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  1. Hi Liz,
    I just gave my speaking test and the questions were
    1. What work do you do
    2. Do you took training
    3. Length of training
    4. What you learned in training
    5. Will you receive any further training in future
    6. How you spent your vacations when you were younger with family
    7. How you spend time during vacations with family at home
    8. Changes in celebrating holidays since past

    Cue card. Did any work when you received positive encouragement

    Follow up.
    Why positive encouragement is necessary
    Why there is positive encouragement requirement for children
    What are the occassions when children need positive encouragement
    What about negative feedback
    Negative motivation may ake children violent why?
    Celebrities deserve encouragement or not
    Do All celebrities needs encouragement?
    Some of them don’t need to be encouraged, why
    Do you think celebrities have social responsibility.

    The end

  2. I’m sharing what I’ve encountered during my exam as going over to all the latest test results here helped me a lot and Liz is very helpful in every way. Thank you Liz, I don’t know my test results yet but you made it possible for me to gain confidence even if I only had a week intense self review.

    Test Center: Cebu, Philippines
    Date : Nov 9 ( Speaking )
    Nov 11 ( written )

    The interviewer asked me,

    What type of house I live
    Describe the house
    Do I prefer apartment or house?
    What is my dream house?
    Am I a fan of pop star?
    Do I idolize any pop star?
    Do I wanna be a pop star?

    Part 2:

    He asked me two leisure activities in the ocean.
    Does living in the beach is better?
    How does it helped to people living near the beach?
    He also asked me about environmental problems that affects the marine life.
    What can people do to save the marine life?
    (I can’t remember the rest though)

    Written exam:

    Two maps of a village year 1995 to now.

    More and more people go to other countries. Why?
    How does it affect to themselves and to their family?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad my lessons and tips helped you gain confidence 🙂 Fingers crossed for good results 🙂

      • Eleonora Camilli says:

        Hello Liz,
        Thank you for your precious lessons and tips.

        I was wondering if this task can be considered as a direct question essay, which includes an opinion, or if it would be better to treat it as a cause solution essay, without adding any clear “in my opinion” but only suggesting solutions or making predictions in the conclusion.
        I mean when the question “what do you think” is not explicit, how should we deal with this?
        Thank you for your time.

        Eleonora Camilli

        • This essay actually asks “why” which means the reasons and also it asks for the effects. So, you have a cause / effect essay. I usually teach this type of essay with the cause / effect / solution essays. Some teachers just classify it as a direct questions essay or a two part questions essay. It doesn’t really matter what name the teacher gives. Your task is just to explain the causes and the effects and nothing more. This means you don’t mention solutions in this essay.

  3. I appeared on Nov 15,2017 for speaking test.
    Home & Dream home
    Pop star
    Cue Card
    Describe an organization or a company that you know. Please say
    – How big is it?
    – Do you find this company successful? Why?
    – What can you say about the working environment there?
    Parts 3
    Questions about
    Job n which job are well known in your country.
    When people join jobs after higher studies

  4. Harjot Singh says:

    Hi mam

    I want to improve my speaking give me some tips how i can improve my speaking.


    One thing more can i use ‘my’ and ‘me’ in speaking, sombody told me we can not use this

    Thank you

    • See the main speaking page of this website.

    • Hello, Harjot,

      probably when you ask someone for a favor you might use a different type of English.?
      Ever heard of the ‘modal verbs’? I don’t mean to be negative, and please do not take it as such, but your sentence, the 1st one, not even a question, sounded very aggressive and not very polite.


  5. Had test on 11th nov. Ahmedabad, India.
    General Training Module

    Task 1
    Letter to your friend to invite on party and you want to make recipe for the party.

    Task 2
    People say that “Important things are free in our life” you agree or not.
    (topic was like this, not remember perfect wordings)

    Task 1
    Questions about your city and why you like it and enjoy it.
    How child naming in your country and does it has anything special in that ?

    Task 2
    Recent car journey you enjoyed.
    with whom, where, things which is memorable in that.

    Task 3
    Driving related questions.
    Why skilled driving is important.
    What should do to make public transport effective and successful.

