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  1. Hello everyone! I did the General Ielts on February 16th 2017 in Toronto, Canada.
    The writing tasks were -more or less-:
    Letter: several years ago you bought an item in a company, but now you want to replace it. Say:
    – what kind f item was;
    – why you want to replace it;
    -give suggestions to the company how they can help you.

    Task 2: some parents are sure that their childern must do educational activities during their free time. Others say that in this way they are under pressure. Describe both points of view and give your opinion.

    Speaking part 1: something about my seconday school, what i liked and what i didn’t like; some questions about robot. Part 3 all about the relations between parents and children.. how they have to behave to be good parents and good children.

    Good luck to all students who are preparing the Ielts!
    Thank you Liz for your suggestions!

  2. Academic

    I had my speaking test today and it was quite familier topics. Thank you Liz for your support.
    Speaking part1
    Do you live in a house or flat, how ur house look like,,what you see from windows
    Which color uh like,,what is favourite color amongst your friend circle,,which color uh dont want to paint in your room n why,,
    Desribe a holiday uh like,,do you prefer to stay at home or go outside on holiday and more on this topic

    Describe a song you find interesting

    Which kind of music you usually listen,,which kind of music young people listen in your country,,do old and young people listen same music,,do you prefer lyrics or words in a song and more

    It went gud overall bt i think i have repititive LRW is on 25 feb.. ☺

  3. Tisha Shrestha says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you for being so kind and helping us with your tips and lessons. Your website is really useful and I got most of the questions that I practiced from your website. 😊😊

    Test date: 22nd February, 2017
    Type: Academic
    Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

    Part 1
    Do you study or work?
    Why did u choose the subject?
    What are you plans regarding your education?
    How often do you go to a water site?
    What do you like to do there?
    How important is family to you?
    Who are you close with in your family?
    How do you spend time with your family?

    Part 2
    Describe a person u recently met
    How did she influence
    Follow up question with would u meet her again?

    Part 3
    How do u meet people in your country?
    How can u be polite when you meet them for the first time?
    Should the workers in a workplace be friends with each other?
    Is it necessary to balance your professional life and personal life?
    How can you balance it in your life?

  4. test date
    Part Ist:
    Introduction (name, address, Student/work, why did you choose this subject?)
    Who is your favorite celebrity?
    have you ever seen your celebrity in public?
    Reading: do you like reading books?
    have you ever read an e-book?
    what are the benefits of reading an e-book?
    part 2
    describe an event when you see a wild animal.
    who was with you?
    where?…. and so on
    then some question about wild animals.
    why do people like to keep different kind of pets?
    what are the effects of over population/pollution on wild life?
    How these affected wild animal influence human health.

  5. Zeenat Murtaza says:

    Zee, Feb 22, Pakistan
    PART 1
    What is your name?
    What do you do?
    What do you do after work?
    Do you help out in household chores? Things you like and dislike to do?
    How often do you watch mirrors? Have your purchased one? Are mirrors a good decoration object?

    PART 2
    Any incident that makes you feel proud about your family? Who did it?

    PART 3
    Parents are increasingly focusing their attention on buying toys and materialistic objects. Comment.
    What is the impact of pride on society? How it negatively influences society?
    Parents are increasingly focused on academic achievements; how they can improve it?

  6. feb. 20,2017
    Location: Vietnam

    part1 : about where you live,type and description of a house where you live in, what you can see in your window.

    part2: about imagination
    how do you imagine
    When do you usually imagine
    how easy/difficult for you to imagine

    part3: how imagination is important?
    how it is important to children?
    what do you think is important for the children reading story books or learning by watching in television?

    some government stated that they need to invest more money on science subject that any other subject for the progress/success of the nation.

  7. Hi everyone !
    I had my exam on 18/02/2017 in UK, at Nottingham University. #poorqualitysound
    Listening was awful. I prepared a lot of listening-tests before and i always had around 7 errors, but during the official test, the sound was extremely bad. I couldn`t understand anything during part1, which is the less difficult one. I`m very disappointed. I hope i`ll score at least 6.5 at this section.
    Is there anyone who noticed the same poor quality of sound in this location?
    -gift/gifts for children/advertising when buying gifts/gift for special occasions
    Writing task 1:
    -a simple line graph related to books` sources (bookshops,internet and supermarkets), during 2005-2015 and the prediction for 2020.
    Writing task 2:
    -modern trend to build open-space areas. why? And if it is good or bad ?
    The topics were already reported in a previous comment, from India and another location, anyway.
    Good luck friends ! I`ll hope you will have decent topics and you`ll not face the same problem like me.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Tomorrow (Thurs 23th, Feb) I will post ideas for the open-space offices so keep your eyes open 🙂

  8. Dear Liz,
    Thank you so much for your tips and video lessons. My exam questions may be help for other students. the words of question may be differ , but idea is same.

    Test Date – 16 February 2017
    Type – General
    Location – Colombo – Sri Lanka

    Speaking part 1
    Name/ Hometown/Music

    Cue card
    Weather condition would you like

    Part 3
    Regarding weather / cloths for different weather condition/ global warming

    I was unable to talk 2 min for cue card and also i feel i am not perform well as i prepared

    Reading Test
    It is little much easy. but section 3 was difficult( regarding wild animal’s breeding)

    Writing Test

    Letter for manager of cafe which is in your office , regarding food in not good and other things you like in cafe

    Sports mans & women professionals are good players, however there behaviour is on or off when they are playing….

    Listening Test

    Last year
    A ………
    ( the answer is television) should i write Television or television
    I wrote Capital 🙁 🙁

  9. vardhil patel says:

    Part 1
    Hometown is in treating place.2 do you want to live in future.2 how do you like to live there .
    Televisions 1 .what kind of programs u watch.2 why. 3 in childhood u watch TV. 4 why.
    Friends 1.u prefer one best friend or 100 friends. 2 why 3 do you invite them at ur home.

    Part 2
    Talk abut visited cafe.
    Part 3
    1 .difference between cafe and restaurant
    2 .where people celebrate festivals.
    3 .where people invite there relatives for meal.

    February 16, 2017
    Davao, Philippines

    Part 1: Are you working? What is your work? Is it still the work you have in mind in the future?
    Part 2: Describe an interesting or unusual thing you did recently. Who? Where? When? Why is it interesting/unusual?
    Part 3: How is free time spent now by children different in the past? (Plus some other follow up questions relating to free times of kids)

    Task 1: Line graph of 4 different modes of freight transport over a 28-year period
    Task 2: Some people think that the modern communication technology has a negative impact to social relationships. Do you agree or disagree and to what extent?

    Hmmmm. I felt kinda confident after my speaking module, i think I really engaged the examiner in a conversation. Although the more i think about it, I think I lacked coherence as well as bad pronounciation. For the writing, im worried with my Task 1. Even though I mentioned the general trends of the variables over time (with details on the succeeding paragraphs), I failed to state which is the most popular/least popular. Do you think that will have a big impact on my score? With my Task 2, I do think i did fairly well. Im hoping to get no less than 7 on all modules.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s hard to assess your own speaking performance because the answers are given so quickly and time moves fast in the test. So, don’t worry too much about it. In task 1, it sounds like you put an overview but could have extended it and highlighted more key features. The overview only affects your score for Task Response which is only 25% of your marks – as long as you had an overview – that is the crucial point. Considering further that task 1 is only 33% of your final writing marks, you obviously stand a chance of a good score depending other factors. We all wish you luck!

  11. 18 FEB 2017
    Academic module
    Saudi Arabia

    written : task 1:
    describe the graph (line graph ) which was about the sales of books from different sources (bookshop ,supermarket and the internet)
    task 2: nowadays archetics designs of any offices and schools is an open area design (no walls design ) why is that and do you sea it positive or negative? write the reasons for your opinion

    speaking :
    talk about a good service you received in a restaurant or shop

  12. Dear Liz
    First of all, I would like to thank you for guiding students to such a great extent.
    I followed your website while preparing for IELTS and found it as one of the best website which such informative and quality content. You are doing a very Good Job.

    Date : 20 Feb 2017
    Module : General Training
    Country : India ( Ambala)

    I had my IELTS speaking Exam today and the examiner asked me following questions
    General questions about Friend and Robots

    Cue card about recently opened shop
    where it is?
    what does it Sell?

    Local shops
    Small shops versus Big shops
    Quality or price what matter a lot to you while buying any product?

    My speaking test went well apart from few grammatical errors but answered each question well. I hope to get 7 bands in speaking which is my basic requirement

    Thanks once again

  13. Ramon Filipe Beims says:

    Hi Liz,

    Location: São Paulo, Brazil
    Date: 18th Feb 2017
    Type: Academic

    Part 1
    – do you live in a house or apartment? How it looks like? What can you see from the window?

    Part 2
    Main topic: Describe a moment that you had to use your imagination
    (when it was? what happened? Did you enjoy or not?)

    Part 3
    She kept asking about imagination. I don’t remember exactly the questions, but it was something like:
    – how childreen use their imagination? Who use it more often: childreen or adults? Does a computer have more imagination than a human?

    Part 1: there were three “maps” about changes that happened (on layout and the main use) to a specific building, from 1958-present.

    Part 2: Whilst charity organizations try to help all people in need, some people defend that they should focus only on local communities. Discuss both views and present your opinion.

    One thing I noticed, is that the listening part was harder than all practice tests I took. Lots of paraphrasing and mixed information even on sections 1 and 2, which were usually easier.

    Liz, I am extremely thankful to your blog. It helped me a lot, specially on writting tasks. I wish I had discovered you earlier. I found your website only two weeks ago, but it helped me a lot anyway 🙂


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m so pleased you found my website useful – thanks for letting me know 🙂 Good luck with your results!

  14. General Test – 16/02/17
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    It was the hardest part, surprisingly! Never have I done one so difficult even on the first part, with answers too close to one another.
    I only remember the first part, a man asking for a credit card.

    It was OK. Not easy, not difficult, just following the standard.

    Part 1
    You have bought an item several years ago and now can’t find the same item for sale. Write a letter to the company saying why you want to replace it and more details about it.

    Part 2
    Some parents think that children’s leisure time should be fulfilled with educational activities. However, some parents find it can put too much pressure into kids. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.

    Part 1
    Which part of the country do you live?
    How often do you look at the mirror?
    Do you think mirrors are good decoration objects?
    Did you ever buy clothes online?
    When you buy shoes, you opt the comfortable or fancy one?

    Describe a well paid job that you think you would do well.

    What are the most well paid jobs in your country? What are the least? What do you thing it’s important to have in a company for the worker? Do you think that rewarding is a good way to show how important one job is?
    More like that

  15. Jaskaran Singh says:

    Hi Liz,
    thanks for the tips, videos and lessons on your blog. they really helped me a lot
    Date : 18/02/2017
    Location: India
    Type :Academic
    Task 1
    The table shows the percenatge of population living in different kinds of houses in three diffrent areas of one city in the UK.
    Summarize the information given in the table by reporting the main features, and making comparisons where relevant.
    Task 2
    Most of the children these days are spending there time playing computer games and spend less time playing outdoor sports.
    Why is this ?
    Is this a positive or negative development?
    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

    Listening was easy and had a normal pace.I think i may have done two or three wrong.
    i wanted to ask u i wrote ‘ 2-years’ as an answer for a blank but the instructions were write only one word and/or a number will it be wrong ??

    In reading the first passage was difficult and it had True/false questions in the starting so i was a bit disappointed as i hate those questions hah. So i skipped the first passage and moved to second and third they were quite easy and found all the answers quickly then i did the first passage the true false were quite confusing but i was able to finish my reading before time and had about 3:35 minutes to recheck my answers.

    Speaking is tomorrow. I am a bit worried as it is my weak part. also i put a lot of uh;s and um’s and pauses .

    Thanks again tho ur lessons helped me a lot.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your speaking test!! Be chatty. Also remember there are no right or wrong answers, just opportunities to show your English.

    • Hi Liz,
      I am extremely thankful to you for the awesome and easy to grasp lessons. I used your videos and lessons for my IELTS prep. You are doing a wonderful job by guiding students by your knowledge and experience.
      I had my academic module yesterday (Feb 18) and speaking today. Recent questions shared here were of much help as I did not get any question I had not prepared about. I tend to speak very fast when I am nervous but the examiner was friendly and as a result, I managed to pace well.
      Location: Delhi
      Section 1:
      Usual questions.
      a) Do you live in an apartment/house?
      b) Describe the view from your window?
      c) How does your apartment look from outside?
      d) Who do you feel more connected with in your family?
      e) How do you spend time with your family?

      Section 2: An interesting trip that you would like to plan.
      I had prepared points for this and kept a watch on examiners expressions to guess how much time is left. Think I managed to speak for about 2 mins.

      Section 3: It was about transport, maybe because I talked about a road trip in my section 2. Questions: transport system in your city, the difference in the transport system in city and countryside, do you think pedestrians do not have enough facilities, transport systems, and effect on the environment.

      Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Thanks!

  16. IELTS ACADEMIC TEST – 18/02/2017

    Listening part was pretty tricky. Most of the listening practices that I did had almost straight forward questions and I expected the same for the test, but surprisingly it was just a notch higher. You had to really concentrate well, and read the questions thoroughly, when the time was given.

    Reading was surprisingly pretty good. It was better than all the practice tests I did. I managed my time perfectly, and I had 15 minutes in my hand towards the end to re-check my answers.

    Writing Task – 1 – “The following graph shows the number of books bought from different sources, i.e., Bookstores, Supermarkets, and Internet, from the year 2005 projecting to 2020″
    The question was pretty easy, and i did it well.

    Writing Task -2 – ” A lot of buildings (offices, schools, etc.) are now being built with an open – plan design( no walls separating rooms). Why is this happening? Due you think this is a positive or negative development?

    Dear Liz, as far as I have read from your account, this one asks for my opinion. And in my opinion, I thought this was a negative development. So i wrote an introduction, and in the first paragraph, I explained WHAT MIGHT be the reason behind such a new design, and why certain critics would think this is a positive development. In the next two paragraphs, i provided my reasons as to why I feel this is a negative development, along with a short example and a mention on a study conducted on students. And a short conclusion. Would this be sufficient?

    The speaking, I felt, was the only part I’M not really happy. I had prepared well, and I feel like I have not performed well. That saddens me because i did Practice a lot. Anyways, the questions were-
    First Section – To talk about what I do currently, things that i take around with me, if I have ever forgotten to take anything, and how to make sure we have taken all our belongings before leaving a place.
    Second Section(CUE CARD)- Something that I would like to do in my life that is not related to my work or studies.
    Third Section – Why do people plan? Is it easy to follow a plan thats made? or to follow a routine. AND some questions regarding the answers i gave. PLUS HE ASKED ME HOW CAN A GOVERNMENT MAKE SURE ITS PLANS ARE IMPLEMENTED SUCCESSFULLY? I did read in one of your posts, Liz, to be updated on current news. I think its true. Because just a bit of current issues might be mentioned, plus knowledge about the government and its policies, of any country wold be of great help to you.

    Thank You so much LIZ. Your posts helped me a lot. I cant thank you enough. Hopefully I will get a good score. I will be sure to update you.
    Daisy xoxox

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your ideas and technique for writing task 2 sounds fine from what you have said. When you give examples, you don’t need to mention studies or research – your knowledge is not being tested, only your ability to present ideas.

      • Hello dear LIZ
        kindly , could you please write for us some ideas about the open design building , thank you so much 🙂
        Best regards 🙂

        • Please take a look at the comments boxes on this page because I already posted some ideas for it. But I’ll put the ideas in a separate post this week if you want to make them easier to find 🙂

    • Where have you done you exame? It was exactly like mine today! Even the speaking part was the same, except the government part.

    • I had the same exam today in London) Completely agree with you about the Listening and Reading. But writing was a nightmare for me and in the first part, too) Don’t like forecasts and predictions…ABout 2 Part, I answered-introduction, paragraph about the main possible reason is like we live in a post industrial time, everything is changing and this situation, too, blablabla, something like that. Next paragraph was about why I think it has positive influence, I put, that its a good, because people can communicate more with each other, broden social connections…of course with normal language) Ann in conclusion, I put again like a summary that i see the reason for this situation and think that it makes life of present generation better) surely, now I write just generally and use simple words)
      Was it ok, Liz? Or should I write and about my opinion And about positive And negative sides And about reasons?
      Thank you in advance

      • It sounds fine. You explained the reason for many buildings being open plan. You gave your opinion which is it is a positive trend. That’s all you needed to do. It doesn’t ask for both sides, it asks “is it positive or negative?” This means you choose and explain your opinion.
        Here are some pros and cons of open plan office space:
        Open space is supposed to be better because it promotes interaction between staff, reduces barriers between the different levels of staff, is usually better for natural lighting and it is a cost effective use of space. The downside is lack of privacy, spread of illness due to close staff work space and distractions to staff which lowers work performance.

    • and My speaking was about friendship in general in the 3 part, cue card is about a person who i recently met and why i would like to know him/she better.
      First part about my flat ( hate this topic), bags ( different between bags for go to a restaurant an to the park, for example), and don’t remember that else…something like what we need to show to be polite? I asked smth about smile,etc…

    • Daisy, do you remember what you put in Listening in questions about when woman usually gets up, at 5.30 or at 7.30? And what is her first task of the day? I answered 5.30 and task about her son…but, not sure…

      • I think it was 6.30, she said she should wake up at 5:30 but usually ends up waking up at 6.30, I am not sure about the son though, I picked that too.

  17. Type: Academic
    Date: 18th Feb 2017
    Location: Australia

    Reading: passages about the history of perfume, geodiversity, and dreams.

    Task 1- a table showing the proportion of the youth and the elderly population in UK in 3 different years.
    Task 2- The government should allocate more funding to teaching sciences than other subjects in order for a country to develop and progress. To what extent do you agree? (I saw someone post this question here a few weeks ago. I didn’t think I would get this question so I didn’t really prepare my answers for it. As a result, I think my writing part didn’t go so well :(.)

    part 1- Are you studying or working? And the topic of TV shows I found in your site, Liz 🙂
    part 2- Describe an interesting activity the you did for the first time (somewhere along those lines)
    part 3- Don’t remember. Sorry.

    I don’t remember the listening part either.

  18. 18/02/17
    Location: Minsk,Belarus
    Reading: passages about optimists and pessimist, about space and solar system

    Writing: line graph about number of books bought from different sources (bookshops, supermarkets Internet) in an European country since 2005 and projections for 2020

    Essay: today, many buildings such as offices and schools have open design
    (No walls) instead of separate rooms

    Positive or negative effect?

    Speaking: describe your city
    What shoes do you prefer?
    Related questions to these topics
    Cue card: describe an occasion when you spent time with young child

    Part 3: questions about my school
    About toys and children activities
    Has it changed a lot compared to past
    About expensive toys, should parents buy it?
    How to develop their imagination and similar questions on topics related to children family and relationships

  19. first in speaking test usual questions,,,your name, place and what you are doing now a days ,,,what you are doing in free times,,,,do you like robots,,,did you loved the movies about robots ??did you will like it you are sitting in the car and robot is driving it ,,,?? what is the maximum distance you covered through public transport??,,,what is the situation of public transport in Pakistan?? do you think it will be improved in future……………….one minute to think about topic about the story of your last travel……..after telling the story the examinar start asking question about my story i.e do you like country side ?? do you think it is suitable for all age people ….tell me about the advantages of living at country side?? did government should commercialize country side???? it was all my than in listening test a girl is renting motor home, than in 2nd listening test a boy and girl is talking about the ancient place and in third the women was presenting some experiment on agriculture…….reading first passag the unique kind of ants of newzeland,,,,,2nd passage about hardcopy machine 3rd passage writer views about book make up your mind………..yes if some one find the answers or these above question share with me…thankyou…:)

  20. Maria Jameel says:

    Ielts Academic February 17, 2007. Peshawer Pakistan
    Listening test was not so hard
    Reading test was difficult I recommend others to start reading newspapers and journals in order to improve reading there is no other way of improving this skill.
    Writing Task 1:
    There was a table showed carbon dioxide production by five countries in year 2006. There was also comparison of its production in two years 2005 and 2006.
    Writing Task 2:
    Some people say that there should be banned on long mobile phone conversations in public places other argue these calls should be allowed.
    Speaking test was also easy. Examiner asked many different questions related to different topics.
    Wish me luck 🙂 Thanks

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Elvin Abdullayev says:

      Hello Maria,Good luck.
      I had the same questions in writing on 16th february exam.
      I remember one of the reading passages was about a special frog species,and the other was about a book on neuroscience or something related to brain.
      Did you have these same passages as well?

  21. Vijay Singh says:

    Hi, I took my academic IELTS on 16th Feb 2017,
    Writing Task 1
    Two line graphs showing comparison between numbers of male and females voting in local elections and national elections between five different years(1970,1980,1990,2000, 2010) in an European country. Numbers were given in millions.
    Writing Task 2
    There was a statement given something like this
    More and more people are moving from agriculture background to cities for work.
    After this statement they had given two questions which were
    1) What will be the consequences of this?
    2) How to solve these problems?

  22. Hi liz I got IELTS exam yesterday
    16th February 2017
    Srilanka kandy

    IELTS 22 version

    Listen section its bit difficult why I’m practicing 1 to 11 IELTS book. really there like Documentary. But this one is very fast you can heir but understand and just writing is little bit tricky

    your website this page have some problem. Its a get time to loading. you should shorten this page (using a multiple commenting pages (word press plugin)) thus we need to using Ctrl + arrow down on a keyboard
    – a conversation between a customer and representative from motor home company
    -discussing two student about stone point (New zealand mauury people)
    – discussing about growth of vegetable

    -Table about five country’s Co2 Production
    -some people believe that using phone banned

    -New zealand frogs
    -history of printing machines
    -i cant remember but it about 3D brain simulation

    My speaking test is a 20th


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 And a big thanks for your advice. I decided to put comments into pages so that the page doesn’t get too long. Please let me know if you find this quicker to load. I hope so 🙂 Good luck with your speaking test!! Be chatty, friendly and always add more to your answers. Don’t worry if the examiner interrupts your answer – it’s normal.

