Question about Speaking Part 2 Notes

Hi guys,

I would like to know how much you understand about IELTS speaking part 2 and using your notes.

Please answer these questions:

  1. Is it ok to look at your notes in IELTS speaking part 2?
  2. Will you get a lower score if you look at your notes frequently during your talk?


Post your answers below in the comments box.

I’ll post my response with tips tomorrow.

All the best


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  1. Could u help me mam to get good score in speaking exam actually my exam is on Tuesday 18 July.

  2. Piusford says:

    Hi Liz.

    Thanks for the great job you are doing here.

    I bought your advanced writing lessons, but there is no model on how to start causes and solutions type of essay question. I will appreciate if you will throw light on it, to help us not to write irrelevant informations in the background and thesis statement.
    Thanks, ma’am.

    • If you have causes and solutions, then you have two body paragraphs – similar to ads and disadvs. If you are asked for only solutions, then you only give that and no causes. If you have a direct question: Is this a positive or negative development?, you need to choose and present your opinion. If it says: Why does this happen? Is this positive or negative? (two questions), you will have two body paragraphs answering each question.

  3. Avith D souza says:

    1. Yes. It is initially OK to start and cover the key points. It helps speaks continuously.

    2. I don’t think so. Because since you can make a notes before you start speaking.

  4. 1. I believe it’s fine to look at your notes during the exam. Besides, they allowed it to guide you and that you may be able to remember your ideas.

    2. Maybe it can, if it comes to the point that you forget eye contact with the interviewer as your notes has your full attention.

    Well that’s just my idea. Thanks!

  5. Mariam Mahmood says:

    Hi Liz. I’m from the Philippines and I just took my exam earlier today.

    Task 2 question: Everyone should stay at school unti the age of eighteen.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    For speaking, I was asked to talk about a painting or a sculpture that I saw.

    I would also like to thank you. I have learned a lot from your lessons.

  6. Fatimah says:

    Hello Liz,

    Please find below the following answers of the questions.
    1. Yes, it is absolutely fine if I will see in my notes during speaking part 2 but not frequently to look into the notes.
    2. Yes, as I informed in point 1 that I couldn’t see frequently in my notes during the speaking.

  7. 1. Yes .if you will need than you look on notes.
    2.I think no loss your band score when you use you notes

  8. I think you can look at your notes while answering the questions as one can miss on some points.
    I dont think there should be lower band scores if you look at your notes frequently.

  9. Hello everyone
    I’m sure that we can use our notes during speaking part 2 but I think
    it is better to just have a quick glance and look more natural than just keep looking at our notes

  10. I would like to ask if i don’t want to write the notes it will be effect on socre ?

    Asma khan

  11. Olawale says:

    It is normal to look at the paper to pick the points jotted down. After all, it is part of the exam that the examiner gives the paper.

  12. Jacinta says:

    Hi Liz,
    I think it is ok looking at you note to keep you on track .Most importantly is to maintain the eyez contact with the examiner during conversation.
    2 .Yes it’s possible to get lower score if you look at your note constantly during the conversation because the examiner will assume that you are not confidence enough.

  13. Yes it is significant to keep an eyes to our notes because it enhances the boost to answer the relevant question !! And I personally think that it will take our band over the moon

  14. i think its alright to look at the notes that you have made but they might also be a distraction as one can lose focus in the process.

  15. Hi Liz
    In my opinion, yes , I would look at my notes, why would I write them if I am not going to look at them .But sometimes only sometimes it distracts me .
    No , he will not give me a low mark if I did but I would not do it.

  16. Hi Liz,

    Looking at your notes during the speaking part will aid you remember some salient points during the discussion. I do not think it will affect your scores as long as the discussion flow is not broken especially by looking at your notes. A well coordinated conversation is all that is needed.


  17. Yes ,i will look at my notes ,if need be,
    They are supposed to be my guide if properly written.

  18. Gnanasekaran says:

    1. I believe, it is not a crime to refer notes whenever we’re running out of ideas.
    2. Not sure.

  19. According to me,yes it’s ok because notes help me to remember the main points of answers so that I can speak fluently without any pause.And if I haven’t any point to speak but time is remain then I’ll can see notes.

    I don’t think so.If examiner tell to make notes then why he give lower bands.

