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Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics 2018

Share your Recent IELTS Exam Questions: 2018


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  1. well, today was my ielts Speaking test
    examiner Asked some questions about

    1 Study or college
    2 cinema or music
    Topic About
    3 Describe a book You Read
    4 Paper Book or eBook
    5 How parents should Encourage their children for reading books
    6 what type of Book children like to read
    7 Younger Prefer to Read Paper made boook or eBook.

    end 👍👍👍👍

  2. Hi. My question is about the listening test academic held on 13 SEP .
    Heading – fill the blanks with no more than 3 words. Section 1

    Fee per child £ _______ including food (plus deposit)

    Fee was 5.5 and deposit was 20. How to write the answer
    5.5 +20 or 25.5 or just 5.5 or 5.5(20) .

  3. Hello Liz, Thank you for the amasing informations that you share through your website. Your help is valuable and contribute a lot to our success on ielts.

    I had my Academic IELTS exam on 15/09/2018 – Brasilia / Brazil (L/R/W)

    Writing Task 1: 4 bar graphs showing the performance of male and female students from Parston school and the national average for 5 skills (Maths, arts, humanities,…).

    Writing Taks 2: as countries develps, people tend to buy more and more car. Do the advantages for the individual outweigh the disadvantages for the environment?

    Part 1: show ID, tell your full name, where do you live (house/apartment?) do you like your neighborhood? Which room do you like most in you home? why?

    Part 2: Talk about a party. Where it was? What happened there to make you remember of it? Who are you with?

    Part 3: talk about leisure. What people like to do ? Where do they go? Balance between work and leisure. Is it hard to find that balance? Why?

  4. 15th of September 2018, Istanbul – Turkey

    Reading passage 3 was strictly awful. 10 questions were very hard to understand.

    writing 1: about average temperature and daily sunshining at Darwin and Melbour

    writing 2: about restoration expenditures. To what extent question

    At the speaking part in 16th of September 2018 I was asked:
    1) Study-work
    -Do you drink water?
    -Glass of water-plastic water prices

    2) Who I would like to meet
    3) Socializing
    -Gender differences on socializing

  5. Mahua Mandal says:

    Thank you Liz for your guidance.
    My exam date-15/09/18, academic at Tampa,Florida,USA.
    Writing -1( 4 graphs for one city and national average that country’s male and female student in different subjects)
    Writing -2( Peoples in developed countries buying more and more cars. Advantage and what is the disadvantage for the environment)

    Speaking- where are you living, why you prefer for that area? Is it necessary for advertising, did you wear a sunglass?

  6. Thank you mam a lot for valuable tips.
    Speaking test IDP Academic
    I took The test today (16sept) in bathinda (Punjab).

    Part1: introduction Question.
    What job you do? Why you choose this job? First day at job?

    Part2: interesting job you would like to do

    Part3:. What kind of job young people do?
    Is it good to change job?
    Is it hard to find an interesting job in your country?
    What kind of preparation should people vdo for a job interview?
    Whom they ask for choosing career?

  7. ayaan mehmood says:

    Islamabad Pakistam .
    15 sep 2018
    Speaking ..
    Where are you from ?
    Job opertunities there?
    Have you travelled by car ?
    Cue card
    Online lecture
    Part3 ..
    Hearing problem reasons ..
    Jobs for public speakers ..
    Benfits of speaking loud …

  8. Gautam Verma says:

    IDP, IELTS, 16/09/2018, 9AM IST, Jalandhar, Punjab

    Speaking Test
    Part 1,

    A) Profession related questions
    Job location, tasks, why you love working there?

    B) Sunglasses :- this question was turned into a debate
    Do you wear sunglasses?
    why you wear sunglasses?
    then the examiner asked me why do you think so?
    also she tried to test me further by talking about youngsters wearing sunglasses and weather I have gifted any one and with reasons.

    C) Spending habits
    How do you normally do your shopping?
    Why do you like to save money?
    Can you throw some light 💡 on what youngsters these days like to buy in India?

    Part 2 and 3

    Talk about, someone that helped you by providing something that you required the most.

    You can say,

    What it was?
    Who gave it you?
    Why it was important for you?

    How did you feel after getting it?

    Follow up questions

    1) did you tell someone about the laptop you received?
    2) what is the importance of ownership for a person?
    3) how does ownership effect our society?
    4) why do people accumulate material obejects?
    5) do you think it is a good thing?

    End of the test, examiner had a smile on the face, I almost felt like my mom is trying to ask me tough questions. Overall was a tough one to tackle, but thankfully I had so much of confidence and control on my words. Examiner was a nice lady, she even encouraged some of the answers with smile.

    I would like to thank Liz for her incredible lessons and videos. You are simply awesome.
    Thank you 😊

  9. Hi Liz,
    Thanks a lot for this websites amd tutorials. You are a great person.
    I had my LRW exam on 15th September.
    Module: Academic
    Location: Mumbai, India

    Listening was bit easy. Most of them were ONE word only & no more than three words questions.

    Reading was damn difficult. Third section had 7-8 questions on reference from paragraph which were tricky.

    Writing task 1: Two graphs. One described Average daily hours of sunshine from January-December in two cities of Australia. Second described average temperatures of those two cities during Jan-Dec.

    Task 2: Some people think Restoration of old buildings takes huge amount of government expenditure. It would be more beneficial to use this money for development of new buildings and roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with given statement.

    One doubt: I went with my disagreement with the statement stating While it is important to build new infrastructure, conditions of old buildings and threats associated with it should not be ignored. I have a doubt whether my stand is correct or not. And i ran out of time and couldn’t write conclusion paragraph. Is it possible to score above 6.5 with this ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 To miss the conclusion has a serious impact on your score for Task Response which is 25% of your marks for task 2. At all times, you should always write a conclusion.

  10. Hi Liz,

    I had my speaking on 11th and writing on 15th in Bengaluru.
    Module: Academic

    Speaking question:
    1. Do you live in a House or apartment? Are you planning to move to home anytime soon?
    2. Which part of the house do you like and why?
    3. Questions related to rain.
    4. Question-related to teachers from primary school.
    5. Difference in study formats and teachers during my parent’s schooling and my time.

    Cue Card:
    Tell about a friend who has done something interesting. who is she/he? When did she start and why? Why do you want to do the same?

    Section 3:
    1. Are young people getting enough opportunities nowadays than your time? why?
    2. If yes, does it mean we didn’t have skills back then or lack of opportunities?
    3. Who participates more in events/activities? Young people or older ones and why?

    Writing Task 1:
    1. Two graphs were given. One explaining average sunshine per day in two cities in Australia and the second graph displaying data of the average temperature of the same two cities.
    Writing Task 2:
    Government is spending money on the restoration of the old building throughout the world. Should the government spend money on housing and road development instead of restoration? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Thanks, Liz, your writing tips were helpful.

  11. Dear Liz, I had the listening, reading and writing today. (15/09/18)
    The listening was ok but the reading especially passage 3, finding information about the question and matching with paragraphs was quite challenging. I don’t know if you have lessons for this?

    Task 1: we were given 2 graphs 1 was about average sunshine in a month and temperates in a month in 2 cities Melbourne and Darwin.

    Task 2: (paraphrased) Restoration of old buildings in major cities around the world will cost an enormous expenditure for the government. It will benefit society if new houses and roads are built. Do you agree or disagree?

  12. Today was my ielts exam
    writing tasks
    1st task
    the line graph about daily sunshine and monthly temperatures in Darwin and Melbourne at Australia
    2 task about
    The restoration of old buildings in major cities in the world spends numerous government expenditures. This money should be use in new housing and road development. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

  13. I took IELTS academic exam in Sydney. My speaking exam questions were as follows:-

    What is your name?
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    How was your first day at work?
    You like cards or letters?
    When did you last time use letter?

    Cue card
    Describe a building you like.

    What was it?
    How was it made?

    Do you like buildings?
    What sort of building usually offices got?
    Government should restrict building construction?

  14. Syeda Dur-e-Najaf Zaidi says:

    Hi Liz,
    I have taken my Ielts speaking test on September 13th, 2018 in Karachi, Pakistan ,
    Questions that were asked as follows:


    What is you full name?
    What should i call you?
    What are you doing job or studies?
    Where did you studied? Why?
    Is it good place for studies? Why?
    Will you recommend others to study there? Why?
    Why did you choose to study there?
    Do you think people should drink good amount of water? Why?
    Have you been thirsty and there was nothing available to drink?

    Cue Card/Part 2

    You should talk about a teenager you know. You should say.
    Who is she/he?
    What is she/he like?
    Why do you like her/him?
    Does any one else like her/him in your family?
    Describe why you are talking about her/him.

    Part 3

    What is the difference between Children and teenagers?
    At what age should teenagers be considered as adults?
    Why teenagers have different behaviour then childrens?
    Does in our society teenagers respects elder? If not why not?
    Does People like parents respect elders in our society? If not why not?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi Liz thanks for this site …its rally good for students
        Today’s writing task 2 topic in Amritsar(Punjab) was…
        The restoration of old building in major cities throughout the world involves enormous expenditure.This money would brings more benefits if it is used to provide new housing and road development. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    • Thank you for sharing the topics which you had in the test and can you please share the experience about listening test.

  15. Chijioke Chinenye says:

    Hi Liz, your site is simply awesome. It has helped me trmendously. I had my Speaking today (14th September), I was asked;
    Where i live
    Favourite part of my room
    My favourite holiday and how I celebrate it
    Plants/flowers, if I love it, how to maintain one
    Dresses/fashion and how globalization is influencing it
    A special dress I wore for an occasion…

  16. IDP Sri Lanka Colombo
    Test Date 14th September 2018

    Part 1 : Do you work or Study? what was your first day in your job? Do you use maps? do you prefer electronic maps or paper map?why?
    Do you use email or letters?why?
    Do you send cards/ letters to your friends these days?
    Do you prefer to have email or a card for you birthday? why?
    do you think people will use email than letters in future? why?

    Part 2 : Cue Card
    Describe the job you do? How did you find what type of job you are doing? what kind of skills required to do the job ? why are you doing this job? What types of jobs categories can you identify in the society ? What types of jobs young generation prefer? why?

    Part 3: Do yo think schools are teaching whats required to a job? At what age do you think children plan for their job? what other skills required to be successful in job ?

    I must thank Liz for all the tips and great advice I took from this site. I practiced through all the sample topics for the spoken test and it helped me a lot when preparing for the test. Thanks again!

  17. Hi Liz, this website has really helped me a lot.
    I gave my IELTS on sep13 in India.

    The listening was comparatively the easiest.
    The reading was a bit tricky.
    The Task 1 had two diagrams of a site plan of an office.
    The Task 2 topic was an opinion based question
    Research on new medicines and treatment is essential for health and to deal with diseases.
    Who do you think should fund Government/private companies/individuals?

  18. Hi Liz! I hope this helps! Listening and Reading was easy but for the Writing, i think i didnt do well, particularly with the Task 2.

    IELTS UKVI – Academic
    Sept 13, 2018

    Part 1
    -House or apartment
    -saving money
    -being on time/being late

    Part 2
    -describe a magazine you like to read

    Part 3
    -compare newspapers and magazines
    -preferred types of magazines by the people in my country

    Task 1 – bar graph that shows the car trips with 5 purposes by men and women
    Task 2 – Some say that the most important thing about being rich is that one has the opportunities to help others. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    The task 2 was a struggle for me because i thought of the proposition as a shallow one, i did not quite understand what “thing” it was pertaining to, so it took me a long time to begin to write my first body paragraph that should have given my first reason why i agreed.

  19. Dear Liz, your website greatly helped me with my speaking test.
    I had the speaking test on the 12th September 2018 BC Nigeria

    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    What room is your favourite?
    Do you plan to move in the future?
    I was asked about a filling board if am correct? But I wasn’t sure about that. So she went on with other questions.
    Did you often eat foreign food as a child?
    Are foreign foods popular in your country?
    Do you think there will be an increase in foreign food in your country in the future?

    Part 2
    Cue card: something interesting a friend has done that you want to do
    What it was?
    When it was?

    Part 3
    Do people nowadays copy famous people?
    Do you think children should be allowed to study what the choose?
    There were more questions on children.

  20. Ahmed AlShareif says:

    Ielts academic
    13th September. Cairo, Egypt.
    Speaking test:

    Asked me about my name, work and what i like and dislike about my work.
    Asked me about music.
    The topic to talk about was the gathering information process. Further questions was about the same topic.

  21. Bhawna Chawla says:

    Research in new medicines and treatments is essential. Who do you think should fund these type of researches.private companies,individuals or government.
    Give reasons for your answers with suitable examples.
    13 September 2018

  22. davinder kaur says:

    Had my ielts exam on 13 august
    Listening:part one was something about children activities
    Part 2 was about green community
    part 3 was about a talk on business…like ..trade marks …design …etc
    part 4 was related to water supply in india by a different mean .
    READING:passage 1 ..birds
    passege 2 west africans
    passege 3 thinking out of the box
    WRITING TASK1: two diagrams about a design of an office building ..one realted to present view while other one revels the fututre plan of development
    WRITING TASK 2 : reseachers and finding medicines is very essential to cope up with diseases…who do u think give funds for this purpose – governments , individuals or private compnies?

  23. Gautam Verma says:


    Writing Task 2

    Paraphrased version

    Nowadays, medical research projects are funded in order to improve medicine and treatment. To help producing effective medication in order to improve health and tackle with various diseases.
    In your opinion, do you think that research should be carried by private companies, individuals or government?

    Opinion :- according to my friends this was a challenging question as question type and suitable structure was not very clear. But I opted for 2 reasons ( agree or disagree ) structure to explain my opinion.

