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Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics 2019

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  1. ielts speaking test on 16/01/19
    part 1
    tell me about your recent hometown
    how long have you been living there
    why did you leave your former home
    do you like your new hometown
    what would you like to change about your hometown
    have you ever watched the clouds or stars
    which do you prefer ; watching the clouds or watching the stars
    why do you prefer it
    where is a good place in your area to watch the stars
    part 2
    give a talk about a job your grandparent did; Did he also have any other job that he did
    part 3
    why do you think that some people see some jobs as difficult or hard
    do you think that people who do these so called difficult jobs should earn more
    what do you think determines the job that people go into
    do think that some companies provide their employees with the proper skills
    (i cant really remember the exact words in for part 3 and the other questions but those were all the questions she asked me for part 1 and 2)
    thanks for the help liz. i have my reading listening and writing test tomorrow . wish me luck

  2. Speaking test, held in Europe

    Do you work or study?
    What is your morning routine?
    How is your routine different from the time you were a child?
    What would you change about your current routine?
    Do you often travel by car?
    When was the last time you used a taxi?
    Describe a place which is far away that you’d like to visit.
    Where is it?
    How will you go there
    What will you do there
    and say why you choose this place (I do not remember the exact wording)

    How do people in your country spend their vacations?
    Is it important to learn about different cultures?
    How does tourism affect your country (or sth like that)?
    What are the benefits of tourism in your country?

    Keep your fingers crossed for the written part tomorrow!

    All the best,

  3. Hi guys,

    Had my speaking test (academic) Europe (17.01.2019)

    Part 1
    Where I live?
    Do i have many friends where I live?
    Do I like my neighbours?
    Do I like music?
    Would I like to learn to play a musical instrument?
    Do I watch films?
    Do I go to the cinema?
    Part 2
    What foreign language would I like to learn and why (other than English)?
    Got stressed here and stopped talking 5-10sec before the time was up and got prompted to talk just for a couple of seconds so I added another sentence but wasn’t really happy about it. Wish i hadn’t panicked… – Is this likely to lower my score Liz?
    Part 3
    About advantages and drawbacks of having one international language.
    Whether I believed that English will still be an international language in 10 years time.

    Good luck everyone

  4. Jan 15th 2019 – Bangalore

    Part 1 – Where do you live currently
    – Do like Day or night and why
    – Do you like stars and where do spend time looking at them

    Part 2 Talk about most beautiful or handsome person you have ever met

    Part 3 Do you think generally looks matter ? why?
    Why does shopkeepers keep only mannequin with a good body

  5. Thanks a lot, your site is amazing and very helpful for the people practice for IELTS.

    GT on 16-Jan in India.
    Speaking Test:
    Part 1:
    your name?
    how can I call you?
    work or study?
    do you like to change anything in your work place?
    how often you buy sun glasses?
    do you spend more money on buying sunglasses?
    did you ever buy sunglasses for anyone?
    Part 2:
    describe about the TV programme which you had seen recently made you laugh?

    you should tell the character made you laugh?
    (2 more I forgot)

    Part 3:
    related to laugh, humor people, relation bonding if you happy and keep other happy etc.

    overall I did well, but during cue card, I did pause for sometime and repeated a couple of words often.

  6. General -16 Jan 2019
    Part 1-
    What’s your name?
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    How do you go to work?
    What kind of transportation do you use? Would you like to change your transport?
    Part 2-
    Tell something about your plan that you had to change. Who you spoke to? Why you had to change? How you feel?
    Part 3-
    Do you think there should be another plan if one doesn’t work? Today’s world, kids have started to plan about their career in early age. Do you think it’s good or bad? How does it affect? How does technology affect these days in our plans? How long do you get sleep? How many hours do you think we need a sleep? Do you think that the sleep in between the day time is useful? Do you get more sleep these days as compared to your childhood days?
    These are the questions in my speaking. Part 1 was same for my husband as well. On part 2, he got the topic about sports and food.
    We have Listening, Reading and Writing tomorrow.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Good luck to you both tomorrow! Rest well and eat before your test. Be ready to concentrate!

  7. Hi liz,
    My academic speaking test held in India. 17/1/2019
    Part 1
    Do you work or study.
    Changes in university
    Questions about water.
    What do you prefer tap water or water bottle.
    Expensive or cheap in your city
    Part 2
    Recently read book
    And part 3
    How children can encourage to read books
    And fav book of children.
    I have stop in between part while speaking. Does this effect my score.

  8. Jan 16, Academic, speaking test:
    part 1:
    – Do you study or work?
    – Questions about favorite color, your room’s color, do u prefer light color?
    part 2:
    – Describe a book you have recently read
    – What was that about?
    – Where do you usually prefer to study?
    part 3:
    – The pace of life is good or not?
    – Effect of that?

    Unfortunately, I made a mistake, during the part one the examiner asked me “do you prefer bright colors or not?” but actually, I heard him “bride colors” and that didn’t make sense to me, so I asked him what does bride colors mean? and he answered it means hell colors.
    Do I lose a mark for this mistake?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You are not marked on your understanding. Only your fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation are marked based on the English that you speak.

  9. Good day,
    I had my speaking test 16-1-2019
    The questions goes;
    Do you work or are you a student?
    Where do you work?
    What would you like to change or see more of at your place of work?
    How often do you drink water?
    Which do you prefer water from the faucets or bottled water?
    Would you say bottled water is more expensive to access ?
    Tell me about a time you needed to drink water and you could not find any? (I must admit I believe I went off the question in my answer in this bit)
    Tell me about a book you last read, when you did, what book, what the book was about
    Would you say Adults read more? why?
    What is your opinion on books made into films( in my response I kept saying movies)
    With the advancement of modern technology, would you say its easier to access books and would you say adults read more now? why?
    With modern technology there are more digital books, would library books still be used?(or something in this line)
    In the next generation, would paper-back books still be used or only a select few? why?

    LRW is this weekend, fingers crossed.

    Thank you Liz for this platform

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Good luck this weekend! It’s a long test so you will need to feel fresh and ready to concentrate πŸ™‚

  10. Exam Test DATE
    16 January 2019 Russia

    Part 1 questions were about morning routine and breakfast, and questions about water… do I drink water, which type of water tap or bottled.

    Part 2 was to describe an interesting place in your country

    Part 3 was about differences between west and east parts of my country, living in countryside and cities, urban planning (is it important, how business can influence on it).

    Honestly, I was confused about part 3 questions, especially regarding urban planning. Examiner interrupted me a few times, but I hope it will not influence my mark.

  11. Speaking last january 16, 2019

    Part 1

    -where do you live?
    -what is special on your hometown?
    -describe your neighbors
    -all about cooking

    part 2
    -Talk about a lecture or seminar that you attended recently

    Part 3
    -What are the characteristics of being a good listener?
    -All about listening skills

  12. Hi Liz,
    12th January I had a test in Australia
    # Speaking
    Part 1
    What is your name?
    From where you are?
    Where do you live in apartment or house? Why?
    Will you buy your own house? Why?
    When and how you will buy it?
    Which is your favorite area in house?
    Why you like to spend your time in that area?
    What you do here and what time you spend your time here?
    Who is your favorite teacher? Why?
    When you met him first time and which qualities you like in him?
    Do you like plants? Why?
    When you was child that time you liked plants or not?
    Which plant you grew first time and why you chose that plant?
    From whom you get guidance to grow plants?
    Have you received any plant from anyone as plant? When?
    Do you like to gift plant to your family and friends? Why and which type of plants you like to grow and give as a gift?
    Part 2
    Describe any website which you use regularly
    *Name of the website
    *When you use that
    *Why you use that website
    Part 3
    Do you think that the effects of mobile phone is increasing these days?
    How the use of mobile phone is differ than past? What do you think this attitude will change in future or not?
    What do think that internet or online classes will replace teachers or not?
    What is an effect of digital books on library? What do you think that it is positive effect or negative?
    When we should give mobiles to children and why?
    Is mobile phones put effects on our relationship and how can we can save our relationship?

    First three sections are very fast and fourth one is medium.
    First section has 10 blanks with one word.
    Second section is map from 11th to 16th and from 17th to 20th multiple choice question.
    Third section from 21st to 26th were multiple choice question and from 27th to 30th were multiple choice with list of of options and had to select two options.
    Fourth section was blanks with one word.

    Passage 1 was about the water in australia. From 1 to 7 there were blanks with one word and from 8 to 13 true, false, not given.
    Passage 2 was about hybernation. From 14th to 21st list of headings and from 22nd to 26th was blanks with two words.
    Passage 3 was about detective and that was very tough from 27th to 31st was multiple choice question from 32nd to 36th list of matching and last four questions were yes, no, not given.

    Task 1 was table
    Explain four UK car companies which spent their money on different advertisements in million and advertisements were Television, Internet, Radio, Magazine and others.
    Task 2
    Some people said that with the help of parenting and child development course parents can improve the life of children.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    (And I explained 70% and 30% is it right?
    First point I wrote that it is good with that parents can get knowledge from basics, spend time with children, attachments with children and on opposite side from experienced persons parents can learn more)

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ There are no percentages in writing task 2. You give your opinion and that’s all. If your opinion comprises of two aspects, then give both without percentages. Your topic was about a parenting course which is not about spending time with children, it’s about learning how to bring up a child and be a good parent. I appreciate you want my comments on your ideas, but I don’t understand what you have written due to language mistakes. If you want to post them again, I’ll take a look. Also remember that ideas are not enough, it is about how you present the ideas that counts.

  13. speaking January,14
    morning routines
    describe handmade gift that you gave to someone
    questions about creativity etc

    Liz in part 3 I could not answer to one question how this can affect my score?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your IELTS speaking score is not based on questions you did or didn’t answer. You are not marked on understanding the question and you are not marked on finishing the task. IELTS speaking and IELTS writing have different marking criteria in that respect. You will only be marked in speaking on your fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation – nothing else will affect your score.

  14. Hi Liz !
    so my LRW test was on January 12 ,2019

    Academic module

    ”Reading” was about online doctor in passage 1 and about potatoes in passage 2 ( i dont remember passage 3 )

    Writing task 1 – a table of car manufactures in UK in the year 2002 with the types of advertisement.
    Task 2- it was like that parents should take courses for their family and children like parenting and child development to what extent you agree or disagree?
    I disagreed with 3 reason why im disagreeing
    – people in 16 and 17th centuries did not take courses but still raised their children better than nowadays
    – no time since parents go to work and on holidays they spend their free time with there family and a waste of money
    – we can ask an experienced person like our relatives and our parents since they have already been through parenting (was this 3 reasons were good?)

    Section 1 -about puppies
    Section 2 – a map
    Section 3- conversation about a project I guess ( I don’t remember much)
    Section 4 – about big city conversation with an electricity cycle

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your ideas sound relevant and clear πŸ™‚

      • Hi liz i have i question about mg speaking test! I quite hesistated in my speaking test part 2 it was about a handsome person you know. So i had some stops and repeated my β€œlike β€œwords 3 times and i said β€œyou know” but i think I did good in my part 3 but will my part 2 speaking will affect my final grade? Im so worried since i need to get 7

        • This is not IELTS writing where you have a chance to alter words when you proof read. This is IELTS speaking and it is informal. You will naturally use expressions and words repeatedly. It is normal and does not affect your score. I use “you know” and “really” so often – it’s fine. The range of vocab will come with topic related words.

  15. IELTS General Training
    Part 1
    Can I know your full name?
    How long you are living in the current place and why?
    What change you want to make in your recent area of living?
    Do you think is it important to share?
    What kind of things you shared with your friends?
    Do your parents encourage you to share things?
    What are the things your parents told you not to share with anyone?
    What is success in your opinion?
    Do people in your country are successful?

    Part 2
    Describe an event when you feel proud of your friend.

    Part 3
    When a person is successful, is he happy or not?
    Do relationship affect success?
    Do opportunity and hard work is important for achieving success?
    There are few questions still that I’m forgetting.

  16. Dear Liz

    Thank you for your wonderful website!

    Date: January 14th, 2019

    Part 1:
    Do you live in an apartment or a house?
    What is your favorite room in your home?
    Let’s talk about feeling bored:
    What kind of situation makes you feel bored?
    Let’s talk about food:
    How different it is today from the past about foreign food in your country?

    Part 2:
    Describe a talkative person

    Part 3:
    Do you think it is good for children to be talkative? (I said it is a positive thing they can express themselves)
    Is it OK for children to talk a lot in any situation? (I said no, for example in a memorial service, examiner laughed)

    These are the questions that I remember.

    Dear Liz, I have a question:
    In the middle of the test, I noticed that my examiner wrote down “5-6) in one column in the form (but I’m not 100 percent sure), this seems very very low based on my performance, what could that number represent? does it mean that in one of the 4 skills I got something between 5 and 6?

  17. General Training Speaking Test
    13th of January 2019

    Part 01:

    Part 02:
    Describe an item you bought & do not use often
    -when you bought it
    -where you bought it
    -why you bought it
    -and explain why you don’t often use it

    Part 03:
    Advertising on TV & magazine

    My friend was asked to talk about museum for Part 2. He was not satisfied with his speaking test since the examiner was not friendly. The examiner didn’t make him feel free to talk during part 2 as she kept on interrupting expecting him to talk on what was on her mind. But, somehow he could manage Part 1 & 3.
    Will this affect his score?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The examiner’s behaviour is not connected with your score. It is VERY normal for the examiner to interrupt your answers in IELTS speaking. This is something all candidates should be prepared for. If your friend was surprised by this, it means your friend did not prepare fully. However, examiners should have friendly body language to make you feel comfortable to talk. The speaking test score will be decided on a person’s use of grammar, vocab, fluency and pronunciation only.

