Recent Essay Question March 2015

This essay question was reported this month in IELTS writing task 2. Although I’m currently on holiday, I wanted to share some ideas with you for this essay question.

Some people say that cars are best to use in cities while others think that bicycles are better. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Here are some ideas for this essay question.


  • Cars are able to transport a number of people rather than only one as well as bulky items.
  • Travelling by car is more time effective.
  • Car travel is comfortable which enables the driver to arrive fresh at their destination.
  • Travelling by car in a city is often safer because the frame of the vehicle and safety mechanisms can protect the driver.
  • In cold climates, where temperatures drop to near or below freezing in winter, cars are a better option.
  • Cars are able to cover great distances which bring more people into city centers and boost the local economy.
  • Cars are the most sensible option for people with weak health, the elderly or those that need to conserve their energy for their work.


  • This form of transportation is more environmentally friendly as there are no exhaust fumes to pollute the atmosphere and no fuel is required which would deplete world resources.
  • Using bicycles is a healthier way to travel and helps busy people incorporate exercise into their daily lives.
  • Cycling is a cheap and sustainable form of transportation.
  • Travelling by bicycles rarely results in traffic congestion regardless of the amount of traffic on the roads
  • Car parks take up much needed space in cities which is avoided by using bicycles.
  • Bicycles are simple to maintain and cheap to repair.

If you can think of more ideas to share, please post them in the comments box below.


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  1. It is considered by many people that using cars for travelling in cities is the best option while there are others who think that bicycle rides make urban travel more suitable given traffc and environmental problem. While both have their own advantages and disadvantages, in my opinion, I prefer bicycles over cars because they are eco-friendly and healthier for the teavellers.
    On the one hand, many think that travelling by car is comfortable and time effective. It enable the driver to arrive fresh at their destination with shorter travelling time. Moreover, cars provide safer travel option. Unlike bicycle, the frame of the vehicle and safety mechanism available in cars can protect the driver in the event of any accidents. Likewise, car journey could be more suitable, especially in cold weather, where tempretures drop to near or below freezing in winter. Finally, cars are practically wise option for people with weak health and those that need to conserve their energy for their work.
    On the other hand, using bycyle for travelling has numerous advantages. Firstly, it is a cheap, sustainable, environment friendly form of transport. Nither bicycles emit exhaust fumes that pollute the environment, nither they require fuel that would deplate world resources, yet they are easy to maintain and repair. Additionally, travelling by bicycle rarely result in traffic congestion, a common feature of many metropolis around the world. Individually, people would be benefitted by healthier way to travel as it help people to incorporate exercise in to their daily life.
    Finally, in my opinion, both forms of transportation are benefitting individuals and societies. However, when it comes traveling in cities, bicycles could be a better choice of means of transportation. In an era of global warming that call for worldwide reduction of carbon emission, using bicycles not only contribute towards carbon foot-print cutting, but also helps keep cities’ environment pollution free and encourage city residents to embrace healthier lifestyle.
    In conclusion, although traveling by cars in urban areas has some advantages, these benefits are less significant in terms of saving the planet and maintaining clean and pollution free city. This seem more realistic if urban dwellers bicyckes for travelling.

    • You made a good clear opionion at the end and explained your ideas well… except some minor writing errors which would be clear if you proof read it..
      Good job!!:)

  2. Another advantage of using bikes over cars is it promotes healthy lifestyle as it provides lots of exercises to the body as opposed to car which is usually sedentary in nature.
    Lot of countries encourage people to bicycle to their workplace and have created cycle paths.

  3. Hi liz, if you don’t mind kindly assess my essay, this is my first essay for assessment.
    Thank you

  4. hi Liz ;
    I am going to write exam on June 2016,kindly evaluate my answer if it is possible