    Writing Task 1
    There were two diagrams of a building with present day map and future plans for development. It was quiet easy to find out differences between the two building plans as the extension was carried out on the extra grass section on the east side of the building and certain rooms were dislocated with size differences in the future plan. However, cleverly in the diagram number 2 (future plan), two entrance gates were added (not so visible) . Luckily before summarising my 1st body para I noticed it.

    Listening :- Overall, was extremely simple and easy to understand, it took me less then a minute on average to grasp the whole section. There was a table completion which was easy too. The examination consisted of 15-18 multiple choice questions mostly in section 2 and 3.

    Reading :-

    I will post another comment to explain in detail as I am very exhausted just had a shower after a long day. In this exam section 3 was much effortless as compared to 1st.
    Overall, a tough nut to crack, however I solved questions and directly wrote on my answer sheet in order to save time as most of the students were struggling in the very end and many of them got their answer sheets snatched by the invigilator.

    Passage 2 : was on African culture and history. Questions were match heading, sentence completion
    Passage 3: was based on migratory birds and the journeys they take. Questions included some sentence comp. and yes/no/not given
    Passage 1: was on research and experiments conducted by several scientists to check, how studying overseas can be beneficial form a scientific perspective?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your task 2 was an interesting topic. Funding by individuals means the finances are often limited and facilities also limited. Private companies often fund research and have good facilities, but their results are owned by themselves. The government also funds research and the results/ medicines are available to the public, but funding is often restricted. Your task is to decide your opinion of which should carry out research and why.

      • Gautam Verma says:

        Hi Liz
        Thank you for your guidance on this question and I appreciate your time. Yes definitely, I had the same thought process while writing so I picked up private company with reasons, examples supporting my opinion throughout the entire essay(As you mentioned many times in your videos).
        I am short of words to express my gratitude towards you. Your lessons on YouTube and your website enabled me to perform above my expectations.

        Thank you for everything teacher 👩‍🏫😊

  24. sri lanka
    british counsil
    PART 1
    why choose
    first day
    PART 2
    you watched only sport and do you try it
    PART 3
    sportman and telicas
    sportman and business
    advertiesment and sportman
    did you eat foreign food in chilhood
    people will like foreign food in future

  25. Bangalore IELTS academic Sep 13
    sec 1. 2 speakers father booking party hall for kids birthday
    sec 2. monologue of setting up community garden
    sec 3. 2 speakers discussing intellectual property rights
    sec 4. 1 speaker describing water pump for Indian farmers

    multiple choice questions were 20 of 40

    Reading passage1 – birds of britain
    passage2- tribes of west africa
    passage 3- social experimental study.

    around 20 multiple choice questions.


    Task1 describe 2 diagrams of building blueprint
    1. office building in present condition
    2. Proposed changes in office layout

    Research into new medicines and treatment of diseases. who should be funding the studies private companies, government or individuals.?

    overall very lengthy, could manage to finish just in time.

  26. Ramandeep kaur says:

    ielts academic
    speaking (amritsar)
    part 1:hometown.. different seasons in your country.. favourite weather.. do u go to cinema often
    part 2:interesting place
    part 3: different cultures in ur country.. difference between countryside people and people living in cities.

    mam i hv a question.. my part 1 spkng was gd i used wide range of vocab and grammar and so was part 3 .. but i took frequent pauses while part 2 and m nt sure whether i spoke fr 2 minutes or not .. will it affect my score badly??

  27. Hi Liz , I had my exam on 12th september 2018.
    is your school is a best place to get education?
    what improvements you want to do in your school?
    Part 2
    talk about something you bought from your friend.
    Part 3
    is borrowing is better than buying things?
    what neighbours usually borrow?
    is borrowing money from friends is good?

    well, my followup part was to debatable.
    is there is any impact of this on my band scores?

  28. 11th September, Iran, Academic
    Speaking questions:

    Where do you live?home or apartment?
    Which room is your favorite?
    Do you want to change your home?
    Do you use map?
    Electronic map or written map?
    Do people live in cities?
    Do you use public transportation?

    Part2: describe a trip in which you use public transport?how did you feel?where did you go?

    What are advantages and disadvantages of public transport?
    How can we encourage people to use more public transport?
    And some other questions about public transportation.

    Wish you luck everyone.

  29. Akhil gupta says:

    Speaking part -1
    Plant, hobby,work or study
    Part-2 happy moment
    Part-3 work and money
    Money and relation
    Money and happiness

  30. Hi Liz

    Your website is very much useful for IELTS. I went through all the basic sample questions and it was of great help.

    Location :Pune, India
    Date : 10th Sep 2018.

    Speaking part 1:
    -Questions related to flat/apartment like
    Where do you live
    Which room do you like the most
    Any plans to move to some other house
    -Questions related to saving money like
    How did you save money during childhood
    How to teach a child to save money

    Speaking part 2:
    – describe a special dress you wore for a occasion
    what dress it is?
    when did u wear it?
    was was the feeling of others about the dress?

    Speaking part 3:
    questions more on clothing like
    do people prefer formal or informal wear?
    what dresses are considered formal in your country?
    what is the reason for the growth of textile industry?
    does foreign country affect our traditional clothing?
    affect of globalization on clothing?
    do people go in for comfortable clothing or grand clothing?
    does money affect the clothes we wear?
    and few other questions.

    Writing part 1:
    A company you work is ready to help a community with money and other things which are in need. Write a letter to your manager describing
    – describe the community you wanted to help
    – what sort of help do you want to do
    – why you wanted to help this community.
    Writing part 2:
    Some parents say that reading entertainment books is a waste of time, rather they should concentrate more on educational books. Describe your opinion on this.

  31. Speaking Exam on 11 Sep. 2018 Ludhiana and Bathinda, India
    Cue card Topics –
    1. A Tall Building
    2. Something Hand made
    3. Happiest moment
    4. A person you know from teenage

  32. Hey Liz,
    I had my speaking test an hour ago. They took my test ahead of the reported time as I have reached the venue half an hour ago (as per instructions). Thanks to your site.
    It helped me alot.

    Speaking test
    Date: 11-09-2018
    Full Name
    What should I call you?
    Do you Work or study?
    Where do you work?
    Do you like you like your work environment?
    What can be done to improve the work environment?
    Which are the popular sports in your country?
    Who is your favourite sports person? Why?

    Part 2 Cue card
    Indoor or outdoor, which is best place to study for you?
    Why you like to study there?

    Part 3 Further on studies
    Is it necessary to concentrate on studies for children?
    Which is preferred method for you to study? Long concentrated study hour without break or with small breaks?
    Is it good to study in group or not?why?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of group studies?

    That’s it!!!!
    It was pretty quick, I couldn’t realize that it ended that fast.

    Fingers Crossed!!!!

  33. Hi Liz,

    Thanks again for keeping this portal live for all the aspirants like me and your Writing TASK 2 advanced lessons are really helpful not just in IELTS, however, in my professional life too as I bought them last year and still using them 🙂

    Below are my questions for the upcoming test takers and my QUERIES for LIZ 🙂

    Speaking Exam Date: 06th Sep
    Location: New Delhi
    L,R and W Exam Date: 08th Sep
    Location: New Delhi

    Speaking Questions:
    Part 1: Basic intro, Work or study, Favourite colour, why I like it, What thing I can change at my work?

    Part 2: An interesting talk or lecture I heard recently.

    Part 3: About Communication technology

    Listening: Maximum Multiple choice questions (so prepare them well)
    Reading: practice Reading long passages as they were of maximum.
    Writing: Task 1: Letter to your office Director suggesting him to help some group for charity.

    Writing TASk 2: Some parents believe that reading entertainment books is a waste of time and they should study only educational books. What is your opinion?

    @LiZ- If I am right in understanding this ques, then I have paraphrased the topic sentence and chose my opinion as reading is entertainment books is important.

    I wrote 2 paras supporting why reading entertainment books are important and last conclusion para. Please confirm if I had taken the right approach here.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m really glad my Advanced lessons have been useful. I explained to someone called Wafaa further down the page about this question – take a look at my answer 🙂

  34. speaking date :8-09-2018
    auckland, NZ
    whr uh live ?house or flat?
    which room uh like?
    wher uh from?
    Talk about ur childhood best friend
    who is?
    when uh met?
    what uh did with him/her when uh were a child?

    is it imp to have a best friend in childhood?
    what is advantage and disadvantages to having a best friend in childhood?
    is it good to take advise from a best friend rather than family?
    having a lot of friends is good for teenagers?
    what are the disadvantages to having many friends in teenage age?

  35. Hi
    I am Manisha
    I’ve finished IELTS LRW test on 8/9/18

    part 1
    phone conversation between a lady and sports club official .

    part 2
    Tourist guide explaining a place to the tourist and interesting shop for purchasing things

    part 3
    A student talking about his studies on bilingualism and children

    part 4
    About supplementary food to boar and deer
    only 2 questions were about deer other were for boar.

    Part 1
    Carnivorous plants and its mechanism

    Part 2
    I dont remember but it was something about thinking capacity of western and estern people and some scientist research related to this

    Part 3
    Architecture design learning in School
    and was too long

    TA 1
    Graph showing internet usage at 4 different places namely house,workplace,college and library between 1998 to 2004

    TA 2
    The international community shoud work actively to reduce the use of fossil fuels by different countries.
    to wr extent do you agree or disagree?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Simr Sandhu says:

      Hi Manisha, I have also given the examination of September 08, 2018. I found that listening was quite tricky and reading passage 2 and 3 was little complicated than passage 1.
      did you feel the same ?

      • Hey! I also found the listening section was made so tricky to make students not secure the desired score. Very disappointed after such a good preparation.

  36. Academic (IDP)
    Location- Bathinda

    Writing task 1- The graph shows the number of people in UK asking about how they use internet between year 1998-2004.

    Writing task 2- T-he international community must act immediately to insure all nations to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel ( gas and oil )
    To what extent do you agree or disagree.

  37. Hi Liz,

    I took the test today in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    IELTS academics

    Speaking test

    Part 1: work or study? Why did you choose that job? What do you do in a day outside? Do you go Alone or with someone? Which is the best place you have Ever been in a day out? Which place Would you like to go on a day out?

    Part 2: something a friend has done and that you Would like to do

    Part 3: do you think It is a good thing to teach children to be ambitious at the school? Who do you think are the ones Who influents a person the most? When ambition becomes a bad thing?


    Part 1: a women calling a breakdown service for her car

    Part 2: a person giving information for a Beach resort

    Part 3: a conversation btw 2 drama students talking about Agatha Christie’s work

    Part 3: a Talk about trust and economycs


    Part 1: a text about the story of pencils, part 2: a text about athletes, part 3: a text about theories of the origin of planets


    Task 1: a bar chart comparing undergraduate students in the UK in three different years, studying full or part time (male/female)

    Task 2: Human activity has had a negative effect on plants and animal all over the world. Some people think that is too late to do something about It. Others think that there is still time to take effective actions. Discuss both sides and give your oppinion.

    In this task, I agree fully with the second idea. In the intro, I paraphrased the topic and gave my oppinion. In the second paragraph I talked about why people think that It is too late to do something. In the third one,I talked about why people think the others way and agree with that (simply with the sentence “and I agree with this idea”). Finally, in the conclussion, I restated that even though people have varied oppinions on the subject, my oppinion agreed with the second idea and explained why in a summed manner. Do you think I wrote task 2 correctly?

    Thanks Liz for all your help, I couldn’t have make It without this webpage.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your ideas sound fine, but your marks are based on much more than just that. Good luck with your results 🙂

  38. anitha perumal says:

    general training
    exam center – CANADA . Windsor
    date – 09/08/2018 – 2pm

    task -1
    you live in apartment or house ?
    which room you like most ? why ?
    will u change housing in future ?
    do you like rain ?
    is rain change in recent years in your country ?
    is it usually hot in the place you live ?
    which whether u like it most ?

    task -2
    last time u did shopping in market –
    – when did u shop last
    – what things can be purchased there ?
    – what did u buy ?

    task – 3
    do u like shopping ?
    why girls shop more than boys ?
    is it all stuff in sales worth for money ?
    why people buy things which they don’t need ?

    writing –
    task -1
    you missed friends invite
    – say sorry for not coming
    – explain how you contacted to inform
    – propose a alternate plan

    task -2
    some people think, money is best gift to give to youngs, others did-agree. discuss both views and give opinion

  39. general training –
    exam center – CANADA , Windsor
    date – 09/08/2018 – 2pm

    speaking task – 1
    where do you live ?
    why do you like that ?
    what is there around that place ?
    how many seasons there in your place ?
    which is your favorite and why ?

    task -2
    apart from English , what other language u would like to study ?
    – what language you will study ?
    – why you study ?
    – how will you study ?

    what education center improve – in terms of gaining more people’s attention ?
    how do people can generally learn other foreign language ?
    whether all can learn foreign language easily ?
    why its so important ?
    is any language can beat English ?

    Writing –
    task – 1
    you missed to attend friends invite
    – apologize for not coming
    – explain how did you try to contact him/her
    – what is the alternate plan

    task -2
    some people think money is the best gift to give it to youngsters, while others disagree.
    disscuss both the view and give opinion

  40. Hi Liz

    I took my academic ielts on 8 sept 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Part 1:
    Do you work or study?
    What do you like about your work?
    Do you want a change regarding your work?

    What is your fav colour? Why?
    What is the colour of your home?
    Did you use bright colour when you were child?

    Do like drawing or painting?
    What kind of drawing do you like?
    Did you learn to draw something?

    Part 2.
    Skill that you need a long time to learn
    – what
    – when did you learn
    – why you need a long time to learn

    Part 3.
    Why people need a long time to learn new skill?
    What kind of skill that people will take a long time to learn?
    Do you think that people nowdays like to learn a new skill? What kind of skill they would like to learn?
    How about cooking skill? Do poeple need a long time or short time to learn it? Why?
    Do you think passion important in work life? Why?