  18. Dear Liz,
    Thanks for your website

    Part 1
    Do you work or study
    Why did you choose this work
    Did you enjoy your first day at work? why
    Do you remember your primary school teacher?
    Describe a teacher you liked

    Part 2
    Describe a Building that you like

    Part 3
    Is exterior of buildings important?
    How about office space?
    Interior of office is important?

    I think I covered everything, though examiner kept cutting me off, and I made him laugh a couple of times.


  19. Hi Liz
    First of all thank you so much for this amazing website and you are really doing a great
    work for free of charge. Your humanity is really appreciable and I wish all the happiness and healthy life for you and your family on return of these good deeds.

    I had my speaking test on 13th January 2019
    Academic module
    I haven’t had mush time to prepare since I booked the test on 3nd January 2019
    I don’t feel that I faed the test properly. I felt like very uncomfertable since i felt like he examiner was in a hurry or very concern about time so unfortunatly I think i couldn’t deliver my best. Any way I advice everyone who takes the test don’t be nervours it spoils everything.

    Part 1
    What is your name
    Where do you from
    where do you live now
    how long do you live there
    Why you prefer to live there
    Do you look at the sky stars and planet
    Do you study about stars and planet
    which period do you prefer to watch stars day or night
    What is the best place in your area to see the sky and watch stras
    What is your favourite film star
    Why do you like him
    Do film stars popular in your country
    Why do you think they are popular
    Have you met an international films star ever
    Do you like to be a film star ( I said no)

    Part 2
    about a party you attend recently

    Part 3
    I couldn’t remember exact questions
    but something related to
    hosting international events
    how do you feel if you get a chance to represent your country
    Do you think giving chance to international events divide ppl
    what is your country most valuable festival
    why it is celebrated on that day
    what activities and performances you can see in that festival

    Anyway I’m weak in presenting and public speaking when i was in the university too
    I feel like I couldn’t deliver my normal even
    hope this will help someone
    and thank you so much for your great help Liz

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The IELTS speaking test has strict time controls for each part and the examiner must follow them. So, you are right – there is a time issue in play. It is something you need to be ready for. I agree with you completely – go into the test ready to enjoy chatty and try to forget nerves πŸ™‚

  20. IELTS Test

    What’s your name?
    What do I call you?
    Where do you live?
    In your area what’s the main thing

    Part 2
    Do you like Parties?

    Part -3
    Do you think weddings in your countries are wasting too much money?
    Now a day’s parties are events are more as compare to earlier.

    I am compiling listing, reading, writing will share soon.

  21. Reading: ( I don’t remember about the exact titles)
    Passage 1 was about “agricultural reforms
    Passage 2 was about New Zealand.
    I don’t actually remember passage 3, but these were the topics.

    Overall, I found it quite easy to follow. Almost all the questions were in sequence. I didn’t have to rummage through the paragraphs for concerning statements. It was very continuous, in that first set of questions was almost always from FIrst paragraph, second set of questions was from the next and so on. There were no matching headings questions. One set of true false not given in passage 2 and one set of yes no not given in passage 3. I did find these a little bit tricky though, nevertheless it was very easy to spot which statement in passage they were referring to.

    Task 1 was a bar graph

    Task 2 was about people wasting a lot of food these days.

    Overall, I found the test was a bit “easier” as compared to the mocks I’ve solved. I solved the reading test 7 minutes before due time and revisited the ones I was confused about, rechecked my Spelling’s etc. I found I had written “civilisations” instead of “civilizations” in a sentence completion task.

  22. Exam Date:Jan
    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    What can I call you?
    Where are you from?
    Do u like watching stars?

    Talk about a person with whom you have studied or worked

    Part 3
    If your colleague is not friendly/good does it affect your work?
    Is it important in school for children to get along with others?
    Is it important that children learn sharing?


    Part 2 Essay Writing
    Some people think that high salary is important when choosing a company to work for, while others think that good working atmosphere is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Thank you so much Liz.
    This website is very useful and helped a lot in my preparation.
    In some questions I was just half way to my answer and the examiner started with the next question. People giving computer based exam, please keep some time for checking the typo errors.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is normal for the speaking examiner to interrupt your answers and everyone should be prepared for that. It does not have an impact on your score. Glad my website was useful πŸ™‚

  23. Academic Writing task 2 : tons of people are throwing food away what are the reasons for this and how to reduce this?
    I ran out of ideas in the middle and i started to talk about littering will that be considered off topic?
    Thanks a lot for all your help!

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, this is not about littering. It is about food wastage. This means people buy food they don’t eat and the food is wasted. The reason that this is such a good topic is because it is a current world issue. There are many starving people in the world and yet in some countries people throw away almost 40% of all food they buy. The reasons for huge amount of wastage is lack of planning for the weekly menu, people who buy things they don’t need often driven by special offers in supermarkets, and people having too much money and over spending. The solutions are to teach students to manage their weekly shops by planning meals and budgeting. They also need to learn howto cook properly which would include using leftovers to create meals, which would avoid much wastage, and freezing leftovers for later. I hope this helps.

  24. Exam Date: 12th Jan 2019
    General Training
    Speaking Test.
    Part 1
    Where are you from?
    Is it good to be patient?
    Were you patient as a child?
    Are always patient?
    Do people have pets?

    Part 2:
    Describe a person who you know is beautiful or handsome

    Part 3
    Is beauty a good thing?
    People are focusing on beauty thus days, is it good
    Is there need for clothes to be paraded by models
    I’m sure there are a couple more but can’t remember.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Jan
        Writing T1: line graph about having computers.
        Writing T2: Many people think that we have to focus on the extinction of animal while other think that we should pay attention to the problem of human beings. Discussion +opinion
        Part 2
        Questions about complains

    • 12 January
      Writing task 1- line graph about car owenship 1961 to 2001

      Writing task 2- today people live long so they should have to workforce longer. Agree or disagree

  25. Hi,
    what is your job?
    do you enjoy your work?
    how can we identify if your colleague is good.

    cue card
    who is your best colleague in school/ university.
    how he helps you

    is it important for managers to be friendly with employees
    should children be allowed to choose their colleagues who set beside them in school.
    should children involved in activities inside kinder garden.

    That is all I can remember. Good Luck

  26. Part 2 speaking Academic
    Describe a place indoor or outdoor where you can study.

  27. hello Liz,

    First of all thanks to all the tips and suggestions provided to us for preparation
    on jan 10

    full name
    what can i call you ?
    do u work or study ?
    what is your job ?
    where is your home town ?

    part 2
    need to explain about my classmate or colleague who influenced me the most
    >> i answered about my colleague
    part 3
    is it important for children in school to get along well with everyone ?
    what are the advantages of getting well along in school ?
    do children be allowed to sit as their wish or let the teacher decide that ?

    i might have missed a one or two questions but related to same issue

    i could not do well as i stammered whole of the test ,took pauses and corrected by english frequently ,forgot to use linkers ,used the same vocab and sentences for a couple of questions or more,
    in part 2
    i completed before time ,so started speaking about another colleague for 20 seconds before the invigilator stopped me
    i know i flunked the exam but could you let me know what is the band i can expect

  28. My test was on 5th Jan. Speaking test was held on 8th Jan,2019.
    Module- GT

    Please find some of the questions of my speaking test below:
    Part -1
    1.What is your full name?
    2. Do you work or study?
    3. Where are you from?
    4. What is the weather like in your city?
    5. Would you prefer to live in a country with different varieties of season? Or would you prefer to live in a country dominated by a particular season and why?

    Part 2
    Describe a time when you searched for some information

    Part 3
    1. How long did it take to search the information formation?
    2. Do people these days rely on books or the on internet to find information ?
    3 Can a personal diary be used to for obtaining proper history information?

    Thank you Liz for your help and support. Listening was faster and tough than usual. Reading was tricky but easy.

  29. Hello Liz,

    I gave the Ielts on 5th jan
    Below are speaking questions?
    Where you live?
    What you like about the place where you live?
    Do you like Sports?
    Do you like Sunglasses?Why or Why not?

    Talk about a talk or lecture you have heard
    Part 3

    I feel writing was a bit easy as i have already got the advanced lessons by you which were really helpful.Just wanted to confirm one thing i could make one example in the essay so what will be the impact of that?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It’s fine to have just one example in your essay. There are many ways you can extend your ideas and explain detail. Glad my Advanced Lessons helped πŸ™‚

  30. Hi liz,
    I am done with speaking test on 8th January

    – what is your full name
    – do u work or study?
    – do u like your work?
    – what u do if u need improvements in your work?
    – how is your work environment?

    Task 2 :-
    Describer a subject which u didn’t like at school but now u are interested in

    Task 3:-

    -Effect of television. Advantages and disadvantages
    -who is responsible for good study and interesting subject,parents or teachers? how?
    – is it good to use computer for school students? Why?

  31. Hi Liz, my General module LRW is on 5/1/19 , writing task 1 1) lost a clothing item at hotel room write a letter to hotel manager , discribe and things to do
    Task 2: some times people think that young people encouraged to leave their family at certain age other think that it’s better to remain with families
    Speaking: part 1 Name, job , things to change in ur job
    Part 2: describe a plant , y it is important where it grows.
    Part 3: follow up questions about plants
    Discussion about rural and urban living
    Unfortunately I dint perform well in task 3 discussion part in speaking how it’s effect the score?

  32. Hi Liz

    I couldn’t thank you enough for this website. It helped me so much in preparing for my ielts exam. Here’s the detail of my exam and the topics:
    Type: GT
    Date: 5th Jan 2019

    Speaking Part 1
    do you work or study?
    what do you work as?
    do you feel bored?
    do you save money when you were a child?

    Part 2
    talk about market

    Part 3
    Do you shop in a mall or street market
    Do you shop alone or with others?
    What do you think is better, to shop alone or with friends
    Why is it better

    part 1: Write a letter to the manager about the important documents left in their taxi
    -where did you left it
    -why is it important
    -what is in there

    part 2: About homework and children. Do you agree or disagree?

  33. module ACADEMIC
    speaking > whats your full name ?
    where do you live ?
    how the area look like ?
    how often you go to cinema ?
    did you like to go in cinema to watch movies when you was child ?
    do you like sun glasses ?
    how often you wear ?
    would you like to give sun glasses as a gift to anyone ?

    PART 2
    describe a teenager you know

    PART 3
    is the behaviour of children better as compare to teenager ?
    other questions were almost related with right age of responsibility ? childhood , teenager , old age attitude ?

    thanks liz for such a great website

  34. Hi Liz,

    My test was on 5th January

    You recently stayed at hotel. while coming back from the hotel, you discovered that you have left an item of clothing there. write a letter to the manager.

    Some people says that young people should be encouraged to leave home when they become adults. others say that it is better if they remain with family.
    Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

    Your website is so useful. Thank you so much.

  35. Thank you Liz for such a wonderful website. I have given my general trading IELTS on 5th Jan 2019
    Listening section:
    1. Client information
    2. The summer fair
    3. Relationship of music and maths
    4. Abvaral turtle
    Reading section
    1. Holiday booking
    2. Snowy winter
    3. Penril scholarship
    4. Ancient clock
    Writing section
    Part one
    You have recently stayed in a hotel and after returning back you realize that you have left a piece of cloth at your hotel room
    Write a letter to manager of hotel

    Speaking test
    Part 1
    1. What is your name
    2. Where do you live
    3. How often do you get bored
    4. What activity do you do when you are bored
    5. Are you bored now more as compared to when you were young
    6. Do people in your country live mostly in urban area
    7. Where do you prefer to live

    Part 2
    Cue card
    Describe a website you use frequently

    Part 3
    1. What internet sites your country people use for entertainment
    2. Why more news in published on social media site
    3. Can we do something to stop wrong news to publish on websites? If yes how

  36. Hi Liz,
    Your blog is just the best! I’m wholeheartedly thankful for all you do here. I took my IELTS academic LWR today. Your reading module tips got me completing the reading task well ahead of time. The listening bit was a bit difficult for me but on the whole I think I did marvelous. Thank you so much for your valuable services. You’re so kind doing all this for free.

    Speaking test
    Part 1
    Full name
    Email and text messages – my preference and reason
    Questions about overcrowding etc

    Part 2
    Something you bought but haven’t used
    When and where it was bought
    Why it was bought and why I never used it

    Part 3
    Follow up questions about shopping activities of males and females
    Advertising and the need for regulation
    Online shopping etc.

    Writing task 1
    Table about water utilization in four different countries; Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Canada and Egypt.

    Writing task 2
    Employers should focus on personal qualities over qualifications and experience when choosing someone for a job. To what extent do you agree with this?

    Thank you so much Liz. You put my fears at rest.

  37. Academic module
    Speaking date- 04-01-2019

    Do you like music?
    Which type of music do you like?
    Would you like to learn any music instrument?
    How often I listen music?
    Do you buy shoes very frequently?

    Any comedy I used to watch.

    what is the importance of laughing in our life?
    What is the difference between the laughing of children and adult?
    Why children laugh more easily than adult ?

    I think I was replying fast so he asked many questions.

    Thnx Liz for amazing website.

  38. 4.1.19

    I hope you are pretty well. I am sharing questions.. Thanks for your wholeheartedly support extended to us all the time..😊

    Part 1

    What is your Name?
    Where do you work?
    Would you like to change something at your workplace?
    Home cooked food or Street food?
    Shoes : Types/Online Shop
    Attire : Can you judge a person
    Cooking : Why do some people love cooking?

    Part 2

    A person you would like to meet

    Part 3)
    Why children brought up in the same family have differences in thier thoughts?
    Ways of meeting new people?

    I have some questions:
    1) When she asked about my ID- I replied β€˜Ya Sure’
    Will it make any affect?
    2) I was bit nervous in part 1, infact was struggling at times, after that i got my pace. Will it affect?
    3) I know my vocabulary was limited though i used words like : Dynamic, Result oriented,deprived,unusal inteeligence

    How much could i expect?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
      1) It’s fine. IELTS speaking is informal.
      2) Your score is based on your overall performance which it allows for nerves.
      3) Vocabulary counts for only 25% of your marks. Those words are fine to use as long as they are used 100% correctly.

