness?

    Part 2 :
    Talk a free day from work or study which you had recently.
    – What did you do?
    – How was it different ?
    – Why was it special?

    Part 3 :
    Lets talk about movies

    Who is your favorite actor?
    Do you think any Hollywood actor can do well in Indian movie?
    Would you like to be an Actor? πŸ™‚

    Lets talk about leisure..

    Is a free time / leisure important to a person? why?
    Adult’s leisure time has changed over time?
    Is the leisure time and activities done by men and women are different?
    What do people do in their leisure time in your city?
    Would you like to have another free day as we discussed in part 2 ? πŸ™‚

    Quite honestly, my speaking exam went like a blur. I told myself to remain calm however I sounded so ‘high’ most part of the session. Can you believe I told the examiner I want to be an actress if given an opportunity! LOL For those of you prepping for Speaking IELTS, I encourage you to prep well and just go with the flow and enjoy the conversation. Good luck!

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Sounds like the test went well for you πŸ™‚ If you speak and chatter, it’s a good thing. Always be natural in your test. It is an informal speaking test and being friendly and open is the best way. Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

      • Hi liz good day .
        I just want to share my experienced in taking the exams
        Listening questions: beechen festival, music and psychology and advertisement

        Reading : impact of noise , new ways of learning , and about the screen in the future

        Writing task one a land in 1980 and 200 before and after the building of hydroelectric dam
        Task 2 : in the future there will be higher number of old people than the younger ones , is this a positive or negative development

        Speaking : travel, handwriting and transportation
        Part 2 : a beautiful or handsome person you know
        Part 3 : about beautiful people and clothes

        In speaking i was able to answer all the questions however in part 2 , my mistake is that i did not take a look on the ff. Questions like who the person is , or why u think he is handsome , . What i did is that i keep on talking and talking . I dont know whats the meaning of it but my examiner is smiling at me and i consume the 2 mins of answering the part 2 . Aside from that were laughing all the time .
        Do you think liz it will affect my scores in part 2 since i did not take a look at the other questions ?

  55. GT March 23
    Task 1: A letter to your friend traveling overseas. You’re staying at their apartment and there was a storm.
    Tell your friend about the storm.
    Tell them what got damaged
    Detail what repairs need to be done

    Task 2: Fast food is a part of life in some place. Some people think this has bad effects in lifestyle and diet.
    Do you agree or disagree ?

  56. Hi Liz,

    I had my LRW exam yesterday and had my speaking test on earlier in March.
    Thanks for all the videos you have posted, especially the Advanced writing task 2 videos that have helped me a lot.

    Here are the questions asked:

    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    Where do you live?
    Why did you choose to live there?
    What do you like about the place?
    Which is the popular sport in your country?
    Who is your favorite sport person?
    Here I had to tell her that I am not fond of Cricket which is a popular sport. I spoke about a body builder, not sure if I would be marked down as body building is not considered as sport by many.
    Would you like to go and visit Olympics?
    Part 2
    What games did you play as a child?
    Whom did you play with?
    Where did you play?
    Part 3
    Do you prefer comfortable shoes or fashionable shoes?
    Do you think there should be competition in business?
    Are people born competitive or they become competitive with time?
    Is being too competitive good or bad? Why?

    Writing Task 1
    You booked theater tickets in advance. Write a letter to your friend to let him know you would not be able to make it. Explain:
    What the problem is
    What can be done with the tickets.

    Writing Task 2
    Working from home
    Advantages and disadvantages.
    This was my favorite topic so it turned out to be easy.

    I have a doubt in my listening task answers. I was not confident with my handwriting when I wrote the numbers, for example: I wrote in my answer sheet as 15/Fifteen and 12/Twelve , I hope this is not considered as incorrect :-(. Please let me know if I am wrong as I am very tensed now.


    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ If you are asked to give a number, you shouldn’t write it twice. You shouldn’t write both the digit and the word – choose one only. It is possible that it would be marked wrong. You’ll have to wait for your results to see the impact. Your writing task 2 was a good topic πŸ™‚

      • Hi Liz, I’m wondering if the writing task 1 has changed. As far as I know, it should be an infographic. However, I’ve read a couple of comments and it seems to me that it changed to a letter. Is it the case? Thank you.

  57. Hi Liz, I found your lessons to be very helpful during my review, so here I am trying to give back πŸ™‚

    I took General training IELTS exam last week –

    1st part was about what I do (study or work)
    Favourite color
    Is breakfast important to me

    For the 2nd part, i was asked to describe a time when i received money as a gift. I think I was babbling and she stopped me because of the 2 min mark so I did not get to finish my story… will this affect my score??

    3rd part was just some follow up questions abt money, like if it is true that money equates to power, and if we can live without money etc

    Listening – nothing different from Cambridge practice tests. Speakers spoke at average speed and their accents weren’t that heavy

    Reading – last part was about the evolution of navigational tools in sailing. I found this the most challenging

    Writing – 1st part was to write to a friend who is starting an import export business who asked you for recommendation for a product from your own country

    2nd part – many people today use their phones for sending texts more than talking.
    What are the reasons for thuis?
    Are there more adv than disadv?

    This caught me off guard bec I was expecting to answer so many questions! I ended up writing 3 body paragraphs. If you have the time can you comment on the structure and ideas i used?

    Intro – rephrased topic + something abt while there are clearly benefits, there are also drawbacks

    BP1 – Reasons: 1. Convenience 2. I forgot! Haha
    BP2 – Advantages: 1. Cut down on communication costs 2. I forgot what i wrote down again
    BP3 – Disadvantages: 1. Could lead to feelings of isolation 2. Social skills are compromised 3.speaking abilities are not practiced enough

    Conclusion – finished it off with saying that there are more disadvantages than advantages

    This was really hard to write for me as the 40 mins i alloted just flew by!

    Thanks so much for your free guides again, Liz! Hope someone finds my comment helpful to them as well

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your writing task 2 structure (paragraphing) is fine, but it will depend on how you approached the task. The second question is asking for you to choose – which is more? You do need to give a clear answer about your opinion – ie advantages more / disadvantages less.

  58. Hi Liz,

    I would like to appreciate you so much for your extreme useful website. It really helped me a lot when I was preparing for my Ielts.

    I had taken writing & speaking test yesterday (Academic). It’s my turn to share my experience, as following:

    – Reading and listening: I did not remember exactly. They were similar to some tests in IELTS Cambridge books., but not as difficult as in these books.
    Experience: Listening: do not turn to next pages unless you were asked to so.

    – Writing:
    + Task 1: 2 maps of a same land area in 1980 and 2000. Describe what it changed (I also did not remember the question exactly)
    + Task 2: Many people expect that the proportion of old people will be more than the young people in the future. Do you think it is positive or negative?
    Experience: read questions carefully, spend time to list ideas. Sadly, I spent more than 30 minutes for the task 1 πŸ™ and as a result, I did not have enough time for the task 2.

    – Speaking:
    +Part 1: Some question about my current living place.
    +Part 2: Describe a time when you found something which someone lost
    + Part 3: some relevant question with the topic
    Experience: listen to questions carefully, speak naturally, not try to remember what you prepared.

    Honestly, I did not do all of skills well, especially writing and speaking. I had a lot of mistakes about vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation and ask for repeating questions many times. I disappointed so much when I finished my speaking test.

    I’m trying to console myself that it’s a good chance for me to gain experience and know where my English ability is. I will prepare, improve and take another exam. Fighting!

    Note: you should prepare a thick coat, temperature of exam rooms would be very cold. My hands seemed to be frozen and find it difficult to write.

    Good luck, everyone and thank you so much again, Liz.

    • Thanks for sharing both topics and your experience πŸ™‚ As you said, managing time in the writing test is essential. You also pointed out that people must speak naturally in the speaking test – that is 100% correct. The temperature in the test room can vary depending on test centre, season, country etc – people should take layers which they can take off or put on depending on how they feel – it is crucial that you feel comfortable – it’s a long test (2 hours 40 mins). Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  59. test date; 2019/03/23


    listening part was really easy.

    go with the flow
    environmental issue
    how elephant listen to seismic vibrations?

    a table representing the number of visitors from Uk to spain in 1885 and 2005 by different age groups

    some people believe that the family has greater influence in child’s development.Others believe that other influences (television,friends,music,etc) has greater influence .
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Thanks liz for your helpful tips and advanced lessons.It really helped me alot and thanks everyone for sharing recent exam questions.

    Speaking test is on monday…lets hope for the best…..all the best to you all guys………

  60. General training 23 March :
    My speaking test is later.
    today’s LWR questions were as follows :
    Listening was more about MCQs in the section 4,Qs like, why the teacher chose to train students, the reason she chose the topic etc. Section 2 was a map about a fitness centre, finding man’s washroom, locker etc. Section 3 was about naming authors and list their specialities. Section 1 was fill in the blanks for various activity tours and what each tour included. I am writing as I remember.
    Reading : Passage 1 – City museum tour, Passage 2- AA- AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION Passage 3- Electrician in Canada, Passage 4 – Dreamweavers : about difft materials and what each company plans to do with high tech clothes. They are used for space, for controlling devices, learning from spider how to make clothes without making it go through several process. Using spiders genes in goat and use their milk to make spider silk.. sounds weird but it was awesome read and also too easy. Most of us finished it before an hour as we looked at each other faces.
    Writing : Task 1 – Aplogise to ur friend as you cant make it to the theatre with him, give explanation and also tell him what to do with your ticket.
    Task 2- many people these days have computer, laptops, telephones at their home for work. Do you think, working from home has more advantages or disadvantages? Give reasons.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • You are just amazing. Fantastic memory. Hats off to you.

    • Hi Liz,
      I had the same paper as twinks had on 23rd March 2019 – GT. Just one doubt – In task 2, it says does working from home has more advantages or more disadvantages. I wrote it simple as Adv n Disadv, But after coming out of the hall that was thinking was it an outweigh question since it mentioned the word ‘OR’… if it was, will I lose marks for the same? but in the end, conclusion i wrote – ‘there more benefits than any disadv it might have’..something similar line.

      Also, I wrote 2 paras of each advn disadv excluding conclusion and intro( total 6 paras). Will this also affect my organization skill marks?


      • It does require you to decide – this means you need to give your opinion. However, as long as you gave it eventually in the conclusion, that will be ok. Don’t worry too much. Advantages should be in one paragraph and disadvantages in another – that would be logical organisation. However, you used paragraphs and that is good. You will need to wait for your results πŸ™‚

    • Yeh, you have a great memory power and very meticulous
      I got the same questions in exam on 23/03/2019
      Thanks for sharing and thanks to Liz as she provides such a amazing platform to share
      And it’s truly sharing is caring

  61. Hello!
    Took my IELTS exam GT.
    WT1:Write a letter to your friend who is asking for suggestion of an equitable product for export business.
    >What will be the product?
    >From which region of your country where it came from?
    >Why is it a good product to xport?
    Many people used their phones to communicate by sending txt messages than talking.
    What are the reasons for this?
    Does it has advantages/ disadvantages?

  62. Liz, I discovered your blog the night before my Speaking test and I’m very glad I did! I found your Writing tips and model essays most helpful. Thank you very much!

    For Speaking Part 1, I was asked:
    – about my hometown and what I like about it
    – to describe the seasons in my country
    – whether I’d like to experience other seasons
    – whether I like wearing sunglasses

    Speaking Part 2 – Describe a plant or flower that’s important in my country.

    Speaking Part 3 – Is it important to grow plants? How has society changed in the way it views farmers?

    Writing Task 1 – Compare 2 maps before and after the building of a dam.

    Writing Taks 2 – In the future, there will be more older people than younger people in most nations. Is this a positive or negative development?

  63. Hi Liz,
    I’m so glad that I referred your channel & blog before attending my GT speaking test. I was lucky to get my part-2 cue card topic one among the same you posted.
    Part 1:
    Where are you from?
    Are you working/studying
    What makes you like your work
    Anything that you don’t like where you work
    What’s your usual morning routine?
    How different is that from your childhood ?
    Is there any changes you’d like to make in your daily morning routine?
    Is it the same everyday?
    How important is breakfast for you
    Do you watch movies? How often? How different from childhood? What type of movies?

    Someone gifted you money:
    -On what occasion
    -why was it given
    -how did u use it

    Part 3:
    What’s your take money as gift
    Do you think money is power?
    Does money make u do evil things
    Is is advisable to give children money as rewards for their achievement?
    Does the barter system work in today’s world instead of money

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ There is no specific GT speaking – there is only one speaking test for all candidates.

      • Hi Liz,
        I have got a doubt regarding the task-1 for Writing:
        You & ur friend booked a theater in advance. you can’t make it
        Options what can be done with the ticket

        My dbt is: i wrote the whole essay imagining as we booked a movie ticket in a theater in advance .
        Does the question mean something else like booking a concert or a play?

        Thanks in advance

        • “a theatre ticket” refers to a play, a “concert ticket” refers to a concert, a “movie/cinema ticket” refers to a film at the cinema. Even so, I wouldn’t worry too much, it would only affect your score for Task Achievement which is 25% of task 1 marks and task 1 is only 33% of your final writing marks.

      • I am going to take my GT exam on 27th april…I have some doubts in speaking module…Nowadays I am following your video..Could you give me some tips about GT speaking please

        • There is no such thing as GT speaking. All people take the same speaking test. There is only one speaking test for everyone. It is not like reading or writing.

  64. Hi!
    I did my Speaking test yesterday.

    Part 1: Where do you live? Have you lived in the same place for a long time?
    What changes would you make in the place where you live?

    Part 2: Tell about a job that your grandparents have made

    Part 3: What do you think about hard jobs?
    Difficult jobs are more interesting than easy jobs?
    Rich people should work?

    I was so nervous, I think that my grammar isn’t the best and I had to ask for clarification about the questions :(. However, thank you so much, Liz.

  65. Hi everyone,

    First IΒ΄d like to thank Liz for all the high-quality content and great tips given on this website, and also to everybody that have shared their experience in this forum.

    I just did the Speaking Test yesterday (March 21st).

    Part 1
    Where do you live and questions regarding my neighbourhood.

    Part 2
    Main theme Parks. Tell about a park you frequently go to. What do you like doing in that park? Do you prefer more open space natural parks or spaces with leisure infrastructure? What sort of facilities do you think are lacking in the park you go to?

    Part 3 (Cue Card)
    Tell about a time when you complained about something and your complaint was solved.
    Who did you complain to? How did you complain?

    Follow up questions:
    Who do you think complains more, men or women? Younger or older people?
    Do you think that the habit of complaining is more related to gender or personality?
    What do you think about that complain constantly about their lives?
    Do you think that people who do this complain more to family or friends?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • MrPlatinum52 says

      Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today I had my speaking test and here are the queastions I was asked:

      Part 1
      Do you drink much water?
      Is it expensive in your country?
      Do you like to buy wate in a bottle or in smth else? (I forgot what it was)
      What would you like to change in your lyceum?
      Do you like to visit parks?
      What would you like to change in parks you visit?
      Should there be more space in parks or should they be full with leisure facilities?
      Why people are attracted by historical places?

