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  1. Speaking Test
    23rd January 2018, Ahmedabad, IDP

    [ Words are not exactly same, but the meaning is same ]
    Full name?
    Where do you live?
    How long you have been staying here?
    What do you like about the city?

    Family and activities:
    Which activities were you used to do with your family on holidays when you were child?
    How did you spend time with your family at hone when you’re younger?
    Do you spend the time with your family today in the same way?
    What holiday location you’d like to go with your family in future?

    Do you like when it’s raining?
    Does it rain much where you live?
    Does rain affects people’s behaviour?

    Part2 Cue card: Talk about the time when you’re pleased that you had a cellphone with you?
    who were with you,
    why you were pleased to have cellphone at that time?
    Follow up question: Do you always keep your cellphone with you?

    What do you think people use the mobile for the most?
    Is there any difference how people of different age groups use the mobile phones?

    Social networking:
    What are the advantages of using social networking sites?
    [ I talked about how people can connect with each other using it- so, examiner asked me that that’s why we use these sites, but what are the advantages? then i again talked about socialising, i could not think off any other advantages of it.. 🙁 ]
    Are social networking sites used for connecting with relatives and friends only or also to connect with unknown people? (this was kind of a hint, I agreed and while trying to talk about an example related to this, examiner stopped me and it was the end of the test. )

    All the best 🙂

  2. I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly wгitten!

  3. Hi Liz,
    This page helped me a lot, and i was asked a few questions from these comments which i read before. now its my turn to help someone. Thank you very much Liz.

    Test location: Hyderabad(INDIA)
    Test date:
    LRW -20 JAN 18
    S -21 JAN 18
    L- section 1: Hiring a hall for party( one word AND/OR number)
    section 2: Advertisement about a tourist attraction in radio (short MCQ(5), Matchting
    feature (5)
    section 3: A tutor with two students discussing about the work they had done, to be
    done ( lengthy MCQ (4), matching features (6))
    section 4: Agriculture (cotton) ( one word*3)( Two words *7)
    REVIEW- Overall, easy but somewhat tricked in matching features of 3rd section.
    passage 1: plastics( 1-5 T F NG) (6-13 ONE WORD)
    passage 2: about vocal sounds of birds (14-20 matching headlines) ( summary*3)
    (matching feature*3)
    passage 3: writer discussed about a book on ingenuity (sentence completion*3,MCQ*3,
    y n ng)
    REVIEW – passage 1 dead easy, passage 2 moderate, passage 3 challenging
    Task-1 Response of two groups( members of club, general public) about
    Quality,information,facilities of theater in 2012. Given in three tables.
    Task-2 Some people argue that a notion should not partake in international aid if it is
    being plagued by problems such as unemployment, homelessness.
    To what extent you agree this.
    I said to a large extent, I perceive this notion because basic needs of citizens should be satisfied. Nevertheless, Being as a human, humanity should not be ignored while our neighboring states are ravaged by different catastrophes in my thesis and developed my essay according to thesis (with topic sentence, explanation, example) into 2 body paragraphs, conclusion.
    Hope i have done good.
    *what is your full name
    * where are you from
    * where is your place exactly located in your country
    * From How long u have been staying there
    * what are the interests of your place
    *Do you prefer reading news online or in newspaper
    *what sort of news you are interested in (world, regional)
    *Have you ever thought yourself as a reporter
    *how you see time daily
    * how you schedule time
    *do you think punctuality was not there in past
    *Why have u choosed him
    * where he lives
    * how he had achieved that peak
    * is reputation required for a company
    * do employee be regarded for his work
    * what is the business that youth have been attracted by in your country
    *do business people should heart hardened in their job( i have not understood this question and asked him to repeat and finally,said about a typical business person in my neighborhood how he faced deficits and endeavored and ultimately triumphed)
    * do you want to become a business men in future.
    as far as i recall, these are the questions i ‘ve faced.
    Ps- Examiner have not interrupted me during first three questions. later, he have not given me space to talk and i was obstructed for every 2 to 3 sentences of my speech by his new questions in a way he have not given me freedom to talk including in part 3 where i should talk for at least 40 seconds for a question.
    Liz, I am bothering about my limited speech even though it was not my mistake. I was asked like that. # I prepared my self to dominate him by giving lengthy answers # but i have not.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The candidate does not control time or the length of their answers. The examiner controls the test – not you. Your speaking test is normal 🙂

      • Sandy.Sandy says:

        The same happened with me..
        My test was 3 days ago in Beirut, Lebanon
        The examinor interrupted me in all the questions and I am really afraid about it.. my speaking test was less than 10 mins , I prepared myself to talk more to give him good imression but I didn’t have the chance.
        By the way, all the questions is here and I read befor 🙂
        Thanks liz for every thing ♡

  4. Dear Liz,

    I owe you a sincere thanks for all the knowledge you have imparted me via your extensively informative blog, and also enlightening other students.

    Sharing the questions I faced, for benefit of all.

    Date: 20 Jan 2018
    Type: General Testing
    Location: Texas, USA

    ======Writing Module======
    Task 1: Write a letter to your friend who is planning to move with his/her family to your home town. He/she has asked you to provide some information on below:
    – type of family housing offered in your home town
    – types of schools
    – various places of meeting other people
    Write your letter to that friend.

    Task 2 : In many countries, as people are earning more these days they are also spending money in buying more and more items.
    Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

    ======Speaking Module======
    Part 1
    1. Where are you currently living? How far is it?
    2. Since how long are u living there?
    3. How is your community?
    Now let’s talk about internet and mobile phone…
    1. Do you use computers or mobile phones? How frequently do u use it?
    2. Do people back in your county use mobile phone? For what purpose do they use it?
    3. Is there any application which you do not have in your phone and would like to have it?
    4. Do you want to create any app?

    Part 2
    Describe any water body river/lake/pond known to you (or you have visited. Include the following
    – where is it?
    – what is the shape of this water body?
    – why do you think it is important?

    Part 3
    Let’s talk about rivers….(as I talked about lakes in part 2)
    1. What do u think, what type of employment can be generated with respect to rivers?
    2. Can u give me an advantage having rivers as the mode of transportation? Also a disadvantage.
    Let’s talk about oceans…😃
    3. What do think how are the oceans getting impacted due to the human activities?

    Loved the rational behind question types of part 3. Examiner drew all my water-body related vocabulary in last 3 questions 😀
    Hope this share would help someone.

    Once again thank u Liz, you are amazing 👍

  5. Hi All, Hi Liz,

    Took IELTS general training exam on Jan 20th in Teaneck, NJ, USA and below are the questions which I remember

    1. A friend is moving to your town and has requested some information about the town. Write a letter to him with the following information
    a. Housing in your town
    b. Schooling system in the town
    c. How to meet new people in the town
    1. In some countries, people have more money than they had earlier, and as a result are buying things more and more. In your opinion, is the extra spending a positive or negative development?

    1. Your full name
    2. Where are you from
    3. How do you commute to work
    4. Does your name mean anything?
    5. Is your name common in your country? Does name usually have meanings in your country? Has there been a change in names people choose over generations?
    6. What do you like about the area where you live in your country?

    Speaking Cue Card
    1. Any rule in your school which you didn’t like? Describe what rule it was? Who made this rule? why did you not like it?

    Follow up questions on rules
    1. Why are rules made?
    2. Any rule you would like to add to the rules list in your school?
    ….and some other questions on rules

    I would like to Thank you Liz for the wonderful job you are doing and for having this website. As with other students, it has really helped me with the preparation. Thanks again and good luck everyone.

    May be a quick suggestion to test takers (just my personal thought after taking the exam), as I messed up with writing task 2. Didn’t spend as much time as I wanted on task 2. If possible try writing task2 first as it has more weightage. Please feel free to disagree, but just my thought.


  6. Speaking test on 19th January in Brasil.

    Describe a person who is popular in your country.

    Hope you will be well soon, your website is excellent

  7. Hello Liz,
    Thanks for the wonderful blog on IELTS.

    Here are the questions from my test.
    Type of test – General
    Date – 01/20/2018
    Location – Madison, USA

    Task 1:

    Write a letter to your friend who is moving to your hometown.
    Suggest family housing in your hometown.
    How to meet people.

    Task 2:

    In some developing countries people have more money to buy things, Do you think this is a positive or negative development??

    Part 1″
    What is your full name?
    Do you work or a student??
    What is your job role??
    Do you use dictionaries??
    Would you prefer online or regular dictionaries??

    Part 2:
    Describe a special occasion in your life??
    Where it occurred??
    When it occurred?
    Who was there??

    Explain why you felt special about this occasion??

    Part 3:
    Extended questions about occasions in your country??
    Do you prefer online events or attending in person?
    Any nationals events celebrated in your country??

  8. Speaking
    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    What can I call you?
    Are you studying or working?
    What is you job function at work?
    Did you receive any training for this job?
    Would you like to attend any trainings for this job?
    How did you spend time with family when you were younger?
    Are the activities you do now any different from that u did as a child?
    Tell me a place you will like to visit and why?
    Do you prefer to listen to world news or local news?
    Do you discuss news with your friends?
    Do u prefe reading d news on the internet or in the newspaper?

    Cue Card
    Tell me about a letter u received recently
    Who sent it?
    When did you receive it?
    Explain why this letter was important to you?

    It was basically about Letters, the Busines environment and history…

    Reading, Listening and Writing went fine.

    Task 1
    You want to visit a country that a friend of yours resides in. write a letter to her and tell her you will like to meet with her. Also, include
    1.describe places you will like to visit
    2.Ask her about accommodation options
    3. Mention some activities you will like to do with her

    Task 2:
    Some people become famous at a very young age.Is this a good or bad thing?

    Thanks so much Liz for all your tutorials however,I will like to ask wat type of essay task 2 is and wat is expected of me?

  9. Ganesh Sharma says:

    Hi Liz,
    I took IELTS speaking test today and questions were as follows
    Section 1
    Do you have friends at work?
    Do you like to make friends.why?
    About doing exercise
    Do people exercise these day? Why
    Do you think you will exercise more in future?
    Do you like travelling long distances? Why and why not?

    Section 2
    Explain the situation in which you had unusual meal?

    Section 3
    Do you like food at home or restaurants?why
    What’s the difference
    Why do people go to restaurants?
    What other than food attracts people to restaurants?

    You have done a great work Liz.
    Thank you

  10. Hi Liz
    I have test on 01/20/18 in Los Angeles, USA- General

    My topics:
    W: Task 1- Write a letter to your friend who is moving to your hometown. Explain about home town regarding housing, schools, how to meet people.

    Task 2- In some countries, people have more money to buy things, What do you think, is it a positive or negative development?

    S: Describe a country or city you would like to live and work? Part 3- Questions more about work life.

    Thank you for your tips.

  11. Hi Liz,
    I would like to thank you for your comprehensive Web site which helped me through my ielts preparation.
    I had my full RLWS ielts academic exam on 20 of January 2018 in Ireland and I would like to share some information.
    L -the only thing I remember is an diagram which it was same sort of project and label that. I remember that because there were 5questions and I think at least 2 I was wrong because the accent on this part was a nightmare for me.
    R- I remember only the last two passages -one it was about three libraries in USA -New York, San Francisco and Chicago and the other one was about Grimme brothers fairly tails. Hopefully I managed to read them and answered to all questions.
    I have seen to many taste taker struggling to complete the reading.Thank you again for your tips.
    W -first task it was a table chart about men -employeed,women -unemployed, in full time and part time employment in three different years :1985,1995,2005 and number of hours spent by each category on household duties.
    To be honest I was expecting something more difficult but it was a nice surprise this chart.
    Regarding the second task. Some people say that government should be responsible with children transportation at school, and others say that parents should be responsible with transportation.Discuss thise views.
    S -part 2-clue card – describe traditional thing
    from your country -and I choose to describe some costume,food and pottery and I could talk more but the time is limited to 1-2min
    and the 3 Rd part were questions related too the second part.
    To be honest I was terrified about speaking part , I had so many worse scenarios in my mind but those 13-14 minutes flew so fast.
    Hopefully, I will get the right band considering it is my first attempt but I spent at least 3-4 hours daily and more during the week in the last 4 months training for the test.
    Thank you again for all materials and tips and wish all the best.

  12. Dear Liz,
    this is my speaking test what I remembered

    Module : Academic
    Date : 21 January, 2018
    Location : Seoul, South Korea

    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    What can I call you?
    Do you work or are you a student?
    Where do you come from?

    What kinds of training did you take for your job?
    What is the further training for your work in the future?

    What do you do in your home?
    Do you prefer staying at home or going out?
    What did you do in your childhood?

    Do you like reading newspapers or internet news?
    What do you have more interests in local news or world news?

    Part 2
    Describe a traditional product in your country

    What the product is?
    How is the product made of?
    When you tried this product for the first time?
    How do you feel when using this product?

    What kinds of products are popular in your country?
    Does the product (I mentioned traditional Korean paper) still use nowadays?
    Did the products made have better quality than the ones made now?
    Does the government made an effort to promote traditional products?

    I spoke repetitive words some time and I forgot describing Korean traditional ones in detail in part 3. Thanks for reading my comment, Liz.

  13. Hi, i had my exam yesterday (20th jan) , academic,

    Task 1: a bar chart indicating the amunt of time spent on houseworks by men and women in a particular country and women were catogorized to 3 groups of employment 2.part-time employment 3. full-time employment and men were full-time employees.

    Task 2: some people argue that it is the government responsibility to transport children to school. Others believe it’s parents responsibility. Discuss both views and give your own opinin.

    Part 1: he asked me about studies, music and dictionaries.

    Cue card: describe a subject you learned not at school/college. I don’t remeber the detailed questions.

    Part 3: he asked me whether it is hard for old people to learn new skills and I don’t remember other questions. 🙂

    Reading: one about history of coral island I guess, one about national libraries in the USA and I don’t remember the other one.

    Listening:the forst section was about a reservation. I don’t remember the 2nd and 3rd sections and the last section was a text completion about working during nights.

  14. sibasis das says:

    20th Jan GT WRT-1
    You recently moved to a new house.
    Write a letter to your friend why you moved, description of the house , invite your friend to your new house.
    Some people think homework is necessary for children to get good marks in the examinations, others disagree.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  15. Madushani says:

    General Training
    20th January, Colombo Sri Lanka

    Task 1:
    You are planning to go to a foreign country. Write a letterto a friend who live there.
    Ask about accommodations
    Suggest activities you can do with the friend

    Some people become famous at very young age.
    Is this bad thing or good thing.

  16. I am done with my speaking test today .
    It went good . . Satisfied with performance
    Part 1 – introductory ques
    Regarding pets, wild animal and many more
    Part 2- television show
    What you like
    With whom u watch nd some more donot remember all
    Part 3- follow up ques related to other tv shows , zoo, fashion
    Unfortunately contradicted in one ques but otherwise all went well … thankyou liz for helping me to answer well …

  17. Subancely says:

    Hi Liz, Module: GT
    Writing Task 1: You are planning to visit another country for your vacation.Write to your friend who lives there about
    the places you like to visit
    asking questions about accommodation
    ideas to spend time together
    Writing task 2: Some people become famous at their young age.Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
    Speaking part 1: What is your name?
    What do you do now?
    Do you think to listen to music while work or play is a right thing?
    Tell me about dictionaries. Where do you prefer learning words?
    which one do you like the most? Online or hard copy?
    If someone presents you dictionary hardcopy how do you feel? Will you be happy or sad?
    Tell me about a tourist spot you like the most in your city or town.Do you like to go there with your friend?
    Where is it?
    What do you do there?
    When did you go there the first time?
    Part 3:
    Do you think going there in a large group or small group would be enjoyable?
    If you go as a small group it would help you know each other more comparing to a large group.What is your opinion?
    Being an expat joining a group of your national community or other country group is beneficial?
    How advantageous to join a group of your country?

  18. Hello Liz,

    First of all, thank you for this website. I got really good materials for IELTS from your website. I had my LRW (GT) on 20th Jan,2018. I got this in my Writing task.

    1. Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to visit your new apartment. You should describe:
    Why you changed your old apartment
    Describe your new apartment
    Invite him/her to visit
    2. Some people believe that it is wrong to make students do a lot of home works. Others believe that without hard work it is not possible to become successful in life.
    Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

  19. Arun Kumar says:

    Hello liz
    First of all i would like to thank you allot for the tips you gave us for specifically writing task 1 and 2
    Task 2 topic for 20th jan 2018 was
    Some people think that government should not spend money on international aid if it have disadvantaged people like unemployed and homeless in its own country
    To what extent do you agree or disagree

  20. Dear Liz,
    First of all thanks a lot for all the tips and lessons. Second I would like to share the questions from the academic test I took on 20 & 21 Jan 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

    Speaking: (21Jan)
    Part 1:
    – Where do you live at the moment? Is it an interesting neighborhood? How far is it from here?
    – What kind of sport do you enjoy? What was some outdoor/sport event you had attended? Do you enjoy outdoor activities?
    Part 2: Topic card: Describe a person you know who is very popular. You should say, who the person is, how do you meet the person, what are the person’s characteristics and why is it an interesting person?
    Extra question: do you want to become a popular person?
    Part 3: Celebrity & leadership:
    – What make celebrities famous? [then i went on about how talent & appearance can make them famous, also added that in my countries some people became famous overnight just because they did some stupid things & thanks to social media that spread the trend, which led to the following questions]
    – But these people without talent they’ll only stay famous for a very short time dont you think?
    – Are celebrities good examples for young people?
    – Why do you think some people want to become leader while others want to follow? [my answer was it’s genetic and people were born with certain characteristics…] => So people will not have a chance to improve and they”ll stay with what they’re born with? <= last question, I was so happy to hear the examiner saying 'you're free to go' lol

    Listening: (20Jan)
    Section 1: Note completion regarding Garage sales
    Section 2: MCQ & note completion regarding Course Consultant
    Section 3: MCQ & sentence mapping about an extension plan of a hospital
    Section 4: Note completion & MCQ on Sport & Television

    Passage 1: Koala – YNNG, MCQ
    Passage 2: Affect of weather on economy and agriculture… – Heading & summary completion using words from the passage
    Passage 3: Intelligence: Mapping information with name of researchers, summary completion using words from the passage, MCQ
    Also there were 3 questions I couldnt remember which passage they were asked: this information belong to which paragraph

    Task 1: bar chart about percentage of cinema goers in one European country in 2003, 2006 and 2007, from Monday through Sunday
    Task 2: Research shows that many business meetings and training are increasingly taking place online. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages?

    My comment:
    I think Listening part was quite tricky. I had done a lot of practice tests but hadn't seen both note completion and MCQ in section 4.
    Dear Liz thanks a lot for all the useful materials you've shared and I wish you all the best!! 🙂

  21. Test taken on January, 20th
    São Paulo – Brazil


    Part 1

    – Name
    – What do you do?
    – Where do you live?
    – Is it far from here?
    – How long do you live in that neighbourhood?
    – Do you like it? Why?
    – Do you like listening to music while studying or working?
    – Do you buy cds or download music?
    – Did you listen to music more in the past than today?

    Part 2

    – Customer service (I had practiced the same questions during this week, so I knew what to say!). I don’t remember exactly the questions but they can be found here at the blog.

    Part 3

    Questions on the customer service topic
    – Differences in face to face service vs telephone
    – What caracteristics someone who works for with CS needs to have

    – She asked me if I like products being advertised and If I get impacted
    – Are there a lot of ads in this city?
    – Do you remember one ad from when you were a child?
    – Do you like famous people doing advertising? (my answer was NO because I always think they are doing it for the money paid, it seems fake)
    – Social media: impacts of social networking on advertising
    – Customer empowerment (my answer was something like we have the tools to compare prices, search for hands on reviews of products, we can look at the internet for reviews on stores…. and so on)

    That’s all! I think I did quite good, I had some lack of vocabulary sometimes but I BELIEVE it was not that serious. I was nervous while waiting to be called by the examinor, but the one at the room, I calmed down… the interviwer was really sweet! She made me feel comfortable and I could manage to treat the test as a normal talk. When she announced the end of the test I was surprised of how fast it was! 🙂

    Thanks Liz for all information you provide us. You really helped me. Hope to post great scores soon 🙂

  22. Sanjana Medipally says:

    Hi Liz

    Gave my IELTS L/R/W test yesterday.
    Type of test – Academic
    Date: 20/1/2018
    Location: Hyderabad, India.

    Writing task 1: The tables (3 tables were given) show the answers to the questionnaire conducted for two types of theatre goers (club members and general public) to know their opinion for a new theatre.

    Writing task 2: Some people believe that governments should not spend on international aid when they have disadvataged, homeless and unemployed in their own country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Your tips and lessons were really helpful for me in giving the test. Though I couldn’t really manage my time (I didn’t have time left to check my work), I happened to fisnih the essays with all the key features and answering the questions.

  23. I am Rea from Philippines. I took the GT exam in Manila last Jan 19-20. This was the question for Writing Task 2.

    Some people believe that air travel should be allowed to grow without limit. Others think that the government should limit air travels. Discuss both views and provide your own opinion.

  24. Joan Prince says:

    Academic test, 20 January 2018, Portsmouth UK.


    Task 1
    -Bar chart showing the average number of hours that men and women spend on housework, according to their employment status, in 1985, 1900 and 2005.
    -Vertical axis had the number of hours per day while horizontal had the 3 different years. For each year there were for bars representing women who were unemployed, women in part-time employment, women in full-time jobs and men in full time jobs.

    Task 2
    – Some people believe that it is the responsibility of the government to transport children to school. Others say it is the responsibility of the patients. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Part 1
    -Do you work or study? What training did you have to do to get the job? Do you require any training for your future job?
    -How are people given names in your country? What are some of the common names? Are there any ceremonies for baby naming?
    -Do you prefer to read news from the newspapers or from the internet? Why? Do you prefer local news or international? Why? Do you ever discuss news with your friends?

    Part 2
    – Describe what you do to stay healthy (what you do, when, why it is important to you)

    Part 3
    -What are some of the things that people in your country do to stay healthy?
    – Do women and men differ in the methods they use to remain healthy?
    – Do you think it is important for children to be taught about taking care of their health?
    -Does the government in your country contribute to the health of individual? How?
    – What are some of the ways in which an employee can minimize stress

  25. 20.01.2018
    W1 Map
    factory and park ( in the 2001 and at present)
    Some people think that governments should subsidize health food, while others think that they should tax unhealthy food.

  26. I have taken the IELTS speaking test on the 15th of january and some of my questions were:
    1. Whats your favourite wildlife animal? What is your opinion on zoos? What is one commercial you remember from when you were a chils? Do you often buy the things you see on commercials? Are you more likely to buy something if you see it being advertised by a celebrity you like? Where do you live? How far away from here is it?( he was talking about the building where the exam took place). Is your neighbourhood interesting?.. I cant remember any more questions
    2. How do you spend your time with the older people in your family?
    3. Do your friends also like spending time with their grandparents? Do you play sports with your family members? Do you think people nowadays spend less time with their families, especially women? How do you think people could spend more time with their families?
    Special thanks to Liz, what you’re doing is truly great, you helped me so much! 🙂

  27. Hi,
    I took the IELTS General Training exam today.
    Writing Task 1
    Your friend is moving to your hometown. Write a letter to tell her about your hometown
    Write in your letter about
    -living residency available
    -schools you would refer
    -how to meetup with people

    Writing Task 2
    In some countries people start spending more and more than before. Is is it a positive or negative development.

    Part 1
    Do you work or study?
    How did you train for your work?
    How your spent holidays in your childhood?
    How does the time spent with your parents differ from childhood?

    Part 2
    Describe an occassion when you helped someone
    you should say:
    -whom you helped
    -how and when you helped
    -how you felt about it?

    Part 3
    How can a person learn by volunteering work?
    Do you think Small Charity Aids are better than International Aid organizations.