  39. Hello Liz, thank you for your advices
    Speaking exam 3/Jan
    Part 1
    Work or study ?
    What do you like most about you work ?
    What do you do to concentrate in work ?
    Is it popular to have pets in your country ?

    Part 2
    Talk about a puplic facility

    Part 3
    Are there many puplic facilities in your country?
    The benefits of parks ?
    Should parks be free of charge for everyone?

    I was confused and lost coherence in part 2
    But in part 3 my coherence and vocabulary was very good
    Can this inprove my coherence score ?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ There is no separate marking criterion for coherence. There is the criterion of Fluency which includes coherence. Together they count for 25% of your marks. Vocabulary is a different marking criterion which also counts for 25% of your marks.

  40. I had my speaking test today (3rd Jan 2019)

    Test Type: GT
    Date: 3rd January 2019

    Part 1
    1. What is your full name?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Do you work or study? (I said work)
    4. Do you like your job? why?
    5. Have you shared anything with your friends?

    Part 2

    Describe a person who you have met and thing is beautiful or handsome. You should say,

    Part 3
    Beauty and society
    1. Do you think being beautiful is essential?
    2. Do you think being beautiful can cause problems?
    3. People try to become beautiful, why is that?
    4. Has the way people consider as beautiful changed when compared with the past?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ A brilliant answer which definitely won’t lower your score – well done πŸ™‚ Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

    • Hi Liz,

      I had my speaking test today(4th Jan 2019)

      They asked general questions

      Describe a time when you searched for information from the internet
      a. When was it
      b. What information were you looking for?
      c. How did it help you?

      1. Is online information reliable?
      2. Do you think there is too much information in online?
      3. Is the information provided on television is useful?

      My IELTS exam is on 5th Jan 2019.
      All the best for the people who are taking exam on Jan 5th

  41. part 01
    your city
    part 02
    A beautiful city
    Part 03
    Historical place
    ever visited
    Government responsibility

    Hello Liz
    In section 02 I described two cities.
    Is it a problem
    I said”In the future, I would like to go there………….

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You will get a higher score for describing one city in detail because you will offer a broader range of language:
      people who live there, your first time there, how often you go, facilities, entertainment, parks, trees, shops, comparisons with other cities, how it has developed since the past, what plans you have to go there in the future, how the city might change in the future. Each aspect offers a different range of language and grammar as you can see.

  42. Exam date : 1/1/2019

    Part1 : work or student? What are doing at job? Did you enjoy first day of you job? why you choose this job?
    Do you like experience a day out?why? with family or friends?

    Part2: explain a sport you watch on TV and you would like to try?

    Part3: which sport are popular in you country?
    how we can attract amateur to benefit from sport?
    how extreme loyalty could benefit for a sport to become popular?

  43. Hi Liz, thanks for all the help that you gave us. I just finished my speaking exam
    1- full name —- ID
    2- study or work
    3- do you like the place you work in?
    4- what changes you would like in the workplace?
    5- do you go often to the cinema?
    6- do you prefer to go alone or with your friends? why?
    7-do you prefer comfortable or fashionable shoes?

    cue card?
    a remote place

    part 3:
    1- where do must of people on your country spend their holidays?
    2- why people sometimes prefer to spend the holiday at home?
    3- do you think young people will benefit from having one year to travel before work and after school?

    I wish that I did well

  44. Below questions were asked in speaking test
    Part 1:
    About work
    About Crowd- which places are crowded, why they are crowded, how I feel being in crowd.
    About Sleep: How much sleep should a person get
    how much sleep I get
    did I slept more when I was younger
    Part 2:
    Describe a situation when you found an item
    Part 3:
    Why people loose things
    Which things usually people loose
    What should parents do when children bring home some items found

  45. Hello all !
    I just got done with my IELTS Speaking test ..
    Module: Academic (although Speaking is same for both)

    The examiner starts with basic instructions and mentions that this will be recorded.
    PART 1
    1. What is your full name? What shall I call you?
    2. Do you study or work?
    3. Where did you study?
    4. Is that a good place to study?

    PART 2
    Talk about a book you recently read?

    PART 3
    Continues about reading
    1. Do you read very often?
    2. Do children read a lot these days?
    3. Developing a reading habit in children is solely a parent’s responsibility?

    That’s all!
    I hope this helps.
    All the best y’all

  46. Thanks, Liz for this wonderful site
    My speaking was on 03-Jan
    Section : 1
    Do you work or study?
    Why you have opted for this job?
    How much work you do in a week?
    Do you have to work on weekend also?

    Section : 2
    A handsome person you have met in your life?

    Section 3 :
    Why inner beauty is vital?
    Why people nowadays believe in outer beauty? reasons?

  47. speaking Academic
    describe a recent development in your city
    what it is
    how it could help
    what benefits it could bring…

  48. sami GT January 3rd
    speaking part 1
    what’s your name
    work or study
    where do you work
    favorite season, why
    is it better to have only one weather or more

    describe a time when you needed to repair something
    part 3
    why things break
    is it worth repairing or getting a new one
    is it important to teach children to repair stuff

    Thank you Liz for all your lessons.

  49. Hi Liz and all ,

    I was asked these questions during my speaking part 1 December 19 2018

    Normal topics : hometown , accomodation
    Other topics : teacher , cards & invitation


    Do teacher remember all the students ?
    Do you like to be teacher in childhood ?
    Is there any affair or event with you remember with your teacher ?

    Cards & invitation

    Do you often send cards ?
    For what occassions you send card to whom?
    Do you like to receive email or cards ?

    Part 3 happiness question

  50. Hello liz , I am so thankful about your powerful website, I found out so useful. I passed my soeaking test today and my exam will atend at 05.01.2019 . Wish me success
    Part 1 :
    What is your name
    Work or study
    Where do u study
    Prefer to go out with friend or relative ?

    Part 2 :
    Talk about quiet place

    Part 3 :
    Why country side is more qiuter than central city ?
    Why people prefer living countryside ?
    Is there somewhere in central city quiet ?

    GOOD LUCK for everyone.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

      • Dear Liz, I have couple of questions for you
        a) Is it necessary to speak for the full alloted time? I mean, I can still put in my ideas/thoughts/ideas in a very eloquent manner that may not consume the total time
        b) what if i have no clue on a particular question? Can i be honest and let the examinet know I dont have much knowledge in this area for eg if we are asked to talk on a well known poet and i have not much knowledge there, will i be penalized letting the examiner know i dont know?
        (for part 2 and part 3 speaking)

        • You are being marked on fluency which is about speaking without hesitation and also speaking at length. You need to show you can speak at length if you want a high score. You are not marked on your knowledge, be up front and open.

  51. Hi Liz ! Thank you for the website !

    I gave speaking test on 1st January

    First part : where do you live?
    what do you like about your neighborhood?
    Do you go to park ?
    what do you do in the morning ?

    part 2:
    the time that you gave money as gift

    part 3 :
    is it good to give money as gift ?
    what is the difference between cash and credit card ?
    the advantages of cash and credit card ?

  52. Hi Liz. Thank you a lot your website is very good.
    I was on Speaking Test and I was told to speak the following questions:
    Part 2.
    Describe a special date in your country’s history:

    Writing T2
    An increasing number of people are buying what they need online. What are the advantages and disadvantages.

    I wrote about time-saving, choice of everything and one disadvantage is Have to wait a lot.
    What do you think about my ideas in Writing Task 2?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I don’t understand your disadvantage. When I buy online there is often a “next day delivery” option and I get my items delivered the next day to my home without any effort or inconvenience to myself. The main disadvantage is not being able to touch or test the product or see it with your own eyes before purchasing it.

  53. Hi Liz

    Thanks for making this website
    Exam was on Dec 31,

    part one:
    Living place, Why do I like it
    Seasons, which season i prefer, it is better to have same weather or different in one location.
    part two
    About lecture

    part three
    item for good speaker & listener
    being good listener is good & why, how
    which one is more important, being listener or speaker?

    unfortunately my examiner was a little tough. I tried to reach band 8.

  54. I did my ielts academic mode on 28.12.2018

    For writing Part 1-
    Got a Table

    Writing part 2
    wild animals should be protected
    Disscuss both views gand give your opinion.

    (Liz, I put two examples in it. Dolphons and sea turtles. Im worried that they might not count as whild animals πŸ˜‘)


    Part 1
    -Full name
    -What can I call you?
    -Are you currently studying or working?
    -Is the place you working is good?
    -Do you think that there are any changes need to be done in the place you work?
    -What is your favourite color?

    Cue Card
    – Something you received that you wanted from a long time.

    Speaking part 3
    ( Since I talked about a pair of earrings I received from my mother for cue card question ,
    -do you often talk about your earrings with people?)

    -Does shopping important for a country?
    -Do you think advertisement make people to buy things?
    -Do advertisements important for people?

    These are the questions I got.
    Another student sais she got to talk about “Plants”

    Hope this will. Be helpful for you all..

  55. where do you live right now.
    tell me something interesting about your place.
    how about your neighborhood.
    why do you think you have relatives there.
    when is the usual age for a child to understand the value of money.

    cue card
    a time when u receive money as a gift.

    can an ordinary man be powerful without money.
    how can a wealthy man be powerful?
    how can an ordinary man help the community
    how can a wealthy person contribute to the community
    How can you relate power with money.

  56. GT : INDIA : 22/12/2015
    1st part
    Where do you live? why?
    What do you like about this place?
    How is the weather in your city?
    Which weather you like and dont like? Why?
    What kind of music do you like? Why?

    2nd PART:
    Talk about any family business you know

    3rd PART:
    Do you think it is better to work with a small business company or a big company? Why?
    Dont you think there is a lot of learning experience with smaller companies?
    How should small companies work their way towards success?

  57. GT, 22nd Dec 2018

    Essay on Advertisements are Good or Bad for society, give your opinion.

    Write a letter to house agent

    I gave computer-based test, fingers are crossed !!! My target is 7,7,7 and L 8.

  58. Exam date 22/12/2018

    Part 2 : Describe something you want to replace
    Part 3 :
    1) What item most people in your country want to replace?
    2) What kind of people is materialistic?
    3) Why do some people buy something new sooner?

    Task 1 : Describe 3 pie graphs
    Task 2 : Some people work hard than others topic

  59. Speaking 22/12

    Part 1 about where I live, morning routine, transport system and traffic.
    Cue card about complaints and part 3 follow ups questions about complaints.

  60. Test date: 20 Dec 2018,
    Speaking test:
    Part 1:
    – what do you do?
    – do you like your work and why?
    – what changes you would like to see in your work?
    – what kind of shoes do you like, fashionable or comfortable?
    – how often do you buy shoes

    Part 2:
    Describe a successful family business you know is successful

    Part 3:
    – advantages and disadvantages of family business
    – do you like to work in big or small company

  61. Speaking topic
    Started with working or studying and question mostly around the workplace, interests etc.
    A skill you recently learned and it took a long time to learn, what was that skill, why it took long and benefits after learning it?
    mostly around the comparison of the current generation to old generation skill sets and why it is important to learn to new skill

  62. My IELTS GT spoken test
    Part 1, What is your full name ?
    From where you came?
    Do you study or job?
    Why you choose this profession?
    Do you often use maps?
    Any trip which you still remember?

    Part 2: your first mobile phone

    How technology changes the business

  63. Hi, I had my speaking test todayI was asked:
    Part 1: 1) What is your full name?
    2) Where do you live?
    3) Do you like the place you live in?
    4) Why do like the place you live in?

    Part 2: Cue card: Describe a place indoors/outdoors

    Part 3: 1) What are the factors affecting a person’s studies?
    2) Do you think surroundings affect studies?
    3) Nowadays, people don’t study for their personal interest. Why is it so?

  64. Hi mam, I took my speaking exam today

    Part 1:

    1. Where you live?
    2. Is there many shops in your area?
    3. What are the seasons in your country?
    4. Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
    5.Do you wear sunglasses?


    Talk about lecture which you heard before.

    Liz mam, I took often pauses while
    Starting to speak in part 3, because I couldn’t get ideas suddenly. And I repeated some words often but I spoke well in part 1 & 2. Will they affect my score?

    Thank you mam.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is completely normal to repeat some words in IELTS speaking. Your score will be based on your overall performance.

  65. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for all of your helpful advice. I have learned a lot in this website. I’ve just finished my speaking test, but the examiner continueously interrupted me while I was speaking, I’m so worried about that. Hopefully it’s not too bad.

  66. General Training module
    The written part on the 15th of December and the speaking part on the 17th

    Writing task 1
    You have a spare room in your flat to

    Writing task 2
    Science will soon make people live up to 100 or even 200 years.

    Speaking part 1
    Can you describe the place where you live now?
    What do you like about this area?
    Do you like shoes?

    Speaking part 2
    Describe a book you have recently read

    Speaking part 3
    – People nowadays read nowadays as they did in the past
    – What influence has the technology in reading habits

  67. Speaking Exam date: 17 December 2018 Academic
    Do you work or study?
    Why did you choose this subject?
    Do you remember your primary school teachers?
    Whay was your favourite teacher?
    Who do you spend your free time with?

    Part 2
    Describe a sport

    Do young and old people watch same sports in your country?
    Do people watch different sports in the future?
    Why sportsman is used on advertisements?

  68. Hi Liz
    Thank you a lot for your support. Today I had my speaking test I need a clarification from you which I mentioned after the questions.

    Part 1
    Where do you live?
    Which room you like in your home?
    Will you move to different home in future?

    Part 2
    Describe a song you like the most?

