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Essay Question

Some people think that watching TV causes weight problems in children. Do you agree with this view? What solutions can you suggest to tackle children’s weight problems?

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  1. Please note this is a multi-task essay. The first question asks for your opinion on the issue. The second asks for your solutions. Both questions carry equal weight.
  2. You should aim for between 270 and 290 words. It is not recommended to go over 300.
  3. You should use a range of linking devices.
  4. Do not use learned phrases. Each sentence should be uniquely created by yourself.
  5. Always divide the body into paragraphs. Choose a logical organisation of ideas.
  6. Don’t aim to impress. Always aim for accuracy.


  1. Vishnu Priya says

    Hi Liz!

    I purchased your e -book and I find it very helpful for my preparation.

    Is it necessary to explain 2 problems and 2 solutions in problem and solution essay? or is it fine to just write about 1 problem and solution with relevant explanation and examples?

    • It is usually best to have two of each, but it isn’t a requirement. If you can only think of one problem, then say “The only problem …”

  2. Greeting Liz,
    Could you please review my essay and correct me. I am giving IELTS for the first time.

    Most of the people enjoy sports becasue of the thrill involved in it. However some sport being dangerous, many people are of the opinion that such sports needs to be banned to prevent injury and accidents. However I am of the opinion that such sports should be left to a person choice.
    Many sports are thrilling. This makes the sports challenging and exciting. Mostly sports involved with racing or climbing are regarded as the most dangerous sports. In car racing , if any mishap occurs like failure of the equipments or the driver loses control of the vehicle. This will result in an injury or a major accident. Such accident may result to death of the driver or the spectator around. Similarly, accident do occur in rock climbing too. A small mistake in the wrong place could prove fatal.Such sports that has thrill and challenges influence the minds of the young teens. They tend to take it as a challenge and without proper training and safety precaution and guidance risk their life in performing these stunts. To prevent such influence over the youth many people do insist ban on such sports.
    However, dangerous sports are often performed by trained professional. They undergo tremendous training and also ensure all safety measures are in place prior to performing such dangerous sports. For example high speed cars are equipped with seat belt and air bag to prevent the driver from an impact due to an accident. Similarly people doing rock climbing have secondary retention hooks that will prevent them from falling from such height. Even in less dangerous sports like cricket, the batsmen take precaution by wearing helmet and pads to protect them from the ball. In fact sports which involves risk, makes a person strong not only in mind but also in his body. There have been instances of death even in less dangerous sports like cricket too. Recently a person died of head injury due to the ball striking him on his head. So it is not right ban such sport too.
    In conclusion, sports are activities that involve risk and that make a person a sport man. If there is no risk, there would definitely be no enjoyment and it would no longer be called a sport but a mere activity. So according to me it is upon a person’s choice to play or watch a particular sport irrespective of the thrill.

  3. Haziel Mavesere says

    Obesity in children is a topical issue and some people believe that watching television is a big contributing factor. While the are other causes to this problem, I agree that watching TV plays a significant role.

    Time spent watching television has increased nowadays. This is because there are now so many channels that children find it difficult to resist the temptation of being glued to the TV most of the time. The resultant sedentary lifestyle will result in undesirable weight gain. While following their favourite channels they will be eating and drinking. Dieticians have proved that if one eats while absorbed in their favourite movie, they eat more than the desired share. The combination of reduced physical activity and consuming more food than necessary are a perfect ingredient for obesity.

    The big challenge that we face is how to stop this epidemic of obesity in children. At home, the parents can limit the time spent watching television by establishing a specific time when the screen will be shut off. They can also come have dinner together as a family and the TV is switched off during this time. The other suggestion is to promote physical activities at home and at school . Gargets like pedometers which count the number of steps one makes per day can be used. So those who have the highest number of steps in a class can be acknowledged. Giving rewards to the best performers, though controversial, may stimulate children to be more active and spent less time watching the TV.

    In conclusion, watching TV has a significant contribution in children’s overweight problems. Solutions to this problem include measures that will limit the time that children spent following TV programmes and promoting other activities that make them more active.

    • Febbom Mandawe says

      Hi Haziel,

      I think obesity is not the right word to use. The question tackles about weight problems which could either be weight gain or weight loss.

  4. Most children these days spend their precious time just by watching movies ,video clips and series dramas on television at home .Although this could led to overweight and obesity , however ,some support this habit since they fear that their kids might go out with other peers and learn drug addiction, improper manners .But in my opinion this strict seeing of television and other visual technologies definately have negative impact not only on weight but also on their mental creative capacity .
    To begin with ,it is not uncommon to see obese kids out in the streets as there are many contributing factors .One of the many causes, I preferably focus on sedentary life style, strict indoor routines such as playing online video games ,seeing series movies thought all the day and night may end up with so many consequences such as heart attack ,obesity,diabetes and depression.In my view , these habits would directly or indirectly have negative effect on the children’s health.
    When I look for the solutions to alleviate this emerging problem of children then the responsibility ultimately lies in the hand of parents ,teachers and the government in the order of their relevance .Firstly ,the parents are the first line in contact with children.So they should motivate their kids to have more exposure to out door sports like running ,swimming and jogging than indoor routines. These certainly benefit the kids in terms of physically,emotionally and socially.
    Secondly, as the teachers are the other parents who are in charge of over seeing every step of their pupils move .As a result ,they should schedule some exercise as part of the course .This would make the sport events as student routines .Apart from this benefit , they become much more eager in the receptivity of learning stuffs.
    Last but not least is the government responsibility in developing policy by incorporating some days as car free day in to calender. Therefore ,all age groups could get the platform to engage in cycling or great run events ,thus would help out those obese individuals to make group and have regular exercise.
    To conclude , since the futurity of the country solely lies in the youth generation. To be honest ,every one need to think about it and has duty to make children healthy as youth heart attack, diabetes , obesity are growing at alarmingly faster rate than ever . pls pls Liz it’s my second attempt and desperately need your feedback and band score.

  5. Hi,
    Can You please score my essay.
    Younger generation these days indulge into shopping in their leisure time. I completely disagree with this notion because youth can invest their precious time in other activities which can be productive for them as well as the mankind.

    The main reason why people shop a lot is because of the e-commerce websites. Nowadays, everyone has smartphones and are active on social networking sites. Data analytics plays a major role in promoting products based on people’s interest on their social networking sites, which attracts them towards these sites. These e-commerce Companies uses different strategies to engage traffic on their websites like they will put things on sale or on promotions.

    There are several reasons why shopping should be discouraged amongst younger ones. On of the major factor is that it is time consuming and addiction for many. People spend the whole day in a shopping center, lost in window shopping, purchasing nothing. People sitting in offices, children in colleges consume their free time on the e-commerce websites for shopping. Another reason is that people spend a lot of money on buying stuff which are not necessary. They will buy things which they are not even necessary. Just because there is sale they will purchase things without acknowledging the fact that they are being fooled.

    I believe that young people should engage themselves in various activities. They should utilize their free time in some productive work.

  6. Nowadays, many people thought health problems like obesity comes to their children only by exposure to television for a long time. However, in my opinion, the overweight issues in the early stages of life are arising due to lack of knowledge to parents on diet, genetic factors and the importance of physical activity to the proper growth of their children.
    With regards to knowledge, parents have to know some crucial information about their kid’s diet mainly, about the balance of the amount of food to consume and to the extent they expenditure it in daily routine. Consequently, the food intake of kids will be taken care on a timely basis and inculcating a habit of not to eat while watching visual media. In addition to it, caretakers should take more responsibility when it comes to their physical activity. For instance, Every day train the kids for, a morning walks, playing in the garden or join them for sports classes to uprise the calorie usage thereby fat deposition, abnormal weight rise can be addressed.
    If we look into another side of a concern, that is Genetic factors. The Genetic factors are usually unidentified during kids were born, but gradually the inherited problems arise upon its activation time. Suppose, a kid who is 5 years old who got family inherited character may not be dominant at that stage but due to the environment created in his place like providing food during television watching for a longer time may trigger these problems which have not been controlled by medicines also. So, I suggest parents should not rely only on physical activity and diet but also focus on the environment they maintain around the kids.
    After looking into the major concerns for obesity, I conclude that Television watching is not having deleterious effects on children health especially obesity, unless, the parents or caretakers are not caring about the home atmosphere, daily routine diet, and their physical health.

  7. Obesity in children is a serious problem in most part of the world because of changing our life habit. One of these habits is watching television(T.V) most of the day without doing any outdoor activities, which leads to more fat deposition and muscle weakness. In my essay i will discuss this problem and the solutions.
    Firstly, we must say that the new technologies capture our children heart so easy, like T.V and its colourful programs, which attract the eyes of most children making them sit in front of it for hours without moving a muscle, just lying at the couch with the remote in their hands changing from channel to channel, which, definitely, will end up gaining weight. secondly, we must not forget that watching T.V and eating junk food is linking together because of most children will be lazy to cook food or siting with their families at the same table.
    But how we can treat this problem?Firstly, we should rise the awareness about this problem among parents and society to encourage our children to play sports and hanging out instead of spending precious hours in watching T.V. Additionally, the family needs to be more care about eating healthy food such as organic vegetables and fruits instead of fast food that destroy our children health by being over weighted, which can results in cardiovascular diseases and pulmonary diseases.
    In conclusion, watching T.V is a double edged sword that can affect our children health in a bad way if they sit in front of it the whole day. By rising the awareness in the community and avoid consumptions of fast food we can build healthier community free of diseases that caused by obesity.

  8. Salman Khan says

    It is a common consensus that, the root-cause of increasing obesity problems in children may be attributed to watching television for hours in a day. Though, I do agree, that a sedentary lifestyle is a contributing factor to weight gain, improper diet and lack of parental supervision are also significant, which if considered, may be the solution to this widely proliferating phenomenon.

    Lack of physical exercise can cause a slowdown in metabolism – resulting in poor digestion and consequent weight gain. Muscle inactivity due to, for instance, sitting at a desk for hours at length, or sprawling on a couch watching your favorite channel, may all result in a plethora of problems apart from indigestion, namely: fatigue, muscle cramps or even spinal diseases in the later years

    Another dangerous trend is the ever increasing consumption of junk food and processed products. Not only are they hard to digest, they lack vital nutrients that are critical for the growth and development of children these days.

    Lastly, parental influence is of paramount significance. Instead of letting television and electronic gadgets do the parenting on their behalf, it is their own responsibility to take time out of their schedule and spend quality, activity-filled time with their progeny.

    To sum it up, although a sedentary lifestyle is the primary reason for children being overweight, a nutritional diet plan, coupled with a fun-filled fitness routine under the supervision of parents, may be helpful in alleviating many obesity related problems our young generation faces later on.

    • This is one of the best essays I have ever read. Nicely composed and the vocabulary is just amazing!

    • Yes you right. Its an amazing essay but if i may add i think its better to use In conclusion or To conclude for your last paragraph. Good work Salman. I just wish i can be this good or even better.

      • Salman Khan says

        Thanks for the tip Ann! “To sum it up” does seem rather informal for an academic essay. I’ll remember to substitute it with a more formal closing in my test!

      • Salman Khan says

        Thanks for the tip Ann! I’m sure if we all follow Liz’s tips and advice, we can improve our writing substantially!

  9. ANISH GUPTA says

    Hey Liz.
    Here is my take on this topic,
    Please let me know if I am wrong somewhere.

    According to a fact it is meant that watching television causes weight problems in children.
    I agree with this view.There are many solutions to this issue as distracting child’s mind from TV and many more that will be discussed in upcoming paragraph.

    To commence with, the thought of the people in the society.Most, of them think that watching TV led’s to increasing in the weight of the children .As, they watch it for very long time without taking any halts in-between the period of watching their favorite TV programs.Which also led to the increament in the obesity level of their body.Some of the children use to eat in front of the TV even switching it off.Which can also cause many other serious health issues.

    In favour to this only,their are many solutions to stop children from watching television or to decrease the level of increasing of weight as they watch TV for so long. Firstly,going for outdoor activities,like outdoor games such as cricket badminton etc. Secondly, if children are watching TV then they should be allowed to watch for short time period with the halts in-between so that kids can not get effected by any major health issues.

    Overall,watching TV causes many weight problems in the children due to their so very attachment with TV programs. This, can be solved by taking initiatives by their parents by encouraging children towards other healthy activities.

  10. sandesh shetty says

    Hello Liz,

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    I just want to ask when can we expect your IELTS task 2 grammar book to be available for public?

    Thank you.

  11. Marisa Cardoso says

    Hello Liz, thanks for the opportunity to prepare in a spontaneous form to the given writing exercise. I have taken your inputs and tips into account: be accurate and focus on the questions. Thanks for your time in advance!

    Children have the ability to immerse themselves intensely and for long periods of time in several forms of entertainment, provided by their carers and parents. The statement, that watching TV is the cause for gaining weight among children is just partially true and lacks the multifactorial analysis to understand the magnitude of this problem, reported by the WHO as one of the major concerns for the overall health among minors of our current times. In our western society, TV consumption, generic as well as subscriptions to
    a large amount of media services, such as Netflix, is largely accepted as a normalized and affordable leisure option in a household. The numbers of sales indicate, that even low income families have a generalized TV consumption, paying the subscription fees to channels for children especially. My personal opinion is, the reduction of TV time as a form of a hobby is beneficial on various levels for the child and the family. A family who watches a documentary about wild-life or any other educative child-friendly content is winning a moment of bonding and learning, while a child sitting all weekend alone in front of a screen binging on cartoons and advertisements, while the parents are equally distracted with other activities or on another screen, will definitely be a loss of opportunity to share a family quality time. I would say, the family culture and routines can include a window for TV and other screen time, alone under supervision if the age requires that, as well as with the family. The more the family can entertain itself with other activities, such as board games, card games, crafts and arts, sports, community activities, and other non-formal hobbies, the less the risk of children having too much time watching TV, which I would reframe as “poor diet”. The consumer profile of families with low income, related to low education levels, as suggested by an abundant amount of studies, suggests poor choices of food and entertainment are parallel. It is disturbing fact, that children are less and less able to play outdoors without supervision, although, it is very clearly a matter of choice to seek alternatives in the local area, such as parks, community swimming pools and sports clubs, which offer a wide range of organized activities and after-school programs, even free of charge.

    Liz, I welcome and thank you for any comment. My IELTS is due in one month, you’re my go-to website for prep atm. Cheers!

  12. conde djiba says

    great improvement liz , many thanks for your help and your hard work. because many people used to find it difficult to post their comments in the provided comment box. Now it has become easier to do so.

    • Posting comments is the same as it has always been. You write your comment, it comes to me and then if I have time I read it and approve it. Not all comments are posted, except when it is a lesson requesting you to post your answers.

  13. There is a common consensus among the people that watching tv for long hours increases weight and laziness among children.My opinion doesn’t deviate from the public’s too.However there are ways to make the tv time productive for the young minds.
    The number of tv networks has increased exponentially during the past decade or so. This makes television to have hundreds of choices to go through ,on the press of a button.Which in response is making children sitting idly hopping one network to another, most of the time.The content our children watches is also very harmful since most of the time it involves fantasy worlds which transcends their mind to these facades and so the real outside world is not very exciting to the adolescent minds.Moreover the movies and cartoons always portrays characters with instant gratification which influences pupils with bad and unhealthy behaviour.
    The number of tv networks should be regulated by parents.In that way children would easily get bored by the content of television which would encourage them to participate in outdoor activities hence making them more physically active.The tv shows should encourage children to participate in physical activity.The athletic themed tv shows (e.g ninja warriors) should be made available to children instead of fantasy colored animations .Incentive based physical activities should be promoted among children whenever they achieve, even small feat compared to others.
    In conclusion participation of parents to mend children habits is imperative. Tv shows should be of useful nature instead of just to kill some time.Children should be rewarded for showing interest in outdoor activities and discouraged when shown interest in idle tv watching.

    • Hello Mohammad
      Although you have introduced the topic very well but it seems that right from the introductory part you have in one way or another diverted from the main theme of the issue. Majority of your writing is just an emphasis on the harmful effects of tvs and less attention was given to the situation in place and that can drastically reduce your desired band score because there is no connection between what have you been told to tackle and what you have summarized; and lastly the solutions you have given are not directly related to the problem it is more of spill-over impacts and that will weaken how you will conclude your work, so try as much as possible to keep your mind stick to the concern. Thank you

  14. Bluely patel says

    In 21st century,, where the globe is getting more and more advance in the field of medical science, technology, where new born younger can easily acquire knowledge about operating latest gadgets, in such era many people are been conscious about adverse effect of watching tv in their childrens lives such as weight problems which is true in my opinion which can be treted by taking curtain strick action.