  28. Writing Test / General Training
    20 January, 2018

    Task 1)
    Your friend is planning to move to your home town and wants some information to help her/him.
    Write a letter to your friend and include the following information:
    – family housing in your home town
    – give some advice about schools
    – tell the best way to meet new people
    Start your letter with “Dear…”
    2) In some countries, people are buying more and more things, especially because they have more money now than in the past.
    Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

    Give reasons for your answer and include any examples from your own experience or knowledge.

    (I can’t remember the exact words, but that’s the idea).

  29. Hello Liz,
    Thanks a bunch for your guide and support I just concluded my ielts and am optimistic.

    Details are as follows:
    Location :Lagos
    Type:General test
    Speaking: part 1:
    What is your name?
    How far is where you live from here?
    Why did you chose to live there?

    Cue card: Part 2
    Describe a historical event in the history of your country.
    Say: how you got to know about this event
    Why is this event important

    Part 3
    Why do u think museums are important
    How can we encourage younger generation to visits museum
    Why is it important to learn from history or failures
    Do you believe learning from past events has an effect on our decisions?
    Writing test 1: write a letter to your friend abroad informing him of your intentions to travel him
    State: your reasons for travelin
    Enquire about accommodation
    What you wold want to do together
    Essay part 2:
    Some people become famous at a very young age; is this a good or bad thing?
    Give reasons for this and give any personal knowledge or experience.

    Ps : am a bit concerned here as I paraphrased and interpreted young people to “child celebrities ” resently realised after they meant young persons,which means they might not necessarily be children…. should I be worried?

    Thanks again for your support.

  30. IELTS General Training, January 20th 2018, Vienna

    Hi Liz,
    I had my Speaking test on 18th and the LRW today Jan 20th.

    Writing Task 1:
    A letter to a friend:
    You want to visit the Country where your friend also lives.
    Tell about the places you´d like to visit.
    Ask about accomodation and suggest some activities.

    Writing Task 2:
    Some peaple become famous when they are very young. Do you think this is a good thing?

    Speaking test on Jan 18th:
    Part 1: the same as many others
    the Topic of dictionary was asked again , thank you so much for your tips 😉
    Part 2:
    Describe a photograph which was taken from you.
    When and where?
    Who took the photo?
    Tell why it is important to you.
    Part 3:
    Questions related to photos and photography.
    -What are the reasons why everyone is a natural photographer nowadays?
    -Do we need professional photographer nowadays?
    -What should news reporters consider when taking photographes?

    Thank you Liz for all your efforts! I came acorss your website while I was looking for some IELTS resources just 3 weeks ago. I had very limited time to learn, but your tips helped me a lot.

  31. Academic IELTS, Rugby, the UK
    Exam date 20.01.18
    Part 1
    1. How far did you travel to come hear?
    2. How long do you live in that town?
    3. What do like about your town?
    4. Do you have any important historical building in your town?
    6. Do you like listening music at work or when you are studying?
    7. What is your favorite wild animal?
    8. Do you like to go to zoo?
    9. Do you have any pets?

    Part 2
    Important events in your life
    What it was?
    Who was there?
    and why it is so important?

    Part 3
    Continue more questions about events in your country and
    Why is important to celebrate National events?

    The examiner was constantly stopping me, but he was very polite.

    Writing Task 2
    Some people say that it is government’s responsibility to transport children to school, others say that it is parents responsibility to transport their children to school.
    Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

    Writing Task 1
    3 Bar Charts about spending time for doing house work for different employment status in female and male in 1985, 1995 and 2005.

    I didn’t have enough time to finish task 1 as I have started from task 2. So i managed to write about 140 words. I think they will reduce my mark. Task 2 I wrote around 300 words.
    Reading was not to bad, part 3 was very long.

    This is so far what I remembered.

  32. IELTS GT 20.01 Bogota, Colombia

    Writing task 1
    Letter to friend who is moving to your country. Describe housing in your country for families.
    Suggest a school.
    Suggest how to participate with other people in town.

    Writing task 2.
    Opinion positive or negative development. People in some countries have more and more money to spend. Do you think buying more products is positive or negative development?

    Reading about couple that setup a website to get in touch with old school mates. Will add other topics later.

    Thanks Liz, it went pretty well thanks to your tips and advanced lessons!

  33. Type of Test: General Training
    Date of test: 20th January 2018
    Location of test: India

    Writing Test:
    Task 1:
    Write a letter to your friend about you moving out to a new apartment.
    *Mention why you had to move out
    *Describe your new apartment
    *Invite her to visit you
    You don’t need to mention addresses.

    Task 2:
    Few people believe that students should not be given homework every day. However few others think that children of all age should be given homework on a daily basis.
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your opinion.

    I took a lot of time in structuring my Task 1 and by the time I got to Task 2 I was left with only 20mins. Although I tried my best with Task 2. I know I should’ve been stringent on timelines. I hope students don’t repeat my mistake.


  34. Ghana BC
    I had my Speaking test on 15/01/18 and LWR today.
    overall, the test was easy but I had problem with timing

    Speaking test
    1st part
    work and friend
    cue card
    On river that I like
    3rd part
    Questions on river and oceans, their importance and why oceans have not be exploited as it should

    we had labelling of a diagram on oil-less pump don’t really remember the rest.
    Task 1
    Amount of time spent on housework by men and women according to employment status in a country in three different years.
    Task 2
    Some people think it should be the responsibility of government to transport children to school while other think parent should do this. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    This is my first time taking IELTS and I hope I get my required band score.

  35. Type= General
    Date= 20/01/2018

    Writing part 1
    You have moved into a new apartment. Write a letter to your friend and say:
    Reason why you moved
    Describe the apartment
    Invite him/her to your place

    Writing part 2
    Some people believe that students should not be given homewrk. Others argue that extra study is needed.
    Describe bot h views and give your opinion

    Hey Liz,
    Could you please help me with the below listening question? I remember i heard the word
    ‘Saturdays’ in the section 1 but not sure what could possibly go in the blank given below:

    *available any______________ in April.

    Will it be Saturday or Saturdays ?


  36. Hi, Liz
    First of all , please accept my appreciation! This website is awesome.
    I am a Chinese candidate.
    I take my LRW test today 20/1/2018 and speaking test at 1/17/2018.
    For the speaking test:
    Do you study or work?
    Do you make acquaintance while study?
    When do you study best in a day?
    Do you prefer electronic dictionary or normal dictionary?
    Do you want to be a writer of a dictionary?
    What do you think of the job of writing a dictionary?

    Describe a story that someone told you?

    Part 3
    What kinds of stories do you think is popular among young children?
    What kinds of stories do you think is popular among adult?
    Do you think everyone is a natural story teller?
    Do you think it is helpful when teaching children with story?

    Writing test
    Line graphs shows information about the number of visits from France and north America to the UK for holiday and business

    People are surrounded by advertisements. Some people think advertisement affect what their think is important and is negative influence their lives. Do you agree or disagree?

  37. Mohammed Elfaki says:

    HI . Did my speaking test on 18.1 , on khartoum , sudan .
    What is your name
    Your hometown
    Where you are living
    What is interesting in your area
    Do you listen to music ? Why ?
    Why people listen to music ?

    Part 2 a time you go out with friends
    When ?
    Where ( dezcribe )
    Your feelimgs
    On what did you spent money there

    Part 3
    Why do people go out woth theri firends
    Questions about work related stress

    Interestimg areas for people to go out in your home town
    Why people. CHoose it

  38. Asmith malita says:

    Hi Liz..I was following your blog closely as well as others…for IELTS videos n tips .u r very good teacher.
    I gave my exam on 18/1/ 2018 in kuwait.
    It was fine..except reading which was really 3rd passage
    Asked questions
    Speaking:-r u student or working
    -Wht did u qualify with to be suitable for this job.
    Did u njoy ur school days
    Who was ur best teacher n why
    He was d first day was in highschool as u remember..
    What is ur meal routines
    Do u like eating alone or with sumone
    Have ur eating habits changed from d past
    Do u often eat outside?
    Part 2-achievement you r proud of.
    What .why ..what u r proud of
    Part 3-
    -is it necessary to have long term goals in life?
    -whethr it’s ok to stop achieving after experiencing repeated failures?
    _how employees can be motivated in their job
    What can we modify or improve to make the employees work better
    ..examiner was very friendly u ..n clear n loud..m very happy with him
    Reading was 1st-slow food vs fast food
    2nd passage-hypermilling
    3rd passage-history of economic growth in Britain in 5th to 19th century usual tough..cudnt find d answers…

    Writing task1-given table about percentage individual spending in Australia in 1986 to 2009 on care.other.electricity.gas..n etc 10 things comparison

    Writing task 2-
    Science tells us some activities are dangerous to health.but some people continue to live unhealthy.
    What are the causes of this&what can be done to solve this problem

    I followed ur task tips..but writing was ok.listening. .speaking was fine..only reading was tough..I will tell u results.its on 31st Jan 2018

  39. Dear Liz,
    I had the speaking test in Tirana, Albania today – Jan 19 2018.
    From what I can recall:
    Part 1.
    Do you work or study – tell me more about it
    Is further training necessary for your work?

    Part 2.
    Where do read news online or do you read newspapers?
    Random question: how do you notice/follow the time has passed? ( I responded that I do not carry a watch but follow it the computer or phone.)

    Part 3: Speak about a business women you admire
    What is interesting about her work

    Following questions were about business – which qualities make a good business person
    Is it crucial having a business degree to being a good businessman/ woman?

    Your tips are on point! I hope I will be able to remember them all tomorrow! 🙂
    It has been lovely sharing this journey with you!


  40. Hi Liz!
    I have been looking information through your site and find many usefull tips for IELTS!
    Thank you so much) I am so happy and really enjoy visting your site!
    SO I took exam so now I will share my exam questions
    Module- Academic
    Country- UZBEKISTAN
    THE DATE 18 january 2018

    1 part
    where do u live?
    do you like the place where you live?
    describe what you have near by?
    2 part
    describe lnowledge that you got not from school/college
    3 part (was hard)
    Do you think that it is important to know something new?
    In which way the science have changed in last decades?
    Do you think that it important to childen to play games with their parents/why?
    What must parents teach their children?

    P.S. the most part of the questions he asked by himself without looking at his papershit with ready questions that really was strange/do you thunk it is okay? And when i have finished speeking test the examiner lifted up his THUMB . i hope thats okay?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I have already posted essay questions for Jan 2018 – visit the main writing task 2 page on the red bar.

  41. hi I just had my ielts speaking exam in Iran
    part 1:
    -work or study?
    – training in my job
    – meaning of my name
    – names of newborn children in my country
    part 2:
    furniture in my home
    traditional or modern?
    what are they made from?
    who decides on buying furniture in my home

    part 3:
    important factors affecting people’s decision on buying furniture
    interior design of the building

    that’s all I can remember!
    I think the topic of my cue card was so limited. I really didn’t know what to say!
    anyway, i hope my written exam will be better

  42. Speaking- 19th January, 2018 Lagos, Nigeria
    Part -1
    About children commendation
    When you were beaten by rain

    Cue card – Part-2
    When you receive commendation
    Who gave you commendation
    What you did to receive commendation
    Explain how you felt

    Part-3 is just follow up questions to part-2

    • Is commedation used here in the meaning of “recommendation” or “appreciation”?
      I’m a little confused, because my online dictionary says, it can mean both.

      • Hi Katie,

        In my experience, Cambridge doesn’t use overtly complex words while wording questions. I think what Johnson means here is:
        Talk about a time when someone said something positive about you (i.e. when you had positive feedback from someone).

    • I got the same test in US. The follow-up questions sounded more like rapid fire round. I missed the 3rd question on cue card as my time was up. How many points will I lose for that?
      And Liz..thanks much for your efforts on this website. He is watching and will keep you healthy and safe always!!

  43. Hi,
    I had speaking exam in Belgrade, Serbia on 17th of January,
    Questions were
    Do you work or study? I lost a job recently so we were discussing my previous employment
    What was necessary training for this job?
    What are most important skills for doing that job
    what is you biggest achievement
    What did you do
    What are the obstacles you had to overcome
    why are you proud…
    what are biggest world achievements- discussion- mostly i talked
    lets talk about PC and internet – discussion
    lets talk about meals -discussion.
    I think it went pretty well. I am very satisfied.
    On Sat 20th of January I will have writing, listening and reading.
    Wish me luck

  44. FAZLI KAYA says:

    Hi everybody,
    I had my speaking test an hour ago in Turkey -Ankara
    Part 1
    do you work or study?
    What kind of trainings did you take for your job?
    Do you read regular newspapers or on line?
    What are the advantages of using online newspapers?
    Do you prefer yourself being a journalist?

    PART 2
    Q CARD was What was a recent decision that you made recently?
    Who you made it with?
    How did you decide?
    Why did you decide that way?
    Was it an important decision for you?

    Following Question was:
    Do you think you are good at decision making?
    Part 3 .
    Do you think parents should decide for their Kids?

    How are children affected while they make decisions from parents ?

    Do you think families should be involved for their children’s decision about future?

  45. Srinivas Goud Nandhagiri says:

    jan 16 – 2018
    Test Center : Pune

    Part 1 :

    what is your full name ?
    what can i call you ?
    How far you live from the test center ?
    Hou do you commute ?
    what is special about your place ?
    which physical acitivity you used to do in school ?
    do you think everyone should do physical activity ?
    what type of physical activity you do now ?
    do you enjoy doing physical activity everyday ?

    Part 2 :

    Describe your favourite season in your country. you should say :

    what the season is ?
    why it is your favourite season ?
    what the weather is like at that time of year ?

    Part 3:

    how the weather changes in your country from jan to dec ?
    what are the new jobs that extreme weathers produce ?
    how people find it working in extreme cold and hot weather ?
    in which extreme weather conditions it is comfort to work ?
    how the extreme cold and hot weather helps people ?
    do children enjoy extreme cold weather ?

  46. Jakhongir says:

    Uzbekista academic 18.01.2018
    Q card describe a situation when u had to be polite

  47. I had my speaking today(19-jan-2018) and it went really good ,All thanks goes to you Liz ,your website helped me alot 🙂
    here are some of the questions of today’s speaking test
    what is your full name?
    How far is your home from here?
    where are you from?
    what makes your town interesting?
    Do you read newspaper?
    How often you read newspaper?
    Do you think people nowadays are more formal?
    Will you love to go to space?
    who read newspaper in your house when you were a child?
    Liz is it necessary to use hard vocabulary , I answered all the questions and I was speaking fluently i guess but used simple English ,will it affect my band score?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 What is “hard vocab”? No such thing. You use vocabulary that relates to the topic you have and also introduce other vocab – this means you show a range. Vocabulary is only 25% of your marks.

  48. Hi Liz
    Thank you for your incredible work
    Really your website mean to me a lot

    Today I finished my speaking exam in Chennai
    Part 1
    Personal details
    Meaning of your Name
    Reading news in online or newspaper
    Part 2
    Car journey
    Part 3
    Driving skills
    Public transport and it’s importance
    Importance of teaching traffic rules among school children
    I feel I repeated some information and off topic 😑

    Tomorrow is my LRW
    Hope for the best

  49. Harjinder Sidhu says:

    Hello everyone,
    I had my speaking exam on 18th January 2018
    Part 1:- music and work
    Part 2:- describe a moment when someone took a good photograph of u.
    Part 3:- why cameras are becoming an important feature of mobiles?
    Digital cameras or relating to this

  50. 18 Jan
    Speaking location jeddah ksa

    How far you live
    What is important about it
    Advertisement on Tv
    How much
    Celebrity endorsersment
    Online sale
    Writing skills
    And what u wrote
    Do u like write by hand or computer
    Future of writing
    Cue card

    You save money for a trip
    How u save
    How long it took
    How you feel after saving it


    Are you saving type of guy

    Why young peole save the money
    For what

    Is it culture

    Who save more women or man

    Other friend questions

    Your time efficient
    Do you like animals
    Do u go zoo
    Why u go zoo
    Cue card
    Argument with some one and how mange to politeness

    What is different between politeness and friendly
    Dealing with foreign country topic politeness

  51. Today 19 Jan
    Jeddah ksa
    What is your Full name
    Do you work or study
    Tell me about app on mobile and computer
    What is popular app in your country
    Do you like to develop a app
    Cue card
    Some one tell you a story that you remember
    What it was
    When it was
    Why it is important to you
    Is it good to tell stories to kids

    Difference between 40 year back and today stories
    And argument why kids watch not read stories

  52. Date : Jan 19 2017
    Place : Pune
    Test Type : Speaking|GT

    Part 1
    Started with few questions like name and what you do
    Where do you stay in this town and compare your place with the current test area
    Describe the area where you stay
    What do you like in this place
    What kind of people do you meet
    Do you want to stay here and recommend it to others
    Where do your friends live ….

    Part 2
    Name a place in your area which you like
    – Why do you like this place
    – when did you go to this place
    – who did you go with

    Part 3
    What is good for kids – Reading books Vs Spending time with friends
    Why should kids be encouraged to read
    Spending time with family Vs time with friends. Which is better.
    Where do people in your area spend their time

  53. Academic Module
    British Council – Singapore
    January 18, 2018

    Hi everyone! I had my speaking exam yesterday and the topic of my cue card was describe the time you were glad you had your mobile/hand phone with you.

    Liz, I was able to speak at length most of the time for all the parts and the examiner asked me to stop during part 2 but I can see in his expression that he is still waiting for me to talk. He will then proceed to the next question when I’m done speaking. Now I don’t know whether how I did in the exam. 😩

    Tomorrow I will take the LRW. Hoping I can get the band score I need. I will let you know the results especially in writing because I purchased your Advanced Writing Task 2. Your website has been a great help. Thank you. 🙏

    Goodluck to everyone who took then waiting for the result and for those who will take the IELTS exam. 😊

  54. IELTS: Academic
    Sydney Navitas Centre
    Date: 06-01-18

    W 1: Line graph showing a number of complaints received from Jan – Jun via email, telephone and in-person.
    W 2: Some people think that sports played in teams are better than individual sports. Discuss and give your opinion.

    Speaking part 2:
    Describe a situation when you received an important letter.

    Speaking part 3:
    How important are letters? How has letter writing changed over the years? What information can be gain from past letters?

  55. Speaking test
    18 January, 2018

    Part 1)
    What is your full name?
    Do you work or study?
    Did you have to take any prior training for your current position?
    Do you want to do any additional training in the future?
    Do you like the rain? Why?
    Does it rain frequently in the place where you live?
    Does people’s behaviour change when it is raining?
    Have you ever been outside in the rain without any umbrella or a raincoat?
    How do you check what time it is?
    Do you think it is important to be punctual? Why?
    Do you think it used to be more important to be punctual in the past than nowadays?
    What do you usually do while you have to wait for somebody?

    Part 2)
    Describe a businessperson who you admire. Say
    – who this person is
    – what kind of business this person has
    – why you admire this person
    Question: Would you like to have a similar career?

    Part 3)
    What qualities should a business person have?
    Walt Disney once said “The harder I work, the luckier I get”, do you agree with this statement?
    Do you think experience is more important than academic qualifications? Why?
    (I said they are both important, the examiner then asked me to pick one).
    In the past, people spent their whole career in just one company. Do you think this is a good thing?
    Do you think people have to be hard-hearted in order to be successful in their careers?

    (Phew! So many questions!)


    DATE: JANUARY 18TH, 2018

    TELL US:

  57. I had speaking test on 18 Jan -18
    What is ur name?
    Is it ur place interesting?
    Why do we watch adverts?
    Is it good thing celebrity endorse on adverts?
    Do u like long travelling?
    Have you being in flights?
    Do u want to go space?
    Cue card on toys
    What was the toy?
    Y do u like it?
    Do u share with ur friends.?
    How do u feel with playing it?
    3rd part..
    Is there difference of toys of girls and boys?
    Y do parents buy lot of toys?
    Difference between today’s toy and old toys.
    What factors kept in mind while purchasing toy?
    Do v allow children to buy toys of their choice?

  58. Deepak Saini says:

    Hi Liz, thanks a lot for the material. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR WORK.
    My speaking exam was on 17th Jan (Chandigarh, India)
    Cue card – TV program you like?
    LRW was today 18th Jan
    Writing Task 2 : science tells us about the activities which are good for our health and others which are bad. Millions of people all over the world knows this nd still do unhealthy activities. Why do you think this is nd what can be done to change it? Liz i just wanted to know the points for WT2 m bit worried about it.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 This is about why people do things they know are unhealthy, such as extreme workouts which push the heart too much, drinking alcohol etc. I don’t know the exact wording of the question because IELTS hasn’t released it. But it is possible to consider drinking and smoking as activities with the wording you have given above. Some people do these things out of habit, peer pressure or because they do not care about the consequences. Does that help you?

  59. Hi everyone! the questions below was given to me in the real IELTS test.
    Almaty, Kazahkstan. 18th-main test, 17th-speaking test
    part1: Where are you live?
    How long do live in your house?
    What you do usually in outdoor?
    Did your outdoor activities change sice childhood?
    Do you have friend who also like being outdoor?

    part2: Describe a season or time of the year you usually enjoy
    What is the season?
    Why you like it?
    What usually you do ?

    part3: What is climate in your country?
    Is the weather changed from the past?
    Can weather affect on peoplse’s job?
    WT1: given table about total spending per person in Australia in 1986 and 2009.
    WT2: Science says that some activities are unhealthy. Despite this, the number of people all over the world who are doing this activities are increasing.
    Why this is happening, and what can be done to reduce it?

    i described extreme sports and spending more time by playing video games as activities which might have affected on our health negetively. Are my examples correct?

    now i’m worrying about reading, because i wrote in the answer sheet T, F, NG, Y, N-instead of True,False,Not Given, Yes, No. Will those be marked as wrong?

    Dear, Liz! You are doing great thing. Keep it. Thank you!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Sure, letters are fine to use.

      • Hi Liz,
        I did my IELTS – Academic on 18th in Auckland, New Zealand.
        Writing T1 – process ( fresh oranges to concentrated orange juice)
        T2 – opinion essay : ” Maintaining public libraries is a waste of money since the computer technology is now replacing their functions. What extend do you agree or disagree.”
        Thanks for all your support.

      • Hi Liz, it would be appreciated if u can please give some tips about above question for Writing Task 2. Thanks

  60. Module : Academic
    Test Date: 18th January, 2018
    Location: Enugu, Nigeria being controlled by Abuja centre

    Speaking Test
    Part 1:
    1. Your full name
    2. Do you work or study
    3. What do you do
    4. What time of the day do you work best
    5. Do you have friends at work
    6. Do you exercise
    7. What exercise do you do in college
    8. Do you think youths in your country exercise. Why not
    9. Do you use apps
    10. What apps do youths in your country use
    11. What app would you like to have
    12. Would you like to create one

    Part 2
    Which country / city would you like to live
    – how you heard about it
    – tell us about the city/country

    Have you shared this with anyone else

    Part 3
    1. Why do people look for places to live or work
    2. Which is of great importance – place to live or work
    3. Are there things that can be done to make a place good for people to live and work

    Thanks Liz for your site. I just stumbled into it yesterday. It helped me though I wish I saw it earlier. I will still use it to prepare for my Listening, Reading and Writing test which comes up the day after tomorrow.
    About my speaking experience, I was nervous but later adjusted. The examiner stopped me while I spoke with subsequent questions although this didn’t happen in all my responses.

  61. Today I had speaking test in Kyiv, Ukraine.

    Speaking part 1
    What’s your full name?
    Do you work or study?
    Which wild animal would you like to see? Why?
    Do you think it’s important for children to see wild animals? Why?

    Speaking part 2
    Describe an unusual meal you ate.
    With whom?

    Speaking part 3
    Why do people go to restaurants?
    In European countries in the restaurants the most important is food, then service and afterwards design. In Ukraine it’s not like that. Do you agree?

    Hope it will help someone 🙂

  62. Shriya Grover says:

    18 jan 2018
    Academic exam

    Ielts task 1 table shwing the percebtage of spending in different services in australia in two different years.. it was easy.

