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Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics 2019

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  1. Hi guys,

    We need some new, up-to-date questions and topics posting. If you take your test, please post your questions or topics for all parts of the test.

    Thanks and Good Luck!!
    Liz πŸ™‚

    • Surjeet says:

      Still i have been too waiting for latest question for more than weeks…..

    • Hi guys! I had my test this Saturday morning (16/06/2018) in Malta.

      Part 1
      What do you study/ what is your job? (In my case, studying)
      Why are you studying this subject?
      Why do you chose this school?
      How was your first day in that school?
      How often do you use maps?
      Do you think that is better use paper or electronic maps? Why?
      Do you question people on streets about locations?
      Have you eaten food from another countries in you childhood?
      Which foods from other countries are famous in your country?
      Have you recently tried food from another country?

      Part 2
      Which is your favourite song?
      When you first heard it?
      Why do you like that song?

      Part 3
      What kind of popular music is famous in your country? Why?
      Do you think that music nowadays is different from music in the past?
      In which ways do you think they are different?
      Do you believe people are born with music skills or they learn by training?
      Do you think that teaching music for kids is important? Why?
      Why do you think study music is good for children?

      The test was faster than I thought and the examiner was very kind and friendly.

    • Dilshod says:

      HI guys yesterday I entered my speaking exam 18/06/2018.AT 2:40 IN UZBEKISTAN
      PART 1:
      1.what is your name
      2.do you live in a house or flat
      3.which room is your favourite room
      4.about 4-5 questions are about punctuality and time management
      5.about my future plans
      DESCRIBE a sport that you have only watched and you would try yourself

      • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

        Other students: Please post your topics in the comments box at the bottom of the page. Don’t post it as a thread or reply to me.

  2. Meghana says:

    For some reason my comment from Wednesday got lost. I assumed it was awaiting moderation but I couldn’t find it. Nonetheless I had my speaking test on Wednesday 06/06
    Part 1
    Your full name
    Do you work or study?
    What do you work as?
    Why did you choose that area?
    Do you enjoy your work?
    Were you happy the first day of your job?

    Part 2
    What is an animal you found interesting?
    What animal? Why? How you first came about the animal?

    Part 3
    What do you feel about animals being kept in the zoo for protection?
    Do you think the Govt. Can do something to protect animals?
    How do you think govt. Can protect animals from poachers, hunters and people who kill animals for prey?
    How do you feel about animals being used as beasts of burden or for human needs especially for carrying burden?
    What about domestic animals who are used for meat and other purposes?
    What can be done to protect animals from extinction?
    Do you think there is anything we can do at our level to protect certain species from extinction?
    Do you think the relationship between humans and animals are changing or will change in the future?

    It went pretty well except for part 2 where I felt I was given less time to prepare or talk about the topic. Is it normal for examiners to give you less than or exactly 1 minute to talk about the topic in the cute card??
    The other sections were much better and I felt I handled them well.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is not possible for an examiner to give you less than 2 mins to talk in part 2. If you stop after 1 min, the examiner can move on. But if you continue talking, the examiner can’t stop you until 2 mins is up. The examiner can’t interrupt you in part 2. The 2 mins talk time is your right by the rules of IELTS. For the preparation, the time MUST be 1 mins. It is almost impossible for candidates to calculate time in the speaking test. The examiner has the clock, not you – nerves make you feel that time passes quicker than it really is. If at any time, you think your test was not fair and your results not representative, you can ask for a remark.

      • Sukhbir kaur says:

        I gave my speaking test today in amritsar ,,,
        Examiner was very nice ,
        Intro , habits of saving money , interaction between parents and children and same ques relating to children
        Talkative person you know
        Difference between formal and informal talks
        How do business negotiations interact
        What qualities should be there
        My speaking went very well .. now waiting for result

  3. Ietls ukvi academic speaking test 8/6/2018

    Part 1
    What’s your name ?
    What can i call you ?
    What do you do ? Do you work or study?
    Do you write?
    What type of things do you write?
    Do you prefer to type or write down using pen and paper ?
    Do you travel?
    Have your ever traveled by a plane ?
    Cue card topic
    Talk about a river/lack in your country
    You should say where the river is?
    Why is important ?
    Describe how it looks ?

    What are the water related activities that you know?
    Is it important for children to learn swimming ?
    From what age can children be taught how to swim?
    Can you tell me about some jobs related to rivers and water?
    Do you think it’s beneficial for a country to includer rivers in their tourism?
    Do you think it’s a good idea to travel people between the cites using rivers ?
    Mention one advantage and one disadvantage for using rivers to travel people between cities?

    In the alst Question i said I couldn’t think about the advantages and my min is preoccupied by the disadvantages , the examiner frowned upon me and it felt bad , do you think it’ll affect my markes ?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The examiner should not have frowned at you. You did nothing wrong. The speaking test does NOT involve marking ideas and does NOT involve marking task response. If you gave only one disadvantage, it’s 100% fine for IELTS speaking. So, don’t worry about it πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your sharing 😊. Could you share writing essay and task types?

      • Task 1 was a tabel for coco butter production among 5 areas in 4 years
        Task 2 something about newspapers and internet as a source for news
        You’ll probably find them in the comment of those who took their exam in 2/6/2018 , would be better to check the comments because I cannot remember the exact wording of the exam

  4. Ashpreet Kaur says:

    Ielts (academic) 7june 2018
    Writing task 1- It was a line graph describing three modes of transport in one city
    Writing task 2-some people believe that teenagers should concentrate on all subjects while others think they should focus on subjects in which they are best and find intersting.discuss both views nd give ur opinion

  5. Hi from Turkey,
    I had my ielts exam today 07.06.2018, Δ°stanbul. academic, basically.
    Speaking p2, location question, favourite
    P3, advertisement
    P1, music, celebrities, money.
    Writing t1, line graphic,x line: 1990 to 2010, 3 different transport, y line: population of users..

    T2, teenagers: giving attention on school lesson
    Or focusing their interest. Discuss.

  6. I looked up your website for practicing all possible questions on the speaking test. The good news is I got my cue card question from the lot of questions on your website, however, the follow up questions were different. Here are the questions I was asked:

    Cue Card: Describe a water body (river, lake etc) in your country. Discuss its relevance, why its important and how do you see the future of it.

    Follow up questions: Why do you think people like to go near water? How often did you visit this water body? How do you think river bodies are being affected by pollution? Do you believe the levels of sea are rising due to global warming?

    Another random question came up in the introduction: Discuss about an app that you’d like to download on your phone, but haven’t already.

    Thanks so much Liz! Your website helped me get my target score.

  7. Maftoon says:

    Hi there! I have recently pass the written part of my test
    Module: Academic
    Location: Tashkent , Uzbekistan
    Date: 07.06.2018
    Task 1:
    The line graph reveals information about commuters usage of three different types of transportation in one city from 1990 to 2010
    Types of transportation: Bicycle, Train, Car
    Task 2:
    Some people think that teenager students should concentrate on each subject equally, while other think that they should choose what they are interested in. Discuss both views and give your opinion

  8. Sonia grover says:

    New delhi india
    Today was my LRW
    Writing task 2 topic was
    Some people think that the teenagers should concentrate on all subjects of school. Others believe that the teenagers should focuse on those subject in which they are best or which are more interesting. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  9. Hi Liz. I took IELTS General Speaking on 31st May and LRW on 2nd June
    Location- Pune, India
    Speaking- Introductory question- Are you a student or working? Why did you choose this profession? What do you do basically?
    How often during your childhood you tried food from foreign countries?
    What about now?
    Do you think the consumption of foreign food is going to increase in coming days?
    Cue card- Describe a song you like the most.
    What this song is about?
    When did you hear it first?
    What do you like the most about it?

    Discussion on music these day in you pr country. What type of music is popular? Do you think the choice varies with gender? What about old time music? What is the difference? Where do the children in your country learn music for the first time? How learning a musical instrument can help?
    I think I did well and speak for the expected time on the questions. however, I am worried as I used a Hindi word β€˜Masala’ as a slang in the conversation. Do you think it is going to have a big impact on my score?

    For Writing
    Letter- You recently Lost your driving license and somebody found it and returned it back to you. write a letter thanking that person. Explain why the license is important to you and ask few questions about how did he or she find it. How would you like to thank.

    Essay- nowadays, people move from one country to the other for finding jobs Some people think children of these families suffer because of this while others think it is helpful for them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    I have been following your site for learning and it helped me a lot. Thank you Liz.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your speaking score is based over the whole test, not just on one answer or one word. However, if you use your own language in the test, it’s best to paraphrase it “which means …”. Glad my site was useful πŸ™‚

  10. Hello Liz,
    I appeared for my General Speaking Test on June 06 in Delhi.

    The questions were –
    Part 1 – where do you live, how far is it from here?
    – Let’s talk about jobs – have you ever been into a Part time or a Full time job?
    I answered I have never been into a part time job since beginning I’m working with the same organisation full time
    Then the question was Why?
    – What are the factors that people consider towards a good job? And since I answered about perception of people, different perspectives next question was
    – Do you think the perception of people change with age?
    Clue card –
    Talk about a good experience you had from a shop or a company, where it was, why you liked it?
    Part 3 –
    – Is it true that the shops or stores which have expensive products will offer better experience to its customers?
    – How does companies benefit by providing good services?
    – Apart from the skills and training you just mentioned, does companies need to make adjustments to products they offer?
    – Are people reluctant to visit the stores where their experiences are bad?

    I hope this will help others, my advice is to remain calm during the test (the anxiety would always be there), practice to speak with friends/family. Be confident, and during preparation once you believe that you can speak with confidence and without hesitation, try to learn/enhance your vocabulary.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Remaining calm and being confident are definitely essential in IELTS speaking. For this reason, some people take the test more than once to battle nerves. Thanks for sharing your tips πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Liz
    Sorry for posting late
    General Training
    Brisbane Australia

    Writing 1
    You couldn’t find a book you need to read in your local area shops. Write a letter to shop owner in another town to enquire about the book. (Don’t remember exact words)
    1. Give details of book you need
    2. Why you need it
    3. How will you pay for it

    Writing 2
    Adults do very less excercise these days. Some people think that showing sports events on the television such as Olympic and international tournaments can be the best way to encourage adults to do excercise. Others believe there are other effective ways to do so. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  12. Hello Liz,
    Thanks a ton for your great help with useful tutorials and tips.

    I’d gave my speaking on 6th June, Ahmedabad for GT. Here are the questions.

    Part 1
    Where are you from
    Do you work or study
    What time you like to work
    Do you read newspaper
    Does anyone read newspaper in your family
    Do you read newspapers online
    What do you often read in newspapers

    Part 2
    Talk about vacation destination you would like to take away from home
    – what is the place
    – with whom you would like to go
    – what you would like to do there

    Part 3
    How people plan their vacation
    which is good to go on vacation or stay home
    Vacation should plan by self or by travel planner
    What kind of place people choose to go on vacation
    People should spend lots money on their vacations or not.

    it went well and I’ve answered all the questions with proper length without any hesitation. Expecting my 7 or above.

    Wholeheartedly Thanking you for your guidance. 😊

  13. thank you so much mam..I have learnt a lot from this website.

  14. Rama khadka says:

    June 4
    Section 1: Do u work or study?
    do u use map?
    Where do live home or apartment?
    Which room do u like the most in your home?
    Have u guide to anyone?
    Had you saved money when you were child?
    What had changed in money saving behaviour now than in childhood?

    Section 2: what would like to replace?
    why do u want to replace it?

    section 3: do u think u can replace your accomodation sooner?
    why do people frequently replace any thing?
    is it good to replace?
    do u think youth generation are more forward to replace the things?
    Why people don’t like to do online shopping? Why they still like doing shopping in shopping mall?

    I was so shocked that she asked me a lot type of question which arent relevent with each other. However, I answered fluently.
    But in cue card topic in section 2, I answered that I want to replace my current accomodation because it don’t have sufficient facility, as I need for my daily life such as water , no balcony , no free space in front side and blah blah….( is this answer right?) Do they concern about the content? or just they see how fluently and correctly we deliver speaking skills? After leaving test room, I realized that can accomodation be replaced? Did she asked me a lot of question because I answered something else?please tell me, is my answer relevant to this question? I am so much worried about it πŸ™
    Thanks in advance

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ What do you mean the questions were not relevant to each other? I see nothing wrong with your questions. You had the topics of home, maps and money in part 1. This is 100% normal to have three topics. In part 2 you had a current topic and in part 3 your questions were connected to consumerism which is your part 2 topic. For your part 2 topic, you can interpret your cue card as you wish – it doesn’t affect your score.

    • Parneet says:

      My test is on 5/6/18
      N my topic was
      A website you like
      How often uh visit it
      When you come to know about it
      Why uh like it

  15. Bharathy says:

    Ielts academic-June 2

    Task 1 pie charts
    Task 2 – international tourism is becoming a major industry. People think it causes only more tension than the anticipated understanding between different countries . ? Agree/disagree?

    Your full name?
    How can I call you?
    What do you do? Do u work or study?
    Why do u want to study this particular course ?
    Did your parents gave money when you were a child?
    Will u give money to a child ?
    How did your primary school teachers influence you?

    Cue card – your favourite song
    Why you like it ?
    When did you hear it ? Etc

    Questions related to music
    Why do you think music is important ?
    How important is music in your society ?
    Is it possible for everyone to learn music or is something that one is born with ? Why ?
    Why do you listen to music ? Etc

    That’s all I can remember . Pray for me . I hope so I will crack this exam with good grades .
    Thank u so much Liz

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

    • We have the same question in writing.
      Can you share the ideas you wrote on task2?
      I have no idea so i knew that my answer was irrelevant, i was off topic probably.


    Type of Test: General
    Date of Test: May 31 (Speaking) and June 2 (L/R/W)
    Location of Test: Chennai

    Part 1
    1) How often you get bore?
    2) What you do when boring?
    3) Where you like to go?
    3) With whom you would like to spend time, family or friends while boring and why?
    4) Do any changes on your activities to get rid of bore,between childhood and now?
    5) Where people of your country,usually go when bored?

    Part 2
    1) Describe about the song which you like the most and other factors like,
    Why you love the song?
    What is the reason for it?

    Part 3
    1) What types of music available in your country?
    2) In your country,where you will learn music?
    3) Do you think old and young people have different taste on music and Why?
    4) Does music can only learn by people who are with inborn qualities and Why?
    5) Why still some musician cannot shine though they are master of musical art?

    Task 1
    1) Write a letter to thank a person who posted your lost driving license.You should talk about the following in your letter.
    – Describe Why driving license is much important?
    – Asking about the place,where he found the license
    – Inviting him for a meet to thank

    Task 2
    1) Some people believe that parent moving to other country for a work,will give a beneficiary to the children and other people believe that it will affect the children growth.Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    Over all I performed well Speaking,Reading,Writing but unfortunately I couldn’t do well my listening as other segments.Because I lost the flow of audio at Section 3 thus I didn’t answer four questions and followed by its effect I missed first two questions of Section 4 too. How ever I managed by answering section 3 as its objective question,where as Section 4 is fill in the blanks so I left empty.I am worried a lot.

    Thanks LIZ,your transcript helped me to prepare for the exam and I personally used those all module questions for self practice. Hope the Best πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ In order to keep your place in the listening test, you MUST learn to underline key words in the questions and hold them in your mind. You should keep your mind open for the key words of the next few questions so that you can jump forwards if necessary. The IELTS listening test is designed for key words (some of which might be paraphrased) to help you locate your place in the recording.

  17. Cristina says:

    I am from portugal, but I am living in Darwin, Australia.
    I have done my Academic IELTS on 2nd of June.

    The examiner checked if I was doing General or Academic, so the questions were harder, I thought listening was similar for both…

    Are you working?
    What time of day do you work better?
    How many hours of sleep do you need?
    older people need more hours of sleep them younger?
    Do you often read newspaper? Why?
    Do you read newspapers online?

    Topic 2:
    The holiday of your dreams

    Part 3:
    What types of tourism most people enjoy doing in my country?
    What’s the difference between staying home or going traveling
    What benefits do employee have in taking holidays and travel?
    What benefits do employer have giving good conditions to employees go on holidays?

    Part 1: Two pie charts showing the percentage of electricity usage in different sectors.

    Part 2: International Tourism is a good business but can lead to “fights” instead of understanting between tourists and locals. To what extent do you agree/disagree.

    I can’t remember about reading and listening parts.

    Thank you Liz for your site.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The examiner doesn’t base topics on GT or Ac for speaking. The examiner might, however, choose to ask challenging questions to someone with a better level of spoken English – this is because it will help draw out a higher level of English and a broader range which is needed for a high score.

  18. IELTS – BC – GT – Vancouver, Canada
    Jun 2nd

    – Do you live in an apartment or house?
    – Any plans to move?
    – a recent vacation
    – do you plan the vacation
    – do you wear a watch
    – why is punctuality important

    Cue card: A person who talks a lot

    – have I talked to anyone about this person
    – do I talk a lot
    – is communication important
    – jobs that don’t require communication skills
    – any demerits for being a good communicator

    Writing Task 1 – write a letter to the building manager about a bicycle parking issue
    WT 2 – Some Stay-at-home parents think they need to be compensated by the government, do you agree or disagree?

  19. 2/jun/2018 – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

    1. Do y live in a House or apartment?
    Do you plan change in the future?
    Where do you spend your Holidays?

    2. Quite place you like.
    Where? How y found it?

    3. Reasons prefer quite place?
    Why people would like some kind Of noises?
    People would like noises to study for example?

    Writing General:
    Test 1. Explain to manager of the bulding: 1. Why y go to work by bike. 2. The problem y have with the bycicle parking. 3. Suggestion to solve the problem.

    Test 2. Some parents, specially mothers, stay at home instead working, and some people think should receive a salary for that. Do y agree or not?

  20. General training module:
    Test location : Coimbatore, India
    Date : 3/06/2018

    Speaking test:
    PART 1:
    1. Interesting places in my locality.
    2.Favourite wild animal
    3, Importance of zoo for children

    PART 2:
    Recent development in your city

    PART 3:
    1. Questions about public transportation system
    2. Importance of new developments in a city
    3. Old and new buildings in a city

    1. Write a letter to the someone who found and sent your driver licence which you have lost in a public place

    2. Many people move to foreign countries for their job. Children of their families are benefited by this, some people believe that this affects the children badly. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    For speaking test, the test was over in just 10 mins. The interviewer interrupted me while i was answering to move on to next question. so, i felt quite tensed while answering them. However, i remember making some grammatical errors while talking. Will it have a bad impact on my score?
    I would really value your feedback on this matter.

    Thank you for your wonderful collection of preparation materials for ielts. It really helped me a lot in my preparation.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Grammar counts for only 25% of your marks in both speaking and writing. Your speaking score is based on your overall performance, rather than individual questions or parts.

  21. Mohammad Najjar says:

    I took the exam on the 2nd of June in Qatar.

    section 1: about a near by library and its activities (phone call)
    section 2: 2 students prepare a presentation
    section 3: about shopping assistant, and certain shops features.
    section 4: about fairy tern bird (endangered)

    passage 1: about a village in Africa and farming system implemented (distribution of crops kinds over the year).
    passage 2: about Alexandria (Egypt) artifacts under water and the method used to rescue them.
    passage 3: about Emotions theories (darwin 6 emotions and scientists experiments, facial expressions …etc).

    task 1: a table of Cocoa production in several regions (Asia, Africa, South America…etc).
    task 2: people still prefer newspaper to internet as a source of news.

    -In which time of the day you prefer to work.
    -If prefer reading newspaper, if any of the family does.
    -Task 2: speak about a season of the year you prefer, what will be the weather, what you do in it, and why you prefer it.
    -Task 3: questions about global warming.

    The exam was very difficult.
    Listening: new question type: gives you a list of long sentences, and then the names of the shops. When they mention a shop you need to investigate which sentence applies (in listening the mention several features for the shop, it wasn’t easy at all. I missed a lot).

  22. Ielts General, Test Date:- 2 June 2018
    Jeddah, KSA

    Part -1
    Questions about plants
    Indoor Plants
    Describe special clothing/ dress you prepare and wore on a special occasion.
    Arguments about different dress codes, uniforms at work places.
    Argument why soldiers wear special and same uniforms despite they are not fighting all times .
    A bit tough since the start but hope to get 8 band.
    Human language , its evolution and various scientists and societies arguments
    Letter to someone who found your lost driving license and returned to you.
    Thanks him, Tell why its so important, and how you would like to thank him
    Now a days, , many families migrate to other countries due to employment. Some people say it benefit the children of immigrants families, other say, its more difficult for the children of these families
    Discuss both views and give you opinion.

  23. Hi, Liz

    3 June 2018
    Seoul, South Korea

    Part 1
    -What is your full name?

    -Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    -Which room do you like the most in your house?
    -Do you plan to move another place in the future?

    -Do you often use maps?
    -Do you prefer electronic map or paper map?
    -Who taught you how to use a map?
    -Did you ever ask people for directions?
    (or Were you asked to tell other people for directions?)

    -Save money
    -Did you save money when you were young?
    -How can parents teach children to save money?

    Part 2
    – Describe a website that you use regularly
    When you found it
    What it is about
    How often you visit it
    And explain why you like this website

    Part 3
    -What kinds of activities do people enjoy for entertaining on the internet?
    -Why people watch movies on the internet at home?
    -What do you prefer watching TV or the internet programs?
    -What do you think of TV added the function of the internet?

  24. Kamaldeep says:

    I took ACADEMIC IELTS (IDP) on 2nd June, India

    Writing Task 1- Three Pie charts shows the received exports of some regions from three Latin American countries in 2004

    Writing Task 2- Some people use technology to take advice for their medical problems rather than seeing to doctor
    Why this is so
    It is positive or negative development according to you.

    Listening- Part 1( information about canoe course), Part 2- (volunteer activities in plant care center), Part 3-(Discussion on positive and negative impact of technology), Part 4- (Survey on birds counting)

    Reading- Passage 1- (Bovine Species), Passage 2- ( Communication between trees), Passage 3- ( Lie-detection dramas on TV)

    Speaking- Cue card- how you trying to concentrate during study/work
    – What do you do
    – When and Where you doing this
    – How you feel after it

    Follow ups were-
    – Concentration is necessary for children during study(why/why not), during sports(why/why not)
    – Concentration during work
    -Which jobs are required full concentration
    – What are the factors of affecting concentration during work

    Hope this would be helpful.

  25. I had my LRW exam today, GT, BTW in Lima-Peru

    The listening was easy I guess… which make me feel even more nervous… dunno why…
    The writing test was OK, though… reading… I got panic πŸ™

    TASK 1
    Write a letter to the building manager explaining that you had problems with the parking,

    -state that you use your bicycle to go to work
    -explain what is the problem
    -give some solution to the problem

    TASK 2,
    The government should pay a salary to women who are raising their children and do not have a job. Do you agree or disagree?


  26. Just took my Academic speaking test today June 2, 2018 @ Medina, KSA

    Part 1:
    Do you work or study?
    Did you make friends when you were studying?
    Do you like seeing animals in the zoo?
    What is your favorite wild animal?
    Did u ever had a pet?
    Do you enjoy physical activities?
    Are teenagers in your country involved in physical activities?

    Part 2:
    A perfect holiday
    -where you would go
    -with whom
    -what you would do

    Part 3:
    How technology changed the way people plan their holidays nowadays?
    What would you consider when choosing a holiday destination
    How important it is for employees to take holidays from work?

    This is all I could remember. Hope this helps others πŸ™‚

  27. Academic – Saudi Arabia
    Speaking Test – 1 June2018
    What’s your name?
    Where do you live?
    Do you work or study? What is your work?
    Questions about sports that you played when you were young.
    Describe the sports.
    Do you still want to play that sport?
    Do you want to go outdoors?
    Questions about cooking and fast food.
    Which do you prefer, eating in restaurants or preparing meals at home?
    Why do people like fast foods?
    Preparing fresh meals or rather buy from restaurants?
    If someone asks you to eat out, would you say yes or just eat at home?

    LRW – 2 June 2018
    Writing task 1 – table about the production of cocoa beans measure in tons in different regions
    Writing task 2 – More and more people are reading news from the internet, but most of the people likes reading news from a newspaper. Give your views.

    Reading is about bamboo trees, haast eagle and about the rise of computer science.

    Sorry, I can’t remember much on listening task.

    Thank you very much, Liz! I hope I’ll get my desired band score this time.

  28. Michael says:

    Date: June 2nd 2018
    General Training

    A letter to the building manager at work to inform about problems with parking your bike
    -why you started to use bicycle to go to work
    – What is the problem
    – suggest the solution of the problem

    An essay:
    People especially mothers very often decide to stay at home to look after their family instead of going to work. Do you think government should pay them the salary for it?