    The song I described in part 2 was the one in my first language and I just mentioned the first line lyrics of the song. Is it fine to use the first language to describe the lyrics which isn’t English. I am quite worried now and will it make any impact in my score.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It will not help your score to use a different language in an English language test. If you do use a work in your own language, explain the meaning in English.

  69. Exam Date: 14th & 15th December 2018
    Part 1:
    Where do you live currently?
    What is special about the place you live?
    Do you know many people in the place you live?
    Let’s talk about breakfast. Do you think that breakfast is important? Why?
    Tell about your daily routine.

    Part 2:
    Talk about a place you wish to visit

    Writing Test
    Part 1:
    You relocated to an overseas country recently and shipped your furniture and other possessions

    Thank you. I hope I did well.

    The examiner was not that friendly and he I guess he was in a hurry. He wanted to go to the next question before I finish talking. Anyway, hopefully, I will get through.

    Thank you so much for all your tips.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It’s very normal for the speaking test examiner to interrupt your answers – it is a natural part of the test.

      • Daniel Junior says:

        Thanks for everything
        Please in the listening when we are transferring our answers to the answer sheet are we going to see the questions again

        • Of course. You will write your answers on the questions paper while you are listening. Then you transfer them from the question paper to the answer sheet.

    • Wow. I too had same questions in writing section. Took test from chennai, India. GT. 15th December. Thank you Liz mam for your priceless teaching. It really helps me to find easy in my exam.

  70. Italy, December 15th 2018, IELTS Academic

    Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    What’s your favorite room in the house?
    When did you move there?
    Do you plan on moving soon?

    Plants. Do you have any at home?
    Would you like to receive a plant as a gift?

    Talk about something a friend of yours did that you would also like to do yourself. You should mention:

    Task 1: Graph. Snow depth at a ski facility

    Task 2: Criminality among children and teenagers.

  71. Exam date: 15 Dec 2018 Academic
    Writing Task 1
    There were two bar graphs
    Nowadays , many people aim to create a balance between their work and other aspects of life .Problems & Solutions

  72. Speaking on 11th Dec , LWR – 15th Dec

    Dear Liz,
    Thanks a ton for your site. It was really helpful, specially the tips you have given for each section. Here the questions I got for my test
    Part 1
    – Where do you live?
    – what do you like about the place you live?
    – which season do you like?

    questions asked to my hubby
    – Were you rewarded with cash money in your childhood?
    – what did u feel then?
    – DO you give cash money to your kid?

    Section 2
    Describe a person you have never met but would like to meet in the future.

    Question asked to my hubby
    – The building structure you liked

    Section 3
    – what is the good way to meet new people?
    – do you think online friends can have a negative impact
    – what kind of friends do u prefer personal friends or online ?

    questions asked to my hubby\
    -is spending money on the exteriors of the building necessary?


    Task 1 :- write a letter the manager of the shipping company

    Task 2:- Some people feel online courses are better while other feel classroom courses are good? Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

  73. Liz, thank you for your very helpful site. indeed we are grateful with all your help =)
    test date: december 15, 2018

    writing task 1: a line graph

    writing 2: Some school leavers tend to go to travel or work for a period of time before entering university directly.
    advantages or disadvantages

  74. Exam date : 15th December 2018
    General training
    Writing :
    Task 1
    You have a room empty in your flat, you want to rent it out. So write a letter to Students Accomodation officer

    Task 2
    Science has so much developed that people will be able to live 100 years and expected to live longer about 200 years. Some people see good thing in it while others see problems in it.
    Discuss both the views and include your opinion.

    First two sections were regular
    But third section
    Includes the selection of graph while the speakers compare about the numbers of a product
    While in the fourth section
    There was a map of Australia given

  75. Test Date: 15 December 2018, Academic

    Writing Task 1:
    Bar graph about the total world population is 4 different countries.

    Writing Task 2:
    Research has shown that business meetings and training are increasingly taking place online. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

    Liz, I only wrote about the advantages and did not touch on the disadvantages. I’m not sure if that was the right to do?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your aim in task 2 is to explain how the advantages are more important than the disadvantages or vice versa. This means you should explain why A is more and B is less important.

  76. Academic ielts

    Speaking part 1-about work and photography
    Part-about a book that you red recently

    Listening-hotel bilking,map,about volcano,about one tree or something

    Reading 1-about an animal
    2-about climate change
    3-about intelligence

    1-bar graph about snow level
    2-children and youngsters who commit crimes have increased and what is the reason and what are the punishments should be introduced?

  77. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for creating such a wonderful website.

  78. Academic 15/12 Today.
    Task 1
    Bar graph
    Depth of snow in 6 month in 1,2,3 years
    About teens commit crime. Why/reasons?

    1. About life’s coals
    2. Don’t remember ( researches about abilities)
    3. About correlation between climate and economic

    1. Booking hotel ( pretty easy)
    2. Gym and facilities ( + map of gym)
    3. Vulcanoes and researches ( pretty easy)
    4. Don’t remember, Smth. about African fruits and development business.

  79. Gave LRW today

    Writing task 1 : letter of complaint to the manager of a shipping company for damage to goods

    Writing task 2 : in today’s times internet is making it easy to study online from home. Some people think this is a good way to study.Others think it is better to study at a classroom.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    I wrote the advantages of both views in each paragraph.
    Worried I made it look like a advantages and disadvantages essay!
    But I didn’t write any disadvantages,both my paragraphs had benefits for each type of study.
    Will I lose marks Liz?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your aim in task 2 was to explain why some people think online learning is good and then explain why other people think classroom teaching is better.

  80. General Training
    December 15, 2018

    Writing task 1:
    You received a letter from a friend asking for a reccomendation letter

    Writing task 2:
    Successful companies uses advertisement to make more sales.

  81. Hi Liz
    Tast date: December 13 , Academic test,

    Writing task1: a table compare health care
    Writing task2, some believe that men should not have equal role in police force, millitery or army, others have opposite view.

    Part1: where do you live now?
    Which part of your home do you like most? Why?
    Nowadays people do not know about their neibours. What is the reason for that?
    Who do you spend your free time with?
    What do you do with your family at your free time?

  82. my speaking test was today (14the dec 2018).
    module :academic

    part one :movies & music
    -do you often watch movies when you were a kid ?
    -do you watch movies now?
    -what type of movies you watch now?
    -what type of music you listen ?

    describe a person you know who work to protect environment?

    part one :
    -do you mention about this person to others?

  83. Exam Date: 15th-Dec, 2018

    1) Write one letter to book writer whose book you recently read. It was about a place which you know very well.
    A) you found a mistake in the book to report it.
    B) How that correction going to help.

    2) In many places, people are staying longer than before.
    A) what are causes of it.
    B) is it positive or negative?

  84. 14th December

    Speaking test, topics:
    First part:
    – picture, drawing
    – water

    Second Part:
    – lecture

    Third part:
    – lecture
    – good listeners
    – good speakers

  85. Hi Everyone,

    I’d like to share the questions that came up in my exam YESTERDAY on 13th December

    Writing Task 1
    Two maps

    Writing Task 2:
    In some countries, young people are not only richer, but also safer and healthier than ever before. However, they are less happy.

    Listening was very easy, reading passages were quite long and complex.


    1- Do you work or study? Where do you go to school? Why did choose this school? Did you enjoy your first day? Are you always on time? How would you feel if someone left you waiting? In your culture, is it okay to be late? Why? (more questions about being on time).

    2- Describe a building that you like. What it’s used for, etc.

    3- Discussion about buildings and their outside and inside design. (I read this question and part 2 question the day before the exam in an IELTS book).

    I really missed up in the task 2 writing and didn’t have time to write a conclusion. Please do not fall in this mistake like me and manage your time properly.

    Thanks for your massive help Liz (:

  86. IELTS General Training
    Date: 01-Dec-2018,

    [1] Speaking:
    All sections questions about sports
    First general greet and personal questions about your self, work etc
    Part 1:
    Do you like sport ?
    Whats your favorite sport ? why you like it?
    Part 2:
    Talk about a sport
    Part 3:
    Do you think sports star marketing some products help the sale ?

    [2] Writing:
    Part 1: Write a letter to your company’s 3rd party agency about a report they need to submit
    Part 2: What do you think about living in cold and hot regions, discuss your ideas and share your opinion.

    [3] Listening:
    Section 1: Conversation b/w a lady and insurance agent
    Section 2: Map of a museum,

    [4] Reading:
    One tricky question:
    Section 3:
    Big passage – Article is about a fishermen. Story narrates their struggle to sail across a Atlantic ocean, how they stacked food, how they settled down there and some related questions on this.

  87. NervousGuy says:

    Type: AC

    1. What’s your name?
    2. Do you work or Study?
    3. Where did you study?
    4. Do you suggest your university?
    5. What would you change about your university?
    6. Were you going to cinemas when you were a kid?

    Second part
    Describe a city you like

    Time went so fast! Also, I was nervous because I wanted to give lots of good sentences and examples. I hope I can get the band I need πŸ˜€

    Thanks Liz for everything!

  88. gave a speaking test today 14th dec,2018

    was asked if i work or study ?
    where do you work?
    any changes you would like to see at workplace?
    do you like watching movies?
    has there been any changes in the types of cinema ?
    part 2 :
    describe a thing you borrowed

    he was trying to ask me if people would like to share housing in the future as the world is cramping ? i answered no,as housing has become cheaper due to apartments !
    but i felt he wanted me to answer as yes !
    maybe he considers living in apartment buildings as sharing of space!!

    hope i dont lose marks for that πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You are not marked on your ideas or your answers in IELTS speaking. You are only marked on: fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation. It is possible he wanted you to use the future forms in your answer which was why you continued to push you. Your answer written above contains no future forms. He is not testing your ideas, he is testing your English language.

  89. Hi, Liz and all of the IELTS test takers! πŸ™‚
    I want to share my positive vibes.
    First of all, Liz, heartedly thank you for being an unbelievable source of knowledge and inspiration!

    December 14th
    General | Speaking

    Part 1.
    1. What is your name?
    2. Do you work or study?
    3. Why do you like to do your job?
    4. Why have you chosen this kind of job?
    5. Do you remember your first day at work? Why?
    6. Do you often feel bored?

    Part 2.
    Tell a story about a lost thing.

    Part 3.
    A discussion about being an organized person and why people lose things.

    Thank you. Good luck everyone! πŸ™‚

  90. IELTS Academic
    Date :14-12-2018

    Part 1
    Introduction,morning routine,what do you want to change in your morning routine
    do you prefer dark colors in childhood, does color of your room wall matters,

    Cue Card: Explain any skill which you took time to learn

    does people who took longer to adopt a skill benefits them,give example of any work where patience is required,why people want to adopt any skill quickly

  91. Today i had my speaking module
    Part 1:
    1. Do you live in apartment/house
    2. Which room do u like more in ur house
    3. Do u wear watch?why?
    4. Do u often punctual?
    Topic on plants

    Part 2:
    Topic on studies

    Part 3:
    1. Do grand parents help to their grandchildren?
    2. Quesstions on team work?

    Liz please tell me one thing I talked only for 1 min 30 sec around in part 2 does it effect my score and in part 1 I told unrelated answer to 6th question

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your fluency score will be based on your overall performance in the test, not just part 2. You are not marked on relevancy in IELTS speaking.

  92. Exam: GT
    Date: 13 Dec

    Questions about favorite room in house.
    Questions about money, giving money and receiving money.

    Part 2:

    Describe a math skill

    Part 3:

    Why math is important for children?
    At what age children should learn?
    What is significance of math skills for adults?

    Various question about letters, emails and cards

    NB: while speaking, twice I made mistakes with plural which I corrected at the spot. Does it affects the score?

  93. Dear Liz,Thank you so much for your efforts and content. It really helped me a lot.
    Ielts GT Speaking, 13th December

    1. what is your name?
    2. Do you work or study?
    3. Do you like your work?
    4. How was your first day at the office?
    5. Let’s talk about the cities. Do you like cities?

    Part-2 Cue card

    Describe a most talkative person.

    Part 3:
    Let’s talk about communication.
    1. Do you think that communication is important?
    2. Do you think presentation is more important than communication?
    3. What are the skills that make you good presenter?

    part 3 questions were quite unexpected. i have fingers crossed.

  94. December 13th

    1. Do you work or study?
    2. Why do you like to do your job?
    3. Tell me about your favorite holiday?
    4. Do you plan your holidays? Why?
    5. What is the most important thing when you plan your holidays?
    6.Do you often feel bored?

    Part 2:

    Describe a website

    Part 3:

    websites colombian’s usually use for entreteinment
    how internet can help in educational matters?
    what do you think about University libraries?

  95. Exam date: 13th December
    I just want to share the questions asked for my speaking test today. πŸ™‚

    Part 1:
    >State your full name
    >Do you work or study?
    >Do you usually listen to music?
    >What kind of music do you dislike?
    >Have you gone to/watched a live music concert?
    >Do you play musical instruments? >I answered no.Do you like shoes?

    Part 2:
    Tell me about a teenager r?

    Part 3:
    > I can’t remember the exact question but it is about the way teenagers and children respect elders. (the examiner stopped me but I was able to answer his question here and was able to give a brief explanation for my answer.)

    thank you so much for the resources on your blog, Liz. They were very helpful. πŸ™‚ I hope to get a good result *fingers crossed*

  96. 12 December 2018
    I feel duty-bound to share because your comments, indeed, helped me. Thanks to Liz for creating such platform for us – we both learn from her and share our experiences.
    Part 1: study or work. What would you change in your work? Water, Shoes
    Part 2: special place in your country
    Part 3: Competition between cities and regions, urban planning

    I will have the rest of the test parts on Saturday. Looking forward to your questions on recent Writing topics, please do share if you take earlier.

    Tip: take the exam as an experience, not as a challenge.

    Good luck to everyone.