    Writing task 1:
    compare two tunnels in Australia

    Writing task 2: (i do not remember the exact sentence).
    In countries where are a huge number of unemployment pupils, only need primary education; no need offering secondary education.
    To what extend do you agree or disagree.

  41. ज्योति says:

    I took Test today
    Reading was quite easy..listening was little bit tricky with most of MCQs

    Writing task was..some parents believe that reading books for entertainment is wastage of time. They think children should spend time on reading only educational books.what is your opinion?

    Hope to get desire result..finger crossed..

  42. Abdul Hamed says:

    Hi Liz,
    I learned a lot from your tips, techniques especially on IELTS Reading and Writing Task 2, and i hope to score well in overall test.I had my IELTS exam today and following is the question asked in Writing Task 2, General Training held in Dubai, UAE.

    Some parents believe that reading books of entertainment for their children is a waste of time and they think that their children should only read serious educational books, what is your opinion ?

    Thank you for helping us. God bless you.

  43. Hello Liz,

    I have appeared for IELTS general exam today at Pune India.
    Writing task1:
    You are working in giant company which does financial or other items help to the different group of local community. Write to your director about some group to whom you want to provide help next year.
    1. Describe a group
    2. How and what group will get benefit by this
    3. What kind of help you expect to provide

    Some parents believe that child should not waste time by reading entertainment books but instead they should spend time to read educational books only. Upto what extend you are agree?

  44. Hi Liz, thank you very much for all your help.

    I took my speaking exam on September 8th in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Part 1: do you work or study? Why did you choose that job? how was your first day at work?

    Part 2: Talk about something a friend has done that you Would like to do yourself

    Part 3: questions About influence, ambition

    I was a bit nervous during the long turn, and I couldn’t speak as fluent as I Would have liked to. Will that lower my Mark?

    Thank you very very much!

  45. Hardik Modi says:

    Ielts wrotting task 2
    The international community must act immediately to ensure all nations to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels e.g. gas and oil.

    Part 1
    What do you do?
    Part 2 cue card
    Important part of your country
    Part 3
    City people vs country side people
    Differntiate between language cloths habits

  46. M.M.A park says:

    I did my IELTS (academic) in Sri Lanka
    Listening in section 2 there was a map
    Writing task 1 population of four different countries lt is line graph
    Task 2 employers should give holidays to employees to do their job well
    Speaking part 2 describe beautiful city
    Part 3 how to protect historical site

  47. Dear Liz,

    I took my IELTS LRW test today as part of General Training IELTS. The following were the writing tasks questions.

    Task 1: You are working for a company which provides help with money and other resources to certain group of people who are in need. Write a letter to you manager suggesting the following:
    – Which group of people do you suggest.
    -What help do they need.
    – How can company help them.

    Task2: Parents think that children reading entertainment books is waste of time and they should read serious educational books instead.
    – Give your opinion.

  48. Dear Liz,
    I thank you so much for all the efforts you exert to help IELTS students.
    Today I did my GT Test in Qatar.
    The reading part was quite hard. However, I am concerned about the writing task 2, it was like:
    Many parents believe that when their children read books for entertainment, they are wasting their time, and that they should read only serious and educational books.
    What is you opinion about this?
    The question is direct and I considered it an opinion essay. I followed your opinion essay structure (one-sided approach), and took the side of reading for entertainment. The three body paragraphs listed three main reasons why I think this is beneficial for children.
    1- Reading books for entertainment helps children develop a mature personality because when they read different genres and they are interested in what they read, they accumulate knowledge and awareness.
    2- reading books for entertainment is a great investment for children’s leisure time instead of using this time in watching aimless cartoon and TV shows.
    3- Reading books for entertainment contributes to language acquisition in children as they read something they are interested in and thus they pay more attention for details. They acquire more words and expressions and apply them in new contexts, especially educational discipline.

    what I want to ask you about is: are my main ideas relative? Am I addressing the task appropriately? Or I miss part of it?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 This question contains to issues: books for entertainment / educational books. Your answer must address all parts of the question. The question has asked you if you believe they should only read serious books – did you answer that part of the question? You are asked to give your opinion on the whole question, not part of it. This means your score for Task Response won’t be strong, but hopefully your score for all other parts will be.

    • Wafaa i also appeared in G IELTS at Doha. I wish you good luck! 🙂

  49. Shipra Tanwar says:

    Shipra from
    House and apartment
    Which is your favourite room in your house and why
    Teachers of today and earlier days
    Whom do you think are more interested in learning , older people or youngsters
    Describe an interesting thing that your friend had done.
    What was it?
    When did he do that?
    Would you like to do the same thing and why?

  50. Sultanate of Oman

    I just finished my speaking test
    first he asked me:
    – Are you a student ?
    – how was your first day at work?
    – talk about the best trip !
    then he asked me about rain if I like it? why?

    Aslo, some questions were about people changing their minds/ reasons / what I think about that, etc.

    part 2
    talk about something you planned for then you changed your plan ?
    when? why?

    part 3
    was about how people/accept changes and so on

    in part 2 I finished in less than 2 minutes and then he asked me more questions , will that affect my score ?

    Also, I’d like to say thank you Liz, your blog was very helpfull 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your fluency is measured in more than just minutes in part 2. Good luck with your results 🙂

  51. Hi Liz
    I took my speaking IELTS exam just 1 hour ago. Saeed from Iran,
    Part 1:
    Do you live in a house or apartment
    Will you move in future?
    Did you eat foreign food when you were a child?
    Last time you experienced new food?
    In future, will people continue to eat foreign food?
    Part 2:
    Something you lost which was important to you.
    Part 3:
    Why do people lose things?
    Can we have order to help us not lose thing? (I don’t remember exactly)
    Does order kill curiosity?
    Some countries are organized. Advantages and disadvantages.
    I have a question: at the beginning of part 2, I said two or three words, then changed the structure of my sentence. Will it affect my score?
    By the way, thanks for your great support…

  52. Candidate Name: Nikhil Saini
    Test Center : Chandigarh
    Test Date : 7th September 2018

    Part 1:

    Your full name?
    Where are you from?
    Are you working or studying?
    Where you work?
    What would you like to change at your office?

    Favorite sports person?
    What other sports are popular in your country?

    Part 2 which was cue card:

    Describe anything which you borrowed from your friend or family member?

    – who was the person
    – what was the thing?
    – why u bought it?

    Part 3:
    Poolling and other things
    Why people doesn’t like to share their personal belongings such as cars or appartments?
    Will it change in the future?

    Part 1 and part 3 went pretty smoothly, I answered it very accurately, but did asked the examiner for repeating the question on two occasions, now I wonder will it impact negatively?

    Part 2; I spoke between one and half minute with bit of hesitation. The examiner pointed me towards one bullet point which I already mentioned but she asked me to say about it again

    Please guide me what could be the band score ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your score is based on fluency, vocab, grammar and pron – cue card prompts do not affect your score.

  53. Hi Liz,
    I think you and your website has helped a lot of people including me to not only understand the IELTS exam but excel in it as well. Any kind of appreciation for you will not be enough for the kind of service you are doing for others. Still a big THANK YOU!
    My speaking test details:
    Test Date – 7th Sept 2018
    Test center – Chennai, India
    Mode – GT

    Part 1:
    1. Do you study or work?
    2. Where do you work?
    3.. Do you like your job?
    4. How was your first day at your job?

    Part 2: Cue card
    1. Describe a useful website?

    Part 3:
    1. what is the impact of social networking site on the society?
    2. How is it helpful for elderly people?
    3. What kind of information you can get from internet?
    4. Why people prefer watching news on internet rather on paper?
    5. What kind of entertainment you can get from internet?
    and few other internet related questions.

    I felt that i went well. I noticed that examiner was smiling on few of my answers. I hope that was a good sign and i will also smile when i get my score 🙂

  54. Karamveer singh says:

    Date -7th sep,2018
    Hi,today I have given my speaking test
    1st part
    What’s ur name?
    What should I call u?
    Tell about urself?
    Work or study?
    Do u wear sunglasses?
    How often you buy sunglasses?
    Have you lost ur sunglasses?when ?
    Part 2 topic
    Describe a person doing something about environment in your city?
    Who the person is?
    What he does?
    Did he have any difficulty doing it?
    Part 3
    Do scientist can do anything about environment?
    Do children should given a knowledge about protecting environment in school?
    Thank you

  55. General Training
    September 6, 2018

    Part 1
    Do you work or do you study? What do you at work? Do you like your work?
    Do you often get bored? What do you do when you’re bored? Describe a time when you get bored.
    Did you wrote letters when you were a child? Have you written much letters today than you were a child? On special occasions, do you prefer receiving card or email?

    Part 2
    What are the methods you used to learn Math during primary/elementary?
    How did you learned it?
    Who taught you?
    How did you feel about it?

    Part 3
    Do you think children should use calculator in learning Math?
    For how long should you use calculator in studying Math?
    Why is it important to learn Math?
    Are you good in Math?
    In your country, what can the government do to teach people who are not good in Math?

    You’re the best Liz! I’ve seen lots of IELTS website, watched various IELTS teachers, purchased BC Road to IELTS, but yours is the best, the fact that it’s all for free!
    Please continue doing your work, you’re not only helping us – students, but you’re also helping families achieve their dreams.

    God bless you Liz! Lots of love from the Philippines!

  56. Zohaeb Mohammed says:

    General Training Ielts speaking
    Date: 07-sep-2018
    Location: Makkah, Saudi Arabia

    1) Full name
    2) Do you Work or study
    3) Where do you work
    4) Is it a Good job or not
    5) Do you want to make any changes there?
    6) Do u like goggels
    7) Do u like to spend some money on goggles
    8) Do you prefer Shoe comfortable or fashionable

    Topic 2
    Cue card
    Describe about a Nation flower or plant famous in your country?

    Do you like plants personally

    Topic 3
    1) Agriculture and country side living
    Advantages and disadvantages
    2) Will country side improve in future
    3) Technology and cultivation advantages and disadvantages

    Thank you
    This website is very informative and helpful.

  57. September 7th
    Location:Vijayawada, India
    Type: General Training

    Liz, thanks so much for your effort to provide all the required information, tips and classes all in one place. Below are my speaking topics:

    Part 1:
    Where do you live?
    Do you live in an apartment or house?
    Favorite room in the house?
    Do you want to live there in the future or move?

    Part 2:
    Talk about a talkative person you know.
    – when and where did you first meet this person
    – what does this person speak about
    – How do you feel when this person speaks

    Part 3:
    Are you a talkative person?
    What is important while doing presentations?
    Can communication be developed? If so, how?
    What is the difference between formal and informal conversations?
    Does personal relation with colleagues make the business negotiations with them easy?
    What kind of personal relation do you develop with you co-workers?

    Hope that helps. Good luck to all those taking the test.

    This is my second attempt. Fingers crossed! I felt I didn’t do well in Part-2 for some reason. It was like better answers, ideas and thoughts come to your brain right after you step out of the exam hall kind of moment!

    Liz, I have some free time while planning for the next step of my career. I would like to offer you some help with your website in my free time, if you need. Please feel free to reach out. Just loved your intentions to help many students, so wanted to support you without expecting anything but learning from you.

    Thanks so much!

    PART-1 ABOUT COOKING and weather and

  59. General Training
    Lagos, Nigeria

    Test 1:
    * Do you like international food?
    * Did you enjoy eating international food as a kid?
    * When was the last time you ate an international food?
    * Do you think people will eat more international food in the future in your country?
    * Do you enjoy your work?
    * Can you remember the first day at work?
    * Are you happy about your work?
    Test 2:
    * Talk about an item that you use to own but now want to replace. What is the item? When did you get it? How did it get damaged/lost? Would it be easy or hard to replace it?
    * Do you like keeping to time?
    * How do you feel if someone keep you waiting?
    * Do you wear a watch growing up?
    * Do people keep to time in your country?
    Test 3:
    * What do you think about consumerism and how it affects the environment?
    * Do people recycle items in your country and is it good or bad?
    * Apart from plastic bags what other items could be recycled?
    * What do people consumer now that they don’t consume before?
    * What do people consume before that they don’t consume now?
    * What do people consume now that they do consume before?
    * How do we ensure that we don’t have a wasteful consumer population?

  60. General Training
    Lagos, Nigeria

    Test 1:
    * Do you like international food?
    * Did you enjoy eating international food as a kid?
    * When was the last time you ate an international food?
    * Do you think people will eat more international food in the future in your country?
    * Do you enjoy your work?
    * Can you remember the first day at work?
    * Are you happy about your work?
    Test 2:
    * Talk about an item that you use to own but now want to replace. What is the item? When did you get it? How did it get damaged/lost? Would it be easy or hard to replace it?
    * Do you like keeping to time?
    * How do you feel if someone keep you waiting?
    * Do you wear a watch growing up?
    * Do people keep to time in your country?
    Test 3:
    * What do you think about consumerism and how it affects the environment?
    * Do people recycle items in your country and is it good or bad?
    * Apart from plastic bags what other items could be recycled?
    * What do people consumer now that they don’t consume before?
    * What do people consume before that they don’t consume now?
    * What do people consume now that they do consume before?
    * How do we ensure that we don’t have a wasteful consumer population?

  61. Dear Liz,
    Today I finished my speaking test.
    India- Hyderabad. (GT)

    I have done my speaking test well but I have few questions regarding the test. Part 1 and 2 I did well with good fluency but in part 3 my examiner did repeat the question twice. Does this affect my score Liz? I’m bit worried about the repetition done by the examiner?

    Speaking test questions-

    Part 1 was about my work, music and cooking.
    Cue card is to describe about a plant which I spoke about aloe vera.
    Part 3 was about farming in country side and changes that would take place in future.