  23. General Training
    11th Feb, 2017



    Write a letter to the head teacher of the school of your child to get a day off for your child to attend a family function.

    In the letter describe the following things:
    -Why it is important for your child to attend this function.
    -Suggest some ways to cover up the lessons you child will be missing because of this off.

    In today’s world many people started buying second-hand products in comparison to the new products.

    Is it positive or negative ?

  24. Academic (Writing)
    Some people believe that using mobile/cell in public or crowded place should be banned while other disagree! give your both views.
    (feb 16) Nepal

  25. Dear Liz,
    I hope I am posting the information in appropriate place.

    General Training
    16th Feb 2017

    You have recently joined a evening class in a college,but you are not able to attend all classes.

    Write a letter to college principal;
    1.Introduce yourself and describe about your course.
    2.Why you are not able to attend the class
    3.Say what you want them to do

    Nowadays,more people are travelling to other countries.
    Why is this the case?
    Is it a positive or negative impact for the countries they travel to?

    Honestly, I couldn’t manage to write properly, hoping for the best.


    • Hello Liz,
      My speaking test is on 19th Feb 2017. I will post that information as well.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Speaking Test:
        19th Feb 2017.
        Telephones, Mirror,

        Describe a place where you would not use your telephone
        -Where is that place
        -Why can not use
        -What would you like to do if you got the chance to use

        Is it a positive impact or negative impact on youngsters
        How old people use telephones
        If someone talk loud in public places how this will impact on others

        Friend of mine got a different topic which I never heard of,
        Describe an incident when you came in contact with a wild animal.
        -What was the animal doing?
        -What did you do?
        Both test held in Singapore.

        Thank you Liz for such a wonderful videos and website. I found these very helpful.

        Stay healthy and stay blessed.

    • Hi sarav, I have same writing task 1 and 2 , I given exam here in newzealand on 16 feb academic..

  26. FEB. 15 2017 SPEAKING TOPIC

    PART 1
    What is your full name?
    What did you do you work or study?
    What did you do after work?
    Do you like shoes?
    How did you choose shoes what is important ( comfort or trendy)

    PART 2


    PART 3

    What did you learn from history, how can we apply it today?
    Do you think that good and bad experience has the same impact?
    How will future generation will learn from us?

  27. Juliana Grutzmann says:

    General Training
    11 Feb – Porto Alegre, Brazil

    Speaking Test:
    Part 1: What part of the country are you from?
    Is the city where you live interesting?
    What housework do you do around the house?
    Is there anything in particular that you dislike doing? Why?
    Did you use to help around the house as a child?
    why and how can parents teach their children to help?
    Do you play any instruments?
    Did you use to as a child?
    Is it important for parents to motivate their children to play instruments?
    How can they do it?

    Part 2: Talk about someone who disagreed with you
    What happened?
    Why did they disagree?
    Did you tell them your opinion?
    Follow-up question: do you often disagree with people?

    Part 3: Why some people have difficulty making decisions?
    What makes a good decision-maker?
    Is it better to make decisions on your own or in a group?
    How can parents teach their children to make decisions?

    Task 1 – Write a letter to someone who found your bag and sent it back to you.
    – Thank him/her
    – Describe how you lost it
    – Explain how it was important for you

    Task 2 – Some people who fail in school end up being highly successful in life.
    Why does this happen? What is the main reason for success?

    Thank you very much for all your tips, Liz! They’ve been most helpful! Keep up with the great work!

    Also, thank you all who shared your exam questions here. It turns out my speaking test was very similar to one which was posted a day earlier here. I was certainly more prepared for the questions as I had practiced them already!
    Keep sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s really important to follow current topics, particularly for speaking because the questions might be exactly the same.

      • Liz could you clear my doubt? can I answer about refrigerator if they ask about equipments? like your favourite equipment or equipmen you use for long time

    • How did you answer the task 2 in writing?
      Introduction, 2 paragraphs for the reasons and conclusion?

      • I apologize coz I really do not know how to create a new comment on this page. Before anything else, thank you for all your help Liz! Your website was really helpful! 🙂

        I had my IELTS exam today 16th February, here in the UK.

        – a conversation between a costumer and a representative from a motorhouse renting company
        -a discussion of 2 students about Stonepoint- a tourist spot in New Zealand.
        – a discussion about growing vegetables

        – Article about managers
        -Article about memory champions…or just good at tricks?
        – article about new textile: 2-man project on spider web

        Task 1: 2 pie charts showing the residential water used in one country in the year 1988 and 2008.

        Task 2: Some people think that children with different abilities should study together, while others think that children with special abilities should have seaparate class and have special treatment.
        Discuss both views and give your opinion.

        I cannot remember all the questions and their orders.

        What do you do?
        Do you feel like you need to work hard sometimes?

        Do you do household chores?
        As a child, did you help with household chores?
        What household chores do you hate doing?

        Talk about a book you want to read again
        When did you learn about it
        What is it?
        What is it all about?

        Do you think reading habits of people have changed?
        Do you think classic literature is important? Why?
        What do you learn from them?
        Do you think ebooks has changed the number of readers? Why?

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 New comments are posted in the comments box at the end of the page. You need to press your “page down” key because it’s a very very long page 🙂

        • whats about listening answer are 464 taxi extra root and water was it

          • Hi Ali Raza
            These are what i remember:
            Extra(regarding person)
            International(about driving license)
            Grateley(not sure about this one)
            Ten ten(time)

  28. Hi LiZ,

    Thanks for your great help. I completed my IELTS Exam – General Training (IDP) on Feb 11,2017 in Canada.

    Writing Task1:
    1. thanking letter for someone who sent the lost bag to you from public place.

    2. Some people who failed in academic but achieved the great successful life in their adult life. 1. why this happens? 2. what is the main element to lead them succeed in life?.

    These above questions how we can provide our opinion?.

    My speaking was really hard topic to speak about it.
    1. general info
    2. why people are using mirror before going to work or study on these days?
    3. why celebrities use to wear the expensive watches these days?
    4. How did you feel when wearing watches during your school days?

    Task 2:
    Describe a time that you heard about popular Country’s riots?
    1. what did you heard?
    2. when did you heard?
    3. How did u felt after heard about the country’s riots?
    4. give me possible suggestions for reducing the riots in this society?

    Part 3:
    1. advantages and disadvantages of country’s riots?
    2. how countrys riots does it affect the social context?
    3. How ppl comes out of this country riots?

    It was really hard topics to speak with country riots. I don’t have any ideas about country riots. particularly, it was hard to make any vocabulary related country riots. when I answered for part 3, the examiner didn’t satisfied with my answers. i found her face( she got shrunk her eyes- a couple of times during part 3)… Fingers crossed!!!. Thanks once again!!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 That is a very difficult topic for many students in part 2. Sometimes it’s bad luck to get such tough topics. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good results for you 🙂 I’ll put up ideas for this topic at the end of the week – would that be helpful?

      • Hi Liz,
        Isn’t the word riots a bit hard for a foreigner to understand?
        What if I can’t understand the meaning of the main word in the speaking part?
        Does that mean i lose all marks or I may ask for another question or even a simplified explanation to the word so I can answer ?
        Thank You

        • Yes, the topic of riots is awful and some students might not understand it. If this happens in part 2, you say to the examiner, “I’m going to tell you about news I heard in a certain country because I haven’t heard about any riots abroad.”. This is perfectly acceptable. You will still follow the prompts and it is close to the topic. Your ideas are not marked. You don’t lose points for going off topic. Only your English language is scored. Part 2 is your talk and you choose how to develop it – just try to stick near to the topic given.

          • Hi,
            It would be extremely useful if you could put up ideas for the topic about riots.Thank you so much!

            • Yes, I will definitely do that as soon as I can 🙂

              • Hi Liz & everyone

                I would like to share the following on riots if it may help anyone for their speaking test.

                I’m from Sri Lanka. My country accounts for a tale of woe in riots in 1983. In brief, the dominating ethnic group in the country Singhalese started attacking the minority of Tamils in the country based on the reason where an ambush by the LTTE (Tamil militant group) killed a number of Army soldiers

                The violence in the country created such horrific consequences on people they burnt people’s houses and it was called “race riots”. People encountered great inconveniences due to the curfew that was imposed every now and then. It was an era of darkness until the Govt intervened and took necessary measures to control the situation.

                Many thanks and kind regards


                • Thanks so much for sharing this. Today I have been writing a page about the topic of RIOTS. I have copied your text above and have added it to the page. I still need to finish writing the page – it a long one – but it should be ready early next week – keep your eyes open 🙂

      • Geetanjali says:

        Hi Liz,

        Please put up ideas for this topic. My exam is on the way.

        Thank you

  29. HI Liz

    GT 11-02-2017
    Sri Lanka

    I posted few days back too but seems it ddn’t appear

    Writing task 1 :

    Write a letter to your child’s school head teacher, saying your child need a time off school for a special family celebration
    1. what is the celebration
    2. why it is important your child to be there
    3 . How you gonna cover the missing lessons

    Writing task 2

    In some countries people buy few new things and many second hand things
    What are the reasons for this?
    Is this a positive or negative trend?


    There was a date said as (Nineteenth O Seven Nineteen Seventy Eight)
    So is it ok to write as 19 07 1978 (with spaces)

  30. speaking test ( 12-feb-2017 )
    I’m from india
    Thankyou ma’am your website is very helpful for us and you are doing a good job 🙂

    part 1 : it was about study or work ?
    – you prefer only one good friend or group of friends
    – you like shoes ?
    you see look or comfort ?

    part 2- describe a interesting speech ?

    part 3 : it was about visual aid
    All the best to all 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m so glad my website has been useful to you 🙂 Good luck with your results!! Here’s a link about the topic if Shoes in part 1 speaking:

      • Good afternoon Liz, I have my speaking exam tomorrow. I have heard that dressing up formally leaves a positive impression on the examiner. How much of it is true?

        • Not true at all. You are marked on your English: fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation. The examiner will be impressed with direct, strong answers in part 1 as a starting impression and also from the greeting and ID check. So, don’t waste your thoughts on clothes.

  31. Grace Datu says:

    Hi Liz,
    I’d like to share my IELTS exam experience, hope this will help..

    Type of Test : Academic
    Date of Test : Feb 11 2017
    Location of Test : Surabaya, Indonesia (British Council)

    – A talk about the advantages and disadvantages of SUV cars

    1 st passage : Specific animal under the sea
    2nd passage : Related to engineering ( Observations by many experts in bridge’s structural design)
    3rd passage: Views about languages spoke by minority and majority of people

    Task 1 : Two bar charts comparing food and other goods that were bought in supermarkets in 3 countries in Europe (Country 1, Country 2, Country 3) in 1998 and 2008.

    Task 2 : There is a statement that someone should live away from home when entering university. To what extent you agree or disagree?

    Best of luck to everyone who are going to take IELTS! And I also pray for those who are waiting for the results..

    ps: Anyway Liz, I have a question regarding the correct answer when we were asked about the DATE. On my IELTS exam 2 days ago, there were a question in listening section about the date of a program and based on the recording, a man said “April seventeenth”
    And, on my answer sheet, I wrote : April 17th.

    Is that correct? Actually I am so confused until today, because some people told me that there are a new regulation on how we should type for the dates, that is, no more “st, nd, or th” after the numbers. However, some agree that we should still put the “st or nd or th” after the numbers.
    The instruction said we were only allowed to write one word that is why i couldn’t write “april seventeenth” as exactly they said on the recording.

    Thanks in advance for answering..
    Have a good day, Liz.

    Best Regards,

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I will post a model answer for your writing task 2 question tomorrow – so keep your eyes open 🙂

      regarding dates, writing “April 17th” is fine, you could also write “April 17”. It would be counted as one word and one number in the listening test. Writing “April seventeenth” isn’t always an option if the instructions don’t allow you to write two words. So, don’t worry. I certainly have not heard that the rules has changed – I can’t see anything on the official ielts website.

  32. Test type

    Test date
    Speaking 9/2/2017
    Written 11/2/2017

    Test venue: Lagos, Nigeria
    Part 1
    My Hometown
    Interesting place to visit in my hometown
    How people relax in my hometown
    My profession.
    Why did I choose it
    Any plan to change my profession in the future.

    Cue card
    Describe an interesting song you listened to.
    Title of song
    Where you listen to it
    Why the the song is interesting

    Part 3
    The type of music people in my country love to listen to
    Any difference in music people listen to in the past and the present
    Which do people prefer, the lyrics of the song or the music.
    Why do people listen to music generally

    Task 1
    Pie chart showing choice of accommodation by Holiday gotask2008.task s in 1988,1998 and 2008.

    Task 2
    In the past, People often repair broken and damaged items but nowadays, people throw them away easily.
    What are the causes of this trend?
    What are the problems associated with it?

  33. Hi Liz

    Examination Date: 11- Feb

    Location: Bahrain

    Test taken: IELTS

    Module: GT


    Part 1

    Let’s talk about some information related to yourself

    1. Tell me about your hometown where do you live?

    2. Do you have an idea to move out from where you currently live?

    Let’s talk about shoes

    1. What do you look for when you buy shoes? Do you buy expensive shoes or comfortable shoes and why?

    2. Have you ever bought shoes online?

    Part 2

    Cue Card Topic

    Describe a situation on ” a decision you disagreed with”

    i. With whom did you disagree with?

    ii. What was the incident?

    iii. What was the reason and

    iv. The outcome

    Part 3

    Let’s talk about more general things that are related to what you’ve just spoken about

    1. Do you think it’s good to speak out your mind and give your opinion on anything about what you think is right or wrong?

    2. Do you think that anyone should be allowed to make their own decisions? (Here I wasn’t clear if it was related to children or adults so I asked the examiner whether it’s related to Children or adults and answered accordingly)

    3. Do you think it’s important to get advice in terms of marriage or university education?

    4. How do you think is the best way to communicate a decision whether it’s good to communicate the benefits of the decision or how it’s going to affect the individuals?


    Writing Task – 01

    Write a letter to the Principal of your child’s school asking for a day off for a family event.

    1. Describe what’s the family event

    2. Why it is important

    3. Suggest ways on how you would cover the lessons that will be missed.

    Writing Task – 02

    In many countries, people buy fewer new things and more second – hand things

    1. What do you think is the reason for this?

    2. Is it a positive or negative trend?

    Note: Liz

    I want to thank you for the plethora of useful information you are continuously sharing with students like us. It’s, in fact, a fortune to have free lessons where everything nowadays is at a fee. I hope you know how much you are appreciated and loved by the students.

    This was my second attempt as I had to score 7 in each band. Unfortunately, this time I feel I would go down in reading as it was very tough this time and I ran out of time and there were some distracting factors in the examination hall as well….

    However, I did well in my speaking, unlike last time with a bitter examiner not having eye contact. This time the examiner was so nice & I didn’t find the time passing by 🙂

    I felt he was quickly moving towards questions…. but one time while I was speaking he said it’s interesting…. hope this is a good sign 🙂


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Sure it’s a good sign if the examiner says that but don’t forget that ideas are not marked in your speaking test – only your language skills. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good results for you 😉

  34. Deesha Nayar says:

    Hi i am Deesha from India and I recently gave my exam.. But i have a few doubts.. hope you can help me with that 🙂

    Exam date- 11th February, 17
    Type- Academic
    Place- Chandigarh, India
    Speaking date- 8th February, 17

    The questions were easy initially and the cue card was also ok

    The cue card was:
    Describe an interesting neighbor

    I think i did ok and my grammer is good too.. bt there were a few( 3-4 i mean) questions were i got struck up.. like…

    Can a country be called a community?

    I don’t remember what i said bt I wasn’t satisfied with my answers for these questions


    it was quite easy.. bt may be two or three answers can b wrong ( max 4)


    It was a bit tricky.. i did most of it and i think i cn score a 7 or something


    Task 1
    I think i wrote well.. there were three pie charts abt different types of accommodations chosen by holidaymakers over a period of two decades.. i wrote well nd even would have written a little more than 150 words

    Task 2
    The question was : earlier people used to repair broken things nd reuse them bt now they prefer buying new things

    Why do you think this is happening?
    What problems will it lead to?

    I am quite slow with writing bt i wrote the following points:

    ~greed fr buying is increaing
    ~ due to busy schedules people dont have time to repair things or get things repaired even if they want to
    ~even if they have time, then sometimes the cost of getting the thing reapired is comparable to the cost of new thing of the same kind so they prefer buying new thing
    ~ I strongly believe that we value money less than what our parents and grandparents used to and that is why we prefer buying new thing nd throw away the old one

    ~production of all the things is not eco friendly >> pollution

    And then i gave a conclusion
    Bt i dont think i wrote as much as 250 words.. i am afraid i’ll lose marks.. cn you tell me that if the words in the essay are less, grammer is correct and the ideas i have given…. what is the possible score that i will get ???

  35. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for putting this beautiful and helpful website. I learned many things from you about IELTS skills, and made me believe that I can do it. Prayers to everyone of us who are waiting for the result which will be posted in 24th 🙂

    Type of Test: Academic
    Date of Test: 11 Feb 2017
    Location of Test: Manila

    Part 1:
    – Do you work or study?
    – Why did you choose that job?
    – Do you want to have different job in the future?
    – Do you spend much time with your family?
    – How do you spend it with them?
    – Do you read a book?
    – Do you think e-books are more convenient?

    Part 2:
    Cue Card –
    Describe an activity that you occasionally do that is a bit expensive.
    You should say:
    – What is it
    – When do you do it
    – With whom
    – And why do you enjoy doing this activity

    Part 3:
    Question related to my answer in Part 2-
    – When was the last time you did the activity?

    Follow up questions:
    – Do you think men and women spends money in the same manner?
    – What do you think are the advantages of having a lot of money?

    (I forgot the other questions in Part 3, but most of them are about money and what is the thing that I will spend most of my money)

    Writing Task 1:
    Comparison of amount of food and other goods purchased in supermarkets in three countries in Europe in 1998 and 2008 (bar chart)

    Writing Task 2:
    Nowadays, students live away from their home to study in university. Some would say they should stay with their parents while they are still studying.

    To what extend do you agree or disagree?

  36. Hi Liz

    I just gave my speaking(academic) from Edmonton 12/02/2017

    Whts ur name,
    Wt cn I call u
    U live in house or apartment
    How does it look like
    View from ur window

    Part 2
    A piece of equipment that u like
    Who else used it

    Would you like to have robot at home
    Y machines r important
    Wt kind of jobs machines cn do instead of human

    (In part two I talked about my digits photo frame, I could speak fluently, had pause of 3 seconds in between, I never expected this topic.
    Liz , can you consider digital photo fram as a piece of equipment?)

    Talk about whales
    Don’t remember other things

    3 paragraphs
    One about health issues
    Second about radio technology

    Part 1
    Diagram about pineapple growing and then making products out of them or exporting them
    Part 2
    Some people think that technology is increasing distance between rich and poor people, some think opposite
    (I used word aristocrats and higher level, lower level to paraphrase rich and poor people.
    Is it suitable)

    Discuss both views and give ur opinion

  37. I wrote my ielts on 11th February 2017
    writing part 1
    there were 3 pie charts which gave percentages on how people spent their holidays whether with relatives and friends, camping, hotels and something else i cant really remember.

    writing part 2
    people in the past used to repair broken items, people nowadays throw these items away

    what do you think is the cause of this

    what problems does this cause ?

  38. Speaking test: 11 Feb 2017
    Listening, Reading & Writing: 12 Feb 2017


    Part 1 – Do you have a house or apartment? How is it? What is your favourite colour & why? Was it the same when you were a child & Why? What is the favourite colour among your friends?
    Do you like to write by hand or type on a keyboard & Why? When you were a child were you writing more than today & Why?

    Part 2 – Describe your favourite film/movie.
    Why do you like it? What’s the story about?

    Part 3 – Why do some people still like black and white movies? What kind of movies do old people like? What kind of TV show do people in your country like? Do you think it is the responsibility of the film makers to show the truth in their films & Why?


    Task 1 – 3 pie charts with 5 different accommodations of holidaymakers

    Task 2 – Nowadays people tend to throw things away and buy new ones whereas in the past people did not throw away easily but instead repaired things.
    Why is it so? what is the consequence? Give examples …

  39. Hi i wrote IELTS in Pretoria of South Africa on the 11/02/2016 – Academic

    Written station:
    Task 1: Pie charts with different accommodation places
    Task 2: People prefer to repair items rather than baying now items.
    What is your opinion?
    What problems can come in the process?
    Speaking: Were do you come from?
    Tell my about your home.
    What do you see when you look through the window of your house?
    Did you like reading as a child?
    Do you bay or borrow books and why?
    What kind of books have you read recently?
    For 2 minutes tell my about:
    an advertisement you have recently seen
    where did you see it?
    what is it about?
    What facinates you about the advertisement?
    tell me about the advertisement?

    Listening was all about: booking a test for drivers license
    about paintings in a galery
    reading: was about space, child psychology etc.
    Reading was a little tough because of little bit of time available.

  40. Hi Liz,

    I took the test on 11 February in Brazil.

    Speaking test: (that is what I remember)

    Part 1 – there were some questions about Bags
    Part 2 – describe an expensive activity you occasionally do.
    Part 3 – what expensive things do most people spend their money in // is there any difference in the way men and women spend their money? // Why do people are so fascinated about the lives of rich people?

    Writing 1 – There was a diagram of the process of growing pineapples and making products of pineapples

    Writing 2 – some people think that the range of technology currently available is increasing the gap between rich people and poor people. Others think that it is causing the opposite effect. Dicuss both views and give your opinion.

  41. My IETLS test was on 11th Feb, at Newcastle, Australia. General Training.

    Writing Task 1: write a letter to you friend to ask for help with collecting money for a charity organization. Why do you want to do that? How will you collect the money? And what you friend can help with collecting money?

