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  1. Hello Liz and everyone,

    Date:22 April 2017
    Location: Calgary, Canada

    Listening: About a drama club
    About a residential building : when it was build
    Restrictions and a map showing shop, day care, barbecue facility.
    A research topic discussing by two students, it’s aspect, problems etc.
    About the British library

    Reading: The second and third passage was really tough.
    Second passage was related to Europes weather condition in 2003. It was saying about extreme hot weather condition like that. First and third passage I don’t remember exactly.

    Writing: Task 1: Two line graph one saying about the average price of a city and national average price for the house between 2003 and 2008. Second line graph was about four types of house and it’s average price in that same year .
    Task2: crime rate is decreasing compared to the past due to the advance technology as it can prevent and solve the crime. Do you agree or disagree

    Speaking: About my home town.
    Do you want to go back to home town in the future.
    Do you have any best friend?
    How do you spend time with them?
    Do you want to make new friends?
    Do you know to play any musical instruments?
    Do you think it’s tough to learn any musical instrument?
    Cue card: a profession that can get well paid?
    Why they are well paid?
    What they want to do?
    Do you know anyone who work in that field?
    Task 3: any job that is not well paid in back home?
    Which all profession can get a good salary in back home?
    In work when the boss should motivate the employee?
    How he can motivate?
    Do we want to motivate by ourselves?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • The exam was the same in Argentina yesterday!

        • The first passage of the reading test was about shells, and the different ways to get the pearls, and the third passage was about Science, the differences between scientists and the philosofers in the past, scientific method, the positive and the negative factors of their work.

          • Yes you are right. How you felt about the test? First passage was good but the other two was very tough to connect.

      • can you tell you idea about writing task 2?

    • Hi Sajeema,
      Good luck on your test. About the reading task, you talked about the extreme whether condition in Europe ie. heat waves in 2003. I am really surprised that IELTS still repeat their questions in this recent time. I actually came across the same reading passage yesterday which was a past question in 2007, January and March 2009 I downloaded online.

  2. Muhammad usman says:

    Hi liz, this website is very helpful for all ielts students
    God bless you alot and gives you happiness in every moment of life.
    Tell everyone. Please mention ielts type (GT OR ACADEMIC )
    In there comments.

  3. Osama Sleem says:

    I am Osama Sleem from Alexandria,Egypt
    I have IELTS exam academic version on April 22,23 in British Council Alexandria, held in Four Season hotel.

    Writing task 1 was bar chart showing numbers of male and female students studying different subjects in 2012 in a given university .
    task 2 was
    some believe that improving standards of living come by economic development in expense of some social values
    Do advantages of economic development overweight disadvantages?

    do you work or student ?
    what is your job ?
    why do you choose this job?
    what do you wish to work in the future?
    what do you like to do in your spare times?
    do you have a favourite teacher when you were in school?
    why do you like him ?
    describe an interesting thing you did in your free time ?
    what you did?
    with whom you did ?
    why you did it?
    explain why this was interesting ?
    part 3
    how people in your country enjoy their free time?
    do people in your country prefer to spend their holidays indoors or outdoors?
    do people in the past have more free times than nowadays?

  4. Test Date: 22nd April 2017
    Place: Portsmouth, England
    Module: Academic

    Listening was easy, 1st part was abt a woman arranging a day care centre for her children, 2nd was parents visiting a school, 3rd was abt plants doctors, and the last one was abt origin of perfumes.
    Reading was too hard and complicated, very few fill in the blanks, all others were matching the headings. First para was abt Tunnells, 2nd was abt hiring old age employees, 3rd was abt education models or research. I cudnt even attempt all questions bcoz even Para one wasnt easy, took a long time to answer questions from there.
    Writing Task one was tricky. on one chart there was a bar chart plus a line graphs showing male n females in university studying different subjects in 2012.
    Task 2: Nations are having economic development but losing social values, does the advantages outweigh disadvantages.

    Speaking: About ur town
    is ur town interesting
    will u live there if you go back
    Mirrors, how often you look at urself in mirrors
    do u buy mirror
    why do u use them for decoration
    Topic: Neighbour
    Who is he/she
    How do u meet him/ her
    how often do u see her/him
    Part 3:
    Do u know anyother neighbour as well
    What does community means to u
    what things communities can do together
    how does local businesses can help community
    What effects technology done on our society
    are they harmful
    is ur country a community.
    how does two countries differ as communities.