    Task 2 : science tells us about the activities which are good for our health and others which are bad. Millions of people all over the world knows this nd still do unhealthy activities. Why do you think this is nd what can be done to change it?

  63. Dipali Harkhani says:

    I had my LRW exam at Rajkot city, Gujarat, India

    Q. 1-10 was blanks [ONE WORD]
    Q. 11-30 MCQ
    Q. 31-40 blanks [TWO WORDS]

    Passage-1 vehicle
    Passage-2 I can’t remember as I was tense that time 😕
    Passage -3 on ancient Britain

    Task -1
    Expansion of people of Australia on different things in two different years 1998 and 2009

    Task -2
    Science says some activities are good for health some are bad,despite of knowing fact millions over the world performing this activities

    What you will do to solve this problem write your opinions

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I have the same exam today in London. But my speaking are as follows:
      What’s your full name?
      Where you originally come from?
      How many miles you lived from London?
      Speaking 2
      Discuss a recent development in your current place or town?
      What was is before?
      How long did it take to develop?
      Are the community happy with the development?
      Discussion Part
      What facilities can you suggest or what facilities are available in your town?
      Can young children and old people able to join?
      Do you agree with government to have building regulations?

      That’s all I can remember so far. I hope I did well and get the band score I need. I hope not to take it again even though i enjoyed and had fun doing my practices.

      By the way, Liz I would like to say THANK YOU 😊 for creating and always updating your website. It helped a lot especially your videos, tips and techniques. You are a fantastic teacher!

  64. HI Liz,
    Attended IELTS speakingtoday in Malaysia.

    First as usual general introduction followed by topic as below.
    Did you got an appreciation recently?
    Who appreciated you?
    What did you do to deserve that?
    Did you appreciated anyone for their good work?

    Later, some follow up questions on the same topic.

    The Examiner was quite friendly and occasionally cracked some jokes and I also responded with a couple of jokes. Do you think laughing while in the test will degrade score?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The speaking test is an informal test – it’s a chat with the examiner. Sounds like you had a very nice test. It’s fine to enjoy it and laugh 🙂

  65. Olugbenga Ogunyemi says:

    Type of test: General
    Date of test: 18/1/2018
    Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    PS: The questions are in my own words and what I can remember so far.

    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Where are you from?
    Are you working or studying?
    What kind of training do you get at your organization?
    why do you think training is important for your work?
    How was going on holidays as a child different from going on holidays as an adult?

    Part 2:
    Describe a furniture you recently purchased?
    Why did you purchase this furniture?
    What makes the furniture memorable?

    Part 3:
    What are the factors that can influence the making of furniture?
    What qualities does manufacturers of furniture need to possess?
    Do you think climate influence the type of furniture produced or purchased?

  66. January,16
    Ielts General Training,

    Part 1: Are you studying or working?
    What do you study?
    Why you choosed this subject?
    Do you have friends at college?
    Do you read newspapers?
    Does someone in your family reads newspaper?
    Why do you read/ why you dont read?
    Have you ever read newspaper online?
    What did you read?

    Part 2 : Describe a situation when some visitors visited your place,how you felt,what all you did and what influence they left (something like that)

    Part 3 : Do you like visitors visiting your place?
    Have visiting become more formal now?
    Would you prefer staying at a Hotel or a friend’s place in a new city?
    What services does hotel provide these days?

    I did answer all questions well but I think I was speaking too much and she had to cut me in between by asking other questions. Also,when she asked me the second question “What do you study” I though she dint hear it first time when I said and I replied ” Marketing Management”. Later I realized that was a question she asked.
    Also, I was so excited that I picked up the paper and pencil as soon as she said we are going to begin part 2 and I will provide you pen and paper..She actually stopped me and asked me “Did you get it”.
    I dont know how. much this going to effect my score.

    All the best to others.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I don’t see anything to worry about in your speaking test. It’s fine to give long answers and for the examiner to interrupt – 100% fine. It’s fine if you are nervous and don’t hear the question fully – it’s normal and the examiner understands this. The examiner is aiming to assess your real level of English over the whole test and small errors make no difference. Good luck with your results 🙂

  67. I did the Speaking Test on January 17, 2018
    Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    Part 1 –
    What is your full name?
    Do you work or study?
    How do you travel on a daily basis?
    How did you come here today?
    Do you prefer to read the news on the internet or in a newspaper?
    Do you like discussing the news with your friends?
    Do you prefer to read the news from Brazil or from other places too?
    Do you watch the news on TV? Would you like to be a reporter and tell people the news?

    Part 2 –
    Describe something you bought recently that made you very happy.
    – What was it
    – Why did you need to buy it
    – Why were you happy about it
    Question: Did you tell anyone you bought it?

    Part 3 –
    Why do people buy things?
    Do people buy more nowadays than in the past?
    Do you think the malls will ever disappear?
    Do you prefer to buy things online or in a shopping center?
    Do you think advertising influences people ?

  68. Hello,

    I had my speaking yesterday in Abuja, Nigeria.

    I was good, well i think hope my result says so.

    Ist Section
    What is your name
    Where do you live.
    How do you go to work
    Why do you take public transport to work
    Why do you think it is good to live where you are.
    What is the meaning of your name
    How are children named in your country.

    Cue Card
    This was basically about health living

    Additional question
    Why do you think it is important to live in a cleann environment
    How can work place stress be reduced
    Role of Government in maintaining a clean environment

    That is all I can remember.

    Thanks a lot liz for all your lessons

  69. Dipali Harkhani says:

    I had my speaking test on 17th January 2018
    At Rajkot,Gujarat

    Part -1
    What is your full name ?
    Are you studying or working?
    Do you have any friends at your workplace?
    On what occasion you give and got gifts in your culture?
    Do you get any present or gift from your friends? Why? When?
    Which gift you didn’t like? Why?
    Do you like to select gifts for other? Why?

    Part -2
    Cue card on your interested subject of school
    Which subject it was
    How long you learned it
    Who taught it
    Why you find it interesting

    What do you think computer is essential for children? Why?
    What is essential for children good facilities or good teacher? Why?
    Do you find internet useful to learn something? Why?
    Do you read newspaper? How often?

  70. Hi frndz ,i did my speaing test today (17-jan-2017) of academic module
    she introudced her self and asked mine,
    part 1
    where u come from?
    how long u r staying here?
    tell me abt ur home town and there places to visit?
    how long have u stayed in u r home town?
    part 2
    tell me abt a situation u faced?
    disscuss that situation?
    part 3
    how do child hide where they are telling right or wrong ?
    how often do u read newspapers?
    And how do u express u r feelings ?

  71. Just completed my IELTS Speaking. These are the questions which were asked to me.

    Location – Mumbai , India.


    – Your Full Name?
    -Where do you live ?
    -Do you like your hometown?
    -Do you like to live in a city or a rural area ?

    Section 2

    *make notes for a minute and speak for 2 minutes .

    -A difficult decision you have made in your life .
    -When was it ?
    -Why was it difficult for you?

    Section 3

    -When is the best time for a person to take a decision about their life?
    -Who was your favorite teacher in School ? why?
    -Tell me about the first day of your high school .
    – Can teachers help students in making career decision ? Why you think so?
    – Do you think international organisations take culture into consideration when they make any decisions ?


  72. First of all Thank you very much Liz for this wonderful site, it helped me a lot in my preparation.
    I just gave my speaking test sometime back.
    Here are the questions :
    What is your Full name?
    What do you do?
    What kind of work you do at your job?
    Have you got any training for the work you are doing?
    Do you want to get any training to enhance that skill?
    Do you remember your friends from school?
    How often you make friends?
    At what time you prefer to have your meals?
    With whom you want to have your meals?
    Part 2 :
    A car journey you recently had?
    —Where you went.
    —-With Whom.
    —How you enjoyed it.
    Which mode of transport people usually used nowadays?
    Part 3:
    What type of transport is available in your country?
    Is there any requirement to improve transport in your country?
    Do you think future of transport like robot cars will have any advantages?
    How government should improve the transport?
    Do you think we should improve our dependency on fossil fuels?

    L/R/W will be on 20-jan


  73. Dear my friend
    Today ielts speaking test 17th January

    Where are you living
    How much time do you live there
    How do you came here
    What does make your twon attractive
    How do you try to keep fit
    Do you think young people like sport
    Do you use dictionary
    Do you like to write a dictionary
    Do you use paper on online dictionary

    Cue card
    Talk about the country that you like working or studying

    Which features make place suitable for living
    Why people do like to immigrate to a foreign country

  74. thank u Liz .
    ur web is helping me a lot.
    im using it for my students .

    realllllllllly thank u
    im from iran and really such things r necessary

  75. Muhammad Faizan Tariq says:

    I had my Speaking module test today (16th January, 2018) in Karachi, Pakistan

    I have paraphrased a few questions; can’t remember the exact words but the context will remain the same – here they are:

    [Section 1]

    – What is your name?
    – Do you work or study?
    – What are your responsibilities at work?
    – Did you take any prior training for your current job?
    – Do you plan to do something more to improve your current role?
    – What did you do on holidays when you were a child?
    – What did you do at home when you spent time with family?
    – Do you think the way you interact with family has changed over the years?
    – Do you plan to go on holidays in near future?

    [Section 2]
    – Tell us about any exciting book that you have read (I spoke on “A song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin, I spoke fluently, without hesitation, provided very detailed information about the book and answered all questions, but I felt – by looking at examiner’s expressions – that I finished a bit early)
    – the rest of the questions were the same as in Liz’s model test on YouTube 🙂 Thank you so much Liz!

    [Section 3]
    – The examiner asked a few questions on how to develop reading habits among children
    – Do you think who reads more, boys or girls?
    – Do younger people like to read different books than the elderly? (I disagreed, saying it has nothing to do with age, but with a person’s own interest)
    – What are the different types of books people read?
    – Does reading fiction benefit children?
    – Is reading fiction books better than non-fiction?

    Thank you once again Liz, you’re truly an awesome teacher! I have already recommended my friends to refer to your reading material should they ever need to prepare for the IELTS.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Don’t think too much about the examiner’s expressions. Your score is based on your overall performance. The examiner will always indicate for you to add more – it’s your right but not a requirement.

  76. January 15th,2018 at
    Dear Liz,
    I had my IELTS speaking test today and here are few questions that I have been asked to speak up for…

    what is ur full name?
    do u work or study?
    what do u study?
    do u enjoy studying with ur friends?
    do u make friends with whom you study?
    do u think stories help us in our life?
    what type of stories does u think are helpful in leading today’s society?
    do u agree with fact that all of us are natural storytellers?
    do u think technology would benefit storytelling?
    and in which way?
    which does u think is better watch the story on screen or reading it in a book?
    would u like to be a storyteller?
    which one would u choose computer or mobile phone?
    which one does u think would be better to use?
    tell me one of the stories last time anyone has narrated you?
    what is that story?
    who narrated you?
    how do u think technology would benefit storytelling?

    As far I could remember these are the question that I was questioned …..
    and my rest of the test is on January 18th, hope I do well…..
    can I get any link to practice more on my listening test part? if so could u please share it here…
    thanks Liz for your lessons 🙂

  77. Christabel says:

    Had my ielts speaking exam today, 15th of January, 2017. The following are the questions i encountered and I hope it will be of help to someone.

    . What is your name please?
    . Do you work or study?
    . Is there additional learning required for your work?
    . Do you like the rain?
    . Does it rain frequently in your city.
    . Does the behaviour of people change when it is raining?
    . Have you ever walked in the rain without a raincoat?
    . Describe somebody you know that you think is a good parent.
    .Mention who the person is?
    . who introduced him or her to you?
    . why you think he or she is a good parent.
    . What do you think makes up good parenting skills
    . Do you think parenting is inherited or learned?
    . Do you think parenting has changed in these modern times?

    That is all I can remember for now.
    Thank you Liz for all the coaching and tips. I’m hoping for the best because i don’t think I performed well. Prayers up!!!

  78. Academic IELTS – Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina )
    speaking exam: 13th January

    Part 1: full name
    where do you live and how far is that place from here? since when have you lived there?
    tell me something more about the place you grew up? neighbourhood?
    how often you listen to music ? do you prefer to download music or buy CDs?
    will music change in future? did you listen to music more when you were younger?
    dictionaries? would you write a dictionary? what do we need to do to write a dictionary? is dictionary a good present and way?

    part 2 – talk about a good service for shop or company you recieved?
    when was that? from whom and why did you like it?
    part 3- almost everything about service and business
    is it easier to sell product face to face or by the phone?
    is service better in expensive shops? qualities of the person who work as a seller ?
    why is hard to deal with certain people? and more questions about this topic

    it was hard and confusing because I am not so familiar with this topic..
    I hope I will do better with reading, speaking and writing on saturday 🙂

  79. Hi Liz,

    My speaking test was today and hope i did well. I’m from Sri Lanka and my test date is 15/01/2018

    Introduction questions
    Part 01 :
    Are you work or study
    What kind of training you received in workplace
    Do you nee any training in future at workplace
    How do you come to work
    How much time take you to come to workplace
    How did you travel today for the speaking test
    Will it take same time as normal day ?

    Part 02 :
    Describe a thing you brought recently
    1. What is it ?
    2. How you buy it ?
    3. What is the importance of it to your life ?

    Part 03 :
    1. People tend to buy lots of things these days compare to past, whats your idea on it
    2, Is there any difference of buying things from a shopping mall and buying things from street market
    3. People these days throw away their things when small damage happened to them rather than repairing. Whats on your view on this

    Thank you for your tips and directions.

    – Waruna

  80. Hi Liz
    Speaking test{general training}
    13 January,2018
    Part 1
    1.Full name
    2.what do you do:work or study?
    3. What qualifications you have to have this study?
    4will this job provide more practical knowledge in your future or not?
    5.what is the meaning of your name? people in your country have meaning of their names. is your name given to you?
    8.who generally give names in your culture and how? you travel by boats ? you like it?
    11.what if u have house on a boat? people in your country travel by boat?
    13.Do you want to own a boat?Why /why not?
    14.Have you ever learnt boating?
    Cue card
    Furniture you like
    What it is
    Is it traditional or modern
    Do your friends like your furniture?
    Who gave it to you
    Part 3
    1.what points you should keep in mind while selecting a furniture?
    2.who select furniture in your country?
    3.on which occasions furniture is purchased? you remember any time when furniture is purchased before hand an occasion?
    Liz I m very much worried about the question. When examiner asked me what should be kept in mind to buy a furniture?I replied the quality of the wood and affordability of an individual rather than attractiveness of furniture,and explained these points in detail.While on listening this I found the examiner was not so happy and told me don’t you consider space as a factor?I told yes ,it is, especially in apartments where we have less space , beforehand measurements are needed.Then she asked me -dont you think colors are important?I m thinking like she was not satisfied with my answer .
    I am very much worried 😐.
    Thank-you for your efforts Liz.hoping for your recovery soon.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 In speaking, you are not marked on your ideas. This means the ideas used in your answer do not count towards your score. The examiner was just testing your understanding of language – nothing more. You understood her comments and showed the ability to discuss in English – excellent.

      • I had my speaking test on 13th Jan 2018
        Abu Dhabi
        General Training Category

        Cue Card
        What Was your favourite subject at school

        I felt like examiner not allowed me to speak, she was very fast and moving fast to next question. I felt so upset after this speaking test given.
        My LRW on 20th Jan

        this is my 2nd attempt I got overall band 7 at my first attempt

        This time I was planning to obtain 8 for Listening and 7 for speaking and writing.
        Your site helping me alot
        You are a great teacher.

        What you think about my speaking test? Should I report this or ignore

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is normal that the examiner will move from one question to another. It is a test – the examiner will ask different questions and test you. It is not necessary to complete the answer in order to be assessed on language skills. Your speaking test sounds normal. The problem is – why did you know this? All students should know about being interrupted in their answers and they should be ready for this. They should know what the examiner is looking for. I wish you lots of luck with your results!

    • You should have said. No 1,2,3…100 factors to be kept in mind when you select your furniture is :WIFE SATISFACTION.
      Wish you best of luck

  81. Mohammed Faki says:

    Hi everybody , I had my exam yesterday
    Khartoum , Sudan .
    Listening and reading were all more or less like Cambridge book exams’s style . reading needs proper time management . question were not that difficult .
    regarding the writing section :
    Task 1 : Double labelled Bar graph
    Task 2 : Discussion opinion type : How companies use different methods to increase the Sales of their products . discuss and give your opinion .
    didn’t take the speaking test yet .
    wish me good luck !
    good luck for all of you and thanq Liz !

    • I got the same questions for the writing section. In the Bar chart we had to compare the percentage of men and women that worked for a number of hours in a week in Australia in 2007. The task 2 question was just as stated above.
      For the reading section, the first topic was on gold mining in Australia and how the gold nuggets were discovered, I cant remember the second-sorry, the third was about biomimetics- how scientists have incorporated the morphology of different animals into some useful technology like the robot fly and velcro.

      and oh, i also wrote my exam on the 13th of this month.

  82. Aytan Karimova says:

    Hi.part 2 topic was describing an ideal parent.Part 3 was about the relationship between parent and teenagers.I do not remember exact questions,sorry(

  83. Manila 1.13.18

    Speaking test:
    Part 1 – name, current residence, how far from this place, physical activities, young individuals lifestyle, do you see yourself being active 10yrs from now.

    Part 2 – one device which i like the most except computers.

    Part 3 – questions circle on modern device topics, how internet affects our lives, compare a world without modern tech and world today, how your job is affected by modern tech…

    Task 1 – table that contains number of employees and number of factories from 5 decades.

    Task 2 – problems of the people in big cities. What are these? Should the govt encourage people to move to small regional towns?

  84. Hi Liz
    first of all thanks you are doing well job/
    i had my IELTS yesterday 13/01/2018. and here are some question which i remember.

    Part 1
    – your name please
    – do you like rain or not ?
    – what you think most people like rain or not ? why ?
    – what do you do in rain ?
    – which season do you like in your country ? why ?
    – what you think how computer uses are changed ?

    Part 2

    Cue card : traditional clothes in your country.
    – whom do you get ?
    – why did you like ?

    Part 3

    – why do you like traditional clothes ?
    – what color you like ? why ?
    -what do you think traditional clothes are good for nation ?
    – which cloth is better quality one modern or traditional ? why ?

    and many more but sorry i just remember this questions only.

    i am worried about in my cue card topic i continues speak around 1.53 minut then i stopped for 4-5 second and start speaking again then examiner stopped me so it’s affect my score ?

    thanks liz keep it up.

  85. Hi Liz, thank you so much for being helpful. I’m Chika and I had my IELTS (Academic) test today (13/01/18) in Lagos, Nigeria.
    Here are some of the questions I remember:
    Speaking test
    Part 1
    Introduction to examiner
    Do you work or school?
    What do you do?
    What time of day do you work best?
    Do you have friends at work? Why?
    Do you like reading newspapers?
    Do you prefer online newspapers? Why?
    Who else reads newspapers in your home and why?
    Part 2
    Cue card: A public place you visited recently.
    You should say
    . The name and location
    . Why you visited it
    . With whom you visited
    . If it needs improvements
    Follow-up question: would you like to go back there?
    Part 3
    Where do people in your country like to spend their time?
    Do old and young people visit the same places?
    Do you think City people get lonely? Give reason(s) for answer.
    Do you think City people are individualistic? Give reason(s) for your answer
    Do you think megacities will be good places to live in in the nearest future?
    Listening test
    1. Conversation about a tour (history/booking)
    2. A salesman giving information about villas for sale.
    3. A conversation between 2 students about underwater vehicles and oil seeping.
    4. A speaker talking about astronauts’ feedback regarding the space station.
    Writing test
    Task 1: A bar chart showing the number of hours worked per week by Australian men and women.
    Task 2: Companies use several methods to increase sales of products. What are some of these methods? Which is the most effective?
    Reading test
    1. Passage about gold mining and different gold nuggets.
    2. A review of a book on urban life.
    3. A passage about biomimetics – replicating living things using engineering.
    I think that’s all of it.
    Thanks again Liz. You’ve been great.

  86. Hello..
    IELTS Academic, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    WT 1:
    A bar chart showing the number of hours worked by men and women (in percentages), in Australia in 2007

    WT 2:
    Companies use a variety of methods to increase the sale of their products. What are these methods? Which is the most effective.

    Can’t remember exactly but the topics were about Tourism, A Silverman Resort, and International space living, if I’m not mistaken

    Also hazy, but it’s along lines of biomimetics, a review on a book by one Mr Searle, and the largest gold mines that have been discovered in history.

    Your compilation of over 100 IELTS questions really helped me in prepping for the writing aspect. I made sure i went through all of them individually, each time reading up almost 10 sample essays on each question. Boy, Was it tedious!
    I was very familiar with the reading and listening sections, (I hardly practiced them, I didn’t not even do any sample listening test, because i had taken the exam before and was pretty much confident) so a bulk of my studying was on developing ideas for all the topics you collated.
    Although I did not prepare by writing several essays, (I think I wrote just one) my weak point was in developing ideas, so I focused on that (I read a gazillion sample essays from a plethora of sites, jotted down some vocabs, ideas or points I could develop into a fully fledged essay and some unfamiliar words) and it proved beneficial. In my first attempt, I scored 6.5 in writing, I was not even expecting a band score that high, maybe along the line of a 5-5.5, yes, because in hindsight, it was terrible. After I realized all the mistakes i made and chiefly due to the lack of adequate preparation, I made corrections where necessary and it paid off.
    Again, not practicing the writing may not be advisable for all, but just know your weak points, focus on and work hard to strengthen them.
    Once more, many thanks Liz for your sample model essays, tips and tricks on how to score a higher band score in each sections. God bless you richly.
    Fingers crossed for my results..

  87. Farhath Faily says:

    Hi Liz,
    Your turtorials were very useful for me to write my exams. I have written my academic test today (13.01.2018) in British Council, Sri Lanka.
    Today, the writing task 2 topic was:

    “Companies use varieties of methods to improve sales of their products. What are those methods?

    What is the most effective method?”


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Dinesh Chinthaka says:

      Hey Faily

      Nice to here from a Sri Lnakan I’m Sri Lankan 2 Because lot of Sri Lankan people are not posting there questions that’s why…. Thanks for Sharing and GOOD LUCK…………

      Hey What about the TASK 1

      Reading Listening and Speaking??

  88. Speaking test 13jan 2018
    Part1 1. Questions related to work, about boats, leisure time.
    Part2 intersting person from foreign.
    Part 3.1. Do you know other international persons? one can find information about other country??
    3. Is it important to know something before going to visit a place?
    4 how multinational companies are advantageous??
    5.what are the benefits for working in multination companies?
    6 are there in disadvantage for working in mnc??

  89. Hi Liz
    I’ve just have my Speaking session 13.01.2018

    General Training

    Part 1
    1.Introduce yourself
    2.How I shall call you
    3.Show your ID
    4.Let’s talk about boats. Have you ever been in a boat?
    5.Do you want to have one?

    Part 2.
    Talk about the rule that was in your scholl and you disagree. (I’ve forgotten the bullet points but obviously, they were wh questions)

    Part 3
    1. Is it good for a company to have more rules?
    2. How about family rules?
    3. Is it getting harder to younger generations to understand older rules?
    4.Should government supervise family rules.

    Thanks to everyone and good luck!

  90. farhikhte says:

    Ielts test in Australia, Melbourne, Academic module, 13th of January 2018
    writing task 1: a chart showing the number of employees and factories producing silk in Britain and Wales between 1851 and 1901.
    writing task 2: nowadays, people living in large cities face problems in their daily lives. what are these problems? governments should encourage people to move to smaller towns. do you agree?
    speaking: do you work or study?
    what training you have been taken for your current job? do you like to take further education related to your job in future?
    describe a situation in which you helped someone./ when did you help that person? why you helped? would you accept offering the same help again in future?
    what is the tradition or condition for helping in your country? (or something similar)
    are people less likely to help others in need nowadays?