    Spending more time in watching tv as a source of refreshment can give negative effect on child physcical health as it makes them less active or reduse physical movement which gradually may rise such as over weight and obesity probles in small child. As today’s generation is more aware about automation they will pass their free time in operating it which can cutoff them from play grounds or from physical games which can help them to built up some cardiovascular fitness or physical strenght. Thus, problem of over weight and obesity may increase.

    To avoid this problem, it is only in their parents hand. They need to get more strick in particular to the habit of their kids how they reduse there mental stress which does not mean that making them restricted of watching tv but by making time limit on watching tv and making them aware about traditional game which need physical power with lots of body movement and getting themself involed in game with kid thus, it increase their intrest in that particular game or introducing young children to some activities such as swimmimg which is essential for every child to lear as it can prove life savier in critical condition. In such manner parents can stop bad effect that cause by watching tv.

    To sum up, watching tv is needed for refreshment from their 5 hour of school but it should be in time limit otherwise, it can cause baleful effect which can cured by strick a tion against child by their parent.

    Please, mam reply to my answer.

  15. Watching television regularly results in problem of weight gain especially among young children as thought by some people. In my opinion, I completely agree with the viewpoint. There are various solutions including introducing more and more physical activities in schools and conduction of awareness programs about following a balanced diet are some of the ways through which problems of obesity in young individuals can be tackled.

    To begin with, television viewing is attributed to problems of weight gain among children because it does not involve any physical activity. Children of today are bound to play indoors by their working parents. As a result, to get rid of their boredom and stress, young individuals find solace by sitting idle in front of television screen. For example, in comparison with the children 10 years ago, majority of teens are unhealthy, afflicted with several diseases and overweight.
    In addition to this, young individuals due to their immaturity find it difficult to resist the engaging and entertaining telecasting content of programs. As a result, the content not only makes their mind numb but also results in making their body immobile for many hours. Sitting inactive for hours and feeding their stressed body with all types of junk food do nothing good than harm and makes them overweight.

    One of the solutions of tacking the problems of growing overweight children includes introducing physical education and activities in schools. Just like it is mandatory to attend a Science or Maths class, the subject of physical education should be made obligatory so that the fitness levels and healthy habits can be developed at an early age. Another solution of bringing down the weight involves conduction of diet and nutrition programs weekly where they will be given knowledge about eating or following a balanced diet.

    To conclude, it is imperative for parents to imbibe healthy habits right form their childhood This will help children not only help stay contended mentally but physically also.

  16. Hello ! LIZ

    In my own words weight problem in childrens when they are watching tv i thing it’s not possible because 95 % children are going to the school and there are so many activities in their lifes that is preparing to every children healthy.

    There are so many sports games that is providing a good fitness to the childrens. after school sometimes childrens are eating junk foods, oil foods, non-vegetables etc.

    I think it’s a big problem of weight gainnig in the childrens. So we need to every parents will understand thats is giving a healthy foods to the childrens. Healthy foods will makes children brain wise they will be automatically understand what’s wrong for them and good for them.


    This is believe of many people of the world that watching TV causes body weight imbalance among the children. On this particular issue I am in a gray area. I am not totally agree with this statement and not entirely disagree.
    The watching TV might or might not cause weight problems depending upon individuals routine and habits. In this essay I would explain how watching TV lead to weight problem if you not properly schedule your activities and also explain that how you can tackle the issue of weight imbalance if you follow the healthy guidelines and still enjoying your favorites TV shows. The amount of time you spent in a activity and your eating habits determine your overall body weight. The children are in growth stage of their bodies. The proper guidelines and parent eye is a key factor for the successful and balance growth of the children.
    The children like to watch TV specially their favorite programs. The also like to have there favorite candies, chocolates and other snacks during enjoying there TV programs. The research done by Dr. Bob on 1500 children (Professor in University of Texas, Child Growth Department) shows that the amount of candies consumed by children is 25% more during the prime time TV shows of children as compare to the consumption in other activities. This work of Bobs also shows that the weight gain by these children is 30% more as compare to other children.
    On the contemporary if you schedule the habits of children and fix the number of hours the will spent daily for watching TV. This problem of weight imbalance can be resolved. The research done by Dr. Bob on the same children, now restricting the amount of time and eating habits of children during watching TV shows not significant changes in body weight of children.
    In order to solve the weight issues among the children it is the responsibility of parents, they take care of their child routine. The proper guideline should be given to the child. The counselling should be done on the daily basis. The schedule should be relax and according to the choice of young ones. You should know how to tackle the problem. This issue of weight among children, can be solved by the parents/guardian by keeping an eye on the eating habits of children during watching TV and amount of time they spend daily for watching there favorites shows.

  18. Many children become overweight due to habit of watching television in their leisure time, according to some. In my opinion, I agree with this view since most children are not monitored and restricted by their parents to spend a number of hours with TV. Besides allowing children TV only for smaller duration, they should be encouraged to play outdoor games to prevent them developing extra weight which can lead to other health issues.

    Unnecessarily increased weight is the result of watching television. Sitting in front of TV means inactivity for longer period, which stores extra fat in the body. If children are allowed keep watching TV programs for all their free time, it is obvious that the lack of activity will result in making them overweight. A recent survey in USA published the result that the most of the children who are facing health issues have habit of watching television in their leisure time.

    To solve the issue of increased number of children gaining unnecessary weight, they should not only be strictly restricted from watching television for more than half hour at a time, but also they must be sent in sports ground to participate in outdoor games, such as cricket and football, or in other sporting activities; swimming for example. Since sports require significant amount of physical exercise, all extra calories are used up. In fact, physical activity burns out old stored fat, too. Fit bodies of the children who actively participate in sports show that just how helpful that activities are.

    To conclude, I completely agree with the assertion that television play major role in children gaining weight. However, if the amount of time they watch TV is restricted to sufficiently shorter period, added to motivating children for outdoor activities, can surely control their weight.

  19. Pachu Ray Yadav says

    Watching TV is a sedentary activity.It is believed that watching TV can create weight problems in children.I agree with this view.In my opinion, there are several reasons for variation in weight by doing such an activity and their solutions to balance the body weight.
    The reason why I believe is watching TV does not require physical activity.It is all about sedentary lifestyle activity.For example, my son watches carton programs on TV all day when he has free time.He does not pay attention to food.His eyes always on TV when he is eating.As a result, he has low body weight.In addition,watching TV only for different interesting programs can make them addict.So, they are influenced by these programs.They do not go for outdoor games such as cricket, football and badminton.During this time, they take food which is generally junk food and contains salt,oil, spice and a lot of carbohydrate rather than protein.
    The prime solution to overcome the wight problems in children is to do regular physical activity.children should take part in outdoor game activities so that their body movement keep them fresh and balance the body weight.For instance, many school children in my country , Nepal, do a lot of sporting activities in their free time and they keep themselves energetic and enthusiasm towards their study.Another solution for weight problems in the children is to take highly nutritious food.Children should take the food which is combination of different proportions of carbohydrate, protein, fat and minerals.this type of food protects the body and controls the body weight.To illustrate, My uncle’s son tke food which is balanced diet made up of cereal products.In this way, he maintains his body weight.
    In conclusion, watching TV all the time by children can pose serious threats in their health and ultimately body weight.So, I believe children should make aware and give proper guidance to take wholesome food to be healthy.

  20. It is believed by some that one of the reasons of weight issues in children is TV watching. I agree that spending a large part of the day in front of the TV may contribute to gaining weight and I also think that controlling that sort of activities during their leisure time besides exercising everyday and eating healthy food ar the best strategies to deal with weight problems in children.
    With the spread of technology in the modern age, plays that used to get kids active are, each year more, being replaced by games on the computer or simply by a TV program. In contrast with the old hobbies, what the new activities have in common is that during all of them, the child stay quiet most of the time and thus, do not spend must energy. Yet, children commonly tend to eat unhealthy food while they are at home playing at the computer or watching TV, such as snacks or candies. In this way, they decrease the calories that would be burned if playing with a ball or dancing, and eat more caloric food, what obviously results in increase of weight.
    In orther to tackle this issue, I recommend that parents should develop a balance in children’s routine in order to spend more energy and eat more healthly. Firstly, the time kids spend on the computer or watching TV should be controlled; for example, they are allowed only for 40 minutes per dayafter doing their homework. Plus, in their free time, they ought to be stimulated to play outside with their friends and run, play with a ball or simply move their bodies, consuming energy. Finally, if children are taught since they are young to eat fruits, vegetables and fresh food, they will learn to appreciate healthy food, which besides being more nutritious, feeds better whithout fattening them.
    To conclude, having better habits such as getting on the move frequently and eating healty food is the key to manage children’s weight problems.

  21. Several people believe that watching television is the main cause of obesity in children. Television is know for its addictive means and children frequently gets addicted to it.But i believe that there are other things which also result to obesity. Diets and less exercise.

    Obesity is getting very popular in children as they cannot curb there addictive habits. In my opinion , Though Television is very educative and Entertaining Children needs to guided on its usage. A time frame needs to be placed on viewing the television in other a healthy life style. Effacies needs to place on healthy diets, regular.exercise from outdoor activities,like sports or even vising friends or going to the parks. Reading books and evem playing mind games are also.other time of entertainment for children. Parents and carers needs to find away to implement these practices into the children schedules. Children are know to follow observations than instructions. Every parents or Carer should practice healthy habits before they infect their children with the disease of of addiction.

    However, Television is very educative for children as well as entertaining. It could inspire or motivate our children in finding and developing their talents ireespective of its addictive purposes. In other for curb these situation parents needs to pay attention to their children and be able to be og good examples to.them.By living a healthy lifestyle. Another ways to curb this situation will be through schools creating a curriculum for their student to followin schools. For.instance creating some hours everyother day weekly for.sports or other.outdoor activitives. Also, Parents should be able to practice healthy diets for their families rather than feed junks and fizzimg drinks which could up.calories that can afgect

    In conclusion, Every Guardians have a role to play in the.lives of children a healthy lifestyles. Time frames should placed on daily activities in these problem. And sports activities is very important and should be created for children either at schools or at home.Parents needs to pay attention on their.type.of diet which is one of the.major cause.of obesity.

  22. Samten Dorjj says

    The question states on the notion of some people who thinks that watching TV causes weight problems in children. I strongly agree to the point but I would like to jot the greatest concern we must belief will be the cause to overweight problems in children.

    Internet linked games is the biggest combat to justify the causes in overweight problems in children. 90% of the lessiure times will be spent with the mobile or either on computer. Despite of all facilities to relief from all those problems, children tend to get indulged with mobile phone in maximum. Of course the television was also the impact behind and is still being greatest concern for many.

    The best ever solution must be something to make alteration in the mind set of children by individual parents. Only an example that children tends to take is from their elder. Everyone must have the well planned schedule in daily life. Such as, watch Tv, go out with family, play games and etc. Unless the mind gets diverted, it’s difficult to change the system. I belief in having a perfect mentor for the changes.

    Thank you.

  23. Children’s interests varies from time to time, however watching television shows has been one of their constant favorites. In this essay I shall explain why I think that television leads children to have weight problems and enumerate the solutions as to how these problems can be managed.

    Weight in children is not really a threat to parents since they have this mindset that they will outgrow these problems when they grow up. Watching television is not bad in itself but when partnered with an unhealthy and lazy lifestyle, it most certainly does lead children to gain problems concerning their weight. I agree to this because, most children nowadays enjoy sitting in a chair with eyes fixed on a bright screen and eating junk foods, these are all unhealthy habits that children do when watching tv. Moreover commercials in TV mostly advertise snacks more than healthy food and children find things they see in TV appealing, resulting to them favoring junk foods over healthy ones.

    However, there are solutions in avoiding these weight problems. One solution that comes to mind is that parents should not give their children complete freedom in doing the things that they want to do, to illustrate they should set rules and regulations in such instances to avoid children from being too fixated on their wants. Another thing is that they should set a good example because children copy whatever their parents do, therefore parents should become a role model of discipline to their children. Lastly, parents shouldn’t take spending time with the children for granted, since TV is a child’s way to escape boredom, play time with parents will reduce the amount spent on watching TV.

    To conclude, I can say that watching TV leads to weight problems when paired with an unhealthy lifestyle and poor parenting.

  24. samiksha pandey says

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    when you will post your model essay. I want to compare my essay with your sample essay.


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  27. thank you.

  28. Hello Liz
    I am from Mongolia. I just preparing the IELTS. I appreciate for your lessons… It is very important and detailed lessons for me. Thank you……

  29. There are many factors that causes weight problems in kids such as eating habits plus inheritance factor. Mostly children do eat thier meals while watching television, Some people think that is a leading cause of their weight isues like weight gain or loss. This increase in weight limit their axcess to outdoor physical activities, by which they can utilize energy in proper means and to balance body weight according to their age groups and remain active throughtout the day. In this way, they can get benefit to remain fit throughout their life, whether they are in youger or elder age. I do agree with this thoughtfull view for our youth, that they must avoid weight issues by doing practice of less watching television.

    Firstly, parents can encourage their children to eat meals properly while sitting on a dining table. In this way they can teach them table manners in early age of childhood. Television is good medium of extenssive knowledge and enormous amount of entertainment throught games and quiz programes. But on the other side, it have pros and cons that we might look into.
    While we grow up our new generation, some kids do have a habbit and they insist to follow this in daily routine, that they insist parents to make them sit in front of television with their food plate in front of them otherwise they would not eat a single piece of meal. This practice should be restricted by strict actions of parents, which have bad results on weight also. On the other side if this mal practice will vanish, children will have no choice other then sitting on a table and have their meal on time. This will not regain the weight plus they will have best rutine of eating food.

    Apart from this some kids do have inherited weight issues either they inherit fat genes or lean genes that cause them to weight gain or loss via deficient nutrition values through genes. In that case if a kid have inherited fat genes, plus watching television continously while eating traditional three meals a day, he will gain more weight automatically. On the other side of this, if a kid have inherited lean weight genes, he will never gain weight while sitting for long time, watching television while eating food. We need to see these factors in children’s health so we can conclude the main cause that resulting in weight problems.

    To recaptulate the points, children must avoid watching too much television programs while eating meals and their parents should keep an eye on their reocccouring weight issues. This is good for both children and parents. Children will become a good citizens of society if they have good health. Excessiveness of anything is a danger to health on our upcoming generations.

  30. HI Liz, i am sorry if i dont make any essay, because i still weak in vocabulary. i feel lazy to learn vocabulary due to i often forget what vocabulary i’ve learned, i really wanna improve my vocabulary this time because im in holiday of college, i wanna have progress after i start college again. Can u give me some advice for that. Thanks liz😊

    • There are so many essays that have been posted. You can learn a lot of vocabulary that way. Also use my model essay and tips. Then go to the RED BAR at the top of my site to access all other main pages.

  31. anuradha beerla says

    some people think watching tv is the main cause of overweighing in children. I agree with this line, however there are so many other factors involving in obesity at young age . for example, genetics, healthy habits, lack of outdoor sports. nowadays younger generation not prefers to go outside and participate in sports with their mates instead they choose of using electronic devices while sitting at home .
    In my opinion ,there are many solution to avoid overweight at early stages .it is all depending on individual and family concentration towards their kids.
    first of all, eating healthy food like fruit, vegetable with regular timings s very important I can say . taking home made food cook which is properly cooked is good for heath instead of choosing junk food from restaurants. most importantly maintaining to have food at same time everyday helps to improve metabolism without any complication.

    second of all, here I can say sports is the most important in all. parents responsibility to engage their kids more in outdoor sports after their school timings or weekends. spending time with their sports helps children in many ways like introducing new friends, helps to boost their concentration and confidence. outdoor play is good for health rather than sitting and making them play on mobile devices candy crash , temple run .

    in conclusion , I suggest most importantly, children has to spend more time on sports, that they should play outdoor activities even with family along with friends and finally at home for relaxing they can watch tv for some time at the end of day.

  32. Budhdhimali says

    Many children enjoy watching television and some elders think that this habit may cause weight problems of the young people. In my opinion, I agree that watching television is a reason for weight issues of children as they do not get sufficient exercises due to sitting in front of the television for a long time.