    2. Speaking
    2.1 – whats your name where are you from
    -do you often use maps
    -are paper or digital maps better
    -did you use to save some money when you were a child
    -how parents should teach children how to save money
    2.2 tell me about last street market you were in
    -where was it
    -why did you go there
    -what did you buy
    2.3 – do you like going to the street markets. Why
    – something about quality vs. prise of the item. (Didn’t get the question very well)
    -why people buy brand things?
    -do people buy things which they don’t really need?
    – i think there was something else but I don’t remember

  29. Completed by GT IELTS in Charlotte, North Carolina

    Writing Topics:

    Task1: writing a letter to building manager regarding a problem parking your bicycle.

    Task2: Do you agree or disagree that stay at home moms should be a paid a salary by the government.

    Task2 was quite tricky indeed, Speaking test to happen in 4 hrs, fingers crossed

    Speaking topic was
    A skill that you have learned outside the school
    My friend topic was a time when you had to be polite
    For writing part 1
    Table showing Production(synonym?) of coca beans in 6 different region…
    Part 2
    Many people are using internet for reading news,but many think newspaper will still remain major source of news….
    Do you agree or disagree…..
    Thankyou liz your blog and videos really helped me….
    Hoping to get an overall 7.5 bands….

  31. Joyce O says:

    Thank you so much Liz,
    I took my listening ,reading and writing test today and it went well because you taught me well.

    Writing questions –

    Task 1- you recently lost your driving licence and someone sent it back to you. Write a letter to him/her stating

    How important the licence is to you

    Ask how he/ she found it

    Say how you would love to thank you him/her

    Task 2 – Nowadays ,people are moving to other countries to seek jobs. Some people think it affects the children of such homes negatively while some others think it is beneficial to them.
    Discuss both sides and state your opinion.

  32. Navkiran says:

    2 June GT India
    Hey Liz. First of all i want to thank you for your efforts you are making. I took my test today and i am expecting 8+ in LRW.
    Writing: letter to a person who returned your lost licence.
    Essay: people are moving to foreign countries for jobs. Some think that this would have advantages for children. Others think the opposite. Discuss both the views.

  33. Hello,

    I took ACADEMIC Speaking test on the 1st of June 2018 in Munich, Germany.

    Part 1: Various small questions
    How far away is the place you live in from the test centre ?
    Is the place you live in interesting?
    What is your favorite wild animal?
    Did you ever had a pet ?

    Part 2: Cue card => Talk about something you have learned elsewhere than in college or highschool.
    – what did you learn ?
    – how did you learn it ?
    – why is it something important?

    Part 3: Learning as an adult
    – Do you think there is an age limit to learning?
    – Is it a good thing to learn new things?
    – Do you enjoy learning?
    – Is it sometimes difficult to learn new things?
    – Why do you think is it important to continue learning as an adult ?

  34. Hi Liz

    I had my speaking test on 25th May 2018 in Chandigarh (India).

    Part 1

    1. What’s your full name?
    2. Where do you come from?
    3. How far is your hometown from exam venue?
    4. What makes your hometown special?
    5. What did you want to be in your childhood?
    6. Would you ever change your job in future?
    7. What kind of jobs people do in your country?
    8. Which is your favorite wild animal?

    Part 2
    Cue Card
    A day out which cost you nothing.

    You should say:
    1. With whom did you go?
    2. What activities did you do?
    3. Things that cost you very less money.

    Part 3
    1. Where do people usually go for outings?
    2. Does weather affect outings?
    3. Why do some people like to relax at home during holidays?
    4. Why do homemakers like to go out.

  35. Apurv Raval says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I had speaking test today at 12 pm in Surat.
    First was introduction and she asked by what name should I call you?
    Then she asked about Plant/ Plantation.
    Do you have any Plant in your home?
    Have you done any plantation? How you feel about that plant.
    Then she ask about Maps. Have you studied maps? Which map you prefer paper or electronic.
    Topic I was given to speak about Party which is memorable.
    After speaking on Party she asked about type of Party children do and Adults do.
    What children like more in party food anything else.
    Overall it seems to be good.
    Tomorrow L,R,W…..

  36. Hi everyone.
    My friends (5 of them) took speaking test today in different centers in Iran, Tehran. 1st June 2018
    General training

    Cue cards:
    1. Public place that need improvements
    2. Sth that your friend has done and you want to do it
    3. Street market in your city (open-air market)
    4. Math skill that you learnt in elementary/primary school
    5. A family photo that you like

    Good luck everyone. Thank you Liz for your great website πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  37. NIKITA MEHTA says:

    Date: 1st Jun2 2018,
    Location: Surat, India
    Module: GT- British Council

    Part 1:
    -Whats your name?
    -Do you study or work?
    – Do you have good friends where you are studying?
    – Do you like long trips? Why? How often do you go for long trips? What are the adv-disadv of long trips?
    – Which is your favorite wild animal?
    – Do you like to see them in the zoo?
    – Will you like to have a pet? Why/Why not?

    Part 2:
    Describe something which you have learned outside of college or school
    – What is it? – When and where did you learn it – How did you learn it – How it benefited you?

    Part 3:
    – What do children learn from their parents
    -Do you think learning is the most important thing in person’s life?
    – Do you think today’s generation has more knowledge compare to old generation?
    – Do you think that today’s generation uses their knowledge wisely?
    – Which is the best time for children to start school?
    – What do children learn from play? ( I couldn’t understand this question properly so I answered by saying that if you asking about the indoor and outdoor plays then ……)

    Overall it was a good speaking test, Hoping for the band above 7.

    Thank you for providing rich collection for the preparation of IELTS.

  38. GT (1/6/2018), Stockholm

    Part 1: 1. can you tell me your full name?
    2. are you a student or working?
    3. why you choose this profession?
    4. How was your first day at work?
    5. do you often get bored?
    6. what you do when you are bored?
    7. why are people get bored so much these days? (something like that)

    Part 2: Street market
    1. where it is?
    2. why you choose it?
    3. what did you buy?

    Part 3: 1. where do you go for shopping?
    2. which mall you preffer to go?
    3. perent should teach kids about savings?
    4. is there difference in man and women shopping?
    5. shopping has any bad impact in socity, and why?

    There were 3/4 more question but ubfortunatly I forgot. As far I remember, somthing about marketing product.

    Wish me luck for Tomorrow’s R,L & W.
    By the way, thank you Liz for this awesome website.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Lots of luck for tomorrow! Keep your eye on the clock for reading and writing !

  39. Hi Liz. Here are my test details.

    Test: British Council- General Training
    Date: 01.06.2018
    Location: Bangalore, India

    Part 1:
    Where do you work?
    Do you wear a watch daily?
    What is the importance of punctuality in your culture?
    How do friends help each other?
    Do you like to stick to a plan while travelling?
    What things do you keep in mind while planning a trip?

    Part 2:
    Cue card: Talk about a situation when you helped someone.
    -who was it?
    -how did you help?
    -why did you help?

    Part 3:
    How do grandparents help?
    What is your role in helping your family?
    Do you participate in household work?
    What is the need and importance of international cooperation among countries?

    Fingers crossed for my L/R/W test tomorrow..

  40. Test:GT-IDP
    Location: India



    what is your full name
    where are you from
    do you work or study
    what do you work as
    why did you take this profession
    how do you feel about the first day at work
    In your childhood, did you eat more foreign food
    do you eat foreign food now
    do you feel the next generation will have more foreign food

    Cue Card-Explain a situation where you have helped someone at work or study

    – what was the situation
    – how did you help

    Section 3

    any other situation where you have helped a friend?
    is teamwork important at work?
    any other factors which affect teamwork.
    do you feel older people talk more to their family than friends?
    do you feel grandparents play a role in the life of their grandchildren

  41. Hi Liz!

    Your website is a great help for us.

    I took my speaking test (General) today at Baroda, Gujarat, India.

    Part 1:
    Introduction, full name and what should i call you?
    What do you do, work or study?
    Why did you choose this field to work in?
    Lets talk about rain,
    Do you like rainy weather?
    How much does it rain where you live?
    Do you like your hometown?
    Where is it located?
    Lets talk about holidays,
    Tell me about a vacation you remember the most, and why?
    Do you like to plan your holidays?
    What things do you keep in mind when you are planning a holiday?
    Lets talk about sport,
    what kind of sport do you like?

    Part 2:
    Describe a sport which you have only watched and you want to play.
    – where did you watch
    – why you want to play
    – how did you get to watch it
    – what do you like about that sport

    Part 3:
    Follow up questions about the topic 2, the questions mainly comprised of
    Is money the only motive behind this big international sporting events?
    Apart from money what all they could aim for?
    What a businessman can learn from a sportsman?
    Why are sportsperson being offered so much money for the endorsements?
    What kind of endorsements the sportsperson should’t do?

    I hope this helps. I feel like i did well. I kept talking almost all the time, and she had to stop me. Lets hope for the best!

    All the best.

  42. General Training on 31 May 2018 at Vadodara,India
    British Council

    General questions:
    1) Full Name
    2) Work Or Study
    3) Hometown
    Do you like rains?
    Duration of rains in your country?
    Do you like a wet climate OR dry one?
    Do you use Map?
    Which one (electronic or paper)? Reason?
    Did you get yourself trained in using map?

    Describe an instance where you helped someone in work OR study

    Part 3:

    How can family members and friends be helped?
    Do grandparents like to help grandchildren?
    Do children help their parents?
    DO many people live in extended family in your country?

    Workplace team:
    What will happen if the team members are not at same level? ( Follow up question) how to mitigate such issue?
    What skills are required to have a successful team?
    Can the skills be acquired by formal training or are gained only by experience?

  43. Durgesh Patel says:

    Test: General Training -IDP
    Date: 31 May 2018
    Location: India, Gurgaon

    Part 1:
    Name, ID, Greetings

    Where do you live?
    do you like cities? Why /Why Not
    Do you get bored?
    How do you avoid boredom?
    What do you do when you get bored?
    When was the last time you were bored?
    >> I believe it was more about why ppl get bored and how one can avoid it….

    Part 2:
    Topic: Describe your favorite animal
    what type of animal it is?
    When did you first learn about it ?
    Why do you like it?

    Part 3:
    Do you like animals as pet?
    Do you think animal should be kept in zoo?
    What is your opinion on keeping endangered animals kept in zoo?
    How can i support the cause for helping endangered animals?
    What can an ordinary person do to support an animals which are going to extinct?
    What do you think government should do in regard to endangered species?

    Hope it helps…it was my first attempt and it seems to be an easy exam …advised which worked for me to keep my composure is to be natural and do not overthink about a topic or question…Relax and take it easy…present the best version of yourself and all the very best to those who are going to appear in future..
    Thank you Liz for all your help and work.

  44. Ielts General
    31 MAY 2018

    About work
    Use of MAP regularly
    A thing which u would like to replace

    About consumerism and waste by people

  45. I have given speaking test on 31/03/2018 at Chennai for general training
    Questions asked to me as follows
    Exercise – Running, gym
    Child hood physical exercises
    Future will you increase
    Youngster awareness
    Pet animals
    Not then ask reason
    Any idea to have pet animals in future
    Favourite will animal
    Seen wild animal in zoo

    Speaking part 2
    An activity with older people

    Did you tell the stories that your grandparents tell to anyone? What their feeling?

    Part 3
    Need for meet between people
    Outdoor meet why
    Parents both going to work is it not a problem
    Comparison on Time for meeting the relations between youngsters and old people
    Child care necessities for such parents going to work
    Hi Liz,
    I got part 2 question from the list that you have given for may 2018 latest topics. Hope will get the essay also from the topics shared by recent posts.

    Thanks.for your help again

  46. Hi Liz,
    I had an another test today as I didn’t get required score in writing last time. I missed my target by .5.

    IELTS General, 31st May 2018.
    Brisbane, Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
    Speaking questions were:
    Part 1 questions were almost same to the questions I got in last test on 5th May.
    Do you work or study?
    What do you do at your job?
    How was your first day at job?
    Did you try any foreign food when you were a child?
    Have you tried any new food recently?
    Do you think youngsters in your country prefer foreign food these days?
    Will this trend continues in future or not?
    What kind of places you enjoy during one day outings?
    Tell me about a place you visited during one day outing?
    Do you prefer visiting alone or with someone?
    What is good for children- playing video games or having outdoor activities?

    Part 2
    A party you enjoyed
    1. What it was about?
    2 When and where it was
    3. What happened in the party
    4. What did you enjoy about it
    Part 3
    What people do in your country in their leisure time? I replied – they visit their friends and relatives. She asked
    Do they visit their friends and relatives on getting invitations or without any invitations?
    Do they prefer visiting on weekends or any day?
    Did people in past had more leisure time than these days?
    Do you think there should be a balance between work and life?
    Can employers play a role in having a balanced life of their employees?
    Thanks Liz for your cue card list. It helped me a lot. 😊

  47. Hi Liz,
    I had an another test today as I didn’t get required score in writing last time. I missed my target by .5.

    IELTS General, 31st May 2018.
    Brisbane, Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
    Speaking questions were:
    Part 1 questions were almost same to the questions I got in last test on 5th May.
    Do you work or study?
    What do you do at your job?
    How was your first day at job?
    Did you try any foreign food when you were a child?
    Have you tried any new food recently?
    Do you think youngsters in your country prefer foreign food these days?
    Will this trend continues in future or not?
    What kind of places you enjoy during one day outings?
    Tell me about a place you visited during one day outing?
    Do you prefer visiting alone or with others?
    What is good for children- playing video games or having outdoor activities?

    Part 2
    A party you enjoyed
    1. What it was about?
    2 When and where it was
    3. What happened in the party
    4. What did you enjoy about it

    Part 3
    What people do in your country in their leisure time? One of the 3 points in my reply was – they visit their friends and relatives. She asked
    Do they visit their friends and relatives on getting invitations or without any invitations?
    Do they prefer visiting on weekends or any day?
    Did people in the past had more leisure time than these days?
    Do you think there should be a balance between work and life? Why?
    Can employers play a role in providing a balanced life for their employees?
    How communication technology ( mobiles, internet,etc.) has affected a balanced life?
    In other words- What are benefits and drawbacks of using this technology in balanced life?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Good luck with your writing test!! See all tips and model essays on this page: http://ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-2/

      • Kamaldeep says:

        I had my speaking test today

        Test type-(academic)
        Date- 31/05/2018
        Location- India

        cue card – how are you trying to concentrate during study/work
        – What you do to concentrate
        – When and where you do it
        – How you feel after it
        Q- Apart from it anything else you do to concentrate

        Follow ups were-
        – Is it necessary for children to concentrate in study(why/why not), in sports(why/why not)
        – Concentration during work
        which jobs are required full concentration?
        What factors affect concentration during job?

  48. Deshani Nadesha Abeykoon says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you so much for the help! I had my speaking test today. I have included the details below. LRW exams are scheduled for 02/06/2018

    Type of Test : General Training
    Date of Test : 30/05/2018
    Location : Colombo (Sri Lanka)

    Part 01:
    Can I know your full name?
    What can I call you?
    Can I see your identification?
    Do you study or work?
    What sort of work do you do?
    What time of day do you work best? why?

    Part 2: Describe a Perfect Vacation
    – Who would you take
    – Where would you go
    – What would you do
    – Why would it be a perfect vacation

    Part 3
    It was more about vacation and sleeping habits
    Why do you think taking a vacation is important?
    Some companies provide paid holidays for employees. What were my thoughts?
    How does taking a vacation affect how I work
    How many hours of sleep do I need? Why?
    Do I do anything special to have a good night’s sleep?
    Does it help to take a short nap during the afternoon?
    Do you think older or younger people need less sleep? why?

    Liz, I managed to talk through everything but I couldn’t talk for 2 minutes in part 2. I managed to speak for only about 1.5 minutes, I managed to cover all the aspects required in the cue card. Do you think it will have a big impact on my score?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your fluency score will be based on your overall performance. You do not need to cover all points on the cue card – the examiner doesn’t care if you use one prompt or all prompts – it doesn’t affect your score.

  49. just had my test today GT Speaking Lagos Nigeria

    Was about special event and dress i wore
    dress code in formal setting

    Thank you Liz and team; will update you with my band 9 soonest

  50. Cherry bajacan says:

    Location: Philippines
    May 30,2018

    Part 1: do you live in an apartment or house?
    Why do you live in a flat?
    Do you think you will move in the future?
    When you were a child did you try eating other cuisines from other countries?
    Did you ever try tasting other cuisines now? Why?
    Do you use maps?
    When did you learn to use maps?
    What do you prefer electronic or paper maps?
    Did you ever try asking other people for directions?

    Part 2- describe a comic actor popular inyour country

    1. Why do you think comic actor become popular?
    2. Do they earn much?
    3. Why do you think film actors become popular?
    4.do you think children imitate filmactors?
    5. Do you think its a good way imitating them?
    6. What other forms of entertainment are popular in your country?
    7. Do you think circus have play an important role in your country?
    8. Do you think children should always watch edcational clips? Why?

  51. Hi ,

    I had my Speaking Test on today the 30th of May.

    PART 1

    1. Where are you from ?
    2. Do you live in an apartment or a house ?
    3. What is your favourite part of your house?
    4.Why is it your favourite part? Would you pl
    5. Do you like plants?
    6. Did you plant as a child?
    7. Have you planted recently?
    8. Have you eaten international food recently ?
    9. Do you think people in your country like international food?
    10. Do you think people will be inclined to International food in the future?

    PART 2
    1. Write about something interesting that your friend did?
    a.Wwhat did she do?
    b. Why did she do it ?
    c. Did she enjoy doing?
    d. Would you try to do it and why ?

    PART 3 .
    1. How much does Popular people infulence young people ?
    2. Do you think young people should be encouraged in life to be ambitious?
    3.Do you think people listen more to family and friends? What role do you think parents play here?
    4. Who do you think older people listen more to family or friends ?

  52. Academic. May 30, 2018. Philippines.

    Full name?
    Where is your hometown?
    Whats interesting in your hometown?
    Do you write?
    Do you write as a child?
    Which do you prefer, writing or typing?
    Do you think writing will change in the future?
    How many hours do you sleep?
    Does older people need more sleep?
    Do you think it is okay to take a nap during the day?

    Describe an occasion with visitors

    Which do you prefer, bringing vistors at hotels or inviting them at home?
    How do you welcome visitors?
    How hospitable are the filipinos? (Based on my answer on the 1st question)
    What other services does a hotel offers?
    Do you think it is okay to offer a food that youve been keeping at home for a very long time to your visitors? (She gave an example like spam or any canned foods/imported foods)

    Thanks for this useful website liz.
    However, i had some problem with part3. There were answers that i used pronouns without reference so my examiner got very confused and she asked me which is which.
    What i did was i answered the question again with a clear noun.
    Do you think it will greatly affect my band score?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ If your grammar mistakes affect understanding, it will impact your score for grammar. However, grammar only counts for 25% of your marks.

  53. Location: Mumbai, Date: 30 June, 2018.

    Just got done with speaking test. After introduction, I was asked some questions about savings: Did you as a child used to save money. and follow up on that.

    Cue card: A sport that you have only watched. Pointers: Which sport, when did you see it, who did you see it with. Do you actually plan to play in in near future.

    Part 3: Sports in India and why sporting events are important at local level.

    I feel I did not do well. I could have had done much better. πŸ™ Written on 2nd June. Fingers crossed.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Good luck on the 2nd!!

      • Lydia Zakrevska says:

        Hey I’m Lydia from Armenia. Just filished my (Academic) Speaking test. May 30 13:45

        Part 1
        Where you from ?
        Where do you live ?
        What is your favorite room ?
        What do you think will you move to house ?

        Part 2

        How are you trying to Concentrate during studdings/ work

        1 what you do to concentrate
        2 where you get it from
        3 don’t remember (sorry)

        Part 3

        Why is it important to teach children how to concentrate from a young age ?
        What parents should do ?
        Is it important to concentrate?

        Hello Liz ! Thanks a lot for shearing ! That’s all I can remember from my test. Good luck everybody πŸ’œ

  54. Hello! Maa’m
    Thank you very much for your help.god bless you😘 30th may,2018
    I ‘m Divya from India(surat)
    Academic test
    British council
    I had done my speaking test today.
    LRW will held on 2nd June.
    Well,Followings works are my imaginary work.but the meaning of questions must be same.
    What is your name?
    Where r u come?
    Do you work or study?
    What r u studying?
    Why did u choose this field?
    What is the best time to do study for u?
    Do you like sports?
    Which type of sport did u enjoyed?
    How are they important?
    Do u did any exercise when u were child?
    What type of exercise do you did?
    How is it important?
    What all the people of country do the exercise ?
    Talk about a river/lake or water surrounding place in your country
    What it is?
    How longer it is?
    What important it is?
    How often did you look it?
    What types of activities done near water?
    Should children teach to swim?why?
    What should we do to keep the water clean?
    What types of jobs are available for water?

  55. D CHANDRA SEKHAR says:

    IELTS – GT
    Location – India

    Speaking Test,

    Part 1-
    Do you work/study?
    Where do you work?
    How is your relationship with colleagues?
    Lets talk about writing, what kind of writing you do?

    Part 2:
    Cue card – Talk about a recent service you have received at a shop etc
    what is the service, whether good or bad etc

    Part 3:
    Is service important for you when you visit a shop?
    What should be service people’s attitude like?
    Is face to face interaction is better than over phone etc for service personnel?
    Did you always receive good service?

  56. karamdeep mann says:

    cue card i got on 29-05-2018 in Ielts Academic

    Describe an occasion when you received a good services from company/shop.
    do u recommend it to your friends or family.

  57. Rakesh Rastogi says:

    Speaking Test : GT
    Location: India

    First Section:
    Name followed by what can I call you?
    How far do you live from this place?
    What is the mobile phone app you use the most?
    Is there an app you wish you had?
    Did you ever want to develop your own app?
    Do you think mobiles are used for the same reasons as they were earlier?

    Section 2
    Cue Card on – A favourite photo of you.. when was it taken, who took it and why is it so special?
    Follow up – do you like being in photos? Based on my reply, the examiner asked me which one would I prefer more, being in front of the camera or behind it.

    Section 3
    What is your opinion on cameras in mobile phones?
    Do people use mobiles more for photos or to talk?
    With the advent of digital technology, has printing of photographs become redundant and based on my answer she asked me if it will happen in the future.
    Do people get to engrossed while clicking photos on holidays?
    Do you think this habbit needs to change?
    What is your take on the manipulation of photographs in today’s digital world?
    Can photographs we see around be trusted (this was again based on my answer)

  58. Anjula Dias says:

    28 05 2018
    Colombo Sri Lanka
    Speaking Test

    Task 1 :
    My self
    Do you work or studying?
    Why do you like your profession?
    Do you have to talk a lot during your work?
    What are other professions that have to talk a lot ?

    Task 2
    Cue card
    Person who like to talk a lot?
    How do you know him?
    What he is talking about?

    Task 3
    Should children talk a lot to express their ideas?
    Do you think parents should teach them to talk?
    Should children be quiet and listen to others?
    Places that children have to be quiet?

  59. Sukhdeep singh says:

    My exam was yesterday..at chandigarh..part2 was talk about a trip u went by public transport..
    Why chose this public transport?
    With whoom?
    What did u enjoy?

  60. I had my speaking test today and I have a query :

    I did well in Part 1 and 3 , infact I used heavy words fluently with good grammar, but I did not speak very well in Part 2 , infact I spoke less than a minute. Please let me know how much can this affect my band score.

    Here are the questions from my test
    Part 1:
    What’s is your name
    How far do you stay from this place
    How interesting is the place where u stay
    How often you use dictionary
    Do u use electronic or paper dictionary
    How would you feel if you paper dictionary as gift
    How often do you travel
    Have u experienced a plane journey
    Will like to travel more in future

    Part 2
    Describe an occasion you held at your home
    Who attended
    What did you offer
    How did you feel
    ( Not able to share exact wordings)

    Part 3
    How do you greet people ?
    Why is it important to make people warm and welcomed while greeting someone at home ?
    What is the most important thing as per you when you stay in a hotel ?
    Should the staff at hotel be trained ?
    Do u think staff should be refreshed with training ?
    Why do u think a host country should welcome it’s visitors and how ?
    Should we adapt things from the culture of the country we are visiting to ?

    That’s it…I think I was asked to many questions part 3 because I did not speak enough in part 2.

    Thanks Liz for all your learnings through this website and YouTube channel !!!

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Part 2 is your chance to show greater fluency and take control of the language you present to the examiner. So, speaking for only about 1 mins is a wasted opportunity. However, fluency is marked over your whole performance in the test, not just in part 2. So, you did well in the other parts, your score might not be strongly impacted.

    • Thanks for sharing!