  91. I had my speaking test today
    India Chennai centre
    PART 1
    mainly focused on my job,my colleagues,which time of the day am more productive
    some questions on leisure activities and outdoor activities in my area
    apps i use everyday
    PART 2
    a trip I enjoyed recently with less expense
    PART 3
    future possibilities in leisure and has advancement in technology changed the leisure activities from the past
    old people participate in less active leisure activities. is it true?and why ?

  92. Hi Liz, first of all, thank you for your tips. I think I did quite well and hopefully, I can reach band 6.5
    I finished my IELTS ACADEMIC Exam on 6 January 2018.
    I’d like to share the questions that I can remember

    -Writing task 2
    Many people think that taking part in a team sport e.g. basketball, football is for beneficial. Other think that individual sport like tennis or swimming is better.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion!

    PART 1
    Do you work or study?
    What is your job?
    Do you make friends at work?

    Do you do sport?
    What do you do in sports class when you are in high school?
    Do you like doing sport?

    PART 2
    Tell about your destination country for work
    why is it interesting?
    what is its strength?

    PART 3
    Do you think everyone wants to work overboard?
    Why did people want to work overboard?
    Which is better, good environment or good job?

    You are doing an awesome job. Keep it up!

  93. Preethi..A.Prakash says:

    Hey everyone,
    I gave my speaking exam today (12 Jan,2018). Beginning with I’d like to thank Liz for such amazing lectures which has helped many students like me!
    I’ll brief out the questions that were asked.

    In the first round it was a basic introduction round where questions about yourself will be asked.

    The second round was based on the topic:
    Most memorable car journey made. (why)
    How long was the journey. Who had tagged along. (Basic questions)

    The third round was like a discussion based on the topic; Public Transportation or Self Transportation. Which is good? Why? If public then is it effective. How to make it more effective.

  94. Hamza gamal says:

    my speaking test today
    part 1
    your name and work
    some other questions i cannot remember

    part 2
    talk about a time you teached someone something

    part 3
    what are the things old people can learn from the young
    what are the things young can learn from the old people
    What are the things that should exist in people who teaching others? why
    what are the things that need long time to be learned
    something like that

  95. My speaking test was on 9/Jan/2018
    1st part- dictionary(do you prefer manual or e- dictionaries,is it helpful,can you write a dictionary…),music(what kind of music do you like,will it change in future….)
    Cue Card-Describe an unusual meal you had?why,with whom…
    3rd part-restaurants-why do people prefer to go to restaurants,does it worth the money we pay at restaurant ect ,benefits of homemade food .

  96. Hi, Liz! Thank you so much!
    There was my speaking part today.

    Russia, Moscow

    Part 1

    Where you live now?
    How long have you been living here?
    Is Moscow good place for living?
    Do you prefer music?
    Did you listen music more before?
    You prefer buying CD’s or download music?
    How music is changed?
    How much hours is enough to sleep for you?
    What does you need for having a good dream? (Or what is need for you to feel good after sleep?) something like that
    How do you think is it a good idea to sleep in the daytime?

    Part 2.
    Describe a device (not laptop) that you use often
    -what is it?
    -how often you use it?
    -for what you use it
    and why you like it

    Part 3
    What are the most popular devices in you country?
    Is it make life easier?
    Who should learn people how to use devices, especially elderly people?
    Have the devices been simpler before?
    Is technology give people more leisure time and creates new work places? (It was very strange question because includes two parts)
    How do you think will technology allow people not working in future?

  97. Human beings have the tendency to copy others which shown is in the popularity among fashion in clothes and other consumer goods. Do agree or disagree . Please provide me solution of this topics.

    • Dinesh Chinthaka says:

      This is a old Topic it came on 2013 October IELTS I think, just Search it you will get lot of Suggestions

  98. Hi,
    Thank you Liz for being helpful.
    I just had my speaking test today January 11,2018, Academic, in Ibadan, Nigeria.
    Part one
    Where do you live?
    What do like most about living there?
    How long have you lived there?
    Do you eat breakfast? At what time do you eat it?
    What of other meals ?
    Who do you like eating meals with?
    Do prefer cooking your meals or eating out?
    Do usually eat out?
    Who was your favourite teacher?
    What do you like about the person?
    Do you remember your first day at secondary school?
    Do you still get in touch with your former classmates?
    Part two
    Where there rules in your secondary school you agreed or disagreed with?
    Why do you think the rules were made?
    Was there punishment for disobeying the rule?
    Part three
    Do you think there should be workplace rules?
    Must work hours be mandatory?
    What you you think about strict workplace dressing?
    Should there be rules at home?
    Are there changes in the home rules our parents had and what we have now?
    Don’t you think teenagers should be given free hand instead of strict rules at home?
    That’s all I can remember. Hope someone finds this helpful.

  99. Hey Liz!
    Academy! 11th January 2018! Ahmedabad (India)

    1st part!
    General questions!
    What’s is your full name?
    How may I call you?
    May see your id?
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    Do you often use a dictionary?
    Do you prefer to use an electronic dictionary or a dictionary made of paper?
    If someone gave you a dictionary as a gift, how would you feel?
    Do you think it would be interesting to write a dictionary?
    What’s your favourite wild animal (from your country)?
    Have you ever had a pet?

    2nd part

    Describe a time when you saved money for something
    What you saved for?
    How you saved money?
    For how long did you save money?

    3rd part

    I don’t remember exactly! But related to save money!
    How people can save money?
    Who save moment more? Men or women
    Why young people save money?
    2 3 more!

  100. binal chauhan says:

    today i done my speaking test
    introducation questions
    gife and presents
    cue card
    technology (not a computer)
    followup questions.
    technology replace people
    work in a technology
    i was not good perform in exam.
    hope i get a good result becoz its my 2nd tryed

  101. Speaking exam on 10th jan
    Speaking part 1
    Name, where are u from, and related to friends
    -do u like writing and will usage of writing change in future?
    Part 2
    Describe a season and time u enjoy
    -about season
    -what u do
    Part 3
    About weather
    -which u prefer winter or summer
    -what people do in winter

    All in all, test was easy first i was nervous but i managed
    All the best for those preparing ielts exam and be confident
    Thanku liz for your valuable tips
    Thanks again

  102. sumit tank says:

    Hi Liz,

    Center: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    Date: 10/1/2018

    I completed my speaking exam and had following questions.

    Part 1:
    – what is your name?
    – where are you from?
    – in which part of city you live?
    – how long you have been living in your home town?
    – what do you like the most about your town?
    – how you consider interacting with youngster in your area?
    – how often you meet down?
    – what type of activities the youngster generally like to do?

    Part 2 : Cue card
    Describe a facility that you would like to have in your town?
    – what is that facility?
    – why would you like it?
    – where would you like to have this facility?
    – how would that facility help?

    and one follow question
    – how that technology center benefit youngster of your town?

    Part 3:
    – how people in your country spend time? and where?
    – how would younger generation interact with technological advancement?
    – do you think that technology advancement would impact youngster lifestyle?
    – do you think younger generation would make most out of upcoming technologies?

    In cue card, i talked about requirement of Tech-Center as facility that showcase and provide informative and practical insight of technologies which are going to be available sooner and how it can help people to stay updated and synchronized with latest trends.
    the only concern i have is a few repetation of sentences and length of its whole speaking session which was 13 minute.

    Hope it helps other.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Why are you worried about your speaking test being 13 mins? That’s normal. IELTS speaking lasts between 11 and 14 mins. The examiner controls the time. Don’t worry 🙂

  103. Hi Liz,

    Center: St Paul , MN, USA.
    Date: 06-Jan-2018

    1) WRITING:

    Write a letter to your landlord stating the problems you are facing in the apartment that you recently moved in.
    In the letter,
    > explain the issues you have
    > how it is affecting you and your family
    > what can be done to fix this?

    In some countries, teenagers are encouraged to do part-time jobs by some people. Others disagree.
    Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

    : Liz, when I wrote my WT2, I did not mention about “In Some Countries” part that is mentioned in the essay question. Is this an issue ?

    2) SPEAKING:
    Basic questions like:
    > about myself
    > my job etc.

    part 2:
    Cue card on – “Talk about a specific rule of your school that you were against. and why you were against it?”

    Part 3:
    Whether I like sailing on boats> if so why ?

    Thanks and appreciate all your help and best efforts in helping out the students from various parts of the world. This was my second attempt. Hope I will get my desired results.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You do not need to refer to some countries in your writing. Good luck with your results 🙂

  104. Hi
    I composed all the questions in a text editor and wanted to paste here but it won’t paste. I’ll try to find your email and send to you.

  105. Baljinder Singh Sidhu says:

    hi Liz,, your IELTS material is amazingly helpful. My exam was on 05-06/Jan/2018 in Moga(Punjab) India.
    Part 1.
    -Study or work.
    -Background of eduction.
    -relation with friends.
    -Would you like to go to space.
    and some other questions related to this.
    Part 2. Cue Card.
    Describe a Public you visited and what improvements you want in it.

    Part 3.
    -What other Public Places to visit.
    -Any other ways to bring reforms to the public place you mentioned.
    -City life is busy, why?
    -What could be done to improve it?
    and few more questions related to this..

    Reading topics: Although i did’t remembered them properly but i have some hazy memory of all topics that i came across.

    1) Question was related to Total n umber of marriages, first marriage, second marriage, and divorces. Line graph question.
    2) Humans copy one another, especially in Clothing, other consumer products. Agree Disagree..

  106. Hi Liz, please find below what I remember about the content of my recent IELTS exam. Thanks for your amazing website and your useful tips.

    Date: 6th January 2018
    Location: London, UK
    Module: Academic

    – Task 1: telephonic conversation asking for personal details and previous work experiences (completing notes + completing a table);
    – Task 2: monologue on the positive aspects of working for a specific company and instructions/information for new employees (multiple choice questions + completing a table + completing sentences);
    – Task 3: conversation on an academic assignment on food (multiple choice questions + matching);
    – Task 4: academic lecture about history of purses/bags (completing notes).

    – Passage 1: magnetic therapy;
    – Passage 2: article on what different people think about the relationship employer-employee;
    – Passage 3: debate on “precautionary principle” in sciences (risk and gain).

    – Task 1: pie charts which compared the percentages of different types of vehicles using a specific road in three different years;
    -Task 2: opinion essay (something like “it is a good thing for senior management positions to have very high salaries compared to other workers of the same company or organization; to what extent do you agree?”).

    – Part 1: Where do you actually live? Is it far from here? What do you like about the place where you live? Do you read newspapers? And your family? Why do you prefer online newspapers? Do you prefer handwriting or typesetting? Why? What do you usually write? Do you think your way to write will change in the future?
    – Part 2: cue card asking for a time when I saved money (how? for what reason? how much? how do I feel at the end?).
    – Part 3: why do people save money? do men spend much money than women? why? risks related to the use of credit cards? happiness and money.

  107. I has my test just fews minutes ago.
    Vietnam. British council. General training
    Jan 8 2018
    Part 1: general question about yourself and outdoor activities that you prefer
    Part 2 cue card: describe a city or a country that you want to live and work.
    Part 3: Why people want to move abroad? What make a place a nice place to live? Can people have both a nice place to live and a good job? Is it important to train to be competitive in the job market?
    The examiner is very welcoming.
    Thank you Liz for your great work !!!!

  108. charanjit kaur says:

    Hi liz
    had my writing and speaking test.
    Date : 6 -7 January 2017
    Location: jalandhar , India
    Module : Academic

    Writing :-
    Task 1:- line chart about number of marriages and divorces take place in United kingdom from 1950 to 2000.

    Task 2:- Humans tend to copy one another, especially in fashion, choice of clothes and consumer goods.
    What extent do you agree or disagree? ?

    Part 1:-

    1. Do you work or study ?
    2. do you have any college friends? you like travelling?why ? you often go by aeroplanes?why? you like phone or computer?why? you think the use of internet/computers change in the future?
    how? will it increase or decrease?

    part 2

    cue card

    Describe an occasion when visitors came your home.

    who the visitors was
    what the occasion was
    what you did for the occasion and the visitor
    and explain how you felt about his visit.

    Part 3
    I don’t remember the questions from part 3..

    The examiner asked a lot of questions and she kept cutting me short as I tried answering.
    I was a bit nervous too.

    Thanks a lot for your invaluable help liz.!
    you are amazing teacher in the world and good luck for your future and ur health☺☺👍👍👍👍

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your results 🙂

    • Charanjit, your R.W.L tests was held on 6th Jan, right? I had the same Writing task 1 and 2 questions here at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Unfortunately i couldnt manage to complete the writing task 2 properly due to bad physical condition(HBP) but the task one was better.

  109. Hi dear Liz.
    your page is wonderful.
    today I had speaking exam and question was about study and teaching.
    in cue card: describe when you teach sth to someone that u know.
    when it was?
    what’s happened in exam.

    but in part 3 all of question was about study and teaching.

  110. Syed Sajid Ali says:

    Date: 6th Jan 2018
    Module: General Training
    Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia

    Q1) What is your full name?
    Q2) Do you work or study?
    Q3) Where do you work?
    Q4) What you do at your work?
    Q5) What do you think, why people read newspaper?
    Q6) Do you read newspaper?
    Q7) Did you get this habit from any person or family member?
    Q8) Which page or news you read first, when start reading?
    Q9) Do you read newspaper online or paper based? which you feel more comfortable in reading and why?
    Q10) What do you think about gifts? is it necessary to give present/gift on special occasions only?
    Q11) When did you receive a gift last time?
    Q12) Do you enjoy selecting gifts for others?

    Cue Card: Tell me about an important event in you life and how you celebrate it.

    Q1) What do you think, to whom you have to include in the special events you celebrate?
    Q2) What are the factor that make an event successful?
    Q3) What will be the suitable timings for an event?
    Q4) What are the special events you celebrate in your home country?
    Q5) Why do you think we have to celebrate National day?
    Q6) What is the importance of celebrating National day?
    Q7) Do you think that spending more money on an event will make it successful?

  111. 06 01 2018
    Task 2
    Human beings have the tendency to copy others which is shown in the popularity among fashion in clothes and other consumer goods. To what extent do you agree or disagree

    I want to know the ideas regarding this question. I really had to brain storm during the exam

  112. Hey liz!!
    I just appeared for speaking and I like to thank you
    Bcoz i got the same questions in speaking part 1 as mentioned in your site
    It was all about dictionaries and job profile

    Cue card was on an important event you organised

    Part 3 was on national events
    What are the benefits
    Some people feel tax payers maoney is wasted.. how you feel
    Importance of organising internatinal events
    How it can benefit a country??

  113. Jay Parekh says:

    Complete IELTS exam
    6th January

    Listening module:-
    Section 1:- women talking to a men of an employment company
    Section 2:- *can’t able to remember*
    Section 3:- 2 friends talking about their project which they are going to prepare soon. (There were 6 mcqs and 4 matching question…mcqs were competitively easy)
    Section 4:- a professor giving a lecture on a purse

    Ps:- Listening module was very easy, same as given in Cambridge practice books

    Section 1:- 6 different types of linguistics method by harder
    (vocabulary was used in each of the 13 questions)
    Section 2:- a passage about spider silk
    ( Most easiest passage)
    Section 3:- a passage about persuasion
    (Hardest one and vocabulary used in this passage was the toughest one)

    Task 1:- line chart about number of marriages and divorces take place in United kingdom from 1950 to 2000

    Task 2:- Humans tend to copy one another, especially in fashion, choice of clothes and consumer goods.
    What extent do you agree or disagree?

    Part 1:-
    1. Do you work or study ?
    2. What type of job is most secure in nearest future ?
    3. What kind of job you want to have when you were a child ?
    4. Does your opinion about type of job you want to have as children is changed or not ?
    5. How often do you make friends ?
    6. Is it necessary to have friends on your work place or where you study ? Why ?

    Part 2:-
    q-card topic:-
    Describe a popular person you know
    1 follow up question:- is it good to be popular ?

    Part 3:-
    Only few questions about popularity

    This was my first attempt to IELTS exam and I’m hoping a good score in it…thanks to your website liz

  114. I have just finished my ielts test in

    Atlanta, USA

    It took GT test

    For speaking, I was asked below questions,

    1. What is your full name
    2. Do you work or study ?
    3. Which time do you work best ?
    4. Why ?
    5. Have you made any friends at work ?

    Part II

    Describe a time when someone took a nice photograph of you.

    when it was taken
    who took it
    what was happening
    why you like the photo

    Part iii
    Questions related to photographs, printed vs digital photographs, photographs in newspaper, are they good or bad, which one more important in a news paper, news or pictures? Qualities of a newspaper photographer? Do we need professional photographer for taking pictures ?


  115. Date: 6th Jan 2018
    Location: Canada
    Type: General

    I am so thankful that I stumbled upon this site during my IELTS preparation. Thank you so much Liz, keep up the great work.

    Here are my 2 cents!!


    Part I:

    General questions like, what’s your full name?, where are you from?, Talk about your city/hometown? What do you like about it?

    Does your study/work involve use of computer/internet?
    When did you first learn to use internet?
    Do you think, we rely on computers and internet a lot lately? How?
    Do you think the use of internet/computers change in the future?
    how? will it increase or decrease?
    Do you like eating from outside?
    How have your eating habits changed from childhood?
    Around what time do you have your meals in a day?

    Part 2:
    Talk about a situation where you helped someone recently.
    Whom did you help?
    How did you help them?
    How did you feel after your helped them?

    Part 3:
    Do you think, people should help each other more often?
    Why is helping each other important?
    How do people in your community help each other?
    Should we encourage children to help others? Why? How?
    How should organizations raise funds?(The best methods to do so…..)
    local organizations raising funds v/s large organizations. (I was asked to compare them and discuss why the local one’s are less popular or whether local organizations are less effective?)
    How can local organizations improve to raise funds?


    Task I: You recently moved in to your new apartment, write a letter to your landlord about:
    issues you are facing.
    how it affects you
    what do you expect him to do about it?

    Task II: Discuss both sides: Teenagers should be encouraged to work part-time. State your opinion.

    Thanks once again…. 🙂
    All the best to everyone taking IELTS test…

  116. Hello Liz,

    General Training,

    You and your colleagues recently attended a foreign language training course organized by your company. Now you all want to do some more language training.

    Write a letter to your manager, in your letter:

    ->Say how you and your colleagues felt about the course
    -> Explain why you all want to do more language training
    ->Suggest when and where training could take place.

    In many cities today, most people live in large apartment blocks.
    Does this kind of accommodation have more advantages or disadvantages?

    Here in WT1 I have doubt, Many wrote as need another language training. For Eg. they learned French and further need Germany. But I have wrote learned undergone Japanese session and need further training in advance level. Which one will be correct or both correct?

    Thanks a lot for your invaluable help liz.!

  117. Centre : Ahmadabad
    Speaking date: 04.01.2018
    Test module: GT

    Part 1: what’s your full name, where r u coming from, when do you usually spend time with teenagers?, What’s fashion teenagers follow in your country, what way teenagers entertain themselves, which media you use to get news newspaper or internet

    Part 2: describe about interesting person from foreign country you know…

    Who is he
    How do you come to know about him
    What he do
    Explan why is he so interesting

    One question from examiners
    Is it easy to know about common men from other country?

    Part 3
    Which are the ways to know about other country?
    Is it necessary and why it is so to know about other country before travelling there?
    What benefits people will get, if multinational company open there unit in there country?
    What are the disadvantages of working with MNCs….

    THis what I rember for speaking test
    LRW TEST 05.01.2018

    Test 1

    you and your colleagues have attend foreign langauge course organized by your company..
    Write a letter to your manager,
    How you and your colleagues felt about the course
    Request him to organize it is again for all of them
    Suggest venue and time

    TASK 2
    In the cities, majority of people are living in the large apparent block. Does it’s have more advantages or disadvantages.?

    Note: words that I presented here may not be similar to that of actual test.
    Waiting to get result

  118. Hi Liz,

    I’ve just taken my IELTS exam today several hours ago in Jakarta-Indonesia, General Training module.

    Listening: tough (I always have weakness in this area whenever I learned foreign languages. This is also happened when I learned Dutch). I predicted only 30-33 answers are correct 🙁 while the requirement is 8.0 (35 correct answers).
    Reading test was quite easy.
    Writing Task 1: You left your bag in the airport, and write a letter to Airport Administrator & suggest what to do.
    Writing Task 2: Some people consider price as most important thing to buy product (such as cell phone) or service (e.g. medical treatment). Do you agree or disagree.
    Speaking: Part 1 – Work, names, culture in giving names to baby, what is your name meaning. Part 2 – Describe a person that you know who is smart, who he is, in which field he is smart, why he is smart, why do you think this person is interesting. Part 3 – Which is better learn alone or taught by teacher, why people learn new thing alone-does it related to one’s character/nature or their cleverness, which is better: text (physical) book or internet and why, how reliable is knowledge sources from internet. There were some other questions related to internet and education. Overall I enjoyed the speaking part, it was beyond my expectation, no accent, no intimidating examiner really. It felt like a general talk with your friend. I was able to answer all of his questions, however I had to confirm his questions twice such as: do you mean bla bla bla.

    Liz, thanks so much for all your lessons throughout this blog and on your youtube channel. 2 days before the exam, I was still too nervous with the speaking test. Last night, I read all the recent tests from December to January on this blog thoroughly, and it was proven effective! So, to all people who have reported their test, you all rock!

  119. Hi Liz,

    i have taken my IELTS exams on 6th Jan 2018 in IDP Abu dhabi. my cue card was
    something like:

    describe the achievement for which somebody praised you.
    what was that achievement? and who praised it etc (i cant recall exact words)
    part 3 questions were about encouragement, why you think kids should be encouraged. what do you think how important is public recognition to somebody? public figure you adore for his achievement and what are his achievements. etc

    my IELTS Writing part2 was
    in major cities more people are living in large apartment blocks. does it have more advantages of more disadvantages?

    Liz, i got confused in the meaning of large apartment blocks and I took the meaning as apartments with large space and so my writing was based on that. I mentioned all the advantages of living in an apartment with bigger space. will I lose marks on this?

    can you please include this essay topic for explaining in your lectures one day. many thanks!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Large apartment blocks = a high rise building with many apartments inside.

      • Hi Liz,

        Thanks in advance for the amazing work which you are doing and hatts off to your knowledge of the English language and way of teaching. I have a query regarding above mentioned topic, as I also got confused a bit with the topic .
        If someone writes on the advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment verses living in an individual house for the topic mentioned above on ‘Large Apartment blocks’, would that fetch a very low band score ? Or the Grammer, Vocab can still help to achieve a good score?

  120. Thank you so much for the tips, especially for academic writing task 1, they are really useful! 🙂 I just finished my test for the academic module today in Hong Kong, here are the questions:

    – Filling a form (buying a bed)
    – Multiple choices (first year of lab work and talk to new employees)
    – Labelling of a map (of a strawberry farm)
    – Completing sentences (of a lecture on sustainability)

    – Section 1: Development of news
    – Section 2: The emotions
    – Section 3: Migrating and voyaging of the Asians to the Pacific

    – Task 1: The graph (line graph) shows the number of enquiries received by the Tourist Information Office (by telephone, by letter/email, in-person) over the six-month period (Jan – Jun 2011)

    – Task 2: Some people think it is more beneficial to play sports that are played in teams, e.g. football. And some people think it is more beneficial to play individual sports, e.g. tennis and swimming. Discuss about both views and give your own opinion.

    – Part 1:
    1. Please tell me your full name.
    2. Where are you originally from?
    3. Do you work or study?
    4. Do you make friends in school?
    5. Would you prefer travelling in long distance?
    6. How often do you travel by plane?
    7. What is the optimal hour you need for sleep?
    8. Do you think the older people need less sleep than the younger people?