      Part 2

      Describe a city which you think is beautiful?
      -how you known this city
      -what do you think is beautiful in it

      Part 3
      Why do people erect tall buildings?(That one made me stumble over my words)
      Do you think developing cities are similar to each other?
      How they will change in future?
      Do people in the countryside and in cities lead the same life?

      Hope it will be helpful and OFCOURSE Thank you Liz)

  66. Well, l must say that ielts liz is a best site and helping alot of people across the globe…
    Liz i wanna thank you on creating such magnificent site and helping others… love ur efforts…

    Part 1
    Where do u live?
    Why do u live?
    Questions on neighborhood
    Do u cook?
    When and why?
    Do u like cooking?
    When did u last cook the food that everyone liked?
    Do u prefer to eat home made or restaurant food?

    Part 2
    Skill that u took time to learn

    Part 3
    What are the skills that need patience?
    Why some people learn new things and others dont?
    Do u think elderly are more patient then youngsters?

  67. Hey Liz,
    I have given ielts speaking, I have done it .. I believe in my self .
    Part 1
    Favorite festival
    Anything you want to change
    Why you live
    Favorite actor
    Any international actor
    You want to be a actor
    Part 2
    Bad service
    Part 3 follow up
    Same any other bad service
    Bad service at general level
    Why people don’t complaint
    How companies can solve
    Some difficult questions
    I answered in one that it’s difficult question
    But she helped me
    Don’t what will be the result ?
    T ha n x l I z I
    Such a pleasure that I got that examiner
    She smile many times

  68. Hey Liz
    Thank you for this amazing website. You are a good human being. We all love you. You have a very smiling face and that makes us happy when we watch your videos on YouTube
    I had my IELTS speaking test and thanks to your advice to the shy girl, it went very well. It’s natural to be nervous everyone before exam. Just take a deep breath before going in and be the best version of yourself for 12 minutes. It will help you if you relate the questions with your life and speak naturally. Don’t try to memorize anything. It is not going to help you in any way. Just read the ideas for questions you can’t relate to your life
    Task 1
    What is your full name?
    Do you study or go to work?
    What do you like about your subjects?
    Is there something that helps you to study efficiently?
    How many hours should you try to sleep?
    Do you used to sleep more when you were a child?
    Do you take a nap in afternoon? How does that affect you?
    Task 2
    My cue card was Describe a party you recently attented
    – Where was it?
    – When was it?
    – Why did you attend it?
    – Describe the party
    Task 3
    Are family events important?
    What are the reasons when families organize a party?
    Do families use to spend more time together in past?
    Are the reasons for organizing a party same today as compared to past?
    What are International events important?
    How does the person feel when he is representing his country on global level?
    What are the benefits of International events.

  69. Hello Liz,
    I had my speaking 17 March 2019
    Part 0
    What is your fullname? I said my name’s “XXX” πŸ™‚
    Where do you come from?

    Part 1: Do you work or do you study?
    How is your workplace?
    What would you like your organization to change about your organization

    Part 2:
    What the law is about.
    How did you know about the law
    In your opinion do you think people like this law?

    Part 3
    Who are those responsible for the law?
    Some questions about police men and enforcing the law and their level of education.
    What international law do you know about?
    Why do you think the law is important?
    Do you think there are some laws in other countries apart from the one mentioned?

  70. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for all your support, your hard work on this website is highly appreciated.
    I just had my IELTS test 16 March, General Training, computer-based and I would like to share the questions that I can recall

    Reading: Sec3 was about the Great Smog of London 1952

    Task 1: you are interested in attending a short course at a college in an English speaking country:
    write a letter to the college administration include what course you would like to attend?
    give details about your educational background and work experience?
    what reasons make you choose this college?

    Task 2: Direct question.
    more people are spending their free time watching movies.
    why is this? is it a good thing or bad?
    ( the ideas for this question was:
    BP1: causes: 1- the easily accessible to the movies because of the new sophisticated technology. 2- the minimum physical demand of this activity
    BP2: it is a negative trend: 1- health problems due to spending most of the leisure time watching films (obesity) 2- Lack of social life which affect society)
    what do you think about my ideas?

    sec 1: question about job and study, favourite colour and why

    sec 2: cue card, talk about a teenager you know
    sec3: more discussion about teenagers and their influence in society

    listening: Section 4 was about animals wildlife in cities

    Pros and cons of CB test:

    pros: I found this way of the test is very practical for reading and writing, it is helpful to read the questions on the right of the screen and see the topic on the left at the same time in the reading part ( I used my finger to follow the text on the screen because I found this way helps to accelerate my reading speed). And for the writing, easy correction and typing are very advantageous (please note that your speed in typing should be adequate). for the listening, you should write the answers directly because the 2 minutes at the end of the test is just for the spelling correction.

    Cons: 1- practice for the test is very tiring particularly for eyes. I spend days behind the screen of the computer which eventually ended me at the hospital emergency due to a severe headache ( so please be sure to take enough breaks while you are studying)
    2- lack of materials online for practice, however you still able to practice using the traditional way but on the computer and that what I did.

    One more note: Could you please add (Direct Question) type to your advance writing lessons. As I already bought the lessons and they are very beneficial but the absence of this type of question makes the task harder.

    Best regards,

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your ideas for writing task 2 sound fine. Also a big thanks for sharing your experience of the computer based test. Sorry to hear about the problems you had, I hope you felt ok on the day of the test. It certainly is something people should consider. About the Advanced Lessons, due to health problems I had to stop making videos. But once I am better, I’ll continue again – may be next year. Glad my Advanced Lessons were useful to you πŸ™‚

    • What was your band score in writing? I have found computer delivered exam was helpful, but unfortunately my band went down (.5) in writing, as well as in listening while I moved to Computer delivered exam from paper based exam.

    • Navjeet Singh Sidhu says

      thanks you so much for told us about the exam pattern At the result I relized that exam was very simple and 23 march is my exam thx once again 😊😊😊

  71. My reading test was very bad
    I wrote after examiner instruct to stop and he put his signatures with cross

    What does it mean?

    • It means that the answer cannot be counted. It is a form of cheating to write after the time has finished. Any word or letter written after that time will be discounted.

  72. Hi Liz!
    I just had my IELTS Academic test yesterday (14 Mar) and I’d like to thank you for your tips and lessons on this website. I found it really helpful to prepare myself and boost my confidence, especially in Writing, before the test day. I’m aiming to get an overall band score of 7, so finger crossed!
    Also, I’d like to share (some of) the questions/topics I got for my exam, hope this will help those who will have their IELTS exam soon. Best of luck!

    The essays’ topic are about the source of happiness, Gerard Mercator map projection, and orchid’s cultivation.

    Task 1: flowchart on how to get a driving licence
    Task 2: small town center shops are running out of business because rural residents tend to go shopping in big cities store. To what extent do the disadvantages of this development outweigh the advantages? (not the exact words but the point of question is pretty much like that)

    Sec 1
    A brief self introduction (occupation, college major, etc)
    Sports (popular sports in your country, preference on group or individual sport, favorite athlete if any)
    Sec 2
    Cue card–describe an interesting person whom you never met and would like to meet
    Sec 3
    I’m not sure how to put it a word, but the examiner pretty much asking about how you feel and act about your social circle (meeting new people, is someone who is friendly born with it, etc)

    And for listening part fortunately I didn’t find it to be burdensome, so I believe anyone can nail this part with a lot of practice and be careful with the instruction and the word limit.

    By the way, during the speaking test, sometime the examiner talked too quietly and I didn’t get it clear on what she was asking, so I asked her to repeat the question (on the whole interview I counted at least I asked 3-5 times). Will it be affecting my score? Was it okay for me to do so (I mostly said the word “Sorry?” after she asked the first time)?
    Thanks Liz!

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It’s fine to ask the examiner to repeat the question and it doesn’t affect your score. However, if the reason is that you couldn’t hear her, you should have said “Sorry, could you speak louder, I can’t hear you properly.” When you do this, it means the reason is being recorded. Whenever you have a problem in the test, be vocal and make sure it is recorded. It is always useful for remarking purposes. But don’t worry about your situation – it’s fine and won’t impact your score. Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

    • I had the same topics in speaking , even the part 1 in the same day- from Saudi Arabia

    • Is this topic relted to shopping mall merits and demerits ??

  73. Academic 14 March 2019 :
    Writing task 2 :
    Scientists have been warning from.many yaers about environmental protection and we limit the use of energy in daily lives.
    What are the reasons for that and how people encouraged to take an interest towards environment protection ?

  74. I had my speaking test on 10 March
    Part 1
    Do you work or study
    What are things that help you work or study
    Children or adults need sleep more
    Do you take a little nap in the mid of the day

    Part 2 ( actually I prepared it from here)
    A situation that someone didn’t tell you the complete truth

    Part 3 wasn’t about truth and honesty
    It was about lying a little
    What situations you can lie a little
    Do peopleofen lie a little

  75. Dear Liz

    I have my IELTS academic tomorrow and I am really nervous about it. I am very confident in English and usually score 9 in reading an listening. The only thing I am worried about is my speaking, since I am a very shy person and generally don’t tend to speak a lot. I am always the quiet one at our table and I just don’t seem to come up with answers to “irrelevant” questions. Do you have any tips? I only need a 6.5 and it is really important that I manage to get this score.

    Thanks very much for your help and all the material you provide!!

    • I don’t usually answer questions like this on this page – but for you, I will. This is your chance to become an actress for 14 mins of your life. Walk in with a smile and remember this is a casual, friendly chat with the examiner.
      Part 1: I know what you mean about irrelevant questions. Here is an example “What’s your favourite colour?” Never feel forced to explain yourself. Instead remember that part 1 and part 2 are mostly about yourself, your family, your past, your future and your opinions. So, you could answer “Personally, I like blue. I prefer light blue, like the sky. I like clothes with that colour although when I was a child I hated it.” – now you have given just a little bit more information by adding about your past – you also showed the use of different tenses – win, win πŸ™‚ Or you could answer “I like white. I can’t explain why. I’ve liked it ever since I was a child” – another great answer. Here is another question “Do you like to look at the sky at night?”, your answer “I can’t say I pay much attention, but when I get the chance I love to see the stars.” – you don’t need to add more. The topic of sky will immediately bring you to words like: star, moon, clouds, sunshine, rain, storms etc – use those words to add a bit more. So, you could say “I don’t often look at the sky unless I notice there are really big storm clouds overhead” – those topic words are very useful – do you see πŸ™‚
      Let’s do another question “Do you like drinking tea?”, your answer “Not really, I prefer coffee. But most people in my country drink tea at least five times a day.”. Your answers for part 1 do not need to be long and impressive – they are simple questions and you give straight forward answers adding a bit more about yourself as a child, your preferences or what other people like. This is not going off topic – it’s all fine.
      One more question: “do you like sport?” – “No I don’t, but many people do like it in my country, particularly football” – a great answer. You answered for yourself and then added a bit more about other people – all fine. Use the topic vocab: tennis, football, matches, exercise, muscles, excitement etc. Final question: “Do you live alone” – “Yes, I do, but I’ve only been living alone for 3 years.” OR “No, I don’t. But I think I would like to live alone and be independent” – add whatever you want. there is no right or wrong. So, the rule: answer directly and add one more thing – your preference, your childhood preference, other people’s preference, your ideas and don’t forget = topic vocab!!
      Part 2 – use the 1 min to think of extra things to say – about your childhood memory, the first time you did something, your ideas, your dreams, your hopes, compare two things, describe streets, buildings, people, transport, your opinions, your family’s opinions, popular opinions – all these things can be added to your talk without any problem and will all help your score. You do not need to follow only the prompts on the card – add more and more and more. So … memorise your options and use them in your part 2 talk.
      In part 3, it’s about world issues. Explain what most people think and then give examples. Imagine me on your shoulder saying “what do you mean” “explain it more” or “give examples”. The examiner doesn’t care what you say as long as you talk. Your answers should be explained in as much detail as you can – a bit like in your writing task 2 essay. This is the part to impress (unlike part 1 which is quite straight forward).
      So – relax! Sleep well and walk into that test room as an actress with all these ideas in your mind and the confidence to talk. If you met me, you would not have a problem talking to me – I’m sure – so just picture me instead of the examiner. Be chatty.
      Don’t worry if the examiner interrupts your answer – it’s normal. Just listen for the next question and go, go, go πŸ™‚
      I hope all this helps you tomorrow. I also hope this helps everyone else who has their speaking test coming soon πŸ™‚
      Shygirl – let me know how it goes tomorrow – we will all be supporting you πŸ™‚
      Liz xx

      • Dear Liz

        Thank you so much for your helpful tips! I’ll try to be another person for a couple of minutes tomorrow and will definitely let you know how it went!
        If I don’t cover all the prompts on the cue card it doesn’t matter, right? Sometimes the prompts make it harder for me to structure my answer…
        Anyways, I’ll try to catch some sleep now πŸ™‚

        Again, thank you very much for your time and effort! xx

        • It definitely doesn’t matter not to cover all points. You decide your own structure and add the ideas and information you want. Just try to use a good range of English – comparisons, future, past (childhood or your first memory of something), descriptions of either people or places – and topic vocab – weather, food, clothes, sport, transport, buildings etc. Part 2 is your only chance to control the content of the test – so use your chance well – take control and just talk on as many things as you can. It’s your talk – so do it your way πŸ™‚ And remember, it’s informal – so be yourself. If you want to say “yeah” instead of “yes”, it’s fine – just talk as you normally talk πŸ™‚ Read these comments before you walk into the test and keep those ideas in your mind – get ready to win your Oscar for best actress πŸ™‚

          • Dear Liz

            I just finished my speaking exam and feel pretty good πŸ™‚ I was quite nervous and therefore made some stupid mistakes, but overall I was rather fluent and could speak for the whole 2 minutes in part 2. I even received a thumbs up in the end!

            Speaking and listening went pretty well as well, I am just a bit worried about the writing: The question was “Do the advantages outweigh etc
            I was not sure if I had to state my opinion throughout the whole essay or only in the conclusion. I followed this structure:
            – General introduction
            – Body One: Advantages
            – Body 2 Disadvantages
            – Conclusion: My opinion and why I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

            Is that ok? Thanks again very much for your encouraging words and all your help!

            • Thumbs up is a great sign πŸ™‚ Now you can relax. Let me know when your results arrive πŸ™‚

              • It’s so sweet of you to respond the way you did here, Liz. Kindness can go a long way in shaping someone’s future. This thread genuinely made me happy. Bless you.

              • You are such an amazing person Liz. I don’t understand how you manage to read all these comments and answer all of them very quickly. I’m very impressed. God bless you !!

              • Dear Liz

                I scored 8 in speaking and am truly happy!! Thanks soo much for your support πŸ™‚


                • FANTASTIC!!! You did it !!! You should be very proud of yourself – such a great achievement πŸ™‚ I hope this gives you lots more confidence in your own abilities πŸ™‚ Well done πŸ™‚ Thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

                • this threads really warms my heart, you are truly an angel Liz.

