Why are My IELTS Results Withheld or Delayed?

Learn why your IELTS results are withheld and what you can do about it. 

Why your IELTS results are withheld

When you apply for your IELTS test and fill in the application form, you will find the terms and conditions attached to the form. You should read these terms and conditions very carefully because you will find three points which explain that your results may be withheld or cancelled.

IELTS Terms and Conditions: Withholding Results

The following points can be found on your IELTS application form under the terms and conditions:

  • Your result may not be issued 13 days after the test if the IELTS Test Partners decide that it is necessary to review any matter associated with your test or the administration of your test. To assist any investigation, you may be required to provide writing and speaking samples. In exceptional circumstances you may be required to re-take one or more IELTS components.

The above point explains that you may not get your results after 13 days because IELTS want to check them more carefully. There are two main reasons given: 1) they want to check your test again 2) they are doing quality control checks on how the test is managed.

  • Your result may be cancelled after it has been issued if any irregularity is identified. You may be required to re-take one or more IELTS components.

This means that if there are any problems with your test, your results might be cancelled  and you might need to take your test again or part of your test again. An “irregularity” means that something occurred relating to your test or how it was managed which was not usual or acceptable.

  • If any of the data on the Test Report Form provided by you or your agent to Recognising Organisations has been altered in any way, your original test result may be cancelled.

This point shows that if any information you give has been altered, your result might be cancelled. So, be careful about providing the right information and only use reputable agents.

You now see that IELTS have the right to withhold or cancel your results for certain reasons, usually for analysing and quality checking.
When you sign your application form, you also agree that you accept a possible delay in results. Your signature is agreeing to the terms and conditions above.

IELTS will email you if your results are withheld or cancelled. If you don’t get this email, check your spam folder or contact your test center.

What can you do about it?

If your results have been delayed, you just need to wait and be patient.

Your results will arrive but there is no fixed time limit. Some students receive their results within just one week or a couple of weeks. However, for others, it might be longer – a month or even 3 months.

Can you take your test again? Sure you can. See below for advice:

Taking your Test Again

If you don’t want to wait, you can take your test again.

When you take more than one test, you can choose which results to use. You can choose to use the highest results. So, it won’t matter that you end up with two sets of results – just choose the best one to use for your future.

Booking your Test in Advance

When you decide the date for your IELTS test make sure you have a few months before your actual deadline because your results might not arrive after 13 days.

Give yourself lots of time to prepare for IELTS and to get your results!!

IELTS Test Information

Learn more about your IELTS test. Learn conditions, rules and tips: IELTS Test Information Page

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    When it says: Recognizing organizations will be able to view this outcome online.
    Would the outcome of the current investigation be available in someone’s profile permanently? And in case the candidate had a future test report, then would the old outcome still exist in his profile?
    I assume if the answer was yes, then its the end because the candidate had a history of malpractice or misconduct , therefor the chances of being accepted in a professional organization or an immigration authority might be very limited.
    May I have an answer Liz?
    Many thanks,

    • You need to contact your test center. I don’t work for IELTS. So all policies must be checked directly with them.

  2. Rami Mallat says:

    hi, my test was on 8th of april, 2017.
    i have received an investigation email regarding my results, and till now i didn’t receive any email, i have checked my spam and my inbox, i ‘ve called my center many times and they keep telling me that they don’t know anything and that they cannot tell me anything.
    I have applied because it is necessary for my employment contract. i might lose this contract because of their delay.
    How to know my results, i have sent an email to ielts.dubai@idp.com and no one replied.

    At least i want to know the reason.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Liz,

    I have the same issue, my results are on hold. The test center sent a mail stating NOTICE OF INVESTIGATION ON IELTS TEST sat on April 29th 2017 in Toronto, Canada location. Its been a week I have no clue what is happening. I tried calling my test center, they say IDP will be in touch with you. I tried calling IDP Australia, the customer contact agent sent a URGENT enquiry mail to idpieltsaustralia@idp.com & CCed me as well but still no one bothered to reply me back. This test was planned in such a way that I get my results on May 11th and I can apply for my immigration on 19th May(which is the deadline). Its really really frustrating, what else can I do ? is there anything u can suggest me.

    Thanks Liz.

  4. mudassir mirza says:

    Hi Liz,

    I have just received my results for GT. I got L-9, R-9, W-7, S-7. I would like thank you for your valuable training and teaching. Your guidance was extremely useful and helped me in achieving the desired score. Thanks again for your help.