    It is clear that, young men and women need healthy food and enough exercise for their growth. Watching television reduce their movements and result in increasing body weight. Further, this habit may effect on children’s mental health which again end up with weight related issues.

    According to my view, there are several steps that we can take to find a solution for young people’s weight issues. One of the important things is balanced healthy food. It is a responsibility of the parents to provide a balanced diet for their kids. It should comprise of good sources of carbohydrate, protein, lipids, vitamins as well as minerals. Further we should try to reduce their sugar intake as far as possible.

    Another point to consider is providing opportunities for children to get enough exercise. For example parents can accompany them for play grounds, beaches as well as for cycling that encourage kids for getting many exercises for their bodies.

    Furthermore, children’s mental health directly affect their metabolism and body weight. Therefore, ensuring a happy and safe environment for kids is a good way to tackle weight problems of them. For example, some children who face many family problems show comparatively less growth rate and body weight than happy children.

    In conclusion, watching television is one of the main reasons for children’s body weight issues. However, there are several solutions, that we can practice to tackle our kids weight problems such as balance diet, sufficient exercise, good mental and physical health.

  33. Devinder Singh says

    A concern that lead children an over or under weight are reckoned amoung many people because of watching TV and I concur with this view as watching for many hours without physical can slowdown metabolisum resulting in weight problems.

    During development age, body starts building mucles and tissues that are used for physical and mental activities, however if there are lack of of balance between them for example no physical excercise as oppose to mental activy (such as learning), child will be more smarter with poor health conditions probably. Human body have been learning and streangthening through slow natural process for millions of years and now there is a sudden change where learnings are much faster because of technology such as TV and computers.

    Childen watching TV has luxury to gain information in shorter time, which doesn’t naturally satiate brain cells. In other words, brain cells insist to watch more and more. As a result, children either doesn’t eat on time or eat too much, that causes disturbance in their metabolisum. As per studies, children watching TV more than 7 hours a week shows aggresive behavior that not only impact overall health but also problem with making friends. This behavior changes oppose necessary excercises that is needed by body. Before evolution of TV, children were not obese, because they were taking complete nutritious balanced diet with low processed food.

    Parent and schools are also playing big role in allowing children sit and watch instead of engaging them in inside or outside activities. School studies are also depends on computers or TV, therefore our old rituals are being modifed. This problem can only be solved if parents spend their time playing with children and theaches them about healthy and happy life.

  34. Hello Liz,
    Please I’d like to know if its right to indent the first line of every paragraph in IELTS writing.
    Thank you.

    • You can indent if you want. I prefer to leave one empty line between each paragraph because it is easier for the examiner that way.

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  36. Hi
    can I give a balance view starting that weight gain depend on the amount spent watching tv or not willing to be involved in physical activity.

  37. Hello Liz,

    You are doing truly marvelous and i am very grateful to you.
    Just a one quick questions.
    By any chance, is there any link on your website that shows me essays specifically written by you which can be used for comparing and improving test takers essay.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Did you go to the main writing task 2 page which contains model essays, tips, lessons etc? Click on the RED BAR at the top of the website.

  38. Ousman Sparo Touray says

    It is definitely obvious that weight problems of children is a cause of concern for many parents who look for some factor or another to associate with the problem. Some of them are with the notion that watching TV causes weight problem in children but I am unreserved going against this believe.

    In this 21st century, children are more attach to smartphones and other portable devices for playing tv games like Candi crush, fruits burst and temple run. I have a nephew that plays temple run so much irrespective of his parents efforts to restore is interest in watching cartoons. Truth to tell, you will agree with me that TVs are not as popular as they used to be a few years ago and yet children are becoming more over weight than before.

    In my opinion, poor nutrition, portable electronic devices, and lack of family interaction and sports are the major causative factors or children being overweight after heredity.

    The good news is, there are ways we can mitigate this weight issues in children. Children should be taught to develop a good and healthy eating habits and this should be a lesson observation not instruction. Children learn more by observation than instructions so it will be helpful if parents take more of fruits and vegetables rather than constantly consuming fats and carbohydrates in heavy quantities.

    Another solution will be work life balance, people should start giving more attention and time to interactions with children than work place or social media. The addiction developed by much children in electronic devices is a a disease they have contracted from their parents and carers. If parents do not regularly participate in exercise and sporting activities children will hardly do. It’s of significant importance for parents to give more time to exercise, indoor and outdoor activities and lesson the amount of time spent on social media.

    Finally, I think that putting the blame on TVs will not help tackle the problem as it will obscure the major cause which I will summarise as poor parenting. I therefore vehemently disagree that watching TV is the cause of weight problems in children.

  39. Some people believe that spending more time front of the TV impact overweight problems in children. I agree with this opinion, however, I think that there are other circumstances which affect problem with weight. Therefore, there are various method for solving overweighting problems in young age.

    Nowadays, children tend to spend free time at home front of the TV. However it is not only first reason for obese problems. Other clear example is junk food is harmful too. In addition, taking any medicine, also genetics are affect for overweighting. Moreover, children who do not prefer to play outside are suffer of obese.

    In my opinion, we can avoid from this problem as obese that can help children to keep their health. Firstly, parents should provide their children with healthy food, also should add their diet more fruits and vegetables. They should creat special schedule for thier children’s diet, also not only cook at home even during cooking they should avoid fatty meat. Secondly, children should have activity, such as, playing outdoors or visiting gym or pool also can help children to keep their shape normal. Finally, it will be effective if parents can be play with their children, for example, playing any games with ball not only can solve their healthy problem, also can help them to keep friendly relationship with each other.

    In conclusion, I suggest that children have to do all activities, that they should play outdoor with their friends or mate, also at home for relaxing they can watch TV.


    It is believed by some that watching television is a cause of weight problems in children.
    This essay will explain why I agree with the statement and also give solutions that can sort out the weight problem in children.
    Television has been a source of education and entertainment for many years now and as time has gone,children have had more to watch on TV and this is what has caused them to be more interested in the virtual world and has also led them to become less active.
    Children becoming less active has led to a rise in obesity among children.They participate in less outdoor activities and have also picked up poor eating habits along the way.
    However,there are a number of ways to curb the weight disorders in children.
    Firstly parents should restrict the amount of television that children are watching and should encourage children to read more books and play mind stimulating board games.
    The school curriculum should also include sports and physical training which should be made compulsory.
    Schools must also employ health personnel to perform regular check ups on children to ensure that they do not go above the normal weight for their age,weight and height.
    Diet plays a very big role in weight control as well.depending on a child’s body type they should be given the appropriate diet.In general children should not be allowed to skip any meals and they should eat less sugar containing foods and a higher amount of proteins and vegetables.
    Breakfast should be eated between the hours 7am and 9am,ideal lunch time is between 12pm and 2pm and supper should always be between 6pm and 7pm.
    Children should also be made to develop the habit of drinking a lot of water.
    In summary watching television has caused many children to have weight problems.They must be encouraged to read more,play more sports and eat right.

  41. The role of watching TV as a cause of overweight among the younger ones has remained controversial today. I personally do entirely accept the fact that sedentary lifestyle among these children is closely linked to overweight, also solutions to this public health concern(overweight) will be discussed in this essay.
    To start with, we must consider the effect of sedentary lifestyle among children, occasioned by excessive TV games and programs. In other words, parents now find it convenient to have their kids indoor once they are back from school, preoccupied with different video games and cartoon programs.
    It is believed that this is one of the ways of making the children to catch up with their peers in the developed world. Hence the notion of ” improved cognitive development “.
    Furthermore, when these kids become so overwhelmed with these video games ,with time they become addicted. Thus, lack of exercise among the younger ones will lead to excessive accumulation of fatty tissues ,hence making the to become overweight.
    This wards addressing this problem, a reorientation program on the dangers of excessive TV watching among the children should be taught at various levels our educational system.
    Parents should be made to understand the health implications of overweight and obesity vis-a-vis the role of regular exercise in achieving healthy lifestyle among the younger population.
    In conclusion, excessive TV watching remains a major cause of overweight among the children ,and a sensitization program on the health consequence is key towards putting and end to this problem.

  42. Thank man I will send my answer tommorow

  43. Liz, I don’t know if my essay is good or not. I’ve just started looking into IELTS. I simply tried to make it simple, accurate and also cover all the requirements in the task. It is the first time ever that I’ve written an essay. I aim for 7.5 overall and the plan is to schedule my IELTS exam in May. I would be very happy if, after you read my writing and, of course, if you have time for it, you could tell me weather my goal is realistic or not. Thank you and kind regards from Romania!

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    I just want to thank you for having this amazing website. I finally passed my test with the score I needed! also I improved my reading and listening skills big time in a short period of time. You’re a great instructor.


  45. Watching TV is considered by many an important factor for overweight issues in children. Despite agreeing that watching too much TV is beneficial for nobody, in my opinion it is not the main reason why children gain in weight nowadays.However,there is a plethora of ways for adults to manage this situation.

    On one hand,children don’t watch TV too much lately. Instead, they prefer smart devices and internet to play games or watch videos. For instance, a friend of mine’s 3-year-old daughter’s favorite activity is using her mom’s cell-phone to go online, including during her meals. What’s more, she even prefers browsing for YouTube videos while she is in front of the TV where her favorite cartoons are on.

    On the other hand, there’s obviously an issue with children who spend too much time staring at a TV screen, especially when they act like a couch potato. I know parents who are worried about their children’s desire to stay indoors, when the weather is mesmerizing, rather than go out to play.

    There are two major effective ways to tackle this situation: parents-children activities and sports. For example, activities such as cooking can make pleasant and memorable pastimes for a family. Consequently, children will not only forget about TV or internet, but will also spend some quality time with their parents. Another method can be to involve them into sports like swimming or tennis. In this way, they will hopefully be happy being out and away from TV and smart devices.

    To summarize, although TV can be a reason for children’s obesity, I personally consider that it is not the main cause and, if we involve them in various motion activities, indoors or outdoors,the number of obese children will soon drop.

    • Ronna Oxeno says

      It is argued that TV programs has negative impact to childre’s weight. This essay disagrees and will discuss the benifits ot watching telivision at younger age. And will explain parent’s guidance while our children is on the monitor is essential to avoid any negative input that media might influence and overweight problems for children can be solve by adding more physical activities .

      Frequent watching of television for younger age is esssential. It will sevrve as a preparation of their minds and body to the outside world. Some programs are eduacational that children can catch new things and ideas . For the age below 7, cartoons are nice for the kindergarten to continue their fantasies image on life. Entering to primary school , children can easily adapt the new things from the surroundings. Many educational programs now can be easily access to monitors that serves as a guide for the learners. Whilst on this priveledges, children, are obligue to follow the rules by their parents. Without parents’s sight they might learn other ways that may lead to them into wrong way. This might be happen if the child grows alone and nobody correct it’s negative attitudes in front of the television.

      About possible solution in considering to children’s weight problems. I don’t see any involvement from watching television. Some tv programs allow us to watch different sports and health tips. Even children they can be encourage to play such sports by idolizing their favorite sportsman. By parent’s permission ,children can choose their preferred programs and as parent’s responsibilty , giving limitations and supporting to do physical activity to their children are the possible measures to deal with overweight issues on children.

      To conclude, tv programs does not seem related on becoming overweight by children. The preventive measures that parents could be done is by direct supervision, giving limits and the most important is by supporting to your children’s desire by doing physical activities outside so that weight reduction might be achieve and healthy body of every children.

  46. Most individuals believe that their offspring’s face weight issues by sitting in front of television for long hours.This statement is agreeable because children would not have any sort of physical activities and also would delevelop irregular eating habits. However, in my opinion by inculcating sports , arts and other interesting activities would help to reduce weight issues in youngsters.

    In recent times, technology has enormously developed in the fields of television media and mobiles posing a threat to children ‘s development. In comparison to earlier periods when these facilities were limited , youngsters used to spend time playing outdoor games and also be involved in art and crafts , but nowadays they pefer to be glued to the mobiles or tv’s which provides variety of games and cartoons .This obviously attracts children more than outdoor playing , eventually leading to weight issues and also hinders their overall development.In other words,continuously watching tv without any physical movement reduces metabolism which is vital in the growth of children ,causing rhem to become obese.
    Furthermore, it also causes children to loose their apetite. Some children would want to eat while watching television or while playing with mobiles , mostly prefer junk foods to munch on . Few of them might even skip their meals and develop a habitat of irregular eating , which reasons for the poor development of digestive system. These can cause overweight or underweight in children.
    The best way to tackle this issue is to involve younger generations into regular exercising and also in other activities according to their interests. Teaching them sports like swimming , cycling and also simple forms of yoga at an early age is helpful not only to burn their fat but also helps in their personality development. Most of them think For students who prefer staying indoor can learn DIY crafts , painting throughout tv or mobiles but again it should be stipulated to a time limit , also these activities can be better learnt by exploring their creativity and innovative skils which can increase their cognitive thinking as well.Parents spending quality time playing with their children will help them stay away from television to greater extent.

  47. Yeni Oktavia says

    Nowadays, children often spend their time to watch television that makes several people think it is the cause of children overweight issues. Despite the time children watch television, I do believe eating plenty of food when watching and lack of exercise is the main problems of gaining more weight. To overcome these problems, it is better for parents to limit children’s time to watch, do a healthy habit, and exercise with their children.
    In terms of watching television, children sometimes forgot about the time when they watch television, especially if it is their favorite programs. Even if the time for eat -breakfast, lunch, dinner- has come while their film is not done yet, they will refuse to eat at the dining room. Hence, parents often let their children eat and watch together at the same time with the consequence of their children to learn an unhealthy habit. Furthermore, the more time they spend the more they do nothing but sitting in front television for a long time. This action, therefore, will make their body not in a good shape or even overweight because of lack of exercise.
    Consequently, parents need to manage the time and their children habits when it comes to watching television. They have to list the programs which their children like and reduce the time to watch other programs, especially when the mealtime has come so that children will treasure the time when they eat together. In addition, parents can persuade their children to play their favorite sports which make them more interest than watching television.
    In conclusion, watching television will not make overweight problems for children if their parents can guide their child to do healthy habits such as limit the time to watch, eat together with family and do some exercise.

  48. It is believed by some individuals that weight anomalies can be as a result of TV watching. I strongly support this notion and think that discouraging sedentary lifestyle, behavioral modification and proper diet adjustment can help to solve this problem.
    Being addicted to television in young people has an adverse impact on their weight. This is because it is a passive activity which involves sitting at a place for a long time and can be accompanied by consuming junks such as pop-corns, candies, chocolates, etc. all through the duration of the movie.
    Some answers to eliminate this challenge would be to increase the time allotted to physical activity, modify unhealthy habits and most importantly consuming healthy meals. Exercise helps one to burn excess fat and maintain moderate weight. Growing ones should be encouraged to engage in sports especially the ones they are interested in so that they would enjoy working out thereby keeping fit. Lifestyle changes are also inevitable and has to do with when and how children do what they do. This ranges from the amount of time devoted to viewing television, the time and what they eat, their preference to use a taxi or walk some short distances etc. They should also be encouraged to eat vegetables, fruits and fiber rich foods instead of just carbohydrates and fatty foods.
    In conclusion, there’s no doubt about the negative effect of habitual TV watching on young persons weight but with the right measures such as being physically active, proper dieting and lifestyle modifications, this menace can be averted.

  49. Many individuals are convinced that watching television causes negative effects on children’s body weight. I agree with this statement as watching TV when prolonged and excessively done, will promote unwanted changes in the body structure. And while this is a popular health issue, a variety of solutions are readily available as recommended by medical experts.

    Watching TV means sitting or lying down on a sofa with no movements for a long period of time. When a body suddenly stops exerting effort, fats are stored and absorbed due to lack of motion. Normally, carbohydrates that we intake are converted to energy but when we practice a sedentary lifestyle, chances are, we become malnourished because of physical inactivity. On the other hand, loss of weight, although less popular and an uncommon complication can also occur as it is considered as an adverse effect of watching TV too.

    Over a period of time, treatments are discovered to address the problem and health professionals suggest that daily exercise and healthy-balanced diet for children in order to avoid weight risks. Nutritious meals are highly encouraged for the young ones to raise an awareness that a body must be supplied with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Sports is also widely accepted as an alternative to daily exercise which can contain a variety of movements for the body to burn the excessive and unwanted calories. Fitness coaches and health practitioners that specialize in body weight issues are located in all parts of the world; if a need arises, children must be treated at the earliest.