  61. Toshiro M. says:

    Asia, May, 2018 (from what I can remember)

    Part 1:
    1. Full name
    2. Tell me about where you are currently living. (I wasn’t sure whether this was about my neighborhood or city. I wish they would be more specific.)
    3. Will you move in the future?
    4. Have you recently taken a vacation?
    5. Do you plan your vacations very much?

    For number 2: Describe a situation you planned but then changed.

    Part 3: Is it a good thing to change your mind?
    Why do people change their minds?
    Do older people change their minds more often?
    How does emotion factor into people changing their minds?

    I hope this helps you prepare for the exam!!!!!!

  62. I had my exam today.
    what’s your name?
    do you live in apartment or house?
    whats your favorite room?
    which one you prefer?
    do you like to grow plants in the house? do you know how?

    part 2
    talk about your dream job
    what is it?
    what skills it requires?
    how did you hear about it?
    why people might like it?

    part 3
    what common jobs are at your country?
    why people like them?
    what are the most paid jobs?
    can one have a career and be with his/her family? or they have to give one for the other?

  63. Module: General Training
    Date: 24 May
    Location: Moscow, Russia

    Part I – where are you living? how far from here? do you work or study? what do you do at work? do you think what you do will change in the future? what kind of things do you write? will the things you write change in the future?

    Part II – describe a popular person

    Part III – what makes people popular? should celebrities be role models for younger generation? why some people stay popular for long?

    Task I – You attended a conference on behalf of your company. Write a letter to your manager about possibility of doing a presentation on this conference.

    You should say:
    – why the conference was helpful
    – what your presentation will be about
    – why people will be interested to see it

    Task II – Some people think that large international sporting events only brings drawbacks, and that it is not worth hosting them.

    Do you agree or Disagree

  64. Hi ,

    I took the speaking test May 23th 2018 ,

    Part 1 include it topic like work, food in my home country and international food.

    Part 2 was about to speak about an specific interesting animal

    Part 3 continue to speak about animals , why we should protect them and how ,and some similar environmental questions.

  65. JohnPaul says:

    UKVI Academic
    May 24, 2018
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Writing Task 1: About students enrolled in science subjects, and the breakdown of those students studying in different science subjects namely, biology, physics, and computer science.

    Writing Task 2: An increased of consumer goods production resulted to damage to natural environment.
    Why is this the case?
    What are the solution to the problem?

    Speaking Task
    all about work and the motivation to work

    Cue card
    What place you want to live and work, how did I know about the place, and did I visited it already

    Speaking part 3
    about the happiness of the people, if it is the job of the government for people to be happy, and what are places that have a happy people.

    Sorry, but the speaking part one and three is something like that. I hope I help others by posting this, as this website was a big help to me in my review.

    Thanks Liz

  66. Hi liz
    Your website is very helpful .
    Today i got my result and i achieved required bands
    My speaking topic was party you enjoyed
    Who was with you
    Where.you were
    What you did

    Thank you for your lessons

  67. General training, Saudi arabia
    Date: 24/5/2018

    Part 1:
    1) Do you live in a house or in a flat?
    2) Which room do you prefer?
    3) Have you ever saved money for someone else?
    4) Would you give money to other people as a gift?
    5) What kind of food from pther countries did you try when you were a kid?
    6) Have you tried any food from other countries recently?
    7) what kinds of food are popular in your country?
    8) Do you think people would eat more or less food in the future?

    Part 2 “cue card”:
    Talk about an outfit you wore in a special occasion.
    1- what was this outfit?
    2- From where you did you buy it?
    3- how it made you feel?
    4- what did people say about it?

    Part 3:
    1- do you think there are any changes when it comes to what people prefer to wear nowadays than in the past?
    2- when and where do people in your country wear formal clothes? Why?
    3- what do you think about globalization? Does it affect fashion nowadays?
    4- Do you think that people would wear different clothes in the future or there would be changes in fashion trends?

  68. Ielts General Training
    BC Hochiminh City, Vietnam

    Writing Task 1: You are invited to the old classmates party organized by an old friend. In your letter, you should talk:
    – You will be participate in
    – Tell something about your life
    – Ask some information about other friends who will possibly join

    Writing Task 2: Some people argue that reading is the best way for graduates to improve their knowledge but others think that there are better ways for adults to do that. Discuss both views and tell your idea.

    Speaking Part 1:
    Do you work or study?
    Tell me the first day at your work.
    The importance of being on time?
    Watch and Maps
    Speaking Part 2: Tell something that your friend has done and you try do do. You should:
    – What did your friend do?
    – How did he/she enjoy it?
    – Tell why you want to try.
    Speaking Part 3:
    – Should schools teach children about ambition?
    – … I can’t remember.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Can u tell me what was ur answer in speaking part 2? I cant seem to think of any. It would be a great help if ull share yours so i’d have an idea. Thankyou

      • Manpreet kaur says:

        you can tell indoor or outdoor activity

        • You can talk about something your friend did and you also want to do that.
          For instance,
          1. Your friend bought a expensive perfume and he likes it a lot. You also want to buy the same.
          2. You and your friend went for a vacation and your friend tried a paragliding and he enjoyed that. You also wanted to try that….
          3. Your friend always completes his assignments on time and he is happy about that. You wanted to try that….

          There are many options you can create…

  69. Maitri Paul says:

    I just completed my IELTS exam today i.e. 24th May 2018 in India. I had my Speaking exam yesterday on 23rd May 2018.
    I appeared for the Academic part of IELTS.

    Writing Task 1 – Two bar charts were there representing the no. of male and female students taking up certain Science subjects at a particular University at the years 1992 and 2012.

    Writing Task 2 – The increase of use of production of consumable goods is causing damage to the nature.
    Why does that happen?
    What is the solution to it?

    Speaking Part 1 –
    How far is your house from where you ate currently located?
    What kind of outdoor activities do you like to do?
    Did you participate in any sort of outdoor activity when you were a child?
    Did you enjoy that?
    How much did you involve in outdoor activities?

    Part 2 – Tell me about your favorite picture someone has clicked for you.
    – What was the picture?
    – Where was it taken?
    – Who took it?
    – Explain why you feel different towards this photo?
    – Do you look at your pictures a lot?

    Part -3
    Let’s talk about pictures. So how do you feel about photographers?
    – Do you think someone should be photographers professionally to click good pictures? If yes why? And if no, why?
    – Do you think Passion is important for photography?
    – How do you feel about the photographers of newspaper?
    – Do you think both news and pictures are important in newspapers?
    – But some say pictures can be manipulated. How do you feel about that?

    And that’s the end of the Speaking Session.

    Well your site and YouTube videos helped me a lot for preparation of My IELTS since I didn’t attend any sort of tutorial for that.
    I am already hoping for a band of 7.5-8.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  70. feli d s says:

    i just did my ielts test on 24th May 2018 in Bali
    for speaking
    part 1: what is your name, full name, do you work or study right now?
    part 2 (the cue card) : explain something that made you happy recently (with who, when,..)
    part 3 : do you think money can buy happiness? (another questions related to money)
    *im sorry i couldn’t tell the exact questions of the test but hopefully it will help
    Thankyouu liz for your blogg, it really helped me a lot!

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Glad my website was useful πŸ™‚

      • Hi Liz,
        I gave my IELTS on 12 May and I just received my results.
        I got an overall band score of 8.5. I would like to thank you for your immense help in my IELTS prep. I prepared myself and tried different sources to study; but this website has been one of the most important resource for me.
        I wish you all the good health and happiness, for your service to the english speaking community.
        Thank You

  71. Basim Al-Jawahery says:

    Date: May 24, 2018
    Venue: Russia, Moscow
    Module: General

    Writing Task 1:
    Recently you have returned from a conference that was very useful. You want to make a presentation at work.
    Write a letter to your manager, in your letter:
    – why the conference was useful
    – what your presentation is about
    – why the presentation is interesting to your colleagues.

    Task 2 Some people think that large international sporting events cause many problems to the host country and it is not worth holding it.
    Do you agree or disagree?

  72. Arisa Lleshi says:

    IELTS Academic Test
    Albania Test Center, Tirana
    Speaking Test 18th of May 2018 ( I posted it some days before )
    Listening, Reading and Writing – 24th May 2018
    A conversation between a Charity Representative and a potential Volunteer woman (telephone call) 9 questions
    A natural garden map -> find the unnamed building A Education Center , B Italian Garden , C American Garden, D Chinese Garden etc, 6 questions
    A conversation between a tutor and a tutor about a marketing essay – Multiple Choice 15 Questions
    A flip chart of Rubber Documentary 10 questions

    1st passage of animal eating behavior : Rats in the main topic.
    Main Idea of A-E paragraphs 5questions
    Fill in the gap ( No more than one word) 5 questions
    2nd passage : Evolution of human diet
    Fill in the headings for each paragraph 6
    Fill in the gap no more than two words 4
    3d passage : Map invention – The person who invented the map Gerhard Mercator
    Fill in the gap no more than two words 9
    True of False, Not Given 8 questions
    Which of these scientists said …… a- b- c-

    Task 1: Two bar chart. Chart 1 showed the %of male and female to the total of students in a university between 1992 to 2012.
    Chart 2: Illustrate 3 most favorite subjects of students in one university; particularly biology, physics, computer science
    Describe the graphs and compare where relevant.
    Task 2: There is an increase in production of consumer goods and this has damaged the nature.
    Why is this happening? What could be done for this ?
    Support your answer with personal evidence examples of your own.

    Hope it is helpful…


  73. Vangelis says:

    Academic IELTS
    Date 24/05/2018
    Greece- Athens

    Writing task 1: there were 2 line graphs one showing the percentage of males and females for 2 specific years (1992 and 2012) who choose to participate in a science subject in a University and the other the percentage of which kind of subjects (biology, computer science and one more which I cannot remember) they had participated the same two years.

    Writing task 2: An increase in the production of consumer goods results in damage of our natural environment. What are the causes and solutions?

    Reading: 1.Ontogeny of pine cone opening behaviour in the black rat, Rattus rattus. 2. Mackinder Geographical Pivot of History. 3. Something about human evolution, fire and food.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Do you still remember the listening sections

      • Vangelis says:

        no, I had trouble with my headphones during the exam. I was tested as a candidate with learning difficulties and apparently comes with a cost. Their equipment was old and of poor quality, pretty disappointing if you consider the amount of money I gave, to provide me with rubbish technology. I changed 2 pears of headphones but still had trouble. The sound was kinda electronic and without depth, with lots of background noises which were distracting me

  74. Academic Test – Albania
    Tirana Test Center

    A conversation of a charity receptionist and a potential volunteer woman.
    A natural garden map
    A conversation between a marketing tutor and a student (multiple choice questions) part 3
    Flipchart on Rubber documentary

    A passage of animal eating behavior, precisely talking about brats.
    Main idea of A-F paragraphs
    Fill in the gap no more than one word
    True, false or not given
    A passage : evolution of human diet
    Fill the headings for each paragraph
    Fill in the gap no more than two words
    A passage of map invention – the person who invented the map Mac….
    – fill in the gap no more than two words
    – true, false or not given
    – which of these scientists has said… – a – b – c

    Task 1: two bar charts. Chart one showed the % of males and females to the total of students in a university between 1992 and 2012
    Chart 2: illustrated three most favorite subjects of students In one university, particularly biology, physics, computer science
    Describe the graphs and compare where relevant.
    Task 2: There is an increase in production of consumer goods and this is damaging the nature. Why is this happening? What could be done for this? Support your writing with personal evidence examples of your own.

  75. India

    Academic 24/05/2018

    Writing .
    Part 1
    Two graphs , one comparing males and females at an university and other one compares percentage of top three subjects opted by students.

    Part 2
    Increase in usage of consumer goods production and it’s effects on environment.
    Why ?
    How to control ?

  76. Sudhakar says:

    Hi Liz,

    Took my LRW today in Chennai. It was pretty good, except for the time mismanagement in writing. I was only left with 15 mins to complete letter writing, after completing essay. I’m quite confident about my part 2 though. Had enough words, 2 main ideas along with relevant supporting sentences and examples. Paraphrased the introduction & it had conclusion….

    Writing 1: Attended a conference on behalf of your company, you are willing to give a lecture on that to your colleagues. Writing a letter to maanager.

    Writing 2: some people believe that organizing international sporting events causes lot of problems to hosting Nation..do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking on 26th.

  77. Ann Mathew says:

    Im Ann from India.I just had my LRW exam now May 24 2018.
    Writing task 1 was two bar graphs one showing the %of university students who studied science in the yr1992 and 2012 and other one depicting the three most popular science subjects the same yrs.
    Task2: The increasing production of consumer goods damages the natural environment. Why is this case?What can be done to reduce this problem?

  78. Naz Yuzbasheva says:

    Hi, Liz!
    Today I had my LRW exam.
    Center: Barattson( idp)
    Module: Academic
    Writing topics:
    Task 1: 2 bar charts comparing the gender of students studying Science Subjects and Science Subjects chosen by them.
    Task 2: Increase in the production of consumer goods results in damage to natural environment.
    Why is that?
    I’ll post speaking questions tomorrow after the exam πŸ™‚
    Thank you for such an invaluable website, Liz! πŸ™‚
    And What solutions there are?

  79. Hi Liz i had my speaking yeaterday the may 23.
    Part 1
    Do you work or study
    What do u do at work
    Did you enjoy your firat day
    Going out
    What is the most interesting place you went out
    Which is your favourite place for outing
    Do u like to go out or with some friends
    Where would u like to go out in the future
    Does it rain geavily whwre you live
    Do u like to get wet in rains
    What do u prefer living in wet areas or dry
    Part 2
    Cue card: building

    Part3 historical buildings
    Do u like to visit historical buildings
    Why do ppl visit historical buildings
    What is the other reason why ppl visit historical buildings
    Should these historical buildings be free entry or paid ones
    Should maintaining the buildings be govt priority
    How can we keep the historical buildings clean…(this was because i said if the entry is free ppl will litter around)
    I forgot the last question..

  80. Mohammed Elfaki says:

    Hi , i had my speaking test today in khartoum , Sudan .
    : what is your name
    how can i call you
    do you regulary use maps ? |
    what types of Maps you prefer , paper or electronic ? why ?
    did you feel boring regulary ?
    what do you do when you are boored ?

    part 2 : describe a situation in which you have helped someone else .
    who is the person ?
    why you have helped him/her ?
    what did you feel thereafter ?

    part 3 :
    How different nations help each other
    how grandfather/mother can help their grandsons ? and vice versa ?
    do you think the world would be better if we have one single international language ?
    thanks liz for your valuable help !

  81. PRINCY Eliz says:

    Test date-22/5/18
    Academic speaking
    Name,do you live house/apartment
    Favorite room
    Question s about Raining
    Which season is better rainy or hot
    Would you like to go out when it’s raining?why
    2-An interesting Job you would like to do
    3-imp of career guidance in highschool
    Special skills should learn in school for better job in future
    At what age a student must think about his career
    Thanks Liz for your guidance…

  82. Speaking test: 22/05/2018 Ernakulam, India
    Part1: House, Fav room, Job, Fav Subject, teacher, the way of teaching
    Part 2: Sport activity you want to do
    Part 3: Adv sports, sports in india, need and interest( youngsters and old people)
    sport and society, amateur games (adv & disadv), Extreme loyalty (adv & disadv)

  83. Monkey d luffy says:

    Hi liz , i would like to share my speaking test questions , it wa son 23/5

    Section 1 : where do you live ? In a house or — i forgot that
    Are you planning to leave your current home and why ?

    Section 2 : talk about a job that you would like to do in future , why , what skills you need to learn , is it difficult or easy ..

    Section 3 : ALL questions were about jobs , common job in your country , highly paid job , jobs require sacrifices , and so on

    Thanks liz for your all great efforts

  84. Jaya Bajaj says:

    I had my speaking test today at Anand India.
    Introduction section:
    1) what’s your full name?
    2) are you working or you’re a student?
    3) what kind of work you do ?
    4) how was your first day at work?
    Cue card:
    describe a situation when you had to hange your plan?
    1) why you had to change your plan?
    2) what did you do after changing the plan?

    Follow up questions: 1) what do you think why people change plans?
    2) why it is important to adap to changes ?
    3) why do old people don’t change their plan?
    4) is gradual change advisable or rapid change?

  85. Sachini Dasanayake says:

    IELTS General
    Location :Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Speaking part 1: Do you live in a house or apartment, if house what is your favourite room. Then, about holidays. What was the best holiday, is it important to plan your holidays, any future holidays that I am planning.
    Part 2 :Describe a visit to a street market, what did you buy, what was the experience like.
    Part 3:Comparing shopping in a large place to small shops. Where people in your country go shopping and impacts of it.

    Thank you so much Liz for your website. I find it very useful.

    • Sachini Dasanayake says:

      oh and in part 1, there were some questions about whether post card or email is good. and how do I feel about receiving post cards. And whether writing letters will be a thing of the past.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Glad my website was useful πŸ™‚

    • NOOR AL-HASANI says:

      I have the same topic in my test which was on the 12th of May in Canada.

  86. Princess Cadungog :) says:

    May 21, 2018

    Part 1
    What’s your name?
    What can I call you?
    How often do you use a dictionary?
    What do you prefer a printed dictionary or an electronic one?
    How would you feel if someone gives you a dictionary book as a gift?

    Part 2
    about technology that i want to use except computers

    ff up question: tell me about your first cellphone

    Part 3
    how can technology help in the work place?
    some people believe that life would be better without technology, what is your view about this?

    Thank you liz for your tips.
    this is my second time to take ielts… I only need a .5 with my writing… previously i scored 6.5 in W 8 in L 7 in both R and S… I purchased your task 2 advanced lessons hopefully this will help me to achieve my desired score of 7 in all areas.

    God bless your health.

  87. Ielts academic
    India -Vijayawada 22-05-2018

    Speaking –
    Where are you from.
    How far .
    What you do ?
    Gifts/presents importance in your culture. ?
    Do you got one ? Do you like it ? Who gave you ? Did you gave any one ? Why it’s important?

    Popular Person /celebrities.
    Why popular , what do you like. Why people like him ,do all if your friends like him.
    Why do people make them pop .

    Can ordinary man make same as or grow as a celebrity.
    Why some people stay in hearts in for ever in public
    What make them so special , how they grow as a leader.
    Why people get inspired by them , why they just follow and why can’t everyone get to become a leader by inspiring from leaders .

    Liz , I didn’t gave a proper answer to last question, she repeated it twice. Rest all went well. Will I loose a lot ?

    Thanks .

    • I missed few
      Wild animal you like
      Why you like
      Do you love pets , do you have one .

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your score is based on your performance throughout the whole test, not one question.

  88. Appeared in Ielts Speaking today: 22/05/2018:

    1: About your home
    2: Which room you like
    3: Are you going to change your house in future
    4: Do you plan your holidays
    5: Recent holidays you went

    Part2: Describe a quite place
    1 :Do young people like quite place or older
    2: types of house noise
    3: which area has more noise city or countryside?
    4: can you find quite place in city?
    5: describe noise issues with neighbours and how can you deal with those

  89. General / 22 May 2018 / Colombo

    First of all, thank you very much Liz, your tips were very helpful.

    Below are the questions for the Speaking test.

    Part 1:
    How far from here to home-town?
    Do you like your hometown, why ?
    What do you think about Apps?
    What are the apps you use regularly?

    Part 2:
    Describe a situation where you were happy about a good service (Shop)
    Where is the place?
    What happened and why do you think you were happy?

    Part 3:
    How do customers behave when they are not satisfied ? are they powerful ?
    What can businesses do to ensure customer satisfaction?
    What are the consequences of the satisfaction?
    How can businesses ensure the long-term retention?

    Thanks again Liz..

  90. I appeared for speaking test on 13th may,Idp ,centre Vafodara ,Gujart,India.

    Part 1.
    What do you do?
    What exactly yours duties at workplace?
    Do you have friends there?
    Do you like receiving gifts?
    Was there any gift you didn’t like?
    What is the best gift you have received far?
    Part 2.
    An occasion when you saved money for someone.

    PART 3.
    do you like spending a lot of money?
    What are the reasons ,people spend a lot of money?
    What do you think ?men or women are better at saving money?
    What are things for which youngsters spend a lot of money?
    Why family members sometimes have different views when it comes to buying an extensive item?

    Some of the words are different as i don’t remember exact questions ,but the meanings are the same.

  91. 22/05/2018 (ACADEMIC)
    Location: Karachi, Pakistan

    Where Do you live
    Whether you study or work somewhere
    what is your job nature, what are your responisbilities
    what do you think about plant
    have you ever done planting
    what do you think if someone gift you plant

    Tell something about childhood friend – when you first met …

    Did technology has impact on your friendship
    whom you will consult first if you have to discuss something or need advice, friend or family
    what do you think about teenage friendship

    PS: these are the questions which i faced today in my exam, now i have to prepare for my L:R:W, and this my second time, I appeared in ielts within a month because i scored 5.5 in Writing … Now i am hope i will score better than the previous :(, Fingers crossed

    Thanks LIZ ,

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Make sure you plan your writing properly. Failure to plan will result in you making unnecessary mistakes. Also keep your eye on the clock and manage your time well. If you need more training for writing task 2, get my advanced writing task 2 lessons: http://subscriptions.viddler.com/IELTSLizStore. Good luck πŸ™‚

  92. Shilpa Saxena says:

    I had my speaking exam on 21 may..
    Questions asked
    How far this place is from where you live?
    What is interesting in your part of the town?
    How long have you been living here?
    Cue card
    Describe something you do not learn at school or college?
    What is it
    Who taught you
    How easy or difficult to learn it
    Why it is important for you
    What is your idea about adults going out of their home( I could not understand the intention of this question)
    What are the lifeskills both girls n boys must learn
    I started answering ….like politeness… Examiner interrupted that politeness is a quality not a lifeskill
    What do you think about the elderly people learning new things

    Test was overall good. Hoping for the bestest .thanks dear Liz… For sharing so much of valuable information

  93. HI liz.
    Today was my speaking test and she asked me questions about
    What is you favourite pet ?
    Did have any pet in your childhood?
    And some question about job
    What is your favourite occupation?
    which kind of jobs are famous in your country?
    In the 2 part…
    A special occasion a visitor came to you home/
    where he/she come from ?
    who is he/she?
    what did you do on that day ?
    And more question related to this topic
    lIZ, i speak with confidence i’ve also used advanced vocabloury
    but in one question i said at the end i don;t know what say more about it
    now i’m scared that she might decrease my score?
    but i did well in my speaking section

  94. Anisa Istiqomah says:

    Hello Liz!
    Thank you so much for sharing useful study materials, it helped me during my IELTS Test preparation. Let me share my test topics

    May 19th, 2018 – Academic – Jakarta, Indonesia

    Writing 1 = we were given a table and a line graph
    Writing 2 = the topic was emerging technology. Does it reduce or increase the gap between rich people and poor people

    Speaking 1 = hometown, favorite city
    Speaking 2 = outside activities
    Speaking 3 = the role of parents for kids, explaining the best age to learn both for kids and adults

    The examiner was really curious that she always asked me “why?” “really?” “for example?”
    it was almost like a real conversation that I didn’t feel nervous at all.
    But I’m still waiting for the result. Once again, thank you, Liz!

  95. Location-Nigeria
    Speaking Test 21st of May 2018
    Question- What’s your name? Do you study or work? Tell me about your job, why did you choose this job? As a child did you have the opportunity to taste the food of other countries?

    Cue Card* Describe an Animal you like, you should say; What you like about this animal, When you first heard about it, and why you like it.

    Follow up Questions. What do you think can be done to protect endangered animals?, Do you think the zoo is a perfect place to keep them?. why do you think so? What do you think the Government can do to protect endangered animals? what can we as individuals do? Should we hurt animals? Why should we not hurt them? Do you think it’s right for people to use animals for work? why do you think its not right?

  96. laveen thakurwani says:

    Topics were
    Your full name
    Work or study
    Why u choose this field
    How was your first day at university
    Then topic was travel
    Have u travel recently
    What are the factors u think before travelling
    Where u would like to go in future
    Do u use maps
    U use online or paper map
    Do u ask any direction from the other people
    Cue card define a magazine
    People prefer reading magazine or newspaper
    Which is common
    What skills journalist should have
    Are there jobs interesting
    The news what they publish always correct
    Do they modify the news

  97. IELTS Academic
    19 May
    Japan, Osaka

    What’s ur name?
    Where are you from?
    Do you like ur home town? Why?
    Do you like to exercise? What? Why?

    Describe a season you like
    Which? Why? What do you generally do?

    Generally Do people like hot season?
    Does people benefit from living in cold place?
    When people work outside, which is better hot or cold?
    Is there a limited time job?

    Sorry I can not remember very well, especially part3….

