Reading Answers Death of High Street

Below are answers for yesterday’s reading passage: Death of the High Street Lesson

If you haven’t done the lesson, please complete it before looking at the answers. Click here: Reading Lesson Death of the High Street.


  1. A = 3
  2. B = 5
  3. C = 1
  4. D = 2
  5. E = 4
  6. triggered = spurred
  7. combine = couple that
  8. expendable = disposable
  9. soar = shoot up
  10. discouraging = deterring
  11. imminent = looming
  12. boost = injection

I hope you found this lesson useful 🙂

All the best



  1. Josephine says

    I Liz…i am new how do I start?

    • There is no particular place to start. This website has a lot of free lessons and tips. Read the HOME page to learn how to use this site for your free IELTS preparation.

  2. Thanks Liz
    I am really following up, Please can you give access to where I can practice full IELTS reading test. Reading has been my challenge .

  3. Thank you Liz, it’s wondering being here. I really appreciate your assistance!

  4. Omoregie Rome says

    By this time tomorrow, I should be done with my Listening, Reading and Writing IELTS exams, as the Speaking was done yesterday.
    Liz, do you know I still can’t get above 32 in listening during practice!
    Have tried all the tricks, and now tomorrow is as close as next second.
    However, I must thank you for the free lesson. You are the best.

    • Listening is all about focusing on keywords in questions which will either be given directly in the recording or paraphrased. Those keywords will help you keep your place, but you always have to keep one eye on the next one or two questions so you are ready to move forward. Also remember not to get distracted by extra information. Your aim is not to understand everything, but to find answers – focus on that. Also pay attention to the grammar in the questions because it can help you decide your answers. Think about jotting down very short notes (not full words, just occasional letters) for any answers you might have missed. You can write and circle words all over your question paper. But you also have to accept that each person has a skill that is not their strongest. Anyway, I wish you lots of luck tomorrow!! 🙂 See this page:

  5. Stephanie Boccomino says

    Hi Liz,

    Was this synonyms exercise a part of the test or it was something you created deliberately? The reason why I ask you this is because I’ve never seen a synonym exercise in the IELTS test before. (I’m studying for the General one).

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication you put into these lessons for us!

    All the best!

  6. Well done Liz, it was so painful that I didn’t get all the answers. I misplaced 2 and 3. I won’t repeat such error.
    Thanks once again for all your efforts.

  7. Thank you Liz. I got 9 out of 12.

  8. Hello Liz,

    I can not thank you enough for this wonderful website of yours. I literally prepared for my IELTS in 4 days and 100% relied on your knowledgable videos and lessons. I am pleased to inform that I got an overall band of 7.5 in my first attempt.
    Thank you so much for providing this gem of a website for applicants like me.
    Words can’t express enough gratitude 🙂

  9. Thank you so much. I enjoyed the lesson. Got 9/12 .
    question : Can rise be used in place of shoot up? likewise push up for injection.
    Secondly, Cash injection is it correct?

    • They would be wrong. The answers come in order which makes those answers impossible. You could not have got those answer if you had followed the instructions.

  10. It’s really very helpful.iI hope you can give us more practice in reading and listening too.

  11. I got 3 correct answer only.,,out of 12

  12. 1)E (2)A(3)D(4)E(5)B(6)spurred(7)Couple(8)Disposable(9)shoo up(10)Deterring(11)LoomingVAS(12)AshInjection.

  13. Greeting madam Liz.l really found the lesson helpful.I due appreciate your effort .Thanks

  14. Wow! Thanks Liz for the amazing job.

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