    To conclude, weight problems are inevitable but can be controlled. Children must be supervised accordingly as they are merely innocent in terms of consequences especially if it relates to their overall health status.

  50. One of the identifiable causes of weight problems in children has been identified by some as watching TV. I share this view to an extent that it is not the only factor and other causes such as lack of exercise, sports and unhealthy lifestyle all contribute to obesity in children. Obesity is on the increase and has been attributed to a number of health problems by professionals in the health sector. It is there important to identify the solutions to this menace our children are grappling with.
    When children spend most of their time in front of the TV, it means they have less time for other activities. As we all know, there is less physical activity going on as such. this is because they are usually in a spot for hours and do not engage in any major physical movement that will ordinarily aid in burning off calories.
    There are a number of measures that can aid in reducing obesity or weight gain problems in children. Such measures include reducing time spent watching TV, participation in exercise and other sports as well as eating healthy.
    Reducing screen time for children will increase the amount of time available for more productive ventures. This is not today a total ban should be placed on watching TV but rather an hour or two per day should suffice to enable them engage in other activities.
    Exercise and sporting activities are good measures to tackle obesity in young persons. Both will promote physical movement necessary for burning off calories. Children should be encouraged to participate in sports like walking, running, football, swimming among other forms of indoor and outdoor sports. Parents and guardians have a major role in this regard. They have to lead by example and play the part of a good role model to their children and wards by also doing exercises and taking part in sports.
    In addition, one other useful solution to address obesity is eating healthy. A lot of children eat a lot food that is not nutritious. Foods like fruits and vegetables should be consumed more and fizzy drinks should be discarded in young children. Fried foods shpuld be avoided to the barest minimum. A good dietician will be able to guide parents in this aspect, by helping them identify what types of healthy foods are suitable for their children. it may appear a difficult task but it is important that children eat healthy and avoid junk foods to promote healthy weight gain as well as overall heath.
    In conclusion, children who spend more time watching TV are predisposed to obesity. Engaging in exercise and sports will help to reduce excess weight in children. Most importantly is also eating a well banged diet. All these can be utilized in preventing obesity in our young ones.

  51. Sitting in front of TVs is considered to be a cause of obesity among the kids by many of us. In my opinion. this statement is true. Before going for the solution to this problem, I would like to focus on how TV Addiction is responsible for this.

    At present, number of outdoor sports facilities is decreasing compared to past years. As a consequence, the kinds have to stay at home. Ten years back, children used to play outside which was also a type of physical exercise. Remaining at home, they have nothing to do but watch TV. Moreover, they get addicted to some of the TV Serials. As they spend longer time sitting in front of TV, their body lacks physical labor.

    Apart from TV addiction, this is also possible for them to do physical exercise. But time required to finish a serial counts. Children gets addicted to more than one program. As a result, they do not get the time to do physical exercise. Furthermore, they enjoy eating food full of sugar while watching their favorite show.

    Weight gain among the kids is very alarming as diseases are associated with it. This is possible to tackle this with some easy steps.

    Firstly, parents have to come forward to bring the big change. Certainly they will not forbid their kids from enjoying favorite show. But they have to keep the kids within a schedule. The mother can fix a certain amount of time to watch TV in a single day. By doing this she not only limits the effect of TV addiction, but also frees up some time to do something else by the kids.

    Secondly, the father can take the kinds outside for a walk. There are a lot of sports which are very attractive to the children. The father can supervise the outdoor activities. In this way, they get physical exercise without even knowing it.

    Thirdly, the parents have to focus on what the kinds are eating. A balanced food habit is mandatory to keep the wight in check as well as ensure the proper growth of the kinds. For instance, if the children are allowed to have fast-foods everyday, this will have very bad impact on their health as such foods like burgers and hot dogs are rich in fat.

    To conclude, though TV addiction is a responsible for weight-gain among children, the parents can play a vital role to mitigate the effect of it by taking controlled steps.

  52. Hi Liza
    I need to sample writing task 2. Can you give me?

  53. Harkishn Mourjani says

    Watching TV is one of the major components of a sedentary lifestyle and in this fast paced life parents take shelter in allowing children to watch TV for long hours as a way to take time off parenting and keeping children occupied. I agree to the fact that the result of watching TV contributes to not only increase in weight but also changes the behavourial pattern which can cause anxiety, low esteem and non-socializing trends in children.
    Parents are advised to keep the children occupied and indulge in various activities which will not only keep the children fit but ensure they do not face morbid obesity in adulthood and other side effects. Some of the ways children’s weight can be kept under control are:
    —–Involve children in developing sports as a hobby which can be indulged in for 1-2 hours regularly. By doing some physical movements the body parts are in motion, which then improve the blood circulation, removal of wastes and ensures no storage of excess fat in the body. Coaching plays a role to maintain interest in the sport and it shall ensure kids follow a disciplined life style for daily routines.
    —–Parents should be advised how to plan the day for children beyond school hours which could cater to their needs of outdoor activity, entertainment and social needs. In addition, extreme steps of banning TV watching, computers should not be advised as it can have a negative effect. Content and time frame for watching television should be strictly set and adhered to. In some cases, it can be experimented that children be given incentives when they spend less time on being glued to the TV.
    ——Watching TV can be made fun whereby children are watching specific content like Wildlife, Quiz shows, Tutorials which will imbibe knowledge and it keeps them satiated that they have had their share of entertainment. This also ensures that the content does not give them anxiety, stress or any other behavioural change which not only goes undetected for a long time but is a hidden cause of weight gain.
    –In the end it can be said that doing everything in moderation is the ideal as it keeps one satiated and in check. Parents are advised to develop and maintain time table based routines which not only keep them occupied and entertainment but paves way for them to develop their own lifestyle.

  54. Lilia Denysiuk says

    Hi Liz! This is my firts essay. I hope that something there sounds correctly 😉 this is only my first attempt

    Television and digital devices have made a tremendous impact on young people and society at all. This impact can’t be seen as a possitive one only. Many individuals guess that watching TV leads to obesity an troubles with overall health.
    To some extent i agree with this point of view.

    First of all, it is important to mention that many children and adolescents are affected by the epidemy of overweight and obesity. Watching TV by itself is not an only issue that causes this problem, but there are few factors that provoke a quick development of it such as: sitting life style, lack of excersises, consuming too much sugar and junk food.
    This unhealthy life style in genaral contributes to increasing the risk of diseases such as: diabets, heart diseases and cancer.

    Unfortunately, modern children prefer sitting in front of TV or computer screen rather than outdoor games. Watching TV takes the most significant place in daily leisure list of any average person.
    Usually, any other activities, including sports are skipped or shorten in time for the sake of getting more free time for watching favourite TV shows and soap operas. Due to this tendention modern young generation is very much weaker and less physically developed than the genarations, which grew up having no television and other electronic devices/

    In my opinion, it is in parents’ responsibility to restrict the time their children spend in front of TV and encourage physically active games and spending time outside. Most of TV sets have “parental contol’ option which helps to limit sceen time, even if the parents are not at home and can’t control the situation in person.

    In conclusion, I have to tell that watching TV is not an only factor that causes weight problems, but in general it is one of the reasons that lead to obesity and overweight related diseases. Parents, schools and the goverments should make mutual contributions on a way of finding adequate decisions, which would help to overcome this trouble.

  55. Certain people are of the opinion that children spending time on televison has direct relation to gaining weight . I do believe it is true . By taking effective measures this can be solved.

    Watching televison is an act wherein a person sits and views ready- to -entertain programmes which requires no physical effort.This when prolongs become a major issue . Children are the main victims as they spend more time watching their all time favourite shows long hours . Moreovr ,they prefer watching televison by having food this adds fuel to fire. It is said that when you have food watching televsion the intake is more. Today children are also very fond of junk food and they have them during the screen time which result in fatty body. Surveys show children of this modern age are over weighted than those in 70s or 80s and the major cause is time they spend on screen and the wrongs ways of eating during this pass-time with no physical exercise.

    Campaing awarness can be an effective step to reduce impact of watcing televsion on children. Parent -teacher and health organisations should joint hand together to fight this issue. Limiting screen time would be another major initiative .Their entertainment should be combination of both in-door and out door activites and parent should plan it out for them. In addition to it, eating food while watching tv should be completely discouraged . They must be made aware of its repurcussio by some live example from the society .This can done on schools and heath awarness campaings.

    In conlusion,it is a fact that children grow obese due to time spend on screen ,however the consequence of it can be reduced by educating and encouraging them the right ways of entertainment.

  56. Sivaraj Murugiah says

    It is argued by some persons that seeing television is one of the main reasons why young people getting obese.I agree with this statement as kids are hardly moving around these days instead of being in front of a media for number of hours.There has been couple of remedies for this burning issue such as changing diet and promote physical activities.

    These days youngsters are eating unhealthier and junk foods due to various reasons.On a day to day basis gradually energies are developed in human body,and expected to do some kind of sport or exercise activities to maintain the body.However,small people are being spending a lot of time for watching television thus use very little or no time for tasks related to burn or send out extra calories which had been generated by eating on a daily basis as a result body becoming fat.

    One solution could be educate and motivate children for participate in team sports activities for an example,in school form football teams class wise,so that it may create a competitive environment among people and ultimately more people would follow and play the game would be a good move.Similarly parents should take an initiative to change their children behavior towards facilitate healthy foods.For an instance,instead of eating outside provide homemade meal including lots of fruits and green vegetables would be a good thing to control this fat issue.

    In conclusion,today young persons becoming overweight are a commonly debating topic.Having the habit of watching TV for too long is one of the serious factor that contribute to this issue.Preventive measures such as promoting sports events and managing food can be a good move to manage this issue.

  57. Parminder Singh says

    Watching excess of television by children causes malicious effects of their bodies, one of the major problem they face is overweight. From my point of view, I believe that watching TV causes fair amount of weight problems in children, which can be solved with the help of their parents.

    My opinion is that, children tend to view television whenever they get time and get addicted to it very easily. Firstly they do not get involve in any physical activities which leads them to get lethargic, as a result their brain gets tired which discourage them to perform any exercise which causes them to gain weight. Secondly, their eating habits get effected. To illustrate this, while watching television , children like to eat junk food and quick meals so they can eat and watch TV at the same time, these foods are hard to digest. As a result their digestion gets poor and allow them to gain excess weight which results in obesity.

    However, there are some solutions which can be taken into action by their parents to make sure their child should not develop any obesity problem. To start with, parents should keep an eagle’s eye on their child television viewing time and limit the time so they can get involve in other activities. Moreover, they must encourage their child to play any sport or activity which requires physical effort, so that they can exercise and reduce the risk of gaining weight. Further, they can ask their child to participate in home based work such as, gardening and cleaning so the child could not get much time to watch excess television.

    To summarize, viewing excess amount to TV causes lot of health issue and the major one is obesity. Hence, parents ought to keep an eye on their child eating habits and make sure to limit the television time.

  58. Muhammad Zahid Siddiqui says

    Technology revolutionized the lie style of the humanity , It has a great impact of the life style of the people.In some condition technology are very useful but when we talk about children perspective technology effect badly. Some people believes that TV is the one the main source of weight gaining problem in children.

    I strongly endorse this statement there is a lot of reason of my endorsement, If we look back in the past when there is no invention of TV, children of that era were more active,energetic and healthy. They had spend their free time by taking parts in different physical activities like cycling, swimming and playing out door games. As a result children of that era had no weight gaining problems.

    Presently, if look around children are spending more time in front of TV. They are not participating in any physical activity or outdoor games, they just wasting their time in watching meaningless materials on TV. They badly follow sedentary way of life style.

    This is the main reason of my endorsement of the statement that TV is the main cause of weight gaining in children, But at this stage we could not only blame children, parents are also involving in this study. Parents should also take their responsibility, they should motivate their children to play out door games. By doing this we could not only control the weight gaining problem in children but it is also very helpful for the mental growth of their children.

    We can not neglect the role of the State. It is also the State responsibility to provide ease for their children physical activity. State should provide play areas in every community with all necessary arrangement where children can spend their laisre time.

    By doing this we can build a strong and healthy nation

  59. harpreet sharma says

    people conted that watching excessive tv becomes the reason of over weight in childern .I am not totally agree that most of the childen are suffering from obesity due to the eddiction of television.

    As, most of the kids always intersted to watch the cartoon channels, superheros’s movies
    and do no go for the outdoor activites in park. while watching tv childern used to eat candys, sweets and many junk food . The bad eating habbits includes fat and starch plus the lack of physical excercise they suffer with the excessive fat in their body

    In contarst ,due to the high compition in studies most of the children gives their maximum time to their studies and less to the sports activities. children always wanted to sit infront of their computer for research about their subjects. And due to the lack of physical work the child become fat.

    however, the sports should be compulsory subject for students in school , parents should
    also take their wards regularly to the park and play with them . this practice will make a whole family fit and healthy.

    in conclusion , not only tv ,but there are some other factors like bad diet and limited exercise become a major cause of overweighting children .School and parents booth should take initiative to force the child to play sports and make them aware about the impotance of excercise for a healthy life.these steps will improve the healt of our juvelliens.

  60. Watching TV is considered to be the main cause of weight gain in children by few individuals.In my view, I agree to this point, however there are other reasons as well such as having junk foods and lack of exercises also causes weight gain related problems in children.
    Due to modernisation,people started consuming food preferring the ease of making and taste rather than goodness for health. The junk foods are liked by all individuals including childern resulting in un-balanced diet.Also, due to lack of any physical activities children are gaining excess weight leading to obesity.
    In addition to this, the usage of mobile phones are more common in children of all age. They soend more time in playing mobile games and video games. This trend has resulted in lack of physical outdoor games and causes them to to be inactive. They are not interested in outdoor games as they lack any extra curricular activities.
    Finally, all children are gaining excess weight and are exposed to health related issues at their early age. To overcome these weight gain related problems, parents need to engage their children rightly to ensure on physical activities. Under supervision of the elders, childer will be able to spend time in the extracurricular activities and develop strong skills helping the growth both physically and mentally. Spending 15mins per day in any form of excercise such as walking together with the kids can help in building the parent-child bonding as well as in burning the excess calories leading to a healthy body.
    In conclusion, excess weight gain in children are more common due to watching TV, using mobile phones and lack of excercises. With parents support and guidance children can overcome with the obesity related issues.

  61. In my opinion, children watching TV doesn’t gain weight,so I disagree.So many factors are responsible for weight problem in children.
    Firstly, children tends to eat alot of food which might result to obesity and eating too much of food doesn’t correspond to children watching TV.Also too much of cholesterol causes obesity eg vegetable oil.
    Secondly,not enough exercise can also cause the children to gain more weight. Exercise is really important,the parents should create adequate time for exercise especially during weekends.Also the school can go for sports like football, volleyball, cricket during school hour.
    On the other hand,kids don’t want to play outside games again,they prefer staying indoor watching TV eg cartoon or playing video games eg Zuma.With this, children tends to sit at one place which might results to weight gain.
    To recapitulate,I disagree that watching TV causes weight problem.Food and lack of exercise causes weight problems and the only solution to tackle the problem is doing regular exercise/sport during school hour

  62. Sivaraj Murugiah says

    Hi Madam,
    I typed in a word format and tried to copy in comment but I couldn’t copy this.
    Please advice.

  63. It is true that children tend to gain more when glued to the electronic gadgets. One of the main device is TV. Neither kids are active nor communicative when they are watching TV.
    In modern days kids are smart in terms of knowlegde but most of them are physically lazy and not fit for their age group. As a matter of fact TV can be one of the reasons. They find it more entertaining and fun compared to the energy consuming activities. In my experience some Parents partially are to be blamed for this habit because they might have used this screen time to conviniently feed young kids who are picky eaters. Children subconsciously open their mouth and ate whatever was fed to them without knowing how much they consumed.
    Firstly, parents should take initiative to involve kids in outdoor or indoor activities which make them feel happy and active. Meal time has to be restricted within the dining table only which involves all family members so kids take their own time to have enough food to make them full.
    Secondly, television time to be limited within their leisure time just to have some entertainment. Actively encourage them to spend time with friends and peers.
    In conclusion, active lifestyle and healthy food lead kids to fit and healthy

  64. Divyansh Mittal says

    Weight problem is rising issue in some countries like India and USA specially in children, some people believe that it is happening because of watching television. In my opinion watching TV makes people lazy and resist them from the doing physical work and it happens mostly with kids and also with children.