                • She did amazingly well πŸ™‚

      • I have the same problem than “Shygirl” and my IELTS test is tomorrow. I really appreciate your tips and I hope that they also help me to get through the test successfully.
        Thank you and congrats for your amazing website and responses here. πŸ™‚

        • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you πŸ™‚ Remember it’s only 14 mins of your life – take a deep breath and do your best πŸ™‚

  76. Hi Liz,
    I had my speaking test (GT) 13th March 2019
    My topics were:
    Part 1 : your name, do you work or study, how long you have associated with this company, what is the change that you would like to see in your company, what is your favorite color and why?
    Part 2 :
    Describe a time when you had searched for a information? When was it? What was the information you were looking for? How did it help you?
    I talked about finding an information on the internet.
    Part 3 : what about information available on library and books? How would the information available on internet help those who have no knowledge of using it? How will you find out if the information available on internet is genuine?
    I think I answered all these well but my only worry is the last question she asked something related to value of information available and should recordings be kept of historic events which she repeated twice as I gave an personal example instead of an historic event. Will this lower my band

  77. Hello, Madam.
    I had my speaking exam today, it was my first time (not to mention a mock exam I took last year). In Part 1 I got q-ns about cooking and sunglasses, my cue card was about an important decision I made with sb else’s help and finally in Part 3 I was asked q-ns about asking for advice and sth about the way political leaders make decisions. The examinator was a nice, friendly man. But I really screwed up, even though I got relatively simple q-ns. My level of English is normal, but I get EXTREMELY nervous when I talk to strangers + I know that I’m at the exam + I know that my voice is being recorded. “Taking a new persona” for the exam didn’t help, I still screwed the test. Throughout my talk I made SO stupid mistakes (like “an advice”, “in the summer days” and so on) that I HATE myself now! And the worst thing is that I’m not a child, I’m 28 and I have a Master’s degree in linguistics. And still I get nervous and make much mistakes when I use English under pressure.

    Anyways, I have my LRW tomorrow and I’d really like to ask you one question. Am I allowed to flip through the Listening test booklet when the test has already started? I mean, sometimes I look through the qn-s too fast and I have a couple of seconds to have a quick look at the q-ns on the next page. So, is it ok if I turn the page during the listetning session?

    Sorry, if I wrote too much. I’m just so disappointed with my performance that I don’t want to attend tomorrow’s exam…But, of course, I will.

    Thank you for everything you do. This site has been really helpful throughout my preparation. πŸ™‚

    • Sorry to hear about your speaking test. I think self confidence is an issue for you. It’s something you really need to work at. you always need to remember that it is only 11 to 14 mins of your life and during that time you can “play act” – be an actress who is confident and chatty. Also, some people try to imagine that they are talking to me instead and just enjoy it as a friendly conversation. Any mistakes you make you should ignore. The examiner doesn’t count each mistake at all and just goes by the general impression over the whole test. So, individual mistakes are not serious.
      For listening, you will be given time to read questions before the audio plays. They will say something like” now you have time to look at questions 11 to 16. Then you read those questions – underline keywords and see what type of answer is needed. Never look any further ahead because it won’t help you. Good luck tomorrow πŸ™‚

  78. Hi, I had my IELTS speaking test today (12/03/2019)

    and these are the questions I remember:

    ΒΏHow long have you been living where you live? ΒΏwhy?
    ΒΏWhat do you like the most about the area where you live?
    ΒΏWhat would you change about the area where you live?

    ΒΏAre there many holidays in your country?
    ΒΏWhat is the holiday you like the most? ΒΏwhy do you like?
    ΒΏWhat do you do during this holiday?

    Please talk about a dish you like that it is common to eat in a special occasion in your country,
    ΒΏwhat it is?
    ΒΏwhy is it eaten in special occasions?
    ΒΏhow is it prepare?

    Now, could you please tell me

    ΒΏwhat is the type of food more common in your country? ΒΏwhy?


    ΒΏis it possible to have a holiday or carnaval or special occasion without food?
    ΒΏhow industrial food have changed the habits of eating?
    ΒΏDoes in your country like food from other countries?
    ΒΏwhat are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization in food?

    Hope you fnd out helpful!

  79. I had my academic test for LRWS. Writing task 2: In many countries tries, more money is spent on transport system in the cities. In contrast, very little is spent in rural areas. What are the effects of this. What can be done to solve this problem.

    Task 1 had both a line graph and a barchart with informations about the price of tickets and the number of tickets sold in 4 quarters of 2009 and 2010.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Hi Liz….

        The way you teach Ielts is very easy and well understanding and I did my exam well. Here’s the questions which I was asked

        Listening was based on majorly fillups with 6 mcqs and 5 map questions with a bit of fast speed.

        passage 1 was about Ape Extinction
        Passage 2 was on water purification experiment
        Passage 3 was on human sleep and dreaming
        The format was mostly true false not given, some fill ups, mcqs, complete sentences.
        The level of reading was totally Cambridge.

        Task 1 was a table on four countries giving temporary work to migrants in two years and it’s ratio with the country’s citizens.
        Task 2 was a discussion based asking that some believe films and violent games are negative influencing while some say it is harmless relaxation.

        Intro questions were on home and colours and cue card was an interesting lecture you attended and enjoyed. The discussion followed the questions related to cue card.

  80. Hi, guys and Liz! I passed Academic module of IELTS in 9th of March
    Part 1 was the most long part in as i noticed.
    1. Where do u live now? What do u like about this place? What would you want to change about it in the future?
    2. Do you like looking at sky? At what time of day and where and so on…
    3. About coffee and tea. Which one is popular in ur country?and so on…

    Part 2 the one that i messed up. I recommend all people to be prepared for topics.

    Part 3 seemed to be normal…
    Overall time runs really quickly…really

    Listening test went really well, nothing new from Cambridge Ielts Books

    WT 1 was a bar graph and a line graph for sales and price of tickets for theatre.
    WT 2 was Many countries spent a lot of money for transport systems in urban cities, while rural transport system is having less money. (Not exactly same words)
    What are the problems caused by this?
    What are their solutions?

    Reading first and second passages were normal, but it was hard to solve third in 20mins., because i spent time more than usual for transfering them to answersheet, chacking all spellings and so.
    Results will be in 13 days. I hope to get at least 5.5( it’s the requirment for my zero year of Master’s, but if i get higher i will apply to direct program.

  81. i have my SRW exam today
    the writing task 2 was about:
    in some countries, as cities grow, more money is spent on the urban transport systems and little is spent on the rural ones.
    what problems is it creating?
    what solutions to these problems

    reading was long
    the third passage was about “crave theatre” known as “in-out theatre”

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Good luck in your speaking test – be chatty, friendly and open πŸ™‚

      • first of all, many thanks to you, liz and your helpful website
        I had my speaking exam today, and It was very good

        Part 1:
        your full name
        do you work or study?
        what do you love about your work?
        something help you to study or work?
        do you like your handwriting?
        do you like to receive handwritten cards?

        part 2
        actually I prepared it from here (Thanks a lot)
        tell me a situation when someone did not tell you the complete truth

        Part 3
        this time it was not about honesty and truth, it was about lying a little
        1- what situations when one can lie a little
        2- do people in your country lie a little in their lives
        3- do lying a little have always have positive or negative effects?

  82. I had my speaking test (academic) today March 8th. It was my first experience.

    The first part was about where I was living now if I like the place and what I would change. Then, I was asked about the sky, if I like to watch the sky, when, where, and if I learned about planets at school.
    Cue card: Describe a house where I would like to live.
    Follow-up question: If I think that someday I could own and live in a house like that.

    Last part about cities and towns. If I prefer to live in a house or an apartment. Why people are living in cities and why it is difficult to live there. Then, three or four more questions about that topic. Sadly, I don’t remember very well the last part. I was so nervous, and I feel that I freaked out.

    Overall, was a good experience. The interviewer was kind and gave me time to answer all the questions. But I am very upset with myself because I prepared all the topics that he asked me, and I didn’t do as I expected because of the nervousness and I couldn’t extend the answers in the way that I prepared them or use a wide range of vocabulary.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is important that when you prepare topics, you prepare only ideas such as your past memories, your opinions, your future hopes etc. Your answers must be produced naturally in the test room and not come from memory. Nerves are normal and will affect your performance. For this reason, some people often take the test twice. Hopefully your results will still be fine πŸ™‚

      • Thanks, Liz for your answer.
        I had the LRW

        Listening was easy but not the second lecture that was very quick.

        Reading about tubes worm in the ocean, how tv influence children and finally, types of personalities – why is important to have all of them at work.

        A table with 8 most visited countries and the millions of visitors in 2009 and 2018 and the percentage of variation between those years

        Some people think that men are naturally more competitive than women. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

        I would like to thank you Liz, and everyone who participate in this website. Keep posting what you remember guys! It is very useful!

  83. I did LRW today 8th March 2019.
    Writing 1
    letter to a friend. your friends son is going to your country for his holiday, she want him to stay in your home. But you cant accomodate him.
    write letter for your friend :
    – apology to your friend
    – explain why he cant stay in your home
    – give her suggestion for her son arrangement during his holiday

    Writing 2
    there is increase of noise in our dailylives nowadays.
    – why is this a problem?
    – what can be done to reduce it?


  84. Hi Liz,

    I took my speaking exam on 5th March and my writing test tomorrow.
    Here are the questions that I could remember.

    * part1
    major which you interested in
    the object which can help your study

    * part2
    describe one of your grandparents’ job
    and whether do you take the same job in the future.

    * part3
    What kinds of jobs are full of challenges?
    Is that great to take the hard job?
    Do you think the robots will replace the job that we used to take in the future?

    I really appreciate your help! Best wish to you!

  85. I took the speaking test on 5th march
    Part 1:
    1. Where are you from?
    2. Describe the place where you live
    3. Do you like watching stars?
    4. Do you like looking at the sky?
    5. What time for you is good to look at the sky?
    6. Where do you go to look at the starts and the sky?
    7. Do you communicate via emails?
    8. Do you prefer getting texts or emails?
    9. Tell me about an email that you received that made you happy?
    Part 2:
    A thing that helps you to start working or studying
    what is that thing
    where do you do it
    how do you it
    Part 3:
    All about routines and importance of routines.
    importance of routine for children
    tasks that are to be done daily in the same routine

    I did good i believe, hope to get 7 or above in speaking. I have my LRW on 9th March.
    Need prayers. Thank you Liz you are the best!

  86. Hi Liz,

    I got this question today in writing task 2:

    The best manager is the one who is friendly and warm to his staff.Do u agree or disagree.

    I had a tough time collecting ideas for it, can you pls help


    • It is an interesting topic. This is about what makes a good manager. Here are some ideas:
      1) past experience
      2) communication skills
      3) leadership skills
      4) organisational skills & time management skills
      5) personal traits: patient, approachable, positive, reliability, a motivator
      6) someone who has a good relationship with staff and creates a positive team spirit
      7) a good role model who leads and inspires through example

  87. Hi Liz,
    I had my IELTS speaking (Academics) on 6th March, 2019

    Part 1
    Question about where i lived?
    what do i like about that area?
    what i didn’t like about the area?
    do i like watching the sky?
    do i like watching sky in day or night?
    which is the best place to watch sky?

    Part 2
    Tell about a good news you got from the internet or news channel?

    Part 3
    difference between current media and media in old days?
    what type of people like to watch news?
    what sort of news people from different age groups like watch?
    and 3-4 more questions about media which i forgot.

    I first 2 parts went smoothly but in my last part there was some repetition of words in some questions. Apart from that i answered all questions confidently and with a smile. Lets hope i get a good band score. Thanking for all your help. Your material was really helpful.

    My LRW is on 9th march. Any last minute tips? And please wish me luck as well.


    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ See this page: Also review the main sections which you can find on the RED BAR at the top of the website. Good luck πŸ™‚

    • Hi Liz,

      I had my Ielts general speaking test today

      Part 1 about place of work, private and public transport, music and musical instruments.

      Cue card: lecture you attended

      Part 3: about listening, communication, public speaking

      My part 1 was fantastic but, I just ran out of ideas in part 2 and stopped before 2 minutes, although I spoke when my examiner provoked me to speak more. In part three also I used repeated ideas and vocabulary.

      Just hoping for a decent score.

  88. I have taken my Speaking exam, today on 6 March, 2019

    Speaking Part 1:
    -what is your name?
    -why do you live in Astana city? (I expected that she would ask “Where do you live?”, but she asked the reason of my living in that city)
    -what’s there interesting to do or see in this city?
    -where do you work?
    -why did you choose that job?
    -what’s the typical weather in your city?
    -what’s your favourite season?
    -what can people do in different seasons in your city?
    -how does the weather change in your country?

    Overall, there were roughly 12 questions. I don’t remember but this part of Speaking was on three topics (Current place of living, work and seasons)

    Part 2: Describe a part of your country that you find the most interesting

    You should say:

    -the location of this place
    -how do you know this place?
    -what’s there interesting to do or see in this part of your country?
    -explain why you think it is the most interesting part of your country

    Then she asked one follow-up question, but, honestly speaking, I can’t remember

    Part 3: questions related to the topic of “Big cities and small towns”

    -What makes big cities interesting to live?
    -Why do most people prefer to move to big cities?

    I was asked these two questions, after that the examiner started to ask questions according to my answers.

    I’m worrying about my Speaking result because she interrupted me a lot. I gave fluent answers without any pauses and also added a lot of idiomatic expressions, but she interrupted after each of my answers. I know that all of my answers were ON TOPIC, Sometimes it is hard to answer when you get confused. Anyway, I perceive this like an experience.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Being on or off topic is not marked in IELTS speaking. It is 100% normal for the examiner to interrupt your answer and you should be prepared for that before entering the test room.

  89. Hi
    4 March 2019 GT speaking
    Part 1- about work
    Shoes – comfortable or fashionable
    Drinking water- tap water or bottled

    Part 2- a skill that took a long time to learn

    Part 3- about skill development
    Patience – one should be patient or not . Why
    Are Older people more patient than younger people ? Why?

  90. I have given my speaking : 4 the march 2019
    Intro questions:
    1. What’s your full name??
    2.are u a student or working?
    3. How often do you like to watch movies ?
    4. Did you often watch cinema when you were a child?
    5. Which type of movies do you like to watch?
    6. How often do you watch cinema now?
    7.wgi is Ur favourite bollywood actor?

    Topic was : a indoor or outdoor place where u like to study
    Where is it
    How this place look like
    What type of people are there
    Why do you think this place

    Follow ups:
    1. What’s the importance of education in recent era?
    2.Do you think education can help to improve one’s situation?? How ?
    3.why some students can’t able to concentrate on study ?? One specific solution
    I have a question : I gave my all answers but i missed a question ,will it affect to my score??

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ How many questions you answer is not part of the marking criteria for speaking. You will only be assessed on the English language you spoke.

  91. 3 March speaking
    Do I enjoy looking at the sky, when is better day or night, watch it alone or with friends, where from home can I see it?

