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Reading Multiple Choice Answers

Answers for All About Rice multiple choice reading.

1. B is the correct answer

This is testing both your vocabulary and general understanding of the passage. In the passage, it says ‘rice is grown everywhere except Antarctica’. This means it is grown everywhere except one place = almost everywhere = nearly everywhere)
The key words in question 1 are ‘where’ – this means you are look for place names & ‘grown’ – this might be paraphrased to ‘cultivated’ in academic texts.
2. C  is the correct answer

The answer can’t be B because no information is given about the amount of land used for rice growing in China.


  1. LEANZA WONG says:

    2/2. thanks Liz!^^ 15 more days to exam. Done almost all the ex provided in this page. once again thanks <3!

  2. Rawia Obida says:

    Thank you so much Liz

  3. 2/2 🙂

  4. Second question was really awesome!! Keep up the good work Liz!

  5. Rabab Alkhathami says:

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  6. Purna Bahadur Kumal says:

    I got confused in question no. 2………I thought the answer must be the option (a)….but the correct answer you wrote is (c)…can you explain it??? because i guessed it does not talk about the world…

  7. Hi Liz, my English has been getting better since I used your website. Thanks very much! Keep on teaching your website members successfully!

  8. I have just started study for IELTS through your website. Your lessons are removing all the smoke screens,( I mean IELTS tricks, and doubt towards myself) , and it is very encouraging. Today I have tried some of samples IELTS questions( mainly from IELTS 2014). I found less mistakes in my answers than a week ago. Ayako

  9. HI liz,

    I have a doubt for second question why option is wrong

  10. arjun dhakal says:

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    Really I don’t know how to thank you.
    Thank you very very much….. I will never forget your helps.


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