    In many years media and television industry achieved so much growth in the content they telecast and also they attract their audience by showing their favourite tv series and because of that kids and children preferred watching TV over any other physical activity and passing their time without doing anything made them more lazy and their intrest in doing outside activity went down, and this is continously incresing in children. Doing nothing and just watching TV not only makes them lazy but also makes them unfit for the environment and sudden increse in weight can be seen in todays generation.

    Children now a days don’t prefer to do outside activities, to eradicate such problem, parents must try to avoid them watching TV more than specific time limit and try to engage them in other activities which requires some physical efforts, society event must be organised so that children can find new hobbies and society should organise prize winning games so that children can attract themselves to play such game rather watching TV and doing nothing, parents will gave to realise their children that
    there is much more outside than just a TV. Engament of children with outside activities will make them curious, inovative and also increase their intrest on doing physical work.

  65. Giuliana Verbo says

    It is sometimes thought that children who watch television more often have issues on their weight. In my opinion, I do not agree with this view, but there are factors such as physical activity and food choices can cause weight problems. Parental education and seek through medical advise are some measures to prevent this matter.

    Inactive lifestyle can cause obesity of children. This means that the lack of exercise prevents from building strong bones and muscles of a child, which causes serious weight problems in the future. As a result, when children becomes overweight, they are prone to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at their young age. Another point to consider is that children prefer unhealthy foods rather than the nutritious ones. At present, readymade foods are the most popular for the young ones because of its distinctive taste. However, the contents of these kind of foods have excess fat, carbohydrates and processed sugar which contributes to an increased risk of obesity.

    One effective solution to deal with children having weight problems is by educating their parents with regards to the food content they serve, and how important it is to prepare nutritious meals everyday such as fruits and vegestables. Another possible answer is to seek advise from healthcare professionals when there is a big concern relating to the weight of the child. Similarly, there are several agencies, both public and private, which helps children and their families overcome malnutrition.

    In conclusion, I think the sedentary lifestyle and improper chooce of food of children causes weight problems, which can only be tackled by educating parents on proper nutrition as well as to look for medical recommendation.

  66. Giuliana Verbo says

    It is sometimes thought that watching television leads to weight issues in children. In my opinion, I do not agree with this view, but there are factors such as physical activity and food choices can cause weight problems. Parental education and seeking medical advise are some measures to prevent this matter.

    Inactive lifestyle can cause obesity of children. This means that the lack of exercise prevents from building strong bones and muscles of a child, which causes serious weight problems in the future. As a result, when children becomes overweight, they are prone to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at their young age. Another point to consider is that children prefer unhealthy foods rather than the nutritious ones. At present, readymade foods are the most popular for the young ones because of its distinctive taste. However, the contents of these kind of foods have excess fat, carbohydrates and processed sugar which contributes to an increased risk of obesity.

    One effective solution to deal with children having weight problems is by educating their parents with regards to the food content they serve, and how important it is to prepare nutritious meals everyday such as fruits and vegestables. Another possible answer is to seek advise from healthcare professionals when there is a big concern relating to the weight of the child. Similarly, there are several agencies, both public and private, which helps children and their families overcome malnutrition.

    In conclusion, I think the sedentary lifestyle and improper chooce of food of children causes weight problems, which can only be tackled by educating parents on proper nutrition as well as to look for medical recommendation.

  67. Vrushali Nilekar says

    We are in world of technology which has advantages as well as disadvantages to human beings. Television is now one of the main attraction for entertainment for new generation. It has become an undivided part of children’s day-to-day routine. Watching science based or shows on national geographic channel can certainly improve one’s general knowledge. But children get distracted and addicted easily to cartoon series and tv show which result in less activity in early age.
    We often heard from our relatives or neighbours that their kids do not eat food without watching their favouritr TV show or youtube music videos. It has become an task for new parents to control their toddlers if they don’t get to watch their favourite show. In my opinion children’s do not understand where to stop and what is good for them. It is our responsibility to avail continuously new activities to children.
    Nowadays, kids do not want to play outdoor games. They prefer either watching TV or playing video games.This can be one of the reason children tend to sit at one place and results in weight gain. As a parents we need to engage kids in various activities and sports.
    Activities like cycling swimming are very important skills which can improve children’s physical as well as personal development. These activities they can learn in vacation time and we never know that these skills can help children to pursue his or her career or as hobby. Sports like cricket, badminton, football which can improve children’s stamina as well as immune. These sports not only develop children’s physic but also interaction abilities with the outer world.
    To sum up, all the activities which I have mentioned can reduce at least half of the weight problems. With these activities, good food habits can also improve children’s health.

    • ramkinippy says

      Children in this world will play very important role for all of us. They will watch the movies most of the time in their age. They easily adopted to look many channels with out any intervention.

  68. Owing to the increasing number of overweight children, some people consider watching television to be the cause. In my opinion, I disagree that watching TV can cause excessive weight gain in children rather I believe that intake of junk food and lack of regular exercise are the major causes however, daily exercise and eating adequate diet is key to solving this problem.

    First and foremost, it is true that children love to watch TV but, some parents still make it a point of duty that their children watch TV only for a duration of 1 hour after school. This helps in children have time for homework and intellectual development and healthy growth. For instance statistics has it that the leading cause of heart diseases in developing countries in overweight and lack of exercise was implicated as the cause .

    One reason why children gain so much weight these days which posses problems to their health is intake of junks. Some parents have very busy schedule that they can’t cook. They resort to buying food for their children to take to school for their lunch and most times the end up buying junks for their children, which will translate to increasing the child’s weight. However, if patents make cooking adequate diet for their children part of their daily routines, this problem will be averted.

    Another cause of overweight in children is lack of regular exercises. As a matter of fact, schools should inculcate exercise into the school curriculum and parents should make out time for daily exercise at home . This will help children keep fit and maintain healthy weight. A good illustration is some societies that made daily walking out part of their routine, it was reported that children from such homes maintained a healthy weight.

    In conclusion, to improve the health of the coming generation, lifestyle adjustment and healthy diet will solve the weight related problems facing many countries of the world.

  69. Huairen Zhang says

    Nowadays, weight problems are common for young children. Some argued this situation belongs to watching too much Television. However, I completely disagree with this idea, and I think the reason is due to unbalanced diet habit and less exercise, together with two heavy homework.
    Watching television is one of the interests of children, which is not correlated with their weight problems. The main reason is that today many children have a terrible diet habit in their daily life. There is more food diversity for children’s world than at any time in the past — the more food diversity, the greater chance to choose. For example, young children are more tend to eat snacks after their fixed three meals a day. With more and more snacks, they get weight without self-control.
    Another reason for adding weight for children is that they lack exercise during their school days. Children are distracted by different school programmes and numerous homework. According to a recent survey, children in China only have half of an hour for sports daily. Most of their time is distributed to all kinds of classes called interest classes which are aimed to cultivating their talents in arts and music. After School, children are sent to these class not alone to spend time in sports or exercise. So, too much study takes on their time and results in getting more weight.
    As for tackling this problem. The first way is to give a reasonable diet habit for children. For example, eating snacks during school are not encouraged. More abundant food is prepared during lunch hour and breakfast. After some time, they are accustomed good diet habit. Secondly, more physical education class are arranged during their school time, and two or three sports meetings are planned every year to boost their confidence in overcoming the weight problems if some of them already faced such issues.
    In conclusion, watching television cannot add their weight, but unreasonable diet habit and less exercise enable them to suffer weight problems. Good diet habit and more exercise are the best ways to solve their weight problems and also to help in getting their confidence in losing weight.

  70. Childhood health issues are believed by some people to be contributed by watching television.In my opinion, there are several contributing factors of which is prolong watching of the television.

    Firstly, prolong watching of television can contribute to childhood health issues. When children are allowed to watch television for more than 4 hours daily become inactive.This inactivity by sitting ans watching television for several hours result in unhealthy eating habits.Such as snacks that contain high fat content.Research as shown that persons who live a sendentary lifestyle often consume unhealthy food contributing to obesity.Additionally,it was reported on BBC world news that children who excercise while watching television were healthier than those who did not.Such as, pedalling on an excercise machine with a television infront of the child.

    Finally, one suggestion to decrease childhood health issues is by constant supervision of 3 to 4 hours of watching television with periods of excercise.For example, studies have shown that people who watch television for 3 to 4 hours daily developed less health issues that those that watched for longer periods.

    To conclude, health problems are one of the issues resulting from children watching television.In addition , to decrease such occurence parents should allow 3 to 4 hours a day to watch television.

  71. Several people believe that watching TV leads to weight issues in children. I strongly disagree with this view. In my opinion weight gain in children is caused by other factors such as eating habit and lack of exercise which are not directly link to viewing Television.

    There are cases of children who struggle with weight gain yet these kids hardly ever watch TV. Most of them gain weight because they have poor dieting practice such as eating too much junk food and not taking a balance diet. For example, in most boarding schools, students are not allowed to cook their own meal and food are served at regular intervals. because of this practice, parents often give their wards provisions and other can food that contain large amount of fat. As a result of this, these children tend to add more weight from excessive consumption of fatty and starchy diet.

    Another reason showing that weight gain in young adult is not exactly cause by watching TV is that some children do not exercise. Children hardly walk to school or engage in other form of exercise that help to maintain healthy body weight. Put differently, even if a child spend most of her time watching TV, yet eat the right food in appropriate portions and do regular exercise, such a person is likely not to be obese.

    As a recommendation, I would suggest that in order to control excess weight in children, parents should discourage their young ones from taking junk food and food with too much fatty content and encourage them to exercise regularly.

    To conclude, I do not accept that watching TV causes weight problems in kids because other factors such as poor dieting habit and lack of exercise is directly responsible for weight gain in children.

  72. Watching TV represents a detrimental activity for children according to some, since it can lead to an increase of their weight in a long run. In my opinion, I agree that children are dramatically increasing their weight and sedentary life-style is strongly contributing to that.

    A good reason to believe that indoor activities such as watching TV can cause harmful effects in the youth’s health is that those are becoming popular among them and promoting a sedentary life-style. In other words, the most favourite hobbies for children in the modern societies are restricted to non-physical activities. Furthermore, the more time is spent in such sedentary activities, the less time is used to improve their body condition.

    However, some of those issues can be adressed by implementing new measures. One step that could improve the children’s health condition and decrease the obesity rate is to encourage parents to promote the practice of physical activities by their offspring at an early age and on a regular basis. As a result, playing football matches, riding a bicycle, jogging or even swimming in a river or in the local public pool would become habits for them and for the next generations and therefore they would see those as the best way to spend their free time on.

    Another possible solution to tackle children’s weight problems in the current days is to widening the available sports and activities for students at school. By creating alternatives to the most frequent sports, focusing on their preferences, schools could engage a several number of students to attend new outdoor classes, for example trampoline, fencing and dancing. This way, children would feel motivated while they were practicing sports and at the same time becoming fitter and healthier.

    In conclusion, an active an sporty life is a must for all children and they ought to be encouraged to accomplish it either by their parents or school authorities because simple and effective measures can be implemented to avoid weight issues.

  73. Anna Vakulenko says

    According to some people, abusing watching television programs, kids acquire problems with being overweight. Mainly, this is due to the lack of physical activity and proper control by adults. The introduction of certain measures can help in resolving the issue prevent children who watch TV a lot from weight gain.
    On the one hand, insufficient parental control exacerbates weight problems in children. Often, parents are busy with their own affairs and do not restrict the child from watching TV and eating junk food. Thus, children spend their free time watching TV and do not notice that they eat more food than they need. On the other hand, excessive watching television reduces physical activity, what increases the likehood of adolescent obesity. In other words, if the children move a little, the excess calories are not burned, as a result, this process violates the metabolish and leads to diseases related to the cardiovascular system.
    There are two weighty solutions to the problem of overweight teenagers who abuse watching TV. One method to tackle this is to organize active games and activities at school, so that most of the time children would spend among their peers without any gadgets or TV. By spending their leasure time in this way, kids will realize that live communication is more sapid than watcing TV. Another way of solving this issue is to instill positive habits in children from childhood. If parents explain to children that healthy eating and walk with friends are much more useful than spending time on the sofa at the TV, teens will lead a more correct lifestyle, thus protecting themselves from weight gain.
    In conclusion, due to the implementation of measures that contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the problem og overweight among adolescent TV abusers will be solved.

  74. Sedentary lifestyle has became a debatable topic in society in all age groups specially in younger age and the main reason behind that is media , perticularly television. That’s what the people of community thinks. Well , I totally agree with this flow of thought . In this debatable topic i will discuss spectacular solutions regarding this mater.
    In regards to young generation they have become less active in sports activities such as outdoor games , any activity which needs physical effort and that’s because of their curiosity to know about new character of cartoons , video games launched of their favorite animated series, etc. Consequently , the effort given by their parents to encourage them to involve in such events or games which needs strength and energy to perform has become less compare to feed them ready made unhealthy food. Poor involvement of younger one’s guardian to built their future is another factor responsible for the problem . Another sight of this situation is that it perticularly harm children’s eyes if they will perform this activity for a longer period continuously and even for daily basis.
    Hence , there is always a light at the end of a tunnel . So that here in this scenario , there are numerous solutions which will help to solve this puzzle being obese and less active . First and foremost , potential effort should be taken from parents them self. They have to teach them the shiny future if they will get involved in such sports activity besides being couch potato. Secondly , educational resources such as schools , tutions , annual programs should teach them compulsoreily to take part in different zones . They should use this media in an innovative way which will brode their mind in creativity.
    Over a nut shell , obesity being a serious disease among youth , I shall consider that every elder person ( parent s, teacher , elder sister – brother ) should initiate and take the responsibility to shape their future in a safe , creative and productive way.

  75. Obesity among children is becoming a serious concern as the number of victims is on the increase. At this juncture, it is widely believed that watching television is the reason for this menace. I, however, disagree with the statement owing to the following reasons.
    Firstly, though television may reduce children’s interest in playing or engaging
    in sports, it doesn’t directly makes a child overweight. In fact, unhealthy food habits and lack of exercise is found to be the vital cause for this problem. Moreover, inherent hormonal imbalance is also reported as one of the key reason for this trend among children by the American Academy of Peadiatrics. Hence, it is not logical to consider watching TV as the cause for obesity in children.
    Nevertheless, prolonged habit of watching television can drag a child into obesity as it can reduce their physical activity. But it is not possible as parents often keep restrictions over this habits. In addition, a physical active child will not be overweight, even if he or she spent time in front of TV. Thus, it is needless to blame television for obesity in children.

    Inorder to tackle obesity in young generation nurturing healthy food habits is proved useful. Precisely, though children are not engaging in physical activities, a balanced diet can maintain their fitness. Further, stringent health monitoring by guardians can also be helpful to a great extent.
    In conclusion, even though prolonged habit of watching TV may cause overweight in youngsters, l firmly believe that it is not the root cause for it as unhealthy food habits and inherent hormonal imbalance are proved to be the most relevant reasons.

  76. legal Gweru says

    Obesity in children is believed by many to be caused by televiion watching. l strongly agree with this view and in this essay will give possible solution to address problems associated with weight in children.

    Watching television has highly contributed to over weight in children . This is mainly because television watching reduces time for children to exercise .This will lead to build up of fat and result in obesity. This argument is based evidenced by a number of obesy children in urban areas where there is high access to television as compared to children in rurl are where access to television is very minimum. A large number of over weight children are also found in boarding schools where children have high access to televisions unlike in day school where there is little time to watch television. All these supports the view tht watching television is causing weight problems in children.

    One way of overcoming weight problems in children is promoting ports activities in schools . All children should be encourged to participate in physical sports to keep them physically fit and to reduce chances of them becaming obesy. Sporting activities produces heat which allows burning of fat and aids digestion thereby reducing obesity.Most if not all sports persons are not obesy and this shows that sporting activities is a best solution to weight problems in children.

    Proper diet is also measure to take in control of over weight problems. Dieticians must be employed at schools and at home parents should monitor what their children eat. It has been noted that children who eat fast foods, which is case with urban children , are more obesy than those who take natural and well cooked foods . Therefore diet monitoring is very essential in dealing with obesity.

    In conlusion the view that television watching leads to weight problems in children is valid. It is also important to note that there are several possible solutions to weight problems in children .

  77. It is pretty obvious that the multitude of earth and satellite channels readily available for watching has attracted plenty of people particularly the children who seek to entertain themselves on daily basis. I am of the opinion that children nowadays spend a considerably long hours on TV which impacts their wellbeing and causes major health problems like overweight.

