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  1. I had my LRW test yesterday, May 25. General Training. Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

    1) Fill in blanks. It was a telephonic conversation about getting library services.
    2) MCQ. One speaker was giving information on university courses and terms.
    3) Matching information. Same speaker was introducing various staff members. I completely missed one question here, had to guess the answer at last.
    4) Fill in blanks. One lady was conveying information about one global corporate company.

    1) Membership advertisement of one sports club. (T,F,NG)
    2) Information on phone banking. (Fill in blanks)
    3) Membership advertisement of one language club. (Fill in blanks)
    4) Information on manufacturing team strategies (Fill in blanks)
    5) History of bicycles. (T,F,NG / Paragraph to given statement matching / Matching names to characteristics)

    The last one was really deceptive and long. I believe one has to read all the information properly to be sure about answers. Key words not helped. They kept repeating the key words in multiple paragraphs at multiple places like time frames, names of bicycles with characteristics etc. Thank God, I had 30 minutes to complete this.

    1) Letter to nearby restaurant for noise. effects, solutions, further actions.
    2) Leaders in all the fields are now younger than they were in past. Reasons. Is this positive or negative development?

    Special thanks to Liz because I studied all the notes on essay she provided, just before a day of my exam. Believe me, that made me so clear about my introduction and conclusion, I was satisfied when I reviewed my essay in last 3 minutes.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad you had time to review your essay – that’s a good sign as hopefully it means you controlled your time well and wrote as you had planned. Good luck with your results 🙂

  2. Hi Liz,
    I am Senani. My Exam location is Colombo and I did the General Training Exam and may exam date is 26/05/2017.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support which you are giving to the community as voluntary service. Furthermore it is more helpful for all the people like me, who are doing this exam self-reliantly. I would like to thanks all the support giving by the former candidate as well.
    I believe that Cambridge books are the more effective source to practice. Owing to my Listening and Reading exams are followed that pattern and according to my Speaking and Writing exam questions are as follows.
    Writing Test Task 01:
    Write a letter to a restaurant manager to inform that the noise is not acceptable in his restaurant.
    You should say:
    How you effect from the noise.
    What they can do so
    What is your action if the restaurant did not reduce the noise?
    Writing Test Task 02:
    Leaders are younger than the past. Write your opinion for this.
    Speaking Test Section 01:
    Topic: Friends
    Do you spend time with your Friends?
    Do you have best friend or friends group?
    Do you think that you will have more friends in future?
    How about your best friend and how long you be with her?

    Topic: TV Program
    Do you often watch TV?
    What sorts of things do you watch on TV?
    What is your favorite TV program?
    Do you ever watch foreign programs or films?
    What did you watch on TV when you were a child?
    Do you think children should watch TV?

    Speaking Test Section 02:
    Topic: House
    Describe your favorite house that you are visited.
    Where it is?
    How often do you go there?
    Why do you interest to go there?
    And explain what the things that you like there?

    Speaking Test Section 03:
    Topic: House
    What type of houses is more popular in Sri Lanka?
    Why most Sri Lankan like that?
    Do you think that houses in Countryside or City side are better?
    Why do you think so?

    Topic: Power
    What are the things that people use power in houses?
    Do you think that people wasting power in Sri Lanka and how?

  3. I had an ielts exam today in Poland Poznan. LRW General

    1)Text about damages – was easy
    2)Choirs concert – no comments to the hall plan.
    3)About the zoo and problems with staff and students – the tasks were paraphrased, so it made a very little sence .
    4) Vertical farms – was easy.

    1)Text about teams at work – easy
    2)Text about some sports club – very easy
    3)Don’t remember 🙁
    4) the history of bicycles – very easy

    1) a letter to the restaurant owner nearby about the noise.
    2) An essay about which leaders :young or old are better.

    P.S. I am a native speaker and I took the test just to see it myself, Honestly I have no idea for whom do they prepare those tests. They are much more to test the logic skills than the knowledge of the language. Waiting for the results then. I am curious how much I got.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m curious to know your results as well. IELTS isn’t just a simple language test. You definitely need preparation for the test even if your English is perfect. Knowing what the examiner is look for in writing and also the question types in reading is essential 🙂

  4. Amandeep kaur says:

    Hello i had my ielts LRW test today at Bathinda (India) . My writing task was ” There are more fathers stay at homes and take care of their children while mothers go out for work . Why is it?
    Is it a positive or negative development?
    Give reasons for your answer and include example with own experiences.

  5. Ankita Soman says:


    I had exam today that is 25th May, 2017Pune,India.

    For listening
    1. Part 1 – It had a conversation of two people.
    2. Part 2 – It had a teacher talking to students
    3. Part 4 – A lady explaining about a company’s overall production.
    For Reading
    1. Topic was about bicycles,Professional club..Last part was difficult.
    For Writing
    1. Question One – Asked to write a letter to restaurant owner asking to do something for noise issue.
    2.Leaders of younger age are excelling in all field than in past.What are the reasons.Is it a positive or negative development ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • For the last passage about history of Bicycles, no trick or shortcut worked. Understanding a passage completely and writing was impossible.

      • Hi Liz,

        By any chance do they decrease the score range? I mean for reading 34-35 is needed for 7 bands, but in case the passage was way too difficult that none could score more on that section, will they decrease this range?

    • Ijlal Akbar Sheikh says:

      Ielts Academic 25th May
      Reading topics were something like that:
      1): Comparison of Language and Music
      2): Some unusual Lake
      3): Laughter is something which is not innovated in humans and some animals.

    • Gemini123 says:

      Same questions in Bangalore -GT

    • Ilhem Abidi says:

      We got the same questions in U.A.E. Today
      The passage of bicycles was borring

  6. Just finished my ielts Academic module. LRR
    Venue Enugu Nigeria
    Writing task 1 two pie charts showing the reasons two group of students chose to study in Darriford university
    Task two it is becoming a common practice for fathers to stay at home and take care of the children while the mothers should work.
    Why is it
    Is it a positive or negative practice

  7. GT, 25-May-17, Karachi, Pakistan
    Thank you Liz for all the help and tips. You are a great instructor and facilitator.
    Sec-1: Conversation between a tenant and rental agent regarding the problems faced by the tenant in repairs in the house.
    Sec 2 and 3 I don’t remember.
    Sec-4: Speech by a professor on King Crab

    Three 1 page passages on Water sports coaching, Express Phone Bank, and one more I don’t remember.

    One 2 pages long article on bicycles having 12 questions including matching the data given to the paragraphs (paragraphs can have more than one data), matching 4 bicycles’ characteristics from a list of 8 options, and 3 two-word blank questions.

    TASK 1 – Letter (Complaint; Formal)
    You are unhappy due to the noise from a restaurant near your home. Write a letter to the owner of the restaurant addressing the following points:

    – How are you affected by the noise
    – Suggest some solutions to the problem
    – What action will you take if the problem is not resolved

    TASK 2 – Essay
    Leaders of all kinds are younger than in the past. What are the reasons for this? Is this a positive or negative development?

  8. Patricija says:

    I just got home from the Listening, Reading and Writing part of the exam.
    Date: 25 May 2017
    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

    Writing task 1 consisted of two pie charts that illustrated why students of different age groups (18-24 and 25 and over) chose Derriford University.
    (I started writing my essay first so I’ve only had 15 minutes left at the end to write this one haha I vaguely remember what I wrote I guess due to an adrenaline rush)
    Writing task 2 said: In some societies more fathers stay at home and look after their children while the mothers go out and work. Why do you this happens? Is this a positive or a negative development?
    (I actually looked up this topic after my exam and I was surprised because it’s the same essay topic from about a month ago)

    As fot my Speaking:
    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
    Time and Date: 2:40 pm; 24 May 2017

    In part 1 I was asked general questions I don’t quite remember, I was also asked about advertisement, my daily routine (I’ve actually seen the questions from part 1 posted by other people who have commented, i couldn’t copy them though)
    Part 2 was Describe an event when you saw a lot of people smiling.
    Part 3 was related to emotions and smiling: Why do people smile? When do poeple smile? Why do people smile in photos? do men smile more than women? difference between a fake smile and a genuine one?

    Hope it helps to whomever is preparing to take their exams 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Topics and questions can be repeated so it’s worth reviewing old questions 🙂

    • Sadiyha says:

      I got the same Questions for Task 1 and 2.

      For task , I tried to be as concise as possible, I included a one line introduction and a one line overview.

      How severely will my band mark be affected if my writing is 20 words below the word count?

      Thanks in advance

    • kaushalya says:

      Actually meet too the same exam
      IELTS Academic
      2017.05.25 – Sri Lanka British Council @ Colombo

      Writing task 1 and Writing task 2 same
      But, speaking test different

      Speaking test hold on – 2017.05.23
      Colombo Sri Lanka
      Part 1- Home town & Mirror
      Part 2- one of interesting Neighbourhood​
      Part 3- Neighbours discussion

    • Date: 25 May 2017
      Location: Shariah,UAE

      Sec-1: Conversation between a tenant and rental agent regarding the problems faced by the tenant in repairs in the house.
      Sec 2 and 3 I don’t remember.
      Sec-4: Speech by a professor on King Crab

      Writing task 1 : two pie charts that illustrated why students of different age groups (18-24 and 25 and over) chose Derriford University.
      Writing task 2: In some societies ,it is very common for fathers to stay at home and look after their children while mothers go out and work. What are the reason s for this? Is this a positive or a negative developLISTENING
      Sec-1: Conversation between a tenant and rental agent regarding the problems faced by the tenant in repairs in the house.
      Sec 2 and 3 I don’t remember.
      Sec-4: Speech by a professor on King CrabCrab

      My speaking is tomorrow at 10.20 am…. will update later

      I hope ,this will be helpful for others

      • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck tomorrow! Remember to be chatty and friendly. Don’t worry if the examiner doesn’t smile much and don’t worry if he/she interrupts your answers – just ignore it and focus on the next question 🙂

  9. Adil Chughtai says:

    I had my Ielts GT LRW test today in Riyadh, Saudia.
    Following were the writing topics.
    Task 1: Recently rhere is an increasing noise coming from the restaurant. Write a letter to the owner tellin him:

    * why are irritated with the noise
    * what should he do to reduce the noise level
    * what will you do if he doesnt take any action

    Task 2: leaders of all types are young now a days compared to leaders of the past.
    What is the reason behind this?
    What are the advantages or disadvantages of this trend.

  10. Mr. Satti says:

    I took IELTS Speaking on 24 May, 2017 in Islamabad, Pakistan


    What is being polite in your opinion.

    in which situations you need to be polite?

    Did the way of showing politeness changed over the period of time.

    2. Cue Card:

    Describe a plant, flower which is grown in your country.\
    Describe where are they grown?
    why you like them.?

    3. Follow Up questions.
    Is farming famous in your country. Is it good profession.
    What are the problems faced by farmers in your country.
    How can farmers increase their profits?


    hi liz
    before any thing I want to tell that I am so grateful for you and I can not thank you enough for your free lessons which were one of my valuable sources I depended on through my study
    I took the test 4 days ago “writing in 20 may 2017 and speaking in 23 may 2017”

    my questions are
    Task1 table gragh about female members in parliament in three periods of time
    Task2 was a thesis essay”some companies sponser sport to advertise themselves.some people believe this support sport world others say this has disadvantages do you agree or disagree.discuss

    Listening section:-
    firstly the questions were about my work my leisure time and about music
    clue card:talk about polite person you know
    who?how long you know him?in which way he shows people how polite he is?
    then there was general discussion about politeness in my country and whether people in city is more polite than those in country side if yes why if no why?

  12. I sit for IELTS GT Speaking Test today (24-May-17) at Karachi. Will be sitting for LRW test tomorrow May 25th.

    Part 1:

    What’s your full name?
    What is your hometown?
    Do you like your hometown? why?
    Would you like to stay in your hometown in future as well?
    Is it better to have few best friends or too many friends? why?
    Do you like comfortable shoes or fancy shoes? why?
    Why you ever purchased shoes online? Would you purchase online in future? why?
    Do you get along with your friends? How?

    Part 2:

    Cue card was about a book you have read

    When did i read it.
    what was it about
    would i read this book again in future
    why and what did i like in it.

    Part 3:

    It was all about books and literature.

    Does studying literature helps nation? How?
    Do you think there has been a change recently in the way people read literature? (It was something like that) and Why?
    Do parents still read stories to their children at bed-time? Why?
    What kind of literature do children in your countries read? (I choose to talk about comic books)
    Has there been a significant difference in the way children read books or take interest into literature?

    AND two or three more related questions which i don’t remember.

    Here is how my experience was:

    Had a car accident when i was just 2 km away from exam center. Luckily no injuries. I quickly rushed to exam center in panic and i after security checks, i was called within 2 minutes for the test. I didn’t let this situation get over me and answered calmly but i lacked fluency a bit. I made sure that i use a few uncommon vocabulary but also made some minor mistakes throughout. Really hoping for Band 7.

    Part 2: The examiner stopped me hardly after one minute and until then i had covered all cue card points except one (reading the book again). She interrupted and quickly asked me would i read this book again and i answered. I hope that wouldn’t be an issue.

    Part 1 and 3: I answered all questions in 2 to 4 sentences depending on the nature of question. I believe i performed the best in Part 3.

    The time passed so quickly that i didn’t even realize when examiner said “This is the end of Speaking test.” Overall i think the test lasted even less than 10 minutes or probably it’s just my feeling as it was done so fast.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

    • Please ignore some grammar mistakes. i didn’t really proof read it 😀

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The examiner is actually not supposed to interrupt you after 1 min. If you are talking, you are allowed to speak for 2 mins. It certainly won’t affect your score but it shouldn’t happen. Sorry to hear about your accident. What a blessing you weren’t hurt and could take your test. I wish you all the luck in the world with your results! Good luck tomorrow 🙂

  13. Shyam HJ says:

    May 24, 2017, Ahmedabad (India)
    Speaking Module, General Training.

    Part 1:
    Full name?
    Work or Study?
    Why you like what you are doing?
    Will you continue doing same work in future?

    What is better for travel, Bus or Train?
    What government can do to improve it?

    Part 2:
    Tell us about the last city you visited.

    Part 3:
    Does buildings characterise a city?
    Bundle of questions about pros and cons of city life.

    One question ma’am, In part 2, Eventually she asked me to stop but in between she recommended to continue as i was pausing between topics, so is that a bad sign?

    Apart from this, i did answer all the questions with relative information.

  14. I had a speaking test at Pune today(24th May)

    Where you from? What you do study or work? What kind of work you would like to do in future? Do you dislike household chores? What would you change in your daily routine if given a chance?

    Cue card- An interesting event you did for the first time?

    Do you think events are a must for people?
    Why social gathering is important?
    Is there any difference in how people interact now and 10 years back?
    And 2-3 more questions on same social gathering, interaction etc.

  15. Phebsjo says:

    Academic speaking – 22/05/2017-New Delhi
    do you live in house /flat
    Do you like it
    How you want your future home to be
    Do you like to travel by bus
    What does the government can do to improve the bus service in your country.
    Do you prefer buses or underground transportation facilities
    Will you use bus for traveling in future
    What is your daily routine
    What change do you want to make in it
    Does it same from that of your childhood

    Part. 2
    Explain a long term goal that you couldn’t achieve till now

    Part 3
    Is it important to have goals in life
    What are the major goals among the young people
    Will it change as the person become old.

    My LWR is on 25/05/2017

    Thank you so much ma’am for this useful site. May God bless you for all your efforts to help others..

  16. Thushantha says:

    Today I faced for the speaking test in Sri Lanka (ACBT)

    1. Asked bout name and where do u live?
    2. asked about famous historical character.
    3. Cue Card part. explined about language lesson you learned.
    i. place
    ii where
    iii what did they used for the lesson
    iv Did they enjoyed with that lesson.

    4.Which charasctics should have a language teacher?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Dinesh Chinthaka says:

      Thushantha Hey Nice to here you are from Sri Lanka how was the Exam is it ok ? do you remember any more questions? if it so it will be a big help fro me so as fro others as well because I’m planing to take the exam in next month that’s why ?

  17. Name: Anam Masroor – Speaking Test on 23rd May 2017
    Part 1:
    Where do you work? What do you do after work? do you like wearing comfortable or fancy shoes? why or why not?
    Do you know how to play a musical Instrument? If you get an opportunity what instrument would that be? Should schools have music classes?

    Part 2:
    Describe a peaceful place that is very quiet
    What place is this?
    How often do you go there?
    What do you do there?
    Why do you go there?
    When did you last go there?

    Part 3:
    What do you think about the noise in the city?
    What is the reason of this noise?
    What can government do to minimize the noise?
    Will it be effective?
    Will this noise increase in the future?

  18. Muhammad Faizan says:

    My speaking test held today( 24 May).
    I was very depressed before test but after test I am very happy now because it was so easy.
    Introduction :
    Work/Study (2-3 questions)
    About jewelry ( 2-3 questions)

    Cue Card:
    Describe a person you thought was helpful?
    When he helped you.
    How he helped (study or work)
    And explain Why you thought he was helpful to you

  19. Vidhyasri says:

    I had a speaking test today 23 May 2017 at Bangalore , below are the questions I faced ,

    1. Do you work or study
    2. What do you after work
    3. What do you carry when you go out
    4 . Are the things that you carry vary from as your time varies
    cue card : place you would like to visit
    follow up questions about tourist places , advantages and disadvantages
    Some questions about public transportation.

  20. Maninderdeep Sandhu says:

    hello, I had IELTS speaking test on 18-05-2017.
    Part 1- Full name, work or study? what do you like about your job? What do you dislike about your job?
    Question on advertisements such as – do you buy products by looking at ads? what is your view about pop-up ads? Should Ads be funny or serious?
    Part 2- A recent change in your life?
    you should say- What the change is?
    why you did that?
    HOW you did that?
    PART 3:
    what is changed when you were a child and now?
    How to persuade children to opt healthy lifestyle and who has a crucial role in it?
    why nowadays children prefer sedentary lifestyle?

  21. Thank you so much Liz for all the help! I just had my speaking test this morning (23-May) at Karachi, Pakistan.
    PART 1 – Examiner asked about me, my job nature, whether i like my job or not, what’s good about it, do you celebrate birthdays and are they important, how did you spent your birthday, are advertisement important, what have you bought seeing an advertisement.
    PART 2 – Cue Card: Talk about when you had shifted to a new home or got a new job.
    PART 3 – Related Qs were: Advantages and disadvantages of shifting or change, do children get affected more or adults, difficulties faced, positive changes at work affect family life, does change in workplace affects you?
    Will upload Reading, Writing and Listening on 25-May.

  22. Ramandeep kaur says:

    23 may 2017
    location – chandigarh

    speaking test
    name, hometown, birthdays related questions
    cue card -an occasion you had a cake that is special

    follow up-
    treditiinal food
    overspending nowdays
    differnc b/w daily food and occasional

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • First, let me say, THANK YOU Liz, awesome work you are doing here!
      Thanks for sharing Ramandeep.

      Test Date: 20th May 2017
      Location: Lagos, Nigeria

      I had this same question. A friend did too a few days before but i took it for granted that i could come accross same question.

      Part 1: Fullname, Home Town, Do you live in a house or an apartment, Do you like where you live and why, do you like the sunshine and what types of activities can you do when its sunny, do you like the weather where you live and why.
      Part 2: The Cue Card;
      Describe a special cake you had, describe the cake, the occasion, why it was special.
      Park 3: Nowadays, do people still cook or eat out and why, considering you said people are more busy and may prefer to eat out earlier, do people still find time to make healthy meals too.

      That’s the most i remember now! I do note that apart from the cue card one where i had to talk for a couple of minutes straight, i was being cut-off and the questioning was fast paced. Finished before i knew it!

  23. Kamonnatch Sukhathaitham says:

    I forget to tell other part

    Reading :
    1. Discovery about dinosaurs
    -True or false or ng
    -word complete
    2. Sea creatures and eye’s system
    – which sea creature use their light to attrack ? Choose 2
    -located information which paragraphs
    -word summary
    3.change of technology and people in workplace
    -matching complement sentence
    -expecter said
    -yes no ng

    1. Diagram: bottled and canned carbonated drink are made 5 stages
    2. Job doesnt only provide only income but also social life while some people think that it is better to develop social life not in work place.
    Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

    Thanks xxx

  24. Kamonnatch Sukhathaitham says:

    Hi ! Greeting From Thailand
    Ielts Date : 20/may /2017

    Part 1 : Where do you live? House or ..?
    Which type you prefer house or ?
    Birthday : did you celebrate birthday when you are young?
    – which birthdays are especially important in your country?
    – for you, birthday is important?, you like to celebrate birthday?
    Part 2 : discribe Free gift !! What was the free gift that u ‘ve receive ? Who gave you? How did you get?
    Do you think people like free gift?
    Which gift in company would give?

    Part3: free public service ; What free service that gorvernment should give?
    Thank you! Xxx

  25. Riddhi Khedekar says:

    Date of exam:22 May 2017
    Location: Mumbai
    Speaking test.

    First of all thankyou so much Liz your video help me alot for the prepations and your guidance regarding speaking test turn out fruitful for me .I recommend everyone to follow your youtube channel for perfect studying thankyou so much seriously

    Okay for speaking test
    Part 1
    *About my study
    -Are you studying or working
    -what do study
    -why i chose that subject
    -what speciality is owned in that subject?
    -whats my future planing after completing studies? Why
    * About birthday
    – tell me what you do on birthday
    -do you enjoy your birth day at this age? Why
    – during childhood how special was your birthday? Why
    -did you still love celebrating your birthday the way you celebrate during childhood ? Why
    – In your country which birthday are known to be special birthday

    Part 2
    Give information regarding to the city you recently visited

    Part 3
    – what makes cities beautiful.? Why
    – what kind of artitechure in your city are famous
    -how city life can be helpful to the people
    – what do you think in future people will prefer more city life? Why?
    – why do you think people want to stay in city
    -Is educational institue helps in city development ? Why or whynot?
    -how far transportation plays role in development of city life

    This are all the question of my test
    My L/R/W is on 25 May 2017 will surely post after I’m done with my exam

  26. Shreesh says:

    Academic 22nd May 2017, Pune
    Part 1:
    Work/ students
    Very general question of work topics

    Part 2:
    Famous person that inspire you
    As i answered celebrity part 3 was full of celebrities
    Part 3:
    fame of celebrities
    comparison between ordinary ppl and celebrities
    facilities to celebrities more than ordinary

    Liz i am worried about part 3 last 2 questions, felt like she was not convinced with the answers
    But part 1 and part 2 was awesome.

    LRW on 25 may 2017
    Hope LRW goes better than speaking.
    Thank you LIZ for the tips

    My test was on 20 may
    Cue card
    Talk about populer TV program in your country.
    Follow up
    Related to advertisement
    Email and telephone conversation
    Reality shows and comeday shows

  28. Aca 22nd of may 2017 in pune
    1.self intro
    Cuecard:about a clever person
    Discussion .cleverness in children

  29. Hi i had my speaking exam today in Israel 21.05.2017
    part 1
    information about myself
    what type of accommodation do i prefer apartment or house?
    where do i want to live in future?
    question about advertisement.
    part 2
    what activities people can do on the sea or near the sea?
    part 3
    related questions to part two
    about sea transportation.

  30. Emailed from Zoe:

    Yesterday I had my exam. Liz thank you for useful information, it was my first test, but your site helped me a lot. I also thank all people who share their answers here. I was very worried, so do not remember the listening questions.

    Date: 20 May 2017
    Place: Ukraine

    1. Passage about a new technology of agriculture
    2. Passage about the scientific study of children and the impact on them symbols
    3. Passage about graffiti and how to remove them.

    1. A table about persentage of women in parliament in 1990, 1997 and 2005.
    2. Many companies sponsor sports as a way advertising themselves. Some people think it is good for a world sports, others think there are disadvantages to this. Discuss both views, and give your opinion.

    1. About hometown, flat, describe place where you want to live, question about advertising.
    2. Describe free product (services) you have enjoyed.
    3. Should the government provide free services and questions about free medicine, education, etc.

    Good luck!

    • Dr Mahak Gera says:

      Could you please tell what all you spoke regarding the free product services ?

      • Klaudia says:

        I had the same question yesterday. I told about giving free samples of cosmetic products or free tasting food. It encourages you to buy it after all.

  31. Hello Liz and all,

    First of all, I would like to thanks Liz for all of these valuable information and clues for us. The videos indeed help me a lot, make me confident to get the required result(all band above 6) : )

    I just finish written test in Hong Kong on 20 May, and speaking test on a day after, below is the topic for you guys reference.

    Writing task 1:
    A flow chart of canned soft drinks manufacturing process
    Writing task 2:
    Some one said build social life with colleagues is a good idea, some body said no.
    Discuss both sides and give options.

    Speaking part 1:
    Do you like swimming?
    Do you like to be a teacher?
    What part you like most in school?

    Speaking part 2:
    Talk about a popular swimming place.
    What makes it popular?
    Who goes there?

    Speaking part 3:
    Who is the most suitable person to teach child swimming? Parents? Physical coach?
    Do you think is a good idea that child have a swimming lesson in school?

    At the end, is there any candidate faced the same situation in speaking test same as me?
    In the last 2 times I took the IELTS, the examiners seem extremely tired.
    Although they did not fall in sleep during the test, it most likely they can not be focused in it.
    Have everyone seen similar case before?

  32. Hi Liz, I’ve just finished my listening test.

    Date: 21st of May.
    Venue: Hyderabad

    Part I
    About myself: Name, what do i do? from where?
    House: what kind of house do you live in? do you like it? why? what kind of house do you wish t live in future?
    Pop-star : who is your favourite ? why? do you prefer a live concert? do you wish to become popstart ?
    politeness: who taught you to be polite ? is it important ? is this generation more polite than past?