    I need band 7 in all components but I dont think I could get in Reading.
    Also I did have the problems in time management.
    Liz, I got a question for ur please. I couldnt maintain eye contact with examiner but I stop fluently and examiner stopped me at the end saying thats the end or test. will that effect my score?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Time management is something that students should practise before their test. In speaking, you don’t need to have eye contact with the examiner although some teachers do recommend it. If the examiner stopped you at the end of the test, this is because time was up and doesn’t reflect your score.

    • Hi Shan yes writing task 1 was a tricky one .was the line illustrating the total number of students in the university.

  5. Hi Liz
    Writing task 1
    The chart below shows the number of male and female studying different subjects in one university in 2012
    Writing task 2
    Most countries aim to improve standard of living through economic development,but many important social values can be lost as a result
    What are the advantages of outweigh the disadvantages?
    However, I am worried about my writing task 2 …….

  6. Hemachander says:

    Hi Liz,
    I took my IELTS General exam on April 8th and got overall band score of 7( L-7.5, R,W,S-7). It wouldn’t be possible without your guidance and those wonderful articles, videos, and examples that you have posted, all those tips helped me immensely during my exams. I pray to the almighty for your wellbeing and hope you continue this service which helps millions of people across the globe to pursue their dreams. God bless you!!!!😊😊😊

    • I don’t usually post results on this page but your comments were so nice and you’ve so done well 🙂

      • Hello Liz, kindly reply to my comment posted on 22nd of April 2017 at 7:16 pm.
        Thank you for this amazing website !
        God bless you .

    • wow great results i am yet to do exams on 29th April 2017 this coming Saturday.Due to nature of my work and scheduling i have very less time for revision but doing my best.Thank you Liz for the free lessons God bless.

  7. Hello Liz,
    Had my ielts exams today at Leceister
    Academic module
    Task 1 was a bar chart comparing enrollment figures of males and females in 6 different subjects
    Task 2 was about most countries aiming for economic development but may affect social values and we were asked whether advantages of economic development outweigh its disadvantages .
    I gave the opinion that, the benefits of economic development outweigh the drawbacks
    But I started with the advantages and began like this;
    There are two main benefits of economic development. First of all….
    and next paragraph, I started with ;
    In addition …..
    With the disadvantage
    I started like this ;
    However , there are drwabacks to economic development and mentioned overpopulation leading to the creation of slums with resultant increased in crime rate and loss of religious and social values all in the same paragraph and repeated my opinion in the concluding paragraph.
    My question is , is writing ” there are two main benefits of economic development and starting with first of all … a good way to start such an essay type ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your linking is fine. You will be marked on logical and it seems quite logical. Usually, when there are advs and disadv, it’s best to have two paragraphs – one of each. But it isn’t a rule and you can be flexible.

  8. Academic
    writing task 2
    Many countries aim to improve living standard by economic development, but some important social values are lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?
    I have written About improved health services (result of being affluent economically country) as advantage, rare human interaction with surrounding (result of having no time because of citizens have to work more to evolve life standard) as a disadvantage. Are these opinions relevant?

  9. Srikumar Ram says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you, I found your tips very useful and got my results yesterday.(8,9,7,7)

  10. Sina Ses says:

    Hi liz I had the ielts today 22 April UKVI… Iran
    Listening part was a bit difficult.. Especially in part 4 Cuz it was multiple choices…. Unfortunately I lost in reading part… I think.. I’m not in good mood I guess…. Writing Task 1:charts compared 7 different subjects in one university.. Task2:most countries want to improve standard of living through economic development however I may loose social value in countriy. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Task 1 is OK.. But in task 2 I mentioned some points about housing industry.. In advantages point.. I mentioned… It provides job.. For unemployment and people can benefit from this development… And it can increase in the numbers of house and basic amenities.. And.. People have different choices to chose the best location in town.. In disadvantages :I mentioned the negative affects of environmental problems.. And.. Also. It creates a gap between poor and rich due to the high cost of living in estates industry.. I know it’s not a good essay….. I need your advice Cuz I want to retake the ielts 2 weeks later… What can I do to stay focous on the reading part? Actually I answered all cambridge books from 4 to 11 and the worth results of my reading was 22 corrects and the best was 30.. ❤️ 💙 💛 💜

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The IELTS test is long and it’s easy to lose your concentration. For reading, just remember that you are looking for answers. That means identifying key words, scanning the test for the key words and then deciding your answer. Don’t get lost in the passage.