    – Part 2 (cue card):
    Describe a river, lake or area of water in your country:
    – where is it in your country
    – the area of it
    – how it looks like

    – Part 3:
    1. What kinds of water sports are popular in Hong Kong?
    2. Why are those water sports popular?
    3. Have you ever visited the Victoria Harbour?
    4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of water transportation?
    5. Do you know any cruises that go along river?
    6. Is there any boat or ferry that crosses river in Hong Kong or in China?

    Hope these could be of a little help and once again thank you Liz for this amazing website! 🙂

  121. Hi Liz! i just had my IELTS ACADEMIC test in Singapore.

    Task 1 – line graph about 3 methods(telephone, in person and email/letter) of how people contacted the tourism office of a certain city from january to june.
    Task 2 – some people believe that joining sports with teams ( basketball, etc) is more beneficial than individual sports (tennis, etc). discuss both sides and give your opinion.

  122. Date: 5th January 2018
    Location: Ahmedabad
    Type: General

    Part 1
    1. What’s your name?
    2. How do I call you?
    3. Do you work or study?
    4. What is your business about?
    5. First day of your secondary school.
    6. Friends in touch of your secondary school?
    7. Memories of your secondary school days.
    And few more about that.

    Part 2
    Occasion on which you have helped someone
    – situation
    – how you did
    – their reaction aftet your help

    Part 3
    1. Do you like helping others?
    2. Volunteer work vs paid work
    3. Parent should teach good work to their children?
    4. Does good cause help one to improve by him self?
    5. Do you think nowdays people do more good work compared to past?

    And few more related to this.

  123. Hi,

    Thank you Liz so much. I owe you a big THANK YOU!!

    You are an excellent teacher. Your tips and training videos, in fact this entire website has been a great help to me.

    I wish you a very happy new year 2018.

    I had my speaking test today in NJ, USA. I got following questions:
    Part 1:
    1. General questions like my name, where I live, do I like my current town
    2. Have i even been in a part time or a full time employment.
    3. How long should people sleep?
    4. should older people sleep less
    5.what do I think about sleeping during the day time
    6. when i was small what kind of job I wanted to do
    7. Do you think that people’s job preference change as they grow old

    Part 2
    Describe about some story which you like a lot.
    1. Who told you this story.
    2. When did you hear it
    3. What was the story about
    Why you liked this story

    Part 3
    I don’t remember the exact questions from part 3, but they were like –
    Has story telling changed over a period of time?
    Which way is better, traditional story telling or the use of technology in story telling?
    Do you think that generally most of the people are good at story telling
    What makes story telling effective

  124. Speaking test GM
    Jeddah 5/1/18
    Part 1
    Work or study?
    How you get along with your colleagues

    How often do you use them? How do you use them?
    Which one do you prefer? Online or paper?
    How would u feel if someone gave you a dictionary?
    Do you want to be a part of the team who writes the dictionary?

    Which mobile apps do you use?
    Which ones do you want to use?
    Which ones are popular in your country?
    Do you want to make an app?

    Part 2
    Describe a situation where you helped an old person
    When/where/how/how you felt?

    Further questions on family relations of parents and children and the elder generation

    How the older generation can help, their benefits?current situation of families? Is childcare important? Who does it ? How do parents manage worklife and raising children? And all such sort of questions

    Thanks Liz for your help, you are a huge help!

    I didnt answer how I felt if I was given a dictionary, I replied that if it was different then I would keep it or if I already have it I eould give it to someone else, so the examinar repeated the question and I said I would be happy and feel appreciated that someone wants me to improve my English. Is that a problem Liz? Anyway the examinar was very encouraging and smiling so I wasnt too nervous. Tommorow is the rest of the test(LRW)

    All the best everyone!!


  125. Today , I had speaking part of my IELTS General training test in Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN.
    I have few questions which I can recall from that speaking part. Here we go:
    Part one:
    1. Let’s talk about the place where you live and how far is your town from here?
    2. What’s your favorite sport activity?
    3. What sport did you do when you are in school?
    Part two:
    I don’t remember the question exactly, it was something like What would be your perfect holiday or vacation look like?
    Where would you like to go?
    Who would you like to go with?
    How would you like to spend it?
    Part three:
    In this part we mainly talk about holidays. The questions were like:
    Do people in your country like to spend holidays abroad or at home?
    What are the benefits of spending the holiday abroad and in home town? Which one do you prefer?
    What do we have to arrange before going to holiday?

    Tomorrow is other three parts of IELTS. GOOD LUCK FOR ME!!!! ;-))))

  126. Did my speaking test today:
    Date: 5th Jan 18.
    Place: Paris.

    Part 1 :
    1) Do you work or study?
    2) What did you do to get this job?
    3) Do you need to take some training for this job in future?
    4) Are there any teenagers in your circle.
    5) What teenagers do in your country.
    6) What you used to think when you were a teenager.
    7) What time people take their meals.
    8) Has there been any change in your eating habits?

    Part 2
    Describe a traditional product from your country.
    1) What is the product about
    2) Describe the product.
    2) When did you see the product for the first time?

    Part 3:
    All questions about traditional products.
    1) Describe another traditional product from your country (apart from Tea) I spoke about locally grown tea.
    2) What are the benefits of traditional products to locals?
    3) Do you think the government should help in the promotion of traditional products?
    4) Do you think because of globalization countries are adopting each other traditions.
    5) Why people buy traditional products because of their traditional value or because of they are handmade.

    I don’t know how my test went. I did few mistakes I believe, my fluency was good, with a decent vocabulary.

    1) I asked the examiner to repeat one question in Part 1.
    2) I did not listen to one question carefully in Part 1, The question was when in your country people take their meals, instead, I spoke about my eating schedule (I could tell as she was bit puzzled while I was speaking)
    3) In part 2, I finished early (I think I spoke just over a minute) and I closed with “That it”. She waved at me to continue, I stumbled and spoke another sentence, and then she suddenly stopped me.

    Part 3 went well.

    So, I am not sure how these mistakes could affect my overall score, is there a penalty for these mistakes?

  127. Hi I am Neethu
    I had my speaking test today at Kottayam, Kerala.
    Where do you come from?
    Do you work or study
    What kind of work you do at duty?
    Are you always punctual
    Will you be sad if you get late
    And questions about time and punctuality
    Part 2
    A good decision made someone you know
    What decisions
    How it affected you
    Are you happy with that decision

  128. Hi all
    just completed my speaking test
    general module

    part 1
    general questions
    some questions on dreams and sleep

    part 2
    what is the best service that you received from the shop or organisation
    -what is the service you had received
    -when did you received it
    -why did you think this is the best service

    -why shops provide services
    -do the service provided as similar as large and small shops
    -some questions on BPO i.e customer relation questions
    -will you enjoy working in BPO

  129. Hi Liz,

    My name is Talha and I am from Pakistan. First of all I want to thankyou very much for such an amazing website as well as your videos. Your advanced videos are best on the internet as well as your polite teaching style. Very professional, to the point and extremely helpful. You are the best teacher and have best teaching material I have found among all the other online resources. I would just request to add some videos on GT writing task 1 (Letters).

    I had my speaking test today on 5th January 2018 in Jeddah, Saudiarabia. Following are the questions I was asked:

    Part I:
    1- Do you work or study?
    2- Did you acquired any training to achieve this position?
    3- Are you planning to have some more training in the future?
    Now we will talk about Rain:
    4- Do you enjoy when it rains?
    5- Does it rain regularly in your area? Is it considered to be good or bad when it happens?
    6- Have you ever been outside while it started raining?

    Part II:
    Cue Card Question:
    Talk about a thing you just bought and you are happy about?
    -> Explain why you bought it?
    -> Why you selected this product?
    -> From where you purchased it?
    -> And explain why are you so happy about it?
    Follow up question:
    Did you tell anyone after buying it?

    Part III:
    ->How much you travel on daily basis?
    -> What is the mode of transportation you usually use?
    -> What you do while you are travelling?
    -> What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing the old ones?
    -> What is the product which is consumed most in your country? Why?
    -> Is increasing consumerism a good trend?

    Thats it. Once again thank you for your efforts. I have my L, R , W tomorrow (6-Jan-2018) so fingers crossed.


  130. Date: 5th January 2018
    Location: Malaysia
    Type: General

    Just sat for my ielts speaking. Did badly. There was a very very long pause in part 3. Anyways, these are the questions

    Part 1
    1. What’s your name?
    2. How do I call you?
    3. Do you work or study?
    4. What is your job about?
    5. What wild animals do you like?
    6. What kind of applications do people use knowadays?
    7. What kind of application you would like to use?
    8. Why would you like to use it

    Part 2
    Tell about a story somebody told you about

    Part 3
    1. Are people in general good story tellers?
    2. Is it important to tell stories?
    3. Is reading books beneficial or watching documentaries better?

    Thats all I can recall

  131. VARUN SEHGAL says:

    Hello Liz,
    This is VARUN, today i gave my SPEAKING TEST and my test centre was TIANJIN (CHINA). I had my speaking test 2 hours ago. It was nice and the examiner was good.
    Describe about the place in your town which is not so famous for tourists.
    What the place is
    where it is
    whats the importance of that place
    Part 3
    Famous places in INDIA where tourists visit
    Do you think its important to keep price on tourist place
    Does more visitors make the place dirty
    what kind of tourists visit INDIA. and few more questions on tourism.
    i have my w,r,l on 6th of January. HOPE FOR BEST.
    I have few queries, examiner was interrupting me after every question i was answering and says SORRY and ask another question. Do you think it can be problem in my Band scores
    and Thanks a lot , your videos helped me

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s normal for the examiner to interrupt answers and move on to a new question. It isn’t a problem.

  132. Manveer Singh says:

    I had my GT Ielts speaking test today on 5/1/18 in Brisbane, Australia and the following are the questions I remember:
    Part 1.
    General Questions about my routine.
    About the mode of transport I opt normally.

    Part 2.
    1. A famous international person I know/met.
    2. How do you know about him/her.
    3. What is the interesting think you like most about him/her.

    Part 3.
    1. Do you have any international friends.
    2. How do the cultural differences hinder the growth of an organization/company.
    3. How do sports help to break the barriers of the cultural differences.

    I hope this would help.
    Best of luck!!!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Please remember there is NO GT speaking test. The topics and questions are the same for all students.

  133. I am sorry , I dont know where to write a new comment so iam going to write my ielts speaking test right here.
    I had the speaking exam 3 hours ago
    I was pretty anxious that i couldnt focus on using idioms or cohesive devices. I was fluent thnx god but unfortunately surprised by the cue card question.
    I hope i can get my aimed band score .
    Cairo , egypt
    Full name , work, training to get this work, future plans in my career.
    Leisure time , how often i have and what i do in.
    How i used to go to my work and how much time does it take to reach it.

    Cue card ,
    Traditional product that i bought.
    What is this
    How it was made
    How it look like
    And what i like the most about it

    3rd part ,
    What is the importance of learning about our traditions and history?
    Where the traditions should be learnt abot .. home or school. ?
    Is it the responsibility of the government to maintain Traditions, how?
    How globalization affects traditions in which way .

  134. Shaifali Bhagat says:

    Hello Liz,
    My Speaking Test was on 3rd January, 2018. I am from Punjab, India
    Fortunately, my examiner was really friendly and smiling. I did not get nervous at all.
    It all went really good and I am hoping for the best. My L/R/W is scheduled to be on 6th January, 2018 and I will be sharing about them also.
    Here are the questions I was asked by the examiner.

    >Can you tell me your full name?
    >Can you tell me how far do you live from here?
    >Since how long have you been living here?
    >Do like the part of the city where you live?
    >Do you like to listen to music while studying or working?
    >Did you like to listen to music during your childhood?
    >At what occasions are gifts given ?
    >The last gift you received?
    >A gift you received that you didn’t like?

    Cue card :
    Describe the time when someone took a good photograph of you.
    Follow up:
    Do you like to get your photographs clicked?

    >Is it good to take a lot of photographs?
    >There are a lot of additions made to photographs these days. What attitude of people does this show?
    >Is this going to affect the photographers and their working style?
    >Do people like digital photographs or printed photographs? How will this change in the future?
    >Will photographs replace paintings in the future?

    I might have missed one or two questions but they were related to music and photographs only.
    I must thank you Liz, for all the helpful material available on this website. Your tips were very beneficial for me and I am sure they will be fruitful for other aspirants also.
    Thanks to you Liz and All the best to future candidates.

  135. Hello Liz

    My name is Bincy. My speaking date was 3.01.2018 for academic Ielts. Questions were:

    Do you work or study
    How do you check time
    Is it important to be on time for an appointment
    Do the significance of being punctual changed from the past
    What do you do if you have to wait for a long time
    Do you get tensed if you do not reach the destination on time
    How is your relationship with friends from primary school
    Do you do online chatting with them

    Que card topic
    Describe about an achievement you are proud of
    What is it
    How you did it
    Who helped
    How much are proud of it

    Third part

    Is it important for young people to have some achievement
    If someone failed once. Should he try for the next time
    Is it good to set goals in life
    How can a employer motivate his employees

    Thank you Liz for your guidance. God bless you.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s a good idea to avoid talking about your work or your studies in part 2. Show the examiner you can branch into other topics. Achievements might be:
      with computers
      travelling abroad
      learning new skills
      coping with new experiences
      organising an event
      – almost anything can be turned into an achievement 🙂

  136. Vishal Thakur says:

    Thanks for sharing

  137. Padma Singh says:

    Hi liz
    I received my IELTS results few days ago.
    It’s all because of your help.. It was my fourth attempt and I was struggling to score above 6.5 in writing. I happened to come across your writing lectures and they proved very helpful. I can’t thank you enough as my requirement is 8,7,7,7 and I got more than required because of you. I went through each page of your website before my exam and I recommend everyone here to do the same.
    Also, Liz, I know you are not well. If there is anything I can do to help you, I would love to volunteer as a thanks to you. I can do proof reading, website editing or anything else u consider me worthy.
    Thank you so much Liz. Get well soon

    • I don’t usually post results on this page – but well done 🙂 A great score 🙂 Thanks for your kind thoughts 🙂

  138. Nimish Shah says:

    I’m Nimish from Pune, India. I had my Academic IELTS speaking test on the 7th Dec 2017 & L,R,W modules on the 9th of December 2017. Took time to post this as I wasn’t confident of getting a good band.
    Had my result on the 22nd.

    Listening : 9.0 band
    Reading : 8.0 band
    Writing : 7.5 band
    Speaking : 8.0 band
    Overall band : 8.0

    Firstly I want to thank you ma’am for all this wonderful website of yours along with all the video lectures made available on your Youtube channel. I have to admit I studied thoroughly only in the last week & so the material that I was referring had to be relevant, precise and value adding. Although I did refer to some other Youtube channels too but the insight you gave for each section was remarkable. Your tips for writing tasks combined with the samples were really helpful as I didn’t have much time to practice writing. I used the Official IELTS Cambridge 11 Academic for Listening & Reading section practice & also the book given by British Council. All your videos had very important guidelines to tackle the exam effectively.

    I must say I was really concerned about my SPEAKING SECTION band as I was nervous during the test & couldn’t perform at my best. After the initial intro part, I was asked about my mode of travel, its reasons & the time spent in travel on a daily basis. The major topic in the first part was about ‘BOATS’ and trust me I was flabbergasted!
    Questions ranging from: a. Have you been on a boat. b. Do people in your country travel much by boats & why? (this was a bit funny coming from her as she too was of an Indian origin although I know that she doesn’t get to set the questions 😀 ) c. Would you like to own a boat?
    The 2nd part, with cue card had the topic of ‘A place where people go to listen to music. Where you heard about the place. The kind of crowd/people that usually visit there’ – This again was a different topic, an interesting one I must admit.
    The 3rd part with the long turn was about Music & Childhood. So the questions were:
    a. When do you think are children introduced to music?
    b. Should schools have music lessons for their students if so then how early?
    c. Does music help in learning abilities of students?
    d. Should parents encourage their kids to take up learning an instrument?
    I might have missed out on a question or two but those to were on similar lines.
    You will be confident & not get nervous like I did only if you can eventually learn to think in English. Keep speaking, keep adding to your vocab. And yes, do go through the various topics on this site & in the books. The last thing you want is to freeze up. Although the content of your talk is immaterial, having an idea about a topic helps the fluency & vocab building as you speak.

    I found LISTENING section easy as I had practiced atleast 4-5 tests which helped me to manage the test pretty well. I knew I’d get a 9.0 band after the listening section which boosted my confidence immensely. The practice tests from the official cambridge books are easier than the actual test, so please listen to more tests, it’s a scoring section.

    The READING section was a bit tough for me comparatively, especially the magazine article with almost a dozen small paras. I had hardly 15 minutes by the time I was on section 3 of Reading test & was afraid I might not finish. But I did eventually. In hindsight, I could have score a 9.0 band instead of the 8.0 I got, if I had practiced a few more tests.

    WRITING Section: I can’t thank you enough ma’am for the pin pointed tips, tricks & formats you explained for both the tasks. Frankly, I was quite confident about the writing section but trust me please practice a minimum of 3 tasks each in exam mode & try to jot down points for as many topics as you can. This is the hardest section to score a good band.
    So, the 1st task was about a table that illustrated the production of 3 types of fruits in million tonnes namely, Oranges, Apples & Grapes in 4 different countries of Turkey, Mexico, Singapore & Japan for the year of 2012. Turkey had the max yield in 2 fruits I think whereas Mexico was 2nd best in quantity produced. Singapore had negligible produce in all of the fruits. This was pretty easy, although I took almost 30 mins to finish! (Lack of practice!)
    The 2nd task, the discussion essay topic was about how some think that it is necessary to travel to a country to know more about it, while some consider it futile as all the information is available on internet & other sources, discuss both views & give your opinion. Finished on the last line of the given sheet & in the last minute! (again, please practice guys!)
    I must mention that knowing the answer sheet format helped me in preempting my paragraph lengths. Credit goes to Liz for making the actual answer sheet formats available for download.

    I apologize for the long post, but I though my experience was worth sharing. Especially as this website played a huge role in guiding me to my goal.
    Thank you again. And I’d say, please please try and visit every page of this website, take notes & practice!
    All the best.

    • Very well done with your score and thanks for sharing your topics and experience 🙂 I’m sure many students will benefit from reading this 🙂 You’ve done very well getting the score you did and also understanding the test 🙂

      • Rupeshsoni says:

        There is certainly a difference in thoughts, ideas and actions between children, their parents and grandparents. Why do these differences exist? Does it cause problems in your community, in your opinion?

        This comes in recent exam

    • Suraj gupta says:

      thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you. This was very comprehensive and extremely helpful.

    • Well done Nimish 👍🏽👍🏽 And Thanks to Liz for the tips. Apparently, we had exactly the same tests (L,R and W) on the 9th December, 2018.
      I scored 8.0 in my Listening test and 7.0 in my Speaking test. Unfortunately, I scored 6.5 in both the Reading and Writing tests due to lack of practice and not enough words respectively. I’m aiming to score at least 7 in each test and 7.5 overall. 🙏🏽
      Hopefully, I’ll make the next one. I’ve been practicing with Liz’s video tips and practice materials.
      Wish me all the very best!

  139. Mahboob Alam says:

    I took my ielts exam on 16 dec 2017 in England and i am sharing speaking questions which i was asked.
    By the way, i do listen many singers but never knew anything about pop or rock music lol

    Section 1
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?

    Let’s talk about pop music…

    Which pop singers you like?
    Would you prefer visiting a pop singer concert or listening music on device?
    Do you see yourself or want to be pop singer?

    Cue card
    Talk about a website
    -when did you hear about that
    -what is that about
    -what information do you get from the website

    Section 3
    Discussion regarding internet and role in children education

  140. Had speaking on 22.12.2017


    General questions

    magazines old people/young people

    cue card

    city you visited


    why people are moving to the outskirts of the city
    some people are not moving from cities ? why ?
    what are the education facilities in cities and rural areas

    Thanks Madam, i always get so much support from your website.


  141. Iqra Jamil says:

    Hi, I had my speaking exam on 19th Dec at Faisalabad, Pakistan.
    Part 1
    Where do you live?
    Tell about your city/hometown?
    What is special about your city?
    What do you like most about your city?
    Part 2
    Describe about your recent purchase
    what you bought
    are you happy with it
    where did you buy it
    Part 3
    Do you like buying new things?
    What kind of things do you think mostly boys and girls buy?
    Why boys and girls buy different kind of things?
    Where do mostly people go for shopping in your country,open air markets or closed ones?
    What kind of activities mostly people do in teenage in your country?
    What were your activities as a teenager?
    Why most people throw away broken things?

  142. Dear Liz,

    First of all I wanted to thank you for the great support you provide to all IELTS students. I’m quite amazed by the quality of the service you provide, considering your website being almost totally FREE.
    That said, I wanted to ask you something availing of your experience.
    I attended the Academic module of the test on the 9th of December and scored as follows:
    7.5 listening
    8 reading
    7 writing
    6 speaking
    For the past 4 years I’ve been working in an international organization (that means English 8 hours a day for very long time) and I’m quite disappointed to see a 6 in speaking considering that I am sure I deserve more on that module. I’ve got a good accent (many don’t realize i’m Italian when I speak), fluency and good capacity to argument most topics. Do you think a revision of the test could change the result? Do you recall that ever happened in your experience? Just wanted to check if this could be a waste of energy, money and time.
    Thanks a lot once again for your help.

    • Well done with your score 🙂 About your speaking, the problem that most people who have strong English communication skills have is that they fail to see the questions as a test of language. They think that the examiner is interested in your ideas. You mentioned that you had the capacity to present arguments – how does that give you a higher score in IELTS speaking? – It doesn’t. The capacity to argue is not important. But the capacity to use a range of tenses is. Did you pay attention to the examiner asking second conditional questions? Most students don’t realise that certain questions are testing certain aspects of language (not ideas). Is it possible to consider a remark. If you think you have done better than band 6, certainly you can consider it. Yes, results can change but there’s never a guarantee. It will only change if the range and accuracy of your English was above band 6. Good luck with your choice!! 🙂

      • Dear Liz,

        Thanks a lot for your swift answer. I see what you mean. I will try to improve my score then focusing more on these aspects rather than argument. I will let you know 🙂
        I wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year meanwhile 🙂

        • Please don’t let me put you off getting a remark. I just wanted to open your eyes in case you take the test again. Good luck 🙂 And a Merry Xmas to you 🙂

  143. Stephan Macwan says:

    Hello, I had speaking exam on 17th Dec at anand.
    The topic was ” A conversation You had with an unknown person”.
    The tips given by you really helped me, Specially in Writting.
    Thank you so much

  144. Saharia Hossain says:

    Part -1
    what is your subject ?
    which is the most interesting think of your subject to you?
    Do you like your neighbours?
    Is it important to maintain good relation with neighbours?
    Have you ever taken help from your neighbours ?
    Young people or older people who are important as neighbours to you?
    Do you have any favourite pop musician?
    Why do you like to listen to this singer ?
    Would you like to be a pop musician ?
    part -2
    Cue card
    Describe a happy moment of your childhood
    #What was your age at that time?
    #who was with you?
    #Describe that moment
    Do you think you have quite strong memory?
    How important is memory power in our day-to-day lives?
    Do you think a good environment helps us to remember any moment of our lives?
    Which memories can remembered for long time? good or bad memories?
    Why some people remember certain events for long time and why some forget very quickly?

  145. Gagan Dhillon says:

    I had complete my speaking
    Location Patiala (India)
    Academic IDP
    Part 1- Introduction about name,ID,Family activies,Boats
    Part- 2 Cue card- describe a businessman admire you
    Part 3 follow ups
    1.what successful businessman required qualifications?
    2.what age of people of retirement from job in your country india ?
    3.shoud qualifications necessary or practical experience compulsory for business?
    4.what requirements needs for starting a new business?
    5.what are difficulties feced people to start a business?