    Note: Not remembered perfect wordings of questions.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Liz I don’t k ke how to post a comment 🙈🙈
        I’m really thankful to you for your useful website it helped me in acrimony my band score .
        I got overall 8 with 7.5 in writing and it was none other than your paid lectures that helped me improving my score from 6.5 to 7.5 .

        Well the question was
        Some people think politicians have the major influence on world , others consider scientists to be more influential .
        Discuss both and give your opinion.

        Speaking: part one
        You live in a house or apartment
        How is it like ?
        What do you like most ?
        Sunshine and activities I do in sunshine
        My favourite popstar and why I like him ?

        Part two
        Describe your favourite piece of clothing.

        Part 3 was about shopping .

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Very well done increasing your writing score 🙂 I’m so pleased my advanced lessons helped 🙂

  6. liz, thank you so much for your blog. keep helping other people and I pray that God will bless you more and guide you always.


    where do you live
    tell ma about your city
    what makes you love your city

    CUE CARD: tell ma rule that you agreed or disagreed about
    was it helpful?
    consequence if you break the rule

    Is the rule of older people relevant to the rules that we have today? especially the young people?
    is their any rule that is not important?
    is it unavoidable for teenagers to disobey rules

    WRITING TASK 1: bar graph
    writing task 2: intelligence is the only important quality of a leader. agree or disagree

  7. I had my speaking exam on 7 November 2017 in India and following were the questions in my exam
    What is my name
    Student or working
    Why do you like your course
    What subject you had in your course
    Do u have any favourite pop star
    Do you like live music or recorded one
    Do you want to become pop star
    Then questions about buses
    How ofen do you travel by buses
    What government should do to improve the bus services
    Will you travel by bus more in future and so on
    Part 2 topic was
    Describe a time when you receive a good news about whom you well know
    What os that
    When you receive
    How you receive
    What wad your reaction
    Part 3
    What can be the personal good news
    How your community celebrate the occasions or good news
    What are the winter festivals in your country
    What is good news about winters in your country
    And so on
    The results will be declared tomorrow. I am nervous and worried about my results

  8. Hi Liz
    Thank you very much for your IELTS teaching.
    Here is the question I was asked last month.
    Test date – October 28,2017
    Test Center -Jamaica
    Academic writing test 2
    Being intelligent is the most important characteristic of a leader. To what extent do you agree with it.

  9. Hi Liz ,
    Today had speaking:
    Section 1
    what is ur name
    do you work’
    what you do
    do you do training in your profession
    what kind of trainings
    Do you interact with teenagers
    Are teenagers more fasionable now
    Do you have any friends from your primary school

    Sec 2
    tell about a letter you received
    A who sent letter
    B when you got it
    C What was letter about
    why that letter was important

    sec 3
    how can you use personal letter
    some people prefer handwritten letter
    are handwritten letters common nowdays
    what is importance of business letters
    how you write business letters
    which is better letter or telephone communication

  10. Hi Liz,
    I had my ielts general training exam on 11th Nov, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    WRL were fairly easy. My speaking was also yesterday. These are what the topics were:
    Task 1
    If I notice teenage fashion trends and why
    Am I scared of being late for aponintments and why
    How do I see time
    And a few more
    Task two – cue card question
    A time when I helped someone – who was it , how did I help and how I felt after helping them
    How can children be taught to help others
    How does my community help each other
    Are People nowadays more punctual than before and why
    Task 3
    How do organizations like Red Cross and Red crescent raise funds
    Are such organizations more effective at raising funds that smaller organizations
    How does this kind of fundraising help build relations between nations ( these weren’t the exact words.. but meant the same)
    I have never ever come across such questions in the past.. what do I say about these questions Liz, were they the regular type or something not heard often ?
    I did manage to speak on everything .. without grammatical mistakes hopefully.. not sure about my score.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The topic of work has many subtopics:
      children & work
      women & work
      volunteer work (charities)
      slave labour
      manual / non-manual
      So, you can see that your topic of charities is part of this topic. It is a normal topic to be given in IELTS writing task 2 and speaking part 2 and 3.