    I will update my L,R,W questions on Saturday that is 8th of September.


  62. Module: General,
    Place: India
    Test Date: 6 Sept 2018

    Part1 – usual topics
    part2 – Situation when you had to change your plan, follow up: do you often change your plans?
    part3 – why people change their plans, do older people change plan less often than young people, why is that, do emotional aspects play role in people changing their minds, is it easy to convince someone, what are some ways to convince someone.
    All the best!

  63. Dear Liz,

    Just gave my speaking test.

    Part 1
    Where are you from?
    Do you eat breakfast?
    What’s the first thing you do in the mornimg?
    Do you have a routine?
    Do you have a favourite colour?
    What is your stake about bright colours?
    What colour do you prefer for a car?

    Part 2
    Describe a family business that you know

    Part 3
    Do you think g
    Goverment should regulate exportation?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of having relatives in family business?
    Advantages and disadvantages of exportation?

    Thanks Liz for your effort and committment to this website.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You’re welcome 🙂

    • Hello Liz!
      Nurse, Philippines

      Since your site helped me a lot, I want to share my speaking test which happened yesterday. I dont know where to comment so I just replied here.

      Part 1
      > introduce yourself
      > what do you do, are you working/studying
      >describe your work

      Part 2
      >describe an event where you complained about something and an action was taken easily. You should say:
      *what did you complain about
      *who did you complain to
      *what did action was taken
      * what was the result of the action taken?

      Part 3
      > What can you say about people who always complains?
      >are there kinds of people who have nothing else to do but complain? What can you say about them?
      >who do you think complaints more, the younger generations or the older ones? Why?
      >what can you say about people who doesnt complain about anything?

      After I finished answering part 2, I noticed that the examiner was a bit shocked that I am already finished. I became nervous. But I was certain that I spoke for more than a minute, maybe 15 seconds short from 2mins. She then asked me, “who did you tell it to?” So i repeated my answer and said, “I told our HR Officer….” then she proceeded to part 2.
      Should I be worried? Does an examiner tell you when your answering time was too short? Thank you Liz.

      • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Usually your aim is to keep talking until the examiner stops you. However, it is ok to stop early. Your fluency is measured in more than just time. Always remember than when the examiner asks a question, he or she does not care about the information. All questions are just an opening for you to showcase your English language.

  64. General Training
    6th September, 2018 (Speaking Test)
    1. Where do you come from?
    2. What do you do? Working or studying?
    3. Do you listen to music? Why?
    4. Do you listen to music as a child?
    5. Do you think your choice of music will change in the near future?
    6. Do you have good work relationship with your co-staff?
    7. What makes a job good?
    8. Do you think your choice of good job will change in the near future?

    Part 2
    Describe an important event in your life you celebrated recently.
    Tell: 1. What the event was
    2. How you celebrated it
    3. Who you celebrated it with
    Why is this event important to you?

    Part 3
    1. What type of events do people celebrate in your culture?
    2. Do you think there’s any benefit for a country hosting an international event?
    3. Due to the advent of technology do you think it is necessary to attend international events since you can watch the event at the comfort of your room? ( I think he (examiner) asked this question because I cited the economic benefits of hosting world cup; Russia 2018 to be precise,as an example)
    **That’s all I can remember now**

    Many thanks to you Liz,your website have been really helpful.

  65. hi mam .
    my speaking test on 6th september 2018.
    venue – ludhiana

    part 1
    about colour ,pair of shoes, worker or student.

    part 2
    talk about a teenager .

    part 3
    younster responsibity,

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Well id like to thanks v much……just now im out from my speaking test i feel good n happy….hav done well finger cross…..still hope high band score………
      Riyadh hara…..
      My part was abt my current place
      What i wld like to change in my area
      My favrt colr
      Do u wnt to paint the same colur in bedroom
      Part 2
      Valuable thing what he gave
      who gave
      How do u feel abt it
      In part 3
      Some question abt advertisement
      Business owning why people want
      What are the evironmental problems people are facing by factories……if im nt wrong…..these questions were asked by britsih examiner. …….
      N thanks again…….miss liz…….
      Lot of love from india

  66. Hi liz
    Your site is very useful for all students who attemts ielts test .
    I want to share my speaking exam which I attended on 3rd of September in moga city which is located in punjab
    In part one
    She ask me my name and from where i came to give ielts exam
    Do you like cooking ?
    When did you cook last time ?why..
    What meal people prefer in your country ? Why

    In part two
    I was asked about describe a time when you helped of someone ?

    In part three

    Is it good to help of people ?
    What type of helps people can do ?
    And she asked me many wuestion regarding help

    Liz i am little confuse that she confused me by adding more vocabulary in her question in part three but i gave answere wheather i gave wrong but i gave with confidence 😜 i dont know how many bands i will get ? Pray for me ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your results 🙂 It is normal for the examiner to paraphrase the question in part 3 to help you understand it more easily.

  67. GT Colombo on 05/09/2018
    PART 1
    Do you drink bottled water? why?
    Is it Affordable? why?
    Why do you like your village, that you live in?
    PART 2
    A valuable present that you received
    who gave it to you?
    what did you use for?
    PART 3
    What do you think about current consumer habits?
    Why do people prefer to buy lots of things?
    How bad is this habit to the environment?
    Are people becoming greedy because of this habit?
    What can be done about misleading advertising?

  68. Haresh Kumar says:

    Hi Liz,
    I really admire your work and wish it shall keep going & helping candidates.
    Today I had speaking test at Karachi via British Council. Below is recreation of my test questions as far as I recall:

    Part 1:
    Do you live in a house or an apartment? Which room do you like the most in your house?
    Do you like rains? Do you like going out when it rains?
    Do you like cities? Do people in you country mostly live in cities? Have you visited a city?
    Would you like to live in wet or dry city?

    Part 2:
    Describe a magazine which you like to read:
    – what the magazine is about
    – when did you read it first
    – How is it like reading that magazine
    Do you often discuss the article of that magazine with people?

    Part 3:
    Do you find profession of journalism interesting? why not?
    What kind of people do you think like journalism?
    What qualities should a person have if he has to pursue journalism profession?
    Do you think a journalist should have good knowledge about the topic?
    What type of news do you think is important, local or international?

  69. Academic Module
    Almaty, Kazakhstan
    Speaking test on 06.09.2018
    Writing will be on 08.09.2018
    Where are you from?
    Where do you live?
    What do you like about your house?
    What do you like about your neighbourhood?
    Do you often travel by car?
    Are there a lot of trafic jams in Almaty?
    Do you cook?
    Why do people enjoy cooking?
    What do you prefer, going to restaurants or eating a home cooked meal?
    The last time when you ate a tasty food?
    Part 2
    Describe a teenager you know
    How old she/he is
    Where do you met
    what kind of person she/he is
    Part 3
    Why teenagers argue with their parents a lot?
    Why do they often dislike teachers?
    How do you think a person’s behaviour changes from childhood?
    How do youngsters in KZ treat elderly?
    Do you think the tendency has changed since the past times?
    At what age do you think teenagers become adoloscents? Why?

  70. Speaking test 4/9/2018

    Part 0
    What is your full name?
    What should I call you?
    Where are you from?

    Part 1
    Where are you living?
    Why are you living there?
    What is the best thing about your locality?
    How are your neighbours?
    Do you meet them often?
    What kind of drawing or pictures do you like?
    Do you used to draw when you were a child?
    Do you use car for traveling?
    When did you use taxi last time?Why?

    Part 2
    A new language that you would like to learn
    What is that language?
    Why you want to learn it?

    Part 3
    Why is it important to have an international language?
    What could be the disadvantages of having an international language?
    What is the impact of having international language on business development?
    What is the impact of having international language on students?
    According to you, which language (apart from english) should be an international language ?


  71. Hi Liz,
    I have taken my Ielts speaking test on 5th Sept 2018 in Toronto Canada ,
    Questions that were asked as follows:
    In part 1
    1.Do you live in a house or flat.
    2.which is your favourite room and why
    3.do you like to buy your own house or would you move in future and why
    question about maps
    1.how often do you use map
    2.when you use it
    3.have you ever asked directions from people .
    4.what do you think is better, digital or paper map and why
    Then in part 2
    1.describe an event which made u feel happy
    Where it happened
    With whom u were
    What was the event
    And explain how u felt about it
    In part 3
    Questions related to money and happiness
    1.do you think money can buy all the happiness
    2.whats the difference between happiness from relationships and happiness from money
    3.do you think rich people often fail to understand who is their true friend
    And there were questions about how work can make you happy and other questions I didn’t remembered

    My examiner was not friendly and she was giving wierd expression while I was answering the questions she was making faces as if she is not understanding what I am saying, so looking at her expression I got distracted and in part 2, I almost stopped after 1 minute becuz my mind got diverted ..
    This was my second attempt
    In the first attempt, I scored very good Marks in speaking test which was band 7.5 as that time my examiner was very friendly and she made me feel comfortable .but this time she was not even asking the question clearly I mean she was confusing me sometimes she asked something and then she changed it. Her voice was also not clear she was speaking in a very dull voice and sometimes I wasn’t even able to heard her clearly ..I am worried now I dont know what will be my result ..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is a shame that there is no camera recording the speaking test for that reason. However, it is important that you are prepared for an examiner who is not encouraging and may be slightly off putting. You need to have the confidence to deal with it and be fully prepared. I wish you luck with your results 🙂

  72. Tanmoy Das says:

    Exam Date: 05 Sep 2018
    Location: Dhaka
    Speaking Questions:
    PART 1:
    1. Do you drink tab water or bottled water?
    2. How much water do you drink everyday? why?
    3. Is it costly to buy bottled drink in your area?
    4. Do you work or study?
    5. Do you enjoy your work?
    6. DO you have any recommendation to improve your workplace?
    PART 2:
    Describe a young child, you should say:
    1. who is he
    2. how you know him
    3. what he does
    4. why you like him
    PART 3:
    1. Giving children money every week. Is it good or bad?
    some other questions regarding spending money & young children. Sorry I forgot them..
    Hello Liz, I have a question; consider only the Grammar section of the marking criteria,
    I did 1-2 obvious grammar mistakes; e.g. He do photography. Is it possible to get 7 in Grammar criteria with 1-2 grammar mistakes considering my grammatical range & accuracy is 7-7.5 range?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The examiner is not counting the number of errors in that way. It is an overall impression of accuracy and range that counts.

  73. UKVI Ghana
    Just finished with my speaking test and it concentrated on books and children. It’s about reading to be precise.
    Part two was on a book I recently read. Overall it’s ok. Thank you Liz

  74. hi mam liz your website is very helpful of all…..
    May God Bless you and gives you Happy live and good Health for ever
    Speaking test Today at 11:30am
    Karachi (Academic )

    `Part 1
    -live in house/apppatment
    -your Favourite rooom
    -do you like raining
    -do you wear watch etc

    Part 2 Talk about an important item you lost
    what is it
    how you lost it
    where you lost it
    what you felt about it

    Part 3
    how often do you lose item
    why some people lose their item and some not
    how can we find them agian
    do you organized you things
    how parent teach their childern to orginzed things
    how much is important for student to organized things.

    Thanks Dear Mam Again

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi,
        I have attended my speaking test today at Chennai, India
        Name, Location, Favorite color, about dark color, Travel by car, How often use car, Car driving, traffic jam in chennai etc.,
        Part-II Cur Card
        Favorite book read-What, When & Why
        Part III
        It is necessary to read books?
        Children Vs Reading
        How parents can improve reading skills to their children(Teachers also),
        Difference between older and now in the reading
        How technology involved in reading

    • I had same test on 15 August in india
      Examiner seems very friendly
      I gave all answers of his questions also speak 2 mins on this topic
      But when I saw my result I was totally taken a back he only gave me 4.5 band I don’t know where the problem is????

  75. Yesterday was my speaking exam
    Part 1 name
    Home town
    Do u like goggels
    Do u like to gift it someone
    Part2 talk about a film or TV show that made u laugh

    Part 3 why children laugh so much
    Why they laugh so easily
    Why adult do not laugh easily
    What tyoe of people can make people laugh
    Effect of laughter on health
    And many more.

    I have a question
    I give my answer in partial view in a agree or disagree essay then is there any penalty for that

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You can choose either one sided or a partial agreement – it’s your choice. The examiner is not marking which one you choose, only that your opinion is relevant, addresses all issues, and is full supported and developed.

  76. gurpreet singh says:

    i am gurpreet singh from mansa (punjab) India
    today 5th of sep
    part 1
    basic related to hometown and weather and rain (may be she put questions because today is raining from morning )
    part 2
    first mobile phone
    part 3
    compare with present mobile you have
    2 . children prefect age for mobile phone
    3. disadvantage of mobile for children
    4.right age which people can enjoy mobile phone
    5. text message is too popular today why?
    6.what old people enjoy mobile phone
    7.attractive applications too popular today why?

    plz tell me mam
    she was very friendly and started laughing during some questions
    is it any bad effect or good on my result or she used to laugh to boost my confidence

  77. Hi Liz

    I gave my speaking exam on 5th september 2018 GT.

    Part 1 : where Do I work
    Do I like comfortable shoes or fashionable shoes
    Do I like cooking
    When was the last time you had a good meal with your family at home
    When was the last time you purchased any new shoes

    Part 2 describe a person whom you never met but heard a lot about tht person

    Part 3 how do you meet new people

  78. Teen chick says:

    Part 1 friends and family
    Part 2 a magazine you like to read
    Part 3 related to journalist

  79. Speaking test 4 September Academic module at Chandigarh, India
    Where come from, study or working, what facilities university provide, what would you change in university area, what is your morning routine, is this routine changed from your chilhood to now, want to do something in morning ? How oftenly you go for cinema? What kind of movies you like? What kind of movies are famous in your country?
    And many more related to cinema…

    Part 2

    Describe a far away place that you would love to visit ?
    How would you go there?
    What place is this and where located?