  97. hi Liz, thank you for the blog and video lessons. πŸ™‚

    Type: Academic (speaking)
    Date: 12th December 2018

    the first part revolved around breakfast and morning routine
    ~tell me about your morning routine.
    ~do you prefer to have the same morning routine every day?
    ~do you think breakfast is an important meal? why?

    part 2: Talk about a time you complained about something

    part 3: general questions about complaining
    ~how do you think companies should respond when they receive complains?
    ~should companies give compensations to the people who complain? in what situations?
    ~do you think complains help companies? what might happen if companies stopped responding to complaints?

    good luck everyone!

  98. Hi liz, thanks a lot for your wonderful work.. It really helped me..
    I took the IELTS speaking test today
    General test module.
    I figured a lot of people need more of mental preparation and readiness before taking the test.
    My examiner was very nice with a beautiful accent, her countenance really helped me to build the needed confidence for the test.

    1. I was askes to identify myself.
    2. I was asked to talk about my village and something interesting about it.
    3. I was asked to describe my current place of residence and how the people there relate.
    4. She asked about my take on borrowing items to friends or family members and what my reaction would be if they failed to return it duly.
    5. She asked if I would wear a sunglasses and why and then if I would gift a friend or a relative sunglasses.
    6. Finally she asked me to talk about care hiring, how it’s done in my place and what kinds of people engage in care hiring and what purpose.

    My answers didn’t have to be through, i just had to speak fluently and accurately, with correct grammar, she had a smile on her face the whole time and was very nice.. Honestly speaking liz it was a lot easier than I thought.. Thanks

  99. December 12 academic
    Part1:about water,cinema
    Part2: describe a piece of equipment that you had problem(Tv, washing machine..)
    I spoke about music player .Is it off topic or not

  100. Hi
    I took academic speaking on 2018 december 12

    Part 1 about studying and leisure time

    Part2 describe a job you would interested to have in the future

    Part 3 about the job and future jobs for students

  101. Speaking test topics
    12th Dec 2018

    Part 1
    Where do you live , house or apartment
    which part of the house do you like the most
    do you like plants

    part 2

    Describe a quiet place

    do you prefer being alone

    Part 3
    Lot of questions about noise

    Do you think households are more noisy now than before
    do you think there should be laws to control reduce noise (I said in my reply, that not only legislation, but it’s enforcement is also important)

    I just finished my test about 3 hours ago, and I was not expecting this line of questioning! πŸ˜€ I did throw in some nice buzzwords. I can only hope I didn’t mess up with grammar along the way.
    I do feel I have done reasonably well, but only the scores can tell

    Thank you for your guidance and valuable tips, Liz!
    You’re doing a wonderful job.

  102. 10 Dec
    Part 1
    Work or study
    Where do you work
    What would you think you need to change
    Favourite color
    Did you wear bright colors when you were a child
    What color is suitable for walls
    Color of cars
    Part 2
    Talk about a time you wanted to find information
    Part 3
    Where can u find information
    Book or Internet is usefull
    How do u find information from TV

  103. Test date- 10 December 2018
    Test type – Academic speaking, BC

    Part 1
    She gave her name and asked me mine
    1, what do you do now work or study ?
    2, Do you think your work is important to you?
    3, what changes do you think the hospital should make?

    Part 2
    Now let’s move on to part 2, you will be given a minute to think and write it down on the paper and pencil provided to you and this is your topic, please don’t write anything on the card/sheet
    Q,Talk about a tv program/ show/ movie which made/ makes you laugh

    I will stop you when 2 minutes are up, so you can start now
    She did stop me but not sure whether I spoke for 2 minutes 😟

    Part 3
    Now that you spoke about laughter let’s talk about a child’s laugh
    1, what do you think makes a child laugh( after I gave my answer she asked again what actually makes them laugh out loud)
    2, what is the difference between a child and an adult, do you think adults laugh just like children ? ( after answering she continued it like do you think people judge you when you laugh loudly? I answered and then the examiner was like why and when?)
    3, do you like comedy films?
    Thank you that is the end of the test

    PS: the progress of questions was based on my answers( that probably would be why you might not understand a few of them πŸ˜„)
    And I definitely did not feel like I gave my exam for 15 minutes!πŸ˜₯

  104. Hi everyone:)
    It was my speaking day today!
    Part 1. Do you work or study. Do u like cities.About international food.
    Part 2. About thing that you lost. What was it? How did you lose it? What you did after losing it.
    Part 3. Something about being organized person.How computers affect your organization( i cant remember properly)
    Hope it will help you. Good luck πŸ€—

  105. Exam Date: 08 December 2018
    Computer Based Exam.

    What is your name?
    Where do you live? A house or an apartment?
    Do you think you will move to a new place?
    Do you like rain?
    Do you prefer to do out on rainy days?

    Describe the time when you helped someone

    How grandparents can help their grandchildren?
    How adults can help their parents or grandparents?
    Which problems are nowadays being solved by international organizations and cooperations?
    Can you please tell some other global issues, instead of pollution?

    Writing Part#1
    Your friend is coming to stay in your neighbourhood. He has asked some information about the local school.

    Writing Part#2
    Some people think it is important to spend a lot of money on a wedding celebration, while others disagree.
    Describe both views and give your opinion.

  106. Hi
    l took the exam on 01/12. Most of my speaking questions were mentioned in the recent comments, so l will only mention the ones which l didn’t run into:
    Q: Would you like to have yourself drawn by someone ?
    Part2: question about a good law you know in your country.
    Part 3:
    Q: Do most people in your country follow the law
    Q: is it popular in your country to work as a police officer?
    Q: what are the qualifications of a good police officer? Suggested answers: comminication skills, assertiveness, physically fit……

  107. 8th Dec 2018

    Part2—-Talk about a sport you played in childhood?
    what was the sport
    where did u play it
    did u enjoy it?

    Part 3
    What kind of games do children play?
    Does the preference for games change when children grow into adults?
    Is competition in businesses good or bad?

  108. Academic

    Task 1

    2 line graphs.
    People from French and N. America visits UK for Holiday and Business in one year. Give information and make a relevant comparison.

    Task 2
    in many countries shop open long hours every day of week. Discuss the positive or negative effect to the shopper and local community

    *These are what I could remember based on the esssay part.

  109. 8th december 2018

    Writing task 1: it was a table giving information about the weight of men and women , actually the number of men and women in 1999, 2004 and 2009 (I’m not sure about the dates).

    Writing task 2: today people are living in a β€œthrowaway society”.

    Thank u so much Liz for your useful website πŸ™‚

  110. academic module test on dec 8

    task 1. line graphs about the performance of train services
    task 2. discuss the difficulties on having work-life balance, and how these can be solved

    task 1. home, drinking water, sunglasses
    task 2/3. about a teenager i know, and talk further about teenagers

  111. Academic. 7th December

    Speaking Test:

    1. Where do you live? In house or apartment?
    2. What`syour favourite room?
    3. Do plan to move in the future?
    4. Do you use a watch?
    5. There is a tradition in your country to be on time?

    Topic: a journey that you took

    Good luck!

  112. Date: 07 Dec 2018
    Category: General

    Speaking Part 1
    1. When you were a kid, did you like eating international food?
    2. Why do you have people prefer international food?
    3. What is th most recent international food that you tried

    Speaking Part 2
    1. Talk about an item that you lost?

    Speaking Part 3
    1. Do human beings like order?
    2. Does being ordered hamper creativity?
    3. What are some ways in which you can bring order in day to day life

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Im kinda curious about the 3rd part of the question. It seems like its one of the most difficult speaking questions ive seen and im already out of ideas. Could you or liz please share some answer on that part. Thanks

      • This topic is about being organised, planning and being orderly. Some people like their life to be well organised. They don’t like surprises and they don’t like anything unpredictable. They like to feel they are in control – it makes them feel safe and at ease. Such people do not like going outside their comfort zones at all which means they are not usually creative, dynamic or adventurous. They like to stay in the same job rather than changing jobs. Their life is routined all 7 days of the week with any changes planned well in advance. On the other hand, there are other people who like the world to be full of surprises as they find the world more interesting that way. They enjoy the unpredictable and feel excited to try something new, outside of their comfort zone. It is believed that creativity is stimulated by the unfamiliar. These people can think outside the box and are often inventive and independent thinker.
        The last question is about how people can be organised – this is about planning ahead. Some people keep an organiser which is a book to write down appointments, meetings and events. Everything is planned in advanced and scheduled. Even meetings with friends and family are written down and scheduled to avoid a conflict with other events. Phone numbers and addresses are stored in their phones and backups are always made. They house is organised and everything has an assigned place so it’s easy to find. There are many ways people can keep organised.
        You can see that these questions are a logical continuation of the topic about losing something and not being organised. I hope this helps πŸ™‚ See here for all my speaking tips: http://ieltsliz.com/ielts-speaking-free-lessons-essential-tips/

  113. Mam!In the ielts speaking test,I was asked to describe an animal in second part with

    but however I described about a dog in negative way saying he gets more attention from my parents than I do………. “If I ever get a chance to knock him out,I would do it for sure but my parents are like a strong barrier against it’I ended like this.Will it affect my marks ?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ If I was the examiner, I would find it difficult to keep a straight face and stop laughing πŸ™‚ It’s fine – it’s funny πŸ™‚ Your poor little dog πŸ™

      • Tushar bagade says:


      • RAMAN TOOR says:

        Always love it when you get time for replying comments of peeps. I am daily visitor of your page as i love get ideas which really assist me to collect information from various domains.. You are doing great job mam. Best wishes 😊😊

  114. Dear liz,
    Thanks a lot for your pretty smile and such valuable IELTS materials. I had my exam on 1st December, 2018, I just prepared from your website.

    1. A bar chart about 4 types of recycle materials
    2. Some people think that high school students should be kept in group to study.

    1. My name and place
    (I was asked about my place again)
    2. About my last failed plan, why, who and where
    3. are you punctual, what will you feel if someone is not punctual, what could be the reasons?(i was asked 3 times what could be the reasons πŸ™ )

  115. Part 1
    Do you work or study?
    Where do you study?
    What do you like about there?
    What do you like to change about there?
    Whats your favourite color?

    Part 2
    Leisure activity

    Part 3
    About work…flexible timing to employer…common belief the pace of life is fast why….etc

  116. 04th December 2018, Hyderabad, India

    Hey there, had my speaking test today, and I felt a bit nervous at the beginning, but eventually as able to get confidence. I really would like to thank Liz for tips and tricks for speaking.

    Part I
    Where you live?
    What do you do for a living?
    Do you like shoes? Why?
    What do people use shoes for? (I paused for 4 secs, and wasn’t able to complete the answer, will it affect the score?)

    Part II
    Describe a faraway place that you would like to visit

    Part III
    Why do people tend to travel places?
    Travel related questions.
    Do employees like to take an extra break from work to travel to faraway places? Why?

    Hope it helps, and all the best!

  117. Hello! Sharing my Speaking Test Topics from 3rd December 2018

    Part 1:
    -Lets talk about what you do. Do you study or do you work?
    -Why did you chose to work in this role?
    -How was your first day of work in this role?
    -Lets talk about plants. Do you like plants?

    Part 2:
    Describe an occasion on which you lost an item you owned. You should say:

    Part 3:
    -We’ve been talking about an object you lost. Let us now talk about the need to be organised. Do you think it is important to be organised?
    -Do you think it is important for parents to teach their children how to be organised?
    -Would the parents have to be organised themselves before teaching their children?
    -How would a parent go about teaching their children this skill?

    There were a few more questions in Parts 1 and 3 that I can’t recall properly.
    Thanks very much and hope this helps someone.

  118. Hi Liz,

    I faced the speaking test today.

    3rd Dec 2018
    where do you live in?
    which color do you like? why?
    which color do you prefer for your home wall?
    what color car do you choose?

    describe a equipment

    Part -3
    Tell something that you broke something
    you take to repair something that is broken by a kid, what is the feeling of that kid…. some thing like that
    ….. the teacher was good, but my answer was poor.

  119. Dear Liz,

    I had my speaking test today.

    Part 01

    – General Information about my hometown
    – About Sunglasses
    – Do I use sunglasses
    – Do you spend more money to buy sunglasses
    – Have you ever broken sunglasses

    Part 02

    – Borrowing some Items from others

  120. Speaking test 02/12/2018 (

    Part 1
    Study / Work
    Do you study or work?
    Where do you work?
    Do you like your work?
    Would like to change something in your work?

    Part 2
    One time you received money as a gift

    Part 3
    What do you think about giving money for children in exchange of helping cleaning the house?
    It’s common give money for children?
    When children starts to understand the importance of money?

    Few questions I don’t remember.

  121. General

    PART 1
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    What do you do at work – your responsibilities?
    How was your first day?

    Do you like rain?
    Do you wear a watch?

    PART 2

    Describe a popular comic actor in your country

    PART 3
    What types of entertainment for kids do you know?
    Are theme parks only good?
    Why parent take their kids to a circus?

  122. Dec 1 ielts writing
    Taks 1:map:plan for new town centre
    Task 2:dicuss both views and opinion:scientist agree that junk food cause people health problem.some people think follow the educated people or not follow.
    Hi..which tense is used for task 1 liza

  123. writing task 2, December 01 2018.
    Some people prefer activities and lifestyle in hot climates while others prefer activities and lifestyle in cold climate.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Writing task 1:
    write a letter to a translation agency about the report to be translated.
    you should write about :
    2- What is the report about.
    3- Why do you need it to be done quickly.

  124. Date: Dec 1st, 2018

    (Q) Write a letter to a translation agency requesting them to translate a document for you.
    – Emphasize on the urgency
    – Explain the contents of the letter
    – Why do you need it and where would you use it

    (Q) Essay: some people prefer hotter climates, while others prefer colder climates. Discuss both sides and also, give your opinion.