    2-3 more questions about business…..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Liz.
      I have just given my speaking test
      Date – 21/12/2017
      GT – India (Jalandhar,PB)
      Section 1
      -general questions about me and what I have studied
      – do you like boats?
      – will you own any boat in future?
      – Does people in your country often travel on boats?
      – would you like to go on a ship in future?
      2nd part
      – tell an instance where a kid was encouraged by parents
      – is encouragement important in. Childs life?
      – do parents need to encourage a lot their kids?
      Why positive encouragement is required in child’s life?

      CUE CARD
      – a positive comment that you received.
      Who was the person
      Why it was given to you
      How did you felt about it

      – do you think positive comments encourage a person?
      – why people nowadays want to become public figure?
      – is it a good or bad thing?
      – do public figures have any responsibility towards the society?
      And maybe 2 more questions but that’s all I remember..
      Thankyou liz

  146. Hi Liz,
    Today I had my Speaking test and would like to share the questions as I remember
    Place – Bangalore, India
    Date – 20 Dec 2017

    Speaking Part – 1
    1. Do you work or study?
    2. Where do you live?
    3. What type of work you do?
    4. Do you enjoy your work?
    5. Do you know any person from the history whom you like?
    6. Have you been to any historical places in your country?
    7. Do you know your neighbour?
    8. How important is to have good neighbours?
    9. Do you prefer to have young or elder neighbours? why?

    Speaking part-2
    1. Describe a good news that you heard about a person whom you know.
    a. Who s that person?
    b. How you came to know about the good news?
    c. How you felt when you heard that good news?
    d. How did you share that good news with others?

    Speaking part – 3
    1. How do people share happy moments?
    2. Why do people hide good news from others?
    3. What is the role of social media in sharing happy moments?
    4. How do people celebrate happy moments in your country?
    5. What is the importance of television channels showing positive news in the society?
    6. Are they doing so at the moment?

  147. Hi Liz,
    Speaking test on 20th Dec

    – Did you take any specific training to do this job?
    – would you like to take up any training in future to continue doing this job?
    – how do you commute daily?
    – how much time it takes to commute?
    – how did you travel today?
    – how often you use computers?
    – how different are computers today?
    – would you be using computers in future?

    Task2 :
    – a park or a garden you visited when you were younger

    Task 3:
    – Are there any parks near your house?
    – what all should b there in a park?
    – do you think there should be any charge to enter these park?
    – are there enough parks in a city like Mumbai?
    – do you think we need to protect natural beauty like a national park or a forest?
    – Do you believe we should not allow humans to visit such natural beauty places as they pollute it or destroy it?
    – do u think people abide by rules n regulations on such places?

  148. Thanks Liz, for your articles i have been reading them since last 1 month and they are really helpful.

    I had my speaking test today 12/20 following were the questions
    Whats your name
    What you do. Do u work or study
    What is your work profile
    Do u read newspapers
    Which is better online or paper reading news

    Part 2:
    Describe something you bought recently and happy with that decision
    Part 3:
    Why people do Shopping .
    Can online shopping replace the local shopping

  149. Hi Liz:

    Module: GT
    Date: 16.12.17

    Writing Task 1: Your company is looking for a conference hall to hold a special training , write a letter to the center manager and describe the purpose of booking , ask about the required equipments & available facilities.

    Writing Task 2: young people have different ideas and attitudes with their parents and grandparents , what are the differences ? in your opinion does those differences cause any problem?

    I discussed 2 main ideas only about money saving and digital revolution will that be enough?

    Thank you.

  150. Academic 19.12.17
    Jalandhar Idp
    Describe a park or garden. You visited when you were younger.

  151. Hi liz,
    IELTS test : academic
    date:16th december, london
    task-2 question was some people think that charity organizations should give aid to those who need urgent help wherever they live, while others say that these organisations should serve only in their country. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  152. Exam date 16th December
    Part 1:
    Q1: What do you do? Do you work or Study?
    Q2: Why you choose this job?
    Q3: How IT is changing the world?
    Q4? What you will do in future with changing IT trends for your Career?
    Part 2:
    Q1: Describe a parent who is ideal parent in your view?
    How do you know him?
    why he is best?
    How he is best?
    Follow up question: In teenage what characteristics are learned by parents?
    Q2: Working parents are common in your country? How they perform work and household activities?
    This is what i remember 🙂
    Good luck to all of those who are preparing for IELTS

  153. Hi! Have just finished the test
    Exam Type: Academic
    Date: 16/12/17
    City/country: Kiev, Ukraine

    1) 3 maps abuot city Krella 1700, 1950, 2000
    2) Online shopping increased significantly. how it can affect environment and job types

    1)Do you work or study?
    Tell about your job?
    What experience do you achieve?
    Do you want to change your job?
    Do you like jewelry, what kinds?
    Why do you prefer ceramic and wooden ones?(supporting question)
    Why don’t you wear it?
    Have you ever made such gift to someone?
    Have you ever bought something by advertisement?
    Your attitude to pop-ups?

    2) Describe you favourite drama soap-opera.

    3) What’s the difference between american and ukrainian series?(i described american one)
    Do ukrainians prefer american ones?
    Is it any difference between young and adult generations preferences?
    How have ukranian tv shows changed?
    Why people watch series?
    Is it any kind of escapizm?
    Do tv shows have pozitive or negative influence?

  154. Thanasekar says:

    Hi Liz,

    Module: GT
    Date: 16/12/2017
    Location: Bangalore, India

    Writing task 1:
    Young people have different ideas and attitudes with their parents and grandparents. What are the differences? What problems may be caused?

    Writing task 2:
    Your company is planning to provide training to the employees. Write a letter to the manager of the local conference hall for checking the availability.
    1. Explain the purpose of booking
    2. Explain the instruments required on the conference hall
    3. Enquire about the other facilities that are required

    I could not recollect the exact wordings though I made sure the meaning is intact.

  155. Todays IELTS UKVI academic question in UAE
    Online shopping increasing dramatically .What are the effects on environment and change in the types of job required types of job required ?
    task 1 was 3 maps show the changes in the town of Krelly in 1700 ,1950 and 2000
    speaking topic which I got is the gift you got for free (free tickets ,free vouchers )
    who gave ,what you felt ,why given to you
    then they asked about the problems in marketing strategy
    in part one asking about fruits u like
    which one u like apple or orange
    is it necessary to include fruits in our diet ?
    part 3
    Should govt provide free services to the society and what services ?
    do you think free transportation required ?
    and if govt provide free tickets to all to visit places , what are the problems

    • In speaking part one I remember that asked questions about accommodation
      Do u live in a flat or house ?
      Do u want to move from there
      what type of accommodation u prefer if u make one
      Reading the 1st and second passage were easy but third was little bit complicated

      • I’ve got the same ones in Russia, Moscow.But I failed 2 part of speaking, I think I spoke only for 1 minute:с
        Good luck with results!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

  156. Chitra R
    Location: Chennai, India
    Test: General
    Test date: 16-Dec-2017

    Dear Liz,
    First of all, I would like to say thank you to you for the amazing work you are doing. It was really helpful for my preparation. Please continue doing your great work!!

    Section 1 : Volunteer program
    Section 2: Business setup
    Section 3: Whale Survey
    Section 4: About shipping

    Task 1:
    You are going to book a conference center for special training for your company.
    You write a letter to the manager of conference center with following details.
    1. Give some intro about the training course
    2. Ask for the equipment you need during the training
    3. Ask some questions related to facilities available.

    Task 2:
    Young people’s ideas and attitudes are different from their parents and grand parents.
    1. how do you think these difference of ideas and attitudes exist in your society?
    2. In your opinion, are they causes problems to society.

    With Thanks and Regards,

  157. December-16-2017/Academic
    Country : INDIA

    Writing Task 2:
    The Role of teachers is to provide information.But, because of the increasing resources through technologies, students can learn themself causing drops in roles of teacher. To what extend to you agree or disagree?

    not the exact phrase. but same meaning.


    Task 1: A graph showing the percentage of dependants in 2000 in 5 different countries compared against the world average, with projected values for 2050

    Task 2: In the past, the main role of teachers was providing information. Today with various sources of information available to students, teachers have no role in modern education. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  159. Module : Academic
    Test date : 16-12-2017
    Location : Indonesia

    Writing Task 1
    The graph below show overseas visitors visit to three different area in European country between 1982 and 2007.

    Writing Task 2
    The use of social media, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, is replacing face-to-face contact with many people. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • vishal Nayee says:

      Ielts Academic IDP
      Location india
      Task 1:five countries comparison of indipendant people in 2000 and projection 2050
      Task2:internet replace teacher in future agree or disagree
      Reading :Noise in db,human and chimpanzee relation

  160. 12/16/2017
    Listening : It was pretty essay but the map made it complicated.

    Reading : I did not expect the passages would be easier as I got used to answering more complex passages.

    Writing: (Topic) The use of social media e.g Facebook and Twitter, is replacing face-to-face contacts for many people in their every day life.

    Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

    • Listening: It was a pretty easy essay … ( This is a correction to my post)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Do u think reading is easier than cambridge books?

      • I practised using Canbridge materials and other reading sources on the internet. Most of the passages I printed for practice were difficult. I was even suprised during the test that I can find the answers to the questions.
        Your hard work and determination to nail the test will really pay off.

        I’ll wait for my results. It will be released on the 2nd of January.

  161. Module: GT
    Location: Riyadh,KSA
    Date: 15-12-2017

    Part 1:
    Do u live in a house or apartment?
    Do u like the Sun?
    what does the sun makes u feel?
    does your country use energy from the sun?
    Part 2:
    describe someone whom u worked or study with?
    what kind of work?
    how was the experience?
    Part 3:
    in what ways do u think government helps the people they care for?
    do u think men help other men or help women more? why do u think that?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi Liz,
        I had academic ielts module on Dec 2.
        I got 7.5. Thanks to your blog and it helped me in a great way. Due to poor time management, I failed to give my best in writing part but I’m happy with the result.
        Speaking test:
        About your hometown.
        Where do most people live in your town?
        What are the jobs people in your place do?
        Where did you spend most of your time in childhood?

        Part 2:
        Tell us about a rule that was followed in your school and how people reacted to the rule.

        Part 3:
        Does Government play a part in making rules of the institution?
        Parents and students role in making rules?
        How government can influence the rules?

        Writing task 2:
        Some people think that paying taxes make you a responsible citizen whereas other believe that there are some other factors which make people responsible citizen. Discuss both views and give your opinion

  162. IELTS Academic
    15 Dec 2017
    Cairo, Egypt

    Part One
    Do you work or study?
    What do you like about your job?
    Do you see yourself doing the same job in the future?

    Some questions about politeness why/when/how should people be polite and has this changed a lot in your country over the years

    Do you often wear jewelry?
    + a why? followup question on my answer for specific type of jewelry I like wearing
    Have you ever bought someone jewelery?
    Why do you think some people leave a piece of jewelry aside?

    Part 2
    Talk about someone who came up with a clever solution to a problem, you should say who that someone is, what the problem was, the solution.. Can’t really remember the prompts exactly but I guess that was it

    Part 3
    Continuing talking about clever solutions..
    Do you think children are born clever or is it acquired
    What sort of activities should schools provide to develop children’s way of thinking something like that..
    Some people believe that anyone is capable of doing anything and acquiring any skill by practice
    + a why? Followup question on my answer
    Are boys born cleverer than girls
    How can you tell if a child is clever

    That’s as far as I can remember..
    Thanks Liz for your wonderful lessons and helpful tips and good luck everybody hope y’all get the band scores you need 🙂 Still have my LRW tomorrow wish me luck

  163. Dilara Akcakoca says:

    Part 1:
    IELTS Speaking Exam
    Date: 15-12-2017
    City: Helsinki/Finland
    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Where are you from?
    Do you travel by bus?
    Do you think people will use buses in the future?
    What should the government do to improve the buses usage?
    What things make you laugh?
    Why do people smile even they don’t feel happy?
    Is it important to hide feelings?
    In which occasion people don’t show their feelings?
    which one is important emotion or logic?
    Part 2: describe an occasion that people smile?
    Part3: I don’t remember really but they were mostly about feelings.

  164. Hi,
    Exam type: Academic
    Date: 14-12-2017
    Location of the exam: Hyderabad, India.


    Task 2: Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their countries.
    What are the reasons for this?
    What can be done to change this negative attitude towards international tourism.

  165. Type : Academic
    Date: 14/11/12
    Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or a flat?Describe your dream home etc
    Topics about fruit and emails

    Part 2
    Describe a thing that you have wanted to do and havent done yet.

    Part 3
    Follow up questions regarding part 2.
    Questions about personal goals of people in my country
    Goals of society/governments
    Does economic growth conflict with environmental issues?

    I cant exactly remember the last question but it had to do with economic growth and environmet.

  166. Hi.. I had my LRW test today..
    Type: Academic
    Date: L,R,W: 14-12-17, Speaking: 12-12-17
    Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Part 1: Where do you live, What do u do in holiday,how it defers from weekend, Teenager activities in your country
    Part 2: An Important letter you received
    Part 3: Why do people write handwritten letters,
    whats the importance of it,
    When do people write such letters,why not typed.

    Listening: Conversation between a recent immigrant and HR,
    a research paper about bicycle
    Reading: Self-esteem, radio activity
    Writing: Task 1: a bar chart of birth rate in 5 countries between 1970 and 2000
    Task 2: Tourism, bad effects in a country, how to solve.

  167. Bincy
    test date: Dec 9, India
    Hello Liz,
    Thank you for your advices and classes. It was very useful. This was the 4th
    time i am wrote the exam but, i used your site for this exam only. every time i lost my speaking band. while this time i was quite confident because your tips and advices about speaking. mainly i started practice using a voice recorder and it helped me to correct myself. i am prescribing the same for everyone.
    sorry i was a bit late for posting this
    my writing task 1
    the table shows the production of fruits in four different countries in 2012.

    production of fresh fruits in Metric Tonnes(Mt), 2012
    orange apple grapes
    Japan 0-0005Mt 534 Mt 177Mt
    Mexico 3.16 Mt 430Mt 270Mt
    Singapore 0Mt 7Mt 0Mt
    Turkey 1.6Mt 2,400Mt 2,200Mt
    writing task 2
    some people says that it is necessary to travel, to learn about countries.others say that it is not needed as informations are now available in TV and internet.discuss both views and give your opinion.

    describe some occasion that you did something and someone gave you positive feedback.
    what was it?
    where was it?
    explain what you did?
    part 3
    about positive feedback- to children
    – in office
    how it akks?
    about negative feedback.
    pray for my result.
    thank you so much

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Well done using a voice recorder. I hope your extra practice will result in a good speaking score 🙂

  168. Aqeel Haider says:

    Just completed my IELTS (Academic) speaking test today at Islamabad, Pakistan conducted by IDP.
    Part 1:
    Few questions related to Work and Boats
    Part 2:
    It’s about the Book which I had read recently.
    Part 3:
    Few questions related to Books, articles, novels and reading trend in Youngsters, Male, Men, Women.

  169. Had speaking test today in Delhi (India) 13-Dec-2017
    Part 1:
    Some questions about home town/city
    Do you have any specific meaning to your name?
    Does people have any culture specific names in your country?
    Talk about cultural ceremonies when a child is born.
    How do you commute to your office/college daily?
    Do you use any other mode of transport?

    Part 2: Describe a letter which you received and is important to you.

    Part 3: Followup questions on letters and emails.

    I would like to Thank You Liz. Your website is really very helpful for preparing IELTS. I kept in mind your advice while appearing for test today, which you always give to all of being chatty.

  170. Hi,
    Here is my speaking test details.
    11th Dec Islamabad, Pakistan.
    Part 1: do u work or study? Did u attend training on the same? More training required or not? About family?? What are activities of free time at home?

    Part 2: about a book

    Part 3: prefrence of books for old n you g people?
    Did a film fully explained everything about a story if a film is based on a story??
    What kind of books are read by people i.e young n old people in ur country

  171. Tukur Usman says:

    Good afternoon to our special hands on tutor and everyone, well I just had my speaking test today and your tips were invaluable. Here my exam details
    Exam type: Academic (Speaking)
    Date: 13/12/2017
    Duration: 11-14 minutes
    Country: Nigeria
    Venue: Colonades, Ikoyi
    PART 1: Please state your full name
    Where are you from?
    How do you celebrate your birthday?
    Which years birthday’s are more significant?
    Who is your favorite artist?
    Do you prefer to go to a concert or listen alone?
    Have you ran into any artist before?
    PART 2: Cue card: A plan that you have not done yet
    Why you haven’t done it yet
    When are you going to do it
    Have you told anyone about this plan
    PART 3: What is the role of government in policy making
    What are the obstacles for implementing this policies
    When is the best time to start planning for kids
    How different is planning for older generations compared to the younger generations

  172. Speaking academic module
    date: 13/12/2017
    Location: lebanon- beirut
    part 1:
    -what things do u enjoy doing in ur hometown?
    -how do u spend ur holiday with ur family?
    -how do u spend ur time at home?
    -does people use computers differently than they used to do in the past?
    – will people use more computers in the future?
    Part2 cue card:
    Tell about a successful buisnesman
    part 3:
    -what are the skills to succed in buisness?
    – is experience more important than qualifications?

  173. Location: Bangalore,India.
    IELTS Speaking
    Date: 13/Dec/2017

    Part – I:

    1) Do you study or work?
    2) Where are you from basically and what’s special about your place?

    Part – II:

    Describe a person who you know/met from another country?

    – Who is it?
    – What kind of person he/she is?
    – How do you know him?
    – Why do you say as he’s the interesting person?

    Part – III:
    – Would you love to hang out with teenagers?
    – What kind of activities the teenagers do?
    – Is it good to conduct international sports events between countries?
    – What are the advantages of conducting international events-either sports/cultural?

  174. I just had my speaking test/ 11/12/2017 Academic module/ China
    The questions, as well as I remember, are as follows:
    Part 1 :
    1/ Do you work or study? Did you have any training before starting to work? Do you plan to have any training in the future?
    2/ Do you remember how did you spend your free time with family when you were a child? Is it any different from now? What would be a perfect vocation with family for you?
    3/ Have you been using the internet when you were a child? Have the way people use internet changed over the years? Do you think people will use the internet in the future?
    Part 2:
    Describe a person who in your opinion is very knowledgeable about something.
    Who is this person? What subject are they knowledgeable about? How have they influenced you? (or something like that)
    Part 3:
    Do you discuss this person a lot with your friends?
    Do you think it is important to bring together people with different knowledge?
    Do you think it is easier to find information using the internet?
    Do you think information on the internet is always trustworthy?
    Do you think people easily believe information on the internet?
    Why do you think some resources can give false information?
    Do you think people in your circle are easily persuaded by media or not?
    Hope it could help someone))

  175. Avondeep Singh says:

    My speaking test is on 10th december 2017.

    Module – Academic
    Test city – Jalandhar

    Part 1
    Ur name ?
    Can i see ur id ?
    Do u work or studies ?
    Some questions on names and health.

    Part 2
    Describe an activity which u do to keep healthy.

    What it is ?
    Where u do this activity?
    Who are with u when u do this ?

    Part 3
    Part 3 is has also questions that releated to health.

  176. Avondeep Singh says:

    My ielts Listening Reading Writing test is on 9th december 2017.
    Listening is neither tough nor simple.
    Reading passage 1 is simple but, the following 2 are very tough.
    Writing task 1 – Tabular data reveals the production of fresh fruits.
    Writing task 2 – Some people say it is very important to travel foregin countries to know about another country.Others say there are internet and mobile phones are available, people can get all information from internet , so it is not very necessary to visit another countries.

    Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

    Writing task is simple.

  177. IELTS Academic 11 december 2017 Azerbaijan
    Speaking part 2
    Describe a company where you live which employs many people

  178. Speaking test Iran ( 11 Dec 2017)

    Part 1
    where are you from?
    what do you like about it?

    Part 2
    good parents – who ? how do you know them? why you think they are good parents

    Part 3

    would you be a good parent?
    teenagers and respect for their parents ( past and present)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • How will you answer about the question about teenagers and respect for their parents? i will have my speaking exams this afternoon…

        • The question is “how teenagers respect for their parents changed over the last few decades?” My answer would be – yes. Then I would explain that parents are no longer able to keep up with social media and the develop of technology (give examples) which means that parents are unable to control their children or even help them when needed. You must also explain about how it was in the past – the examiner wants to hear the past tense.

          • Alternatively, probably you could say the relationship between parents and children has become less formal these days. Earlier , parents were more strict and more formal and children couldn’t easily open up with their parents or confide in them. But now, things have changed and most parents are more friendly with their children. However this may not be the case with everyone and still some experience the generation gap and lack of communication is still a problem with quite a few parents and their children.

  179. My ILETS test was in Egypt, on 10 Dec 2017
    and it was Academic ILETS

    For Speaking :-
    part one :
    1- do you prefer living in home or apartment?
    2- what will you the features of your future home?
    3- did you put any advertisement on any website?
    4- she asked me about advertising a little bit more.
    part two :
    tell me about any website that you use in advertising.
    how easy to use it ?
    how did you know it ?
    part three :
    she asked me about learning and sending emails .
    is remote learning will be applied in the future?

    that is I remembered,
    unfortunately,I was hesitated …I used a verity of vocabulary but without connection between sentences almost. what do you think about my grade 😥

  180. Hi, I had a GT spekinv today in Kyiv, Ukraine.
    The questions were:
    P1 – do you work or study, where do you work, have yoy done any training before starting working, do you need to do re-training.
    Do you use PC? Where? Did you learnt to use it when you were a child? Do you use it for the same thibgs as you did when you was a child? Do you think you will use it less or more on future, why?
    Do you enjoy spending time at home or ouside. How much time do yoy spend at hime. What do you do at home. What you enjoyed doing at home when you were a child. Did the houses changed greatly since recently?
    Part 2.
    Ideal home-what would it be like? How big or small would it be? Describe.
    Part 3.
    What the homes of the future be like? Do you think the design and techilogy are important for houses? Does the personality impacts the places of living that people choose?

    P.s. thank you Liz for the materials for preparation!

  181. speaking test ,
    9th DEC , Assuit city , Egypt :
    part 1 :
    *do u work or study ?
    *do you recevive any kind of training ?
    * does it often rain in your area or place ?
    * do you like rain ?
    *why people use computers ?
    do u depend on computers ?

    part 2 : cue card
    describe a piece of furniture at your home :
    * what is it ?
    * how did you get it ?
    * how do you feel about it ?

    part 3 :

    some question about your taste designing ?
    * what skills should a good designer have *?

    i have aquestion regarding the cue card :
    i was un familliar with this topic , so i started to answer the questios of the cue card and the i shifted to speak generally about decoration at house and but i managed to speak for 2 min , but i fell that i did not answer all the questions of the cuecard , does this affect my score ?

  182. Academic Module
    I had my speaking test on 08/12/2017
    The questions as below:

    Part One:
    Do you study or work?
    Do you love your job? Why?
    do you think you will be doing the same thing in 10 years or so? why?
    what is it that you love the most about your job?
    How often do you use the internet and email?
    Is email very common for personal interactions? why?
    How much do you rely on email when trying to communicate an urgent news?

    Part Two:
    Cue card: Happy marriage

    Do you know a happily married couple? Who are they?
    When did you meet?
    How long have they been married?
    What is it that makes them a happy couple?
    What makes a perfect relationship to you?

    Part Three:

    Does your country have a specific wedding traditions?
    Did those traditions change over the years?
    Is there any tradition that ceased to exist? why did it disappear?
    What is the average marriage age at your country?

    My LRW exams were conducting on 09/12/2017, the questions i had are similar to the questions posted on the same day.

    The time was really tight for me, i am not sure i was able to do best specially with the writing tasks.