    Part 3

    Tourist places in yiur country, what are tourist benefits to region, what environmental effects causes by it, why tourist through their waste in tourist places, family holidays, in your country people want longer holidays why?
    And she asked me alot more questions which i forget ….

  80. Hey,
    4 sept 2018
    Ambala (haryana ) india .(5:20pm)
    Some questions about sunglases
    Cue card equipment that you get repaired
    Questions about equipment
    Everything went good but by mistake i used single word of my native language hindi thats why i was worried
    Is this gonna be a problem !?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is not possible to lose points in your speaking test. All scores are based on your overall level of English. It’s not advisable to use a foreign word, but if you do, it’s best to just explain what you mean in English.

  81. Ramandeep kaur says:

    speaking test on 4 sep 2018
    venue -ludhiana punjab
    part 1
    work or study
    why you chose this job?
    do you like to become teacher when you were young?
    difference between the study of past and present.
    why people spend so much time on job?
    is it important to chose the career path in which you are interested?
    questions related to cards and letters
    part 2
    a recent activity that made you happy

    part 3
    how important is money?
    can money bring happiness?
    which type of happiness we can get from relationships and from money ?
    why people earn money ?

    hii liz.. i have answered all the questions although their was little bit grammer mistakes but she reacted postively everytime .and it seems that she found interesting my conversation..
    but i am in confusing state ..

  82. Speaking test (IDP)
    Location – Bathinda
    I had my exam today.

    Part 1 – about youself, study, seasons and weather, art and painting

    Part 2 – talk about a foreign language you want to learn ( except english )

    Part 3 – language in school, international language

  83. Yasir Aftab says:

    Lahore Pakistan Speaking Test

    1 intro yourself
    2. Time punctuality and importance
    3 how do you feel when other cause delay for you.

    4. 2mins talk
    Website that you use. Why you use. How often you use. You recommend to others

    5. Internet is good or bad?
    6. Do you use internet

  84. Nashin
    Academic module
    Iran, Tehran
    Do you know your neighbor
    What is attractive in your area for you
    Do have a lot of green spaces aaround you
    What can you do to improve parks?
    What was the last time you went to a park
    Do you think open space area are more important or lesiure activity places in park?
    Cue card:
    What is a good law in your country?

    Part 3:
    Do you think this law is acceptable for people
    Is there any situation that people might disobbey the law?
    Do people like being a police officer in your country?
    What qualities should a police officer have
    Why some people prefer to be lawyer?

    I barely could answer these questions, they were more difficult than the routine ones. Wish me luck for the rest of exam

  85. IELTS Speaking GT – PUNE
    Part 1:
    – Your Apartment
    – Email vs Letter
    – Different culture food

    Part 2:
    Talkative Person

    Part 3:
    Why are children talking less?
    Skills require for presentation

  86. Hi…had my speaking sessions today..Melbourne,Australia.
    Part 1
    What job you do?
    How is your working place?
    Do you want to make any changes there?
    Do you like going to parks?
    What do you want to improve atthe parks in your hometown?
    Part 2
    An important decision you made with the help of someone.
    -what was the decision
    -who helped you
    -how he helped you
    Part 3
    Do you always ask for help when making decisions.
    Do you think teenagers are able to take decisions on their own.
    Why some can make quick decisions and some not.
    What should national leaders consider when they make decisions.

  87. Had mine today 3rd Sept 2018.
    Questions were on
    Wht type of exercise exercise?
    Do you listen to music?
    Do you think music on CD will still be relevant in future?

    Task 2:
    Have you ever been told a story?
    By who
    What happened
    What was the effect of the story on you?

    Task 3
    What will you do to foster story telling?
    Should natural story telling still be a profession?

  88. Folashade Elizabeth (Nigeria) says:

    Speaking test
    Describe something you made with hand for your friend
    what is it ?
    When was it?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • My speaking test was on 2 September. it was maps and card que card lost important thing. N 3rd how children organise n why people lost things what should be do… Thanks liz it was nise

    • My speaking happened today – 4th Sep, Chennai

      Part 1:
      Do you live in a flat or individual house.
      Do you like rain
      How frequently does it rain?
      Have you ever changed your plans owing to rain?

      Part 2:
      Talk about your favourite animal

      Part 3:
      Do u think Schools shud teach about animals
      Wat r the advantages of having a pet at home

      And other animal related questions

  89. Hi
    I had My Ielts speaking test today
    At Vadodara,Gujarat

    Part 1
    1.Intro Question
    2.what job U Do?
    3.why U choose this job
    4.1st day at job
    other job related questions

    part 2
    A Job U like to do
    .what is it?
    What skill it wants
    why u find it interesting

    Part 3
    What kind of job young people want to do
    whom they ask for choosing career
    is it good to change job?
    why people move to urban area form rural?


  90. Taiyaba saiyad says:

    Taiyaba saiyad
    Vadodara, India
    1st September 2018
    LRW-8-september 2018
    Do u usually wear watch?
    Do u use map? When?
    Which one is better map on paper or digital map? To find way
    Part 2
    Describe happiest situation happen in your life!
    What was the event?
    Where and when it happened?
    With whom u enjoy
    Explain why is important!
    Part 3
    Different between money and good relationship?
    Can money can give u happiness allways?
    Some time reach people found themselves alone and upset why isthis happen?!

    May be this will help to others… Thanks lizz

  91. My Speaking test was today

    Part 1
    What kind of Plan you like ?
    Do you stay in home or Apartment ?
    Favorite Room ?
    where did you go for one day outing ?
    Would u move your house in future and why ?

    Part 2:
    Describe a situation when you planned something and it later got changed

    Part 3:
    Impact of Rapid changes on people ?
    What do u prefer Rapid or Gradual change and why

    Some other got Cue card on Favorite website, Describe a journey, a book you read

  92. Simranpreet kaur says:

    Helo liz
    I had my exam on 1 September in moga (India)

    Part1- 1. Where do you live?
    2. Do you live in a house or appartment?
    3. What is your favorite room in your home?
    4. Do you want to change your living place in future?

    5. Have you ever tried food from another culture?
    6. Is fod from another culure or country is popular among the people of your country?
    7. What type of peole like food from another culture?

    Part2- Describe an interesting job you want to do?
    1. What is the job?
    2. What are the skills that you needed to get the job?
    3. what is reason that you think that the job is interesting?

    One more short question after the part 2 .
    Is there us anybody who is doing the same job that want to do?

    Part3- 1. What are the different types pf job that are popular in your country?
    2. What are the benefits of doing a one particular job ?
    3. What can be the drawbacks of changing one job to another?
    4. What are the another types of jobs , other than the government job that youngsters want to do and why ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I had my speaking test yesterday
      Part 1
      Do u live in a house or apartment
      Would u like to move in the future
      Why you want to move
      Part 2
      Describe any happy moment which you recently experienced
      What is it
      When and where and with whom
      And explain why you felt happy
      Part 3
      Questions was about work and happiness

  93. Hello Liz,

    Module: Academic
    Speaking Exam Date: 08/23/2018
    Written (L,R,W): 08/25/2018
    Location: Manila, Philippines

    First of all, thank goodness your website does exist! I only had few weeks preparation. I enrolled to a review center but due to work, I only attended the review for about 4-5 times. I found your website through your Youtube channel and even if I am working, I browse your website to get information.

    I just want to share mine.

    For Speaking, the examiner asks:
    Part 1:
    – Why are you taking IELTS?
    – Are you a student or do you work?
    – Do you listen to music?

    Part 2:
    Cue Card:
    Talk about someone who took a photo of you
    – where were you?
    – what where you doing?
    – who took the photo?
    – what were your thoughts about the photo?

    Part 3:
    – do you think picture is necessary in newspapers?
    – do you think without pictures, newspapers will be less credible?
    *forgot the rest but the examiner asks me plethora of questions on this part*

    – Hoping and praying for a good results. Thank you for creating this website. 🙂

  94. Dhruvil mojidra says:

    I gave IELTS test on 25 august 2018 in india
    Writing task 1
    Table about Marathon runners participants in a particular country from year 2008 to 2012 considering two different age groups
    Writing task 2
    Younger ones are migrating to cuty areas from rural areas leaving their home.what are the causes ?
    Does its advantages overweigh disadvantages?

  95. Hi Liz, Good time.
    Your blog and advanced lessons were extremely useful for me. Thank you so much for your amazing website.
    Module: Academic
    August 25: Written Test
    August 26: Speaking Test
    Location: Malaysia

    Writing Task 1: The figures show the number of people in Europe who were affected by four types of noise pollution by day and by night in cities and rural areas in 2007. (two bar charts)

    Writing Task 2: Once children start to go to school, schools influence them on their intellectual and social development more than parents. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    Part 1:
    – Where are you from?
    – Do you work or study?
    – Do you live in a house or apartment? why?
    – What is your favorite room? Why?
    – Do you think you move home in the future?
    (many other questions that I can’t remember)

    Part 2:
    Describe a time you used public transport.

    Part 3:
    (Most of questions were about public transportation)
    – Is there any public transportation in the place you live?
    – Why should people use public transportation?
    – What can governments do to encourage people to use public transport?
    – What are the the advantages of using public transportation?
    – What are the disadvantages of using public transportation?
    – Nowadays many people use their private cars even for very short distances. Why?
    – Do people in your culture like to be on time? Why?
    – Do you like to be on time? Why?
    – Is it good to make many friends? Why?
    …And some other questions…

    I want all IELTS candidates to smile on the day of the exam. It will relieve your stress and affect your score. (My smile made my examiner friendly and she started to smile as well).

    Best Regards,

  96. Aidana Baisekenova says:

    Hi Liz,
    Test type – academic training
    Astana, Kazakhstan
    Part 1
    Do you work or are you a student. Why did you choose to change the school?
    The examiner in the end asked me about favourite holidays.
    Part 2
    Describe a building you like
    How do you know about it
    What do you like about it
    What is it famous for
    What is it useful for

    Part 3:

    Do you think historical monuments entry should be charged? Why?

    Should we not show our heritage for free?

    There were a lot of test questions in the listening section, and I’m sure that I lost some point in them.

    The 1st text in reading was about sound in water, the 2nd was about arctic foxes, and the third one was about oil production. The plenty of T/F/NG and Y/N/NG questions.

    Writing task 1 was table with the number of people completing marathon between 2007 and 2012. It was pretty easy to define key features. The writing task 2: In many countries people leave rural areas and prefer to work or study in big cities. What are the reasons? Do the advantages outweigh disadvantages?

  97. 25 December
    India academic
    Task 2 youngsters leave from villages for living in urban areas in order to get education and job
    What are main reason behind this fact?
    Do advantages of this attitude of youngones overweigh the disadvantages

    Task 1 was a table chart
    About 2 age group of people who completed marathon between 2008 and 2012

  98. Hello Liz;
    Ielts-Academic in Lima, Peru (August 25; 2018)
    Section 01: Windmill.
    Text talking about wind turbine used in the pass such us windmill and the recently wind turbine that produce electricity energy.
    Section 02: How to find the way.
    How our brain use different stages to remember one way to arrive.
    Section 03: Message in a Coral
    Palmyra place where a coral describe the Nino Phenomenon.

    Essay 01;
    This graphic shows the process to produces aluminium cans by 6 weeks.
    *I don’t remember, but only remember that this process has 11 phases to produce ingots.
    Essay 02:
    Many young people in the workforce today change their jobs or careers every few years.
    What do yo think are the reasons for this?
    Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?
    Sorry I don’t remember the listening part.


  99. Hello liz, Thank you for your support.
    (Posting questions just out of examination centre)
    25-Aug-2018. Punjab, India.
    Writing task 1: It was a table that shows number of people of different age groups completed marathon in a country Between 2008 and 2012 .

    Writing task 2: In many countries, young people move to cities leaving their homes in rural areas for work or study.
    What do you think are the reasons for it?
    Do you think advantages for moving to cities overweigh disadvantages?

  100. Hi Liz,
    I greatly appreciate your help and efforts. Thank you so much for what you do.
    Here are my speaking details –
    General Training, Aug-18-2018, USA
    Part I –
    Whats is your name?
    Do you work or study?
    What type of work do you do?
    Where are you from?
    Do you like to be at wet or dry place?
    When does it rain at your place?
    Have you ever changed your plan due to rain?

    Part II –
    Describe something important that you lost in past
    You should say:
    When and where you lost it?
    Did you try to find it?
    How you felt after you lost it?
    Did you find it?

    Part III –
    Are you an organized person?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of too much organized?
    How modern technology like computer, cellphone can be used to organize the things?
    How will you teach someone to be organized?
    Do you like to save money?
    How will you teach someone to save money?
    Is it good to give money as a gift?
    Have you given money as a gift to someone?

  101. Suyash Shailesh says:

    Hi Liz,
    Test type – academic training
    Delhi, India
    Part 1
    Where do you live, room preferences
    Part 2
    Describe a comic actor
    Part 3
    Questions about the same thing
    I didn’t get one thing the examiner wanted me to elaborate answers although I was aware you needed to keep the answers short so will it affect my scores as I stopped a couple of times because of the same thing

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Who told you to keep your answers short? That isn’t true. You should speak at length in all questions until the examiner stops you and moves on. Part 1 often has shorter answers than part 3, but you still need to expand until the examiner interrupts you.

  102. Hoàng Hồng Trang says:

    Thanks a lot for your useful lessons!
    I took the speaking test on August 23rd in Vietnam and since there were many small questions, I could just remember the theme.

    In part 1, I was asked about physical exercise, the frequency, my habit, other people’s habit of doing exercise, and the like.