  125. Hi, Liz! I appreciate your work!

    01 St December 2018

    Questions about shoes.
    Whether comfort is important or not.
    About my city.
    If I get in touch whit, my neighbours.

    Part 2
    A beautiful city

    Task 1
    A table comparing numbers of car owners amongst eight countries.

    Task 2
    Some people believe that all students have to study history. Others think they should learn other subjects instead. Opinion essay.

  126. December 1st Academic
    Films and computer games with violence are popular.Discussion & Opinion
    N.B question not perfectly stated.

  127. DEC 1




  128. General. I don’t really remember the specific questions.
    1. Something about construction near your home. Write to the company’s manager about:

    2. Something about the media’s increasing interest in famous people who have ordinary backgrounds.

    Your website and Youtube videos helped a lot during my review. Thanks Liz! My speaking test was practically flawless until the last 4 or 5 questions, which I wasn’t able to answer accurately (I misunderstood the questions). Do you think I could still get a band 8 for the speaking part?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You are not marked on being on topic, relevancy or information in your speaking test. You are only marked on the language you produce.

  129. Exam date: December 1st
    Type: General training

    Writing Task 1: You have been recently in a job interview and you would like to hear about the results. Write to the HR of the company and explain:

    Writing task 2: Some people think that giving gifts and presents to friends and family is important to show them that we care. Others think that there are more important ways. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Use examples of your own knowledge or experience.

    Good luck and thank you for such useful website!

  130. Tyoe – General
    Date – 1st Dec 2018

    Listening :
    First question was to fill a form.
    Rest of the questions included fill in the blanks of a flow cbart, multiple choice. Most questions were to fill in the blanks.

    Reading :
    True/ false questions
    Match paragraph heading
    Fill in the blanks.
    Overall, in depth reading was essential to answer the questions.

    Writing :
    Task 1 – write a letter to HR department of a company

    Writing task 2 : Discussion essay with opinion.
    Some people think that giving gifts is the way to show caring where others think that there are other ways to show caring. Discuss both and give yr opinion.

  131. Academic
    1 Dec 2018

    Speaking test
    Part 1:
    What do you do?
    Do you enjoy what you do?
    What is that you can change in your current place?
    Is your morning routine same everyday?

    Part2 :
    Tell me about a family business you know of?
    How did you know about it?
    What do you think about it?

  132. Academic
    1st Dec

    Writing Task1:
    Diagram explaining the process of how sand dunes are formed

    Writing Task 2
    Some people say that the violence shown in films and computer games.

    Well the topics were kind of ok. But I am not sure of my punctuation marks. I always suffer from this problem πŸ™ . Dont remember if I had put the full stops at end of each para.

    I have my speaking test later today

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Punctuation is part of the score for grammar. It’s really important to make full stops very clear. Anyway, wait for your results πŸ™‚

      • sheharyar Ahmad says:

        I got the same for my writing tasks both one and two. For task 1 I use a lot of repetition of word dunes. There are some spelling mistakes as well in both task. Liz can you tell me that how spelling mistakes are going to influence my bands score.

        • The word “dunes” will be repeated – that’s fine. Spelling is part of the marking criterion of vocabulary which is 25% of your score. Frequent errors = 5, some errors = 6, few errors = 7. However, vocabulary is also based on use of collocations, range and suitability so the score isn’t just based on the number of errors. I’ll be posting a model answer for the sand dunes diagram soon.

  133. Hi Liz,
    I have just taken the speaking part of my exam yesterday and tomorrow I will be taking the rest of the exam. I would like to share with you the speaking questions that were asked to me. I took the speaking test on Friday, November 30, 2018

    Part 1-
    1)Explain where you live, what do you like about this place…?
    2)Do you go to the cinema, how often do you go now and when you were younger, why do you not go as much now…?

    Part 2 Cue Card-
    Describe a present you received that you really wanted

    Part 3-
    1)Why do people care to have the best of everything such as the best cars, phones, houses?
    2)Why do people care so much about materialistic things?
    3)Do people get influenced by others, why?

    This is all that I can remember and if there were more that i forgot to mention then it was 90% related to these types of questions that I listed. The examiner was really great, she was so sweet and had a smile on her face during the whole speaking session. I hope I helped someone out there, I just wanted to share my experience. Good luck to everyone!

  134. Hello Liz!!
    Hope you will be doing great
    I just came back from my Speaking GT
    Part 1: Questions abt me and where i live, abt my apartment and why i like my apartment
    PArt 2: Cue Card topic Interesting Animal i like
    Part 3:
    Followup questions abt Animals
    Schools should teach kids to take care abt animals?
    Animals should be kept in Zoo?
    Why it is good to keep the in Zoo

    The Examiner was like in a hurry
    He Stopped me when i was speaking on Cue card and i was like not finished
    I answered all qustiones asked by the examiner but i am not sure the idea in my answer was clear

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ If 2 mins is up in part 2, you will be stopped – those are the rules. Your ideas are not marked in IELTS speaking.

  135. Speaking test date: 30/11/2018

    Part 1:
    What is your full name?
    Where do you live?
    Do you work or study?
    What work do you do?
    Why did you choose this profession?

    Part 2: Which website do you use regularly?

    Part 3:
    Which website do you use for entertainment?
    Tell about another website used for music?
    How does internet affect our lives?
    Difference in use of internet in rural and urban areas?

    Thank you,

    Best of luck πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • LRW
        General training
        1st December 2018

        Part 1
        Small passage about auckland museum,

        Part 2
        passage with holiday planning company’s name and services

        Part 3
        passage with name of people and their education and skills

        overall the reading section was okay. Really had to manage time from the beginning so I have at least 5 mins at the end to go through the answers again, especially the T F NG .

        Task 2
        write 250 words essay
        Topic: Giving gifts is good for showing that they care about family and friends and others think there different ways for that apart from giving gifts.
        Discuss both and give your opinion.

        Again, good topic to write about still couldn’t write few lines in the conclusion as the time was over. Should have practiced more but was too lazy πŸ˜‰

        Thank you and good luck all πŸ™‚

  136. Gave my LRW test today ie 30th Nov

    Writing test:
    Part #1
    Write a letter to an institution in Australia where you wish to undertake a short term training which will help you in your job. Do mention
    – which training you want to take
    – how is the training useful
    – mention details about the time/length of the same

    Part #2
    Some people say that new houses should be designed to have open private spaces like balcony, garden etc. How much do you think the advantages outweigh disadvantages in this approach.
    Do mention any relevant examples that you may have come across basis your experience.

    All the best!!

  137. Hi Guys!

    Today 30 November 2018 I have completed my speaking part.
    The examiner was so friendly. She has a smiley face and her gestures made me to talk a lot.

    Thanks Liz. This pages are so helpful to predict the recent questions.
    I have faced these following questions and I hope other friends also will find benefit.

    Part 1
    Do you study or work?
    Where are you coming from?
    Did you enjoyed your first day there (For me University)? and why?
    Why did you chose to study there?
    Do you prefer emails or cards/letters?

    Part 2 : Cue card

    To win the competition, what do yo have to do?

    Part 3 :
    Do you think arranging competitions are important in the work places? and why?
    Can you say what type of people will most likely to participate in the competition?
    What do think about popular and competition?
    What type of jobs are more suitable in related to competition?

    note : I may forget one/two questions.

    Thank you.

    Have a great interviews. :>

  138. Hello All,

    I had my speaking test today.
    Part 1 questions:
    Where are you from?
    Do you use map?
    What type of map?
    Do you ask for directions in yout city.
    Is keeping appointments part of your culture in your country.
    Do you wear wristwatch? and why?

    Cue Card:
    Discribe a Magazine u enjoy reading

    LRW on Saturday.

  139. Hello Liz!
    First of all I want to thank you for your help!
    Today I had speaking exam.

    Part 1
    Do you work or study?
    Why did you choose this job?
    Questions aboout punctuality, cities , countryside

    Part 2
    Trip by public transport

    Part 3
    Questions related to the means of public transportation?
    What options do you have in your country?
    How to encourage people to use them more?

    Overall, exam atmosphere was friendly, examiner was supportive. I hope for the best score!!

  140. Hi Liz,

    Speaking exam date: 28th nov 18

    Full name
    Identification check
    U live in own house or in an apartment?
    About Maps whether u use paper maps or e maps? when u wont use paper maps? benefits of using e maps?

    for wat u spend pocket money in childhood?
    do u value for money?
    In ur home any one will help for needy?

    Part-2(Cue card)
    tell about one of ur favourite person?
    How u met them nd frm when u know them?
    How u feel while talking with them?

    About communication skills?

    And dats end of speaking section
    Thank u soo much Liz mam for sharing ur tips and it is really helpful.
    My LWR test will be on dec1st. hope for the best

  141. Hi Liz,
    Today I have given my speaking test.

    Part 1:What is your name?
    Which sport is favorite in your country?
    Who is your favorite sportsman?
    Which sports you play as a child, team game or individual game? why?
    If you are selected for olympics will you participate?

    Part 2:
    Tell me about a skill you learned will real hard..

    What you think about patience?
    Do parents should be patient with their child?
    Who are more patient younger or older people?

    My LRW is on Dec 1

    Thank you very much Liz for your initiative.

  142. IELTS Academic (UKVI)

    I took the speaking portion of the test today (November 28th, 2018). I am yet to present the written part, but since this site has helped me review a few topics I though I’d post some of the questions I was asked.
    Part 1
    Are you a student or do you work?
    What would you like to change about your current job?
    Part 2
    Describe a law in your country

    Part 3
    Do you think we should encourage international laws?
    What do you think of people who break the law?
    Do you think culture influences the law?

  143. Hai liz,
    Your blog is indeed helpful to students like me,and thanks for your free valuable videos,,it is extremely apprciated.just i had speaking module and i would like to share some questions which i remember.
    Academic 28/11/2018
    After Name nd work directly entered to work related questions.didnt ask where u are from!!
    Why did you choose that working place
    Where you happy with ur working environment
    Do you recommend any improvement in your working place
    Is your daily routines are similar everday
    Has there any changes in ur routine between past and present
    Do you plan to do any changes in your routine in future
    Part 2
    About a complaint that u made nd got a good result

  144. Hello Liz,
    Speaking Exam Date : 28/11/2018

    Section 1 : Full Name , Do you study or work ?
    Do you use Maps ? What are the different types ? Do you use paper maps or digital maps ? Why ?
    How you learnt savings ?
    How would you teach savings to children ?
    Where you used your pocket money when you were child?
    Is it necessary to give money to children when they do household work ?

    Cue Card – Website you use often .

    Section 3 – What other website you use ?
    How you use different websites for entertainment ?
    How you can use internet for studies ?

  145. i got test today at British Council.

    Part 1:
    Related to holidays and planning for holidays.
    Part 2:
    any plan which i made and than changed my mind about it.

    Question related to change.

    Liz, first of all thanks for your help through the videos, i have a question in Part 3 the lady interrupted me twice one when i was telling me how technology help and at ed she said “for cancellation as well” and at last i said wrong word “adrubt” despite of “abrupt” and she corrected it as “rapid” thats it. what you think how much i vl score in that case?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Part 3 is a discussion and the examiner will be more interactive. Your score is based on your overall performance.

  146. Hi Liz,

    I appreciate your continuous efforts to help us out. I gave my speaking test today

    Part 1
    Where do you live? House or apartment?
    Which part of the apartment/ house you like more?
    Why are people chosing to live in a city?
    Have you ever been to any city?
    Part 2 CUE CARD
    Which job you would be interested in future?

    Hey Liz,
    I was unable to hear two questions during the exam and i asked examiner to repeat it, like i said ” Sorry, I did’nt get that” twice. Is that a good sign?
    She interupted me many times, which made me scared and i was feeling i went wrong.
    In first part i answered the examiner that I live in a house and i rectified saying I am sorry, i wanted to say i live in an apartment. Is that okay??
    Thank you so much, Liz your website is amazing and works wonders! I am grateful for all the help you provide here God bless and good luck to other fellow candidates

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It’s fine to ask for the question to be repeated. It is normal for the examiner to interrupt your answers. It is normal to be nervous and that might affect your answers – the examiner allows for that. This is the reason that you are not given a score for each part of the test or for each question – your score is based on your overall performance.

      • Srinivas Prabhu says:

        Thank you LIZ. I hope to score well. Last test i scored 8. December 1st i have my LRW. Hope i nail this time

  147. Exam date : 28 November 2018
    Test type : General Training

    Speaking Test
    What is your full name?
    Are you work or studies?
    And question regarding Food
    And other related is about Map

    Cue card :
    A building you visited:

    Follow ups:
    Regarding History of Building
    Government should protect this historical building?Why?

    But, Ma’am I have one query about cue card topic that , asked me a A building you visited
    so, I spoke Governor house building which is located near nainetal. So, query is that Governor house is a building?I am spoke true or not ?

  148. IELTS Academic Speaking 27/11/2018

    Part 2: Cue Card
    Talk about a teenager you know.

    Part 3:
    What according to you are the qualities of a teenager?
    In your country, what is the general attitude of teenagers towards elders?
    What is the difference between the attitude of children as compared to teenagers?
    Are role models of today mostly young adults or older people?
    Do you think this trend will change in the future?

  149. I took speaking test yesterday (27th Nov 2018). Below given is a gist.

    Part #1
    What’s your full name?
    Do you work or are you a student?
    Is your place a good place to work?
    Ok, let’s talk about Shoes (sudden shift)
    Do you like buying a lot of shoes?

    Part #2
    Cue card topic: Describe a time when you got Money as a gift

    Part #3
    Are wealthy people more powerful?
    Is cash a preferred gifting option in the country you live in?
    What are the disadvantages of using credit card?

    All the best!!