  98. Iziengbuwa says:

    May 20th..Academic Speaking..Lagos Nigeria.
    Task 1..What’s your name?
    Where are you from?
    Do you live in a house or a flat?
    Task 2..First phone and what made it special.
    Recent phones and old phones.
    Task 3..Do you prefer phone map or paper map?
    Do people prefer calls or text messages?
    Internet or calls..
    Language Translation or Language classe..
    Online meetings or one on one meetings?
    Thanks Liz..

  99. Sanaz Ramezani says:

    Hi Liz!
    I had my speaking test today in Iran.
    Thank u for all your help and sharing useful insights.
    Date of exam: 5/20/2018
    Here are my questions:
    Part 1:
    What time of day is better for you when you want to study?
    Do you read newspapers?
    Who else in your family reads newspapers?
    Do you write anything?
    Do you prefer writing by hand or typing?
    Did you write when you were a child?

    Part 2:
    Describe an important lake, river or sea in your country

    Part 3:
    What water-related sports activities do people in your country do?
    Should sports be included in student’s curriculum?
    Why our oceans are in danger?
    Why people prefer to visit other places rather than visiting oceans?

  100. I did Academic, in Catania (Italy), 05/05/2018
    Speaking questions:
    Pt1: The young and physical activity, how can parents involve their children into sports and similia.
    Pt2: Describe a story you’ve been told recently. Who told you, why is it relevant, how has affected you.
    Pt3: How internet has changed storytelling.

    Writing: task 1, describe a diagram representative the production of electricity from coal.
    Task 2: Some people say Internet is not necessary to live a life to the full. What do you think?

  101. Hiiiii
    Test center : Iran
    20 may
    Work or study ?
    Which University ?
    Why this University?
    How was your first day of University?
    Do you like plants?
    Are you good at taking care of plants?

    A plan than you have to change it
    Do you get bored alot ?
    What do you do when you get bored ?

    Task 3:
    Why some people change their decisions?
    Rapid change is better or gradual change ?
    Are rapid changes devastating for society?
    Do you agree that all old people don’t change their plans ?

    Thanks for your useful website dear Liz

  102. Nilufar says:

    Academic IELTS
    Writing Task 1: Bar chart about use of land and trees in truffle production in 3 states of Australia
    Writing task 2: In some cultures the old age is highly valued, while in others youth is more valued. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • We had the same essays here too.
        With regards to Speaking.
        -Where do you live
        -News from newspapers or website
        -Free time, better with your family or alone in your room
        -If the weather conditions influence your mood?
        Cue Card
        Describe a special occasion in which you go out and didn’t spend much money
        And then 3-4 questions about people in my country. Where they prefer to go, why? Is there any beautiful place close enough for a day trip etc.

        The reading was challeging compared to the sample tests. I almost run out of time!

  103. Hello, guys

    Academic module
    Test date: 19th May
    Location : Moscow,Russia

    Writing task 1: usage of land and trees for truffle production in three states of Australia
    Writing task 2: some culture value old age higer, another value youth more. Discuss both views and give your opinion

    Speaking :
    Card task : describe a party you enjoyed
    Do you like to make plans?
    Do you like to take care of plants?
    Is it important to be on time in your country?
    What do you think about keeping work -life balance? Who do you think is responsible for keeping this balance- employer or an employee?
    What children usually do at the parties? What do you think they enjoy the most at the parties?

    Thank you for your work,Liz! Your materials helped me a lot !

    Good luck everyone!

  104. Adedokun Rahmat Tolulope says:

    General Training
    Abuja, Nigeria.

    part 1

    What is your full name?
    What can I call you
    Do you work or study?
    Where do you work? self employed.
    Let’s talk about music
    Do you like listening to music when you are working and studying
    Do you download music or buy CDs?
    Do you think your choice of music will change with in future
    How is music important to you?

    part 2:

    describe a good customer service u receive
    where u received it
    where is the shop or company located.
    where u satisfied with the service
    explain y d service is good.

    part 3

    what are qualities of a good customer service
    is customer service important in every organisations
    Are customers always right
    which is better, sending customer report online or face to face?
    what will d future of a company with good customer service like?

  105. General Training
    19 May 2018

    Part 1
    1a. Basic introduction ( Name and where you live)
    1b. Do you use a wristwatch and how often?
    1c. Do you keep to time when you have an appointment?
    1d. Do people in your country keep to time?
    1e. Did you save as a child?
    1e. How can parent teach children how to save?

    Part 2
    Cue card
    2. Talk about a plan you made and later changed?
    2a. What was the plan
    2b. When you changed your mind
    2c. Why you changed you mind
    Explain how you felt about it

    Part 3
    3a. Why do people change their mind
    3b. Do people prefer a sudden or gradual change
    3c. Why are people emotional to change rather than being rational

  106. I did my test today in Tokyo, Japan.

    Writing task 1
    Table 1: the average number of people in Australia who visit cinema between 1994 to 2000 and frequency of visits.
    Line graph: Average number of a visit by four different age groups

    Writing task 2
    Some people believe the technology available to an individual can increase the gap between rich and poor and the others believe the opposite effect.

    Part 1

    Part 2
    A competition that I have taken part in the past
    when it happened and how?

    Part 3
    General questions which related to competitions
    which kind of competitions are popular nowadays./Why?
    Which type of occupations needs competition? Why
    How TV involved with the competitions and why?
    Have you ever saved money in your childhood?
    Why should children learn to save money? How?

  107. Academic May 12. Kerala. Speaking Part A. What is your name ? Where do you come from? Where do u live, in a traditional house or an apartment? Which is your favourite room? Would you leave your home in future and why? In which city u would like to go in future and why? What is the importance of planning ? What would you do if u have to wait for someone? How people in your culture value time?
    Why some people are always late?
    What do you think the best way to avoid being late ?
    Part B
    Cue card -A product u want to replace
    What is the product
    Why u want to replace
    What u did to replace it
    PArt C
    Why some people buy new product rather than repairing it?
    What it can cause ?
    What are the impacts of frequent shopping on earth?
    What measures can government do in order to solve this problem?
    Why youngsters like to buy new products?
    How shopping affects economy of a country?

    Thanks Liz for your website .

  108. Hi Liz,
    Exam date-19 May,2018(academic)
    1.Where did u visit on holidays recently
    2.Where would u like to visit in future
    3. Do u plan before travelling to any place
    4.Is planning important before visiting any place
    5.How often do u use maps
    6.Which are better-paper map or electronic map
    7.Do u ask strangers for directions
    Cue card-Any competition in which u would like to participate in future
    I don’t remember follow ups

    A line graph on trains reaching stations on time
    Some people think that we are becoming independent of each other while other people say that we are becoming more dependent on each other. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Include any relevant example.

  109. arisa lleshi says:

    Speaking Questions – May 18

    What do you do? Do you work or do you study?
    I would like to talk about sleeping. How many hours do you sleep and which range of hours do you think it is best for you?
    Do you thing elder people need to sleep more?
    What hours are the most productive for you at work?
    Cue Card
    Do you pass time with older people?
    What do you do with them?
    When do you meet them?
    Why do you think you want to stay with older people.
    Part 3?
    How often do you meet older people?
    Do you think youngsters spare time with their family? Why?
    In what outdoor activities do you think families in your country would like to enroll?
    Why is it a good to stay close to old people ?
    Do you think old people can help in a family?
    – I will share Reading Writing and Listening questions on May 24th.

  110. Hello yesterday was my test in ambala [india] my speaking 1 part relate to study and sleeping and cue card topic was a perfect holiday vacation and follow up questions related to vacation or holiday

  111. Dawinder Singh says:

    Speaking Exam
    Exam Date: 16th May, 2018

    Part 1: Some general questions about work, study and family.

    Part 2: Talk about an unusual meal ?
    When did you eat it ?
    Where did you eat it ?
    With whom you had the meal ?

    Part 3: Some general questions about the market food, homemade food, traditional food ?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Speaking exam
      Exam date: 16th May,2018
      Aktobe, Kazakhstan

      Part 1: Questions about study/work, accomodation

      Part 2: Talk about the job you are interested in.
      What is it?
      How you know about it?

      Part3: Questions about jobs, jobs in your country

  112. Ielts speaking
    May 18 New Delhi
    Part 1- some general questions about work music,children doing study more or making friends
    Part 2-describe a place in your hometown/city where you like to go with
    your friends
    Part 3- questions about spending time with friends, events where large number of people gather

    • Hey liz! my whole test was good but in the last part3 I spoke β€˜β€™matlab” for a second its a Hindi word for β€œmeans” Will it affect my overall score??

      • It is never a good idea to use non-English words in an English test. But your score is based on your overall performance, not on one word.

      • Hi megha, don’t worry I spoke Matlab twice in my speaking test and still scored 7, if you have give the rest of the test confidently, I’m sure you’ll get good bands.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  113. GARVITA BANSAL says:

    Speaking : General questions..
    What is your full name?
    What can I call you>
    Do you work or study?
    What do you work?
    Let’s talk about music..
    Do you like listening to music when you are studying or working?
    Do you download music or buy CDs?
    Do you think your choice of music will change with age?
    How is music important to you?

    Now let’s talk about tourism..
    What do you think countries should do to attract tourists?
    What is one training that can be given to hotel staff that will be helpful for tourist?
    How is tourism important for international exchange?
    Any incidence you remember where you can say tourists are willing to learn culture of different countries?

    Cue card : Tell about an event where people have gathered at your place?
    Who were the people?
    What was the event?
    How did you feel about it?

    Follow up questions : Do you like when people come to visit you?
    How important it is to meet people?

  114. Test Date: May 12/2018
    Type: Academic
    Location: Calgary, Canada

    Writing Task 1: Daily salt intake by men and women in USA in 2000. Summarise and key features.
    Task 2: some countries have prisons for prisoners. Other think education is the best way to make people not commit crimes.
    To what extent do you agree.

    Speaking: All questions related to sports.
    do you play any sport? if yes why?
    Que Card: Discuss a game that you have watched only by yourself.
    What was the game? why did you watch that by yourself?
    Do you want to play it and why?
    Part 3: Discussion about how games effect our society.

  115. Academic IELTS
    12 May, 2018
    Islamabad, Pakistan

    01 General Information
    Importance of being on Time.
    02 Describe a Competition or Event you had participated.
    03 Discuss on competition, trends of competition. and other related questions.

    01 A conversation between a customer and shopkeeper about furniture.
    02 A talk about the strawberry farm.
    03 A Discussion between a professor and Student about a project related to Laboratory.
    04 A long presentation about the sustainability.

    01 Paragraph about the light (Candles to Edison’ invention)
    02 Paragraph about the Biotechnology usage in production process and its causes
    03 Paragraph about the leadership among men and women.

    01 A table shows the results of a survey about the sports interest among the residents of A European Country in different three years.
    02 Some people believe that older people are happy in this current modern world. While, Others argue that elders were quite favorable in the past.
    Discuss both views and give your own.

    Thanks Liz for your great website.

  116. Hello,

    I had my test on 12th May (General).

    Task 1: You are planning to go on a holiday in another country. Write a letter to your friend asking him/her to join. Include following in your letter.
    – why you need a holiday
    -your holiday plans
    -why you need your friend to join with you

    Task 2: The number of old people are increasing in many countries. Some people think this causes problems, while others think old people play an important role. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Include examples.

    – What’s your job / how was your first day there / why did you select that job / do you like it
    – Do you like plants / how do you look after them / did you grow any plants when you were young / do you like to receive a plant as a gift / why
    – Do you always wear a watch / why / do people in your country work on time / why / do you like to work on time / why
    – Are there any historic places in your country / do both locals and foreigners visit them / why do you think we should visit them / do you think if it’s ok to charge an entrance fee/ how to avoid people destroying them
    – Do you think if the external appearance of a building is important / what about the internal / reasons for each

    Cue card
    Describe a building that you like. Include the following in your answer
    – how did you get to know about this building
    – its appearance
    – what is it used for

    – a telephone conversation between a lady and a real estate agent asking for suitable rental apartments
    – a conversation between two students regarding a presentation on sports injuries
    – a lecture on how supermarket aisles are arranged. Three types of supermarkets. Advantages and disadvantages of each design. What sort of things stored in different areas (ie front, rear, middle shelves)

    – Info on tickets to enter museums (group / individual tickets)
    – A paragraph on Aesoph’s tales, how to interpret them with science
    – A paragraph on carpooling

    Thank you Liz for your website.

  117. Deepthi says:

    Exam date 12 may 2018
    Location Chicago
    Type General

    Dear Liz,

    Many thanks for all your suggestions through this website. It was of great help during the exam. Below are the questions for my exam.

    Writing task 1
    Your friend sent a guide book to you. You went to a vacation last week. Write a letter to your friend telling him about the vacation you went to.
    Mention about
    How you enjoyed your vacation
    How the guide book was helpful to you
    How you are going to return it

    Writing task 2
    Many parents think that it is good to teach the children about value of money.
    Why do you think is it important to teach them the value of money?
    What are the ways that can help children in learning about the same?

    Basic introduction
    Do you use apps on your phone
    What kind of apps do you use
    Why do you think people use apps for
    Part 2
    Talk about a famous personality in your locality
    You should speak about
    Why this person is famous
    When and how you met them
    What do you think makes him/her famous
    Part 3
    What kind of adverts are famous in your place
    Why do you think so
    Why do you think the celebrities are famous
    Are celebrities an inspiration to the younger generation
    Some people think celebrities are not to be taken as inspiration. Why do you think so

    Suggestions from my experience:
    Keep a close watch on the time during writing.
    DO NOT take more than 20 mins for task 1.
    Task 2 is important and you will definitely need more time. Organise your ideas before starting to write.

  118. Pritash says:


    Test date: 12-May-18
    Test center: Arlington, Virginia, USA

    Speaking cue card: Talk about something which you own and want to replace.

    Writing task 2: Why is it important to teach children about money? In what ways can we teach them about money?

    A couple of things:
    1. The test center had a loudspeaker, no earphones
    2. Only pencils were provided, no pens
    3. It is possible to change your speaking test timings if you mail them 1 week in advance.

  119. Mohamed says:

    Part 1:
    * Study or work
    *pleace you want to visit
    * live in cities
    * Free time with who and what you do .
    Part 2: Someone you met recently and you want to meet him again (How why …
    Part 3:
    1- how to be a good communicator
    2- what different between a a formal and informal communicator.
    Writing task 1:about line chart museum visited .
    Task2 :aboutThae parents should attend class to children care ,agree or disagree

  120. Academic Test
    13 May 2018
    Thrissur, Kerala

    Part 1
    Name, place, work/study
    Importance of being on time in your culture
    How do you spend your free times?
    With whom?
    I gave my own answers , but the examiner still kept asking why over and over🀒

    Part 2
    Cue card: describe a sport activity which you have only watched till today and would like to do in the near future.
    What activity?
    Where you watched?
    Why do you want to do that?

    Follow up questions regarding sports channels, team loyalty and its importance, adverse effects of team loyalty, why do local communities go for other sport activities like kabidi
    I am extremely worried as the examiner raised β€˜why’ too many times🀒

    Thank you Liz for all your videos and lessons 😊

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The examiner asks “why” in order to hear more English. It means you are not offering enough English. The examiner does not care about your ideas or the ideas in your answer. The examiner wants to learn language – lots and lots of language. If you don’t expand your answers, you are not offering enough English. Always make sure you have the right aims when you enter the speaking test – ideas are not marked, fulfilling the answer is not marked, being on or off topic is not marked. Only language is marked.

      • Filipp Mozolevskiy says:

        Really? Being off the topic does not influence your score? Does it mean that you cant talk about whatever you like?

        • Being off topic does not affect your score in IELTS speaking. You are marked on your language, not your ideas. But if you change the topic completely the examiner will presume that you are trying to manipulate the test to produce memorised answers – that will be a very bad thing. For example, if you are asked to talk about sport, but you decide to talk about the weather as your whole topic – the examiner will not accept this. But if your topic is sport, and you expand your talk to talk about other sports, other people’s opinions of sport, future developments in sports, sports on TV, sports for children etc etc – then it’s good – you are sticking to the main topic and expand your talk. Do you understand?

  121. Ravneet says:

    What is your name
    How can i call you
    Do u live in house or apartment
    Which is your favourite room
    Questions related to intenational food
    Cue card
    Speak about your first mobile phone
    Favourite teacher
    Do u want to become a teacher
    Usage of mobile phones aming children
    The test was great but i think at timesi was stuck

  122. I want to say a big thank you for all the resources you provided and your videos. I learnt a lot from you. I took my test in Nigeria on May 11 and 12.

    Speaking Test 1
    Do you work or study?
    Do you think older people need more sleep than younger people?
    Do you think there are any benefits to having a short sleep in the afternoons.

    Cue Card
    Describe an unusual meal you had.

    Part 3
    Do you think people prefer restaurant food than home cooked meal?
    Why do you think people eat at restaurants?
    Do you think restaurant food represents value for money?
    What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of transporting food over a long distance?

    Writing Task 1
    One of your friends has an interview coming up and has asked for your advise on our to prepare for the interview.
    – give him advice on how to prepare for the interview
    – tell him a place and time to meet and discuss

    Writing task 2
    Some people believe that the best way to travel within a city is by car. Others believe it is best to travel by bicycle.
    – Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    I found the reading, listening and writing quite easy but I am not too sure about the speaking. I think part 1 was great, part was also okay as i deliberately used a lot of past tenses but part 3 was a bit challenging particularly the last two questions. I answered it but not fluently as I struggled to gather my thoughts.

    Thanks again and take care.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your last question is part 3 was interesting. This is about air miles as well as other factors. A lot of food in the UK has a label on it when there are no air miles involved in the making and distribution of the produce. This means the food is grown and made in the country and not flown in from other countries. The reason this is important is because of pollution and to promote the local or at least domestic food market. Other factors involve additives, such as preservatives to keep the food fresh for longer. Also the food might be less nutritious.

      • Shagufta says:

        I had the exam set of questions same for writing however my post is still awaiting moderation Liz I was asked the same question about transportation of food around the world and I had to confirm what examiner wants me to talk about and after she said yes I told her an example of advantages when I was living in the UK and we had no halal fast food and it was a relief when KFC introduced Halal food which was transported from Indonesia do you thing it was an appropriate answer???? plz reply

        • The examiner is not marking your ideas!! The examiner will only mark your English: fluency, grammar, vocab and pron. There is no such thing as “an appropriate answer” or a “correct answer” in IELTS speaking.

      • Thanks Liz.

        I mentioned use of preservatives which may affect food quality or may be unsafe as a disadvantage, and trade between countries as an advantage.

  123. Shiraz Khan says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to thank Liz for all the wonderful support she provides to us.Really useful website.

    I took IELTS (GT) Speaking Test on 10 May, 2018.

    What do you do?study or work?
    Do you have friends at work?
    What are your job timings?
    Do you like to write?What do you generally write?
    In childhood did you loved to write?
    Do you think writing habits change with age?

    Part-2 Cue Card
    Tell us when you saved money to buy something?
    How did you saved the money?
    How long it took you to save the money?
    Explain how you felt after saving money?

    How online marketing helps to increase the public spending on products and services?
    Can money buy happiness?
    How children can be told the right way of spending money?
    Do you think credit cards has helped people to do more shopping/increase their spending power?
    Do you think governments spend money on unimportant things?

    Overall it went smooth.I only got bit nervous in first question because of exam conditions.

  124. Hi Liz,
    I have given IELTS General on 12-May-2018. My questions for writing tasks were as below.
    Writing Task-1
    One of your friend is recently giving interview for a new job. Write a letter to your friend giving him some advice about the interview. In your letter you should write
    a) Ask some questions about the job.
    b) Give him some advice about the interview.
    c) Ask him when and where you could meet him before his interview to give him some tips.

    Writing Task-2
    Few people believe that cars are better way of transport in a city. Other people believe that bicycles are the better way of transport in a city. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

    I have question regarding writing task-1. Is it a Informal or Semi formal letter or can be both. Secondly, For writing task-1 part c), if we say the place and time to meet(like 10:00AM) only, it will be correct or it is mandatory to write the date? If the date is not written do you thing this will effect the band score.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your letter was semi-formal. This means is written to someone you have a close personal relationship with but about a serious topic. If you tell him to meet up on the day of the interview – then the date is unnecessary because your friend will know which date that is.

      • Dhruvin says:

        Hi Liz,

        I had my IELTS test (GT) on last Saturday 12. May in Frankfurt Germany. The writing parts were same as mentioned by Nabeel.

        I would like to share my Speaking test details, but I can not see the option to add new comment. How can I post a new comment here (not reply) ?


  125. Hello Liz!
    Thank you so much for such a resourceful site for IELTS practice.

    I sat for my IELTS exam (Academic Module) in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, on the 12th of May 2018.

    Writing Task 2

    Agree/disagree on whether it is important to give childcare training to parents.


    Part 1

    1. Self introduction
    2.Do you work or study?
    3.What time of the day are you most comfortable working?
    4. How many hours of sleep do you think one should have?
    5.Do you think children need more hours of sleep than older people?
    6.Have you ever found yourself struggling to fall asleep?
    7.How often do you use dictionaries?
    8. Do you think it is interesting to write a dictionary?
    9. Do you think a dictionary would be a good gift to you or no?

    PART 2
    Cue card
    -Describe an outing that didn’t cost you a lot

    You must say
    1. Where you went and what you did?
    2.Why it didn’t cost you so much?
    3.What you enjoyed most about the outing

    Further questions
    -Do you think most people like to spend too much on outings?
    -Do you think many people can enjoy the free things surrounding them without needing to spend money on pleasurable things?
    -Do you think it is possible for to go on outings alone and be able to enjoy without being in the company of friends?

    PART 3
    1. Do you think young people can have more active outings compared to older people?
    (she did try to challenge my answer here, just like you cautioned)
    2.Do you think older people can have active outings as much as young people?

    “This is the end of the speaking test, thank you for coming, can you see yourself out please?” (although the intonation was okay, i felt the last statement was a little rude! I hope she wasn’t insinuating anything regarding my speaking performance).

    I will come back to the site with a good testimony in two weeks.

  126. Hi liz
    Today i gave L/R/W exam
    Writing task 1- There were 2 line graphs one mentioning about number of passengers travelled in train between 2000 and 2009 and another line graph mentioning about percentage of trains who were on time between 2000 and 2009

    Writing task 2- some people think that people are becoming more depndent on each other whereas others believe that they are becoming independent .Discuss both views and opine

    Speaking test was on 10

    My cue card – party you enjoye
    Who was with you in that part
    Where the party was
    What you did
    Why did you enjoy

    I want to ask that i wrote more than 310 words in my writing task 2 so will it affect my score
    And in writing task there was a line graph in which targets were written and i did not mention those targets in writing task 1 so will it affect my score

  127. Neeraja says:

    May 12 2018
    Charlotte NC,US
    Writing Task1
    Your friend lent you a guidebook before going to a trip.
    Write a letter to your friend
    Telling about your vacation
    How the guidebook was helpful
    When and how you are going to return it

    Some people think that it is a good idea for parentsto teach children about money.
    Why is it important to teach children about money?
    What is the best way for parents to teach children about money?
    Give relevant examples or your own experience.

    Questions on name and work
    Do you do physical activity?
    Do you enjoy it?
    Do you do it in future?
    Do youngsters in your country get good physical activity?
    What are the apps you are using frequently?
    What apps do you want to try?

    Public place you visited?
    Why and when?
    What did you like about that place?
    What improvements can be made?

    Are public places important?
    What are different public places youth and elder people prefer to go?
    Are the public places need to be accessed free of cost?
    Why the people in cities feel more lonely?
    What can be done to reduce it?

  128. Taufik Iqbal Ramdhani says:

    Hi Liz, I took my test on 12 May 2018 in Indonesia

    Writing Task 1: about line chart that showed the percentage of working women in 5 different countries

    Writing Task 2: about the huge amount time and money for protecting the wild animals should be for human population, to what extends do you agree or disagree

    Part 1: do you work or study, and the following answer for working was what you do, do you have any friends, what time do you work best
    And about dictionary, do you often read dictionary, do you prefer electronic or paper? Why? how are you feeling when some person give you a present of dictionary, is it interesting to have a job about writing dictionary?

    Part 2: cue card about a historical period that you interested in
    What time, why you liked it

    Part 3: are there any people that like history, which country do you like to visit that have historical places, are they crowded for visitors? , is your country have historical places and are they attract visitors?, why older people like history rather than young people

  129. Maria Belen says:

    Hi Liz, I took the exam today (Academic Module) 12 may 2018, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Part 1: Talk about your hometown. Far from here? How long have you been living there? Why do you like it? Music. What kind of music do you hear while you are studying or working and why? Is the same kind that I used to listen when I was younger? Do you think the kind of music that you like will change in the future? Tell me about your favorite wild animal. Why do you like it. What do you think about zoos. Do you think children should see animals? why? and why it is important for them to see animals. Have you ever had a pet? why do you like it.

    Part 2, CUE CARD : Talk about something you have learned NOT in school nor college
    What is it?
    How you learned it?
    Why is is important? How?