    Writing Task 2: Some people agree that children should do what their parents tell them to do. Other people think children should learn how to think for themselves. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    – part 1: study and chocolates.
    – part 2: describe an advertisement.
    – part 3: celebrities and advertisement.

  42. Hello Liz,

    My IELTS has finished (all modules) yesterday from Korea. I’ve been greatly benefitted from your resources. Thank you very much for everything. 🙂

    Writing Task 1 was Two bar charts about food and other goods (percentage) which were bought by supermarkets of 3 European countries during 1998 and 2008.

    Task 2 was ”It is better to living away from home while studying at University rather than living in the home with parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

    Speaking: Part-1
    -Is it better to have one best friend than to have many friends? (related 2/3 questions)
    -How long can you remember a dream?(related 2/3 questions)

    -A decision you disagreed with
    Making decision-related some other questions

    Hope it will help 🙂

  43. Krishnaswamy says:

    I took up the General Training Test today (11-Feb-17) at Chennai, India.

    Writing test task 1:

    Write a letter to the head master of your son’s school informing him about the Special Family Celebration due to which he won’t attend the school. You should:

    1) Describe about the Special Family Celebration
    2) Explain how your Son’s presence in the celebration is important
    3) Explain how your Son would make-up for the lost lessons due to his absence

    Writing test task 2:
    In some countries, people buy lesser of new things and more of second-hand things.

    What are your views on the above?

    Is it a positive trend or a negative trend?

  44. Module: GT (idp)
    Date: 11th Feb 2017 (LRW)
    Location: Karachi, Pakistan
    Writing: (11th Feb 2017)
    Task 1:
    Write a letter to your child teacher asking for a day off from school to attend a family in an important family function
    * Describe what is the function
    * why he needs to attend the function
    * suggest how he will cover the missed lessons

    Task 2:
    In some countries, people are purchasing fewer new items and more second-hand goods.
    Reasons for this?
    Is this a positive or negative trend?
    Speaking: (9th Feb 2017)
    Cue card:
    Recently met a person who you don’t know before
    who is he
    where you met
    what did you talk
    explain why you like to discover about him in future.

  45. Location:cochin
    Write a letter to ur child’s teacher asking for a day off frm school to participate in an important family function
    Nowadays people are buying fewer new things and more second-hand goods.reasons,positives nd negatives for this trend

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Can you remember the date of your test?

      • Hi Liz,

        I’m not quite sure how to write a comment.

        I took my IELTS exam today (02-11-2017) with the ff questions:


        TASK 1 – Motor Vehicles in 8 countries (table)
        TASK 2 – Government money should be invested in teaching science. To what extent do you agree/disagree?

        Thank you very much, Liz. I saw your topics and it is somehow related to the questions. I have one problem though. I didn’t reach the 150 word-count for task 1 (130 words). But I think I did okay on task 2. Is it still possible for me to achieve band 7 for writing? I need to have a minimum of band 7 score for my employment. 🙁

        By the way, thanks for your lovely website! It helped me a lot.

      • Hi Liz,

        Thanks for this wonderful website, it’s really helpful.

        Today morning I gave the test for GT and got the same questions as above.

        Reading was really excellent as I am sure I can get 8.5 or 9 in reading.

        But I am little worried regarding the speaking test as I was very fast in giving the answers. Will it affect the score???

        • If the examiner understood everything you said, it’s fine. The speed is a problem when it causes difficulty in understanding.

        • Exam date: February12 2017 General training
          place : Cochin
          Speaking Questions
          Basic personal details
          About the place you live
          Describe the view from window
          Do you like visitors
          How often would they come and why do you like them
          Do you like to go visit them or like to invite them ??
          What do you like to do with visitors ??
          Cue card : Talk about a special gift you would choose for a friend . On which occasion would you like to give that gift and why would you give him .
          Discussion : all about giving gifts to children and friends .
          Which one would you choose homemade gifts or normal gifts from shops .?? Why??
          What are the gifts which can be given to children other than chocolates ??
          Does any gift would be harmful to give for a young child ?
          At what age are they supposed to start reading books ? Why ??

    • Hi

      Same writing test on today

      What would be the answer for writing part 2 people buying new and second hand?

      I written in essay coz of standard of living and poor and rich.

      Is it true?


      Liz do advise me

    • Hello Liz mam
      Here in writing task 2 govt money should be invested in teaching science.To what extend do u agree or disagree?
      Than here we can write about tertiary education that govt should pay tuition fees n free university education?? Plz reply mam

      • This is about funding for sciences. How important is science in our education? Should we put more money in teaching science? It is not about tuition fees.

        • Hi Liz,
          What should we understand by ‘science’ in this question? Social science, natural science, exact sciences? Or probably all of them? I find it too broad… How would you suggest going about it in our essay?
          Thanks in advance.

          • You are over thinking. This is a simple topic: teaching sciences. This terms when used generally refers to biology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry etc. Don’t start think of social sciences which are different.

  46. Hi Liz,
    This afternoon (11 February 2017) I took IELTS academic module at IDP Indonesia. All sections were conducted on the same day. Below are some of the questions which I remember:

    Dialogue between 2 people about taking photography course; dialogue about advantages & disadvantages of SUV cars; and traditional learning methods vs participative methods

    Passage 1: Benefit of animals as materials for replacing alumunium
    Passage 2: Mistakes in bridge’s structural design
    Passage 3: Linguistics

    Task 1: Comparation of amount of food & non-foods products purchased by consumers in supermarket in Europe in 1998 and 2008 (bar chart)
    Task 2: do you think college student should live away from their home (opinion essay)

    Part 1:
    What is your job, what are the responsibilities, what do you think your future job will be, who is local artist whom you admire and why, have you traveled near water (I don’t really undertand what this means), have you traveled using boats, and do you think all people need to be able to swim?

    Part 2:
    If you can choose a country abroad which you can work temporarily (short time), what would it be, and why?

    Part 3:
    Advantages & disadvantages of working abroad & working in international companies, constraints in working abroad, consequences of working in informal sector

    That’s all I can remember. This is my first time taking IELTS test. I messed up on writing section since I was too nervous and unable to think in part 2 :((((
    Anw thanks Liz your web so much helpful. Wish me luck! The result will be given in 24 February. I hope I can get writing score of minimal 6.0

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 We’ll keep our fingers crossed for your results 🙂

      • Chan Nyein Myat Aung says:

        Hello Liz,

        I took IELTS Academic module this afternoon (11 Feb) here in Yangon, Myanmar.

        First of all, I’d like to thank you for your very helpful posts and video lessons. My questions for listening, reading and writing were exactly the same with the ones that Ayu (from Indonesia) had.

        And I’d also like to request your thoughts on my response for Writing task 2. Question – ‘It is better for the students to live away from the home during the university study rather than staying with the parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?’. I wrote the introduction by paraphrasing the question and giving my opinion, 1st paragraph-benefits of staying away from home, 2nd paragraph-drawbacks of doing so and the conclusion with my opinion again. Does this sound ok to you?

        My speaking will be on 13th Feb and I hope I would achieve the score I need.

        Thanks again for your lessons! 🙂


        • Don’t worry about your writing test. just focus on your speaking test. See my last minute tips, speaking is at the bottom of the page:

          • Hi Liz!

            I also had the same writing topic. However, I am not that confident with the structure in answering the topic.

            Para1- Introduction and thesis statement
            Para2- I discussed why some people disagree
            Para 3- I discussed why I agreed (two ideas)
            Para4- Conclusion

            Will this structure be okay? I am really feeling down realizing that I should have written on both body paragraphs the reasons why I agreed to the topic. Thanks.

        • hey can i know how did u paraphrased ur writing part II

  47. hi liz,
    i was taking academic speaking exam in edmonton

    part 1 : what is your hometown? you live in house or apartment? how it looks like?
    do you enjoy your holiday? tell me about your recent holiday?
    part 2: descirbe a time that you are busy?
    what do you do? when? what is about ? why you are busy?
    part 3 do you prefer busy or do nothing? why?
    what ways you can do when worker worked extra time?
    what is the advantages and disadvantages when people got so much workload in hand

  48. Hello, i just took the ielts speaking test in Dublin.(10/02/2017)
    thanks Liz for a lot of valuable information and i want to share the questions.
    -do you live in a house or an apartment?
    -what does it look like?
    -which colour do you like?
    -when you were a child, which colour was your favourtite?
    -which colour do you and your friends like?
    -which colour would you decorate your house with?

    -the subject was “garden”

    -how do people use their garden or terrace or other outside field?
    -do you think having a garden is important for children?
    -about gardening.. i don’t remember well..

    i have the rest of the exam tomorrow, i hope this one will be the last ielts exam for me.(it’s my third time)

  49. Thank you Liz for your amazing webpage and all this very helpful information that you put together here.
    I had my speaking test today and here are a couple of questions that I can remember. Some of them were super weird. I am very comfortable to have conversations and discussions in english and wasn’t nervous at all but then I had so many different topics in part 1 and some weird questions. Then, I got a topic in part 2 where I just didn’t really know what to say. Anyhow, here the questions.

    10th of Feb, Germany

    Part 1:
    -what is your full name
    -where are you from?
    -which part of your country are you from?
    -do you like your hometown?
    -can you imagine to live and work in your home town?
    -do you like doing housework?
    -what kind of housework do you often do?
    -is there some task of housework that you don’t like to do?
    -did you have to help in the household when growing up?
    -do you think it is important to help in the household as a child?
    -did you learn how to play an instrument
    -do you think it is better to learn an instrument at a young age?
    -do you think music should be tought in school?
    some more about that

    Part 2:
    A situation where you weren’t allowed to use your mobile phone (When, why, …)
    (how can I possibly talk about something like this for 2 minutes?)

    part 3:
    -Internet/mobile phone
    -what do you think about storing data online?
    -how do you think mobile phones changed social interactions (positive/negative)
    -What do you think about the quality of conversations in social networks?
    -… A lot more. I always tried to give long answers but the examiner kept interrupting and asking the next question. Not sure if that was a good thing.
    Hope this helps some of you, I for sure found it useful to look at speaking questions of others.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your part 1 topics were, Hometown / Housework / Musical Instruments (a sub topic of music). These are standard part 1 topics. You can find model answers for musical instruments on this page: Your part 2 topic, you could talk about being in a library, or a at a friend’s house, or having dinner with someone – any time when you needed to turn off your phone. You can develop your talk in any way you want.

      • Shaban Chwdry says:

        Hi Liz ,
        Just wanted to share my writing questions for today ielts exam.
        Location : UK
        Task 1
        It was a chart about a specific eauropean country where 4 sports were played by certain number of people between year 1985 to 2005.
        Task 2.
        Some people think the best way to be successful in life is to get university education. Others say that is is no longer true.
        Discuss both views and give your opinion …
        Will post questions about speaking test later on.
        Thanks Liz .. you’re doing a great work

  50. i had my speaking test on Feb 10th.
    Questions related to my job and chocolates.
    Interest in science (Choices Physics & Medicine) cant remember 3rd
    Part 3
    Mostly on Medicine

  51. Kevin Simon says:

    Dear Liz,

    Firstly, thank you so much for starting up this platform which is really a brilliant idea and a method in helping all those who are preparing for IELTS.

    Appreciate your effort!!

    Test Date: 9th Feb 2017
    Place: Kochin, Kerala, India.
    Type: Academic


    Part 1
    Work, hometown, hang out places at your hometown
    describe apartment, view from window

    Part 2
    A person whom you recently met
    Would you like to meet him/her again

    Part 3
    Making close friendship at work – good or bad
    Importance of friendship
    Do you meet your friends often?
    meeting by person / over internet – which is better?
    Advancement in technology affected communication?

    All the Best!!

  52. hi liz i had finished with speaking test today morning

    part 1 about my work
    house hold works

    part 2
    interesting speech

    barriers of speech
    importance of audio visual aids

    thank you liz ,you are amazing

  53. Hi Liz,
    Your website helps us a lot in terms of learning, appreciate your effort.
    My speaking test was today
    Part 1 –
    Where do you live, in an apartment or a house.
    how does it look like
    what can you see from a window from your apartment?

    Part 2
    Do you like visitors coming into your house, why?
    what all you do when visitors come home?
    Are you more comfortable going to friends house or they coming into your house?
    Do you like bags?
    what kind of bags do you use?
    do you think bags should be different for every occasion?

    Part 3
    topic was talk about a day when you dressed up, why did you dress up, who helped you dress up (prepared yourself)

    questions were – related to organizing.
    how can we teach our children about being self-organized.
    what are the ways to be self organized.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 however, your part 1 topics where: Your Home / Visitors / Bags and your part 2 topic was the talk: A day when you dressed up. I have’t seen your part 2 topic before: dressing up is when you wear a costume, for example on Halloween.

      • Mansi Bhardwaj says:

        Could it be related to dressing up on your wedding also? Or need need to describe only a situation like you have mentioned?

        • You are not marked on your ideas in IELTS speaking. You don’t lose marks if you talk is not on topic. You can take this talk in any direction you want. If you want to talk about dressing up for a wedding – do it. It’s your talk – do what you want with it. It’s your test, take control! Your ideas are not marked.

  54. Dear Liz,
    I recently had my speaking test in Uzbekistan. Topics were as usual, background, hometown, robot influence on human life, films about robot, watch, whether I used to wear a watch as a child, why some wear very expensive watches.
    Part 2 cue card was
    describe a job than you think you’d do well
    what the job is
    what is required to do this job

    that’s what I remember so far.
    Part 3 was on motivation at work, what factors motivate employees at workplaces and whether rich are happier, thet final question was whether the poor are happier.
    I remember these so far, hope you will all benefit it.
    By the way, tomorrow I have the other three exams, I will post the details after I have done it.

  55. Today’s Speaking GT. introduce yourself; place you live, indoor games, neighbour, neighbourhood and impact on society.

  56. Hi Liz,

    Your website is really amazing, it helped a lot during my exam preparation.
    Thank you so much for all your effort in helping us.

    My task 2 Question:
    Some people say it is ok to use animals for our benefit, others say it is not good to exploit them. Discuss both points of view.

    Lij can you please help me here.
    My confusion here is, I said my opinion in the last sentence of the essay. Some people say even in discuss both views, we should take our stand at the end.
    Can you please help me if we are supposed to express our opinion or just discuss two views.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You should follow instructions. If the instructions are “Discuss both side and give your opinion”, then your whole essay covers both sides and your opinion. You don’t leave your opinion to the last moment. However, if the instructions were “Discuss both sides” and there is no opinion is asked, then you don’t need to give it at all.

  57. Saumya Agarwal says:

    Hello Liz,
    Today I took my speaking test (Bhopal, INDIA)
    Task 1: she asked me general questions about my studies and hometown.
    Task 2: describe your favourite movie
    -you should say when u saw the movie
    -where you saw the movie
    -with whom you saw the movie.
    Tast 3: some follow up questions regarding movies and film industry in India.

    On 11th feb I will be taking my L/R/W test. Thank you Liz for all the wonderful tips and guidance that you provided. I was very nervous about my speaking test earlier, but thankfully all went well. You are doing a great job. God bless you.

  58. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for all your training tips and materials that helped a lot to me for preparing my IELTS. I had my speaking test today (9th Feb, 2017) in Delhi. Following are the questions asked to me.

    -Where do you live ?
    -Is it a interesting place where you live ? do you want to live there in future?
    -Do you watch TV a lot ?
    -Topic to speak for 2 minutes:
    — What you would like to do or plan in future apart for you studies or career
    -People facing issues after demonetisation in India ? what kind of problems.
    -What steps govt are taking for the issues in your country

    That’s all i remember for now. I thought I should write it done for the people coming to your website before this much also get erased from my mind 🙂

    I have my second section of test for L\R\W on 11th Feb, will update all info afterwards.

    Thanks again

  59. Dear Liz,

    Sri Lanka

    This is my 3rd attempt.

    Part 1 :
    1. Are u working or studying?
    2. Do you think sometimes you have to work hard?
    3. What would you like to do after finishing work?
    1. Do you like wearing comfortable shoes or good looking ones?
    2. Do you think people should spend more money on a pair of shoes?
    3. Have u ever bought shoes online?
    4. Do you know anyone who has a number of pair of shoes?

    Part 2
    Describe a place that you visited in country side
    1.Where did you go
    2. With whom you went
    3 What you did

    round off question : Do you want to go there again..
    Part 3
    1. Benefits of countryside
    2. Do you think in future people will move more to country side
    3. Comparison of city and country
    4. Which age group should it be ideal to live in country side
    5. Visiting country side , why would people visit it kind of a question..

    Overall it went well.. last two times I was able to get 7 band for speaking..
    Hope for the best this time too..


  60. Hi Liz,
    I would like to say thank you to you.. I really appreciate your hard work..
    You Have Done a great job..Your website has lots of useful materials .
    Thanks for your kind support.
    I had a speaking test in Australia/Perth IDP center on 09/02/2017.
    This is the list of my questions as I can remember:
    Q1: Introduce yourself
    Q2: What are you doing at the moment, are you working or studying?
    Q3: What is your reason for your work or sudy?
    Q4: Where do you live? Do you like to stay here or go back to your country?Why?
    Q5: Do you like wildlife?When was the last time you came across wild animal?
    Q6: what was your reaction?When was that?where did you see wild animal?With whom you were? What was the animal reaction?
    Q7: Why people keep animal at their home as a pet or other kinds of animal?
    Q8:What is our impacts on wildlife and nature?

    I have my writing exam on 11th which I will post later..

    Kind Regards

  61. Imran Asghar says:

    I had speaking test yesterday(07-02-2017) at Embassy Lounge Motel,Islamabad.

    Part-1 Questions were about hometown,watching television,shoes.
    Part-2 Questions was, “Describe any famous person you want to meet”.
    Part-3 Questions were difficult.Some of them were
    1. Do anybody need talent to become a Celebrity?
    2.Do you think celebrities do positive or negative things “deliberately” to become famous?
    3.what are advantages or disadvantages or being a celebrity?
    4. Do famous people now were famous in past?
    My other 3 modules on 11-02-2017.
    Thank you Elizabeth for giving a platform to let us know the “trending questions”.
    I need 7 in each module. I will post my results on 24-02-2017, so stay tuned.
    Best Regards,
    Imran Asghar
    Chakwal, Punjab Pakistan.

  62. Hi,
    I wrote IELTS on 14/01/2017 in Munich, Germany. Below are few questions which I remember.

    Test – Academic
    Writing :
    Part 1 – A line graph displaying the price per kg(of some item) in 4 European countries.
    Part 2 – “Nowadays some people are giving more importance to consumer goods in their lives. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development and how do they weigh against each other?”

    Part 1 – This was casual – name, background, hometown, work, why I chose that field of work
    Part 2 – Cue card : Describe that one special meal you would like to have in near future
    – say when you want this
    – with whom and where
    – why will this be special
    Part 3 – Continued on the subject of food and restaurants
    a) What do you think about future of restaurant businesses?
    b) Apart from food quality, what do you look for in a restaurant? – I answered ambiance, locality etc. He right away asked me what is the meaning of ambiance. So I guess they might check if you really know the meaning or you have just memorized the words.
    c) What do you think of the awareness level of food nutrition among public in your country?
    d) What is your opinion on Government control over the food eaten by public ( in terms of controlling the nutritional value of the food)
    e)Can you think of anything which has revolutionized the food industry of late?
    f)Describe any unusual eating place you have visited? What was so unusual about it?


  63. My speaking test was on 27 Jan and my cue card was describe famous person with whome you met and other topic was on celebrity and media

  64. Prathima Reddy says:

    General module
    21st Jan 2017
    Boston, MA

    Writing Task 1: Write a letter to a professional photographer saying you liked the photos of your family members taken by him and would like him to take pictures of another event inn his family.

    Writing task 2: Schools are spending more time in traditional subjects like history etc.. . They should rather spend more time in teaching skills that can help them find a job. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking: Part 1:
    1. Describe your apartment.
    2. What is the view like from your apartment window?
    3. Do you like taking frequent holidays from work or study?
    4. Do you enjoy vacations?
    5. Where did you go for your last vacation?
    6. Who is your favorite celebrity in your country?
    7. Have you seen any celebrities in public?
    8. Do you want to be a celebrity?
    9. Do you enjoy reading books about celebrities?

    Part 2:
    Describe your favorite movie.
    1. When did you watch that movie?
    2. Why did you watch that movie?
    3. What is the movie about?

    Part 3:
    1. Do you like watching movies?
    2. What kind of movies are famous in your country?
    3. Do you think film makers are spending too much money on movies?
    4. Should films be made only based on facts?
    5. Do the movies change the way people look at history?
    6. What kind of movies do you prefer watching? Why?

  65. Iman;
    January 21 Austria, Wien
    Speaking :
    talk about your home.
    talk about your hometown.
    do you like stay in your hometown or not? why?

    Cue card:
    talk about your favorite food
    why you like this food
    when you eat it? which materials use in this kind of food . in wich season you eat it and why?

    how you choose a restaurant for having a meal (besides the taste of the food)?
    and she asked me a lot of question about it.


    It is necessary for parents to attend parenting training course to bring their children up.
    Agree or disagree?

    Task 1: 2 maps about the change of the Island structure in two different years.
    It was a little bit challenging because there was much information in the maps.

    Thanks Liz for everything

  66. Hello Liz,
    your supportive videos have been a great help to my two attempts of Ielts.i am planning to appear for the third time,
    L: 8i
    S: 7
    W: 7
    strangely rather annoyingly enough i got a 5 in R…which i supposed my strongest part n used to get 8 or while practicing. There was a passage where different years of 18th &19th century like ‘ in 1846’ or ‘1902’ or ‘1873’ were given followed by options like early 1900’s, mid 1900’s, first quarter of 18th century second half of 18th century, to choose from, leaving me highly confused . The passage had almost 12 questions of TFNG n other types.
    i want you to kindly guide me a link where i can read n thoroughly understand these time intervals.

