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  1. 21 jan. 2017
    Speaking test:
    -Full name
    -Do you work or study
    -Why did you choose this major
    -who’s your favorative celebrity in your country?
    -Have you ever seen a celebrity in public
    -do you want to be a celebrity
    Cue Card:
    Consider you want to run a small buisness
    what is the business
    what will you need
    where will it be
    Follow up questions:
    is it better to work for someone or to have a buisness…compare.
    which is more important for a buisness: practical experience or academic education. compare.

  2. sukhneet singh says:

    india punjab,.
    part 1,,_ what is your full name ?
    do you live in home or appartment?
    what type of colours you like?
    what you do in making your room attractive ,.?
    part2,. talk about tall building which you like or dislike ?
    part 3 ,.-how climatte effects on tall building?
    what problems face by the people in tall buildings?
    do you think in the future tall buildings are constructed?

  3. Dear Liz. Thank you for such a useful blog.
    Today was my speaking test.
    Module: general
    Location : Sudan

    – your full name
    -study or work
    -where do you live flat or house
    -discibe your appartment
    -view when you look out from your windows.
    – do you often carry bags
    -what types of bags
    -do you chang bags according to occations
    -when you buy a bag what you look for.
    I don’t remember if there were more questions in this part.

    Part 2:
    – talk about a person you recently meet. Who where and what he looks like.

    Part 3:
    – where you meet people
    – do you think people should have same intersts to be friends
    -What criteria do you look in a friend
    – how do people in your country make friends
    -school friends are best friends (Idon’t memorize same words)
    – benefits of having friends with same interests
    I think that’s all.

    For part 1 I did well and part 2 also I talk for 2 min contineously untill the examiner stopped me & she asked me extra question about knowing this person in the future.
    Part 3 I get lost a little bit 🙁 some questions I ran out of words & out of topic I think. Hoping for band score 7

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s fine that the examiner stops you when you reach 2 mins in part 2. Don’t worry about going off topic. It’s not considered good to run out of words in part 3 but I can’t comment on your score without hearing your full test. For fluency (25% of your marks), band 7 means that you can speak at length without effort. So, obvious pauses would put you lower than this. However, your overall score is also based on grammar, vocab and pronunciation – so lets wait and see your results!

      Here are some examples of bags for you to talk about: plastic bags, rucksacks or backpacks, briefcases, handbags. For a list of more speaking topics for Jan 2017, see this page:

      • Actually when I felt I am running out of words I didn’t stop but I went off topic in order to save myself.
        Other questions in part 1 were about choclate do you like.. did you eat much when you were child.. have you ever give someone choclate as a gift.. why do you think people like choclates.

      • Regarding bags questions I’ve talk about handbags.

    • Thanks for sharing I have my speaking test Tommrrow . Every one pls share ur questions of test

  4. Date:14 January
    Location: Iran-Tehran
    Speaking test:
    part 1: hometown, favorite color, photography
    part 2: describe when you work as a member of a team
    part 3: team working, the role of leaders in team working, other factors in a successful team, such as equipment and training.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • date: 14 jan
        questions- live in house/flat?
        describe your house
        what do u see from windw?
        colors,what color u like?
        is u like from childhood?
        cue card: a piece of equipmnt u use
        questions on robots,machines,
        advantages and disadv of machines

  5. Abdul Rehman says:

    Hello Liz mam,
    Abdul is here….
    Today I took my speaking interview at Lahore, Pakistan. Overall, the interview went quite well. The only thing is teasing me that when I was giving my answer in part 2 then suddenly my examiner stopped me and asked a question ( Do you often go to cinema? ) and I gave the answer of that particular question. So, now I want to know will it affect on my score as I didn’t complete my 2 minutes . I just spoke around 1:30 minutes when she asked me that question.
    Please mam give your feedback on my query. I’m tensed a lot from that time.
    Waiting for your response…

    However, let me share my questions that I was asked.

    Test type.. Academic
    Date…. 17-01-2017
    Location … Lahore, Pakistan

    In part 1st she asked me.
    1) What’s your full name ?
    2) Where are you from ?
    3) Are you live in a house or apartment ?

    then she asked 4 to 5 questions related to my favorite teacher.

    After that she gave me a cue card and the cue card was

    Describe your favorite movie………
    And part 3 was related to my cue card. Actually, I forgot those questions. But, it was about cinema type questions.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The examiner MUST give you 2 mins in part 2. If the examiner thinks you have stopped speaking and you have ended your talk, he/she might move on before 2 mins is passed but if you are still speaking and the time is less than 2 mins, the examiner CAN’T interrupt your talk. These are the rules for IELTS. It is not always possible for candidates to know when 2 mins have passed. Any problems with the speaking test can be checked if you choose to remark but that isn’t something I recommend until you get your results.

      • Jijo p abraham says:

        My exam was on 2017 January 16 in Kottayam india.
        Cue card:
        Talk about about bussiness you will start in future.
        Today advertisement main aim is increasing the sales of products people don’t really need what extent do u agree or disagree

  6. I had my S test on 11th

    Part 1 –
    – Describe your village
    – Is it a good choice living in your village?
    – What do you prefer to watch in TV?
    – Do you prefer to watch TV alone or with someone else?
    – Did you love to watch TV more in your childhood?
    – As a child did you interested in robots?

    Cue Card:
    – Describe two people you know who are related to each other.
    Follow up question
    – Do they have any relations with them?

    Part 3:
    – Is it an advantage to be in a extended family?
    – Is there any kind of change has happened in the family life during past few years?
    – How family is important?
    – Is it important to intervene the government to educate people on how to carry out family life?

  7. Today was my speaking exam in Patiala, Punjab , India.
    Introductory Questions:
    Do you work or study?
    Do you like indoor games? What type of games did you play in your childhood?
    Do you like any other indoor game apart from this?
    How much do the people of your country play computer games?
    What type of work do you want to do in your future?

    Cue Card topic
    A decision someone took which you disagreed on.

    Follow up questions:
    1. What important decisions do the people of your country take?
    2. Which decision is more difficult to take – education or marriage?
    3. How can a person improve the wrong decision about marriage?
    4.What do you think about the parents who take all the decisions for their children?

  8. Hi all,

    First of all, I should congratulate Liz for such an amazing blog! It has been powerfully useful for me in the last three months to prepare my IELTS exam. As for me, if you already have a good level of English and you follow the suggestions made here, you’ll rock it in your exam 🙂

    Test date: 12 January
    Location: London
    Type: Academic

    The four parts were quite easy to follow, but just a heads up that Section 2 consisted in complete information provided in a map (in this case, it was the map of the inside of a gym), question that doesn’t come up quite often. I found that part slightly more difficult as I only made another listening practicing with this kind of question.

    In overall the three texts were quite easy and one of the questions included also a diagram. One of the parts was quite confusing, with the question-type of completing sentences.

    Task 1: Describe a table with information about number of inhabitants that had a computer or mobile phone in 2003 in 6 different countries.
    As for me it was quite difficult to answer because it wasn’t barely anything to say about it (it was so easy that I found it difficult!).

    Task 2: Something along the lines of “Today, more and more students decide to move to a different country for higher studies. Do you think that the benefits of this outweigh the problems?”

    Part 1:
    -Do you live in a house or in an apartment?
    -How does it look like?
    -Do you like to receive visitors?
    -Do you prefer to receive visitors or to visit?
    -What do you normally do with your visitors?
    -Do you have bags?
    -Which kind of bags are they?

    Part 2:
    Describe a place in which you would like to live for a short time. How do you know this place? Have you been there previously? What would you do there?

    Part 3:
    -What do you think about moving to a different place to work for a short-time?
    -Do you think is beneficial for people to work for a short time in a different place?
    -Many companies are aware of the cultural problems that this employer mobility could bring and they have start to take some measures. Which methods they should implement?
    (I don’t remember exactly all the questions, but the discussion went around which measures companies need to take bearing in mind that they will have workers from abroad)

    Good luck to everyone!

  9. Hello Everyone,
    -Academic module;
    -14th January 2017;
    – São Paulo – Brazil;

    Do you work or study?
    What’s your job?
    What do like to do after work?

    Part 2
    Describe an occasion that you received a good service from a company or shop
    You should say:
    Who provided the service;
    When and where you received the service;
    Whom you were together with;
    and explain how you felt receiving a good service.

    Task1 – Two bar charts, showing the numbers of hours spent by Australian parents(Mothers, Fathers an Both parents) on weekdays(chart 1) weekends(chart 2) in a range of 5 ages(0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 and 8-9).
    Summarize the information making comparisons where relevant…

    Task2 – A 100 years ago people think that human race steadily making progress in all areas of life, nowadays there is less certainty that is so. In what areas do you think the most important progress has been made so far? In what areas more things need to be done?

  10. Sharing the love because this site has been so helpful. (Received my test dates with barely 13 days to go.) Liz, you’re truly a life-saver!

    Dates: 14 Jan, 16 Jan 2017
    Type: Academic
    Location: Singapore

    – Renting an apartment in Sydney
    – Company’s new cycle-to-work scheme (map given)
    – Advice on surviving a PhD viva
    – Reasons for happiness

    – History of left-hand and right-hand drive
    – Brief history of the funding and architecture of three US public libraries (NY, Chicago, San Francisco)
    – Science and food (the science of cooking… myths… molecular gastronomy)

    – Comparing energy sources between 4 countries over 2003-2008
    – In some schools and universities, girls tend to choose arts subjects (e.g. literature), and boys tend to choose science subjects (e.g. physics). Why do you think this is so? Should this tendency be changed?
    Section 1:
    – What do you do? (work) Why did you choose this? What do you plan to do in future?
    – Do you like reading about celebrities? (No) Which is your favourite local celebrity? Would you like to be a celebrity?
    – Do you like to read? (Yes) Have you ever re-read a book? Why?

    Section 2:
    Describe a garden you’ve been to and liked. (I think the why and locations were required too)

    Section 3:
    – Do you think people know where their food comes from? (was about nature & environment)
    – Do you think people in Singapore are more aware of this, given that it has to import so much?
    – Do you think growing plants in Singapore will help improve this awareness?
    – What plants grow in Singapore?
    – Do you think school programmes will help to improve awareness about the environment?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m so glad you found my site. Fingers crossed you do well 🙂

    • Hi Liz,

      I am sorry I do not know to create a new comment. I want to know if it possible to write two answers in listening test for example (complex (advanced)). and I write this answer what is my case wrong or select the first one.

      Thanks in advance

  11. My exam was on 14th january
    Venue Mansoura egypt
    Do you work or study?
    Why did you choose this profession
    Did you have a favorite teacher
    Why did you like him
    What makes the teacher favorite for his students

    Describe your best holiday and why you like it
    How long do you like vacations to be and why
    Do you prefer to stay at home on weekends or to go out
    Other questions but I can’t remember them
    Cue card
    A business you like to start where would you start it and what do you need to start it
    Section 3
    What are the small businesses found in your city
    How could business be successful
    What are the disadvantages and advantages of owning your own business iver working in company
    Do you think practical training need to be included in training courses

    Task1: a line chart describing the different prices of bananas in four different countries between 1998 and 2002
    Task 2: consumer goods have become the most important part of people’s lives , do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages? Discuss
    Listening was very easy and reading the first two were quite easy by the last one was very hard

  12. Ekaterina says:

    Hi everybody!
    I took Academic IELTS on the 14.01 in Russia
    Speaking test

    Part 1
    1. Do you study or work?
    2. What’s your job?
    3. Why did you choose it?
    4. Do you want to change your job in a future?
    5. Do you like holidays?
    6. How often do you take photographs?
    7. What do you do with photo you take?
    8. What do you like more: photo or video?

    Part 2.
    Describe an interesting advertisement that you have seen. You should say:

    where you saw it
    what it was about
    why you think it was an interesting advertisement.

    Part 3

    1. What type of advertisement do you know?
    2. What type of advertisement is the most popular in your country?
    3. Has the advertisement changed in last 2-3 years?
    4. Should the government restict advertisement of some goods (alcohol etc.)?

  13. Exam date 14 January
    test location UK

    Hi Liz

    speaking cue card
    talk about something interesting you do in your free time recently

    I talked about travelling to another country to help as a nurse in immigrants camp and talked about what did I do there… I am not sure if this an off point answer to the question or not as the examiner was not happy.

    Task 2 writing was about consumer goods are the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

    • Sorry cue card was something interesting you DID in your free time

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You are not marked on being on topic in speaking so it doesn’t affect your score if you introduce other information or go a bit off topic. In writing, you penalised for going off topic.

  14. Amarjot Singh says:

    I am Amarjot Singh and today was my speaking in The Maya hotel Jalandhar.
    1. What is your name?
    2. Describe your hometown?
    3. Why you like to live here?
    4. What is the speciality of your hometown?
    5. Will you like to live here in you future?
    6. Are you worker or a student?
    7. What is your qualification and subjects?
    8. Why you like these subjects?
    9. Which is your favourite color?
    10. Why you like this color?
    11. Did you like same color in your childhood?
    12. Do your friends like this color or not?
    Talk about an appointment which you forgot
    . When you forgot it
    . Where was your appointment
    . Why you forgot it
    1.Do you think appointment is good or not?
    2. How we can remember the appointment?
    3. Is it important or not to remember appointment?
    4. Which one you give the more importance to your appointment or friends?
    5. Do you think youngsters should know about their grandfather and forefather?
    6. Why youngsters like to know them?
    7. Is it good or not?
    8. How they get knowledge about it?

  15. Aelisha Shrestha says:

    First Thank you Liz for your guidelines..☺
    Ielts centre-Nepal
    Ielts date 12th jan
    module: Academic

    Task 1:
    here is the table of number of mobile and computer user per 1000people in six differentcountries in year and summarise the table.
    Many people goes abroad for higher studies.Do the advantages outweigh diasdavantage??
    Give your opinion.

    Listening and reading I couldn’t remember all of it but reading part 3 was quiet tough..

    Speaking 13th Jan
    -Are you a student or worker?
    -Why did you choose this subject?
    -What will you be doing after completing your studies?
    -How is your hometown?
    -What do you like the most about it?
    -What do people usually do here?

    Cue card: describe a time when you have forget the appointment(e.g..with doctor or friends)
    -When was the appointment?
    -Why did you forget about the appointment?
    -What happened after you forger about it?

    -Is business& doctor appointment important or meeting with friendsimportant?what do you think?
    -Do you usually remember the appointment?
    -What do people usually do to remember appointment? Like any signs?
    -Is family history important to know?
    Do you think it is benefit to have a goodtalk with your ancestors??

    Part1&part3 went well but I am afraid of I was stucked for a moment.
    Listening went well too..I am confused for reading.writing was good though task1 didn’t go well as I expected..
    Hope for the good result..
    Special thanks to you.Liz.. 🙂 🙂

  16. Muhammad Ahsun says:

    Dear Liz,

    I just want to ask about one thing, if in speaking, examiner asked me about something which I don’t remember, for example, if asked about new shop in my area and nothing came in my mind at that time, can I say I don’t remember or should make something fake in my mind?

    • Of course you can say you don’t remember. You can say “I don’t know any new shops in my area but one of my favourite shops which I often go to is ….”. The speaking test is assessing your English language not your ideas. So, take control of your test and start using your English fluently.

  17. Arjun Singh says:

    Dear Liz,

    Your amazing website/blog has really helped a lot of people including me. Thanks a lot!!! Just finished my speaking test and I’m not too sure how it went. I also had a few gentle laughs with the examiner during the test cause of my answers. And I feel I started off a few of my answers with “um” and “ah” but didn’t use them in the middle of the sentences. Do you think this would impact my score?

    • Arjun Singh says:

      Sorry forgot to mention the questions.

      Started off with the introduction and moved on to my profession. Questions like why did you choose your profession, how do you like it.
      Went on to whether I like travel and where have I travelled to from work. Then the holidays and how long is an adequate holiday.
      Got the cue card of an appointment I had missed. Was simple and the examiner prompted me to talk for just about another 10 secs.
      The last section was on memory and it’s importance in daily life. Also some questions on family tree.

      Basically all leading questions and I guess I spoke some sense of not all of it.

      Thanks again Liz and will be back with the LRW section soon!!

      • It’s normal that people might hesitate to find ideas – even native speakers do that. The problem comes when you hesitate to find language because you can’t remember the words in English – that usually happens after you start talking. If you didn’t hesitate once you started talking, then your fluency would be considered pretty strong.

  18. sorry i saw that many questions are repeated,people who have had exams recently posted questions which were in 2016 in summer maybe.i have exam soon so it is possible to have some old questions?

    • Yes. In speaking the topics and questions can be repeated. In writing, the topic might be repeated but the essay question might be worded differently with different instructions.


    Speaking, Bogota (Colombia), January 2016

    Part 1.
    – Describe your home, how it looks like, what you can see from your home
    – Teachers: had you a favourite teacher, what does a teacher popular, have you ever been teacher, would you like to work as one
    – Book, have you ever read a book twice, do you prefer to buy them or to rent them, do you like I-books

    Part 2:
    Describe your favorite movie (tell about the story, why you like it…)

    Part 3:
    Movies and Cinemma (do you need lots of money for making a film, are actors overpayed, do countries need their own film production…)

  20. Center: Hyderabad
    Test type: academic
    Date: 12/01/016

    Writing Task1 : Process to make Glass from recycle bottles. 3 stages given, First, Collecting bottles from customers, second crushing bottles, Making it liquid , Third stage Packing and send back to super markets.

    Writing Task2: Some people think Governments should take measures on Healthy Life style of Individuals , Few others think It must be managed by each Individual resposnisibilty ( similar paraphrasing ,forgot complete sentence), Discuss both sides and give your opnioin.

    Passage 1: Supermarkets innovation
    Passage 2: Waste water filter by planting few kinds of trees , keeping in the rural areas . Down flow, Horizontal methods etc. Little tough with questions though passage looks simple.
    Passsage 3: Video games playing effects on teenagers and expermintes by parents etc.

    Listening: I didn’t remember most of the questions. I really did very well with this part. All the traps I am able to clear.

    Listening Section 3: Positions of different tress in House design.

    Part 1:
    name, id
    Colors Topic:
    What colors do you like?
    what colors are not likely to be put in the bedroom?
    During child hood do you like any colors?
    I forgot other ones.
    Part 2:
    Tallest Building which you recently saw
    What kind of building it is?
    What you like about it?
    What you don’t like in the building?.

    Few questions Topic 2:
    what are the disadvantages living in tall buildings?.


    Do you like Your own interior design for your house?
    One more question Do you prefer to hand writing or type?.
    When do you use Handwriting?.

    Overall, I did Listening well. Reading I lost my concentration after finishing first passage, got nervous because I spent 25 mins with it, later not really done well with passage 2 and 3.May be around 20 qs will get right. Writing is fine with the Liz inputs. Though I am not really good with the pharaprasing But managed it. Speaking Managed OK. Overall I may Land in 6 to 6.5 Band.
    Liz, You are the only my resource for my preparation from last three weeks. Thanks very much for short and clear videos , Without you I probably not even think to do moderately well. Just Booked three weeks back and used your site for preparation along with IDP practice tests. Lets await for my score.

  21. Moutaz Mahmoud says:

    Venue: Alexandria, Egypt. Module: Academic.
    Task 1; 2 pie charts comparing between Australia and New Zealand in terms of people who bought goods online from local and overseas stores.
    Task 2; Teaching foreign languages to students at an early age, asking for my opinion.

    Part 1: Hometown
    Part 2: Robots, Shoes
    Part 3: Cafes & restaurants

  22. Sukhmandeep Kuar says:

    Today was my speaking and my examiner is foreigner and she was about 32 years old.
    Basic questions
    1. What is your name?
    2. What is the meaning of your name?
    3. Tell me something about your hometown?
    4. Why you like to live here
    Talk about swimming pool
    .Name of the swimming pool
    .When you visit this swimming pool
    .Why you visit this swimming pool
    Follow ups
    1. Do you think we should learn swimming ?
    2. How it is beneficial for us?
    3. How we can learn it with easy way?

  23. Today was my speaking and my basic questions are
    1. What is your name?
    2. Are you student or worker?
    1. Do you like to use public transport?
    2. Do you prefer longest journey by public transport?
    3. Why you prefer it ?
    4. Do you think this trend will increase in future?
    1. In which type of activities you liked in your childhood?
    2. Did this important for you or not?
    3. Why do you think this activity was beneficial for you?
    4. Why you took participate in this activity?

    CUE CARD Talk about a book which you like to read again
    .Name of the book
    . When you read it
    . Why you want to read it again
    Follow ups
    1. What type of stories children want to read?
    2.When you buy book which things you note?
    3. Will technology decline the libraries?

    My exam in british council and my examiner was Foriegner, she is about 21 years old

  24. IELTS Academic Module
    Part 1:
    – Are you working or studying?
    – What are you working as?
    – Tell me about your job.
    -Do you prefer to have one best friend or a few friends?
    – Why do you prefer to have a few friends?
    – Do you often go out with friends?
    -What do you together?
    – Do you think that you will have more friends in future?
    -Do you like watching TV?
    -What do you like to watch?
    – Do you prefer to watch alone or with someone else?
    Part 2:
    A well paid job you think of….. Describe why it a well paid, how to get it….
    Follow up questions: Do you think you want to be take up this job? Which occupation should be given a better pay?
    Part 3: Can’t remember the exact questions
    – Is being rich a good thing?
    -Do you think people should save for the future?
    -Something about accumulated wealth
    -what makes a person choose a job aport from the pay it offers?

  25. Writing
    Table, that compares feedback results of three different courses offered at a specific university.

    Some people think that increasing the minimum age required to drive will improve road safety. (cant remember the exact, it is paraphrased)

    Speaking1: work or study, why did you choose this organization, would you continue to work in this organisation, do you take much photos, do you take photos when you traveling, what do you do with photos, do you like writing by hand or typing, what do you like to write by hand?

    Speaking2: Describe the preparations you did for a happy event in your life.
    what the event was about?
    what preparations you did?
    were preparations proved to be successful?

    Speaking3: why some people are organized in their life, and others are not, how can they learn to be organized, apart from parents who else can teach them, (u said teacher, so how can they teach them?), what do u think? – do un-organized people enjoy more or organized?

  26. Test – General
    Date – Speaking – 6th and LRW – 7th Jan 2017
    Location – Bangalore

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks a lot for your site and was really helpful for my test. This site really helped me especially with reading (like skim/scan etc for passage tips)

    Below are the details :

    Speaking :
    Whats your Full Name
    Do yo live in a house of apartment
    What is the view like from your flat

    Cue Card:
    Describe an incident or situation which made you laugh
    – What was the incident
    – Where were you at that time
    – Who was there along with you

    I spoke about a recent FB post about a girl who was was driving a two wheeler with her purse in the front. A Pilion rider on a bike grabs her bag and they move on. The girl leave her scooter and runs behind them. I told that it was a funny situation and anyone who gets into that situation should look for the current resources that they have (like her scooter and chase them instead of running) and also use presence of mind.
    I dint take take the 1 minute to make notes but started off and in between she was prompting me to talk. In the initial discussion she kinda stopped me and moved to the next (as was speaking more)

    Unable to recollect the exact wording but was something like this “Do you think Comedy shows are good”
    In Continuation to that she asked Humor in Media and ads.
    Also asked if a funny incident be perceived as same by 2 individuals (somewhat same lines). I did elobrate and at the end concluded by saying that “if I get into a embarassing situation for me it is not funny but for others who are viewing/watching its funny”

    Hope this is fine

    Writing :
    Task 1
    Write a letter to a friend who is arriving next month explaining that you are moving from your accomodation and you think that your accomodation will suit him/her.
    Explain the following points:
    1. Why are you moving from your accomodation?
    2. Describe your accomodation
    3. Why you think it will suit your friend?

    Writing Task 2
    Most countries allow 18-Year-Olds to start driving a car. Some say it is good to allow at this age. others think that the age to start driving should be at least 25 Years.
    Discuss both the views

    Started the same stating “Buying a car has become a need rather than a luxury and with more number of people buying we would see more number of people applying for driving lisences
    For former I have mentioned that 18 is a age when they are legally major and get the right to cast vote and in few situations they cant judge properly and overlook “Speed Thrills but Kills” and also mentioned not all are like that. Also based on the trends we see more accidents happening in that age groups. For later part mentioned that people are more matured and will be able to judge properly….etc with an example if we see the trend in the past there were less accidents in this age group as that time buying a car was a luxury and people attained the purchasing power post the age of 25

    Ended the passage with a note stating that data has to be collecting and analysed and then arrive at an age which would be best to start driving.