    Part 3
    About LEARNING THINGS. Do you think that we are always learning things? Why?
    Is it important for older people to lear new things? Why? Which things? What can you do or how can make older people to learn things? It is important for them to learn how to cook or parenting? why? Is ts important to teach older people parenting? Why? Do you thing we learn more now than in ancient times? Why? Do you think that the things we learn are better now than in previous time? Why and how? How do you learn things? Learning is the most important skill a human being can have? Why?

    Thanks for all your videos!!!!


  130. Jophin Jose says:


    Academic module 12/05/2018 Dubai

    Writing Task 2
    Taking care of children are probably one of the most important job of the society. So, it is better to attend training courses for that.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree

    Speaking cue card

    A nice photo of you
    >who took this photo
    >when was this photo taken
    >who was with you in this photo

    >Do photography needs professional skills?
    >Which is important in journalism writing news or photographs?
    >Is it important to take pictures while travelling or it is a waste?
    >Do you think paintings will be replaced by photographs?
    >What sort of wrong doing is there related to photography nowadays?

  131. 12 May 2018
    South Africa, Johannesburg
    General Training

    Part 1. Woman buying a bed + side table and arranging for delivery (phone call)
    Part 2. Berry farm owner instructing workers + explaining the farm layout (incl. diagram)
    Part 3. Prof talks to student on the 1st year in the lab
    Part 4. Lecture on Sustainability. Myths around it, main concept and examples of sustainable solutions


    Text 1. List of exhibitions, each with a brief description
    Text 2. Advert of a physiotherapy clinic
    Text 3. Etiquette at workplace. Tips on how to be polite
    Text 4. Company policy (rules) on Time Management.
    Text 5. Global warming topic. An expedition to explore/study melting glaciers at Uganda


    Task 1. Letter to a friend who’s been invited for an interview and asked you to give some advice. In the letter you must: 1) Ask few question about the job; 2) Give advise on the interview; 3) Propose to meet and discuss before the interview

    Task 2. Car vs bicycles as a way to travel around the city (commute around the city). Discuss both sides and give opinion.


    Part 1. Work or study? What’s your profession? Why this profession? HOw was your first day at work?
    Part 2. Cue card. What helps you to focus on work/study?
    Part 3. Why it’s important for kids to concentrate when they do sport? Does mobile phones affect kids ability to concentrate? Do you think people nowadays have issues with concentration?

  132. Madhawa says:


    Academic speaking test which was held on 8th May 2018

    Part 1
    Section 1
    – Where do you work?
    – What is you job role?
    – What are the best jobs in the society as per your thoughts?
    – What was your dream job when you were a child?

    Section 2
    – How do you welcome someone who visits you?
    – Who do you think better in welcoming people, your generation or your parents?
    – In your generation do you visit people?
    – How often do you visit people and what would be the reasons?
    – What do you think about visiting people in your age? Do they find it interesting?

    Part 2
    – Describe a moment where someone visited your home
    – Tell who it was?
    – Why it was important?
    – What made it more significant?

    Describe what you did and what were things that you talked about etc.

    Part 3
    – Is it important to be polite in your country?
    – How do people in your generation learn good manners?
    – Who do you think usually more polite, your parents generation or your generation people?
    – How could you be polite to people and how does it will affect your country?

    I could not remember all of them but the all the question were about my(younger) generation and previous generations. Most of the questions were related to customs and practices they we follow to welcome people, also last part includes questions about being polite to people.

    Academic writing test which was held on 8th May 2018

    Part 1
    – A graph that illustrates percentages of people who were grouped by their age, visiting museums during a period of three decades. There were 4 age groups (14 -24), (25 – 35) (35 – 49) and (50 +). It was actually a line chart. Each line represents an age group.

    Part 2
    – Topic was on childcare. Looking after children is one of the most important jobs in any society. People think that it is important to every mother and father to participate on childcare training. Do you agree or disagree?

  133. Kausar Patel says:

    I gave my IELTS test today and the writing task 2 topic was: some people believe that individuals are becoming more and more dependent on each other and some believe that individuals are becoming more independent of each other.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.
    Test date: 12/05/2018
    Test Location: Mumbai, India

  134. VAISHNAVI says:

    Hello Liz,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful help that you are doing for students like us. You are an amazing teacher.

    I had my LRW today and will be having speaking test tomorrow.

    Here by sharing the questions that I have got today.

    GT module ( Writing)
    Tamilnadu, India
    12, May 2018


    A letter to a friend who has asked your help for the job that she/he applied ( first time job)

    1. Ask some details about the job
    2. Offer some advice/help for the interview
    3. Tell when and where you can meet before interview to discuss about interview


    Some people think, in a city , the best way to travel is by a car and others think bicycle is the best .

    Discuss both views and share your opinion.


  135. Date: may 12th
    Module: academic
    Place: Taipei

    Listening (much faster than Cambridge 11 and 12)
    Part 1-Phone conversation: a woman wants to rent a place in Australia (fill in the blanks)
    Part 2 or 3-heel medical discussion (multiple choices)
    Part 2 or 3-forgot
    Part 4-retail store layout (fill in the blanks, ABC matches)

    Part 1: museum operation and the importance of exhibitions
    (1)complete sentences with provided (ABCs) choices
    (2)fillin the blanks for a short summary
    (3)choose the correct answer for the benefits and drawbacks mentionee in the paragraphs
    Part 2: bird population protection
    (1)list of heading
    (2)answer questions with one words and/or a number
    (3)multiple choices
    Part 3: spiritual power in medical fields
    (1)y/n/ng (others forgot)

    Task 1: line graph, women employment rate from 2003 to 2009 in Iceland, Germany, Canada, Chile, (forgot)
    Task 2: time and money spent on wild life protection should be used in human population for having better results. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (not the exact description from the booklet)

    Part 1: where I live, apps, animals
    Part 2: a place I want to travel to (with whom, where, to do what, why is it a dream holiday for me)
    Part 3: what kind of trip so people like in my country?
    Why? And what makes the difference in between?
    What should be considered for planning a trip?
    Which one is better, travel or stay at home?

  136. Hello, I gave my IELTS speaking section in Noida on 9th May 2018.

    Part 1:
    Where do you work?
    What do you work?
    Which places do you like to travel?
    What would be the next place you would like to travel?
    In your country do most of the people live in cities?
    Do you like the life of city?

    Part 2 :
    Cue card :
    Describe a time when you changed your mind.
    When did the incident occur?
    Why did you change your mind?
    How did you feel about it?

    Part 3 :
    Why do you think people often change their mind?
    Do you think recent advances in technology leads people to change their mind?
    Do you think these changes are good?
    Do you think it would be better if these changes happened gradually?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Shagufta says:

        Hi Liz, Thank you for the list of the topics your provided I had my GT ielts tests today at Riyadh including my speaking module:
        Where are you from?
        Do you work or study
        then questions about sleep and sleeping habits
        Cue Card: Describe an unusual meal you had
        then different topics about food such as fast food, how transportation of food from one country to another country has changed our eating habits or choices etc questions about dictionaries
        listening: was considerably slow paced and easy first section was about purchase of bed second was about strawberry farm and a map of the farm and last two cant remember
        reading: first section was about different exhibitions second was about workplace and procedures about time off, late arrivals at work, awards for maintaining good work relationships, then last was about research on Glaciers in Uganda
        Writing: 1. Letter to friends who is going to appear for first job interview she/he has asked you to help in interview preparation, ask her questions about what kind of job she/he as applied for, then advise her about interview and lastly Suggest when and where you can meet to discuss about coming interview
        2. Some people believe travel by car is the best way while others think bicycles are better means of transport, discuss both views and give your opinion
        And once again thank you so much for all your assistance β™₯️

  137. Charity says:

    Hi Liz,
    I had my speaking test today. i took the Academic module
    I was asked many questions
    i was asked about where i was living, whether i live in a house or apartment and my favorite room and whether i would leave my house
    i was also asked about plant
    do you like plants?
    did you ever grow plants when you were young?
    would you accept a plant as a gift?
    When was the last time you went to the city?
    Which city would you like to be and why
    How can grandparents help their grandchildren
    What is the role of international cooperation
    What factors affect the function of international cooperation and what can be done
    What do you think of all people speaking one language
    Talk about an instant you have helped your family or friend at work or in studies

  138. General Test

    Hi, I want to thank you in advance for the excellent lessons. This is my second attempt doing the IELTS (my writing score last time was not high enough), and I wish I had known your website the first time around.

    Here are the questions I remember:

    Part 1

    Do you live in a house or apartment?
    How long have you been living there?
    Whats you favorite room in your house? Why?
    What do you do on your holiday?
    Do you usually plan your holiday? Why?
    What was your best holiday? Why?

    Part 2
    Cue Card:
    Talk about your first cellphone.

    Part 3:

    Why are apps so important?
    Would you be able to live without a phone?
    What are the advantages of cellphones? And the disadvantages?
    Do you think with the improvement of communication would make business travelings irrelevant?
    Which kind of travels would people still need to make?

    There were more, but I got very nervous on this part, so I cannot remember very well. There was one question which I struggled, and from there on it went downhill πŸ™
    Probably lost many points of fluency, but I hope the other parts and criteria cover for it enough to get a 7.

    Thanks again!

  139. Hello,
    I took my oral test today, May 11th. In Brazil.
    This website is amazing, I’d like to thank you so much. All of the questions I got was here in the practice parts of the website. Practicing only with them made me answer all the questions promptly, without thinking too much before start talking. The ideas came really fast. I only struggled with some follow up questions she did. She asked too much WHY, and for some of the answers I didn’t have a clear reason on my mind.

    The questions were:
    – What do you do? Study or Work?
    – Why did you choose that job?
    – How was your first day at work?
    Let’s talk about food..
    – Do you as a children enjoyed eating foreign food?
    – Do you think people in your country like to eat foreign food?
    – How have it changed in the recent years?
    – Have you tried an unusual food in the recent days?
    PART II : Describe a website you visit frequently.
    – Who told you about the website?
    – Why do you think it is useful.
    – Would you recommend this website to someone?
    (I stopped talking before the time so she asked me about the interface of the website)
    PART III: It was about the Internet.
    – How can Internet be helpful for Education.
    – How Internet changed our lives.
    – How online courses are different from face-to-face courses?
    – Will teachers be replaced by computers?
    – Will e-books replace libraries?
    – Do you think people buy more e-books than books?
    (now I don’t remember if those questions about book were in part one or three).

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The reason the examiner asks “why” is because the examiner wants to hear more English. If you don’t expand your ideas, you don’t give enough range of English to get the higher scores.

  140. Gabriela says:

    Speaking test, Academic
    May, 11- SP/Brazil

    Part 1
    Do you study or work?
    Why did you choose that job?
    Did you like your first day at work?
    Some questions about how I spend my time, how poeple in my hometown spend time on weekends, with whom I spend my time and if I pretend to spen more time with may family in the future

    Part 2
    Describe a comic actor who is popular in your country. You should say:
    Who the actor is
    How you know him/her
    What kind of person he/she is
    And explain why he/she is popular in you country

    Part 3
    Some questions related to entertainment, such as taste of man/woman, children, computer games

  141. First of all, thank you Liz for the wonderful resources you’ve provided on your website, they were indeed very valuable to me.
    I had my speaking test today. She asked lots of questions, I can’t even remember all. I was interrupted close to 10x I think, I gave it my best though. I am hopeful for a really good result.
    Section1: Where are you from? From where you live here in Belgium to this place, how minutes did it take you? Can you talk about an outing in your neighborhood, that you often go to? Do you go on outings? and 2 more questions.

    Cue card: Talk about an activity you do with older people, what is it? do you enjoy it?
    the role of older parents in the life of their children and grandchildren.
    Do teenagers and children, listen to their older parents?
    what is the difference between family values before and now,
    What has changed?
    Is it better or worse, something like that?
    I can’t remember the rest.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

    • Anjali Wadhwa says:

      Thanks for all the tips and strategies for IELTS test you share on your website. It has been extremely useful.

      I had my IELTS General Training test today in Newcastle, Australia.
      Writing Topics:
      Task 1: You are planning a holiday to another country, write a letter to your friend and ask her to join you. You should say:
      – Why you need this holiday?
      – Explain her the plan in detail
      – why do you want your friend to join you for this holiday?

      Task 2: In many countries, the number of old people is increasing. Some people think this will cause a problem for their country. Others think that old people play a very important role in society.

      Describe both views and express your opinion.

      Sections 1: 1st passage was about different eating outlets
      Section 2: can’t remember.
      Section 3: Some animal Hallucinogen something.

      Question types: Matching headings, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, matching information.
      – Section 1: Telephone convo between a real estate agent and customer
      – Form filling
      – Section 2: Discussion about some presentation between two students
      – Multiple choice questions, Multiple choice multiple answers.
      – Section 3: Child care centre instructions:
      – Fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions.
      – Section 4: Types of supermarket arrangements.
      – Table completion, matching information

      Speaking: She asked me a hell lot of questions and it went super fast. Maybe I was speaking too fast.

      Part 1:
      – Where are you from?
      – Do you work/study?
      – Why did you choose this job?
      – How was your first day at work?
      – Do you like to be on time?
      – Do you think in your culture, being on time is important?
      – Do you get bored?
      – How often do you get bored?
      – What makes you feel very bored?
      – What do you do when you are very bored?
      – Do you think you get bored more than when you were a child?

      Part 2: Describe a quiet place that you go to.
      – What is it?
      – How often do you visit there
      – Why do you like it

      Part 3:
      – Do you think old people enjoy the quiet place more than young people?
      – What laws do you think should be put in place to control noise?
      – Is it hard to find a quiet place in the city as compared to the countryside?
      – Why is that?
      – Do you think young people will get bored in a quiet place?
      – Do you think the world will be much noisier in future than it is today?

  142. Speaking may 9 , ,2018 ,Hyderabad
    Part 1
    What’s your full name
    Do you work or u r a student
    How was your first day at ur work
    Do u like travelling
    What things do you want take if u r planning to travel
    Where do u want to visit for ur next travel
    Which was ur best holiday
    Who was your favourite teacher in school
    Why do u think it’s important to remember teachers from school

    Part t 2
    Describe an interesting animal in your country
    Where does it live
    How does it look like
    Where did u see it
    Why do u like it
    Do you love animals

    Part 3
    Do u think there should be a subject in school regarding animals
    How can we control extinction of animals
    2 more questions were there about animals but I don remember
    Thank you liz all your recent speaking questions were really helpful

  143. NEENU JOSHI says:

    General speaking test 11/05/2018
    1..questions on dictionaries
    2.on animals
    3.Cue card on good service received by company
    4.followup questions on services provided

  144. Hi Liz!
    Thanks for your amazing blog!

    IELTS GT – SΓ£o Paulo/BR –> Speaking Test – May, 10th 2018

    The examiner was a bit confused. The worst thing is they don’t follow a pattern. Unfortunately this lady interrupted me many times (in short answers), she did many comments once I was answering the questions, and so on. Believe me, I would love to have another option instead of IELTS. I’m not sure this is happening in other countries, but in Brazil they’re distributing “6.5” band scores to many people, remarks are evaluated in 12 days and nothing change. πŸ™

    Part 1
    – My name, work/study
    – Where do you live?
    – Do you live in an apartment or house? Why?
    – Do you think you’ll move from there in the future?
    Then, many questions about letters/cards:
    – Do you receive many letters/cards?
    – In your birthday, do you like to receive e-mails or cards? Why?
    – Do you think letters/cards will disappear due to the use of e-mails? Why?

    Part 2
    Talk about a song you like
    – What song is?
    – What the song is about?
    – When have you listen to it?
    – Why you like it?

    Part 3
    Follow up questions about music/musicians.
    – Do you like to listen to music? When you listen… Why you listen…
    – Do you think anyone can learn to play a musical instrument?
    – Some people argue that governments should not invest money in concerts/musicians. Do you agree or desagree? Why?
    – Should music be taught in schools? Why?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is 100% normal that the examiner will interrupt your answers – all students should be ready for that.

    • SAURABH BAGHEL says:

      I experienced the same set today at my IELTS speaking test on 11.05.2018 at 2:00pm at Noida, UP (India).

      Kept on speaking and requested the interviewer once to repeat a question that i didn’t hear clearly. I hope that doesn’t affect the band?

  145. hi liz
    Sri Lanka
    1> do you like plants ?why? did you plant when you were a child?
    keep plants at home ?
    2>A magazine you like the most
    3> do you talk about magazines?
    why important?whats the differance with newspaers?
    d you think they would disappear in the future?

  146. Ginni Kaur Bhatty says:

    Hi Liz,
    My Speaking test was on May 11, 2018 at Mumbai and here are the questions:

    Part 1
    Do you Work or Study?
    What are you roles and responsibilities?
    What made you go for such a job?
    Do you prefer to live in cities or in rural areas?
    Why do you prefer the cities more?
    are cities or rural areas more populated in you country?
    Which was the last city that you visited?
    Which city would you want go go in the future?
    Do you like the rains?
    Is it difficult for you to travel in the rains?
    Would you prefer to stay in a city with wet climate or a dry climate?

    Part 2:
    Describe a party that you recently went for. Where was the party and when did it happen. What was one special incident that happened in the party?

    Part 3:
    Do you like going for such parties and events?
    What are the sources of entertainment for people in your country?
    Do young and elder people like such social gatherings alike?
    Do you think outdoor activities are better than playing mobile games?
    Do the kids these days prefer mobile games more?
    How important is it to maintain a work life balance?
    Is it the responsibility of the employer to make sure that the employees maintain a work life balance?

    This is best I could remember. All the best everyone!!

  147. IELTS General,
    Speaking Part was on May 11 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

    My questions were:
    Part 1:
    – house or apartment
    – free time
    – rain (do you like walking in the rain? how often does it rain where you live, etc.)
    Part 2:
    The trip you took by public transport
    Part 3 (public transport & innovations):
    – Is a private-owned car a sign of success? Why?
    – What is a luxury car?
    – Is a private car more convenient than public transport? Why?
    – How can government lessen the use of private cars?
    – How can public transport be made more eco-friendly?
    – What innovations can be implemented in the sphere of public transport?
    – What is the future of public transport?

  148. Mr Lubana says:

    My speaking is on may 11 , Jalandhar city ,Indian Conducted by IDP .
    PART – 1
    1. General introduction ( name , where came from )
    2. Where do you live and with whom
    3. How far is your hometown from here
    4 . Does your hometown have interesting places
    5. How long from you living there
    4. Do you done any part time or full time job
    5. what is your aim when you were child
    6. what you want to become now
    7. Do you think you preference of job will changed in future
    8. Which is the best job profession and why ?
    9 . Do you do any physical activities
    10. How important is it for doing physical activities for young people and why so ?
    11. What physical activities you do when you were in school
    PART -2
    Describe an event which you celebrate and is important for you
    What event is
    Whom is with you
    How you celebrate it
    Why it is important for you
    Task -3
    1) do you usually celebrate events
    2 ) what were the events people mostly celebrate in your country
    3) how can people assure that the event they celebrate is going good up to end ?
    More questions on international gathering
    4) what is the benefits to host country if they conduct Olympics or othere meetings
    5 ) Is there any problem for conducting it

  149. Margrit says:

    Hi all,

    I did my speaking test yesterday, and will be doing my reading, writing and listening tasks tomorrow. I’m going to try note down as much as I can remember.

    Date: 10 May 2018
    Test: Academic
    Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    Most of the test feels like a bit of a blur to me as I was so nervous (I don’t know why as I am an educator and speak all day for a living lol). I think I also felt so rushed that I perhaps couldn’t articulate myself as much as I would have liked. Only time will tell pending my results.

    Part 1:
    Do you work or do you study?
    What type of work do you do?
    How was my first day at work?
    (I can’t remember if there were any other questions)

    Part 2: (2 mins)
    Topic: Describe a website that you use regularly.
    – I spoke about Pintrest as it was the only thing I could think of, usually when I’m looking how to do something, that is my go to website.

    Part 3: Discussion

    I can’t remember all the questions she asked in this section but they went along the lines of:
    – do I think internet is a good resource to have in the classroom
    – do I think it is better to teach students through the internet or face to face interaction.
    – what do I like to do on a day out

    I can’t really remember anything else. Hopefully she could see that I was just nervous and not a rambling idiot lol. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

    Good luck everyone! Thank you Liz for the useful info. I knew exactly what was coming and the test was exactly as described.


  150. Nalinda says:

    Hi Liz,

    Had my speaking test on 2018.05.09 at Colombo.

    Part 1 – about job and plants at home
    Part 2 – favourite building I like
    Part 3 – more questions on historical buildings and government policies with regard to those buildings

    A big thank to you for the wonderful work you have been doing for many years. You must be an angel sent from heaven. πŸ™‚

  151. Hi Everyone! πŸ™‚

    Academic – Speaking Exam
    May 10, 2018 – Manila, Philippines

    Part 1:
    About colleagues at work
    What kind of song you like/Will it change over time

    Part 2: Cue card
    Describe an important event in your life
    What is this event
    Who you celebrate it with
    What makes this event important

    Part 3:
    Importance in celebrating national events
    Importance of hosting an international event

  152. Keerthi says:

    Speaking test, General, BC – 10th May 2018
    Centre : Cochin, Kerala, India

    Part 1
    What do yo do? Work / study?
    Was the earlier days difficult for you at work?
    How did you overcome that?
    Describe the best vacation you had till date
    Do you plan your vacations. why and how?
    Where do you want to go for next vacation?
    Do you feel bored often.
    When are the times you feel bored?
    What you do when you get board in such times?

    Part 2:
    Cue – card:
    Describe the time you taught some one at work / studies
    1) Who was that person
    2) what did you taught them
    3)Why did you do that

    How you felt after doing it.

    Does the same person have helped you in your work/ study

    Part 3:
    Follow ups:
    What are the qualification to be in a team?
    What are the other industries where in people work as team
    What do you think about international co-operation
    Why do you think some countries do not come forward for the agreement.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • 10-May-2018, Cochin,India
      General Training
      Several questions on hometown.
      Cue card – Favorite subject at school
      Followed by general questions about School and college curriculum, whether the current curriculum needs to be changed in your opinion, what extra subjects should be taught after school level, appropriate age when students should be given free will to choose their choice of study/career etc

      My friend appeared again for GT on same day, same venue. His Cue hard: A favorite point of time in history.
      Again same day, same venue few other people got to describe about an event they celebrated recently in Cue card.

  153. Krasimira says:

    Sofia, bulgaria
    Part 2 cue card Do you use quiet rooms?

    I found it really hard although I sat an IELTS test in 2008 and I got 8.5 for speaking. I just don’t know anything about quiet rooms.

    Is it common to have a non-native speaker to be an examiner on the speaking part??? I don’t think that’s right!

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is possible for an examiner to be a non-native speaker. They need excellent language skills which are proved in an international test. They also need to be accepted on to and complete the examiner training for IELTS. They will be full qualified.

  154. Speaking Test
    Location: Abudhabi United Arab Emirates
    05th May2018,

    part 1
    Where do you leave?
    how far is your place from here?
    what favorite TV programme
    why you like it?
    do you think TV can be used as a tool for education rather than visa life place like zoo?
    what is the most TV programme people see?and why?
    what is the most TV programme people see in your home country?

    how many hours that enough for you to sleep?
    which time in your opinion sleeping is not good?and why?
    how can you manage to have a peace night sleep?
    whom you think need to sleep more older of young people?

    what kind of App`s do like?and why?
    what kind of App`s people at you home country likes?and why?

  155. Sejal Sailor says:

    hey liz
    today was my speaking test Vadodara, Gujarat. India
    General Training
    and questions were,

    Part 1

    I’d card
    Do u live in house or apartment?
    Which room is favorite for u? Why?
    Would you like to buy house in future?
    What type of map u are using?
    What type of map people r using now a days? Paper map or electronic map? Why?
    Have u used paper map before?
    Do you like to plane in advance? why?

    Part 2
    Cue card
    Describe a competition ( music, cooking) u would like to participate?
    What competition?
    Where and when you participate?
    What preparation you would do for competition.?

    Why people like to participate in competition.?
    Which game they take most participate?
    Which people more participate in competition.? Younger or older?

    Part 3
    Question regarding work and competition..
    Why is the competition in work place?
    In which profession u see competition.?
    Do people learnt from competition.?what?

    my L/R/W is on 12th may, so will post other questions once i finish my test

    your blogs helped me lot for my test preparation.
    thank you..

  156. Hello Liz, thanks a lot for all your help
    Academic Test
    Accra , Ghana
    8th May 2018

    Speaking test
    Part 1

    Do you work or school?
    Why did you choose your profession?
    How was your first day at the work place?
    About food. did you enjoy foreign foods when you were a kid?
    Ao you think people will try foreign foods or patronise them in the future?
    Have you tried any foreign foods recently?
    About cities. do u think majority of people live in the city?
    Why would you want to visit the city?