  67. Hello, I took the academic test last weekend in Ecuador.
    Part 1: Where do you live? Is it a nice place to live? Do you expect to live there in the future? Do you watch TV? What kind of programs do you like? Do you like to talk about dreams with others? Do you think they have a meaning? Do you want to study about the meaning of the dreams?
    Part 2: Talk about a book you would like to read again.
    What was the book about? When did you read it? Why do you want to read it again?
    Part 3: Questions about reading habits, about technology and books.

    Part 1: A conversation between a man and a lady making a reservation in his place.
    A map of the place, where we had to locate parts of it.
    Part 2: A girl talking about her project about math.
    Part 3: A man giving advice to parents before sending their kids to a vacational camp.
    Part 4: A speech about marketing.

    Reading :
    Part 1: Reading about twins and how they help to study genetics.
    Part 2: A reading talking about a movement called Slow food
    Part 3: Teaching ancient languages

    Writing :
    Part1: a chart about Internet connection in 5 countries in 2001 and 2002.
    Part 2: some people say it’s OK to use animals for our benefit, others say it is no good to exploit them. Discuss both points of view.

    I will post my results as soon as I receive them.

    At the second part of the speaking test I spoke too fast that I had anything else to say before the time ended. The lady stopped me, and said it was OK and began with the third part… I’m not sure if that was good or not :/

  68. Hello!
    Test date: 21 of Jan 2017

    -What part of the country do you live in?
    -Is your city an interesting place?
    -Do you plan to stay there in future?
    -How often do you look in the mirror?
    -Would you buy something without looking in the mirror?
    Cue card:
    Describe the most polite person you know.
    -who she/he is;
    -when you met her/him;
    -in what ways is she/he polite.

    Tell me about some situations which could be solved being polite.
    Are schools nowadays teaching children how to be polite?

  69. Komal Advani says:

    Writing Task 1: Your important documents are stolen, write a letter to Company manager informing him what happened, why are doc important and what have you done about it.
    Task 2: Some people say International sports events help in world peace. Agree or disagree
    Listening included Map which caused problem for me, rest was fine. Though reading was bit tricky

  70. Jaskaran Singh says:

    Hello mam,
    I am Jaskaran Singh and yeasterday was my speaking in Jalandhar at The Maya hotel.
    Basic questions:-
    1. How the robots are effecting the human,’s life?
    2. How it works at home in household works?
    3. How it will look like if it drive the car?
    4. How it will effect the human’s life?
    5. Do you think indoor activities are beneficial for us?
    6. Which activities you followed in your childhood?
    7. How we can enjoy the indoor activities?
    8. Will it change in future? If yes in which type of indoor activities will follow by the people?
    CUE CARD:-
    Talk about your favourite weather
    .Name of it
    .When it comes
    . Why you like this particular weather
    Cross questions:-
    1. How people enjoy the wedding occasions in your country?
    2. Which rituals are followed in your culture?
    3. Do people of your country spend more and more money on weddings?
    4. Should we spend it or not? Why?

  71. Jennifer Galindo says:

    Name: Jennifer Galindo
    Test: Academic
    Date: 21 January 2017
    Location: IDP – Port Moresby

    Test order:


    Task 1 – Destinations of Australians immediately after leaving secondary schools
    Three pie charts with information on the percentage of Australians who went to
    further study, had been employed and had been unemployed for year 1980, 1990
    and 2000

    Task 2 – Young people spend their free time in shopping malls. These have negative
    effects on young people and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


    Scenario 1 Car break down needing assistance
    Scenario 2 Tour
    Scenario 3 Iceland and Sample Collections
    Scenario 4 Communication in work place

    Part 1
    – Do you live in a house/flat?
    – What view do you see from the window of your house?
    – Do you like chocolates?
    – Why do you think chocolate is very famous worldwide?
    – Do you give chocolates as gifts?

    PART 2 – Describe an equipment
    – What do you use it for?
    – Who among your family uses the equipment as well?
    – Why do you think the equipment is important?

    – Equipment on Factory
    – Comparison of uses (young and old people)
    – Technology in the office
    – What do you feel about Robots?
    – Impact of technology in human lives
    Discussions on: VACATION
    – Latest vacation
    – Why vacation is important?
    – Unforgettable vacation
    – Should vacation be short or long? and why?

    GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST to all those who will be taking the test.

  72. Hi Liz,
    First of all I would like to thank you for creating such beneficial website.
    General Speaking Questions:

    Part 1
    Do you work or study?
    Do you have to work hard?
    What do you usually do after work?
    What kind of shoes do you like?
    How do you choose your shoes?
    Do you prefer to buy online?Why?
    Do you like to look at mirrors? Why?
    Do you have any mirror in your home?
    Are mirrors important for decoration?Why

    Part 2
    Describe an event you joined in countryside
    Where was it?
    When was it?
    Explain do you enjoy it?

    Part 3
    Do you like to live in countryside?Why?
    Should government support to live in countryside?Why?
    How can government support to live in countryside?
    What kind of people prefer to live in countryside?
    Are public transports important? Why?

  73. Kejal shah says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks for ur video lessons, they were really helpful.. I had my Speaking test today
    Name – Kejal
    General module
    Test centre – Pune.. date 22/01/17

    Part 1
    About place where I live, how’s the place?
    Do u like staying here?
    would u like to continue to stay in future
    Abt Indoor game
    – which indoor game u play now
    – which u were playing wen u wer younger?
    Do u think now a days kids spend more time on computer?
    Any indoor game u would like to learn ?why ?

    Abt Household work(washing clothes, cleaning house)

    Which type of household work u do currently?
    – u helped ur mother in household work wen u were young?
    -do u think children should help in house hold work ?

    Part 2
    Describe a quite place which u normally visit?
    Which is that place?
    Where the place is ?
    How often u visit?
    Why u visit ?

    Wen u last visited this place
    I spoke abt lakeside…

    Part 3
    Den she asked me abt other than lake which place do u think is quite?

    I said temple.. so again she asked further abt any other place u think??

    Don’t u think park is quite place..?? So I replied no coz of children play there so bit noisy

    Earlier there were more quite places compare to now?

    Many ppl wen they work play some music in background is it helpful? Do u feel Many enjoy this?

    What if there is complete silence in the world wat will happen??

    End of test.

    Thanks Liz ..

  74. Hi Liz,

    My test date: Jan 21 2017
    Location: BC Hanoi, Vietnam

    My speaking test was:
    * Part 1
    – House/Apartment
    + Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    + What does your house look like?
    + What can you see from the windows?
    – Chocolate
    + Do you like chocolate?
    + Why chocolate is so popular around the world?
    + Did you like chocolate when you were a child?
    – Family
    + Do you spend much time with your family?
    + In your family, who looks like you the most? (Why?)
    + Is family important in your country?
    * Part 2: Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination
    what the situation was
    what difficulties were
    why you needed to use imagination
    And explain how you felt about it
    * Part 3
    Children + imagination
    – When do children have to use their imagination?
    – What is the differences between children use imagination nowadays and those in the past?
    – Do children use much of their imagination nowadays?
    – How can teachers encourage their students to be more creative?
    – Which one needs more imagination, reading a book or watching cartoons?
    Job + imagination
    – Which jobs need imagination ?
    – Do you think in the future, jobs will require more imagination?

    Nowadays, young people spend a lot of their free time in the shopping malls. This could have negative effects on them and the society.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    I have a few questions.
    For the writing, can I say that it could have both negative and positive impacts? I mean, at first, when I read the question, i thought it was easy to plan the ideas. And then when wrote, i realized it was quite difficult to have good vocabs for this topic.
    For the speaking, in part 3, i think that i was asked too many questions than it should be. Is that okay? Does it means my answers were too short or something?


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your writing task 2 asks you to say if you agree that spending time in shopping malls has a negative impact on young people and society. It is possible that you find there are both negative and positive impacts – for example, positive for young people but negative for society. The most important thing is that you approach this essay as an opinion essay and not as a discussion which gives both sides without a clear position of your views. For speaking, it is possible that the examiner can ask quite a few questions in part 3. There are a couple of reasons for this, one reason might be that your answers were too short and of course this isn’t good for your fluency mark. Or it might be that your answers were strong with a good range of language so the examiner moves on quickly to other questions which test different parts of the English language. So, it could be a positive reason. Wait until your results to see which it is most likely to be. Fingers crossed ! 🙂

      • Pia Carmela says:

        Hi Liz!

        First of all, I want to thank you for creating such a helpful site. I applied most of the tips I’ve learned from you and hopefully, I’ll pass on my third attempt with this exam. I took the Academic module which requires me a grade of 7 in all subtests. My two previous exams were good except for the Writing subtest, which I only received 6.5 for both.

        This was the Task 2 in Writing last January 21, 2017 here in the Philippines.

        At present, young people spend much of their free time in the shopping malls. It is believed that this has negative effects to the young people and to the society.

        I completely agree with the idea for the following reasons:

        Main Body Paragraph 1: (to the young people)
        A) In the past, this particular time is spent with their families doing certain activities inside their houses. These activities were greatly reduced due to emergence of malls. Young people opt to stroll in these establishments because of various amenities that can be found in one place.
        B) Moreover, young individuals tend to splurge on things that they do not really need by going into these places.

        Main Body Paragraph 2: (to the society)
        A) In the recent decades, young people spend their free time socializing with their neighbors. In the modern era, the sense of community is declining as they socialize more in the malls, which in turn, they consider people in their neighborhood as strangers.

        To conclude, I reaffirm my stand that spending much free time in the shopping malls can have undesirable outcomes to the young people and to the society, hence, it should be limited.

        Liz, do you think my ideas are okay with the task question? It was quite hard for me to generate ideas regarding its negative effects to the community/society. I am really hoping that I’ll get 7.0 this time 🙏🏻

        Writing Task 1: Pie charts which display the rates of young Australian secondary school leavers to compare in years 1980, 1990 and 2000.

        Thanks again Liz! All the best! 🙂

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I think your ideas are fine. The effects on community can also be that we are increasingly becoming a materialistic society. Our values are changing. Also, as you mentioned with individuals, we are becoming a society that spends rather than saves. However, your score will also depend on how you present your ideas as well as the other three marking criteria: Fingers crossed you do well 🙂

        • Jennifer Galindo says:

          Hi Pia
          Were you able to achieve a band score of 7.00 on your writing? I am faced with the same dilemma – have taken the test twice but still the same result – a band score of 6.5.

          Thanks for sharing.

    • Harish Verma says:

      Hi Duong,

      I faced the same cue card (imagination) for Speaking in my attempt of ielts during Sept’2016.
      Section 2 and 3 were having the exact questions. I was not much satisfied with the answers I could gave that time, since the cue card was not much familiar and could not collect many ideas/phrases in 1 minute of time. Unfortunately I could score merely 6 Band that time 🙁

      Hope you might have done better than me, wish you best of Luck for your result 🙂

  75. IELTS General Training
    21 January 2017

    Speaking section 2: Describe a happy event that you prepared for and hosted. What did you do to prepare for this event? How helped you in the preparation? What response did you receive from friends and participants in the event?

    Writing Task 1: A bag containing important company documents was stolen from you recently. Write to the company’s manager, explaining: How the bag was stolen, why the stolen documents were important to the company, what you have done about it so far.

    Writing Task 2: Many people believe international sporting events can contribute towards world peace. Do you agree or disagree?

  76. Type of the test:- General
    Date of the test:- 21/01/2017
    Location:- Hyderabad/India

    writing task 1 question:
    You have lost a bag which contains important office documents

    write a letter to your manager
    describe about
    how important are the documents
    where you lost that bag
    what action have been done from your end

    Writing task 2 question/:
    some people think that International sport event plays an important role in helping towards maintaining world peace.
    Discuss do you agree or disagree.

  77. Hi Everyone,
    I’m from Germany and sat my IELTS Exam yesterday, 21st January at ECU Perth, Australia.

    General Test:

    Part 1 Letter

    You are unable to attend the leaving party of a colleague from work. Write a letter to your colleague
    – explaining why you are unable to attend
    – say what you liked about working with him
    – say something about his future

    Part 2 Essay:

    Many people believe that now there is less communication between family members than in the past.

    To what extend to you agree with this view.

    Part 1
    – car got stuck and person called a breakdown service
    Part 2
    – school group visiting an adventure park/zoo
    Part 3
    – scientific discussion about natural features (volcanoes, hot spots, glaciers, tidal movements, caves) of our earth and geological collection of fossils.
    Part 4
    – how a new CEO of an Indian IT company improved the company via a new employee reclamation system and different management techniques

    Text 1: different leisure attractions
    Text 2: training of soft skills for travel consultants / customer relationships
    Text 3: health care options on a university campus
    Text 4: don’t remember
    Text 5: the discovery, export and replication attempts of Chinese porcelain

    Personal questions:
    – what things do you usually take with you when you go out ?
    – do you take different things when you go out in the evening vs during the day ?
    – what are your techniques to make sure not to forget your things ?
    – have you ever forgotten something important to take with you ?

    Talking for 1-2 minutes:
    Describe a place where you go swimming that you like.
    – what the place looks like
    – when do you go there
    – what kind of persons go there
    Follow up questions:
    – is the place more suited for a certain age group
    – is the place more popular during a specific time of the year

    Advanced vocabulary questions:
    Topic: Leisure facilities
    – do you think leisure facilities are important for our society ?
    – do you think it is important to have leisure facilities everywhere ?
    – do you think the state should subsidize entry to these facilities for some persons ?
    – do you think leisure and cultural facilities are important for young people ?

    Good luck for everyone taking their exam in the future!

  78. Jan 21st Auckland NewZealand General module
    Hometown-name and to say whether it is an interesting place place,place I work,watches-why people wear expensive watches,am i allowed to wear watch at my work place,have i received watch as a gift nytime?
    Cue card-Historical event from your country-wat s it,who are involved,how do you know about it,why it is important,who all r involved?
    Discussion topics were about history,museums etc ehich was a bit tough for me.
    Letter-Yor are invited to attend your collegues leaving party,but you are unable to attend.Write a letter to her includoing the reasons why u cant attend,talk about your experience working withg her and also wish her for her future.
    Essay-Some people beleive that the communication between family members is lesser today copared to past.Do u agree or disagree?
    Reading and Listening were quite easy for me esp reading…

  79. ANA PAULa says:

    Academic test -place: Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Date: January 21st, 2017
    Writing task 1 – A bar chart and a table with informations about Broadcast Connections in 5 countries in 2001 and 2002.
    Writing task 2 – some people believe animal does should be used but human beings. However other others think humans should not exploit animals.

    Speaking – part 1 do you like chocolate? Do you like rob give chocolate? Why does give chocolates about present ?

    Part 2 – talk about a person you met that’s you would like to get to know better? How’ve is he or she? Why would like to know more?

    Part 3 – friendship. What’s do you thing is friendship? Where do you make friends? Do you think you think we Can make friends at work? Can people be friends with their boss? Do you think friendships that’s started at school are the best ( or last longer)?

  80. Hi Liz, I’m really thankful for the loads of information you and your website provide. It has been a great help for me to attend the exam with confidence.

    Type of test – General
    Location – Trivandrum, Kerala, India
    Date 21/01/2017

    Writing Task 1:-
    Write a letter to your company manager describing that a bag containing valuable company documents were stolen. Mention the following
    Why you think the bag contained valuable items?
    Details of the theft?
    What you did to report it?

    Writing Task 2 –
    International sporting events plays an important role to bring peace between nations. Do you agree or disagree. State with reasons..

    Listening and Reading were pretty easy. However I would like to check if you can help me to evaluate my answers if i post them? I’m worried if I will get 7 band for writing. And this is my 3rd attempt.

  81. Hello Liz
    I took my Listening, Reading, Writing test today.
    Listening was easy and was about voluntary jobs, Sports centre and Invasive species.
    Reading passages were bit difficult and I ran out of time. I did,nt do well in the last passage.
    Writing task 1 was about maps of Jelly fish Island
    Task 2 New parents should take parenting training. Agree or disagree at what extent
    In speaking am bit worried about my score cox I gave only 2 to 3 line answers in part 1 and in part 2 I spoke for 2 mins . Afer that she started asking questions from me. I gave the answers confidently. I got flummoxed by 2 questions but I answered those with confidence . But she repeated the questions for me and again i answered those questions with full confidence. I answered the questions according to my ideas. Then she asked me Did u have a favourite teacher at school ? I said no but i did have a fav teacher at university and then i elaborated my answer. 🙁

  82. HI Liz!
    I’m from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
    Today, 21.01.2017, I had pass IELTS exam.
    So, in speaking there were some questions in part 1 about my hometown, friends and shoes. Then, in part 2 were questions about swimming and how it influence on human health. In part 3 discussion had been continued via some questions like “Should people start to swim by themselves or get a coach? Why?” “What types of sport government support in your country?” etc. (Speaking test was on 16.01.17)
    In Writing Task 1 were two map, and we should compare information where in one map given situation on Juneville Island in 1990 and in second map illustrated nowadays situation and changes.
    In Writing Task 2 was question “New parents should be attend a parenting course to learn how to bring up their children well. To what extent do you agree or disagree?”
    To be honest, i think that i got out of topic. May you give some ideas how it should be writen?
    Thank you for attention!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your task 2 is an interesting one which has been in the test before. On the whole I would partially agree that while parents should be allowed to attend a course on parenting skills, it is unrealistic and unfeasible to ensure that all parents throughout a country should attend.

    • Hi Liz,
      Date: 21/1/2017
      Centre: Khartoum, Sudan

      In Writing Task 1: two map, and we should compare information where in one map given situation on Juneville Island in 1990 and in second map illustrated nowadays situation and changes.

      In Writing Task 2: “New parents should be attend a parenting course to learn how to bring up their children well. To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

      My speaking test Tomorrow

  83. Divya Samuel says:

    Module: General Training
    Date: 21st January, 2017
    Location: Mumbai, India

    Writing task 1
    A bag containing important official documents have been stolen from you. Write a letter to your company manager explaining the situation. You have to mention the following:
    How the bag was stolen from you?
    Why was the bag important?
    What have you done about it?

    Writing task 2
    Some believe that international sporting events contribute to world peace. Do you agree or disagree? Give relevant examples from your experience or knowledge.

  84. Hi Liz,

    Today was my LRW test.

    Date: Jan 21, 2017

    Centre: Surat, Gujrat, India
    Module: GT


    Writing task 1: A bag containing valuable company documents that you were carrying has been stolen. Write a letter to your manager mentioning:
    a) What the bag contained? How important were the docs for your company?
    b) How was it stolen?
    c) What did you do after knowing that the bag was stolen?

    Writing task 2: A few people think that International Sporting Events are important for achieving world peace.

    Do you agree or disagree?

    Justify with examples.


    My attempt was very good for all the 3 – L, R, W tests. Eagerly awaiting for the results now (my wife go her score yesterday. She got L: 8, R: 8, W: 7, S: 7.5. Overall: 7.5). Wish me luck. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I hope your results will be as strong as those of your wife 🙂

    • Today was my L, R, & W test in Sudan & I got the same writing tasks as you.
      Listening was quite hard. Reading was very good.
      Good luck.

    • Reading part 1 contained about holidays headings matching section 3 vertical farming headings .

    • Aparajita says:

      Hi, hey I got exactly same questions in Bangalore, today on 21st Jan 🙂 you hv posted at 2:16, my exam started at 1pm

    • Aparajita says:

      Hello Sandeep,
      I got exactly same questions.
      Date of Exam:21st Jan
      Module: GT
      Location : Bangalore, India.

      You have posted the questions at 2:16 PM and my exam started at 1 PM.

      • Hi Aparajita,

        You overlooked an important point here!

        The time for the post shown here is the European time. I actually posted the info at 7:46 PM IST (Indian Standard Time). There’s time difference of 5.5 hours in the two time zones.

        The exam started at the same time for all the test takers in India at 1:00 PM IST. 🙂

    • Hello Sandeep,

      I too got the same topics.
      Hyderabad, India.
      21st Jan, GT module.

      Good luck for the results

    • Module: GT
      Islamabad, Pakistan
      Hello , I had my GT paper yesterday . It stated quite late ( 1 and half hour late) than time given . I got same questions as Sandeep has mentioned.

  85. Today was my IELTS test.
    Test location: Sydney, Australia.
    Date: 21.01.2017

    Writing task 1:
    Three pie charts shows percentages of what students did after leaving secondary school between 1980 and 2000. Unemployed, employed and in further education were the elements of the pie charts. This was the easiest task 1 i have ever had, and it boosted my confidence so i think i did well – hopefully enough for a 7-8 band score.

    Task 2: many young people are spending much of their free time in shopping malls. This has negative effects on both the individuals and the society.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    I had 3 body paragraphs that outlined the negative effects of spending a great deal of time in shopping malls in three different areas, which are social connectedness (more time in shopping malls, less with family and friends), the nature of this activity (i.e. It is not as productive as recreational and physical activities- time could be effectively spent on these), and how it promotes consumerism.

    I ensured that my answer linked to the issue, and explained the effects on the youth as well as the society. My only concern is that i wrote about 260 words and had 3 body paragraphs (in addition to the intro and conclusion), which means that my ideas could be not well expanded or supported, but i’m pretty sure i gave examples, used conditionals and explained some of my ideas.

    Crossing my fingers for a minimum of band 6.5.

    • Thanks for sharing L:) Writing 260 words is fine and still enough for developing ideas. However, the key to your task 1 will be to explain how it effects society in a negative way and how it affects individuals in a negative way (if your opinion is on the negative side) and also how you present/ organise your ideas.

    • My IELTS test was today.
      Location Test : Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
      Test Date : 21/1/2017

      Dear Liz ,
      I can’t thank you enough for the amount of knowledge and input I have gained from your site. Thank you so much for all your help.

      My writing task was exactly the same as the topics posted by, Abdullah.

      For reading , I was given 3 passages. One, on a scientist, the disease malaria and the history of boats.

      I can’t really remember listening though, it was a conversation between someone who had a car breakdown and one about a zoo.