    Now sure how much would i sore as I was not used to writing and had few knock offs (due to spelling mistakes)

    7 paragraphs about Coco beans and questions around which passage did it reflect
    dont remember the others

    Section 1 – Gym membership i guess
    Section 2 – Map of park near the Beach/Sea
    Section 3 – Students talking about a particular course at 2 universities

    Few tips for the test takers:
    Listening – Take all the Practice from the book sent by the Team(in my case IDP) and Cambridge Book – I took more than 15 tests.
    Writing – One mistake I did was didnt practice much actually writing. Hence please do practice by writing especially Task 2 as Task I we usually send out emails on regularly at work.
    Reading – Read as many practice test possible and apply the tips. Initially I was reading the entire passages but later started applying the ticks and was able to crack the answers easily
    Thats all from my end. Keeping my Fingers crossed for the results.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your level of English is certainly strong and I hope you do well 🙂 Be careful with this writing task 2 topic, it is about driving a car, not purchasing a car.

  27. Amr Farouk says:

    My test was yesterday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Academic Module, the writing test was about:
    Task 1: Two bar charts representing the percentage of secondary school students and university students in 2000 in 5 different regions (Europe, Latin America, Sub-Sahara Africa, East Asia, and I don’t remember the fifth).

    Task 2: some people think that the best way to reduce crimes is to apply longer prison sentence, other people think that there are other better methods to do so.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  28. Hi
    Here some of questions from the IELTS general test 7/1/17

    Task 1: Write a letter to landlord to report a small accident that happen in the kitchen in the letter
    – describe the accident
    – say what happen
    – what you want the landlord to do
    task 2: Some people say that tourists cannot learn much from place where visiting on holiday. Others say that can learn many thing.

    Discuss both of views and give your opinion.

    Speaking mostly about family

    Part 2 topic card

    talk about the person you have recently met and you want to know more about that person

    sorry this is not much what I can recap because I was nervous and stress, I was more worried if I can get the scores that I wish to get.

    All the best to everyone, I know this is very stressful if we are keep trying and do not get what want.

  29. Dear Liz,

    I’m Asanthi from Sri Lanka. I sat the IELTS -General- L, R, W tests today.

    L – hall booking for a wedding, Description about local people in a certain area, discussion about a research on how people behave when they are given flowers, pens, candles,

    R – article on chocolate, canoe trip packages, Exercises
    W – letter –
    you are moving from your current place to a new place. invite a friend to your current location. explain why you are leaving? explain about your new location, why are you recommend it to the friend.

    W- Essay
    under 18s are allowed for drive a car. some say that a person should become at least 25 to drive. discuss both.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Speaking test
      Part 1 tell me your full name
      Where do you come from
      Do you work or are you a student
      What work do you do?
      Part 2
      Describe a new shop in your town/city
      -what shop is that?
      -do you like it?
      Part 3
      Is it necessary if the government will help small shops?
      What is the importance of having small shops near tour home
      What will people do to attract buyers?
      What do you do relax yourself after work
      Do you think there has differences in dealing with old and young people to attract them in buying their products?
      Comfty or colorful shoes?

      • I just remembered, she also asks me about mirror. Maybe 5-6 questions about these ☺️

        • Do you remember the questions for the topic of mirrors?

          • Part 1 questions about mirror:
            1. How often do you look at mirror?
            2.Do you like mirror?
            3.Do you think mirrors can be used to decorate your house?
            4. Did you buy any mirror ?
            Prior to mirror, there were few questions on shoes:
            1. Do you buy based on the looks or based on comforts?
            2. Do you buy shoes online?
            3.Is it necessary to spent lot of money on shoes?
            4.Some people buy more than one pair. Is it necessary?
            5.Do you buy clothes online or do you like try it on you before buying?

            • Thanks for sharing the questions. Here are two model answers for your first question:
              How often do you look at yourself in the mirror?
              Answer: I only check the mirror in the morning before I leave the house. I wouldn’t say I was a vain person.
              Answer: I’m constantly checking my appearance in the mirror because I like to look my best at all times. In my line of work, appearance is everything.

              You can find questions and model answers for the topic of SHOES in this page:

            • Oh Rinta, we had same questions in part 3 ☺️

          • Oh sorry, she asked me, do you like mirrors?
            Do you buy one for yourself?
            Do you think mirrors can be a great design inside a house? I answered yes but i tell her I’m scared of mirrors especially at night and she’s quite interested on my answer then she just asks me why I’m scared to it.
            How frequent you are looking in the mirror?

            • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You got some interesting questions. Mirrors are often used in rooms to make them appear bigger because of their reflection.

    • Nour EL Din says:

      Dear Asanthi,

      Can you post the listening questions that you can remember please?


    • Hi Ashanthi,

      I am also planning to do the IELTS exams. I am also from Sri Lanka. Could you provide me some insight on how you prepared for the exams. Thank You. Best regards

  30. Hi Liz
    Date : 7th January 2017
    Test Type: General Training
    Location: Multan, Pakistan

    Listening was bit confusing even front the start and there are about 10-12 MCQ’s which is obviously distracting..

    However, Reading was a little bit easy except the first part which is started with T, F & NG questions.

    Writing Tsk 01.

    Write a letter to a colleague who is arriving next month explaining that you are moving from your accommodation and you think that your accommodation will suit her/him.
    Explain following points

    1. Why you are moving from your accommodation?

    2. Describe about your accommodation

    3. Why you think it will suit your colleague?

    Writing Task 02

    Most countries allow 18-year Olds to start driving a car. Some say that it is good to allow driving at this age. Others people think that the age to start driving should be at least 25 years. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    I hope I will score 7 in all modules.. 😉

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Task 2: In many countries ,good schools and medical facilities are available in cities.Some people think that new teacher and doctor should work in rural areas for a few years,but others thinks people should be free to choose where they work.
        Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

        But Mam I will discus only one side

        • The instructions say to discuss both sides so you must do that. It also asks for your opinion and you must do that too. Always follow the instructions.

    • Hello Jane,
      What was the topics being asked in Listening and Reading, Would be useful if u can share.


      • Hey Charles,
        L – hall booking for a wedding, Description about local people in a certain area, discussion about a research on how people behave when they are given flowers, pens, candles,

        R – article on chocolate, canoe trip packages, Exercises

    • Nour EL Din says:

      Dear Jane,

      If possible can I would like to re check my answers but I am unable to remember the questions. Can you kindly post what you could remember from the MCQs please?

    • Dear Jane,

      I absolutely agree with your opinion with listening part. I gave the general on 7th in Paris. I consistently got above 8 in my practice in listening. To my surprise, the test in the exam was very tough. To my ignorance, I thought I can do the listening with headphones, but the centre played a CD with speakers. So it played with my concentration. Maybe I should have requested for headphones before!!!

      the fourth topic was about airports construction in a town, I guess. The first two questions were confusing; 1) Domestic (paraphrased) for…………and 2) international (paraphrased) for…..

      They talk more about business and vacation… bla bla….used by locals or visitors something, I m not sure if I heard it, because there was no stress on it……..So it brings to the confusion; as it just asks through the preposition FOR…does it mean they want the purpose or the people who use it? I think Liz can say more about it. I answered it for the first business and the second vacation. But I think the correct answers are Locals and Tourists or Visitors (one-word answer) as they are discussing on building a future airport (common sense matters here than language skills). I am not sure about it either.

      Importantly, section 4 leaving the first two questions, it was very easy compared to others. So, please don’t follow the guidelines that there will be a hierarchy of toughness from 1 to 4.

      I need 8 in listening, but it seems like I may not get it this time. I too agree there were more distractors, less stress on answers, a little bit of mumbling. Overall, I lost my concentration. Reading was easy with no distractors and writing was fine.

      My sincere advice, take good rest, 8 hrs of sleep before the test day, and it will boost your concentration for listening.

      There were 330 students who gave the exam on the same day in Paris. I lost a lot of concentration with the time taken for seating and a lot of them were sneezing or coughing. I am not blaming them, but it disturbed my concentration a lot for the listening test.

      Good luck with your IELTS

      • Hey Gireesh,
        I completely agree with you as i have gone through the same situation and confusion throughout in Listening Test But I still hope for the best 🙂

        Wish you also all the best of luck 😉

    • Dear Jane,
      Hav u found the same Question ans of listening like:

      city, photos, round, decorations, menu, sandeiches., ……., cake etc

  31. Hojimurod says:

    IELTS Academic Module

    Writing Task 1
    Two pie charts and a table about online shopping in Australia and NZ in 2012

    Writing Task 2

    In some countries, a foreign language is taught at primary schools

    Do the advantages of learning a new language outweigh the disadvantages?

  32. Thoshanka says:

    Hi Liz

    I am after my L, R and W tests today.

    Reading I found very tough more than usual….

    There were TRUE, FALSE, NG answers for in Section 1, 3 and end of 4

    Matching titles and matching passage were included out of which I found matching passage was quite tough….

    Writing Task 01.

    Write a letter to a colleague who is arriving next month explaining that you are moving from your accommodation and you think that your accommodation will suit her. ( I can’t exactly remember the exact wording of the question but it gave the same meaning.)

    Explain following points

    1. Why you are moving from your accommodation?

    2. Describe about your accommodation

    3. Why you think it will suit your colleague?

    Writing Task 02

    Most countries allow 18-year Olds to start driving a car. Some say that it is good to allow start driving at the age of 18. Others feel that the age to start driving should be 25. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    (Again this was the whole meaning but cannot remember the exact order of words and exact words that were used in the question papaer)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Mahesh Ghori says:

      we had same question as far as writing section is concerned here in Ahmedabad India… where are you from and when you posted your question in this block….. I am worndering because our exam started at about 1:00 PM IST time….. your time is being shown 11:14 am

  33. Exam : 07/01/2017

    writing part 1:

    customers shopping two pie charts in aus and New zealand and online shopping 2012 table compare
    writing part 2:

    in some countries , teaching foreign languages to primary school.

  34. Zeeshan Azam says:

    Hi everyone, especially Liz 🙂
    I am Zeeshan (nick as Zee) from Lahore, Pakistan
    I just had a speaking test today (7th January, 2017)
    and I first got nervous but when I entered the interview room, the examiner (male) welcomed me warmly and asked me in a positive way to be relaxed… then I got peace of my mind…
    Let’s move on to the questions he asked:
    A variety of questions from different fields were asked:
    1. Can u tell me your full name?
    2. Are you working somewhere or student?
    3. What are you studying?
    4.During your graduation, did you make friends?
    5. What type of events did you attend during graduation?

    SECTION-2____ it was about Cafe (up to 2 minutes)
    Describe a “Cafe”you visited recently
    where is this cafe located?
    What did you like and dislike at cafe?

    SECTION-3 (related to section 2)
    Do you think people enjoy that cafe?
    Which type of people go to cafe?
    What does younger people do at cafe?
    Which place is better, a Cafe or a restaurant? How?
    What do younger people do at cafe?
    Do you think that younger people and older people enjoy the cafeteria in same way?

    >>About Family Socializing:
    What social events do people enjoy in your country?
    Do you think it is important to invite every relative/family member to your event? And Why?
    What do younger people do in these events and what do older people do?

    >> Public Transport
    Have you travelled through public transportation? Do you like it?
    Do you take Public transport for your work/college? Why not?
    How do you think people choose public transport?
    Do you see the people will use public transportation more in future of less in future?

    >>About journey
    How far have you travelled using public transport?
    Which things you usually carry while travelling?
    Have you ever forgotten something important to carry?

  35. Location: Perth
    Date: 7 January 2017
    Type: General Training


    Part 1
    What colour do you and your friends like?
    What do you know about your local celebrities?

    Part 2
    Describe a location where sports take place (e.g. stadium)
    Explain the following items:
    – Where is it located?
    – What is in it?
    – Who goes there?

    Part 3
    Do you think more children do sports nowadays compared to the children of the past?
    Do you think competition is good?
    What do you think competition is bad?

    Part 1
    You did some damages to the kitchen area of your flat. Write a letter to your landlord explaining the following items:
    – How the incident occurred?
    – The extend of damages?
    – What would you like your landlord to do?

    Part 2
    Some people believe that tourists do not learn anything much about a place during their holiday, while the oppositions believe they learn a lot of things. Discuss the two views and provide your opinion.

  36. Thoshanka says:

    Hi Liz

    I had my speaking test today… Thank you I went through all your lessons and prepared myself for IELTS.

    Exam – GT
    Place – Bahrain

    Part 1 – Related to yourself
    1. Did you read books when you were a child?
    2. Who do you think you are mostly like in your family?
    2. Where do you live in an apartment or a house?
    3. What does it look like?
    4. What do you see around when you look through the window?

    Part 2

    Describe a gift that you gave recently to someone

    1. Who you gave it to
    2. Why you gave it
    3. How did you feel about it

    Part 3

    1. Do you give gifts in your country?
    2. What kind of gifts do you think is suitable to give for children? (Based on my answer I think she posed the next question)
    3. Do you think that gifts for children should always be educational?
    4. Who do you think likes to receive gifts adults or children?

    This is what I could remember…. I’m worried whether I would get a band score of 7 I know 8 is impossible….

    I was being chatty but corrected myself several times as I was a little nervous. I kept on talking though at length and used good vocabulary. At one time she stopped me and asked my opinion to the question while I was explaining about the answer to Part 3 Q2

    However my test finished quite early 10 mins. to be exact.

    I am worried over my band score…

    Tomorrow is my listening, reading and writing test…. again had been practicing for more that 2 weeks with all past papers and from the lessons on your website…..

    Many many thanks once again Liz 🙂


  37. hi liz,
    I took the speaking test today i.e jan5,2017
    location: hyderabad
    are u a student ?
    what course are u into?
    why did u chose that stream?
    what is the importance of family in your community?
    whom do u resemble in your family?
    what would you like to do in your free time ?
    do you ever read books?
    what kind of books do u read?
    do u prefer to buy the books or lending them?
    whats your favourite book?
    what do u like in that book?
    is there any book that made u to read twice?
    (Lengthy task isnt it?)

    what is ur favourite subject in science among these
    and it was mentioned in the bracket(choose from physics,medicine)
    I was struck at this point …it was really a tough question for me ..i was supposed to speak about science that too either physics or medicine…..i really felt uncomfortable to speak was a subjective question which cannot be answered in a general way…many would get the chance of chosing their own subject but i was forced to pickup science and also the subject
    why is physics important for you in your life?
    what is the effect of physics in your life which made u to chose ?(i do feel that both the questions mean the same)
    how do children learn physics from museums?
    there any difference in physics methodology from past to the present?
    whats the greatest invention in physics in the history?
    why do people dislike physics?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your part 2 was certainly unfortunate and difficult for many students. With a topic like this, follow the prompts given and then expand your talk to discuss other issues – for example, education, the other subjects you feel are important, the benefits of science etc. It is fine to go off topic a bit and it won’t affect your score:

    • Exam date January 7, 2017
      Writing task 1 Tells about the bar graph in regards to the average mininum and maximum levels of air pollution of sulfur oxide and N2O in 4 big cities of Los Angeles, Beijing, Mexico and i forgot the other city. In the year 2000.micrograms m2 units.

      WT2 Universities offers online courses for students. Do you think is it positive or negative development for students?

      Reading I just only remembered the Yawning topic
      Listening – tomorrow January 8 😁
      Thanks mam liz for your lessons here.It helps me a lot eventhough I crammed on finding answers on my reading test.

  38. Kamatchi Priya says:

    Hello Liz,
    I am Kamatchi priya from India. Thank you so much for providing this IELTS free preparation blog it was really helpfull. Today I have completed my speaking exam and my questions are as follows. My LRW is on Jan 7th I will post the questions after the completion of my exams.

    Exam Date: 05/01/2017
    Location: Chennai

    Speaking Exam
    Part 1
    1. Where are you from?
    2. Describe about your hometown?
    3. Do you plan to live there in future?

    4. What is your favourite TV program?
    5. Do you often watch Tv?
    6. Do you spend time on watching TV when you were as a child?
    7. Do you prefer to watch TV alone or together?

    Public Transportation?
    8. Do you ever use public transport?
    9. Is it easy to go for your work using public transport?
    10. Do people in your country use public transportation in future?
    11. Do you like transport system in your country?

    Part 2

    Describe a plan what you are going to do in future except study or work?
    What it is?
    What you have to do for it?
    How you want to achieve it?
    And explain how you feel after achieving your plan?

    Part 3
    1. Describe about day-to-day planning?
    2. Is planning that much important?if yes y?
    3. Some people are thinking planning is waste of time what you think about it?
    4. When do children in your country plan?
    5.Parents are guiding for their children what would you say?

    Once again I thank you for providing the wonderful tips.

  39. Hi Liz,
    exam date: 03/01/2017

    Part 1:
    I do not remember the question exactly but it was about photos
    eg 1) do you take many photos? why?
    eg 2 : with whom do you take photos?
    eg3: what will you prefer, Photo or Video? why?

    Part 2: (I dont remember the point exactly)
    describe a place where you go to relax
    1 where is the place
    2 why is it good
    3 what is there to relax
    few question based on this topic

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Can you please post writing questions too. My exam is tomorrow

      • Prathibha Reddy says:

        Hi liz,
        Academic 05/01/2017
        Place:hyderabad, india.
        General self questions(work or study)
        What do you do in free time.
        What kind tv programs do you watch?
        Do you like music ?
        What sort music you like?
        Do you know any type of music to play?
        Cue card:
        Describe Same People from the similar family you like.
        Who are there
        Why do you like them
        What are qualities they have.
        Part 3:
        Do you like to live with lot of people or alone
        Few questions about individual and combined family advantages you think.

        Thank you liz

      • Anjumol your exam is 6th Jan?

      • JessIreland says:

        Hi Anjumol, Could you post here you WRITING exam that you will do tomorrow, please? My exam is on the 7th, I’m looking forward to knowing anything about the writing questions…Thanks so much!

  40. Exam date Date: 04.01.2017/City -> Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Examiner. Marie.
    Speaking questions.
    Part 1.
    Do you study or work?
    Do you ever feel that you have to study harder?

    Do you prefer to have one best friend or many friends?
    How often do you usually meet with your friends?
    What do you usually do with your friends?
    Do you think you will make more friends in the future?


    Is it easy for you to travel from home to college?
    Tell me about the longest travel?
    Do you enjoy travelling?
    do you think public transport will improve in the future? (I could not exactly recall this last question)

    Part 2.
    Tell about the book you read and want to read again.
    what is the name of the book,
    when you read it
    who suggested you this book
    explain why you want to read this book again.

    Part 3.
    Do you think that people of your age read a lot?
    Do you believe that modern devices made reading haabits easier?
    Did people in the past read books as much as people do these days?
    How will reading habits change in the future?

    In the first part the examiner tried to stop me with gestures, because I went beyond the time limit. Perhaps, my answers were rather long. I am worried about the coherency & cohesion. My answers were rather lengthy. I am afraid that my attempt to use collocations was quite obvious. I tried to use collocations that came to my mind while I was speaking, trying to adopt them to the speech.
    In the Part 2, I stated that I read novel, but later I mention that as non-fiction, by mistake. I confused the word fiction with non-fiction. Is that so bad? My answer was short, the examiner encouraged me to go on with her hand. I felt that I lost valuable mark, because of short talk on Part 2. I am not satisfied with my performance on this part. Follow-up question was given as well.
    Part three was quite a heated discussion, I felt rather confident. One time, I stopped for like 2 seconds, not being able to continue because no word came to my mind. I just used the phrase “How can I explain this”. I know that this is a wrong phrase to use, but i couldn;t help. Can you please point out the things that I did wrong? How badly does that affect on my mark?

    • Thanks for sharing your topics 🙂 In speaking part 1, it is completely fine that the examiner interrupts your answers. It shows that you have strong fluency. In part 2, giving a short talk does not show good fluency. It shows that you struggle to speak at length. However, the examiner will know when a students fails to speak at length due to lack of ideas. A short talk also means that you didn’t use the chance to offer a range of language, for example, comparisons, future forms, past tenses etc. So, it’s a shame that you didn’t take the time to showcase your language skills. If your performance in part 1 and 3 was strong, it will still be fine to do ok. Short pauses of 1 or 2 seconds are fine and natural – longer pauses and frequent pauses are a problem. On the whole, I don’t see anything to seriously concern yourself with but of course, I haven’t heard your speaking test so I can’t accurately say. Lets wait for your results!! Good luck! 🙂

  41. Keerthana says:

    Speaking Test, perth, Australia
    Part 1
    Do you work or study
    What was your work about
    Did you face any difficulties in your work

    Do you prefer colour or comfort
    Have you purchased online
    Do people have variety pairs of shoes

    Household activities
    How often do you do household activities
    Which household activity you dislike
    Should children be taught to do household activities

    Part2 cue card
    Describe your neighbor
    Who are they
    When was your first meet with them
    Any interesting thing about them

    Part 3
    How to build good relationship with your neighbours
    Are neighbours important
    Compare the neighbours of your current place with your country you are from

    It was pretty easy. Have done well. But still nervous of the score. In part 2 he himself said that’s ok and stopped me and moved to part 3.

  42. Hojimurod says:

    IELTS Academic Module
    Tashkent, Uzbekistan

    Speaking Questions

    Part 1

    1. What is your name?
    2. What shall I call you?
    3. What part of your country do you live

    Let’s talk about friends

    1. Do you prefer a few close friends to a lot of friends?
    2. How much time do you spend with your friends?

    Let’s talk about shoes

    1. Would you rather have a pair of shoes with better design/look or with comfort?
    2. What do you think of spending too much money on a pair of shoes?
    3. Have you ever bought shoes online?

    Part 2

    Describe a holiday you would like to go in the futer.

    Have you told anyone about your plans(follow-up question)?

    Part 3

    1. What is the best age to travel do you think?
    2. What are some difficulties that people face while travelling?
    3. How one can overcome these problems?
    4. Would you prefer staying at a hotel or in a “host family” when you visit a country?

    Hi, Liz.

    I think I did well in Part 1 and 3, but I wasn’t really satisfied with my performance in Part 2. I spoke at length without hesitation I guess, the only thing that’s bothering me is Vocabulary. I wasn’t able to use more collocations or idioms, although I never repeated a word and used synonyms as well as I managed to paraphrase accurately. To what extent do you think this will affect my overall band score? Thanks in advance.

    Your advice and video lessons have been very helpful and I found answers to questions bothering me for a long time!!!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is not recommended to use many idioms in speaking. Most idioms that students use are so overused or used unnaturally that they will not help your score. So don’t worry about not using idioms. Using collocations is essential and I’m sure you used them without realising. Collocations mean using the right verb with the right noun. So, no doubt you did that. In your writing above you have used strong collocations, for example “manage to paraphrase”. On the whole, I don’t think you should be concerned. Lets wait until your results come out. Fingers crossed!! 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for sharing this part but if its possible could you share writing topics?

    • What were your writing topics?
      Good luck

  43. Hi Liz,
    Thank you ^_^

  44. Hi Liz,

    First of all thank you so much for sharing such wealth of knowledge in clear and concise manner. I gave IELTS exam (L,R,W) on 10th Dec and Speaking on 8th Dec. I am a working professional and just had 7 days for preparation. However the material provided on this site, especially the tips & tricks and types of questions helped me a lot along with IDP practice tests.

    I got my result today and have got band 8 in L,R & S… and band 7 in writing.
    Overall band 8.

    So really, thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience on this wonderful website and wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

    Below are the questions related to Speaking and Writing:

    IELTS GT Module:


    Date: 8th Dec 2016

    Venue: Pune

    Part 1:

    – Do you work?
    – Why did you choose this job?
    – Do you like ads? Why do you like them?
    – Did any of the ads made you buy anything?
    – what do you think about ads on internet?
    – what do you think about hats?
    – did you wear a hat in your childhood? when and why?
    – why do people wear hats?

    Part 2:

    Describe a situation why you were required to get up very early in the morning

    – what was the situation
    – how did you felt about it
    – would you continue with this habit?

    Part 3:

    – Is it important to get up early?
    – what is the imp of time management?
    – should we always arrive on time for any event?
    – what are the situations when you think people prefer to go late to an event?


    Date: 10th Dec 2016

    Venue: Pune

    Task 1:

    Write a letter to your friend about the new job offer you have received from a different country. Tell him why you applied for it. Also ask him some questions about that country which will help you when you visit it.

    Task 2:

    Children in some parts of the world have less responsibility has compared to children in the past. Some people think this as a positive change however others think of it as as negative. write your opinion about it.

    • Thanks for sharing and very well done with your results! Wishing you a very Merry Xmas and I’m sure with your great score you will have an excellent New Year !! 🙂

      • Hi liz,
        Could you please mention some main ideas for this writing task 2 question that is about children responsibilities?I have taken ielts once ,got only 5.5 in writing .I am very nervous this time?

        • This topic is about whether responsibility is good for children or not. When a child has more responsibility in their life, they often grow up into capable adults who are prepared for the world ahead. However, on the other hand, it also means that children lose their childhood which should be a time of innocents and enjoyment rather than being weighed down my responsibility.

    • Hi my exam is on 7th jan at pune center. can you guide about environment during exam.

    • Depankar Basak says:

      Hi Hrishi,
      Thanks a lot for sharing as well as congratulations for your great result.
      Could you provide me a possible answer of writing task-2.

      Thanks once again for your cooperation.