    Part II
    talk about a person who has solved a critical problem cleverly.

    – what’s the problem was
    – who the person is
    -why do you think he solved it cleverly

    Part III
    – are children born clever or they are trained to be clever?
    – what roles do schools play in this?
    – are clever children the most happy ?
    – Do adults need to be clever in daily life?
    – will intelligent and clever people become successful in life ?

    (from the best of what i remember)

    Speaking has always been my achilles heel. I enjoy expressing my thoughts through writing. I had prepared well and was hopeful of remembering all the tips and suggestions you mentioned while speaking. But soon after i started speaking, all the grammar rules, vocabulary, paraphrasing went up in smoke. I just spoke my mind and gone with the flow and had soo many stutters as a result, anxiety got the best of me. However, I have gut feeling that i did well 🙂 fingers crossed!
    I need atleast 7 or more to serve my purpose. what’re your thoughts on this Liz ?

    A big thanks to you Liz, you’re acting as a game changer for many through this platform 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I think you used the right strategy in speaking. It is very difficult to remember grammar, vocab and rules in the speaking test. That means you definitely should go with the flow, as you say. By being natural, chatty and just enjoy speaking, you will get the best fluency result and hopefully the best speaking result. Fingers crossed for you 🙂

  33. IELTS Academic
    IDP Indonesia
    May 20 2017

    Part 1: About hometown, high school, watches
    Part 2: About a plan that is not related to work or studies
    Part 3: About how people plan, the importance of planning, the role of parents in their children’s planning

    – A call to a tourism information office
    – A tour guide explaining about a trip in Spain
    – A discussion between 2 students related to peer assessment
    – A lecture about a Polynesian pidgin language

    – Re-examine a fossil of dinosaur
    – The vision of deep sea creatures
    – The “dark side” of technology

    Task 1: Process of making carbonated drink
    Task 2: Social Life & Job (presenting contrasting views and giving personal opinion)

  34. May 20 cairo british council
    Speaking : neighborhood , newspapers and magazines, apartment of house (part 1)
    Part 2 : talk about agoal that you want to achieve but didnot achieve yet
    Part 3 : goals of young now and before
    Difference between old and young goal
    How can parents encourage you
    What are thr criteria should be present to achieve goals

    Writing : table of women participating in parliament in 5 different area and relation to all world participation
    Task 2 : discuss both sides and give opinion about the effect of companies that use sport teams in advertising by sponsorship on the future of sport

    Reading : was the worst actually
    Listening : was pretty clear and good
    See you in the next trial
    And thanks for useful information

  35. Qamarsulu says:

    Dear Liz,
    Thank you for you work and efforts. Your website helped me a lot! My IELTS exam was today, and speaking section was on 18th of May.

    Date: 20 May 2017
    Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan

    1. It was about placing advertisement in newspaper.
    2. Talk about new cinema. There was also a map.
    3. Conversation about research on long distance running.
    4. Talk about cloth history.

    1. Passage about agricultural technologies or something like that.
    2. Passage about scientific research on children and symbols.
    3. Passage about graffiti.

    1. A table about percentages of women in parliament in 5 regions, in 1990, 1997 and 2005.
    2. Some people think that receiving sponsorship from companies in order to promote them and their products is a good thing for the world of sport. However others disagree with this idea. Discuss both advantages and disadvantages, and give your own opinion. (Words are not exactly the same, but meaning is the same.)

    SPEAKING (18th of May):
    Part1: 1.Tell me about your hometown.
    2. Do you plan to stay or move to another place?
    3. What kind of things you take with yourself when you leave your home?
    4. Have you ever forget to take something when leaving home?
    5. What kind of shoes do you prefer? Comfortable or fancy?
    All i remember

    Describe a famous person you know.

    1. Who are the most celebrities in Kazakhstan? (Singers or actors?)
    2. Is it easier to become celebrity now?
    3. Can people become celebrity without talents today?
    4. Something about privacy of celebrities.
    5. Something about black PR.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • The same questions here in Iraq, but the task 2 was like that
      Nowadays, many companies sponsor sports as away to advertise for their companies, some people that this is good thing for sports other say that it has disadvantage.
      Discuss both views and give your opinion.

      Dear Liz i have a question please,
      In listining section one of the answers was eleven therteen pm. I wrote it as 11,30 pm. Instead of 11:30 pm. Do you think it will be regarded as a right answer ?

      Thanks dear Liz for all your assistance.

    • My test was in London as it had the same listening and reading topics as yours apart from writing which was comparatively easier for me.
      In writing test task 1 had two diagrams of a present office building and a future plan for the building.We had to describe its features and make comparisons where relevant.

      Task 2,the government has imposed a congestion charge in many cities to control the traffic problems .Do u think it is positive or negative development.Support your answer with reasons and examples based on your experience.

      • Harpreet says:

        Could u tell me when was ur exam?

        • 20.5.2017
          My listening and reading test were the same as Qamarsulu has mentioned in the comments.
          In speaking test questions were:
          Do I live in a house or flat?
          How are my neighbours?
          Is is good to be friends with neighbours?
          Do u read magazines,what kind of books do I read?
          Do older people read magazines?
          Task 2: Describe a company or organisation in your area that hires a lot of people.
          1.what type of company it is?
          2.what kind of jobs it offers?
          3.what is it famous for?
          Task 3.
          What types of jobs people like to do in my country?
          What do u think government should do to make more jobs available for people?

  36. yonathan says:

    I toke IELTS in Frankfurt, Germany on 6 May 2017 :

    Listening: a description about a waterpark
    Writing: part 1: a graph about 3 different trend; part 2: do the advantages of high tech like iPad and computers for children outweigh the disadvantages.
    Reading: history of transportation in Australia in late 80s til 90s and a description about specific animal
    Speaking: describe about your hometown; is it a good city to live in; do you like robots; would you let robots drive you somewhere, why or why not; are you a patient kind of person; the differences between today’s generation and early generation when it comes to being patiently; the meaning of being patiently in your homecoutry.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Frances says:

      May 20 acad (Singapore)
      Ielts writing task 1
      I was presented with a diagram where h need to explain how to make a carbonated drinks in bottles and can

      Writing task 2
      Some people think that when u have a job it does not only give u an income but a develop a social
      Life. Some people think that you develop social
      Life more in those people who are not work related. Discuss both views and give your opinion

  37. Academic,19 may,Trivandrum (India),1st part-politeness,cue card-describe a happy memory from childhood,3rd part-memories

  38. Daljeet Singh says:

    Test: General – Speaking
    Date: 19 May 2017
    Location: New Delhi, India
    Part 1:
    – From where are you?
    – do you find your current place exciting
    – where do you think you would like to stay in future
    – Why do you think so ( for above question )
    – Do you like watches
    – Did you used watches in childhood.
    – When did you get your first watch as a gift
    – People think watches are important, what do you think?
    – Do you still wear watches?
    – When do you wear watches?
    Part 2:
    – Book you have read
    – will you read this book in future
    – why do you think that book is important
    – When have you read that book.
    Part 3:
    – Do you read books
    – What kind of books do you read?
    – what kind of books do you think now a days children read?
    – Adults also read children books, what re your views?
    – How different books now a days are from earlier?
    – What do you think, technology has done in the field of reading?
    – Do you think people now a days read more?
    – What are your views on transforming famous books to movies?

  39. i just finished my speaking
    CUE card was describe a couple who you think have a happy married life

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • HI liz I was wondering if I can describe my own marriage as I find happily married instead of another couple…? Awaiting UR reply

        • Sure, it’s fine. You can decide how to tackle the cue card topic. It’s all your choice. Just start your talk clearly: “I’m going to talk about my own marriage because although I know a lot of married couples, none of them are as happy as my husband and I.” This is fine for the examiner. However, I also recommend that you compare your marriage with other people’s marriage during your talk. For example, “In my marriage, when we have a problem, we always plan time to sit down and talk about it but some other couples I know just ignore their problems and then lose their tempers with each other later on. I think my relationship with my husband is more understanding and respectful.

  40. Academic
    Date 20.05.2017
    Tashkent Uzbekistan
    Speaking 18.05.2017

    Part 1
    About myself.
    About politeness

    Part 2 Cue card
    Decribe a plant ( flower, tree and etc.)
    What is it?
    Where it grows?
    Do you like it or not? Explain why?

    Part 3
    About agriculture

  41. Hello
    Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    Do you study or work?
    Do you read newspaper?
    Which part do you like in your study?
    How will you use this subject in the future?
    About Daily routine:
    at the moment;
    when you were a child;
    What would you like to change in your daily routine?

    part 2
    About travelling

    About famous place
    What makes cities famous?
    What benefits famous cities?
    and so on

  42. Hiii liz.
    1.Abuot mirror
    2. Cue card . U plan anything without study.
    3. About grammar
    . Who learns English quickly
    . About german language
    Sorry I know only little bit..
    And big thanks u liz to make this site for us…😊😊

  43. test date 20may 2017 today is my speaking at 12.00pm in amritsar punjab
    1) what is your full name ?
    2)which part of india do you belong too?
    3)do you like the city you live ?
    4)do you see yourself living here in the future?
    5)do you like travelling by public transport?
    6)do you think many people use public transport
    7)which was your longest journey in a public transport
    8)do you think people will use more public transport in future

    cue card was on swimming pool ?
    and 3 part discussion on swimming pool thats how to usefull for people and where they can learn it from parents or guid what government should to do people prefer to go ther

  44. Minhajul Islam says:

    Just one hour ago completed the speaking test!
    17th May.
    From Babgladesh
    Part 1:
    Ehat do you do?
    Lots of questions about holida like,
    Why do you like to have holiday?
    What do you do on holiday?
    What was your best holiday time in life?
    Do the people like holiday?
    What do you do when see water?
    Did you get any jouney by ship or boat?
    And so on…..

    Cue card :
    Talk about a garden that you visoted?

    Many more questions related to part 2.

    Thanks a lot Liz for your outstanding suggestions!

    I have question:I was wrongly answering about hobby while I supposed to answer about holiday,immediately the examiner noticed me she was asking me about holiday!
    Right tht moment, I started to speak on holiday!
    Can you please tell me how will it affect my score?

    • Thanks for sharing:) You are not marked for your understanding in speaking so don’t worry about it.

      • Minhajul Islam says:

        Thank you so much,Liz!
        Your suggestion is incredibly awesome!
        Even in last minute before the exam I tried to bear in mind your advice!
        My other parts are on 20th May!

      • what do you mean by ” You are not marked for your understanding”

        • It means if you don’t understand a question, it doesn’t affect your score. If you go off topic, it doesn’t affect your score. Your score is only based on language you produce. This is not the same in writing. If you misunderstand the essay question, you will get a lower score.

  45. Hi Liz I took my test on March and the result was
    Listening 6.5 Reading 8.5 Writing 7.5 Speaking 7
    However I didn’t get required score and I took it again on 13th May.

    It was GE
    Writing was about ask your colleague to help you for your business presentation. There is some equipment that you never used before and asked your colleague.

    Task 2 was
    Children nowadays are getting fatter and fatter. What are the reasons and how to reduce this trend ?

    I am confident for all skills except for speaking this time.
    I was really disappointed for myself.

    Part 1 was about me. Where I live? Do I learn any musical instrument when I was a child and do I think children should are allowed to learn musical instrument.

    Part 2 was About Neighbour.
    Usually when examiner asked me to stop my speaking, I got 7. I finished 10 secs early and I was so disappointed. Examiner looked at the timer and she moved to part 3.

    Part 3
    Difference between nowadays neighbours and past neighbors.
    What is the purpose of forming national community?
    Do I agree with that it’s hard to form national community?
    I think for 2nd and 3rd question I should talk about for having national community, people can support each other in the form of education and human welfare.
    I wrongly said by having national community, a specific nationals can show their richness and diversity of cultures. Different nations will be willing to explore another culture and it will lead to less discrimination.

    This is my 4th attempt to get my career and I am really disappointed. I think I did wrong for speaking and I won’t get band 7. 🙁

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I wish you lots of luck with your results. You’re so close to getting the score you need. In speaking, remember that your ideas are not marked. Speaking and writing are not marked in the same way. In writing, you get a lower score if you go off topic or your ideas are not relevant. But in speaking, it doesn’t matter. Your only task is to show your level of English. Good luck 🙂

  46. Hello Liz,
    Type: ACADEMIC/L, R & W – S
    Date: Saturday the 13th of May (L, R & W)
    Date: Monday the 15tn of May (Speaking)
    Location: Lima, Perú, South America

    LISTENING: about
    1. A horseback riding tour.
    2. A Seal research between 2 students.
    3. A fair or some special event in one city.
    4. About a report made by the army.

    1. An Antartic sailing documentary.
    2. A robot inspired by a gecko.
    3. Optimism research

    1. A bar graph about the salary of different job fields and a 2×2 table about the annual average of all those job fields.

    2. Agree or Disagree essay. Nowadays celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than for their achievements, and this sets a bad example to young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Liz, I structured my essays this way.
    -introduction + thesis statement (i said that in my opinion there were more negative impacts)
    – I gave a positive example.
    – And then I support my thesis statement with 2 examples where celebrities were a bad example.
    – On my conclusion, I wrote again about the negative impacts even though some of them can achieve positive things.
    Do you think this structure will be valid for this type or essay?

    PART 1
    1. If I work or study? (i work)
    2. What is my job?
    3. What do you do after work?
    4. Do you like watching TV? what do you like watching? How often should I watch it and how many hours? several questions about TV.
    5. About indoor games, do you like indoor games? why? what game do I want to learn?

    PART 2
    Describe a situation that was new or exciting to me. What was it, when did I do it? why was this activity exciting?

    PART 3
    – If I believe that people learn from their mistakes? why?
    – Why people don´t like to take risks.
    – Why do some people very extreme activities?
    – A couple more I don´t remember quite well.

    Thanks a lot for your blog. I feel very optimistic about what I’ve had accomplished so far. Your work was a tremendous help to me and certainly for a lot of people around the world.
    Greetings from Peru.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 For your writing task 2, if you agree that celebrities are bad role models for children, then each body paragraph will present a reason to support your view. I’m glad my site was useful to you 🙂 Good luck with your results ! Nice to meet someone from Peru 🙂

  47. Hi Liz,
    I wrote the exam on the 13th of May 2016 at London.

    Where do you live?
    Do you like where you live ?
    Do you think it is important to have global trade for food?
    If a food product is British and made in another country… is this okay to do?

    View in global market ..
    Should for example a truck in Peru be allowed to travel to U.K. Import goods, even though it has huge environmental impacts…

    A diagram illustrating the process in which a fried peanuts are formed… from first step of harvesting to shop distribution ..

    Nowadays children are spending their leisure time on smartphones and tablets for entertainment.
    Is it positive or negative?

    Liz, for task 2 writing… I wrote an argument essay which clearly outlined my view on the topic throughout… was this correct or would a discussion essay format have been better suited ?

    Thank you,

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You are right to present a clear position throughout your entire essay for writing task 2 🙂

      • thanks for the prompt reply liz,
        for task 2, i chose the positive aspect of using smartphones and tablets..

        one advantage was related to communication…
        i could not think of other words for communication other than interaction..

        do you think this will impede my score?
        i am aiming for a 7.5+ in writing


        • The skill of paraphrasing is knowing when to change a word and when to keep it the same. Some words will be repeated.

  48. Mohammed D says:

    13/5/2017: General Training
    University of Reading, England.

    * Joining an art class
    * Diving into ship wreck in British waters
    * Map near sea shore
    * Plastic degradation

    * Camping in New Zealand
    * Disciplinary action to be taken by manager
    * Flow chart on the above
    * 6 paragraphs on Ants
    ** Questions for para 1,2,3 and 6
    ** match jobs of different ants(queen, small, medium, large/soldier) from para 4 and 5

    Task 1: An airlines has asked for feedback that you recently traveled with
    * Why you chose this airlines
    * What you liked (I think)
    * What can be improved

    Task 2: Regarding the retirement age being 60 to 65 or work after that? Give your opinion.

    * Name, what should i call you, study or work, what job, school friends, do you still have contacts with them?
    * Cue card: A place you want to travel. What activities you will do? etc
    * effect on environment due to many people traveling? what can be done to minimize the effect?

    Liz, in writing task2, while paraphrasing for retirement, I used “bid adieu” is this alright?

    Thanks for your efforts Liz. I really appreciate it. 🙂

    • Mohammed D says:

      Couple of students came out of speaking test and told that they were given cue card to speak on Cake and Swimming.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Bid adieu, actually means to say goodbye and is informal. I wouldn’t use it for an IELTS essay. But don’t worry it just one word out of the whole essay.

      • Hello Liz,

        I did the same test like Mohammed. I used biro for my writing task 2. I did few cancellations in other to correct some mistakes. I hope this wont affect my score in task 2. The letter was okay


    • MC Jaya says:

      Same set of questions for Sri Lanka too. Thank you Liz for all the lessons.It helped me and my husband a lot.

    • shahzaib rauf says:

      I had the same test in pakistan on 13th May 2017

  49. Aman sidhu says:

    I had an IELTS exam General on 13-05-2017 in Patiala ,India.
    Writing task 1
    You have recently moved to a new apartment.write a Letter to your friend and explain-
    – why you moved
    -Describe the apartment
    -Invite your friend in your apartment.
    Writing task 2
    Some people believe that it is wrong to give homework to students.some argue that extra study is beneficial for their future.. Discuss both and give your own opinion.
    Speaking 14-05-17
    Name , about home town, location, watching TV,which things you carry when you go outside,what you feel when something you forget to take with.
    Part 2
    Describe about a food which you ate from a foreign country
    When you ate
    Where and with whom
    Why you ate
    Questions related foreign country food..
    Thank you very much mam for your guidance..My LRW test was very fine..But speaking was so so..Hope for best result.😊

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your results 🙂

      • I took Ielts on May 10 and May13 in Uzbekistan, Tashkent
        Speaking: part1
        What’s your full name/how can I call you?
        About hometown?
        How many friends do you want to have? only one or many?{why?}
        What kind of household chores do you like to do?{why?}
        Do you think it’s important to teach children to do them ?{Why?}
        describe a new shop that has been opened recently
        Where is it?
        What does it sell?
        Who do go there?
        why do you think it’s successfull?
        Part 3:
        questions about :
        how to attract consumers to a shop
        main features of good sales
        advertising and online shopping

        Unfortunately I can’t remember clear topics of listening and reading;
        Reading: 1.About the use of potato in different countries
        2. IQ tests 3. Humanities and medical education (reading was really tough)

        Writing: Task 1. The diagram shows the production of deep-freezed peanuts in a company
        Task 2: Today many young people are incresingly spending their leisure time playing tablets and smartphones. Is this a positive or negative development?
        This site helped me in many ways! Elizabeth, Thank you very much indeeed!!!

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad my site was useful 🙂 good luck with your results!

          • Ahmed iqbal says:

            Hey Liz, the reading part of this test was really rough. The no yes not given and the true and false bit. I need a 7.5 so I want to know is the scoring threshold would be low?

            • The scoring for listening and reading is fixed for all tests. See this page:

              • Ahmed iqbal says:

                Hey Liz. I think the reading passage on humanities and medical education was a repeated topic. It appeared in October 2016 in India. But I can’t locate it. Can you please find it for me so I can tally my answers? Thanks

                • IELTS do not publish the exams and answers. Each year they choose only 4 tests and publish them in their IELTS Cambridge books – no other tests are released to the public.

  50. Listening test ….amritsar…(13-05-17) pittens,group,23,13,wheelchair,lift,back,car park,vegetarian,pizza,2001,2 percent,engineering,workload,ability,confident,feedback,risk,salary

  51. Cristina B says:

    Hi Liz and everybody!!
    First THANK YOU SO MUCH for this website. Reaaally useful for us, independent candidates 🙂

    These are the questions from yesterday 13th May 2017 in Madrid, Spain, academic test:

    1.Where are you from? Do you work? Where? Do you want to work in the same profession in the future?.
    Next questions were about sunny weather and sunlight… Do you like it? Is it usual in your country? What activities do you do? What are your feelings? Does your country use solar energy?
    2. Describe a happy memory in childhood. What age, with who you were, what it was and explain why was so happy.
    3. Why some people remember more than others their childhood? Which memory do you think is the first we have? And memories in adults? what do we remember more often? what do we forget more often? What can we do to prevent it? Could we do exercise to stop memory loss?

    1. Diagram about deep-fried salted peanuts production.
    2. Young people and smartdevices used for their entertainment. Are they positive or negative for their development? Give reasons, examples of your own and relevant evidence.

    1. Influence of potato in Europe.
    2. IQ scores and intelligence
    3. Humanities in health students in a Canadian University

    1.Art classes enrollment
    2.Diving into sunken ships in Britain
    3. Discussion about a project trip with map.
    4. Plastic degradation

    Best regards!

  52. EmanDex says:

    Hi Liz and All,

    I had my listening test today (05/14/2017 – Sunday)
    Time: 10:20 am
    Location: Bangalore, INDIA
    Category: General Training (at lest for LWR)

    Speaking Part 1:

    Initial Questions about name, How do you want me to call you (First or last name), Where you live (in Apartment or a house), What are the pros and cons of living in an apartment, Do you think sun is important and why is that? give example, Is your country investing in solar energy, how give examples.

    Speaking Part 2:

    Describe a crowded place you have been to.
    you should say:
    1) where it was?
    2) Why you went there?
    3) Why do you think it was crowded?
    (i got 1 min to write down notes)

    Speaking part 3:

    1) In near future would you prefer buying a apartment or a house. (I opted for Apartment)
    2) Why apartment?
    3) What do you think about too many people staying in one crowded place.
    4) Do you like being in crowded place – why – why not?
    5) Do you think apartments should have rules and regulations?
    6) Do you like sunny places or not so sunny places?
    7) Do you think people should have personal time?

    —— End of Speaking test—–

    Speaking test was a breeze actually – I was suppose to have the test at 10:40 am but since I was at the venue earlier I was sent in ahead and finished it quick.

    The interviewer was a Lady and she was very professional and kind. the last question about “Personal space”, I talked a bit about why everybody needs personal space and I took mother as an example (how she moves the family and gives everything selflessly) and suddenly out of nowhere I wished interviewer a Happy Mother’s day (Today being Mother’s day!) 🙂 – I hope the system takes that as a conversation!

    —– Speaking test from people I met at the venue—

    Cue Card:
    person 1) Talk about Homework given to children
    why do you think homework is given
    why is homework necessary – why / why not?
    what is your opinion
    (this was the same question we got it for writing task 2 – date: 05/13/2017 – Saturday)

    person 2)
    cue card: What do you think about mobile / cell phones
    pros and cons of cellphone
    staying without cellphones
    cell phones taking over the lives children
    (topic was around cellphones and pros and cons of it)
    (I got this question when i doing small talk with a fellow queue mate during the registration process on 05/13th)

    —– LWR——05/13/2017—Saturday—–Bangalore, INDIA——

    Category: General Training


    Task 1:
    You recently moved to new apartment, Write a letter to your friend. in your letter,
    1) Describe why you moved there
    2) describe your new apartment
    3) invite your friend to your apartment
    (150 words – I wrote around 214)

    Task 2)
    A group of people think that giving homework to students every day is wrong. others believe that doing extra study will helpful for people of all ages. Discuss both and give your opinion. (250 words – I wrote around 322 words)

    (I don’t remember much but below are the questions)

    1) Summer Job for students in Cupertino school. Job is about swimming instructor
    — this was fill in the blanks.

    2) Camp site DMV New Zealand, how far the campsite is from town, types of campsite, which month it will be opened, advanced reservation, – this was a true false question.

    3) — i quite dont remember —

    4) this is a big big passage its about ANTS – the passage is bifurcated into sections like ants introduction and overview, Worker ants, soldier ants, queen ant, effects on ecology.
    – questions are fill the blanks and are specific to each sections. (easy once you know which section the question belongs to!)


    1) Graphical illustration of a map for a bike ride:
    Point A was Elsdam station and the last point was (a railway station but don’t remember the name)

    – this graph as 2 stations – Point A and Point B, where the cycle track is (tracks for bicycle, train and road is marked on the top right hand side) – the bike do go on the road and the route to station B does cross the railway bridge under pass, then there is a bridge to a river after that there is a forest I know the answer is “I” cos it says south of the bridge or something (make sure you see the north south east west compass on the top right middle) (English accent)

    (wish i could draw the map! )

    2) About the pigeons (pretty straight forward it has the names of the pigeons that you have to match up – basically its a conversation about 2 school kids doing project on pigeons).
    a) it has match the following with different pigeons (a,b,c,d,e) and rest of the questions are objective type – have to circle the right answer out of 3 answers. (Australian accent)

    3) A lady calling the cinema to book tickets for – 20 people, out of 20 – 3 are adults and their price after discount is 23 pounds, rest 17 are kids and price for them after discount is 13.25 pounds, and the lady had few restrictions like there are few kids in wheel chair and they need to be near “Lift” and they didn’t wanted middle row but the “last row” – something like that! (fairly easy conversation) – (English accent).

    4) – just quite don’t remember (i have such a forgetful memory! sheesh!)

