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  1. Academic module; Malaysia, 1:00pm , 19/2
    So I had my speaking test today!

    Part 1
    1. Study/work
    2. Do you do physical exercise?
    3. What do you think about giving present?

    Part 2
    Talk about visitors that visited you recently.
    When? What did you do? Why?

    Part 3
    1. What is the advantages of staying friend’s house than hotels at overseas?
    2. Do you think hospitality is important?
    3. What training should be given for hotel staffs?

    I can’t remember all of them but I hope this maybe
    helpful for you! I felt like messing up the whole test cause the examiner was yawning. This makes me feel nervous cause I guessed she didn’t has interest on listening my points.

  2. Kamaljit Singh says:

    Speaking :
    today was my speaking test i.e. 17.2.18
    First of all thank you Ms. Liz for making this website and share different ideas.
    1. first was general questions like
    what is your full name ?
    Where r from ?
    distance of exam center from your home
    do you work or study ?
    how you go to your workplace
    what are you doing while going to workplace ?
    Then 5-6 questions were on teenagers
    What they like ? etc

    Cue card was on :
    describe your foreign friend
    how you met him/her
    how long ?
    qualities ?

    Then 4-5 questions about foreign companies and brand like
    is it beneficial for a country to have foreign complanies
    what are the benefits of their product ?

  3. Hello Liz,

    I had a speaking test on 13-Feb-2018. LRW was done on 10-Feb-2018.

    Module : General Training
    Speaking Date: 13-Feb-2018
    Location : Ahmedabad, India

    Speaking Test Details:


    1. What is your name?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Where do you live in your country?
    4. Why do you like your city?
    5. How do you go to your workplace?
    6. What do you do when you are traveling to your workplace?
    7. Did you find any difficulties reaching here?

    Part – 2

    Describe a successful businessman from your country you admire
    (don’t remember the sub-points)

    Part – 3

    1. Would you like to become a businessman like him?
    2. What qualities does a person need to become successful in business?
    3. What kind of business younger people do in your country today?
    4. In past, what kind of business younger people were doing in your country?

    All in all, it’s a good test. I have given the answer to all the questions without hesitation or a pause except 2 seconds pause in once question.

    The whole speaking test just took 9-10 minutes. I heard that common speaking test time is something between 12-15 minutes. So is it ok? Also, the examiner stopped me in part 2 after speaking for only a minute and a couple of seconds, is it fine or she stopped me because I didn’t speak properly?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The IELTS speaking test is between 11 and 14 mins in length – not more and not less. The examiner can’t alter the rules. The examiner can’t stop you in part 2 until 2 mins have passed. Again, the examiner can’t alter the rules.

      • Oh, then why the examiner stopped me while speaking in part 2 after only a minute and a couple of seconds. might there be anything wrong with my speaking?

        • It is not possible for the examiner to do this. The most likely reason is that you didn’t know the length of time yourself. Examiners can’t stop you talking in part 2 until 2 mins is up. If you are very sure it was only 1 min, you can complain and ask them to check. It isn’t about you or your performance.

  4. Academic module:
    Test Venue: Vancouver, Canada
    Test date: 10 Feb 2018

    Writing task 2:
    The prediction that people living in 21st century will have more free time because of the improvement in technology has come true.
    To what extent do you agree?

    Section 1:
    Do you work or study?
    what time do you study?
    Did you make any new friends at the place you study?

    Section 2:
    Describe a public place you visited?
    i) why did you visit that place?
    ii) what were the good things about the place?
    iii) what were the disadvantages?

    What should the government do to improve the conditions? give your opinion.

    Section 3:
    Do you prefer living in a city or Country side. Why?
    why do people travel from country side to cities for employment?
    Do you think the government should bring more employment opportunities for the people living in country side?
    People living in the cities feel lonely. what do you think is the reason?

  5. Thank you Liz.

    I had my speaking test on 10/02/18 in South Africa.

    Part 1.

    Was asked about Music

    – what kind of music do you like?
    – did you listen to music more when you were younger?
    – do you think music will change in the near future?
    – do you prefer to buy CDs or to download music from the internet?

    Cue card – tell me about a significant personal event that you celebrated?
    Who did you celebrate it with?
    How did you celebrate?

    Follow up questions

    – what other significant events do people celebrate worldwide
    – do you know any international events that are celebrated?
    – what do countries benefit drom celebrating such

    All the best to those who are preparing

  6. Fahima Yasmin says:

    Hi Liz . Thanks a lot for all the information and materials you shared here . It helped me and my friend a lot.

    10th February 2018
    Keiv, Ukraine

    Task 1:
    The table shows the annual milk production in four countries in the years 1990,2000 and 2010.

    Write a report summarising the information. Select and describe the main features, and make comparisons where relevant .

    Task 2:
    People living in the 21st century have a better quality of life than the previous centuries.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

    Part 1:
    •What is the climate like in the place you live?
    •Does it rain ? How often?
    •Do you think the rain has an effect on a person’s behavior and mood?
    •How do you spend the time in the place you live ?

    Part 2:
    Describe an achievement you are proud of.
    You should say:
    •what you achieved
    •when you achieved it
    •what was difficult about achieving it
    and explain why you are proud of this achievement.

    Part 3 :
    •What are some of the greatest acheivements in the world today?
    •What do you think are the greatest acheivements of the teenagers these days ?
    • Do you think teenagers should have an aim in life ?
    •Can anyone achieve something in life or does it have to be a rich or a known person?

    The examiner asked me few additional questions.
    • Do you prefer reading newspapers or reading news on internet?
    • Which section do you read first, the news about the world or politics?

  7. Hi everyone,

    Academic Module
    10th February, 2018
    Jakarta, Indonesia

    TASK 1
    Comparing two pie charts shows about IT supports and opening hours in university library.

    TASK 2
    Topics related to family traditions of taking meals together which are disappearing.
    Why is it?
    How can it has effects on families and social communities?
    Give your answers and examples by your own experience!

    PART 1
    Do you work or study? (I am an Engineer)
    What is your job?
    Do this job needs training?

    PART 2
    Describe an interesting person you met which came from out of your country?
    What his/her name? When and how you met?
    Describe how he/she looks?
    Why this person is interesting to you?

    Part 3
    Do you interact with teenagers in your neighborhood?
    What do you think about international company compared to national company?
    There are international and local brands, tell me your opinion.

    The examiner spoke as fast as F1 cars, It made -forced- me to follow his pace. This not good, just be calm. My session was placed nearly in the last evening.
    I always gave my answers at length -and fast-, so it took more time.
    But it could cost your grammar and pronunciation. Be carefully
    In some parts of the test, he stopped me and gave the next question.
    I add details and explore more about my first answer.
    Maybe this is the reason why my questions are so few.

    Anyway, good luck guys.

    I want to express my gratitude to you Liz, for your amazing tips.
    This is my first time taking IELTS test, I hope my overall band score get more than 7.


  8. FAZLI KAYA says:

    Hi Everybody,
    10 February 2018 IELTS GT Writing QUESTIONS
    TASK 1
    Your company recently used the conference facilities of a hotel, but you had some problems at the conference center.Write a letter to Hotel Manager.
    * What was the problem/s
    *How did it affect your group?
    *What do you want them to do?

    TASK 2
    For More and more people wearing fashionable clothes are becoming important.
    İs this attitude to wearing clothes positive or negative development?

    Tell us about a time you were happy with the customer service of a company?
    * When was it?
    *What was the product?
    *How did they solve the problem?

    PART 3..
    Will you recommend this company to your friends in the future?
    How important it is for companies to have customer call centers?
    Which one is better to solve a customers’ problem, face to face or on the phone?
    What qualities does a call center employee should have?
    Do you think it is important for companies to have feedback from customers?

  9. General test

    Speaking test 10 Feb 2018
    Work or study?
    Do you need training for work?
    Did you receive trainings ?
    Travelling time for office?
    How long you travel everyday?
    Who do you eat your food with?

    Speaking part 2-
    Tell about a rule that you had in school?
    You liked it or not?
    Speaking part 3:
    Is it good to have rules in school?
    Children and elder should have differe t or same rules?

    Task 1- company had a meeting at hotel and you are dissapointed over facilities. Write a letter to manager about the event and advise.