    Many people argued that the best mode of transport in metropolitan area is car while others think that bicycle are more efficient than any other my opinion i believe that it depends on individual interest but travelling by bicycle have got more healthy benefits compared to cars in this present day situation.
    on the one hand ,many individuals support travelling by car is more time convenient and safe.this is because of mechanical efficiency and protective frame.another benefit of this mode of transport is that it can safeguard travelers from extreme temperature exposure along with this cars ensure comfort and reach the destination freshly. in addition car can afford more than single at a time.
    on the other hand,bicycle considered as cheaper and best method of transport.firstly,this is more Eco-friendly unlike any other vehicles such as cars ,buses,train,and cause less air pollution .secondly,using bicycle is economical as it does not require any fuels furthermore bicycling is helpful for one who need to stay healthy that is cycling burns extra calories and improve muscle strength . last but not the least the major problem in city areas is traffic congestion by means of bicycle transportation this issue can become under control.
    finally, in my opinion i believe that travel by bicycle accounts more than travel by car in respect to healthy benefits.
    In conclusion,mode of transportation mainly depends on individual interest,cars ensure safety and time convenient. where as bicycles are best choice of transportation to reduce environmental pollution and traffic blockage in present situation.

  5. Hi Liz,
    First, I’d like to appreciate all the effort you put through to create this valuable and informative website. Next, I wish you could have a look at my essay on the mentioned topic. knowing how busy you are, I really don’t expect you to correct my errors.
    But, I would be most thankful if you just could give me some feedback on my weak spots and possibly telling me about my band score.


    Regarding the advantages of bicycles as a means of transportation, many citizens argue that the number of cars in cities should be decreased in favor of bicycles. However, in my opinion, accounting for the mass transportation and the comfort that cars provide, I believe limiting their usage is not a practical strategy.
    It is irrefutable that four-wheel vehicles are invented to bring comfort and safety to the life of travelers. Exploiting a robust construction, these vehicles provide a confined space that enables their passengers to travel easily regardless of weather condition and outside disturbances. Moreover, in our ever increasingly fast-pace lives, cars are quick means of transportation. Furthermore, having been presented in different styles and sizes, not only can they fulfill their owners’ desires, but also they could be used as means of mass transportation to help with traffic issues.
    On the other hand, as well as reducing traffic, bicycles often considered to be an environment friendly vehicle. For instance, although, they might be slow and lack the safety and comfort of cars, they are thought to contribute to having less pollution in cities. What is more, cycling to work every day is a proved method to keep fit and maintain health.
    In conclusion, it is commonly believed that due to their benefits, namely, being eco-friendly, bicycles should become the most common means of transportation. Nevertheless, in my view, owing to their superior qualities such as being fast and comfortable, I believe cars should remain as the major means of transportation.

  6. Philip Aaron Akpu says:

    Hi Liz,

    I looked up the FAQ on your blog and I didn’t see a precise guide on how to count my essay words. Your blog says, the lines should be counted. Please how can I achieve this?

  7. Thieu Nhung says:

    Help me.. what are the advantages and disadvantages of opening a new copany in a big city
    (I don’t write)

    • The main advantage is that there is more potential in terms of customers. However the main disadvantage is the competition from rival companies that are already established.

  8. suby abraham says:

    hi mam….i look forward to get a score of 7…kindly check this essay.(283 words)
    Question.Some people think cars are best to use in cities while others say bicycles the best.Discuss both views and give your opinion.
    It depends on the interest of people to use cars or bicycles to travel in urban areas and both have advantages and disadvantages.In my opinion, bicycles are the best to travel in metropolitan areas than cars because it is ecofriendly and help to maintain the health of public and the society.
    On one hand, travelling by a car help a person not only to enjoy the journey but also to reach the destination within a short period of time.Secondly,cars can accommodate more than four members,therefore it is widely used by families.Moreover, the design of cars ensure the safety of the passengers and the luggages than other modes of transportation like bicycles.Finally, in city life, commuting in cars which have airconditioners and music systems enable people to relax during the journey and could be away from tensions and stresses.
    On the other hand,many people have a belief that bicycles are the best mode of transportation in metropolitan areas. This is mainly because,unlike other modes like cars,buses and trains,bicycles do not cause pollution of environment which is common in almost all cities.Furthermore,people of all economic classes can use bikes,as it does not utilize any type of fuels, which add extra profit to the commuter.Another reason is that,pedaling a bicycle burns calories of a person and thereby it can be incorporated in the city life as part of daily exercises.These reasons made me to believe that travelling by bicycles is far more better than that by cars.
    To conclude,though people have different opinion about choice of vehicles,i personally choose bicycles as the best mode of transportation.

    • Your technique is very good. You have addressed the task and you have organised your writing very clearly. You have used linking devices well on the whole. There are some problems with your level of English which might limit your score. Overall, it’s a good essay. Make sure you don’t use “like” as a linking device – it is not academic.