    Part 2…cue card

    About comic actor.
    Who he/she is
    What he does
    Why he is popular?
    Why u like him or her
    Any other comic actors you know

    Part 3

    Why do you think actors are popular?
    Is it their role they play that makes them popular or you think its their lifestyle?
    Are children copying them?
    and should they copy them?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • I had my speaking test yesterday, IDP-Sri Lanka
        General IELTS
        L,R,W on 12 th May 2018
        Part one

        1. Talk about your part of city
        2. is your part of city interesting
        3. do you have time for physical exercise
        4. nowadays do young people doing physical exercise
        5. favorite wild animal
        6. do we need to visit Zoo
        7. Do children should know about animals

        Cue Card

        Favorite place in your part of town, do you like to visit with friends

        1. where is that
        2. why you visit it

        following up questions

        Friends and family
        Did children should spend more time on studying rather than associating friends
        why children should focus on studying
        internet leads to isolation

        • Thanks Thara .. Could you please post your writing task after your exam? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚
          PN : Liz, you are the one who inspired me to start learning and study again after long time. Get well soon my best teacher ever…

      • Hello everyone
        GT, (Mumbai) India .
        I had my speaking test today. Part 1 Questions were related to house or apartment
        Cue card- describe a quiet place.

    • Anand Mashatte says:

      “Thanks a lot”
      You have shared valuable experience with us.
      If possible, can you share about remaining sections?
      That will boost our confidence level.

    • Fenny Louise Taylor says:

      I am mine on Friday in Accra also.

  157. jigar shah (vadodara, india) says:

    my ielts speaking test questions:9/5/2018(india,VADODARA)
    i am jigar i share few question about my speaking test


    basic question , name,add., distance.
    music relate questions
    writing and typing relate question


    what is major subject in school.
    then some technology relate question


    what is desiding age to choose subject?
    what is major subject to most indian people select?

    that”s it,
    i have few trouble in part 1 like as some answer i take more details so it is ok or not?
    then part 2 i am speak continuously but like i am completing full answer because teacher stop me after 2 min later so is it ok?
    part 3 are ok .
    so is it ok to get 7 above band?

    thank you
    please send me your comments .

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You should always aim to add more to your answers in order to show fluency. In part 2, it is not necessary to finish the whole cue card. You will get band score 7 if your English is band score 7.

  158. Exam Date: 8th May 2018
    Part 1
    What is your Name
    Do you Work or Study?
    What is Role & Responsibility at work?
    When you get Bored?
    Where would you like to go for your next Holiday?
    Part 2
    Describe Spot you watched on TV.
    Part 3
    Why people watch spot?
    Is TV channel showing more Sport than Before?
    Why players Do Advertisement.
    Are they Do Ads for money only?
    what kind of Sport Younger people like in your country?
    What kind of Sport older people watch in your Country?
    What are the benefits of watching Sport to businessmen?

  159. May 5, 2018 Vancouver, Canada
    Part 1: What is your name?
    Do you work or study?
    How was your first day at work?
    Do you remember a teacher from elementary?
    Did you want to be a teacher?
    What was the difference of the teachers you had compared to the ones your parents had?

    Part 2:
    Tell me about an item you own that needs to be replaced.
    Tell me what the item is.
    How long you’ve had it.
    Why does it need to be replaced.
    How hard is it to replace this item.

    Part 3:
    How often do you go shopping?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?
    Do you think there are ways in which people can be prevented from wasting their money?
    How will shopping be in the future?

    Task 1: Bar graph showing the total spending of 6 commodities and services in a particular country in Europe in 1998 and 2008.
    – 1st graph (1998) had a total of 42%
    8% (forgot), 6% (eating out), 10% (buying clothes), 12% (electronic devices), 3% (newspapers/magazines), 3% (going to cinemas)
    – 2nd graph (2008) had a total of 48%
    5%, 6%, 15%, 20%, 1%, 1% (in order of the commodities/services above)

    Task 2:
    The availability of entertainment such as playing video games on handheld devices are harmful to an individual and to a society they live in. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

  160. Australia – sydney

    May 5

    Request TV program manager to make a program on the place you know
    tell the importance
    How you know the place
    why they shud do this

    PART -2
    Why ppl spend too much money on family events?

    speak about a subject that you have studided in school
    why it is important
    how the facutly is

    PArt 3,
    Do u like hearing music?
    Music changed from past to present ?
    will music change in future?
    will music help old people to sleep more?
    Will you download the music from internet or cd ? why?
    How is music in your country?

  161. Hello, Liz πŸ™‚

    Academic IELTS

    Task 1: describe a process of producing electricity from coal
    (I couldn’t find the exact picture in the net, but the process was simplified, all objects were signed).
    Task 2: It is possible to live a full life without internet access. Give your opinion.

    1) History of buttons
    2) sorry cannot remember…(
    3) how people explore usefulness of soils measuring electromagnetic radiation from them

    1) Man is offered different types of job
    There were questions is he: Very interested, quite interested or not interested.
    2) Information about how the sport club works
    3) girls came to some fashion seminar
    4) lecture about the history of gold

    1) Where do you live now?
    Do you like your town? Is it an interesting place to live?
    Why do you live there?
    Do you have a part- or full-time job?
    What job you dreamed about as a child? Why?
    Do you like traveling? Would you like to travel more in future?
    Would you like to travel in space?

    2) Sportsperson that you admire
    What did he archived?

    3) What kind of sport are popular in your country?
    In what sports your country is strong?
    Some people force their kids to be champions, is that right?
    From what age parent should start notice sport talents in their child?
    What is better to practice team sport or individual? Why?

    Thank You so much for your great site, Liz!

  162. Manmeet says:

    Hi liz,
    I had my exam on 5/5/18.
    Speaking part 2- describe a website you regularly visit.
    Writing task 2- Is it necessary to have access to internet to live your life full.

  163. Jinn Choung says:

    I had the test in Sydney on 5th of May 2018

    I got questions like below

    1. Can you tell me about your first day of the work.
    2. What makes you bored?
    3. Describe what you lost.

    2. Do you agree we don’t need to research the past and we more focus on studying the present?

    Thanks Liz.

    • Academic
      I had the test in Sydney on 5th of May 2018

      I got questions like below

      1. Can you tell me about your first day of the work.
      2. What makes you bored?
      3. Describe what you lost.

      2. Do you agree we don’t need to research the past and we more focus on studying the present?

      Thanks Liz.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  164. Vineeta says:

    Your website was of great help specially for speaking. The topic questions were very good for practices.
    My test was today.
    my cue card question was : an event in my life that I celebrated.
    Part 3
    Was discussion National Events.

  165. Dear Liz,
    this is my speaking test what I remembered

    Module : Academic
    Date : 6 May 2018
    Location : Seoul, South Korea (British Council)

    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    Where are you from?

    What kind of housing do you live?
    What part of your home do you like the most?
    Do you plan to move another place in the future?

    Where was the most memorable vacation to you?
    When do you have a plan to go vacation in the future?
    What is the most important thing when going to travel?
    Do you like to plan for travelling?

    Do you remember a teacher in your primary school?
    Who is the best teacher in your school days?

    Part 2
    Describe a sport that you have watched on TV before and you want to try
    What it is
    When you first watched the sport
    What you like about the sport
    And explain why you would like to try this sport
    -additional one : When will you try to do this sport?

    Part 3
    What kind of sport is the most popular in your country?
    Why is the sport the most popular you mentioned?
    Do you prefer watching sports or doing sports?
    Are sports facilities for watching located in nearby or far from your home?
    Why do you think many sports stars appear in commercial advertising?
    Liz, I was surprised you had worked as an English teacher in South Korea.
    Did you work in Seoul then?
    Anyway, thank you for reading my review.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I worked briefly in Gyeongju and then moved to Jeju City. I loved both placed, but Jeju Do was particularly special for me πŸ™‚

  166. 5 May 2018
    Brisbane Australia

    Task 1
    Write a letter to manager of a TV Company who is planning to make a programme on one of your known place.
    1. How do you know about that place?
    2. Give a suggestion for his TV programme.
    3. Why do you find that place interesting?

    People spend too much on family celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.
    What are importance of these celebrations?
    Do you think people really spend too much?

    Reading was easy
    Passage 1: Bus transport in area called Cornwall
    Passage 2: Bike ride learning courses
    Passage 3: Employees training programs
    Passage 4: History of Calculator

    Listening was also very easy
    Part 1: Booking for a family tour through phone conversation ( fill in the blanks)
    Part 2: Women giving lecture on bike riding event for charity( small multiple choice with three options including only 1-4 words)
    Part 3: Two students discussing about their lectures and resources( multiple choice choosing 2 options from each question), and about 4 female personalities to work on project( matching type)
    Part 4: Life of Turtles ( fill in the blanks in sentences)

  167. Asma Aman says:

    Date: 5/5/2018
    Academic. British council Riyadh, KSA

    writing task 2: it is not necessary to have an internet access in order to have a full life. give your opinion
    speaking part 2: describe a recent event that made you happy

  168. Sulochana Bajracharya says:

    Academic IELTS
    05/05/2018 in Sydney IDP.
    Task 1: describing a table comparing a number of kms traveled by per adult in a European country in 1975 & 2007.
    task 2: Some people think that researching about past is waste of money and time. We should instead focus on issues of today’s world. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Passage 1: Encyclopædia Britannica (Y/N/NG, match headings, multiple choices),
    2: Can money buy happiness? (sentence completion, multiple choice, matching paragraph information)
    3: can’t remember:( (Y/N/NG, filing blanks, choose the best title for the passage)

    Section 1: Phone conversation about a holiday spot: Fonton Bay or something like that
    section 2: 2 students talking about feedbacks about the lecture they had
    section 3: characteristics of ladies from Charles Dicken’s novels
    section 4: Sea turtle, Tallulah

    Part 1: name, where are you from? where are you living at present? is it a good place to live? how far is it from the city? Do you like listening to music when studying or working? what kind of music did you listen when you were young? do you think the interest in music changes? Why do you think young people go to other countries?

    Part 2: cue card
    Talk about a city or country you wanted to live or work in future.
    where is it?
    how and what do you know about it?
    why do you want to live there?
    Will you live there?

    Part 3: Quality of life:
    What are the factors that affect the quality of people’s lives?
    What roles do you think the government should have to ensure people’s quality of life?
    Do you think money living in a good place is better than having a good job?
    Don’t you think if you have enough money you can live wherever you find happiness?

    Well, this is my 4th time, and I did not score well in speaking and writing last time as well. This time I got the cue card that I was not prepared but I thought quickly and spoke, so let’s hope for the best.

  169. Nova Yurika says:

    Ielts Academic.

    Writing task 1: table of public transport system
    Wt 2 : people argue that it is not important to study history, it is more essential to focus on present. To what extent you agree.

    Part 1 : hometown,
    Part 2: favourite tv channel
    Part 3 : tv programme , what older people like, what is your childhood tv programm, ect.

    Thank you Liz for your website. i learned alot, especially writing task 1. May God always protect you.

  170. Hello,
    I took ACADEMIC IELTS on 5th May, South Korea

    Writing Task1- Table chart which illustrates the average annual distance by seven different travel (bus, taxi, bicycle etc.)

    Writing Task2- it is waste of money and time researching past; it is more important study issues which affect the world today. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    For me, Taks2 was so trick.. quite unfamiliar one πŸ™
    And I’m waiting for my speaking test but so nervous. I supposed that all topics are changed..

  171. Shivika says:

    writing task 1: April 2018 Canada
    You are planning to go for a picnic with your friends and one of your friend offered you her help. write a letter to your friend explain what arrangement you have already made? suggest some activity for the day of picnic. say how she could help with arrangements.

    Please help me in solving this take. Give some Samples.

  172. Speaking Test
    Brisbane Australia
    3 May 2018
    General Training

    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    What do you do at your work?
    How was your first day at job?
    What entertainment activities are available for children in your country?
    Do children get bored with same activities? Why?
    Is it difficult for parents to find new activities?
    Do you like plants in your house? Why?
    Did you look after any plant when you were younger?
    Plants can be a good gift to you or not? Why?

    Cue Card: A comic actor who is popular in your country
    Who is he?
    What type of person he is?
    How you come to know about him?
    Why he is popular?

    Are your family members and friends like this actor?

    Why film personalities are famous?
    Do you think youngsters try to Copy film stars?
    What are benefits and drawbacks of it?
    Are famous personalities rich in your country?
    How they spend their money?
    Do you think they spend money wisely?
    Why children love to visit circus?
    Do people get chance to meet famous personalities in your country?
    I have forgotten rest of them……πŸ€”

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Another three questions were:
        When did you first try an international food?
        Do you think youngsters in your country prefer to eat international food these days?
        Did you ever try an unusual food?

        Liz thanks for your support. I didn’t prepare this particular cue card. But, I prepared all others mentioned by you. So, I was able to answer this cue card well.

        • That is the right technique. When you prepare enough cue cards, you can use ideas from others and adapt them to the topic you get. Fingers crossed for your results πŸ™‚

          • Sudhakar says:

            Hi Liz,

            In the question shared above, by Comic actor, do they mean “Comedian” or any actor from Comics/Cartoons? Please clarify.


            • As you see, it is about an actor. But your choice doesn’t actually matter because your choices and ideas are not marked in IELTS speaking.

      • Pratibha says:

        Hi Liz,
        Thanks again for your valuable tips.
        Here are some questions from the test I took
        Academic module
        Writing task 1- Line graph depicting changes in % of three population groups in Japan (0-15,15-65,over 65) from 1960 to 2040.
        Writing task 2- Organised tours to remote areas of the world are increasingly becoming popular. Do you think this has a positive/negative impact on the native people and environment and why. Give examples.( I may not have reproduced the exact sentence).
        Few questions on Hometown
        Cue card- Talk about any rule which you had to follow in your school.
        Did you agree/ disagree with it and why.
        Further discussion about relevance of rules and regulations in family/ school.

    • Kashap says:

      Thanks for sharing πŸ™

  173. No, it just finished.

  174. Today was my speaking test
    On 28 April
    Location India
    Who long this place is from ur town.
    Do u like long distance traveling.
    Do u often travel by plane.
    Could u like to go to space.
    Tell about ur hometown.
    Is there any interesting place.
    Talk about a photograph of you some has taken
    Who took this photo
    Why u like this photo
    Is it easy to take photo graphs in these days.
    Is it important to be professional photographer to take photos.
    Can people save digital photo.
    More questions related to photography that I forgot.
    Thanks dear Liz your website is very useful.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • I got the same questions about the photograph (P2 and P3). P1 : do I like to read newspaper? is there any ads that I like on TV when I was young?

        Location: Indonesia, Test date: 21 April 2018

        Your website and youtube channel helped. Thank you, Liz

  175. Gabrielle says:

    Hi Liz.

    A cousin of mine took the exam a week ago and he shared some insights to me regarding the exam because i’ll be taking it this coming May.

    In the READING part, he mentioned the part where he needs to choose between:

    β€’Evidently Seen
    β€’Probably Seen
    β€’Not Seen

    And we were so confused with this type of question as we haven’t tackled it before. I hope it helps and may we ask if you can share some pointers with this type of question. We can’t find anything like that in the web. Thank you!

  176. Ramandeep kaur says:

    Hey liz..
    Ur site has been really helpful for me.. My result is out and i have scored band score 7.5.. N i got band score 9.0 in listeningπŸ˜ƒ. M really happy. I appeared in the examination on 14th (Patiala, India) Academic ..
    Speaking topic-
    part-1- general introduction
    Leisure time
    the public place where you like to spend time with family and friends.
    Youth clubs
    Public clubs
    Interests of different age groups
    Involvement of parents in hobbies

    Writing topic- task-1-
    it was a graph about 5 rivers that are classified according to their chemical composition. In 1990 and 2000
    Why more and more people are choosing skin surgeries these days.
    According to you are these operations good or bad..
    P.s.-Sorry i dont remember the exact question

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Well done with your results πŸ™‚

    • Shagufta says:

      Wow weldone with your listening module would mond sharing how did you manage to achieve that band in listening I would appreciate your help

  177. Olagunju Timilehin says:

    IELTS Academic Module 26th April 2018 Nigeria (Ibadan)

    Que Card

    Talk about a Successful Businessman that you know.

    You should say
    1. Who the person is.
    2. What you admire about this person.
    3. Why you think this person is successful.

  178. Hello everyone!

    Date: 26/04/2018
    Module: Academic
    Venue: Astana, Kazakhstan

    Writing Task 1: Bar charts with the number of female and male pupils who studied different subject in one school in 1995 and 2010

    Writing Task 2: The key to solving the environmental problems is for the present generation to sacrifice their convenient life for the sake of future generations.


    Part 1: Where do you live? Is there anything interesting to see in your hometown? Do you use dictionaries? Do you think a dictionary will make a good present? How many hours of sleep do you usually get? Do you think napping during the day is a good idea? Do you agree that elder people need more sleep than younger people?

    Part 2: Describe an important event in your life which you celebrated

    Part 3: Do you think it is important to celebrate events? What are the main events in people’s life? Do you think it is better to watch an international event that is happening in a different country online or be present at the event? Do they contribute to the understanding between cultures and how?


    Section 1: Enrolling to evening courses
    Section 2: A festival map
    Section 3: Discussing courses at an art college


    Section 1: Coelophysis dinosaur
    Section 2: Seeing under the sea
    Section: Something about technology at work places

    The last two sections in Reading were extremely long and difficult.

  179. Anathasia says:

    Today I sat Forbes the academic test
    Venue: riyadh
    Writing task 1: 2 bar charts about the number of pupils in 4 different subjects of males and females in 2 years 1995 and 2010.

    Writing task 2:
    The key solution for the environment is for the current generation to live a less comfortable life to benefit future generations.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking part1
    Do you work or are you a student?
    What training did you do for this job?
    Will you need to do any training related to your work in the future?

    Do you like it when it rains?
    Does it rain much where you live?
    Has it ever rained when you were outside without a raincoat or an umbrella?
    Do you think rain affects the way people behave?

    How well do you remember friends you had at elementary school?
    Are your friends today mostly the people you work or study with?
    Do you enjoy chatting to your friends online?
    When you meet your friends, what do you like to do?
    Part 2:
    Describe a car journey you remember well.
    You should say:
    Why you made the journey
    Who was with you
    How long the journey took

    And explain why you remember this journey so well.

    Follow up questions:
    Do you think you will make this journey again?
    Do you generally enjoy traveling by car?

    Part 3:
    How effective is public transport in your country?
    How could public transport be improved?
    Why should governments encourage car drivers to use less cars?
    The future of transport:
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of having driverless cars?
    Will there be soon the need to invent new modes of transport such as flying cars?

  180. Ramya
    Academic IELTS Test
    26.04.2018, Yangon, Myanmar

    Writing task 1: Two maps relating to a town. Summarise and make comparisons.
    Task 2: Is it important for public money to be spent on promoting healthy lifestyle to prevent illness than spending money treating people who are ll. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    speaking: Part 2: An important event that you celebrated.
    How did you celebrate it?
    Whom did you celebrate it with?
    Part 3: National events and international events.
    Should a country host international events.

    Thank you Liz for all the help.

  181. Hi liz,
    Venue: Hyderabad
    Test: Academics
    Date: 25/04/2018

    Personal info
    Why students don’t like strict teachers…
    Part 2-cue card
    About famous person u like
    Who was he/she
    Why he is famous
    Why did u like
    Part 3
    In your country who all are famous
    Why only these people
    All popular people are happy?

  182. Hello Liz
    I’d like to thank you for your wonderful videos
    I had my speaking test today 25th April
    Part 1: about my name and my job, how you sped our holidays when we are children and now.
    Part 2: talk about a traditional product
    Part 3: about traditional products and how can they increase national income and main differences between traditional and modern products

  183. Hi Liz,
    First of all, Thanks to you for this great website.
    Its very helpful to all the students.

    I had speaking exam in 19th April, 2018
    Location : Ahmedabad, India
    Type : GT

    Part 1:
    What is your full name in passport?
    Where are you from?
    What you do?
    Do you have friends?
    How often do you meet to your friends?
    Do you have friends in your working place?
    What you like to do when you meet your friends?
    Do you have any friend from primary school with whom you still in touch?
    Do you read newspaper?
    What would you prefer to read in news paper?
    Do you read news online?On which website?
    Do you talk about news with your friends?

    Part 2:
    Cue Card :
    Describe a traditional product of your country that you bought?
    You should say
    – What is it ?
    – How is it made?
    – When did you try it first time?
    – What do you like it?

    Part 3 :
    – Tell me another products of your country
    – What do you prefer to buy traditional/International Product
    – What tourists prefer to buy(International Product/Domestic Product)
    – What are benefits of hand made products?
    – Difference between quality of product which is made handmade & which is made in machinary

  184. 21/04/2018
    Writing 1: The table about the income and expenditures of Southoe Hall, rooms for hiring over the period of three years
    Writing 2: All fathers should be entitled to the time off from work when their children are born. What is your opinion?

    Reading 1-text: Text about first telegraph and Morse code (true/false/ng + fill the gaps)
    Reading 2-text: Bizen ware (Japanese pottery) (headings/yes/no/ng +fill the gaps)
    Reading 3-text: Dinosaurs (why some species are so big and reasons for their death – presented various theories of scientists) / yes/no/ multiple choice/ fill the gaps with words from box)

    Speaking: 1 – Name (meaning)/Traditions in the country when name is given/Why this name/ How popular this name is in your country/Popular names in your country/Why did you choose this subject for studying/
    Speaking: 2 – Describe an interesting place in your country that few tourist visit.
    Speaking: 3 – Impact of tourism on the environment (littering)/Why tourists behave so badly when travelling/ What is the main attraction for tourists: freedom from the law in their motherland or other tradition/culture.

  185. Hello everyone!

    Test date: 21/04/2018
    General / Lviv, Ukraine
    Writting task 2 topic:
    “Nowadays people have free access to music and films online. Is this a positive or a negative development? Provide relewant examples from you own experience.”

    Speaking topic was “Talk about an event you have recently celebrated.”

  186. Hello Liz, i had my speaking test today in Nigeria. (Academic ielts)
    part 1.
    -Do u work or study? wheredo u work?
    -what degree or certificate u had to get?
    -Are there other things u need to do to progress in your career?
    -what is your daily meal time like?
    -is there any difference in your eating habit btw now and when u were a child.
    -is there someone u like to eat with.
    -do u prefer tp cook or eat out? why
    part 2.
    Talk about an interesting person u know that is a foreigner. either u met in person or u heard about the person.
    who this person is?
    what the person does?
    why this person is interesting to you.
    part 3
    -what is the difference btw products made by international companies and the local products. And why is there difference
    -Advantages and disadvantages of working abroad
    -will cultural differences affect international companies
    -why is it essential for countries to come together and help each other.

  187. Hi Liz,
    Type of test: Ielts General
    Speaking part 1
    Some general question about where you live and about travelling.
    Would like to travel to space?
    Speaking part 2 – cue card
    Which era of history you find interesting-
    What is the era?
    Why you find it interesting?
    Do other people also find it interesting?
    It was more about history.
    Benefits of studying history.
    How can you find job after studying history?
    And some more.

    Thanks for your efforts. You are doing good work. Lots of health and happiness to you.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Wishing you luck for your results πŸ™‚

      • Thanks liz. Your videos were quite helpful. I am confident about my L,R,S module but bit concerned about writing. I didn’t practice writing much and moreover, I was not keeping well since friday. So, on Saturday by the time writing started I was feeling very lethargic as I couldn’t eat properly because of my tummy trouble. So , just keeping my fingers crossed.

  188. 21 April 2018
    General Training
    Peshawer Pakistan

    Hello liz,
    Hope you are doing well with your health. My best wishes are always with you.

    1st section about reservation form
    2nd section about tutorials
    3rd section about Rockets assembly (university project)
    4th lecture

    3rd section about ancient Egypt and pyramid history

    Task1: write a letter to a builder who has done recently some work at your home and now there is a slight problem with it
    -what is the problem
    -how the problem effecting your life
    -what you want him to do

    Task2: now a days, more and more movies and music are available on internet at free of cost
    -this is positive or negative development
    Give valid reasons to explain it

  189. 21 April 2018 Oklahoma City, ELS

    Listening: The recording was played on tape on loud volune. No headphones. So that was one shock. The last section was about bees and their use of optics. Which I found slightly difficult.

    Writing :
    Task 1 : Complaint to bus manager about poor service
    Task2: Some people have hobbies requiring technology and others don’t. Explain both views and give your opinion.

    What is your full name?
    Where are you from?
    Where do you currently stay?
    What is the distance from where you live to the exam center?