      For Speaking ,which was on 17/1/2017

      Task 1 :-
      – Are you studying or working?
      – What are you studying ?
      – Do you think students should work very hard in their studies?
      – Do you have a lot of mirrors at home ? Do you consider them as decoration items?
      – Do you often look at mirrors?
      – Do you play any musical instruments ? What is it ?
      – Should schools give much importance to music ? Why don’t they?
      – Should children play musical instruments ? Why?

      Task 2 :-
      – Speak on a family member you are proud of.
      – Do you often think about that family member ? Why ?
      – How to make your parents proud ? What are the criterias ?

      Task 3 :-
      – Is it good to reward students in schools?
      – Should students be awarded regularly in schools ?
      – Would students become vain if awarded often with trophies?
      – Does nation pride affect global harmony ? Why ?

      That is all that l can recall. Thank you again, dearest Liz.
      Really hoping I get my expected results 😊

      Thank you.

    • Nice

  86. Australia: 21/01/17
    Writing General:
    Letter to a colleague to say sorry for not attending his farewell party.
    Agree disagree: Nowadays the communication within family members is less than the before.

  87. My Speaking test was on Jan 16, 2017 and tomorrow i am going to appear in in my written modules.
    In Speaking Part 1:
    My examiner asked some questions about chocolates,photography and my subject.
    In Part 2:
    I have to speak about a place in my hometown that can use for any sports activity.
    In Part 3:
    There are some questions about society competitiveness, recent sports trends and selfishness in societies.

  88. Hi liz,
    This is anjali from ahmedabad, india
    My speaking date was 18 feb and the introduction questions were about work n study,color and bag
    Cue card was a place where u go for relaxation n folllow up were easy
    Thanx alot liz as i always follows a tips which r given by u
    N as the topics are same in exam as u have updated recently
    Thanx alot

  89. Akanksha Verma says:

    Hello Liz,

    Today I had my speaking test.
    Part 1 :
    Tell me about your hometown
    Would you like to go back to your hometown
    Do u play any musical instrument?
    Do you think children should be encouraged to learn music

    Part 2
    Cue Card
    Tell me about a book you would like to read twice

    Part 3
    Will you recommend this book to your friends
    Has the reading habit changed in recent times
    Do you think conventional way of reading books was better as readers were able to mark few lines with the help of a pencil
    Do u think making children read books is a good idea

    Question to Liz : I attempted the cue card and spoke about a minute approx(not sure about the time) the examiner asked me to speak more with her hand gesture. I asked her can I speak about another book and then she nodded. I spoke about 15 sec and then she stopped me. Was it a mistake from my end?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It was a very good idea to keep talking and choose to talk about another book. This is a recommended technique. You are not marked on your ideas in speaking so for part 2 you can take your talk in any direction you want and add any information you want. I hope you get a good score 🙂

    • hello liz!
      i have eaxam on the febuary 11
      am gonna get problem in reading
      am very thankfull to you

    • Hi verma, could you please post what was time of your speaking test? Thank you

  90. Academic
    Abu Dhabi
    January 20, 2017

    cue card : if you want to go to other country for a short time, what job you will do?
    something like that.

    he also asked me about photographs and bags what i usually wear,
    about travels, about companies? i don’t know why it’s different topics..i mean unlike part 2 should be connected to part 3?

    they have booklet, and they can just choose which topic they want to ask? by flipping the pages?

    i do hope and pray i did well…

    Thank YOu liz!

  91. My IEILTS speaking test was today 21 Jan 2017
    after introduction she asked me :
    Do you often wear watch? Do u receive watches as presents?
    Tell me about indoor games do u like this kind ofgames?
    Are u interested in learning new indoor games?
    Tell me about one of your family member u were proud about and why?
    Do you think adults nowadays fell proud easly ?

    Is it good or bad that people fell prod about their possessions?
    In the last question i heard it positions and i asked her to clarify and she did
    wish me luck tomorrow in my reading nd writingand speaking test

  92. Hello Liz,

    Thanks for your blog. It’s very help for students who want to crack IELTS. Below are my speaking test details:

    Module: General
    Test Date: Jan 20, 2017
    Test Centre: Surat, Gujarat, India

    (I am from Pune but I was advised to appear for a IELTS test from a comparatively smaller neighbouring city. Not sure it helps! 🙂 )

    Speaking test

    Part 1: Introduction. Do you study or work? What do you immediately do after work? Do you want TV a lot? As a child did you watch TV a lot? Do you often see dreams? Do you think dreams tell you anything? With whom do you share your dreams related information? Given a chance would like to learn about how to interpret dreams?

    Part 2: Cue Card

    Your favourite holiday destination.

    What is it?
    With whom you want to go there?
    What will you do there?
    Explain why it is important for you to visit this place.

    Part 3:
    What care tourists should take at the holiday destination? Do you think it creates a problem for the locals or do they welcome them? What are the disadvantages of tourism? What care should be taken to overcome these advantages? How has tourism changed in the recent years?


    The examiner asked a lot of questions at times cutting my answers short. I spoke a lot but felt
    a) I was short of interesting ideas a few times (but then it hardly matters, isn’t it).
    b) My vocabulary could have been better.
    c) Should have come across your blog atleast couple of months before rather than one week to prepare better. 🙂

    I feel I should be able to get 7-8 band (though I would have loved to get more with more practice because I know I can do better, anyways…). Wish me luck and my good wishes to you. Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Ideas are not marked in IELTS speaking but you do need ideas in order to showcase your language. The more you have to say, the better. Good luck with your results!! 🙂

  93. 21 jan. 2017
    Speaking test:
    -Full name
    -Do you work or study
    -Why did you choose this major
    -who’s your favorative celebrity in your country?
    -Have you ever seen a celebrity in public
    -do you want to be a celebrity
    Cue Card:
    Consider you want to run a small buisness
    what is the business
    what will you need
    where will it be
    Follow up questions:
    is it better to work for someone or to have a buisness…compare.
    which is more important for a buisness: practical experience or academic education. compare.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Chirag Gor says:

        Test : GT
        Date of Test : 20th Jan 2017
        Location : Abu Dhabi

        Hi Liz, First of all thanks a lot for your amazing and interactive blog, which extremely useful for those who preparing for IELTS without any extra tuition. learn from others experience is really helpful to know the way examiner asking question and especially types of questions.
        Here I am sharing my Speaking test questions, which completed just now.
        Part – 1
        -What is your full name?
        -Where are you from?
        -are you working?
        -Do you need to work hard on your work?
        -What you do after working hours?
        -Which indoor game do you like to play?
        -Which indoor games you used to play when you were young?
        -Do you use public transport to reach at work?
        -When you did your last journey by public transport/
        Part – 2
        Cue card: explain your experience on foreign food you ate
        -When you ate it first time?
        -Where you ate this?
        -How your feeling about it?
        -Do you like it or dislike it?
        -Is it really important to mention belonging country name on the food?
        -What is difference in local made food and imported food?
        -How important international trade between countries?

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I hope you did well !

          • Chirag Gor says:

            Yes Liz,
            Thanks for your wishes, yes my speaking test was really good and my fluency was quite well and I hope in other parts also my performance was up to satisfactory level, today my listening, reading and writing examination also completed, we (me and my wife) want to express thanks from bottom of our heart to you for your blog and outstanding support, you can’t imagine how it is useful to us for our IELTS preparation.

            21st Jan 2017
            Abu Dhabi
            Writing Task-1
            Write a letter to your manager for some important document stolen from you.
            -Why documents so important ?
            -How and where it was stolen?
            -What you did as corrective action?
            Writing Task-2
            Some people say that International sporting event is important for world peace.
            Do you agree or disagree?
            Eagerly waiting for result……..

    • hello
      It is the same if my speaking test

      Hope get a high scor

  94. sukhneet singh says:

    india punjab,.
    part 1,,_ what is your full name ?
    do you live in home or appartment?
    what type of colours you like?
    what you do in making your room attractive ,.?
    part2,. talk about tall building which you like or dislike ?
    part 3 ,.-how climatte effects on tall building?
    what problems face by the people in tall buildings?
    do you think in the future tall buildings are constructed?

  95. Dear Liz. Thank you for such a useful blog.
    Today was my speaking test.
    Module: general
    Location : Sudan

    – your full name
    -study or work
    -where do you live flat or house
    -discibe your appartment
    -view when you look out from your windows.
    – do you often carry bags
    -what types of bags
    -do you chang bags according to occations
    -when you buy a bag what you look for.
    I don’t remember if there were more questions in this part.

    Part 2:
    – talk about a person you recently meet. Who where and what he looks like.

    Part 3:
    – where you meet people
    – do you think people should have same intersts to be friends
    -What criteria do you look in a friend
    – how do people in your country make friends
    -school friends are best friends (Idon’t memorize same words)
    – benefits of having friends with same interests
    I think that’s all.

    For part 1 I did well and part 2 also I talk for 2 min contineously untill the examiner stopped me & she asked me extra question about knowing this person in the future.
    Part 3 I get lost a little bit 🙁 some questions I ran out of words & out of topic I think. Hoping for band score 7

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s fine that the examiner stops you when you reach 2 mins in part 2. Don’t worry about going off topic. It’s not considered good to run out of words in part 3 but I can’t comment on your score without hearing your full test. For fluency (25% of your marks), band 7 means that you can speak at length without effort. So, obvious pauses would put you lower than this. However, your overall score is also based on grammar, vocab and pronunciation – so lets wait and see your results!

      Here are some examples of bags for you to talk about: plastic bags, rucksacks or backpacks, briefcases, handbags. For a list of more speaking topics for Jan 2017, see this page:

      • Actually when I felt I am running out of words I didn’t stop but I went off topic in order to save myself.
        Other questions in part 1 were about choclate do you like.. did you eat much when you were child.. have you ever give someone choclate as a gift.. why do you think people like choclates.

      • Regarding bags questions I’ve talk about handbags.

    • Thanks for sharing I have my speaking test Tommrrow . Every one pls share ur questions of test

  96. Date:14 January
    Location: Iran-Tehran
    Speaking test:
    part 1: hometown, favorite color, photography
    part 2: describe when you work as a member of a team
    part 3: team working, the role of leaders in team working, other factors in a successful team, such as equipment and training.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • date: 14 jan
        questions- live in house/flat?
        describe your house
        what do u see from windw?
        colors,what color u like?
        is u like from childhood?
        cue card: a piece of equipmnt u use
        questions on robots,machines,
        advantages and disadv of machines

  97. Abdul Rehman says:

    Hello Liz mam,
    Abdul is here….
    Today I took my speaking interview at Lahore, Pakistan. Overall, the interview went quite well. The only thing is teasing me that when I was giving my answer in part 2 then suddenly my examiner stopped me and asked a question ( Do you often go to cinema? ) and I gave the answer of that particular question. So, now I want to know will it affect on my score as I didn’t complete my 2 minutes . I just spoke around 1:30 minutes when she asked me that question.
    Please mam give your feedback on my query. I’m tensed a lot from that time.
    Waiting for your response…

    However, let me share my questions that I was asked.

    Test type.. Academic
    Date…. 17-01-2017
    Location … Lahore, Pakistan

    In part 1st she asked me.
    1) What’s your full name ?
    2) Where are you from ?
    3) Are you live in a house or apartment ?

    then she asked 4 to 5 questions related to my favorite teacher.

    After that she gave me a cue card and the cue card was

    Describe your favorite movie………
    And part 3 was related to my cue card. Actually, I forgot those questions. But, it was about cinema type questions.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The examiner MUST give you 2 mins in part 2. If the examiner thinks you have stopped speaking and you have ended your talk, he/she might move on before 2 mins is passed but if you are still speaking and the time is less than 2 mins, the examiner CAN’T interrupt your talk. These are the rules for IELTS. It is not always possible for candidates to know when 2 mins have passed. Any problems with the speaking test can be checked if you choose to remark but that isn’t something I recommend until you get your results.

      • Jijo p abraham says:

        My exam was on 2017 January 16 in Kottayam india.
        Cue card:
        Talk about about bussiness you will start in future.
        Today advertisement main aim is increasing the sales of products people don’t really need what extent do u agree or disagree

  98. I had my S test on 11th

    Part 1 –
    – Describe your village
    – Is it a good choice living in your village?
    – What do you prefer to watch in TV?
    – Do you prefer to watch TV alone or with someone else?
    – Did you love to watch TV more in your childhood?
    – As a child did you interested in robots?

    Cue Card:
    – Describe two people you know who are related to each other.
    Follow up question
    – Do they have any relations with them?

    Part 3:
    – Is it an advantage to be in a extended family?
    – Is there any kind of change has happened in the family life during past few years?
    – How family is important?
    – Is it important to intervene the government to educate people on how to carry out family life?

  99. Today was my speaking exam in Patiala, Punjab , India.
    Introductory Questions:
    Do you work or study?
    Do you like indoor games? What type of games did you play in your childhood?
    Do you like any other indoor game apart from this?
    How much do the people of your country play computer games?
    What type of work do you want to do in your future?

    Cue Card topic
    A decision someone took which you disagreed on.

    Follow up questions:
    1. What important decisions do the people of your country take?
    2. Which decision is more difficult to take – education or marriage?
    3. How can a person improve the wrong decision about marriage?
    4.What do you think about the parents who take all the decisions for their children?

  100. Hi all,

    First of all, I should congratulate Liz for such an amazing blog! It has been powerfully useful for me in the last three months to prepare my IELTS exam. As for me, if you already have a good level of English and you follow the suggestions made here, you’ll rock it in your exam 🙂

    Test date: 12 January
    Location: London
    Type: Academic

    The four parts were quite easy to follow, but just a heads up that Section 2 consisted in complete information provided in a map (in this case, it was the map of the inside of a gym), question that doesn’t come up quite often. I found that part slightly more difficult as I only made another listening practicing with this kind of question.

    In overall the three texts were quite easy and one of the questions included also a diagram. One of the parts was quite confusing, with the question-type of completing sentences.

    Task 1: Describe a table with information about number of inhabitants that had a computer or mobile phone in 2003 in 6 different countries.
    As for me it was quite difficult to answer because it wasn’t barely anything to say about it (it was so easy that I found it difficult!).

    Task 2: Something along the lines of “Today, more and more students decide to move to a different country for higher studies. Do you think that the benefits of this outweigh the problems?”

    Part 1:
    -Do you live in a house or in an apartment?
    -How does it look like?
    -Do you like to receive visitors?
    -Do you prefer to receive visitors or to visit?
    -What do you normally do with your visitors?
    -Do you have bags?
    -Which kind of bags are they?

    Part 2:
    Describe a place in which you would like to live for a short time. How do you know this place? Have you been there previously? What would you do there?

    Part 3:
    -What do you think about moving to a different place to work for a short-time?
    -Do you think is beneficial for people to work for a short time in a different place?
    -Many companies are aware of the cultural problems that this employer mobility could bring and they have start to take some measures. Which methods they should implement?
    (I don’t remember exactly all the questions, but the discussion went around which measures companies need to take bearing in mind that they will have workers from abroad)

    Good luck to everyone!

  101. Hello Everyone,
    -Academic module;
    -14th January 2017;
    – São Paulo – Brazil;

    Do you work or study?
    What’s your job?
    What do like to do after work?

    Part 2
    Describe an occasion that you received a good service from a company or shop
    You should say:
    Who provided the service;
    When and where you received the service;
    Whom you were together with;
    and explain how you felt receiving a good service.

    Task1 – Two bar charts, showing the numbers of hours spent by Australian parents(Mothers, Fathers an Both parents) on weekdays(chart 1) weekends(chart 2) in a range of 5 ages(0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 and 8-9).
    Summarize the information making comparisons where relevant…

    Task2 – A 100 years ago people think that human race steadily making progress in all areas of life, nowadays there is less certainty that is so. In what areas do you think the most important progress has been made so far? In what areas more things need to be done?

  102. Sharing the love because this site has been so helpful. (Received my test dates with barely 13 days to go.) Liz, you’re truly a life-saver!

    Dates: 14 Jan, 16 Jan 2017
    Type: Academic
    Location: Singapore

    – Renting an apartment in Sydney
    – Company’s new cycle-to-work scheme (map given)
    – Advice on surviving a PhD viva
    – Reasons for happiness

    – History of left-hand and right-hand drive
    – Brief history of the funding and architecture of three US public libraries (NY, Chicago, San Francisco)
    – Science and food (the science of cooking… myths… molecular gastronomy)

    – Comparing energy sources between 4 countries over 2003-2008
    – In some schools and universities, girls tend to choose arts subjects (e.g. literature), and boys tend to choose science subjects (e.g. physics). Why do you think this is so? Should this tendency be changed?
    Section 1:
    – What do you do? (work) Why did you choose this? What do you plan to do in future?
    – Do you like reading about celebrities? (No) Which is your favourite local celebrity? Would you like to be a celebrity?
    – Do you like to read? (Yes) Have you ever re-read a book? Why?

    Section 2:
    Describe a garden you’ve been to and liked. (I think the why and locations were required too)

    Section 3:
    – Do you think people know where their food comes from? (was about nature & environment)
    – Do you think people in Singapore are more aware of this, given that it has to import so much?
    – Do you think growing plants in Singapore will help improve this awareness?
    – What plants grow in Singapore?
    – Do you think school programmes will help to improve awareness about the environment?

  103. My exam was on 14th january
    Venue Mansoura egypt
    Do you work or study?
    Why did you choose this profession
    Did you have a favorite teacher
    Why did you like him
    What makes the teacher favorite for his students

    Describe your best holiday and why you like it
    How long do you like vacations to be and why
    Do you prefer to stay at home on weekends or to go out
    Other questions but I can’t remember them
    Cue card
    A business you like to start where would you start it and what do you need to start it
    Section 3
    What are the small businesses found in your city
    How could business be successful
    What are the disadvantages and advantages of owning your own business iver working in company
    Do you think practical training need to be included in training courses

    Task1: a line chart describing the different prices of bananas in four different countries between 1998 and 2002
    Task 2: consumer goods have become the most important part of people’s lives , do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages? Discuss
    Listening was very easy and reading the first two were quite easy by the last one was very hard

  104. Ekaterina says:

    Hi everybody!
    I took Academic IELTS on the 14.01 in Russia
    Speaking test

    Part 1
    1. Do you study or work?
    2. What’s your job?
    3. Why did you choose it?
    4. Do you want to change your job in a future?
    5. Do you like holidays?
    6. How often do you take photographs?
    7. What do you do with photo you take?
    8. What do you like more: photo or video?

    Part 2.
    Describe an interesting advertisement that you have seen. You should say:

    where you saw it
    what it was about
    why you think it was an interesting advertisement.

    Part 3

    1. What type of advertisement do you know?
    2. What type of advertisement is the most popular in your country?
    3. Has the advertisement changed in last 2-3 years?
    4. Should the government restict advertisement of some goods (alcohol etc.)?

  105. Exam date 14 January
    test location UK

    Hi Liz

    speaking cue card
    talk about something interesting you do in your free time recently

    I talked about travelling to another country to help as a nurse in immigrants camp and talked about what did I do there… I am not sure if this an off point answer to the question or not as the examiner was not happy.

    Task 2 writing was about consumer goods are the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

    • Sorry cue card was something interesting you DID in your free time

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You are not marked on being on topic in speaking so it doesn’t affect your score if you introduce other information or go a bit off topic. In writing, you penalised for going off topic.

  106. Amarjot Singh says:

    I am Amarjot Singh and today was my speaking in The Maya hotel Jalandhar.
    1. What is your name?
    2. Describe your hometown?
    3. Why you like to live here?
    4. What is the speciality of your hometown?
    5. Will you like to live here in you future?
    6. Are you worker or a student?
    7. What is your qualification and subjects?
    8. Why you like these subjects?
    9. Which is your favourite color?
    10. Why you like this color?
    11. Did you like same color in your childhood?
    12. Do your friends like this color or not?
    Talk about an appointment which you forgot
    . When you forgot it
    . Where was your appointment
    . Why you forgot it
    1.Do you think appointment is good or not?
    2. How we can remember the appointment?
    3. Is it important or not to remember appointment?
    4. Which one you give the more importance to your appointment or friends?
    5. Do you think youngsters should know about their grandfather and forefather?
    6. Why youngsters like to know them?
    7. Is it good or not?
    8. How they get knowledge about it?

  107. Aelisha Shrestha says:

    First Thank you Liz for your guidelines..☺
    Ielts centre-Nepal
    Ielts date 12th jan
    module: Academic

    Task 1:
    here is the table of number of mobile and computer user per 1000people in six differentcountries in year and summarise the table.
    Many people goes abroad for higher studies.Do the advantages outweigh diasdavantage??
    Give your opinion.

    Listening and reading I couldn’t remember all of it but reading part 3 was quiet tough..

    Speaking 13th Jan
    -Are you a student or worker?
    -Why did you choose this subject?
    -What will you be doing after completing your studies?
    -How is your hometown?
    -What do you like the most about it?
    -What do people usually do here?

    Cue card: describe a time when you have forget the appointment(e.g..with doctor or friends)
    -When was the appointment?
    -Why did you forget about the appointment?
    -What happened after you forger about it?

    -Is business& doctor appointment important or meeting with friendsimportant?what do you think?
    -Do you usually remember the appointment?
    -What do people usually do to remember appointment? Like any signs?
    -Is family history important to know?
    Do you think it is benefit to have a goodtalk with your ancestors??

    Part1&part3 went well but I am afraid of I was stucked for a moment.
    Listening went well too..I am confused for reading.writing was good though task1 didn’t go well as I expected..
    Hope for the good result..
    Special thanks to you.Liz.. 🙂 🙂

  108. Muhammad Ahsun says:

    Dear Liz,

    I just want to ask about one thing, if in speaking, examiner asked me about something which I don’t remember, for example, if asked about new shop in my area and nothing came in my mind at that time, can I say I don’t remember or should make something fake in my mind?

    • Of course you can say you don’t remember. You can say “I don’t know any new shops in my area but one of my favourite shops which I often go to is ….”. The speaking test is assessing your English language not your ideas. So, take control of your test and start using your English fluently.