    Talk 2 mins about an intelligent person, who it is, how u know him/her and additional details

    Follow up on intelligent people’s behavior, how teachers should teach children to be intelligent, how parents contribute to it.

  92. Ielts Speaking Exam on 1st March 2019
    Part 1: where do i live?
    what i like about the house?
    If i could change anything what would it be?
    Are there many public holidays in my country?
    what do people usually do on public holidays?
    part 2: tell about a time when you received a bad service
    who gave you the service
    what was wrong about it
    how you felt receiving it
    Part 3 : questions related to customer satisfaction

  93. Hi Liz,

    I had my test, Mar. 2 – GT

    TASK 1: The historical building in your place is in a bad condition. Write to the local government. In your letter write:
    – why is the building important
    – what is its present condition
    – what action must be taken

    TASK 2: Today, the younger and older generations are in the same workplace. Is this more an advantage or more disadvantage.

    At first, I really am nervous. But try to talk to other test takers especially while waiting for your speaking test. This will help you to calm (well it works for me). And honestly, during my preparation for my test, I watch videos on YT for speaking. Well, the speaking test is nothing like the ones I’ve watched. You just have to talk and talk, then you’ll never know it’s time for you to go.

    As for the writing, well the good thing is upon reading task 2, I dived right ahead with planning my BP1 and BP2.

    Tip: See to it that you practice daily on planning, invest a lot of time reading on topics that test takers posted in this site. If you think you need to purchase on her advance lessons, do so. It will be worth it. Because seriously this is where I got all the ideas and techniques in answering both writing and speaking.

    Lastly; for you, Liz, thank so much for your genuine generosity of helping us. We will be forever thankful for the time and effort you tirelessly give.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Glad my Advanced Writing Task 2 Lessons were helpful πŸ™‚

    • oops. I forgot to post my speaking test.

      Tell me your full name.
      Where are you from?
      Do you work or study?
      What do you love most about your work?
      What are some things that can assist you with your work?

      Part 1: Sharing
      Do your parents encouraged you to share when you were a child?
      Today, what do you like most to share with your friends?
      What are the things that you don’t like to share?
      In the future, do you think people will share their cars with others?

      Part 2: Cue Card
      Talk about good news you saw on TV or the Internet
      -where and when did you see the news?
      -What is the news all about
      -How is it a piece of good news for you?

      Part 3: News
      Who are the group most interested in the news from your country?
      Are the news today reliable?
      How can you make a child watch news?
      How do you compare the news nowadays to the news in the past?

  94. IELTS Academic
    March 2, 2019

    Writing task 1:
    We were given a table about the percentage of countries which used water for 3 sectors (industrial, domestic, agricultural) in 2003

    Writing task 2: (paraphrased)
    Leaders and directors in an organisation are frequently older people. Some people think younger leaders would be better.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Part 1
    Can you tell me your full name?
    Where are you from?
    Where are living at the moment?
    What do you like about where you at right now?
    Are you fond of listening to music?
    What are the kinds of music that you don’t like?
    Do you drink much water?
    What do you prefer, drinking tap water or bottled water?

    Part 2:
    Describe an important decision that you made with the help of someone

    Part 3: (More about asking for advices)
    What do you think is harder, asking for opinion regarding personal problems or work problems?
    Why do people ask for opinions?
    What are the factors that a leader should do in a country?

  95. Hi Liz,
    I had practised many letters and task 2 essays. But on the test day, writing a letter to more than one person was slightly hard for me. It was my first time.
    How should we address? How can we close the letter?
    Below are the questions.

    Test Date: 02-Mar-2019
    Module: General Training

    writing task 1
    You are working overseas in an international company. You travelled back to your home country without informing your office friends. Write a apology letter to these friends.
    1. apologise to your friends
    2. explain the situation
    3. what you enjoyed most working with them

    writing task 2
    Doctors in many countries are saying that people are not getting enough physical exercise. What do you think are the causes of this problem? How can you address this?

  96. Test date: 02-Mar-2019;
    Writing task2: Some people believe that teenagers should concentrate on all school subjects others think that they should focus on subjects which they do best or find interesting.
    Discuss both views and your opinion.

    Writing task1: Simple Bar Graph represents the salary data in Pounds of 4 different professionals worked in UK in 2001 and next three years. Along with the table where it illustrates the average working hours per week.

    Section – I Where do you live in your city? Followed by few related questions.
    Section – II Cue card: A time you had to search for information.
    Section – III: Followed by the questions related to information over TV, website and Newspaper.

  97. IELTS General:
    Speaking: Cue card on Beautiful Cities, Why you like them, Have you visited any.
    Writing Task 1: You have been working in an international company in abroad. Now you are going back to home and haven’t said good bye to your friends.
    Apologies to friends, explain why you are leaving, what you are going to miss
    Task 2: Doctors from many of the countries are concerned that people are not getting enough physical exercise.
    What causes are there and what can be done.

  98. Hi Liz,
    I had my exam today, General IELTS

    Listening and Reading were simple.

    Task 1 was write letter to friends to say good bye as you were not able to meet them when you left from abroad and you all were working together in multinational company there.
    -apologize to them
    – tell them why u left
    – tell them what you’ll miss about them

    Task 2 – Doctors in many countries think that people are not doing enough exercise
    What causes this ?
    How this can be solved ?

    For task 2 I wrote what causes people to not do enough exercise have got used to sedentary life and they do not get enough time as causes.
    Solution as schools should engage to make children aware about benefits of exercise and government should make people aware about health benefits by exercise.
    However now after exam I feel my causes are not relating anywhere to the doctors opinion and may be considered as incorrect response. Can you please help me to understand what impact this can have on my score. However, others parts like structuring, linking words and grammar are done well ..but I missed on response in a hurry.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ For this essay, it makes no difference who holds the opinion because it is a very common opinion – we all agree.

  99. 2nd March
    section-1: one word (inquiry)
    Section-2: sort multiple choice and maps
    Sceptical-3: multiple choice and matching
    Section 4 : one word ( Australian agriculture past and present )


    Task -1
    A table about water uses by domestic, industrial and agricultural in six different countries

    Some organisation and company Older people are the leader some say the young people should be leader

    What extent do you agree and disagree?

    Passage-1 is very easy
    Passage -2 too much difficult
    Passage 3- moderate

    Please pray for my results

  100. Hi Ms. Elizabeth. I just wanted to thank you for having a reliable and informative website regarding IELTS preparation as well as for the advanced writing lessons. This helped me a lot in my journey. Hope to receive my target band score. πŸ™‚

    Here are some of the questions that appeared on my exam.

    Date: March 2, 2019
    Academic UKVI

    Speaking Part 1
    Can you describe your workplace?
    How can it be improved?
    Do you drink water? How often?
    Do you prefer bottled water or water from the faucet?
    Do you like buying shoes? How often?
    Do you like buying shoes online?

    Part 2
    Describe a book you recently read.
    What it is? When did you read it? Explain why you liked it.

    Part 3
    Why do you think people like reading?
    What are the advantages of reading?
    Who do you think is responsible for teaching children, teachers or parents? Why?

    Writing Task 1
    A diagram of how to build an igloo out of snow.

    Task 2
    The world of work is changing rapidly. Working conditions today are not the same as before and people no longer rely on taking one job for life. Descibe the possible causes and give suggestions on how people should prepare for work in the future.

  101. Hello, Liz! I want to share with Part 2 question. 1st of March, Speaking test, Part 2: Describe a family business that you know. Questions in Part3 were related to this topic.


    you should talk about:
    what was the event
    where it held
    what happened during the event
    why you found it interesting.

  103. Test type: Academic paper based
    Test date: 01/03/2019
    Part 1; How long have I been living in my area
    Do I like it
    What will I like to change
    Why do people keep things from the past
    Part 2: A lost item that I found which belonged to someone else.
    How did I find it
    What did I do with it
    How I felt about it
    My concern is part 3, it was totally unrelated to task 2. She was asking me about archeology, I am scared because I didn’t really flow well. Other than that, I think I did well in part 1 and 2

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Archaeology is about finding things that belonged to people in the past. This means it is a related topic. But even so, it is the examiner’s choice what questions to ask in part 3. Your score will be decided on your overall performance. Although, part 3 does offer you a chance to get into more interesting and varied language by dealing with more complex issues.

  104. Speaking test
    Part 1:
    Describe your apartment
    does it have Park?
    do you use Park? for what?
    what you do in park?
    how often you go to park?

    Part 2:
    Describe a lecture which you heard recently.
    who was speaker?
    when did you heard it?
    what is was about?
    what did you take away from speech?
    will you listen to it again?

    Part 3: Communication
    is communication important?
    at home, office?
    types of communication?
    communication and mobile phone?
    what is going to be future of communication / phones?

  105. Speaking 03-01-2019
    Part 1
    Work or study?
    Hometown, nice place?
    Part 2
    Describe a person who you want to be similar with when you were a child
    Part 3
    Compare children from past and today
    Do famous people influence children’s behaviour?

  106. Speaking Test

    Part 1: about work and current living area

    Part 2: Describe something you borrowed from a friend or family member. You should say
    -what you borrowed
    -when you borrowed it
    -whom you borrowed it from
    – why you borrowed it

    Questions on borrowing?
    Will borrowing is good or bad?
    What you feel about borrowing and did any body borrow
    From you anything and did they give it back


  107. IELTS ACADEMIC SPEAKING , 27-February.
    Part 2- Describe a game you played when you were child

  108. Speaking Exam :01/03/2019
    Section 1 :
    What type of houses are common in your country ?
    Why cities are over crowded ?
    Do you drink tea / coffee ? Do you offer the same to guests who come to your house ?
    Hove you been staying at your current place for long ?
    Any advantage / disadvantage of living in your area.
    Section 2 – Talk about your Ideal house ?
    Section 3 – do you think , you can achieve ur dream of building that house ?
    How would you do that ?
    Questions related housing and society.

  109. Writing :
    Task 1: write a letter to your neighbor about the damage that occurred to your car while he was parking his car in the lane outside your home.
    Task 2: in the era of e technology do you think print newspaper and magazines will cease to occur in the near future?

    One was a passage on grocery store; one was on how to rent an apartment in UK; one was on market research and psychology of consumers.

    1. Where do I work? Do you prefer public transport or private? which season do you like and what do you do in your spare time in that season?
    2. Cue card: what is the recent thing that you wanted and someone gave you and how you felt after receiving that.
    3. Everything on consumerism. What are the negative effects of consumerism.

    I scored the following: Overall:7.5; L-7.5; R:7.0; W:7.5; S:8.5 πŸ™‚ 14.02.2019. GT

    Thank you Liz for all the tips! It really helped me! And this was my first attempt! Planing to re-take the exam to improve the score!

    • Thanks for sharing and well done πŸ™‚

    • Hi JSP,

      Congrats! I have a question to you re the letter: which one was this? informal or semi-formal?

      Liz would you be able to advise?


      • Hi Paulina,

        Hope you don’t mind me answering for this. It would come under semi-formal as you know the people(neighbour) you are writing the letter to. If you are writing letter to a stranger, it is formal and informal would be the letter meant for your friends.

        @Liz ,Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        Thank You!


        • Hi Siva,
          Thanks for your comment. That’s what I thought but was listening to a different IELTS teacher the other day and the guy said, there’s no such a thing as semi-formal letter. He said the only difference between semi-formal and formal is the salutation and the signing off (say: Dear Michael or Dear Mr.Smith and then yours sincerely,) apparently that’s the only difference. Are you able to guide me here as I’m a bit confused πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. Too much info is sometimes not helpful at all.

          • Each teacher categorises letters differently. Some teachers only recognise formal and informal. Some teachers add a semi-formal style to the list. I personally do recognise semi-formal letters.

            As Siva said, you know your neighbours on a personal level (ie not through work which is a formal context). This would make it an informal relationship. But the content of the letter is about a serious matter (not about a party) which would then make the tone semi-formal. Also you need to consider that you do not necessarily have a close relationship with your neighbour ( not like with a friend). That again would make it semi-formal. So, for this letter, I would drop the formality, but maintain a polite and respectful tone. There is no right or wrong – no black or white. This is about understanding relationships and understanding a general tone and style. I would address this letter to either “Dear Mr Jones” or “Dear John Jones”. I would sign off “Best regards”. Again, let me stress these are not fixed rules for a semi-formal letter – it is about how you want to approach this person. You need to stop looking for fixed structures and fixed language. A high band score IELTS candidate can be flexible and knows how to adapt language to the topic and to the context.

            I also need to point out that a formal letter can be to someone you know. If the person is an a position of superiority over you (eg a manager at work or a boss), then you must use a formal approach. If the person is someone whose name you know, but you have not met them (eg a hotel manager), you would use a formal approach. If the person is a stranger (eg local council), you would use a formal approach. If the person is a work colleague, then they are not in a position of superiority and you would probably approach it as semi-formal which means not so formal, but still with respect and politeness. If the person is a neighbour, it means the person is not your superior and not a stranger, but you also might not have a close relationship on a personal level – that would make it semi-formal. A friend is someone you know on a personal, private, close level – informal. You need to think about the relationship with the person and the purpose of the letter – stop trying to find fixed rules for a test that is designed to test flexibility.

            I hope this helps.

            • Thanks Liz, you’re 100% right. I guess I’m overthinking it. Thanks for you clarification!

    • Congratulations JSP on the great score in your first attempt.
      In my first attempt on 12.02.2019 for GT Computer based, I had scored 7.5 overall (L-7.5, R-7.5, W-6, S-8.5). As I am giving second try on in 10 days, i.e., March 12th to improve my writing score, I would appreciate if you can please share with us your writing experience or any comments/feedback/technique you used. Thank you!

  110. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your helping.

    28/02/2019 – Computer based test
    Part 1 – Letter to offer a concert ticket to a friend
    Part 2 – Schools should be responsible to teach young adults to look after their health.

    Part 2 – Describe something that you bought but did not use much
    Part 3 – Disadvantages of shopping in a big mall?
    Why do people like to buy branded products?
    2 questions about Recycling

    Good luck everybody

  111. Academic Speaking: Cue Card
    Describe your ideal perfect house
    where it would be
    how it would be
    what it would contain
    explain why it is perfect for you.

  112. Hello Good morning

    I had my specking test 26/feb

    Section 01

    Where do come from?
    Have you lived for a long time in your current city?
    How much do you like this city?
    Why you like the city?
    Do you think this city will change in future ?
    Who is your favorite movie start?
    Why you like him\her?
    Have you seen a movie star somewhere?
    Are you like to be a movie star?

    Section 02 – Que – Card

    Describe a party that you have participated
    where it was
    who are the guests
    what is the reason for party

    Section 03

    Have you discussed about the party with your friends?
    are there any parties\ event in your country that people participate with family?
    What is the most important festival in your country?
    How this festival effect tourism industry in your country?