    Describe a photo taken of you that you like?
    Why do you like it?
    What is the photo about?
    Where was it taken and who took it?

    Does capturing special moments require innate skills?
    DO you like taking pictures?
    Do you think taking photo takes your attention away from enjoying the moment
    DO you think people still prefer photographs

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Even I faced the same situation… where listening audio was played on speaker… I appeared from California…I was dumbstruck..l I didn’t prepare myself for listening on speaker.
      Mainly the issue with speaker is audio echos.

      Liz, how to prepare to deal with such condition?

      • It’s such an unfortunate situation. My main advice is to avoid centers that use speakers. Contact each center and ask them what they use – then choose one that uses headphones. Hopefully IELTS will eventually get the message that speakers are completely inappropriate in 2018!! Unfortunately, IELTS is also quite deaf to the wishes and recommendations of their customers and show little desire to improve their test conditions πŸ™ My other very strong feeling is about test centers that fail to put a clock in the test room for the listening, reading and writing – another stupid oversight by IELTS and showing a lack of standardisation! Headphones and clocks cost little compared with profits of IELTS as a company! Excuse my rant – I do feel strongly about these things !

    • I too had taken the GT exam on April 21st 2018 in ILSC,San Francisco and did receive exactly the same topics as AB mentioned in both Listening and Writing.

      However for Reading there was a passage about Enrollment of a child into daycare, Great North museum of Hancock and Global Plant Clinic,from what I can recall.

      For Speaking I talked on the below topics:
      1)Where do you live
      2)How long you’ve been living here
      3)Do you like long distance travel
      4)Would you go to space if you got an opportunity
      5)Which wild animal do you like?
      6)Do you have pets?

      1)Describe a childhood toy you liked?
      2)Who gave it to you?
      3)With whom did you share it?
      4)How was it close to you?

      Part3:About toys
      1)What should parents consider when buying toys for their kids
      2)Should all the toys be educational
      3)Should kids be allowed to play with toys irrespective of the gender?
      4)Whats the link between toys and movies
      5)Is it solely for the purpose of making money.

    • Thank you for sharing the tasks, but are you sure it was “explain both views…” – not “discuss both views…” ?

  190. April 22, 2018
    Module: Academic
    Place: IDP, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


    PART 1

    -Where do you live?
    -How long have you been living there?
    -What do you like about your home?
    -What do you prefer most, reading news in the newspaper or on the Internet? Why?
    -How often do you check time? Why?
    -Have you ever been late for an important meeting? How did you feel?

    PART 2

    Describe your perfect home
    You should say:

    -where it would be and why
    -what would you want to see there
    -explain why it is a perfect home for you

    PART 3

    -What are the main differences between houses in your country and in western countires?
    -Should one be allowed to have more than one house? Why?
    -(Above question) Would yo say so about places where there are not enough houses to live?

  191. City moga(punjab)
    Maninder kaur
    Academic Idp

    Reading and listening was quite tough for me
    Task 1 verticle bargraph of four countries who fill application to a european contry.
    Task 2 some people have vehcle-free days in which private cars motorcycle and trucks are banned to move. While public transport is permitted to move such as bicycle bus and taxi .Is benefits outweigh drawbacks.

  192. Raminder says:

    Hi Liz,
    I have taken IELTS (BC) GT exam on 21st April,2018 in Chandigarh, India.

    Writing task 1: Recently, your Builder have done some work in your flat. Write a letter telling him:-
    1) What was the work done?
    2) Why you are not happy about it?
    3) What do you want to do about it?

    Task 2:- Nowadays, many movies & music are free to download online. Is it a negative development or positive development?

    I have my listening exam on 23rd April. Will post that as well.


    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Abdallah says:

        hi Liz,

        I have taken the same exam and my results are
        L 8.5
        R 9
        S 8
        W 6!!!
        i was really shocked by my writing score , I need to know what went wrong
        as i have mentioned i’ve taken the same exam and the task 2 was about movies and music are free to download online , is this a negative development or positive?
        in this task i’ve written about the advantages and disadvantages of movies and music being free to download online …..now my question , is it correct that this task was about advantages and disadvanatges ?

        thanks alot for your great support

        • I don’t usually answer questions on this page, but for you, I will. The instructions in your writing task 2 were “Is this a positive OR negative development?”. It did not say “Write the positive AND negative developments”. It said “OR” and this means you choose. It did not ask you to present both. So, the problem was that you didn’t follow the instructions. You changed an opinion essay into a discussion essay – that was the mistake that cost you valuable points.

          • Abdallah says:

            thanks for your kind support
            I’ll retake the exam and I’ll make sure this time I understand how to distinguish between essay types
            I’ll go through your advanced writing videos
            thanks a lot for being kind enough to answer

    • How does your speaking test went today?
      Can you please post the questions??

  193. Hi all,
    i gave IELTS general today. i would like to share some questions that i remebered.

    Test date: 21 April 2018
    venue : surrey, Canada
    type: General

    Part 1
    Tell me about your self,
    Describe a place where you currently live?
    Some question About music eg.. when why you listen music**** (sorry forget exact question)

    PART 2
    Describe a perfect holiday / vacation away from home?
    who would you like to go with
    where would you go
    what will you do

    some basic follow-up question according to answer

    part 3

    5-6 questions regarding holidays
    sorry i forget exact questions.
    some agree disagree question.

    Last week you took a long bus trip. you and all passenger were dissatisfied with bus service.
    write a letter to Manager of the bus company
    when you took bus and from where
    explain why you and all passenger were unhappy with the service
    give some suggestion to improve service

    Some people prefer hobbies that require technology, while some people hobbies does not require technology.

    discuss the both views and give your opinion.

  194. Type of test – general training
    Date of test -21st April 2018
    Location – Mississauga, Canada

    Writing task 1
    Last week you travelled in a bus, but you were not satisfied by the service.please write a letter to the manager to inform your concern
    – When was the trip ?
    – Why did you and other passengers were not happy about the service ?
    – please suggest what can be done in future

    Task 2 :
    Some people prefer to have hobbies that needs technologies, but others prefer to have hobbies without technology. Please discuss both sides and and specify your opinion.

    Speaking –

    Task 1 :
    What is your full name ?
    Where are you from ?
    Do you work or study ?
    What do you do as part of your job ?
    What training you had taken to do your current job ?
    Is there any training needed in future for your job ?
    What is your daily meal plan ?
    Would you eat outside frequently ?
    How was your food preferences in your childhood?

    Task 2 :
    The thing you have reached any of your relative/friend recently.
    – whom did you teach ?
    – what dud yay teach ?
    – was it easy to teach ?

    How did you feel after teaching him/her ?

    Task 3 :

    Couple of questions related to task 2.
    Is it possible for every one to learn any skills ?
    Is practice important to learn any skills ?
    If anyone thinks that if they can learn any sill, then will that help to learn ?
    Do countries need universities ?
    Is it possible to achieve success without university study ?
    Will university study helps to learn anything other than academic subjects ?

    I don’t remember the reading ang listening questions …..

  195. Hi Liz,
    Thanks a ton for being so helpful. Your website is a treasure house for anyone attempting this exam. Your videos helped me immensely!

    Type: General
    Date: 21/4/2018
    Location: Pune,India

    Essay task 1:
    Your builder recently did some work at your home but you are not happy with it. Write a letter to your builder explaining:
    What you are not happy about
    How it can be rectified
    No need to write and address, just begin with Dear…..

    Task 2:
    Music and films are easily available online for free.
    Is this a positive or negative development?

    I am attempting my speaking test today.

    Thanks once again.

  196. I had taken ielts today.
    Center: Austin, Texas.

    Listening was difficult with lot of mcqs.
    Reading was very easy.
    Writing topics:
    Write a letter to bus company manager to complain bad service.

    Some people prefer to have hobbies that include technology while others prefer to avoid technologies. Discuss both views.

    Part 1
    Questions about time
    Questions about secondary School

    Part 2
    Cue card on a school rule which I hate
    What’s it
    What is the punishment if u break it
    Why u hate it

    Part 3
    Workplace dress codes good or bad
    Should govt oversee how parents upbringing their children

  197. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for creating an useful website for preparing for IELTS exam with videos, tips and recent exam questions. It is and will help many students to prepare for the test.
    I had my speaking test on the 19th April and my LRW test on the 21st of April.
    Type : General
    Location: Madurai
    Date: 21/04/2018
    Section 1 fill in the blanks about booking a course
    Section 2 Hobson Park in New Zealand, choose the best option and label the map
    Section 3 Two match tutor speaking about a maths project, choose the best option
    Section 4 Topin on Marketing, fill in the blanks.
    Section 1 Part 1 was about Greyhound Buses and Part 2 was about parks and campfires.
    Section 2 Part 1 was Paternity leave entitlement and Part 2 was about a company policy for new joiners.
    Section 3 was about an Egyptian archaeologist.
    Task 1: Write a letter to your builder about a recent work he had done and you are not happy about the work he has done.
    *what was the work
    *why you are not happy about it
    *what would you like him to do
    Task 2: Recent days films and music is available online free. Is it a positive development or negative development.
    Speaking: 19th April 2018
    I am not remembering the exact questions.
    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Do you work or study?
    Did you receive any training for your work?
    Will you need training related to your work in the future?
    Have you traveled on a boat?
    Do you like traveling on a boat? I said no so she asked me why not?
    Do you think that many people in your country would have traveled on boats?
    Will you buy a boat in future?
    Cue Card:
    Talk about a person who is a good parent.
    *who is that person
    *from when do you know this person
    *why do you think this person makes a good parent
    Part 3: Parenting and teenagers
    Do you think we should give freedom to teenagers
    Has parenting changed from before and now
    What skill is important for parenting

  198. Venue : Pune , India
    Test : General Writing
    Date : 21 .04. 2018

    Task 1:
    Write a letter to builder . You had some task done by him for your home and you are disappointed.
    Include the following:
    Explain what was done?
    Reason for disappointment
    What do you expect the builder to do now?

    Task 2:
    Nowadays films and music are easily available online for free.
    Is this development advantage or disadvantage?


  199. Arulpruthiviraj says:

    Hello Elizabeth,
    Thanks a lot for your tips
    type of test – Academic
    Date of test- 20,21/04/2018
    Location of test- Jaffna, Sri Lanka
    Conducted by IDP
    Speaking module:
    Where are you from?
    What do you do?
    Say more about your study?
    What is the best time to study?
    How often you use dictionaries?
    Which do you prefer digital or printed dictionaries?
    How many hours of sleep do we need?
    Who need more sleep? Younger or older people?
    Is it healthy to sleep during day time?
    Cue card
    Describe a public place that you think need improvements?
    What the place is
    When do you go there?
    What do you like and dislike in the public place?

    Do city people need to pay for public services?
    What is the advantages of living in city?
    Why do people move far away from their home to live in other places?
    What do you prefer, city or countryside? Why?

    Pollution and other environmental damage causes by developing country and country which is becoming richer? This problem can not be avoided
    To what extent do you agree?

  200. Date:21Apr2018 Place: Hyderabad
    Writing task 2 : Ads,Dads and opinion of Vehicle-free days in cities.
    Writing task1: Barchart of 4 countries students applied to Europe universities.

    Speaking topics: a famous business person
    Other topics: Frds, latest businesses and discussion on that.

    Thanks for your tips, Helped me a lot

  201. Hello Liz:)

    Test date: 21st April 2018
    Country: Malaysia
    Module: Academic

    Writing Task 1: Line Graph
    The graph shows population of people by age group in Japan in 1961, and a forecast to 2040.

    Writing Task 2: Positive/Negative
    Organised tours are going to remote places and communities more and more. Do you think this a positive or negative development for the local people and the environment?

    Speaking (17/4/18)

    PART 1:
    Where do you live
    How long
    How far is it from there to here
    Have you ever taken any part-time or full-time jobs
    What did you want to work as when you were a child
    Do you use any phones or device frequently.
    What apps are most commonly used
    Why do you use them for
    Would you like to own any other app
    Would you like to create an app

    PART 2: Describe a photo taken of you that you like
    who took the photo
    why did you remember it
    Reasons why you like it

    PART 3:
    Do you think it requires special skills of a person to take photography at important events.
    What are some of the examples of important events.
    What are the qualities of a good news photographer.
    Do you think that paintings can be replaced by digital copies in the future.
    Do you think the idea towards digital image will change given the knowledge of editing.
    Do think images or written articles is more powerful.

  202. Hi Liz. Your videos and tips have been very helpful. Thank you for everything.
    I took Academic IELTS in Canada (Saskatchewan) just today (4/20/18)
    Speaking Test:
    Part I
    Questions about myself, work, news and newspapers
    Part 2: Cue Card
    Talk about a mail/letter you received
    Who sent you the letter
    What the letter is all about?
    When did you receive it
    Part 3:
    questions about letters in the past and in the future
    questions about written materials

    can’t remember all the questions. that’s all i can spare for now. ill have LRW tests tomorrow. Pray for me. Much Thanks

  203. Jawad Yaqoob says:

    Venue: Jeddah
    Date: April 20, 2018
    Speaking Test
    Part 1:
    Do you work or Study?
    Where do you work?
    Does your work require some level of training?
    What are your views about the rainy weather?
    Do you think the rain affects the behavior of people?

    Part 2: Explain an occasion when you helped someone.
    Who was the person?
    Why did you help him?
    How did you feel after that?

    Part 3: How can we encourage our children to help others?
    How do you see countries helping other countries? Does it have an impact on their relationship?
    Do you have an idea what is the source of funding of large-scale charitable organizations like US AID?
    Do you think the larger organizations work better than smaller NGOS?

    I might have missed some questions but I have covered almost 90% of them. The test went well and the topics shared on this blog helped me a lot.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ See if you can remember more of your part 1 topics and questions πŸ™‚

      • Jawad Yaqoob says:

        I don’t think he asked me any other question in Part 1. Most of the times he had to stop me while I was answering the questions to ask another question. I am not sure if it is a good sign or bad one.

        Writing Test:
        Letter: Write a letter to a builder to complain about the work he has recently completed in your apartment.
        Essay: These days movies and music is available online free. What do you think about this?

        • The aim in speaking is to keep talking until the examiner asks a new question – that’s the best way to demonstrate fluency.

  204. Sharing my questions from the speaking test I took on April 17 in New Delhi.
    Part 1:
    Do you work or study ?
    Are you friends with people at your workplace ?
    Do you own a dictionary?
    Do you think writing a dictionary would be interesting ?
    If someone were to give you a dictionary as a gift, what would you think of it ?

    Part 2:
    Talk about a TV show you enjoyed.

    Part 3:
    Waht’s your favourite wild animal ?
    Is it important for children to be close to animals ? (something on those lines)
    Have you visited a zoo ? Do you think watching animals on tv channels is good enough as a substitute ? Are they educational programmes ?
    What do you think about role of television educational programmes in children’s lives ?
    A question about technology in classroom.. how can it be imrpoved
    Is television the best medium for news ?
    News – something about the content’s good vs bad..
    Do you think news can ever be shown as absolute truth ?

  205. Location :Singapore
    Date : 20/04/2018
    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experience here. Here’s what I got today.
    All the best everyone.
    Special thanks to Liz for all information and tips for IELTS. πŸ™‚

    Part 1:
    1. Tell me about your hometown?
    2. What’s special about your hometown?
    3. How long have you been living there?
    4. How do you feel about your secondary school? Do you think you enjoyed more at secondary school?
    5. Do you still have friends from secondary school?
    6. Who is the most important teacher at your school?

    Part 2
    Talk about a traditional product from your country.
    What is it?
    When did you first buy it?
    Did you like it?
    Follow up:
    What are the other major traditional products in your country?

    Part 3
    1. Do you think tourists prefer to buy traditional products when they travel?
    2. How has globalization affected traditions and culture in your country?
    3. Do you think governments should enforce traditional craft industry?
    4. Will the traditions and cultural events remain in future?

  206. IELTS Academic Module
    14 April, 2018
    First part was about the history of sugar
    Second part was about Digital Literature and its use
    Third part was about quantitative research and theory-based researches in thr field of business
    Part 1: a line graph showing the proportions of waters with good quality in the 4 areas of the UK.
    Part 2: Some people prefer to have cosmetic surgery to look more attractive. Why do you think they do this? Is it negative or positive?

  207. Test centre chennai
    Date 19 april
    Part 1
    About home town
    Whats special about it
    How long you were in the city
    About food habits
    When do you eat
    Do you eat outside or at home
    Why do you eat outside
    Food habits changed from the past or not

    Part 3
    An occassion some one appreciated your work
    Who appreciated it
    Why it is so special

    Part 3
    Appreciation necessary
    Children should be appteciated
    Is it good to appreciate children
    Will the expectation increase for children after appreciation

  208. khan Md Akibur Rahman says:

    I had exam today at afternoon. I was emotionally exited so I don’t clearly remember the questions but the topic.
    center: FuturEd, Banani, Dhaka.
    Duration: 10 minutes
    1st Part

    a. My Name
    b. Two or three question on physical exercise
    c. My feelings about advertisment
    d. One advertisement I remember in my childhood
    2nd Part
    Que card on a day out
    a. When and where you went?
    b. Why you went there?
    c. Why it was enjoyable for you?
    3rd Part
    a. Where people usually go on a day out in your country?
    b. What is your experience on a day out and staying at home?
    There were two or more question, but I don’t remember clearly. sorry for that.
    But overall it wasn’t that difficult I thought it would be.

  209. I attended speaking test for My Academic Module Test in Dhaka , Bangladesh on 18th April.
    My Speaking Test Questions, as far as I can recall are :
    Part 1 :
    What’s your name ?
    What do you do ? work or study ?
    What is your job ?
    Does your Job need some sort of training ?
    Do you think you need training in future ?

    Part 2:
    Tell me about a tourist attraction in your country that not so many people visit
    Part 3 :
    Tell me some popular tourist attractions in your country
    What are the things tourist consider to visit a place ?
    Should the government charge for tourist places ?Can not it be free for local people ?
    Is security and accommodation for the tourists to have a visit to a place ?
    Do you think the place you mentioned in cue card will attract more visitors in future ?

  210. Hi,
    Exam date:17/04/2018
    Test center:Bangalore, India
    Module: Speaking
    Personal Questions and Eating habit
    Describe the time when you are teaching someone
    1.who and when
    2.how you met
    3.what you taught
    time keeping and time management

  211. IELTS Module:General
    Date of Test: 17-04-2018
    Place: Karachi
    SKill: Speaking (The remaining test is on 21st April)

    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    What shall i call you??
    Where do you stay?
    How far is it from the test center?
    Is your place a good part to live?
    Do you like traveling to long distances?
    Have you traveled long distance?
    Are you planning to do long distance travel
    Do you want to travel to the space?

    Part 2:
    Cue Card
    Some visitors visited you recently.
    What did they come for?
    How did you feel when they visited you?
    What did you do for them during their visit?

    Part 3:
    How in your part of the world guest are welcomed?
    Do you think it is a good thing to meet people?
    Do you think the trend of visitors coming to meet other people is decreasing?
    How can people from other country can help you to settle in when you are visiting?
    Do you think adapting to other countries culture helps in living there?
    Do we need to adapt completely to other countries culture or we should draw a boundary?

  212. Dear Liz, thank you so much for all of this priceless knowledge that you are sharing with us.

    Speaking test date: April 16th, 2018
    Test type: General
    Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

    Part 1:
    Do you work or study
    What do you do
    Making friends at work
    Time of day you’re most productive
    Writing letters
    Apps, most popular app in my country

    Part 2:
    Describe a happy event from your childhood that you remember well.
    You should say:
    – What the event was
    – When and where it happened
    – What you saw or did
    – And explain why you remember this event so well

    Part 3:
    Talk about a national event.
    Why it’s important to celebrate national events.
    Government wasting money on national events.

    I couldn’t remember the exact questions, sorry.

  213. Simranjit kaur says:

    Hii Liz…
    Your website is really so helpful…
    Speaking Test – 14/4/18
    At- Moga India

    What is your name?
    How can i call you?
    What is the meaning of your name?
    Who gave you this name?
    Is there a ceremony for naming a child in their country?
    Are there common names from the place you come from? Why?
    Tell me about your first day at sec school?
    Tell me about the teachers who was most imp. To you?
    Do you have any contact with your School friends?

    TALK about a recent purchase you made
    What was item?
    Why you wanted to buy?
    How you felt?

    What are the things people frequently buy in you country?
    What are the differences between street market and shop?
    Is quality of the products was better in past than nowadays?

  214. Ben Mathew says:

    Type: General
    Date of Test: 24 March 2018
    Location: Kottayam, Kerala, India

    Questions that I faced were like these

    Part I
    Where do you come from? How far is it from here?
    Is there a custom of giving gifts in your country? in which all occasions?
    Speak about your last gift? who gave it? why you like it?…

    Part II
    Speak about a Sportsperson you admire
    Who it is?
    About the sportsperson
    What is it that you like about the person?

    Part III
    Is India good in sports? which all?
    Why was India good in cricket and…
    speak about an advertisement you remember seeing in childhood
    the effect of sports persons on children


  215. Hello Liz,
    I trust that you’re doing great, I took my IELTS test last Saturday, and I can’t thank you enough for all your tips, and your awesome website. It had been enough reference for me to review for a week before the exam. Here are the test questions appeared on the exam(as far as I remember).

    Manila, Philippines

    (Part I)
    Whats your full name?
    Do you work or study?
    What work do you do?
    Do you exercise?
    How often do you exercise?
    Are you planning to do exercise in the future?
    Do you think young people still do exercise?

    (PART II)
    Which season do you like the most?
    Whats the weather like?
    What do you do in that season?
    Whom you enjoy it with?

    (Part III)
    Aside from Farming, what other types of business are affected because of the weather change?
    What will happen to the business?
    What will happen to the employees?
    Was weather change a good or a bad thing for business?

    Listening Test topics are about Maps, kind of Whales, and Salt history.
    The only topic I remember for Reading is the topic for Scientists study Asteroids and taking it to Earth.

    Writing Task 1: Changes in the percentage rate of Broadband Internet users in 4 Countries.
    Writing Task 2: What Advanced Science cannot do, that Music and Arts can do? Discuss both sides. (I forgot the exact question) πŸ˜€

    Again, Thank you so much for all of your help! You’re an inspiration, God bless you Liz πŸ™‚

  216. Type:Academic
    Date of test:14 April,2018

    Task 1: The graph shows the river water in UK that are classified for good chemical quality between the years 1990 and 2002.
    Summarise the information including main features and make comparisons where relevant.

    Task 2: The number of people interested in cosmetic surgery is increasing in order to improve their physical appearance .
    Why do people do operations to change the way they look?
    Do you think it as positive or negative development?

  217. Karina Rima Melati says:

    Dear Liz,
    I would like to share questions from Academic module test on April 14th 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    Task 1: about New Zealand walking path
    Task 2: about space trip relate to searching on asteroid
    Task 3: about gifted children on many different countries

    In today’s advanced science and technology people still values artists like painter, musician and writer. How can arts make a difference in our society that science and technology cannot? (I don’t remember exactly, but it sorted of like that)

    Part one:
    What is your name?
    Where are you coming from?
    What you like the most living on the city?
    Do you know the meaning of your name?
    Do your country have common names?
    Do you think giving a name have to held special occasion?

    Part 2:
    About furniture in my house:
    What is that?
    What kind of material is made of?
    Why you like it?
    Do you think people would like the furniture too, why?

    Part 3:
    Related to furniture in the house/office
    In your culture who decided or choose the furniture?
    Related to furniture and decoration in the house.

    Good luck everyone and I hope it helps.

    I would like to thank to you Liz for everything you have done for this community. You such an inspiration person and God bless you.

  218. 14 April 2018

    task1 Line Graph
    The percentage of river water containing good chemicals in four countries of the uk including walse, ireland, england and scotland between 1990 and 2012.

    More people are interested in cosmetic surgery in order to improve their appearance.
    Why? Is it a positive or negative development?

    History of sugar
    Digital analysis of literary texts
    Practical use of scientific journals and articles in academic settings

    Full of multiple choice quedtions exactly similar to the form of Cambridge 11 test 4

    Dear liz

    I could find the exact diagram of the exam on the Internet after 3 hours surfing.


  219. Indrastuti says:

    Academic ielts test, Indonesia 14 Apr 2018

    Part one : how do you go to your office

    Part two : related to the book you really enjoy

    Part three : related to book and movie

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Remember all topics in speaking are for both academic and GT – there is only one speaking test for everyone.

      • Anara Kasymbekova says:

        Hello Liz,

        Thanks for all your efforts. This website is wonderful. Below you can find info regarding test, what I could recall

        Ielts Academic
        14.04.2018 Astana, Kazakhstan
        Section 1 – conversation between Sharon and company, which provides services related to house, garden repair
        Project related to orangutans ( introduce offsprings to wildlife)
        Section 2 – about musical performances
        Section 3 – about musical performances
        Section 4 – A type of paint
        Reading –
        Section 1- Copy your neighbor
        Section 2- Biological Biodiversity
        Section 3 – Neanderthal Technology
        Writing –
        Task 1 river water in UK, compare good chemical quality , line graph
        Task 2 An increasing number of people are doing cosmetic surgery in order to improve appearance. Why is this happening? Is this a positive or negative development?