    It is estimated that school children consume about three to four hours daily viewing either TV programs or tablets screens. This duration might raise in some cases if a child was apparently obsessed about this amusement or in certain seasons as in winter when the extremely cold weather prevents them from going out and playing physical games. If we saw how this phenomenon affects children health, we would see that a large portion of boys and girls under twelve years have body weights that exceed normally accepted limits. As a result, school children tend to be much loathe and do not engage in physical training. They might suffer as well from other related health complications such as headache and vision insufficiencies.

    Therefore, in order to find a solution to curb the abnormal consequences of this new behavioral trend, certain measures must be taken so as to correct kids TV inclination. Firstly, the media organizations should focus their coverage on educational programs rather overflowing TV channels with violent action cartoon films. Secondly, parents should be aware about the notorious setbacks of spending prolonged hours on TV sets or tablet screens on their children health and they have to come up with genius ideas that promote their children hobbies away from them. Lastly but the most important is about teachers role as they have a great impact on changing children bad habits and this is achieved through encouraging students to participate in different sport competitions and beneficial extra-curricular activities including drama, art and music classes.

    To sum up, I believe that TV is one of most fabulous technological advances during the modern time as it brought news, knowledge and entertainment to our houses. However, it is not acceptable that TV sets or other similar instruments turn into bad habits that overwhelm our valuable time and health especially if that concerns our children who should be brought up in the best environment that guarantees their optimal wellbeing and education.

  78. Obesity among children is becoming a serious concern as the number of victims is on the increase. At this juncture, it is widely believed that watching television is the reason for this menace. I, however, disagree with the statement owing to the following reasons.
    Firstly, though television may reduce children’s interest in playing or engaging
    in sports, it doesn’t directly makes a child overweight. In fact, unhealthy food habits and lack of exercise is found to be the vital cause for this problem. Moreover, inherent hormonal imbalance is also reported as one of the key reason for this trend among children by the American Academy of Peadiatrics. Hence, it is not logical to consider watching TV as the cause for obesity in children.
    Nevertheless, prolonged habit of watching television can drag a child into obesity as it can reduce their physical activity. But it is not possible as parents often keep restrictions over this habits. In addition, a physical active child will not be overweight, even if he or she spent time in front of TV. Thus, it is needless to blame television for obesity in children.
    In conclusion, even though prolonged habit of watching TV may cause overweight in youngsters, l firmly believe that it is not the root cause for it as unhealthy food habits and inherent hormonal imbalance are proved to be the most relevant reasons.

  79. As technology has improved tremendously, it interferes more and more with our lives and not sparing our children either. It’s become a part of our lives in the form of mobile phones, TVs and the likes in all of such varieties. However the point of concern here is that, it is greatly believed that watching TV causes weight gain issues in children.
    I do believe that there is some truth in this matter, for instance, children when left in an unmindful environment, can be prone to sitting in front of a TV for hours as it provides never-ending entertainment. Accordingly, the lack of physical activity leads to weight gain, regardless of their diet. Although, the inattentiveness of the parents is not always the cause, some parents may willingly put their kids in front of the TV in order to keep them distracted, not be disturbed, perhaps. In any case there should be a limited amount of time a child is exposed to such activities not just being in front of TV particularly, but any activity that encourages idleness for hours because that can prove to be unhealthy for the child’s development, both mentally and physically. Even in the long run, the child may carry those bad habits in to their teens and to their adulthood as well which, as a result, may lead to a more severe case and a high chance of obesity.
    On the other hand, a healthy amount of TV watching-everyday or not-can also be stimulating for a child, given that the programs or cartoons have an educational element in them apart from just mindless entertainment. Additionally, parents should also ought to be more attentive and make sure there’s also physical activity in the everyday routine for a healthy balance.

  80. A segment of the society opines that the youngsters of today are becoming obese because they watch too much TV. I would have agreed to that had it been the late twentieth century. However, with us stepping into the era of the net, I blame the internet more than TV for children’s obesity problems. To combat which, children should be made to follow a regime monitored closely by their guardians.

    To begin with, net surfing and video games have replaced TV to an extent where the term çouch potato, has become out-dated. The youngsters of today, who seem to be born tech-savvy, have access to so many varieties of online games that they remain glued to their devices for hours on end. In the process, they not only spoil their eyesights but also their postures and health in general. Very often than not, it is reflected in them getting abnormally fat. In the worst of worst cases, young children lose their motor and sensory capabilities resulting in various nervous disorders.

    To counter such ill-effects of overexposure to such gadgets, parents or guardians need to take some strict measures. They need to regulate their wards daily routine. A regime where children are allowed to spend only a certain number of hours with their wi-fi accessible devices, preferably in return of having done something beneficial -like doing their homework, etc. should be put into action. People should spend more quality time with their children, consciously creating family bonding times, and carry on activities like going for walks, playing outdoor games, doing exercises, etc. Good habits inculcated early on in life, lasts a lifetime.

    In conclusion, if people monitor children wisely, we can have a healthier generation taking over after us- one which not only has stronger family ties but is also more physically fit and energetic.

  81. Hi dear Liz, will i be informed when my essay is shown on your website? The comments are much. (Please give an approximately score).
    Nowadays, many children around the world are involved in watching TV programmes rather than doing physical games. I agree with the idea that this trend leads to weight problems in kids; however, i would argue there are always some measures to address these drawbacks.
    Watching television for long hours can directly impact on childrens weight. A number of children have been accustomed to spend several hours every day sitting and watching their favourite TV shows such as cartons and animations. Consequently, they will be less exposed to childish plays and sports, while most of them are used to eat candy and sweety during watching as well. In most cases, children will be actually addicted to television on a daily basis so that they will be reluctant to be with their peers or in groups and prefer always watching TV in their loneliness. As a result, they would burn off low amounts of consumed calories due to lack of enough exercise, resulting in incresing fat cells and weight.
    On the other hand, there are a range of solutions to cope with kid’s weight issue. Firstly, parent can certainly play a key role on controlling the devoted time to watching television by child. For example, they can spur children on to do more playing by considering prizes or introducing new attractive games. Secondly, parents as well as kindergartens and primary schools can simply feed children healthy foodstuff instead of high fat products to prevent childhood obesity. Finally, the main measure in my opinion, is to put more efforts into development of sport courses in schools so as to encouraging pupils to be more activated.
    In conclusion, it is unequivocal that watching television can brings some weight difficulties for children . However, there are some various ways how to be faced with kid’s weight problem.

  82. Watching tv causes many health issues in children including weight problems, according to some. In my opinion, I completely agree with the above statement as is potentially harmful to their health due to the lack of physical activity and limit their imagination.
    On the one hand, sitting and watching tv can be detrimental for children, and I agree. I other words, children need some exercise to burn their energy which helps in the development of their body. For example, running, swimming and playing outside provide fresh air which helps to keep young minds clam which is necessary for learning and concentrating on studies. However, watching tv makes children inactive due to which they lose their interest in playing outside, as a result, they gain weight. Another issue is tv limits children’s imaginations in learning and creativity. For instance, whatever a child sees on tv they copy or feel it is real. Therefore there is no space for them to think in a creative way and develop their problem-solving skills which are necessary for future life.
    Despite the problem above caused due to lack of physical activity in children, there are some preventive measures. One basic solution is parent involvement and role modeling. Often children copy parents or any other member in the family. In other words, parents can participate in some activity like swimming and sports as a result children are motivated. Also, healthy eating habits at home where parents can role model through them good habits are filtered to the next generation. Another solution enrolling children in an after-school activity where their friends are present can also encourage them to participate and stay active and fit
    In conclusion, people may vary in their opinion, I think children have a good chance to succeed only when they stay fit and active.

    Hello Liz
    Hope you are enjoying the snow.
    please let me know your feedback. I purchased your advanced lessons which are very useful. I am about to give my IELTS exam.

  83. Ogwuche Basil says

    In our present world, some people believe that kids spending too much time, indulging in watching cartoons and TV shows, tend to have overweight issues. I strongly agree that this indulgence contributes greatly to the problem of obesity in young children, therefore, solutions need to be put in place to curb this negative trend.

    Regarding spending excessive amount of time watching cartoons, most parents are to blame for this habit because of the lack of attention paid to the mental and physical well-being of their children. As a result, kids tend to spend the whole day browsing through a whole lot of programs, thereby wasting enormous amount of hours just sitting and starring at the screen. Only if parents could be more attentive to their kids’ habits, their weight gain could be kept in check.

    To address this issue of excessive weight-gain by young children, there are some solutions which need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, children need to be encouraged to take part in outdoor activities as this will grant them less time with the TV. For example, families can organize play-dates between their kids at the park or the beach and engage them in various games that will keep them on their feet. Another solution is to limit the time spent on watching cartoons on a weekly basis. For instance, parents can allocate specific hours where their children can turn on the television or use the computer to watch their favorite shows as this will be a very helpful method of regulating TV hours.

    In conclusion, to indulge in watching cartoons and TV shows all day can be detrimental to the health of young children, thereby leading to overweight problems. However, parents should give their time to making sure their kids spend less hours sitting and starring and more time outdoors.

  84. There are people who believe that watching TV causes weight issues in very young people. The writer agrees with this view. This essay will expound on the writer’s agreement and provide suggestions on how to address this concern.

    Watching television requires a person to do nothing. To further elaborate, a child whose attention is solely focused on the television screen is either in sitting or prone position. Therein, lies the problem. These positions burn less calories which are then stored as fats if not release outside the body. Hence, the young one who is sitting or lying down too long watching the television gains excess fats. In line with this, it is recommended to control the time these children spend in front of the TV so they can do other activity that requires the use of calories such as playing outdoor games.

    Another concern is the unhealthy foods consumed by the minors during viewing time and its effect after. Children opt to eat foods high in calories but have low to zero nutritional values (namely popcorns and junk foods) while tuned-in to their favorite TV programs. After these foods have been eaten, the youths normally skip meals because their stomachs feel full. The skipped meals combined with the intake of unhealthy foods result to weight issue especially malnurishment. With regards to this, serving healthier foods to the children while they are watching TV is advised.

    In conclusion, children consuming unhealthy foods coupled with sitting or lying down too long while in front of the TV support the agreement of the writer that watching TV causes weight problems in children. Limiting their TV time and allowing them to eat only healthy foods during viewing hours are the writer’s suggestions in addressing weight issues in children.

  85. khadija Khatun says

    Obesity among children is considered by some due to spending most of their leisure time on watching TV. I agree that having excessive monitor time is one of the many potential reasons of increasing number of overweight children. Solving this issue requires incorporating healthy lifestyle curriculum at school and its implementation both at home and at school is necessary.

    Children mostly spend their free time having long hours on monitor. Most of the time at home, children usually watch TV, play video games, chat online with friends instead of playing outside. Moreover, grown-ups have need to study long hours that requires prolonged sitting as well as online group-activities to finish projects. In addition to this modern busy working parents have less time to take children at play-ground for playing with others. With these, mostly children live on pre-cooked ready-meal that is also
    an important cause of obesity.

    Reducing childhood obesity requires multiple approach both at home and at school. Incorporating healthy lifestyle into the school curriculum with proper implementation would help children to learn the importance of being physically active. Take an example, having a practical experience of getting good grades while children have championship at play ground would make a batch of enthusiast physically active youngsters for future. In a similar way, cooking a healthy meal from scratch as a part of class-work would encourage children to made a fresh meal at home. In addition to this, parents need to spend free time with their offspring playing outdoors and including children at kitchen work periodically.

    In conclusion, mitigating the problem of increasing number of overweight children requires introducing healthy lifestyle both at home and at school that would make a healthy young generation in future.

  86. Fust developing of TV, cinema and computer games during the last 20 years made our society a lazy one. We rest by watching TV and playing computer games instead of going out and playing active games or doing exercises. We have such habits and our children repeat the same. Does it impact on their health and especially weight?
    Watching TV is an important part of children’s life. They can learn about everything in the world using TV shows and programs. On the other hand, modern children often spend all their free time by watching TV or playing computer games. They forgot almost all outdoor activities and games. Such type of behavior has a destructive influence on their health. That is why children often are weak and have weight problems. Probably watching TV too much time is one of the reasons of the problem, but it is not the main one.
    I consider that the main point of this problem is a passive way of life in whole. Too much weight of modern children is the consequence of junk food, unhealthy habits and non-active time spending. All these factors make body shape unattractive and children unhealthy.
    Unfortunately, there is not the universal solution. I think the most important role in solving this problem must play family. Parents have a duty to show on their own experience what kind of life style is better for children’s health and wealth. Parents have to grow a good food habits and involve children into sports.
    On the other hand, state and regional government also can help children to grow healthy without health problems throe giving them a possibilities of active time spending.
    In conclusion weight problems of children need a complex solution including the efforts of both parents and government.

  87. Some people argue nowadays young children who spend more time front of the television can over weight compared to the long way back when we have less television hours from our parents. I do agree there can be a direct relationship between television time and obesity. This essay will try to further demonstrate this issue and provide some solutions to fix this matter.

    Watching favourite tv programs continuously can be harmful for young children in two major ways. Perhaps the biggest problem, sitting in one place can cause serious in-balance of body weight and quickly it can grow compared to someone who spend more time actively playing a sport. The other major issue is while watching these TV programs consumption of unhealthy foods, such as potato chips and carbonated drinks can make it more worse the situation. As an example, research conducted by university of Colombo identified nearly twenty persent of children are risk at overweight due to lack of exercise. With combined this two we may get serious over weight younger generation which might need serious medical attention.

    Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem. The first method is giving children as well as their parents proper education of consequences of this kind a life style and how harmful that for their own well being. Secondly, using TV programs concentrates on losing weight can motivate them to exercise. For instance popular TV shows such as Biggest Losers are mainly focusing on over wight individuals and how they trying so hard to get back in to shape and fixing their medical conditions. Finally, schools also can join the rescue team and force their children to participate at least one sport can make the situation better.

    In conclusion, it is clear sitting in one place and watching television can make children over weight, however with proper guidance and involvement things can be control for the benefit for the younger generations.

  88. Deat Liz,

    please could we be given more time (3 or 4 days) to write and post our essay.
    Some of us might be hard working people with families with no dog :-).
    One day isn´t enought time to do it properly.

    Thank you.


    • Sure. How about I post it on Friday. I don’t want to wait long because there are people taking their test soon and they need to see the model essays. You can always post your essay after I post my model. It is still very good practice for you.

      • Most people believe that obesity in children is as a result of looking at the television most of the tme.
        I strongly concur with sedentary lifestyle being one of the cause of overweight in children.
        Today’s lifestyle has greatly changed. The children upbringing is totally different compaired to that of many years ago. Earlier, parents used to allocate children tasks to perform during their free time before sitting to watch television for example washing dishes,mopping the house,found some laundry and such more.Nowadays the the parents spend little time with children hence they are left to do what they wish and most of the time you find them watching television hence less time for excercise,this leads to adding more weight. To add to that,they take alot of unhealthy junk foods while watching television affecting their weight even more.
        According to me,children children should be restricted to watching television for specific duration,other times they are engaged in other activities where they can excecise for example playing sports or doing other household chores to balance their weight hence improving health.
        Another measure that I recommend to help our children health is not affected by weight is to ensure the school curriculum integrates both curricular and co.curricular activities that will allow them to play. This means that the ministry of education must be very strict in approving those who wish to put up learning institutions for children to ensure that there is enough space for them to excercise during sports, dances and so on.

  89. This essay deals with the statement that many think too much watching TV causes obesity in children, on one hand, it will show the opinion of the author, on the other, try to find solutions of the problem.

    First of all, I think our digital world needs its knowledge that takes away the time from the physical one. So, I just partially agree with the announcement because not only the TV produces the mentioned being overweight.

    The weight problem in children can come from some different cases at least as much as from the junk food consumption as from the uncontrolled watching TV. And now I don’t speak about the hormonal diseas caused state. In order to reach the positive result, the narrower community around the children, I mean here the parents, the teachers or the local celebs too should inspire the children to do sports or other outside activities. Or it should motivate them by presenting a few positive pattern of their friends or heros from the TV. Moreover, the media as well, by the marketing campaigns of the digital gadgets could and should give desire to the children go to the Nature with these stuffs, for instance.