  11. Laura Vasquez says:

    Hi Liz, I had my test at BC yesterday in Dominican Republic and the writing question was as follow:
    Task 1) The manager at the company you work is going to retire after 40 years. The manager’s assistance want some suggest about what kind of event should they do to say good bye to him.
    – Say what kind of event
    -Why do you thank him as a manager
    -What kind of present do they can given to him?

    Task 2)
    Many people prefer to travel in car rather than buses or trains. Why do you think is this? What can government do to make people travel in buses or trains?

  12. Idp Egypt, Nov 11 (general)

    Am I the only one who got cue card about an interesting advertisement yesterday? 🙁

    Unfortunately, I ve prepared more than 40 part 2 topics from the most recent topics. I can see that most of the candidates got topics that i prepared, but I didnt . lol

    Part 1 was personal questions then questions about news
    Do you like newspaper?
    Do you prefer to get the news from internet or from newspaper?
    Do you usually share news with your friends.

    Part 3
    What is the most effective adertising way in your country?

    Why do you think they include music in the advertisements? And things like that.

    I did really good in part 1 and i even saw the examiner writing some 8 in his paper . Then i started to hesitate and take long pauses when i was surprised with the part 2 and 3 topic.

    The writing:
    1. Some people think that the most important things in life are for free and cannot be bought. To what extent do you agree?

    2. You are arranging a party and you would like to ask your friend about recipe for traditional food. I think

    Liz, how long do you think the current speaking topics and ideas will last.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The speaking topics might last another month – it can’t always be predicted. The examiner might be making notes on timing but not on scoring so all students should ignore what they see the examiner writing.

  13. Hi Liz,
    I finished all components of my IELTS test yesterday.
    Academic module at British council,Dubai.
    First of all I want to thank you Liz for all your help. I was going through your website for my preparation and it was extremely helpful. Thanks again.

    Task 2 writing
    Some people thing international cooperation has most benefited environment protection. Others think that most benefits are in the world of business. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
    Part 1
    Working or studying, training, plan to study further or not.
    Whether prefer news paper or online for news,?
    Do you discuss news at work?
    Some others I forgot. But he kept changing the topics.
    Cue card:
    What do you do to keep yourself healthy?
    Part 3
    Is health individual’s responsibility?
    Differences between how men and women work out
    In India, do people have to work out in the same way as in Dubai? or is it different?
    Does the health awareness programs create any real impact on people?

  14. Ielts academic
    Moscow, Russia

    1) don’t remember exactly, about rent equipment for camping
    2) map
    3) don’t remember
    4) architecture design in airports connected with people’s feelings inside it when they are waiting a plan
    Remember Only R3 – about Australian fossils and their connection with human race in Ice Age/climate change
    1) bar chart about unemployment in 5 countries – Poland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Hungary in 2005 in two age groups – 15-24, and others
    2) many people think that government should spend more money on sports facilities for top athletes. Other people think that it should be spent on sports facilities to all people in country. Discuss both and give opinion
    1) hometown, meal times, name
    2) who you think is a good parent, why
    3) parent allow children to watch tv, good/bad, should be controlled or not, do you think you will be a good parent, who spent more time with children (father or mother), how working people can look after children in your country

  15. November 11 2017
    UKVI Acad Philippines
    1. Listening was very easy
    2. Reading was quite harder in comparison to listening (and i talked to my fellow examinees -told me he encountered the reading test in one of the practice tests he had)
    3. Writing
    A. Task 1
    – bar chart that shows how sales of five different goods (women’s clothing; men’s
    clothing; jewelries and two others that i can’t remember)
    B. Task 2
    – Decades ago, a first man landed on the moon and said that it is a first step for man
    kind towards great things. But others say space travel only had made little difference
    in people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    4. Speaking
    – Tell me your full name
    – Do you thinks there’s a special meaning behind a person’s name
    – Do people in your country consider common names in giving one to their children
    – Describe a perfect home
    – I can’t remember other questions, sorry 🙂