  45. Sadia Anjum says:

    Dear Liz,
    First I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had no money and time to attend any coaching center, but I have tried to follow your advises. To be honest, you were my coach for last few months. This site of yours was a great help for me.

    Country: Bangladesh
    Venue: Dhanmondi
    Date: 10th December, 2016


    1) what is your name?
    do you study or work?
    Do you like sea?
    what you generally do when you are in a beach?
    can you swim? do you think its necessary to learn swimming? why?

    2) A song you love
    what kind of song is it?
    why do you like it?
    would you recommend others to hear it?
    when did you hear it first?

    3) what type of song is popular now-a-says?
    why young people don’t like classic music?
    what is more necessary in a song, the music or the lyric? why?

    A chart was given that showed percentage of popularity of sport, news and drama program on TV among Australian students throughout the year 2008.

    Now-a-days, private company rather governments is arranging and paying for scientific researches. write the advantages overweight disadvantages.

    My score has published today, its 7! More than I expected. Liz, I thought I should let you know that there is many followers of you from BD. Thank you so again….May God bless you.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m so pleased my site was useful 🙂

    • Hi, is it was under IDP?
      or British council?

    • I had the same exam in different location.
      Could you confirm that you had the following on listening:
      1- Registration
      2- Visit to Zoo
      3- Guide (Plans)
      4- History.

      Reading passege titles:
      1- Lie tool
      2- Archaeology about the development of the teeth of the human.
      3- Global warming

      I need to know because I had done a great exam work but I was shocked of the result
      As I got 5.5 for L, R, W and 6.5 for S and 6 for overall.

      And I believe that there was a problem in the listening part as my mates didn’t get higher than 5.5 on the listening part.
      Could we can talk a little?

  46. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful blog with loads of free guidance.

    I had my exam on 17th Dec at London.

    My Writing topics were below,
    Task 1:Two tables with information of no of students came from Australian university and those who went to Aus uni from five different European countries.

    Task 2: The advantages provided by English as a ‘global language’ will continue to overweight disadvantages.
    What extent do you agree with the statement?

    I think the question was about future if I understood properly,
    I just had to read it again and again what actually they want to ask.
    I was not able to put my ideas very smoothly as I had to prove that English language ll continue to offer more advantages than disadvantages in future.
    Pls correct me If I am wrong.
    My Target is 7 band in writing and I don’t think I can get it this time as I couldn’t focus on Language and sentence structure and grammar.I was so stuck with ideas.

    Reading, Listening were very easy.
    I will definitely get 8 bands.
    This was my third attempt.
    I am just stuck with writing.
    My last score was
    L,R,W,S 7.5,8.5,8.6.5

    I am sure I could not reach to 7 band criteria of writing so I have already booked another date in January.
    Again Best of luck to all exam takers and Thank you very much Liz.
    Merry Christmas.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 In your writing task 2, you could choose that you support the theory of English as a world language being more advantageous than disadvantageous. Or you could support the opposite view that it is more of a drawback. You are right, this is about the future. You decided on the former view. Your ideas could include how it will help international business as well as international communication. It might also help bring the world together with greater understanding as there will be less misinterpretations. All students should prepare ideas for all common topics before entering the writing test as well as the speaking test. You must have a range of ideas at your finger tips so that you can spend more time focusing on how to present these ideas, organise them and also your grammar and vocab. You can find a list of common topics here: You can also find advanced training for writing task 2 techniques here: Good luck with your results! 🙂

      • This was the same question asked in 22 October 2016, kolkata British council, India. I can’t believe my eyes!

    • iam ravali and my date of exam is jan 21 2017 so can u plz advice me for exam

    • What is your email address ?

    • Birpal sidhu says:

      Hii could you plz tell me how we can get 7 in writing. My target is 7each n only worry is about writing.thanks

  47. Hello Liz,

    First of all, thanks a lot for every tip you have provided especially in writing section.
    I took my exam on the 10th of December.
    Writing task 2:
    Nowadays, private companies are funding scientific research rather than governments, do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantage?
    It was a difficult question I believe.
    Please wish me luck 🙂 , I didn’t get my final results yet.
    Thanks a lot Liz

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is a difficult topic. If private companies fund scientific research rather than the government, it means that the company own the rights to their results. They might be able to sell them to other countries or sell them at such a high price that few people benefit from them. On the other hand, by allowing private companies to fund the research, it means that scientists are not restricted and limited in their work by problems with funding that come from government budgets. Good luck with your results!

    • Sadia Anjum says:

      Hi Sara, are you from BD? I had my exam on the same date and the question was same. Btw, I got my result today. I’ve got 6.5 on writing. It was really hard one

  48. Muhammad Waqas says:

    I already shared my listening answers. Muhammad and Nisha asked me about my speaking experience so I am sharing all that I can remember now. Speaking happened on the same day.
    UKVI Abu Dhabi 17.12.2016


    Discussion between two students about choosing source for some product collection like cloth

    Local library

    This is all that I can recall for speaking.

    2. Reading

    About invention of refrigeration .
    It was about invenstion and it ealier use.Further, period in which it was first used by USA and it growth by years in term of users. Periods for use for food products and methods of moving by ROAD and Railroad . Finally, effact of refrigeration food.

    Linguistics . As I can remember it was all about pronunciation of English language. Some word that are difficult to pronounce than other words.

    Very sorry I failed to recall third passage.


    Writing task one

    The Bar chart below gives information about children participants for sports activities after school hours for certain school in Australia in 2010.

    Summarise the information by reporting main feature and make comparison where relevant.
    ( Sentence structure may very but overall them was same.)


    Activities: swimming, football, basketball and no activity ( one activity I forget or may be two)

    Writing task 2

    Differences between countries are becoming less nowadays. Now people from the world doing similar in fashion, films, darama, and TV channels.

    Do you this disadvantages overweight the advantages?

    This eassy completely disagree with the statement for several reasons.
    Why I disagreed number of advantages were more in my instant click when I thought about statement. And I covered only adnavtages.
    LIZ would you please share your comments about my task response. Did I coverd well?

    When I was preparing for exam It worried much for speaking. It is surprising that I find it easiest among all other parts and I wounder it was due to examiner he was very professional and friendly. I felt like session ended before the time but I know examiner was writing time with intervals It must be about 13minutes. What I realised examiner know about candidates and they want them to be relax. You are gonna enjoy the session. I stucked with one question I found difficult to connect my idea and that time he actually was helping me with his body language and face impressions.
    I couldn’t understand one thing would you please help me Liz?
    While speaking examiner looked like he was in hurry. he never waited for me If I wanted to extend my answers. During test parts (one two three) as I remember when I finished my sentence, next without pause he started next question (what I mean by pause here is less the 2 second may be.) Remember I was last candidate we both (me and examiner) left center together.

    Sorry for delay guys here comes speaking…
    Sitting outside I was waiting for my turned as I was last candidate.
    Examiner called my name and opened door for me he was very gentle with beautiful British accent about 40 plus years old.

    He offered me to have a seat.
    He introduced himself and asked me please tell me your full name please?

    What do you do are you student or do you work?
    Why did you choose this profession?
    Do you prefer to work with people or alone?

    Lets talk about songs
    Pardon me.
    (I realised he choose wrong topic)
    Do you like flowers?
    Do you like folwers in your home?
    Do you remember when you last time bought flowers?
    Did you ever grown flower plant?
    Someone to whom you given flowers last time?
    Do people give flowers in your culture? Occasion ?
    Do you think it is important to give flowers to others?

    Clue Card.

    Describe something that you use for saving money?

    Follow_up question. Only one he asked.
    Do you think it is important to save money?

    Part 3
    what are the common things where people waste money in your country?
    How can parents teach children’s to save money.
    Should parents give money to their children’s for anything they ask for?
    Why it is important for children’s to save money?
    This is the end of speaking test thank you very much.

    This is all I can recall. From Speaking part 3, I guess I forgot 2 questions and one for part 1.

    Thank you liz for helping us

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Please try to use this page for posting questions and topics, not answers.

      • yasmine eltaybany says:

        sorry for writing here, but i dont know how to make post??
        i took ielts exam on 17/12/2016 in Egypt.
        1. listining .. conversation about some activities (guide 125 comedy balcony risk lunch) , map of museum, behaviours of chempinzees (stone tool)
        2. reading .. 1st :farmers in india and new inga spices,, 2nd: refrigerator and ice transporting and effect of ferion,, 3rd: linguistics and pronouncation of letters.
        3. writing .. task1: table shows percentage of workers in five european countries who completed their university education in 1999 for women, men, total, and average.
        it tooks my more than 20 minutes to write this task. it was difficult to make comparisons.
        task2: youth prefer spending their lesiure in shopping centers while others prefer doing organised activities like sport or music.
        firstly i began with general introduction about the two ideas. 2nd paragraph i wrote about the first point of view giving reasons. 3rd paragraph wrote about the second opinion and explain their reasons. finally i wrote my opinion and reasons of it generally.
        4. speaking.. part1: where do you live? is transportation easy near where you live? do u expect to live in the same place in the future? do u sing? what changes of songs u like now and when u was young? does people like to sing in your country?
        part2: explain thing you do to keep healthy snd fitness.
        i talked fluently about this topic, but i talked about walking then moved to speaking about healthy food and diet. is thay may affect my results that i didnt focus on a certain thing.
        part3: do u like sunny weather? why? how to make children maintain fit and healthy? do people keep fit in the same way in the past? is there difference between woman and man to keep fit? how technology help to keep fit?
        so what is your opinion ??

  49. Nisha Shrestha says:

    I had the same question as rahman ..I gave my AT from Nepal on 17th…..listening answers whatever you have written are correct..answers related to map and MCQ I too can’t remember…can you post ur speaking test questions

    • Hi Nisha, did you see my listening answers and I wonder if they are similar with your answers ? Thank you.

      • Nisha Shrestha says:

        Yes,elif…ur answers matches mine…actually my earlier post was for you, I mistyped the name…

        • Hi again , can you tell me that you wrote tool or tools and also you wrote local as an answer because some people told me that family instead of local but I heard that it was local and also tools. What about you ? Thanks

  50. Nisha Shrestha says:

    Did you take ur speaking test,if yes can you tell me what were the questions…

  51. what about the reading section? was it tough

  52. Hi,
    I want to thank you for the good work you’re doing. I have never seen a website/blog with the kind of information for tackling IELTS like yours. I’m talking about well simulated sample questions, useful tips and very good suggested answers. Not to talk of the bonus of having other candidates around the world expose the current style of questions.

    I got to know about your website through my wife who stumbled on it two days to my speaking test. I wish I had found your website months before my exam. Though, I work fulltime and hardly have time to study for the test. This is the reason I needed a companion to help optimise my study time.

    I can’t remember precisely most the questions asked during my test but I will try. I will just paraphrase with what I can remember and also state how your website assisted me within few days to my test.

    Test date: 3rd December 2016. (General Test) First attempt
    Location: Nigeria

    1. Speaking: Last part “Tell me about a leader you know and why most people see this person as a leader?” Another question was on the place of residence and amenities etc.
    Your useful tips: 1. Recording of one’s answers to model questions. This made a lot of difference in my case. I was able to see my myself in the exam room. Playing back recordings showed me my weakness and strength. 2. Understanding the pattern of the speaking test; Intro, Part 1,2,3 etc. 3. Thanks for this one; ability to show good use of tenses by modelling answers to reflect a good command. It’s like taking charge of the conversation within the scope of the interviewer’s question.

    2. Listening: The listening test was a bit hard than the few ones I practised before the exam but thanks for the heads-up through your tips. Some questions were of conversation type between three people with the answers to the questions not always in a sequential manner (not the question). So one really need to know the final opinion and who’s validating the opinion. An example is a conversation among course advisor and students. First, a statement will introduce the opinion and subsequently discuss in one or two statements which will validate or contradict. We had most of this similar pattern in this test and many people will easily get lost while listening to the audio. An example is where you have two or more sentences on the same opinion and you will have to listen and link them together to know the answer. Your useful tips: 1. Writing answers in the correct tense, singularity or plurality. Noting which part of speech helped. 2. Practising as many questions as possible really helped even in the face of a tough listening type.

    3. Writing: Just paraphrasing. Part 1. Write a letter to your school accommodation officer stating your preferred accommodation. etc
    Part 2. Write an essay. Why do more people participate in sport as youths than in adulthood? Use example in your answers. 1. Your useful tips: Knowing what to expect and pitfalls . 2. Ensure to write the required words and knowing the grading style.

    4. Reading: I can’t remember most of the passages in this part. Last Passage was about mountain climbing in the UK compared to other regions. Something called the three xxx. About three medium size mountains in the UK that must be climbed within 24 hours as a single challenge to equate the stress from one big mountain in another region. Predominant questions in other passage were the type of questions with “True, False & Can’t say. Your useful tips: I couldn’t explore your tips and other resources due to limited time. I did this test with residual knowledge and time wasn’t adequate.

    Test Result
    Speaking- 8.5
    Listening- 7.5
    Writing- 7.5
    Reading- 6

    Overall- 7.5

    I almost got my target score while I narrowly made the required score for my IELTS use due to my reading score of 6.0. I wish my reading score was better. It would have been a great result with just 0.5 increase in my reading score earning me additional valuable points. With the right strategy and adequate practise time, I should easily exceed this score in future.

    Thank you for doing what you do. If I ever think of doing this test again, hopefully with more practise time on my hand. I will just glue to your website.

    • Thanks for sharing and very well done with your results! 🙂 You’ve done very well for your first time. I’m so glad you found my site useful. I’m glad you tried my techniques for the speaking test. As you correctly say, it’s like taking control of your test and showcasing your language skills. Thanks for finding the time to share your experienced and tips 🙂

      • Hi Liz can I ask you something. The writing question was young children preferred to go to shopping centers as a leisure activity rather than interested in sports or music. Is it a positive or negative development ?

        I wrote in Body 1 that going to shopping to center is a good activity to be sociolized and also safe place vs and in Body 2 I wrote that they shouldnt only focus on this activity and also should give importance to sport and music and I wrote about the benefits of them in Body 2. do you think that Is it okey ? So i sad that all of them are good. ? If you answer me I will be so happy =)
        Thank you

        • It depends on how you expressed and presented your opinion. It is not just about your ideas, it’s about how you use them to support a clear position.

  53. So everyone here is the exam that i got and some tips to do better.

    Date: 17th December 2016
    Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Examiner: British guy in his late 50’s.

    Part 1:
    1: Describe the place where you live.
    2: Is public transport near to the place where you live.
    3: Do you want to live in the same place in the future
    4: Do you sing
    5: Do people in your country like to sing
    6: What kind of music do you like to listen to
    7: Another question that i totally forgot – sorry

    Part 2:
    Describe an app that you recently downloaded on your phone or computer
    Later – Question asked: Does your friends use that app very often ?

    Part 3
    1: Do you think children are spending more time on their phones and should be supervised by parents.
    2: Technology is changing and updating itself very rapidly. What you think are the negatives of this trend on people and society.
    3: I totally forgot what was the third question

    Overall View on Speaking:
    1: My exams seemed shorter to me than i had expected especially that the examiner only asked me 3 questions in part 3.
    2: He did not cut me at any given time so that was good.
    3: The examiner was very friendly and was interactive during the exam which made it a whole lot easier.

    But when exam is easy, most of us are dumb enough to mess up. So here are the mistakes i made:

    1: The speaking exam is not an interview. Giving them correct, straight and logical answers does not give you any edge and that is what i did. You have to expand each answer in a way that it showcases new vocabulary, sentence formation and language. If you give straight answers then you hardly have anything else to say other than the answer you just gave which in most cases is not enough to impress the examiner. Although i gave all the right answers, to the point but i could have expanded them, added some extra information to showcase my skills.
    2: Do not stress for impressing the examiner. I did that and inspite of having the most friendliest examiner, i feel i lacked in many questions. Although my fluency was the best but other areas suffered, especially lexical resource.
    3: Always speak at a moderate speed so that you can think and talk at the same time. Speaking quickly might reward you in fluency section but you would get lower score in other criteria.
    4: Walk in there, have a smile, listen to the question carefully, speak at moderate pace and keep track of your language. I repeated words and i regret it a lot.

    Section 1:
    There was a table divided into male and females. Each gender further divided into Underweight, Normal weight and over weight against three years, 1999, 2004 and 2009.
    The question said that these are the weight changes among men and women in some country.

    1: I spent 33 minutes to complete it because i am an idiot but i did well on it.
    2: Just listen to Liz lessons on Task 1 and study all her model answers very carefully for each type of question such as Bar Chart, Pie Chart etc. Take note of the language and how she chose and ignored parts of information while reporting. It helped me write a master piece according to me.
    3: I read a lot of comments here on this Blog where people ask the same question again and again, saying that their own personnel teacher said something else. Guys, you can only follow one tutor at a time. I would say follow Liz to the Z as this made alot of difference in my prep.

    Section 2:
    Today our society has changed into a “Throwaway society” where people use thing little time and throw them away. what are the causes of this and what are its effects.

    1: Pretty straight forward question. Not an opinion question. Here i would strongly recommend everyone to buy Liz writing lessons as they helped me totally change my approach to writing section 2. Its worth every penny, trust me.
    2: Although i only had 25 minutes left when i started this question, i had watched and studied Liz’s lessons so well that i could nail a really good piece and still fininsh a minute before the time finished. I even used an extra sheet to write more.

    Listening was very easy and i will probably easily score a 9 on it. Only way you can do better is by practicing listening more and more. I did all the cambridge books and did another two books recommended by Liz for listening.

    Reading was easier too. I don’t remember the first reading section but the second one was on Ice and water while the third one was language and its changes. I would definately score between 8-9 on reading. Only tip is to do as much reading as you can. I finished all the cambridge books for this part of the test. The more you do the better.

    Overall tip:

    Please follow this blog very closely as this is your ticket to Band 7,8,9.

    Once again thank you to Liz and other people here.

    • Thanks for sharing your topics and also your tips 🙂 You have hit the nail on the head with the speaking test. This isn’t an interview where the examiner is interested in your ideas or the information you give. The speaking test is just a method of testing your language. Each question is a chance to showcase your language – fluency, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. So, you definitely took the right approach. I’m glad you found all my writing lessons useful. Here are the links for other students:
      Writing Task 1: Tips, Model Answers & Free Videos
      Writing Task 2: Tips, Model Answers & Free Videos
      My Advanced IELTS Lessons for Writing Task 2:
      Good luck with your results! We’ll all keep our fingers crossed !! 🙂

  54. Date: 17/12/2016
    Local: Brazil
    Module: Academic


    Part 1
    – Tell me about the place where you live
    – How are the transports in your neighborhood?
    – Do you want to live in this same place in the future?
    – Do you sing?
    – Do people in your country sing since they are children?
    – Let’s talk about weekends. Do you like to go to the cinema on weekends?
    – What do you usually do on weekends?

    Part 2
    – Describe a large company that you find interesting.

    Part 3
    – Do you think there are benefits of working in a large company?
    – Why senior managers have big salaries in large companies?
    – Do you think there is a big gap between salaries in different positions?
    – Do you think the companies treat employees like the most important thing for them?


    – WT1: 2 charts about the average working hours from 3 European countries comparing to the European average. One for part-time and other for full-time workers.
    – WT2: museums should be just for education or should also entertain young people. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.


    – Text 1: cheating in academic studies
    – Text 2: historical painting from Australia
    – Text 3: How children interact with images

  55. Lutfor Rahman says:

    IELTS Academic Module

    Test Date:

    Test Venue:

    Today was my Listening, Reading and Writing Test.

    Section 1: Conversation between a trip advisor and a client
    Section 2: Conversation of a program coordinator and a volunteer regarding their responsibilities and etc
    Section 3: Map locating
    Section 4: Evolution of Chimpanzee behavior over time

    Passage 1: About the invention of Refrigeration technique and Refrigerator
    Passage 2: Something related to farmers and farming and new cultivation system Inga seed or something i forgot
    Passage 3: Pronunciation and how it differ in various cases.

    Task 1: Table showing data of total number of worker of five Europian country who have completed their education to university level.

    Task 2: It has been noticed that recent young peoples are spending their leisure period in shopping centers but not engaging themselves in other activities such as sport or music.

    Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

    Overall, the reading section had some critical questions….. -_-

  56. Hello Liz,

    Writing task 1: the table shows the percentage of people who have a degree level in 5 different countries according to gender.

    Writing task 2: people spend their free time in shopping malls instead of doing activities such as sports, music.. do you think is it a negative or positive development?

  57. Hi Liz,
    I had my IELTS UKVI exams today… Listening was about Japanese tour, there was about map location identification and about chimpanzee. Meanwhile, in reading there was a topic about refrigeration and I think the other one was about language (I’m sorry can’t remember exactly those topics). Writing task 1 was about percentage of workers in some European countries,,,(something like that 🙂 can’t remember again ). Task 2 was about younger people are spending more of their leisure time at the shopping center rather than joining organized activities such as sports and music.

    About flowers
    Have I experienced giving handmade gifts to someone? what was it?
    If I have experienced planting any plants or flowers

    Describe an event in my own life that has had a positive impact in my life, I must say :
    What event was that?
    When did it happen?
    What are the reason that it caused/brings a positive impact in my life.

    About cultures

    Those are the few questions that I can remember Liz, thank you for all your videos. I will post after 2 weeks about my result. I’m praying for a good and satisfying results that I needed.

  58. Guys i really want to practice the australian accent in listening. Contact me thanks

  59. Mahdi (Triple M) says:

    Hello Liz
    First i need to say thanks about your all free of charge materials. Great help. I want to tell about a weird case about writing and i have a question and hope you could help. Thanks in advance.

    15 & 16 December 2016
    Academic module
    Iran. Irsafam Center

    * Writing 1
    A figure about how old batteries recycled to new batteries and other products like glass and textiles.

    * Writing 2
    Does the advantages of new ways of communication like facebook and twitter outweigh the disadvantages.

    I know that it sounds weird but the papers for writing wasn’t the same as the one I’ve download from here. Space between line was more and there were fewer lines. After writing a lot of essays on standard paper, I’m not sure i write more than 250 words and cause my writing chaotic i think. That was disappointing. I just guess about it. Is it normal papers changed?!!!!!

    * Speaking
    Part 1

    In science it is better to work alone or as a team?
    Do you sing?
    people of your country sing a lot?
    what types of music you interested?
    Do you like to go galleries?

    Part 2
    Talk about one thing that is important for you and be important for your family for long time.
    what types of thing could make you remember about good memories with family. Album, a piece of thing and etc

    Part 3
    What is the roll of museum in learning history?
    How is it important?
    Are there other ways to make people aware about history?
    I remember these

    I have a question about speaking liz

    you know while i read cue card “A thing” important for your family for long time, i thought to thing as its meaning as a fact or idea, however after consequent questions i think the major purpose of examiner was thing as object meaning.
    I talked about the importance of family tie as the important thing in my family, something that maintains for long time and i try to stick with it and work on relationships. After that examiner told me ok you talked about bonding. However after that she talked more about objects like picture and etc. Am i goes off topic?

    Thank you so much

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I have heard other students mention that their writing answer sheet was different. Unfortunately, IELTS haven’t released a copy of it for me to share. In speaking part 2, it doesn’t affect your score if you branch off the topic. You are scored on your language, not your ideas in speaking.

  60. Hi!
    I’ve just sat for IELTS in Argentina (ACADEMIC)
    Writing 1: 2 pie charts of time used for different tasks in an office in us, one in 1980 and another in 2006. they were expressed in percentages of total time.
    Writing 2: News media has a great influence on peoples lives, is this a negative o positive development?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • I’m sorry i had to post this here because i can’t make a new post.
        I had my LRW today 17-12-2016
        UKVI IELTS Academic Module
        Writing Task 1 is a bar graph about 5 countries Australian students studies between 2004-2006.
        Task 2. Some people believe that young people learn skills from playing electronics and computer game while other believe it is just wasting time. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

        Pray for successful results and i need to have a score of 7 in all areas

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers crossed you do well !!

          • Hello Ms Liz i dont know how to post here. I have a certain part in listening that I wasn’t able to read the instructions. I don’t know if its Letter only or word. Are there any chances they will consider my answer if I didn’t follow the instruction? Im so worried.

            • Unfortunately, you must follow instructions. If it is multiple choice, you are asked to write a letter only. This means if you write a word, instead of a letter, the answer will be marked wrong.

        • Hi, I had the same exam. My speaking test was about flower, when was the last time you bought a flower? Why?
          Do you plant flowers?
          Is flower giving important in your country?
          Cue Card: Tradition in your country?
          How did you know about this tradition?
          Do you think is it easier to live by traditions?
          Hi Liz, I have noticed as I was speaking I saw my examiner writing down numbers like 848, 515. What does it mean? Thanks.

          • Some examiners make notes on timing so they can accurately measure the time for each part of the test. Some examiners also have their own note taking techniques. Whatever the reason, it isn’t about your score.