  109. Arjun Singh says:

    Dear Liz,

    Your amazing website/blog has really helped a lot of people including me. Thanks a lot!!! Just finished my speaking test and I’m not too sure how it went. I also had a few gentle laughs with the examiner during the test cause of my answers. And I feel I started off a few of my answers with “um” and “ah” but didn’t use them in the middle of the sentences. Do you think this would impact my score?

    • Arjun Singh says:

      Sorry forgot to mention the questions.

      Started off with the introduction and moved on to my profession. Questions like why did you choose your profession, how do you like it.
      Went on to whether I like travel and where have I travelled to from work. Then the holidays and how long is an adequate holiday.
      Got the cue card of an appointment I had missed. Was simple and the examiner prompted me to talk for just about another 10 secs.
      The last section was on memory and it’s importance in daily life. Also some questions on family tree.

      Basically all leading questions and I guess I spoke some sense of not all of it.

      Thanks again Liz and will be back with the LRW section soon!!

      • It’s normal that people might hesitate to find ideas – even native speakers do that. The problem comes when you hesitate to find language because you can’t remember the words in English – that usually happens after you start talking. If you didn’t hesitate once you started talking, then your fluency would be considered pretty strong.

  110. sorry i saw that many questions are repeated,people who have had exams recently posted questions which were in 2016 in summer maybe.i have exam soon so it is possible to have some old questions?

    • Yes. In speaking the topics and questions can be repeated. In writing, the topic might be repeated but the essay question might be worded differently with different instructions.


    Speaking, Bogota (Colombia), January 2016

    Part 1.
    – Describe your home, how it looks like, what you can see from your home
    – Teachers: had you a favourite teacher, what does a teacher popular, have you ever been teacher, would you like to work as one
    – Book, have you ever read a book twice, do you prefer to buy them or to rent them, do you like I-books

    Part 2:
    Describe your favorite movie (tell about the story, why you like it…)

    Part 3:
    Movies and Cinemma (do you need lots of money for making a film, are actors overpayed, do countries need their own film production…)

  112. Center: Hyderabad
    Test type: academic
    Date: 12/01/016

    Writing Task1 : Process to make Glass from recycle bottles. 3 stages given, First, Collecting bottles from customers, second crushing bottles, Making it liquid , Third stage Packing and send back to super markets.

    Writing Task2: Some people think Governments should take measures on Healthy Life style of Individuals , Few others think It must be managed by each Individual resposnisibilty ( similar paraphrasing ,forgot complete sentence), Discuss both sides and give your opnioin.

    Passage 1: Supermarkets innovation
    Passage 2: Waste water filter by planting few kinds of trees , keeping in the rural areas . Down flow, Horizontal methods etc. Little tough with questions though passage looks simple.
    Passsage 3: Video games playing effects on teenagers and expermintes by parents etc.

    Listening: I didn’t remember most of the questions. I really did very well with this part. All the traps I am able to clear.

    Listening Section 3: Positions of different tress in House design.

    Part 1:
    name, id
    Colors Topic:
    What colors do you like?
    what colors are not likely to be put in the bedroom?
    During child hood do you like any colors?
    I forgot other ones.
    Part 2:
    Tallest Building which you recently saw
    What kind of building it is?
    What you like about it?
    What you don’t like in the building?.

    Few questions Topic 2:
    what are the disadvantages living in tall buildings?.


    Do you like Your own interior design for your house?
    One more question Do you prefer to hand writing or type?.
    When do you use Handwriting?.

    Overall, I did Listening well. Reading I lost my concentration after finishing first passage, got nervous because I spent 25 mins with it, later not really done well with passage 2 and 3.May be around 20 qs will get right. Writing is fine with the Liz inputs. Though I am not really good with the pharaprasing But managed it. Speaking Managed OK. Overall I may Land in 6 to 6.5 Band.
    Liz, You are the only my resource for my preparation from last three weeks. Thanks very much for short and clear videos , Without you I probably not even think to do moderately well. Just Booked three weeks back and used your site for preparation along with IDP practice tests. Lets await for my score.

  113. Moutaz Mahmoud says:

    Venue: Alexandria, Egypt. Module: Academic.
    Task 1; 2 pie charts comparing between Australia and New Zealand in terms of people who bought goods online from local and overseas stores.
    Task 2; Teaching foreign languages to students at an early age, asking for my opinion.

    Part 1: Hometown
    Part 2: Robots, Shoes
    Part 3: Cafes & restaurants

  114. Sukhmandeep Kuar says:

    Today was my speaking and my examiner is foreigner and she was about 32 years old.
    Basic questions
    1. What is your name?
    2. What is the meaning of your name?
    3. Tell me something about your hometown?
    4. Why you like to live here
    Talk about swimming pool
    .Name of the swimming pool
    .When you visit this swimming pool
    .Why you visit this swimming pool
    Follow ups
    1. Do you think we should learn swimming ?
    2. How it is beneficial for us?
    3. How we can learn it with easy way?

  115. Today was my speaking and my basic questions are
    1. What is your name?
    2. Are you student or worker?
    1. Do you like to use public transport?
    2. Do you prefer longest journey by public transport?
    3. Why you prefer it ?
    4. Do you think this trend will increase in future?
    1. In which type of activities you liked in your childhood?
    2. Did this important for you or not?
    3. Why do you think this activity was beneficial for you?
    4. Why you took participate in this activity?

    CUE CARD Talk about a book which you like to read again
    .Name of the book
    . When you read it
    . Why you want to read it again
    Follow ups
    1. What type of stories children want to read?
    2.When you buy book which things you note?
    3. Will technology decline the libraries?

    My exam in british council and my examiner was Foriegner, she is about 21 years old

  116. IELTS Academic Module
    Part 1:
    – Are you working or studying?
    – What are you working as?
    – Tell me about your job.
    -Do you prefer to have one best friend or a few friends?
    – Why do you prefer to have a few friends?
    – Do you often go out with friends?
    -What do you together?
    – Do you think that you will have more friends in future?
    -Do you like watching TV?
    -What do you like to watch?
    – Do you prefer to watch alone or with someone else?
    Part 2:
    A well paid job you think of….. Describe why it a well paid, how to get it….
    Follow up questions: Do you think you want to be take up this job? Which occupation should be given a better pay?
    Part 3: Can’t remember the exact questions
    – Is being rich a good thing?
    -Do you think people should save for the future?
    -Something about accumulated wealth
    -what makes a person choose a job aport from the pay it offers?

  117. Writing
    Table, that compares feedback results of three different courses offered at a specific university.

    Some people think that increasing the minimum age required to drive will improve road safety. (cant remember the exact, it is paraphrased)

    Speaking1: work or study, why did you choose this organization, would you continue to work in this organisation, do you take much photos, do you take photos when you traveling, what do you do with photos, do you like writing by hand or typing, what do you like to write by hand?

    Speaking2: Describe the preparations you did for a happy event in your life.
    what the event was about?
    what preparations you did?
    were preparations proved to be successful?

    Speaking3: why some people are organized in their life, and others are not, how can they learn to be organized, apart from parents who else can teach them, (u said teacher, so how can they teach them?), what do u think? – do un-organized people enjoy more or organized?

  118. Test – General
    Date – Speaking – 6th and LRW – 7th Jan 2017
    Location – Bangalore

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks a lot for your site and was really helpful for my test. This site really helped me especially with reading (like skim/scan etc for passage tips)

    Below are the details :

    Speaking :
    Whats your Full Name
    Do yo live in a house of apartment
    What is the view like from your flat

    Cue Card:
    Describe an incident or situation which made you laugh
    – What was the incident
    – Where were you at that time
    – Who was there along with you

    I spoke about a recent FB post about a girl who was was driving a two wheeler with her purse in the front. A Pilion rider on a bike grabs her bag and they move on. The girl leave her scooter and runs behind them. I told that it was a funny situation and anyone who gets into that situation should look for the current resources that they have (like her scooter and chase them instead of running) and also use presence of mind.
    I dint take take the 1 minute to make notes but started off and in between she was prompting me to talk. In the initial discussion she kinda stopped me and moved to the next (as was speaking more)

    Unable to recollect the exact wording but was something like this “Do you think Comedy shows are good”
    In Continuation to that she asked Humor in Media and ads.
    Also asked if a funny incident be perceived as same by 2 individuals (somewhat same lines). I did elobrate and at the end concluded by saying that “if I get into a embarassing situation for me it is not funny but for others who are viewing/watching its funny”

    Hope this is fine

    Writing :
    Task 1
    Write a letter to a friend who is arriving next month explaining that you are moving from your accomodation and you think that your accomodation will suit him/her.
    Explain the following points:
    1. Why are you moving from your accomodation?
    2. Describe your accomodation
    3. Why you think it will suit your friend?

    Writing Task 2
    Most countries allow 18-Year-Olds to start driving a car. Some say it is good to allow at this age. others think that the age to start driving should be at least 25 Years.
    Discuss both the views

    Started the same stating “Buying a car has become a need rather than a luxury and with more number of people buying we would see more number of people applying for driving lisences
    For former I have mentioned that 18 is a age when they are legally major and get the right to cast vote and in few situations they cant judge properly and overlook “Speed Thrills but Kills” and also mentioned not all are like that. Also based on the trends we see more accidents happening in that age groups. For later part mentioned that people are more matured and will be able to judge properly….etc with an example if we see the trend in the past there were less accidents in this age group as that time buying a car was a luxury and people attained the purchasing power post the age of 25

    Ended the passage with a note stating that data has to be collecting and analysed and then arrive at an age which would be best to start driving.

    Now sure how much would i sore as I was not used to writing and had few knock offs (due to spelling mistakes)

    7 paragraphs about Coco beans and questions around which passage did it reflect
    dont remember the others

    Section 1 – Gym membership i guess
    Section 2 – Map of park near the Beach/Sea
    Section 3 – Students talking about a particular course at 2 universities

    Few tips for the test takers:
    Listening – Take all the Practice from the book sent by the Team(in my case IDP) and Cambridge Book – I took more than 15 tests.
    Writing – One mistake I did was didnt practice much actually writing. Hence please do practice by writing especially Task 2 as Task I we usually send out emails on regularly at work.
    Reading – Read as many practice test possible and apply the tips. Initially I was reading the entire passages but later started applying the ticks and was able to crack the answers easily
    Thats all from my end. Keeping my Fingers crossed for the results.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your level of English is certainly strong and I hope you do well 🙂 Be careful with this writing task 2 topic, it is about driving a car, not purchasing a car.

      • Zainub Bahar says:

        LIZ, can you tell me the Writing Task 1, mentioned by Naresh (in the above exams questions) is semi formal or informal?

  119. Amr Farouk says:

    My test was yesterday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Academic Module, the writing test was about:
    Task 1: Two bar charts representing the percentage of secondary school students and university students in 2000 in 5 different regions (Europe, Latin America, Sub-Sahara Africa, East Asia, and I don’t remember the fifth).

    Task 2: some people think that the best way to reduce crimes is to apply longer prison sentence, other people think that there are other better methods to do so.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  120. Hi
    Here some of questions from the IELTS general test 7/1/17

    Task 1: Write a letter to landlord to report a small accident that happen in the kitchen in the letter
    – describe the accident
    – say what happen
    – what you want the landlord to do
    task 2: Some people say that tourists cannot learn much from place where visiting on holiday. Others say that can learn many thing.

    Discuss both of views and give your opinion.

    Speaking mostly about family

    Part 2 topic card

    talk about the person you have recently met and you want to know more about that person

    sorry this is not much what I can recap because I was nervous and stress, I was more worried if I can get the scores that I wish to get.

    All the best to everyone, I know this is very stressful if we are keep trying and do not get what want.

  121. Dear Liz,

    I’m Asanthi from Sri Lanka. I sat the IELTS -General- L, R, W tests today.

    L – hall booking for a wedding, Description about local people in a certain area, discussion about a research on how people behave when they are given flowers, pens, candles,

    R – article on chocolate, canoe trip packages, Exercises
    W – letter –
    you are moving from your current place to a new place. invite a friend to your current location. explain why you are leaving? explain about your new location, why are you recommend it to the friend.

    W- Essay
    under 18s are allowed for drive a car. some say that a person should become at least 25 to drive. discuss both.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Speaking test
      Part 1 tell me your full name
      Where do you come from
      Do you work or are you a student
      What work do you do?
      Part 2
      Describe a new shop in your town/city
      -what shop is that?
      -do you like it?
      Part 3
      Is it necessary if the government will help small shops?
      What is the importance of having small shops near tour home
      What will people do to attract buyers?
      What do you do relax yourself after work
      Do you think there has differences in dealing with old and young people to attract them in buying their products?
      Comfty or colorful shoes?

      • I just remembered, she also asks me about mirror. Maybe 5-6 questions about these ☺️

        • Do you remember the questions for the topic of mirrors?

          • Part 1 questions about mirror:
            1. How often do you look at mirror?
            2.Do you like mirror?
            3.Do you think mirrors can be used to decorate your house?
            4. Did you buy any mirror ?
            Prior to mirror, there were few questions on shoes:
            1. Do you buy based on the looks or based on comforts?
            2. Do you buy shoes online?
            3.Is it necessary to spent lot of money on shoes?
            4.Some people buy more than one pair. Is it necessary?
            5.Do you buy clothes online or do you like try it on you before buying?

            • Thanks for sharing the questions. Here are two model answers for your first question:
              How often do you look at yourself in the mirror?
              Answer: I only check the mirror in the morning before I leave the house. I wouldn’t say I was a vain person.
              Answer: I’m constantly checking my appearance in the mirror because I like to look my best at all times. In my line of work, appearance is everything.

              You can find questions and model answers for the topic of SHOES in this page:

            • Oh Rinta, we had same questions in part 3 ☺️

          • Oh sorry, she asked me, do you like mirrors?
            Do you buy one for yourself?
            Do you think mirrors can be a great design inside a house? I answered yes but i tell her I’m scared of mirrors especially at night and she’s quite interested on my answer then she just asks me why I’m scared to it.
            How frequent you are looking in the mirror?

            • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You got some interesting questions. Mirrors are often used in rooms to make them appear bigger because of their reflection.

    • Nour EL Din says:

      Dear Asanthi,

      Can you post the listening questions that you can remember please?


    • Hi Ashanthi,

      I am also planning to do the IELTS exams. I am also from Sri Lanka. Could you provide me some insight on how you prepared for the exams. Thank You. Best regards

  122. Hi Liz
    Date : 7th January 2017
    Test Type: General Training
    Location: Multan, Pakistan

    Listening was bit confusing even front the start and there are about 10-12 MCQ’s which is obviously distracting..

    However, Reading was a little bit easy except the first part which is started with T, F & NG questions.

    Writing Tsk 01.

    Write a letter to a colleague who is arriving next month explaining that you are moving from your accommodation and you think that your accommodation will suit her/him.
    Explain following points

    1. Why you are moving from your accommodation?

    2. Describe about your accommodation

    3. Why you think it will suit your colleague?

    Writing Task 02

    Most countries allow 18-year Olds to start driving a car. Some say that it is good to allow driving at this age. Others people think that the age to start driving should be at least 25 years. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    I hope I will score 7 in all modules.. 😉

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Task 2: In many countries ,good schools and medical facilities are available in cities.Some people think that new teacher and doctor should work in rural areas for a few years,but others thinks people should be free to choose where they work.
        Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

        But Mam I will discus only one side

        • The instructions say to discuss both sides so you must do that. It also asks for your opinion and you must do that too. Always follow the instructions.

    • Hello Jane,
      What was the topics being asked in Listening and Reading, Would be useful if u can share.


      • Hey Charles,
        L – hall booking for a wedding, Description about local people in a certain area, discussion about a research on how people behave when they are given flowers, pens, candles,

        R – article on chocolate, canoe trip packages, Exercises

    • Nour EL Din says:

      Dear Jane,

      If possible can I would like to re check my answers but I am unable to remember the questions. Can you kindly post what you could remember from the MCQs please?

    • Dear Jane,

      I absolutely agree with your opinion with listening part. I gave the general on 7th in Paris. I consistently got above 8 in my practice in listening. To my surprise, the test in the exam was very tough. To my ignorance, I thought I can do the listening with headphones, but the centre played a CD with speakers. So it played with my concentration. Maybe I should have requested for headphones before!!!

      the fourth topic was about airports construction in a town, I guess. The first two questions were confusing; 1) Domestic (paraphrased) for…………and 2) international (paraphrased) for…..

      They talk more about business and vacation… bla bla….used by locals or visitors something, I m not sure if I heard it, because there was no stress on it……..So it brings to the confusion; as it just asks through the preposition FOR…does it mean they want the purpose or the people who use it? I think Liz can say more about it. I answered it for the first business and the second vacation. But I think the correct answers are Locals and Tourists or Visitors (one-word answer) as they are discussing on building a future airport (common sense matters here than language skills). I am not sure about it either.

      Importantly, section 4 leaving the first two questions, it was very easy compared to others. So, please don’t follow the guidelines that there will be a hierarchy of toughness from 1 to 4.

      I need 8 in listening, but it seems like I may not get it this time. I too agree there were more distractors, less stress on answers, a little bit of mumbling. Overall, I lost my concentration. Reading was easy with no distractors and writing was fine.

      My sincere advice, take good rest, 8 hrs of sleep before the test day, and it will boost your concentration for listening.

      There were 330 students who gave the exam on the same day in Paris. I lost a lot of concentration with the time taken for seating and a lot of them were sneezing or coughing. I am not blaming them, but it disturbed my concentration a lot for the listening test.

      Good luck with your IELTS

      • Hey Gireesh,
        I completely agree with you as i have gone through the same situation and confusion throughout in Listening Test But I still hope for the best 🙂

        Wish you also all the best of luck 😉

    • Dear Jane,
      Hav u found the same Question ans of listening like:

      city, photos, round, decorations, menu, sandeiches., ……., cake etc

  123. Hojimurod says:

    IELTS Academic Module

    Writing Task 1
    Two pie charts and a table about online shopping in Australia and NZ in 2012

    Writing Task 2

    In some countries, a foreign language is taught at primary schools

    Do the advantages of learning a new language outweigh the disadvantages?

  124. Thoshanka says:

    Hi Liz

    I am after my L, R and W tests today.

    Reading I found very tough more than usual….

    There were TRUE, FALSE, NG answers for in Section 1, 3 and end of 4

    Matching titles and matching passage were included out of which I found matching passage was quite tough….

    Writing Task 01.

    Write a letter to a colleague who is arriving next month explaining that you are moving from your accommodation and you think that your accommodation will suit her. ( I can’t exactly remember the exact wording of the question but it gave the same meaning.)

    Explain following points

    1. Why you are moving from your accommodation?

    2. Describe about your accommodation

    3. Why you think it will suit your colleague?

    Writing Task 02

    Most countries allow 18-year Olds to start driving a car. Some say that it is good to allow start driving at the age of 18. Others feel that the age to start driving should be 25. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    (Again this was the whole meaning but cannot remember the exact order of words and exact words that were used in the question papaer)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Mahesh Ghori says:

      we had same question as far as writing section is concerned here in Ahmedabad India… where are you from and when you posted your question in this block….. I am worndering because our exam started at about 1:00 PM IST time….. your time is being shown 11:14 am

  125. Exam : 07/01/2017

    writing part 1:

    customers shopping two pie charts in aus and New zealand and online shopping 2012 table compare
    writing part 2:

    in some countries , teaching foreign languages to primary school.

  126. Zeeshan Azam says:

    Hi everyone, especially Liz 🙂
    I am Zeeshan (nick as Zee) from Lahore, Pakistan
    I just had a speaking test today (7th January, 2017)
    and I first got nervous but when I entered the interview room, the examiner (male) welcomed me warmly and asked me in a positive way to be relaxed… then I got peace of my mind…
    Let’s move on to the questions he asked:
    A variety of questions from different fields were asked:
    1. Can u tell me your full name?
    2. Are you working somewhere or student?
    3. What are you studying?
    4.During your graduation, did you make friends?
    5. What type of events did you attend during graduation?

    SECTION-2____ it was about Cafe (up to 2 minutes)
    Describe a “Cafe”you visited recently
    where is this cafe located?
    What did you like and dislike at cafe?

    SECTION-3 (related to section 2)
    Do you think people enjoy that cafe?
    Which type of people go to cafe?
    What does younger people do at cafe?
    Which place is better, a Cafe or a restaurant? How?
    What do younger people do at cafe?
    Do you think that younger people and older people enjoy the cafeteria in same way?

    >>About Family Socializing:
    What social events do people enjoy in your country?
    Do you think it is important to invite every relative/family member to your event? And Why?
    What do younger people do in these events and what do older people do?

    >> Public Transport
    Have you travelled through public transportation? Do you like it?
    Do you take Public transport for your work/college? Why not?
    How do you think people choose public transport?
    Do you see the people will use public transportation more in future of less in future?

    >>About journey
    How far have you travelled using public transport?
    Which things you usually carry while travelling?
    Have you ever forgotten something important to carry?

  127. Location: Perth
    Date: 7 January 2017
    Type: General Training


    Part 1
    What colour do you and your friends like?
    What do you know about your local celebrities?

    Part 2
    Describe a location where sports take place (e.g. stadium)
    Explain the following items:
    – Where is it located?
    – What is in it?
    – Who goes there?

    Part 3
    Do you think more children do sports nowadays compared to the children of the past?
    Do you think competition is good?
    What do you think competition is bad?

    Part 1
    You did some damages to the kitchen area of your flat. Write a letter to your landlord explaining the following items:
    – How the incident occurred?
    – The extend of damages?
    – What would you like your landlord to do?

    Part 2
    Some people believe that tourists do not learn anything much about a place during their holiday, while the oppositions believe they learn a lot of things. Discuss the two views and provide your opinion.

  128. Thoshanka says:

    Hi Liz

    I had my speaking test today… Thank you I went through all your lessons and prepared myself for IELTS.

    Exam – GT
    Place – Bahrain

    Part 1 – Related to yourself
    1. Did you read books when you were a child?
    2. Who do you think you are mostly like in your family?
    2. Where do you live in an apartment or a house?
    3. What does it look like?
    4. What do you see around when you look through the window?