    This is my second attempt at IELTS, but first for GT. previous score was – L-8, R-6.5, W-6.5, S-8 for Academic test (my hand writing sucks btw). My expectations this time is around 8 in all 4 (considering i really worked hard on my handwriting this time and reading, writing in GT (I heard) its lenient compared to Academic test (hope its true) )

    Liz hope this questions posted above helps future IELTS test takers (Good Luck to all of them) and your forum has been very helpful to many of us who take IELTS and has been a go-to website for IELTS test takers. Thank you and God Bless.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You’ve remembered so much from your own test and others’ tests. I think it was a kind gesture for you to remember Mother’s Day 🙂 I’m so glad you found my site useful for your IELTS preparation 🙂

  53. Hi I have given my for 13th May 2017,
    GT in Dubai
    I remember few of points not exactly
    Task 1 Letter writing .Asking for feedback about Airline Expeirences
    Task 2: Workers often have to retire at age of 60 or 65
    Listening : it will be like 250000 and Alpha numeric ans
    Reading : True, NG, NG, this much only i could remember..
    Speaking Happening on Monday

  54. Hey! I had the exam yesterday (13/05/17) in Leipzig, Germany.

    Do you work/ study?
    Where do you study?
    Do you think your studies are too hard?
    What do you like to do after a long study day?
    Do you watch TV often?
    Did you watch a lot of TV when you were a child?
    What TV Shows do you like?
    What do you think about robots?
    Did you watch a lot of movies with robots in your childhood?
    Would you like them to help you in the house/ drive your car etc?

    Describe a well-paid job that you’d like to do.
    (What do you need to do it?, Why is this job well-paid?)
    – Does a high salary guarantee that you’re happy in your life?

    The other questions I forgot 😀 Funnily enough, the robot topic has been reported here multiple times so I was kinda prepared for that one.
    My examiner was not really emphatic and he seemed very tired :D. I have absolutely no idea how it went and just hope for the best. Good luck to you all (:

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed it went well. Judging from your English, you should do well 🙂

  55. Hello Liz/friends,

    I had an IELTS general exam yesterday (13-05-2017) in St.Paul,MN,United states.

    The Questions are as follows

    Writing Task 1 :
    1.Your friend wants his son to stay with you on his vacation. But its not possible for you. Apologize your friend and also suggest better place for his son.

    Writing Task 2* (*This is the ask i remember but dont know the exact phrase)
    Some people think that building a new home consists of Yards,garden and balcony. But is there are disadvantages over advantages.? What do you think.


    Part 1 :
    Tell me about your self , you study or work ?
    Tip* I didn complete in single word. I said i work here. I completed my graduation in fact 6 years ago. Make sure you eloborate your answers rather keep it in single word
    Which subject you dont like ?
    I said mathematics and laughed.
    She asked why ?
    I said i could not remember lot of formulae that time 😀 but i managed to pass. Later i realized mathematics is the most essential everywhere.

    Part 2 :
    Remember the event that had happened in the history .
    How you came to know about it
    What you do that time .
    Ans: Make sure you mention the event first, then how you know , then what you were doing and explain what exactly happened. This way you are covering all the parts.

    Part 3 :
    So how do you think having those events read by books or heard from some one?(* i asked her again “Do you mean what is the best way ? She said yes So i make sure i listen to her and asking back again which gives her a positive image about me.)
    I said hearing from someone who actually know the complete history is always gives you lot of information than reading the histories just by mind. She agreed.

    What are the things the important people do to stand in the history .
    1. I said their determination, hard work and willing to stand against problems

    Thats it, hope i did it well.

    By the way Liz, thank you so much for your guidance . Through you i got a chance to let friends know my thoughts as well. God bless you!

  56. Lakhwinder says:

    13-05-17 Ludhiana (punjab) India Academic
    speaking- full name,hometown,occupation,qualification,interesting subject during study,magazines and newspapers.. why part 2 about an occasion you arrived early..follow ups what people do for arrive early..why people on..
    listening – pigeons of cycling race..mcqs..about male and female in companies.. answers – PITTEN,GROUP,£13.25,
    reading- p1-blockbuster, P2-how mind work realted tours,maps location via guidelines, navigational, integrate, p3-forget name
    writing – T1- map 3 pictures show changes come in given time period to present T2- some nations are already rich,some suggests that additional increase in economic wealth is makes the citizens happier.. what extent agree or disagree

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Liz, I mistakenly described an apartment a house in the letter writing. Is that a serious mistake? I’m worried…

        Details of the test for those who are still to appear are as follows
        Writing essay on for and against homework
        Writing letter to friend on shifting to new house

        Listening Australian pigeons, Research on why women are lacking in jobs, Bicycle race route, Theater booking

        Reading: Sport center recruitment advertisement, detailed text on ants, Cash card descriptive paragraph

        • In speaking part 2, you can take your talk in any direction you want. There is no penalty for going off topic.

  57. Thank you so much for your valuable tips, below are my Ilets Questions which I faced on 13 May 2017, Doha.

    Writing Task 1
    You have been contacted by the airline you recently to write a review about them. Write on why you chose the airline? What you enjoyed most about the experience?

    Writing Task 2
    Workers are required to retire between 60 – 65 years old. Some people think they should be allowed to keep on working.

    What’s your opinion?

    Cue Card :
    Describe an occasion when you received a good service from a restaurant or shop?
    What the service was
    When and where you received the service
    Whom you were together with
    And explain why you think it was a good service.

    In my third part of speaking,examiner was stopping me a lot and was in rush.She asked hardly 3 questions. I have no idea why? Although, I answered part 1 and part 2 questions very well and on length.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 In part 3, the examiner might interrupt and direct the discussion in different directions – it’s a natural part of the discussion. Good luck with your results 🙂

  58. Simran Kaur says:

    Hello. I had my IELTS LRW test yesterday (13/05/2017) at Amritsar (India). My writing task 2 was ” Some experts say that an additional income to an aleeady rich country will add nothing to the happiness of its citizens. To what extent do you agree or disagree? ” Can someone provide me the model answer for this one ? I want to cross- match whether my ideas were relevant or not.🙄

    Apart from this my writing task 1 was based on a layout of a public building showing its usage over three different periods of time.

  59. Aburakhia says:


    I want to share my questions:

    Dammam, Saudi Arabia, 13-May-2017 GT

    speaking questions:


    Where are you from
    Describe your hometown?
    is it a nice place to live?
    Do you plan to continue living here in the future?

    Do you prefer to have one best friend or many good friends?
    Do you plan to know new friends in the future?

    Do you use mirror?
    do you think mirror can decorate your room?
    do you look to yourself in the mirror before buying new cloths ?

    Part 2:
    Describe an interesting neighbor you have?
    who is this?
    How you met him?
    What kind of person he is ?
    and explain why he is interesting?

    following questions:
    Have you told any one about this neighbor before?
    Do you think people don’t know their neighbors in big cities?

    Part 3:
    Do you think national communities are important?
    Some people are proud of their country, do you think this is something big?
    Do you think in the future, national will be more important?

    I think part 3 i s a little bit difficult and I didn’t expect that.

    However, I think I did well in general not only in speaking but in all skills may be the writing won’t be good because I had some spelling mistakes in Task 1

    here are some of my mistakes:
    * I wrote competetors instead of competitors
    * I wrote encouge instead of encourage
    * I wrote current movies instead of new release movies

    But in general I think I followed your tips and I did great in general

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 In fact, your fourth mistake is ok. We don’t usually say “new release movies”, we usually just say “new releases” and we understand it relates to movies from the context. Good luck with your results 🙂

  60. Hey Liz,
    I used your website and it is so much helpful. I had my general test on 13 may 2017 in Toronto. Below are the questions that I was asked in writing.
    part 1 Write a letter to yourfriend as his son is coming to your country on vaction and he will stay at your place. so write him why he cant stay and reasosn . if you can make some arrangements for him.
    for task 2
    some people think that new house design should include private outoor space like garden, lawn or yard.
    Are their more disadvantages or advantages?
    for task 2 I need your opnion for my ideas. as I wrote for advantages children will get space for playing, people who love growing vegetables, help in maintaining the environment.
    for drawback, I wrote problem cause for roads and footpaths.
    Speaking Test
    what is your name
    I should call you by what name
    do you like to live in home or flat
    would yp refer home in the future
    do you like reading comic books
    do you read online magazines
    do you think teenagers and older people love maganizes
    part 2 describe an occasion when you had a cake.
    part 3
    have you ever made a cake
    some people think that there should be much variety of food in occasions
    some people try out something and why
    In your country in what occasion do you have a different kind of food
    do you think that meal that family takes at night brings them together.

  61. Asmaa Salem says:

    Hi Liz
    My Academic Ielts, Egypt Cairo
    It was like Chica’s test in Glasgow
    For speaking part:
    part 1:
    full name/do you live in house or apartment?/do you like it?/will do change it in the future?
    what type of jewellery do you like?why?
    For whom do you buy jewellery?
    when do you wear jew.?
    historical figure:
    what is your favourite historical figure?
    what was your favourite historical place while childhood?
    part 2: happy experience through the childhood.
    part 3:
    what are the important things people should remember?
    how do people improve their memory?
    dose technology affect negatively or positively on the human memory?
    should people remember the success or failure?
    why did people seem respectful in the past when they dealt with others? (as I remember )

    heartfelt thanks for you liz and your followers.
    please…wish me luck !!!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your results 🙂

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi Liz and all,
      I had my GT test yesterday May 13, 2017.
      Listening was same concept as usual, except that this time they started by multiple choice rather than the fill in the blanks then there was a diagram to label.
      Reading was fine, topics included camps in Newzealand, Disciplinary process by managers flow chart, leaf-eating ants, etc.
      Writing was a formal letter to give a feedback about customer service for a flight that you had on a certain airlines, why you took airlines, what improvement do you suggest for them.
      The other topic was about retirement age 60 or 65, some people say yes for retiring at this age others say no. What is your opinion.
      Speaking was a bit of everything:
      Your name, where are you from, where do you live apartment or house, what would you like your house to look like?
      where is politeness taught?
      what is politeness in your culture?
      In what occasions you need to be polite
      Then the card question was about an invention that changed the world.
      what was this invention?
      what are the benefits?
      are children aware of this invention?

      then last part was about inventors, why do they invent?
      do you think it is important to have computers in schools?
      a lot of questions about technology, is it going to be more in the future?
      what field is going to witness more technological inventions?

      That is the end.
      All the best for everybody and special thanks to the awesome Liz and this wonderful site.

  62. Josevan Giovanni says:

    13th May 2017
    Reading: I don’t remember, sorry.
    Writing :
    – Task 1 (Bar Chart) : Describe a Government spending divided into 4 countries from 1995-2005.
    – Task 2 : People should look after their health as a duty to the society, they live in rather than personal benefits. To what extent do you agree?

  63. NATALYA says:

    Toronto 13.05.2017
    academic module
    task 1:
    a bar chart and a table with average annual salaries for 6 sectors in two years.
    task 2:
    Many people think that there are many celebrities famous for their glamour and wealth without any achievements. This is a bad example for young people. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  64. I did my IELTS test in Glasgow
    Academic Module
    For the Reading passages:
    1) imapct of potatoes in Europe
    2) IQ Scores
    3) Humanities and health professionals

    Test 1: Is about information about art courses.
    Test 4: is about plastic preservation

    Writing task 1: the diagram illustrates different stages involved in the production of dried-fried salted peanuts.
    Good luck to all that wrote today 🙏🙏

  65. Hi Liz,

    I wrote my test today 13th of May in Newcastle, U.K and your lessons where very useful, thank you.

    Here are some of the questions.

    Writing Part 1
    You have been contacted by the airline you recently to write a review about them. Write on why you chose the airline? What you enjoyed most about the experience?

    Writing Part 2
    Workers are required to retire between 60 – 65 years old. Some people think they should be allowed to keep on working.

    What’s your opinion?

    Do you like shoes?
    Do you buy shoes based on comfort or style?
    Do you think some people have too many shoes?

    Part 3
    Talk about a quiet place you like going to.

    Where is this place?
    Why do you go there?
    When do you go there?

    Hopefully, this directly helps someone.


  66. Hi,

    vritten test completed on 13-05-2015

    Listening1: first 2 sessions comparatively difficult. Second session included a direction question.

    Reading: 3rd session vas difficult.

    Vriting: Spending more money on economic vealth in a rich country does not happy citizens. vhat extend agree or disagee.
    Mention Some points if possible.

  67. Hi Liz,

    I’ve sat Ielts in UK today, I’m feeling quite confident of getting the required band of 7.

    Reading passage 3 was about Ants, and different types of ANTS.. Wild ants and it’s categories, ie Queen, soldier, small, medium, larger worker group ants. Five Questions were about matching certain tasks performed by these different groups and some summary questions.

    Reading passage 2 was Flow chart about disciplinary procedures.

    General training writing Task 1. Responding to airlines request for feedback about recent travel.
    You should say 1) why you choose airline
    2) what was your experience like
    3) make one suggestion for improvement

    General training Task 2. People retire at 60 or 65 generally. Some believe that they should be allowed to work as long as they want.

    Discuss this.

    LIZ, In introduction I said, I agree to certain extent with people’s view on allowing people to carry on working after 65 but I also believe that people who are against the idea may have a valid argument.

    Para 1, I write about advantages of allowing people to work… If government raise more revenue in taxes, organisations benefit from experienced work force and beneficial to individuals as sometimes people loose focus in life as they have nothing to do after retirement.
    Para 2, looked other side.. Might be dangerous in some cases as reaction get slower for aged. Less opportunites for youth.
    Para 3, conclusion.. I counted my words at the end and it was 244…so I started to write another sentence and exam finished and I couldn’t complete the sentence… How will this effect my Score?

    Speaking part 1

    About work
    Different job you want in future
    Celebrity you seen
    Celebrity you want to meet
    Do you like chocolates?
    Give any chocolate to anyone?
    Why people give chocolate to others?
    Sounds too many questions for part 1???Liz?

    Speaking part 2, which science interests you, physics, medical and one other?

    Should say why it interests you most
    One science invention
    When you became aware of this invention

    Is it easy to find materials related to science?
    How science effects you daily basis?
    Are people aware of science around in their houses?
    One most important science invention in last 100 years or so?
    One invention that could happen in future?

    Liz, I dreaded science topic for speaking and I don’t think I did too well. But in part 1 and part 3 I am hopeful of band 7. There was no clock in front me to keep timings for part 2, I think I ran out of things to say after 1 minute, there was bit of gap and examiner didn’t ask next question so I repeated myself in last sentence. What would happen if I spoke less than 1 minute? How would I know of this without a clock?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You were very close to the word count, so don’t worry in writing task 2. As long as you had a conclusion 🙂 You don’t need a clock to watch for speaking part 2 because the examiner will stop you when 2 mins is up so you should keep talking until you are told to stop. If you spoke less than one min it will affect your score for fluency but as fluency is also marked over the entire test, it isn’t possible to say how much it will affect your score. If you get the topic of science, you can easily extend your talk by talking about other subjects which are more interesting to you or about a person you know who likes science – a friend. You can take the talk in any direction you want. You do not need to restrict yourself to the prompts.

  68. Hi Liz,

    I scored 7.5 in Listening, 7.5 in Reading, 7 in Writing and 8,5 in Speaking. Can you please help me how can I improve my score in Listening to score 8 or more.

    This was my second attempt and I have registered for third attempt. I am really nervous this time. Please help.

    • Getting band 8 is not just about tips and techniques, it’s also about English. My advice to you is to review all your techniques for question types, review paraphrasing. Spend more time listening out for key words and review them after each practice test or exercise you do. Start analysing why you get one answer wrong and the other right.

  69. Hi Liz. Thank you for your online lesson.
    I want to share my test content and some questions regarding speaking test.

    Test date: 13-05-2017
    Location: Australia
    Test module: General training

    Writing task 1: you have a business presentation in which you want to use an equipment for which you need ine of your colleagues to help you in equipment operation. Write letter to your colleague and ask him to help you.
    When and where is your presentation. ?
    Which equipment you will use?
    How can he help you ?

    Task 2: why children are more fatter and less fit as compared to past ? Wht do you think are the causes and what can be done to resolve this issue?

    My reasons: 1. children do not take part in physical activities and prefer to spend lot of time sitting and playing their favorite games and movies on computer and Tv.
    2. Children are consuming more unhealthy foods which effect their physical fitness.
    Solution: encourage children to engage in sports, exercise and outdoor activities.
    educate them about the adverse of unhealthy eating and teach them to eat nutritional foods with less additives and fats.

    Speaking part 1: general interview questions
    Part 2: talk about a holiday place where you would like to ho in future.
    Where will you go?
    With whom?
    What will you do there?
    Part 3: related to tourism and tourists

    • Hi LIZ
      i think my overall testwent very well except speaking.
      Actually in speaking test part 1 I could not answer 1 question properly because I didn’t understand what she asked. And i knew that I can ask her to repeat the question but because of stress I didn’t ask her to repeat and I answered a little bit and then stopped by saying that actually I didn’t understand the question exactly. She said its ok let’s move to another question.
      Now I am so tensed and worried because of this silly mistake done by me. How much it will affect my score Liz? Apart from this question, I think I covered all the questions and part 2 speach very well. Please give me aome hope as I need 7 band score 😣

      • Moreover the examiner first gave me wrong cue card containing topic famous personality and started to think about this topic but suddenly she started yo say that you in this part you are required to talk about a holiday place you would like to go for 2 minutes.

        Then I said sorry but the cue card is different from what you are saying.. and then she changed my cue ard. This also broke my concentration and I had to plan for another topic..

        I never though that this could also happen in ielts exam.. 😐

      • Don’t worry about it. You are not marked on your understanding and you are not marked down for going off topic. The fact that you took control and said you didn’t understand shows you can use English clearly to communicate what you want. Great! I can’t comment on band scores as your score is based on the level of English you used in the whole test but fingers crossed 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

  70. Hello all! Im Fazil. Had my test on 13.5.17.(Academic)
    Place: Chennai(India)
    Part 1
    1.What are the indoor games you played in childhood?
    2.What do you play now?
    3.Which indoor game you want to learn now and why?
    4.Nowadays youngsters are spending more time in computer games, Is it good?Why?
    Part 2.
    Describe about a activity you did for the first time
    Part 3
    1.Why do people take risks?
    2.How would the life be without people taking risks?Why?
    3.Why some people take risks which will injure or end up in accidents?
    4.How could goverment play a role in controlling them?

    Was pretty good.
    Section 1:Ticket booking
    Section 2:About a park(map and multiple choice questions)
    Section 3:Two students talking about a research they did on birds(this was fast and a bit difficult)
    Section 4:A man explaining about the involvement of men and women in work places.
    Reading was about museums,specific type of bird,different methods to navigate.
    Task 1:Three pictures of a place(maps) and how it has changed in specific years
    Task 2: Experts feel that the citizens feel happy when additional economy wealth is added to a country that has good economy.To what extent do you agree?

  71. Hello Liz, thank you for this amazing website
    Had my ielts academic at leicester
    Task 1 was a diagram showing the stages in which deep-fried salted peanut is produced
    Task 2 was about teenagers spending more of their leisure time on smartphones and tablets nowadays
    And we were asked if this is a negative or positive development.

    Liz am very worried about task 1 because I wrote less than 150 words But was able to describe all the stages .
    But task 2 was ok
    Will this significantly affect my score ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The penalty will depend on how many words you lacked and the task 1 score will also depend on how well you did in the four marking criteria. Luckily task 2 is worth twice the amount as task 1. Fingers crossed for you 🙂

      • Thanks Liz
        I wrote about 120 words
        But able to describe all the stages
        What do you think Liz?
        Am very worried now😐

        • You’ll get a deduction but as I said it depends on how well you wrote the entire task 1. Try not to worry. Task 1 is only worth about 33% 🙂

  72. british counsil – India, vadodara
    date: 13 may 2017
    general training
    writing task 1: You recently move to new apartment.
    write a letter to your friend. in your letter,
    1. describe why you move.
    2. describe new apartment
    3. invite your friend to your apartment
    task 2: a group of people think that giving homework to student every day is wrong. others believe that doing extra study will helpful for people of all ages. Discuss both the view and give your opinion.
    My speaking test date is 15th may.

  73. General Speaking test on May 13,2017 in St. John’s, Canada

    – where are you from
    -where do you live now? your apartment? do you like it?
    -Do you play any music instruments?
    -Do you think that children should have music classes at school? did you have any music class at school?

    Cue card:
    Talk about one if your neighbors. who is it? where did you meet? what you do?
    I tried to talk as much as I can, but when I stopped she asked me if I know any other neighbors and when I was answering that she said ok it’s enough. I don’t know if it will reduce my score.

    – Do neighbors know each other a lot in your country?
    – what can communities do to help them know each other?
    -what can businesses do regarding this?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Remember there is no GT speaking test. All student take the same speaking test.

  74. Abdallah says:

    Hi liz,
    Test questions from Qatar.
    Listening :
    – music Instruments
    – Neighbor knowing

    Writing :
    Task 1 – Write a feedback on airline services.
    Task 2 – View about workers with the age 60+ whether they should retire or carry on.

  75. ACADEMIC- 13th of May 2017 ( KOREA)
    Listening- Moving Company Service Report (Question 1 to 10)

    Writing – Task 1 ( Bar chart -spending money on roads and
    transport in 4 different countries)
    Task 2 (People should look after their healthy as a
    duty to the society rather than personal
    benefits. To what extent do you agree or

    Speaking – ( shoes, good customer service, work)

    Thank you for your IELTS lessons, Liz! Your website is the best and surely so much helpful to do self-studying.
    Again, thank you sooo much! xx

  76. Kübra Ünver says:

    I have just had IELTS Academic exam, following are questions:

    Speaking Part 1: Describe your city , do you think family life in your country has changed , do you think any other individual such as grandmother or uncle should live, for example, with your family ?
    Part 2: Describe two people who are from the same family: how they look like ,they are similar or different ,how they get along with each other ?

    Reading 1: Passage about potatoes (their history and use)
    ( I will add the other passages when i remember)

    Writing Task 1: Write about the diagram which shows how one particular company produce deep-fried peanuts (diagram was showing the processes/pictures of harvesting the peanuts,removing the shells,placing them in the box (50 kg was written on the box) ,long big vehicle transfers the box to a picture of something (i forgot),peanuts are poured into a pan on fire (190 Centigrade Degrees for 5 minutes) ,fried are put into 4 difeerent boxes (50,100,500,1000 kg respectively) ,finally the vehicle transfers the deep-fried products to shops and small traders

    Writing Task 2: Young people today spend increasing amount of their leisure time using devices such as tablets or smartphones for entertainment. Is this a positive or negative development?

  77. Academic written exam 13/05/17 Bulgaria

    I remember just the last reading which was about healthcare.

    About the reading section I can say that was tricky or easy…let’s see in 13 days…

    The listening section was quiet easy and Many answers were numbers.

    Writing 1 – diagram – production of deep-fried peanuts
    Writing 2 – Is it negative that young people spend their leisure time on tablets and smartphones

  78. Hi guys,

    I took the IELTS today and the questions were:

    For writing: bar chart compares the percentage of four different countries spent on roads and transport from 1990 to 2005. And people should look after their health as a duty to the society that they live in rather than personal benefits. To what extent do you argree?
    Speaking: work, pop stars ( do u like any and do u want to become a pop start), describe a couple that u think that have a happy marriage. Then, which ages people get married in your country, why do people spend a lot of money on wedding, what people usually do on the wedding, who is responsible for taking cate of children? And does it happen in real life?

  79. Hello Liz,

    I just took the IELTS speaking test and they asked me in part 2 the follow question (approximately). I am writing because I didn’t see something in your website about it.

    What is a holiday trip that you would like to take/go?
    – where is this place
    – who you would like to bring with you
    – why would you like to go to this place

    Thanks for all the information that you share.


  80. Hello everybody,
    I had my academic speaking exam in Bulgaria.

    1st part:
    – do you work or study?
    – do you like robots?
    – would be happy to have a road trip with a robot?
    – do you watch movies?
    – do you think movies influence people`s behavior?

    2nd part:
    – talk about the most polite person you know?
    – how you know him?
    – why is he the most polite person?

    3rd part:
    – cultural differences and should we respect each other

    Tomorrow is my written exam and will share the questions with you.

    Thank you for the good job Liz!

  81. Harikrishnan J says:

    Hi Liz, I have attended speaking test today. In cue card part i stopped to speak after a min, Apart from that i have attended well provided the answers elaborately and properly. So is there any chance to get band 7 or Do u think that i am expecting more?

    Test questions :

    What is our name?
    Favorite Fruit?
    Do u want to live in Apartment or House?
    In part 2 :
    About Art/ Status / sculpture ?
    Part 3 :

    Questions about the above cue card related

  82. shraddha says:

    Hello people :), just came back from my speaking test today, 12th May from Mumbai, India.
    Following are the questions I remember:
    part 1:
    1) What’s your full name?
    2) Which part of India do you belong too?
    3) Do you like the city you live in?
    4) Do you see yourself living here in the future?
    5) Do you like traveling by public transport?
    6) Do you think many people use public transport?
    7) Which was your longest journey in a public transport?
    8) Do you think people will use more public transport in future?

    part 2:
    1) Which weather do you like the most?
    2) What do you do in such weather?
    3) What kind of weather do you think people prefer?

    part 3:
    1) Do you think global warming is increasing?
    2) Do you think global warming is brought about by humans?
    3) Do you think any international organization is doing anything about global warming in India?
    4) Is the government doing anything to reduce global warming in India?
    5) What can the government do to reduce global warming in India?

    Phew… did my best to remember the questions, while they are still fresh in my memory. All the best everyone.