  113. Academic Test – 23th February
    Part 1: Do you work or study? How can I improve my work? How many hours do I work? Do I prefer tea or coffee? Do I offer tea or coffee to the people who visit me? Do I like crowded places?
    Part 2: Describe one of my granparents job (What was the job/ Was the only job?/Do I would like to do the same job?
    Part 3: robots/individuals – advantages/disadvantages and other questions that I cannor remember!

    Task 1: bar graph regarding 4 subjects attended in 3 different universities
    Task 2: Double questions: why peoplo sleep less/What causes in society and individuals.

    Afraid about the results because listening was pretty hard… and I need 7.5 overall!

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Hi, given CBT exam on 25th feb

        listening is very difficult due to 3 reasons.
        1- they dont play example
        2- there is no extra 10 minutes so you end up missing answers while typing ( my typing speed is 40 WPM but still couldnt focus much )
        3- Answers could come randomly, For instance you focus on question 5 and answer will come in the end but you will realise that answers for 6-10 are already given and recording is about to finish. Also, 3-4 answers are given in single line

        writing task – Letter to neighbour for inconvenience caused due to pet animals
        task 2- is self employed better or service

        speaking – interesting place in your country

    • I was on that test too. Need the same 7.5 overall but minimum 7 on both R and W. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough…

  114. Feb 23, 2019
    Dear Liz, your site was very useful to me! Thanks!
    I will recommend it to all my friends!

    Task 1 – the bar graph shows numbers of applicants for 4 different courses in 3 UK universities in 2011, 2018 and one prediction for 2025.
    Task 2 – people are sleeping less than in the past. What are the effects of this? Why do people do it?

    Part 1 – questions about work and cook.
    Part 2 – speak about something that you complained and if the company solved your problem.
    What was it? How did you feel?
    Part 3 – more questions about complains.

  115. Hello,
    Thank you for great lessons and website you provided for us. I’d like to share questions of Academic IELTS, Feb 23, 2019. Hope it can be helpful.

    Writing Task 1: The given chart compared numbers of applications of students at three different schools in UK in 2011, 2018, and 2025.

    Writing Task 2: People sleep less than before in many countries. Why people sleep less ? What effect does it have individually and in society?

    Part 1:
    Where do you come from? Have you lived for a long time in your current city?
    How much do you like this city? Why you like here? Do you think this city will change in future?
    Who is your favorite movie star? Why you like him/her? Have you seen a movie star somewhere?

    Part 2:
    Describe an item you already bought but you don’t use it.
    When did you buy it?
    Why you buy it?
    Explain why you don’t use it?

    Part 3:
    How popular is shopping in your hometown?
    (after I said that some people feel better after shopping) examiner asked? How do people can feel better besides shopping?
    Is quality more important or price to buy something? Why?
    How different advertising on TV and journals ?


  116. 23 February 2019 (Academic)
    Part 1- do you work or study?
    Questions about pets, politeness, free time
    Part 2 – A time you wished to do something but you didn’t have time
    Part 3- about time management

    Writing task 2 – Some people think that government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree with this view?

    Thanks for your help!

  117. Hello…exam date 23 February
    In task 2….they have asked “do you think it is a negative or positive change?
    Mam I explained both of them in two paras by partially agree ….is it right the way I explained?
    Task 1-production of electricity by a coal mine
    Task 2-Computers techniques have become cheap n easy to assess ,young adults will work from home and children will study from home …do you think it is a positive or negative change.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You shouldn’t sit on the fence. If you go for a balanced view, you need to quantify your opinion. In what way is it positive and in what way negative. You must be very precise to present a clear position. You should not attempt this unless you have been trained how to do it properly.

    • I got the same essay question. But I am a bit concerned about the tense we should have used. should we write the essay in the present or future tense?

  118. Ghazaleh Akhoundi says

    Hello liz
    I had the ielts test of 23 february in IRAN, in the begining of listening section 3 , the recording got hung up by the order of IDP and writing test immediately began instead of reading and at last they played the listening from part 3 again but skipped the last 6 questions and said the listening of today contained only 34 questions
    everyone was pissed since they messed up their reading skill due to lack of concentration and tierdness
    My question is, what are the neccesarry actions need to be done for this matter? how can we object to this test and it’s result since the results are would not be even close to what we want then to be?

    • It sounds like the test was a mess. Personally, I think IELTS should offer you all a new test for free. If they do not offer you all a free test, it will show how disinterested IELTS are in standardisation, respect for customers and commitment to quality.

      Certainly you can complain both to your local test centre and to IELTS Official (it is important that you complain at the highest possible level). I wish you lots of luck! Make sure your complaint is written with good English to avoid misunderstanding.

  119. Feb 21, 2019
    Speaking (Academic)

    Part 1
    Work related like what I usually do, do I like my job then why
    Then shifted to email, how often do i write an email, email that made me happy
    Patience, why it is important and etc

    Part 2
    something about good news that I recently received
    Who gave

    Part 3
    kinds of news

  120. Hi Liz, I just had my computer based IELTS test on 22 Feb 2019.

    Reading 1: the origin of tattoos from polynesian island, there are diagram, T/F/N, multiple choice questions
    Reading 2: An article about corporate social responsibility, need to match headings to paragraph, and complete missing words question
    Reading 3: voynic manuscript, there are some T/F/N, matching the name of person and its statement, and some complete missing words question

    The writing 1 was about a bar graph of family weekly spending in 2 different period. Writing 2 was about products is all about good quality and its needs in people. Advertisement is unnecessary and only a form of entertainment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking is about the environment that I live in, what do I want to change in my neighbourhood.
    Thee second part was about an intelegnce person I know, who is the person, what is the person doing, and why is the person intelegent
    The third part was about hand writing, its relation with intellegence, can teacher help the development of intellegence, what is a good teacher, who is more important between parents and teacher to educate kids, and that’s all I can think about

  121. Academic test, 21 Feb. 2013
    Speaking test

    Do you work or study?
    What do you wxactly do?
    How ofetn does it rain in your city?
    Do you like to go out in rainy days?

    Part 2
    Describe a place where you spend your free time
    Where is it?
    How did you find it?
    What do you do there?

    Part 3
    Why old people like quite places?
    What are the source of noise in the cities?
    Why suberbs are quite?
    Why some people does not enjoy calm places?
    Will cities noisier in the furte?

  122. Test date: February 20th, 2019
    General Training

    IELTS Speaking:
    Part 1:
    A) Questions on Work and companies
    B) Questions on cooking, home made food vs outside food etc
    Part 2: Describe something you borrowed from a friend or family member. You should say
    -what you borrowed
    -when you borrowed it
    -whom you borrowed it from
    – why you borrowed it
    Part 3:
    A) Questions on borrowing
    B) Questions on Car Pooling

  123. Hi Liz, I just took my CDT yesterday Feb 19, 2019. The test runs smoothly for me and here are the topics that I encountered.
    Writing Task 2 = “Many people try to look younger than their age. What are the causes people do this. Do you think this is a good thing or bad thing?”

    Speaking Task 2 = Talk about an intelligent person that you know
    Who is it
    How did you know him/her
    Describe this person
    Task 3 = Is your handwriting good?
    Do you love recieving handwritten letters? why or why not?
    Why do you think intelligent students are sometimes get bullied at
    Why do people often talk about intelligent people but seldom talk
    about genius people?
    Are intelligent people always happy?
    What do you think are the qualities that a good teacher should have?
    Do you think that teachers and parents should work hand in hand in
    educating a child?
    Nowadays children do not like studying or learning. why do you think
    are the raesons?
    How do you think the teachers can motivate their students to study

    Thank You Liz for all the tips and lessons. It helped me a lot during the exam.

  124. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for all your support. It is very kind of you to spare your precious time to help us all.

    I sat the academic test which was delivered on computer.

    Listening: was fairly easy. It’s exactly the same as paper based exam.
    Reading: there was a passage on how pencils were first found, second: workjng with partners. I can’t recall the third.
    Task 1: two plans of a museum before and after its redevelopment.
    Task 2:
    β€˜Some countries spend a lot of money to make bicycle usage easier. Why is this? Is this the best solution?

    I found this question difficult to pick what form of an essay it would be. Could you please guide me? It wasnt the usual agree disagree or discuss. I felt as though it was asking me to evaluate the reasons why and give my opinion.

    Part 1: Asked about seasons, shoes, leisure time.
    Part 2: a foreign language i’d like to learn, why, how, why would it be difficult?
    Part 3: language and culture

    Thanks in advance.

  125. Hi Liz

    Probably more a question towards the candidates who already took the GT computer based test, but you will probably be able to awnser as well.

    Are you allowed to have a pen and extra paper with you to scraboe some notes,write your awnsers for the listening test and then fill in(I’m not that sufficient on a comp to listen and fill in directly,but am practicingto get bette4),as well as planning of the writing tests?

    Thank you for your info!

    • Yes, you do get a pencil and paper (which will also have your login details) if you want to write something down. I’m not sure if you’ll have enough time to first write the answers on the paper and then enter as you won’t get the 10 min (instead you get 2 min to check your answers) in the end.

    • they will give you a pencil and a sheet of paper for taking notes. But you will not get any time to transfer answers (may be 1 or 2, not more than that) as you only have 2 minutes towards the end of the test (which should be used for checking the answers, not for transfering). You can use the sheet for preparing points for essay writing, though. Good luck πŸ˜€

    • Hi,
      I took my IELTS GT computer based on 16th Feb. I was provided with the login sheet, with some blank spaces and pencil. So don’t worry, you are covered.

    • yes, you will be given a pencil and paper but remember in computer based test you don’t get time to transfer your answers, you’ll have to fill in directly.

    • You would be given a new paper for every section of the test and would be collected at the end of the section. Pencil and eraser is provided in the beginning. I wrote the exam 1 week ago and I use the paper only for writing section to plan and organize. Had no time in Listening section to even touch the pencil or paper.

  126. Thank you Liz for your website!

    IELTS Academic 13-Feb-2019

    -Passage 1: History of Potatoes, how they where discovered in South America and brought to Europe.
    -Passage 2: A text describing the link between emotions and smells (Neuroscience)
    -Passage 3: The most difficult one since it had a lot of vocabulary on astronomy. It was a scientific article describing the different theories on planet formation.

    #1. Two pie charts:
    a)The first one showed the population distribution in different regions of the world (Sub-Saharian, South Asia, East Asia, South America and Industrialized countries) in 2010.
    b) Total spending in education for each region in 2010.

    #2 Plastic shopping bags contribute to the pollution of land and sea, some think they should be banned.
    Do you agree or disagree? Give examples of your knowledge.

  127. Ielts Exam on 14-Feb-19, General Training-Computer Based Exam

    Writing Task 1

    Write a letter to your friend to ask for help about a new job you have been placed to, your friend is doing the same job in another company.

    1. What is the problem you are facing in your new role?
    2. How your friend can solve it?
    3. Meeting arrangments and details?

    Writing Task 2

    Some people think that watching sport is wastage of time during leisure time. Do you agree or disagree?

  128. My speaking was on 13 feb
    Part 1 study or work
    Do you like pets animal?
    In your counrty which pets animal is popular?
    Which is the pet you hate most?
    Part 2 tell about the latest party that u attend.
    Part3 (about money) spending a lots of money on wedding is good?
    Why family party is important?
    Whats diff between family and friends party?
    Was in past party was important?
    is culture is saved by tourism?
    What can country get help from tourism industry?
    SEC 1
    SEC 2 MCQ
    TASK 1
    TASK 2
    ECONOMIC GROWTH IS only one key factor for ending world poverty problem.however someone says it leads towards a environment damaging and stop it.

  129. Academic Test: 14th Feb.2019

    Task 2
    Many people today are spending lesser and lesser time at their homes.
    What are the reasons for this?
    What are the effects of this trend on individuals and society?

    Part 2: Describe you idea of a perfect house. Its appearance and its location.

    I can’t remember the other aspects of the speaking test. I wouldn’t want to give inaccurate information.

    Thank you Liz for your assistance

  130. Hi Liz, I would like to share my Ielts questions:
    Academic test 12/02/2019
    Speaking part
    1. Questions related to the sky( Do you like look at sky on day or night, do you like star, where in your city the best place to see the stars, do you have subject at school what you learn the stars)
    2. Discribe the person with whom you enjoyed to work.
    How long you work, what you learn from her etc
    3. All related to the co-workers.
    What is important for you in your colleges, is that important to be friends with them, what help you work in your job, Is that important to give for little children give the choice with whom to sit in the class, is that important having friends at school.
    Writing part1;
    Table, which show three study courses, where students search in the study aspect which has good rate of grade.
    Writing task 2:
    The people spending less and less time at home. Problem and solution.

  131. Test date: 14th February 2019
    General training

    Writing task 1:
    Write a letter to invite your English-speaking friend to watch a new film with you about your country. In your letter,
    1. Include some information about the film
    2. Explain why your friend might be interested to watch the film
    3. Inform other arrangements you will be making for watching the film

    Writing task 2:
    Eating too much sugar is harmful for health. Some people think that it is government responsibility to limit people’s sugar consumption while others think that it is individuals responsibility to limit the amount of sugar they eat. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Please practise multiple choice type questions that come in section 2 and 3. They are bit confusing and you might loose your place in listening to the recording.

    Section 3 contains 8 to 9 passages about ‘Edmund Selous Bird Watching’. Please try to leave more time for section 3 as it takes little bit more reading than skimming and scanning.

  132. 2018.2.14
    IELTS academic writing exam
    Now many people spend less and less time at home.
    What are the causes for this?
    What are the effects of this on individuals and on the society.

  133. Feb 12, 2019
    Questions were related to:
    -Tap water & Bottled water.
    Part 2
    Any gift you presented to your friend on some occasion.
    Part 3
    Questions related to part 2 and creativity. Why girls are more into hand made things?

    Feb 14, 2019
    Writing Task 1
    A letter to a friend inviting him to visit your country.

    Writing Task 2
    Government role is more important in minimization of sugar consumption or individuals is of more opinion. Give opinion with examples.
    (I have rephrased the wording as I don’t exactly remember).

    Liz, thank you so much for this courtesy. Secondly, please give your opinion on length of writing tasks. I wrote quite lengthy piece of writing for both. Probably around 300 for task 1 n 450 something for task 2. Does that influence marks?
    Further, please comment on my essay structure. I started with the role of technological advancements and artificial intelligence in replacing older techniques. Then i mentioned both roles that this essay will discuss both opinions followed by a reasoned conclusion.
    To begin with, people of historical times prefer the usage of natural sweetners that doesn’t have any deteriorating effects on human health. However, nowadays corporations and scientists have came up many alternate solutions that are ready to facilitate the unavailability of many natural ingredients.
    For instance, sugar composition involve some ingredients that are also used in manufacturing of paints. Likewise soft drinks manufacturing include a number of harmful chemicals that may lead to heart, sugar and various other physical diseases.
    To minimize these health deteriorating effects, government can restrict the production of these items. Further, price increase can also lead to decreased demand and eventually decreased consumption.
    On the flip side, individuals’ intentions have a role to play too. That is, if government play it’s part but individuals still show an inclination towards increased consumption, issue will remain unresolved. Hence an awareness is required regarding individuals role in abstaining the increased usage of sugar and sugary products.
    To recapitulate, both the government and individuals roles are equally important in restraining the consumer’s increasing sugar consumption. Either way, the purpose can’t be achieved.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I don’t normally comment on writing, but I will in this case and I hope other people can benefit from it too. Your task 1 should be between 160 and 190 words. You are being marked on selecting and summarising main features. You are marked down if you present too much small detail. Your task 2 should be about 280 words. Your essay should not contain any padding. All sentence must be vital to the aim of the essay. It is about writing a highly focused essay, not a long one. Also a long essay will show more mistakes to the examiner. So, word count is important.