    • Hi Suby Abraham,

      Where did you give your test ?
      Region please…


  9. Aisha jarrar says:

    Hi Liz
    Would you considered checking my intruduction for the following question ?

    Traffic congestion seems to be increaseing .
    What do you think are the causes of traffic congestion and what ,if any thing can be done to reduce the problem ?

    In the recent centuries ,it has been noticed a huge increase in traffic congestion ,which is considerd one of the the big problems among large cities nowadays ,the increasing number of vehicles on the roads has came as a result of many reasone and situation . This essay will look through these reasone and give suggestion of possible solution to avoid the traffic congestion .

    • You haven’t actually introduced any ideas in your introduction. Don’t use this sentence “This essay will look through these reasone and give suggestion of possible solution to avoid the traffic congestion .” You don’t need to tell the examiner you will give reasons and solutions because the examiner also has the instructions. You must introduce your ideas. Please see my model essays to see how to do this.

  10. hi Liz , please to take a look and correct some mistakes in my writing, thank you.

    There has been an issue between the commuters in which mode of transport is suitable inside the city, certain people say that car is more applicable, whereas other choose for bicycle.In my opinion, though, cars these days are very useful because of numerous advantages and satisfaction it brings. Indeed, I strongly recommend bicycle due to countless benefits it has for human as well as for mother earth.

    Nowadays, living in a healthy lifestyle is the top priority of everybody hence of the hectic schedule, people find difficult to do regular exercise to achieve maximum level of wellness.Therefore, an alternative technique to stay fit is bicycling. According to the research, people who use bicycles as their primary transportation have 50% lower risk in any diseases such as cardiovascular accident or even diabetes mellitus, than to people who use car. Another reason why people should patronize two-wheeled vehicle , because it is economically friendly, cheap to avail and maintain and easy to use. No fuel maintenance which can be added to your other budget. It is accessible to any location either main or small street and specially no hustle in locating parking. Furthermore, cycling around the metropolis is environmentally friendly. If everybody are using bike unknowingly we are preserving our earth more additional century. Remarkably,smoke, and noise pollution, heavy traffic,and long queues inside the city will decrease automatically. City will be the best place to live; consequently, creates a peaceful, happy, and responsible citizen.

    In other hand, using car in efficient as well, due to its bulky size whereas can accommodate number of commuters and spacious for necessary things. Design to make passenger relax, comfortable, and undoubtedly faster than bike. It can secure and protect passenger significantly travelling at night and serve as shelter in different types of weather.Perhaps of enormous use of cars, I still believe that it is more suitable if cars are assign in specific route like rural where vehicles are few. Applicable in the city for reasonable purpose like police patrol, ambulance, elderly and weak individual.
    To sum up, bicycle is more beneficial inside the city than car due to it healthy, friendly, and reasonable outcome.

    • i am aiming band score of 7 thank you.

      • You should definitely spend more time working on producing accurate English rather than trying to impress the examiner. Also review your grammar. At present, I wouldn’t recommend booking your test.

    • There are two main issues. Firstly, you present no clear opinion. Which do you think it best? You must provide a clear answer with your view. If you fail to follow the instructions, you will not get a good score. Secondly, you are over paraphrasing. Are you really paraphrasing the word “bicycle” as “two wheel vehicle”? That is completely inappropriate. Please watch my video about paraphrasing in the vocabulary section of this blog. Also go through all my lessons carefully to learn more about writing task 2. You might also want to check your basic grammar – articles, use of plural nouns, prepositions etc. At present your grammar is around band score 5.5.

      I know you posted two essays, I only have time to comment on one. Please read my rules of posting writing:
      All the best

  11. Hi Liz! I want to know if my introduction and the flow of this essay is good or not. Thank you. Please reply.

    Living in a city where transportation is important, some people think that cars are the best method in reaching destinations while a fraction of the society believes that the conventional use of bicycles are better. In my opinion, the advantages of using cars outweigh the good reasons on why utilize bicycle instead.

    A rational point why people prefer to use autos around the city are their criteria of accommodating atleast three passengers at the same time as compared to bicycles which can only give a seat to its driver. With three or more people inside the car, conversation is more convenient as opposed to friends talking to each other while pedaling their own bicycles. Furthermore, the use of motor vehicles leads people to their destinations faster than the other one thus can save a lot of time. In addition, it is safer for a traveller to be on his car especially that accidents frequently happen on the road. Lastly, with with a taste of humor, in a society where people tend to look someone head to toe, one can avoid too much criticism if he happens to step out on his car fresh and neat than stepping out on his bicycle looking stressed.