  20. Saiyann says:

    1. Yes, it is okay if I look at my note during the speaking part 2,
    2. No, I will not get lower marks if I look at my note frequently during the test as long as my speaking is able to get high marks in four criterion (grammar, vocabularies, fluency and cohesion)

  21. Jobi Thomas says:

    Hi Liz, I’ve 8.5 for speaking module, and thought of sharing my simple idea on answering que cards. Friends, if you answer all wh questions for example.. If you’re talking about your favorite book, which book , who’s the author, where did you get it from, what is the content, when did you read it, how long did you take to read it etc… And some examples and your impressions of the book would not only ensure two minutes but also make you answer all the sub questions…
    When you get the que card you write the above wh question answers in short with number or circles, then you can develop it without missing anything. Good luck with your exam. All the best Liz.

  22. Khalid Nazir says:

    In my opinion, we can use our notes as a reference and for speaking without break and completing the task of speaking two minutes, however reading from the notes not acceptable.

    Khalid Nazir

  23. Ans1: Yes, I am looking very confident about my notes in IELTS speaking part 2.
    Well, whenever you give us a task (questions) , then I am solving the given task with so interest and enjoying the learning process.
    Ans 2: Yes, absolutely, if I look at my notes frequently during my talk, then I am feeling a little bit of confusion about solving the questions. But, yes, sure that I will get a higher score with great effort.

  24. Yes you can.
    Not frequently

  25. yes


  26. Ejieke Chidinma says:

    Is OK to look at your note;however, you don’t allow it take all your attention as you need to maintain eye contact with your examiner in order to carry him or her along

  27. Aseem goel says:

    Hi liz
    In my opinion, we can look at our notes, however, maintaining eye contact is equally important.
    We can have a hint of the idea we are going to speak but taking care that we do not loose eye contact

  28. Dung Pham says:

    In part 2, we are allowed to take notes during 1 minute of preparation and it is ok for us to frequently look at the notes as long as we can still have fluent speech. I do not think this will affect our band score.

  29. It will not in neither way affect our bandscore too.☺

  30. Harsimran says:

    1. yes
    2.No…we will refer the notes to answer the question


  31. for me, it is ok to look at it if there is need.
    i don’t think it will cause lose of mark

  32. The primary purpose of that sheet given is to answer the question.So I think,its not bad if we look at our note most often.

  33. Lipsa pipaliya says:

    Dear Mam, I could not understand basic sentence to speak in two minutes topics kindly help me because my exams will conducted in next week it is 15th July .
    Please help.

  34. Gourang Bhatt says:

    It is ok if notes are being looked for once. By w

  35. I definitely believe there is no restriction for looking at the notes that we have taken. I have done IELts many times to get 7 in each skill(4×7) b/c it was the requirement. Every time I looked at my notes frequently and I got 7-8 in speaking.

  36. Mohamad says:

    Yes, one can look into notes. However, looking frequently will lower score.

  37. is ok to see the notes while answering part 2 of speaking as this notes may include the points we need to talk about
    2.looking at the notes frequently may reduce our score…this shows the poor confidence of the candidate..

  38. We can have an slightly view of the notes to remind ideas but not read it as a discourse.

  39. Yes, it is absolutely okay to look at the notes in speaking part 2 to revise the keywords noted by you in the given paper to make our own sentence and speak when asked to speak for a minute or two. Please note that the one who is asking the questions is not the one who is going to give you marks. If you would have notice,there is one recorder kept to capture our conversation. Marks will be given based on the recording. Makes sure your voice is audible.

  40. 1. I believe we should look at note if we cannot memorise the facts. This proves we are doing a natural speech not a learned one

    2. I don’t think so

  41. 1.speaking part2,doesn’t give you chance to check note. maybe penalized for doing so.

  42. Asim Maqsood says:

    1. I think it’s ok to look at the notes during speaking. Otherwise, why did we write them in the first place.
    2. May be yes. We should look at the notes when switching to next point, I guess.

  43. 1..yes, because we always remain aware as well as can
    also crate many ideas in our mind regarding speaking part2
    2..i don’t think

  44. Sevilay says:

    Hi Liz;

    Yes, it is ok to look at our notes but we shouldn’t read all that we wrote. Our notes are just to remind how to continue to our speech. If it affects our fluency, yes, we will get a lower score.

  45. Hetshri shah says:

    I feel that its not wrong to look at notes as it might happen that you dont remember all the questions which have been asked in tge cue card to speak on

  46. Gurpinder Kaur Rekhi says:

    1.There’s no problem if we look at our notes during speaking. Our bands will not be affected.
    2. Frequently looking at our notes can affect our fluency because when we read our notes we will take a pause and doing so frequently will result in frequent pauses, reducing our bands for fluency and coherence

  47. Folukemi says:

    It is not good to look at note frequently because the examiner would think the person does not have enough confidence.