      About your task 2, this is about who is responsible to control sugar consumption. This is a common topic (is the government or individuals responsible for public health). You have stated this is an opinion essay only which means the essay contains your opinion and nothing more. But other people have reported this as a discussion essay with an opinion. In which case, your whole essay discusses both sides and with equal weight presents your opinion.

      Ideas: Governments or individuals responsible to limit sugar consumption = governments can introduce sugar taxes, introduce new laws and also run nationwide promotion campaigns. Their influence is nationwide. Individuals, on the other hand, should be responsible for their own choices which will influence all their family members.

      Once you have the main ideas planned, you need to decide your opinion and present it clearly. You need to decide who is responsible and support your view. You should also avoid using informal language such as “flip side”.

  134. Speaking
    Part 1
    Work or study
    How many hours do you work
    Favorite Celebrity and related Qs
    part 2
    Intelligent person you know
    Part 3
    Are intelligent people successful people
    What are the Public holidays in country
    What do you do on those
    Should there be more public holidays


    Task 1 topic: You are living overseas and you have just come across an article about your country in a magazine where some of the informations are incorrect. Write to the editor pointing out the mistakes and suggesting an alternate topic.

    Task 2: Some people do not mind to spend their leisure time with their colleagues while some people prefer to keep their private life separate from their work life.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  136. I have utilized the information shared by others all this while and now its time to turn the table and contribute for the future exam takers. Experience is included in line with the various sections.

    Exam Date – Feb 12 2019
    Computer Based GT

    Part 2 –
    An activity that you do when you are free alone.
    Cues – What is the activity? Where do you do it? How does it make you feel? How often you do this?

    Part 3 – Continuing discussion about work –
    1. Do you think some people work a lot of hours?
    2. How does company benefit by allowing flexible hours?
    3. Follow up question based on my answer – why do you say this country is more balanced?
    4. Why is the life getting very hectic these days compared to earlier?

    Listening –

    Section 1 was super easy. Conversation b/w a man and woman looking for apartment to rent.
    Section 2 & 3 was too fast. filled with MCQs. So too difficult for me to follow.
    Section 4 – Academic talk about nanoparticles technology and its application. Easier to follow. 1-3 words answer questions.

    At the end of all sections, I was given 2 mins to check all answers.
    After each section was given 30 seconds to check answers of that section. I used that time to start glancing thru questions of next section.

    Reading –
    Passage 1 – Lengthy passage but easy language. Had 7 different advertisements of gyms and art center. Had to match which information matches with which advertisement. Needed attention to skim through all for possible answers.
    Passage 2 – about mouse and keyboard. 1 word and 3 words answer. Easy.
    Passage 3 – Academic language historical passage about Gwen John, her personal life and work. matching which character from the passage did which activity. As usual, this part needs extra attention and fast reading skill.

    I completed Passage 1 & 2 in 27 mins and dedicated all time to passage 3. Took last 4 minutes to check 40 answers once again. For last passage, I highlighted the various names of people in the computer. was very useful to look back and forth, as the passage gets very long and one can get lost searching for the information they had already read.

    Writing –
    Task 1 – You are planning to give a presentation in your large company. Write a letter to your colleague asking for help.
    1. When and where the presentation will be
    2. what is the presentation about
    3. what would you like your colleague to do
    Task 2 – Some people believe that children should be given lessons on how to manage money in the school. Do you agree or disagree.

    I found the topic easy, fortunately. Not very complicated and straight forward.

    Hoping for the desired score.

  137. Speaking test 12 feb

    What’s ur full name?
    Do u study or work?
    Do you like studies when u were in college?
    Were u patient in ur childhood?
    How patience is important in study and at work?
    Do u like to take photographs from camera or phone?
    Y u like taking picture?
    Do u take pictures of humans or places?
    Do u want to learn photography in future?

    Task 2

    What kind of food people like to eat in special event
    What kind of food they like
    How they prepare it

    Why it is important

    Task 3

    Some question abt food don’t remember
    People like to grow food or buy from market
    Now a days people don’t have time to grow food why is that?

  138. First of all, Thank you Mrs Liz for your great website.

    IELTS Academic Test – (11/2/2019)

    Listening Exam: (4 Parts/ Audios)
    Part 1: Some woman need to make subscription for her kid in sport club, and she was talking with the responsible person from the club.
    Part 2: (Sorry, not remembering)
    Part 3: Conversation between 2 students about preparing presentation in the university.
    Part 4: (Sorry, not remembering)
    Reading Exam: (3 Long Passages)
    Part 1: Islands food habits
    Part 2: Memorials in Europe
    Part 3: Music and Language (in humans and animals)
    Writing Exam: (2 Parts)
    Part 1: Describe columnar chart that talk about the urban population in three continents (Asia/ Africa/ Latin America) and the whole world, also the columns represents the population in 3 years: 1950, 2000, 2030 (predicted); and the question is to describe the chart and write your prediction for the urban population in the future.

    Part 2: If you sell a product and the people buy it, then advertising is not necessary and considered as a kind of entertainment.

    Are you agree or disagree with this?
    Give an example from your experience to support your opinion.
    Speaking Exam: (3 Parts)
    Part 1: Are you study or work?
    What makes you happy in your work?
    Some questions about hand-writing style in general
    Some questions about pet animals in the home

    Part 2: Talk 1-2 minutes about lost something you find it
    – Where did you find it?
    – What did you do with it?
    – What happened when you gave it back to his owner?
    – Describe your feeling with this thing?

    Part 3: Some questions related to the subject I talked about.

  139. Firstly, thanks a lot Liz, you are doing a great job.

    General Training – 09-02-2019
    The test was not that difficult.
    Question types-
    Listening – mcq, information matching,fill-ups.
    Reading – information matching, fill-ups, true/false/motgiven.
    Writing – Task1 Letter to the manager, as he is leaving the company(express your feelings).
    Task 2 While some people say hobby should be enjoyable, it must be difficult.
    Speaking – Part 1- season, sunglasses.
    Part 2 – Comedy show/movie which you had seen.
    Part 3 – questions related to comedy, laughter, children, adults psychology.
    How to make them laugh? Is it good for health? (It was a real fast
    bombardment of questions).
    I hope for the good scores. All the best to all of you who are preparing. πŸ™‚

  140. Thanks a lot Liz, your website is really helpful.

    I gave my exam (Speaking) and 10 (LRW) Feb 2019

    Speaking: Questions were abt; are you working or studying, changes you want to see in your organisation, About hometown. and followed by several other general questions.

    Cue card: Discuss the place whether indoor or outdoor wherein you prefer most to study.

    L1: Write a letter in response to advertisement you saw wrt project on environment development.

    L2: Private schools have undue advantage over other schools hence should be not allowed

    My Advise to others: First of all be confident, that will take you half way towards success, and remaining half way can be achieved by practice and patience. try to give computer based exams as its quick and also convenient.

  141. Exam Date: 09.02.2019
    Module: Academic

    Speaking: some questions about work and study
    Part 1: questions about tea and coffe and about photography
    Part 2: a time when you wish to do something, but you don’t have enough time
    Part 3: questions about time and managers

    Writing: task 1- a chart
    Task 2- if a good diet and regular exercise make your life better or not

  142. Exam GT ielts
    writing task 1
    Complaing about recent flight to the manager
    1 give details of flight
    2 what was d issue with the flight
    3 what you want the manger to do about it

    Task 2
    Public libraries are not important fr people is believed by few and other contradict to this statement. Discuss both views and opine

    I did task on time i m nervous about my results. Hope this questions also help you all as this website helped me alot thanx to mam liz however i m hoping fr positive results
    Good luck all of you who have their exam in upcoming week.

  143. 9th Feb GT
    Writing task 1
    You’re interested in a music course music that you saw advertised.
    Explain why you’re interested
    Request more information about the course
    Talk about your past experiences

    Task 2
    Some people say that Holding sport competitions cause many troubles. Others disagree
    Discuss both views and give your opinion

  144. GT test date – 9th February 2019.
    Writing task 1-
    Write a letter to your manager ,who is leaving the company.
    -include how are you feeling about this
    -what did you like about working with him/her
    -ask questions about his/her future plans.

    some people believe that in order for a hobby to be enjoyable,it needs to be difficult in some way.
    Do you agree or disgaree?

    When I first saw the question,I found it easy however, I wasnot too satistfied by the ideas which I wrote down while brainstorming.
    I disagree to the above statement,therefore I wrote my eassay based on my opinion of why it is not necessary for a hobby to be difficult in order to be enjoyable.
    Please, Can you tell me what ideas I should have included in my essay? Or Direct me where to look for a sample answer in order to compare my writing.

    Listening and Reading was bit easy.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your essay topic is all about the idea that a hobby should be challenging rather than just relaxing or interesting. Your idea would explain why a hobby does not need to be challenging and why a relaxing hobby or an interesting hobby is a more valuable. Personally, I would have taken a different approach. I would have said that some people do enjoy having a challenging hobby because it helps them develop new skills and pushes them outside their comfort zone. However, other people enjoy relaxing hobbies for health reasons or interesting hobbies to give their life a broader interest beyond just work and family. This is a simple Opinion Essay – you either have a one sided approach or a more balanced approach ( a partial agreement).

      • Hi Liz, we can still go with a balanced approach in the case of Agree or disagree essay?

        • The instructions agree or disagree ask for your opinion and your opinion is your own choice. You are not marked on your choice, you are marked on relevant, extended ideas.

  145. Good day gorgeous people of the universe. here are the speaking and writing quetions rephrased.

    Speaking: Who is your favorite co-worker?
    Where did you meet her?
    Do you know her for a long time?
    How can you say that she is your favorite co-worker?

    Writing task 1 was about an income generation in billions within 3 different years illustrated through a bar graph.

    Writing task 2: Some people dont believe in the benefits of good diet and daily excercise. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Good luck on your exams! Prioritize a positive mindset partnered with proper practice techniques. Cheers!!!

  146. Academic Writing exam 9/2/2019
    Task 1
    Describe a bar chart that has 4 digital games.
    Task 2
    Some people think that a good diet and exercise are not necessary for health and long life. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking part 1

    about the area I live in and what would be improved.

    Part 2
    A party I went to.
    What did I do
    How I felt

    Part 3
    Extended questions about part 2 and also about my opinion regarding spending much money on parties and international conferences. Also How you may feel if you are representing your country in international events.

  147. Hi Liz,

    Test Date : 9th Feb
    General Training

    Part 1: Questions about workplace, emails ,importance of study in my current job.

    Part2: Cue Card: Name the food that people usually have at special events.

    Part3: Questions about food, organic food , why people grow their own food. why people use pesticides.

    Task 1: Your friend from another country is interested to visit your home town.
    write a letter to him and describe what’s the best time to visit. How he can enjoy his

    Task 2:

    Some people say that schools do not do enough to teach young people about health.

    Do you agree or disagree?

    Best Regards

  148. 7th Feb,2019 (IELTS,GT)

    Questions about self e.g do you work or study? how can your workplace be improved, have you ever been to a concert, and some general questions on music.
    Cue Card – Describe a good law in your country
    Follow up questions on laws e.g do people follow law in your country? can there be a any case where breaking law could be acceptable?etc
    Task 2: Some people think watching movies is a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree?
    Task 1:You are moving to a new country, write a letter to the accommodation agency – – – introduce yourself and your family
    your preferences about the rental accomomdation
    your preferred location
    (something like this)

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • I finished my test (academic)
      Speaking: part 1: did you grow up in the same city you live in?
      What do you like about it?
      What do you want to improve in it?
      Is sharing important?
      What do you share with your friends?
      Do you like sharing?
      Did your parents teach you to share ?
      Do you think they will share everything in the future ?
      Part 2 : talk about a subject you didn’t enjoy and explain why.
      Part 3: about subjects
      Which better studing one or many subjects?
      Which one provides you more knowledge?
      Is television is good to gain knowledge? Why and why not
      Writing task 1 : two maps of some street now and in the past
      Writing task 2 : the government should make people take responsibility for their actions to the environment. To what extent do you agree?

  149. Test date:6 feb 2019
    Speaking part1:
    -ur fullname
    -work or study
    -is it good place to work?why
    -one thing u want to change abt ur workplace
    -do u like drawing
    – which type of drawings do u like more? Why
    -do u like ur room to be decorated with paintings?why
    -ever learned drawing? If not y?
    -which mode of transport do u use more?
    -when was the last time u travelled
    -do u think everyone should learn driving?why

    Describe a place where u study indoor/outdoor
    -how is it like
    -do others study there

    -Why do somepeople fail to study properly
    -do u think it is good to have a timetable and why
    -why do u think girls are more concentrated than boys while studying
    -what is the good way to study
    -why some people fail to follow the timetable
    -which one is better online or classroom teaching
    -advantages and disadvantages of group studies

    Thank you liz for this wonderful siteπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  150. Thanks Liz for this amazing website, it was really helpful I must say. I sat for the Computer-Delivered GT test on the 7th of Feb.

    Part 1
    what’s your full name?
    what can I call you
    where are you from?
    Do you enjoy crowd?
    would want to live in a crowded environment? why?
    Part 2
    talk about an old man you know

    who is this person
    how did you know this person?
    what do you like about this person?
    explain what is interesting about the person

    Part 3
    Have you told your friends about this person
    is any similarities between the old and young generation?
    is there anything old people can learn from the young
    are there things that young people can teach the old
    do you think the aged will be willing to learn from the young
    these are the ones I can remember
    I think the listening was easier than the paper based. a considerable number of questions was to write one word while others were basically drag and drop.


    Questions 1-27 were quite easy but 28-40 were hell difficult. I had finished 1-27 in about 20 mins but it seemed 40 mins wasn’t enough time for 28-40. What I noticed at the end of the test was that everyone had a different set of question and everyone complained about the difficulty of their individual section 3.

    Task 1
    You are currently running a course and have a part-time job. You boss suggested that you leave your course and work full time. Write a letter to your boss, in your letter,
    -tell him/her your decision
    -the reason for your decision

    Task 2
    Recently, many people know a few of their neighbours
    -what is the cause of this problem?
    -what can be done to solve this problem
    Give reasons for your answer and any example from your own experience.
    *but the question did NOT state write at least 250 works*

    I hope for the best result in all areas this time.

  151. Speaking Test on 7th Feb 2018
    sorry i don’t remember all the questions…
    Part 1:
    How is whether in your country?
    Practical test is more important that the exam?