    Task2- more and more people wear fashionable clothes. Is this development positive or negative.

  10. IELTS Writing task 1 (Date: 10-02-1018), Pakistan.

    The table below shows the annual production of milk in four countries in 1990, 2000 and 2010.

    Writing task 2 (Dated: 10-02-2018), Pakistan.
    The peoples of twenty-first century have better quality of life than the peoples who lived in the previous centuries.
    To what extend do you agree or desagree?

  11. Hi,
    Day before yesterday was my speaking test.(9/02/18)
    Test centre: Brussels ,Belgium

    Questions are listed below:

    First section:
    2.Where u live now?How far from exam centre?
    3.Do u like the place u live, why?How long have u been living there?
    3. Do u like traveling?Do u like to travel by flight?How often do you travel by flight?Mention some occasions?Do u think u travel more in the future?
    4.Which is ur favourite wild animal?why u like that animal?
    5.Do u like pets?if yes why, else why not?
    6.Do u think kids should learn about animals,why?

    Cue card: Which is ur favourite subject?How long have u been studying the subject, why u like learning that subject? Who taught u that subject?

    Last section:
    1.Do anyone u know like the same subject?
    2. Which subject is essential to learn in life?why?
    3.In the future which subject children should learn?why?
    4.Is sports lesson important in school, why?
    5.Is facilities required in school?why?
    6.Facility or a good teacher?which is better?why?

    Thank you liz

  12. Academic module 10/2/2018

    Writing task 1 was about a table that compares the number of litres of milk produced by five different countries.

    Task 2 subject was “people living in the 21st century are enjoying better quality of life compared to people who lived in the previous centuries.
    Do you agree or disagree?”

    Part 1 speaking was about writing and newspapers.
    Part 2 was about my idea about an ideal vacation:
    Where to go?
    With whom?
    What do you want to do there?
    Why you think it would be ideal to go that place?

    Speaking part three was follow up questions about vacations:
    Can people find cheap vacations?
    Why should people go on vacations?
    Why is it important for companies to arrange special vacation packages for their employees?
    Why are some people reluctant to go on vacations?

  13. Nita Aprilia says:

    Hi everyone!
    I had my exam on 10 February, in Malang (on behalf of IALF Surabaya)

    Task 1: Four pie charts regarding the result of the survey conducted by a university library about its services.
    Task 2: In many countries, the tradition of families having meals together is disappearing.
    Why is that happen? What will be the effects of it to the family and the society?

    Part 1: What do you do? (Study)
    What do you like about your major?
    Did you want to study that major?
    The tradition of giving the name in your country. Does your name have any meaning?
    Do people have a certain tradition when given birth?

    Part 2: Describe a book that you really like to read

    Part 3: What kind of book do people in your country like to read?
    Do you think older people would like to read books that usually read by younger people?
    Do you think it’s better to watch the movie first then read the original book or read the book first then watch the movie?
    Do you think by watching the movie, people will be encouraged to read the original book?

    Best luck for those who’ll take the test! And hoping the best for my test result as well 🙂
    Oh and Liz, thank you sooo much for everything, you really help a lot of people ^^
    Best regards!

  14. Module: General Training
    Date: 10/02/2018
    Location: Pune, India

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your wonderful tips on writing and this recent questions blog which helped me enhance my writing significantly along with the practice of recent exam questions. Last time my score was 6.5 in writing and hopefully this time it will improve.

    Below are the questions which are received in IELTS exam yesterday which might be helpful to other enthusiasts.


    Section 1: Dubai School (Form Completion)
    Section 2: Caves (A talk by a guide to group of tourists) – 5 MCQs and 5 Matching
    Section 3: Project Discussion between two students – 4 Questions (Choose two) & 6 MCQs
    Section 4: Human sense to smell – 10 sentence completion questions

    Section 3: Disappearing/Melting Rwenzori’s Glaciers, Uganda – 5 match the headings, 5 MCQs, 3 T-F-NG

    Task 1 (Letter):
    One of your friends invited you for a meal with his/her family in their home. Write a letter to your friend and say:
    Thank him and tell about the meal you enjoyed the most.
    What else you liked about this visit?
    Suggest some arrangement to meet again.

    Task 2 (Essay):
    Some people think that the most effective way to reduce industrial pollution is to tax the companies which causes them. Others think that there are better ways to do so.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  15. 10 fed location Ludhiana (india) task 1 show destiny of people in 2003 and the change of population from 2003 to 2005 Task 2 some people want government should spent money for looking life on othre planet however other think it is waste of public money when there are so many problems on earth government should solve it discusse both view

  16. Ielts gt
    Exam date:10th feb 2018
    You recenrly had a meal at ur friends place.
    Thank him/her and mentuon what you liked in the meal.
    How did you feel meeting him/her.
    invite them to your home and make suggestions .

    Some people argue higher taxes should be collected from industries causing higher industrial pollution whereas others argue there are other ways to deal it. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

  17. Saif Manzar says:

    Just had my General exam in Houston.

    Writing questions were below:
    Task 1: Write a letter to your neighbour who often burns garbage close to your house. Complain about his action, tell him how this is impacting you and suggest ways to avoid it.

    Task 2: Some people believe school children should be given multiple short vacations while others believe they should get one long vacation. Give advantages of both and your point of view.

    Under advantages of one long vacation, i mentioned that children can do internships or other part-time jobs which would give them valuable experience. Is this appropriate considering children in some countries are not allowed to work up until a certain age?


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The word “internship” is not usually for children, but part-time work is fine. Another advantage of long holidays is that parents can take their children abroad where the child can learn more about culture.

      • Saif Manzar says:

        Lol, That’s pretty much what i mentioned as second and third advantage.

        Children who have friends and families in foreign countries can visit them over an extended period of time. Additionally, parents who would like to go on world tours to explore nature and other cultures would benefit from one long vacation.

  18. peacecorpse says:

    9 Feb 2018

    -Personal questions
    -teenagers? Do you know any teenagers?
    -favorite activities for teenager in your city ?
    -what do you think about teenager fashion ?
    -what is the most thing you like it in your teenager age ?

    Part 2
    Tell me about a businessperson that you admire about
    – who is he/she
    – what do he/she sells
    – why do you admire him

    – what business is thriving in your country
    – what is needed to be a successful business person ?
    – do you think people should stick to one business or change every now and then?
    – do you think people working in business need to be hard hearted?
    – what do you think about reputation in business ?
    Is it important?
    – do you think the way we conduct business is different since the rising of social media ?

    Task 1 – Line graph of 3 crimes (car theft, House burglaring/street robbery) from 1970-2005 in England and Wales.

    Task 2 – students in school and university learn far more by lessons with their teachers compared to other sources. (Eg: television, the internet). Do you agree or disagree?

    Ps- is it common for the speaking part 3 to be asked until 6 questions? Or is it because my answers weren’t good that the examiner have to ask me more? 😭😭😭

  19. 10/02 UK
    Part 1 : 4 answers spelling: post code, name, insurance number and initials. The rest was easy
    Part 2. Map of building with different facilities
    Part 3. Quite fast. My memorised answers are : knows and expects; draft;

    Passage 1 T/F/NG
    Passage 2 was about smell it was quite difficult and long headings
    Passage 3 was extremely difficult. It was About an explorer and a writer who wrote a book about him

    Task 1 table. Annual milk production (in litres) in 4 countries in 1990, 2000 and 2010.
    Task 2 people living in 21 century have better life quality than those in the past. To what extent do you agree or disagree

  20. General
    10 Feb 2018

    – Personal questions
    – tell me about you home town
    – do you know any teenagers ?
    – what activity for teenager in your city ?
    – what do you think about teenager fashion ?
    – what is the most thing you like it in your teenager age ?
    Part 2
    Tell me about someone in another country you heard about him
    – who is he
    – how you hear about him
    – why you like him

    – is it important to know people to visit a country ?
    – what is advantages and disadvantages to international companies ?
    – why do you think brand become more popular these days ?

  21. Ismail Naguib says:

    Date: 09 / 02 / 2018
    Speaking / Academic
    Country: Egypt.
    – The examiner asked me about my full name, my job
    – also asked me about music, what wild animal I do prefer?
    – she asked me about pets.
    – Finally he asked and discussed me about photo that taken to me, When, Where, and Who is taken it for me?
    that is all

  22. DOE: 9th feb 2018
    PART 1
    PART 2
    Unusual food
    PART 3
    Food in restaurants and home made

    I must say this website helped me alot and thankful to you for providing us a platform…

  23. H ad a Speaking Test – 7.02.2018 , Chennai , India

    Task 1 :
    Common qns which all users shared above helped a lot .

    What is ur full name , what do u do ? work or study ? Family ? Do ur work need any training ? Tell me abt ur native ? Any recent outdoor activity you got amused ?

    Task 2 :
    “Which country you would like to visit ? why you would like to ? what are the reasaons ? when you want to do it ? “

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi liz,
        Had my LRW GT today at Riyadh KSA following were the tests
        1. Conversation between an organizer and a lady looking for a room to arrange birthdays party
        2. Two students discussing their research with a professor about children with behavioral issues
        3. About cotton crops (advantages and disadvantages)
        the second section conversions were really fast and confusing but i managed somehow hope my answers were alright

        1. Teachers employmebt application process
        2. Different hotel accommodation types and the fascilities they come with
        3. earlier navigation practices among sailors
        here the last passage was a bit tricky but understandable and i did it anyway due to the time limit
        Task 1
        write a letter to your landlord and report that there are some problems caused to the apartment due to the recent bad weather
        (it was super easy and handled well)
        Task 2
        Some people believe that not all criminals should be kept in prison, but some of them should be allowed to do unpaid work to help the community
        Do you agree or disagree
        Honestly after i finished my writing I felt great because i am a lawyer and often read alot about criminals and crimes so after paraphrasing the question I agreed to the opinion and stated that criminals should be categorized them before we decide whether we should allow them to work without pay or they should be kept locked up and after this part I attempted the subject where I mentioned about habitual offenders and those with heinous crimes like child molesters, rapists, drug lords and murderers etc shouldn’t be free and supoort this i mentioned about Aileen Wournos a serial killer from america who was given parole but later she committed more murders and then i talked about those with good behavior and attitude improvements plus young offenders can be given an opportunity to mend their ways by giving them voluntary work anyways i put as much details as i could do you think 🤔 I answered the task???? not to mention i used wide range of vocabulary and link ky ideas well ( sorry for this lengthy post) my speaking is tonight wish me luck please and thank you for the wonderful job you are doing

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your ideas seem fine and I hope you get the results you need. For your speaking test, be chatty. Remember it is an informal speaking test and every question is an opportunity. Keep talking until the examiner stops you – good luck 🙂

  24. Need 8-band score says:

    Melbourne – IDP center – Speaking
    after greeting,
    He asked let’s talk about your home and all follow-up.

    cue card part: what u recently bought, why you chose the item, what you use it to do, why you are happy with the item.

    part 3: why do people enjoy shopping, in your country do people prefer to buy from shops (i assumed the shop to be shopping malls and big stores) or street, has people attitude towards shopping changed compared to the past.

  25. IELTS exam / Jordan
    Speaking test

    Do you work/ Study
    From where you come?
    When do you usually have your meals?
    Whom so you share your meal with?
    Is it important to eat with family?
    ( cant remember 1 more)

    Cue Card;
    Talk about a rule that was applied in your school
    Do you agree/ disagree

    Part 3 Q’s on part 2 more than 7 Q’s!

    Liz I think i did good in the first two parts didnt “humm” neither did stop or even said “you know” but there was a question in part 3 that i think i did bad in it spc. In the grammar part and repeated the same idea answering two questions ( one about empowering kids in putting rules and the one after that some teachers think they shouldnt involve kids in initiating those rules) I felt they both have the same idea so I asnwered that I personally recommend listening to kids becuase they will feel responsibleand answered no on the other question to emphasize on the fact that they should be part of sitting the rules.

    Will that affect my result? Its my third time and I only need half a mark which I always lose in writinf, yet this time I am not sure if this will affect my speaking result and will have less than 7😞

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your ideas are not marked in your speaking test. Only the range and accuracy of your English is marked based on grammar, vocab, fluency and pron.

  26. I have just finished my Speaking test. I take IELTS GT.
    part 1: work or study, like reading or not, spend time with family or not, why, do u like to have a vacation on a boat…
    part 2: Describe an advertisement that you would like to buy.
    part 3: compare advertisement on TV and internet; should allow children to watch advertisement or not; which major ad … on TV ( i didnot get it 🙁 )..

  27. veena athul says:

    Hi Liz,

    I had speaking exam in India, Calicut recently.


    Do you work or study
    What is your profession
    What time you prefer to work
    Do you have friendly atmosphere there


    How many hours you sleep
    Do you think that who should sleep more hours, adults or youth

    **cant remember more**

    part 2:

    Describe about a River in your country

    Part 3:

    What are the sports activities in that river.
    What about swimming activities in the river.
    How often children swim in your country.
    Do you think that it is better to educate children swimming.
    What are the river jobs there.
    ** more discussion was there **

  28. Eshita Shah says:

    Hi Liz!

    It’s really fruitful work you are doing and sharing knowledge with millions of candidate’s, including me…

    I had my speaking test today, I’d like to share the questions:

    Exam: 8th Feb
    Module: General
    Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

    Part 1:
    Full Name?
    What i can call you?
    Do you Work or Study?
    What work you do?
    Do you like to spend holiday?
    (here i gave recent example about ‘Mauritius’ and how i felt – so is this correct)
    Where do most of the people spend holiday?

    Part 2:
    Describe a special day out which cost you less
    When ?
    Where ?
    With Whom ?
    Explain what you felt special about it?

    Part 3:
    Do you feel people should go for outing often ?
    Should people spend more time at home or going out ?
    Whats the impact of staying at home and spending time after digital technology? will this effect in future ?
    what do you feel, siting at home is good and involve oneself in digital technologies ?
    (i goofed up in this little … but hope for the best)

  29. Hi Liz
    Thank u for the wonderful service you are providing
    Your website was of immense help to me and this section especially.That’s why posting my question could be of help to someone
    I had my speaking test today
    Date: 08 feb
    Part1 (usual general question)
    What is your name
    Where are you from
    Do u work or study
    Do u have friends at your work place
    What is the best time of the day do you like to work
    What outdoor activities did you like to do
    What outdoor activity did you do when you were young
    How important is physical activity for young people in your country
    Talk about an occassion where you had a visitor
    Who the visitor was
    what did you do
    how did you feel
    PART 3
    How important do you think is for host country to take care of the visitor
    What kind of training should be provided for the staff at the hotels
    Do you prefer to stay at friends house or hotel
    If you plan to stay at hotel what kind of facilities do u expect

    I don’t remember the order in which questions were for part 3
    I messsed up a bit for host country in part 3
    I don’t know how it will impact my score
    Keeping my hopes high for better performance for written exam on 10th

  30. Hello Liz
    Place- Brisbane,Australia
    I have my speaking exam today and this is the questions examiner asked.
    Part 1
    Question on sleep hours
    Do you excercise daily ?
    Compare the difference in excercising in childhood and present ?
    Do people in your country excercise daily? Why?
    Is it important for elderly people to sleep more hours than adults? Why?
    Where you live? What benefits you have living there?
    Is your house close to the University?

    Part 2
    Famous person
    What he do?
    Why famous?
    Why you like?

    Part 3 discussion on famous personality and why they famous

    Which kind of people are famous in your country? Why?
    Why there are so many fans and followers?
    Why there are many fans and not many leaders ?people like to follow others , why?
    Some famous personality remains famous for long time, why?
    Some celebrities are famous for some time period , why ?
    Part 3 was tough for me as very critical and deeper questions
    Do you want to become famous personality and why
    What factors or things make the celebrities famous.

  31. General Traning
    Speaking Test 1/2/2018

    Part 1: Sorry but I don’t recall the exact questions
    -Do you work or Study?
    -Do you have a good relation with people you work with?
    -what are the most applicatins you always use in your smartphone?
    -what are the most useful application in your country?
    -Are you thing about developing your own application?
    -Is it often easy for people in your country to get the applications they want
    -Do you like long flights?
    -Have you travelled before by plane?

    describe a city or place in your country that you have visited with you friend? why?

    -Can you tell me about an event when people in your country meet?
    -when people in your country meet. what do you usualy do?
    -Do you think it is a good idea to know a new people where you’re in a large group of people?

    PS: please I’ve just a question in you don’t mind: After I have finished my talk in part 2 the examiner asked me 3 more questions before passing to part 3! Does it mean that I did not answer well the question asked in the Card? thank you in advance

  32. Hello Liz, I had my speaking test yesterday, the 6th of February 2018 and i’d like to share my questions here.
    Venue: Lagos, Nigeria
    Type: Academic

    Part 1:
    – What’s your name?
    – What can I call?
    – Where are you from?
    -What do you do? Do you work or are you a student?
    – Have you observed teenagers?
    – How can you describe their mode of dressing?
    – What activities do they love being active in?

    Part 2
    Tell us about an important individual from another country whom you admire
    -tell us when/how you met this person
    -why do you like him/her?

    Part 3
    – Is culture a barrier to relationships?
    -Do you think a foreigner is valued more than the locals in work places? Why?
    – What advantages are in having an international company in the communities?
    – Do sports enhance relationships between countries? How?

  33. Hey I got my speaking test on 7 2 2017 in India academic module

    Task 1
    Questions related to town and computer

    Task 2
    Describe the garden visited in your younger days
    Somewhat like that only I got

    Task 3
    Questions related gardens
    Questions related to natural scenery

  34. Hemachander D says:

    Hi Liz,

    I had my speaking test today in Chennai, India. It’s GT module.

    Part 1
    Tell your official name
    Where do I come from and what’s the distance from exam center
    How long do I live there and why
    Tell about your town
    What outdoor activities you did when you were young
    What outdoor public event that I usually attend
    Which wild animal do I like the most and why
    Did you ever had a pet

    Cue card
    An important invention other than computer
    Follow up question is
    Do you recommend it for everyone

    Part 3
    Do you think technologies have made our work better
    Do you think the way of life has changed for people after invention of computers

    Liz, I did better on the first two part, in the third part I talked about the advantages of computer and technologies for the last question and the examiner repeated the question again. I corrected myself and mentioned how we became dependent on computers these days… I will affect my score?

    I have my LRW on feb 10th…

  35. I learnt a lot from this website and want to return the favor back.

    Place: Uzbekistan
    Date: 07 Feb. 2018


    1. Full name
    2. What do you do?
    3. Do you have friends at work?
    4. What kind of dictionaries do you use?
    5. Your friend gives you a dictionary as a gift?

    Cue Card:
    Describe the time when you have unusual food?

    6. Do you read newspapers?
    7. What page of newspaper do you like to read?

    8. Has eating habit changed over the time?
    9. What are the advantages of food transportation?
    10. How did science and technology affect to food industry?

  36. Prabhakaran says:

    Got lot of benefits from this, and so sharing my todays speaking topics!!
    Date :Feb 6 2018,IDP COIMBATORE
    TASK 1 : NAME

    PART 2:

    PART 3 :


    But Liz, got struck at one question in part 3, I couldn’t tell the reason, so he moved on the next question!!!! Will it affect my score!!?

  37. Hello, i took my speaking test yesterday
    Name: Benjamin
    Date: 05/02/18
    Country: Ghana
    Type: Academic
    Part 1
    What is your full name
    Are you working or a student
    What work do you do
    What training have you obtained for the work you are doing
    Would you continue to work there for long ?
    Do you like it when it rains ?
    How often does it rain in your area
    How do people react when it is about to rain
    Do your name has a specific meaning ?
    What names are popular in your home town
    Why do people choose those names
    What special gift do people present during naming ceremony

    Part 2
    Test card had:
    What places do people go and listen to music
    What kind of people go there
    What type of music do people listen to when they are there
    Why do people choose to go there

    Part 3
    Do you think technology have improve music
    How often are children able to listen to music
    What benefit do children obtain in listening to music
    Why would people post their songs on the internet for free?
    Do you think getting music from the internet should be free
    With the improvement in technology, can anyone make music?

  38. 6 Feb
    Gt module
    Do u work or study
    Did u have friends at school
    Do u have friends at work place
    Did u enjoy music when you were young
    Do u think ur preference of music will change in future
    There are lot of advertise ments on TV what do u think
    Do u buy things after seeing adverts
    Are celebrities are important to show adverts
    A time when u have to be polite
    Where u were
    Why u have to polite
    How did u felt after this
    1 more , do u think it is important to polite always
    In your culture , how people show their politeness
    What is the difference between being polite and being friendly
    Is it true one can polite with others but not friendly with them
    Is it important to polite with family and strangers
    Do children behave politely and rudly like others do ( like this not exact)
    2 or 3 more questions on politeness
    Thanks dear MAM
    Yours work us worthwhile for IELTS candidates
    These questions may help other candidates

  39. Test date: 6th February 2018
    Place: Selangor, Malaysia
    Type: Academic

    What’s your full name?
    What can I call you?
    Where do you come from?
    What do you do? Studying or working?
    What do you do in your job?
    Does it require any training for your job?
    How well do you know your friend from primary?
    What do you do when meeting with primary friend?
    What do you think of chatting with friend online?
    Do you prefer reading news online or using newspaper?
    What types of news you like to read, world news or news in you country?
    Do you discuss news with your friend?

    Part 2:
    Talk about a person you know who is a good parent.
    *who is the person?
    *How do you know the person?
    *What relationship do you have with the person?

    part 3:
    How do working parents in you country take care of their children?
    Do you think working parents allow their children to watch too much television?
    What do you think teenage children go to their parent for?( the question meaning is similar but I can’t remember how does the question sounds like. I think it is asking the reason teenage children go and talk to their parents.)
    How much freedom do you think parents should give to their teenage children?
    Do you think parents in your country are putting too much pressure on their children?

  40. Feb 03, 2018
    Academic Module
    Brisbane, Australia

    Cue card- Describe a time when you were lucky enough to have a mobile phone.
    Questions related to relationships based on social networking site, how weather affects mood, etc.

    Task 1- Table and pie charts related to spending and income
    Task 2- Most people believe that more stricter punishments should be given for traffic offences. To what extent do you agree?

    Listening was very easy and didn’t had any diagram or map. Also MCQs were easy.
    Reading was tough with all 3 passages equally time consuming. I hope to score good in it.
    Fingers crossed!!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 All fingers crossed 🙂

      • Mathangi Ramesh says:


        Sharing my recent experience in ielts speaking. I attended the speaking assessment in Dubai. Mine was Academic module and the 2 min. Cue was about an unusual meal. I also got questions about the dictionary, animals, traditional food of my home country.

        Your blog was really helpful.

        Will be appearing for the other 3 on 10th Feb.

        Will update after the exam.

        Thanks a lot for your guidance.

  41. Hi Liz,
    I am a huge fan of your work and more fascinated about how you created this medium,it’s quite helpful, thanks so much. I had my test today in Nigeria and I hope I can assist some else aswell.

    Speaking ,Genral module


    What’s your name ?
    What can I call you?
    Where are you from ?
    Tell me why you like your city ?
    Do you like it when it rains?
    Does rain change people’s mood?
    Have you ever gone out and it rained and you didn’t have an umbrella ?

    Part 2
    Tell me about a furniture you have,who bought it,what’s special about it and how do you fell about the furniture ?

    Part 3

    What do you think a good furniture designer should possess?
    Why do you think people change furniture ?
    Do you plan on changing your furniture Some time soon ?
    Why do people design their houses?
    The you think the weather affect the design of a furniture ?

    I had practice several time and u thought I was confident until I entered the exam room then I became tense sort of, it went well Alliamduliah . My mind was running a mile a. Minute ,fingers crossed!!! Pls do wish me well for my L,R,W it’s just this coming weekend !!!!

  42. Hello!

    I took the test yesterday in Kuwait and had the exact same questions for the writing as the ones from Bahrain and Dubai (Radio floor plan and people wanting things without waiting)!

    I didn’t expect a diagram but I think I did ok though I wouldn’t say the same about task 2. The paragraph and structure were good but my ideas were a little under developed and I even had silly spelling mistakes (I even spelled society wrong!!) all due to tiredness and the time constrain. Regardless, I’m not aiming for a high score, anything above 5.5 would be fine by me.

    As for the rest of the test (from what I can recall)


    Section 1 was a phone conversation about gym membership.
    Section 2 about a centre for elderly people.
    Section 3 about ancient Japanese art

    Passage 1 was about historical Australian paintings and art.
    Passage 2 about indoor pollution.
    Passage 3 about academic research in universities.

    All in all, I think the most important thing is managing your time well because even after studying, this was what made me so silly mistakes especially in writing!

    I hope I can get the score I’m aiming for!
    Thank you Liz for all the help!

  43. Gaurav Pradhan says:

    Hello everyone, I’m Gaurav Pradhan and gave my speaking test for academic module today at around 9 o’clock in the morning.
    Questions were like this:
    Part 1:
    What’s your full name?
    Where are you from?
    Can I see your ID?
    Do you like music as a child?
    Do you like music now?
    what kind of music will be famous in the future?
    Tell me something about your hometown?
    Part 2:
    Describe an event?
    Part 3:
    How people celebrate an event in your country?
    How was it celebrated in the past?
    What do people do during the national holiday?
    How school celebrates these national days?
    Do people prefer to enjoy by making noise or not during these holidays?
    That’s all.
    I was excellent in part 1 which I kinda get from the examiner gesture. However, I used the present tense in part 2 while I was describing the festival I celebrated with my family. #kinda_suck
    Last part went fine for me. I was stopped on every question answers and I literally don’t have any idea the reason behind it.
    Thank you for your help for my speaking test. Now it’s on 10th Feb.

  44. Academic IELTS Test
    Location: Bahrain
    Date: Feb 3, 2018

    Writing Task 1: Two diagrams of Radio Station map as it was ten years ago and as it is now?
    summarize the key features and compare where relevant

    Writing Task 2: Now a days more and more people want to get things done instantly (services, information, tasks)
    why is it ?
    Do you think it is a positive or negative development?
    Give reasons for your answer and quote examples from your knowledge or experience?

    speaking cue card
    Talk about an interesting person who you met/know from another country.
    why is he interesting?

  45. Test module: Academic
    location:Arlington, Virginia
    writing task 2 question : Some people say government should decide what subjects a student can study and some people believe the students should only decide what he wants to study.
    Discuss both the topic and give your opinion.
    speaking cue card: Describe a rule in your that you agree or disagree
    and some topics related to news, students school rules, home town, vacation and friends

  46. Today questions (academic)
    3 types of cars, emissions from then and fuel used
    2 line graphs +1 bar graphs
    The government should decide what subjects should students study at the university. Others think that students should choose subjects. Discuss + your opinion

  47. Hi Liz, At first I would like to thank you for being such amazing teacher .. Really hope you to get well soon.
    I had my test in India on 03 Feb 2018.
    Task 1. – comparison of physical layout of a radio station with that of its structure ten years back
    Task 2- More people are able to satisfy their needs instantly ( eg:- goods, services, news)
    – Is it a positive or negative development?
    Speaking test
    – about positive feedback, it’s importance
    – boat ride

  48. Chandran Nallathambi says:

    IELTS Academic test on 03.02.2018
    Writing task 1: We were given 2 figures depicting the plot area of radio stations, one from present age and one from 10 years ago.
    Main changes noted were increased building area, studio rooms and music library space, reduced open spaces, garden area and bookroom space in the modern one.

    Writing task 2: People increasingly expect the things they want (eg: goods, food, news, etc) to be given instantly.
    Is this good/bad, why?

    • Chandran Nallathambi says:

      At Kolkata
      Speaking test:
      1. Name/city/work
      2. An incidence when I had to be polite
      3. Favorite animal
      4. Why do children always speak what’s in their mind? Is it good? How can it be changed?

      • Chandran Nallathambi says:

        1. Conversation between a gym instructor and a lady customer who wants to join. Initial Qs on name/address/DOB. Then on what she was interested to do in the gym/price package
        2. ??
        3. Conversation between 2 students on their preparation for a scientific presentation, first questions on what they need to put up, like slides, QA session, short activity, etc. Next questions on slide content – energy sources and their future, renewable/petrol, etc.
        4. Ancient japanese civilisation, from 35000BC to 8000 BC and the different people

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • what type of essay did you write? Is it an opinion/discussion essay?

  49. Type Of Test = Academic
    Location = Dubai
    Date : 03/02/2018

    Writing Task 1 :
    Describe the map of the radio station before and after 10 years.

    Writing Task 2 :
    People today don’t want to wait to get what they want (food, news, resources). They have expectations to get things fast.
    Why is it so ?
    Do you think it is positive or negative development ?

    • I started off with Writing Task 2 and spent 50 minutes on it. I think i did pretty good in it.
      I had an Intro paraphrased with Thesis clearly stating that “in my opinion , it is positive development” . I had 2 paragraphs with “causes” in first paragraph and my reasons for supporting it as positive development in 2nd paragraph. I had a decent conclusion as well.
      I used the following wide range of words in my essay ” such as, Therefore, for instance, for example, Moreover, Furthermore, Then, I believe that, Although, Subsequently ”
      My Writing Task 2 was more than 300 words.

      Because i spent so much time on Task 2 , i didn’t do well on my Task 1 . It must be around 100-120 words . My introduction and Overview Statement were pretty good but i was short on time and wrote two short paragraphs stating what increased in size in one paragraph and what decreased in size in other paragraph . the two paragraphs werent well written.

      Do you think i ll achieve a band score 7 atleast for my writing ? I know i will be negatively marked for not completing 150 words on task 1. I am hoping that my task 2 covers up for my task 1.

      • You will get a lower score due to your word count in writing task 1, but it is not possible to predict the final outcome.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

  50. Part 3: Speaking
    Is it important to make friends from other countries?
    What benefit can you get from going to another country?
    Do you think International cooperation is important?

  51. Task 2: Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the government rather than private instituions.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree.

    Test date : feb 1, 2018 Academic

  52. Hello

    I took the speaking test in Kuwait today.

    part 1
    Where is your hometown and what do you like about it?
    Do you love travelling by boat? Would you want to own a boat, and why? Do people in your country love travelling by boat?

    part 2
    Describe the furniture in your home.
    What’s the material used, is it modern or traditional and how do you feel about it?

    part 3
    Questions about design.
    Do visitors like your furniture? What has changed in the way people decorated their homes with and materials used? What are the good qualities of a good furniture designer?

    I messed up in part 2 where I stopped talking and the instructor didn’t say a word maybe because I spoke under the time and she was waiting for me so I tried to find new ideas to talk about until she stopped me. I don’t know how this will affect my score..I’m a bit worried since the topic is too specific and hard to elaborate upon.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your fluency is measured in many ways – running out of ideas in part 2 is understandable. Don’t worry about it. The problem you had is that you thought you needed to talk only about furniture – that isn’t true. You could talk about a time when you moved the furniture or got new furniture for a special event – then you can describe the event – who came, what happened, what they ate, what they wore. You decide how to expand and what memories to introduce. “I remember my family gatherings – we hired extra furniture for an occasion because there were so many people – it was very exciting because …”. Does that help you understand how to expand on part 2?

      • You’re welcome!
        I see, didn’t think about it this way. But when I ran out of ideas at the end I did start talking again about my favorite piece of furniture until she stopped me from talking so that’s better than nothing I suppose.

        Thank you for all your help. I learned a lot!

    • Het reem and Liz,

      I had a speaking today in UAE.

      and to my surprise i got the same topic 🙂
      So on way to the center i was going through this section and i feel got lucky.

      speaking went fine as soon as i saw the same topic had a smile on my face.

  53. Hello Liz!
    This site helped me a lot so i’d like to return the favor:

    Exam date: 20Jan 2018
    Location: Philippines

    1. Speaking:
    Do u work or study?
    What time of day do u prefer to study? Why?
    Do u remember a tv ad when u were a kid?
    Do u listen to news?
    What part of the newspaper u read first?
    Cue card:
    Describe an activity that you love to do with older people in your family
    Follow up:
    What do families do nowadays?
    Do u think its important to spend time with family?
    Do u think children should be allowed to travel alone or with friends?
    How will this affect their adulthood?

    My score:
    Overall: 7.5

    I thought the reading part was very confusing. There were 2 pages of texts on the last part. Very long and confusing choices as well. As for listening u really have to read really quickly while listening at the same time. I thought it was more of a concentration exam. It didnt give me enough time to read all of the choices as the listening exam was quite fast. Im happy i got a 7.5 by just reviewing on this site, with only 10 days to review. Thanks very much Liz. Thanks also to all the contributors on this section.

  54. Abhishek Jella says:

    hi, liz,
    first of all, thank you for your free classes!
    test: Hyderabad IDP
    Part 1:
    what’s your name?
    where is your hometown?
    what do you do? (student/work)
    do you like rains?
    how often it rains in your hometown?
    did it rain when you went out?
    do people like it when they go out for an important work?
    Part 2:
    a book you read
    what is it?
    how is it?
    what is the book about?
    did you find it exciting?
    Part 3:
    would you like to recommend the books to others?
    is it good to make movies taking the story from books?
    do you like to share the information with your friends which are from the book?
    is it good for old people to read books?
    why should they read it and what kind of books do they like to read?
    In your country, do most of the people like to read books?
    is gender matter to read books?
    Ma’am Liz it went well but at the end of the session while I reached the door to go out, I asked if the test went well? she sighed me to stay silence but i was loud, if it recorded, will this affect my score?
    Anyways my LRW is on tomorrow, wish me loads of luck !!!
    thank you <3

  55. Exam Location – Ahmedabad, India
    Exam Date – LRW – 1Feb2018, S – 2Feb2018, General
    Profession – Software Engineer

    Task 1. A friend has written a Letter to you asking about your college. Reply to him with
    – why did you choose this college
    – things that you don’t like about the college (I don’t recollect exact line)
    – would you recommend your college to your friend?

    Task 2. Some people think that the effective way to reduce industrial pollution is to tax the companies which cause them. Others think that there are better ways to do so.
    Discuss bother the aspects and give your opinion. ( the statement is almost the same, one or two words here and there)

    – where do you live at the moment?
    – about home town? Is it a nice place?
    – do you give gifts? When?
    – which was the last gift you received?
    – which was the gift that you received but didn’t like?
    – have you done part time or full time job?
    – which profession do you think is good?

    – favorite tv program
    – with whom do you watch

    -news Chanel show bad news only why?
    -education through TV for children? Should it be made more interesting?
    – watching animals in zoo and on TV

    Dear Liz,
    Your website has been of immense help. I really can’t thank you enough. You are a marvelous online teacher. It is a very hard task to keep it updated such details and videos all the time and answering thousands of questions! You are simply great! Thanks again!

  56. Harpreet Singh says:

    You didn’t upload recent essay whuch i got on IDP test.
    Government should spend money on aid to internationals agree or disagree?

  57. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for your tips.
    I had my IELTS tests (ACADEMIC) today.
    01-02-2018, Nigeria.
    Did all four modules today! Phew! Also it’s my 3rd time!!! I didn’t score enough (7) in the writing in the previous tests. Scored 6.5 in 1st/2nd attempts. Hope I make it this time.

    Listening Test
    Sect 1. Conversations between a lady and a ticketing officer
    Sect 2. About a nursery
    Sect3. Can’t recall
    Sect 4. About Large birds (Emu)

    Reading Test
    Sect 1. Passage on advertising
    Sect 2. Another on horses
    Sect 3. About work schedules(days of the week)
    Sect 4. Can’t recall

    Writing Test
    Task 1. A chart showing the journeys to school amongst 11-16 year olds in Uk in one year.
    Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
    Write at least 150 words.

    Task 2. If people go to live in other countries, should they follow the custom and traditions of the new country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
    Write at least 250 words.

    Speaking Test
    Sect 1
    What’s your name?
    Where do you come from?
    Is that where you live?
    How far is home from here?
    How long have you lived there?
    What do you enjoy the most about where you live?

    Sect 2.
    Describe a very good service that you received from a shop or company?
    Where is this shop/company?
    When did you receive the service?
    What was the service?
    Why did you think the service was good?

    Sect 3. About customer service and the power of consumers
    Do you still patronize this shop/company?
    Would you recommend them to others?
    Do you think that the size of company determines the quality of service they give?
    Do you think that the price of a product is as important as the service you get when buying it?
    What do you think matters the most to consumers?
    Do you think consumers can influence/ change a company’s policy on their services or products?
    Do you think that the company will benefit from suggestions made by the consumer?

    That’s all I can remember. All the best to the intending candidates… Happy holidays Liz!

  58. The listening part killed me because I was so nervous. I don’t have any problem understanding people, but I couldn’t pay attention to what they were saying sometimes. However, reading was pretty easy and I think I got my 7 in the writing part.
    I’m sad, I’m going to retake it 3/3.

    Writing T1
    Letter informing the newspaper that your company can’t organise the sports event for the local community this year.
    Future plans to compensate
    Importance of spots

    Why young people don’t want to be teachers?
    How this could be changed?

  59. I had my speaking test on 30/01/2018 in Visakhapatnam , India
    Module: General training

    Part 1:
    1) what is your name followed by how should I call you?
    2) do you work or study?
    3) tell me about your work followed by what are your responsibilities at work?
    4) do you like your work?
    Computers :
    5) do you use a computer at work?
    6) in the future, do you think we will rely on computers even more than we rely today ?
    7) how do you keep track of time?
    8) why is it important to be on time?
    9) what are the reasons for few for not being on time?

    Part 2
    What do you do to stay fit and healthy?
    Do you use any facilities to stay fit?
    Do you exercise ? How often?
    How far are the facilities from where you live?

    Part 3:
    1)do male and female use same fitness options?
    2) Is lack of fitness Is attributed as sole responsibility of individual?
    3) what is the basis for individuals to choose from various fitness options?
    4) what is the role of government with respect to people’s health?
    5) how will government identify individuals who are not healthy? How can they help them?

    I sat for LRW today. overall it went well. better than what I thought.

    In writing, we were given a discussion essay with writers views on taxation on industries for industrial pollution. I followed your video instructions and attempted a balanced view essay.

    Thanks you Liz for this webpage. It helped me a lot especially in writing.

  60. Mahmoud ali says:

    Speaking exam 1/2/2018
    Work or study
    Intersting thing in your subject
    Computer in past and now and future
    Ideal houses
    Homes also
    Effect of Computer
    Sorry that i can not remember all the questions

  61. I had my written test today in Colombo and I would like to share the questions. Date: 1 Feb 2018

    Writing Task 1
    you are studying a college in abroad, and your friend has send a letter asking about the college. Write a letter to friend giving information about your college answering following questions
    a. Why you select the college
    b. A things that you do not like
    c. what is your recommandation

    Writing task 2
    Some people argue that increasing taxes on companies is the most effective way to reduce industrial pollution, while others thinking use other methods will be more suitable. What will be the best solution give your opinion.

  62. General, 01.02.2018, Dhaka

    Had my main exam today.

    Writing Task 1: Write a letter to your friend who wanted to know about your college.
    => Describe why you are studying in this college
    => Mention a point about the college that you don’t like
    => Explain if you recommend this college to your friends and why

    Writing Task 2: Some people think increasing tax on companies will reduce the industrial pollution. Others think there are other effective ways.

    Discuss both views and share your opinion.

    I can’t remember the exact wording but the topics are same.

    Liz, as usual, thanks a lot. I have learned a lot from your website. In writing task 2 I did a terrible mistake. I wrote “provoke license” where I wanted to write “remove license”. How many bands can it effect?

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  63. Hi Liz, I think the goddes of luck was smiling at me when I found out about your youtube account and this web. So, as written on your web: ‘Sharing is Caring’, I would to share my today test

    Type: Academic
    Date: Feb 1, 2018
    Location: IDP Bandung – Indonesia

    T1 Table about percentage of population in a town riding bicycle in june 2010, gender and age group wise.
    T2 Scientic research should be carried out and controlled by government, rather than by private companies.
    To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    Do you need any training for your works?
    Do you still need more training in the future?
    Do you like staying at home or going outside (I prefer staying at home, because I feel comfortable by being at home)
    Did you also like to stay at home when you’re younger?
    What activities do you usually do at home?
    How many hours do you spend at home usually?
    Do you comfortable chatting with your friend by mobile phone?
    Who is your best friends?

    A wellknown businessman/woman in your country
    – When, where you know him/her
    – what do you like about him/her
    – whatbusiness core does s/he do for his/her business
    [Although I read this topic in thisweb some minutes before the test, I am really bad in topics related with business/economy. So, in my introduction I clearly stated that I was not well aware about business, but I had heard somewhere about a business advisor called XX. And I answered the rest questions regarding to him. Was that OK?]
    After speaking for some minutes, the speaker asking following question:
    – does he is still active doing his business?
    – do you think other people also like him

    T3 [I dont know whether the speaker intentionally asking about business topics after I had statement that I wasnt well aware about it, sigh!]
    – what business do the youngs do nowadays?
    – do they get a lot of money by doing it?
    – which one is more succesfull: starting business by learning or by theory?
    – do people in you country do their business hard? [I was silent for a moment, coz I dont really know what to answer. And I was stating it-that I dont really know the exact answer. Then I continued with some things that crossed in my mind. #sad]
    – can science and business go together?

    As we can see that the topics were similar to previous comments. I was so comfortable that in the first task I only answered the questions like I was having conversation with my friends. I just realized in some questions I only answered them shortly.
    So, I guess it was blessing in disguise that I got questions about business in the 3rd task. I answered my question with a little bit of intro, then stating my opinion and giving some examples. I was afraid that I did not state my answers clearly.

    That’s all!
    I would recommend this web to my friends.
    And I hope you a speeeedy recovery (I read somewhere you were sick and now is in your recovery). Liz, you are helping tons of people around the world. I believe that universe will bless you with good health.

    Sorry for long writing, and

    • Just realized that my comment was released at 1.33 PM Feb 1, 2018 (based on the web’s timing), while I had (or will have?) my speaking test at Feb 1, 2018 at 5 PM (offcourse based on Indonesia’s time). Hahahaha!

    • Thanks for sharing:) Fingers crossed you do well. I really hope to get my health back this year or next year – the sooner I’m better, the sooner I can make more video lessons 🙂

    • Had the same questions in you writing!

  64. Academic module ; Dubai : 1st February ;

    Writing Task 1 : A bar chart showing children aged 9-11 years going to school by various means in th UK in a year
    Task 2 : People going to a new country should learn the customs and traditions of that country.
    To what extent you agree or disagree

    Listening :
    First one a conversation about air ticket booking
    second, a community centre and related activities
    third, students discussing role of robots in an an old age home
    and last one, about australian bird, Emu

    Reading ;
    Passage 1 about Advertising
    Passage 2 discussion of pros and cons of introducing new regulations
    Passage 3 discussion about Soviet Union’s Industrial revolution

  65. 1st Feb 2018
    General Training – UAE

    WT 1
    A friend wrote you a letter asking for information about your college.

    Write him a reply.
    1. Why you chose this college
    2. Something you don’t like about the college
    3. Whether you recommend this college or not.

    Is this informal or semi-formal?

    Some people believe the most effective way to reduce industrial pollution is by giving taxes to the companies that cause the pollution. Others believe there are other ways. Discuss and give opinion.

    Liz, Thanks a lot ! Wishing you good health!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Health is actually the most important thing a person possesses – thanks for your wishes 🙂

    • That is the exact same question that was given in the exam that took place in Johannesburg, South Africa on the same date

  66. The Voice says:

    GT on 01.02.2018 in Fiji

    1. Physical activities for advertisements
    2. Importance of advertisements
    3. Cue card – something I learnt (not in school or college)

    1. Passage on Syrup
    2. Passage on Job negotiation
    3. HR policy on employee driving requirement
    4. Passage on Malaysian Railway Station

    1. Letter – Write a letter to Manager of a restaurant you work for giving your suggestions to change staff uniform.
    2. Essay – Music should not be taught in schools. Instead other subjects like computer and science should be taught. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

    1. Booking for something
    2. Assignment discussion
    3. Journalist interview
    4. Extinction of NZ bird


  67. Speaking test
    Date: January 31st
    Location: Brisbane (GT)

    Part1: work, typing or writing.. (can’t remember clearly)
    Part2: famous person in your country
    Part3: related topic to celebrity and being famous

    Thank you so much Liz. Your website really helps! Having the rest of the tests today. Fingers crossed 😁

  68. Dhruval patel says:

    Today I appeared for speaking module.
    Anand, Gujarat, India.
    British Council.

    Part 1.
    Since how long you have been living in your hometown?
    What’s the best part of it?
    How do you spend time with your family at home?
    What time of the day you usually spend with your family? What activities do you do?
    What was best time of your childhood?
    How was your first day in High School?

    Cue Card
    An occasion when you taught something to your friends or relatives. (I said i read a book and i shared msg of it with my relatives, Liz? Is it relevant or did i speak off topic?.)

    Part 3.
    To whom you usually teach?
    What are the skills a good teacher should have?
    What are the skill, take long time to lean?
    Why does it take long?
    Why is it difficult and takes a long time to lean a foreign language.?
    Is it practically or theoretically, what is best to explain things?
    Do you think schools practice more practical ways to teach students?
    What are the things youngsters can teach to elderly people?

  69. Jeanne-Marie says:

    Hi Liz,

    Part 1: Questions about my town and work.
    Questions about dictionaries.
    Part 2: Describe a celebration you attend every year. (I found this question a little difficult, I
    described my child’s birthday we celebrate every year.)
    Part 3: Questions about other international celebrations.

    In part 2: I used a word I have studied, but Im not sure if its relevant to the subject,
    Is it possible to say? “Celebrations is full of serendipitous surprises”

    Thank you Liz.


  70. 31 Jan 2018
    General Training.

    Speaking test:

    part 1: hometown and boats
    part 2: favourite book
    part 3: reading

    I think I got a 7 – 7.5 😀

    Tomorrow is the written part. Wish me luck! hahaha

  71. Hi Liz,
    I would like to share my IELTS speaking experience with British council
    Exam module: General
    Test date: 31/01/2018
    Exam centre: Ahmedabad
    Speaking test:
    Questionnaires related to work, Job, Music.
    Describe a subject you enjoyed studying at school.
    Questionnaires about traveling.
    Hope for the best result.

  72. Academic module
    Center ISLAMABAD
    DATE 31-1-2018
    speaking part 1
    where are you from
    how far it is from your center
    do you like it
    Do you use dictationaries?why?
    would you like to write one?
    questions about music about 4 5
    part 2
    cue card topic
    time when you saved money
    how long did it took
    how you felt about it
    speaking part 3
    it was quite extensive
    why young people save money
    how children can save money
    difference between men and women in this regard
    should government spend more money on projects or not(wordings are not same)
    then she went into politics asked several questions about it..ahhhh
    finally with a smile she finished this task
    she said it was a good speaking test.i don’t know either it was a sweet gesture as a part of test or she was actually praising me.
    anyhow fingers crossed
    i would love thanking you LIZ and everyone here for your generous efforts of helping and supporting other
    i would like ask something.i was able to talk quite fluently and confidenetly and at a length but i assume i was speaking too fast that i could have done much better at a slower pace.i replied to every question .didnot take any pause i dont know whether its something in my favour or not.
    good luck everyone

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fluency is also connected with coherence. To speak easily at length is a good sign for fluency, but there are other factors. Good luck with your result 🙂

      • Thanks for your quick response.
        I will share my questions tomorrow as well
        Get well soon
        Any suggestions for tomorrow would be appreciated

    • Omg 😲 same question had asked me as well ,on 6th of Jan
      But unfortunately test is cancelled 😔
      Now I have to give re-test on 10th February

  73. Hi Liz,

    My name’s Cha. I’m originally from the Philippines but currently living and working here in Singapore.

    I’ve had my Speaking Exam today 31/1 at the British Council Singapore (Academic Module) and here are some of the questions I was asked by the Examiner:

    Part 1
    1. What is your full name?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Do you work or study?
    4. What kind of training did you have to get your job?
    5. Do you need more trainings at work?
    6. How was your family vacation when you were younger?
    7. Is it different from your family vacations now?
    9. Is being on time for an appointment important?
    10. What do you do when you have to wait for someone?

    Part 2

    Tell us about an important person you know or heard of.
    1. Where and when did you meet the person?
    2. How is he/she like?
    3. Why do you think he/she is interesting?

    Part 3

    1. Do you know many people from othercountries?
    2. Do you think it is important to be employed by a multi-national company?
    3. Do you agree that brand is important?
    4. Do you think that international brands are important?
    5. Do you think that the country and people of famous international brands benefit from them?
    6. Do you think that international games are important?

    I was way too nervous, I wish I wasn’t because I could have given better answers and think clearly. Crossing my fingers to get at least a 6 because that’s what I need. Tomorrow’s my Listening, Reading and Writing Exams.

    Anyway, thank you so much for all your great videos and lessons, Liz. You are a great teacher and I owe you the score I’ll be getting. I’ve seen so many other videos and lessons all over the internet but yours is by far the best. Thank you!

  74. Hi Liz
    Today i have my speaking test in Delhi
    part 1 – what is your full name ?
    what can i call you ?
    what do you do ? do you work or study ?
    do u read newspaper ? ( i answered no ) why ?
    do your family members read newspaper ? ( i have answered yes ) why ?
    do you think advert is important now days ? if yes why ?
    part 2 – cue card : discuss about river which is in your country

    part 3 – All questions was related to river and ocean
    i don’t remember all questions

  75. Hi Liz,
    Best Wishes for being so helpful in test preparation. You rock!

    Speaking Module: 31st January 2018 [General Training by IDP]
    At: Gujarat, India
    Total test duration: 15-20 minutes (continuous talking)

    1. Where you from?
    2. What you do here, Work or Study?
    3. What kind of occupation do you work as?
    (Based on 1 to 3)
    4. What hours of the day do you work?
    5. Why do you work in the night?
    6. Which country you work remotely and how you been there?
    (Random Qs continue)
    7. Do you like the country where you worked or where you lived?
    8. Do you like doing exercises?
    9. Is it good for a person to be fit and healthy?
    (Based on 8 and 9)
    10. Would you like to be fit and healthy in future?
    11. Were you given any kind of exercises lessons during your childhood?
    12. What kind of exercises do you prefer most?
    13. Do you think more people should get into exercising and be healthy or fit?
    14. In your country, are people fit or doing exercises?
    (Based on No.14)
    15. Was that scenario same during your parents time as well?

    Topic – Are you Polite?
    With whom.
    Where you were last being polite at.
    Any influences to be polite.
    What did you learn after being polite.

    (Questions based on above topic)
    16. Is it tough to be polite or is natural?
    17. Are you generally a polite person or you have to be?

    18. Being polite, how is it so necessary today?
    19. In your country, are people polite?
    20. Why do you think people from other countries may or may not be polite to locals?
    21. Do you suggest that cross culture affects politeness?
    22. As a visitor, how polite a person has to be?
    23. Draw a difference between being polite at home and at outside?
    (Based on 21 to 23)
    24. Do you think people tend to be polite only need basis?
    25. As you said before, why you prefer not to be polite at home or is okay sometimes?
    26. Do you think its need that drives your polity?

    Thank you, that’s the end of your speaking test.

    1. I had mostly non stop conversation flowing from question to question, with just two sections break.
    2. I believe questions were more and challenging than the usual ones I studied.
    3. But overall, there were no gaps in my talking.
    4. Thanks again Liz for your wonderful website. Once you return from your break, if you can include the answers related to “Polite or Polity or Politeness” would be really beneficial for everyone, as I see a very little resource on that topic.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The topic is being polite is a great one because it means something different in each culture. In Japan, personal space must be respected for politeness, but in Spain personal space is less important and personal contact is a form of respect. The topic of politeness is about cultural understanding, “when in Rome do as the Roman’s do”, adapting to different cultures, respect, consideration to other people, a communication strategy, formal and informal settings, seniority and the elderly, the degree of intimacy between people, manipulation – getting what you want, apologising, the hospitality industry etc. So you can see that this topic covers many other topics relating to people, culture, tourism etc.

      • That’s a good explanation, Liz for my speaking topic on ‘Politeness’.

        Adding questions from other modules,
        LRW – Feb 01, 2018 at Gujarat, India
        Test- General Training via IDP

        1. The accent wasn’t complex to understand and was according to English used in India.
        2. Section-1: Air Travel Booking (flight, airport, dietary restrictions, extra facilities)
        3. Section-2: Two students (one male and one female, discussion related to studies)
        4. Section-3: (Don’t Recollect now!)
        5. Section-4: Lecture setup in Australian university on ‘Emus’ – a flightless bird and bird of
        Australia. The accent was understandable.

        1. Easily understandable comprehensions
        2. Section-1: (Topic i forgot) – T/F/NG
        3. Section-2: Work ethics for employees – Form completion and Sentence completion
        4. Section-3: Tidal Energy – Paragraph headings matching and one-word answer

        1. Letter – To a friend to recommend or not recommend to join your college.
        Discuss what you like most about your college and what you don’t like about
        your college.

        2. Essay – Effects of Industrial Pollution. Give your opinion and discuss both views.
        Some say taxing companies who produce industrial pollution
        Others say there are different ways to control industrial pollution


  76. Hello Liz, It’s such a great opportunity to have visited a couple of times for tips on how to excel in the IELTS exam. My speaking test was awesome though yet to see the result.
    I wrote IELTS for the first time sometimes last year, Oct 28 to be precise. I had 7 in speaking.
    I registered for the examination again and had my speaking test on the 27th of January but to my amazement i was asked the same set of questions in part 2 and 3. The questions goes thus:

    Exam Centre: Nigeria
    Test: General Training
    Date: 27th Jan 2018
    PART 1:
    What is your name?
    Where are you from?
    Where do you live?
    What is the distance of where you live to the exam centre?
    What are the things you enjoy about where you live?
    How long have you been living there?
    Let’s talk about meals, what time of the day you you have meals?
    Do you prefer to eat at home or out?
    Do you eat together as a family?

    PART 2:
    Talk about a time some made a positive comment about you.
    Who was the person?
    What work did you do?
    Where did the person make the comment?
    What was the comment and how you felt about the comment?

    PART 3
    This section was about effect of positive and negative feedback
    Are feedback important to children?
    Is it good to shower children with positive feedback always?
    Benefits of feedback and so on

  77. I had my speaking test today, so would like to share the questions.

    General, 1.31.2017, Hyderabad India

    Part 1:
    Do you study or work
    What are your role responsibilities
    Do you like pets
    What is your favourite animal and Why
    Do you often visit zoo
    Should children be encouraged to go to zoo

    Part 2:
    Describe an occasion when you received a good service from a company or shop.
    What the service was
    When you received the service
    Where you received the service

    I spoke about my experience with Amazon. I tried to be very descriptive and was stopped by the examiner even before reaching halfway into the talk. Anyways, she was smiling so hopefully its a positive reaction. I was asked a few follow up questions on it such as -Is their customer service always tend to be good, Would you recommend them to others

    Part 3:
    This section was the best part of the exam, it went more like a conversation than a question and answer pattern.
    – Do you think businesses should spend money on advertisements and what are the benefits of it
    – Do you buy a product looking at an advert
    – How is social media impacting type of advertisements
    – Is customer service important for companies. If yes, why
    – Do customers have the ability to bring a change in company’s policies
    – There’s a saying that Customer is the king. What are your opinions on it
    – Would you want to work as a customer service representative

    Good luck to others who are preparing for the exam!

    • Correction – It’s 1.31.2018

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • General Module, 1.2.2018, Hyderabad India

      Task 1:
      Your friend has recently written to you to find out about your college
      – Describe why you chose this college
      – Drawbacks of it
      – Would you recommend it to your friend

      Task 2:
      Some people believe that the most effective way to tackle industrial pollution is to tax factories generating it. Others say there are alternatives to handle it. Discuss both sides and provide your opinion.

      Thank you Liz for creating a kind of ‘one-stop-learn’ website for ielts preparation. I’m sure it is invaluable to many like me.

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