    Part 2

    Describe a gift that you gave recently to someone

    1. Who you gave it to
    2. Why you gave it
    3. How did you feel about it

    Part 3

    1. Do you give gifts in your country?
    2. What kind of gifts do you think is suitable to give for children? (Based on my answer I think she posed the next question)
    3. Do you think that gifts for children should always be educational?
    4. Who do you think likes to receive gifts adults or children?

    This is what I could remember…. I’m worried whether I would get a band score of 7 I know 8 is impossible….

    I was being chatty but corrected myself several times as I was a little nervous. I kept on talking though at length and used good vocabulary. At one time she stopped me and asked my opinion to the question while I was explaining about the answer to Part 3 Q2

    However my test finished quite early 10 mins. to be exact.

    I am worried over my band score…

    Tomorrow is my listening, reading and writing test…. again had been practicing for more that 2 weeks with all past papers and from the lessons on your website…..

    Many many thanks once again Liz 🙂


  129. hi liz,
    I took the speaking test today i.e jan5,2017
    location: hyderabad
    are u a student ?
    what course are u into?
    why did u chose that stream?
    what is the importance of family in your community?
    whom do u resemble in your family?
    what would you like to do in your free time ?
    do you ever read books?
    what kind of books do u read?
    do u prefer to buy the books or lending them?
    whats your favourite book?
    what do u like in that book?
    is there any book that made u to read twice?
    (Lengthy task isnt it?)

    what is ur favourite subject in science among these
    and it was mentioned in the bracket(choose from physics,medicine)
    I was struck at this point …it was really a tough question for me ..i was supposed to speak about science that too either physics or medicine…..i really felt uncomfortable to speak was a subjective question which cannot be answered in a general way…many would get the chance of chosing their own subject but i was forced to pickup science and also the subject
    why is physics important for you in your life?
    what is the effect of physics in your life which made u to chose ?(i do feel that both the questions mean the same)
    how do children learn physics from museums?
    there any difference in physics methodology from past to the present?
    whats the greatest invention in physics in the history?
    why do people dislike physics?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your part 2 was certainly unfortunate and difficult for many students. With a topic like this, follow the prompts given and then expand your talk to discuss other issues – for example, education, the other subjects you feel are important, the benefits of science etc. It is fine to go off topic a bit and it won’t affect your score:

    • Exam date January 7, 2017
      Writing task 1 Tells about the bar graph in regards to the average mininum and maximum levels of air pollution of sulfur oxide and N2O in 4 big cities of Los Angeles, Beijing, Mexico and i forgot the other city. In the year 2000.micrograms m2 units.

      WT2 Universities offers online courses for students. Do you think is it positive or negative development for students?

      Reading I just only remembered the Yawning topic
      Listening – tomorrow January 8 😁
      Thanks mam liz for your lessons here.It helps me a lot eventhough I crammed on finding answers on my reading test.

  130. Kamatchi Priya says:

    Hello Liz,
    I am Kamatchi priya from India. Thank you so much for providing this IELTS free preparation blog it was really helpfull. Today I have completed my speaking exam and my questions are as follows. My LRW is on Jan 7th I will post the questions after the completion of my exams.

    Exam Date: 05/01/2017
    Location: Chennai

    Speaking Exam
    Part 1
    1. Where are you from?
    2. Describe about your hometown?
    3. Do you plan to live there in future?

    4. What is your favourite TV program?
    5. Do you often watch Tv?
    6. Do you spend time on watching TV when you were as a child?
    7. Do you prefer to watch TV alone or together?

    Public Transportation?
    8. Do you ever use public transport?
    9. Is it easy to go for your work using public transport?
    10. Do people in your country use public transportation in future?
    11. Do you like transport system in your country?

    Part 2

    Describe a plan what you are going to do in future except study or work?
    What it is?
    What you have to do for it?
    How you want to achieve it?
    And explain how you feel after achieving your plan?

    Part 3
    1. Describe about day-to-day planning?
    2. Is planning that much important?if yes y?
    3. Some people are thinking planning is waste of time what you think about it?
    4. When do children in your country plan?
    5.Parents are guiding for their children what would you say?

    Once again I thank you for providing the wonderful tips.

  131. Hi Liz,
    exam date: 03/01/2017

    Part 1:
    I do not remember the question exactly but it was about photos
    eg 1) do you take many photos? why?
    eg 2 : with whom do you take photos?
    eg3: what will you prefer, Photo or Video? why?

    Part 2: (I dont remember the point exactly)
    describe a place where you go to relax
    1 where is the place
    2 why is it good
    3 what is there to relax
    few question based on this topic

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Can you please post writing questions too. My exam is tomorrow

      • Prathibha Reddy says:

        Hi liz,
        Academic 05/01/2017
        Place:hyderabad, india.
        General self questions(work or study)
        What do you do in free time.
        What kind tv programs do you watch?
        Do you like music ?
        What sort music you like?
        Do you know any type of music to play?
        Cue card:
        Describe Same People from the similar family you like.
        Who are there
        Why do you like them
        What are qualities they have.
        Part 3:
        Do you like to live with lot of people or alone
        Few questions about individual and combined family advantages you think.

        Thank you liz

      • Anjumol your exam is 6th Jan?

      • JessIreland says:

        Hi Anjumol, Could you post here you WRITING exam that you will do tomorrow, please? My exam is on the 7th, I’m looking forward to knowing anything about the writing questions…Thanks so much!

  132. Exam date Date: 04.01.2017/City -> Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Examiner. Marie.
    Speaking questions.
    Part 1.
    Do you study or work?
    Do you ever feel that you have to study harder?

    Do you prefer to have one best friend or many friends?
    How often do you usually meet with your friends?
    What do you usually do with your friends?
    Do you think you will make more friends in the future?


    Is it easy for you to travel from home to college?
    Tell me about the longest travel?
    Do you enjoy travelling?
    do you think public transport will improve in the future? (I could not exactly recall this last question)

    Part 2.
    Tell about the book you read and want to read again.
    what is the name of the book,
    when you read it
    who suggested you this book
    explain why you want to read this book again.

    Part 3.
    Do you think that people of your age read a lot?
    Do you believe that modern devices made reading haabits easier?
    Did people in the past read books as much as people do these days?
    How will reading habits change in the future?

    In the first part the examiner tried to stop me with gestures, because I went beyond the time limit. Perhaps, my answers were rather long. I am worried about the coherency & cohesion. My answers were rather lengthy. I am afraid that my attempt to use collocations was quite obvious. I tried to use collocations that came to my mind while I was speaking, trying to adopt them to the speech.
    In the Part 2, I stated that I read novel, but later I mention that as non-fiction, by mistake. I confused the word fiction with non-fiction. Is that so bad? My answer was short, the examiner encouraged me to go on with her hand. I felt that I lost valuable mark, because of short talk on Part 2. I am not satisfied with my performance on this part. Follow-up question was given as well.
    Part three was quite a heated discussion, I felt rather confident. One time, I stopped for like 2 seconds, not being able to continue because no word came to my mind. I just used the phrase “How can I explain this”. I know that this is a wrong phrase to use, but i couldn;t help. Can you please point out the things that I did wrong? How badly does that affect on my mark?

    • Thanks for sharing your topics 🙂 In speaking part 1, it is completely fine that the examiner interrupts your answers. It shows that you have strong fluency. In part 2, giving a short talk does not show good fluency. It shows that you struggle to speak at length. However, the examiner will know when a students fails to speak at length due to lack of ideas. A short talk also means that you didn’t use the chance to offer a range of language, for example, comparisons, future forms, past tenses etc. So, it’s a shame that you didn’t take the time to showcase your language skills. If your performance in part 1 and 3 was strong, it will still be fine to do ok. Short pauses of 1 or 2 seconds are fine and natural – longer pauses and frequent pauses are a problem. On the whole, I don’t see anything to seriously concern yourself with but of course, I haven’t heard your speaking test so I can’t accurately say. Lets wait for your results!! Good luck! 🙂

  133. Keerthana says:

    Speaking Test, perth, Australia
    Part 1
    Do you work or study
    What was your work about
    Did you face any difficulties in your work

    Do you prefer colour or comfort
    Have you purchased online
    Do people have variety pairs of shoes

    Household activities
    How often do you do household activities
    Which household activity you dislike
    Should children be taught to do household activities

    Part2 cue card
    Describe your neighbor
    Who are they
    When was your first meet with them
    Any interesting thing about them

    Part 3
    How to build good relationship with your neighbours
    Are neighbours important
    Compare the neighbours of your current place with your country you are from

    It was pretty easy. Have done well. But still nervous of the score. In part 2 he himself said that’s ok and stopped me and moved to part 3.

  134. Hojimurod says:

    IELTS Academic Module
    Tashkent, Uzbekistan

    Speaking Questions

    Part 1

    1. What is your name?
    2. What shall I call you?
    3. What part of your country do you live

    Let’s talk about friends

    1. Do you prefer a few close friends to a lot of friends?
    2. How much time do you spend with your friends?

    Let’s talk about shoes

    1. Would you rather have a pair of shoes with better design/look or with comfort?
    2. What do you think of spending too much money on a pair of shoes?
    3. Have you ever bought shoes online?

    Part 2

    Describe a holiday you would like to go in the futer.

    Have you told anyone about your plans(follow-up question)?

    Part 3

    1. What is the best age to travel do you think?
    2. What are some difficulties that people face while travelling?
    3. How one can overcome these problems?
    4. Would you prefer staying at a hotel or in a “host family” when you visit a country?

    Hi, Liz.

    I think I did well in Part 1 and 3, but I wasn’t really satisfied with my performance in Part 2. I spoke at length without hesitation I guess, the only thing that’s bothering me is Vocabulary. I wasn’t able to use more collocations or idioms, although I never repeated a word and used synonyms as well as I managed to paraphrase accurately. To what extent do you think this will affect my overall band score? Thanks in advance.

    Your advice and video lessons have been very helpful and I found answers to questions bothering me for a long time!!!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is not recommended to use many idioms in speaking. Most idioms that students use are so overused or used unnaturally that they will not help your score. So don’t worry about not using idioms. Using collocations is essential and I’m sure you used them without realising. Collocations mean using the right verb with the right noun. So, no doubt you did that. In your writing above you have used strong collocations, for example “manage to paraphrase”. On the whole, I don’t think you should be concerned. Lets wait until your results come out. Fingers crossed!! 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for sharing this part but if its possible could you share writing topics?

    • What were your writing topics?
      Good luck

  135. Hi Liz,
    Thank you ^_^

  136. Hi Liz,

    First of all thank you so much for sharing such wealth of knowledge in clear and concise manner. I gave IELTS exam (L,R,W) on 10th Dec and Speaking on 8th Dec. I am a working professional and just had 7 days for preparation. However the material provided on this site, especially the tips & tricks and types of questions helped me a lot along with IDP practice tests.

    I got my result today and have got band 8 in L,R & S… and band 7 in writing.
    Overall band 8.

    So really, thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience on this wonderful website and wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

    Below are the questions related to Speaking and Writing:

    IELTS GT Module:


    Date: 8th Dec 2016

    Venue: Pune

    Part 1:

    – Do you work?
    – Why did you choose this job?
    – Do you like ads? Why do you like them?
    – Did any of the ads made you buy anything?
    – what do you think about ads on internet?
    – what do you think about hats?
    – did you wear a hat in your childhood? when and why?
    – why do people wear hats?

    Part 2:

    Describe a situation why you were required to get up very early in the morning

    – what was the situation
    – how did you felt about it
    – would you continue with this habit?

    Part 3:

    – Is it important to get up early?
    – what is the imp of time management?
    – should we always arrive on time for any event?
    – what are the situations when you think people prefer to go late to an event?


    Date: 10th Dec 2016

    Venue: Pune

    Task 1:

    Write a letter to your friend about the new job offer you have received from a different country. Tell him why you applied for it. Also ask him some questions about that country which will help you when you visit it.

    Task 2:

    Children in some parts of the world have less responsibility has compared to children in the past. Some people think this as a positive change however others think of it as as negative. write your opinion about it.

    • Thanks for sharing and very well done with your results! Wishing you a very Merry Xmas and I’m sure with your great score you will have an excellent New Year !! 🙂

      • Hi liz,
        Could you please mention some main ideas for this writing task 2 question that is about children responsibilities?I have taken ielts once ,got only 5.5 in writing .I am very nervous this time?

        • This topic is about whether responsibility is good for children or not. When a child has more responsibility in their life, they often grow up into capable adults who are prepared for the world ahead. However, on the other hand, it also means that children lose their childhood which should be a time of innocents and enjoyment rather than being weighed down my responsibility.

    • Hi my exam is on 7th jan at pune center. can you guide about environment during exam.

    • Depankar Basak says:

      Hi Hrishi,
      Thanks a lot for sharing as well as congratulations for your great result.
      Could you provide me a possible answer of writing task-2.

      Thanks once again for your cooperation.

  137. Sadia Anjum says:

    Dear Liz,
    First I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had no money and time to attend any coaching center, but I have tried to follow your advises. To be honest, you were my coach for last few months. This site of yours was a great help for me.

    Country: Bangladesh
    Venue: Dhanmondi
    Date: 10th December, 2016


    1) what is your name?
    do you study or work?
    Do you like sea?
    what you generally do when you are in a beach?
    can you swim? do you think its necessary to learn swimming? why?

    2) A song you love
    what kind of song is it?
    why do you like it?
    would you recommend others to hear it?
    when did you hear it first?

    3) what type of song is popular now-a-says?
    why young people don’t like classic music?
    what is more necessary in a song, the music or the lyric? why?

    A chart was given that showed percentage of popularity of sport, news and drama program on TV among Australian students throughout the year 2008.

    Now-a-days, private company rather governments is arranging and paying for scientific researches. write the advantages overweight disadvantages.

    My score has published today, its 7! More than I expected. Liz, I thought I should let you know that there is many followers of you from BD. Thank you so again….May God bless you.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m so pleased my site was useful 🙂

    • Hi, is it was under IDP?
      or British council?

    • I had the same exam in different location.
      Could you confirm that you had the following on listening:
      1- Registration
      2- Visit to Zoo
      3- Guide (Plans)
      4- History.

      Reading passege titles:
      1- Lie tool
      2- Archaeology about the development of the teeth of the human.
      3- Global warming

      I need to know because I had done a great exam work but I was shocked of the result
      As I got 5.5 for L, R, W and 6.5 for S and 6 for overall.

      And I believe that there was a problem in the listening part as my mates didn’t get higher than 5.5 on the listening part.
      Could we can talk a little?

  138. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful blog with loads of free guidance.

    I had my exam on 17th Dec at London.

    My Writing topics were below,
    Task 1:Two tables with information of no of students came from Australian university and those who went to Aus uni from five different European countries.

    Task 2: The advantages provided by English as a ‘global language’ will continue to overweight disadvantages.
    What extent do you agree with the statement?

    I think the question was about future if I understood properly,
    I just had to read it again and again what actually they want to ask.
    I was not able to put my ideas very smoothly as I had to prove that English language ll continue to offer more advantages than disadvantages in future.
    Pls correct me If I am wrong.
    My Target is 7 band in writing and I don’t think I can get it this time as I couldn’t focus on Language and sentence structure and grammar.I was so stuck with ideas.

    Reading, Listening were very easy.
    I will definitely get 8 bands.
    This was my third attempt.
    I am just stuck with writing.
    My last score was
    L,R,W,S 7.5,8.5,8.6.5

    I am sure I could not reach to 7 band criteria of writing so I have already booked another date in January.
    Again Best of luck to all exam takers and Thank you very much Liz.
    Merry Christmas.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 In your writing task 2, you could choose that you support the theory of English as a world language being more advantageous than disadvantageous. Or you could support the opposite view that it is more of a drawback. You are right, this is about the future. You decided on the former view. Your ideas could include how it will help international business as well as international communication. It might also help bring the world together with greater understanding as there will be less misinterpretations. All students should prepare ideas for all common topics before entering the writing test as well as the speaking test. You must have a range of ideas at your finger tips so that you can spend more time focusing on how to present these ideas, organise them and also your grammar and vocab. You can find a list of common topics here: You can also find advanced training for writing task 2 techniques here: Good luck with your results! 🙂

      • This was the same question asked in 22 October 2016, kolkata British council, India. I can’t believe my eyes!

    • iam ravali and my date of exam is jan 21 2017 so can u plz advice me for exam

    • What is your email address ?

    • Birpal sidhu says:

      Hii could you plz tell me how we can get 7 in writing. My target is 7each n only worry is about writing.thanks

  139. Hello Liz,

    First of all, thanks a lot for every tip you have provided especially in writing section.
    I took my exam on the 10th of December.
    Writing task 2:
    Nowadays, private companies are funding scientific research rather than governments, do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantage?
    It was a difficult question I believe.
    Please wish me luck 🙂 , I didn’t get my final results yet.
    Thanks a lot Liz

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is a difficult topic. If private companies fund scientific research rather than the government, it means that the company own the rights to their results. They might be able to sell them to other countries or sell them at such a high price that few people benefit from them. On the other hand, by allowing private companies to fund the research, it means that scientists are not restricted and limited in their work by problems with funding that come from government budgets. Good luck with your results!

    • Sadia Anjum says:

      Hi Sara, are you from BD? I had my exam on the same date and the question was same. Btw, I got my result today. I’ve got 6.5 on writing. It was really hard one

  140. Muhammad Waqas says:

    I already shared my listening answers. Muhammad and Nisha asked me about my speaking experience so I am sharing all that I can remember now. Speaking happened on the same day.
    UKVI Abu Dhabi 17.12.2016


    Discussion between two students about choosing source for some product collection like cloth

    Local library

    This is all that I can recall for speaking.

    2. Reading

    About invention of refrigeration .
    It was about invenstion and it ealier use.Further, period in which it was first used by USA and it growth by years in term of users. Periods for use for food products and methods of moving by ROAD and Railroad . Finally, effact of refrigeration food.

    Linguistics . As I can remember it was all about pronunciation of English language. Some word that are difficult to pronounce than other words.

    Very sorry I failed to recall third passage.


    Writing task one

    The Bar chart below gives information about children participants for sports activities after school hours for certain school in Australia in 2010.

    Summarise the information by reporting main feature and make comparison where relevant.
    ( Sentence structure may very but overall them was same.)


    Activities: swimming, football, basketball and no activity ( one activity I forget or may be two)

    Writing task 2

    Differences between countries are becoming less nowadays. Now people from the world doing similar in fashion, films, darama, and TV channels.

    Do you this disadvantages overweight the advantages?

    This eassy completely disagree with the statement for several reasons.
    Why I disagreed number of advantages were more in my instant click when I thought about statement. And I covered only adnavtages.
    LIZ would you please share your comments about my task response. Did I coverd well?

    When I was preparing for exam It worried much for speaking. It is surprising that I find it easiest among all other parts and I wounder it was due to examiner he was very professional and friendly. I felt like session ended before the time but I know examiner was writing time with intervals It must be about 13minutes. What I realised examiner know about candidates and they want them to be relax. You are gonna enjoy the session. I stucked with one question I found difficult to connect my idea and that time he actually was helping me with his body language and face impressions.
    I couldn’t understand one thing would you please help me Liz?
    While speaking examiner looked like he was in hurry. he never waited for me If I wanted to extend my answers. During test parts (one two three) as I remember when I finished my sentence, next without pause he started next question (what I mean by pause here is less the 2 second may be.) Remember I was last candidate we both (me and examiner) left center together.

    Sorry for delay guys here comes speaking…
    Sitting outside I was waiting for my turned as I was last candidate.
    Examiner called my name and opened door for me he was very gentle with beautiful British accent about 40 plus years old.

    He offered me to have a seat.
    He introduced himself and asked me please tell me your full name please?

    What do you do are you student or do you work?
    Why did you choose this profession?
    Do you prefer to work with people or alone?

    Lets talk about songs
    Pardon me.
    (I realised he choose wrong topic)
    Do you like flowers?
    Do you like folwers in your home?
    Do you remember when you last time bought flowers?
    Did you ever grown flower plant?
    Someone to whom you given flowers last time?
    Do people give flowers in your culture? Occasion ?
    Do you think it is important to give flowers to others?

    Clue Card.

    Describe something that you use for saving money?

    Follow_up question. Only one he asked.
    Do you think it is important to save money?

    Part 3
    what are the common things where people waste money in your country?
    How can parents teach children’s to save money.
    Should parents give money to their children’s for anything they ask for?
    Why it is important for children’s to save money?
    This is the end of speaking test thank you very much.

    This is all I can recall. From Speaking part 3, I guess I forgot 2 questions and one for part 1.

    Thank you liz for helping us

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Please try to use this page for posting questions and topics, not answers.

      • yasmine eltaybany says:

        sorry for writing here, but i dont know how to make post??
        i took ielts exam on 17/12/2016 in Egypt.
        1. listining .. conversation about some activities (guide 125 comedy balcony risk lunch) , map of museum, behaviours of chempinzees (stone tool)
        2. reading .. 1st :farmers in india and new inga spices,, 2nd: refrigerator and ice transporting and effect of ferion,, 3rd: linguistics and pronouncation of letters.
        3. writing .. task1: table shows percentage of workers in five european countries who completed their university education in 1999 for women, men, total, and average.
        it tooks my more than 20 minutes to write this task. it was difficult to make comparisons.
        task2: youth prefer spending their lesiure in shopping centers while others prefer doing organised activities like sport or music.
        firstly i began with general introduction about the two ideas. 2nd paragraph i wrote about the first point of view giving reasons. 3rd paragraph wrote about the second opinion and explain their reasons. finally i wrote my opinion and reasons of it generally.
        4. speaking.. part1: where do you live? is transportation easy near where you live? do u expect to live in the same place in the future? do u sing? what changes of songs u like now and when u was young? does people like to sing in your country?
        part2: explain thing you do to keep healthy snd fitness.
        i talked fluently about this topic, but i talked about walking then moved to speaking about healthy food and diet. is thay may affect my results that i didnt focus on a certain thing.
        part3: do u like sunny weather? why? how to make children maintain fit and healthy? do people keep fit in the same way in the past? is there difference between woman and man to keep fit? how technology help to keep fit?
        so what is your opinion ??