  83. General-Speaking test
    May 12
    Dubai, UAE

    Part 1
    Do you work or study?
    What do you want to do every day after finishing your work?
    What do you think about robots? or do you like robots?
    Did you watch any cartoons related to robots in your childhood?
    Do you like robots helping you at home and driving your car?
    When you buy shoes do you prefer convenience or the style?
    Do you like to buy expensive shoes?
    Do you think people buy many pairs of shoes?(don’t remember exactly)
    Did you ever order shoes online?
    Part 2
    Explain any good customer service given to you at any shop or a hotel. Describe:
    where was it?
    what was it?
    who gave you the service?
    And how did you feel about it?
    Part 3
    What do you think is the good customer service?
    Why do costumers want to be treated in a special way?
    What are the important aspects of good customer service?
    What should people do if they don’t get a good service?
    Do you think to complain about the bad service can make any difference for the future customers?
    Who should be blamed for the bad service employer or the employee?

  84. Ankit Kumar says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks for assisting IELTS aspirants through this podium.

    Speaking (GT), Delhi, 12 May 2017

    1) what’s your name and what should I call you.
    2) where do you live house or apartment?
    3) why do you prefer living there rather than living anywhere else.
    4) what type of house would you like to live in?

    Describe an situation where you arrive before stipulated time
    Explain why, when and where.

    Would you recommend other people to reach early.

    1) would you rather choose to reach early in office or to meet friends.
    2) Do you think people intentionally arrive late.
    3) what are the benefits of reaching early to an event.

    That’s it.. Good luck everyone.. Cheers.

  85. Hi Liz
    Your lessons are very good and helpful for IELTS prepration. I apperared for 29th April Test in Delhi.
    Speaking part 1
    where do you live is it a apartment or independent house.
    What can you see from your house window
    which is you favourite color and why
    which is the favourite color of your freinds and why
    which color you would not like in your home.
    Part 2
    describe any happy event
    who all were their with you
    what you did
    why you felt happy
    Part 3
    something about how can parents teach planning
    is planning important
    how do you plan your day
    why is it important
    Write an essay informing your freind that you will not be available during his recent visit.
    Students should be involved in planning of school activies. to what extent you aree or disagree.

  86. Sam:
    I just finished my speaking test today here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I don’t exactly remember the exact words used but somehow the thought is the same 🙂

    Part 1:
    Do you live in a house or appartment?
    Do you want to own a house?
    How do you celebrate your birthday?
    How do you celebrate your birthday when you were a child?
    What do you do about pop up advertisements?
    Did you purchased anything from the advertisement your saw online?
    Do you like funny or serious advertisements?
    What do you think of advertisements on building?

    Part 2:
    Describe your piece of clothing:

    What it looks like
    how often you wear it and how you got it
    why it is your favorite clothing

    Part 3:

    What usually men and women wear on formal occasions?
    Is there any difference on what women and men wear on certain occasions?
    Why some prefer to have friends when buying clothes while others like to be with their families?
    More about shopping

  87. I had my speaking today at kochi Part one do you live in a apartment or house, do you like it, do you have any plan about your future house, how can children make use of internet Cue card a web site

  88. hi Liz, I am your avid follower because i gained so much insights on how to harness my english skills.. also, some posts here were so helpful, in fact one of the posted pointers from their speaking exam came out as my set of questions. thus, i think as to express my gratitude for all your help, id like to share my experience too during my last speaking appointment: these were my questions:
    Part 1
    Can you please give me your full name
    Where do you come from and describe your place?
    Are you happy living in your hometown?
    Do you plan staying in the same place or you have plans moving out to another town or city?
    Did you like wearing watch during your childhood?
    Why do people love wearing expensive watch?
    Were you happy in your high school days?

    Part 2
    Describe a high paying job you think you will do best?
    1. What is this job?
    2. what will you do in this job?
    3. Why do you think you are best in this job?
    What will be your contributions out of this job?

    Part 3
    Is money relevant to a person’s job?
    What motivates you to work?
    Do you think motivation should come from the employer or employee?
    What happen if a colleague does not cooperate in the company?
    Is wealth necessary for happiness?
    What are the benefits that company will get if there is teamwork?
    Do you see yourself becoming a teacher in the future?

    I was just happy that i was able to apply all the lessons I have gotten from your sight that made me confident during the course of my speaking exam..
    thanks a lot LIz.. I salute you for your generosity…

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m so glad you gained confidence through my lessons and tips 🙂

      • Shyam Jadav says:


        I second Blanche’s thought that your blog is been helping so many of us with real insights and effective resources. Since Blanche has shared recent experience of hers, i have a question from it.

        When asked “Where do you come from and describe your place.” Does it means to describe my current place or the place i belong to like my native place.

        Thanks in advance.

        • The examiner won’t ask two questions at the same time. And also the examiner won’t ask confusing questions such as asking about your hometown (where are you from) and home (place) at the same time. These are actually two different topics and that won’t happen. So, don’t worry. If you are ever not sure about a question, just say “Could you repeat that please?”. It doesn’t affect your score to ask for the question to be repeated once or twice in the test.

    • Your part 3 questions are pretty tough. I suppose it means you are above band 8.

  89. Hi everyone,
    General Training Nigeria
    I had my speaking test on the 10th of May, 2017
    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or a flat
    Do you like your house
    What kind of house would you like in the future
    Do you think it’s good to be polite
    How is politeness expressed in your culture
    Who taught you to be polite
    Do you think politeness has evolved

    Part 2
    Talk about an invention
    How has it helped people
    What other effects does this invention have

    Part 3
    Talk more about inventions
    Why do you think inventors invent
    Why has it been said that the wheel is the greatest invention

    This is what I remember.
    Liz, thank you so much! This website helped a great deal with the test.
    I will report how Saturday goes.

  90. Hi Liz,

    Academic IELTS
    May, 11 – Santiago, Chile


    Topic 1:
    Do you work or study?
    Do you like it?
    Shoes, comfort or style?
    Do you spend on expensive shoes?
    Do you play any instrument?
    Do you think is important that kids learn how to play an instrument?

    Topic 2:
    Talk about a popular beach you know for swimming.
    Why people like it?

    Topic 3:
    Sport facilities, should the government care about them?

    Thanks for all the useful info in you website Liz !!


  91. Lovelyn says:

    Hello, My speaking test was today in Nigeria.
    Part 1
    Do u work/school.
    What’s the nature of your job
    What do u think about being polite?
    Who teaches a child about politeness ?
    How do you greet in your local dialect?
    Has the greeting changed over the last few decades?
    Have you ever bought something because of the advert you saw of that product?
    Let’s talk about a website that has been useful to you.
    A. How you heard about the website
    B. What you use the website for?
    C. Can’t remember the last question but also about websites
    Part 3
    Talk about the Internet
    The relationship between children and internet today
    How children use the Internet today to learn compared to being taught by teachers decades ago.
    How do you feel about adverts coming up when you on the Internet sourcing for information

    Dear Liz, even thought I feel my speaking test was different as the topics in 1,2,3 were from different topics entirely. I was confident all through and stuttered maybe once or twice. Fingers crossed for a good grade. Your website was immensely helpful. Thank you

  92. ATTRACTIVE says:

    Hello dear liz n other friends..
    first of all i would like to thank u from the bottom of my heart liz..thanx alot for all ur incredible help…

    i had given my ielts L,R,W,S test on 6ht may
    to begin with..listening..
    the majority of questiomns were mcqs n fill in the blanks…so thiose students aiming to achieve a higher score should practice more on these..
    secondly,, reading it is absolutely beneficial if students learn the tricks for t,f,ng as they contribute for at least 12-15 questions…
    liz i have one doubt regarding my reading test n hope u can solve those for me…
    then after 2 or 3 sentences they gave PEOPLE MIGRATED MORE TO EUROPE IN 19TH CENTURY FOR THE GOLD..
    now my question it T,F,NG,,?
    Next, the exact question of writing was like this
    I did a mistake by not reading th question fully and started writing.this is because my task `1 took so much time to complete..
    However, i stated some points for benefits such as
    1)it eases learning as the major source of leaning nowadays is through computer.
    2)it enhances brain stimulants to think and create when especially children work on painting and otgher useful sections..
    and in drawbacks i mentioned that the colorful screen would not allow them to spend time on outdoor games which effects their overall developements
    2)it has negative impact on eyes..
    in conclusion i wrote,,, I AGREE that..(i dont think they asked my opinion) but i was very panicked n wrote it in that way will it affect my score.??????? and please let me know if my points were off yopic..???please clear my doubts i will be very graetful to u,……

    Finally, my speaking questions were,,
    name,study or job
    do u watch TV ? did u watch more tv as a child.?
    do u wear shoes for comfort or fashion ? did u ever buy shoes online.?
    cue card was..

    Talk wbout the most polite person u know..
    (i dint actually answer according to the questions that were asked there and i just spoke abou the polite person that i know..will it affect my score.???????????)
    part3- are people now more polite than in the past.?
    who is more polite young or old.?
    who is more polite people on countryside or city.?
    do people respect each other.?
    why n whom do people respect.?
    thanx a lot for ur tremendous help…hope u will clear all my doubts…MAY GOD BLESS U WITH GOOD HEALTH AND PROSPERITY…

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I can’t comment on reading answers without seeing the full passage and questions. Your writing task 2 ideas seem fine 🙂 For speaking part 2, you don’t need to stick to the topic at all – so that’s fine 🙂 Good luck with your results 🙂

  93. GT, ISLAMABAD, 11TH MAY, 2017
    I had my speaking test today. Part 1 was about:
    Where do i live?
    Do i like my house?
    What kind of house in future?

    Fav pop star?
    Why do i like them?
    Would i want to become one?
    Any pop star i saw in real life?
    Would i go to concert or listen to recording?

    Part 3:
    What kind of programmes are being played?
    Cue card about fav drama.
    Storytelling and reading books etc..

    I have a slight doubt that i didn’t cover all 3 points of the cue card..n may have missed on the last one..

    I scored 8 in my last 2 times..not sure about this time since the examiner was different too this time.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You do not need to cover all prompts on your cue card for speaking part 2. Good luck with your results 🙂

    • And in 1st or 2nd part i was also asked about jewellery, gift occasion etc..fav piece, how often do i wear etc

  94. Ielts_tess says:

    Hi, just had my speaking test today.

    1st part
    Where are you from? Why is it interesting?
    Do you do house chores?
    What is the house work that you dislike?
    Do help in doing house hold Chores? (I think i messed up here coz i was meaning to say I’m lazy but instead i said I’m laid back person, I don’t do a lot Of chores.

    2nd turn

    What does people consider as quiet place?
    Why do you like it
    Who are you with
    -i answered church then explained

    What else do you consider as quiet place
    -i said library and comfort room at home(lols)
    Do you think it is possible to have an absolute quiet place?
    -i said no, some factors cannot be controlled Such as noise outside
    -what if you’re in a total quiet place? What do you think of that(or sumthing Like that)
    -i said it would be scary and i will have that Erie feeling

  95. May 11, Kochi,India
    Part 1: About watches,shoes, ornaments, my home city etc:
    part2: About Apartment visited..
    I Forgot to check the subtopic. :(. She disturbed a lot while delivering the speech. bit worried. 🙁
    Part3: About energy, y solar energy important?, Hov people waste energy, What government can do to save energy?

    ill it be a problem? part 3 and part 1 good i suppose

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Here is a link for model answers for the topic of Shoes in speaking part 1: The examiner usually doesn’t speak during your talk. It’s fine if you do use all the prompts on the card.

      • I am not sure of it. :(. She allowed me to speak just 1 minute (I had a short struct of speech in between. from there she asked questions ). they consider all 3 sections equally rt?

  96. Academic 09/05/2017 Jalandhar (India)

    About work, why leisure activity necessary
    Public transport why/why not preferred.
    Cue card
    Describe two person from same family
    How they look like
    How do you know
    How they get along with each other
    3rd part
    About Children’s upbringing: compare past and present
    What sort of problem faced by parents these days.
    Why some people choose to remain single.

  97. Sumitra says:

    Hi Liz,
    I had taken my speaking test today at IDP Subang, Malaysia and was asked the following questions.
    Part 1
    1. Do you live in a house or flat?
    2.What kind of house would you like to live in the future?
    3. Your favourite time in a day?
    4. What do you usually do on your birthday?
    5. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
    6.What types of birthday are important to people in your country?

    Part 2 (cue card)
    to talk about something that you had not been able to fulfil in a long time
    -What is it about?/
    -Was there any difficulties to achieve it

    Part 3
    1. Are goals important in life?
    2.What are common goals for young adults in your country?
    3. Do you think government should have goals?

    That’s all that I can remember I hope this tips would be helpful to all candidates


  98. Hello liz
    Academic speaking

    Part 1
    What’s your name?
    What shall I calll you?
    Where are you from?
    Do you live in a house or apartment?
    Do you prefer to live in a house or apartment in future?
    Do you like fruits?(oranges or bananas) why
    Why people like to eat fruits?
    Is it healthy to eat fruits?
    When you are a child, which fruit you like the most ?
    About transport
    In the future underground transport
    Is government has take any initiative to solve transport dilemmas?
    About buses

    Part 2
    Describe a piece of clothing you have
    Who gave it to u why
    In which occasion you wear this clothe
    the most
    What’s your feeling about this
    Part 3
    Realtor to part 2
    Difference in clothing between man and women
    Is clothing show status
    Chooise of colours between man and woman while buying clothes

  99. Twinkle says:

    Hello Liz,
    From Nigeria,
    Thank you so much for the tips it really help. my speaking was today and i must confess at first i was nervous but going into the room i gathered courage.

    Speaking 05-10-2017
    Tell me about your self
    talk about the having just one friend or so many friends
    Cue card: tell us about a conference you attended and why it was so interesting
    who the speaker was
    what was talked about
    why you found it interesting and educating

    Discussion: do you prefere attending conferences or having a discussion.
    Do people like attending conferences in your country?
    thats all i can remember i hope this helps someone.

    Thanks again madam
    God bless you

  100. Thanks Liz for your tutorials. it was really helpful. I had listening 8.5,
    speaking 8,
    reading 8 and
    writing 7.5.
    once again, thanks for your effort, they are not worthless.

  101. Manu'Khan says:

    Hello Liz 🙂

    Today. I have been in IELTS Speaking examination.
    09.05.2017 Tashkent. Uzbekistan

    It was my first time on IELTS, however it was quite interesting and enjoyible.

    1-Part was about myself (I try to think back, sorry if i will forget some questions)
    1. What is your full name ?
    2. Where are you from ?
    3. What are you doing. do you work or are you a student ?
    4. What would you like to do after your work day
    5. What did you like in your secondary school
    6. What did you dislike ?
    7. Why you still remember your school ?
    and some questions 2 or 3 about school

    2-Part was about day when i was in countryside
    1. where
    2. withs whom
    3. what we were did
    and why i still remember that day

    3-part was about countryside in general.
    advantages. for young people and older generation. has changed our countryside and about future.

    I had myself very peaceful because Examiner Katherine was very friendly and kind.
    GOOD LUCK FRIENDS ! P.S. i will share about my other exams after 3 days )

  102. 29/4/2017 at English language academy new Zealand
    Writing task1_plastic recycling
    Writing task 2_some people say that what programs on television influence the behaviour of the children while others believe that how much time they spent on television influence the behaviour most.. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

    Part1..job, work and music
    Part 2..a well paid job you want to do in the future
    Part 3.. regarding money and possession,money and attitude towards job

  103. Anum Abbasi says:


    I just had my Speaking test today. Here are the questions that examiner asked me:

    A birthday that was memorable?
    What do you like about Birthdays?
    Are birthdays important to you?
    What time do you wake up ?
    What time of the day you like the most?
    Do you think you are more busy now than you were when you were a kid?

    Second part of the exam:
    Talk about when you moved to a new house/School
    What were the reasons for moving to a new house/ School?
    Explain How did you Feel about it ?

    In the third part, Examiner asked me questions relating to part 2, Like:
    Why do people usually move to new house in your country?
    What are the disadvantages for living in the same house for most of the time of your life and what are the benefits?
    What problems do people face when they move to a new house?

  104. reema diaa says:

    i had my exam on satuarday 6 may 2017 and it was an academic exam in frankfurt germany … my essay was about ( parents letting their children use tablets and computers more and more everyday to improve their tech skills what are the adv and dis adv ) my speaking was about an experience i had with a kid and how did i react to him and how did that effect me ,, also i had writing task 1 a line graph about the money spent in one country from 2002 til 2051 on 3 aspects education ,health and retirement )

    • reema diaa says:

      thank you liz i really enjoyed studying from your website and it helped me a lot …really admire your spirit and please keep it up 🙂 and sure i will be recommending it to any one having an ilets exam

      • That’s a kind comment. Thanks for your support. wishing you good luck with your results 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks

    • Michael says:

      I also took the same exam date and same question in england? The question was not what are the advtanges or disadvantages. The question was…. (Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?) i think we have to approach it in a agree disagree format. Is that right? Any comments ?

  105. Hlo mam yesterday was ny ielts exam my cue card topic was on book you read before and want read again. Nd i spoke about wings of wires which autibiography of dr apj abdul kalam he was died but i spoke on present tense. I spoke vocab words 4 idiom in my cue card bu my grammer was wrong.. after finished my exam she wrote 5.8 in.front of my name plz help me mam

  106. GT Speaking Test 6May2017
    American University of Sharjah UAE
    Full name,do you work or study,where are you from,where do you live? A house or apartment?
    Why do u like your apartment?do you have interest from a
    Personality from history?have you ever visited to any historical place.where?
    Do you watch historical videos?
    Part 2:Q
    Cue card:talk about a wish that you couldn’t accomplish
    For so long.
    What ,why and when ..etc
    Part 3:Q
    Do you think Goals play an important role in a life?
    Do you think that todays generation run without setting their goals.
    What should be good measures to encourage young generation to follow and set their goals.
    Which skills are helpful to peruse our goals.
    I hope this would be helpful for someone.
    And many thanx liz for your wonderful effort 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Plz can u write full topic of the quecard with question

      • I don’t remember the exact question but it was about
        Talk about a wish that you couldn’t fulfil for so long.
        What was that wish?
        When you planned?
        Why you couldn’t make it.etc
        I hope now this would be helpful.

        • anonymous31 says:

          I took the speaking test today and had almost the same questions.

          Thanks for sharing some of the topics! 🙂

    • can you please share your writing task 2 topic..?

      thank you for sharing speaking test..!

  107. Purple Turtle says:

    Type of test: Academic
    Date: May 6, 2017

    Task 1:
    A line graph of a country’s spendings in 3 different areas (education, healthcare, pensions), from 2001 to 2051. The units were presented as a percentage of the country’s GDP. (The country was not specified)

    Task2 (in my own words):
    Nowadays parents often let their children play a lot with computers and tablets in order to improve their technological skills. Do the advantages of the use of these devices from an early age outweigh the disadvantages?

    -Where are you from?/Do you work or study?/ What do you usually do after work? etc.
    -Questions about dreams ( Do you remember your dreams/ do you think that dreams are important/ Would you like to learn more about the meaning of dreams?)
    -Cue card about a neighbor (Describe a neighbor of yours/ How did you meet etc.)
    -General questions about neighbors (If people nowadays want to know their neighbors or not and why is that/ If it is easier to know your neighbors in a small town than in a big city)
    -Communities and national communities (can a nation be considered a community, especially in today’s world?)

    Dear Liz, thank you for the amazing website and videos. So helpful, clear and friendly! Even though I don’t know you in person, after watching all of your videos I feel like I do, hehe! I really appreciate your time and effort, keep up the good work!

    Good luck everyone!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 And thanks for your really lovely comment. I’m really pleased my website has been useful and that you feel my support even from a distance 🙂

    • Ranveer says:

      Thanks for sharing! One question (not only for you, but for anyone who would like to answer): Is the IELTS exam MORE DIFFICULT than the tests that we practise at home? I’ve heard such rumours and I’m quite scared about it.Please reply! Good luck guys!!

      • The IELTS test you practice at home should come from the IELTS Cambridge test books from 1 to 12. They are real IELTS tests published by IELTS for you to practice. The level of the test is the same as those tests. Always use authentic tests to practice at home. See this page to know about them:

      • Well it’s not like that.I did my Ielts preparation at home
        By browsing useful.websits and useful Liz’s tips.I was quite lucky that in my exam u got the same letter which I prepared at home :-).if you need that website name I can give you.but do know I am allowed to post it here or no.

    • maulik says:

      hey purple turtle where are you from?
      i just want to know,,,actually i am from india.

  108. Hi Liz,

    UKVI Academic,
    Manila, Philippines

    Speaking Test (May 5, 2017)

    Part 1
    -Do you work or study?
    -Do you think you work harder on some days?
    -What do you do after a long day at work?
    -Do you like robots?
    -Do you watch films with robots in it as a child?
    -Would you want one (robot) at home?
    -What do you think about robots driving your car?
    -Will you buy a robot?
    Part 2
    – Talk about a celebrity you know.
    – What do you know about this celebrity before his/her fame?
    – What do you like about this celebrity?
    (I answered all the questions in the cue card in less than 2 minutes because I talked too fast, so, she had a follow up question regarding the person I discussed.)
    Do you think she would stop her work? (Guys, I talked about Gina Lopez. I read about her in the newspaper lying on the table in the waiting area while I was waiting for my name to be called for the speaking test. It was meant to relax myself, little did I know that i could use her for the speaking test, hehe.)

    Part 3
    -Do you think all celebrities have talent?
    -Do you think it is important that they have a talent?
    -Why do you think people like celebrities?
    -What do you think celebrities should do to protect their privacy?
    -Who do you think will benefit from publicity?

    BTW, the examiner wasn’t very friendly. I was pretty confident at first but I faltered towards the last part when we were talking back and forth. Anyway, my point is, don’t expect the examiner to be open and friendly. Just try to remain calm even if you can’t think of an answer right away. Also, don’t forget to smile.

    May 6, 2017
    Listening Test
    Part 1: Recording about a house to be rented. (Two speakers)
    Part 2: Recording about a study of the flight of the bees…or something like that.
    Part: I don’t remember…sorry!

    Reading Test
    Passage 1: About mammoths being discovered.
    Questions were TFNG and multiple choice.
    Passage 2: A novel about an uninhabited island.
    Questions were matching type (heading), fill in the blanks and multiple choice.
    Passage 3: About the CGI technology in the movie industry.
    Questions were YNNG and multiple choice.

    Writing Test
    Task 1: A bar graph that shows the number of movies produced in five different countries (A,B,C,D, and E) from 2007 to 2009. Summarize the important features, compare if necessary.

    Task 2: Same as cj’s from new zealand, about the privatization of health care institutions. (I think most nurses, like me, who took the exam yesterday left the testing venue with a smile We had a lot to say about hospital privatization.)

    Liz, thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I only had two weeks to prepare and I opted to study on my own than go to a review center. Your site made me feel confident all throughout the exam. I hope I get the band score I need for my job application. **fingers crossed** Wishing all the test takers good luck!

    • Thanks for sharing – great memory!! You’ve made me really happy with your comment – my aim is to build confidence. IELTS is a logical language test if you just know more about it. I’ll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you 🙂

    • Pravin says:

      I am sure u will get 7.5 to 8🖒

  109. new zealand on may 6, 2017

    writing task 2: health is a basic need of human beings, thus health care facilities should not be owned by the private companies. do the advantages of private sectors hospital outweigh its advantages?

    speaking: part 1: town and amenities
    2: decision of someone you disagreed with
    3: difficult decision in life
    what to consider if making decision
    is it best to decide with yourself or in a group?

  110. Hi Liz,
    I had my exam (IELTS Academic) on today i.e. 06.05.2017.
    Speaking questions.
    study or working
    fav fruit
    why politeness is important?
    who taught you about politeness?
    Is it important to be polite when we meet to someone?
    how can we show politeness?
    how ppl greet in ur country?
    is there any change in greeting ppl?
    part 2
    describe any person who helped you
    what actions gov should take to minimize work pressure
    do you think people are more selfish now
    Writing task1
    line graph showing GDP of three different sectors.
    more and more parents are allowing there children to play on computer to get more technical skills.
    do you think advantages outweigh disadvantages.
    In paragraph1, i forgt to mention i favor advantages more. I wrote it has both pros and cons. However, i wrote more pros and only 2-3 cons.
    plz tell me how much it will effect my score?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The number of pros and cons don’t really matter. One of the keys to this question is presenting a clear opinion – do you think the advs are more important than the disadvs or vice versa.

      • i only wrote it has both pros and cons but forgot to mention what i favor most and wrote max advantages and few disadvantages.

    • I also have this same test today

  111. Hi Liz,

    I had my General Training test on 6/5/17.

    Writing task 1:
    You have recently met up with a manager who has offered you a job at his newly opened company in town. Write a letter to the manager why you want to maintain with your present job.
    – say how you feel about the offer
    – why do you want to stay at your current job
    – recommend a friend for the job

    Writing task 2:
    Older people often say life was better in the past than it is now. Do you think it is right or wrong? Give your reasons and provide relevant examples.

    What do you look forward to in your work?

    Part 2 – Sunshine
    How do you feel about sunshine
    Do you like a place with more sunshine or less sunshine?
    What sort of activites do people do out in the sunshine?

    Part 3.
    Describe a city or town you have visited that you liked.

    Why do you think people prefer to stay in cities nowadays?
    How does the geographical of a place affect the way cities are being built?

    Thanks Liz for all the wonderful tips.

  112. Hi Liz,
    Taken my test today on 6th May,2017 in India.(A)

    Reading .
    1. Fist passage talking about magnetic therapy treatment
    2. Second topic relates to star employees and talent and why companies should hire talented people.
    3. how we can reduce in-house emissions replacing biomass with kerosene oil and LPG and improved stoves.An example of Kenya was given.

    writing task 1 the line graph shows proportion of GDP spending on health, education and retirement pensions from 2001 to 2021.
    writing task 2
    Now a days parents allow to use computers and tablets(ipads) to their children for technology skills. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages.