  150. Had my test today 27th Nov
    Questions included

    1. Do you work or school?
    2. Where do you work?
    3.What do you do?
    4. What made you settle for your career ?
    5. Do you stay in a city ?
    6. Do you think its great to stay in a city?
    7. When last did you visit a city and where?
    8. Which city would you like to go to ?
    9. Tell me about a piece of clothing you have that you like and why?
    10. What do you think about uniforms?
    11. Why do you have this opinion on uniforms?
    12. Do you think globalization has impacted fashion trends?

  151. 26th November 2018
    Part 1: What do you do?
    Where do you live, what sort of place is it, why do you like to live there, do you know any neighbors
    Do you prefer shoes that are comfortable or classy? Why?
    How often do you buy new shoes?
    Why do some people like to cook food?

    Part 2: Describe a place in your country that you like

    Part 3: What differentiates one part of the country from another? Cross questioning was done based on my answers.
    Do you think people in cities are different from those in the countryside? How, Why?
    Should cities be planned, why? But ppl believe planned cities boring, what would you say about that? Should business ventures and city planning go hand in hand

  152. Hey Liz!
    Today i gave my speaking test. Date 27/11/18
    Speaking Part 1 questions were about my home, maps, outings for one day.
    Speaking Part 2 question was to describe something interesting that your friend did.
    Speaking Part 3 were some questions about advices from friends and family.

  153. Hi lizz … thanks for being a great teacher….
    I had my speaking test today…
    The questions were….
    1.what is your name..
    2.where do you live
    3.how long u have been living there
    4.do u know alot of people there
    5.what is best part of this area

    I think time was less than 10 mins that i spent theΕ•e… in cue card section i think i stopped before time…

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The IELTS speaking test lasts between 11 and 14 mins – the time cannot be more or less than that. Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  154. Thank you liz for all your support.
    Part 1
    Work or study.
    Where you studied?
    Is it good place to study?
    What changes you want to make there?
    Do you wear sunglasses?
    Is it useful?
    Do you spend lot of money on it?
    I said yes
    Then she asked why?
    Part 2: Talk about a person who is doing work related to environment.

    That’s it.
    I’ve some questions to liz,
    She interrupted me 5-6 times when i was answering. I am scared about it,whether i went off topic or is it a negative aspect?
    2. All my 2nd and 3rd part of questions were releted to envi., so i repeated word β€œenvironment” seceral times,so can it cause deduction of marks.
    My LRW is on 1st dec.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is 100% normal for you to interrupted in the speaking test – you should have been prepared for that. The examiner does not focus on how many times you used the same word – it isn’t actually humanly possible to count the use of individual words at the same time as judging fluency, grammar, pronunciation and asking questions. Your score will be based on your overall English language performance from beginning to end.

  155. Date 27.11.18
    Part 1
    My full name.
    Where do you live?
    What is your favourite thing about place where do you live ?
    Lest talk about cooking
    How often do you cook?
    Why somebody don’t like cooking while otthers like this activity?
    Part 2.
    An activity
    Part 3.
    What types of activity do young people do in your city?
    Why time goes fast?
    Do you think parents should organise children’s time?and why

  156. Date:24 November/2018 GT

    Where r u leaving house/apartment?
    Favourite room Nd y
    Do want to change ur house in future?
    How often you use map?
    Which 1 is important electrical or paper map? How(you have to tell them difference)
    Do need help from some for finding a place?

    Topic: you helped someone in work or study

    What is quality required for being a leader?
    How’s important for doing as a team work?
    If you are doctor/engineer so how can u work as teamwork in that situation

    LRW is on 1 December πŸ™ hope fr d best
    God bless to all!πŸ™

  157. Good morning Liz,
    I wrote my exam on the 10th of November and I have a question concerning my task 1. If you asked to write a letter to your manager about a party. Is this a formal, informal or semi-formal letter? Will the salutation be Dear Sir, Dear Mr Sam or Dear Sam (if you call each other by first name in the office) . Kindly shed light on this as I got 6.5 again

    • 1. Do you have a close personal relationship with your manager? This means do you talk to him about your private life, share your personal secrets and regularly invite him to your house? The answer is NO. A manager is someone you have a work relationship with – this means it’s formal.
      2. If you work in a company, do you know the name of your manager? Think about it … Yes, of course you do.
      IELTS letters are not tricks – just be logical.

  158. Hie Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge with us. I highly appreciate this effort of yours.

    I had my speaking exam on 21.Nov.2018 through British Council

    Speaking part 1:
    Your full name and where do you live?
    Do you like the area where you live?
    Do you know your neighbors?
    What kind of neighbors do you have?

    Speaking part 2:
    Talk about something you have borrowed:

    I was very nervous in starting and till the time I gained confidence, he said test is over. I was a bit shocked. I thought it was early probably just 10 min. In my day-to-day life, I can speak English with fluency but I speak too fast. I think because of that I ended up early in exam.

    Will I loose band for completing in less time e.g. 10min?

    Also, I am used of smiling and using my hands while talking. I was doing the same during exam. Was that inappropriate for interview? He was observing my hand movements or probably my long nails though!!

    I have habit of speaking in low volume. Will it affect my band as he may think I am scared?

    Please answer my above mentioned questions.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The test can last anywhere from 11 mins to 14 mins – no more and no less. The timing has no relation to your score at all. Your body language should be normal – it is an informal test – you can laugh, smile, wavy your hands – be normal. You are marked on the level of your English which is recorded and can be remarked if you want. Wait for your results πŸ™‚

  159. 22 Nov 2018
    Thanks so much Liz, awesome website that really helped me. I just walked out the test and typed this up straight away.

    Task 1
    You friend has moved to another country. He or she is coming back to your country for a visit. You have arranged a party.

    Task 2
    Some people think that the only way to relax is by rest or sleep, while others say they need to do exercise or sport to relax.
    Discuss both view points and give your own opinion.

  160. Exam date :19/11/2018 Academic

    Thank you Liz for all of your effort in helping Ielts aspirants to achieve their dream.
    Hope the questions here I am going to post would be helpful for some.
    My LRW was on 17/11/2018,Someone have already reported writing part before, so i am not going to repeat it.

    Part 1
    Some general question about work ,our native place etc..
    Do you like to go to park?
    How often you go?
    Do you like park with leisure facility or open space? why?
    When did you last visit a park?

    Part 2
    Describe a faraway place you want to visit?

  161. Exam Type: Academic
    Examination Date: November 17, 2018

    *Note: I do not remember all the questions asked especially in Speaking part 1.
    Part I
    -What do you do for work?
    -Do you ever get bored?
    -What do you do to avoid getting bored?

    Part II
    Cue Card: What is something that you have in possession that you would like to replace?

    Writing Task I
    Type: Bar Graph with only two elements to compare

    Writing Task II
    Media is focusing more on issues and emergencies rather than positive developments which is harmful to individuals and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  162. Hi Liz,
    Frist of all, thanks for provding such a great site for us to prepare our IELTS for free.
    I took my IELTS Acadamic in Canada.

    Speaking Part 2:
    Cue Card: describe a city that you think is beautiful.

    Writing Task 1:
    A farm’s maps in 1980 and 1990

    Writing Task 2:
    In many countries the art galleries visitors have been declining steadily. What are the possible reasons for this? How to change this situation?

    I felt the reading part was very difficult. And I recalled that the last reading passage seemed to ask about YES, NO or NOT GIVEN but I mistakenly answered with “TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN.”

  163. Nov 17th
    Where do you live?
    Do you get to see your neighbors often and in what circumstances?

    Part 2
    Talk about a local law

    Part 3: about law enforcement
    Is it a popular job in my country?
    Why do people go into it
    What sort of training should they go through

    My questions in the writing module have already been posted.

  164. Hi Liz.thanks for your help..
    Test date:18th November

    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    Are u studying or doing job?
    Why you chose this Univ. To study?
    your home town ?

    Part 2:
    Journey through a public transport
    Part 3:
    Type of transport in Your hometown?
    Why people use their own vehicles rather than public transport?
    How govt can encourage people to use public transport?
    My speaking was about 25 minutes long…in last section I was bit confused, but other things r ok.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ No IELTS speaking test can last 25 mins. There is a maximum time of 14 mins – that is a precise time which is a fixed rule. This means you probably chatted with the examiner outside of the time allowed on a friendly basis which will not have been recorded as part of the test and will not be marked.

  165. 18 Nov

    Speaking park
    work or study?
    Why I choose this field?
    Questions about painting.

    Part 2
    Indoor or Outdoor place where I do study for long time.
    Part 3
    How to improove the focus in study?
    Do u read with ur frnds ?
    Is it difficult read with friends?

    And many more.

    I felt that Test was more than 13 min long.

    I wanna ask one thing that while speaking if i repeat some words or vocab for more than 3 times , is it negative thing???
    All parts were answered very well except the task 2 where i lacked information and i had speak irrelevant.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It is 100% normal that some words will be repeated. It is 100% fine to add additional information in part 2 that isn’t on the card, but is in some way connected to the main topic.

      • Yes… it was connected. I was speaking about library and i told that after reading in library for long time , i was able to achieve high grades…

  166. Hi Litz, there were my questions during the oral exam:
    PART 1
    – do you like park?
    – activities outdoor you can do there
    – your favourite park in your city
    – last time you go there
    – is with facilities or open space?

    PART 2
    Last time there is a broken equipment in your home, what do you do?

    PART 3
    Are you good at reaper things?
    Firm prefer to repear equipment or induce you to buy a new one?
    It’s good for the environment doing that?

  167. IELTS speaking test 17/11/2018

    1. Work
    2. A time when you received money as a gift from someone
    3.Paper money vs Credit cards

  168. Academic

    Writing Task 2
    Some people think family imfluence more on children development.

    My speaking is tomorrow.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Good luck with your speaking test – be chatty, friendly and open. It’s an informal speaking test πŸ™‚

  169. Academic
    Nov 17

    Writing task 1: bar chart

    Task 2 . Family has the heighest influence on a child. Some others believe tv, friends, music has the most influence. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Cue card: an important decison you have taken with the help of someone else

    Follow up questions
    Do you take your own decisions
    Why some people take longer to decide
    When can you take a quick decision

    He did also ask travelling!
    If people travel.more by car where I am living,
    If everyone should learn to drive, traffic in my city, if i travel by taxi, if i like to cook and eat, how often i cook

    Thank you so much Liz I have learned alot from your website. The test was good for me, although I feel I could have made task 2 writing much better.
    Thank you

  170. Hi Liz,

    ACADEMIC IELTS, November 17, 2018

    READING Passages:
    1. Alaskan Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
    2. Lean Manufacturing, Mass Production, Craft Production systems (with matching Headings)
    3. Psychology on Self Awareness, External Perception (Bright spots, Dark Spots, Blind Spots, etc.)

    Line Graph

    The tendency of news reports in the media is to focus more on problems and emergencies rather than on positive developments is harmful to individual and to the society as a whole. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

    SPEAKING Part 2
    Discuss a time when you change your mind about a certain decision/plan (What, when and why).

    Thank you for the nice lectures.

  171. 16/11/2018

    Part 1:
    Full name
    Where are you from
    Studying or working
    What work you do
    Why did you choose this career
    How was your first day at this work place? What did you liked the most?
    Do you like rains?

    Part 2: Cue card:

    Describe about a magazine

    Part 3:
    How important gernalism is?
    How it connects between the incident and the public?
    What is the imapct of local national and international gernalism on people?
    Do you think becoming a gernalist is an easy job?
    What key factors are required for a gernalist to write an article?

    Third part was quite tough for me. I actually stopped for 5-6 seconds. πŸ™ and fumbled a lot after that.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your fluency score is based on your overall performance – one answer won’t make much difference.

  172. Academic ielts, 15 of November.
    Introduction: Do you live in a house or an apartment? Which room is your favourite?
    Food: Have you ever eat foreign food?
    What kind of foreign cuisine you have eaten recently?
    Cue card: thing that you replaced: why? Was it difficult? Where did it stay? What it was?
    Why adults don’t replace or throw things that they don’t useful?
    Who replace things more: kids or adults? And why?

  173. i Liz!I did my speaking
    Study or work
    Why you select such field
    Did you enjoyed your first day of the job and why
    Do you go for holidays
    Do you plan for the holiday
    Why you don’t plan
    Do you know about the plants
    Have you ever planted a tree
    Why you not planted a tree
    Will you accept a plant as gift

    Part 2 Cue Card
    * speak about the famous comic actor in your country

  174. Speaking test conducted
    Academic module:
    intro: greetings
    Examiner asked about what i do,
    Followed by u enjoy working at your workplace,
    Something you would like to change about your work place.
    Do you drink alot of water?
    Why u think water is important?

    Part 2 : Cue Card about book
    I paused but then continued after around a couple of seconds.

    Part 3: discussion about books,
    Why adults read?
    Has reading habit changed over the years?
    Books left for coming generations will be useful to them? How?
    Why people dont read much?
    How books will be available in the future?

    Thats all i can recall.
    Liz and her tips were a great help, i am very grateful for such a vast source of knowledge available in an organised format, i keep my fingers crossed for my L/R/W. Thanks you, Liz.

  175. Hi Liz,

    I just now finished my Speaking Test 15th November, Following are the questions i was asked by the examiner.
    1. Where are you from?
    2.Do you live in house or Apartment ? Why ?
    3.In future will you change your house?
    4.Which place you like the most in your house?
    5.In your childhood did eat different country food?
    6. In your country do you think people will eat more other country food in future?
    7.Do you get other country food in the place where you live now? If so where do you get it?
    Cue Card :
    How your first Mobile phone has changed your life ?
    who got you first?
    when it was ?
    How it has changed your differently then before ?

    Liz Thanks a ton, This site has helped me immensely in getting insights for the modules.You are doing a great Job !! God Bless you.
    Will update my results soon after it is out.. πŸ™‚

  176. Hi Liz, your website was very useful. I did my speaking exam today(14th November). I am worried as i saw the examiner puttibg 4.3, 6.0 something in different parts. Does this effect to my overall score? Please advice.