    Where do you like to study indoor or outdoor?
    Why do you like that place?

    What are the colors you like? Why?
    What colour you would prefer to paint your house? why?

  152. Exam Date: 7th February 2019
    Part 1 :
    where are you from ?
    your full name .
    what you like to improve in your city? and why ?
    Your favorite place in your hometown.
    Do you like to have pet?
    Which pet is common in your country and why ?
    Did you have pet in your childhood?

    part 2 :
    Describe a situation when someone didn’t tell you the complete truth.

    part 3 :
    actions taken by government against crime.
    situation when someone is speaking lie but it didn’t hurt anyone ?
    are we telling a lie to kids ?

  153. Hey ,
    I had my speaking test. The introduction questions was about park and gardens . The cue card was β€œ A part of your country you like the most β€œ
    β€’which part
    β€’why you like it
    β€’what people can see and do there
    The follow ups were about towns buildings plans

  154. I appeared in my speaking exam on 5th February 2019 in Academic Ielts. The questions that I recall (not in the exact words) are:
    Part 1
    Where are you from?
    Where are you situated in your city?
    How do you find your hometown? (i.e the advantages and disadvantages)
    Do you know many people where you live?
    Do you like to cook?
    Why do you think some people like to cook?
    Do you prefer home-cooked meal or eating outdoors? (I said home-cooked so then I was asked:)
    When was the last time you ate a good home-cooked meal?
    Part 2:
    Tell about a family business you know.
    The family business you know
    who are their customers?
    (There was one more which I forget)
    Part 3
    Do you prefer working in a small scale business or a large scale business? (I mentioned CPEC-China Pakistan Economic Corridor during my answer so the next question was about that)
    What kind of businesses do you think it will help?
    Name a few of those businesses?

    Read all the tips on the links and videos on this page regarding the speaking test and try to remember them as you prepare for the test. Try to prepare and practice as many topics as you can. Ask a teacher, relative or friend to test you. If not then use a recording device e.g your phone to record your answers. Do not worry if you make mistakes while preparing, you’ll be far more fluent when you are talking to a person/examiner. Specially try to prepare recent topics and common topics. During the test speak fluently and don’t stop, be confident and keep talking until you complete your points or the examiner stops you. Best of luck!

  155. Exam Date : Feb 2019
    Computer Delivered
    I was quite nervous to face the Computer Delivered IETLS (CDI). I was not sure what to expect and now I am glad I choose the CDI. It was not as stressful as I expected it to be. I just practised the few sample exams online.
    Following are the writing questions
    Letter –
    Your local council have asked locals suggestions in how keep the city cleaner
    >Explain what the council can do
    >What the people can do
    >tell how the community will benefit by keeping the city clean

    Some people believe that the museums and historic sites should be open for free for children under 18.
    Do you agree or disagree

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ If you can share any tips about pros and cons of the computer delivered test, please let me know.

    • Hello,
      Glad you found the computer-based exam easier than expected. I’m going to do it on February 20.
      For this reason I’d like to ask you to share where I trained specifically for computer test.
      Thanks in advance

  156. Speaking Test date: Feb 2019
    part 1:
    * give me your full name, please.
    * what would you like me to call you?
    * where do you live
    *how is the neighborhood like where you live
    * do you like the neighborhood? [why?]
    * do you the people who live around you ?
    Lets move on and talk about shoes
    * do you prefer shoes which are fashionable or shoes which are comfortable? [why]
    * do you buy many shoes? [why not ]
    * how many pairs of shoes have you got and do you have a favorite pair? [why is it your fav]
    *what is your favourite color ? [why]
    * did you wear bright colors when you were younger?
    * why don’t you wear them anymore?
    * what color would you prefer your walls to be painted in? [why]
    * does the color of a car matter when you buy? [why not]

    Cue Card:

    * talk about a tv show / film that made you laugh alot.
    – what was the film/ tv show about
    – when did you watch it
    – what were its main characters
    why did it make yiu laugh alot .

    * are children easy to make laugh or adults [why]
    * does it impact the learning of a child if the teacher is funny ? [how ]
    * do you think people understand and enjoy comedy shows from foriegn countries? [ why not]
    * do you think a person from suburbs of your contry would enjoy German or American comedy [why not]

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Christopher Tongol Ponce says

        Hi Liz 😊 Is there’s a different question in each country? Thanks

      • Dear Liz,
        Thanks for your support. I need a clarification as I purchased your advanced task 2 lectures. If a question says “some people prefer ready-made foods to homemade foods. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?” Am I supposed to state which one I prefer while stating the advantages and disadvantages or I have to write about the Advantages of ready-made foods then that of homemade meals then in another paragraph discuss the problems associated with both? I am confused and my exam is on Saturday.

        • There is only one question to answer: “Do the advantages of ready-made foods outweigh the disadvantages? Of course you will compare them to home cooked foods – that is part of how you will explain the advantages and disadvantages.

    • I GOT 7.5 IN READING

  157. Hello Liz,
    I gave my IELTS speaking in India .
    1st part Γ· Question about Work, Emails and Celebrities.
    2nd part (Cue card) Γ· A recent public development in your city ( park, gym or health centre ).
    3rd part Γ· Questions about development of public and transport facility in your city and sense of community in modern days.
    My interview went well and it lasted for 25 minutes.
    But during my cue card I pronounced a local word theek hai( its alright), and I did not took a pause after saying on and continued speaking. Overall I’m pretty confident, I want to know will that error have impact on my result?
    Thanks Liz

    • Thanks of sharing πŸ™‚ The speaking test cannot last less than 11 mins and it cannot last more than 14 mins. These are rules which cannot be altered by any examiner. It is possible you continued to chat after the recording device was switched off, in which case nothing you said after that point would count towards your score. Your score is decided on your overall performance, not on one slip up.

  158. Speaking test (Feb 6, 2019)

    Part 2:
    Talk about a game you enjoyed playing when you were younger.

    -what the game is
    -who you played it with
    -where you played it

    Explain why you enjoyed it (or something like that)

    ***In this part, I foolishly wrote on the task booklet instead of the paper given. Would it affect my score? *facepalm*

  159. Hello Liz & All,
    Speaking Test 4th Feb 2019
    The examiner was very friendly but she bombarded with questions … πŸ™‚
    Liz, I quit speaking in part II approx 10-15 sec earlier, will it effect my score ? Also, please let me know from your experience that why the examiner asked so much questions. Some if the questions in part 3 were totally away from the topic.

    Part 1
    Do you study or work?
    Why you chose this field?
    Are you satisfied with your current job?
    How long you work a day in your job?
    What can make your job more interesting?
    Do you like sky? Why
    Do you like the sky in the morning or in the night? Why
    Lets talk about patience, do you think patience is necessary? Why
    Do you think you had more patience in your young age than now? Why
    Tell me situation when you showed patience? Why

    Part II

    Describe an old interesting person you met in your life.

    — Who the person is
    — Where he lives

    Part 3

    — Do you think older people have a part to play in society?
    — What differences in society you would like to tell to the old person?
    — What experience can a young one learn from the old people?
    — Can old people learn things from the young one’s?
    — How the culture of other countries can be adapted?
    — Do the people in your country stick to their traditional culture or they wanted to adapt the western? Why
    — Do you think tourist can adapt the culture of a particular country.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your score for fluency isn’t based on how many seconds you speak in part 2. It is an overall score and part 2 is just a chance for you to show the ability to speak at length. Stopping 20 secs short makes little difference. The examiner can tell the difference between someone who stops talking because they ran out of ideas and someone who stopped speaking because they do not have the capacity to speak more in English.

  160. Cue card- 03 feb, 2019

    Talk about a good news you heard or received-

    -When and where
    -Who told you about this
    -What was you your reaction
    -how you felt about it

  161. Hi Good morning Liz, Thanks for the materials in this website.
    Academic – 29th Jan 2019 – CBT
    Sorry for the long post. When I tried searching CBT test tips, found only misleading videos and post on net. so I am giving a detailed explanation regarding my experience.
    Reading – Match headings my weakest type of question in section. Got that in every section of my test. Pretty hard on computer as you can not mark important points BUT you do have an option for highlighting which was not useful for me. so i suggest students to practice on computer especially for this section. Any suggestion to improve this questions type. Another trouble is you will to scroll pages if the section is long, so be patient and do PRACTICE a lot in computers.
    Listening – Pretty Easy section for me. Had trouble only in navigation between parts of the sections. Practice typing questions directly into the computer. Use KEYBOARD. Do not practice writing in books or papers as you will not have any extra time to transfer answers. But after each part you will have 30 seconds to check the answers. This time is to check answers not to transfer.
    Writing- Part 1 – Pie Chart regarding employment of graduates in various sectors and a table regarding their annual salary increase (%) from 2003 to 2004.
    Part 2 – Some parents think that Advertisements are misleading to children while advertisers claim that they provide knowledge. Give your opinion.
    Speaking- Don’t Remember much.
    Part 2 – Talk about an Elderly Person – who is that pearson?
    What do you like about him?
    Where did you meet him.

    Part 3 was based on the same topic. – It was like as if examiner was picking questions from my previous answers. Is it normal? Would it affect my score? Like what do elders need to learn from young people? next was do you think young people should learn anything elders? I gave around 3 examples until examiner stopped me. Based on Examples she asked further questions. I am really worried about this.
    Praying to get the desired score.
    Good luck to everyone.

  162. Speaking: Part 1: Describe the place you stay currently. What is the best part?
    About movies and cinema. How your taste has changed as a child and now.

    Part 2:Describe a lecture you recently attended.

    Part3: About communication Technology in Urban Areas and digital Gap.

    Writing topic 2: Books VS Internet for getting information. Is this development positive or negative?

  163. hello friends (03-02-2019) my speaking test and my cue card is talk about your grandfather job

  164. Academic module – 2/2/19

    Part 1
    do I work or study
    what do I like in my course
    how much time I study in the week
    what do I do to study well (a quiet place etc)
    questions about sharing:
    what do I like to share
    if my parents taught me about sharing when I was a child
    if I think that in the future people will share cars

    if I’m a patient person and what do I do when I have to wait

    Part 2
    Talk about and occurrence when someone didn’t tell you the complete truth
    – how was the situation
    – who was involved
    – what did I do

    Part 3
    questions about honesty:
    why sometimes witnesses don’t agree
    how modern technology can help to find the truth and what do I think about this
    what can be done in future to find out the truth
    the importance of teaching children to be honest

    Task 1
    1 table and 3 pie charts about the values and sources of fish imports to the U.S.

    Task 2
    Films and games can be accessed at any time from mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets and laptop computers.
    Do the advantages of such developments outweigh the disadvantages?


  165. Hello. February 2 ,2019 academic exam
    Task 1 bar chart – personal income spent on 4 different categories( health care, transportation, food, housing) in the USA, Canada, the UK and Japan.
    Task 2 discuss both views and give your own opinion – testing on animals medicines for human use is necessary / other think it is not right.

  166. Hi
    I would like to share questions with you
    Reading writing listening test date 2 feb 2019
    Task 1
    2 Pie charts
    Compare the streams chosen by students in 1985 and present …
    Task 2
    The gap between rich and poor is increasing what it causes and what are its solutions ….
    Speaking held on 31 jan 2019
    Cue card
    An effigy in your town this was difficult part

  167. Exam date 28 jan 2019 test
    Part 1
    My name
    Meaning of my name
    What i like about my name
    The food i dislike
    My collage and changes i want

    Part 2
    An effigy which i saw in my town
    What it was
    Why it is made
    How you feel about it

    Part 3
    Uses of art and craft
    Why people undervalue art
    What can be done
    Are artistic skills innate
    What things to admire in art

  168. Thank you very much liz for you excellent tips
    I would like to share my speaking topics
    My speaking exam was on 29th jan 2019
    Part 1 :-
    Question about me, my hometown and music(music you dont like, instrument you would like to learn in future, why people listen music )
    Part 2 :- cue card
    Describe a information you got from somewhere
    β€’ what was the information
    β€’ where u got from
    β€’ did you enjoy to get the information

    Part – 3 (follow up question)
    Question about parks, type of information, sourse of information, helpful or not and few more questions regarding this

    My listening, writing and reading is on 2nd feb 2019 , I hope I will manage to do it in a better way as speaking with you helpful tips and video liz

    Again thanks to liz πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    And please guys post your recent exam so it can help other students to achieve a better score

  169. Test type: General
    Medium: Computer-delivered
    Date: 30th Jan 2019

    Writing task 2
    Some people prefer to buy local products while others prefer international products.
    Do you agree or disagree?

    Writing task 1
    Your friend has asked you about the course details you recently did in a training centre. Explain about the course details, why should your friend take this course, how has the course benefited you.

    Task 1: Fruit Picking Farm: Telephonic conversation. Fill in the blanks
    Task 2: Details of the festival arrangement. MCQ’s and Select what is true for given options.
    Task 3: Professor and Student discussion on Houses made of Plastic. MCQs and select what is true for given details.
    Task 4: Impact of birdsong on Humans. sentence completion

    Experience: I have attempted IELTS four times till this date starting from last year October. First two tests I took were paper-based in which it was significantly difficult for me to complete the writing task which is the reason behind my repetition. I was unable to write on paper and organize my ideas properly. Lately, the computer-delivered test was introduced and I decided to attempt it.

    Let me tell you, for the computer-delivered test you need to practice yourself well on the computer. I could see candidates who were not aware of how to move on to the next section in the listening test eventually missing some part of the test. You must be aware of how to drag headings on the passages because they are given right after the question instructions and could be considered as the bullets if you do not read the instructions properly. It is far easy than the written mode. If by chance your country has the facility of computer-delivered test do go for it.

  170. 25th Jan, 2019 – computer-delivered GT

    Sec 1 – fill in the blanks with not more than one word
    Sec 2 – drag and drop(conversation about 2 people talking about children football camp)
    Sec 3 – fill in the blanks (conversation about the remains of an area)
    Sec 4 – fill in the blanks, drag and drop (conversation about a course and feedback on books)

    Experience: It gets harder especially in sec 3 as the conversation ran pretty quickly between the 2 persons talking – need to really focus as the answers are not that explicit. Honestly, I prefer paper-delivered version for Listening.

    Sec 1 – Passage about Lemur (T,F or NG)
    Sec 2.1 – Mini passages about setting-up business (Fill in the blanks)
    Sec 2.2 – Mini passages about a race (Fill in the blanks)
    Sec 3 – long lengthy 11 passages about bears (match summary sentence against the passage; T, F or NG)

    Experience: I finished the first two sections within 5 minutes. I was overwhelmed at first upon seeing section 3’s paragraphs. Took me 10 mins to calm down and got my act together to work it out – quickly read thru the summary sentences and skimmed through/ looked for matching key words in the passages. In the end, I had 20 mins to check my answers for all sections.

    Task 1 – Upcoming meeting with manager to discuss your work done last year. Write a letter to him/ her about your work done past year, what you could have done better, what sort of training do you want to take next year
    Task 2 – Some people say that children given pocket money every week will have lesser money problems when they become adults. Do you agree or disagree?