    On the flipside, it is a fact that bicycles are helpful in controlling pollution. They are not emitting carbon dioxide thus help in maintaining a more suitable air to breathe. Another advantage of using bicycles is that they allow their users to be physically fit. A 30- minute pedal on bicycles is tantamount to a 15- minute workout on a treadmill. A win-win situation where a person can reach destination at the same time exercise. Lastly, it is easier to maintain the functionality of this transport. A repair of a major malfunction requires less effort and less finance than that of cars.

    In conclusion, both mode of transportation have advantages and disadvantages but cars outweigh bicycles as better method in roaming around the city for some reality check reasons.

    • There are issues with this essay.

      1. It does not say in the essay question that a small number of people think bicycles are better – you have altered this information. Don’t change the essay question.
      2. The instructions don’t say “do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages” so don’t confuse the examiner in the introduction thesis statement.
      3. Don’t use informal idioms “the flipside”
      Please do all lessons on this blog and watch all videos to learn more about writing task 2.
      All the best

  12. Hello Liz,
    Thanks for your great efforts.
    Here is my model answer, would please review this answer and I shall be grateful if you give me a feedback about this model answer. Thanks in advance
    Some people say that cars are best to use in cities while others think that bicycles are better. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
    It is matter of dispute that few people are interested in cars for using in city life while others believe that bicycles are best. Though the both side has some advantages and disadvantages, I personally prefer bicycles have more advantages than cars for moving around city.

    Nowadays city roads are occupied by cars and for this reason traffic congestion is very common matter in city life. Sometimes we have to wait hours and hours on the roads due to its plenty uses. Cars are also harmful for the environment because it produce the polluted air. Parking is one of the major problem in city for using cars, it takes lot of spaces to park and it creates some problem when car owners take their car in shopping mall and supermarkets which has no parking facilities. It is not affordable for every people to buy car and not easy to maintain whose has no disposal income. However cars are able to cover great distances which bring more people into city centers and boost the local money.

    On the flip side, using bicycles is a healthier way to travel and helps busy people incorporate exercise into their daily lives. it is very cheap and affordable for every persons. no need more space to park inside the market and it is very environment friendly. Bicycles are simple to maintain as well as cheap to repair. Most important thing is travelling bicycles rarely results in traffic congestion regardless of the amount of traffic on the roads. though there is no protection to protect sun as well as rain and it is more time effective to go long distances.

    in my opinion, considering the above advantages and disadvantages I strongly appreciate the uses of bicycle is far more better than cars. Cycling is a cheap and sustainable from of transportation.

    In conclusion, environment and the congestion of traffic it is better to use bicycle for cities, because this sorts of transportation has no extra cost and affordable for each and every people.

  13. Dear Liz,
    I’m searching for band 7 for my Writing and hope to take the exam on 30th of April. Please take some of your valuable time to review my essay and advice me which areas should I need to develop.
    Thanks a Lot.
    Some people say that cars are best way to use in cities where others think that bicycles are better Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
    Some individuals believe that cars are the most effective option to travel around cities while others think bicycles are the best choice. However, both these views have their own advantages and disadvantages.
    Nowadays, Cities are full with traffic jams. Sometimes passengers have to wait hours on the roads without capability of moving single inch front. In such situations, bicycle is the best option. Bicycle can drive through the space between two vehicles without a problem. Also, this form of transportation is highly environment friendly with zero emission to the atmosphere and no cost for fuel. In addition, bicycle is a simple, easy and less costly to maintain. Moreover, driving a bicycle provides physical exercise which is a vital fact to a healthier life. But, it has a structure which open majority of driver’s body to the road. Thus, minor accident on the road might cause severe damage to bicycle driver. As a whole, bicycle provides less safety measurements for passengers.
    However, Cars consist of well sophisticated protection features and provide a safe journey to travellers. Also, comfortable options such as air condition, adjustable seats and more space to sit provide comfortable travelling experience. Moreover, higher number of people able to travel at once in less time to long destinations. Extreme climate conditions such as high sun shine, heavy showers and lightning have less impact to people who travel by car. Cars have more spaces to load medium-size equipment. Therefore, it’s convenient to carry over personal belongings.
    In conclusion, although, both of these travelling options provide different sort of advantages for travelling around cities, But according to my point of view, Cars are the most desirable way to travel in cities. (280 words)

  14. shrijana Sikhrakar says:

    Hi Liz,
    could you please take minutes to check my introduction about the below essay and comment on that .
    thank you

    Some people think that exercise is the key to health while others feel that having a balanced diet is important. Discuss both view and give your opinion?