    Part 1:
    General questions about work or study
    Questions about plantation

    Part 2
    A sport you have watched in telivision and would like to try

    Part 3
    Follow up questions regarding sports
    eg: How sports affect local communities?

    Hope for a reply
    Many thanks

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The numbers are not related to your score – they are based on the timing of the test.

      • I do not have words to express my gratitude to you. I think your website is one of the best sites an individual can use to practice IELTS.

        Before i write down the questions that i faced, i would like to share an interesting experience with you Liz. I had the IELTS last week. By mistake i wrote all my listening answers on the reading section. As the time stopped and as i came to know about this, my heart literally stopped beating. I was thinking that i have made the unimaginable mistake. But to my surprise, the examiner crossed the heading which says “Reading” and replaced it with heading “Listening” and vice-versa for Reading.
        She communicated that it is absolutely fine. So to be on the safer side, always make sure you have the correct side of the answer sheet for Listening and Reading as they are on one paper.


        Task1: Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper

        Task2: Some parents and teacher believe that children should be strictly asked about the behavior


        General questions regarding yourself
        1. Name, Country of Birth
        2. Do you think drinking water is important?
        3. What do you prefer- Hot or Cold Water?

        Cue Card
        Describe a city that you have lived in.

        Follow up questions
        1. Any famous place in your city?
        2. How are cities and country side are different?
        3. How is it easy to visit a well planned city

        I am waiting on my result. But i would like to again thank you for your work.

        Suggestions for Future IELTS Students
        => Stay Calm. Make sure you have right side of the first piece of paper up during your listening section.
        => During Listening, utilize the time before questions to underline key words
        => Listen very carefully and paraphrase.
        => Use your pencil to point out key words during speaking
        => When you are done with a listening question, forget about it and stay with the speaker. Do not think about the last one.
        => Paraphrasing is the key in Reading. If you understand and had practiced paraphrasing during Reading, 80% of reading should be a cake walk. Only part which i guess is harder is Headings, again paraphrasing helps.
        => While Speaking, speak until you are asked to stop. Maintain a steady pace and do not deviate from what is being asked.
        => Cue card => Keep on speaking.

        Last but not least: Make sure to use the bathroom twice before your test starts.

        Good luck. And remember, there is no substitute to practice in IELTS especially Writing. So make sure you had written 5-10 different writing session on actual IELTS test writing sheets. This would give you an impression that how much is 150 and 250 words. You mind will automatically adapt to that, because while writing time just flies.

        Good luck everyone

    • Hi liz,
      I have prepared from your website and videos for the ielts test. You are excellent in delivering your presentation and making things easy and understanding. Thanks much..!

      My exam was on 10th november 2018. Speaking test was on the following day i.e., 11th November
      Test type: Academic


      Unemployment trends observed in Australia for three groups of people., Australian born, english speaking people from other countries and non- english speaking people.it had both pie chart and line graph. We need to combine information from both graphs.

      Lifestyle is becoming worse in the large cities. Explain the causes for this and suggest some measures in this context.

      Introduction- living place
      Cooking- styles of cooking
      Colors- favorite color – effect of color on cars

      Part2: cue card section
      What do you do when u are alone in your leisure time? How often do u get the leisure time?

      Part3: questions related to cue card section
      In What activities youth can engage when they are alone in their leisure time.
      Do parents have any role in encouraging their children into these activities.

  177. Hi Liz,
    I had my IELTS speaking test
    Was asked to speak on following topics
    Part 1:
    Question about if I work or study
    Which area I work in
    Why I have decided to work in this area?
    Have I ever tried food of any other country?
    Do you get food of other countries in your city?
    Part 2
    Speak on an instance when you had changed your mind about something.
    Part 3
    Followup questions on part 2
    Why do people change their mind?
    Why is change difficult for people?
    Are there logical or emotional reasons for any change?

  178. Hi Liz, i followed your website throughout the time for my ielts exam preparation. Yesterday i did my speaking.
    12 Nov

    What is your full name?
    Do you work or study?
    What would you like to change at your work place?
    How’s your work environment?
    What would you do to make new employee feel comfortable at your work?

    Cue card
    The person you like but never met

    Then, questions on clothing
    Can we judge a person by clothing?
    Can we judge his character?

    That is all i remember liz.

  179. Hello Liz

    I would like to thank you for the tips given for all four modules. I took my IELTS (Academic) LRW exam on 10th November.
    Task 1: pie chart based on workers working in Australia.
    Task 2 in writing was :
    Quality of life in large cities is becoming worse. What are the causes and solutions?

    I bought your Advanced writing essays too and would recommend everyone to purchase. They were very useful.

    Today was my speaking

    Part 1
    Q1 Where are you from?
    2. Do you live in a house or apartment?
    3 favourite room
    4. Would you like to change your home in future?
    Then questions on Maps

    Part 2
    Cue card
    Favourite song?

    Then questions on Money and Children
    1. Did you save money when you were a child?
    2. Were you helping family in money? ( Asked for clarification) It was actually helped in keeping money to some particular place.

    Questions on Music
    1 Difference between traditional and modern music?
    2. What sort of music during parents time and now?

    Overall, it was good. In every question examiner stopped me to speak. He was smiling throughout the speaking test.
    Liz, I made a mistake in Writing task 1. I wrote about 230 to 240 words, but I wrote as per your guidelines(introduction, overview and 2 paragraphs) with linking words and comparison. Used brackets also.
    Another mistake in writing task 2 was I wrote 1 cause and 2 solutions. I wrote about 290 words. Essay included introduction, Paragraph 1 cause with supporting idea and example, paragraph 2 with 2 solutions and then conclusion.
    Really worried.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You are allowed 10 words under the limit before any penalty starts for writing. Hopefully your writing task 1 will be still be ok.

  180. Hi Liz,
    Many thanks for helping each one of us through this website. Every technique and details posted by you for various section helped me a lot during the examination.

    I appeared for General Training for IELTS on 10th Nov.

    1. Had conversation between two students on research details and we had to complete its notes. Had to mark sentences as I,B,C if the task in sentence was to be done by the students themselves, B to be done by its observers or C if it was not be done at all
    2. Map of a beach place labeled as A,B,C… and based on directions narrated had to mark the places

    1. Complete notes related to a passage
    2. Mark True/False to the passage
    3. Mark as True/False/Not Given

    1. Task 1 : You have not recieved the prize which you have won at a newspaper. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper with below details:
    -Details of how you won the prize
    -What is the prize given to you
    -What actions you expect to be taken


    1. Part1:
    Where you come from?
    Do you live in a apartment/house?
    Which part of your house is your favourite?
    How ofter do you get bored?
    What circumstances makes you feel bored?
    What do you do when you get bored?
    Do you get bored more often now than previously?

    Part 2:
    Mention about a person you know who talks a lot. Elaborate below details

  181. Dear Liz,

    First of all I would like to thank you for all your precious help!
    Yesterday was my first attempt on the Ielts academic exam in UK

    There was a map of how a town used to be. For me that section was the hardest due to the division in 90ΒΊ of the name of one particular street.
    The other ones I believe were ok to understand.

    The subjects were : the extinction of mammoths
    physics in amusements parks
    face blindness (prosopagnosia).

    task 1: a diagram about making jam using fruit.

    task 2- about how shopping was the most common leisure activity for young adults.

    4- Speaking

    2 part
    Talk about a certain clothing item you recently bought that was special. why? when? where?

    3 part
    Is fashion important ?
    Why does it changes so much?
    Who creates the trends?

    Once again I would like to thank you for the incredible job you’re doing.

    Best Regards,


    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Thanks also for adding so much detail about the diagram. Hopefully I might be able to replicated it. If you can draw it, let me know πŸ™‚ Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  182. I gave speaking test on 10th November. I got question 4 from your list. Cue card : a recent happy moment.
    Speaking part 1:
    what do.you do. Work or student.
    How did you choose your career.
    Did you often ate international cuisine in childhood.
    Do you do it now?
    Do you think it would be more famous in future.
    Who do you spend your free time with
    What do you do when you meet

    I would like to say a big thank you to you and the great work you r doing liz…. it has helped me a lot for preparation.

  183. November 10,2018 – Academic
    Very difficul paper

    Writing task 1
    A 12 steps diagram on the production of jam from fruits. (mashing, boiling, cooling,serving)

    Writing task 2
    Nowadays young adults seem to prefer to spend their leisure on shopping.

    easy from 1 to 30, from 30 to 40 old australian man with rough accent always dragging his words, a lot difficult.

    Cue card:
    Describe in what occasion you’ve helped a friend.

    you should say:
    what you have done? when?
    What effect did this have on you and why.

  184. Dear Liz,

    I took the IELTS Academic yesterday, 11th of November 2018, here are the subjects:

    Writing Task 1:
    The steps of making jam out of fruits.

    Writing Task 2:
    These days, the most favorite leisure activity for the young people is shopping.
    Why / Is a positive or a negative aspect?

    For Writing Task 2, I wrote a first paragraph about the reasons why this is happening (just as you have taught us for the cause-solution essay) and the second body paragraph about the reasons why I think this is a positive aspect (just as for the opinion essay)
    Is this the good approach? Thanks

    Also, I would like to ask something. Yesterday, during the test, we were all facing the board, while the clock was on the opposite side of the classroom. More test takers complained about this. The examiners were only telling us when there were 30 or 20 minutes left. I think this is wrong because we could not manage our time at all, especially for the reading part. It’s not the same when the instructor tells you that the 20 minutes are passed, compared to when you look at the clock yourself and know you have spent already 5 minutes on a passage and you might want to leave it for later. I am not the kind of person that complains, but I think I should write about this to IELTS to change the clock for future examinations in the same place. Do you think this is ok to do?

    In the end I just want to thank you for all your help, I will come back with my results.


    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I fully agree with your opinion. IELTS are supposed to produce a clock which is visible so that candidates can manage their time. Anything else is disgusting and unfair to test takers. Feel free to complain to both your test center and IELTS Official in the same email so that the local test center can see that IELTS Official have been included.

  185. 10 november GT
    writing 1 , informing ur manager that you will have a party:

    writing 2 , in many countries , the amount of rubbish is rapidly increasing, why? solutions?

    part 1
    where do you live? apt or house?
    do you plan to move?
    do you tried different food in ur childhood?

    part 2
    describe a recent happy moment?
    what happened?
    who was there?
    how you felt?

    part 3 couldn’t remember exactly but was something about;
    job sarisfaction
    giving money to kids

  186. IELTS 10th November 2018
    Writing exam topics:
    Task 1 : Write a letter to your manager informing him about a party to be arranged in the team and tell him
    – what the party is about
    – why is it necessary
    – what all you would need to arrange asking his help

    Task 2: Garbage has become a problem
    – What are the issues
    – how it is generated
    – what arre the possible solutions

  187. I did my LRW and speaking yesterday. thank you Ms. Liz for this wonderful site. God bless you.

    speaking part 2:
    Describe a time when you received money as a gift.
    – when did you receive it?
    – what did you do with it?
    – how did you feel about it?

    writing task 2:
    In some countries, young people from countryside tend to move to towns and cities, while older people stay.

    what possible problems this might cause?
    give solutions that can be done to this problems.

  188. IELTS general test
    Writing task 1: letter to a newspaper

    Task 2: some parents feel that children should be free to behave the way they want. Others feel that children’s behavior should be restricted. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Speaking: about what I do.
    Part 2 talk about an activity you like to do. Why do you it? Who do you do it with and when do you do it.
    Part 3 if I like music, why I like it and more questions about activities like are people more active today?

  189. Hi Liz, your website has been so useful for me to prepare IELTS test.
    Thank you so much for providing us such good study materials.

    Module: Academic: November, 10th

    Writing task 1
    line graph: the difference of visitor number entering a museum between summer and winter in 2003.

    Writing task 2
    it is important for children to act independently and make decisions by themselves.
    Do you agree or disagree
    *give reasons for your opinion and your own experiences and knowledge.
    Q: I found this indication at the end of the test so I did not suggest my own experience.. would it impact a lot to my writing score?

    Speaking test
    Part 1.
    where do you live?
    do you have any plan to change your house?
    do you prefer warm weather or dry weather?
    do you like rainy weather?
    do people prefer to live in cities? why?
    what city do you want to visit? why?

    PART2: cue card
    A sport

    it was related to sports
    in your country, what sports is popular throughout all generations?
    what sports do young people like to watch? why?
    what do you think about extreme loyalty in sports?
    do you think there should be more channel for sports on TV?


    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It won’t have any impact. Your experience can be your experience of the world which is expressed by your examples and opinions.

  190. IELTS, Academic version

    Date 9th of November 2018

    Writing task 1:

    A clear diagram illustrating the process of converting coal to electricity .

    Writing task 2 :

    Nowadays many personal informations are stored in computers which are ran by companies and authorities (something like that)

    Does the advantages outweigh the disadvantages ?

  191. Academic
    Speaking test 10th November

    Part 1
    Do you like cooking? Why some people like it?
    Do you often prepare meals at home?
    Do you prefere eating home or going to restaurants?
    About my work, what would I like to change.

    Part 2 Cue card
    A game that I used to play when I was a kid.
    Describe, say who I played with. Etc…

    Part 3
    Why people like to win competitions
    Is it important to win
    Do you think children should receive prizes ?
    What is the advantages and disadvantages for competition in business?

  192. Exam Dtae: 10th November

    Part One.
    – work or student
    – talk about the work duty
    – enjoy or not? Happy first day?

    Part Two.
    – talk about my first mobile phone
    – when did you get your first mobile
    – why you wanted a mobile and how you feel after getting one

    Part Three.
    – when will children get their first mobile nowadays in your country
    – why parents would give mobile to a kid
    – is mobile popular in different ages
    – smartphones negative or positive

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