    Give your views with exemples.
    Listening .
    lady calling office to know about events coming next week.
    2. two students taling about project with professor.
    3. talk about recreation near river and facilities.
    4 . As usual lecture by lady on use of space in offices like during 20th century and during 1960 like that.
    Speaking. name and where you hail from.
    do you play musical instruments?
    do you work or study?
    what you do when you come home from office?
    cue card . when you are not allowed to use your cell phone?
    follow up questions
    how young and old people use mobiles.
    can we take photographs with mobile phones.
    In what situations mobile phones are most useful.
    disadvantage of mobile phones . give some example.

    writing task1 and 2 were same as in Australia today.Reading also same.
    I am thankful to your website to improve me a lot.

    Kala Sharma

  113. spoonful says:

    Dearest Liz!

    I had my test on the 6th of May today , Academic module!
    I feel quite paranoid about disclosing testing location since I fear it might bar my results LOL!

    Reading :
    Stagecoaches in Australia
    Black Ferret near extinction and re-emergence
    Mirrors and Psychology

    Surprisingly, after the test on googling these topics and the IELTS I noticed they appeared in Cambodia in August 2016.

    Listening :
    Had mainly Ozzy (mate mate mate) voices with 1 American. I think I daydreamed and missed 2-3 questions but that’s alright!

    Writing :
    Task 1 : Line graph of % expenditure of a country’s GDP in the health, education and retirement pensions sectors between 2001 and 2051

    Task 2 – Children and iPads and how parents believe it is helpful for them technologically. Discuss advantages and disadvantages

    Speaking would be later in the day!

    A poor test taker forgot to copy his listening answers onto the answer sheet! I felt so sorry for him!

    Thanks a bunch Liz <3 you are too kind and your videos helped immensely!

    P.S let me know if there are any grammatical errors in anything that I've written 😛 😛 !

    Lots of love!

    • Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 I wish you lots of luck in speaking. Remember it is an informal speaking test – so be chatty and friendly. Don’t be worried if the examiner interrupts your answers – it’s normal and doesn’t affect your score. Just focus on the next question when that happens. Your English looks good to me 🙂 Good luck!

      • spoonful says:

        Thanks a lot for the wishes Liz! I gave my IELTS back in 2013 , the examiner for speaking was a lot friendlier back then and he used to laugh a lot. This time it was a non-native speaker who was very uptight and stern like one of those characters from Oliver Twist LOL! She didn’t even look at me throughout the duration of the test, was just looking at the timer and her paper!
        Apart from that it was general questions like
        What is your name?
        Where are you from?
        Are you currently studying or working?

        Section 2 was a very odd topic that I found it taxing to speak for 2 minutes – it was about a place I enjoy swimming in! Describe the place?

        Section 3 – there was the robots question that others mentioned earlier – what do I think about robots? would I like it if I had one at home with me? What do I think about cars being driven by robots?
        There were odd questions like leisure and cultural activities – any advantages/disadvantages , should they be restricted to any age group

        A couple of questions were pertinent to swimming as well – Should it be a part of the school curriculum? Would I prefer being taught by my parents or an instructor? Any disadvantages to learning swimming?

        That’s all folks! 🙂

        • Oh dear, the characters in Oliver Twist make you shake in your shoes hehehe 🙂 But I’m sure you survived. I like your username, by the way!! Good luck with your results 🙂

    • Hi
      I have just finished my exam.
      I would like to know what the speaking questions was?

      Many thanks.

    • Can you please post speaking questions test for today !

    • A have same on today in Moscow. Test #17233

    • I have also same academic test on today in Turkey/Ankara

    • Omg that question is same for us ,i also gave exam today and i could not finish 8 questions poor me in reading 😢😢😢 please can u give me link for the answers?

    • OptimisticGirl says:

      Academic IELTS test was held in Saudi Arabia May6,2017

      First of all , I would sincerely to thank you Mom for ur amazing job you’re one in a million <3

      Listening," it was quite simple "
      Sec1: About hotel reservation : complete sentences
      Sec2: discussion about a research done by student
      Sec3: multiple choices about museum including a map
      Sec4: a lecture about Berbers and their history. " way too easier than what I have practiced .. BEYOUND SIMPLE
      I was so lucky to have this listening questions

      Turning to Reading , it was aweful .. tricky and not stright at all
      About kind of squirrel , infrastructure project done in Australia, the last one was the simplest one about Mirrors

      Moving on to the writing:
      Task 1 , line graph about GPD expedinture in three areas
      Task 2 : many family believe that the idea of letting their children spend time on their computer devices is beneficial because it is good for children to have technology skills.

      Last but not the least : speaking
      I confess I am undoubtedly not a lucky person to have these tough question but because I believe in God and in my abilities, I managed to answer all of the shocking questions seamlessly.
      * do you work or study
      *what is your major and what is your specific tasks when you get a job
      * what to do think you will add something interesting to the company you're working for
      * do you celebrate your birthday? What you hate the most about birthday? How did you celebrate your birthday in your childhood.
      Do you think you are attracted by the commercials? Do you like funny commercial or serious and why? Tell me about a commercial you got excited with? Do you give attention to pop ads?
      Cue card : talk about the recent changes in ur life , how it affect your life and what is the results of these changes ?

      Section 3:
      Why it's hard for children to change their habits? How can the family influence their children to try new experience that is very new for them ?
      What you want to change in the children at the present time in order to have a good society in the future?
      Why elderly people are hard to change their habits and believes ?
      Why do you think when the somebody employees keep changing their jobs constantly?
      Is this idea has negative impacts on the opportunity of getting a new job and why?
      Actually I could not focus to use idioms and slangs and I'm not sure about my American accent as well LOL , but I had very clear answers this is more important.

      I didn't read what I have written I'm too tired to read again :p hopefully I can achieve the score of my dreams ❤

      Hopefully you guys gonna benefit of these questions, keep going

      • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Hope you got some well deserved rest after your test 🙂 We’ll all keep your fingers crossed for you 🙂

    • Hi, spoonful. All the same in Oxford today. But on writing task 2, it was do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages.

      I had my speaking yesterday.
      Cue card was about a time when you feel proud of something.
      Part 3: about indoor and outdoor games
      What do you prefer indoor or outdoor?

      Hi liz, I was a bit bothered during my speaking yesterday as the interviewer kept yawning.🙂 I hope he was only tired because he started yawning when I was preparing for my part 2.😀 Before I left the room I wanted to ask him if he wants a cup of coffee..Lol 😁😁

      • haha you should have asked him in the middle of the test if he wanted a coffee! Examiners are human like the rest of us and after so many tests, they may get tired. I hope you did well 🙂

        • Fingers crossed 🤞,Liz. I’m not sure with the reading part. Blimey, everytime the invigilator was saying how many minutes left during the reading part ,like you have 40mins left then 20 mins till it’s down to 10 & five. It added more pressure and it was killing me slowly thus took the best of me. If I had a way of covering my ears ,it could have lessen the pressure.oh,well..all I can do is just wait and see. 😊Thank you for everything,liz. Your advanced lessons have helped me big time.😊

  114. I had an IELTS exam on 29 April.

    1- Your friend plans a visit to you next months but you will not be at your home and you want to apologize for him
    – apologize
    – tell him why you will not be at home
    – suggest any other plans.

    2- Some people say it is better to involve students on how to run their schools. Do you agree or disagree?

    Nice questions

    Do you live in house or apartment?
    Describe the apartment you live in?
    What’s your favorite color?
    Which color you don’t like to use for decorating your room?
    Which color is popular among your friends?
    Do you like reading?
    Did your readings change over the time?
    Do you usually read on electronic devices or paper books?
    Have you rad a book more than one time?

    Normal questions

    describe a time when you laughed a lot
    – where?
    – with whom?
    – what made you laugh?
    – why do you still remember?

    It was a very silly question and I could not remember any meaningful situation that I can tell a story about. I ended up telling a very absurd short situation and I stopped talking 2 or 3 times before the time is over, but she was making a sign with her hand to tell me to keep on, so I was trying to say any other thing I remember about the story.

    general questions about laughing and sense of humor. It was the best part of the exam as the questions were smart and opening productive discussion

    Do you laugh a lot?
    Why do you think that comedy shows dominates the TV shows recently?
    Do you think that reading comedy is better than watching it?
    Is using comedy good for advertisement?
    Is using sense of humor good for learning languages?
    Can jokes be easily translated from a language to another?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers crossed you do well 🙂

      • Hi Liz,
        I had my test on 29/4

        Passage 1- about chocolate
        I forgot the other 2

        Writing task 1- cycle of plastic waste
        Writing task 2- Some people believe that what the children’s watch on television affects their behaviour while others believe that it’s the amount of time they spend on watching affects them more. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

        Do you work or study?
        What you usually do after work?
        Do feel overworked sometimes?
        About friends, few or many friends
        Will you make more friends in the future?

        Decision you disagree
        What decision it was
        With whom

        I can’t exactly recall everything

        Part 3
        do you often disagree with someone
        Why did you disagree
        What did you do
        What are the things that the youth today should do in makings decisions
        Everything else about making decision

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂

          • Hello Liz! Typing it out before I forget 😝
            Type: Academic Test
            Date: 6 May 2017
            Location: Singapore

            Writing Test
            Part 1: Bar chart of the number of films produced by country A, B, C, D and E.
            Part 2: Good health is a basic human need. But private health care is own by profit minded companies.
            Does the disadvantages of private health care outweigh the advantages?

            Speaking Test
            •General questions
            •Describe a time when you moved to a new school or home

            Not that confident of the speaking😖I’ll update my results!😬

            Thanks for all your help really appreciate it!

        • Ferish patel says:

          Today’s writing qus.??

  115. I had my speaking exam today.

    Part 1
    Do you work or study?
    What do you love about your job?
    Magazines, Bus, etc
    Part 2
    Describe a sport that you are watching?

    Part 3
    All about sports

    Thanks Liz

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Do you remember any exact questions?

      • Speaking test May 5 Philippines
        What I remember:

        Do you take a bus?
        Would you still ride in a bus in the future?Why?
        What should the government do to improve a bus?
        Do you read magazines?

  116. Pardeep Singh says:

    IDP IELTS on 29/04/2017
    Location- Patiala, Punjab (INDIA)
    I know i am a bit late, but here are the questtions:

    Part 1:
    Full Name
    Study or work
    Sharing chocolates as a gift.

    Part 2:
    Describe a Tall Building.
    I didn’t read the topic completely either it was in hometown or not, but i explained one in my hometown.

    Part 3:
    Style of buildings.
    How could it be challenging for designers.
    how climate effects the style of buildings.

    TASK 1: Double Line graphs, 2 in number

    Task 2: Computers translate languages quickly, language learning is a wastage of time. Do you agree or disagree?

    Make sure to hear the map attentively. I missed 4 easy questions 🙁

    1st two passages were very easy, but the last one did its work. Too hard.

    All the best everyone. DO NOT WORRY.

  117. On 4th march 2017 I sit for Academic IELTS exam.

    My speaking test topic was:

    1. Full name.
    2. Student / job holder.
    3. Home town.
    4. Do you like hot / cold weather.
    5. Let’s talk about your future plan

    An occasion where you spent time with children
    1. When was it?
    2. What you did?
    3. How you enjoy it?

    Cue card questions related with children & occasion

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi,

        I had My IELTS exam on 29th April:

        Following was My writing section:

        Task 1: Write a reccomentation letter for your friend.

        Task 2: Ordinary People copy famous persons. Why is this happening and do you think this is good?

        I showed My opinion in introduction that I think its mot good.
        Body para 1 I mentioned why is this happening
        Body para 2 reasons why this is not good
        Conclusion I restated My opinion

        Do this think above structure was good as they asked 1 question and My opinion.


        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It sounds as thought you have followed the instructions which is good. The most important thing is to make sure you are covering all issues and answering all questions.

  118. Mrudhula.M says:

    Name: Mrudhula
    LWR Test Date: 29th April 2017
    Writing Topic: Task1: an informal letter to a friend who informed you that he will visit you next month and it is not possible. you need to apologise, explain the reason and suggest an alternative
    Task2: Do you think that students also should be involved in how a school should be run. give relevant examples from your experience.

    Speaking Test Date: 30th April 2017
    Task1: 1.Do you study or Work?
    2. Why did you choose this job?
    3. what would you like to be in future?
    4. Do you eat chocolates?
    5. why do you think chocolates are popular in most countries?
    6. did you ever gift chocolates?
    7.Did you eat chocolates when you are a child?

    Task 2: Do you watch movies?
    what is your favourite film and when did you watch that film?
    what did you like in that film.
    Task3: What kind of films are poplular in the country and why do you think so
    do you think there is lot of money involved in making of films
    is there any difference in the kind of movies youngsters and elders choose?
    why do some people love to watch old balck and white movies.
    Do you think a country should have its own film industry?
    Do you think in future original actors will be replaced with their computer images? and why do you think so.

    • Mrudhula.M says:

      And I forgot to add some more questions in Task1 Speaking
      1. Do you think you need a holiday from work and why?
      2. how much time do you need to go on a perfect holiday and why?
      3. where did you go on a holiday recently?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

  119. Test-General
    Date 29/4/2017
    India, Ahmedabad
    Same as 29 for LRW
    In speaking
    Part-1 House hold chores
    Part -2 Describe a place where people go to swimming
    Part-3 related to swimming and sports

    • Thank you so much Liz for creating a blog. It’s help a lot. I have learned many things from this blog. I recommend to all my friends for referring this blog I required 6 band each. God knows what happens…!!! Thank you so much once again for helping me.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

  120. Hi ! Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Date: 29 April 2017
    Task 1:
    2 line graphs, both of them in the period (2005-2010-2015 – 2020), one with number of police officers (in millions) in 2 cities (A and B) and other showing the crimes in 2 cities (A and B) in the same time period.
    task 2 (something like that):
    With the translation function in computers, learning a foreign language is a waste of time. In which extent are you agree?

    part 1 : Questions about dreams and television
    part 2 : describe some neighbor
    part 3: questions related to the local communities and neighborhood

  121. Good morning,
    test location: Germany, Frankfurt.
    date : 29.04.2017
    Academic module.
    writing :
    task 1: Two line graphs about the number of police officers and the number of crimes in two cities A and B over the span between 2005 and 2015 and the future projections in 2020.
    task 2: computers nowadays can translate quickly and accurately so learning a new language is a waste of time. to what extent do agree or disagree with this statement?.
    home town
    children’s stories
    describe a book that had a major influence on you.
    did you recommend this book to someone? why?
    importance of reading
    reading habit in my home country
    reading habit in the future.
    I would like to thank you very much for your efforts and time that you devote to ensure us a better learning and preparation for the IELTS, i had no idea about this type of examination until i was blessed with this useful website then i used it as a main source of preparation.
    thank you for being so patient and helping us to improve our language skills,teachers like you are hard to find , i am eternally grateful for everything you’ve taught me .

  122. Mukhammadi says:

    My speaking exam was in 1 st of May . Tashkent . Uzbekistan. In part 1 there were questions about politeness , neighbour , aboit my study and subjects . In part 2 I was about statue that I saw in my city (very unexpected cue card for me) and part 3 questions related to art and gallery in our culture. I wish good luck to all candidates . Thank you too much for your advices Liz they were very helpful.

  123. Hello Liz,

    I took my IELTS UKVI Academic exam on April 21-22, 2017
    Location: Philippines

    April 21 Speaking:
    Task 1 – Household works that I like / Shoes / Children stories
    Task 2 – Book that I want to read to again
    Task 3 – (related to task 2) Books and Literature and its importance in the society.

    April 22
    Listening (as far as I remember)
    – map location
    – competition at work

    -history of potato
    -humanities vs specific course subjects

    Task 1 – Bar chart but the topic I cannot remember sorry
    Task 2 – It is argued by many that people who started working earlier tends to stay with the same employer and more likely to become successful than those who keeps on changing their jobs. To what extent do you agree.

    I am yet to know my result on May 5, hoping to get 7 and above as a requirement for my UK employment.

    I’d like to say thank you teacher Liz for providing such a helpful blog for IELTS takers like me. All the best. 😊

    To other IELTS takers best of luck and don’t forget to keep calm and believe in yourself. You can do it!

  124. same for 29th april but my speaking topic
    Holiday in future
    Transport services

  125. Hi guys,

    Sorry for lateness, I had my LRW academic test on Saturday 29th April 2017

    Listening and Reading were ok.
    Concerning the listening part, attention should be paid for the diagram labelling and the last part which was a sentence completion exercise.
    Reading was ok for me, I read through the questions first and underlined most important parts in the passage pertaining to the questions given. I finished well before the time is up.

    Task 1

    2 line graphs showing the number of police officers and the number of crimes in City A and City B

    Task 2

    As computers are useful in translating quickly and accurately, learning foreign languages seem to be a waste of time.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Good luck

  126. jacq from Philippines says:

    Hi Liz,

    Done my GT IETS exam last April 29.

    Sec 1 is easy. Form completion.
    Sec 2 is difficult, it’s map labelling and multiple choice Qs.
    Sec 3 is another multiple choice Q. I hate this type.
    Sec 4 is easy, sentence completion, this is my strength.

    Reading: Overall it’s fine, I finished the test on time. It’s actually my second time to take IELTS and I struggled on Passage 3 then, but now I managed to answer the last Reading part, thanks to your usefull practice tests.

    Writing: This is my strength.
    Task 1.Letter: You will organize a company party and the venue is in the hotel, you are ask to write a letter to the hotel manager to plan your event.
    Task 2. In some countries, most people rent a home rather buy a home.
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of renting a home?

    Speaking. Overall it’s fine, Part 1 & Part 2 are easy, Thank you for those who shared their IELTS Speaking here in your useful website..,but I think I lost Coherence and fluency in Part 3.

    Part 1.
    Do you work or study?
    Whatvkind of work?
    Favorite color? Other Qs abt. colors.
    Do you want to spend holidays at home or go to anywhere?

    Part 2. Describe a time that you are busy.

    Part 3. Questions about pressure at work. Etc

    Thank you Liz.

    I’m worried for my Listening, that’s my weakness eventhough I spent many months reviewing and practicing Listening tests. Hopefully I can get a least band 6 on each.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your results 🙂

      • Nazmul says:

        This is Nazmul from Bangladesh, I have the exam on same day except the speaking test. Listening and Reading seems almost same like Jacq already shared , but writing has difference.
        Task 1: Write a letter to your friend who want to visit next month at your home but you cant attend him.
        > Appology
        > Given an altenate
        > (Cant remember)
        Task 2: Some people think students should be working as decision maker and it would be more effective. Agree or Disagree. (I cant remember whole sentences)

  127. Sonia Sethi says:

    Hi Liz, my exam was on 29th April, India, Punjab and speaking was on 23rd April,
    general questions related to my work?
    why i opted this?
    what work would i like to do in future?
    why would i do that?
    Then Bags:
    do i carry bags?
    which sort of bags i like to carry?
    does the options changes according to scenario?
    why you like branded bags?
    then somethings on chocolates:
    if i like chocolates?
    did i like when i was a child?
    did i gave chocolates as a gift to someone?

    Then my cue card was:
    A happy moment for which i prepared
    > what was it?
    > what arrangements?
    > how the event went?
    Cross questions:
    why should we do preparations?
    what are the consequences if we do not make necessary preparations?
    How should parents prepare their children to be ready on their toes?
    why should parents prepare their children?
    what preparations you do before leaving for job daily?

    Although every why was troubling me but i tried to manage.

    LRW- 29th April

    Listening was quite easy.

    >passage 1 was easy to find. It was related to Marine clocks something
    >passage 2 was bit complicated. I was related to renewable energy sources.
    >passage 3 was again easy related to honeybee pollination.

    > Task 1– 2 line graphs related to count of policemen and crime rates as per 2 cities.
    > Task 2– As computers are very quick in translating various languages, some people say it is useless now to learn any new foreign languages? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  128. Tiago Dutra says:

    I attended the test yesterday, april, 29th here in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. I had the Genereal Training Module

    1st Task: questions about myself, if I study or work. Also about hometown, why and what I like there.
    2nd Task: talk about a place you would like to work for a short period of time. Mention how you got to know about this place, and why you would like to work there
    3rd Task: how will some companies deal with differences in the future

    Task 1: write a letter indicating a friend you know to a job position for a summer camp school, as a sports trainer. Give the reasons he deserves this job.
    Task 2: why some people like to copy some famous people? Give your reasons.

    Liza, I have a question: I wrote all the answers in the answer sheet with the inicial letter of the first word in capital letter (only the first one). Do you think this would be a problem?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 IELTS don’t pay attention to capital letters in listening or reading, so don’t worry. If you did this in your writing test, it would be a problem.

      • “Some people argue that students should be involved in taking decisions in school. What is your opinion?”
        This was the Writing Task 2 Q for my Apr 29 test

  129. Cathelin Rose says:

    Hi Liz ,my exam was on 29.04.2017 in UK
    Writing Task 1- Bar chart-Four types of (detached houses,semi-detached houses,terraced houses and flats)new homes built in a particular place from 1999, 2000 ,2001 and 2002.units measured in thousand(1000,1100,1200…..)
    Task 2 – Many customs are traditional behaviors are no longer required in the modern society and therefor they are not worth keeping.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Speaking –
    -name, do you work or study,why you choose this job and do you like this job and why ? etc
    -hand writing-writing by hand do you like or not?how do you write by hand,what kind of book/paper do you choose for writing etc.
    -your favourite celebrity in your country
    -which meal would you like to have?(cue card)
    -what kind of food?- with whom to eat? -where to eat? -why
    do you like this food and what are the benefits to eat this
    -Do you think ,Government should take any action/give
    advice/force to people,you eat this or that?

  130. Hello,

    I had taken the ielts on April 29th in Dallas , Texas , USA.

    Reading :
    Passage 1 was on few merchant details in small boxes then 8 questions related their business.
    Passage 2 was on Robbots usage in medical treatment
    Passage 3 was on Cadbury milk and chocolate business, almost 14 questions on this passage itself

    Writing :
    Task 1 : write a letter to summer camp sports administration department recommending your friend for sports instructor post
    Task 2 : ordinary people always follow famous people

    A. You agree on this or not ?
    B. Is it good to follow famous people or not.

    Speaking :
    1 . Basic questions about me and my job
    2 . Favorite neighbor name , why is he favorite?, how afternoon I met him?

    After two minutes of discussion on task two , there are 3 to 4 questions on robot and technology impact on present society


  131. Hi Liz,
    Thanks much for all ur inputs,videos n guidance. U r incredibly awesome. Ur videos helped me a lot.
    I took GT yesterday
    Date : 29-Apr-2017
    Module : GT
    Place : INDIA, Chennai
    Part 1
    Where is ur home town?
    Do u like ur hometown?
    Will u be planning to go there in future? Why?
    Do you love your hometown?
    What is famous about your hometown?
    Part 2
    Cue card : The recent speaker whom you admired?
    Who?Where it occurred? Why do u admire?
    Part 3
    Do u like mirrors?Why?
    Does it sound good to have more mirrors in a room?
    What do you think about international conferences?
    Discussion or conference,Which is better?
    Tell me if your country has more public transports?
    Do you think if people use more public transport in the future?

    It was pretty decent.
    Section 1 – telephone convo with travel agency
    Section 2 – Flow chart
    Section 3,4 – Sentence completion

    8 paragraphs of adverts and find the paragraph which has the relevant information
    Give appropriate titles for paragraphs – it was bit difficult
    T,F,NG questions
    Academic conversation about project report- multiple choice question
    Last passage was about an animal species and hunting effects

    I loved this part a lott.
    Title : some people think that school shoul involve students in deciding on how to run the school? Do you agree or disagree?
    Share your personal experience with examples.

    Liz, i missed to share the personal experience. How much I will lose?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 In writing task 2, you can use examples when relevant. You don’t have to do it include them.

      • Thank you so much Liz for ur reply 😊
        And forgot to include task 1 ques.
        Task 1
        Write a reply to your friend who is willing to visit you,saying your unavailability on his specified date. Also quote the alternative for the same.

        Thanks Liz

  132. Abid Hussain says:

    Abid Hussain
    Test Center – Peshawar Pakistan
    General Training
    Name?where you from?working or studying ?
    which job you will like to do in future ?
    favourite book , how many times you read ?
    Topic. Film
    Which film ? where u saw that ? what about ?
    Film direction … these days spending too much money … some says it should be used in health n education . what u think ?
    future famous heros will be from animated films ?

  133. Hi I had my speaking test today
    Location: Ramallah /Palestine
    Part 1: family, how much time you spend with yr family / where do u live apartment or house, describe it, what can
    you see…

    Part 2: describe a place in another country you would love to work at for a short period of time

    Part 3: benifits of working abroad, virtual wok Vs working physically in work offices

  134. Pathrudu Majji says:

    Hey Liz,
    First I would like to thank you for your tutorials, as it helped me a lot in preparing my exam. Hope I did my exam well. Fingers crossed. I’m sharing my exam questions below.

    Test Type: General Training
    Date: 04/29/2017
    Location: Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Writing 1:
    Your friend planned to come and visit you. But due to some reasons you are unavailable.
    1. Ask for appolize
    2. Explain why you are unavailable.
    3. Suggest him a new plan.

    Writing 2: ( didn’t remember exact question, but it’s like something below)
    Involving students in management decisions will help teachers to run schools better.
    Agree or disagree?

    Speaking test:
    Date: 04/30/2017

    Level 1:
    1. My full name.
    2. Work or study
    3. Nature of work.
    4. How much Time do you spend with your family.