    • A great score!! Well done to you 🙂 Getting band 9 in listening and reading is excellent – students will take inspiration from that 🙂

  5. Hello.Good PM
    I am peter by name,i wrote my ielt exam on the 25March of 2017 and i have not seen my result or receive any email from the British Council
    I wrote my exam in Nigeria lagos.
    What can i do about this??

  6. I gave IELTS GT exam on April 8, 2017 and my result was withheld. Received result today and got Listening 9, Reading 8, Speaking 7.5 and Writing 7.
    Thanks Liz for all the valuable stuff and good luck everyone.

  7. Has anyone of you received the result of IELTS after (withheld it)? Who was tested on (30 March 2017) or (8 April 2017)?

    • And tell us, how many days were you waiting for the result?

    • Yes Yaser, received today. I gave ielts on April 8 and received result today.

      • TISHA SUSAN says:

        Hi ,

        How you got your result? Through their site or by post. Where you wrote the exam .?I am wrote in Qatar and expecting a good result.

        • Hi Tisha. I gave exam in Karachi and the karachi office representatives called to inform that the result has been made avaialble online, so I checked online at that time. They have also couriered the hard copy, so I’ll receive that in a day or two. Good luck to you, hope you’ll get the expected result.

    • Am still waiting for the results. Gave the exam on March 30th, IDP Academics at Bangalore.

  8. Hi Liz,
    I received my result card and exact after 20 days i received a horrible email however, my result still available online. L 6.0, R 6.0, W 6.0, S 6.5. i am really worry about this. i don’t know what to do.

    Dear Candidate,
    Re: Notification of cancellation of result

    We refer to the investigation into your IELTS test result of 25 March 2017

    Strict quality control procedures are in place to protect the integrity and security of the IELTS test. As a result of these procedures, your test result of the 25 March 2017 came under scrutiny and has been investigated.

    The IELTS application form which you signed states:
    -I understand that the IELTS Test Partners reserve the right to withhold test results temporarily or permanently, if they consider those results to be unreliable for reasons of suspected malpractice or any other irregularity in the test process.
    – I understand that if I am suspected of engaging in any form of malpractice, or do anything that might damage the integrity and security of IELTS, I may not receive a test result, and my test fee will not be refunded.
    – I understand that if any other person attempts to take the IELTS test in my place, both I and such person will be liable to prosecution.
    – I understand that details of any malpractice (including evidence of suspected malpractice) that has been established, is suspected, or is being formally investigated, may be provided to Recognising Organisations, including visa processing authorities and appropriate regulatory authorities.

    The following actions have been taken:
    – Your result has been cancelled. Recognising Organisations will be able to view this outcome online.
    – A report has been made to the IELTS Test Partners

    Any questions relating to your cancelled results should be forwarded to info@britishcouncil.org.pk

    If you wish to appeal against this decision our Appeals Procedure can be found at

    Yours sincerely

    IELTS Investigations Team

  9. Guys, I am going to tell you that my results from ielts investigation got released. I sat on the exam January 7,2017 at British Council in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. On 20 th April. I got an Email from Br.Coun. about my result. They are 8.5 and 8.5 from listening and reading and 6 and 6 from writing and speaking

    • Good for you Ismoil.. for us we are still waiting

      • I got my test report form after 12 days delay coz of address issues..in that time i was in contact with test centre..i received my test report form…after 4 days of receiving trf i got email from test my result has been cancelled..they hold the right to do investigation and scrutiny before trf is issued..how is it possible that they cancel my result ..liz reply what should i do

      • Blueberry says:

        Hi, just an update here, I already received my official ielts results and I’m really happy coz the results are the same as what appears online. Hopefully, everyone will have their results soon. Just have faith guys!

        • Mariam says:

          When did u get ur result? Did they send u an email? I too took a test on 8th of April 2017 but haven’t got my result yet. I am so worried

          • Blueberry says:

            Hi, IDP emailed me that I can collect my official report on May 2. That’s exactly 12 days after they withheld my result.

  10. I took my IELTS test on 08 April, 2017 from Islamabad center, Pakistan. I have a friend who also took it on the same day from the same center. She can preview her results online but I can’t.. whenever I put the search, it says ‘results not found’. What does it mean? Does it mean my result has been withheld? Or is there likely to be a technical issue? Is anyone else facing the same?