    Overall, I’d say the waching TV not an evident bad thing if we can control our or our children’s wasted time on it. Contrary to this, the overweight being is a pretty bad and unhealthy situation that it must avoid in our children’s life, only we have to finde out the best personalised way.

  90. For the last time TV is taking more and more our life time. Cell phones, computer games and tablets are helping TV to do it. And it is sad.
    In over days a lot of children are spending their free time in front of different screens, instead take some outdoor activities. They prefer siting on the screen than active games or just walking on the street. And it is sad. As one of the influence is weight problems in children. They are sitting in school, in bus, car and in our days even at home they are siting. Every knows that, when you are watching TV, your brain works for TV and only. And like a habit lots of them are eating something, while their brain is focused on watching the TV show. Connecting this with low physical activity during all day we have so sad results.
    The TV by itself is not a bad thing, there are a lot of scientific, social, cultural, historical and informational programs, and all of them are useful for children. But they should not give all their free time for TV. Their parents should explain their children that they have choose one or two program a day for watching. In the other time they should rest outdoor playing and communicating in a live way with their friends. The other way is to write down children in to a sport section, were they will have more activity instead sitting in front of TV.
    Watching TV causes the weight problems but not at all children. If their parents notice that in right time and make some actions, this problem will disappear.

  91. Obesity among youngsters is caused by overspending of time in front of the television. I firmly agreed that spending too much time watching TV is one cause of overweight among children, but there are suggested answers to manage obesity among children.

    Weight gain is a common and progressing health problem nowadays even to young people, and occupying themselves in front of the television is one factor among endless reasons. Binge watching makes them inactive and being physically inactive means that visceral fats will rapidly accumulate in the body. Additionally, there is also the temptation of wanting to snack. Mostly, snacking involves unhealthy food such as chips and sweets, rather than fruits or other better snack choices. this habit of a child can trigger a sedentary lifestyle and will definitely result in obesity.

    however, there are precautionary ways of tackling continuous overweight problems among young people. Firstly, parents should involve themselves with the activities that their children are currently doing especially on weekends. Instead of cuddling on a couch watching TV, they could ask their children to help them wash the car, mow the grass or clean the window. Alternatively, they could go to the park and do outdoor activities such as basketball and biking. Secondly, parents could enroll their children in different workshops that are appealing to them. If children are doing what interests them, they will likely stall watching TV and engage themselves more with the hobbies that they are discovering.

    In conclusion, watching TV is a favorite pastime among children but too much time seating in front of the screen cause obesity. Parents should break this habit by involving themselves with their children’s lifestyle and encouraging them to engage themselves in more active physical hobbies.

  92. Watching the television has become an addiction for a significant amount of children nowadays.Due to a massive development in technology and a particular improvement in the quality of images, there has been a risen interest from societies around the world concerning daily soaps, films and especially cartoons when it comes to children.

    I believe that the way the society is evolving is to be blamed.Children in this particular era are pampered way more than they should be and therefore their attitude and their whole lifestyle is to be questioned.They eat and drink what they want and spend hours in front of the television. This as a result becomes a daily routine and and weight gain is hence more prominent.Parents play a primordial role when it comes to societal changes.Living in a materialist century , parents cannot find time to look after their children properly and this has a direct impact in the dire lifestyle of children.

    The best way to tackle this issue is a vital reminder about the importance of sports. Not only that but also parents should free their time to take these children to the gym or indulging them in sports in which they show interest.Their time should be monitored as well ; they should divide the time appropriately between studies, sports and watching the television.Furthermore they should eat healthily and junk foods must be controlled.Concerning their studies the effects of weight gain in the long run must be highlighted.

    • Agboola Omolara says

      Television watching by children is both an educative and entertaining activity. This is evident by the numbers of beautiful and enlightening cartoons and children’s programs on the television. It is disagreed that watching television can cause weight problems in children. This will be proven by analyzing other things like unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise that can cause weight problems in children.
      Eating of healthy foods which consists of all classes of food and clean water in moderation will not lead to weight problems in children however, when children indulge in junk food full of pastries and sugary drinks, these results in excessive weight gain and not watching television alone
      Exercise is an important aspect of healthy lifestyle which prevents weight problems when practiced regularly. Lack of exercise coupled with unhealthy eating habits is likely to lead to weight problems in children and not watching television. It is evident that children eating healthy foods and exercising regularly are happy and brilliant children
      To conclude, watching television is highly educative, enlightening and an entertaining pastime for children, if reasonable time is allotted to it, it should not be a cause of weight problems in children
      Furthermore health education on healthy eating habits, regular exercises, medical check up to rule out disease condition which may lead to weight problems like obesity will help in no small measure to prevent weight problems in children.

  93. Apparently, children today get familiar to television than other entertainments. It is because it is easy for them to reach out in home and most of families own a television at least nowadays. The more children reach in front of television, the more probably they watch much longer. As a result of it, it might lead to gaining weight in children. Hence, I agree on this possibility between watching television and gaining weight problems.
    Getting weight problems in children appear to cause other unwanted health-related problems as well later in their life. To solve this issue, firstly parents should not leave them alone watching television and if needed, parents have to accompany them. Additionally, parents should set a time limit for them. Sitting together with children in front of television not only keeps them from seeing unwanted or improper scenes on tv programs but also controls them not to watch beyond limits.
    Secondly and finally, parents should create activities and games for their children to spend their time in home and keep away for a trap of seeing television. If activities are linked with children’s hobbies, it might lead to a great benefit. Letting children learn a foreign language or one of musical instruments in home could be substituted to alleviate their habit of watching television too much.
    In conclusion, parents are important for children who do not know well whether the way they do is good or not. Thus, with the guidance of parents, children can follow the instructions given and get rid of gaining weight from watching television for long.

  94. People argue that watching television effect to child’s obesity or weightgain. I agree with this statement to some extent.
    In modern era, child obesity has become a major health issue in younger ages.Reserches has found many factors are worseing the problem. Although childeren are active than the elders, weightgaining rate is increasing all over the world causing serious health issues. Not only watching television but also playing video games or mobile phone usage has became a common habit throughout the younger generation.Therefor childeren are addicted to spend a sedentary life.
    In present, parents pay less attention to their childeren with their busy workshedule. In addition, modern foodstyles and recipes is the other fact behind the obesity. Moreover child freedom has defrauded by the educational system in society. It limits the outdoor activities of a child with their peer groups.
    To overcome this issue I suggest to change adults attitudes regarding the cildren educational system. Over workload increases the stress level of a child and limits his physical activities. Childeren should be encouraged to play outdoor games rather than playing vedio games. Nevertheless childeren should be provided balence healthy diet instead of having fast foods. Finaly parents can limit the time that childeren spend in front of television without put restrictions to their world.

  95. It is believed by some that small screen induces obesity among children. I firmly agree with this view,but there are some solutions to handle this alarming issue, by educating parents and children,and provision of more exercise park in the community.
    First reason to consider that TV entice food cravings for unhealthy products.Most children watched games or shows, which are either very stressful that create anxiety among youth or very hilarious through which they become overactive.Thus, chemicals in the brain stimulate hunger, which they want to satsfied with junk food.Secondly, watching TV is a passive activity, and they are not doing any physical work. For example, a recent research at International Institute of Health and Sciences at London University revealed that 75% of obesity rate among children increased due to screen time,especially TV.
    However, there are some solutions, if impemented properly, could be beneficial to reduce obesity rate in children. One solution is educate parents and children about the negative impacts of screen time . This way,both children and parents will be aware about the root cause of the problem. Reportedly, a recent research has revealed that parents motivation and proper guidance has been helpful to decrease 75% obesity rate among high school students at an American school. Another method is that government should take special steps,such as providing exercise and sports facilities in the community parks, so that children instead of watching TV play outside.This way, obesity rate could be decreased.
    In conclusion, while weight gain in children because of TV is a pressing issue, it could be handled if both parents and government make special efforts jointly.

  96. Children can gain weight anytime due to various causes however watching TV has been scientifically proven to be the cause of weight gain in children. In my opinion the types of programs watched by kids can either contribute or inhibit weight gain.

    It is believed that children learn through actions, they will attempt to immitate what is been seen on the tv. Most kiddies channels offer physical activities which are safe and simple for kids to follow, for example “Kideo”. Kideo its channel that promotes a healthy lifestyle, it even instruct the kids to follow all the excersizes being done and what to eat when watching tv. Whilst there are other programs like “Junior Chefs competition”, which focuses more on being a good cook. Since children are imitators they might also try to eat as many food as they can to also judge the food.

    Parents should step in and not allow the tv to raise the kids, it has been a trend for middle class parents to neglect the kids through allowing kids more TV time, and there is a saying “more of everything is never good, things should be done in moderation”. They should introduce kids to various activities unlike subjecting them to a routine of watching tv throughout the day. Parents should go to gym with children and allow them more of playtime outside of the house and educate them on the health risk associated with weight gain.

    In conclusion, parents must play a vital role of instilling a healthy lifestyle to the kids and potential health risks associated with weight gain in the near future.

  97. Gijo George says

    With technological advancement achieving new heights over the past decade or so, television prices have come down substantially. Thus allowing easy access to entertainment for every household due to which a large portion of the younger generation or the adolescent group, have been hooked onto them lately and rendering them devoid of physical activities. This I believe is one of the foremost reason for obesity among children.

    Television offering a varied range of shows and cartoons across multiple channels have managed to cater to a large portion of the children interest pool, as a result, they end up being glued to the box for a longer duration. There are dedicated channels for kids nowadays which offer them content throughout the day. On top of that, they are also exposed to commercials from various fast foods joints which intrigues them to try these out.

    There are multiple solutions that can be implemented here to tackle this situation. Firstly, rather than completely banning the children from viewing television; we can change the genre of what they watch to maybe sports channels which would cultivate an interest among them to go out and play. Secondly, involving them more in the daily household chores would be a good way to make sure they are always on there toes. Last but not least, parents can also take some time out of their schedule to engage with the children in the park or they can also enroll them for sports clubs which is a good way to make sure that the children get their daily dose of physical activity through multiple programs organized by these clubs.

    To sum up, parents should talk to their children and explain to them the importance of physical exercise and encourage them to be more participative for outdoor activities.

  98. Nowadays obesity is widespread amongst young children which is perhaps due to modern day lifestyle where lack of outdoor activities paired with other factors are prevalent. Being a couch Potato in front of the television is considered prime reason for overweight in children and I personally agree with this fact. In the following paragraphs I would elaborate further on this issue and give possible solutions to the problem.

    While advent of technology in the modern era has opened up many avenues, however at the same time over indulgence in something like television have adverse effects on people’s health specially the children who have lot of free time at their age. This has resulted primarily in illness caused by unhealthy mind and body. Also overweight is cause of many health issues.

    In order to overcome this universal pain area, I believe steps can be taken both from parents and school for better future of offspring. Firstly an alternative plan of action should be devised to cover the television based needs such as entertainment, education etc. Outdoor activities should be encouraged for physical fitness and mental development. Also various forums can be organized where they get involved with other children of their age and brainstorm. Parents should try to spend more time with their kids and help them with their queries.

    To conclude, it can be argued that although watching television on frequent basis can be harmful for children, however parents and academic institutions have essential role to play and curb the hazards.

  99. Some individuals are of the opinion That juveniles who spend time watching Television are obese.
    I conquer with them as being in active causes improper digestion of carbohydrates ,it also leads to accumulation of fats in the body.Being in doors focusing only on watching movies makes children to be eating frequently and since they are not active there is poor absorption of food.
    However, children’s healthy can be improved by allowing them to do out door activities for example ;playing ball games,skipping,playing with toys this increases the rate food absorption .Such type of activities also keeps the children’s minds off food as they are occupied with different activities Hover,If parents feel it’s not safe for children to play out side alone ,they can accompany them to make sure they are safe.
    Buying children different toys and allowing them to play out doors makes them physically and mentally fit .

  100. Dear Liz,
    I am very happy to write to you. Please, can you give me an overall band in this essay without commenst?

    Recently, several hilarious TV programs and cartons have attracted our future generations and they spend much time in front of the screen. therefore, some parents believe that their offspring are exposed to many health and social problems because of this habit. I completely agree with the previous point of vies, but there are many steps we can take to tackle this problematic. Consequently, this essay first will be explained the problems and the measures we all should take to alleviate the consequences.

    First of all, most children are addicted to watching TV programs and spent a lot of hours in front of the screen. However, this doing has many detrimental effects on their body growth and the community around them as well. Firstly dependent generation nowadays drops out of practicing outdoor activities and they tend to see sports programs only. This means that their lifestyle becomes sedentary which causes many health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and eye strain. Moreover, sometimes, the next generation is attracted by advertisements and this leads to putting pressure on their fathers and mothers. In addition to the former points, by over-watching TV, the children become isolated and do not socialize with their family and their neighbors and this may contribute to increasing shyness and resentfulness inside the children and affects their future career on the near future.

    Nevertheless, there are many measures that parents can take to overcome these problems. First, the parents should engage their children in outdoor activities such a football, basketball or swimming. When the parents provide the children with exercise, they will not definitely waste their time. Not only will children be reluctant to TV, but also they will be eager to preserve their health. On the social level, the parents ought to encourage their offspring to visit their relatives and their neighbor, and certainly, this helps them in improving their self-esteem. As they say, the more you interact with people, the more confidence you increase.

    In conclusion, while watching TV has many catastrophic effects on the children’s health such as becoming obsess and lacking cooperation with their neighbors and family members, there are many measures that parents should take to tackle with those issues such as involving them in open-air activities and engaging them in society.

  101. samiksha pandey says

    In this contemporary lifestyle, digital media dominating the world. Hence, obesity is the predominant reason within children. I agree with the statement and also believe that it happens due to careless attitude of parents. and, in this essay today I will discuss irreplaceable solutions to in tackling the problem of child obesity.

    Let us first examine the reasons why some people hold the opinion that watching TV can cause weight problems in children. First of all, I think from what I have seen, kids are getting more and more lazy and this is because of the way grown ups behave. They let their kids do nothing for much too long. Therefore, obesity problem is increasing day by day. Secondly, in schools less promotion of outdoor activities and encouragement for technological sessions leading weight increasing problem. That’s why children inclined towards digital world and gregarious to watch Television.

    Now, lets discuss plausible solutions to address weight problems. Firstly, school efforts to stimulate students in physical exercises are invaluable contribution to overcome with the menace of obesity. Hence, sports sessions should be morally uplifted. In addition, parents should spend some quality time with children and watch over their balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. So, they remain fit and active.

    To recapitulate, This explains why outdoor sessions and parent efforts are crucial in insuring children flourishing lifestyle. Therefore, teachers and parents both are equally accountable to mitigate this problem.

  102. Okeyode Abiodun says

    To large extend i agreed that watching TV may cause weight in children. it has been sciencetificaly proven that having sitting down in place can cause weight because the body system will so relax and that will make the digestive so slow this will lead to increase in body fat which will automatically translate to body weight.
    It of interest to note that watching TV can equallly lead to sight problem for children most expecially when they move too closely to TV same time disencourage them have a good reading habits.
    However, exercise is an antedote to incrreasingly body weight which my acquire by children as a result of watching TV . Some sport analyst has recommended different series of exercise for chilldren which include but not limited to bike riding with the premises, jumping and swimming where its secure for kids.

    This will not only recduce thier weight but enhance body digestive system which will definitely redeuce body fat and increase body immune system.

    Another way out is to arrange after school tutorials for them , this engage them all through the hour will they would have been using to watch the TV, this will go a long way in helping their academics and also give rise to their reading habits.

    Thank you .

  103. Weight problem is becoming more common in the society, and this has numerous effects on the life of the sufferers. However, the most striking issue is the rapid increase in the number of children with weight problems.

    The causes of weight problems in children are enormous, but the most debated is the TV. While some persons believe that spending more time in front of the television can result in weight gain, on the other hand there are those who believe otherwise.

    In my opinion, I believe that when a person indulge in an immobile task for too long, there will be some unwanted consequences. Having said that, children who reside in a developed cities, tends to spend more time in front of the television for the purpose of games and movies than their counterparts in rural areas. Often times, these children will spend close to 8 hours watching television, while ignoring other outdoor activities.
    One noticeable thing is that most of these children always have something to close by, making it less important for them to leave their favorite spot.

    While there are drawbacks to this act by today’s children, there are also possible solutions.
    One is to restrict children access to the television set for a period. This could be either on weekends only or limited number of hours during the week. Another possible solution is for parents to compare their kids to engage in activities that will require them to spend more time outdoors, of course this can be made possible through effective time schedules for television.