  183. Hi my name is Jonatan. I took academic ielts today
    What i can remember from writing is this:
    Task 1
    A diagram showing the 3 stages of cocoa beans processing. Please describe it
    Task 2
    Competitiveness is a skill required in the modern society in order to succeed. How does Competitiveness affect the individual? Is it a positive or negative quality?
    Hope I did enough

  184. Hi, everybody
    I’m Shi. Just finished my speaking section today. I’d like to share my exam questions with you.

    * The type of test : Academic
    * Date of test: 10th/Dec
    * Location of test: Tokyo, Japan

    Part 1:
    1. Do you live a house or flat?
    2. Which one do you prefer? Younger neighbor or Older neighbor?
    3. Did you neighbor help you?
    4. Do you think neighbor is very important?
    5. Which historical person do you like?
    6. Did you watch history films?

    Part 2:
    Describe an English lesson
    You should say:
    What is the lesson
    Where did you take it
    Who is the teacher

    Part 3:
    1. Do you think grammar is important?
    2. Why people learn foreign language?
    3. Do you think teacher is a interesting job?
    4. What is the difficulty for teacher?
    5. Do you think computer will replace teacher in the future?

  185. Hi,
    I had my test today

    Listening: theory of intelligence history of shopping
    reading: advertisement n TV program influence
    Writing task 2: some people say to learn about other countries , its need to travel. Some people say that it’s not necessary to travel, we can have information through TV internet. Discuss both views n give ur opinion.
    Plz everyone pray for me..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers crossed!

      • I hade the same exam today in Egypt
        My speaking test was about busniess and retirment but tye examiner was too fast in asking the wuestions when i just finish my line she asks another question is this will affect my score ? Thanks Lizz

  186. Hi!!
    Today, I took my written part from Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    1. Listening questions were moderate and interesting part is that i got 4 questions (ques. no. 6 to 10) fully common what i practiced before .
    2. Reading
    Passage 1- New-Zealand Owl (Gaps, True/false/not given)
    Passage 2- Effect of TV commercials on children (para-matching, quotation matching and Gaps with clues)
    Passage 3- Training programs for teachers in Hongkong (Gaps without clues, Yes/no/not given, MCQ)
    3. Writing-
    Task 1- Oranges, apples, and grapes production in Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Turkey
    Task 2- Many think to travel abroad is a good way to explore different countries whereas others believe, TV and internet are enough to know countries. Discuss the both views and give your opinion

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I had the exact same questions in Doha,Qatar

    • Hello!
      I had exactly the same topics as GN Hoque for both reading and writing and I attended the test in Exeter, Devon UK yesterday on 9th December.
      As regarding the speaking part the questios were similar to:
      Part one
      1. Tell me your full name please.
      2. Where do you come from, tell me something about your natal city.
      3. How long have you lived there?
      4. What are you doing in your free time?
      5. Do you enjoy it?
      6. Do you think technology has changed greatly in the last 10 years?

      Part two:
      Describe a the house you would like to live in. You should say:
      -where it is supposed to be located
      -how does it look like
      -who are you going to live there with
      and say what you would like best about this house.

      Part three:
      1. Do you think you will ever be able to live in such a house?
      2. What types of buildings are there in your natal city?
      3. Are there new houses being constructed now?
      4. What types of houses are there being built?
      5. Where you able to work with computers when you were little?
      6. Do you think people use computers in their daily life now more than in the past?
      7. Do you think a building’s architecture is important for its use?

  187. Hello Liz,

    SO, had my test today.

    Academic test
    09.12.2017, Baku

    Task 1 – compare 2 maps, compare where necessary (very easy maps, btw)
    Task 2 – Developments in technology make our life complex, and we should try to simplify our life and stay away from these developments.

    Generally was not that bad ) and now it is more frustrating that I could have got a good overall score but because of the failed speaking…..probably will have to do resit ) ehhh

    Thanks again for all your advice!!!

  188. 9 December
    I had speaking test today:
    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Do you work or study?
    What do you do to prepare yourself for your job?
    Which skills are needed for a job?
    Are the coworkers your friends?
    Where do you come from?
    Describe a leisure activities ( theater, sport gym,…) that you would like to have in your home
    What is it exactly?
    Where is it?
    Why is it useful
    Explain why you like it
    Do People have more leisure time than before?
    What’s the differences between the leasiaure the of old people and youth?
    What common activity young people do in their leisure time?
    Do you think old people change the leisure activity that use to do?

  189. Srijana Bhatta says:

    December 5 2017
    Speaking Test (British Council, Nepal)
    Part 1.
    Do you study or Work?
    What do you do in your Job?
    Why do you love your Job?
    Do you like fruits?
    Are fruits benefitial for children?
    Why should people eat fruits?
    Have you ever made a food from fruits?
    Do you think computers will replace teachers or Schools?
    Is showing tv program in classroom helps students to learn more?
    Part 2.
    Greatest invention made?

    Part 3.
    What are the factors that motivate people for the inventions?
    Many people think wheels are the greatest inventions! Do you agree or not?

  190. Hello. I had my speaking test on September 2

    1st part:
    1. Do you work or are you a student?
    2. What are you studying?
    3. What do you like the most about your studies?
    4. Do you like jewelries?
    5. What kind of jewelries do you prefer?
    6. Have you ever gifted someone jewellry?
    7. Do you love Pop music?
    8. Do you have favorite Pop music star?
    9. What do you prefer – Going to the live concert or listening to recorded music?

    Part 2
    Describe an occasion when you arrived early

    Part 3
    – Is it necessary to be always early?
    – What do you think about people who are always late?
    – Do you think that managing time is important?
    – Who is better at managing time – older generation or younger generation?
    – Do you think it is possible to learn ho to manage your time?
    – Some people say that if you’re doing nothing thus you are wasting your time. What do you think about that?
    – We have for instance washing machine and other things that is invented to save our time, but people still don’t have enough free time. What do you think is the reason?

  191. Hi Liz and all,

    Today was my Speaking test of the Academic Mode. I was so nervious. And I failed it 🙁
    Questions in Part 1:

    Do you work or study?
    Tell me about your work?
    What do you like about it?
    What would you change about it?
    A historical perosn (damn, I have practiced various answers, and had this question on the back of my mind these days, but never got to it 🙁 )

    Part 2:
    Tell about a plant important in your country.
    Where it is growing?
    Wh it is important?
    Why do you like it?

    I really was not ready for such a question and pacined straight away. I spoke less than a minute I think, then tried to fill in the gap by switiching to more general details about plants growin here etc. The problem is that I picked a wrong answer (said cotton because it is one of the famous here), when actually I could have picked anything else which I had more to say about.

    Part 3:
    What other plants are growing in your country?
    Which are th emost popular?
    Why are they important?
    Have you ever had a plant?

    I was really nervous, dont know why. I have been to so many interviews etc and always felt relax. But this one just blocked my mind and tongue :((

    SO upset. Having the main test tomorrow…

    • sorry for so many spelling errors, just typing fast and very emotional now.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Try to forget the speaking test. It is common to have such a response to unusual topics. Now it’s time for reading, writing and listening. Take a look at my last minute tips for each section: Good luck!

      • Thank you so much, Dear Liz!

        Can you please explain (maybe I dont get it because I am not a native speaker) how can someone like or dislike a plant? I like rise, I dont like buckwheat? I ma in love with sunflower? )) I really dont understand it but might need for the future…

        • Do you think these are questions on the cue card? There are no questions on the cue card, only prompts – suggestions for you talk. Do you think you need to follow them? No, you don’t. You can choose to use two and then take your talk in a different direction. About liking plants – it’s about what you enjoy to look at, what you enjoy in your garden or what you like to see in a park etc. Personally, I like plants that keep their leaves in winter. I don’t like looking at bare trees for four months of the year. I also like trees that have flowers, such as cherry blossom. They help me appreciate summer. In Autumn, I like trees with leaves that turn deep red or orange. For this reason, I adore Japanese gardens.
          I hope that gives you some ideas for how you could have directed your talk.

          • thanks a lot!

          • Hi Liz,

            But on cue card they say like.
            you should say :
            1. Why is is popular?
            2.What is its importance?
            3.Why do you like it?

            So does the ‘should’ means we should talk about it?

            • The marking system in IELTS speaking does not include task fulfilment or being on topic. This means although it says “should”, it does not say “MUST”. These are guidelines to help you – you decide if you want to follow them. I always recommend to use them but also add your own prompts in order to showcase your language skills.

      • Tabish Ansari says:

        damn, I got a topic which seems nobody else got that for today, 2 min speaking topic for me was “What are the interesting places that tourists dont visit”; have you ever seen this topic? it was so unusual and i found it tough for me.

  192. IELTS Speaking test on 07/12/17 (Academic)_Malaysia

    Part 1:
    1. What is your name?
    2. Where do you live?
    3. Do you like where you are living now? why?
    4. Do you like rain?
    5. Does rain change people behavior?

    Part 2:
    Describe the occasion when you helped someone?
    -How you helped?

    Part 3:
    1. What do you think about neighbor relationship nowadays compare to earlier years?
    2. Are neighbor being helpful?
    3. What do you think about social work?
    4. How to instill children in doing voluntary work/social service?
    5. Do they like to help?

    That’s what i can think of for now. All the best peeps!

  193. Donna Belle says:

    Academic UKVI
    December 7, 2017
    Cebu – Philippines


    Part 1:
    1. What is your name?
    2. How do you want to be called?
    3. Is there a meaning behind your name?
    4. Is there a special preparation in thinking about a name?
    5. What do you think about the common names in your country? Or do you have common names?

    Part 2
    1. An interesting place in your country that tourists don’t know about
    2. Why do you think tourists should visit this place
    3. Do you think more tourists will visit this place in the future?

    Part 3
    1. Why do you think most tourists like beaches?
    2. About the resorts being expensive, do you think they should let the locals have a free access to the place?
    3. (It’s something about being able to visit outer space for millionaire tourists)
    4. (It’s about the effects of the emitted negative gases by the space shuttles used for future space tourism)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Florabelle says:

        Hi liz, i took the UKVI last NoV. 25. And I am so elated to share with you my score:

        Reading: 7.5
        Listening: 8
        Speaking: 7.5
        Writing: 7

        I never quite expect to have a 7 in writing because I wasn’t able to finish the task 1 of the exam. You have been a big part in my ielts journey miss liz, your video on youtube taught me what I needed to know specially in writing. Thank you and may God bless you. 😘😘

    • How about the writing test?
      What are the topics?

  194. First of all I am indeed grateful ma, you really helped me a lot in my IELTS preparation. You blog is awesome.

    I had speaking today, academic in Nigeria.
    Part one:
    Accommodation, fruits and transport.

    Part two conversation with a stranger.
    Part three: why people engage in conversion,

    Men and women who tend to chat more,

    Differences btwn online chatting and face to face conversion,
    Why is website chatting is more popular now. The last question was rather not clear to me.
    My listening, reading and writing will be nest Saturday.

  195. The Voice says:

    GENERAL TRAINING – 02/12/2017 (Fiji)
    Part 1
    1. What is your name and what shall I call you?
    2. Why is name important in your culture?
    3. What does your name mean?
    4. How is name given in your culture?
    Part 2
    1. A businessman you admire?
    2. Why you admire him/ her?
    3. What have you learnt from him/ her?

    Task 1
    You have just returned from visiting a friend living in overseas.
    In your letter:
    – thank him
    – invite him for an event you are organising
    – what are you planning for
    Task 2
    Wild animals and birds have started living in towns and cities. Some people propose to kill them while others want to protect. Give your opinion on both views with examples.

    1 Campsite in New Zealand
    2. Use of Cash Card in UK Library
    3. HR Disciplinary procedure
    4. Application for vacancy – Something on Cuppuccino
    4. Grass eating ants – queens, soldiers, small-sized, medium-sized, etc

    LISTENING (cannot recall clearly):
    1. Phone booking
    2. Directions on a map
    3. Discussion on a class
    4. Lecture

    04 DEC 2017
    Tbilisi, Georgia

    1. what do you study at University ?
    why do you choose that subject ?
    you always wanted to study this subject or not?
    why did you change your mind about it?

    how do you check time?
    what do you do when others are late and you have to wait for them ?
    are you nervous when you are running late?
    do you think that it was more important not to be late in the past ?

    Do you prefer spending your free time at home or outside?
    how much time do you usually spend at home?
    what do you usually do at home?

    2. Describe an important decision someone made
    who made this decision?
    when was this decision made?
    why was this decision important?

    3. At what age do you think people should start making decisions?
    can you trust a decision which is made by a child?
    what are some of the most important decisions which people have to make?
    what skills people need to meke decisions at work?
    do you think schools should have somebody who will help final-year students in choosing their career? ( I answered yes , a careers advicer should help them. )
    Do you have a careers advicer in Georgian schools?

    02 DEC 2017

    1. Compere two graphs – Carbon dioxide emmisions per person in particular countries VS CO 2 emissions in those countries as a whole.

    2. Some people believe that paying taxes is good enough contribution, while others think that they have more responsibilities as members of society . Discuss both vievs.

    Dear Liz, thank you so much for your blog and videos , they hepled me a lot.
    I want your advice , I’m so nervous right now,almost crying. The problem is the lack of conclusion and only 170 words in the task 2 . It has a good introduction and main body , with a wide range of vocabulary , arguments and examples. Is it possible to get 6 or at least 5,5 in task 2 ?
    I suppose , lack of conclusion and less words then required affect only the criterion of TASK RESPONCE , doesn’t they ?
    However, I wrote very good task 1 analysis. If I get 6 in task 2, then the score of task 1 will balance the overall writing score , I need at least 6,5 in it.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Sorry to hear what happened in your writing test. If you don’t have a conclusion, you are right – it only affects your score for Task Response which is 25% of your marks for task 2. No conclusion, would give you band 5 in that marking criterion but it wouldn’t affect your score in the other three marking criteria. Unfortunately, being under the word count will reduce your overall band score for the whole of task 2 (not just one criterion). So, it will have a serious impact. All we can do is cross our fingers and wait for your results. I’m sure all students will be wishing you well 🙂

    • Varinder buttar says:

      No worries
      Your result will be good 👍

  197. IELTS General
    Date: 02 Dec 2017
    Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

    Writing :

    Task1 :
    You are working for a company,. Your computer is giving some problem and it is affecting your work. Write a letter to manager.
    -Describe teh problem
    -How it is affecting your work.
    -What do you want him to do.

    Task2 :

    Some people say success in a person’s life as an adult is teh result of teh way he was brought up by his parents.
    Do you agree or disagree?

    It was a rapid fire round. I am worried about the result. Examiner asked too many questions one after another.
    Part 1:
    Question about my job,
    Do you like pop music, who is your favourite pop star?
    Would you like to attend live concert or recorded music of pop star.
    Question about neighbour:
    importance of neighbour
    -How neighbour helped you once?
    -Do you have a neighbour?
    -would you prefer to have your neighbour to be young or old?why?
    -Why people prefer stranger to discuss about their problems instead of sharing it with friends and family.
    – Is it beneficial for people to discuss about their problems only?

    Part 2:
    A conversation with a person you didn’t know.


    Questios related to Social media.
    -importance of social media
    -why old people fell disconnected to social media.
    -why people believe in making friends over internet instead of face to face.
    –don’t remember other questions but its all related to social media.

    Thanks a lot Liz for your wonderful exam tips especially the writing one. It helped me a lot in my writing section.

    Hoping for the good result.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fingers crossed 🙂

      • IELTS General
        Date: 2-Dec-2017
        Center – NJ, USA

        Writing task 1:
        You visited your friend’s place and by mistake carried one of his objects. Explain:
        – How you enjoyed staying with you friend.
        – Explain the object which you brought with you by mistake and explain how mistake happened
        – Mention how you plan to return the object

        Writing Task 2:
        By way of paying more basis performance levels to employees you can keep their motivation high. Do you agree if this is the best way to encourage employees. Provide your agreement / disagreement with relevant examples.

        1. What city you belong from in your home country.
        2. Explain what things you like about your home city.
        3. Do you think your eating habits have changed since your childhood.
        4. You need to talk 1-2mns about this topic:
        – Explain about your recent purchase and how that made you happy. Explain:
        —- What you bought.
        —- How you finalized your purchase decision.
        —- How that made you happy

        5. Do you think there is difference in shopping habits for males and females. How that is different.

        1. I don’t remember everything but in section 3 they had a lecture around Copyrights, trademarks, patents, design and circuits. That was quite tricky so give close attention if same section comes.

        Section 3 was tricky. There were complex paras regarding navigational practices and instruments in sea. This requires quite close look & attention.

  198. speaking exam on 4/12/2017 in New Delhi. Question of speaking was:

    Speak about a letter that was most important to you and cover:
    1) who sent that letter
    2) when did you received it
    3) what was it about.

  199. hi Liz,my speaking was on 1 dec 2017,jeddah,KSA
    Part 1…..about name,home,my country`s historical personality
    did i watch a historical movie..wats it depicted,my profession,why,wat can i do with it
    about fav jewellery,wic item i like most n why,hav i gifted jewellery item to anyone earlier,
    why do old people keep jewellery for a long time,
    Part 2 cue card……a free item (a ticket or an item or service)i recvd from someone,who gave,why thy gave,describe it,n wat did i do with it?
    Part 3….should govt make higher education free fr all its citizen n why
    how can govt improv transportation (sometg related to that)
    what cannot be paid for n why
    (maybe another few..cant remmbr exactly)
    writing test on 2 dec…..general module so
    letter..write to ur boss abt a computer problem ur facing at office n how to solve it
    essay….some people think that it is the parent`s role in upbringing the child which leads to success of an individual in adult life(words arent exact though).do u agree or disagree

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Writing task 2 should be between 270 and 290 words (more or less). There is no upper limit of words, only a lower limit of 250. However, if you write over 300 words, your essay will probably contain more errors which will reduce your score and also possibly be less focused which will reduce your score.

  200. My LRW was yesterday at chittagong, Bangladesh.
    -1st, 2nd, 3rd was easy (dialogue, map completion, multiple choice). But, final part was so difficult to catch the answer.
    – standard
    – A bar chart about food and vegetable taken by UK people in 2006.
    -In past people like to store knowledge in books. At present we like to store in internet. Do you think advantages out-weight the disadvantages.

  201. Hello, Liz.
    First of all, I’d like to thank you for your great hard and selfless work and your website.
    It is really awesome and helpful! Thanks a million!

    IELTS General
    Date: 2/12/2017
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine


    Part 1.
    Describe where you live: town or city.
    What do you enjoy in your town?
    Do you like rain? Why / why not?
    Do you think that rain affects people’s mood or behaviour?
    Does it often rain where you live?
    Have you even been caught in the rain without a coat or umbrella?

    Part 2.
    Describe something that you achive and you are proud of.
    You should say:
    – what you achieved
    – when you achieved it
    – what was difficult about achieving it
    and explain why you are proud of this achievement.
    Follow-up question
    Am I tell about my achivements to anybody?

    Part 3.
    Question about goals of young people in my country.
    Why it is important to have goals?
    The difference between people who have goals in their life and people who haven’t.

    That’s all, third part was suddenly short.


    Task 1.
    You are working for a company. Your computer is giving some problem and it is affecting your work. Write a letter to the manager.
    In your letter:
    – Describe the problem.
    – Explain how it is affecting your work.
    – Write what you want him to do regarding it.

    Task 2.
    Some people say success in a person’s life as an adult is the result of the way he was brought up by his parents.
    Do you agree or disagree?

    Liz, thank you again!

  202. Hi liz,
    I had my speaking test today: 3rd dec in Vadodara, India.
    Speaking Part1:
    few basic questions,
    what sort of work i do?
    what training i got for my work?
    would you like to continue same work?(if no, thn why not)
    why i want to work as urban planner?
    how much time it takes to reach your work?
    what do you think while driving?
    what vehicle u use?
    was it difficult to reach upto here?
    do you read news paper or u read news online?
    what sort of news u read?
    do you discuss it with your friends?
    Speaking part 2: cue card.
    experience of teaching your friend or family member?
    Speaking Part3:
    in what aspects young generation can teach old generation?
    examples about above question.
    university education is must or not?
    do we require quality education in our universities? for what?
    some are there who achieved much more success without going to universities? elaborate.
    give examples.

    And my L/R/W test was yesterday.

    Thank you Liz, for this wonderful website, all your tips and videos were so useful. Once again thank you. 🙂

  203. Hi Liz,
    IELTS December 2 GT Task 2 question:
    Some people say success in a person’s life as an adult is the result of the way he was brought up by his parents.
    Do you agree or disagree?
    I have purchase you advanced lessons and followed it to write the essay
    I have planned the main points and supporting points for each paragraph
    Introduction (2 sentences)
    I have paraphrased the essay question and express my opinion (agree) the included road map for the body paragraphs.
    Body paragraphs
    Used three body paragraphs. I read the question each time I wrote the topic sentences and included the keywords in the question. Then I developed each paragraph with supporting ideas.
    I have written one sentence summarizing the my opinion.
    I will post the results when they are out. I have been struggling to achieve band 7 in writing for long and I hope this time it will change.
    Anyways Thanks Liz

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your results! Your planning sounds logical and well organised. Now, it will depend on content, linking and your grammar & vocab.

  204. Do you study or work?
    3 or4 question about neighbours
    Part 2
    About happy couple marriage

    Part 3
    About the relationship between husband and wife
    Do you friend think they are happy couple
    What is the rule between husband and wife?
    About wedding in my country
    Changes in marrage

    My question:
    Does rule mean duty? I answered her but she said it is duty and then I answered her
    I did not very one in p2, i am really depressed i just began answering then i stop
    Do you think that i will take less than 5?

  205. i just finished my LRW 2/12/2017.
    center:vadodara ,gujarat
    wt1-two chart shows co2 emisions per person and by 6 countries.
    wt2-some people belive that paying taxes is enough contribution for their society .other argue that as member of society they have more responsibilty

  206. IELTS academic
    Date: 2 December
    Location: Erbil-Iraq
    Version: 17213

    Passage 1: Proto-writing
    Passage 2: Baby cries
    Passage 3: Machine information systems (MIS)

    Writing task 1: Two bar charts carbon dioxide CO2 emissions in 6 countries individually and overall.

    Writing task 2: some people think that paying taxes in big enough contribution to their society , while others think people have more responsibilities as member of society than only paying taxes.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  207. Hello Liz,
    I finished my LRW today.It went quite well.Thanks to all the online sites.
    Task 1:Invite a colleague to give a presentation on your department’s conference.

    Task2: Some people say academic subjects should be given more importance in secondary school,while some say practical subjects should be taught more.
    Speaking test is tomorrow.

  208. Hi Liz,

    I had my L/R/W test today at Delhi.

    Listening was a bit tricky but Reading was easy.

    Writing Task 1 –
    You are organising a conference for your company. Write a letter to a colleague asking him/her to give a presentation during conference.
    Describe what this conference is about?
    Describe why you want him/her to give presentation?
    Give details about the conference.

    Task II
    Some people think children should study history or physics at secondary (high school) whereas others think that it is better for students to study car machinery or cookery.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Liz, your website has been of tremendous help and provides the right information and guidance needed. Thanks for all of your help.

    Best Regards,

  209. Raj Thummar says:

    DATE: 2nd December
    LOCATION: Rajkot, India
    TASK:1 2 Bar Charts (Carbon Emission in 6 countries individually and overall country)
    TASK:2 Some people think that payimg taxes is a big enough contribution to their society, while others think people have more responsibilities as member of society than only paying taxes.
    Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

  210. Test type: general training
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Speaking test(1/12/17)
    Part 1
    Study or work?
    What work do u do?
    Do you like it? Why?
    Do you plan to continue this?
    Do you celebrate birthdays?
    What do u like about birthdays?
    Did you enjoy celebrating birthdays as a child?
    Which birthdays are important in your country?
    Do you like fruits? Why?
    What’s your favourite?
    What was your favourite fruit in childhood?
    Do you cook fruit? How?
    Do you think its important to eat fruits? Why?

    Describe a town/city that you visited
    When? Where? How?
    What did you like most about it?(something like that..don’t remember exactly)

    Follow up question:Do you like living in cities?