    It is often a heated debate has arisen over health related issues, whether exercise is most important factor to be healthy or having a proper diet. In my opinion ,physical workout helps to reduce the fat ,while I also believe that people should concerned about the food they eat .Such as, red meat,cheese and carbohydrate.

    • Try to avoid learned expressions “a heated debate” because this isn’t a heated debate at all. Also don’t give examples in your introduction, you give them in the body paragraphs. Otherwise, it is a good try.

  15. Had this question from my IELTS Academic yesterday.
    Some people think that the government must pay for the free access to the library in a town.
    Also, others think that setting up library is a waste of money.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  16. Hi Liz,
    Is it possible to mention about the parking problems for this essay..or is it off-topic

    ..looking forward to your reply.

    • I am currently on holiday but hopefully other students might give you some tips.
      All the best

      • I guess it’s a good issue to discuss and to compare these two means of transportation. Cars need appropriate park spaces. Moreover, car parking rates could be expensive and vary according to the time of staying. By contrast, bycicles could be parked in very small spaces and they are greatly cheaper or free of charge.

  17. Indeed, traversing around the city using different modes of transportation varies from one person to another. Some people believe that cars are more advantageous, others, however believe that bicycles is way better. While I do not doubt the positive impact of using automobiles as means of transportation, I personally think that using bicycles is more important.

    Some people argue that using cars as means of travelling is time efficient. They feel that since punctuality is important in their jobs, cars saves time and effort. For instance, when a person is ten kilometers away from his workplace and the only way to reach to his destination on time, without having to wake up early in the morning, is that by using cars. Moreover, proponents to this view states that cars will provide people with safety and security when travelling in the metropolis. The enclosed nature of cars will eventually protect them from any falling debris or accidents of which or may likely to happen. Also, cars will provide luxury and comfort that many people choose when going to their designated workplace. The feeling of freshness inside the vehicle will be maintained all throughout the travelling period.

    However, a number of people contend that bicycles will be of great use. They uphold the notion that since global warming is a major problem, using these will heal mother nature. To them, bicycles is environment friendly. It would not only save mother nature but also the living creatures that maintains the biodiversity of life as well . In addition, the mechanism of bicycles that enhances physical activity to people will actually lead to active healthy lifestyle. The advocacy of providing the nine-to-fiver with bicycles to travel to their workplace in the city would prevent cardiovascular diseases and increases mental alertness. Furthermore, the congestion of roads in the city would certainly trim down. Smaller parking spaces are needed and there will be enough space to accommodate for bicycles to be used on the wide roads.

    On the whole, while most people prefer to use cars for its efficiency and convenience when travelling around the city, in our modern world today, saving mother earth is of utmost concern. The advent of using bicycles would greatly benefit human race and upholds better future for generations to come.

  18. Please rate my essay. I have just copied ideas from all of you: I think lots of errors, please dictate me.

    Certain people agree that motor vehicles should be better to travel across the cities and opponents think that bicycles are most suitable to move somewhere in the towns. In this essay, I will examine both points of view and then state my opinion.

    Travelling is an inevitable part of human’s life. It is of course , auto vehicles are the best option to travel long distances along with family members or other people. This is because it could accommodate more than two persons and also it gives more safe and comfort travelling. Nowadays, cars have been designed more safety mechanism that protect the drivers and other commuters. Furthermore, travelers could not be easily affected by external environment season like sweltering and snow season because automobiles comprise either air condition or heater. In this case, during boiling weather travelers can be able to diminish the heat with help of air condition while travelling.

    However, We have to consider another view also because auto vehicles are more expensive in related to capital costs and running costs. Sometimes, car lead to traffic congestion during peak hours. Moreover, auto vehicles exhaust more fume to pollute atmosphere. and therefore we try to curtail the usage of cars as much as possible unless when there is a need of cars.