  104. In the modern era,children are addicted to many of the electronic gadgets especially television which inturn dissuade them to engage in outdoor physical activities finally make them obese.i agree that visual media pay a role in making the children obese but it can be tackled effectively if the parents and teachers are taken initiatives to divert their child mind set by adding more outdoor activities.
    To begin with, children are easily lured by television programmes but uncontolled watching for long time take away their time for spending on outside games which would make them obese.To be clear even if the telecast are lengthy no matter for children they would watch continuously . Consequently, the affinity to watch such programmes makes them a regular viewers for a prolonged time at any cost.For instance,the recent WHO studies have shown that most of the children(82%) are obese due to over addiction to electronic gadgets. Thus it is true that addiction towards media make especially children obese.
    However ,the over weight in children can be addressed effectively if the parents and teachers play their role.Precisely,school can add more outdoor plays as competition baisis whereas parents can divert their child towards the programmes related to healthy habits like yoga,or let them take out to play at beach or park.Further more parents can limit the timing for tv watching.Hence periodic participation in all kinds of outdoor activities can reduce the obesity issues in children to a certain extent.
    In conclusion, though prolonged watching television in children is one of the reasons for being obese, it can be controlled nicely if the family and schools persuade the children with better outdoor game options.

  105. It is thought by many people that extreme watching TV can lead children to obesity. I completely agree with this idea and I think the solutions for this issue are in the hands of families and the government.
    Firstly, families should provide children a healthy life style by doing various activities and providing healthy food. For instance they can do group games such as pantomime which attracts children’s attention from TV to the activity. Such activities do not let children to be bored and tend to play games. Furthermore, an other harmful factor in getting extra weight is unhealthy food. Parents should use considerable amount of vegetables and fresh fruits in family diet and avoid eating extra fat and sugar.
    On the other hand, the role of government is undeniable. It is very important to have more exercise during the day and since children spend a significant part of day at school, government should add more physical activities to school curriculum. They can provide extra curricular activities like soccer or swimming matches after school. Besides, they can allocate a budget as reward in order to encourage children and increase their motivation.
    In conclusion, families and the government can consciously cope with the overweight problem among children and it can be controlled effectively by providing an efficient regard from them.

  106. Hi Liz,
    I have Written in a word file however, I am unable to copy paste from there? do I need to type in this box again?

    • I’ve just added that note into the page above. The essays need to be typed directly into the comments box – the same as you would for the computer based IELTS test.

  107. Ismail fatai says

    Some people believe that watching TV is the cause of obesity in children. While I completely disagree to TV being the sole cause of weight gain in children however, its effects cannot be over emphasised. A number of factors are responsible for weight problems in children.
    Firstly, the kind of foods fed to kids can influence their weights. Research results suggest that high-calorie content foods such as white bread, oats have higher tendency against increasing bodyweights, than fibrous foods like wheat bread. Secondly, lack of exercise has been found to trigger weight gain in both young and old. To buttress this, a couple of publications on on food biology have shown that active exercise for instance, running, jumping help in burning calories in foods as well as keep the heart healthy. Thirdly, children tend to have weight issues due to heredity-a transfer of character or trait from parents to their offspring. Thus, a fat couple have a very high chance to produce an obese child.
    Therefore, consumption of low-sugar goods, should be fed to growing children in order to combat the issue of weight problems. This can be achieved when the government helps subsidise fibrous foods while tax on high-sugar-content foods is increased. In addition, parents and schools should ensure their wards actively participate in exercise. The parents should create adequate adequate time especially, during weekends, for exercise while schools can increase the number of days or hours per week for sport. Lastly, there should be awareness not only on genotypes but on heredity, for prospective couples,as this will help them know what child to expect with regards to weight issues.
    In conclusion, obesity in children an be ameliorated if they are fed balanced-low-sugar-diet, engaged in active exercise and educating the couples .

  108. lovisha taneja says

    In the modern era, the individual use a alot of electronic devices. The television is the most common device which is used by everyperson in their daily life.some individual think believe that watching television may causes many weight issues in children. I personaly believe that many of health problems may caused by watching.
    Nowadays, the parents have hectic schedule. so they are busy with their official work. the kids who are living in the home they want to watch daily soap, movies and other things in the television. mostly the school going child wants to see cartoons like doremon, ninja’s and many more.They didnot went to play outdoor games they want to sit in their homes and watch the television. At that time they eat many things which may increases there weight. that may also lead many stomach problems
    on the otherside, the people may ameliorate their kids health. they can motivate their children for playing outdoor games.They help them to perform other activity like running, exercise and other things which helps to maintain their body weight. they encourage their juveniles for joining swimming classes and gym so that they can easily concentrate on their studies. The adolsent can go for morning walk so that this help for maintaining healthy habbits.
    At the last but not least, i want to say that the parents plays an pramount in the life of children. what the parents insist their children they do that thing.In the educational institutions, the trainer may proving cons and pros of the electronic devices so that the children can easly know what is good and what is bad for them

  109. It is considered by few people that watching television can result in weight problems among children. I agree that watching television can cause problems related to maintaining healthy weight, but limited screen time should not be a concern. The best way to solve weight problems in children is by encouraging them to participate in outdoor activities.

    Watching television can make children sit idle for long hours. When there is no physical activity, excess fat from the food eaten, does not get burnt and it accumulates as unhealthy weight in the body of the person. Furthermore, long term weight problems results in health issues such as obesity or high cholesterol as the children grow into adults. One point to add is that children must watch television under an adult’s supervision. The supervision must include limiting screen time for the child. With limited screen time, the child will switch off the television and engage themselves in other activities. This will control the weight problems and not cause any harm for the children.

    Weight problems among children who watch television can be solved by encouraging them to participate in fun and exciting outdoor activities where good amount of physical activity is needed. By actively taking part in games or sports, such as hide and seek or tennis, the children run around quite a lot which is necessary to burn the excess fat. Also, the children have more friends when they play together everyday. They are eager to play with them rather than sitting alone and watching television.

    To conclude, one must limit the time children spend watching television so that they do not have weight problems. The most effective method to deal with weight problems among children who watch television without supervision is by active participation in outdoor activities.

  110. Nilesh thanki says

    It is being thought by some individual that, watching television has led children to suffer from issues related to weight. However I am not agree to this, because i think such adverse consequences are combined result of both lifestyle change as well as rapidly expanding usage of smartphones. Though it seems bit difficult to find solution to this problem, I think with little attention from parents and slight alteration in lifestyle can play crucial role to curb the problem.

    Firstly, in my view the main reason behind this problem is because of quick growth in usage of mobile phones. That means when children spend more time on mobile phones by either playing addictive video games or on social media to entertain themselves, it drastically reduces there time in playing outdoor games. In other words, not getting involved in any outdoor activities make them exposed to risk of being overweighted.

    Secondly, the other point to consider is that there has been a lot of change in lifestyle of children these days. This means that that their sleeping and eating habits have been changed a lot. For instance increased number of children enjoy eating delicious fast-foods. This fast-foods though are tasty, expose children to various problems emergeing from obesity owing to their unhealthy fat contents.

    Although, it may sound challenging to control such difficulties, but with minor habitual changes and care from parents can bring positive oucomes. This means parents are close to their children and can make them aware about hazardous consequences of eating excess junk-foods. Moreover parents can also control their children’s activities on phone by limiting the amount of time spent. In addition some time encouraging children to play outdoor games by explaining them about the benefits of such games children can be turned to sports and other physical activities.

    In conclusion, though some people think that problems related to weight are because of watching TV, in my opinion this is mainly because of excessive junkfood and too much usage of mobile phones. Nonetheless, with love and guidance from parents this issue can be mitigated.

  111. It is believed that watching television makes youngsters
    become obese. This essay agrees with this statement because being inactive can make
    children overweight. This essay will tackle how children who spend too much
    time watching television leads to weight gain and suggest a viable solution.

    In this age and time, there are too many TV programs that
    are suitable for children. Many cartoon channels are available that children can
    watch different programs as long as they want to. There are even times that
    they munch on unhealthy foods like chocolates while watching their favorite TV
    program. Many of these youngsters become unaware of the time not realizing they
    have been inactive for some time. As a result, these inactive children who also
    eat too many sweets become unhealthy that they become heavier for their age.
    For example, a study conducted on Reader’s Digest magazine shows that 78% of
    children who spend too much time watching TV are obese.

    It has been proven that exercise makes a person healthy.
    Parents should limit the time for their children to watch television and they
    should make them active. Parents should enroll their children to some extra-curricular
    activities like sports. As an example, a personal friend of mine let his son
    play football every weekend and I have witnessed how he grew up being
    conscious of his own weight.

    In conclusion, watching TV can make children relaxed but the
    time they spend watching their favorite programs should be limited. They should
    also get involved in sports for them to grow up healthy and fit.

  112. A large number of people are worried about the overweight cause by frequently television watching in their offspring .In my opinion, it is worst problem facing by parents due to lack of exercises and eating junk foods however there are various possible solution to tackle this problem such as making timetable to watch television ,involve them in physical exercises as well as involved detrimental effect of watching television in school curriculum .

    To begin with offsprings are unable to perform physical exercises .Now a days majority of the children are couch potatoes who are unable to do regular physical exercises which is essential for human being as a result they have devastating effect physically and mentally. Another cause of overweight is eating too much junk food which is advertised by different channels in commercial breaks.Although,children spend a lot of time in television rather than outdoor games where they saw variety of junk foods which give proper nutrition for them but the organisation give fake report.Thus, childrens like to eat breads ,cereals ,snacks e.t.c rather than fruits and vegetables.

    There are various effective solution to rectify the problem. firstly ,parents should make time table to watch television which helps to minimise the problem directly and let them them encourage to do outdoor games.Secondly physical exercises helps directly to lose weight and make them flexible and fit. So, encourage them to do physical exercises and take part in various sports which plays vital role to maintain their health. Finally the detrimental effect of watching television should be involved in school curriculum. This possible solution helps to ameliorated the problems cause by watching television.

    To sum up, provide qualitative education during school ,making time table and physical exercises help them to rectify the cause of overweight problem for offsprings .

  113. It is argue that ,watching television is the most common reason of obesity in the adolescent .This easy will elaborate more on it and provide some main solutions to prevent our future generation from it,with reasonable conclusion.
    To being with,in this modern era children are become more habitual of entertainment programme such as watch video’s and film through day. In ancient time technology was not evolve that much ,so that they used to play several games in the playground.however these days these medium of intertainmen are available on every house and mostly children are much more keen to watching it,because of this reason,their involvement in real play are lessen and gaining there body weight.

    On the other hand there are various probable solutions to protect our younger one to gain their weight.firstly,children spend there most of the time at schoolyard,so government should provide the legal note to every education department to routinely exercise should be mendetery early in the morning and there should be spots activities priod in their curriculum.Secondly All fast food stall should be banned near to campus ,there should be special classes given to them,so that they are able diffenciate between quality of food and there harmfully effect on our physical.finally parents should have maintain proper food balance diet at home for them,and avoid highly calorie products in there preparation to make their child fit and fine.

    In conclusion,sandentry life style is most common cause to gaining wait,but right precautions are helpful to ommission of this problem.

  114. Aulona Beqo says

    Physical inactivity is usually associated with obesity, an example of which is staying in front of the TV for hours. Personally, I agree with this perspective and would offer some suggestions to improve the situation.
    Firstly, engage children in activities that require physical mobility such as sports.
    By engaging them in sports activities, parents will be sure that they will cut down on the amount of time spent in front of the TV, have a more vivid social life and watch their weight.
    Secondly, another good way would be to engage them with chores which comply with the children’s age such as tidying their rooms or feeding a pet. In this way children will acquire a sense of accomplishment and importance.
    Thirdly, taking up a musical instrument or being member of a group that practice art and craft would help the children spend less time in front of the TV and concequently avoid the risk of gaining weight.
    To conclude, I might say that all of the above summed up, it is the parents’ responsibility to engage children in activities that boost their physical activity.

  115. Thalita Veronica says

    According to some, watching TV could trigger weight problems in children and I agree with this. Although the problems this could take, a number of solutions can be suggested to avoid chidren´s weight problems for watching TV.
    A good solution is estimulating outdoor activities, such as sports and artistical classes. In other words, this could improve their skills and also bring better friendship among children. Indeed, a child that has a good relationship with others could grow up in a greater and healthier environment. Furthermore, they could deal better with difficult moments in their lives, because they will already been developing their social and talented skills. Consequently, this will help them in a long run, when it is time to choose which profession to be pursued.
    Another solution to be considered is limiting their time in front of the TV, because they are submitted to several commercials that estimulate their taste for junk and unhealthy food. Therefore, a child is an human being in development and, as a result, is more vulnerable whether to a explicit or to a subconsciouness propaganda that is commonly seen behind a simple TV show with a character eating an hamburguer or pizza, for instance.
    Finally, reading books might be a better solution rather than leave children watching TV. Afterall, books are an irrepleaceable learning tool, that can stimulate their thinking and language skills, helping them to overcome their social fears and, in this case, their ability to communicate and to share their experiences. This might tackle children´s weight problems as well, once considered that they would be away from TV.
    In conclusion, despite all drawbacks in chidren´s weight by watching TV, there might be solutions in order to estimulate children activities away from the television.

  116. Hi Liz,

    I have recently given my General IELTS, and updated ‘Recent Exam Question Section’ with speaking and writing questions. But It is not appearing on the page, even after submitting two times.
    Am I doing something wrong ?

  117. Inamarshad says

    In my point of view,now a days ,watching tv and playing games is a big reason of gaining and loosing weight in childrens.So,the suggestion is that whole family should involve in some attractive activities at home,like healthy cooking,exercise in some way that automatically attract your children to join major thing tell your children’s about healthy food which is suitable according to your children’s age.

    • I was hoping for a full essay. That means 270 – 290 words. This is a chance for you to write a complete essay and then tomorrow you can compare it with my model essay.

  118. Hello,

    Why am I not able to see my post ? It happens many times.


    • I do not offer a question answer service. I have never offered that service. This website is to provide people with the 300 pages of free materials and tips. In my free time I occasionally help people – but I am not able to help the thousands who visit my site everyday. If you require a teacher to help you personally, you will need to look locally.

      This particular page is to post your essay for practice.

      • I am sorry. I think you misunderstood me. All I was saying that I was not able to see my earlier post. You are my best teacher. Thank you.

        • No problem. When you post a comment it does not automatically upload like most sites. This is because I choose to read every single post before approving it. It means a lot of work for me, but it makes sure that the website remains good quality. So, always allow time once you post your message for it to appear in public. And if I fall asleep – it might take even longer 🙂

  119. manishaacharya says

    For my part I am in the favour of watching TV may cause weight problem there are number of reasons to support it not engaged in physical work can cause obesity.

  120. Hello Liz
    Should I post essay on this page only ??

    • Yes. Just type it in and post it 🙂

      • Dear Liz,

        I saw the following topic in the Cambridge vocabulary for IELTS book: ” Whoever controls the media also controls opinions and attitudes of the people and there is little that can be done to rectify this” To what extend do you agree or disagree?

        Based on your lessons, the first part of the topic should be paraphrased in the introduction, and the second part “there is little that can be done to rectify this” should be considered the main topic to agree or disagree with.
        However, in the Cambridge answer key, in the first body paragraph, it has been written about controlling the peoples’ attitude, and in the second paragraph, it has been disagreed with that little can be done.
        I appreciate if you could clarify this matter.

        Thank you in advance, and sorry if I posted this question in an irrelevant place.

        Best Regards,

        • This is because both parts of the essay question (the statement) are opinion. It is not true that whoever controls the media controls opinion – it is an opinion. You need to comment on that opinion. You also need to common on the opinion that nothing can be done. This means you need to differential between being given a fact (a current real situation) – that is the background only – and being given one opinion or two opinions to comment on. Here you have two opinions to comment on. Do you agree that whoever controls media controls opinion? Personally I do not agree with this. I think media has an influence but not a control. Then you must decide if you agree that nothing can be done – again I would disagree, of course something can be done – you must then explain what. Do you see? Your task in an Opinion Essay is to common on the opinion given. That means first you must identify if you have one or two opinions to tackle in the question.

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    That would be great. I currently took a test an waiting for the results to come.
    I always follow your tips and instructions.
    You are doing a great a job.

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