  16. Hi Liz ,
    first of all , I wanna thank you for this amazing blog that was very helpful for my preparation
    I would like to share my experience
    Module : General
    Location : Algiers ALGERIA
    Date : 11-11-17

    part 1 name work meeting old friends
    part 2 shool rule that have to follow agree or disagree what when why … etc
    part 3 question about rule at work and discipline … etc

    good quality sound same level as cambridge book
    also same thing as cambridge book
    task 1
    letter to your friend ask for recipe because you will organize a party
    tell him about the party
    ask for recipe
    invite him

    task 2
    lots of important things in life are free and can not be bought
    agree or disagree ?
    I believe that the most important enemy in ielts exam is the time
    the one who can manage his time effectively will have a good a score

    the other thing is to not get stuck in one question for long time
    leave it to the end and if you’re not sure guess it
    It will be great to get your feedback about my task2 structure

    Intro paraphrase give opinion ( i agree that important things are free )
    para 1 ( some things that we can bougnt with money car houses travel )
    para 2 ( the important things that we can’t buy with money friend family )
    conclusion ( paraphrase restate my view )

    Thanks again prompt recovery .
    Warm wishes.

  17. Nidhi Saraswat says:

    Hi Liz!

    You are doing an amazing job for everyone preparing for ielts. I too appeared for ielts today. Want to share my questions which might be useful to others.
    Speaking : Do you work or study? What was your job like? What was interesting thing about your job ? Did you ever purchase anything after watching an advertisement? How do you feel about online Ad pop ups ? What’s your opinion about Adverts on buildings? Cue card : Describe a goal that you want to achieve but have not yet done.
    Part 3: Do you think goals change as you get older? What do you think about people whose goal is money? What skills should one have to achieve their goals?

    Writing topic
    People use their own vehicles instead of public transports. Why do they do that? What can government do to encourage people to use public transport?

  18. Nov 11 2017
    Describe the city or hometown where you live in?
    Mode of transportation in your country?
    Have you ever rode a boat?
    Why did you ride a boat?
    Do you want to own a boat?
    What purpose will it serve for you?
    Let’s talk about some interest.
    Do you want to be a reporter?
    I answered no; and talk about my work in the healthcare field.
    Are you interested in international or local news?
    I answered local and explain why
    Do you prefer to read in a newspaper or through the internet?
    I answered the internet and supported my answer…

    What are the ways for a person to stay healthy?
    What activities…
    How often….
    Who do you discuss these things with….

    Do you think it is important to be healthy?
    You mentioned about stress… can you tell me how can we cope up with stress?
    Do you talk about health with friends?
    What other things you talk and discuss with you friends?

    Those are the questions asked during my test.

    Reading is more about caves and prehistoric lives.
    Study about insects, butterflies… about their defence mechanisms and things about certain patterns (flying height)

  19. Hi Liz,

    I had my whole test today at Idp in Egypt.

    The Speaking test was as follows:
    Section 1:
    1) Do you work or study?
    2) How are you getting to work?
    3) What type of transport were you using in the past?
    4) How did you get here and Was it easy?
    5) I don’t remember this but it’s related to transportation too.

    Section 2:
    Speak about a house or apartment you would like to live in and say why.

    Section 3:
    1) Do you think houses in the past were different than now?
    2) How do houses look like nowadays?
    3) Do you think houses should be practical?
    4) Do you think people should be able to get any properties they would like to?
    5) I don’t remember this but it’s also related to properties.

  20. Akanksha chinchale says:

    Ielts 11/11/2017 1.00pm Navi Mumbai IN855

    General Writing
    Letter topic
    You are giving a party to your friends. Write a letter to your friend to ask a recipe of his or her country as you want to cook meal for that day.

    Write why you are giving party
    Reason of asking recipe
    Invite your friend to join the party

    Task 2
    Most people think that the most important things in life are free-that cannot be bought
    Do you agree or disagree

    • Akanksha chinchale says:

      The listening and reading section was not too tough. Hope for good result. Your videos are really helpful in ielts.
      Thanks alot Liz..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi Liz,
        i am a regular follower of your wonderful site. i really appreciate your great work to help those who really need proper guidance to crack IELTS exam. thank you so much for your great contribution. this site really help me in my preparations.