    On the other hand, bicycles are most essential to move somewhere around cities because it has healthier way to travel short distances that ensure hectic people incorporate exercise in their daily activities. Bicycle price is affordable and maintenance cost is pretty low. It is sustainable transportation as well as environmentally friendly. This is because as there is no fuel is required which would deplete word’s resources. In addition to, bicycles are rarely create traffic congestion and hence we should practice to use bicycle rather than car which will help to save environmental resources slightly and also a very small amount money saving into our bank account.

    In conclusion, I believe that both auto vehicles and bicycles are best options to travel in cities but we could use depend on the circumstance. If shorter distance we should use bicycles for deplete planet Earth’ resources slightly and longer distances along with family we might use cars for safer and comfort travelling.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Travelling is an inevitable part of life. People use to travel to work place, picnic and so on by different methods of transport. There are contradiction among people that cars or bicycle are the best mode of commuting in city.This essay substantiates my views about aforementioned argument and opinion of the debate.

  20. Trung Trong Tran says:

    Hi Teacher !
    Thank you for providing essay .I display my essay to you which is base on some of your idea above . I would be thankful when I get appreciated from you . Hoping and waiting for your reply.

    People have difference views about whether we are travelling by car or bike in a cities are better .In my opinion , I believing that using bicycle is more healthy way to move than car travel in cities .

    There are two main reasons why it could be argued that we are travel by car in cities would be more comfortable and safe . Firstly, car travel is well- equipped which is enables the driver to arrive fresh at their destination . For example, most of model cars are attached air conditioners which are providing a good condition of fresh air for driver .Secondly , a majorities of people are travelling by cars in the cities is often safer because the frame of the vehicle and safety mechanisms can protect the driver.this means that, in cold climates ,where temperates drop near or below freezing in winter , cars are a better option .

    However, I would agree with those who believe that people are travel by bicycle in a central of big cities is an awareness of the importance of protect their environment . This form of transportation is more environmentally friendly as there are no exhaust fumes to pollute the atmosphere and no fuel is required which would deplete world resources .Another factor in this bikes are simple to maintain and cheap to repair which is saving amount of money in their account .

    In conclusion , while there are some reasons to believe that people tend to travel by car in the cities . My own view is that we are cycling is better.

  21. thank you dear liz ,,,,I would appreciate if you read mine and give me a score

    Lately ,some argue that motor vehicles are best to use in cities ,whereas there are some people discuss that running bicycles are more appropriate .In my point of view the truth is somewhere between two opinions

    According to the published research ,driving cars encourage people to pay more prizes ,as a result industries would offer more job opportunities to the society , so it could let developing countries to became developed.Furthermore the usage of cars is more time saving ,likewise people who drive private car reach their workplace sooner and could concentrate on their job better than the opposite group

    One significant counter_argument is that running bicycles could reduce health disorders such as , strokes and ischemic heart disease as well as increase exercise compliance . Bicycle usage also could be more cost_beneficial and it would help people who are supporters of the idea to save more budget ,thus there is no need to pay extravagant on cars .Finally it would helping out to solve the air pollutant issues in urban areas .

    to conclusion ,both car and bicycle have their own advantages ,thus the organizers should design the ways that let either two groups to have the chance to use the prefered one’s .

  22. Thank you so much Liz, your help is appreciated.

  23. Dear Liz,

    Thanks for your updates. I plan to do the exam by 28th March 2015. If u have any predictions for essay , letter topics and speaking topics. I am doing GT test.

    Waiting for your reply.

  24. Incredible way of learning …….if someone wants to improve by himself it will be the best way….anyway,i’ll seat for IELTS at 28th March,but i think my english is not good.i hope so i ll recover it for the 1st time.

  25. As many major cities are clogged with severe traffic congestion, some people argue that bicycling are more effective way of transportation. In my opinion, there are both pros and cons of each mean of trip, however, bicycles are cannot be replaced the top position for its inconveniences.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to try write an introduction~!

  26. Thank you Liz for the questions and ideas.
    I share my essay to all using some of your ideas. Thank you for that.

    I would be grateful if others would give some suggestions, as Liz said.