    In part 2, I had to describe a time when I had to save money for something special.

    In part 3, I was asked whether I was good at saving money, whether saving money should be taught at school, how people can learn about saving money.

    Best wishes,

  103. Preethi Kesavan says:

    Hi liz, your website is very useful. I practiced a lot of sample topics from your website.
    I had my ielts speaking test on 22nd August in India.
    Part 1
    Introduce yourself
    Are you a student/working
    What is your job position?
    Which time of the day you prefer working? And why?
    Do you use dictionaries? Why/why not?
    Which dictionary do you prefer-paper or online? Why?
    Would you like to write a dictionary someday ?Why?
    Do you like travelling? Why/why not?
    Have you travelled by plane?
    Would you like to travel to space? Why/why not?

    Part 2
    Describe how you like to spend time with older people in your family
    Who are they?
    When do you spend time with them?
    What you like to do with them?
    Why you like to spend time with them?
    (About the activity you enjoy doing with them)

    Part 3
    Do you think older people should be treated better?
    Do you think younger generation do not respect the older people?
    How do your family spend time together?
    Do your friends family spend time the same way?
    Do you agree that a lot of people dont spend much time with family?
    Do you think doing outdoor activities with family has different effect compared to indoor activities?
    Do you think older people depend on young people?
    Why do you think old people seek young people’s company?
    (for all part 3 questions add why/why not)

  104. Jatin Arora says:

    Hi..I gave my speaking exam on 23rd august in ludhiana, Punjab,India.
    The examiner was a foreigner.She asked me questions written below-
    1. do you work or study?
    2.why did you choose to study in an open institution?
    3.do people like to be on time in your country?
    4.do u like to be on time?
    5.what dou you feel when you wait for someone?
    6.how children learn saving money from their parents?
    7.did u save money when u were a child?
    8.did you get any money when u helped in your house when u were young?
    9.do u get pocket money?
    cue card- describe a journey where you used public transport.
    where you went?
    which type of transportation u took to reach there?
    what u felt about that journey….

    she stopped me in almost 1 minute….but i know i was not off-track.
    then she continued with the follow-up questions..
    1.do u often use public transport?
    2.which kind of transport is available in your home country as well as hometown?
    3.what are some advantages and disadvantages of using public transport?
    4.is having a car makes a good status of people in your country?
    5.why do people use their personal vehicles?

  105. Lakshitha says:

    Hii Liz.. I had my speaking test today. I think it went well and your lessons helped me a lot for the preparation. I took the speaking test at idp in Colombo. Academic.

    1- general questions about my self ,Maps( electronic and paper maps), planting trees ( do u like to grow plants at home? Do u like to have plant as a gift? )

    2. A job you like to do in Future ( from where do heard about it, what type of skills u need for this job… )
    3. About who is getting paid well in Sri Lanka and is it postive or negative thing that some people get more money from their jobs while some don’t.( Asked lot of questions so can’t remember everything)

  106. 22nd Aug 2018: Speaking Test – India
    Part 1:
    1) May I know your name?
    2) What do you do – do you work or Study?
    3) Do you like music?
    4) Which kind of music you prefer and why?
    5) You prefer downloading music from web or buying a CD?
    Part 2:
    1) In Recent days, there are lots of advertisements – what do you think about that?
    2) Do you get influenced by Ads when you buy a product?
    3) Is there any Ad that was your favorite in your childhood?
    Part 3:
    Talk about a product/service you liked in the past
    a) Explain what the product/service is
    b) Why you liked it
    c) What was special about it
    Part 4:
    1) Do the companies focus on customer perception about a product?
    2) Are the employees being offered any training in servicing customers?
    3) In your opinion, what makes a customer feel bad?
    4) Are customers considered/involved during the product/service is manufactured?

  107. Hi..

    General exam @ USA

    Part1: Work, Boredom, Maps
    Part2: Talkative Friend
    Part3: Children and Communication

  108. IELTS speaking – Chennai (India) -22nd August

    1. Where r u from
    2. My favourite room
    3. House or apartment
    4. City vs village
    5. City you’d like to visit in future.

    Part 2
    Talk about an animal which u find interesting

    Part 3:
    Few questions regarding
    Wild life , endangered species and how to preserve them and environment….

    Exam was good. Awaiting results now.
    Thanks liz.. your website is a treasure by the way. Learnt plenty from it.

  109. Hi Liz
    Throughout recent months i have read your wonderful website content and i am really proud to see that users of this site are such resposible to share their experince and knowledge, just as you are. Now its my turn :
    Test type: General
    Date: 08/18/2018
    Location: Mashhad, Iran
    part 1: was about traveling and how do i often travel.
    Part 2: Describe a season you enjoy. when? what the weather is like? what do you do?how do you feel?
    Part 3: the impact of weather on diffrent kinds of jobs
    task 1: write a complain letter to manager of a sport complex about changing rooms. what is wrong with changing rooms. what do you expect manager to do.
    task 2: some people think it is a good idea that all employees wear uniforms at work.Do you agree or disagree?
    I write questions as far as i can remember, of course they are not accurate but they are reliable.
    Thanks Liz

  110. Ashish Modi says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for your comprehensive website. I t helped a lot. This morning I finished my speaking at Vadodara, following was my cue card topic
    Describe a journey which you did using public transportation
    When it was?
    Why you took public transport?
    How do you feel about the journey?
    Some of the cue card questions asked this morning to my friends were
    1. Describe a birthday party you had attended recently.
    2. Describe a talkative person you know.
    3. Your recent experience of participation in any competition?

  111. Hello Liz,

    I had my IELTS General test on 18th Aug 2018, at Columbus, Ohio (USA). I referred your blogs for preparations and they were helpful.
    Sharing topics from the test.

    Section 1: conversation between customer and shopkeeper (charcoal/gas) – completing table, completing graph,
    Section 2: conversation between two students regarding fuel industry – match names of researchers with what their research says (I found it bit difficult and will surely lose marks here)+ food safety conversation

    Section 3: conversation between bike race organizer and volunteer- multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks.

    Section 1: ads by baby sitters- select which ad does what (can use one ad multiple times).
    Section 2: don’t remember
    Section 3: study about skinks – match headings, T/F/NG

    Task1: write a letter to hotel manager about helpful staff member- points 1) explain the situation 2) what you did (don’t remember exact words)3) what you want manager to do
    Task2: Some people think that international competitive sports such as football bring conflict between people of different age groups and nationalities. Others think sport is helping reach understanding between people and nations. Discuss both views and give your opinion

    Section 1: hi/hello, questions about exercising- do you exercise and love doing it? Do young people in your country exercise, yes/no- why? How much sleep do you get, is it enough? What you do when you have difficulty sleeping? + many other related questions. (Answered all with confidence )
    Section 2: 2 mins on occasion when visitors came to your place- what ws the occasion, what you did, how you felt (covered all but I guess missed last part because examiner asked me after completing 2 mins- how you felt about them)
    Section 3: advantages of staying at friends place and in hotel? What people prefer and why? What service should hotel provide? What host country should do for tourists from different countries.
    (Section 1,3 was lengthy, he asked many questions, don’t remember all but the examiner was very friendly and was made me very comfortable even when I was leaving, he stopped the recorder and was talking about his visit to India, I think I will lose marks in section 2 for not covering all 3 parts)

    To all others who are preparing for ielts, please practice listening , reading and writing as much as possible. For speaking be true be yourself , and to have lengthy conversation. Do not memorize the answers. Try improving your weak areas ( for me it was matching names with information in listening, T/F/NG in reading).

    All the best.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Completing a task, such as the points on your cue card, has NO impact on your score at all.

      • Oh good to know that not answering all question doesn’t matter. I have huge expectations from my speaking test and I hope it helps to increase my overall band.

      • Hi Liz why my comment is never posted??? I appeared in Ielts about 6 times and always post about my test but never got a feedback 🙁 However, I appreciate your kind efforts

        • Sorry. There are hundreds and hundreds of people posting which means not all of them will be approved, particularly if someone already reported that topic.

  112. I had my ielts yesterday, 08/18/18. Columbus.

    Speaking: Part 1
    What do you do, work or study
    What is your best time of the day for studying etc
    Do you use the computer?
    Do you use app in your country

    Part 2.
    What will be a perfect vacation.

    Part 3
    Questions related to traveling. What things you would consider before traveling. How would you prepare etc.

    Generally, the exam was okay. However, the listening was tricky. Asked God to give me the band score I require.
    Hey Liz, thank you very much. You indeed are a Godsent. Remain blessed.

  113. Gaurang Ghadiyali says:

    IELTS Speaking Test
    Date: 17 August 2018
    Location: Doha, Qatar

    Part 1

    1) What is your full name?
    2) Where are you from?
    3) Where do you stay at present and how far is it from the test centre?
    4) Is it an interesting place?
    Since how long have you been staying at this place?
    Where did you live earlier?
    Do you often fly by planes?
    What do you think, will you fly more in the future?
    If you get a chance, will you fly to Space? Why?

    Part 2: Cue Card

    An interesting lesson which you learnt at school.

    1) What was it
    2) Who taught it and how was it
    3) When did you learn

    Please mention why do you find interesting.

    Part 3

    Do your friends find this lesson interesting?
    Which areas of work will be in demand in the future?

    Now let’s talk about something different.

    Apart from facilities and pieces of equipment in school, are sports facilities required? Why?
    Do you think the young generation in your country focuses on maintaining their health?

    Let’s talk about school and education.

    What is the main aim of education in your country?
    Do parents play in important role in imparting education to children? Why?

    That is the end of the Speaking Test. Have a good day.

    Liz, your videos were of great help in speaking module especially. I did use the contraction while answering my name (My name’s…) and at that time I thought of you :). Anyway, thank you so much for the useful videos. Hope to get a good band score.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad my videos helped 🙂 Fingers crossed you get good results – let me know when they arrive 🙂

  114. General,USA
    Listening – discussion about bell curve for peak oil,inquiry about gas/ charcoal barbecue, last section a talk on food safety in australia.
    Reading – true false, list of headings on topic about a special lizard
    Writing- Task 1- letter to hotel manager praising a staff member , Task 2- competitive sports like football are good to keep people from different groups together. Others believe it causes issues. Discuss both views and give opinion.

    Part 2 – a sportsperson you admire, talk about him
    Part 3 – should sports be compulsory in schools
    Should parents push children to take part in sports?
    Should sportsperson be rolemodel?
    Any sportsperson that helped your country internationally?
    Would you like to be a champion?
    Should nations spend money on national teams?

  115. I had my speaking test on August 17 in Saudi Arabia, academic module
    Part 1
    What do u do when u feel bored?
    What was Ur boring experience?most questions related to boring
    Part 2
    A comic actor in Ur country
    Part 3
    Do u think celebrities are getting more money and why?
    What is their influence on younger people?
    What are the disadvantages?
    Do u think children play outside nowadays,what kind of play?
    What is the effect of indoor games on children?
    Some questions regarding vacation .

    August 18
    Writing task 1:a bar chart which shows the reasons that why people are not going for
    work in three yrs2000,2005and 2010
    Task 2
    Family plays an important role in child’s life,other than family there are other factors which influence the development of child.Do u
    agree or disagree?
    Extinction of languages -para 3
    Real life and play-para 2
    Triumph of a city-para 1

    This section was very difficult and I couldn’t remember the individual parts .
    Thank u mam for Ur wonderful lessons.

  116. Gagandeep Singh Badrain says:

    Dear Madam,

    Your website and videos really helped me a lot in all modules especially in Writing Task 1 and 2 General Test. My LRW exam was on 18.08.2018 at Ludhiana, Punjab and following questions were asked;

    Writing task 1 GT letter

    You are getting married soon. Write a letter to your friend from a different country and invite him/her to the wedding. In your letter
    – Describe your future wife/husband.
    – What will happen at the wedding?
    – Why do you want to invite him/her?

    Writing task 2 GT Essay

    Some people think that only staff who worked in the company for a long time should be promoted to higher positions.
    What is your opinion on this?
    Give reasons and relevant examples for your answer.

    GT reading

    First passage was about different types of bus routes to different places in Australia or New Zealand
    The last passage was about Humpback whales migration patterns


    Here also the last 31 to 40 questions were about humpback whales features and research about them.

    My speaking exam is on 22nd of August.
    Thanks a lot for your guidance and help.

  117. Hi Liz,

    I had my IELTS exam in Lagos, 17th & 18th of August.


    General Questions
    Where do you live?- Apartment or House
    Why an Apartment
    Do most people live in apartment
    Do you think you might live in a house in the future
    Which city would you like to visit

    What kind of sport do you like?
    Why do you like that sport
    Do you have amateur sports in your country
    What are the benefits

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of loyalty to a club

    WRITING- General Training
    You have had problems with a changing room in a sports centre. You have made some complaints but nothing has been done about it. Write a letter to the Manager stating:
    The issues with the changing rooms
    What has been done about it
    What you want the Manager to do

    Task 2
    Some people think it’s a good idea to wear a uniform at work. Do you agree or disagree. Give reasons for your answer with relevant examples from knowledge or experience.

    Passages on conducting a test in Mount Everest, (follow up questions), Setting up a cafe, Summer holiday camp for kids (matching headings)

    Booking a driving test, Summer holiday camp, talk about taking samples from Cape Brenton and Talk about some historic mining in the 1700 in Canada.

  118. Chandra Shekar Reddy says:

    Today(18th August 2018) @ Hyderabad, I had my listening, reading and writing sections in IELTS General module.

    Task 1 in writing is write a complaint to the manager about the problems that are in the changing rooms at the fitness centre.
    a. Describe about the issues.
    b. Describe why the respective didn’t resolve the problem despite of many complaints previously.
    c. What action would you like manager to do

    Task 2 :
    Some People say that it is good to have the uniform for all the employees at work.
    Do you agree or disagree?