  11. Thanks a lot Liz for helping me and these are my score,

    W-6.5 and

  12. Hello to you all!
    I took the IELTS Academic on the 20th of April, 2017, in London.
    – pottery in New Zealand,
    – health in space (what health problems do astronauts have and possible solutions for them) and
    -the last one (the hardest article I’ve ever encountered since I started training for IELTS) about reading emotions, I don’t remember the title exactly, but it was talking about how artists have always tried to capture the personality of a person in their pieces of art, the debate going on around it, modernism and how this current is regarded nowadays.
    -Task 1: 3 pie charts with different job fields that English graduates chose first after their graduation in 1992, 1997 and 2002.
    -Task 2: some people think that in order to solve traffic and transportation problems people should be encouraged to live in cities rather than in suburbs or at the countryside. To what extent to do you agree or disagree?
    -Part 1: are you working/are you a student?, where do you come from, do you like your hometown, where do you like to go in your hometown, do you think you’ll ever leave your hometown. What do you do with the photographs you take when you travel, do you take a lot of photographs, do you have a lot of pictures with you when you were a child
    -Part 2: describe a place you like to go in order to relax (where it is, when you go there, what you do there, why is it a relaxing place for you)
    -Part 3: do you think leisure is important during work or study? how can a employee relax at work? do you think some people find stress useful? has technology affected the way people relax? should the government invest more in leisure objects for people such as laptops, tablets?

    This are all the questions I can remember. All in all, it was a wonderful experience, very well organized and with no surprises. Invigilators were extremely nice (still doing their job obviously!) not to mention the speaking examinator, who was great and really as you say Liz, someone that does not want to see what you don’t know but what you know.

    However, I am bit worried about my essay (I need to score a 7.5 at every part, not only as an overall)… my mind got a bit stuck and I couldn’t think of any good ideas (of course they all came after I finished the exam). Could you please tell me your opinion, Liz? I stated that I strongly disagree with the idea firstly because encouraging people to move from suburbs/countryside to the city would only burden the traffic inside the city, and that would make public transport even more harder and secondly(this part I’m worried about, I just wrote something desperate because I didn’t have a second argument and I was running out of time) commuters or people who live outside the city are used to following side roads in times of need, so they do not congest the traffic on motorways or other busy roads. I also gave an alternate solution, for the local authorities to demand a tax from drivers who leave the city using a busy road.
    I would very much appreciate your input on this Liz! I also want to thank you for all your hard work, I’ve never followed a IELTS course before my exam, I speak English fluently, but I used your blog as my main tool for IELTS study! Keep up the good work!
    Sabina, Romania

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 All your reading topics sounded quite challenging. Your writing task 2 question was not a nice one. It was about traffic congestion but from the perspective of where people live – awful. I’m sorry you got that topic. On the whole, this is how I would approach the question:
      By encouraging people to live within cities, it does solve the problem of commuter traffic congestion but it does not solve the problem of inner city congestion.
      This is what the essay question is really about. It doesn’t actually define which type of traffic congestion and where the congestion is. So, we can say that having people live inside cities will prevent roads coming into the cities from becoming congested. But this in turn might lead to worsening traffic congestion within city centers. Therefore – alternative solution. This presents a balanced view – a specific opinion.
      Your first idea is very clear and highly relevant. Your second main idea is less focused but still relevant. Offering another solution is perfect – increasing tax on cars – hopefully you still linked this to the theme of both inner city and suburb congestion.
      Fingers crossed you do well !!!

      • i got the same i too diagree1) the more people move to city centers the more will be congestion due to the demand of building new roads and other infrastructures for the usage of new one…lack of space is already a burgeoning problem in cities.
        2) as govenment nowadays open new companies in suburbs it is better to encourage people to continue living that problems related to transportation can b solved….
        i am worried about my writing2 …what do you think about my points

      • excuse me liz,
        could you please give some idea to write more in task2 I have test tomorrow, and I think the question may the same?