    Why do people prefer to live in the cities?
    Should the government develop cities? How?
    Should there be green places in cities? Why?
    Should there be more focus on environmental pollution in cities?
    Does location play any role in the development of a city? How?

    Writing test (2/12/17)
    Task 1
    You work for a company. Your computer is giving some problem and its affecting your work.Write a letter to the manager.
    Tell him

    What the problem is
    How it is affecting your work
    What you want him to do regarding it

    (Not the same words but similar meanings)

    Task 2

    Some people say that success in adult life is the result of the upbringing of parents. Do you agree or disagree?

    Dear Liz, like the million others I want to thank you for this amazing website. It helped me a lot in the preperations. And I want to thank you for the discount you put for the advanced lessons. They were amazing and an eye-opener for me (I was overconfident until I saw them)

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m so glad you got my advanced writing task 2 lessons – I think they are an eye-opener for many people. I think the main thing being how to address the task and the simplicity and logic of techniques. People over complicate their essay which lowers their score. Good luck with your results 🙂

    • Yes, my task one and two were same as yours. General training. Location ; Lagos Nigeria. Thanks a million Liz. I look forward to sharing my result on your blog.

      In my speaking Part 2 I was asked to talk about a book i read. Part3 Was about reading habits in Nigeria.

    • I did my speaking and LWR yesterday
      got the same for Writing
      Reading was quite easy
      and Liz your site was really helpful to me

  211. Elizabeth says:

    Speaking (Academic)
    Part 1:
    More thah questions about myself, questiones like “what does your name means” “does parents pays lot of attentionon on the names” “tell me about your secondary school and favourite teacher”
    Part 2: decribe the item that you bought recently and was happy
    Part 3: questions about shopping
    why people go shopping?
    street markets or supermarkets?
    does the quality of things that people buy changed a lot?
    and so on

  212. anne stegmann says:

    Hi! Date of the teste: december 1, 13h, general test.
    Where do u live
    Do u like to live there
    how long have you been living
    Whatsapp about your free time
    When you have your meals
    With who you like to eat

    Second part
    think about a place that people Go to listen to music. Where is this place. Who are those people. Describe the música

    Third part
    do you think that músic is important
    Do you think that we should download music without pay for It
    When Child are expose to músic

  213. Dalya Seadi says:

    Hi Liz
    Firstly, thanks alot for this amazing and useful website
    I did my speaking test few minutes ago on London
    I think that I did well although band seven is not easy to get

    Part one
    Where are you from ?
    Do you work or study ?
    Are you happy with your work ?
    Do you find yourself doing the same job in the future ?
    Do you have a pop star you like ?
    Have you ever been in to his concert?
    Do you like going to concerts or listening to CD?
    Do you want to be a pop star ?
    What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
    What is your favourite part of the day ?

    Part two
    About a soprt
    Where and when
    How you find it interesting
    With who

    Part three
    Sport in your country
    How sport can benefit the people
    How we can improve sport in our countries
    What other soprts are popular in your country

    With me luck on my LRW test tomorrow
    Please where can I find last month archive of writing ??

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 All writing tasks are posted on this page so take a look at the posts. Good luck tomorrow! Keep your eye on the clock for reading and writing !

  214. Hello all, I’ve just taken my Speaking test, here in Brazil.

    Do you work?
    What’s your area of work?
    Do you have friends at work?
    What do you like doing with your friends?
    Do you like chatting online with your friends?

    Part 2
    What’s your idea of a perfect home?
    where it would be;
    how big it would be;
    describe it (something like that)

    Do you prefer living in a house or in an apartment? Why?
    (I’m afraid I cannot remember the other questions, but they were mainly related to houses)

    Thanks a lot for the valuable material you provide to us.


  215. Hi,
    I just finished my Speaking module for IELTS General.
    Exam type: IELTS General
    Date: 1-12-2017
    City/Country: Cairo, Egypt

    Part 1:
    What’s your full name
    What can I call you
    Where are you from
    Are you studying or working
    What training did you take for your job
    Certain certificates you have to study
    Part 2:
    Cue card:
    Tell me about a situation in which you taught something to someone.
    Who was this person?
    How did you help?
    How did you feel about it?

    Part 3:
    Tell about other situations in which young people can teach old people
    What skill takes along time to teach
    And she kept asking for another skill which made me nervous

  216. Ahmed Azzam says:

    Cairo (1st Dec 2017)
    Speaking test

    Describe ur hometown
    U live in apartment or a house?
    Describe ur ideal home?
    Importance of e-mails?
    Do u think ppl will use more e-mails in the future?
    Which is better an e-mail or a phone call?
    Do u use e-mails alot?
    Do u like history?
    Did u watch an historical show on TV?
    Did u visit a historical place?
    Why should people know about their history?

    Describe a problem that a friend of u has solved it

    What was it?
    Explain why it was a clever solution?


    Do u think children are born clever or its due to teaching?
    Importance of school at our lives?
    Which is better computer intelligence or human intelligency?why?
    Do u think in the future computer intelligence will over-rule?

    Thank you

    Pray for me guys

  217. Riham selim says:

    I just had my speaking exam, Academic, Egypt
    1 Dec 2017
    The first part was about jewellery,
    Do u wear jewellery
    Why u think people wear jewellery for long time
    Dream home
    Live in home or apartment

    Part 2 was baout a famous plant grown in my country where is it grown, why is it famous, and why I like it.
    3rd part was: did u ever grow a plant,
    Do u like to have plants inside Europe hoise
    How’s farming affecting your country economy
    What challenges are farmers facing
    How farming impacts society
    Why is it important to preserve nature
    Individuals cannot do anything to preserve nature agree or disagree
    What can government do to preserve nature

    Liz I did best in the third part then 1st but the second part I think I spoke about a minute and 20 sec, I chose oranges and couldn’t find anything to say more than that it’s famous in Egypt, where it is grown and why it is important and said 2 or 3 uses
    I don’t know how it can affect my score but the third part specially she had to stop me when I am talking bec I had much to say

    Thank u, ur site has been of much help, I am very grateful to u.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your score is based on your overall performance in order to assess your real level of English. You’ll have to wait and see how the examiner marks you. In part 2, you could easily have talked about more than one plant. You could have continued talking about plants in the parks in your city and what plants are famous. Also memories of plant you had as a child. You could have described your ideal garden. You DO NOT need to stick to the prompts. You MUST add extra information and you can choose to add any information you want relating generally to that topic.

      • Thanks Liz. That cleared my understanding as well, so as to add extra information without sticking to the Prompts.
        I had an mock test last week and faced the similar challenge in task2, where I was out of ideas, and later I realized I could have done better.
        Hopefully I wont repeat this mistake on my final IELTS scheduled later this month.

  218. Hi to every , as I am actually eager of reading this blog’s post to be updated on a regular basis.
    It contains good data.

  219. Malik Shahzad says:

    Speaking test today 02:00 PM UAE
    Part One: Tell me about your self. Do you work or studies?
    Part Two Cue Card : Describe the Person whom you want to study or work.
    Who is he or she
    when you work together
    what do you offer together?

    General Question: why society should respect each other.
    why children in our society learn the manners.
    how you can describe in your family manners.
    these days doctor should get more paid if they are good ?

    • Your comments have not been deleted. I haven’t had time to approve all comments – I work alone and I am not a robot!! All students should be patient and appreciate that I am not able to read and approve 10 THOUSAND comments!!

      • I am sorry to see that some users of your site do not have the appreciation nor online etiquette. I believe this is one effect of being exposed to automation. That people demand more of others and view them as what you said, ‘robots’.
        I think users here should show some tact and gratefulness.

        • Thanks so much. I agree. A few students forget I am human. They think if many lessons are free, everything should be free – including all my time without sleep. But lucky, they are not the majority 🙂 The internet dehumanises people and they act in a way that they wouldn’t act face to face with a person, they become demanding and selfish. Just one of the downsides of the internet I suppose.

  220. Date of test: 1/12
    Type: Speaking component, Academic Test
    Location: Cape Town, South Africa

    Section 1:
    Do you work or study?
    What studies did you do?
    How would you like to use your studies?
    Have you ever wanted to buy something after seeing an advertisement?
    Do you want to be a popstar?
    Do you prefer listening to a CD or going to a concert?

    Section 2:
    Describe a Drama TV mini-series you like to watch.
    Describe the characters
    Explain why you like the mini-series
    (All I remember!!!)

    Section 3:
    Do you think a soap opera represents real life?
    Why do people like to watch them?
    Who would you say watches them and why?
    Do you think they a responsibility to be a good role model?

    thats all the time permitted 😉

    Part 1: Questions about where you live,appartement,magazines
    Part 2: describe a crowded place
    Part 3: Questions about relationships with neighbours/waiting before occasions

  222. Hi !

    Liz, I am very grateful to your material, suggestions and sample tests, they were very helpful.

    I had my speaking test on Dec 1 in Australia. I appeared for the general variant of the test with IDP and I have my listening, reading and writing test tomorrow. Below are the questions that were asked by the examiner, I have forgotten a couple of questions from Part 1 but part 2 and 3 are accurate.

    Part 1
    -Where is your Hometown ?
    – Are you working or studying ?
    – What are you hoping to do with your degree ?
    – What do you think about Jewellery ?
    -Have you bought jewellery for friends ?
    -Why are some people attached to certain pieces of jewellery
    -What is your favourite kind of jewellery
    -Do you think books are important
    -Should reading be cultivated as a habit in kids from an early age

    Part 2
    What was your favourite English lesson
    -when was it
    -Who taught the lesson
    -What was the lesson about
    -Why is it your favourite ?

    Part 3
    – Why do you think it is important to study languages
    -Why is it easier for some people to pick up languages easier than the other
    -Is grammar the most important part of learning a language
    -Do you believe language teachers will be replaced by computers ?
    -Is that a good thing ?

    Good luck everyone !

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck tomorrow – keep your eye on the clock for reading and writing !!

      • Binu George says:

        Thank you ! The test went well.

        The listening and reading sections were very simple. The reading consisted of true-false-not given, matching words to who said it, completion of a form, a really long text about graphology was the last section.

        The topics for writing were :

        Task 1
        You’ve stayed with your friend in another country.
        Write a letter and invite them for a trip. The letter should include
        – what you enjoyed most about your stay
        – inviting the person for a trip
        – what activities you can do on the trip

        Task 2

        Many animals and birds live in the cities. Some people think that this should be stopped while some people want to protect them.

        Discuss both the views and state your opinion.

  223. Hi All,
    Just had my speaking test.
    Date : 1st Dec 2017
    Location: Ahmedabad, India
    Module : General

    What is your name?
    What you do? Work or Study?
    Describe your Job.
    How was your first day in the High-school?
    What was your important subject in the high-school?
    How you read news? Newspaper or Online?
    What all kind of news you read?

    Part2, Cue Card: A Business Person you admire?
    Followup Question : Other people in your country also admire him?

    Part3: All questions were related to business
    What kind of businesses are popular among young people in your country? Why?
    All successful businessmen are hard-hearted. Agree or Disagree? why?
    Employees are important for success of a business or a company? why?
    Is reputation is important for any business?

    My speaking test was kind of a rapid fire round. My examiner cut me off in almost all answers. In fact, I believe he didn’t gave me full 2 minutes in second part. The entire test completed within 12 minutes. I hope my scores will not be effected by this…

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your score will not be affect at all by the examiner moving from one question to another. The examiner controls the time, not you. The examiner is not interested in you completing answers and will move on to test new aspects of language.

  224. Hi Just took my Speaking today
    Dec 1, 2017
    GT, Riyadh KSA

    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    Do you study or work?
    What do you like the most about your work?
    Do you still work in the future with your same profession, why?
    What piece of jewelry do you like wearing?
    Do you wear a lot of jewelry?
    Have you bought jewelry for someone else?
    Why do you think some people keep a piece of jewelry for a long time?
    How do you celebrate your
    Ho often do you use emails. why its important?
    Which one do you prefer email or phone calls?
    Do you think email can still be use in the future?

    Part 2 – Cue Card:
    Describe about a couple you know who are happily married.
    Who are they?
    How long are they married?
    What are the struggles that they have been through?
    How thier friends value them as married couples?
    Why do you like them?

    Part 3:
    In your country how importance is a wedding?
    Do you agree that a lot of money is spent on weddings?
    How do you celebrate wedding in your country, where and why?
    These days, children are allowed to take decisions on family issues. Do you think this is correct and why?

  225. 30/11/17,Ibadan Nigeria
    What is your name?.what can I calk you?
    Do you work or study?
    What type of job?
    What do u like about your job
    Will you like to continue with your job in the future?
    Now let’s talk about sunshine
    Do you like sunshine?
    How does sunshine make you feel?
    What are the things you do when its sunny
    Will u like to visit a place with more or less sunshine?
    Let’s talk about fruits
    Do you like fruits
    What type of fruits do you like.
    Banana or apple?
    Have you ever cooked fruits?
    Cue card;
    The type of sport you enjoy watching
    Where and you first watched it
    With who
    What do u enjoy about it
    Part 3
    How do you encourage the young ones to participate in sport
    Nowadays do you thing sport is competitive
    Is the competition stiff
    Is the money been paid to the participants justifiable

  226. Jeanne-Marie says:

    Hi, I have completed my speaking a few minutes ago. 1/12/2017. I found it a little difficult and haven’t seen Part 2 question anywhere on IELTS sites. I don’t know if it’s a new type of question.

    Part 1: was about my studies and work. (Not to hard)
    Part 2: was very difficult! – the questions were about rules.
    Describe a rule you had at school.
    What was the rule
    Why was it a rule
    How dit children get punished when not following the rules
    Did you agree or disagree with the rule and why.
    Part 3 was about rules on the workplace and society.

  227. Singapore, 1 Dec 2017
    General Training

    Name, where are you from, what do you like about where you come from.

    Are you close to teenagers? Why not? How was it like for you as a teenager? What do teenagers in your country do for leisure? Why do they do that activity? Do you follow teenager fashion? Why not?

    Tell me about a place in your country where not many tourist visits. Why do people not visit. What is interesting about this place. Do you think that there will be more tourist visiting this place in the near future.

    Talk about a place in your country that attracts the most number of visitors. Why do you think this place is popular among tourists.

    Do you think people are more willing to travel to places that are not accessible? What are your opinions on space tourism? Do you think it will be more popular in the future?

  228. Singapore, Dec 1,2017
    General Training

    Name, where are you from, what do you like about where you come from.

    Tell me about a place in your country where not many tourist visits. Why do people not visit. What is interesting about this place. Do you think that there will be more tourist visiting this place in the near future.

    Talk about a place in your country that attracts the most visitor. Why do you think this place is popular among tourists.

  229. IELTS Academic: December 2017
    Speaking Test, Gujarat, India
    Topic for 1st part: Talk about yourself and Lunch and Dinner Time including counter questions.
    Cue Card: The most successful business person you follow. Who is that? Why? What made you to follow ?
    Topic for 3rd Part: Related questions with business including counter questions almost all the time.

    Thank you Liz, Hoping to score good in L/R/W.

  230. Hello. Just finished speaking test.
    Date: 30.11.17
    General test. Australia

    Part 1.
    1. Work or study. What kind of work.
    2. Fruits (do u like fruits; have u tried fruit dishes; why should we eat fruits)
    3. Birthdays in your country (are there important birthdays; how do you celebrate your birthday; is it still important for you)

    Part 2. Cue card: An activity you haven’t done before and would like to try for the first time
    – What activity
    – Will it be hard to learn it
    – What is interesting about it

    Part 3.
    1. What are the goals of young people in your country
    2. Is it important for young ppl to have a goal in life
    3. Do parents motivate their children to achieve goals in your country
    4. What goals should governments have

  231. Ammar Mohamed says:

    Hi Liz ,
    I would like to share what I had in my speaking test part 2(cue card) (11/11/2017)
    Topic is Traditional Product in your country
    1- describe it ?
    2- when you do you usually use this product?
    I donot remember the other questions
    but the following questions in part 3 are :
    1- some people think hand made product is better than modern product why?
    2- why do you think youth should be aware of traditional product of the country ?
    3- why is it important to have our traditional products?
    that is all I remember

  232. 02.11.17
    Good morning!
    please take a seat.
    Part 1:
    What is your full name?
    Where are you from?
    What you do? Do you work or are you a student?
    What is your Subject?
    What is the most interesting topic in your subject?
    Do you enjoy it? How do you apply it in real life?
    Let’s talk about fruit?
    What sort of food do you like?
    Do you enjoy it? In your childhood did you enjoy it?
    Have you ever tried any fruit dishes in your home?
    Why you didn’t?
    Part 2:
    Describe an interesting English lesson you enjoyed much:
    Where the lesson is taken?
    Who was the teacher?How does he taken it?
    How much you enjoyed it?
    Part 3:
    What was the interesting thing on that class?
    Only you enjoyed or the hole class enjoyed it?
    Nowadays we are watching people are learning foreign language, what’s the importance of it and why people learn that?
    We are seeing that some people are learning it very fast, what’s the reason?
    Do you think grammar is an important part in any language?
    Those are expert in several language are very demanding for various companies, why they need that kind people?
    Nowadays we are watching people are using lots of electronic device, Do you think what’s the impact of using these sort of device in communication?
    I mean as they are using it more rather than live conversation, what’s the impact on it in our life?
    That is end of your speaking test.

    By the way, Thanks liz for you contribution for us.

  233. Hi Liz,
    Thanks a ton for this wonderful website !! It was of great help for me to prepare for my IELTS exam.

    I gave my speaking test on Monday, 27th November 2017 at New Delhi, India. The questions that I faced were:
    Part 1:
    What is your full name?
    How can I call you?
    Can I see your Identity?
    Do you study or work?
    What do you like the most about your work?
    What piece of jewelry do you like wearing?
    Do you wear a lot of jewelry?
    Have you bought jewelry for someone else?
    Why do you think some people keep a piece of jewelry for a long time?
    How do you celebrate your birthdays?
    In your culture, which birthdays are given importance to? Like 18th Birthday, 21st birthday, etc..

    Part 2 – Cue Card:
    Describe about a couple you know who are happily married.
    Who are they?
    How long are they married?
    Why do you like them?

    Follow up questions:
    Do you meet them often?

    Part 3:
    In your culture how importance is a wedding?
    Do you agree that a lot of money is spent on weddings?
    These days, children are allowed to take decisions on family issues. Do you think this is correct?

    And my husband had his Speaking test on 28th November 2017 at the same venue. He was asked the below questions:
    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Where do you live, in a house or flat?
    Tell me more about the house you live in?
    Describe your dream house

    Part 2 – Cue Card:
    Describe an occasion of reaching a venue very early
    When, Where and describe the way you spent time there.
    Did you regret reaching early?

    Part 3:
    Questions on Time management:
    Why do you think being punctual is good?
    Where and why should one be punctual?
    Do you think the older generation were more punctual than the younger generation?Why?
    How to improve one’s time management?

    We have our LRW on 2nd December. Hoping we should do well….

  234. Hi Liz,
    28th Nov.
    what is your name?
    where are you from?
    what do you do?w
    what is your subject?
    what is enjoyable about your major?
    what will you do in future due to your major?
    let’s talk about traveling.
    do you like traveling by bus?
    do you prefer to travel by bus or underground?
    do you think that you will use buses in future?
    do you read any comic magazine when you were younger?
    do you read an online magazine?
    why do you read an online magazine?
    cue card:
    talk about a happily married couple
    -who are they?
    -how long have they married
    -what makes them a happy couple
    do their friend think that they have a happy marriage?
    what are the wedding like in your country?
    why do older people like to have a fancy marriage party?
    do you think marriage party is different in different part of the country?
    do you think men and women have different roles in marriage?
    do you think parents have equal responsibility in training their children?(compare with past)
    the examiner asked some other questions that I don’t remember.
    thanks to IELTS candidates for posting their questions here.
    Liz, thank you very much …

  235. Siddharth Kulkarni says:

    General Training Module
    28 Nov, 2017, 4:00 PM
    Pune, India

    LRW Test: 2nd Dec.

    Hi Liz,
    Loads of thanks to you for the tips and tricks you have been sharing for IELTS. You are really making a difference ! I religiously follow you blog and have got good techniques and numerous practise examples to study,

    Below are the Speaking Test Questions that I came across.

    Part 0:
    Generic Questions like, name, identification etc. (The examiner greeted me quite well and was smiling and was active in responding to my talk the whole time).

    Part 1:
    Where do you live/ Where do you come from ?
    Describe your home?
    Since when you are living here?

    Do you look upto any person in history who has inspired you.
    Tell about one historical place you have visited before.

    Part 2:
    Describe a piece of art (a sculpture or a painting) which you have seen before

    When you saw this work of art

    Where you saw it.

    What it looked like

    and Explain your impression of it.

    Part 3:
    Did other people also had the same perception about this painting you saw ?

    Art Forms
    Do you like art ?
    What are the famous art forms in your country.
    Why do people visit art galleries
    What are the art forms which appeal to young people and what are the ones that appeal to old people?
    Any difference in the choice of art forms, why ? Give your opinion.
    Why do people spend money on purchasing artistic items

    Best luck to everyone else.

    P.S. I was not able copy the description text in the “Speak Your Mind” box. Any idea how this can be done, or is it restricted altogether. I might need this when I put LRW questions.
    Also I cannot select anything. Basically Ctrl+C, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V does not work.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Sorry but the copy paste has been deactivated to protect my work. I had websites trying to copy my work and even one fake company that tried to sell courses using my name.

  236. Hi liz
    Thank you for your site, it was really useful for me in my speaking exam.

    I had speaking test an hour ago.
    1. What do you do? Work or study?
    Did u always want to do this? What do u like about your job ?
    What type of fruit do you like
    What type of fruit did you like as a child
    Why do you think fruits is helpful to your body?

    Cue card: art
    Describe a piece of art?

    Part 3: question about art
    How has are change in last few decades in ur country
    Do you think children should study art ar school?
    What can governments do ?
    I don’t remember others but they were about art

    It seems that i should take the exam again 😞 i have had lots of stress and couldn’t answer task 3 well

  237. My speaking exam was on 24th November in Cairo , British council , pyramisa hotel .

    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    Can I see your id ?
    Tell me about the city where you live now?
    How many years have you been in this city ?
    How do you have fun in this city ?
    Do you prefer to have some time with your family ?
    What activities do you usually do in home ?
    Tell me the best age for retirement in your opinion and why ?

    Part 2 , cue card;

    Talk about a business man you admire
    Please say
    Who is he / she ?
    What kind of business he/she usually works in ?
    Why you admire?

    Part 3
    Do you want to have the same career and why ?
    What kind of projects young people usually do in Egypt?why?
    What are the benefits of good employees to the company?
    Is it important to be heart harded in business?
    What is the importance of reputation to the success of business ?
    What are the steps to start a successful business ?

    Liz , I have a question for you , I answered this exam well except the last 2 questions , I didn’t know the meaning of reputation , so I answered the causes of success of business , the last one I felt being hesitated and exhausted , may this affect my overall score ?

    I want to thank you , cause the night before my exam , I practiced the same cue card from your site.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You are not scored on your understanding and you are not marked down if you are off topic. IELTS speaking scores are based on the language you produce and nothing else. Relax!! So glad you got a cue card you were ready for 🙂 Hope you do well 🙂

  238. Hi Liz,
    Today was my General Speaking Test in Delhi, India.
    Part 1 Questions –
    1. Let’s talk about your city, where do you live?
    2. How do you keep tab on time?
    3. Do you think it was earlier easier if people used to get late than it is now?
    4. Have you ever been late? Why?
    5. Do you have friends from past or are you friends with people who you work with?

    Part 2
    Describe when you have achieved something.
    When was it?
    Who was involved?
    Was it difficult?
    Who all were happy when you achieved it?

    Part 3
    1. Is it important to have goals in life?
    2. Do you think it is important in a company to reward achievements?
    3. What should be the rewards for achievements?
    4. Were people in earlier age more happy when they achieved small things?

  239. Shashikanth pillamari says: