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  1. Hey Liz.
    I had my test in Mumbai, India.
    Date:21st sept.
    Speaking test:
    Part 1- general questions about home and study
    Part 2- describe an interesting person you met
    3- how has social media changed.
    Are email used
    Do elder people prefer chhatting online
    Why do you youngsters prefer chatting
    …i had a question.
    I did pertty well and answered all questions in part 1 and part 3. But, in section 2, i messed it up. I started off well, but in the middle i stopped. I couldnt even complete it. Wasted one minute.
    Can you pls tell me the weightage of each section or what effect does it have if i dont ans one question properly.

  2. Firstly, Thank You very much for your website that helps folks across the world with IELTS. May God Bless You!

    I appeared for IELTS-General @Boston, United States on 9/9/2017.
    Got my results today: L=8; R=9; W=8; S=8.5 Overall: 8.5

    1. Telephonic conversation abt Tourist enquiry
    2. Talk about two about a group project
    3. One lady briefing audience about a restaurant company

    1. Matching headings to paragraphs
    2.Fill in the missing words. Passage was about job interview and application process.
    3. Matching headings to paragraphs. Paragraphs were about different types of leaves for employees and process to apply for them.

    1. Letter to Manager about equipment in office that you want to change
    2. Essay “Is Sports necessary for boys and girls in school?”

    • Speaking:
      1. Working or not working; Why did you quit your job etc..?
      2. Talk about 1 rule from your school days and whether or not it was good/bad (I spoke about monetary fine imposed by our librarian for not returning books on time or returning damaged books)
      3. Discussion about is it good to have some family rules in place (I spoke about advantages of rules around having dinner together as a family…)
      4. Do you catch-up with news daily? Do you discuss news at home – If no, then why not (I was frank to share that we have enough topics about our school-going kids to talk about rather than news!)

    • Brilliant score !! Very well done 🙂 I hope you celebrated 🙂

    • And what was the speaking topic????


    I am Gagandeep Bangar. Today I had speaking exam in Jalandhar, Punjab, India.
    what is your full name?
    are you a student or working?
    what type of training you took for this job?
    do you require any training programme in future to sustain this job?
    can you tell me about timing when you take your meals?
    with whom you like to take meal?
    an advertisement which you liked the most
    what it was about
    where you see this advertisement
    what was in it
    what kinds of products are being advertised. categorize
    what types of visuals are used in advertisements?

    for last question i answered that the famous people are chosen to promote the product. in most of the ads they are doing some adventures and ask people to buy that product to become daring.
    is that correct?

    i am very poor in reading. could you suggest me some material for practicing.

    i am planning to take general IELTS in next 2 months. if anyone from jalandhar interested to prepare together then let me know.

  4. My exam was yesterday 21.09.2017 in Varna, Bulgaria. Academic.
    Speaking part:
    Part 1
    1. Can you describe your home?
    2. What house you would like to have in the future?
    3. Do you like jewellery and how often you wear jewellery?
    4. When was the last time you bought jewellery and for who?
    Part 2
    Describe a situation when you were too early for occasion.
    -When it was
    -What did you do while waiting
    And how you felt after it.

    Part 3
    Is it better to be too early for something or too late for something?
    Should people be on time for work or on time for a meeting with friends?
    Technology should saves us time but some people say that mobile phones are the reason why we waste time. Do you agree?
    Are you on time or always late?

    Task 1
    Two illustrations of a town. The first one was how the city looked like 20 years ago and the second one was how the city looks today. The task was to compare the two pictures. For example on the first graph there was a bird house and on the second one the bird house was removed.

    Task 2
    An increasing number of advertisement is aimed at children. What are the effects and should these ads be controlled?

    Passage 1
    Text about cave bears.
    Types of questions:
    T/F/Not given
    Multiple choice
    Small text with gaps
    Passage 2
    Text about Saturn
    Types of questions:
    Multiple choice
    Choose the correct heading.
    Small text with gaps
    Passage 3
    Text about Tasmania and a museum there.
    Types of questions:
    Yes/No/Not given
    Multiple choice
    Small text and list with words to put in the gaps.

    Section 1
    Man who wants to participate in a drama class
    Section 2
    Corporation which help people to find jobs
    Section 3
    Discussion about same sex schools
    Section 4
    Lecture about a tree.

  5. sorry, I forgot to mention extra infos.
    It was academic, taken in San Diego, CA on 9/21/2017.
    Good luck!

  6. Writing part 2
    : Directors get more salaries than ordinary workers. Some people says it is necessary and others says it is unfair.

    Speaking part 2
    : Describe an occasion that you saw a lot of people smiling.

  7. simranjeet kaur
    writing task 2 : An increasing number of advertisements are aim at children. What are the effects of television advertising on children? should television advertising be controlled?

  8. Hi every one.
    My test date was today (21/09/2017) in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia
    The topic for task 2 essay was
    A very high percentage of telvision advertisement are aimed at children.
    What is the effect on children?
    Should there be a control on advertisement?

    Liz it was a good help thanks and keep it up!! I will post my speaking test which is on Sep 25/2017.

  9. I had my General Test on 9-Sep in USA

    Listening – 4 passages – quite simple and easy to follow
    Reading – 5 passages – 3 Sections

    1st passage – I had an issue with one question that I have posted in the true-false-notgiven essential tips section

    5th passage – it was about Vertical Farming – There was a question on synonyms of “elegant” like – “What will the vertical farm buildings be like – a) stylish b)unobtrusive c) some synonym meaning “pleasing to the eye” d) some meaning opposite to all a, b, c and the information in the passage
    The challenging part about this question was any a, b, c could be choice but I selected a because “elegant” was the first word mentioned in that paragraph followed by others

    Task 1 – Write a letter to your manager telling him about an equipment that will make your work better, why, what doe he need to get this to you.

    Task 2 – School timetables these days include sports lessons
    Both boys and girls should take part in sports lessons at school.
    Provide your views on the topic.

    My examiner was really kind and always smiling – I was the last person for the speaking test that day
    Part 1 –
    Do you live in the city?
    What is the meaning of your name?
    Who kept your name?
    Where did you grow up?
    Has that city/place changed now?

    Part 2 –
    Describe your ideal house where you would like to live.

    Follow up question – Do you think you will ever live in such a house? haha

    Part 3 –
    Some regular questions about Apartment vs bungalows. I think she just asked me 2 or 3.

    And I was done. 🙂

  10. Hi Liz!
    IELTS EXAM (16/9/2017)

    Task 1:
    Questions about accomodation
    -What type of accomodation?
    -Are you plaaning to stay there for long time?
    -What is your favorite fruit?
    -What are the common fruits in your country?
    -Are you going to continue eating fruits in the future?
    -Do you think children love eating fruits than older people?
    -Do you think its important to have younger and older neighbours?
    -Do you think you its important to be kind with neighbours

    Task 2:
    Describe a leisure activity that you want to do near the sea.
    -with 4 questions

    Task 3
    -Do you think people living near the sea can make money/ do business
    -What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by sea?
    -Do you think younger people enjoy the ocean more than older ones?
    -Do you think business in the future will consider tranporting goods by sea?

    (***i had 2 follow up questions after the task 2, is it a bad indicator that the examiner was not satisfied with my answers?)

    Task 1 – Maps
    Development in a certain areas (1965, present, 2018)
    There were trees and ferry in 1965 but no roads connecting the north and east.
    Houses were few also
    present – trees were cut down, car parks were built, perry was removed to establish a bridge to connect the eastern and western part of the area, housing increased . A footbridge was also constructed
    2018 – 2 facilities will be added

    Task 2:
    Students from many countries leave high school with insufficient knowledge about managing their money. What are the reasons of this? What ways can help the students to have more knowledge about theit managing their finances.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 95% of all speaking tests will have follow up question at the end of part 2 and before the start of part 3. Most students don’t notice and think the questions are part of part 3. So, your experience is very normal and does not reflect your score.

  11. Hi liz
    Today was my speaking test in jalandhar

    Part 1 what is your full name?
    What you do?
    What transport you use when you go for training?
    How much time it usually takes to go to training?

    Cue card- describe an occasion when u had to use cell phone?

    Part 3

    What are the benefits of online relationship?
    What are problems of phones?
    What we can do with phones

    I want to ask that i am confused as i did not read the topic clearly but as per my thinking cue card was the tike you used cell phone .but now this thing is also coming into my mind that to could be that the time someone restricted you to use cell phone. I spoke with fluency and in that i spoke that i went to delhi 6 months ago and there i clicked pictures so i spoke 3-4 lines about cell phone?
    So will it affect my score if i spoke about wrong topic and if i spoke less about cell phone?

  12. Speaking was on September 16 in Canada
    First of all, LIZ thanks for your website especially this recent exam discussion forum as it helps to get an idea about current speaking topics and I purchased your advanced writing lessons which were awesome.
    PART 1
    Where are you from
    Where do you live in individual house or apartment
    Do you like living there
    What kind of house would you like to have in future
    Do you celebrate birthdays
    What do you do during birthdays
    How did you celebrate your birthdays during childhood

    PART 2
    Describe an occasion when you changed your school/house

    PART 3
    Do people love changes
    Do children adjust to the changes more easily than adults
    Which one is good, sudden or gradual change
    What is most important to gain economic stability
    Do you think education is important to maintain economic stability

  13. Hi Liz,

    Thanks a lot for all your courses. It was really helpful. I took the test on 19th Aug 2017.
    I have got L-9,R-9,W-6.5 and S-8.5 with overall band of 8.5. I am so disappointed with my writing results and hence has given for revaluation. Hoping for the best.
    Jotting down few of the questions that I remember.
    Writing task 1: You are planning to perform some maintenance work in your house which might impact the restaurant sharing the same wall with your house. Write a letter to restaurant manger explaining the same with suggestions.
    Writing task 2: Money is required but more money does not give happiness to people. Write whether you agree or not with reasons.

    Part 1: Favourite popstar ? Why do you like that person? Have you attended a pop concert? Have you met a pop start? Would you like to be one?
    Part 2: Invention – Which is the invention which you think has been remarkable?
    Part 3:
    What is the major innovation that you find helpful in households?
    Does innovation make people lazy?


  14. syamnadh reghunathan says:

    Dear Liz madam.
    I have taken IELTS exam on 25th of August at the British Council Muscat center.
    * I was given speaking topic on the favorite book that I had read during my childhood.
    I have described the all-time favorite book: Harry Potter and I was credited a band score of 7.5
    *Discussion was based on the reading habits of the new generation. I explained the pleasures of reading both electronic and printed media, linking the technological boom to the reading habits. I concluded by saying ” let our new generation get respite from the stressful computer screens and video games by exploring the pleasure of reading.”
    thank you for ur lessons and advice

  15. Hi Liz ..really I would like to thank you so much for your great effort that you are carrying out to help millions of people to stay aware about the prerequisites of this exam
    September 17 2017 Egypt.
    Academic version.

    Writing task 1 was bar chart about the use of childcare centre among 5 European countries and there is separate column titled as an European average! Parallel to the countries demonstrated data (In the same diagram but separated by a line drown vertically ..should I have to mention it in the overall part ?)

    Task 2 is about how media advertising makes us similar to what extend do you agree ?

    Speaking part 1

    Meaning of your name?
    Why you given this name?
    Did your family celebrated in any way when you was born ?
    Describe that celebration events ..what they did ?

    Work or study
    Study Subject?
    Why you choose this kind of study ?
    Newspaper paper versus online news ?
    Domestic news versus world news ?

    Part 2

    Where ?
    When ?
    With whom?

    Part 3

    About Driving

    License and age opinion ?
    Including training on driving in high 2ndary school syllabus? Opinion
    What are the jobs that need good driver and why?
    Driverless cars and trains advantages versus disadvantages?

  16. hello liz,
    I wrote my ielts general module in kuwait on 9/9/2017.
    I believe, I have done excellent. Your website and your tactics helped me a lot in preparation. I practiced for few weeks using your site besides few more.
    The topic for letter writing was….
    1. Write a letter to your friend and inform that you have moved into a new apartment.
    + explain why did u moved.
    + describe your new apartment.
    + invite in your new apartment.

    2. Some people argues school students should not burden with extra homework everyday at home. While others think that students of all ages should study extra hours to become successful.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion?

    my speaking topic was..
    Part 1.
    what do I like about my work?
    What do I feel, when I see sunshine?
    What do I think about solar energy?
    Is it good to use solar energy?
    What is my usual activity on sunny day?
    Do I know my neighbors?
    How important to know our neighbors and what good characteristics should one neighbors have?

    Part 2

    About English lesson which was fun.
    – where it was?
    – why it was interesting?
    – what you learned?

    Part 3

    How important is foreign language?
    What benefits to learn international languages?
    What do you think grammar importance in a language?
    What qualities should a foreign language teacher posses?
    Why some students learn foreign language better than others?

    I am just waiting for results, and hopefully I am expecting very high band scores.


  17. Hello ..
    i had my IELTS test on Saturday 16th September
    In Jeddah/Saudi Arabia

    Task 1 :
    Was about the number of children in childcare in 5 countries in 2008 ..

    Task 2 :
    Advertising discourage us from being different individuals makes us look the same. Do you agree?

    cue card : an interesting place in your country the tourists don’t know about it :
    Why they don’t know about it?
    And explain the place.

    Thank you liz 💞..

  18. Hi,
    I am Virendra from Mumbai just given my speaking test I am really thankful to you. Your video help me alot. My speaking topic are as follows
    1) good experience in your childhood?
    How old you are that time?
    Whom you are with ?
    Which place it was?( Speaking topic part 2)
    2) how people improve there memory?
    3) why people remember the childhood?
    4) is that child hood photograph is important to remember mamory?
    5) what is the best experience people having in school?
    6) why children remember there teacher?

  19. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for providing this platform for us to share the recent topics. I practiced some speaking topics here before my test yesterday and got exactly the same one of the topics here.

    Test Date: 16/09/2017
    Melbourne, Australia

    Part 1: Where do you live?
    How is your neighborhood like?
    Do you like your own house? Why?
    How do people celebrate a birthday in your country?
    Which birthday is the most important one in your country?
    When was your favorite part in your birthday when you were a child?

    Part 2: Describe the situation when you recently move your home/ school

    Part 3: Why people move house in your country?
    Don’t you think children like to change house than adults?
    Why don’t some people like change?
    What are the advantages of people staying in one house for the whole life and people keeping on moving houses?
    Is Email still popular in your country?
    Do you think email will disappear in the future?
    Do you like to communicate with others by calling them?

    Task 1: two maps comparing the changes of a place in the past, present, and future.

    Task 2: Nowadays young people don’t know the importance of financial management after they finish high schools. Cause and solution?

    Reading was easier than what I expected, but the speaking in listening was faster than before.

  20. Harjot Kaur says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks for this wonderful website..Its a great help.I appeared for speaking test yesterday 16-9-2017,in Amritsar Punjab,India.
    Part1-where are you from?
    -Do you work or study?
    – Is your job tough?
    – would you like to continue the same job in the future?
    -How you celebrate your birthday?
    – Do you remember your birthday celebration in childhood?
    – Do you use emails?
    -Are people using more emails or social media for communication?
    -Do you think use of emails will continue in the future?
    Part2-speak about a piece of clothing.
    What is u wear it often..why you like it
    Part3- Are women more interested in shopping than men?
    Why men don’t like to accompany women during shopping?
    Is it a good idea to take friends for shopping?
    Has shopping interests of men and women changed over the time?
    Have you bought clothes online?why?
    Why youngsters are shopping clothes online?
    Do you think you can judge a person by clothing?how?
    That’s all I remember..again thanks to Liz and all the best for IELTS test takers..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • gurkirat singh says:

        Hey harjot ,
        Please also share task 2 topic

        • Writing Task 2
          16th September 2017
          Academic (Chandigarh)

          Advertising discourages people from being different individuals by making us want to be and look the same.
          To what extent do you agree or disagree?

          P.S. it was my first attempt, my all other modules were marvelous and i didn’t expect that this kind of complicated topic will be given to us and I’m still not able to understand it.. Please liz help us understanding it..

          • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Advertising encourages people to buy popular items and also controls their behaviour. This means if people are influenced by advertising, they will be less individualistic and just follow popular trends which are set by advertising.

    • Hey harjot m also gave this exam yesterday but i don’t remember the topic name of listening n reading can i tell me about something

    • harminder singh says:

      pls write your writing ,listening,and reading topic.
      good luck for your result

  21. Academic 16-09-2017
    Melbourne, Australia
    Task 1: two plans, first from 1965 (couple of houses, trees and a river), the second plan from present day with a planned development for 2018 (more houses, a bridge instead of a ferry etc.)
    Task 2: Students in many countries lack understanding how to manage their money after they graduate high school (do not remember exact words)
    3 articles, topics: South Pacific food culture, Museums, Translating and interpreting
    1st: call between a customer and a motorhome rental company
    2nd: teacher informing students about details of their excursion
    3rd: two students talking about their project about Stone Point in New Zealand
    4th: description of a new method of farming vegetable
    Cue card Part 2: Describe a place where you went where there were a lot of people
    – What was happening there
    – Who did you go with
    – Why people go there
    Part 3: questions like: Pros and contras of living in an apartment building? Should people have some time only for themselves? (do not recall more)
    Now just wait for the results and hope for the best…

    Liz, thank you very much for your website, there are so many usefull tips and thank you for giving us the chance to share here previous topics and help each other by doing it, it is amazing what you are doing!
    Warm regards,

  22. lovepreet singh billing says:

    My speaking was held in the punjab
    A garden you visited in youger age
    Facilities in garden should have
    People need to pay for garden
    Nature beauty apart from garden ,parks

    Writing task 1
    The bar chart shows the amount of children in childcare in 2008

    Writing task 2
    Advertising discourages us from being different individuals to make us all want and to look the same
    To what extent do you agree or disagre?

  23. Hi Liz ,
    First of all many thanks to you, for providing precise material to all , and your lectures are really very helpful.

    Exam topics as on 16/09/2017
    California ,USA
    Writing task 1:
    Two bar charts showing different (6)age group who spent average amount of their time per day on 2 leisure activities ,namely reading books and listening to music in new Zealand.

    Task 2:
    Many forms of advertisement are very powerful and they have harmful effect on some people.
    Explain about such advertisements and solution to solve this problems.
    (1st sentence same as asked , 2nd sentence don’t remember exactly).

    Speaking test:
    Task 1:
    -Where is your home in your home country
    -What is special about you town
    -How long you have been in your town
    -what is famous about your home town
    -what time do you take your meals
    -who do you take your meals with
    -do you like to stay at home or outside
    -what things you did as child at your home

    Task 2:
    Talk about the person you admire who is not from your country.
    -who is he/she
    -have you met him/her
    -why do you admire him/her

    Task 3:
    -what are adv and dis adv of working with international companies
    -international company in your company have positive effect or negetive effect
    -something related to brands over local companies
    -how international sports can have effect on relations of different countries
    -cultural background can have any hindrance while working in other country.
    ( Task 3 topics are not exactly as they were said,don’t remember exact words)

    I wish everyone ,lot of luck:)

    Thanks again dear Liz.

  24. 16 sep 207 Sydney idp test
    1. Plan map
    2.students in many countries leave the high school before learning how to manage money. What are the reasons for this and what is the solution .

  25. Hi liz
    Thank you for your wonderful website and all your help.
    I did my test today 16 September.

    Do you live in a house or flat?
    Do you like your home?
    What kind of house do you like to have in the future? How often do you use jewellery?
    What jewellery do you like?
    Have you given them to anyone?
    How do you feel about advertisement that pop on the screen?
    Have you bought anything after watching ads?
    Are advertisement on the walls good or bad?
    Part 2
    Describe an occasion with a special cake?
    Part 3
    Is eating meal good with family?
    Why don’t people cook food now compared to past?
    Is food today good like it was in the past?

    Writing task two essay was quite difficult.
    Advertising discourages people from being individuals, rather they like to be and look the same as each other.

    Task one : bar graph shows information about childcare in five European countries for children in two age brackets.

    I have a question regarding my essay. I appreciate if you kindly reply it. I forgot to write (in conclusion) at the start of my conclusion paragraph. How will this affect my score? Is it a great deal in decreasing my score?
    Again, thank you liz for your hardwork.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 If you didn’t write “In conclusion” to start your conclusion, or a similar linking word, it will affect your score for Coherence and Cohesion. The examiner will still know that you have a conclusion and it is only one mistake.

  26. Punjab amritsar Today task 1 -( vertical bar graph )percentage of children in childcare in five european countries in 2008.
    Task 2- advertising discourages us from being different individuals to look the same .To what extent do you agree or disagree.
    Reading and listening was too easy

  27. Thanks Liz for putting this IELTs website together.
    I’ve just sat my exam this morning. Details below:

    IELTS – 16/Sep/2017
    Speaking test
    Sydney, Australia

    o Task 1
    ♣ Where do you live? Do you live in a flat or a house?
    ♣ Do you like where you live? Why?
    ♣ Let’s talk about sunshine.
    • Do you like sunshine? Why?
    • Do you prefer to live in a place where there is more sunshine or less?
    ♣ Let’s talk about jewellery.
    • Do you think it makes people look prettier? Why?
    • How often do you wear jewellery?
    • Have you given someone jewellery as a gift before?

    o Task 2
    ♣ Describe one important invention that you think has changed our society.
    ♣ How has it changed society?
    ♣ Is there a difference in a proportion of people from different age groups using it?

    o Task 3
    ♣ Technology
    • Let’s talk about the invention of wheels. Tell me why do you think it was important?
    • Do you think computers will replace teachers?

  28. 15-Sep-17
    Doha, Qatar

    Speaking Part 1
    Where are you living?
    Are you happy with your room?
    How do you feel sunshine?

    Speaking Part 2
    When was the last time you received good news?
    How does it feel?

    Speaking Part 3
    How your country celebrate good news?
    Do you belive in fake news?

    Hello Liz,

    In part 2 of the speaking, I was asked to tell about the good news I recently received. However, I told the examiner that I could not remember when was the last time I got good news but I told him that I received the other way around which is the bad news, and I elaborated about it. Will it affect my score?



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