    • kaur brar says:

      First of all, thank you Liz! This website and your advises were so beneficial for me.
      19 April 2017 in Uzbekistan
      Academic Test

      Speaking test part 1
      What’s your full name?
      Do you wear a watch?
      Another questions about public transport!
      Part 2
      Describe a book that you would like to read again ?
      Part 3 Questions about Story and book

    • Good memory, could you share the listening sections please

    • Plz tell me is there any question ,answer as ‘ mars”??????

    • Nina Ratiu says:

      Hi. I will take mg exam in 29th april in Cluj Napoca, Romania. IT is possible to be the same subiect?

      • I have no idea, but I hardly think so. I saw my writing subject were the same with someone who took the exam in Milan, but it was the same day !

  13. Hi liz
    First of all, thank you Liz! This website and your advises were so beneficial for me.
    19 April 2017 in Uzbekistan
    Academic Test

    Speaking test part 1
    What’s your full name?
    Do you wear a watch?
    Another questions about public transport!
    Part 2
    Describe a book that you would like to read again ?
    Part 3 Questions about Story and book

  14. I just finished my speaking test today 21 April 2017 in Saudi Arabia

    Part 1
    What is your name?
    Do you work or study?
    Why you choose this job?
    Do you have a favorite teacher?
    Why you like her?
    What are the qualities of a teacher that makes them popular?
    Do you like to be a teacher?

    Part 2
    Cue card : describe an event that you are part of a team
    What is it?
    What did you do?
    With whom you did it?

    Part 3
    **More about teamwork
    What qualities should a leader have?
    Is it better to work in a team or alone?

    I forgot the other questions✌️️

    LRW will be tomorrow… keeping my fingers crosssed😊😊

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers and toes crossed !! 🙂 Keep your eye on the clock for writing and reading!

    • Muhammad usman says:

      Rafar I’m usman
      Best of luck for your tommorow exam.
      Can you please contact me on whatsapp
      My number is 00966580840771
      I want to ask some questions about ielts preparation and process.
      I’m from Jeddah.

    • can you please post the writing questions of the exam on 22 april ?

  15. Kiroayad says:

    Hi litz,
    General test, 8th April, Egypt
    I can’t remmember the exact words but I will write the contents.
    Writing task 1.
    You recived a document that needs to be translated, write a letter to your friend – why the document is important, – why you need to translate it, -why you need it early.
    Writing task 2.
    Children nowadays are not healthy like children in the past. Why and what is the solution.
    Speaking 1 working or studying, why you chossed this career. What would you like to do in the future.
    What do you like about your home town. Do you plan to live there in the future.
    Task 2 talk about tall building, where is it, you like it or not, what do you know about it.
    Task 3 many other questions about tall buildings .
    Do all people like to live in tall buildings
    What are the disadvantages of living in tall buildings
    Why some countries have to build tall buildings
    Shall buildings be built by architects or anyone can do it himself
    Why there are different shapes of buildings

  16. Ramanjeet Singh says:

    Hi Liz,
    I have enrolled for 29th April exam. I am planning to answer all 40 questions in capital letters. Please be advise if I need to write answers with options in roman numerals, do I need to answer i, ii, iii, iv, etc., or I, II, III, IV, etc.

  17. Hi Liz,
    Test type: General
    Exam date: 25th March
    Location: Netherlands
    Sorry for posting it late. This is what I remember now.
    Speaking: About my hometown, do I miss my hometown
    do I have plans to settle there in future
    which is the place I really like to spend my free time.
    My Favourite color, why you like that color.
    My friend’s favorite color
    If you get a chance to paint your room with a color, which color will you avoid and why?
    Card topic: Speak about an unusual or interesting thing that you start doing recently.
    What is that and why did you do that?
    You did that alone or with someone?
    How did you feel after doing it (I explained cooking as the interesting thing I did recently)
    How hotels are affecting your food industry
    3rd section was a little difficult
    How are people spending leisure time in your country
    Are they getting enough free time more than the past
    How old people are contributing to the leisure industry

    Listening: 2nd section was a bit tough as it has a map and it was confusing. 1st and 3rd were ok and the 4th section was the easiest.

