Parts of the Face: Vocabulary for People

It is common to be asked to give a description of a person in IELTS speaking. Here is some useful vocabulary to help you describe a person in detail.

You can see that one word in the diagram is missing. Do you know that word?

face parts vocabularyListen to the recording below to complete the diagram. Words will not come in order so you will need to make notes to find which is the missing word. Answer is given below.

The missing word is “eyebrow”

Note: many of these words are often used as plurals, for example, “she has rather thick lips” or “he has high cheek bones”. Make sure you use this vocabulary accurately.


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  1. tqq liz

  2. Hello liz, my exam will be at 2/dec/2017. Do you think i still have time to ace the exam? With good grades?

    • If you get to grips with the entire content of the test, you understand what is required and you practice enough – sure why not? I’ve know students do it in less time šŸ™‚

  3. laxmi gaudel says:

    being a house wife, i hardly get time to take classes so i find you to get in touch to study thanks liz.

    • There are over 300 pages of tips and advice on my site. Take your time to explore and read all tips. Good luck šŸ™‚

  4. Ghanshyam Gosai says:

    Hi Elizabeth
    My self Ghanshyam. I am from India. I want to learn IELTS.
    please help me

  5. Hi, liz would you like to add that what type of look appearence of a person like tall,short,healthy,weak,handsome,fair,chubby,sexy,beautiful,curly hair,blonde,fat,slim etc.
    nature shy,clever,intelligent etc,posture straight body,stoop, and many others words like beautiful eyes shapes and nose shapes. i appologise you if i have said anything wrong.

  6. Hi Liz,
    This list of vocabulary is very helpful for me….thank u so much. I would like to know the vocabulary related to relationship(uncle, cousin…)

  7. The missing word is : eyebrow

  8. Saifur Rahman says:

    I read vocabulary everyday but i cant memorise.Please suggest me how can I memorise vocabulary.

    • Hi, the reasons that most students are not able to remember new vocabulary is firstly because they don’t use it. Many students think that if they learn vocabulary from a list, they will remember it. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. You need to use the vocabulary. You could practice writing sentences with the vocabulary or read articles related to the vocabulary or practice using it when you speak. Secondly, you should not try and learn too many words in one day. Focus on a small list of words and practice using them each day. Lastly, you need to review the new vocabulary regularly. At the end of each week, you should review the list of vocabulary that you have learned and spend the weekend practicing it again. Hopefully, if you follow these suggestions you will retain more vocabulary and your range will increase.
      All the best

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