        The reading section was quite difficult. I got very confused, and this was the section that I didn’t properly study.

        • Reading was really tough πŸ˜•πŸ˜• i also got confused… Although i was able to score band score 8 in reading last time..

  220. Ajayveer singh says:

    I am done with my ielts speaking…
    Paper date=13th april
    Part one
    What is your full name?
    What time in a day you love to study?
    Do you love writing?
    What kind of things you love to write?
    Are you fond of writing since childhood?
    What are advertisements?
    Do you remember any advertisement?
    Is it good if a celebrity doing advertisement?

    Part two
    Cue card
    A place in your city or town you often with your friends..
    Related questions
    What kind of activities are done by youngsters?
    What is the difference between activities which are done with friends and with parents?
    Do you think students should focus more on studies or time spend with friends?
    What are the activities done by different age group people?

  221. Type of test: Academic Speaking
    Date: 12.04.2018
    Location: Ahmedabad, India

    Part 1:
    Experience on the first day of high school.
    Your favorite teacher at the high school.
    Do you miss your high school friends?

    Part 2:
    Talk about a successful businessperson.

    Part 3:
    Which are most popular businesses in your country?
    Which are the important things in business?
    What are the problems with starting a business?
    What is the age of retirement for a job in your country?
    Is degree is more important in business or experience?

    Your videos have helped me a lot.
    Thank you, madam.

  222. Karen RodrΓ­guez says:

    Hi Liz. I did my speaking test today 12th april.

    My questions were:

    Part 1:
    Full name and where do you live?
    Your home is far from here?
    How long have you been living there?
    Do you like it?
    Why do you like it?

    Then, he changes the topic to dictionaries:
    How often do you use dictionaries?
    Could be a good gift?
    Will you like to write a dictionary?

    Have you ever had a part time job or a full time job?
    What things makes a good job??
    What was your ideal job when you was a child?

    Part 2:
    Describe an importat event in your life
    How was the event
    Who where with you
    Why was important this event

    Part 3:
    How celebrate events are important?
    In your country what are some of the important events?
    What do you need to organize an event?
    What are the benefist in organize an international event?

    Thank you! I hope it will be helpfull for people studying the speaking test.

  223. Harmeet Singh says:

    date 9.4.18
    General training speaking
    venue : India
    part 1–> means of transport in your city
    part 2–> clue card
    how means of transport changed in your city , what is its impact on your city, is it a positive move or negative move
    part 3–> general discussion over impact of transport means in your daily life

  224. Test date 11 April


    Related to health
    Cue card
    time when you like go out in day
    What you do
    Have spend money
    Related questions
    Outing with Frnd

  225. Mirsaidova Maftuna says:

    Maftuna Mirsaidova
    Test date: April 11
    Part 1: Questions related to my hometown.
    About writing.
    Regarding Newspapers.
    Part 2: describe something that you have learned not at school or collage.
    Part 3: Considering children: what age is appropirate for them to start studying, what should parents teach them at their young ages and so on…

  226. Hi Liz,
    Your site is very useful for preparing for IELTS.Thank you so much.
    I gave my speaking test on 11.04.17 at Mumbai.

    Speaking Test
    Part 1
    Where are you from?
    What is famous in your hometown?

    Free time
    what do you generally do when you are free?
    Do you like to stay at house or chill outside?
    why do people like staying at home?
    what you used to do when you were a child in your free time?

    Computers and Technology
    How children use laptops?
    Is laptop useful for children?
    Should parents give children to use laptops?

    PART 2
    Describe a event which you organized and someone who appreciated you ?
    what was the event?
    who praised you ?
    and when was the event?

    PART 3
    Should parents encourage thechildren to do new new things?
    Do you think people can be self -motivated?
    Do you think appreciation of a child is going to boost his upbringing?
    At workplace what do you mean by positive feedback and a negative feedback?

  227. Academic Reading Topics – 07/04/2018 – Bahrain

    Section 1 : About Katherine Mansfield ( New Zealand Writer)

    Section 2 : About Australian Parrots

    Section 3 : People Deaf to Music

  228. Nida Ahmed says:

    Speaking Test
    Test Center: Karachi, Pakistan
    Test : General Training
    Test Date: 3rd April 2018

    Part 1
    1. What is your full name
    2. Hometown: Tell me something about your home town?
    3.How long have you been living here?
    4. What are the positive thing about living here?
    5. Names: What is the meaning of your name, why do you think you got this name?
    6. What kind of names are famous in your culture? Why?
    7. Is there any kind of celebration while giving names to children?
    8. Computers: Do you usually use computers in your work or studies? Why/Why not?
    9. When did you use the computer for the 1st time?
    9. Do you think computer usage by general people has changed in past years? How?

    Part 2
    Tell about something when you received a positive feedback
    For what you got the positive feedback
    Why did you receive the feedback
    Who gave you the feedback
    How did you feel about it

    Part 3
    1. Effects of positive feedback
    2. Effects of negative feed back
    3. If Negative feedback is bad, then how to tell someone about their lacking?
    4. Do you think people require public recognition, if they do something good?
    5. Why do you think they require public recognition?

    p.s. I think due to a large number of candidates they were rushing too fast in speaking test.

    General Test
    Test Date: 7th April 2018

    1 Job availability information
    2. Newton Music festival
    3.Psychology-Marketing project
    4. Butterfly Hibernation and migration

    1(a) Mobile Garbage Bins MGBs
    1(b) Employee Leaves entitlement
    2. Pregnant Working Women Right
    3. Nuthatch Birds

    Task 1
    Write a letter to inform your landlord about water problem which you are facing in the rented house
    – What is the problem
    – How is it effecting your life
    – What would you like the landlord to do

    Task 2
    In many societies, more and more people are choosing to live on their own.
    What are the reasons behind this.?
    Is it a positive or negative trend?

  229. Hey Liz,

    Thank you so much for the great work. I admire, your dedication to providing students from all the world with high-quality contents. I took the exam here are some info:

    Date: 07/04/2018 Saturday
    Venue: Qassim-Buurydah, Saudi Arabia
    Type: Academic

    Part 1:
    Where are you from?
    How long have you been living there?
    Do you like it?
    Why do you like it?
    It raining now, do you think people here like rain? Why?

    Part 2:
    Tell me about your greatest achievement?
    How did you do it?
    Are you proud?
    Are your family proud?

    Part 3:
    What do you think are the achievement that people are usually proud of? Why?
    What are the most important decisions that people make?
    Do you think that the journey is more rewarding than the goal itself?
    Has the goal to be clear?
    Why do people fail to achieve their goals?

    It went very well, but the examiner kept interrupting me after speaking for less than only 30 seconds or so, except one question in part 2.

    Task 1: It was about the changes in the percentages of men and woman in the workforce in certain sectors.
    Task 2: it was a question whether people should be tested yearly in order to ensure saver transport roads. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    Thank you so much again..

  230. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the articles and youtube videos. Your tips really helped, especially in reading (FALSE v/s NOT GIVEN), speaking and writing.

    My speaking session was on 04/April/2018. The questions were relatively easy, but I think I was a little nervous and that reflected in my response.

    Exam center: Bangalore
    Type: General Training

    Part 1:
    1. What is your name?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Are you a student or are you working? (I am working for past 12 years in one company; so I gave a brief about what I do and some surrounding areas.)
    4. 12 years is a long time – have you made friends? (again spoke about my friends in office and what we do in free time etc. etc.)
    5. What part of the day are you most active?

    Part 2:
    1. Do you like animals?
    2. Do you like to have a pet?
    3. Do you think it is important that children should have more knowledge about animals ?(don’t remember the exact question, but it was something similar. As an example, I spoke about animal migration for shelter and food which could be a lesson for children to tackle difficult situations.)

    Part 3:
    Was asked to speak about a television show that I watch/watched.
    1. With whom did I watch?
    2. What was the best part about this show?
    3. Don’t remember….

    Follow up questions:
    1. Did you ask your friends/relative to watch the show? How was their response?
    2. What kind of programs on television do you think ‘youngsters’ watch these days? (I spoke about children, then teenage kids and then adults. After that I just started about the older folks’ television programs I was stopped. Not sure if this can be a deterrent in getting a higher score.)
    3. There are lot of chat shows and game shows these days. Do you think this is a positive influence on children. (Again, I was too generic here. The examiner reminded me of shows like Big Boss and I carried forward the same example.)

    Finally “Thank you. We are done with the speaking test.”

    My target was 8, but I think I fumbled a little that may bring my score down. I hoping for the best.

    L/R/W: 07/April/2018
    Center: Bangalore

    Listening: Was easier.

    Reading: This area was my strongest, but I didn’t do that well. I recollect making 5 mistakes (3 incorrect and missed 2).

    Task 1 – Write a letter to your landlord regarding a water problem.
    1. Explain the problem.
    2. How are you effected by this?
    3. What do you want the landlord to do?

    Task 2: Many people are choosing to live on their own.
    1. Is this a positive or a negative trend?
    2. What is your opinion and share your personal experiences?


    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Dear Liz
        Thank you .You are a wonderful person.I really admire what you do.
        Jesus said love one another and thats what you do by replying to each n every message.Your insights have been wonderful.
        Thank you.

  231. Amanjit Kaur says:

    Module: General
    Test Date : 09th April 2018
    Location: Gurugram, India

    Part One:
    Do you work or study ?
    Did you need any training for this work ?
    Would you need any training in future ?
    How do you commute to work ?
    How much time do you spend commuting each day ?

    Part Two:

    A good decision made by someone you know.

    Part Three:

    More elaborate discussion on decision making

    At what age should adults be allowed to take their own decisions
    What are done of the important decisions that young people make
    How much pressure do the elderly in the family put on youngsters when it comes to making decisions
    What skills are required to make decisions at workplace

    Hope this helps !

    Good luck !!!

  232. Hi Liz,
    I had my speaking test on 4th April.
    Academic Test
    Part 1: General questions as you mentioned in your online material.
    Part 2: Cue card was on Houses
    Part 3: It was followed by the same topic and then topic changed to High school.
    My L,R and W was on 7th April.
    Writing task 1 was bar graph related to Citrus fruit information.
    Writing task 2 was on teachers influence on children I don’t remember the exact topic but it was similar.
    Finally I really need to thank you for the information that you shared with us.

  233. Umang Delvadiya says:

    Hello!! On 7th April 2018 IELTS Academic exam INDIA(rajkot) Writing Task-2 topic was “Once children start school, teachers have more influence on their intellectual and social development than parents”

    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  234. i recently had my IELTS exam. in my speaking test following questions were asked
    Part 1
    name , where you live, primary school, favourite teacher of childhood , how long I’ve been living in my current city, what i like about it
    Part 2
    any award I achieved , was it difficult to achieve it or not , how did I achiev?
    Part 3
    should employers award their employees ? How?
    what should they award?
    what kind of awards should children achieve?

  235. Hello,

    I would to thank you for your website which is very useful, and I would also like to share the IELTS questions that I had yesterday :

    Country : Morocco
    Date : April 7th – 2018
    Module : General training

    Speaking :
    – What is your full name ?
    – Where do you live and for how many years ?
    – Why do enjoy to live over there ?
    – Are you assidious and respect your appointments ?
    – How do you ensure that people you are going to meet come at time to the appointment ?
    – Part 2 : What type of book do you read recently ? What is the topic of the book ? Why did you read it ? What is exciting in this book ?
    – Part 3 : What type of books people read in your country ? Is there differences between books types that young / older people read ? Are boys or girls read more ? Do you think movies based on books stories are good and why ? Which is better : read a book or watch a film…?

    Good luck for all !

  236. Abhijit vaidya says:

    Dear Liz,
    Best wishes for you to get well soon. I would like to sincerely thank you for creating sucj a wonderful, informative knowledge base and that too for free.

    Below are the exam questions which I got in soeaking:
    Module: General training
    Date: 8th April, 2018
    Place: Pune, India

    Part 1:
    1. Where are you from?
    2. Time it takes to reach?
    3. Few questions about outdoor activities.

    Part 2:
    Favourite subject in school

    Part 3:
    1. About use of computers in education
    2. Does computers affect students and their education.
    3. Few more questions on the same topic.

    I would like to thank you again for your work and will pray to god to get you out of your health issues at earliest.

    Best of luck for all ielts students.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Please note all speaking topics are for both GT and Academic tests – there is no distinction in speaking.

  237. Hi Liz,
    I took the final exam;

    April 7th

    Listening has changed from Oxford books, meanwhile a new trick was speaking speed, coming two questions continuously.

    Writing topics;
    Task 1
    Write a letter to your landlord and complain about water.

    Task 2
    In recent society, more and more people are trying to live by their own. Say the reasons. Is it positive or negative trend.

    Wish me a 7 in each. πŸ™

  238. Hi Liz,

    I posted my after exam comment on 5th, not sure why, but I can’t see my comments and your response. I hope there were nothing offensive!!!


  239. Aril 07, General test, Trivandrum, Kerala
    Write a letter to the land lord regarding some problems with water
    A. What’s the problem
    B. How it’s affecting your life
    C. How can it be solved.

    Some people likes to live alone in some countries. What are the reasons. Is it a positive or negative yrend?

  240. Rameez Jaffery Hanif says:

    Hi Liz,
    I work as an operations coordinator in Dubai and attended my GT tests here.
    Speaking test was on 02/04/18 and the questions were,

    Section 1
    – Whats your name?
    – Tell me about your home town?
    – How long does it take to travel to your work?
    – How do you travel?
    – How do you spend time during this travelling time?
    – Have u been on a boat?
    – How was d experience and whom did u go with?
    – Will you own a boat in future?

    Section 2
    – Whats ur idea of a perfect home?
    – Where do u want it to be and why?
    – Would u like to live in a joint family in d future?

    Section 3
    – What kinda houses you can find in your country?
    – What kinda houses people opt to live?
    – Do you think a house reflects ones personality?
    – Is beauty or functionality important for a house?

    My LRW was on 07/04/18 and some questions are,

    Writing – Task 1
    Write a letter to ur landlord mentioning a problem u have with the water supply in ur apartment.
    – mention d issue
    – problems u face
    – suggest what d landlord can do about it

    Task 2
    more n more people choose to live alone thesedays
    – reasons for it
    – do u think it is a positive or negative trend

    Section 1 – multiple choices (patient calling a health centre)
    Section 2 – fill in d spaces (tutor n student discussion about dissertation)
    Section 3 – a guide briefing about different types of museums n to match its activities from d list + multiple choices
    Section 4 – fill in d spaces (about β€˜australian voices’)

    Section 1 – T/F/NG (about MG Bins)
    Section 2 – Matching headings (about employee annual leave n pays)
    Section 3 – fill in spaces (about maternity leaves)
    Section 4 – Matching headings, multiple choices n fill in spaces (about a species of bird)

    Fortunately i came across ur website n videos when i decided to start d practise and i never had to refer anything els (ofcourse d cambridge books). Ur lessons r all to d point n r very useful to anyone who prefers to prepare for ielts from home. Most of d other videos n tutorials out der r useless n misleading but ur an exception. Ur dedication n sincerity r evident in ur lessons. Keep up d gud wrk Liz and thanku very much.

    I hope to achieve d required score which is expected to be out by the 20th.

  241. The type of test –General Training
    Date of test April 7
    Location of test: Toronto

    Writing task 1:
    You and your friend are planning a picnic in the country side. Write:
    1- which arrangements you have already done
    2- other activities that can be done
    3h- how your friend can help with the arrangements

    Writing task 2:
    Some people think that people who are over 60 years old should not work and retire earlier.
    To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Hi liz! I took my academic ielts last April 7, 2018. My task 2 writing is about yearly testing for drivers of vehicles. It ask me to what extent I agree that it is the best method for safety in road transportation

  242. Hello, I have recently taken an IELTS test.
    Date: April 07 2018
    Place: Vietnam
    Module: Academic
    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Where are your from?
    Are you a student or a worker?
    What sports do you play? Why?
    What do you think about the changes in sports now and when you was young?

    Part 2:
    Talk about a businessperson you admire.

    Part 3:
    Do you wanna become a businessman?
    Which kind of good do you want to sell? Why?
    In your country, which type of good people often sell?
    Where would businessperson choose to start, renting a shop or buying a house?
    Do you think that older businessperson need to work hard?
    Extra questions based on your career.
    Good luck everyone.

  243. Jigar Parekh says:


    I took my speaking test today 6th of April 2018 at the Chicago ELS Center. Following were the questions I was asked:

    Task 1:
    – What is your full name?
    – What can I call you?
    – Where do you work?
    – What is your job?
    – Did you get any training for your job?
    – Are you planning to learn further in your area of work?
    – Why do you want to learn further in your area of work?
    This was followed by some random questions which was weird for Task 1. The questions were:
    – Have you ever been on a boat?
    – When had you been on the boat?
    – Why did you go the boat?
    – Do you plan to take any future vacation on a boat?
    Finally, the examiner moved on to Task 2, glad that the boat thing got over! πŸ™‚
    Task 2:
    – Tell me about a recent book you read?
    – Who was the author?
    – What was it about?
    – Why did you read that book?
    – Who you should read that book?
    Task 3:
    – What type of books are generally read in your country?
    – Why do more people read Novels in your country?
    – Do young and old people read the same kinds of book in your country?
    – Do boys or girls read more books in your country? Why?
    This was the end of my speaking evaluation.

    Thanks Liz for being such a help with the great work you are doing with your blogs and videos!

  244. Hello,

    I had my exam today(6th Apr 2018) in Pune exam centre.

    Part 1 :
    –What is your name ?
    –Do you work or study ?
    –Do you think gifts have to be given just on the special occasions?
    –Which was was the recent gift you received?
    –Do you like picking up gifts for friends/family ?

    Part 2:

    Which TV programme you saw recently and enjoyed very much.
    –With whom you saw
    –Why did you like it so much

    Part 3 :
    –Do you think education channels on TV are useful?
    –Do you think children benefit from visiting zoo or watching animals on TV
    –Do you think news channel are popular nowdays?
    -Do you think children should be encouraged to watch education TV shows?


  245. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your useful site and YouTube videos,

    April 6th

    Do I work or study
    What trainings did I need for my job
    How my eating habits has changed
    When do I eat my meals
    Who do I prefer to eat my meals with
    Do I prefer eating in home or eating out

    Part 2
    One rule in my school which I agree or disagree

    Part 3
    Can we have a rule for all ages
    Do you agree with uniforms in companies
    (there was a lot of question, but I can only remember these two)

    Good luck everyone

  246. Mohammed Abdul Nazim says:

    Hi Everyone !

    I had my speaking today a few hours ago and I would like share the questions with you all.

    Part 1.

    1. Introduction
    2. Do you work or study ?
    3. Do you like making friends at work ?
    4. Do you like listening to music while you are studying/ working ?
    5. Do you like buying or downloading the music online ?
    6. Do you think you listen you more music when you were young ?

    Part 2

    1. Describe a special event which you celebrated ?

    You should say :

    * Why the Event was special ?
    * What was the Event about and with whom you have celebrated it with ?
    * What do you like from the Event ?

    Part 3

    1. Tel me about a National event in your county and how you celebrate it ?
    2. Why do you think it is an important event to celebrate ?
    3. Don’t you think that the government is wasting money on such event as they can rather spend it on some education and health?
    4. Tell me about an international invent happened in your country ?
    5. What benefits it has given to the country ?
    6. Why don’t you think that the technology can be a good platform to attend an international event rather be present there.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • ashlyn_j says:

      I just took a speaking part. The venue is in Toronto, Canada. I guess I wad the first candidate for the today’s dpeaking test.
      I got the same questions in part 2 and 3. Thank to you that I read though questions before the test and I did it better. Thank you for sharing. Good luck on your resultsπŸ˜ƒ

  247. Module : GT
    Date- 06 April 2018
    Location: India

    Type 1:
    1 Whats your full name
    2 What should I call you
    3 what do you think how imp is to exercise today
    4 Do you excersie
    5 How often do you excercise
    6 Are young people also do regular exercise these days
    7 What exercise you used to do in scholl
    8 Do u think u will continue to do regular exercise

    Part 2:
    Cue Card – Any 1 thing which is not taught in school and universities but still needs to be learned
    a What is that you learned
    b Where & when did you learned it
    c Why you think its important
    d What benefit it gives to you

    Part 3:
    1 Do you think is there any age for learning
    2 What do you say about learning of older generations
    3 Do you think there are any life skill which older population needs to learn
    4 What do you think how important is it to learn continuously in life .. why ?

    Liz – Thanks for all the great tips you have given, my sincere thanks to you.
    Also during my cue card I briefly stopped and my examiner indicated me to speak more and then I spoke to nearly 15 seconds more and she stopped me. I your opinion is it a good or bad thing ? Will this affect my score?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your score is based on your overall performance, so your results will depend on the rest of the speaking test. Try not to worry πŸ™‚

    • Anne Marie says:

      Hi Rohit,

      I took my Speaking test on 22 March 2018. I blanked out for part 2 of my test. I was nervous and though my topic was easy, I didn’t speak well. My part 1 and part 3 were very good.

      So don’t worry and relax. Concentrate on your LRW. All the best.

      Anne Marie

  248. Shabir ahmed says:

    Ahmed Khan
    Hi Liz thank you very much for such a helpful website I took my speaking test today (AEO)
    Center Islamabad Pakistan
    Part 1
    What is your full name
    Where you live ??? It’s how much far away from here ??
    It’s a any good place in your town
    Part 2
    Q Card
    Describe a shop or company which is good for the services
    Where is shop located ???
    When you visited there and why
    You thought the services of that shop are good and why
    Part 2
    Is the consumer can pressurise the company for the services???
    You think the expensive company service not good why and why not
    Have you kept the pet in your home
    Do you think the shops doesn’t provide good service and why ???

  249. Noura Shehab-Eldeen says:

    Academic module
    Egypt (Mansoura)
    On April, 6th 2018
    Hi guys,
    The topics I had were pretty much repeated :
    Full name, ID
    Which city do you live in?
    How long have you been living here?
    What do you like about living here?
    What do you do when you are at home?
    Do you spend lots of time there? Do you like to spend more time at home?
    What did you use to do at home when you were young?

    Talk about a good parent you know
    -who s/he is
    – how you know him/her
    – what he does with his/her children
    – why you think s/he is a good parent

    What skills do you think are important in parenting?
    Do you think parenting requires new skills now than in the past?
    How do working parents manage to take care of their children?
    Do you think they let their children watch Tv for long? Why is it harmful?
    Do you think governments should have a role in parenting?
    Do you think both parents should have equal roles in taking care of their children, why?

    I want to thank all the participants and Liz for providing us with your exams . We benefited from them a lot πŸ™‚

  250. Noha Shehab Eldin says:

    April the 6th 2018
    Mansoura, Egypt

    Part 1:
    Do you work or study?
    Have you taken any training courses?
    Do you plan to take more courses?
    Do you use computers in your work?
    Do you think the use of computers and internet will change in the future?

    Talk about a book that you read
    What is its type?
    Why did you read it?
    What was it about?
    What was exciting about it?

    Part 3:
    What kinds of books do people read in you country?
    Is it better to read fiction or nonfiction books?
    What kinds of books do the old and young people read?
    Is reading good for children?
    Who reads more boys or girls?
    Is it better to read for children or they should read for themselves?

    I think I did well
    I had to stop talking a couple of times to correct my grammar because I made mistakes
    Thank you Liz for this useful website
    Good luck everybody

  251. I was lucky to have the same Task 2 I saw here yesterday!! Thank you all for sharing!
    I took my test today, April 5th, Brazil.

    I’ll try to write what I remember:

    PART I
    Your city
    Your job
    Meals/ food habits
    Rain/ How often rains in your city/ How rain affect your mood

    Describe a businessman you know


    What do you think that is necessary to be a successful businessman?
    What is the most important: academic background or experience?
    Do you think that being a tough person is necessary for having success on businees?
    People usually say that women do not have this profile. Do you agree or disagree?

    Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  252. Hello. I’m grateful for this site that I learned a lot from your tips, Liz. I took my IELTS speaking test 5th April 2018. GT Module in Manila. Let me share with questions that were given during the test.
    Part 1
    Full name
    Place of residence
    Use of computers and internet nowadays
    Part 2
    Traditional product from your country
    What is it?
    Where is it from?
    Purpose of the product.
    Part 3
    Traditions and culture of a country
    Importance of traditions
    Where traditions should first learned from home or school?
    Young people’s perspective about traditions and cultures.

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