    Level 2: cue card.
    You would like to work in some place in foreign land for short time.
    1. What is that place.
    2. How you know about that place.
    3. What kind of work you wanna do.

    Level 3:
    1. What are the benefits to work abroad.
    2. Apart from culture, what are the other things we can learn.
    3. How it is different in working across different places in the world.
    4. Why few people don’t like to go to work in foreign land and stay in their native country.

    Pathrudu Majji

  135. Moutaz Mahmoud says:

    Hi Liz, hello everybody.

    First, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to you for the considerable effort you put in your material. I have followed many popular IELTS instructors but all of them pale in comparison with you.

    Yesterday, 29th April 2017, I took IELTS Academic module in Egypt.

    1- Some lady speaking, over the phone, to a relocation service company employee “Moving agent”. She was moving to Sidney, Austrailia to where her husband was transferred by his employer. The phone call was about finding a flat for the family.

    2- A guide showing some students around a political art gallery in a museum. Questions included a map.

    3- Conversation between a male and female students about some university project.

    4- A lecture about some indigenous people who used to make a certain type of cloth from the skin of a named animal. I can’t recall the names, yet all the previously mentioned elements had names in the lecture.

    1- An interesting article about a debate, wich took place in New York in the 1800s, over a whale-oil merchant who refused to pay a certain fish-oil selling tax, as he argued that whales are not fishes. Then the story takes a more scientific turn when the whole thing moved to the court not make a decision regarding the tax issue but in order to find an answer for the question “Is whale a fish?”.
    I ‘ve googled it and it turned to be a well-known story in which the main characters were Maurice v. Judd, New york, 1918.

    2- An article about seasons and climate and how they’ve changed in England and Austrailia.

    3- Can’t remember.

    Task 1:
    Two line graphs;
    The first showed the number of police officers in two big cities (City A and City B) in the years following 2005 and predicted their number up till 2020. Units were measured in thousands.
    The second illustrated the number of crimes and forecast them until 2020 for the cities mentioned. Units were measured in millions.

    I paraphrased (Big cities) to (Metropolitan cities), the number of police officers into (Count of policemen) and the number of crimes into (Crime rates). Was that correct?

    Many say that computers can accurately and rapidly translate languages so, there is no need to learn foreign languages anymore. Give your opinion with reasons.

    Part 1:
    Work or study?
    Why did you choose this job?
    Do you consider changing it? Why?
    Do you have a bag? Why?
    How often do you carry it?

    Part 2: cue card
    A gift you ‘ve given to somebody?
    what was it? Why?
    To whom have you given it?
    How did they feel about it?

    Do people like to receive gifts?
    Who likes to receive gifts more, adults or children?
    Do people like to buy gifts? Why?

    I hope that’d be useful to somebody.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You’ve remembered so much – I’m so impressed with the memories of so many students! About your writing task 1, the paraphrasing to aim for in a line graph is mainly language of change: increase, rise, climb, go up / considerable, significant, dramatic / decrease, drop, decline etc. Paraphrasing is all about choosing which words to remain the same and which to change. It is fine for some words to remain the same – not all English words can be paraphrased.

  136. Hi liz,
    Thank you very much for the website .it helped me alot.
    Yesterday was my General test in Mumbai.

    Even i had same question as kumar.
    Candidates were bit frustrated as after reading we had listening part but there ws technical glitch. Many of us were not able to hear due to faulty headphones plus something was there from their side. It took almost 45min to get it done properly. Then had listening section and after that writing part. We were not allowed to use washroom as per protocol between the test but 45 min ws wasted. We were also hungry. The invigilators were good and kept patience. Finally we bad coffee and biscuits..

    Overall my test went well and i am expecting good score. Tomorrow i am hving speaking..hope for the best..fingers crossed.

    • Try to forget your unpleasant experience and focus on your speaking. Be confident, chatty and friendly. Remember this is not a formal speaking test – so relax and try to enjoy it. When you are relaxed, you will speak more naturally which is better. Good luck!!! I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you well 🙂

  137. Dr. Vijay Kumar says:

    IELTS British Council
    Center: Buraidah Male, Saudi Arabia
    29/04/2017; Saturday.
    time : 6:00PM


    Part 1

    After Introduction

    Do you study or work?
    What is your work?
    How did your get into your work?
    Do you like your work and why?
    what do you want to do in the future?
    Lets talk about Photographs.
    Do you take photographs?
    How do you preserve them?
    what about your childhood photographs how they were preserved?
    what do you watch on the net, Photos or Videos?
    why do you like Videos?
    lets talk about colours
    what colours do you like?
    why do you like those colours?

    Part 2 Cue card.

    Explain the incident that you have missed an appointment for example with a doctor or with a friend.

    Part 3
    Do you know about your grand parents?
    what are the methods to find out about your previous generations?
    why do you want to know your ancestor’s history?
    any other methods to get ancestral history?

    That is the end of the Speaking test.

  138. IELTS GT
    Lahore Pakistan
    29 April 2017

    Writing Task 1
    You won a first prize of in a photography competition and some of your photos are shown in a photo exhibition. Write a letter to invite your friend to the photo exhibition. In your letter,

    1. Give details about the competition and the prize
    2. Describe the photograph you took
    3. Invite your friend to come to the exhibition

    Writing Task 2
    Traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem for many major cities. Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce traffic in big cities.

    Listening Section 1 was a telephonic conversation between a women and a language shifting company representative
    Section 2 was about a student teachers conversation regarding a desert trip
    And last was about a two students discussion on research

    Reading last section was little though, it was a long easy related to a to a sea journey to Australia by group of 7 family members. It had MCQS, Information matching with person name and fill in the blanks in summary paragraph.

  139. Dr. Vijay Kumar says:

    IELTS British Council
    29/04/2017 Saturday
    Test center: Buraidah Male, Saudi Arabia.
    Module: ACADEMIC

    Task 1:
    The charts below shows the information regarding the number of police officers and the crimes in two cities from year 2005 and prediction up to year 2020.

    Write main features and make comparisons .

    Two charts of line graphs
    1st graph shows number of police officers in City 1 and City 2.
    units X axis: (Year) 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2020.
    Y axis : (No. of Police officers) 15000, 1600, 17000 , 18000 up to 20000.

    2nd graph shows the number of crimes in City 1 and City 2
    units X axis: (year) 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2020.
    Y axis: (No of crimes in Millions) 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0 and 1.1

    Task 2.
    Computers can translate ALL languages accurately and quickly, learning other languages is a waste of time.

    To what extent you agree and disagree.

  140. Muhammad Faizan says:

    Academic UKVI, Islamabad, Pakistan
    Writing Task 1:
    Bar chart about water reservoirs of Six Australian cities
    Writing Task 2:
    Some people like to know about their family history, while some prefer to focus into the present and future generations. Discuss both views and give your opinion
    Thank you Liz for this wonderful website.
    Speaking Test is on 1st May. Pray for me. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Be chatty and friendly in your speaking test – it is not a formal test for speaking. Good luck!

    22 April 2017
    Doha Qatar

    1. Child care- man and woman talking on the phone
    2. School seminar pre enrollment- a speaker giving information to parents
    3. Global plant science- interview
    4. Perfume history- tour in a museum

    1. Thames river tunnel- True False Not Given
    2. Older and younger employees- Titles
    3. Class reduction- idea in each paragraph- multiple choice

    TASK 1
    Graph (bars and line) showing number of male and female students studying 6 different subjects in one country in 2012

    TASK 2
    Many countries aim to improve standard of living by economic development, but some important social values are lost as a result. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Give reason based on your own knowledge and experiences.

    Part 1
    Where do you live?

    Part 2
    Bicycle/ motorcycle / car travel (road trip)
    Who will travel with you?
    Describe why it is interesting

    Part 3
    Public transport

  142. Hi Liz,
    Thanks a lot for your insights. You helped me a lot in my preparation. Keep up the good work.
    I had my IELTS GT exam today (29th April 2017) in Dallas, US. Following are the questions which I remember –
    Listening –
    Section 1. About lady booking flight for herself and mother.
    Section 2. About a community center trip.
    Section 3. Nurses discussing robots.
    Section 4. About an Australian bird Emu
    Questions were mostly fill in the blanks and multiple choice. No Maps. 😊
    Section 1 – About multiple advertisements for different things
    Section 2 – How to apply for a job.
    Section 3 – About John Cadbury and his chocolate business
    Questions were Multiple choice, match the headings, match the information with passage and blanks. No T F NG 😊
    Writing –
    Task 1
    Write a letter to the director of a summer school recommending your friend for a sports instructor position for teenagers covering –
    – How do you know him?
    – Talk about his past experience.
    – Why do you think he is suitable for the job?
    Task 2
    An ordinary man copies the famous people that he sees on TV and magazines. Do you agree that it’s a good idea?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It was lucky not to get TFNG questions.

    • hello,
      same test in Canada on April 29.
      Can you please share speaking test ?

      • Looks like raja also attended the same center where I did .

        My speaking test : favorite neighbor.

        And few questions on robbots and technology impact on present society.

        Also one of my friend in the same center got the speaking test topic- Food

  143. 29 APRIL 2017





  144. Hi Liz,
    Test information
    Academic test
    29th April, 2017
    Liverpool, UK

    Part 1
    Where do you live?
    Do people in your hometown live a different live with those in big cities?
    Do you plan to go back to work in your hometown?

    Do you often look yourself in a mirror?
    Have you ever bought a mirror?
    Do you think mirror is a good thing to decorate a room?

    Part 2
    What weather do you like? Why?

    Part 3
    Are there four seasons in your country?
    Do you think seasons affect economy?

    What does global warming cause?
    Do you think international methods for global warming are effective?

  145. Hamoodh16 . says:

    IELTS General Saudi Arabia 29 April 2017

    Writing Task 1

    Write letter to friend who will be visiting you next month but you won’t be able to make it.
    Explain why
    Arrangements you done for him

    Task 2
    Schools are effective when Students are involved in agree or disagree
    Speaking test I couldn’t remember very well but he asked me about business or working outside your country and part three was following questions about the same topics I don’t know how much i get but im sure that I answered all question with appropriate answers so how much shall i take

    Listening was sami difficult but i have got 10 certain answers

    Reading was the easiest exam I expecte that im gonna take 4.5

    Could count for me how much may i take?
    Actually my goal seek 4.5

    Finally i would like to thanks you very much cause this website it helps me around 70% to get experience of the exam
    Thanks you liz again

  146. Hi everyone,
    I have finished my L-R-W tests today, and here I will give you a brief idea on what I have had in the papers.

    First of all, as you know it is not allowed to bring a piece paper outside the hall, I will be able to give you an idea about what I remember only. So, of course, there will much more. Moreover, I have trained myself to forget about one part so that I could move to other without feeling any regret about any noticeable mistake. Which I would suggest you all to develop, as well. It gives me space to concentrate on what I must do at that very moment.

    SECTION 1:
    (Australian Accent, two speakers, a lady with an agent over phone)
    Was an easy section, however, with a lot of unuseful information and self-corrections. The part became tricky even towards its end.

    For instance,
    She was asked about the age of her child. Now, she replied “my child is two years old. In fact, he will be three next weekend.”
    Now the question was: Age of the child …………(Approx) years.
    Quite tricky one, is not it? I did write 3 in the answer.
    Here questions involved, fill in the blanks and sentence completion.

    This section had few more questions from different speaker giving a description about an art gallery in London:
    (Accent: British, typical Londoner accent, if you know it 😉 )
    This section included some grammar traps, sentence completion, fill in the blanks, choose from the list of answers-type, and a picture map with 4 empty spaces to complete.

    Example of a tricky one:
    Speaker says, ” this picture of Queen Elizabeth (not our teacher Elizabeth here 😉 ) was one of the best pieces ever made. Queen herself owned it for 20 years before gifting it to the exhibition.”

    Now, the question was to choose from the list. and there were no answers matching with the picture of the Queen except one saying: Government of UK owned it for decades. I chose this one and my argument was Queen herself is government, not a general person. So, I believe it could be right. but of course, our teacher Elizebeth would be the right person to tell us. 🙂 As you can see, questions can be very interesting sometimes, but interests will eat your time up 😛

    SECTION 2:
    (Two international students, probably Greg from Italy and Irina from Mexico – at least the accents was like that – was talking about their past project and future plans)

    Question types included multiple choice, and choose from the list of answers to fill the gap. Most of the section was about choosing from the multiple choice given and believe me, the options were too long to read.

    I prefer not to read the options right then; rather mark the question and according to the question I keep on writing on the question paper. Later during the 10 minutes break, I match with what I have written and the list given. You may try this if it works for you. But I have trained myself such way. I feel that I have maximum 1 wrong in that section, not more than that.

    SECTION 3: (A typical American lecturer was giving a talk on making clothes from animal skin)

    Questions involved: fill in the blanks only. However, there were a lot of traps. Such as articles (a, an, the) was given sometimes. Many of the answers were supposed to be PLURAL to be correct in the grammatical contexts. Also, the grammar made it a little more tricky when there were propositions before the blanks.
    Furthermore, the speed of that speaker was like a monorail 😛 He was telling thousands of things which did not even were close to answers. Therefore, I started panicking because I felt I am lost in the middle of the section. I could not follow him anymore until I saw he came back and giving answers again. This happened almost 3 times within section 3. Now you can imagine, IELTS is a test of nerves, not English only. :/

    Here, I guess, I have made 2 mistakes because I just guessed them without careful listening.
    So, altogether you may say, I would get around 36 points if I have not done any spelling mistakes (which I checked a couple of times)

    Reading (GENERAL)
    I had to go through 6 passages. All five were simple onces with gradually increasing difficulty levels. However, the third one was about HEADLINE selection. The gave 12 headlines and there were only 6 paragraphs. :'( This has been always tough for me. Well, the topic was also quite awkward. It was about the invention of the compass. So, they started with all history, geography and development and sea and nature and what not…I got lost in it. I was literally sweating while it was 14 degree inside the room. 🙁 Well, after wasting a bit time, I started again, and eventually, I finished.
    This was followed by 4 T F NG questions, which is quite common. and from my practice, I have seen, those are usually from one big paragraph or maximum two of them. (I could be wrong)
    But today, I found the answers from two consecutive paragraphs. However, I am not very confident that the answers I gave were right because I ran out of time for last two questions and I simply had to guess from my overall understanding of the whole passage.

    I was answering the questions from passage 4. Meanwhile, I could not answer one question and moved on making a mark on the question paper.

    What happened was, after answering another 5 questions, I realised, I did not give any gap for the question I left and I kept writing my answers in sequence :O. Therefore, even though my answers were right, I was actually writing them against a wrong NUMBER in the answer sheet. Did you get that? I hope so.
    SO, I had to erase all of them and write the answers once again one step below for each. :/
    Not sure how many of you would do such thing, but please look at the question number and number on the answer sheet everytime you write the answer. 🙂

    well, I was happy with this one:
    1. Letter:
    You friend planned to visit you next month; unforunately, this is not possible. Please write a letter back to your friend with:
    – apology
    -reasons for unavailability
    -arrange alternatives

    2. Essay:
    Some people think that for students makes a school effective if they are given position in making deicision on how it should run.
    DO you agree or disagree
    give your reasons with ligical examples.

    I hope this will help one of you.

    Thanks Liz for everything. 🙂

    • Kindly don’t mind about errors in my writing, I didn’t proof check. In my writing even, I could not do it completely 🙁

      Good Luck everyone. My result will be on 12th.

    • Amazing, Kumar! What a memory 🙂 Thanks for sharing. You made me laugh a lot with your comments 🙂

      Note taking in listening is very useful – I agree. Your question about Queen Elizabeth is interesting. IELTS questions are all language based and do not test your knowledge. This means there was a language based answer to that question which doesn’t relate to what you know of Queen Elizabeth or her role in the government. About your other listening tips, losing your place and getting lost is really common. There will be plenty of information in the listening test which doesn’t relate to your questions. The only thing to do is focus on the key words in the questions and wait for them. Always ready to move to the next question. But it can be nerve wracking – keep calm being the best policy 🙂

      Your tip about speaking is great. Students really must forget their errors and just move on to the next question without worrying. Each question is a fresh start and a chance to demonstrate your range and accuracy in English. In terms of reading, matching answers to the right box for the right question is so easy to get wrong. It just takes one mistake and all the following answers will be marked wrong. So, making sure that boxes, numbers and answers match up is vital.

      Thanks again for sharing both topics and tips. So many students will benefit from them 🙂 Good luck with your results 🙂

      • Japsimran says:

        Hi liz…I am very thankful to you and your online tutorials..actually, I too had this essay so if you could please mention some points for this essay, I will be very thankfull. ..

        • So, this writing task 2 is about students getting involved with the running of their school.
          1) students know what activities and lessons are popular and useful for them
          2) students are aware of what extra help is needed and can direct lessons or curriculum in the right direction
          3) having students involved in managements will be popular amongst students – students like to have a voice
          1) students are not professionals in management
          2) students are not trained specialists in learning and education
          3) students should be able to offer suggestions but not get directly involved in the running of a school

          Are these similar ideas to what you used in your essay?

          • Japsimran says:

            I mainly disagreed and I included the cons. In the end I said ,however , to develop them into individuals who can take decisions on running a successful school when they grow up… was this okay???

            • I like the way you concluded – it sounds fine. It is a concluding statement and not a new main idea so that’s good. This means your score will now depend on your supporting points, paragraphing, linking and your English language – grammar and vocab. I wish you all the best. Let me know your results when they arrive 🙂

          • hi Liz,
            Usually, I prefer not to think about what is out of my control. The exam is over, and I can’t change my answer now. However, as you have brought the points out, I am getting a little curious if my thought was correct. it’s hard to restrain in this situation 😛

            I actually sat on the fence. Because it was only mentioned STUDENT and SCHOOLS, I was not sure if they are talking about schools with higher education, high schools, middle schools or primary.

            So, I talked about pros in a paragraph saying:
            1. It gives the picture from students’ point of view.
            2. Changing era and value of students’ inputs.
            3. Usually, students thinking process are fresh which is useful.
            4. Changes in management how students feel comfortable to be in would lead to a good result.
            5. Could make a good relationship between students and teachers.

            While next paragraph was for the downside of it:
            1. It is only useful for the matured students, not children or teens.
            2. It needs to be done by one potential representative on the board, therefore, not everyone would be allowed. Choosing a representative often leads to student’s politics and wrong sides of it.
            3. Might invite indiscipline is studies.
            4. A psedu-power might affect the students’-teachers relationship.
            5. Students do not have the idea about management. So, they can’t take decisions on situations like employment or salary etc.
            6. Overall, the result of institute goes poor.

            Last paragraph I concluded that although I agree to have a voice on board from students, however, should be under controlled circumstances and for schools for immature students I would still prefer not to include students view about how to manage a school.

            • Thanks for sharing your ideas 🙂 If the essay question is vague, it is one option of attack. For example, I agree with high school students getting involved into the running of a school but not students who are younger. It’s one way to present an opinion – a position.

              • Mags Agha says:

                Dear Liz,
                you mean that if I wrote an introduction about importance of education system development and stating the restating the statement mentioned in the question body + two paragraphs demonstrating opposing views and then writing a paragraph about my opinion then making a conclusion paragraph would lower my band ? what band I would get for the task achievement ?

                Another question about speaking test .. I had a test in which the examiner was asking weird question like why I like certain color .. or why my friends like other colors .. also he asked if being over paid for doing extra work is a good compensation for living in a boring country like here ?
                I felt the test was so like a friendly discussion … is that good sign ?? !!!

                • I won’t comment on your band score or your approach for your essay. For speaking, the topic of “colours” is a common topic in part 1. The IELTS speaking test is an informal chat with the examiner and part 3 is a friendly discussion. There is nothing unusual in this.

          • Hi Liz – we had the same writing questions here in Dubai, UAE on 29 April 2017. I felt I would get a 5 because not only my essay was less 250 words, I also did a discussion and gave my OWN opinion as both should work hand in hand to run the school! Strangely enough, I landed a 7. Any thoughts why??? 🙂

            I rarely attended my paid sessions, instead, I read your blog and watched you on youtube and boy, I got the scores I wanted – THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Liz! L-8.5; R-8.5; W-7; S-8 Overall 8

            • A great score !!! Well done! The penalty for being under the word count actually starts at 240 words so you are allowed 10 words under. And the penalty depends on how many words you are under that. In an opinion essay, you don’t need to choose one side. You just need to present a clear position and explain it and you clearly did that. Well done to you 🙂

      • Sweety says:

        Hi Liz, I had the exact copy of questions as mentioned above by Kumar. I wanted to ask you is it true the raw score in reading changes considering the difficult sections in different papers? Last section was really difficult and I am not sure if I can score well in Section 3. I have been calculating my scores and I think I can get between 27-29 will that still fall in 5.5 band? I am so stressed since then! Please help 🙁

    • Same with us in india….
      Name: sejal
      Module: academic
      Listening: was same as above… As he described….
      Reading: was moderate
      Dont remember much i jst remember section 3 was on Honey bees…. And liz it was quite helpful to refer ur Monarvh butterfly exercise which u posted 2 days before…. Thanx😘
      Writing: task 1: comoarison of line graphs…. Relation between police and crime in 2 cities
      Task 2: computers are now able to translate mnay foreign languages so it is waste of time to learn foreign languages… Do u agreee or disagree?
      speaking: colours, holiday, cue card was about an advertisement…. and follow up was relates to same…..

      I need scholarship and need 7 or more
      than this in each module fingers crossed……

    • Wondreful man ! I really felt like u r copying the exam from the paper it self.. i did the same exam and im having adupt about the sequence of the listening task which contain the map .. i missed it after the first one which was in the down left of the door which one he said after that.. i cought up only the last one which as my answer was the one one the right of the door which is some family status or something like this … so if u remeber the sequence could u please share it whith us as well as the answer for that

      • Dear Mohd,
        Thanks for the comment. I guess it is not a good idea that I reply what I have written because that way, one of us will be sad or tensed. It is always good to learn how to let go.

        However, if you feel your result is unexpected, then you always have the chance to complain and recheck, even retake (as you need to send the score which one you feel better, while in GRE and TOEFL usually you need to send all exams and they know how many attempts you have taken.)

        So my friend, let us not poke your mind with each single answer now because it is out of reach now.

        Good Luck for the result. and have some fun! Finally, the exam is over.

    • Hi
      Yes first was North
      about Queen, yes it owened by nation

    • I clearly remember they say, owned by the museum for Queen Elizabeth. Hence, i got confused too and just chose the another option, drawn by someone famous

    • Dear Branda, Ghazal and Sarwan,
      thanks, you all ould be right. But I guess, I really would like to stay away from discussing answers because it gives me palpitations. 😛
      you may try this to get some sleep. 🙂
      Also, even though you are typing correctly here, and thinking that your answer is correct, there are thousand other reasons to get zero for each. wrong box of the answer sheet, wrong spelling, illegibility and so on to say a few.

      I guess this forum is more for having an idea what kinda question comes and to provide confidence to someone who is going to sit for it in future. Talking about our mistakes might scare new candidates, I presume and we should avoid that.

      Although, Liz would be the best person to talk on it.

      Thanks 🙂 Cheers.

      • I completely agree which is why there is a message at the start of this page to avoid sharing answers. No one knows what the answers are and IELTS only publish about 4 tests each year with answers. So, once you finish your test and are waiting for your results, it’s time to relax and turn your mind to other matters – enjoying a good meal with your family 🙂 Food always does it for me 🙂

    • These were my exact questions in Nigeria. I had my exam on the 29th of April also. l’m quite impressed that you could remember the listening questions. I lost track in the Section 2. I didn’t flip my page on time to the direction map and didn’t quite get the answers to question 17&18. I panicked but got my self together by question 20. I’m pretty confident in the other sections and i really gets me 8.0. Keeping my fingers crossed till the 13th.
      Thank you so much Liz for all the effort you put in your website, it was extremely helpful.

      • Hi Ify,
        Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it seems many of us received the same questions who appeared on the same day. Sorry to hear that you could not follow. I agree it was a tough area to follow.

        I remember one video from Liz where she mentioned to turn the page over to check for the answer or question. I kept that in mind while practising at home. In fact, I found the same situation many times while practising.

        What I preferred, in that case, was, I always look at the first questions on other sides of the page during the free slots…I knew I cant not finish reading all questions in that time, but I could help myself looking at next question without missing it. I hope you get that.

        A picture/map usually starts with a comment like “okay, now let me give you a brief idea about the pictures on the wall here…”

        As I saw there was a map on the other page, I simply turned over because I was sure the next information can not be on the same page.

        I adore your confidence, I wish I could have little of it. See you on 13th. I really don’t want to take another exam. If I get sufficient for my application, I would be happy.

        BTW, Liz, we would love some more new videos based on all potential comments you are getting every day. Thanks in advance.

        • I’ve got a long list of videos to make based on all your comments, experiences and problems. But my health is not good enough to make videos at the moment. I hope to be strong enough by the end of this year 🙂

          • Mohammed D says:

            Get well soon Liz. IELTS students can’t afford you being out of radar. One more suggestion… This page is getting too long, hence, can we please have separate pages for user comments on questions and topics for each month. Say, students appearing in May 2017 can post their questions in a new page, like:
            and for June 2017:
            and so on.


            • The comments have already been divided. There are only 300 comments per page – the actual total comment is 3,000 🙂 It’s hard to divide it by months because people reported topics one month later.

  147. Exact Task2 was like-

    Some people believe that Schools are more effective when the studen become involved to decide how it should b run
    Agree or disagree

  148. I forgot to mention, my friend (Montreal, Quebec) and I (Toronto, Ontario) took the same date. However, the provinces were changed. But the topic listening, reading, and writing were same.