  48. Salma Nawaz says:

    1. Sure, there is No problem to look at notes;however, try to be like extempor speaker.
    2. I am afraid, frequent look at notes Will lead toward lower score.

  49. Harsimran Jit Singh says:

    No we don’t.. Learn and put up in your mind. Once.

  50. Sandeep kaur says:


  51. Hi Liz.
    What if you dont write any notes during speaking test. Do you lose for me i organise my points in my head i find it hard writing.

  52. 1.yes

  53. Yes its okay to look
    No you wont be punish by looking frequently

  54. Hi Liz . I regular use Liz as I will reappear for Ielts Exam day after tomorrow. I will appear for General Module. Answer 1. Yes it’s ok to look at note during speaking task. Answer 2. No. I don’t think so as it is essential to give all answers of cue card in two minutes so we can refer points during conversation Although required to take care of eye contact and fluency which should not effect while reading points . We avoid to look down . Try to keep eye contact. As it is essential.

  55. 1. I think it is OK for me to look at my notes during speaking, this will actually help me not to spend much time talking out of point and the note actually acts as a guild towards the issue being discussed.
    2. I think frequent looking at the note is not really encouraged as the note should act as a point guilding the discussion and if one is always going through it during speaking, it might reduce one’s score.

  56. 1.Yes..i feel ok with looking at prepared notes
    2.If I am looking oftenly during speaking,then it can cause rarely thought block and otherwise it is constructive..really depends on topic knowledge

  57. 1.Actually, is it normal to look at the notes during the actual exam in IELTS speaking part 2, because not everyone remembers what he wrote on that paper. Just a short view of your writen notes can refresh one’s mind in order for a person to speak continously and fluently.
    2. Maybe in some point the examiner will lower the examinees score, if he is frequently reading his notes. It seems that the person can not communicate will if he will read read and read only.

  58. 1 . Yes it’s ok to look at it, because it will give you a hint about what to say next.
    2 . It’s not good to look at it frequently, im my opinion, you only need to look once at each note you’ve made because if you keep looking at it frequently, it will slower your talking and cause a confusion in your mind and subsequently, you will get a lower score .

  59. Abiodun Omonori says:

    I don’t know

  60. Am an absolute beginner in this test and preparation and have not taken my exam yet..but I think it’s perfectly alright to look at our notes that we prepared during that allowed 1 minute time…

  61. its very helpful. please continue this….if possible try other reading, writing all…

  62. its very helpful. please continue this….if possible try other reading, writing all

  63. Bindiya says:

    Yes I think it is ok to look at note in part 2, as they are giving paper to note down points. just to be sure if we forget to cover any point which we have planned to cover in our speaking.

  64. Yes it is, because! when you take a look at your note,it either giving you instructions or telling you about the questions to answer.

    No,because revising your note help you understand and identify your mistakes

  65. to sm extnt i think it’s ok to look at notes in IELTS speaking part 2. it is just to get quick ideas regarding the topic. on d other side it also influence our bands perhaps.. if v look again nd again at our notice thn it impact our performance may be v dont seem confident and most important v cant see d gestures of d examiner.. and it also reduce our body language. one cant independently express ones views……..

  66. Waheed Mazhar says:

    1. Yes, It claims no impact if you look at the notices you made points to speak on.
    2. No, The Examiner only interested how effectively your express the topic and if the candidate looks at the points to control its topic, I believe it is a good thing.

  67. 1-yes, it is ok to look at our notes while we speaking in part 2 ilts speaking test.
    2- frequently looking at our notes in part 2 while speaking does not affect our scoring.

  68. Amira Sadek says:

    Hi Liz
    I’m so grateful for your help and support
    It’s a tricky question because for me it’s good to glance at what I wrote to organize my speech ,especially when I wrote the difficult words that may boost my score .alternatively, the examiner may dislike my frequently looking at the paper.probably because this make me will defect my fluency and my score as well.

  69. sanba06c says:

    1. It is fine for candidates to look at their notes in IELTS speaking part 2

    2. It does not matter how often you look at your notes, provided that you could ensure your fluency. That is to say, examiners do not give you lower marks based on appearance or gesture.

    Above is my personal opinion 🙂

  70. Prakash says:

    Hi Liz,
    Pls find my answers :
    1.I think it’s ok to look at your notes to make yourself aligned with the topic.
    2.I think yes it can, because looking frequently at the notes can give a sense of non confidence about the topic & flow.