  119. Vishal Nayee says:

    Oil production by 4 different countries 2000 to 2004
    Task2: sport is important for society or it is only leisure activity discuss both view in give your opinion

  120. Writting task 2
    Aug 18 2018 Gujrat Pakistan
    junk food is harmful to our genration do we need to educate people to not eat some people think it wont wort.
    discuss both and give your opinion.

    Task 1:
    Line graph of population from 1981 to 2011 of people aged 18-34
    and table graph where they lived.

  121. I took an exam today (both LRW and Speaking, academic module) in Moscow, Russia.

    For WT1 I had a line graph and a bar chart dealing with the population aged between 18 and 34 years in some city (how many they were, where they lived).

    For WR2 I had something like “Scientists agree that people ruin thein health by eating junk food. Some people think that the best way to prevent people from eating junk food is to educate them, while others believe that this won’t work. Discuss both views and give your own opinion”.

    For Speaking I had the following questions:

    Part 1:
    Where do you live?
    How long have you lived there?
    Is the place where you live interesting?

    How often do you write?
    Do you prefer writing by hand of typing?
    What do you usually write?
    Did you like writing when you were a school?

    Do you read newspapers?
    Does anyone from your family read newspapers?
    Do you read any newspapers online? Why?
    What part of a newspaper you usually read first?

    Describe an ooccasion when visitors came to your home.

    Part 3:
    How do people in your country usually welcome visitors?
    Is there any difference between staying at your friend’s home or at a hotel?
    How can people in different countries make their visitors feel at home?
    Is it necessary for tourists to adapt to the country’s customs and traditions?
    Do tourists have to learn the language of the country they visit?

    Unfortunately, I cannot recall all the questions 🙁
    My examiner wasn’t chatty or smiley, she looked like she was terribly tired of her work 😀

    However, I do hope this information will be useful for someone!
    And thank you Liz for your wonderful blog full of precious tips!

  122. Hi Liz I just had my ielts wrtiting exam in UAE (Sharjah)
    In The first task (1) I had line and bar charts about population percentage (aged between 18-34) ion one country.
    In task 2 the ask about the damage of the junk food on health.
    Thank you for your efforts 🌹

  123. Hi Liz

    I followed your website for the first time n learmt very new concepts which helped me alot in todays exam. Here are the questions asked in speaking test

    1. Your full name?
    Are u working or student?
    Where did u work?
    What was the work about?
    How was ur first day at work?
    How was the reaction of managers on ur first day?

    2. Topic-
    Describe a person who talks a lot?
    How is he related to you?
    What kind of talks he do?
    How do you feel when he talks alot?

    3. Who are better? Children who talk more or children who talk less? Why?
    What kind of children talk more ?
    Whether children should share their opinions with their parents?
    In what situation children should not talk?

    Thank you liz. Will share my result with u on 31st

  124. Hi Liz,

    I appeared in General IELTS test on 18th August 2018, in Singapore, and below are the questions:

    Listening Section:
    Section 1:
    Completing notes with One word And/Or A Number based on a conversation between a lady, requesting for household insurance claim, and an Insurance Agent.

    Section 2: growing plants in balcony:
    4 or 5 Multiple choice questions
    5 or 6 matching questions to match planting processes such as Planting, Feeding, Supporting, Weeding, Climatic changes etc with 6 out of 8 supporting factors provided.

    Section 3: discussion between student and professor on traffic issues.
    4 or 5 Multiple choice questions
    5 or 6 matching questions about different statements made: only by student, only by professor or by both

    Section 4: Lecture on two types of dolphins and completing notes with one word and/or number.

    Reading Section:
    7 Questions: Trues/False/Not Given
    7 Questions: finding paragraph for provided information
    6-7 Questions to be answered using no more than 3 word and/or numbers
    6-7 questions on completing sentences using 2 words and/or numbers
    Last passage:
    6 questions for matching a title for each of the 6 paragraphs
    4: Multiple choice questions
    3: questions on labelling a diagram

    Task 1: write a letter to colleague who gave you a book that helped you for a presentation at work. You should:
    describe the presentation
    why was it important
    how did it help you

    Take 2:
    Some people think it is more important to spend time in developing a successful career while others think it is more important to spend time with friends and family.
    Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    Speaking Test (taken on 17-Aug-18):
    Part 1:
    Where do you live at the moment and how far is it from here (test center)?
    How long have you been staying in your part of the town?
    Is your part of the town an interesting place?

    Which is your favourite wild animal? Why?
    Do you have any pets? I replied no and I am not interested in having one. So, next question: Why?
    Do you like to go to zoo?
    How important is it for children to learn about animals?

    Do you read newspapers
    Did anyone in your family read newspaper in the past?

    Topic: Describe a city where you would like to work and live in?

    Part 3:
    What are the important factors in deciding a place to work and live in?
    Do you think it is important to have a nice place to live in or having a good job?
    What are the factors that make people happy?
    How can government help in improving the life style of people?

    I agree with all others on this forum that your blog is a massive support to all IELTS takers. Thanks a ton for doing such a wonderful job!
    We even bought your advanced lessons and they are of immense help as they clear fundamental doubts and provide a clearer understanding of the different essay types and differences to be taken in to account while their development. Catching the kind of essay given in exam helps in planning its format as well as aids in its development saving quite some time, which is definitely the key in actual exam.
    Thanks once again.

    Kind Regards

  125. Academic Module
    Indonesia, 18th of August 2018.

    Writing task 1
    Line chart
    the number of international conferences held on three different cities in 1980-2010.

    Writing task 2.
    Nowadays, people can shop, work and communicate without having to face to face due to the existance of internet.
    Positive or negative development.
    Give your own opinion based on your knowledge and experiences.

    Anyway, my gratitude goes to you Liz, since your website is really helpful in order to improve my writing skills.

    Greetings from indonesia! 😊

  126. Sukhjit Kaur says:

    I had my speaking today at Gurgaon, India.

    Part 1:

    1. Can I take your name ?
    2. Do your work or study ?
    3. What was your past job ?
    4. Are you friendly with your co-workers ?

    Let’s talk about gifts.

    5. On what occasion, generally people give gifts in your country ?
    6. What type of gift you received last time ?
    7. What do you keep in your mind while you choose gifts ?
    8. Is there any gift that you received but you did not like it ?

    Let’s talk about health.

    9. What sort of exercises you do to keep yourself healthy ?
    10. What other type of physical activities you will do apart from jogging and yoga ?
    11. Are people more concerned about health in your country ?

    Part 2:

    Describe an unusual meal you had
    What was the meal ?
    Why you liked it ?
    With whom you had it ?

    Part 3:

    1. What type of food you like to eat in daily routine ?
    2. What type of food is famous in your country ?
    3. Are restaurants value for money ?
    4. Is fast food popular in your country ?
    5. Is restaurant food healthier than home-made food ?

    End of speaking test.
    Thanks a lot Liz for your fabulous videos and advice.

  127. Thanks Liz, your site helped me a lot as i am the first time ielts test taker. Today i had my spealing test and tomorrow i have LWR test.
    Below are the i face today in speaking test,

    Part 1:

    Why dis you choose this profession?
    Did you enjoy your first dat at work?
    Do you think most people in india live in cities?
    Explain the recent city you visited?

    Part 2:

    Describe a building you like.

    How do you know about it
    What do you like about it
    What is it famous for
    What is it useful for

    Part 3:

    Do you think historical monuments entry should be charged?

    Should we not show our heritage for free? Etc.,

  128. Magdalena says:

    Hi, I’ve just had my speaking test in Cracow (17.08). I think I used so much idioms that I sounded really ridiculous xD
    Anyway, these are my questions:

    Part I
    – How far away is my hometown
    – How long I’ve been living there
    – Do I find it interesting
    – What do I usually write
    – Handwriting vs typing
    – What will I write in future
    – My favourite wild animal

    Part II
    – My perfect holiday far from home

    Part III
    – Is it enought to go on a trip to discover foreign culture
    – How can we prepare to a trip (I talked about vaccinating and passports and he told he wanted to know about cultural/mental preparedness)
    – Is 23 days enough time out of work
    – Why people are reluctant to use this time
    – Do employers prefer workers who work without any break
    – Are holiday useful for employers

    The only problem was I didn’t read the cue card. I just heard the topic and started writing, without reading all these additional questions… I just forgot about it.

    My examiner was extremely friendly, he laughed even at completely not funny jokes, so I would like to thank him very much and thank you Liz for all effort you put in this site. If you ever happen to visit Poland, I owe you a fantastic dinner!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck with your results – let me know when they arrive 🙂 Dinner sounds great one day hehe 🙂

  129. My Speaking test was today on 17 August,
    It is General IELTS, Test center in Almaty, Kazakhstan
    Part 1: What is your name?
    Do you live in home or apartment?
    What is your favorite room?
    Would you like to move to another home?
    Do you use maps?
    Where do you like to travel?
    Do you plan travel in advance?
    What is your next country for traveling?
    Part 2: Describe the person whom you know and who talks a lot
    Who is this person?
    How long do you know him?
    Part 3: Something about children and how parents should teach them
    How you can distinguish a communicative child?
    In what situation children should behave calm?
    In what profession you need to talk?
    What are important qualities of the lecturer?

  130. I had my test today (august 16), academic
    part 1- questions about whether I live in a house or apartment
    where do I like to go for a day out- (i prefer to go alone or with somebody)
    how often does it rain at my place -(do i like rainy season- why or why not)
    part 2- describe an animal that you know
    – where did you get to know about it?
    – where can it be found?
    – what’s your favourite animal? why?
    part 3- why do you think animals are going extinct?
    -should they be protected?
    -what can the government and general public do about it?
    -should wild animals be kept in a zoo? why?
    -what problems do animals face when forests are destroyed? what can be done to prevent it?

  131. IELTS Speaking
    Muscat Oman

    August 16, 2018

    Where are you from?
    Are you living in a house or in an apartment?
    What is your private room?
    Lets talk about children and money.
    Do you think parents should teach their children the value of money?
    were you saving as a child?
    How children should spend their money?

    Cue card:
    Magazine that you read
    tell about
    -articles insideit
    -when did you start to read it
    -why you like to rad it

    What should be the skillls of a jouralists?
    should the journalists write facts?
    what is the impact of social media to the news?
    How you can be sure that the news in social media is real?
    Do you think the newsapaper will be replaced by e-news in the future? why?

    hi liz… the only problem is that im not sure if i will get the band that I need but
    your site helps me a lot to prepare. I was so nervous and i ddnt hear myself well.. what i know is that i just answer all the questions. the examiner was friendly too. hoping the best 🙂

  132. Shabana Sartaj says:

    Chennai 16 th August Speaking test

    Part 1
    Your full name,where are you from,
    Do you read news papers, Which part of the paper you read first?Do you read online paper?Are you exposed to news paper reading in your childhood?
    Talk about an unusual meal you had
    When was this?
    Who were all with you?
    Part 3
    Advantages of modern technology in packing foods
    As well as disadvantages
    Traditional food of your country,Fast food popular in your country-why

    Part 2 I did fine but with part 1and 3 I was stammering and self correcting myself

  133. Speaking test on 16th August, Delhi, India

    Part 1 :
    General Questions on work and weather
    Do you like writing? How often do you use emails?
    Did you like writing during your childhood days?

    Part 2:
    A day spent well which did not cost you much.
    What did you do?
    Who were you with?
    How did you feel about it?

    Part 3:
    Do you like to go on a trip alone or with friends? Why?
    Does money have any impact on our trips?
    How has the technology evolved over the years in terms of the trips we plan?


  134. Lucky mehra says:

    Hi liz , your website assist me a lot .

    I had exam on 11 august in India (ludhiana)

    Part 1

    What is your name ?
    What shall i call you ?
    Do you live in a house or appartment ?
    What is your favorite room ?
    Do you use map ?
    Which kind of map do you prefer paper or electronic ? Why ?
    Why people use electronic maps?
    Do you ever ask directions from somebody ?
    Do you write letters ?
    How often do you write?
    What do you think about email?
    Is email obselete letters?

    Part 2

    Describe a comic actor of your country ?
    You should say
    1. Where he is from
    2. Why do you like it ?
    3. Why he or she is interesting

    Part 3

    She ask follow up from me , but she forget to taking cue card list back . She realised when i speak my whole answer 😳
    1. Do your family or friend like this actor
    2. Why comic actors earning so much money
    3. Why thy are famous more than ever before
    4. Os your friends follow the way actors behavie like dressing sense , hairstyle , behaviour
    5. Do you think filmstar spend money wisely ?

    I stammer in one follow up question otherwise it went well ..

    Again huge thanks because your website help me alot
    Thank you liz

  135. Hi Liz, how r u? Your videos r so helpful for us thanks for that.
    today I was having my speaking test
    in the first section I got questions related to accommodation like
    –where i m living
    –want to change the house if not then y
    and she asked some questions related to plant but by mistake i heard plan instead of plant so i have given answers for 2-3 questions and then I realized that she is asking about plant not plan so will U plz suggest me how much i will loose my marks for this mistake???

    Sec 2
    have u ever did shopping from a street mkt
    name of the market

    third section more questions related to shopping and market
    impact of consumerism on society

    i have answered very well for sec 2 and 1 only problem in questions related to plant plz let me know how much score i can expect in test???

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your score is based on your fluency, vocab, grammar and pronunciation – it can’t be predicted by anyone unless they listen to a recording of the full test.