        I dont have any idea what can be written in recently asked essay ” some people think that the most important things for life are free.that can not be bought. do you agree or disgree.”

        it would be kind of you if you could give some ideas for same topics.
        again thank you for your immense support that you provide to IELTS students

    • Hi Liz.
      I too got these topics. I have a doubt in the essay section 2. (Important things in life are free. Agree or disagree)

      I agreed to the statement and wrote real Happiness, true Love, Relationships and good Health…. but I dint have reasons to support WHY these important things in life are free n can’t be bought with money. After intro, Just wrote a para on each one and finally concluded that yea these cannot be bought with money and that usually in this world, ppl tend to loose out on these important things as they get richer. However, one should remember that these wealth and riches and are temporary and its these priceless things that last forever!
      Will I be loosing marks for not explaining why these things are free and can’t be bought? As such I dint know what to write for why?

      Your advise is truly appreciated.
      I have used your tips to write the intro part. I think I have put up a perfect introduction.

  21. Manvir Singh says:

    Today i had my LRW test.
    It was brilliant.
    In Listening there was 29 Fill in the Blanks and 11 MCQ’s 7 in section 1 and 4 in section 2.

    First passage contains True-False-NotGiven and Blanks
    Second passage contains Which Paragraph Contain following information, then Researcher Matching, at last there were three blanks.
    Third passage contains Yes-No-NotGiven, Synonymous Blanks and MCQ’s

    A bar chart shows the percentage of unemployed people between the age group 15 and 24 of six countries in 2005, compared overall unemployment rate.

    Task 2
    Some people think government should spend money on sports facilities for the training of top athletes. Other thinks it should be for everyone. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

  22. Test Type: Academic, British Council
    Date: 11 November 2017
    Listening, Reading and Writing

    Writing Task 1
    1 bar chart showing the percentage of unemployment between ages 15 and 24 and the overall percentage of unemployment for 5 different countries.
    Writing Task 2
    Some think that government should spend money on sports facilities for training top athletes while some think that government should spend money for sports facilities for everybody. Discuss and give you opinion.

    The reading passages were quite long and the listening test, I think, was easy.
    Hoping for good results!

    Thank you very much Liz!

  23. Hi Liz

    I would like to thank you. Your blog and YouTube channel is very helpful for preparation for Ielts exams.
    I’ll share my speaking topics of today’s morning test at Brasilia, Brazil:

    Part 1:

    What do you do?
    Questions about my job, like what i like most of what I do and so.
    Questions about e-mails.
    If I use email, if I prefer using e-mails or phone calls and why.

    Part 2
    Changes in my life
    When I had a change in my life
    What changed
    How I feel about that changing

    He asked if i like changes and why.

    Part 3

    If changes are important to people.
    If the society is prepared for changes.
    (At this question maybe i might got off the topic because he asked me another time 🙁 )
    Are the changes getting quicker?
    If i think older people are less comfortable with changes and why.
    If i think by the ages go it is more difficult to change and why.

    I hope these information help others.
    Good luck to all, and thanks again Mrs. Liz.

  24. Himanshu Saurabh says:

    I have given LRW today.
    WT1: write a letter to your friend for asking recipe of a dish from her place. Why? For what purpose? Invite her also.
    WT2: some people think that important things for life are free. It cannot be bought. Do you agree or disagree?
    I felt that listening and reading section were easy today.

  25. IELTS General
    November 10, 5:05 pm
    Doha, Qatar

    Part 1
    What’s your full name
    What can I call you
    Where are you from
    Are you studying or working
    What training did you take for your job
    Would you like to work in the same industry in other countries
    What do you do as family activities during holidays in childhood
    What family activities you do at home
    Have the activities changed over the time
    Where would you like to plan for a vacation with your family

    Part 2 cue card
    Discuss about any traditional product made in your country
    1. Mention the product
    2. Describe it’s appearance
    3. How it is made
    What’s the significance of this traditional product

    Part 3

    Are traditions and culture important?
    Should we learn from our ancestors about our tradition and culture
    Why it is important to learn ones traditional and culture.

    In part 2 I started talking about handicrafts instead of traditional product and the examiner asked me to focus on the question. When I could not understand what wrong I did, then she explained that traditional products such as any fabric or jewellery or furnitures. After that I was able to speak about the traditional products of my country. Will I lose marks because of my misunderstanding of question? And I think I was bit faster but fluent while speaking, is that also a minus point ?

    Tomorrow I have LRW..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You definitely won’t lose marks. The examiner was bringing you round to the topic 1) to help you 2) in case you changed the topic in order to use a memorised answer. But you handled it fine and it won’t affect your score. Good luck tomorrow!!

  26. Exam – General Training
    Date – 28 October 2017
    Location – Boston USA

    Part 1:
    Where do you live currently?
    How many rooms are there?
    Which room is your favorite?
    Why do you love your house?
    How often do you use emails?
    Would you like to talk on phone or send an email?
    Do you think emails will be more common in future?
    Which type of fruits do you like?
    Did you like fruits when you were a child?

    Part 2:
    Talk about a thing that you wanted to do for a long time but has not done yet.
    Follow up Question: Were your parents supportive?

    Part 3:
    Do you think people’s goals change with age?
    Does goals of society get impacted by increase in population or other such factors?
    What should be the responsibilities of a government?
    Do you think government fulfill their responsibilities?
    Do you think economic development have negative impacts on environment?
    How could it be mitigated?

    Task 1: Letter to a business partner who visited your organization about a team members coat which was left in your organization
    a. What do you like about their visit
    b. Why do you think that coat belongs to one of their team members
    c. Tell them how do you plan to return it
    Task 2:
    Some people think that musical instruments are beneficial while others think that they are total wastage of time. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Liz, I am form India and I was really worried because I had to give my IELTS exam in United States, but I was able to do well. I was able to score 9 in speaking and 7.5 in writing. My listening and reading scores are 8 each. All thanks to you Liz. You are doing a wonderful job. Your website and especially this comments section page helped me a lot. I was aware of all the recent topics before going for my exam.

    • My Husband also gave the exam on the same day.
      Writing topics were same.
      Part 1:
      Where do you work?
      Do you like your job?
      What are your responsibilities?
      Pop Star/ Pop Music:
      Do you like pop music?
      Which is your favorite pop star?
      Have you attended any concerts of any pop star?
      Do you know your neighbors?
      Are neighbors usually close in your country?
      Which type of neighbors do you think are best – old or young?

      Part 2:
      Talk about a plant of your country

      Part 3:
      Environment related questions

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 And very well done !! Great score 🙂

  27. Thanks liz for your tips, wrote exam on 28th October
    Got result today
    Ovrall 8.0
    Listening 8.5
    Reading 8.0
    Speaking 7.0
    Writing. 7.5

  28. Hello Liz, I took the speaking test on Monday. Here are my questions as far as I can remember.
    Part 1:
    Do you work or do you study?
    What’s the most interesting part of the subject you are studying for?
    Are you going to find a job in that field?
    Questions about politeness:
    Who has taught you to be polite?
    Are people in your country polite? Why?
    How has that changed from the past?
    Do you think people should be polite all the time? Why?

    Part 2: Talk about a company/organisation near your local community that has hired a lot of people:
    – where it is
    -how big it is
    -what professions do people do there

    At the end the examiner asked me if I would like to work there in the future.

    Part 3:
    Do people in your country go to university? Or do they find a job?
    How has that changed?
    What does the government do to lower unemployment in your country?
    Do you think people should retire to leave their place to the younger people?

    That’s all I can remember. I have the LRW test tomorrow. I hope I will do well. Thank you Liz for your great job and support.

  29. I had my speaking test today and below are the questions being asked:
    Part 1
    1) What’s your name, what shall I call you?
    2) where do you stay?
    3) Do you work or study?
    4) Which is the best skill you have, while working?
    5) Would you like to take a training in future for improving skills, and which skill it would be?
    Part 2
    Talk about a person who made a smart decision recently?
    Who is that person?
    What is the decision made?
    Why you think it is a smart decision?

    Part 3
    1) Do you make your own decisions?
    2) What should be the right age for children to take decisions? Why?
    3) Do people face a situation, where decisions are influenced?
    4) Should managers let the employees participate in making an important decision?

    I did well on other parts but for part 2 I could speak fluently for 1.40 Sec I believe? Will that impact my score?

  30. I took test around 2:30pm. But my test time was suppposed to be at 3:30pm. I arrived earlier. and the examiner came to me and asked me if i did not mind i could start as the first one.

    All of my questions were really basic!
    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or apartment?
    Do you like it? Why?
    Which historical person you like? Why?
    Will you learn history in the future?
    Some other questions….

    Part 2 is to talk about an intresting Englsih Lession.

    Part 3
    Why people are learning foreign language now?
    Why there are still many people would like to learn minor languages?
    ….based on my answers, he asked me some questions which i forgot.

    Dear Liz,

    I find sometimes I do not give the answer by using full sentence… or not directly, e.g. first question, my answer was I live in a studio actually. Is it fine?

    And I used wrong tense several times during test, but i corrected myself. will this affect my score a lot?
    I feel the whole process was smooth and I did not stuck. The examiner even would smile or nod head which made me feel like having a real conversation. Therefore, I had facial expressions and body language through whole test, is it fine? Would the examiner think i was out of control?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You can answer questions in any way you want. The examiner just wants to hear your English language, not get information. So, it would have been better to expanded that “Actually, I live in a rather cramped little studio on the fifth floor of a house”. It just offers the examiner a better range of vocab and grammar. On the whole, self correction isn’t best because it affects your fluency but don’t worry if you only did it once or twice. The speaking test is informal so body language is fine – just be natural. It sounds like you weren’t really ready for your test in terms of understanding what it’s all about BUT at the same time I think you might have done well. Fingers crossed 🙂

  31. Type of Test: Academic, Speaking (British Council)
    Date of Test: November 10, 2017
    Location: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    What’s your full name?
    Do you work or study?
    Activity by or on the sea
    Which would you prefer, to be alone or to be with someone when you’re by or at the sea?
    Any hazards in the sea or near the sea?
    Jobs available on the sea at your home town
    About transports
    Travelling by bus or underground tranport
    Do you prefer transporting goods by the sea?
    What form of transport could be seen in the future?
    What the government can do when it comes to transport?

  32. 10 November 2017
    Bangalore, India- 4.20pm

    Dear Liz,

    Please find below the questions enumerated:

    What is your (full) name?
    Do u study or work?
    What is your job?
    What do u like in u r job?
    Will u continue the same job in future?
    What kind of fruit do u like as a child? And why?
    Part 2
    Cue card
    Describe a TV series which you enjoy watching?
    Part 3
    What are the most popular TV drama/shows in your country?
    What are some advantages of watching those shows?
    What are the other shows do people watch other than drama in u r country?

    Liz u r an amazing teacher. No words to express my gratitude. I like the way u teach and of course u r smile while teaching. And I need to really appreciate u r patience of answering each and every questions and doubts (repeated questions). Tomorrow is my WRL test. I’ll post the questions tomorrow.

    Thank you.


  33. Hello liz,
    I love you alot .. You are the prettiest teacher i’ve ever met. My speaking test was today at noon and my examiner was a young handsome man who was very friendly and he was encouring me to speak more i find myself so lucky.Tomorrow is my writing listening and reading test please pray for me. I’ve in a long distance relationship for 6 years and still continuing . My husband lives in Dubai and i’ve applied for my masters there.The reason for taking IELTS is i’ve already been accepted for assistantship and that university want my english test score.I got only 14 days to prepare myself.
    My question today 2:20 pm
    What is your full name?
    Do you work or you study?
    What does your name mean?
    From where it hasbeen taken?
    Who named you and why?
    Is there any cultural influence behind you name?
    Do you like to read newspaper?
    Do you like international news or national? Why?
    Do you share news with anyone?
    Describe an important letter you have recently got
    You should say:
    Who sent this letter?
    What was it about?
    How you feel about it?
    Do you write letter?
    Do you think people still write letters by hand?
    Why do you think people still use letters?
    Why people like to receive handwritten letters?
    Why bussiness people uses letters?
    Is there any problem with the electronic letter? What is that?
    What type of letter should business people send ?
    Should letters flow certain language or style?
    This is what i remember