  141. Nisha Shrestha says:

    I had the same question as rahman ..I gave my AT from Nepal on 17th…..listening answers whatever you have written are correct..answers related to map and MCQ I too can’t remember…can you post ur speaking test questions

    • Hi Nisha, did you see my listening answers and I wonder if they are similar with your answers ? Thank you.

      • Nisha Shrestha says:

        Yes,elif…ur answers matches mine…actually my earlier post was for you, I mistyped the name…

        • Hi again , can you tell me that you wrote tool or tools and also you wrote local as an answer because some people told me that family instead of local but I heard that it was local and also tools. What about you ? Thanks

  142. Nisha Shrestha says:

    Did you take ur speaking test,if yes can you tell me what were the questions…

  143. what about the reading section? was it tough

  144. Hi,
    I want to thank you for the good work you’re doing. I have never seen a website/blog with the kind of information for tackling IELTS like yours. I’m talking about well simulated sample questions, useful tips and very good suggested answers. Not to talk of the bonus of having other candidates around the world expose the current style of questions.

    I got to know about your website through my wife who stumbled on it two days to my speaking test. I wish I had found your website months before my exam. Though, I work fulltime and hardly have time to study for the test. This is the reason I needed a companion to help optimise my study time.

    I can’t remember precisely most the questions asked during my test but I will try. I will just paraphrase with what I can remember and also state how your website assisted me within few days to my test.

    Test date: 3rd December 2016. (General Test) First attempt
    Location: Nigeria

    1. Speaking: Last part “Tell me about a leader you know and why most people see this person as a leader?” Another question was on the place of residence and amenities etc.
    Your useful tips: 1. Recording of one’s answers to model questions. This made a lot of difference in my case. I was able to see my myself in the exam room. Playing back recordings showed me my weakness and strength. 2. Understanding the pattern of the speaking test; Intro, Part 1,2,3 etc. 3. Thanks for this one; ability to show good use of tenses by modelling answers to reflect a good command. It’s like taking charge of the conversation within the scope of the interviewer’s question.

    2. Listening: The listening test was a bit hard than the few ones I practised before the exam but thanks for the heads-up through your tips. Some questions were of conversation type between three people with the answers to the questions not always in a sequential manner (not the question). So one really need to know the final opinion and who’s validating the opinion. An example is a conversation among course advisor and students. First, a statement will introduce the opinion and subsequently discuss in one or two statements which will validate or contradict. We had most of this similar pattern in this test and many people will easily get lost while listening to the audio. An example is where you have two or more sentences on the same opinion and you will have to listen and link them together to know the answer. Your useful tips: 1. Writing answers in the correct tense, singularity or plurality. Noting which part of speech helped. 2. Practising as many questions as possible really helped even in the face of a tough listening type.

    3. Writing: Just paraphrasing. Part 1. Write a letter to your school accommodation officer stating your preferred accommodation. etc
    Part 2. Write an essay. Why do more people participate in sport as youths than in adulthood? Use example in your answers. 1. Your useful tips: Knowing what to expect and pitfalls . 2. Ensure to write the required words and knowing the grading style.

    4. Reading: I can’t remember most of the passages in this part. Last Passage was about mountain climbing in the UK compared to other regions. Something called the three xxx. About three medium size mountains in the UK that must be climbed within 24 hours as a single challenge to equate the stress from one big mountain in another region. Predominant questions in other passage were the type of questions with “True, False & Can’t say. Your useful tips: I couldn’t explore your tips and other resources due to limited time. I did this test with residual knowledge and time wasn’t adequate.

    Test Result
    Speaking- 8.5
    Listening- 7.5
    Writing- 7.5
    Reading- 6

    Overall- 7.5

    I almost got my target score while I narrowly made the required score for my IELTS use due to my reading score of 6.0. I wish my reading score was better. It would have been a great result with just 0.5 increase in my reading score earning me additional valuable points. With the right strategy and adequate practise time, I should easily exceed this score in future.

    Thank you for doing what you do. If I ever think of doing this test again, hopefully with more practise time on my hand. I will just glue to your website.

    • Thanks for sharing and very well done with your results! 🙂 You’ve done very well for your first time. I’m so glad you found my site useful. I’m glad you tried my techniques for the speaking test. As you correctly say, it’s like taking control of your test and showcasing your language skills. Thanks for finding the time to share your experienced and tips 🙂

      • Hi Liz can I ask you something. The writing question was young children preferred to go to shopping centers as a leisure activity rather than interested in sports or music. Is it a positive or negative development ?

        I wrote in Body 1 that going to shopping to center is a good activity to be sociolized and also safe place vs and in Body 2 I wrote that they shouldnt only focus on this activity and also should give importance to sport and music and I wrote about the benefits of them in Body 2. do you think that Is it okey ? So i sad that all of them are good. ? If you answer me I will be so happy =)
        Thank you

        • It depends on how you expressed and presented your opinion. It is not just about your ideas, it’s about how you use them to support a clear position.

  145. So everyone here is the exam that i got and some tips to do better.

    Date: 17th December 2016
    Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Examiner: British guy in his late 50’s.

    Part 1:
    1: Describe the place where you live.
    2: Is public transport near to the place where you live.
    3: Do you want to live in the same place in the future
    4: Do you sing
    5: Do people in your country like to sing
    6: What kind of music do you like to listen to
    7: Another question that i totally forgot – sorry

    Part 2:
    Describe an app that you recently downloaded on your phone or computer
    Later – Question asked: Does your friends use that app very often ?

    Part 3
    1: Do you think children are spending more time on their phones and should be supervised by parents.
    2: Technology is changing and updating itself very rapidly. What you think are the negatives of this trend on people and society.
    3: I totally forgot what was the third question

    Overall View on Speaking:
    1: My exams seemed shorter to me than i had expected especially that the examiner only asked me 3 questions in part 3.
    2: He did not cut me at any given time so that was good.
    3: The examiner was very friendly and was interactive during the exam which made it a whole lot easier.

    But when exam is easy, most of us are dumb enough to mess up. So here are the mistakes i made:

    1: The speaking exam is not an interview. Giving them correct, straight and logical answers does not give you any edge and that is what i did. You have to expand each answer in a way that it showcases new vocabulary, sentence formation and language. If you give straight answers then you hardly have anything else to say other than the answer you just gave which in most cases is not enough to impress the examiner. Although i gave all the right answers, to the point but i could have expanded them, added some extra information to showcase my skills.
    2: Do not stress for impressing the examiner. I did that and inspite of having the most friendliest examiner, i feel i lacked in many questions. Although my fluency was the best but other areas suffered, especially lexical resource.
    3: Always speak at a moderate speed so that you can think and talk at the same time. Speaking quickly might reward you in fluency section but you would get lower score in other criteria.
    4: Walk in there, have a smile, listen to the question carefully, speak at moderate pace and keep track of your language. I repeated words and i regret it a lot.

    Section 1:
    There was a table divided into male and females. Each gender further divided into Underweight, Normal weight and over weight against three years, 1999, 2004 and 2009.
    The question said that these are the weight changes among men and women in some country.

    1: I spent 33 minutes to complete it because i am an idiot but i did well on it.
    2: Just listen to Liz lessons on Task 1 and study all her model answers very carefully for each type of question such as Bar Chart, Pie Chart etc. Take note of the language and how she chose and ignored parts of information while reporting. It helped me write a master piece according to me.
    3: I read a lot of comments here on this Blog where people ask the same question again and again, saying that their own personnel teacher said something else. Guys, you can only follow one tutor at a time. I would say follow Liz to the Z as this made alot of difference in my prep.

    Section 2:
    Today our society has changed into a “Throwaway society” where people use thing little time and throw them away. what are the causes of this and what are its effects.

    1: Pretty straight forward question. Not an opinion question. Here i would strongly recommend everyone to buy Liz writing lessons as they helped me totally change my approach to writing section 2. Its worth every penny, trust me.
    2: Although i only had 25 minutes left when i started this question, i had watched and studied Liz’s lessons so well that i could nail a really good piece and still fininsh a minute before the time finished. I even used an extra sheet to write more.

    Listening was very easy and i will probably easily score a 9 on it. Only way you can do better is by practicing listening more and more. I did all the cambridge books and did another two books recommended by Liz for listening.

    Reading was easier too. I don’t remember the first reading section but the second one was on Ice and water while the third one was language and its changes. I would definately score between 8-9 on reading. Only tip is to do as much reading as you can. I finished all the cambridge books for this part of the test. The more you do the better.

    Overall tip:

    Please follow this blog very closely as this is your ticket to Band 7,8,9.

    Once again thank you to Liz and other people here.

    • Thanks for sharing your topics and also your tips 🙂 You have hit the nail on the head with the speaking test. This isn’t an interview where the examiner is interested in your ideas or the information you give. The speaking test is just a method of testing your language. Each question is a chance to showcase your language – fluency, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. So, you definitely took the right approach. I’m glad you found all my writing lessons useful. Here are the links for other students:
      Writing Task 1: Tips, Model Answers & Free Videos
      Writing Task 2: Tips, Model Answers & Free Videos
      My Advanced IELTS Lessons for Writing Task 2:
      Good luck with your results! We’ll all keep our fingers crossed !! 🙂

  146. Date: 17/12/2016
    Local: Brazil
    Module: Academic


    Part 1
    – Tell me about the place where you live
    – How are the transports in your neighborhood?
    – Do you want to live in this same place in the future?
    – Do you sing?
    – Do people in your country sing since they are children?
    – Let’s talk about weekends. Do you like to go to the cinema on weekends?
    – What do you usually do on weekends?

    Part 2
    – Describe a large company that you find interesting.

    Part 3
    – Do you think there are benefits of working in a large company?
    – Why senior managers have big salaries in large companies?
    – Do you think there is a big gap between salaries in different positions?
    – Do you think the companies treat employees like the most important thing for them?


    – WT1: 2 charts about the average working hours from 3 European countries comparing to the European average. One for part-time and other for full-time workers.
    – WT2: museums should be just for education or should also entertain young people. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.


    – Text 1: cheating in academic studies
    – Text 2: historical painting from Australia
    – Text 3: How children interact with images

  147. Lutfor Rahman says:

    IELTS Academic Module

    Test Date:

    Test Venue:

    Today was my Listening, Reading and Writing Test.

    Section 1: Conversation between a trip advisor and a client
    Section 2: Conversation of a program coordinator and a volunteer regarding their responsibilities and etc
    Section 3: Map locating
    Section 4: Evolution of Chimpanzee behavior over time

    Passage 1: About the invention of Refrigeration technique and Refrigerator
    Passage 2: Something related to farmers and farming and new cultivation system Inga seed or something i forgot
    Passage 3: Pronunciation and how it differ in various cases.

    Task 1: Table showing data of total number of worker of five Europian country who have completed their education to university level.

    Task 2: It has been noticed that recent young peoples are spending their leisure period in shopping centers but not engaging themselves in other activities such as sport or music.

    Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

    Overall, the reading section had some critical questions….. -_-

  148. Hello Liz,

    Writing task 1: the table shows the percentage of people who have a degree level in 5 different countries according to gender.

    Writing task 2: people spend their free time in shopping malls instead of doing activities such as sports, music.. do you think is it a negative or positive development?

  149. Hi Liz,
    I had my IELTS UKVI exams today… Listening was about Japanese tour, there was about map location identification and about chimpanzee. Meanwhile, in reading there was a topic about refrigeration and I think the other one was about language (I’m sorry can’t remember exactly those topics). Writing task 1 was about percentage of workers in some European countries,,,(something like that 🙂 can’t remember again ). Task 2 was about younger people are spending more of their leisure time at the shopping center rather than joining organized activities such as sports and music.

    About flowers
    Have I experienced giving handmade gifts to someone? what was it?
    If I have experienced planting any plants or flowers

    Describe an event in my own life that has had a positive impact in my life, I must say :
    What event was that?
    When did it happen?
    What are the reason that it caused/brings a positive impact in my life.

    About cultures

    Those are the few questions that I can remember Liz, thank you for all your videos. I will post after 2 weeks about my result. I’m praying for a good and satisfying results that I needed.

  150. Guys i really want to practice the australian accent in listening. Contact me thanks

  151. Mahdi (Triple M) says:

    Hello Liz
    First i need to say thanks about your all free of charge materials. Great help. I want to tell about a weird case about writing and i have a question and hope you could help. Thanks in advance.

    15 & 16 December 2016
    Academic module
    Iran. Irsafam Center

    * Writing 1
    A figure about how old batteries recycled to new batteries and other products like glass and textiles.

    * Writing 2
    Does the advantages of new ways of communication like facebook and twitter outweigh the disadvantages.

    I know that it sounds weird but the papers for writing wasn’t the same as the one I’ve download from here. Space between line was more and there were fewer lines. After writing a lot of essays on standard paper, I’m not sure i write more than 250 words and cause my writing chaotic i think. That was disappointing. I just guess about it. Is it normal papers changed?!!!!!

    * Speaking
    Part 1

    In science it is better to work alone or as a team?
    Do you sing?
    people of your country sing a lot?
    what types of music you interested?
    Do you like to go galleries?

    Part 2
    Talk about one thing that is important for you and be important for your family for long time.
    what types of thing could make you remember about good memories with family. Album, a piece of thing and etc

    Part 3
    What is the roll of museum in learning history?
    How is it important?
    Are there other ways to make people aware about history?
    I remember these

    I have a question about speaking liz

    you know while i read cue card “A thing” important for your family for long time, i thought to thing as its meaning as a fact or idea, however after consequent questions i think the major purpose of examiner was thing as object meaning.
    I talked about the importance of family tie as the important thing in my family, something that maintains for long time and i try to stick with it and work on relationships. After that examiner told me ok you talked about bonding. However after that she talked more about objects like picture and etc. Am i goes off topic?

    Thank you so much

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I have heard other students mention that their writing answer sheet was different. Unfortunately, IELTS haven’t released a copy of it for me to share. In speaking part 2, it doesn’t affect your score if you branch off the topic. You are scored on your language, not your ideas in speaking.

  152. Hi!
    I’ve just sat for IELTS in Argentina (ACADEMIC)
    Writing 1: 2 pie charts of time used for different tasks in an office in us, one in 1980 and another in 2006. they were expressed in percentages of total time.
    Writing 2: News media has a great influence on peoples lives, is this a negative o positive development?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • I’m sorry i had to post this here because i can’t make a new post.
        I had my LRW today 17-12-2016
        UKVI IELTS Academic Module
        Writing Task 1 is a bar graph about 5 countries Australian students studies between 2004-2006.
        Task 2. Some people believe that young people learn skills from playing electronics and computer game while other believe it is just wasting time. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

        Pray for successful results and i need to have a score of 7 in all areas

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers crossed you do well !!

          • Hello Ms Liz i dont know how to post here. I have a certain part in listening that I wasn’t able to read the instructions. I don’t know if its Letter only or word. Are there any chances they will consider my answer if I didn’t follow the instruction? Im so worried.

            • Unfortunately, you must follow instructions. If it is multiple choice, you are asked to write a letter only. This means if you write a word, instead of a letter, the answer will be marked wrong.

        • Hi, I had the same exam. My speaking test was about flower, when was the last time you bought a flower? Why?
          Do you plant flowers?
          Is flower giving important in your country?
          Cue Card: Tradition in your country?
          How did you know about this tradition?
          Do you think is it easier to live by traditions?
          Hi Liz, I have noticed as I was speaking I saw my examiner writing down numbers like 848, 515. What does it mean? Thanks.

          • Some examiners make notes on timing so they can accurately measure the time for each part of the test. Some examiners also have their own note taking techniques. Whatever the reason, it isn’t about your score.

        • I appeared on 17 London academic
          Writing Young ppl spend time in shopping center other good activities .good or bad
          Reading was very difficult
          It was about refrigarition and linguistic

          Lot of McQs . Really could not do well

        • hi! where are you from? where did you take the exam and when?

      • Hi,
        I sat for IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia today(Academic module).
        Writing task 1- A table showing percentage of workers with university level education in 5 countries in 1999.
        Writin task 2- In many countries the young people spend their leisure time by visiting shopping centres rather than involving in organised activities like sports, music etc. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

        Hi Liz,
        For the task 2 I claimed it as a negative development. However my supporting paragraphs mentioned the benefits of involving in sports and music rather than explaining negative effects of visiting shopping centres. I feel now it was wrong way to approach the task. Will it affect my task response?

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is a problem to ignore part of the task and will affect your score for Task Response which is 25% of your marks. When you think it is a negative development, then you must explain why going to shopping centers is not a beneficial way to spend leisure time. Also you explain why it is better to be involved in sports and music. All information is required. However, you can still score well in the other criteria for task 2 and also in task 1.

        • Hello, I got the same exam yestarday in Turkey. I wrote in Body 1 that going to a shopping center can be a good free time activity to be socialized sharing any difficulties with your friends and like that and in Body 2 I wrote that teeneagers shouldnt only focus on shopping center so I talked about the benefıts of sport and musıc but I dont know if it is true. Can you remember some words from Lıstenıng part ?

          Thanks a lot

      • Hello liz.. ielts date:17 december writing task 1: Percentages of workers had completed education at university level 1999………………………… writing task 2: In many countries young people have interested in leisure time doing shopping but instead they organise leisure activites like ..sports n music.. speaking::: part1: what colour do you like? What is the most popular colour. Who is your celebrity in your country. Would you like to be a celebrity in future? Part2: Describe a website you like to visit . Part3: related about online shopping,internet is more popular nowadays ,internet is badly effect for children …

    • When did you take your test?

  153. ielts test date : 15 december
    WRITING TASK 1: it was a diagram in which i had to explain that how old batteries of cars are recycled into either new batteries or glass and textile
    WRITING TASK 2: nowadays,more and more people use social media(eg.facebook,twitter etc) to contact others and also use it for professional purposes.
    do the advantages outweight the disadvantages (i can’t remember the whole question but it was like that)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • I have to got same topics for Law.

      • Georgia Wilder says:

        Posting exam material is not only against the rules, it encourages cheating. If people receive an unfair advantage on a high-stakes test, they will find themselves in a much worse position once they enter university or try to compete for a job in their profession. Wouldn’t you rather know that you have the skills to succeed than cheat on a test and find yourself losing over $50000.00 in tuition fees because you fail out of your program in an English-speaking university? Liz, you are not helping people!

        • That is ridiculous!! Students are sharing current topics, not cheating. It is part of all students’ IELTS preparation to prepare current topics and keep up to date.

          • Bushra Asghar says:

            you are so Right Liz!!!

          • RAHUL RAJAN says:

            Despite the comment which made by Georgia Wilder, People not needed to be perfect in order to study in a foreign university. It is a matter of opportunity they want to explore their talents to their interested study area. And nowadays when it becoming more complicated, Liz is just made it to a convenient way. She is a rare diamond among the selfish and criticizing fellows like you(Georgia Wilder) and so Stay Away from here.

        • You are not allowed in this page!!better leave. We have no time for a basher like you. I hope.Liz Will block you. BITTER Ampalaya Georgia Wilder .

        • Dear Georgia,
          What unfair advantage are you talking about? What cheating? Good heavens! You got yourself all worked up. Wake up woman, these poor souls are discussing their experiences and past questions.

    • I appeared for IELTS on the same date, and got the same questions. By any chance, do you remember the listening and reading test answers?

  154. Lakhan Pandya says:

    I have given my (L,R,W)Academic IELTS module on 15/12/2016 in India.

    For Reading Task,
    1. Carnivorous Plants and their species
    2. Lean Production (Craft Production and Mass Production)
    3. Energy : Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit

    For Writing Task,
    In 2004, Graduates from top Us Business Schools has got their Jobs in various sectors like; Banking, Telecoms, Marketing, Retail, Industrial and others.(Pie Chart) and their average salary in 2004 compare to 2003(table)

  155. I took the test in Birmingham 03.12.2016, writing task 2 was: Some people think every human being can create art( example painting), while others think only people born with ability can create art. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Task 1 was a bar chart about levels of education and then a further classification as a pie chart between male and female.
    Speaking test: asked me about flowers, news and media, advertisement, transportation, communication.
    I found that the reading test was the hardest. I read books, every week one, but those texts they were meant to make you fail and highly irrelevant for our days.
    I don’t think I got 7 on each. but i will let you know.

  156. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for your guidance. Now, I am going to describe about my speaking test.
    Exam date- 14.12.16
    Academic test
    Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Part 1- What is your full name?
    What do you do?
    Where do you live?
    Will you want to live there in future?
    Let’s talk about flowers. Do you like flowers?
    Have you ever presented flowers to someone?
    Have you ever grown flower ?

    Que card- Describe an event when you have to get up early. You will say- when, why, where were you at that time, how did you felt about that, describe…

    Part-3, follow up-
    Why some people wake up early you think?
    Do you think it is necessary to have deadline?
    Do you think skill development and time management are necessary for work?
    What is the condition of transportation system in your locality?
    Do you think it is necessary to have parks in town?
    Did you played out door games in your childhood?
    Would you let your children to play outdoor games?
    That’s all. The examiner was a lovely, friendly lady. She removed all my nervousness.. My others test will be on 17.12.16. Please wish me luck. Thank you.

  157. Dear Liz ,
    Thanks for your tips , it helped me so much,

    I took GT test
    Jeddah , KSA
    10th Dec

    Speaking :
    part 1 : about where you live & visitors
    Part 2 : describe high rise building you visited
    Part 3 :discussion about the future of high rise building and the challenges of arcitictural desgin .

    writing :
    task 1 : you have been offered from company in another country , write to your friend who lived there :
    tell him why you apply for this job .
    ask him some informaion about that country.

    task 2 : nowadays children have less resonsibilities comparing with the past . Some people believe this is good trend and other believe it doesnot . Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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