  136. Thank u mam a lot for valuable tips .speaking test – 14 August at jalandhar (acdemic)part 1 – what is your name .where you live house or apartment . what is your favorite room. Is mood of the people changes as per weather. Part 2 plan you changed recently. What it is .why you changed it . how you felt. Part 3 today is rainy day ,do you think that people would change their plan .some people change their plan under the influence of others is it good . how some people change . some people change quickly and some slowly ,which one is better . At last she also told me best of luck for future

  137. hello,
    speaking test -14th august

    when i entered the room, the examiner’s recording device was not working, so she told me to wait outside was saying sorry again and again, it said its ok, then one man came and replaced that device, she called me in room after waiting 5 to 7 minutes, she was saying sorry i had to make you outside ..😆😆
    then she greeted me and allowed me to take a seat
    part- general interview about name, study, subjects,why you choose that subject, that college
    do you save money??? did u save money when you were child,?? how u saved??
    should parents teach their childen how to save money?? and why???

    PART 2
    sport u watched but never took part in…
    what that sport?
    where u watched?
    why you want to take part??
    Part 3- all about sports again,

    what sport famous in India,
    why some people are die hard fans of some teams,
    what are advantages and disadvantages of that..

    at the end of speaking,she stood up and shaked hands with me.. and said all the best with smile,what does that mean????

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I do not understand your concerns at all. The first problem with the recording device was perfectly normal. If the recording device is not working, the test cannot be conducted. The last concern you mentioned about how she said goodbye is her being polite to you. This means you had a polite examiner who followed procedure – I see no problem in that.

    • I’d say u had a friendly examiner with simple questions 🙂 Good luck though 👍

  138. Hello Liz,
    Hope your doing well. You and your website are a great help while preparing for the IELTS modules.

    I attended my Speaking Test yesterday, it was an enjoyable experience.
    My topics were as follows:
    Part 1
    Study or Teach?
    Career choices as a child, why?
    Future career choice, why?
    Physical exercise, why?
    Childhood physical exercise
    Pros and cons

    Part 2
    Describe an unusual meal
    When where?
    With whom?
    What was it?
    What was unusual about it?

    Part 3
    Why people eat there?
    It it value for money?
    My preference and why?
    My thoughts on food raw and processed coming from around the world?

    That’s all I can remember. I did notice my examiner kept asking more and more after every answer at times she said why before I had completed my sentence(part 1 & 3). It was quite challenging to stop my train of thought and insert new info, but it was fun.

    Once again Thank you and may God bless you.
    Warm Regards

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s great that you had an interactive speaking test. It should be fun and enjoyable 🙂

  139. Hi Liz,
    I had my speaking exam on 12 August 2018, in Toronto, Canada.

    Part1: she asked me about 4 different topics

    1. Where do live House or Apartment?
    2. Do you move to house in future?
    3. Which room you like the most?
    Now lets talk about some food?
    1. When you are child did u had many foriegn foods? and WHY?
    2.Did you think in future there will be more foriegn foods in your countrty?
    3. Did you recently had any foriegn food outside?
    Now lets talk about teachers?
    1. Do you have any favorite teacher?
    2. Do you think its easy to rember your childhood teacher names?

    Part2 – Cue card

    Talk about math lesson which u learned in Elementary school?
    Why you learned and how did you leanred
    and explain how you are using it now?

    Part3 –

    1. Do you think Maths is intresting subject?
    2. Do you think teachers can make Maths as intresting to children?
    3. Why Maths is intresting its just plain numbers?
    4.Do you think technology will replace humans in future?
    5. Do you think are computers are impacted on us wrongly?

    these are the few i remember?
    But Liz i never heard about this type of maths questions is it a new topic?


  140. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for your website.
    the following lines are my speaking exam in Iran on 13 Aug 2018
    part 1: do you work or study? do you have relationship with colleagues? Do you have exercise in your work place?
    Part 2: Describe a latest development in your area?
    part 3: What’s the most popular public transportation in your country? Which one can be used as a leisure?What’s you normal exercise in your country? What was it at your school?
    Do you agree to allocate money on public sports building? why? why some people are disagree about it?

  141. Hi Liz,
    You are doing a great Job.
    I had my IELTS speaking test yesterday, August 12th in Lagos, Nigeria.
    Here are my questions:

    Part one
    Do you work or study?
    What time of the day do you work best, morning or evening?
    Types of apps available
    Which ones are the most downloaded and why do people download them?
    What type of app would you like to have on your phone or computer?
    What type of app would you like to create?

    Part two
    Describe an important event which you celebrated in the past.
    you should say
    -what it was
    -where it was held
    -who you celebrated with
    Explain why the event was so important to you

    Part three
    Should people celebrate every event?
    Some people are of the opinion that birthdays should not be celebrated… do you agree or disagree?
    Have you ever attended an outdoor event before?
    Which one do you prefer, indoor or outdoor events?
    Tell me about an outdoor event you attended as a child.
    Do you think people spend too much money on events?
    Give an example of an event that people spend too much money on?
    Are there advantages in hosting an international event by a nation?
    What are the advantages?
    What are the disadvantages?

    These are the questions I can remember.
    Your IELTS blog is the best.
    Thanks Liz.

  142. Hi Liz
    I had my exam on August 11.

    Writing Task 1

    Bar chart show the expenditure of young people on five different products in two period.

    Writing Task 2
    Quality of life in some big cities is becoming worst. What is the main cause of this problem and suggest solution.

    Part 1 About work and study, then some question about animal
    Part 2 Describe one time that you have visitor come to your house
    Part 3 How to improve hospitality in your country.

    My exam went quite well. Your website helped me a lot. Thanks Liz

  143. Radwanahmed says:

    Hi liz first of thanks for your kind help 😊.today i faced my speaking test,now i describing it
    P-1do you live in house or flat
    Which is your favourite room
    Did you move in the future
    Which places do you like to day out
    Do you like to day out alone or others
    P-2 describe something that has done by your friend and you also interested yourself
    P-3is more chance to young people to do something new
    Why young people are interested to do new things
    Is it good to new things
    Etc like 2 or 3
    Okay,mam in que card myb i talk like 1.45 sec and then said that’s all
    Then examiner ask me one question
    Does it make any problem?
    Can i have a possibilty to get 6?
    Thank you once again dear mam

  144. Shintimon says:

    India, August 2nd 2018
    Academic module.
    Writing questions.
    Task 1. Process type. Manufacturing of three different teas.
    Task 2. In some countries it is illegal for companies to reject job applications because of his/her age. Is it a positive or negative development?

  145. Hello Liz
    I had my ielts exam on 11 of August. Here are my test questions
    Passage 1 coffee shops in London
    Passage 2 artist and liers
    Passage 3 desertification
    Task1 2 bar graphs that compare the percentage of students going to schools and colleges with respect to their gender in four regions of world in 2000.
    Task 2 some people think that it is the responsibility of companies and private individuals, not government to clean up the pollution they have created. To what extent u agree or disagree.
    Speaking 1
    She asked about my name , country of origin, do you work or study. How often it rain in your country. Do u like rain. Did rain made changes in your plan. With whom you spent your time what and what u do.
    Cue card : tell about a special item that u wear on some special occasion .
    Speaking 3: formal and informal dresses, why fashion changes so quickly.
    That’s all
    Thank u Liz for your help.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yes, I had the very same tasks for Reading and Writing in my exam on 11.08.2018 in Manchester, academic. In Speaking I certainly had different questions, but not different from those listed by other exam-takers before (Do you live in a house or flat, your favorite room, why? What do you do on a day out? A recent day out you remember? Do you like to go on my own or with others? On the cue card the question was about a thing I won and I would like to replace, why and whether it would be difficult to do so? The third discussion was about consumerism- whether there is such a behavior, is it good and bad, and why? do young people buy more than older people and why? is there a competition going on among young people, do i know any who do it, etc…)… Can’t wait for the results to be published 🙂

  146. Shagufta yamin says:

    Hello Liz
    I had my ielts exam on 11 of August. Here my test questions
    Passage 1 coffee shops in London
    Passage 2 artist and liers
    Passage 3 desertification
    Task1 2 bar graphs that compare the percentage of students going to schools and colleges with respect to their gender in four regions of world in 2000.
    Task 2 some people think that it is the responsibility of companies and private individuals, not government to clean up the pollution they have created. To what extent u agree or disagree.
    Speaking 1
    She asked about my name , country of origin, do you work or study. How often it rain in your country. Do u like rain. Did rain made changes in your plan. With whom you spent your time what and what u do.
    Cue card : tell about a special item that u wear on some special occasion .
    Speaking 3: formal and informal dresses, why fashion changes so quickly.
    That’s all
    Thank u Liz for your help.

  147. Moga,punjab
    11 august speaking test
    Describe a public place where you visited and you think need some improvement.

  148. Abdullah Ocakküçük says:

    Hey everyone,

    I got my Speaking Test on 10th of August in Istanbul, Turkey. Here are my questions regarding the speaking test.

    Part 1: General questions about myself. Whether I work or study? How was my first day in the office? Then, she directed me the questions about holidays. What is my favorite holiday? Do you make plans before I go to holidays? What is the most important thing when I plan my hoildays. Do I like to check maps? Do I ever take cources to learn how to read maps? Which one is more useful; the paper map or electronical map?

    Part 2: I have been given a clue card to talk about the mobile phones and the biggest difference that made me in my life. I also had to talk about, when my first phone was bought? Who bought it? Why?..

    Part 3: This part was a bit funny for me because I was amazingly relaxed. The examiner asked me at what age mobile phones are given to the children. What is the difference between the previous times and now -of course regarding the mobile phones-. I have been told to talk about some disadvantages of mobile phones -which was my favorite question- What will happen to modern technology in the near future?

    These are the questions I remember so far. I hope everyone gets what s/he deserves. 🙂

    Many speacial thanks to you, Liz! Your videos and blogs have been so useful for me. Take care everyone.

    PS: I really need to get an excellent point so I do not want to take the test again 🙁

    • Thanks for sharing 😉 Fingers crossed 🙂

      • hi liz,
        sharon here from New zealand . actually I am having my exam ON 18 AUGUST 2018 but as I am pregnant and my health was not that good i didnt prepare well … can you please suggest me some useful things so that i can go through before my exam. i will be very thankful to you.

        • There are over 300 pages of free lessons and tips on this website. Please use them to prepare. Accessed through the RED BAR at the top of the website. Good luck!

  149. Hello Liz , thank you for being one of the pillars in achieving my desired band of 8777.
    I appeared for IELTS on 28 july and speaking was on 1st August.. My experience of Speaking part :
    Good evening!
    Please have a seat. But I said after you.
    She said about herself in recorder and then started with it.
    What is your name?
    May I have your identification please?
    Do you work or study?
    What are your job responsibilities?
    Do you wear watch?
    Do you like being punctual?
    What if someone makes you wait?
    Cue card was favourite comic actor
    Although my throat was drying and was almost gone blank of ideas, she act as saviour for me by asking do you like any other comic actor . Thus she saved me somehow.
    Part 3 was amazing , I had a great discussion with her. It was on celebrities , should they be paid more, why they are paid huge amount. Lastly she asked what children do to entertain themselves. I gave example of my daughter. At that moment She abruptly picked the recorder and said thats the end of speaking session.
    After putting the recorder down she showed me thumbs-up …. That was the most relieving moment for me. As I could figure out that I have been able to impress her. Thanks to almighty for blessing me.
    For Writing section:
    I focused on the structure of essay and one idea per passage and developed that idea with reasons and examples. And in conclusion gave my opinion with complex structure. I guess that paid off.
    I am here to thank you for your website for contributing to my sucess … And hope you get well soon(I have come to know only through comments) … God bless you keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your topics and tips 🙂 Well done with your results 🙂 Thanks for your best wishes for my health 🙂

  150. hi Liz,

    Thanks for your valuable lessons. I’ve just sat my IELTS in August and the speaking part went as follows:

    Part 1: What’s your name? Where are you from? Are you working or studying? Why did you take that job?

    Part 2: The cue card:
    Talk about an activity you do to keep you focused on things

    What is it?
    When and where do you do it?
    Do you do always repeat the same thing?

    Part 3:
    The judge asked me about things I do to keep me from being bored.
    Do you think children need to learn how to concentrate themselves? Why?
    Do you think technology makes it harder for us to concentrate on things nowadays?
    Can technology, i.e. AI take away our job in the near future?
    Should robot take our job for better performance because they are not distracted by the same thing we are?

    Task 1: 2 bar charts.
    1st chart: Bar chart giving information of school-aged boys and girls in secondary school across 4 regions: Europe, Africa, Latin America and East Asia.
    (4 pairs of bars with Europe topping the chart with 100% girls and 98% boys in secondary school. LA and EA are in the middle with roughly 50-60 percent whereas Africa stays far behind others)

    2nd chart: Bar chart showing percentages of university students (male and female) in the same four regions. Europe: 50 percent for both genders, Africa (< 10%), LA and EA (20-30%).

    The second chart is highly correlated with the first one because education is a time dependent variable.

    Task 2: Some people believe that a good way to reduce crime is longer sentences. Others may think there are alternative ways to this problem.

    Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
    You should write at least 250 words.

    (I think I could afford to write 450 words for part 2, I hope that wasn't too long).

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You should aim for between 270 and 290 words in task 2. You are not automatically penalised for a long essay, but it won’t help your score, and could increase the number of errors or affect the relevancy and focus of ideas.

  151. Hi liz, your website really helps me a lot.
    I had my exam on 11 august in Indonesia.

    Part 1
    Well part 1
    – do you work or study?
    – why do you choose that kind of job?
    – how was your first day at work?
    – what kind of playing you like in a day out?
    – where is the place you want to go in the future?
    – do you prefer going out alone or with friends?
    – do you remember teacher in elementary school?
    – do you want to be a teacher when you were kids?

    Part 2 : something happen which make you happy
    – what?
    – when & where?
    – who was with you?
    – why?

    Part 3, I’m forget about the questions, but it contains 5-6 questions about happiness related to money, relationship and work.

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