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After your IELTS test, please help other students by posting the IELTS questions and topics that you got in your test. Post your topics in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Saikiran says:

    DATE : 21Mar2017

    i) Where are you from ?
    ii)Do you work or study ?
    iii)What is your favorite place in your hometown?
    iv)Festival Event at your hometown
    v)Have you visited any zoo park?
    vi) What do you think are zoo parks useful for all different ages of people?
    vii)What is your opinion about keeping animals in cages ?

    SEC 2

    When you went on a tour and suddenly you came across a wild animal ?what did you do? how did you react ?

    SEC 3
    Bags and Backpacks
    -How are they useful
    -Importance in choosing them

    Due to population increase in cities do you think wildlife is getting effected?

    that’s all I remember

    Thank you very much Liz for your wonderful videos , was really helpful .

  2. Hi Liz,
    Today I had my speaking test.
    General.dted :22mrch
    Part 1:
    What is ur name?
    What u do ?
    What is ur role in ur company?
    Do u get time with ur friends?
    Do u have many friends or single friends?
    How u came today?
    Do u use think public transport ?
    Which is the public trasport u used for longest time?
    Do u prefer them?
    Part 2:
    Tell about a famous celebrity ?
    Part 3?
    Celebrity and media how they relate?
    Do celebrity have private life?
    Do u think people in the past where having the celebrity status in the same as today.
    Do u think the celebrity today are more talented then past
    This is all I can recollect.

  3. Hello everyone,
    IELTS Academic, Kyiv (Ukraine)
    Test date: 19\03\2017
    Speaking Part was about:
    General question about myself
    1) Do you often invite friends to your home?
    2) Do you like visitors coming to your home?
    3) Do often frieds visit you at your home?
    4) What do you usually do together with your visitors?
    5)Do you prefer invite people to your home or being a visitor at some home?
    6) Do you often meet with your friends?
    7) What do you do with photographs?
    Part 2:
    Describe a website you visit frequently:
    -what it is about
    -what the name is
    -how often do you visit it
    -why you like this website
    1) In what age children should be allowed to use the internet?
    2) Can the internet be used foe educational purpose?
    3) What are the sources are reliable ?
    and other questions with regard to the internet which I do not remember
    Good luck everyone!

  4. hello everyone,
    this website is very useful and thanks to Liz 🙂 follow her directions because everything will make easier your exam period 🙂

    I took a speaking test a few hours ago 😮
    part1: about how much time I spend with my family and what I do with them.
    reading books, e-books and also whether I like to buy or borrow books.
    Do I live in a house or a flat and what is my view from my window?
    part2: describe an event what made you laugh. who was with you? where were you? why do you remember it still?
    who does make you laugh?
    part3: why don’t people laugh the same thing? men and women laugh the same thing? how much important comic things in society?

    in generally my speaking test was good but I had some hesitation about answers in part3. the examiner wanted an example from me and I could not give a good example. I need 7 and I hope I can get it.

    good luck everyone 🙂

  5. Hi this is saru from ielts exam was in 18th march..d
    Speaking:part-1 what is your name?where do u live,do u study which subject why?
    Part 2describe a place where you go for a relax?
    Part3.. do people from your country go for holidays? And other question related to holidays n relax

  6. Today i had my Speaking test in Adelaide, topics are:

    Hometown, Shoes, Robots, conference or discussion and who can speak/talk to the chrildren when at school..

    I’m starting to freak out for my LRW test.. 😩😫😖

  7. Rashid Ahmad says:

    Than you Madam
    for such a useful material

    I gave speaking test yesterday (22 March in Lahore Pakistan)

    The examiner asked about:
    Part 1
    Where you live
    how your home look like?
    about visitors at home?
    What you normally do along with your visitors?
    do you like visiting others home?

    Part 2
    Sports center near your home

    Part 3
    benefits of sports
    how much children are involved in physical activities today
    benefits of organizing sports in your country

    Could you please tell me writing topics for General writing only

  8. Hello everyone
    Speaking test 22 March
    Academic module(India, Pune)
    part2- decribe cafe which you recently visited
    part 3- where people meet,which program arrange at home ,what are the problems for arranging program

  9. Ekaterina says:

    March 18th
    Moscow, Russia

    Writing 1: line graph of different fuels used for energy production from 1990 to 2000 (don’t remember well sorry)

    Writing 2: Doctors, nurses and teachers make a great contribution to society and should be payed more than entertainment and sports celebrities. Do you agree or disagree ?

    1) Work or study? some questions about my studies. Do I think that it is important to look in the mirror? (not sure why the examiner asked this as it wasn’t related to the previous questions)
    2) About the book I would like to read again
    3) Questions about literature, its influence on culture etc

  10. MarkGeo Izuchukwu says:

    I just concluded my Academic Speaking Test a couple of minutes ago. Port Harcourt (Nigeria)
    Wow!!! Keep up the great work Miss/Mrs Liz
    It’s like the questions were picked from your blog.
    Part 1
    Do you Work/Study
    Where do you work.
    What’s your role or something like that
    Why did you choose the work

    What’s your favorite color
    Have your favorite colour changed from your childhood
    What’s your friends favorite color

    Who’s your favorite celebrity
    What’s he/she into
    Have you met any celebrity before?