    There are different views about the use of cars and bikes in the cities. While others prefer cars to bikes for moving around the cities, I believe that bicycles have more advantages over cars for many reasons.
    It is understandable that cars are sometimes much more popular than bikes for city transport. The main reason behind this is that travelling by car provides overall convenience to the users. People can enjoy comfort which allows them to stay fresh at their destination. Another posible benefits of car is that some luxurious brands serve as a status symbol to the users, and this is often essential for most business men to help maintain their credibility in most business meetings. In addition, car travel can certainly save much time and energy, compared to riding a bike, which allows the users to improve their productivity and creativity at work.
    On the other hand, supporters of bikes in the cities oppose the above views for 3 main reasons. Firstly, bicycles are the most environmentally friendly way of transport as they do not use fossil fuels which would deplete the world natural resources. Moreover, there would be no toxic fumes in the atmosphere which can pollute the air we breathe. Secondly, bicycles are the healthier means of transport as it allows most busy people to incorporate essential exercise routines into their daily commuting time. This benefit cannot definitely be obtained among car users as they need to give extra time to go to the gym. Finally, bicycles normally offer cheaper way of transport, which cost less to purchase, maintain and repair than to own a car. That is why, I, like many people, prefer bikes to cars for city use.

    In conclusion, although some think that cars are the most effective form of city transport, I believe that bicycles are much more user and environmentally friendly than cars.

  27. anandita says:

    OMG Liz. It is a very kind of you. You are on your holiday but still posting here. Have a great holiday! 🙂

  28. Hi Liz ,
    It’s always a pleasure reading from you and I get inspired each time I read your post. Your contribution has always been of utmost help to me. Enjoy your vacation and can’t wait to have you back on board.

  29. Hi Khalifa,

    You were able to paraphrase appropriately both sides of the argument on your introduction.

    Since this is discuss both views exam type, I don’t think it is necessary to write your stand with the introduction. Much better to just present the topic.

    First body paragraph talk about the topic which is opposite to yours – about bicycle then include example.
    Second body paragraph write about car which I think is more favorable to you then example.

    Finally, the conclusion.

    Overall, you answered the question. But be careful with the spelling and limit your usage of linking words.

    By the way I’m not an expert just want to share what I’ve learned from people checking my writings. Hope this will help.

    • Dear Sal ,
      Thank you for this useful advices . I wish next time to be more accurate . I want only to be aware if this can be approved by IELTS and which band score i can get if i wrote the same .
      realy your response is highly appreciated .
      thank you once again .

  30. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for always updating the students with the latest topic on the ielts. Enjoy your vacation!

  31. Hi liz ,
    I will try to get this essay reworded , realy i do not know if it could be acceptable in IELTS or no . please try to assess it if you have time to know which band score it worth , I appriciate your efforts in helping IELTS takers . Thank you in advance .

    It is considered by proportion of people that using cars in cities is the most beneficial way for transportation , while others thought that bicycles is the most appropriate method for moving inside cities . In my opinion , i believe that cars would achieve people requirements in moving more than any other tool .

    Firstly , cars has the ability to run into streets faster than bicycles , moreover , it can carry heavy things such as bags , machines and other equipments . In other words , cars can protect people from dangerous accidents if happened . Furthermore , it can save time and energy for people who have fasten works or limit time to do certain tasks , on the other hand , the main problem appears during rush hour when most of employees finish thier works and back to home . In this time , people wish if they can leave cars at streets and go to home walking instade of waiting hours in traffic signals .

    Secondly , in event of bicycles , it would be more suitable for people who prefering sports or walking in picnic , but i do not believe that it can replace with cars not only because of the necessity of fast vehicle to travel from place to other but also because of Nowadays cars became a sign of wealth . youths both males and females are competing in owning the most expensive cars . But without any a doubt , bicycles plays an important part in tranportation inside cities .

    Finally , everyone has different way to assess the pros and cons of both cars and bicycles , for instance , some people believe that bicycles can save money comparing with cars which consums a lot of money in patrol and oil etc.

    In conclusion , both cars and bicycles have advantages and disadvantages such as any other things even if i see that cars more convenient than bicycles in transportation into cities .

    • I am currently on holiday and will hopefully continue with my free lessons and support for students in April. I hope another student might post some comments for you.
      All the best

  32. Hi Liz,

    Thank you very much and your website is truly helpful. Hope that you can have a wonderful holiday and look forward to your next lesson online.



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