    Experience: Honestly, an hour is not enough (to plan, structure and write, check). I spent almost 17 mins on Task 1 and stopped myself as I was hitting 300 words. For Task 2, many many thanks to your Advanced Ielts, I tweaked one of your model essays (about children do paid work) with key words into my essay. Honestly, I prefer computer-delivered format as I can type pretty fast – managed to have last 10 mins to recheck both essays. Pray that everything is fine (I had two nights dreaming that I did not write conclusion :-s)

    Part 1 – Questions related to where I live, what do I like about my area, on portraits (although I replied with my views on portraits and drawings – he didn’t stop me and I hope that’s fine)
    Part 2 – Describe a flower which is of importance to your country.
    Part 3 – Questions about living in country side

    Experience: When I was presented with part 2 question, it got the better of me with the timing set. Examiner gave me less than a min to write notes and read the question paper, and was told that I need to talk about it straightaway. I was talking about it and still had about 10-15 secs to go, he looked at me and smiled and I just went on to talk and got stopped in the end – don’t think I did a great job there. With part 3, I sort of lost my composure and said “yup” at times when he was asking questions (my way of acknowledging it) – hope “yup” is fine.

    Hope the above helps. Sharing is caring. Cheers.

  171. 29th of January 2019
    Computer Based

    Where are you from
    Do you work or study
    Do you like where you study
    Do you think there is something your institution could do to improve

    Part 2:
    Book you read
    About the book
    When you read it
    Did you enjoy it (something like that can’t remmeber)

    Part 3:
    Books in society
    Are people still reading
    How can we allow books to be read mor

    There were other speaking questions but i can’t recall all of them.


    Task 1: bar graph and a box with % change . Different types of road vehicles registered in 1996 and 2006.

    Task 2: Some people say that family is the most powerful influence in a child’s development. Other’s say that other factors such as ( television friends music etc. ) play a greater role today.

    Discuss both views and give your opinion

    Thank you Liz for your wonderful lessons and tips.

  172. Exam Dates : 18,19 Jan 2019

    Part 1 :
    Name, work environment, bottled water v/s tap water
    Part 2 :
    An important decision you took with the help of someone else
    Part 3 :
    Important decision taken by teenagers, national leaders.
    Who should be considered while taking decisions.
    Should decisions be taken quickly

    Task 1 :
    A colleague is leaving your company and has invited you to a farewell party. But you are unable to attend.
    Task 2 : Most people prefer ready to eat food than homemade food now. Advantages and disadvantages

    Listening :
    Hotel room booking conversation
    A map of playground – identify spots marked as A,B,C etc
    A conversation on project submission : MCQ
    Fill in the blanks : Textiles and art

    Reading :
    Match ques with correct event : Exhibition, concerts
    Fill in the blanks : Dress code at work
    Flow chart completion : Problems at office
    True, false, not given ques : Real Tennis

    My Experience :
    I found listening to be quite easy. I read the question in the time given and focussed to spot the answer. However, the audio clipping was quite long and answers were wide apart. So I read the next question as well, when I felt that I might have missed the current ques.

    Reading seemed fine too. Am just worried about the true, false, not given ones. MA never confident about those.

    Speaking : The interviewer was real friendly. However, I did have issues finding ideas at that moment and struggled with Part 3. I would say practice all topics given in this site. They are real helpful.

    Writing : Time management was my issue in writing. I spent about 30 minutes on the 1st task and hence was in a hurry during the last few minutes for Task 2. I feel like I should have gone with Task 2 first.

    Thanks to you Liz for the website. You are awesome. Hoping for a score good enough to get me through immigration. Will keep you updated.

  173. Hi there, I had the test on the 25th of January. Academic.
    -general questions, if I like music, if I play any instrument,
    topic: an important decision I had made with the help of someone.
    -writing: task 1 2 maps and the changes in a town
    task 2 most people work hard to earn lots of money and there is no other reason, to what extent do you agree or disagree?

  174. My speaking test:
    1. Part 1.
    Free time,
    Get bored
    Comfortable or fashion shoes
    2. Part 2
    Describe a book that you read recently
    You should say:
    What is it?
    When you read it?
    Why you like it?
    3. Followed question about reading habit
    Writing: many people believe that advertising have negative effects on customers. What extend do you agree or disagree?
    My opinion is advertisements do not bring negative effects to customer.
    Whether or not it is Ok. My teacher told that this perception will bring down my score,

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You are not marked on your opinion. You are marked on whether it is relevant, focused, connected to the task and whether it is well developed. However, you missed the opportunity to write about influencing consumer purchasing, effects on children and encouraging overspending which leads to debt. These are all very strong points which are easy to extend.

  175. hello LIz,
    this is actually very helpful website.

    jan , 2019
    speaking ,
    part 1 : work ,study, sports game related ques
    Part 2 : describe a poisonous plant that you know
    part 3: discussion about plants, flowers , garden and maintenance

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • @liz
      What if I don’t know the English name of the plant? Can I refer its local name and say l don’t know the exact English name?

      • Of course you can say “I don’t know the name in English, but it’s tall, with large leaves, a thick trunk and wide reaching branches offering lots of cool shade in summer.”. You are not marked on your knowledge of plant names. You will be marked on your use of language. My sample answer is high band score with excellent vocabulary.

  176. 27 Jan – General – CBT

    Speaking Topic
    Part 1
    About where u live
    About drinks
    Part 2
    Topic for me
    Talk about a old person you have met?
    Topic for my fellow candidate
    Talk about sense of humour?(looks very uncommon topic)
    Topic for another fellow candidate
    Talk about something u bought and have not used?

    Last passage was tricky

    They gave 11 paragrpahs, with 6 questions for paragraph identification 4 fill in blanks 3 choose the correct option, which was mamoth amount of info and tricky part was they wanted to trace paras containing info rather than naming the paragraph which means u need to have complete overview of passage. I have wasted 10 min just to have an overview and another 20 min finding info for the complete section 3. I was lucky bcz i was quickly able to finish section 1 and 2 in 30 min.

    My suggestion would be as quick as you can in section 1 and 2 which will help in section 3.

    Writing task -1
    U work as part time and you are attending a course and your manager offered you full time and asked to leave the course.
    Write a letter about your decision on job offer.

    How u feel about the job ?( confused me whether about current part time or future full time)
    Tell about u r decision
    Explain reasons of u r decision

    Task – 2
    Some young people are leaving countryside to live in cities and towns, leaving only old people in countryside?

    What are the problems of this issue?
    What can be done to solve this problem?

    Thesis:- while there are some drawbacks to issue, which can be a addressed by young people leaving their counties.

    Bp- tp -1:- old people are effected emotionally.
    in villages people are more connected with each other and support each other.
    If young people leave they are disconnected and there will be no one to support them in later stages of their life.

    Bp 2:- this can be solved by young people planning their vacations to their original homes.
    Adults should plan their vacation to live with old people so that old people are motivated by their children’s regular visits.
    Although life in city is fast paced and could not visit their home, they should stay connected by regularly discussinf about their family well being and discussing with them.

    Final concl- there are issues, young peopel shoulf stay in contact with their elderly family memebers.

    Hi liz,
    Could you please suggest whether i had covered all parts of the question to get high bands in task achievement?

    Will post results in 6 days on followup reply.

    Thanks for creating such a resourceful website and platform to improve language.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The main problems of young people leaving the countryside and old people staying are: a) lack of support b) economy in rural area. The idea of emotions is connected, but it the main point. It is about lack of support – physical support & emotional support. The best solution is for the government to offer incentives for young people to remain in rural area by setting up employment schemes and benefits. The idea of just visiting on vacation does not solve the problems, it only alleviates them slightly.
      So, your ideas are connected, but not strong. However, your score is based on main things and even ideas are marked not purely on how strong they are but how you use them.
      Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

    • Jasmeet kaur says

      Reading test 8 of book -12 is in same format

  177. 1. Listening Tes
    I had my computer-based test today and the listening part was the most difficult. Everyone says here that the actual listening test is easier as compared to the material available in the Cambridge books. Moreover, I always scored in the range of 7.5 to 8.5 in listening practice tests. My actual IELTS test score was 8 in the first paper-based attempt. However, this paper was out of the world. They did not follow any set pattern. There were around 20 MCQs and only 14 fill in the blank questions which made it really tough to attempt. At least 2 times, the recording quickly moved to the next part in an unprecedented way and I couldn’t catch 3 questions each time. I have practiced at least 50 listening test from Cambridge as well as other websites but this was the hardest one. I felt like there are two different bodies which are making paper-based and computer-based listening test.

    Firstly, my examiner interrupted me several times during the speaking test and here interruption does not mean asking me another question but guiding me to the right answer. For example, he asked me how does a routine effects children? I started answering him and gave the example of my toddler son, he interrupted and asked me to not to give the example of my son but talk about the children in general. Another time, when he asked me something about students, I started giving him my personal example, he interrupted again and asked me not to give any personal example but talk about the topic in general. My confidence was so shattered that I did not give an example in the following questions. I messed up everything due to this interruption. Liz, is it normal?

    Second, he gave me only 1 minute to answer my cue card and stopped me when I was in the middle. I had prepared my answer according to 2 minutes and was planning to use some rare vocabulary words but he did not allow me to do so.

    I scored 7.5 last time in the speaking test but it seems that this time he messed up everything.

    Reading on the computer was manageable for me as I am a good reader.

    Writing is the best part as you can type and edit them very easily.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is important to listen to the question. If the question is about people in general, then your answer will be about people in general. This is because the question is testing your ability to speak in the third person plural – people. A low level English user struggles to do this. A low level English user will immediately start talking about themselves (I, my) because it is easiest. A low level English user will talk about their friends and family but it is easiest. You need to show the examiner that you do not need to do this. This is one aspect of the speaking test that you should know about before entering the test room.

  178. I was a test candidate on Jun.20, 2019 . Here are some speaking questions I still remembered:
    Part 1:
    Living Surroundings:
    Talk about your living environment
    Share my hometown
    What things do you think your living area can be improved?
    Do you have pets?
    Do you like dog or cat?
    Which species are not suitable for being pets?
    Tea and Coffee:
    Do people from your country like to drink tea or coffee?

    Part 2
    Describe an old man you met once

    I got stocked because I rarely meet old people in my immediate circle, hope other candidates can search for a good idea.

    Part 3:
    Do you think old people and young people should get together?
    Do you think young people can learn things from the older generation?

    Writing Task 2:
    Some people think high-end technology can prevent and cut down the rate of committing crime. Do you agree or disagree?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is unfortunate to get a topic about old people if you rarely have contact with them. Hope you do well with your results.

  179. hi Liz,
    Speaking Test GT 24/01/2019
    Part 1
    sky & stars
    Public holidays

    Part 2
    Free day from work or study

    Part 3
    spending holidays

  180. General Training
    Speaking exam: 24 Jan 2019

    Part 1:

    1. What is your name?
    2. Where are you staying at present?
    3. Why do you choose that place?
    4. What would you like to change about your surroundings?
    5. Who is your favourite filmstar, would you like to be superstar oneday?
    6. Are international superstars famous in India?
    7. Do you feel the cities are crowded nowdays?
    8. Which part of the city according to you is most crowded?
    9. How do you feel in crowded place?
    10. A time when you were in a crowded place and it didn’t bother you?

    Part 2:

    Talk about a beautiful/ handsome person you have ever met.

    Part 3:

    1. Today people are focusing on physical appearance. Why?
    2. People’s viewpoint about beauty has changed over past years. How?
    3. Should we dress up according to the latest trends?
    4. Should we consider people’s views or dress up according to ourselves?

  181. Hello,
    I took IELTS on 17 Jan 2019.
    Speaking task 1:
    Do I work or study?
    Where do I work/study?
    Is it the best place to work/study?
    What changes can they make?
    (part 1 was recurring)
    Speaking task 2:
    A time I had to ask someone for advice regarding a decision.
    Speaking part 3:
    questions about decisions of national importance and things like that (except for part 2 and sometimes part 1, other parts tend not to recur, so don’t waste time thinking about these, just prepare naturally)
    Writing (Although I’m sure they change it)
    task 1: 2 pie chart for 2 different years (percentages of attendees in training center courses)
    task 2: some people think people are responsible for a solution to pollution made by transportation and others think governments are. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
    Again, guys it would be pointless to prepare for these except for speaking part 2 and sometimes part 1. Just work on your English and IELTS techniques.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You are right. You can’t predict the topic you will get in IELTS speaking or writing. The most you can do is prepare a variety of topics and make sure your IELTS exam techniques are up to scratch. Your response in your IELTS speaking test should be natural and not memorised.

      • Hi Liz,
        Thankyou for all the resources you have shared on this blog, which are really useful..
        My Speaking test happened on 25th Jan 2019 GT
        Part 1:
        About hometown, work, how do you travel to work, would you like to change the mode of travel, how you used to travel in school days
        Part 2:
        An instance when you experienced bad service at a shop or restaurant

        Part 3:
        About jobs where customer service is important and where it is unimportant
        What should employers do to ensure good service
        Some clients may still be irritated, despite all efforts. why

      • Manpreet kaur says

        hello ma’m … i wnna tll u abt a YOU TUBE PAGE NAMED β€œAdel samak” has posted ur video last weekπŸ˜’ I suppose i shld infrm so i m writing …

        • Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. I’ve asked the person to remove the content. Thanks – for your support πŸ™‚

  182. General Training Jan 19th

    Speaking: part 2
    Describe a time when you had a problem with a piece of equipment.
    what equipment it was
    what problem you had
    when you had this problem

    explain what you did about this

    Task 1: You are planning a party for your family and want to invite a friend…

    Task 2: People doing different jobs enjoy different amount of holiday time.

    Should people have the same amount of holiday time? Give your opinion…

    My essay was terrible! pretty basic. I wasn’t sure how make the structure. In the Pharagraph 1 I wrote about why some people think that everyone should have the same amount of holiday time even they doing different task, and the second I talked about why some people deserve more days, such as supervisor or manager who have more responsabilities and stress… the reasons and examples were really poor!… but well…

    Thanks for your help Liz! If my score are not good IΒ΄m going to practice more essays

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your task is to answer one question only: “do you think people should get the same amount of holidays regardless of the job they do?” Your whole essay answers that question. Your whole essay is your opinion, your answer. If you need to learn more about writing essays, see my Advanced Writing Task 2 Lessons:

    • Hi Nateep,

      I took my exam also last Jan 19 also general ielts, we have the same question..

      In the essay task 2, I discuss it so briefly.
      I made it clear that its only my own opinion and knowledge I wrote in here that I strongly agree the people must receive equal holidays regardless of their position. I discusses why they deserve this. And then I make at the last part my conclusion.

      Im really nervous for the result

      • Hi Liz,
        Today i had my speaking exam 02 apr 2019.
        Part 1. information about workplace, parks
        part2 cue card. Describe an important decision you made with help of someone.
        Part3 Questions about decision making, and some questions related to teenagers and decision making

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