    Part 2
    who you recently gave a gift
    what was the gift
    How did d recepient react (my 2 minutes was up)
    Why did you give that kind of gift (I didn’t see this question, but he asked it in part 3)

    Part 3
    why did I give that kind of gifts
    Factors taken into consideration for giving children gifts
    What celebration are children given gifts in my country
    Why do people commercialize events for gifts ( I just blabbed 🙂 then he rephrased it and I answered the way I can)
    I was under pressure
    Overall, I appreciate your effort. To prospective test takers, use your life experiences and expand it

  11. Hello ma’am,
    I appeared for my ielts speaking exam today. Here are questions:
    Part 1-
    Do you work or study?
    Don’t you feel sometimes you have to work alot in your job?
    How do you spend your evening time?
    which subjects did you study in your high school?
    Did you dislike any subject?
    Would you join teaching as a profession in your future?
    Do you have any connections with your school friends?
    Do you usually dream?
    Do you like to listen to other’s dreams?
    Do you think dreams have any significance?
    Would you like to study about dreams?
    Part -2
    Describe a time you felt proud when someone in your family achieved success.
    Do you look back and think about this success?
    Part 3
    What do you think children can do to please their parents?
    Do you think children should be given rewards or incentives on their accomplishments?
    What is your opinion about giving rewards to students in other fields such as arts and So on?
    Don’t you think giving too many rewards can be bad for children during the early years?
    What are the negative effects of rewarding children?

  12. Hi…Thanx to sharing speaking material . Today my exam speaking cue card is Cafe. so i advice to candidate before exam collect idea on recent exam topik.😊

  13. Omar faruk says:

    – Date : 21/03/2017

    part 1

    – about where i live

    – about cleaning house
    – role of parents for cleaning house.

    – about physical exercise
    and all 12 questions asked me about 3 above topics

    part 2
    _ Describe two people who you know from the same family_

    – who they are
    – how much you know each other
    – how much similar they are
    – why you like them so much from your family

    part 3

    – about children relationship with parents behaviour
    – difference about friends and parents relationship
    – employers should help their parents with some organisation
    – government should provide some initiative for literate parents
    – and other 2 questions that i have been forgotten…sorry

    and Madam your website helped a lot and i think it will help other students also…….. i am glad to share my exam information here. Best of luck guys 🙂
    L/R/W will be on 25 march 2017 and pray for me guys. Thank you.

  14. Hello Liz, First of all really I would like to say thankyou and also everyone, who provide questions there, which they experienced in exam. Through the all questions which are available in your blog, I can able to gave the best in exam.
    Today I gave Ielts speaking test
    Academic-21/03/217 (Jalandhar- India)
    Part 1:
    House or Apartment –
    Where do you live in house or apartment?
    How your apartment looks like?
    What did you see in window?
    Do you like to go on holidays?
    Had you on holidays when you in school?
    For how long you would you prefer to go on holidays?
    Part 2- CUE CARD
    Describe an advertisement you had recently watched-
    *What is about?
    *Where did you watched?
    Part 3-
    Got 4 question in it
    All questions were related to advertisement
    Now, I finger crossed for my result.

  15. Jomy Joseph says:

    Hello everyone,
    exam date was on 18th march kuwait.
    Writing part 1,
    Different fuels used to produce electricity in UK(line graph).
    Writing task 2
    weather sports/ entertainment persons or professionals like doctors, nurses and teachers, who make great contributions to the society, should be paid well.
    speaking part 1
    difficult task in the work, routine after the duty, noisy people especially talking over mobile phones in the public.
    speaking part 2
    An occasion you were not allowed to use your mobile phone
    When and Where
    Why it was not allowed
    what difficulties you had
    speaking part 3
    Is it necessary to use mobiles with camera? what is the use and how it disturbs others in public?

  16. I had speaking test today

    Part 1: Place where i live, best thing about my secondary school, subject i didnt like, robots
    Part 2: Decision of someone i disagreed with
    Part 3: Extension of topic 2, mainly on decision making

  17. Jatin Bansal says:

    Hi Liz and Everyone,

    Had speaking at Bangalore on 20/03/2017.

    what is your name
    what can i call you
    who is your favorite celebrity
    do you want to be a celebrity
    why you want to be a celebrity
    did you get any chance to meet any one of them
    who is your fav teacher
    why she was favorite
    do yu want to be a teacher
    have you ever taught earlier

    forgot any imp. appointment
    when and where it was
    why you missed it
    what your frnz said after you forgot

    Part -3
    do you really miss the appointment
    how can someone remember the appointments
    which is more imp. miss official appointment or frnz appointment

    There were few more questions related to Part -2. Forgot Sorry.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • rishi kumar says:

        Hi Liz and Everyone,
        I had my test on 18th march
        Venue:Hyderabad, India.
        part 1:
        About study,celebrity,favorite teacher
        piece of equipment you use at your home
        it is all about machines,their advantages ans disadvantages,how they help to reduce work load and 2 questions about robos
        Writing :
        task 1:
        A bar chart showing highest education qualifications in five different countries japan, usa, swizerland, germany ,britain.
        task 2:
        many peeople find it hard to balance work life and other parts of their lives
        what are factors for this and how to overcome those.

        Your lessons and tips helped me alot in my preparation liz,thanks a lot…!!!!

      • Hello Jatin,

        Greeting, could you please post the essay question you got in yours ielts?

  18. Test date: 18/03
    Melbourne (Australia)

    Task 1: Line chart about US government expenditure in 5 different fields of research from 1980 to 2008
    Task 2: some people believe the government should ban dangerous sports, while others think people should be able to practice any kind of sport. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.

    Part 1: different questions about photographs, bags (what I usually carry on, use different types of bags and what is important about them)
    Part 2: Talk about an important instrument of my house
    Part 3: questions related to part 2

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