  34. Hi Liz,
    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your helpful support and tips on the IELTS, secondly, I’d like to thank all the great community here, for their contributions about their own IELTS experiences.
    And, lastly, here are the questions I was asked today 🙂
    General IELTS,
    Speaking Test,
    Cairo – 10th Nov 2017;

    Part 1;

    – Tell me your full name please.
    – Where do you come from?
    – Do you live in a flat or an apartment ?
    – What type of building would you prefer to live in ?
    – Who is your favorite pop star ?
    – Why?
    – Have you ever met a pop star in person ?
    – Would you like to be a pop star ?
    – Why?
    – What type of fruit do you like?
    – Why?
    – What type of fruit did you like as ac child ?
    – Why ?
    – Why do you think that fruit is helpful to your body ?

    Part 2;
    – Talk about a website that you use.
    – What does it do?
    – Why is it useful?
    – How easy is it to use?
    – Do you recommend it to other friends?

    Part 3;

    – Do you think the internet can be helpful in children education?
    – What is the difference between the internet and ordinary TV educational programs?
    – Do you think it could replace the teacher for the children?
    – What do you think most people use the internet for?

    That’s as far as I could remember 😉
    Thanks again for the support, I hope this helps others as much as other comments helped me. Wish me luck in tomorrow’s tests.

  35. General
    Jeddah Speaking Test on 10 th of November

    Part one

    _Birthdays and their importance ,if i celebrate my birth day , now and while i was a child
    who like more to make birthdays adults or teenagers

    Part 2

    A stranger that you met and you talk with him who and when and what said

    Part 3

    About Emails and chatting
    Do u like to talk to strangers .Why
    do you think women talk more than men
    I have a question here fortunately i was trained on the same cue card before so once i saw the question and started talking i talked very fast So i donot know if he will feel this is a memorized answer ,honestly the situation happened to me in the real but i trained on it many times ?

    Another Problem ,due to talking very fast i donot know if i complete one minute or not ,in normal for the same topic i talked for 2 min but i believe i told him the same number of woeds but in only one min ore less 55 Seconds ,after i finished i believe when he find me didnot complete the whole time asked me another question about the cue card before moving to the Part 3 ,question do u like to meet the same stranger again and why ?

    Is this will affect my score ?

    • Your speaking test is marked over your whole performance -wait for your results. You should use your 1 mins prep time to plan how to extend your talk to 2 mins – adding extra details, different topics etc. But fluency is not only measured by length of answer. So, wait for your result.

  36. Hi,
    I just finished my Speaking module for IELTS General.
    Exam type: IELTS General
    Date: 10-11-2017
    City/Country: Sharjah, UAE
    Testing centre: IDP Dubai
    Venue: CEC (Continuing Education Centre)

    My examiner’s accent was a bit tricky to understand, I believe she’s from Auckland, New Zealand.
    Questions that I was asked:
    What do you do, do you work or study?
    Did you always want to do this?
    What do you like about your job?
    Do you get to spend a lot of time with teenagers?
    What do you think teenagers like to do these days?
    Why do think these days people would rather buy new things than repair old ones?
    Cue card:
    Tell me about something you had bought recently that made you happy (there were 3 points that I had to cover in my answer but I can’t remember them)

    When my time was over she asked me why I had decided to purchase this item?
    Do you think it’s always a good idea for consumers to have more choices?
    Do you think consumerism is going to increase?

    She had to stop me from talking in all of the questions so I guess that’s a big plus!

  37. Faced speaking test 9-1-2017.Part 3 was quite difficult to me.

    1.How Global warming affect to marine life?
    2.What are the deep sea under exploration advantages and disadvantages?

    I was unable to manage my answers.Would have to try another time.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s a shame you had tough questions. However, you should have prepared the topic of water and environment for both speaking and writing.

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