  149. Hello everyone,

    All enclosed information are related to General Test.
    Test Date: April 8th, 2017.
    Location: Toronto, Canada

    Listening: It was quite easy
    Reading: The Last section was difficult.
    Task 1: Letter
    An article is published in a newspaper that is related to someone you know. There are few occasions the information is incorrect. Write a letter to the editor in your letter:
    i- Who is this person
    ii- What is the article is related to
    iii- Which information is incorrect

    What subject you like it
    About Student role
    About teacher role
    Describe your home

    Part 2
    Where you relax
    When you relax
    How do you relax

    Part 3
    Questions about part 2

  150. Asanka Costa says:

    Task 2 General training – Sri Lanka 29th April 2017 IDP
    Some people believe that students should be involved to run school effectively
    Do you agree or disagree

    Task 1
    A friend of your sent a letter saying he is going to visit you next month. but you have some other thing to do
    Why u can’t make it
    Propose alternatives

  151. Location: Lagos, Nigeria

    Writing task 1:
    Write a letter to your friend who intends to visit next month telling him/her you will not be available.
    1. Apologise.
    2. Explain why you will not be available
    3. Make alternative arrangements.

    Writing task 2:
    Some people think that schools are more effective if students are allowed to participate in running the school.
    1. State whether you agree or disagree.
    2. Give reasons for your answer using personal experience or other examples.

    Listening test:
    1. Phone conversation about relocating to Sydney. (fill in the gap). work phone, her son was almost 3, they wanted to live by the park, they wanted to spend not more than $650, also about booking a hotel.
    2. Short talk on a museum tour about paintings. (fill in the gap). Two initial paintings: Queen Elizabeth and I one other.
    3. Identify paintings on the museum wall. (multiple choice)
    4. Greg and Irvine discussing a recent role play project,
    its objectives, what they learnt and recommendations. (multiple choice).
    5. Short talk about hunting some strange animal whose skin was used to make clothes. (fill in the gap).


    1. Short comprehension about public transportation (fill in the gap style). (free complimentary map, 2 new stores recently opened, people preferred face-to-face feedback etc.
    2. There were different newspaper adverts which required us to identify specific content within each publication. (examples of the adverts include: starting a new company, getting a job, learning creative writing, hands-on training, weekend training etc.).
    3. Passage about job coaching which covered the minimum requirements for entry (numeracy skills), how performance will be recorded (action plan), how attendance and absence will be indicated (time sheets), performance review, number of reviews to be undertaken after the coaching (minimum of 3), the fact that there was no guarantee that the candidates will get a permanent job etc.
    3. Passage about early ship Navigation using a compass and how the process evolved (Pole Star, observation, experience etc). The input of Chinese, Portuguese and English men. Identify appropriate headings for each paragraph (29 – 34). True or false questions (35-40)

  152. Kshitij Meshram says:

    Hi Liz,
    Test Date 28/04/2017 Place India
    My topics in speaking GT was
    1-stress at workplace affects life and health
    2- Favourite color,why and its significance in your life
    3- Topic from Card “Describe any situation in your life when you were very stressed and how to handled that situations and what are your learning out of that”

    Listening Module
    Conversion between logistics company’s employees and client.

    Conversations between two students regarding opinion on their guest lecturer.

    Guided tour of British political art gallery (Map)

    Ancient civilisation of South America (lecture)

    Reading Module
    1-Navigation techniques from ages and instruments like compass
    2-Recruitment of interns
    3-Learn something new (Headline and True False and NG)
    (Advert of various events that offer learning.)
    4-Promotion of Public Transport Services among people of London

    Writing module

    1- letter to your friend who will be visiting next month
    Reply with apology that its not possible
    Reason why
    Suggest alternative
    2- Opinion and Suggestion from students regarding adminstration of school, useful? Discusses

    In section 2, I made few spelling mistake? How will it impact bit worried

    Kind regards

  153. Abid Hussain says:

    Abid Hussain
    Test Center : Pashawar Pakistan
    General Training
    Task 1 . Your photograph won prize and will be in exhibition , tell your friend about contest , where picture was taken and invite him to come at exhibition .
    Task 2 . Traffic is a problem in world,s big cities.
    How is it in your country ? Suggest solutions ?
    1-Learning schools about boat driving……

  154. 29 April 2017
    Location: Thailand


    Task1: Diagram of recycling process
    Task2: Some people believe that what children watch on television influences on children behavior. Others say that amount of time on television influence their behavior.
    Discuss both view and give own opinion

    Full name/ house or flat/ chocolate/ spend time with family

    Describe time that you are busy
    when/why/how to solve/feeling when busy

    what do you think about pressure on children ?
    ____I cant remember more as I had speaking test on another day__

  155. IELTS General India, 29 April 2017

    Writing Task 1

    Write letter to friend who will be visiting you next month but you won’t be able to make it.
    Explain why
    Arrangements you done for him

    Task 2
    Schools are effective when Students are involved in agree or disagree


    Part 1
    What is you name
    Do you work or study
    Do you think of buying a mirror
    How often do you see in mirror
    When did u last see in mirror

    Part 2
    Special moment u experienced
    What was it
    When this happened
    What did I do till then

    Part 3
    People should keep patience or no
    Is it always good to have patience
    Adults or children who have more patience
    Daily routine for which you have to wait
    If you allowed to trach, what will you teach
    Wich city has more traffic

    Apart from this my friend was asked about literature in cue card

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi Liz,

        I also gave my GT today .. and same qns as mentioned by Waby. Thanks a lot for all your tips .. it really helped !!

        I am having my Speaking tomorrow. Can I expect the same qns tomorrow as Waby tomorrow?? 😉

        • You might get lucky 🙂 Remember to be chatty in your test and friendly – even if the examiner doesn’t smile much. Also don’t worry if the examiner interrupts your answers – it’s normal and not relating to your score – just ignore it and focus on the next question. Good luck!

          • Thanks Liz !! I love to chat so I believe that me gonna enjoy this session.

            And I have a doubt here. I have watched few videos but I have not noticed any interviewee shaking hands with the interviewer. Is that a wrong thing to do? I presume that doing so, will show your confidence level. Right?

            • Your body language is irrelevant to the test. When you walk in, I suggest you walk in with confidence and a smile. Just say hello, then sit down. Let the examiner ask the questions and direct you. Just relax and be natural. If you want to shake hands, it’s up to you but I advise students to follow the examiners directions – let him make the first move. I know it will all feel new, but just be yourself and act as you want. There is no right or wrong in IELTS speaking. You will be given a mark based on your English language and nothing else – not your ideas, not being on topic, not anything else. Just the English you say. Does that help?

  156. Test location Egyp
    General module
    Test date 29 april
    Your friend is planning to visit you next month but you are not free
    Write to him to apologise
    Tell him why you are not free
    Arrange another date

    Task 2

    Schools are more effective when the students involve in how it is run
    Agree or disagree

  157. Hi liz
    Writing task 2 general
    School would be more effective if students choose how to they run?do you agree or disagree??
    I wrote about students should choose their topics free without force but i am afraid i was offtopic

  158. I take IELTS General to 29/4/2017 from Cairo Egypt
    it was speaking Cafe you go
    writing take 2 student take more effective role in schools

  159. dr hamayun dawar says:

    ielts test academic.. 28/29 april 2017 Peshawar Pakistan
    Whats your name
    Tell about your home town
    Do you live in home or an apartment
    Describe a scene where you have seen a wild animal
    Where how was your reaction
    What the animal did when animal saw you
    Have you ever been to a zoo
    Why peoples keeps animal in zoo
    Why peoples keeps pets at home call about shifting of furniture
    Reading..difficult one
    About fossils
    And psychology..
    Task1.A graph about rise and fall of water level reservoir in six different cities of Australia
    Task 2.
    some peoples do research of past history of family while others are of opinions that they should do research of present and future generation. Write an essay of 250 words and give your opinion and give example from your experience.

  160. Ramanjeet Singh says:

    Type: General Writing
    Location: New Delhi, India
    Date: 27th April Speaking
    29th April L/W/R
    Part 1
    Work or Study?
    What kind of job?
    Why did you choose this job?
    How do you keep the photos
    Part 2 (cue card)
    Any place for sports in your area (stadium, swimming pool, etc)
    Part 3
    How countries are benefitted with international sports events
    Why people attend/watch international events?
    Do you think there may be good relationship with opposition other than rivalry?

    Writing Task 1 on 29th April 2017

    A friend is coming to visit u next month. But is is not possible for you as you won’t be available next month.
    Write a letter to that friend with reason.
    – Apologize him.
    – Reason for non availability
    – Alternate arrangements for his stay

    Writing Task 2
    Students should be involved in running a school.
    Agree or Disagree.
    Explain with examples.

  161. IELTS Academic
    29 April, 2017

    Hi Liz and everybody,

    Here are the topics I got at my IELTS exam. Wording may differ from the actual questions.

    1. What’s your full name.
    2.Do you live in a house or a flat?
    3. What is your flat like?
    4. Do you like spending time near the water?

    Cue card:
    1. What is your favourite movie?
    2. When did you first see it?
    3. What is the movie about?
    4. Why do you like it?

    2. Listening
    – A family relocating from one city to another within Australia.
    – Two teachers telling one another about their experience with students’ activities.
    – About some animal that was hunted after by colonists.

    3. Reading
    – About one man, who made whale oil exempt from fish oil fee.
    – Post-war food situation in the UK
    – Changes in the duration of seasonsand how it affects yields in Australia, the UK and China.

    4. Writing
    Task 1: Two line graphs showing the number of police officers (Graph 1) and the number of crimes (Graph 2) in City A and City B from 2000 through to 2020.
    Task 2: Computers now translate quickly and accurately so people are not needed for this anymore. To what extend do you agree or disagree.

    Hope it helps others in preparing for IELTS.

    Liz, thank you for your contribution and this wonderful website or yours.

    God bless you!


  162. 29th April academic
    Writing task 1:double line graph,about police officers and crimes
    Task2:because computers translate quickly and accurately,learning foreign languages is a waste of time?
    Do you agree or disagree?

  163. Marc Aries says:

    Exam Date : 04-29-3017
    Exam Venue : Philippines

    Writing Task 1 GT

    About organizing a party in your company
    -what’s your opinion in your recent party
    -what are your plans
    -what will the company do

    Writing Task 2 GT
    Some people choose to rent house rather than having their own.
    •What are the advantages and disadvantages of renting a house.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Marc Aries says:

      Correction – 04/29/2017

      • Hi Liz,
        I did the acad exam this morning here in Kuwait , and the question for writing task 2 was , ” computers can now translate foreign language, other people think that learning is just a waste of time. To what extent do you agree/disagree?
        My answer was I disagree and I wrote the reasons why I disagree that studying foreign language is not about wasting time.

        Reasons :
        Tourists going to another country needs to have knowledge about the dialect of the people( sorry I forgot the whole sentence ) but I also have included about directions for the tourist to not get lost, so learning foreign language is not a waste of time.
        Another point of studying foreign language in schools or universities plays a vital role in enhancing the knowledge of students, for instance , students has to make use of computers in order for them to understand the language not known to them.

        Finally, learning foreign language is also important in boosting one’s country , for instance , there is an ongoing ASEAN Summit in Philippines wherein , members of different Asian countries take part in that conference. Theses head of state do not have enough knowledge abt English, they make use of headphones which can translate in their own language in order for them to understand abt the topics being discussed.

        In conclusion , studying foreign language is not a waste of time , it is helps enhance the knowledge of individuals and the society to have a better future.

  164. Sumit Borhade says:

    Exam date : 29th April’15
    Location: Singapore

    Listening section2 was on map and it was very tough to solve.
    Doesn’t matter how much practice you do, you need to perform in the actual test.

    General Writing section1:
    Write a letter to hotel manager for arranging company even.
    General Writing section2:
    Some people prefer rental home over buying.
    Advantages and disadvantages for renting your house.

  165. 29 april 2017
    UKVI academic

    whats your name
    where from you are
    why you live that place
    will you live there in future

    describe your plan you want to do in future other than studies and job

    why people do time management
    why not people do feel its important
    who people persuade their field of interest
    all about time management and related question she ask

    i did mistake to ask her repeat question many times

  166. Type of Test: GT
    Date of Exam: April 29, 2017
    Location: Wellington, New Zealand

    Speaking Task 2:
    Describe a garden you recently visited. Tell about:
    – location of the garden
    – what’s in that garden
    – what do you think of it and why?

    Speaking Task 3:
    Follow-up questions about gardens and the environment

    Writing Task 1:
    Your company holds a staff party every year in the same hotel. This time you are tasked to organize the party and you have to write a letter to the hotel’s manager.

    Include the following in your letter:
    – Write about your past experience with the hotel
    – What are your impressions with the hotel’s service
    – What you want to ask the manager

    Writing Task 2

    In some countries, most people prefer to rent their homes rather than buying them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of renting a home?

  167. Date 29/4/2017
    Location: Melbourne
    General Training Writing Task 2
    Many people are likely to rent their homes instead of buying? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages

  168. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this website, there are tonnes of useful information about the IELTS exam here!!!!
    My speaking test was today (28/04/2017), in the UK:
    Part 1:
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    Was your last job hard sometimes?
    Do you buy shoes online?
    Is it OK to pay a lot for a pair of shoes?
    Do you use public transport a lot?
    Will people use more public transport in the future?
    Part 2:
    Describe a famous person who you like (why do you admire this person? what has this person achieved? when did you hear this person’s name first?)
    Part 3:
    Who are the celebrities in your country?
    Does someone need to be talented to become a celebrity?
    Why are there more and more celebrities?

  169. Speaking test 28-04-17
    part 1
    questions about watches
    Did you wear watches in childhood?
    do you use it now?
    why do people wear expensive watches?
    part 2
    tell me about the time you had to wait for something good to happen
    what was is?
    why you had to wait?
    how do you feel about waiting?
    do you like waiting generally or not?
    part 3
    questions about patience

  170. Hi, I had my speaking test (general) today at Mumbai.

    Task 1:
    Where do you live?
    Are you a student or working?
    Do you think your current job would be less stressful?
    Did you have a watch as a child?
    Did someone gift a watch to you?
    What people want to portray by wearing expensive watches?
    What did you like about secondary school?
    Are you in touch with your school friends?

    Task 2:
    Talk about a house/ apartment you recently visited.

    Task 3:
    Describe a differfent type of acccomodation other than your city?
    Should government provide for residence for the poor?
    Do you think parents and children should live together?
    What you think, in the future if more people are living alone, what will be the impact on the environment?
    (I didn’t get this question). I gave example of an aunt living alone and who has taken up gardening. So may be staying alone bring you closer to the nature.
    Do you prefer having a house in the countryside or in the city?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Last question, I believe, was basically saying if people live alone, they would have to drive to work alone, live in an apartment alone etc, which can be environmentally damaging.

      If 2-3 people lived together, you would need 33-50 apartments, houses for 100 people, but you need 100 houses for 100 people if they all lived alone; twice more resources would be required.

      But, for IELTS, the actual content matters little, what matters is how you use the language to explain your ideas. So, talking about an aunt should not be too bad as long as you gave some complex structures and vocabulary. Also, I heard by the end of the 2nd part, relatively experienced examiner will know your band and part 3 is just to push you to a higher band if possible.

  171. Hi litz,
    General test,28 april 2017,Vadodara

    Tell me your Full Name.
    Where is your hometown.

    Which Indoor game you played the most in your childhood?
    With whom you have played?

    In school,Do you think a child should awarded when he did something good in extra curricular activity.why?
    Child should focus on only study?
    When child receive more awards and become you think it is good for him? why?

    Describe a family member who made you proud

    You should say:

    Who this person is

    When this happened

    What this person did

  172. Hi Liz!Today I have passed speaking exam
    Do you play any musical instruments?
    Should this included in school?
    Do you like tv? Related to thi
    Part 2 about service i give in shop or restaurant
    Part3 related

    In the end, without finishing my sentence examiner stopped me and said that it is end of speaking test.
    I am worrying about it, does it will affect my score?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The examiner must stop when the time is finished. It’s the rules of the test and doesn’t affect your score.

  173. Hi Liz!
    Thanks a lot for your videos! Your lessons are amazing. You not only help thousands of students but also inspire many teachers like me!
    I did my speaking test yesterday in Brazil ( where you are famous among the IELTS candidates too!) My questions were:
    Part 1:
    – Do you live in house or apartament? Describe your house
    – Do you have many bags/backpacks? What do you carry in your bag?Why? When you buy a bag, what’s the most important thing?
    – Do you read many books? Have you read the same book twice?
    – when you were a child, did you read many books?
    Part 2
    -Describe someone you have met recently ( who, when)/ would you like to know this person better? why?
    Part 3
    – Talk about friends ( many friends or 1 best friend?)qualities

    I was so nervous that I could not stop talking!!! I don’t know if it’s good or bad… LOL!
    Hope I could help a little bit!
    Tomorrow is the other part of the test! Wish me luck!
    All the best and thanks again!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s great that you had so much to say in your speaking test 🙂 Good luck tomorrow – keep your eye on the clock for reading and writing – manage your time well 🙂

  174. Hi Liz
    Thank you for all your useful videos and lessons
    I had my speaking test for general ielts yesterday.
    Part 1
    Where do you live
    Do you plan to live there in future
    What are the interesting things you find there.
    Who does the household jobs in your house.
    What is that you dislike doing at home
    Did you help in the household jobs when you were a child
    Do you have dreams, what do you think of it
    Do you like to know more about dreams, why?

    Part 2
    A place where you wish to go that is silent
    Which is the place
    When you like to go there
    How often do you go
    What is interesting

    Part 3
    This was all about silence
    Do you think people nowadays prefer a completely silent environment.
    Some people listen to music while studying what do you think of it.
    Which all are the places you think is silent
    Are there more silent places in the past or now
    And so on with silence
    The cue card was a tough topic for me. All I could think of was library. Though I talked for 2 minutes. I was not able to talk well. Liz, what could be other possible answers for the cue card.
    Thank you again for all your help. God bless ☺

  175. Tabuk, 28th April, 2017 General Module

    Hi, I just finished my speaking tests two minutes ago. Quite confused if I got normal topic and I performed well. 🙁
    Examiner was behaving weird. He didn’t even talk a single word before starting the recording, in fact, he didn’t even ask for my view on recording my voice. That was rude!
    Questions were:

    1. What’s your name?
    2. What do you do?
    3. What is your field of work?
    4. Why did you select this type of job?
    5. Which city are you from?
    6. Do you liked your city while growing up?
    7. Would you like to live in that city in future?
    Describe a place where you go for sports
    Where is it
    What types of activities are there
    Why do you go there?

    Associated questions:
    Do you support sports activities?
    Is there any other benefit than financial ones, in organizing international games? Why do you think so.
    Do you think international game increases friendship or it has negative impacts?
    Do you think society should compete to grow? (I didn’t understand that question)
    What are the good and bad things when society competes. (I was doing good and once this section arrived I felt so bad that I must have ruined my tests 🙁 )

    Thanks Liz.
    Good luck for those who are preparing.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Sorry to hear your examiner wasn’t friendly or helping you feel comfortable. But I’m glad you mentioned it. Students should be prepared to perform well in their test and speak naturally even if their examiner isn’t encouraging. I hope you still did well 🙂

      • Hi Liz,
        I agree with you. But as you know, you would hardly like to talk to someone who would ask questions like a robot without a smile or even making sense. I forgot to add one more question out of nowhere while I was speaking on sports:

        He asked me: Why do you carry a bag with you? :/

        It seemed like; he took it surely that I do carry a bag with me always. In fact, he saw me taking out my passport from my backpack while calling me inside the room. Without asking if I carry a bag or not, asking a WHY question was typically madness to me. He should not have used his memory of seeing me outside the room.

        I am not complaining or giving my excuses, but it is speaking, after all. You would hardly be able to talk when someone is talking to you like a Policeman, and you would continuously feel like you have committed crimes, and your investigation is going on. 🙁

        I would request everyone to be prepared for such person, at least in Saudi Arabia. Noticeably, the people behave quite different here than other parts of the world, and we should be ready for that. In fact, it could be just cultural differences, which I believe IELTS organisers should train properly and minimise.

        To answer your question, well I am usually a very calm person, so I tried my best. But probably I could do better with a better examiner, and that’s what made me feel sick. Moreover, I felt an invisible barrier of conversation (as if he didn’t like me and just want to finish the test ASAP) and felt like he was on top of the rudeness imaginable.

        • I completely understand you. I also find it impossible to speak to someone who shows no interest. At these times, I lose my train of thought and get confused and nervous – and I’m a native speaker so it’s worse for you. It’s a shame you had this experience. I wonder when IELTS will decide to video record speaking tests so they can check body language and the attitude of examiners. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Your message was written in very good English so I’ll be expecting a great score from you 😉 🙂

          • Wonderful! I feel blessed having your fingers crossed for me. I would take as an achievement; right there, it’s brand score 9 in feeling good. 😜
            Thank you for being so nice that even after worse experience in speaking I feel great. Your teaching, approach towards each student, talk, smile, body language, and in fact, you are adorable and commendable.
            Thanks for the complements and wishes.
            I can’t thank you more for your devotion and time your spending for us, all of us. I feel like you are our pen friend. 😃

            I will let you know my score soon, even if it turns out bad.

    • Hello Kumar,
      What was your writting task 2 ?

      • Hi Thind,

        I am writing about todays test in a different post, please be updated. Thanks for your question.


  176. I appeared speaking exam Toda 28-4-2017
    Part 1:intro
    Part 2:about garden
    Part 3:follow up question based on garden
    In during of exam I give answer so much fast .is it affected to my score.I m very scared about that😶

  177. Speaking Test
    city: hyderabad. date: 26 april.

    Part 1
    After the initial pleasantries. This is what was asked.
    Do you like where you live and why?
    Would you like to continue to live in the same place for some more time?

    Let’s talk about dreams.
    Do you remember your dreams long after you wake up?
    Do you believe dreams have some hidden messages?
    Do you like to learn about other people’s dreams?
    Would you like to learn more about dreams?

    Let’s talk about robots.
    Do you like the idea of robots?
    Would you like a robot to work for you?
    Would like to sit in a car driven by a robot?

    Part 2
    Describe an event in history you remember. How you heard of it. What happened, How you came to know of it.

    Part 3
    Why are some people from history are remembered more than others?
    Is there any other reason than the one you mentioned would be why they are remembered?
    Do you think these people from history are good role models for later generations?
    Can history teach us how to live in present?
    Do you think people remember only positive things from history or even the negatives?

  178. Idowu Aina says:

    I had my speaking test today 27th April,2017.
    The much I can remember:
    Part 1
    – Do you work or study?
    – What do you do where you work?
    – Why did you choose that line of career?
    – Do you think you would continue in the career i the future?
    – Where do you leave?
    – Do you like chocolate?
    – Do you often eat chocolate?
    – Have you ever bought chocolate for anyone
    – Do you like entertaining visitors in your home
    – Is it easy for you to make friends where you leave

    Part 2:
    Talk about advertisement in the following contest:
    -What is it about?
    – Where did you hear it
    – Why did it catch your attention?

    Part 3:

    – Is there a body that regulates advertisement in your country?
    – Do you think advert influence people’s choice?
    – etc

  179. IELTS Academic Speaking Test
    Barcelona 27 April 2017

    Hey guys,

    Part 1 I was asked about where I live, what my hometown is like, what makes it enjoyable. Also about mirrors, how often I look into them, have I purchased one, and if I like how they decorate a room.

    Part 2 I was asked to describe somewhere I’d like to go on holiday: who I’d go with, what I would do, etc.

    Part 3 I was asked more about holiday and traveling. In particular, I was asked how tourism can help holiday locations, or hurt them, and the most unexpected part was when I was asked how I would fix the disadvantages of tourism I had named (pollution, traffic, destruction of ancient or natural sites). Good luck, everyone!

  180. IELTS Academic
    27th April, 2017


    Part 1
    Usual questions:
    Where do you live?
    Do you work or study?
    What is your job title?

    Part 2
    Describe a time when you had a good service e.g in a shop or restaurant.
    When was it?
    What they did?
    Who was with you?

    At the end, how you felt?

    Part 3
    A series of questions about customer service (both good and bad)
    Is it important to have a good customer service?
    Where is it more appropriate to have good customer service?
    How people feel when they do not get good customer service?
    Should customer service be the same for example in small stores and bigger companies?

    Good luck

    • Concerning Part 1, I forgot to add:
      How often do you remember your dreams when you wake up?
      Are dreams important to you?
      Are you interested in learning about the meaning of dreams?

      What are the important things you always bring with you?
      What do you do in order not to forget things?
      What happened once when you forgot something?
      Do you bring same things during the day and when going out in the evening?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

  181. I just finished my speaking test today, the teacher was so stressed for the reason she returned a student before me for the reason that his name is not in her list. I went in and i couldn’t get to relax at anytime of the interview for she was stressed all the time. anyway; my speaking topic as below:

    do you work or study?
    what is the reason you work in this sector?
    do you like to write by hand or through computer and why?
    do you think people take more time in writing by hand or keyboard?
    what color you like and why?
    what do you think your friends preferred color is?
    what do like the room color to be?

    cue card was about a place that you visit to relax? where, why, whats special?

    then she asked about how important is for work space to be to relaxation?
    another question also about leisure space?
    technology and its advantages and disadvantages on leisure space?

    it was pretty tough for i couldn’t get to feel relaxed and also the most of the topics are about stress, so i kept on repeating myself!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Sorry to hear your experience. Examiners are as human as anyone. I think it’s important that students don’t enter the test expecting a friendly examiner – they don’t all smile as much as me 🙂 Still, I hope you’ve still done well and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂

    TEST DATE 26.4.2017

    Do you work or study?
    What you are doing?
    Do you like your profession?
    Why you like?