        • I appeared on 17 London academic
          Writing Young ppl spend time in shopping center other good activities .good or bad
          Reading was very difficult
          It was about refrigarition and linguistic

          Lot of McQs . Really could not do well

        • hi! where are you from? where did you take the exam and when?

      • Hi,
        I sat for IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia today(Academic module).
        Writing task 1- A table showing percentage of workers with university level education in 5 countries in 1999.
        Writin task 2- In many countries the young people spend their leisure time by visiting shopping centres rather than involving in organised activities like sports, music etc. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

        Hi Liz,
        For the task 2 I claimed it as a negative development. However my supporting paragraphs mentioned the benefits of involving in sports and music rather than explaining negative effects of visiting shopping centres. I feel now it was wrong way to approach the task. Will it affect my task response?

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is a problem to ignore part of the task and will affect your score for Task Response which is 25% of your marks. When you think it is a negative development, then you must explain why going to shopping centers is not a beneficial way to spend leisure time. Also you explain why it is better to be involved in sports and music. All information is required. However, you can still score well in the other criteria for task 2 and also in task 1.

        • Hello, I got the same exam yestarday in Turkey. I wrote in Body 1 that going to a shopping center can be a good free time activity to be socialized sharing any difficulties with your friends and like that and in Body 2 I wrote that teeneagers shouldnt only focus on shopping center so I talked about the benefıts of sport and musıc but I dont know if it is true. Can you remember some words from Lıstenıng part ?

          Thanks a lot

      • Hello liz.. ielts date:17 december writing task 1: Percentages of workers had completed education at university level 1999………………………… writing task 2: In many countries young people have interested in leisure time doing shopping but instead they organise leisure activites like ..sports n music.. speaking::: part1: what colour do you like? What is the most popular colour. Who is your celebrity in your country. Would you like to be a celebrity in future? Part2: Describe a website you like to visit . Part3: related about online shopping,internet is more popular nowadays ,internet is badly effect for children …

    • When did you take your test?

  61. ielts test date : 15 december
    WRITING TASK 1: it was a diagram in which i had to explain that how old batteries of cars are recycled into either new batteries or glass and textile
    WRITING TASK 2: nowadays,more and more people use social media(eg.facebook,twitter etc) to contact others and also use it for professional purposes.
    do the advantages outweight the disadvantages (i can’t remember the whole question but it was like that)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • I have to got same topics for Law.

      • Georgia Wilder says:

        Posting exam material is not only against the rules, it encourages cheating. If people receive an unfair advantage on a high-stakes test, they will find themselves in a much worse position once they enter university or try to compete for a job in their profession. Wouldn’t you rather know that you have the skills to succeed than cheat on a test and find yourself losing over $50000.00 in tuition fees because you fail out of your program in an English-speaking university? Liz, you are not helping people!

        • That is ridiculous!! Students are sharing current topics, not cheating. It is part of all students’ IELTS preparation to prepare current topics and keep up to date.

          • Bushra Asghar says:

            you are so Right Liz!!!

          • RAHUL RAJAN says:

            Despite the comment which made by Georgia Wilder, People not needed to be perfect in order to study in a foreign university. It is a matter of opportunity they want to explore their talents to their interested study area. And nowadays when it becoming more complicated, Liz is just made it to a convenient way. She is a rare diamond among the selfish and criticizing fellows like you(Georgia Wilder) and so Stay Away from here.

        • You are not allowed in this page!!better leave. We have no time for a basher like you. I hope.Liz Will block you. BITTER Ampalaya Georgia Wilder .

        • Dear Georgia,
          What unfair advantage are you talking about? What cheating? Good heavens! You got yourself all worked up. Wake up woman, these poor souls are discussing their experiences and past questions.

    • I appeared for IELTS on the same date, and got the same questions. By any chance, do you remember the listening and reading test answers?

  62. Lakhan Pandya says:

    I have given my (L,R,W)Academic IELTS module on 15/12/2016 in India.

    For Reading Task,
    1. Carnivorous Plants and their species
    2. Lean Production (Craft Production and Mass Production)
    3. Energy : Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit

    For Writing Task,
    In 2004, Graduates from top Us Business Schools has got their Jobs in various sectors like; Banking, Telecoms, Marketing, Retail, Industrial and others.(Pie Chart) and their average salary in 2004 compare to 2003(table)

  63. I took the test in Birmingham 03.12.2016, writing task 2 was: Some people think every human being can create art( example painting), while others think only people born with ability can create art. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Task 1 was a bar chart about levels of education and then a further classification as a pie chart between male and female.
    Speaking test: asked me about flowers, news and media, advertisement, transportation, communication.
    I found that the reading test was the hardest. I read books, every week one, but those texts they were meant to make you fail and highly irrelevant for our days.
    I don’t think I got 7 on each. but i will let you know.

  64. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for your guidance. Now, I am going to describe about my speaking test.
    Exam date- 14.12.16
    Academic test
    Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Part 1- What is your full name?
    What do you do?
    Where do you live?
    Will you want to live there in future?
    Let’s talk about flowers. Do you like flowers?
    Have you ever presented flowers to someone?
    Have you ever grown flower ?

    Que card- Describe an event when you have to get up early. You will say- when, why, where were you at that time, how did you felt about that, describe…

    Part-3, follow up-
    Why some people wake up early you think?
    Do you think it is necessary to have deadline?
    Do you think skill development and time management are necessary for work?
    What is the condition of transportation system in your locality?
    Do you think it is necessary to have parks in town?
    Did you played out door games in your childhood?
    Would you let your children to play outdoor games?
    That’s all. The examiner was a lovely, friendly lady. She removed all my nervousness.. My others test will be on 17.12.16. Please wish me luck. Thank you.

  65. Dear Liz ,
    Thanks for your tips , it helped me so much,

    I took GT test
    Jeddah , KSA
    10th Dec

    Speaking :
    part 1 : about where you live & visitors
    Part 2 : describe high rise building you visited
    Part 3 :discussion about the future of high rise building and the challenges of arcitictural desgin .

    writing :
    task 1 : you have been offered from company in another country , write to your friend who lived there :
    tell him why you apply for this job .
    ask him some informaion about that country.

    task 2 : nowadays children have less resonsibilities comparing with the past . Some people believe this is good trend and other believe it doesnot . Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  66. Hi Liz

    I could not recall all the questions.However, I am posting whatever I remember.I hope this will be useful to the students.

    -Type of test : Academic
    -Date of test : 26 November, 2016
    -Location : Chandigarh, India.

    Task 1 – The pictures below depict the changes that a common room in a school has gone through over a period of five years.

    Task 2 – Some people think that the traditional values should be followed by the youth. While others believe that the youngsters should practice whatever they desire. Discuss both the sides and give your opinion. Add relevant examples from your personal experience.

    Passage 1 – Something about art.
    Passage 2 – Something about the quarries in ancient Egypt and the way in which stones were transported down the river Nile.
    Passage 3 – Something about a disorder.

    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    Are you a student or you work?
    Why did you choose this particular course?
    What would you like to do after completing your study?

    Part 2
    Do you like visiting the places near water?
    What activities you do there?
    Could you describe one such visit to a place near water?
    Do you think it is necessary for everyone to learn swimming?
    Have you ever been in a boat or a ship?
    Do you always carry a bag with you?
    What kind of bags do you like?
    Do you choose different types of bags to carry different things?
    What things you keep in mind when you choose a bag?
    Have you ever lost a bag?

    Part 3
    Cue Card – Describe a tall building that you like or dislike.
    -What kind of building it is?
    -Where it is?
    -Why do you like or dislike it?

    What are the problems related to the tall buildings?
    Why there is a need to construct tall buildings?
    Why are tall buildings constructed mostly in metropolitan cities?
    What do you think is better- expanding an existing city or establishing a new one?
    What could be the problems faced by people in that situation?
    What things should be kept in mind while expanding or establishing a city?

    Liz, I am very grateful to you for your tips and videos.The content of your website has been really helpful to me and your website is a great place to gain knowledge.I appreciate the way you provide guidance and I keep recommending your website to others. 🙂
    May god bless you.

  67. H Jayasinghe says:

    Dear Liz

    I am quite a fan of your website and I believe that it has helped me a lot in my IELTS. Thank you very much for your useful website.

    IELTS academic module
    10th December 2016
    Sri Lanka

    Speaking test

    Part 2: Describe a tradition in your country. What it is, who celebrates it, what is interesting about it

    Part 3: Questions on other traditions in my country and whether they will change in the future. Questions on technology and its development and the effect on our lives.

    Writing test

    Part 1: Line graph of student TV programme preference from a UK university over the period of 1 year. There were 3 lines denoting 3 different programmes.

    Part 2: In today’s world, private companies sponsor and carry out more scientific research that the government.
    Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

    I hope other IELTS students will find this information useful.

    Thank you again Liz!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s definitely useful for students to follow current topics. The speaking questions can often be repeated. I hope you get the score you need!

  68. Hello Liz!
    thanks for your wonderful work.I had attempted IELTS on 10th December,2016 and this time we are provided with different answer sheet.
    For listening -a white sheet with Green border
    For Reading – Sheet with blue border
    For Writing Task 1- sheet with the Red border
    For Writing Task2 – Sheet with the Black border

    Can you provide the latest answer sheet format for writing tasks as this is very helpful for writing practice.I used to practice a lot on old format answer sheet but due to new format i spent some of my time to count the words of Task1 during exams.Once again thanks alot for your work.

    Stay Blessed,

    • Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the new answer sheets. I can only recommend that you see how many words you have on one line and then count the lines and multiply. You can’t count words, there isn’t time. But you can count lines. Let me know if you see the answers sheets available online.

  69. Hi Liz,
    I sat for my academic module in Abuja Nigeria on 4 December 2016, this is my second time.
    I am still challenged with the reading test in terms of making out where to find the answers. I tend to spend a lot of time wallowing through the paragraphs in search of answers.

    My writing test part 2 was thus: Parents are advised to promote physical activities than studying among their children, to what extent do you agree or disagree? please back your answers with supportive arguments. this question threw me off balance. I just did not know how to connect or argue this point, i ended up scoring 6.5 but I needed a 7 band

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your writing task 2 is about whether you think parents should be encouraging children to study or use their time to play sport and do exercise. You choose your opinion and then explain it in the body paragraphs. For reading, you need to spend more time with the questions. You need to first paraphrase the questions and then decide which key words in the question will help you locate the information in the passage. Vocabulary is key to reading.

    • Hy Tochi..when u have given your exam.plz rep fast..

  70. Lakhan Pandya says:

    First of all,
    Thanks a lot Ma’am. Your website(work) is helping a lot to all who are giving IELTS.
    I have learned many things through your videos.
    Again clapping for your work.

    Speaking Test (Dt. 12/12/2016)
    I am unable to remember all my questions and their manner of Speaking but here i am trying to put them only for your reference( To give general idea about the exam ).

    Part 1
    What is your full name ?
    Are you a student or doing a job ?
    Why do you choose that particular field ?

    Part 2
    What is your favorite color ?
    Why do you like that color ?
    Which color you do not like ?
    Why don’t you like to use that color ?
    Which color is more used/trendy in your friend-circle or group and why ?
    Do you like to take Photos ?
    Why do you like that ?
    Do you like to capture photos during travelling ?
    What would you like to prefer more ? Taking photos or taking Videos ?
    Why do you do that ?

    Part 3
    Do you like music ?
    What is your favorite song ?
    What do you like the most ? Why ?
    Which type of music is currently trending in youth in your country ? why ?
    Do you think that music also popular in Old age people ?
    Do you like music reality show ? why ?
    Do you think there are any negatives of reality show ?
    Do you like live concerts ? Why ?
    If you have to choose one of them(music reality show on tv and live concert), what it will be ?
    Why do you prefer that ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You’ve remembered a lot! 🙂

      • Ahmed Mohammed says:

        thx alot 🙂 ….. but part 2 cannot be a conversation, can it?!

      • Thank you for all your tips! This is my fourth time taking the test the las time I failed in the writing section for academic module. This past Saturday on the test one of the reading text was about the origin of the barcode. I would like to know if I did not answer three questions because I did not have time to guess if it is going to affect my score meanwhile I am very confident about the rest of the questions. For the writing part this is the first time that I got to finish both essays, task 1 was about the recycling process of cans. In the overall I mentioned the number of steps and I also said they are unique and followed a specific order.
        for task 2 : to learn about other people way of living it is better to watch movie or video records than read documents are you agree or disagree. I did a background statement I paraphrased way of living with lifestyle however in my thesis statement instead of saying I agree I said I believe but I did write I strongly agree in my conclusion …please let me know if it is going to affect my score. Pleas Liz I really want to hear your toughts about that.

        • In reading, there are no marks lost for missing answers or wrong answers. In writing task 2, it sounds like you maintained your position throughout which is good.

  71. Francesca Invernizzi says:

    Hi Liz, I’m Francesca formi Italy and I had my IELTS academic Test on December 10th in Milan. Overall, the reading was easy while the listening a little bit more tough.

    Writing, task1:
    A line graph showing the percentages of students watching different kinds of programs.

    Writing, task2:
    Nowadays, private companies invest more on scientific research than the governments. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

    Speaking, card:
    Describe your favorite movie.

    We talked about film industry.

    Hope my post will help future examiners and good luck!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s very useful for students to know current topics !

    • Mr. Hopeful says:

      Good day!

      Firstly, I’d like to thank you Liz because your website was a great help during my IELTS preparation. I hope you’ll never get tired of giving a helping hand to those who want to succeed in IELTS.

      As for the questions, my IELTS academic exam was held last 10th of December 2016 in Saudi Arabia. The Listening part was not that hard. However, I really had a tough time answering the Reading test. Passage 1 was about the new developments in lie detection, 2 was related to the influence of diet in human development and the last one was giving information about the effects of global warming in New Zealand. 5 items were T/F/NG; another 5 for Y/N/NG; some were multiple choice while the others were gap fills.


      Task 1: line graph about the viewing figures (news, sports and drama) of UK students

      Task 2: Nowadays, public companies are funding and carrying out scientific research instead of the government. Does the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


      Part 1:
      1. Do you live in a flat or an apartment?
      2. What can you see from the window?
      3. Do you know your neighbors?
      4. Who is your favorite actor?
      5. What are the characteristics of a good actor?
      6. Do you want to be an actor?

      Part 2:
      Talk about a time when you prepared for a special occasion.
      – When was it?
      – What did you do?
      – Who helped you do it?
      Was it successful or not?

      Part 3:
      1. Are you a risk taker?
      2. Who are the people who take risks?
      3. Are there benefits in taking risks?

      I hope this can be of help to others who are preparing for the exam right now. Best of luck to all of us!

  72. Hello Liz,
    Today My Speaking Task is completed.
    Speaking Part-1
    1)Do You Like to Leave in House or Apartment?
    2)How the Area looks like?
    3)What Do you see from window?
    4)Why Do You Prefer to live in house?
    5)Do you like chocolates?
    6)How Often Do You Eat?
    7)Is Chocolates are popular in your country?
    8)Do you give present gift to you some one in Child hood Days?
    9)Why you are prefer to give chocolates as a present?
    Speaking Part 2
    On Cue Card Topic-Describe a trip by using public transport like Bi Cycle or Motor Bike or Car.Followed By which place you went for trip,with whom like so on.
    Speaking Part 3
    followed by part 2 like so on……

  73. Hi
    I had my exam on December 10th,writing task 1 was line graph about he percentage of UK students who watch sports,new and drama.In task 2 the question was “In today’s world it is private companies rather than government who pay for and carry out most on scientific research.Do you think the advantages outweigh disadvantage?

    Thankyou Liz for your lessons it helped me a lot.

  74. shiela naddyah says:

    Hi Liz,

    i would like to thank you for allowing me to self study and use your websites for my IELTs preparation.

    Type: Academic
    Country : Singapore
    Date :11/12/2016

    I am unable to recall the questions for listening, however, here are some that i can remember, the concept is more on multiple choices, map of a gym, telephone inquiry on a entertainment park, about book references.

    For reading, the passage that i can remember is about leonardo da vinci and his painting authencity, 3rd about an article on birth orders. the other one im really sorry, i cant remember.

    For writing,
    Task 1, a line graph on birth rates per 1000 women in the UK between 1973-2008 according to 6 category of age groups.

    Task 2,
    More people travel to another countries.
    Why is this the case?
    Is it a positive or negative development?

    I have my speaking tests today 12/12/16.

    Tell me your full name?
    how do i call you?
    Where do you live? Tell me more about your place your living currently?
    Tell me more about your country’s transportation system?
    Do you read magazines and newspaper?
    What are the impacts on reading these magazines and newspaper?
    Do you think to learn foreign languages, by reading newspaper or magazines helps?

    Part 2
    Tell me about an event that change happened to you, what is it, how you feel and what is the impact that the change gives you?

    Do you think there is change in your working place?

    Do you think there is change in the society?

    Part 3.

    Do you think that the young people are not working hard enough in this era?

    What are the measures that can take place to improve the situation of the young people ?

    What do you think of having park in the town?

    Will you allow your children to play in the park?

    I do not know why my questions for part 3 is just a few… but i hope ive answered the questions.
    This is my 2nd attempt.
    thank you liz!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers crossed your second attempt is successful !!

    • I had the same set of question you got for the listening, reading and writing. Do you remember the title of the first book for the book references? Was it “Flowers of China”?

  75. Jamin
    Location : Dallas, U.S.A

    Task 1: Recycle process of tins, diagram
    Task2: to learn about people around the word , it is better to watch film and recorded video rather than reading written documents.Agree or disagree? opinion?

    Speaking :

    Color like?
    What your house look like?

    Describe building you like or dislike in you hometown?
    Where is it?
    What you like?
    history related to it.

    what should be consider when built house?
    what quality should engineer should have?
    quality of architect engineer?

    My examiner just listen to me very silently, he didn’t ask much question.
    What I should understand?
    and about 7 minute I spend with speaking task.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 If you are offering strong answers, the examiner might choose to just ask questions in part 3. No speaking test can last for 7 mins. It would be breaking the rules. The examiner MUST make sure the test lasts between 11 mins and 14 mins. Good luck with your results!! 🙂

  76. Module = GT ,Lahore (PK)
    Date 10th Dec,2016

    Writing Tasks -1: You have bought ticket for musical concert but now you can not attend the event.Write a letter to your friend to offer the ticket.Give details for the following:
    -Details of the event
    -Why you can not go there
    -How you can sent him/her tickets.

    Writing Task-2: Large amount of garbage is an increasing problem.what are the reasons and what can be done to solve this Problem.

    Listening : it was easy
    Part 1 – Music club membership information
    Part2 – Zoo visit and instructions ,last 5 questions were about labelling MAP
    Part-3 – Student and teacher discussion ,first 5 questions were selsction of answer from the given options ,next 2 were fill in the blanks,next three were selection of advantges of online training (MCQ)
    Part-4 cyrus and its history etc…

    Reading : It was also very easy except 3rd part which is bit tough just like academic module

    Thanks a lot Liz for this wonderful work.Your site helped me alot for all 4 modules and your youtube lessons are extremely useful (specially true and false for reading module and how to write introducation and rephrase for writing module.)
    I need 7 in each band and just waiting for the good news.

    Stay Blessed, 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers crossed !

      • I had the same listening exam but i didn t find it easy at all. Especially part3 the multiple choice and part4 also. The speaking was very fast. Much faster than other exams. This is my 4th IELTS try and i got on all listening exams 7.5 and more before. However this was the toughest listening i ve ever seen

      • Hi liz… i had my exam on dec 10. Unfortunately i didn’t notice the year 2008 given in the writing task 1 but i wrote in past tence. I havnt mentioned in 2008 in the introduction paragraph. .. how it may affect my score

        • It will affect your score for Task Achievement which is 25% of your marks. But it is only one error.

          • Hello liz,
            Thanks for your reply, this time we are provided with different answer sheets.
            For listening, a white sheet with green border,
            for reading -blue border,
            for writing task1 – red border &
            for writing task 2 – black border.
            Infact your provided answer sheets are really help while practicing for writing task. I used to practice writing task on these sheets and had a Clear idea about task words. But This time, Due to new answer sheet i spent my some time to count words due to new format.
            Can you provide new format for writing answer sheet. That will be really helpful for all who are preparing for IELTS.


    • Reading part last 12 questions were tricky.
      Specially the last 6 from different era of rock art and painting. Also, the first part was comparison of three advertisement of swimming memberships. The second part was about the flow chart of grievience letter.

    • I had the same question in my exam.And listening is tough than others.Thanks liz for your voluntary help .I learn alot from your site.

  77. Test: Malaysia
    Date: 11/12/2016
    Module: Academic
    Speaking: Part 1
    1. Are you working or studying?
    2. Tell me about your job.
    3. Why did you choose the job?
    4. What do you plan to do in future?
    5. Do you like chocolates?
    6. How often do you eat chocolates when you were a child?
    7. Do you like to give chocolate as a gift?
    8. Why do people around the world like to eat chocolates?
    9. Do you like to take photographs?
    10. Was there a lot of photograph taken during your childhood?
    11. Do you prefer to keep photograph or video?
    Part 2
    1. Tell me about a sports facilities in your area(eg. stadium, swimming pool)
    2. Talk about what type of facilities it is.
    3. Who usually goes there?
    4. What people do there.
    5. What are the other facilities available in the swimming pool?
    6. Do you think there should be more sports facilities build in your area?
    Part 3- cant really remember exactly the questions
    1. About international sports like Olympics…. why is it good
    2. Friendship and rivalry in sports… comment on it
    3. Is competition good?
    4. Competition in the past and future.

    I notice that I was given ample time to speak in Part 1 and Part 2 but in Part 3 the examiner seems to be rushing. Only able to speak a sentence or two before she interrupts and move on to the next questions for Part 3. Could it be due to time constraint? Or something else… I am a bit worried though….

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Don’t worry about your part 3. The time constraint is set for all parts. Both part 1 and part 3 must be longer than 4 mins and shorter than 5 mins. One reason the examiner might have moved on quickly to new questions is to test your language function with different questions.

  78. Hi Liz,

    I completed my IELTS test yesterday:
    I want to thank you for all the lessons found in your site. It really helped me a lot in preparing for this test.
    I’m happy to say that I encountered on your website majority of the speaking questions that were asked during my exams.
    Type : General
    Date : 10 Dec 2016
    Location: Abu Dhabi UAE

    I can’t recall the exact questions but it is something like this:

    Task 1 – You recently got a job offer from another country. Write a letter to a friend who reside in that place and ask him questions about this country.

    Task 2 – Nowadays children have lesser responsibilities compared before. Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?
    Discuss both sides and give your opinion

    Do you study or work?
    What is your job?
    Why did you choose this job?
    Do you like advertisement?
    How often do you see an advertisement?
    Do you think ads influence people?

    Two-minute task :
    Tell me a situation when you become a bit angry.

    Follow-up questions:
    About emotions etc..

  79. Tehseena Nazneen says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks lot for your help on this site. It has guided me and given specific information which I would not have found elsewhere.
    I had my LRW tests yesterday – 10/12/2016
    Writing – Task 1 – ‘You got a job offer from a country and you ask your friend more information about the place.
    Task – 2 – Some people think that children these days are given less responsibilities than the children of the past. Some think this is a positive development while others think this is negative. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
    Speaking test was on 9th – Art gallery you visited
    Cue card – What course would you like to do in future?
    Sorry, I dont remember in detail. I was quite nervous and though I did not get stuck, I think I spoke quite fast and repeated sometimes.
    Thanks again dear Liz. You are the best teacher in the world!!
    Good luck in all your future endeavors and Merry Christmas to You!!

  80. Hi Liz,

    Thank you very much for all your work here. I’m a native English speaker however I have just completed my second ielts test – I simply cannot focus during exams.

    My writing test today was (1) Writing a letter to a friend telling them you have a job in another country and asking them about the country you are moving to and (2) advantages and disadvantages of children having less responsibility now than they did in the past.

    I can’t recall all of the speaking but it centred around whether or not flowers were important and whether or not creativity was important.

    My fear now is that I answered all my reading in lower case (capitalising when needed) but as per instructions wrote TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN in full capitals. Having just reread your tips I’m worried I mixed these styles up, even though the test paper explicitly gives these answers in capitals. I really hope I haven’t just written off the last 6 answers of my test.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Hopefully the error in writing your reading answers won’t affect your score because, as you said, you are copying the word as it is written on the paper. Lets wait and see. Fingers crossed!! 🙂

  81. Test date Dec 10
    Acadimic , UK
    Task 1 – line chart about student in U.K. University watched 3different type of programs in 2008
    Privat companies condectued sentific research and pay for it rather than government
    Advantage and dis advantage and outweight …

  82. Jaspreet Singh says:

    Hello Liz ,
    I took Ielts test in Ludhiana,Punjab(India).
    part 1
    – about study.
    – which subject you read.
    -favouite colour
    – in school days your favouite colour
    part 2
    describe a situation when you forgot an appointment (doctor )
    -differece between meeting with job and meeting with freinds.
    -about good memory
    -how younster forget their appoinment .also

  83. Test Type: GT
    Location: Islamabad(Pakistan)
    Date: 10 Dec 2016

    What is your name?
    Can i see your ID Please?
    Where do you live?
    Do u like visitors?
    How you enjoy with visitors?
    Do you eat choclate?
    Why you eat choclate?
    Did u eat choclate during ur childhood?
    Why people like choclate to eat?

    Cue Card:
    Describe an intresting event which u did in ur free time?
    with which,where and when,wht happened?

    PArt #3

    questions about cinimas


    1st: Membership about club
    2nd: Australlian Animal Park with map
    3rd: dont remember
    4th: about cyrus history A king


    1st: About different swimming clubs and gyms
    4th: About letter
    5th: Sahra History engraved painting, horses camel etc
    Write a letter to offer a ticket of a concert which u have bought earlier n now u are unable to attend that concert
    give some reason for not attending the concert.
    give details about concert
    how u give him that ticket.
    Write a essay about increasing amount of rabbish(garbage) creats pollution.
    give details of causes and its effect?
    what we should do tackle this problem

  84. The type of test – Academic
    Date of test – December 10, 2016
    Location of test – Thailand

    Writing task 1 : Line graph, birth rates in the UK for women six different age groups.
    Writing task 2 : People tend to travel to other countries more and more
    why is that ? is it positive or negative development ?

    Speaking part 1 :
    – work or study ?
    – what is your job ?
    – why did you choose this job?
    – prefer to work in a team or work alone ?
    Speaking part 2 :
    – describe an interesting place
    Speaking part 3 :
    – suggest open air or outdoor places near your area ?
    – is it ok to make noise in public area ?
    – what is the purpose of public buildings?
    – what teenagers usually do when they go to public buildings?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Dear Liz,
        I want to ask about this W2 question. “Is it a positive or negative development?”- is it a A/D or an opinion essay?
        Trying to understand if I gave the correct answer.
        Thank you!

        • This is a question that require you to present your answer / your opinion. You must choose if it is positive or negative and you must support your choice.

      • David william says:

        Any body can share yesterday exams in uk

    • I had the same exam yesterday (10-dec-2016). However, 2nd part of my speaking was. Tell something about a positive changes that happened in your life. When it happened? Why do you think it’s a positive?
      3rd part. How will you describe the changes in your life?
      In your opinion, how do adult and young ones accept changes in their life?
      Do you think changes will still continue in the future?

      Thanks and God bless!

  85. Diwakar Sharma says:

    I had my speaking test on 8 Dec 2016 and the following were the points of discussion and cue card topic…
    1) Do you study or work?
    2) Do you use Bags daily?
    3) Should different bags be used for different occasions?
    4) Cue Card Topics — Describe an equipment that you use at home…
    How is the equipment useful in you life?
    DO you think that equipments will play major role in our future?
    Importance of equipment at your work place…

    Your website is really worth the time we spend on our practice…
    Kudos to you LIZ!! Thanks for the efforts and keep up the good work…
    Keep up the good work…
    I have my L/R/W test for GT module today… please wish me luck…

    Diwakar Sharma

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your listening, reading and writing!!!!

      • Diwakar Sharma says:

        I received R-7/W-7/L-7/S-7.5
        Thanks to your blog!!!
        I will recommend it to any and everyone!!!

        One clarification needed from your end…
        I think i did better in R and L.
        Is there anyway that i can re evaluate the scores…
        Would you recommend the same???

        Diwakar Sharma

        • Well done! It is not likely that your scores for reading or listening will change. For these parts of the test, your score is based on correct or incorrect answers so errors in marking are rare. For speaking and writing, it is different as scores are based on examiner interpretation which can vary.

  86. Hello,
    I completed my speaking test today. I will be having LRW tests tomorrow.
    Speaking Test:
    Date: Dec 9. 2016
    Location: Indore, India
    Module: Academic

    Part: 1
    Do you work or study?
    What kind of work do you do?
    Why did you choose this profession?
    Would you like to change your profession in future?

    Do you like your hometown?
    Your favorite place in your hometown?
    Any special tradition that is only celebrated in your hometown?

    Do you like Chocolates?
    How often you eat chocolates when you were a child?
    Do you like to give chocolate as a gift?
    Why do people all over the world like chocolates?

    Part 2:
    Describe a Movie that you like.
    When and where you watched it.
    What was it about?
    Why do you like it?

    Part 3:
    Do you often go to cinema?
    What kind of movies are popular in your country?
    What kind of movies are watched by younger people and older people?
    Do you think historical movie is a good source to know an event that occurred in past?
    So, Do Directors have responsibility to show the correct information from the history?
    Why do people watch black and white movies?

    Thanks you Liz for sharing such informative videos with us. I hope to do better tomorrow. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with the next part of the test!!!

    • My friends had the same Part 2 and Part 3 questions . 😀
      Part 1: About House/Apartment and Inviting friends to your house.
      Location: Binh Duong, Vietnam
      Test date: Dec 10 2016
      Module: Academic.

  87. Thanks Liz ,
    Your guidance really helped me a lot
    I gave speaking test today in India (pune)
    Part 1 –
    do you work or study?
    do you leave in house or flat?
    what you see from your balcony
    What is the use of balcony ?
    which book you read ?
    does there any change in your choice of books your read ?
    Part 2 –
    about Garden which you visit recently
    Part3 –
    Do you want to visit same garden again
    should children play under observations of Adults ?
    there are view that people should grow vegetable or fruits instead of flowers in Garden, what’s your opinion on this?
    Does open space is required in cities ?

    There were few more but I remember these only

  88. Hi Mam, My speaking was on 30 Nov. I was very nervous at that time. I asked “PARDON” several time to the examiner and i also skipped one question? How much it will impact on my score card.

  89. speaking test (2016-12-08) NEPAL,POKHARA
    PART 1
    about job/ study?
    do you like chocolates?
    why chocolates are popular all over the world?
    who is yours fav celebrity? why?
    have u ever met any celebrity ?
    PART 2
    Describe a small business you want to do/ operate in near future?
    PART 3
    popularity of small business in your community?
    kinds/types of small business in your community?
    skills needed for running small business?
    what about communication skills ? important or not?
    Advantage/ disadvantage of having our own business?
    Advantage and disadvantage of working under any organisation?

    i did well in part 1 and 3 but in part 2 after speaking some words i really did get any idea to talk and paused for 10 secs and again i continued my speaking . so i m really worried about may band score.

  90. Dinushi Gayathrika says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you very much for the helpful study materials and guidance Liz. I had my speaking test this week and I’m sitting for the 10th Dec Academic IELTS module in Srilanka.

    Speaking test Questions:
    Work or Study
    the teacher who you appreciated
    why does teacher become popular
    The person you met recently and
    Who is he
    What did you talk
    Why you like to meet him again

    How you meet a person
    What is the most preferred method you like to meet a person
    How you welcome a person
    What would you do when you first time meet a person
    Is that approach same when you meeting different people

    I hope i answered all the questions. Hope for the best. And please help me on some writing tasks and reading tips where I need to get 7 band for my IELTS


  91. 3rd December speaking test in London

    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or flat?
    What do you like most about your flat?
    do you like to live in a flat or house?

    part 2 cue card
    Share the experience you have done something interesting or unusual recently
    who was with you?
    why you did so?

  92. 9.12 – Sydney

    Do you often read books? Do you prefer buy or borrow them? Have you ever read a book more than once?

    Do you like when people visit your house? What do you usually do together? Do people in your country prefer visit someone at home or meet each other somewhere else?

    Cue card: Describe an unusual or interesting things you did recently.
    => do you like try something new?

    Children’s leisure activities (at present and in the past)
    Parent’s role in children’s activities
    Does the entertainment industry important for the economy of your country?

    Tomorrow LRW….

  93. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for all your efforts. You are doing really a good job!

    Today, I had my speaking test here in Pakistan. Below I am sharing the details:

    Part 1:
    – Home Town| What is your home town, where do you live in your home town, Describe your neighborhood, Would you like to live here in future

    – Cinemas | Do you watch movies in cinemas, How often do you go to cinemas, Do you go with family or friends

    – Walk | Have you ever walked to work, How often do you walk, Do you think walk is good for health, How many playgrounds you have in your area for walking, Do you remember any interesting incident while you were walking in the ground

    Part 2:

    Interesting public place you visit often
    – How often you visit this place
    – When did you visit last time
    – What plans you have for this weekend

    Part 3:
    – In your opinion, what purpose the public buildings serve
    – Do you think there should be any rules for the visitors of public buildings
    – Do you have enough public libraries in your city
    – Do you think that more people visit public libraries these days
    – Do you have good places for young people in your city

  94. SPEAKING TEST (08/12/2016, CHENNAI)

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your website. Very kind of you. My speaking test today got over, day after tomorrow is my L/R/W test.

    Part1 :-

    what’s your name?
    can i see your passport?
    where are you from?
    do you work or do you study?
    what subjects do you have?
    why did you choose that subject?
    from when you got interest to study?
    what you are going to do in future regarding studies?
    what colour do you like?
    which colour you dislike?
    Is the same colour you dislike during your childhood days?

    Part2 :-

    Describe a situation you have forgot to go or visit (Example – Visiting Hospital, Any events) ?
    what type of situation?
    when this situation happened?
    what consequences do you face that time?
    how you handled?


    Have you ever shared this experience with anyone?
    what problems will come if you forgot anything important to do?
    will these problems be the same, forgetting something in office and with friends?
    how will you make understand your friend regarding this issue?
    Do you think family tradition is important? why?
    how old tradition is different from new tradition?
    do you think any technology influenced old tradition?

    Hope this helps!

    All the best to everyone..


  95. First of all Liz i am very thankful to you that you create such a useful website for learners.
    Today i conduct my speaking test that was great only because of you.
    Speaking Test:
    Where Are you From?
    Do You Live in a House or Apartment?
    Which Color You like Most? (why)
    is the color is similar to that color you liked in your childhood?

    Do You often Eat Chocolate?
    what’s Your eating habit for chocolate as a child?
    Have you ever Gift Chocolate? why?
    Whom You gift it?
    What was the occasion?
    Part 2: Cue Card
    Describe a website that you often visit?
    how you Know About this website?
    what You Find through this website?
    is it useful for you?

    Q: have you ever tell about this website to others?

    Part 3:

    Describe role of internet these days?
    Do You agree with this opinion that children must use internet?
    should you allow children to use Internet for study purpose?
    In you Country who use internet most? Younger or older?
    Describe advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?
    Tell me About the negative impacts of online shopping on shops?

  96. Hi liz and all!

    Module = GT
    Country = Pakistan (Lahore)

    I just have finished my IELTS speaking module today on 6th December,2016.Questions are as under:

    Part 1:
    ID card
    where do you live
    where you live in your city
    will you like to live in the same place ? why
    do you read newspaper or magazine ?When and why?
    How often you read?
    which is first newspaper which you buy?
    will printed based newspaper will remain in demand in next 50 years? if yes then why?
    (i said there will be always a charm for paper based newspaper and she further asked why?i said its comfortable to read news form paper rather from phone or desktop etc.)

    Part-2 : Cue card
    describe a change which you observed in your life and is positive in your life
    -when the change occurred
    -how the change occurred
    -how you reacted at that time about the change
    -what you feel now about this change.

    Part 3: Discussion
    Is speed of change is more frequent around you?
    what is the impact of the change in our it have a good or bad impact..something like that
    what is the impact of science and technology on individual in Pakistan..something like that
    is there any -ve impact of this change due to development of science in humane life.
    Is family system/structure in pakistan is same as of past?
    what is the change?why it is so?
    how youngster and elders react to change + one or two more questions.

    I am really confused about my performance.I was very nervous and was speaking in fast pace.First part went smoothly ,i just stuck while replying an easy question and may be because of stress level………I am really worried for my 2nd part where i spoke about the job change and its impact on my it helped me to learn new things,new ways of working,meet new people,and how initialy i was not taking it as a significant change.I hope i don’t lose marks in Task Respondance 🙁
    While for the third part i misunderstood the first discussion question.I discussed that my life dont have so much change and speed of change is slow in my life ..she was kind enough that she repeat her question and then i responed, yes there are lot of changes,more frequent changes…new ways of communication and travelling etc.For rest of the part i answered quickly and timely. and she was used to cut me while i am replying and i have feelings that she don’t like my answers or my answers were irrelevent. like i said families are not so well connected.

    I was fluent and used variety of vocabulary like close knitted,well connected ,flexible,adpative ,inevitable,charm,resistant etc… i was fluent but i am worried about my grammer as was nervouse & Task Resondance due to cue card topic and one question which i could not take rightly at that time.

    This is my 3rd time i am attmepting my previous attempt i socre L=7.5,R=7.S=7 & W=6.5 wheres i need 7 in all module.I am just hoping to get at least 7 band in this IELTS speaking module.My L,R,W test is on 10th December,2016.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m a bit concerned that you have taken the test a number of times but don’t know the marking criteria for speaking. There is no Task Response in IELTS speaking, it is only in writing. You are not marked on your ideas in speaking and going off topic isn’t penalised. You are marked on: fluency, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. See this link: So, you need to think about adding, not just vocab, but also a range of grammar tenses to showcase your language skills. In part 2, you can take the talk in any direction you want – you don’t need to use or follow the prompts.

      • Hi, thanks for your response. Yes my bad as i was of the thought that i must speak on topic. Though I used variety of sentence structures with proper intonation but have doubts on my Grammer and was too fast. I hope to get 7 band at least. Your website is really helpful… Stay blessed.

  97. Hi Madam,

    Please find below my speaking questions yesterday 5-December- 2016

    Do you work or study?
    Why did you choose this profession?
    Describe your hometown?
    Tell me about a place that you like in your hometown
    Who is the best celeb?
    Have you ever met with a celeb face to face?
    Do you like to be celeb?


    Desribe a time when you had to use imagination:
    Where and when
    What you did
    Was it

    What games canimprove the imagination of children ?
    Are teacher important to improve children imagination?
    Is watching cartoon or reading more inportant to improve imagination for children?
    Is a scientist required to use imagination?
    What are the professions that require imagination?
    Is imagination the most important for companies.

    Concerning my performance i did well in part1 and 2 . However in the last 2 answers in part 3 i was very short answering. Will this automatically drop my score below 7?
    The questions which professions need imagination: i said advertizing; web designing; actors .
    If imagination is the most important for a company: i said it is important to have an innovative and marketibg deoartment but i don t know if it is the most important thing.

    Now i regret these two answers as they are not developed well. And i need 7 .

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your score is calculated over your whole performance so it depends how strong your fluency was in all other questions. The answer you mentioned may not have been very developed but it showed a great range of vocabulary. Lets wait and see your results 🙂

      • Nainsy Verma says:

        Hey I got the same topic today!! Unfortunately I didnt saw this site before 🙁 Well I made some grammatical mistakes, Mea Culpa… Well Thanks and Liz Can you help me for recent reading and writing topics.. Thanks

      • Thank you Liz for your support , I’m trying to analyze my answers and I find them so short, I don’t know how part 3 he asked me around 6 questions only, If I want to think of the time I guess it took him maybe 2 minutes to finish part 3 . Is an examiner allowed to stop the test before . I don’t know if I spoke more actually but I do not remember anything. If I want to analyze maybe my speaking test was about 6 minutes , is this normal? in part2 I spoke till he interrupted me but If I think about it now I feel like I spoke 2 sentences maybe in part2 so I am wondering how he has stopped me and he said time up. I’m very nervous , I need a 7 and I think I won’t get 🙁 , please your morale support madam

        • Actually, after finishing my speaking test I was so happy and I thought that the conversation was natural and I have even corrected 2 mistakes, but I’m analyzing back now all the speaking answers I donno how I managed to speak and what I spoke. is this normal?

        • Wait and see your results. It is difficult to judge timing in a test unless you are looking at a clock.

  98. Rajwinder Kaur says:

    Yesterday was my speaking
    Part 1 Basic questions
    1. What is your name?
    2. what is the name of your hometown?
    3. Are you a student or a worker?
    4 What subjects you choose in college? Why?
    5. How is it beneficial for you?
    6. How it will be useful for you in your future?

    Part2. CUE CARD
    Talk about an equipment which you like to use
    Name of it
    Why you use it
    With whom you share it

    Part3. Follow ups
    1. In which type of equipment mostly people like to use ?
    2. Tell me about an equipments which are used in household work?
    3. Which is the difference between the use of mobile phone in young people and old people?
    4. How the machines are effecting the humans?
    5. How we can control these problems which are increasing day by day?
    6. How it will spoil the humans life?
    7. What should we do to control it?
    8. No doubt robots can do each and every work like as human so what is the difference between the robots and humans ?

  99. Hi,
    Ielts academic module
    Date: 26th November, 2016
    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Sorry to post it so late, was tied with some other commitments.”

    Speaking part 1: about my profession and my home town, entertainment options at home town.
    Speaking part 2: One tradition of your country
    Speaking part 3: Technology and its effects, whether traditions of my country are changing, why?

    Writing task 1: Line graph, it was simple one.
    Writing task 2: Advertisements have become part of our lives.
    Is it a positive or a negative development?

  100. Moraima Cano Valdez says:

    Hello everyone

    I took my IELTS academic test in Austin Texas on November 19, 2016.
    The topic essay was too hard for me:
    “The universities should give an opportunity to get a sit only young and students with historical good records. It should not be done with older people with low academic performance.
    Discuss both points of view and give your personal opinion about it”.

    Finally, my score in writing was 5.5, I did not to complete task 1

  101. Ayesha Nisar says:

    Hi everyone,
    Test date: 3-12-2016
    Location: Karachi

    First Part !. Speaking:
    Q1. What is your name?
    Do you work or study?
    Why you have choose this profession?
    Lets’s talk about chocolate:
    Do you like chocolates?
    Did you eat chocolate as a child?
    Why people eat chocolate in the rest of the world?

    Cue Card:
    Describe a social networking website you often use?
    Why do you think people use it?
    Is it more common in adults or youngster?

    Lets talk about internet shopping?
    Do people in your country do online shopping? why?
    Is there any customer dissatisfaction from online shopping?
    Do you recommend any one to do online shopping?
    In your country people prefer to do shopping online or from a local market streets?

    Lets talk about personality:
    What is your favorite personality?
    what do you like about him?
    Do you want to be a celebrity?

    End of Speaking test.

    Listening was very difficult. The answers were hardly found. It was terrible.

    Writing Task 1;
    Write a letter to the accommodation officer in the abroad university which you have taken admission.
    Ask him to arrange an accommodation for you, brief him what kind of accommodation you are looking for.
    Also describe what you would be in need when you arrive there along with the arriving details.

    Task 2: Why people do physical sports as a child and don’t prefer to involve in physical exercise as a adult.
    What are the reasons to avoid physical exercise.
    How to overcome this trend and motivate adults to do physical sports?

    Reading: It was easy and i almost complete it on time.

    Thank you so much for putting the topics online and it helps me a lot in doing preparation for IELTS especially IELTS speaking part. I always used your speaking part 2 demo video, in which I pause & then speak as i did not have any partner so in this way i prepared my exams.

    Thanks again, I hope i can score more than 7 bands.

    Ayesha Nisar

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I hope you get the results you need !

      • Hai, I’m lohini from India.I have enrolled for IELTS on 14th of 2017.And my target is 7 in all bands..I’m good in listening but wat should I do to improve in rest part’s..? Can you plz guide me futher to get my expected bands…??

  102. MOHIT SHRAMA says:

    Test date: 03.12.2016
    Location: Doha, Qatar
    Module: General Training (British Council)

    Dear Liz,

    First of all i would like to thank you for making this website and youtube channel to guide a lot of students a;; around the world. This was my 2nd attempt to aim higher score than before, in my first attempt i got L-8,R-7, W-6.5 & S-6.5 = Overall 7 (yes, credit goes to you only…)

    Further, i would like to share the test details as hereunder:-

    Speaking Test:-
    Part 1:
    Do you like sunny days ?
    How do you celebrate sunny days?
    How people celebrates birthdays in your home country?
    How do you spend your weekend ?

    Part 2:
    Describe the traditional activity of your home country ?

    Part 3:
    Do you believe in following the traditional activities, Why it is so important to you ?
    How do you think the technological advancements benefiting the human life?
    How technology advancements effecting our environment ?
    What are the festivals in your home country you think people love to follow in future also ?
    What changes you would like to make in your current lifestyle ? & Why ?

    Writing Test:
    Task 1: Write a letter to the college supervisor giving your accommodation requirements for the coming session.

    Task 2: Now a days people are not getting involved much into sports activity as they used to be during their childhood. Describe the issue in detail and give your own opinion.

    I hope above information is useful for many other IELTS aspirants.

    This time, i am targeting Overall 8 bands, specifically in Writing & Speaking section. Finger crossed..
    Wish me Luck !

    Liz you are doing a really great Job..keep sharing, God Bless You !

    Mohit Sharma

  103. Dear Liz and fellow students,

    Thank you all of you for sharing the advices and questions for the test!
    Tips are combination of many experiences.
    Every piece of information is crucial to candidates, especially who study on their own at home, like me.

    Liz, thank you very much ! I am very grateful to you for offering this website.
    Your tips, especially the one on writing task 2 (write your conclusion during the last 5 minutes), have always reminded me so I was able finish my essay on time today.^__^.

    9am – 2:30pm
    1. Listening (easy)
    2. Reading (very hard in the last passage, not enough time to finish)
    3. Writing (easy)
    4. Speaking (easy, actual time gone faster than practice, examiner manage to lead you to next question so it won’t overrun)

    3 Dec 2016
    Hong Kong

    Task 1
    You lost a luggage when you were getting off the train, during a normal business trip. Write a letter to the train company’s Lost Property Department manager about this.
    Describe the details of the journey, the lugguage and a solution that you wish the officer do for you.

    Task 2
    Nowadays some children are showing less respect to adults than in the past.
    What cause this problem ?
    What can be done ?

    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or flat ?
    What is your favourite room ?
    What can you see from the view of window ?
    If you could improve one thing in your house, describe it.

    Your favourite colour? Why?
    Your favourite colour when you were a child ?
    Did you change your favourite colour since you’ve grown up ?
    What is the colour between you and your friends ? (tricky, just respond naturally)

    Do you have a teacher that you liked ?
    What makes a teacher popular ? Why ?
    Have you ever teached somebody ?
    Do you consider becoming a teacher ?

    Part 2
    Describe a building that you liked or unliked.
    – appearance and activity that you can do inside
    – location
    – reason that you like or unlike

    Part 3
    What do you think of living in tall building ? you like it ?
    Do you think people in the future will continue living in tall buildings?
    Why is that, particularly in Hong Kong ?
    How can the climate changes affect the contruction of a building ?
    Why are people desired to design their own house if they had a chance to do so ? (confusing)

    In this last question, I didn’t quite understand what the examiner meaned.
    He repeated the question and I started to give answer, he suddenly said “No…”
    I continued answering whether I gave a wrong answer or he just personally responded to my statement…
    Liz, I worry about how this situation would affect my band score ?

    Best wishes,

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s not common for an examiner to say “No” during any answer. However, I don’t know what was said before or after – the exact words. The question is a common topic here in the West. It is a common trend that people prefer to build a house in their own style rather than buying a house that is already finished. Many people do this for a sense of achievement or because they have specific specifications for their house. Good luck with your results!

  104. Hi Liz,

    Following are Speaking Questions for Dec 03, 2016 IELTS Test:

    1. Do work or study?
    2. Why did you choose this job?
    3. Do you have flower plants at home?
    4. How often do you use flowers in your country?
    5. When did you buy flowers last time?

    Different methods you use to save money

    Followed by questions,

    Do you suggest the same money management methods to your friends?

    How do you teach the money management methods to your kids?

    Lastly, About current environmental related issues


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hai,

        I had my speaking test on Dec 3rd,
        in Uganda-academic

        And the questions were so similar to the above ones

        Part one:

        Do you work or study?
        what job do you do?
        Why did you choose this job?

        Do you like sunny weather?
        What activities do u prefer to do on a sunny day
        where would you like to go on a sunny day?

        part two!

        how do u save your money
        -what yo do for saving?
        -how often

        part 3:
        -Do you encourage children to save money?
        -back in your country how are children encouraged to save money?
        -does people waste money now more than that of decades back?
        – Should government do anything to reduce the wastage of money and how?

        These were the questions i was asked,
        it was totally an unaccepted topic, though i guess i answered it well ,
        I followed your method of extending the answers, but i guess i went behind with my vocabularies,
        I hope i get my results well,
        The rest of the test is on 10th Dec, and am just going through your blog, hope i could perform well,
        The tips you provide here are very useful

        Thanks a lot Liz,


  105. ma. esther nakazawa says:

    Kyoto Japan
    Part 1
    More about myself/ hometown/ family
    describe your apartment / what can you see outside the window……
    Part 2
    I have to discuss about what country would i like to go for a short time and why?
    Part 3
    what’s the difference between working in an international/multi-national company
    which is better international company or local company

    Task 1
    write a letter to a train company because you forgot your luggage in the train
    Task 2
    It’s a cause and solution about why the children nowadays are less respectful than the children in the past

  106. Dear Liz,
    I would like to express my honest gratitude for the help you provide to all of us here!
    I appreciate it a lot!

    I took IELTS (academic module) yesterday in Germany:

    1) Writing 1: A bar graph and two pie charts describing educational level of Glasgow citizens depending on their age category and gender

    2) Writing 2: Discussion essay. Some people say art (music, paintings, poetry etc.) can be created by by any human being, while others believe that only people with special abilities can create art. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    3) Speaking 1:
    Do you work or study?
    Do your like your work?
    Why did you choose your work?
    Do you like water activities? Which ones?
    Have you ever spent holidays in water? What did you do?
    Do you think it is important to learn how to swim? Why?

    4) Speaking 2: Describe an advertisement you have seen recently.
    Where did you see it?
    What was advertised?
    What was special about it?

    5) Speaking 3:
    Do you think that advertisements influence people?
    Where do you usually see advertisements?
    Do you think there are too many of them?
    Are there any regulations about advertisements in your country?
    Were you influenced by advertisements in your childhood?

    6) Reading:
    the first part: ancient cities (True False Not Given, completing the text with words)
    the second part: making violins (True False Not Given, choosing the right heading for the paragraphs)
    the third part: psychology and multitasking (multiple choice, completing the text with words)

    Overall, I found the second part of the reading exam rather difficult (not confident about it), while the rest was alright.

    With kind regards,

  107. Hello Liz!
    Test type: GT
    Date:02 & 03 Dec,2016

    Gerneral questions on Work, Flowers and Art.

    Describe a travelling which you often do,but don’t like to.

    Few questions on travelling.

    Listening and reading was very easy.
    Write a letter to local council complaining about rubbish garbage on streets.

    Some people think that child’s success in adult life depends on the way there parents brought up them. Do you agree or disagree.

    Thanks to everyone who have shared there exam questions, which helped me alot.
    This site is quite beneficial for all IELTS test takers.

    Thank you Liz.

  108. Hi All,

    I have completed my IELTS (General Module) yesterday i.e. on 3rd December 2016 at Hyderabad,India.

    As Jay posted below, I too received the same Writing tasks first task being , write a letter to your local counsellor informing about the rubbish(garbage) and the dirt that is found in your locality.

    Second Task being “Adult success is because of the way that parents bring up their children ” Do you agree or disagree?

    I have taken 20-25 minutes for the task 1 and later started making myself faster in writing Task 2 and at last I was able to manage and complete two tasks on time.

    Your articles really helped me a lot to frame my sentences using Paraphrases,vocabulary, grammar ,Reading tips were quite informative and I could use your tips to my best.
    Thank you Liz for all your help.


  109. Test Date: 2016-12-3
    Place: Sri Lanka
    Module: GT

    Writing task 1: You are going start college in a different country. Write a letter to accommodation officer. In your letter,
    * State your arrival date and study plan
    * Kind of accommodation you are looking for
    * What do you want the accommodation officer to do for you

    Writing task 2: Many people do sports as kids but gives up physical exercise as adults.
    * Why adults give up exercise?
    * What can be done to solve this problem?

    Liz, thank you so much for your free material. You rock!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You’re welcome 🙂

    • Had my speaking test today 2016-12-06. It was rather short. I did not check the time when I got in and out but felt like less than 10 mins. Sad thing is, I don’t know if its good or bad. Examiner was not chatty. It was I who did the talking in the last part. Anyway, I would get to know what it means when my results come 🙂

      Questions were, if I am living in a house or a flat, what can I see from the windows, how my house looks like from outside, and the colors I like. Then I was asked to talk about a place I like to go for relaxing, followed by some questions about what other things people do here for relaxing and have those changed over the years. Also about if the kids should be given electronic devices and if relaxing had been affected by technology.

      Its going to be a long fortnight for me 🙂

      • Dear Liz,
        Got my results today. Listening 9, Reading 9, Writing 7.5 and Speaking 8. I am so happy!!! So the short speaking test was nothing to be alarmed :). All I did as preparation was what was on your site and Cambridge IELTS books 8 to 11. Cannot thank you enough for your support. May happiness follow you where ever you go.

  110. Hello everyone…

    Completed my IELTS (G.T.) all modules today.. Thought it might be of some help to share the questions..

    Task 1:
    You see the streets in your area are having too much of rubbish (garbage) that is creating problems in your area.
    Write a letter to concerning officer.
    You should write-
    What are the problems & their effects
    What may be the causes
    What you suggest to do.

    Task 2:
    Some people believe that to become successful in adult life, it depends on the way the parents bring up their children. Do you agree or disagree?

    Thanks Liz for your valuable guidance about opinion and other essay types. It helped me to a great extent.
    Honestly speaking, I didn’t do quite well in Task 2, as I gave 25 minutes for task 1 writing it too good!! 🙁
    When I started task 2, I allotted another 8 minutes planning for it. So I had only about 27 minutes to write the essay. It was really a tough situation and I just went on writing as much as I could. Although, fortunately, words and ideas came into my mind and I carried writing on. I’d made a well structured essay though, having 5 paragraphs including introduction & conclusion.

    Let’s see what results come up with.

  111. Hello once again.

    Today was the written part of my test.


    I think the listening test was really easy. I don’t remember the first part but the second was a talk about how to choose what kind of home to buy, as well as the neighborhood types and such.. The third was a conversation between a teacher and a student about the compulsory modules in the upcoming semester. The last one was a talk on the topic “extreme sports” (history, evolution and what it would be in the future).


    One of the passages in the reading test was about the city of Uruk in Mesopotamia, the second passage was about the history of violins and the third was about multitasking and how it affects our brains in a negative way.


    Task 1:
    A bar chart about the education level of people in Glasgow in 2010 by age groups + two pie charts showing men and women educational level separately.

    Task 2:
    Some people say everyone can create art, while others argue this is a special ability and we are born with it.
    Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    I hope this is enough. Now waiting for results!

    Good luck everybody!

  112. Test Date : 03-12-16 by British Council
    Location: Sylhet, Bangladesh
    Module: Academic

    # Writing Task 1:
    Level of education at Garlton ,a village of Scotland in 2010
    -a bar graph and a pie chart
    in bar graph: 6 age group between 16 and 75+ and 3 education phase ( no qualifications, school certificate and university degree )
    in Pie chart : gender based data in those three phases

    #Task 2:
    -Many people believe that skill of art (i.e. music, painting) can be done by everyone. Other people think it as a by born process.
    -Discuss both views and give your opinion

    *Speaking Test:

    # Part I:
    -Job or study
    -Do you gift to others
    -How can you gift your country
    -Do you read newspaper
    -Benefits of reading newspaper
    -Advantages of reading local and foreign newspaper
    -Mention the name of first newspaper you bought

    #Part II:
    Describe about an international company where you want to work
    -Name of it
    – How you know about it
    – WHy do you want to work
    – Benefits of working in a international company

    Part III:
    – Do you know anyone who works in that company you described
    – Tell some other international companies who are working in you country
    – Advantages of working in a international company
    – What are the problems in working in a international company
    – Many international company provides higher salary to the staffs. why?

  113. Hi everyone, not long ago I was one of the many nervous, stressed and anxious candidates for the General IELTS. I just got my results today, and want to help anyone out there who is in the same position that I had been 2 weeks ago.

    General Training in Singapore, test date 19 November 2016.
    I did all 4 components on the same day, from 9am and finished the last component (Speaking) at about 1pm.

    Results: L8.5 W7.5 W7.5 S8.5

    General Writing Task 1
    Write a letter to your friend explaining why you have moved to a new city. Your letter should describe your new home, compare it against your previous home and the environment of your new home.

    General Writing Task 2
    Many believe that young children should play sports in order to prepare them for working life. Some disagree. Discuss.

    I honestly did not do so well in the Writing component because Task 2 was a difficult question for me, and I had spent too much time on Task 1. I enjoyed Task 1 and really imagined myself writing to a friend explaining that I have migrated (the real reason why I am taking IELTS). By the time I got to Task 2 I had to furiously scribble my thoughts, and I did not have a cohesive essay.

    Thanks to this website though I learned that it’s better to write more than too little, and so even with my scrambled points I kept filling the page with paragraphs so that they would at least see that I can construct detailed sentences!

    During the Listening test it’s imperative to fully focus on your paper and listen to the instructions to know which questions you need to answer. At one point I got distracted and didn’t listen that I had to answer until question 30 (had to turn to the next page), so I actually missed a lot of information.

    – What is your full name, where are you from
    – Where do you live? Do you live in an apartment or a house?
    – Do you like living in your house? What is it like?
    – Which part of your house do you like the most? Why?
    – What is your favourite colour? Why?
    – What was your favourite colour when you were a child, and why do you think it has changed now?
    – Let’s talk about imagination. Can you describe a situation where you had to use your imagination? How did you feel? What happened?
    – What occupations do you think require imagination?
    – Why do you think doctors and scientists need to have imagination?
    – Do you think teachers should encourage imagination in children, or stick to the curriculum?
    – Did you have to use your imagination as a child? What did you do?

    I want to stress here that before the Speaking test, I tried to make myself relaxed by thinking “It’s just a conversation with a British stranger.” But I actually felt very anxious when she did not look impressed or convinced by my answers, and just kept going to the next question. I felt like I was giving the wrong answers. But do not be discouraged or nervous by this – I think that’s how the examiner is supposed to behave. Just keep talking and give them as many words and phrases as possible so they can grade you, even if it means you’re trying to fill up the silence.

    Good luck whoever is reading this!

    • Thanks for sharing your topics and your experiences 🙂 Very well done with your results !!! You’ve done incredibly well in writing considering you struggled with task 2 a bit. It also shows the strength of your English language. I’m glad you shared your experience of your speaking test. Some examiners are good at making people feel at ease and others don’t bother. So all students need to go in with full confidence and do their best regardless of the examiner’s attitude. Well done again 🙂

    • I had Ielts general on 3rd December 2016.
      L.questions was 1st part don’t remember.second part about rent accomondation.
      Third about lectures.
      Last one sport.
      Writing write a letter to college counselor to find accomondation for you
      Essay why adults stop doing sports.
      Reading advertisement kindergarten, appointment to the doctor.
      Mostly filling sentence

    • from where you took the exam?

  114. Thanks Liz for such kind of amazing and helpful site.
    Dec 2,
    Saudi Arabia

    Part 1:
    Your name, country.
    Do u live in apartment or flat?
    Describe your house.
    What do u see from balacony.
    Are commonly use a bag ?
    Did u ever lost ur bag

    Part 2 :
    Talking about preparing of a happy event
    What was the event
    How did u prepare?
    Who helped you ?
    Then some questions about importance of being prepared and how do u teach ur children being prepared.

    Part 3:
    Questions about taking risk pros and cons
    Should governments and people take the risk ?

    I will take the other parts tomorrow morning ….

  115. HI Liz,

    Great Thanks for the assistance you’re providing for the IELTS candidates.

    Just got my results for the IELTS GT exam held on 19th November 16 in London.
    With 7 weeks of intensive preparation,
    L/R/W/S 8.5/7.5/7/8 overall 8

    Your tips on True, False or Not Given really helped much to get band score of 7.5. I keep remembering your tips throughout the exam process. Fortunately i got the same question type. Thanks to Liz.

    For future IELTS candidates, whoever reading this forum I strongly suggest to go through the tips and ticks of Liz to succeed.

    Thanks again Liz


  116. Hi Liz,
    Thanks to you a bunch of times for such a helpful website of yours, which provided me with really useful guidance for IELTS.
    Let me share with you my test details.

    Venue: Ahmedabad, India
    Date: 1st Dec, 2016
    Module: GT

    Part 1:

    Part 2:
    Describe your favourite website.

    Part 3:

    It’s my first attempt. I guess I did well in speaking. Hoping for best results. (fingers crossed!!!)

    Best regards..

  117. Anu Samkaria says:

    As i have got benefited from Liz’s website for my exam preparation, now it is my turn to contribute back for others 🙂
    I would like share some questions of speaking test today
    Date – 02.Dec.2016
    Module – General training
    Country : India (Bangalore)

    Part 1:
    Do you work or study?
    Why you have chosen this profession?
    Do you like to go for movies? Why or Why not
    How you spend your weekends?
    What you have planned for the next weekend?
    Do you think that small towns and cities must have more parks?
    Is your city have enough places for recreation?
    Do you encourage your kids to play outside why or why not? Compare the situation from childhood?

    Part 2 :
    Explain about a recent traditional event you have attended
    What was the event
    How you came to know about it
    what was special about this event?

    Part 3 : I don’t remember much for this but whatever is available in my memory just writing it down 🙂
    Do you think living a traditional lifestyle is better that modern lifestyle?
    How the traditions will change in the future?
    Is younger generation enjoying the traditional events in the same format or do they demand changes?

  118. Hello Liz,

    I just passed my speaking test an hour ago. I was really nervous before getting in the exam room but once the actual talk started I felt a little better. I think it went alright. I have my written exam tomorrow morning and hope it goes well. I’ve been preparing alone and your blog and videos were super helpful. Thank you for the assistence and keep up the great work!

    Here are most of the questions I was asked today:

    Date: 02/12/2016
    Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
    Module: Academic

    Part 1:

    1. Do you study or work?
    2. Why did you choose this line of work? (and related questions)
    3. How often and where do you see advertisements?
    4. Do you like or dislike ads on TV?
    5. Have you ever bought anything because it was advertised on TV?
    6. Do you wear hat or caps?
    7. Did you wear any when you were a kid?
    8. Do people wear hats/caps because of practical or fashionable reasons?

    Part 2:

    Describe a situation that made you a little angry.
    – what was the situation
    – who was there
    – when was that
    – why did it make you angry

    Part 3: (Emotions related questions)

    1. Do you think that some people can recognise other people’s emotions?
    2. Do you think this is good or bad?
    3. What about people who don’t consider the emotions of others?
    4. How can that be changed? (I mentioned parents’ and school’s role in teaching children how to be considerate of others’ emotions)
    5. How do people get any positive or negative emotions in modern life? (I talked about stressful living at a fast pace and such + our own ability to see things positively)
    6. Do positive or negative emotions have any effect on our health?

    That’s all I can remember.

    I was also wondering about something that occured during Part 2 of the talk. I knew it’s fine if you stop talking between the 1st and the 2nd minute and since I speak very fast I guess I was done pretty quickly (it must’ve been more than a minute) … so the examer made a jesture to continue talking and I’m not sure if I didn’t repeat myself a little. Do you think this will have a huge effect on the score as a whole?

    Thank you in advance and once again – your help is greatly appreciated!

    Wish me luck tomorrow and good luck to the rest of you on the “Road to IELTS” 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 When you run out of things to say, there are two reasons. One is because you can’t speak in English for longer. Two because you can’t think of ideas. The second reason is fine and if you showed the ability to expand answers easily in the other parts of the test, you’ll still be ok. Nice to meet someone from Bulgaria – even since I went to Bulgaria, I’ve been craving Shopska Salad – my absolute favourite salad!! Good luck tomorrow! Here’s a link to my last minute tips for all parts of the test:

  119. ramandeep kaur says:

    hiii everyone
    test academic
    vanue jalandhar,punjab
    speaking test dec 2
    part one introductory questions , ques related to advertisement
    part 2- describe something u share with someone
    part-3 how often u share things, should childrens teach to share things and about shared accomodation its advantages for students disadvantages and many more.
    thanks liz this site help me very much
    my written test is on dec2

  120. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the service you are providing. It really helps!
    I’ve taken the IELTS Speaking Test today.
    Test Location: Bangalore
    Part 1 :
    Where do you come from?
    Do you work or study?
    Do you enjoy your job?
    Do you like to spend time with your parents? Why?
    Do you like bags? (Carry bags/Hand bags/Trolleys etc)
    Part 2:
    Describe a sports facility in your city or town. Talk about where it is, what facilities it has and why it is important to you city/town.
    Part 3:
    Why do you think sports are important for young people?
    Do you think sports have changed over the decades? How?
    What is competitiveness? Name few advantages and disadvantages.

    I feel the topics are very narrow and disappointed with the choice of the questions. I am not so inclined towards any of the sports in general, how can they expect me to talk about these impromptu? How can I improve my communication on such topics in future if I were to repeat the exam?

    Thanks in Advance,

  121. Hi Liz,
    Fingers crossed since morning today….as IETLS results were announced today..
    Supeeeeeer excited that I have got more than what I’d expected..

    L 9, R 7.5, W 7 and S 7.5

    Thank you Liz for all your help and videos which were quite beneficial in preparing for IELTS..

    All the best to others who are preparing for the tests..

  122. Amara Adnan says:

    Hello everyone,

    Test type: academic
    Date: 1-dec-2016
    Location : Islamabad -Pakistan

    Speaking part 2:
    Cue card
    Describe a situation which made you laugh
    When it was?
    What was it about ?
    Where it was?

    Part 3:
    Questions related to humour, language and learning

    I still habe to take my listening, reading and writing test which is on 3rd December.

    Will post soon .

    This is very very helpful site. I have learnt alot from here.

    Liz , I am really grateful for your help.
    God bless u.

  123. Speaking test
    Ielts General
    29 Nov 2016
    Lagos, nigeria

    Section 2 Topic: An App or Program you use on Computer or phone

  124. Speaking part 1:
    Do you like visitors coming to your home?
    Do people often visit you at your home?
    Do you live in a house or apartment?
    What you can see from the window of your house?
    Speaking part 2 :
    Describe an interesting song you like
    Speaking Part 3:
    Which type of music do you like?
    Which type of music is popular among youth?
    Writing task 2 :
    Some people say that urgent problems in modern society can only be solved with international cooperation. To what extent do you agree?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • taskeen hammad says:

      hi liz….
      today was my speaking test.academic module
      city multan
      in first part she asked about living place ..
      what kind of accommodation you live there
      about chocolates
      then asked some questions about books
      2nd part
      cue card met with someone recently and want to know about her more
      3rd part asked questions about compared to pas frendship
      why do you think friendship in school was long lasting
      how social network effect on friendship

      overall I speak there well..only I was unable to undersatnd the last question and couldn’t give satisfactory answer as I think so far…does it will give bad impression. my other test will be next on saturday

  125. Hello, Liz!
    Academic module
    I had an exam on 26.11.2016

    Part 1
    Do you live in apartment or house?
    How does it look?
    What view do you see from your apartment’s window?
    Part 2
    Decribe an experience with facing a wild animal.
    When it happened?
    What this animal was doing?
    How did you feel about it?
    Part 3
    Are Zoos popular or not in your counrty? (topic was about Zoo)
    Are fieldtrips to Zoos helpful for learning process at school?
    Is it common to have wild pets at home or not?
    How pets can be useful for people?

    Writing task 2
    Some people say that the best way for children to learn to read is using online materials. Others say that children should use only printed materials. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  126. Ielts Academic Test.
    Location: Pakistan

    Task 1: table showing changes in composition of households in a North American country in 1970 and 2003.

    Task 2: some people say that the best way children should learn to read in by using online material. Others think that printed materials should only be used. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Liz I followed a 4 paragraph pattern.
    In intro i mentioned my opinion.
    In body para 1 i presented one view
    In body para 2 i presented the other by goving my opinion. (I started this paragraph by ‘on the other hand, I believe…’
    Conclusion: presented my view again.

    Liz in body paragraphs i wrote words like ‘much better way’ and ‘more effective’ rather than using best way and only ( I however paraphrased best way to most effective way in introduction)
    Please tell me if my structure is right and will these words will affect my score? And also i wrote around 330 words in task 2

    Your website is beneficial for all the students who want to score high bands. Thank you Liz.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Writing over 300 words is risky unless you have perfect English. It means that you might have more mistakes in grammar and vocabulary which could reduce your score. Certainly using paraphrases and a range of vocabulary will help your score. Your structure seems fine although I can’t say without knowing what opinion you gave. Good luck with your results!

    • any idea about reading?

  127. Kalpana vaddodariya says:

    Hii Liz..

    Thanks for your blog…its really helpful for ielts exam takers…pls keep it up for students like us…its really appreciable…I hv watched almost all ur vedioes and its really helped me in my exams.

    I hv my exam today in Ahmedabad,India.
    Academic module

    Writing task 1:
    Compare student commen room before 5 yr and as of now

    Writing task 2:
    Some people believe that people should hv to follow their own traditions while other thinks that people should use their own freedom.

    Topic is something like that…

  128. Hi!
    Liz, thank you very much! What you do is priceless.
    26 Nov 2016
    1) Line graph
    2) Advertising is becoming more and more common. Is it good or bad.

    Wasn’t so bad, though there were some confusing questions. Most questions were multiple choice.
    1) insurance purchase
    2) park event, organisation
    3) students conversation with his tutor on his research
    4) lecture about new type of houses.

    Speaking is next:)

    Good luck to all of us!

  129. Hello Liz,
    I took my speaking test yesterday.
    Module: Academic
    Location: Pakistan

    Part 1
    do you work or study?
    what is your job?
    do you like your job?
    do you like to work alone or as a team?

    what do you do on weekends?
    do you like to go to cinema?
    what do people do in your city on weekends?
    are you planning to do something next weekend?

    do you walk to work?
    what are benefits of walking?
    any experience during walking?

    Part 2
    Describe something that you do to save money?

    Part 3
    what are types of things on which you can save money?
    how do you advertisements effect?
    how should government regulate?
    how do children are targeted by advertisements?

    my fluency was good. but in my last question i used a wrong word. i thought to use unrelentingly but ended up saying unrelentinglessly which is not even a word. and also i repeated words unnecessary and unwanted quite a few times. please tell me if these things would affect my score? i am aiming for 7.
    L,R,W is tomorrow.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 There are four marking criteria, so even if you only get 6.5 in vocabulary, you might get 7.5 in fluency which would give you a total of band 7 overall. Lets wait and see your results. Good luck 🙂

    • Hi Liz,
      Thanks for your valuable lessons.
      Today’s Academic writing task ll question at Oman

      Some people think it is best for children to learn reading from online materials others
      believe that children should learn from printed materials.

      Discuss both views and give your opinion.

      Task l Table shows composition of households in North American country in 1997 and 2010.

      (* years are different I think )

  130. Hi liz,
    Many thanks for this wonderful website.It helped me a lot. I prepared for my exam from this website.
    Actually I have a small query. During speaking in section 3, I was not able to answer the last question as I have ran out of ideas.I just started the answer but didn’t end the answer.Will this effect my band score?

  131. Farhan Ali says:

    19 November 2016 General Training
    Karachi, Pakistan

    My listening answers:


    1)Bike type:classic
    2)Special package: 52
    3)and some money more as a: deposit
    4)Insurance also covers against: *Missed the answer*
    5)Cant remember the question: (two) lights
    6)With bike you will get: helmet
    7)With bike you will get: repair (kit)
    8)A new bike with: reduction
    9)Shop will close tomorrow until 6:15 (PM)
    10)Address: Cliffton

    11)What does speaker says about Hats:
    -need to wear always
    12)People who cant move up and down:
    -Should ask for help
    13)What does speaker says about the area outside the mine:
    -all area is wet
    14)What does speaker says about Underground area:
    -limited access
    15)what is prohibited everywhere:

    Map questions:
    20)*cant remember the question*

    What does teacher suggest students about the presentation

    21)Introduction part:

    22)History part:

    23)Geography of chocolates:

    24)Chocolates and environments

    25)*Cant remember the question*

    26)Australia cocoa chocolate business model:
    Grow, Supply and distribute
    27)Australian cocoa is stronger because:
    -they add nutrients in their seeds
    28)Australian cocoa is currently:
    -making people aware of their products
    29)Waste products:
    -feed to animals
    30)what should students do next:
    -know about waste product management

    Section 4:

    31)people used:
    -land bridge
    32)*Cant remember the questions*
    -10,000 (BC)
    34)started using as weapons
    35) *Cant remember the question*
    36)started living in:
    -*missed this* fluke is: villages
    37) pairs of
    38)increase in:
    39)change in:
    -marriage (ceremonies)
    40)main crop:

    • I will approve this comment only for 24 hours. The purpose of this page is to share topics and questions, not answers. Anyway, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Mr. Farhan Ali ; can you share your scores please? I also gave the same test. My answers matches to yours but result is withheld.
      P.S. This time I found the test too difficult… what do you say ?

      • Farhan Ali says:

        Hello Diya,

        My results are also withheld 🙂

        300 students appeared on Karachi, Pakistan AEO centre on 19th November 2016 and 127 students’ results are withheld by Cambridge. I have responded to IELTS investigation team but did not get any response from them.

        Listening test was bit difficult but reading and writing was easy I guess.

        @ Omar,

        I have already shared the writing topics here 🙂

  132. Hi
    Today’s(25/11/2016) speaking topics here in Ludhiana,punjab(India) were:

    First part included questions on three subtopics-

    Talk about a situation when you had to use your imagination-
    what the situation was?
    why you had to use it?
    what you did
    was it helpful?

    FOLLOW UPs were on-
    Importance of imagination for managers in business and teachers in teaching profession?

    Any indoor game for the kids where they have to use their imagination?

    This speaking was for 10 minutes duration.

  133. Hi,

    The fresh speaking topics that were asked today 25/11/2016 in India(Ludhiana) were:

    First part held questions on-Name,Flowers,Hometown and what you can see from the balcony of your house?

    Second part topic was-Talk about a situation when you used your imagination
    what the situation was?
    what did you do?
    did it work for you?

    Follow up questions were on the importance of imagination for managers in business and teachers in teaching.
    Also the examiner asked to tell an indoor game for kids that needs imagination.

  134. Hello Mam,
    This is Piash from Bangladesh. I took my IELTS test on 19th of Nov, 2016 at Dhaka under British Council.
    Task 1: a table on the health care facilities available in three Euroean Countries.
    Task 2: Give your opinion on Should women be encouraged to participate in police or military force?
    General: your name?
    Do you work or study?
    Why have you choosen the subject?
    What kind of bags do you use?
    what do you consider while choosing a bag?
    Have you ever lost any bag?
    CUE CARD: Tell about a gift that you have presented to someone recently? to whom, why? how the receiver felt.
    Do childrens in your country get gift? in which occations? what they usually get?
    do you think weapons are dangerous gift for them? do you think all gifts must be educational? name one gift that is not educationally important? why do you think that is not educationally important? etc.
    and… Thanks a lot LIZ for your informative blog and videos. helped me a lot.
    Please keep me in your prayers.

  135. yasora samanthi says:

    Hi liz, i had my written exam on 19th of November and oral was yesterday.
    GT , Srilanka

    1. name
    2. work or study
    3. why do you choose this job
    4. lets talk about bags, do you always carry a bag with you?
    5. what are the things do you consider when buying a bag?
    6. cue card – describe a place you often visit for get relax?
    7. what are the things that people do to be relax?
    8. differences of getting relax in past and present.

    Some people say that staying in a hotel in a foreign country when on a holiday is not the best way to get to know about country and its people . Discuss your opinion.

    Liz , in reading i wrote T instead of True and F instead of False.will they consider it as correct answer in that way..I’m worrying about it very much..

    However, thanks a lot. your videos were helpful for me a lot..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Yes, you can write T instead of True in reading.

    • Sorry for posting this recent question here instead of new bar comment, it tool a very long time and i just use mobile phone so it’s a bit complex and I’m in a hurry

      Basically I’m writing this whilst scrolling on the Recent IELTS question page, indeed all is there. Thank God I have read your web before the test so I can prepare for each topic.
      I thank you Liz, for everything, your videos, your web, your suggestions.

      So, here is my question, I took the academic test today, 25th Nov 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia

      Best of luck everyone, let’s help each other!

      Speaking part 1
      Full name
      Where do you come from
      Where do you live
      Tell me about your flat
      What view do you get from your window
      Your favourite colour
      Did your favourite colour changed since childhood
      What is your most of friends favourite colour and why?
      Do u have a favourite celebrity from your country?
      Why do u like his/her?
      Do u used to read news about celebrity?
      Have u ever met celebrity in person
      Do u want to be a celebrity ? Why?

      Speaking part 2
      Cue card: Garden
      Describe a garden you have visited
      Where it was
      What it was looks like/what kind of garden it was
      What have ppl done there
      And why did you like to spent time there/what the special part about that garden
      Do u want to visit that garden again

      Speaking part 3
      The effect of children who play in the garden
      Do u think that important to have a pirvate garden in urban areas?
      Should ppl grow flowers or vegetables in their own garden?
      Do u think that young people in your country love to spend the time in the garden?

  136. Just had an Academic Speaking in Beijing.

    Questions from Part one were about holidays, trips, family, my city.
    Cue card: describe a bicycle/car trip you would like t have.
    Third part: talking about pollution, transport, means of transport in my country (Russia)

  137. Hi!
    I took the IELTS (General) on the 19th of November in Dortmund/ Germany.

    Writing part 1: Write a letter to the boss of the company where you will work soon (in a foreign country). Ask him for a job for a family member (why is it the right person for the job?)

    Writing part 2: Hotels aren’t the best idea to learn about a country and the people there. Do you agree oder disagree?

    Speaking Part 1: Do you work or study? Where are you working? Why have you choose this job? What do you want to work in the future? Do you like chocolate? Why is chocolate so popular? What is your favourite colour?

    Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card): If you’ll open a small business, what will it be? (What do you need for this? Why would you open a business like this?)

    Speaking part 3: Why close so much small businesses? What could the government do to rescue them? What do you need to be a good boss? Are people born with this or can you learn it? What is better, to learn theoretically or by practice?

    My husband took also the IELTS, naturally he had the same topics in the writing part.
    His speaking topics/questions:

    Part 1: Where do you live? How is your apartment look like? What can you see from your window?

    Part 2 (Cue card): For which event did you make preparations? (What was the event like? Which preparation did you do? With whom did you the preparation? Was it helpful?)

    Part 3: Are people born with the ability to organize something? How did the behaviour for organisation change in the last 20 years? Have you ever met any celebrities? Would you like to be a famous person?

    Liz, we found your website only a few days before our test, but it was very helpful! Thanks a lot!
    Now we are very curious about our score! Hopefully it will be high enough!


  138. Hello everyone,

    I had my exam in Dublin, Ireland.
    IELTS Academic Module
    Later October

    S-1: Fill an educational form (New Zealand accent)
    S-2: Cant’ remember
    S-3: University project
    S-4: History of the salt

    P-1: Trade
    P-2: History of Telegraphy and Morse code
    P-3: Psychological research with babies, kitten and adults, about languages ( This one was particularly difficult and confusing)

    Task 1- Line graph, describe 4 types of qualification, past, present and future predictions.
    Task 2- Extreme sports should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    P-1: Personal questions
    About my job
    about celebrities in my country
    my favourite celebrity
    why I like, who is this person…

    P-2: Cue card
    Describe a sport center:
    Where is it;
    Why people go there;
    what can we do there;

    Questions about hand writing and typing. Why hand writing is important?
    why people compete?
    Advantages and drawbacks of competition

    My results are:
    L: 7,5
    R: 6.5
    W: 6.5
    S: 7.0
    Overall: 7.0

    I am glad with my result, but I am not happy with my Writing result, which I expected to get 7. Therefore, I requested a re check and I am still waiting on this.

    Thank you Liz for your immense help, I am still studying through your website to keep it up. Thanks a million!

  139. Nuwantha Rodrigo says:

    Sri Lanka
    22nd Nov 16

    Speaking Test

    – Place where you live & how easy to get transport from there
    – About spending weekend (what activities, with whom)
    – Importance of giving gifts (to whom, on which occasions, is expensive gifts worth giving)
    Cue card: A leader of your choice (who is he, how you get to know about the person, what are the qualities you like from that person)
    Followup questions: Are leaders required, should a leader considered as an role model,

    Writing part 1: Line chart and table of two age groups with past and projected figures.
    Writing part 2: A country should get international cooperation to face urgent problems, agree / disagree.

    (Note: Above mentioned are not the exact words as in test paper but the underlying meaning)

    SPEAKING TEST DATE : 18-11-2016.
    EXAM DATE : 19-11-2016.












  141. Thank you Liz for your website and the tips and strategies you’ve put on it , which I must confess are way beyond helpful.
    Speaking 16th November (I’ll just paraphrase)
    PART 1
    1. Tell me about where you live
    2. Would you like yo live there in the next 10 years?
    3. Why?
    4. How has the popularity of sports increased in your area?
    PART 2
    1. What kind of activities do you do to keep fit and healthy?
    2. Why did you chose this?
    3. How often do you do this?
    PART 3
    Do you like art work
    Have you ever been to an art exhibition?
    Should children be allowed to spend more time on sport than academics in schools?
    task 2
    Many problems in the world today can only be solved if there is international cooperation.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    1. Try to practice with the CAMBRIGDE IELTS exam pack.
    2. Attempt sample task 1 and task 2 wrting questions under the normal exam conditions. I did them separately and this affected my time management on the day of the exam.
    3. Overall don’t panic the test is not too difficult after all.

  142. Hi Everyone!
    Sorry I’m sharing late but just thought to thank Liz for this valuable website and her guidance. I had my test on 29th of October 2016 and speaking was a week earlier.
    General Training
    Lahore, Pakistan

    Part 1- General questions regarding hometown, job, why did u chose this job etc. Almost 6-8 questions.
    Part 2- Cue Card- Tell me about a creative person you admire (inventor, musician, artist etc)
    What’s his creative skill
    What do you admire about his skill
    What is his recent achievement
    Part-3 Follow up questions regarding creativity and other things. 8-10 questions in total.

    Beehan festival
    Peer assessment

    Employee benefits
    Bringing dodo back to life

    (Reading was quite tough and confusing as well as challenging)

    Task 1- Write a letter to your manager to suggest best employee of the year
    Task 2- children spend more time with electronic games instead of playing with other toys or friends now a days.
    Tell us why is it happening
    Is it a positive or a negative development

    Thank you Liz as your blog helped me and the tips worked for me. I prepared for 10 to 15 days for the test giving 1 hour to preparation daily. It was my first attempt n I needed 7 each.

    Here is my result
    Speaking 7.5
    Listening 8.5
    Reading 7.0
    Writing 7.5

    I’m quite happy 🙂




    • Thanks. I fully agree! Although this page is long, you can press the “pg dn” button on your laptop to get to the comments box at the bottom of the page.

  144. Hi Liz,
    I’d like to thank you for the immense help. Your blog is the best and very insightful and informative.
    I sat for IELTS GT on 19th November, 2016.
    Venue- Kolkata,India.

    Task 1
    Youre moving to a new country to join a new company. One of your family member is moving with you too and is willing to work with your company too. Write a letter to your manager-
    1 Introduce yourself
    2. Tell him/her about your family member
    3. Tell how he/she suits your company

    Task 2
    Staying in hotels isnt the best way to know the people and culture of a foreign country.
    Do you agree/disagree? Why?


    Tell about your home- Is it a house or an Apartment?
    What view do you get from the apartment?
    Do you like living there? Is there a negative thing associated with it?
    Is being close to your family normal in your culture?

    Cue Card
    Tell us about a time when you forgot about your appointment?
    Why it hapenned?
    How did you feel about it?

    Do you think analytical skills or good memory- which one is more needed for a successful career.
    Do you think technology is making people too much reliant on gadgets?

    One again thanks a lot Liz for your help.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad my website was helpful 🙂

      • Hi Liz,

        I have got the same questions in my test on 19th Nov 2016.
        My speaking, Listening and Writing parts went good but reading part was quite tricky. I did a lot of mistakes in the questions followed by the last paragraph.

        Your website helped a lot in preparing for the test.
        Thank you for the detail explanation of each and every part.

        Really appreciate your efforts.

  145. Chinthaka Atapattu says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you very much for your lessons. There all were a big help for my IELTS exam. I faced my speaking exam on 18 Nov 2016 and LRW (general) test was on 19 Nov 2016 at British Council Oman. Following your strategies it was so easy for me to face the exam. So, I feel sure about L & R. Since speaking and writing markings can’t be predicted I am looking forward for a better result. Following were the questions I got.

    Speaking –
    Part 01 – asked about writing by hand or typing in a computer
    how often I’m reading books?
    is there any increase or decrease in reading books for the past few years

    Part 02 – Describe a bicycle trip/ bike trip/ car trip I went recently
    where? with whom? what you did? Difficulties we faced? why it is memorable?

    Part 03 – Discussion about transportation
    Importance of public transportation?
    In your living area how often you can find a public transportation (bus/ taxi)?
    Which is best, either to improve public transportation or increasing the number of private vehicles ?
    Do town planning should consider about provide separate facilities for pedestrians? why?

    Section 1 – Booking a bicycle from a vehicle renting company – fill the details of the booking (bicycle type, rent, what is included in the price, address, etc)
    Section 2 – A talk between an instructor and two students about there research report on chocolate
    Section 3 – Some one is explain rules and regulations for the visitors of a metal mine to choose answers from multiple choices and find the locations for each place in the given map
    Section 4 – Filling the gaps

    Reading – (since were not reading the entire passages don’t remember the most of it)
    Section 1 – answer questions using not more than 2 words from the passage and multiple choice questions
    Section 2 – Match the heading for passages (it is about a medicinal plant) and fill the gaps using one word from the passage
    Section 3 – Long reading passage on various inventions made (radio, supermarket system, automated cash handling system, printing machines)

    Writing task 01 –
    You got a job recently in an overseas company. Another member of your family is looking for a job. Write a letter to your manager inquiring about vacancies suitable for him.
    explain who you are and what job you will be doing
    describe your family member and inquire about vacancies
    explain why your manager should hire him

    Writing task 02 –
    Some people say the best way to explore the local life style while visiting foreign countries during vacations is not to stay in a hotel. Explain your opinion using examples.

    Results will be posted on 01 Dec 2016.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers crossed you get the results you need !

    • Joe chaoul says:

      Hi Simon, i had the same topic as above in task2 writing. However, i think my ideas are not so good. Because I put that although some people think that hotels are the best I would argue that there are better ways of accommodation. In the first part I ve said that most hotels are in the city center and away from locals who usually live in the suburbs. In the second paragraph i put that all restaurant at hotels cook international food instead of local food.
      At the conclusion i put that being hosted by a local is much better than staying at the hotel.

      But i think my ideas are not good. I should have said that hotels are the best i guess

  146. Ravindra Ranwala says:

    Test Type: GT
    Date: 11/19/2016
    Location: Sri Lanka

    About your work
    Why did you choose that job
    Do you like to work as a team or alone? Why?
    What advantages do you get by working as a team?
    About hats and caps, What do most of the people do wear in your country
    Are there any special occasions in which people wear hats in your country?

    About something that you shared with other people
    What did you share
    When did you share it
    How did they feel about your help
    How did you feel about it?

    Part 3
    More about sharing
    Do you think that children should be encouraged to share things with others? Why?
    Are there any things that they can’t share with others? What are they and why?
    Have you shared your accommodation with others? What are the advantages?
    What are the disadvantages of sharing accommodation?
    Do you have to agree upon set of rules when you share accommodation? What are those?
    Do people in your country follow those rules?

    There was a section about a mining site and a map was associated with that too. Overall listening test was an easy one.

    Recently you found a job in a foreign company. You are about to leave the country soon and start your new job at that new company. One of your relatives also traveling with you since he is interested in finding a job in the same company. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter,
    Tell about you and the new job that you are going to start
    Explain about the job that your cousin is interested in
    Tell why do you think that she is good for that position in the foreign company

    Task 2
    Some people think that staying in a hotel while traveling in a foreign country is not a good idea to explore the people and their culture. What do you think. Give your own opinion. Explain with real world examples using your own experience.

    I would like to thank Liz and all of you for the extended support given. Let’s make it rock and help each other to get over this hurdle. God bless you all ! 🙂

  147. AHMAD ALZOUBI says:

    hello everybody
    first I would like to thank LIZ to give us the opportunity to share our experinces in the IELTS test . and I would say in my bones that this page is one of the most useful page ever for IELTS .and any one who take the IELTS soon I guarantee for him/her that he will find more than 50% of his questions in this page .
    So my advice to all candidate look at this page , see the previous questions for the other students and try to answer every question .
    I took the test today 19 november 2016
    test type :Acadmic
    test location : NewJersy US
    First i want to mentioned real quick the writing tasks
    task 1 : chart show the working and holiday days for Europeans countries and you have to explain and compare the chart.
    task two : two opinion , one said that the universities should only accept the young students that they have the highest marks , and the other said that universities should accept all ages regardless their performance . And you have to write about each opinion and give your own one .
    now lets move on to the important section which is speaking
    Part 1 : where you are from ?
    do you work or study ?
    when people give the gifts in your city ?
    what do you like to do in weekend ?
    what is your plan for the next weekend ?
    there is a question about the sport but i forget the exact question .

    part 2 : tell me about skilled that you learned when you was a child ?

    part 3 : what is the best person the child can learn from him : teacher or parents
    and why
    and I forget the rest of the questions , sorry .

    Good luck for you all

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Yes, it definitely is useful to keep up-to-date on current topics in IELTS.

    • I had the same Writing test on the 19th of Nov. in Toronto, Canada
      Academic module but
      Speaking was different:
      Part 1:
      Do you like visitors to come to your home?
      Do you like to go somewhere to visit? Where?
      What do you do when you have friends over?
      How do you entertain your guests?
      Have you ever met a celebrity in person?
      Do you want to become one?
      Do you like reading about celebrities?

      Part 2 – CUE card – A place that makes you feel relaxed
      Where? Why?How? When did you go there for the last time?

      Part 3 – Technology and influence on people
      How could technology affect your stress levels?
      How did people relax in the past?

  148. Mila Oktaviani says:

    General Training
    Teet date : 19/11/2016
    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Writing Task 1
    You have recently moved to the new house. Write a letter to your friend about :
    -The reason you moved
    -Compare your new house with the old one
    -Describe your new environment

    Writing Task 2
    Some people think that playing team sports is a good way to prepare children for working life. Some others disagree.

    Discuss about both views and gives your opinion.

    Part 1 : generally about walking habit, how often i walk, do i enjoy it, and what you get from walking.
    Part 2 : about wedding occasion that i attended.
    Part 3 : still about wedding, such as wedding trend in my country, was it change from the past, about large and small wedding ceremony.

    Anyway, i would like to say thank you to Liz. This website helped me alot. Wish me luck for the result.


  149. Syed Talha Hussain says:

    Hello Liz,

    At the outset, I would like to profoundly thank you for the invaluable guidance posted on this site, along with the videos. These were of immense help to me and increased my confidence to sit for the test today, 19th November.

    I have a thing to be clarified with regards to the Writing Task 2 question in today’s paper. The topic was
    “Some people say that staying in a hotel in a foreign country when on a holiday is not the best way to get to know about the country and its people”

    Discuss your opinion
    Give answers to your opinion and include relevant example from your experience….

    My question is if I did not specifically used the keywords like ” As an example” or “To illustrate”, yet provided my opinion based on my views, do I stand to lose marks for Task completeness?

    I hope you clarify this for me and the other readers.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Examples can be used or not used. It is your choice and won’t affect your score. There are many ways to illustrate an idea or to support a main point. You choose the best way that suits you.

    • AHMAD ALZOUBI says:

      is your test academic or general ?

    • Hi, I remember about Reading last passage : which was about Invention of radio and Printing.
      Answers I remember is :
      Repeated Answer was ‘D’ in the matching “Year of invention”

      -Blank Answer = Credit : they stasred using “Credit”
      -Blank Answer = Money : They stopped using “Money”
      -First blank answer was in 2nd line of 1st paragraph.

      • Hello Patel . Can you please suggest what was the answer of the last 2 blanks of the last passage of reading . Content was like this :-

        b)People stopped using ——-
        c)Every household was equipped with ——-

  150. Academic
    Test date: 19/11/2016
    Melbourne Australia

    Writing Task 1:
    The maps show the same area of a village in 1910 and 2010.

    Writing Task 2:
    Some people say we do not need printed paper newspapers anymore.
    To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • 19/11/2016

        Task 2- some people believe that universities should offer place as only to young students and with high marks at school. Others think that universities should offer a place to everyone and every age.

        Discuss both sides and give you pens opinion

        Task 1- two bar charts about holiday shopping and hours of work in 5 countries

        Liz, thank you so much.
        Unfortunately I was so nervous that I wrote line graphs instead of bar charts do you think it can deeply affect my score?

    • Hi Leona,
      I hope you will get the score you need
      my test will be on 26 of november in Melbourne polytechnic in Preston.
      could you share the speaking question?

  151. Hi Liz ,
    First I would like to thank you for your effort in this useful website . I bought your advanced writing lessons and they were perfect and helped me so much.

    I had my exam today : 19 November 2016
    Location : Australia

    Speaking :
    Part 1
    Where do you live ?
    Describe your house?
    What do you see from the windows?
    Your favourite celebrity in your country ?
    Do you follow celebrities’ news?
    Do you want to be a celebrity ? Why?
    Do you like holidays?
    What is the enough time for a holiday?
    Remember a good holiday you had?
    Part 2
    A happy event that you were expecting and how did you prepare for it
    What is the event ?
    Who shared you preparation?
    Were you successful in these preparations?
    Part 3
    Are you a type of person that prepare early before anything?
    How we prepare kids to have a better future?
    What sort of things you need to prepare before?
    Why we should prepare before the things?
    How students prepare before exams?
    Some people say that early preparation make life loses its fun , what do you think ?

    Writing test:
    Task 1 : two maps of a town in two different years.
    Task 2: some people say that printed paper newspaper is no longer needed. Do you agree or disagree?

  152. Academic English
    18th November 11:00a.m
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


    What’s your full name?
    Do you live in a flat or in an apartment?
    Tell me something about your apartment.
    Is there easy to access by public transportation?

    Do you read newspapers or magazines?
    How often you read them?
    Read in other language can improve your skills on that language?
    Do you think in the future 50 years the printing newspaper still existing?

    Do you like flowers?
    Is common in your culture give flowers as a gift?
    Have you ever grown flowers?

    2 minutes of free speaking about: a journey that i do not liked
    – why I did that
    – how often I do that
    – how I get there

    Why I think in my country people prefer to travel abroad?
    Is travel important to learn new cultures?
    Work or study in a country you can learn more about a place than tourists?
    Can I learn about new cultures just reading about that?
    Do you think tourism damage the envirolment?

    Note: I have difficults to listen what the examinater was talking because she speaks not loudly. So, unfortunately I had you request her to repeat some questions at least 3 times.

  153. Hello Liz,

    Thank you for all the wonderful tips you give on your blog. I had my speaking test this morning and below are some of the questions from the test that i remember. Hope it helps the candidates whose speaking test is due.

    1st part:
    Do you read books?
    Have you read any book more than once? Why?
    Do you read e-books? Why ?
    Which is your favourite color?
    Which color would you not use to decorate your room?

    part 2
    Describe a gift that you gave somebody

    Whom did you give it to?
    How did the person react
    Why did you choose this particular gift?

    part 3

    In what occasions do people give gifts to children ?
    What is the best kind of gift for a kid ?
    Does advertisement influence what kind of gifts people buy these days?

    Good luck everyone.

  154. Type: Academic
    Date: 3rd Nov 2016
    Location: Egypt

    Task 1:
    A line graph illustrating the percentage of sales of 3 types of magazines (fashion, sport and others) in some country.

    Task 2:
    Some argue that children should spend more time on physical activities and less time studying. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Part1: (Only what I could remember from this part)
    – Do you work or study?
    – Do you like chocolate?
    – What do you think makes chocolate a popular desert?
    – Tell me about a famous person in your country.
    Describe a situation in which you had to use your imagination.
    – Do you think video games can help in growing children’s imagination?
    – What other activities can help growing children’s imagination?
    – Can old people learn new technology in the future?
    – Do you think machine can rule human beings one day?
    – Is it going to be a good thing for humans? (previous question)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Date: 18/11//2016
        Place: Bangalore,India.
        Part 1:
        Do u read magazines or news Paper?
        Do Think it is good to read a English Language News paper?
        what do u think , will news paper survive for another 50 years?
        Do u Sing? people in your country like singing?etc
        Cue Card :Describe an occasion when got up very early

        About time management , why people in villages get up early, and about deadline for any work

  155. Test date : 17th Nov, Vadodara, India
    Type: GT


    -What is your full name?
    – What should I call you?
    – What are you doing currently?
    – What exactly you do in your job?
    – Why did you choose this job?
    – Do you like art or painting and other stuff?
    – Have you visited any art galleries?
    – Do you look at any art work while you are passing by streets or any other places?
    – When do people give gifts in your country?
    – Do you think gifts should be expensive?
    – Have you ever made gift by yourself for someone ?


    Describe an interesting place in your city which is open to public
    – Which is this place?
    – What attract visitors?
    – Why you think it is interesting?


    – What is the importance of public buildings? Why are they built?
    – Do public buildings are for utility purpose or for entertainment purpose?
    – What do people look for in a public building?
    – What makes them popular?

  156. Date: 03/11/16
    Location: Chile
    Part 1: How did I get to the place that day
    Do I usually use the public transport
    How it is where I live
    Do I enjoy walking
    Have I experienced something “special”/”amazing” (can’t remember the accurate word) during a walking?
    Part 2: Describe a person who its work you admire (something like that)
    Part 3: What makes a person be a creative person?
    Do certain kind of jobs require more creativity than other ones?
    Are you a creative person?

    Task 1: two pie charts with the amount of time spent by male and female students on the internet (different kind of websites where the “pieces” of the chart)
    Task 2: Something like “Some people believe that growing their own food would be better for the individual as well as for society. Do you agree or desagree?”

  157. Type of test : GT
    Date of test : 16 Nov 2016
    Place of test : Hotel Host Inn,Mumbai India
    Time of test : 0900Hrs

    After completing registration formalities I was taken to the room where the examiner was waiting.
    I was asked to sit down and informed that the IELTS speaking test will be conducted.
    The examiner asked my name and verified it against my passport.

    Part 1
    – Tell me something about the place you stay ?
    -Do you like to stay there?
    -Do you see yourself staying there for a long time ?
    -Are there any advertisement hoardings near your place ?
    -Do you think Advertisements are important ?
    -Does watching advertisement influence you in buying a product ?
    -I said NO and was further asked why ?
    -What about advertisement on the internet ?

    Lets talk something about Flowers
    -Do you like Flowers ?
    -Is flowers used often in your culture?
    -When was the last time you gave flowers to someone?
    -Do you like growing Flowers ?
    -Would you like to grow flowers in the future ?

    -Why do you think people take up Extreme Sports ?
    -Do you think it is dangerous ?
    -Are Men more inclined to take up extreme sports than women ?
    – Why do you think so ?

    Test 2 : I was given 1 Min to prepare and talk about Activities I like to do at the end of my days work.

    Test 3 :
    -Do you think technology is Important ?
    -Is it Replacing everyday activities ?
    -Are kids more Tech savvy ?
    -Why do you think so ?
    -Does it help the kids in any way access to so much technology ?
    -Do you think they spend more time playing on gadgets than going out to play ?
    -Why do you think this is happening ?
    -what do you think should be done ?

    While answering the last question I was asked to stop and advised that my test has been completed.
    The examiner was looking at a stop watch during the conversation and after a stipulated time stopped me at many occasion while answering.

    Thank You Liz for helping student through your site.
    Keep up the good work…..

  158. Dear Liz,
    First of all thanks a lot of the wonderful information, blogs and videos on your site to help in IELTS preparation. It has helped me a lot to gain confidence and prepare for the test.

    Here are my test details.

    IELTS General Test (Speaking)
    16 Nov 2016
    Mumbai, India

    The examiner was a lady and she was quite good and encouraged me a lot during the speaking test.
    Here are my questions:

    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Where do you come from?
    What are you doing now?
    Why did you choose that job?

    Questions of gifts, presents
    1. When do people give gifts?
    2. Do you think that gifts should be expensive
    3. Have you made any gift by yourself and given to anybody?
    4. How will you choose a gift if you have to give it to anybody?

    Part 2: Cue card

    Describe why do you think staying healthy and fit is imprtant and how do you remain so?
    1. What do you do
    2. How often do you do
    3. With whom do you do
    We have to formulate our answer in such a way that it goes for around 1.5 – 2 minutes, in my case, I think the examiner was looking at the timer for full two minutes after which she stopped

    Part 3:
    How should children be told about the importance of maintaining good health?
    How can government play an role there?
    What are the negative impacts if any of the technological advances on the people lifestyle?
    Should unhealthy products be banned? If so, then how?
    How can people become aware of implications of eating unhealthy food?

    This is what I could remember from the Speaking test..

    My listening, reading and writing (General) is scheduled for Sat Nov 19th in Mumbai.

    All the best to those who are preparing…All the very best…

    and Thanks very much Liz for all that you are doing to help many aspiring candidates..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi Liz

        Thanks for your wonderful service of putting across such valuable information on IELTS preparation. It has helped me a lot in clearing my IELTS in my first attempt.

        I attended on 03 Nov 2016, in Bangalore – India, IELTS – General

        Questions that I could recollect are

        Part I
        1. Where are you from?
        2. Tell about your residence?
        3. Would you like to invite more guests to your house or rather like to be invited to their house instead?
        4. Do you treat a stranger and a friend differently when they come to your house?
        5. How do you feel when you are invited to visit your friend’s house?

        CUE CARD:
        Tell about your favorite song/music.
        You should talk about where you heard it, what is the song about, when did you hear it?

        Part III
        1. Some people think certain music as just a noise, what do you think about it?
        2. Does your choice of music differ from that of your friends?
        3. What do you think about the current music trends?
        4. In what way music affects people, tell about how it affects you?
        5. How do you think the music is going to be in the future?

        Writing Topics
        1. Write a letter to your friend that you will not be able to join her for a movie that has already been reserved.
        Specify the reason, give your friend suggestion on how to make use of your ticket.
        2. Nowadays companies are offering a facility of work at home to many of its employees. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and your opinion?

        All I wanted to tell from my experience is
        1. Please take at least a month’s time to prepare for the test. It is necessary even if you are good in your language skills.
        2. Take as much as sample tests as possible and be strict in your timings and evaluation of your test
        3. Read sample essays, take useful points and write as much as essays as possible. It will help us in writing speed and coming out with clean draft.
        4. Listen to BBC Radio, it will be of great help for your speaking and listening test.

        Once again, thank you Liz. God bless you.

  159. Hi Liz,
    Today i took the speaking test.
    Part 1
    what is your full name?
    How can i call you?
    Do you study or work?
    Why do you choose this study?
    Do you like visitors coming to your home
    What do you and your visitors usually do?
    Do you prefer to be visited or to go to visit others? and why?

    then the examiner started to ask about celebrities
    who is your favourite celebrity in your country? why do like him/her?
    Do you follow celeberity’s news?
    have you ever met a celebrity?
    have you ever dreamed to be a celeberity? and why?

    then we moved to part 2 which was about a sport center that i usually use :
    what is your favourite sport?
    what is the facilities that the center have?
    what the impact of this sport on your life?

    Part 3:
    What is the commonest sport that the young people in your country play? and why?
    then the examiner asked about international sport competitions like olympics:
    Do you watch the olympics? and why?
    What the benefits of this competition for the country that hosting it?
    What the impact of this competition on the relation between countries?

    Thank you Liz for the useful tips

  160. Meher Zadi says:

    Thank you Liz. your blog and video lesson were very helpful .
    Test type:General Module Speaking
    Date:16 Nov 2016 at 10:15am
    Where do you live?
    Are you planning to stay here for long time?
    Have you ever bought flower?have you ever grown them?
    Do ppl in your country give flowers as present?
    About Magazines and newspaper?
    Course people take in your country?
    Present and past trend toward taking any course?
    Quality of good teacher?
    Do employers prefer degree or experience in your country?
    should Universities offer courses that doesn’t lead to job?why?
    Part 2: What course you would take if you get a chance?
    what do you want to learn about the course?
    That what I remember so far… My written test is on 19th Nov

  161. Today, I had given my speaking test here are the details:

    Centre: Karachi, Pakistan (AEO)
    Date: November 15, 2016
    Type: General Training


    -Do you live or do you work?
    -Why do you like this job?
    -Let’s talk about gifts and presents, in which occasions in your country people give gifts?
    -Why do people give gifts to each other?
    -Do you think gifts should be expensive?
    -Do you like giving gifts?
    -Have you ever made any gift for anyone?
    -Let’s talk about newspaper, do you like reading newspaper and magazines?
    -Which magazine section you read the first?
    -Do you think that reading newspaper is good for learning any foreign language?
    -Do you think that in 50-60 years of time newspapers and magazines will still be sold in hard copies and people will still buy them?
    -What do you think that are the major differences between countryside and urban side?
    -Do you think that people from rural side are moving to cities?
    -Do you think that agriculture will be affected if people will keep moving to cities?

    -Describe a town in your city which you like and visit, you should say:
    *Why do you like it?
    *how often do you visit?
    *what do you do when you visit/ why do you visit?
    After my description:
    (When did you last visit this town?)

    Section 3:
    -We have been talking about countryside issues and problems, let’s talk about major cities. What do you think about major problems of cities?
    -Do you think that people are not aware of this problem?
    -What major problems you think are in your city?
    -Do you think that these problems can be resolved?
    and some more questions which I forgot.


    My speaking test duration was too long, I was fluent like a native and she did not stop me at all in any section, i kept going and going and going but the variety and quantity of questions were shocking for me, as you can see that in section one she asked so many different type of topics altogether. She was literally making questions from my answers, it was like a normal conversation to me than the interview. I told some of my friends and they said teh same thing that questions were too many and diverse. What do you think about it? just out of curiosity.

    I just need 7 in speaking and although I did many mistakes of grammar and I was also not coherent especially in section 2 I guess I will get 7 bands. *Fingers Crossed*

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 A good examiner can make the test feel like a conversation, especially when the student has a strong level of English to allow conversation to flow easily from one topic to another. Lets hope it’s a good sign that you will get the score you need. Share your results when they arrive. Good luck! 🙂

  162. amin ahadi says:

    hi liz
    Im Amin Ahadi
    i had an academic speaking examination on 13 November in Iran
    part 1
    do you work or study?
    what makes a teacher popular?
    cue card
    decribe a garden that you have visited
    where was it
    what kind of garden it was
    what have people done there
    private garden in the urban areas
    effects of playing in the garden on children
    what do people use their private garden for?
    i was talking to another friend and he said that one of his questions was
    do you have the experince of doing special job under pressure?
    this website was highly beneficial to me. pray for me to get a good mark. i need at least 6.5
    thanks a lot liz

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers crossed you hit the score you need !

    • Hi Liz ,
      I had an academic test of speaking yestedday Nov14-2016 in tehran- iran
      part 1 :
      do you work or study?
      what is your job?
      have you ever bought someone chocolate?why?
      part 2 – Cue card :
      what is ur idea about team work?
      have you ever been in a team work?
      what was your roll? why?
      do you think that team work will affect the result of something?
      part 3 :
      does a leader have any influence in the quality of a teamwork? how?
      some people believe that team works results are not always delicate, and its better to be alone sometimes, are you agree or disagree? why?
      I hope it helps other 🙂

  163. Hi Liz !
    We live in a world of technology these days . While the Internet brings with it clear advantages , the problems in terms of control and security of information outweigh the advantages .
    To what extend do you agree ?
    Here is my approach , even though very tough to depict how to analyse the question :
    I was agree .
    BP 1 : Admittedly , there are some basic advantages …..( I did use language of possibility ).
    BP2 : Nevertheless , despite these minimal advantages , the Internet can be caused more serious issues . One obvious drawback can explained is …. This has a great risk ….Another reason why I believe online activities have more negative impacts is that … This a concern …
    In conclusion , ( mention the reason for dis advantages ) far outweigh any benefits that could result from the Internet .

    So I am not sure of the content of the structure and also I think I used the language of adv and disadvantage which is I do not know how I switched to an argumentative essay . Also I did use the language of probability in adv paragraph not in disadvantage .
    So I need a great help In order to correctify and the above points, please ,as I have booked for further exam and I do not want keep going on my mistakes with out knowing the adequate answer .
    Comments welcoming !

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 There is no specific argumentative language. You were given an opinion essay which only requires you to present your opinion on the topic given which, in your case, was do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. You have chosen the right structure and language because you need to present pros and cons. Fingers crossed your task 1 was good and that you get the score you need 🙂

      • Hi Liz…I just want to ask this..Since the question is to what extent do you agree/disagree.Can I completely disagree with the statement that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits of the internet?If I totally disagree then I just have to present the positive effects of the internet right?Is the format correct?Thanks in advance.

  164. Sorry I am posting this late, I have to find time to type on your blog because I can’t do copy and paste
    Speaking Test Date:3rd Oct.2016
    Part 0:
    Examiner: Good Morning My name’s….
    What is your Name?
    What can I call you?
    Your Id please
    Where are you from?

    Part 1:
    Do you work or study?
    Why did you choose the job?
    Do you like taking visitor?
    Where do you go with your visitors?
    Do you entertain visitors?
    Will you like to change your job in future?

    Part 2:

    cue card Question:Describe an experience you saw that made you laugh?
    Where it happened?
    When it happened?
    Who were you with?
    and explain why you still remember this experience

    Part 3:
    comedian in the past and comedian of today what has been the change?
    How has comedy change in your country?
    Which is more interesting, comedy on paper or comedy on TV?
    How has media and TV affect comedy in your country?
    Can comedy be use as advertisement?
    What forms of advertisement was use before comedy?

    Part 4: End of speaking session.

    Sorry once again for the lateness.

  165. My speaking test in Hamilton in Canada( 5th November, 2016)
    Part 1-
    What do you do?
    Why did you choose the subject?
    Do you like chocolate?
    How often do you eat chocolate?
    Who are the most popular celebrities in your country?
    Have you ever met a celebrity in public?
    Would you like to be a celebrity? Why/ Why not?
    and next questions were about restaurants in your city

    Part 2
    Describe a special meal you would like to have
    what it is
    where you would like to have
    who you would like to
    and explain why it is special

    Part 3
    relavant questions about part 2- eating habit, healthy food

  166. Sorry I am just getting the chance to write this now.
    Test date : 28th & 29th Oct 2016
    Test module : General
    Test location : Nigeria

    Listening Test

    Section 1. A phone conversation regarding holidays and events in the area.

    Section 2. A map description of a building.

    Section 3, 4. Don’t remember.

    Reading test

    Passage 1. An advertisement of houses and apartments.

    Passage 2. About a finance company and employees’ investment plans including fixed deposit and ATM card benefits.

    Passage 3, 4. Don’t remember.

    Writing test

    Writing task 1 (a letter)

    Write a letter to your manger to nominate a person for best employee of the year award. Explain in your letter

    – Who is this person?
    – Why did you choose him/her?
    – What are the characteristics of a good employee?

    Writing Task 2 (an essay)

    Nowadays children prefer electronic games to other games and toys. Why is it happening? Is it a positive or a negative development?

    Speaking Test

    Part 1

    What is your name?
    What do I call you?
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    Why did you choose to do the work?
    Do you like to take vacations?
    What is the most exciting vacation you have taken and why?
    Do you like chocolates and why?
    Why do you think people give chocolates?
    Have you given anyone chocolate before and why?

    Part 2
    Talk about a garden you visited
    Say: Where it is located ?
    What type of garden?
    What do people do there?
    What is special about the garden?

    Part 3

    Why do some people prefer to grow food instead of flowers?
    Do you think children should play in gardens?
    Do you think people who grow their food tend to respect the process of good production?
    How can you relate food production to people’s attitude?
    Do you think children should be taught how to grow their food?

    Plus some more questions that I can’t remember.

    I came across your blog 2 weeks to my examination date and I must say it helped a great deal. Thank you very much and please continue your good work.
    My test result should be out soon. Hoping for a band 8.5 or 9.

  167. Hi Liz,
    Academic , 07-11-16 , India

    Speaking Part 1:
    Questions on Flowers.

    Speaking Part 2:
    Describe a situation when you got angry.

    Speaking Part 3:
    Follow up questions on feelings and emotions.

    Liz, when i was done with my part 2, i noticed that the examiner wrote “8.28” in her notebook.What does that indicate?


  168. Hi i had an Academic Exam today 05 November 2016, in Chicago, USA.
    Questions were like this:

    Writing task 1 : Table showing numbers and percentages of pupils attended to two different sized class (one with 30 or less, another with 31 or more) in England over the preiod of 5 years.

    Writing Task 2: Nowadays some sountries spend a lot of money to make it easier to use bicycle.
    Why do you think so?
    Is it the best solution to transport problem?

    I thank you very much Liz, i only got to know you a week before exam, but your videos were very helpful. I used completely your tips for writing tasks, i hope i will get my target score 7 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Test venue: Vietnam
        Test date: 3/11/2016
        Task 1: line graph of cinema attendance of 4 age group
        Task 2: School should not force children to learn foreign language. Agree or disagree?
        Speaking 1: hometown/ transportation in hometown/ singing
        speaking 2: describe a building in your city
        speaking 3: advantages of living in city and country

        Comments: I could not believe in my eyes when seeing line graph and education topic again after its continuity in Oct.
        My advice: practice makes perfect.

      • Hi Liz

        Guess what, I have got overall 8 from IELTS yeeehuuuuu. 9 listening, 8.5 reading, 7 speaking and 7 writing. I used all your structures for writing you are awesome. you are great, i am flying. 🙂

    • IELTS Academic- 5th November 2016


      Listening (what I remembered)

      Section 1: 80, 26 September, lemon, table, jazz, Sebastian, service, congratulations

      Section 4: orange, unpleasant, dogs, scent, chocolate,

      Can you write the other solutions that you remembered in listening?

      Writing Task 1- A table shows different kinds of transportations in European countries in 2000, 2010 and 2020.

      Writing Task 2- More and more people do online shopping.

      Why this is the situation?

      What are the effects of online shopping on shops and communities?

      • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • shruti vachhani says:

        Hi Elif ,
        I had the same test in UK, LONDON , 5 th november
        listing part 1
        58 instead if 80 but I am not sure
        king room,
        16 digit pin number of card

        listing part 4
        monkey instead of dog , I ma not sure
        smell or scent?

      • Listening was
        26 sep
        Thats all i remebered.
        What about reading??

      • I did the same exam

        • Hi Liz,

          i wrote 26th of september instead of 26 september do you think thats okay?

          and answers that i remember
          26 sep

          and i remember in the map question first 2 answers was:

  169. IELTS Academic – 5th-Nov-2016, Taiwan

    Writing test questions:

    Task 1: The line graph illustrates the time consumed to produce a vehicle by 5 manufacturers in the U.S.A between 1988 and 2005. Units are measured in per car per hour. (Paraphrased)

    Task 2: Some people think that living in big cities is becoming more difficult while some believe it’s easier. To what extend to you agree or disagree. Discuss both points and give your own opinion. (Paraphrased)

    Liz, thanks for your useful tips and lessons on writing, I think I have done it satisfactory, at least to myself. Speaking test is scheduled tomorrow.
    However, I totally lost my plot when taking listening and reading test. I had been all fine when doing practices alone though. I guess I couldn’t cope with the intense atmosphere so my mind was gone blank. I am now expecting to get low bands. 🙁

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s really common to struggle a bit your first time under the stressful test conditions. That’s why some students take the test more than once to get used to the pressure. Good luck tomorrow! See this page for last minute speaking tips:

      • Thank you very much Liz, my speaking test went very well!

        November 6, 2016, Taiwan – Speaking test

        Part 1:
        Do you work or study? Why?
        Why do you choose this job?
        Do you prefer working individually or with people?

        Do you wear hats or caps?
        Do people wear hats in your country for traditional purposes?
        Lots of young people wear hats nowadays. Do you think it’s needed or for fashionable purposes?
        Do children where hats in your country?

        Le’ts talk about birthday
        Do you prefer celebrating your birthday with family or friends? Why?
        How do people celebrate birthday for children in your country?

        Part 2:

        Describe some good news you recently received.
        (This part is exactly the same as the practice materials found on your blog :D)

        Part 3:

        Online business is growing in recent decades do you think it will be successful?
        Compare to traditional business, do you think online business is better?
        Do you think traditional business would be replaced?
        Do you think the problem of hackers make online business weaker?

        (Questions are all paraphrased apart from Part 2)

  170. General Training – Writing Test, 03-11-2016, Delhi, India

    Task 1

    You and your friend booked theater tickets in advance. Write a letter to tell them that you cannot accompany them due to some problem. In the letter, you should

    – Apologize to them
    – Explain your problem
    – Suggest some solutions regarding the tickets

    Task 2

    Technologies like computer and telephone have made it easier to work from home. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of working from home?

  171. IELTS Speaking Test
    Date: 05-11-2016
    Location: Delhi, India

    Part 1
    Where are you from?
    Where do you live right now?
    What kind of a place is it?
    Do you think you can live here for a long time?

    Why birthdays are important?
    Do you like to celebrate with friends or family?
    How do people celebrate birthday in your country?
    Is any year considered special in your country for birthday celebration (like when turning 16 or 30)?

    Part 2 (Cue Card)
    Which leader do you admire the most
    – What is their name?
    – What do they do?
    – Why do you admire them?

    Some more general questions

    Is leadership important?
    When should the quality of leadership be emphasized/imbibed?
    What qualities should be there in a leader?
    Is compassion an important virtue for a leader?
    What should be the responsibilities of a leader?
    Do you think the nature of leadership would change in future?
    How and why?
    Do you think you can become a leader? Why?
    Why some leaders are not liked despite being good?

  172. Hi, everyone! And thank you very much for you help, Liz!
    I took the test on November,3. Moscow,Russia.
    Writing Part 1: A line graph, showing 3 categories of magazines and their sales.
    Writing Part 2: Children should spend less time learning and more time doing active sports. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    1) Tell about your the place where you live, favourite colour.
    2)Long-turn: Describe a piece of equipment you use every day. How long do you have it? Who uses it? For what?
    3) Machines and their influence on our lives.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Sandhya paul says:

      I would like to express my gratitude by posting few of my exam questions i had on 29 October 2016
      Kuwait idp centre
      Task 2 The best way to understand different culture is to work ina multinational organisation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
      What is your full name?
      Do you work or study?
      Why did you choose tjis profession?
      What type of job you prefer to do in the future?
      did you read books when you were at younger age?
      Have you ever read a book more than once?
      What do you prefer buying book or
      Do you ever purchase an e- Book?
      How important is family in your culture?
      How much time you spend with family?
      With whom you have similarity among your family members?
      CUE CARD
      an interesting song you listened.
      Where it is originated?
      What the song is about?
      Why it is interesting?
      What is the importance of music in films and tv?
      What type of music is popular among youngsters of your Country?
      What do you prefer a concert or recorded music why?
      What is the difference between those musics?
      What do you think the words or music is important for a music?
      Why reality shows of music is more popular today?
      Thanks again liz… You are amazing!

    • I took the same test for IELTS UKVI with same questions.

  173. Hello,

    I would like to share my Ielts test questions that I had last week.

    October 29th, 2016
    Wellington, New Zealand

    For speaking:
    part 1-
    Where do you live?
    Describe your apartment?
    What can you see from your windown?
    What is your fav color? and why?
    What is your friends’ favorite color and y?
    Who is your favorite celebrities and why?
    Do you want to live as a celebrity and why?

    for Part 2:
    Describe a small business that you would like to do

    for Part 3:
    Why do you think small businesses are popular in your country?
    What is the disadvantage of having your own business?
    Why do you think people like to have their own business?

    for writing
    part 1- you cannot attent the programme in the afternoon for new employees. write an email to your manager why you can only make it in the morning.

    part 2: In most countries, Tradition customs are disappearing.
    explain the reasons
    and what school and parents could do to keep the tradition customs?


  174. test date 29th of October
    IELTS for UKVI academic computer based.
    Writing task 1
    A table showing 5 countries by waste production.
    Task 2
    Some people believe that, being rich provides a good opportunity to help others.
    Do you agree or disagree?
    Part 1
    do you work or study?
    why you chose this profession?
    what are your main responsibilities?
    do u like your job?
    Do you like wearing hats or caps?
    Do people wear them for cultural reasons in your country?
    Do you think people wear hats for cultural or fashion reasons?
    Part 2
    Describe an application you use on your mobile phone
    what the app name is?
    why you use it?
    how you came to know about this app?
    and why you enjoy using this app?
    part 3
    what is the difference in the choice of old people and youngsters while using apps ? and why?
    Do you think children should be allowed to use apps and computer ?at what age and why?
    do you think using apps and computer affect a child,s studies?
    Do you know any people who dont use apps and computer at all? why
    that is what i remembered questions are paraphrased but same questions were asked by her?

  175. Nov 3, 2016 Philippines
    Academic Module

    Because not all children have the natural ability to learn foreign languages,
    schools should not force all children to study other languages. Do you agree or disagree?

    Liz, I disagree with my essay. I think that children should learn languages not because they dont have the ability to learn it quickly or naturally, but because it can be learned through constant practice. I also give the advantages of studying other languages.

    I feel like I did not respond well on the task. Please enlighten me Liz. Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It sounds like your answer is actually a balanced approach. You agree that not all children have the same ability – agree with the statement. However, you still think children should learn foreign languages through constant practice – disagree with statement. There are two parts to this statement and you need to make it clear which part you agree with and which part you disagree with.

    • karoleen what were your speaking questions?

      • Nov 3 Speaking

        Part 1
        Do you live in a house or in an apartment?
        What can you see from the window of your house?
        Do you always bring a bag with you?

        Part 2
        Describe a small business you like to start. You should say:
        When are you planning to start
        Where are you planning to start it
        Why do you think this is a good business

        Part 3
        What is the most common business in your hometown?
        What is the difference between running your own business and working for a big company or organization?
        Do you think an academic background has a better edge in business than experience?

  176. Writing topic october 13th
    Some people belive that learning family history is the best thing while some others focus on present and future generations
    L 7.5
    R 7
    S 7
    W 6.5
    Next date nov 19th
    fingers crossed

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck next time. There’s a 50% discount on my advanced writing task 2 lessons this week if you are interested:

    • Academic IELTS – NOV 3rd- Pakistan

      Writing Task 1:
      A line graph which showed the sales of 3 different types of magazines over a period of time

      Writing Task 2:
      Parents should encourage their children to spend less time studying and more time doing physical activities. To what extent do you agree/disagree with this statement

      Reading :
      Para 1- About pollution
      Para 2- Anthropology related topic
      Para 3- Disappearance of minority languages
      (Majority of the question were True/ False , Yes/No and Multiple choice questions)