    Reading: Paragraphs were comparatively simple and only a few questions were really not straight

    Writing: Section 1: Your friend is coming to stay at your apartment in your absence. Write a letter by giving him/her all the necessary instructions and details
    Section 2: Govt. is spending too much money on wildlife preservation. Do you agree or disagree and explain your point.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Qing Chen says:

        Hi Liz,

        Here is a good place to practice writing and speaking by yourself.

        I’m following your advanced writing courses which are greatly beneficial to me because I have learned the high band scores structures and essay organization. But for the specific writing 2 task above I could not find enough supporting points to make a strong essay, and I just have the following one, protecting wildlife help protect species diversity.

        Can you provide some points for the preservation of wildlife.



        • Preservation of wildlife: 1) we should protect wildlife for future generations. 2) biodiversity – we need a range of wildlife for our ecosystem 3)we can learn a lot from animals and they might be useful for medicinal purposes.

    • Hi, thanks for sharing. I have a question regarding the Writing Section 2, please correct me if I understand the statement completely. Should I answer if I agree/disagree that the govt is spending too much? or my answer should explain why iIagree/disagree that too much spending is good or bad to the govt.? Please advise correct meaning of the statement.

  18. Location: Milan
    Date 20/04/2017

    Writing task 1: The charts below give information about the newly graduated and their first occupation in the UK between 1992 and 2002.

    Writing task 2: The best solution to deal with traffic and transportation is to encourage people to live in cities instead of the countryside. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I had my LRW yesterday and these were the exact qyestions in Writing section.

    • What were your speaking questions? I had the same exam yesterday and I will be having the speaking section in a few hours

    • Doreen Faraon says:

      Ielts Academic : Speaking 4/24/2017

      Fist question
      What do you do, are you studying or working
      have you ever felt not working so hard
      What do you do during my spare time
      Do you love watching Television
      what kind of movie do you watch
      do you prefer to watch it by yourself or with someone. why?

      Cue card:
      Describe a house/apartment that you like
      Why were you there?
      Who went with you?

      FF up questions
      In the current place where you live is it a condominium or house
      where do you prefer to live? why?
      due to increase population what do government do to resolve house congestion
      Do you think people prefer to stay with their family? or get their own place? why?

      Hope I was able to help.

      Thanks! and Good Luck !

  19. Apoorv Purandare says:

    Date 20.04.17
    Academic module

    Whats your name ?
    Where do you live?
    Is it interesting to live there?
    Tell me more about place where you love

    Lets talk about shoes
    What do you see when you buy a new pair of shoes?
    Is comfort more important than style or its the other way around?

    Cue card
    Talk about one thing you had to wait for long

    Patience is important to you?
    Who is more patient children or adults?
    Justify your choice

    Task1 table with percentage of popular tv programmes between different age groups

    Task 2
    Changing climate conditions have increased some people believe it’s better to adapt to the change rather than bringing change in pur attitude towards environment

    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Hope this helps 😊
    Thanks Liz

  20. Hello there. Uzbekistan. Tashkent. Academic module speaking test. Bobur Irgashev
    Part 1:
    Do you study of work?
    Why did you choose this work?
    What job will you do in the future?
    How often do you eat chocolates?
    Did you eat chocolate when you were a child?
    Have you ever give a chocolate for someone as a gift?
    Abt spending time near water such as rivers, seas

    Part 2:
    Discribe a special meal
    What is this?
    With whom

    Do you like cooking ?

    Part 3:
    What make one restuarant succesful than other?
    Which restuarants are most in your country?
    What is the best place for restuarants?

    And so on.
    Please, note that approximately all the questions are paraphrased.

    And Liz, thanks a lot. Your advises helped me today.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad my lessons were useful 🙂 Good luck with your results !

      • Dara Delgado says:

        Hi Liz,
        Thanks for your tips. I’ve used it earlier in L,R,W,S.
        Date: 22nd April 2017
        Leicester, UK

        Writing Task 1 Bar graph about male and female studying 6 different subjects in 2012

        Writing Task 2: Most countries want to improve standard of living through economic development, however, others think social value is lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?

    • anastasia says:

      what about task 1 and 2, please.

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