    Do you like mirrors?
    How often do you look into the mirrors?
    What kind of mirror should you give as agift?

    How can robots help us in the modern world?
    In your opinion, should robots replace people in the work place and at home?
    What do you think about cars driven by robots?

    Part 2
    Describe a time you had good experience in the countryside.
    * where you went?
    * what you did?
    * who you went with?
    * and explain why it was enjoyable?

    Part 3
    Do young people enjoy living in countryside?
    Do old people prefer to live in the countryside or in the city?
    Why do many people move from small towns to cities?
    Whats the difference between living in the countryside n living in the city?
    How has life changed in the countryside in your country?

    All the best for all who are planning to write IELTS.

    LRW on 29th.
    Thanks Liz..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Academic speaking.
        Section 2
        Describe a time you had to use imagination.
        Section 3
        What’s your favourite colour? Why
        What was your favourite colour when you were younger
        What are your friends most favourite colour.


    Hey Guys,

    I’m just coming from my IELTS speaking test and these are the questions that were asked (As much as i remember)

    TASK 1
    -What is your name?
    -What can I call you?
    -Where do you Live?
    -Why do you like to live here?
    -Do you think you will live here in future or do you plan to move ?

    TASK 2
    – Do you know any polite people ?
    – Describe a polite person you know
    – Do others think this person is a polite person ?

    TASK 3
    – Do you think people in your country polite ? Why ?
    – Is there any difference between city and countryside people politeness ?
    – Is there any different with the way people were polite in the past compared to nowadays

    Good Luck with your endeavors

  184. Hi,Liz!
    First of all,thank you very much!
    I have IELTS academic version on April 22
    Writing task 1
    Bar chart and line graph show numbers of male and female students studying different subjects in 2012 in one university .
    Writing task 2
    Many countries aim to improve living standard by economic development, but some important social values are lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?
    But,I am worried about writing task2
    I have wrote attract tourists as benefit,and shortage of buildings such as hospital,school as the main drawback.
    I need your advice🙏 What could you say about my arguments?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Ideas are only one aspect of your essay. There are other marking criteria such as grammar, vocab and coherence & cohesion (organisation and linking) which are also marked. This essay is about whether you think that increasing the standard of living will result in benefits or a lose of social values. It requires your point of view about that.

    • Where you wrote ur IELTS exam?

  185. Hi Liz,
    I want to share something about
    Listening questions and reading questions
    About my test on 22nd April 2017 England
    First section of listening was fine,
    But they wanted to confuse you
    About simple answers like days and ages
    As speaker said that my both children look
    Like twins but she did not mention about age,
    Her child was 1 year elder than other one, so
    Guys get ready for that
    Second section was fine but they were too fast speakers
    Third section was multiple choice questions,
    however matching features with fruits
    was not easy. Practice that being honest with yourself.
    Fourth section was fine but had to choose single best
    answer and try to predict speaker’s attitude as well.
    As far as reading is concerned in first passage
    there were 8 true false, five blanks were easy but
    need quick reading and comprehension as well.
    Second one was about old employees matching
    headings, again sorry to say that you have to
    predict writer’s attitude. Second passage include
    some blanks but easy.Third passage was about school
    Children class size, features in paragraph have to match ,
    Need a lot of practice and other features with
    matching studies. In fact that was not difficult but
    not very easy in first reading.
    And last thing about Speaking guys,
    Be ready to answer the scenario based questions,
    Because now a days they are asking such questions
    Not straight forward questions in part three, it would
    be like discussion and I believe that shows
    involvement of Examiner.
    I hope that through this blog, I shared my experience
    enough, try to take it seriously like your
    other studies.
    If you fail , it does not mean you are not
    improving you are but gradually
    at steady pace.
    Thanks Liz for your cooperation with all
    language learners.

  186. Mohammed D says:

    University of Surrey April 8th 2017 General Training
    The questions asked (not exactly the same sentences, but you will get an idea)
    Task 1: Write a letter to friend asking him to translate a document.
    describe why this document is important
    tell how you will send the document
    Task 2: Unhealthy children nowadays compared to olden days
    describe how to improve the health

    Task 1: About yourself,
    Talk about handbags, backpacks, do you use them, have you lost any, why
    Leisure industry, how important they are?
    Task 2: Unusual thing you have done recently?
    Task 3: With many old people now, is leisure industry doing enough for them? why?

  187. Speaking test Academic Module
    25.4.2017. Zagreb,Croatia
    PART 1
    -your hometown, would you like to live there in the future
    -shoes; what kind of shoes you like, do you buy them online, can a person have too many shoes
    PART 2
    -describe a holiday destination you would like to go to in the future
    PART 3
    -tourism; effects it has on the country
    -when is the ideal age for traveling?
    -traveling alone – good or bad? ideal time in life for doing it?
    -how can a country decrease the environmental problems that tourism brings

  188. and plz also tell me . can we write total number of words in the end of task 1 and 2 ??? in test ????

    • Don’t waste your time. You don’t need to write the word count. I write the number of words on my model essays only to show students – you don’t need to do that in your test.

  189. Hello Liz and everyone,

    Date:22 April 2017
    Location: Calgary, Canada

    Listening: About a drama club
    About a residential building : when it was build
    Restrictions and a map showing shop, day care, barbecue facility.
    A research topic discussing by two students, it’s aspect, problems etc.
    About the British library

    Reading: The second and third passage was really tough.
    Second passage was related to Europes weather condition in 2003. It was saying about extreme hot weather condition like that. First and third passage I don’t remember exactly.

    Writing: Task 1: Two line graph one saying about the average price of a city and national average price for the house between 2003 and 2008. Second line graph was about four types of house and it’s average price in that same year .
    Task2: crime rate is decreasing compared to the past due to the advance technology as it can prevent and solve the crime. Do you agree or disagree

    Speaking: About my home town.
    Do you want to go back to home town in the future.
    Do you have any best friend?
    How do you spend time with them?
    Do you want to make new friends?
    Do you know to play any musical instruments?
    Do you think it’s tough to learn any musical instrument?
    Cue card: a profession that can get well paid?
    Why they are well paid?
    What they want to do?
    Do you know anyone who work in that field?
    Task 3: any job that is not well paid in back home?
    Which all profession can get a good salary in back home?
    In work when the boss should motivate the employee?
    How he can motivate?
    Do we want to motivate by ourselves?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • The exam was the same in Argentina yesterday!

        • The first passage of the reading test was about shells, and the different ways to get the pearls, and the third passage was about Science, the differences between scientists and the philosofers in the past, scientific method, the positive and the negative factors of their work.

          • Yes you are right. How you felt about the test? First passage was good but the other two was very tough to connect.

      • can you tell you idea about writing task 2?

    • Hi Sajeema,
      Good luck on your test. About the reading task, you talked about the extreme whether condition in Europe ie. heat waves in 2003. I am really surprised that IELTS still repeat their questions in this recent time. I actually came across the same reading passage yesterday which was a past question in 2007, January and March 2009 I downloaded online.

  190. Muhammad usman says:

    Hi liz, this website is very helpful for all ielts students
    God bless you alot and gives you happiness in every moment of life.
    Tell everyone. Please mention ielts type (GT OR ACADEMIC )
    In there comments.

  191. Osama Sleem says:

    I am Osama Sleem from Alexandria,Egypt
    I have IELTS exam academic version on April 22,23 in British Council Alexandria, held in Four Season hotel.

    Writing task 1 was bar chart showing numbers of male and female students studying different subjects in 2012 in a given university .
    task 2 was
    some believe that improving standards of living come by economic development in expense of some social values
    Do advantages of economic development overweight disadvantages?

    do you work or student ?
    what is your job ?
    why do you choose this job?
    what do you wish to work in the future?
    what do you like to do in your spare times?
    do you have a favourite teacher when you were in school?
    why do you like him ?
    describe an interesting thing you did in your free time ?
    what you did?
    with whom you did ?
    why you did it?
    explain why this was interesting ?
    part 3
    how people in your country enjoy their free time?
    do people in your country prefer to spend their holidays indoors or outdoors?
    do people in the past have more free times than nowadays?

  192. Test Date: 22nd April 2017
    Place: Portsmouth, England
    Module: Academic

    Listening was easy, 1st part was abt a woman arranging a day care centre for her children, 2nd was parents visiting a school, 3rd was abt plants doctors, and the last one was abt origin of perfumes.
    Reading was too hard and complicated, very few fill in the blanks, all others were matching the headings. First para was abt Tunnells, 2nd was abt hiring old age employees, 3rd was abt education models or research. I cudnt even attempt all questions bcoz even Para one wasnt easy, took a long time to answer questions from there.
    Writing Task one was tricky. on one chart there was a bar chart plus a line graphs showing male n females in university studying different subjects in 2012.
    Task 2: Nations are having economic development but losing social values, does the advantages outweigh disadvantages.

    Speaking: About ur town
    is ur town interesting
    will u live there if you go back
    Mirrors, how often you look at urself in mirrors
    do u buy mirror
    why do u use them for decoration
    Topic: Neighbour
    Who is he/she
    How do u meet him/ her
    how often do u see her/him
    Part 3:
    Do u know anyother neighbour as well
    What does community means to u
    what things communities can do together
    how does local businesses can help community
    What effects technology done on our society
    are they harmful
    is ur country a community.
    how does two countries differ as communities.

    I need band 7 in all components but I dont think I could get in Reading.
    Also I did have the problems in time management.
    Liz, I got a question for ur please. I couldnt maintain eye contact with examiner but I stop fluently and examiner stopped me at the end saying thats the end or test. will that effect my score?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Time management is something that students should practise before their test. In speaking, you don’t need to have eye contact with the examiner although some teachers do recommend it. If the examiner stopped you at the end of the test, this is because time was up and doesn’t reflect your score.

    • Hi Shan yes writing task 1 was a tricky one .was the line illustrating the total number of students in the university.

  193. Hi Liz
    Writing task 1
    The chart below shows the number of male and female studying different subjects in one university in 2012
    Writing task 2
    Most countries aim to improve standard of living through economic development,but many important social values can be lost as a result
    What are the advantages of outweigh the disadvantages?
    However, I am worried about my writing task 2 …….

  194. Hemachander says:

    Hi Liz,
    I took my IELTS General exam on April 8th and got overall band score of 7( L-7.5, R,W,S-7). It wouldn’t be possible without your guidance and those wonderful articles, videos, and examples that you have posted, all those tips helped me immensely during my exams. I pray to the almighty for your wellbeing and hope you continue this service which helps millions of people across the globe to pursue their dreams. God bless you!!!!😊😊😊

    • I don’t usually post results on this page but your comments were so nice and you’ve so done well 🙂

      • Hello Liz, kindly reply to my comment posted on 22nd of April 2017 at 7:16 pm.
        Thank you for this amazing website !
        God bless you .

    • wow great results i am yet to do exams on 29th April 2017 this coming Saturday.Due to nature of my work and scheduling i have very less time for revision but doing my best.Thank you Liz for the free lessons God bless.

  195. Hello Liz,
    Had my ielts exams today at Leceister
    Academic module
    Task 1 was a bar chart comparing enrollment figures of males and females in 6 different subjects
    Task 2 was about most countries aiming for economic development but may affect social values and we were asked whether advantages of economic development outweigh its disadvantages .
    I gave the opinion that, the benefits of economic development outweigh the drawbacks
    But I started with the advantages and began like this;
    There are two main benefits of economic development. First of all….
    and next paragraph, I started with ;
    In addition …..
    With the disadvantage
    I started like this ;
    However , there are drwabacks to economic development and mentioned overpopulation leading to the creation of slums with resultant increased in crime rate and loss of religious and social values all in the same paragraph and repeated my opinion in the concluding paragraph.
    My question is , is writing ” there are two main benefits of economic development and starting with first of all … a good way to start such an essay type ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your linking is fine. You will be marked on logical and it seems quite logical. Usually, when there are advs and disadv, it’s best to have two paragraphs – one of each. But it isn’t a rule and you can be flexible.

  196. Academic
    writing task 2
    Many countries aim to improve living standard by economic development, but some important social values are lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?
    I have written About improved health services (result of being affluent economically country) as advantage, rare human interaction with surrounding (result of having no time because of citizens have to work more to evolve life standard) as a disadvantage. Are these opinions relevant?

  197. Srikumar Ram says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you, I found your tips very useful and got my results yesterday.(8,9,7,7)

  198. Sina Ses says:

    Hi liz I had the ielts today 22 April UKVI… Iran
    Listening part was a bit difficult.. Especially in part 4 Cuz it was multiple choices…. Unfortunately I lost in reading part… I think.. I’m not in good mood I guess…. Writing Task 1:charts compared 7 different subjects in one university.. Task2:most countries want to improve standard of living through economic development however I may loose social value in countriy. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Task 1 is OK.. But in task 2 I mentioned some points about housing industry.. In advantages point.. I mentioned… It provides job.. For unemployment and people can benefit from this development… And it can increase in the numbers of house and basic amenities.. And.. People have different choices to chose the best location in town.. In disadvantages :I mentioned the negative affects of environmental problems.. And.. Also. It creates a gap between poor and rich due to the high cost of living in estates industry.. I know it’s not a good essay….. I need your advice Cuz I want to retake the ielts 2 weeks later… What can I do to stay focous on the reading part? Actually I answered all cambridge books from 4 to 11 and the worth results of my reading was 22 corrects and the best was 30.. ❤️ 💙 💛 💜

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The IELTS test is long and it’s easy to lose your concentration. For reading, just remember that you are looking for answers. That means identifying key words, scanning the test for the key words and then deciding your answer. Don’t get lost in the passage.

  199. Thanks a lot Liz for helping me and these are my score,

    W-6.5 and

  200. Hello to you all!
    I took the IELTS Academic on the 20th of April, 2017, in London.
    – pottery in New Zealand,
    – health in space (what health problems do astronauts have and possible solutions for them) and
    -the last one (the hardest article I’ve ever encountered since I started training for IELTS) about reading emotions, I don’t remember the title exactly, but it was talking about how artists have always tried to capture the personality of a person in their pieces of art, the debate going on around it, modernism and how this current is regarded nowadays.
    -Task 1: 3 pie charts with different job fields that English graduates chose first after their graduation in 1992, 1997 and 2002.
    -Task 2: some people think that in order to solve traffic and transportation problems people should be encouraged to live in cities rather than in suburbs or at the countryside. To what extent to do you agree or disagree?
    -Part 1: are you working/are you a student?, where do you come from, do you like your hometown, where do you like to go in your hometown, do you think you’ll ever leave your hometown. What do you do with the photographs you take when you travel, do you take a lot of photographs, do you have a lot of pictures with you when you were a child
    -Part 2: describe a place you like to go in order to relax (where it is, when you go there, what you do there, why is it a relaxing place for you)
    -Part 3: do you think leisure is important during work or study? how can a employee relax at work? do you think some people find stress useful? has technology affected the way people relax? should the government invest more in leisure objects for people such as laptops, tablets?

    This are all the questions I can remember. All in all, it was a wonderful experience, very well organized and with no surprises. Invigilators were extremely nice (still doing their job obviously!) not to mention the speaking examinator, who was great and really as you say Liz, someone that does not want to see what you don’t know but what you know.

    However, I am bit worried about my essay (I need to score a 7.5 at every part, not only as an overall)… my mind got a bit stuck and I couldn’t think of any good ideas (of course they all came after I finished the exam). Could you please tell me your opinion, Liz? I stated that I strongly disagree with the idea firstly because encouraging people to move from suburbs/countryside to the city would only burden the traffic inside the city, and that would make public transport even more harder and secondly(this part I’m worried about, I just wrote something desperate because I didn’t have a second argument and I was running out of time) commuters or people who live outside the city are used to following side roads in times of need, so they do not congest the traffic on motorways or other busy roads. I also gave an alternate solution, for the local authorities to demand a tax from drivers who leave the city using a busy road.
    I would very much appreciate your input on this Liz! I also want to thank you for all your hard work, I’ve never followed a IELTS course before my exam, I speak English fluently, but I used your blog as my main tool for IELTS study! Keep up the good work!
    Sabina, Romania

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 All your reading topics sounded quite challenging. Your writing task 2 question was not a nice one. It was about traffic congestion but from the perspective of where people live – awful. I’m sorry you got that topic. On the whole, this is how I would approach the question:
      By encouraging people to live within cities, it does solve the problem of commuter traffic congestion but it does not solve the problem of inner city congestion.
      This is what the essay question is really about. It doesn’t actually define which type of traffic congestion and where the congestion is. So, we can say that having people live inside cities will prevent roads coming into the cities from becoming congested. But this in turn might lead to worsening traffic congestion within city centers. Therefore – alternative solution. This presents a balanced view – a specific opinion.
      Your first idea is very clear and highly relevant. Your second main idea is less focused but still relevant. Offering another solution is perfect – increasing tax on cars – hopefully you still linked this to the theme of both inner city and suburb congestion.
      Fingers crossed you do well !!!

      • i got the same i too diagree1) the more people move to city centers the more will be congestion due to the demand of building new roads and other infrastructures for the usage of new one…lack of space is already a burgeoning problem in cities.
        2) as govenment nowadays open new companies in suburbs it is better to encourage people to continue living that problems related to transportation can b solved….
        i am worried about my writing2 …what do you think about my points

      • excuse me liz,
        could you please give some idea to write more in task2 I have test tomorrow, and I think the question may the same?

    • kaur brar says:

      First of all, thank you Liz! This website and your advises were so beneficial for me.
      19 April 2017 in Uzbekistan
      Academic Test

      Speaking test part 1
      What’s your full name?
      Do you wear a watch?
      Another questions about public transport!
      Part 2
      Describe a book that you would like to read again ?
      Part 3 Questions about Story and book

    • Good memory, could you share the listening sections please

    • Plz tell me is there any question ,answer as ‘ mars”??????

    • Nina Ratiu says:

      Hi. I will take mg exam in 29th april in Cluj Napoca, Romania. IT is possible to be the same subiect?

      • I have no idea, but I hardly think so. I saw my writing subject were the same with someone who took the exam in Milan, but it was the same day !

  201. Hi liz
    First of all, thank you Liz! This website and your advises were so beneficial for me.
    19 April 2017 in Uzbekistan
    Academic Test

    Speaking test part 1
    What’s your full name?
    Do you wear a watch?
    Another questions about public transport!
    Part 2
    Describe a book that you would like to read again ?
    Part 3 Questions about Story and book

  202. I just finished my speaking test today 21 April 2017 in Saudi Arabia

    Part 1
    What is your name?
    Do you work or study?
    Why you choose this job?
    Do you have a favorite teacher?
    Why you like her?
    What are the qualities of a teacher that makes them popular?
    Do you like to be a teacher?

    Part 2
    Cue card : describe an event that you are part of a team
    What is it?
    What did you do?
    With whom you did it?

    Part 3
    **More about teamwork
    What qualities should a leader have?
    Is it better to work in a team or alone?

    I forgot the other questions✌️️

    LRW will be tomorrow… keeping my fingers crosssed😊😊

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers and toes crossed !! 🙂 Keep your eye on the clock for writing and reading!

    • Muhammad usman says:

      Rafar I’m usman
      Best of luck for your tommorow exam.
      Can you please contact me on whatsapp
      My number is 00966580840771
      I want to ask some questions about ielts preparation and process.
      I’m from Jeddah.

    • can you please post the writing questions of the exam on 22 april ?

  203. Kiroayad says:

    Hi litz,
    General test, 8th April, Egypt
    I can’t remmember the exact words but I will write the contents.
    Writing task 1.
    You recived a document that needs to be translated, write a letter to your friend – why the document is important, – why you need to translate it, -why you need it early.
    Writing task 2.
    Children nowadays are not healthy like children in the past. Why and what is the solution.
    Speaking 1 working or studying, why you chossed this career. What would you like to do in the future.
    What do you like about your home town. Do you plan to live there in the future.
    Task 2 talk about tall building, where is it, you like it or not, what do you know about it.
    Task 3 many other questions about tall buildings .
    Do all people like to live in tall buildings
    What are the disadvantages of living in tall buildings
    Why some countries have to build tall buildings
    Shall buildings be built by architects or anyone can do it himself
    Why there are different shapes of buildings

  204. Ramanjeet Singh says:

    Hi Liz,
    I have enrolled for 29th April exam. I am planning to answer all 40 questions in capital letters. Please be advise if I need to write answers with options in roman numerals, do I need to answer i, ii, iii, iv, etc., or I, II, III, IV, etc.

  205. Hi Liz,
    Test type: General
    Exam date: 25th March
    Location: Netherlands
    Sorry for posting it late. This is what I remember now.
    Speaking: About my hometown, do I miss my hometown
    do I have plans to settle there in future
    which is the place I really like to spend my free time.
    My Favourite color, why you like that color.
    My friend’s favorite color
    If you get a chance to paint your room with a color, which color will you avoid and why?
    Card topic: Speak about an unusual or interesting thing that you start doing recently.
    What is that and why did you do that?
    You did that alone or with someone?
    How did you feel after doing it (I explained cooking as the interesting thing I did recently)
    How hotels are affecting your food industry
    3rd section was a little difficult
    How are people spending leisure time in your country
    Are they getting enough free time more than the past
    How old people are contributing to the leisure industry

    Listening: 2nd section was a bit tough as it has a map and it was confusing. 1st and 3rd were ok and the 4th section was the easiest.

    Reading: Paragraphs were comparatively simple and only a few questions were really not straight

    Writing: Section 1: Your friend is coming to stay at your apartment in your absence. Write a letter by giving him/her all the necessary instructions and details
    Section 2: Govt. is spending too much money on wildlife preservation. Do you agree or disagree and explain your point.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Qing Chen says:

        Hi Liz,

        Here is a good place to practice writing and speaking by yourself.

        I’m following your advanced writing courses which are greatly beneficial to me because I have learned the high band scores structures and essay organization. But for the specific writing 2 task above I could not find enough supporting points to make a strong essay, and I just have the following one, protecting wildlife help protect species diversity.

        Can you provide some points for the preservation of wildlife.



        • Preservation of wildlife: 1) we should protect wildlife for future generations. 2) biodiversity – we need a range of wildlife for our ecosystem 3)we can learn a lot from animals and they might be useful for medicinal purposes.

    • Hi, thanks for sharing. I have a question regarding the Writing Section 2, please correct me if I understand the statement completely. Should I answer if I agree/disagree that the govt is spending too much? or my answer should explain why iIagree/disagree that too much spending is good or bad to the govt.? Please advise correct meaning of the statement.

  206. Location: Milan
    Date 20/04/2017

    Writing task 1: The charts below give information about the newly graduated and their first occupation in the UK between 1992 and 2002.

    Writing task 2: The best solution to deal with traffic and transportation is to encourage people to live in cities instead of the countryside. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I had my LRW yesterday and these were the exact qyestions in Writing section.

    • What were your speaking questions? I had the same exam yesterday and I will be having the speaking section in a few hours

    • Doreen Faraon says:

      Ielts Academic : Speaking 4/24/2017

      Fist question
      What do you do, are you studying or working
      have you ever felt not working so hard
      What do you do during my spare time
      Do you love watching Television
      what kind of movie do you watch
      do you prefer to watch it by yourself or with someone. why?

      Cue card:
      Describe a house/apartment that you like
      Why were you there?
      Who went with you?

      FF up questions
      In the current place where you live is it a condominium or house
      where do you prefer to live? why?
      due to increase population what do government do to resolve house congestion
      Do you think people prefer to stay with their family? or get their own place? why?

      Hope I was able to help.

      Thanks! and Good Luck !

  207. Apoorv Purandare says:

    Date 20.04.17
    Academic module

    Whats your name ?
    Where do you live?
    Is it interesting to live there?
    Tell me more about place where you love

    Lets talk about shoes
    What do you see when you buy a new pair of shoes?
    Is comfort more important than style or its the other way around?

    Cue card
    Talk about one thing you had to wait for long

    Patience is important to you?
    Who is more patient children or adults?
    Justify your choice

    Task1 table with percentage of popular tv programmes between different age groups

    Task 2
    Changing climate conditions have increased some people believe it’s better to adapt to the change rather than bringing change in pur attitude towards environment

    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Hope this helps 😊
    Thanks Liz

  208. Hello there. Uzbekistan. Tashkent. Academic module speaking test. Bobur Irgashev
    Part 1:
    Do you study of work?
    Why did you choose this work?
    What job will you do in the future?
    How often do you eat chocolates?
    Did you eat chocolate when you were a child?
    Have you ever give a chocolate for someone as a gift?
    Abt spending time near water such as rivers, seas

    Part 2:
    Discribe a special meal
    What is this?
    With whom

    Do you like cooking ?

    Part 3:
    What make one restuarant succesful than other?
    Which restuarants are most in your country?
    What is the best place for restuarants?

    And so on.
    Please, note that approximately all the questions are paraphrased.

    And Liz, thanks a lot. Your advises helped me today.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad my lessons were useful 🙂 Good luck with your results !

      • Dara Delgado says:

        Hi Liz,
        Thanks for your tips. I’ve used it earlier in L,R,W,S.
        Date: 22nd April 2017
        Leicester, UK

        Writing Task 1 Bar graph about male and female studying 6 different subjects in 2012

        Writing Task 2: Most countries want to improve standard of living through economic development, however, others think social value is lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?

    • anastasia says:

      what about task 1 and 2, please.