  71. Mohanid Younis says:

    I think there is nothing wrong about checking out the note as long as the eye contact with the examiner is well-maintained

  72. I feel no harm in looking questions at the end as it supports me in my continuity of speech. However, I don’t feel like answering them sequencing as it proves me artificial.

    Answer 2) I m not so sure … rather I feel it keeps me on track ….. because the content I speak somewhere is answering the said question. So feel like as if I m going right .

  73. Mohammed Elamin Elsirag says:

    To me, it does not seem too bad if you have a glance on your notes to refresh your memory and stream your output.
    I think it can affect your attitude if you are staring at your notes too frequently again and again.

  74. Moh gamar says:

    I think its ok ! & it wont affect my band !?
    Thats waht i think ! But one more thing !?
    Is it ok to
    Manipulate the cue card to speak on something else !? Like if the original question was describing the house of my friend and then i approach the question with the describing the house but then i find myself talking about my friend !! Is it ok to do that !?

  75. Locadia Chari says:

    I think you are allowed to look at your notes. I also dont tthink you will get lower marks for looking at your notes.

  76. Nalinda says:

    Dear liz

    In my point of view its not necessary to memorized all those theory parts instead of that we can grab the rational and idea behind the lessons because question pattern of part 2 remains same

  77. I think the notes very important in speaking part 2 therefore the person may training more on vocabulary use in this section

  78. YASH PATEL says:

    No i don’t think we should look the notes.. because as per my perception if we look on the notes.. we can’t speak except of the notes.. we only speak what we have written in the i think you repeatedly speak all the notes and you can’t think outside of this notes.. so i think it is not necessary to see the notes but, when you realize you forget something only then you have to see notes.

  79. I think it is okay to look at your notes while you take your Ielts speaking part 2, it will prompt you to state your ideas well and accurately.
    No, looking at your notes often does not translates to getting a lower score, it simply guides your response and it helps you to arrange the answers which you have .

  80. Heather says:

    I do feel a little bit worried whenever I look at the cue cards and write my notes. However, those notes help calm me down later when I talk and about your questions:
    1. I think it’s ok to look at the notes when speaking part 2
    2. It may lead to a lower score if we depend too much on the notes as it can cause hesitance I guess

  81. 1) Yes . I think it is ok to look at notes while speaking but do not focus on the note. Just a glance at each point and maintaining eye contact while talking is important
    2) I think when you look too frequently you may loose score. It means you lack courage and confidence to look at the examiner. Because you were given just one minute to drop points. Therefore a little was written, and not a full note. So frequently looking down may connote lack of self confidence

  82. No, I don’t think so but if we keep on looking at the notes again and again, sometimes it effect the flow of our talk and effect the fluency as well.

  83. 1.
    Yes! The speaking part 2 is to test your speaking proficiency not a test of your memory.
    2. You can glance at your note as many times as possible. This should not affect your score in anyway.

  84. 1. yes, there is no harm in looking into the notes prepared within 1 min before start speaking on part 2 questions.
    2. This note is allowed to prepare to continue speaking for 2 mins. Thus no marks should get deducted if the examinee consult that note.

  85. 1. Its ok to have a look on it in between not frequently

  86. Well, I guess it is alright to look at your note as much as you want to and it won’t affect your score. At least that is what I thought.

  87. kawther says:

    Hi Liz, my answer is yes, it is OK to look at my note just to follow the out line or the points which should be covered . But i do not know whether or not this can affects my band score.

  88. Nisamurbey says:

    1. It is ok, I think.
    2. Yes, because it looks like you are not ready and getting nervous.

  89. Melissa says:

    From my opinion,it is acceptable to refer to the notes while talking..Sometimes,candidates tend to get nervous during the test.So,refer to the notes can be at least guidable during those moments.Frequent use looking at the notes can get you sway away while there and waste an amount of time given during the test so,reduce it.

  90. I suppose it is ok to have a look at your notes..In between..
    Notes are for reference obviously..So one can avoid eye contact sometimes..

  91. Keep trying says:

    It is ok to look at our note during any session

  92. I feel it’s ok to look at the cue card .I have done it two times but then I got a score of 7 in speaking

  93. Enrique says:

    Hello, Liz.

    1. Yes, I think it is fine. The notes are supposed to be made to help you.

    2. No, I think it won’t, provided that you speak fluently, clearly and accurately.

    That’s what I think. Best regards, Enrique.

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