    • Absolutely same here though I received an sms saying results are out and collect the test report form

      • OK so it turns out that it was just a technical glitch… and they’ve now updated their system (after I registered my concern on their helpline) and added my result to the system so now I’m able to view my score and hopefully will get the hard copy tomorrow. Hope everyone facing the same issue is relieved the way I am. Please call your local branches and register a complaint. Not being able to preview your results online does not necessarily mean they were withheld.

  11. Zohaib Ishaq says:


    I have given my exam of 25-Mar-17 but still awaiting for my results, I have written e-mail and called BC couple of times but there is no update.

    In my views, its simply bureaucracy and ill-structured quality check procedure without proper time-lines, how come quality-check can take more time than checking the papers?

    What if person want to apply for admission or migration with strict deadline?

    Do we have any other candidates suffering to get results 25-Mar-17??

  12. Blueberry says:

    Hi! I checked my results for april 8, 2017 exam and the results appeared online but when I go to the test center to collect the official result I was given a letter saying that it was withheld for investigation. Is anyone here has the same situation as mine? I mean results appeared online but no official report? Im really upset with the delays.

    • Had my exam last April 8 here in Abu Dhabi, I was supposed to get my result today but received a notification of investigation e-mail instead. I called BC office and they said it’s a normal quality procedure and will take two weeks or more for them to get back since the results are in UK. This is so frustrating, it’s delaying my family’s immigrant application. Where did you seat for your exam?

      • Hi Violet, Did you receive an sms prior, asking you to collect the result from British council. They asked to collect on Monday (24th from 9am) to me

        • Hi been checking my msg inbox and mails but nothing 🙁 you took your exam in AUH as well?

          • Blueberry says:

            Hi! Still waiting in vain. Are you going to take the exam while waiting for the results? Because i heard its better to schedule another exam coz there’s no definite date for the release of the results. Some waited for 3 months so we might as well take the test again. I know this is frustrating but there’s nothing we can do about it.

            • I have an infant so its very difficult for me to take another exam.. besides there is no assurance that they will not hold your results again..

            • Muhammad Bilal says:

              How did you appealed against your test result? Can you help me.. my result was apear online exact after 13 days of exam and after 3 days i received my result card . But after 1 month i received a notice about cancellation of my result .
              What should i do ?
              Please Reply me

    • Me too i am in Saudi Arabia

      most of people facing the same problem .unfortunatly there is no alternative for ielts but idp and BC are not honest and fully correpted

  13. I gave my IELTS at IDP on 8 april 2017 and today (21 april 2017) I was supposed to get the result, but I got an email regarding security check, this was my first attempt. Anyone else also got email for same date?

    • Same here

    • Me too. They sent:

      Dear Candidate,

      Notification of Delay to IELTS Results

      We refer to your IELTS test of 08th April 2017

      Strict quality control procedures are in place to protect the integrity and security of the IELTS test. As part of these procedures, test results are routinely analysed by the IELTS Test Partners before they are issued to candidates.

      As a result of these procedures, test scores for the 08th April 2017 have come under scrutiny and are being investigated. Your results are being withheld while this investigation is being conducted. Please note that all investigations are conducted without prejudice by the IELTS Test Partners.

      The declaration on the IELTS application form that you agreed to includes the following statement: ‘I understand that my results may not be issued 13 days after the test if any of the IELTS Test Partners deem it necessary to review any matter associated with my test’.

      We will notify you once we have an update.

      Yours sincerely

      Kind regards

  14. Elshadai Omega says:

    Hi Liz,

    I have given my IELTS exam on 30th, March 2017. Today(13th,April), I must have received the results. Since I didn’t receive the same, i had a live chat with one of the Idp agent. They came back like my results are withheld and they can’t help out with the date when I will receive the same. Now on going through the previous comments, I really feel disappointed as I was about to apply for my Masters for this Winter. Now I don’t know what to do. Do you have any suggestions that could help me?

  15. I received my result today. It was informed via email by BC to come to their office to collect Test Result Form. I know it is frustrating to have to wait so long but in fact, we can do nothing but wait. It has been roughly 3 months to receive my result since the test date. To be honest, I am preparing to register for another IELTS test because I thought they will withhold my result permanently.
    Frankly speaking, I even contacted directly Cambridge but it did not work. They told me that I should communicate with my test center instead of them lol. Please be informed that the estimated time to finish their investigation is within 12 weeks of the test date according to Cambridge’s website, therefore you should be patient 🙂
    Good luck to you all and hope you will get your results soon 🙂

  16. Mohammad Khan says:

    I have given my exam on 25.03.17. Received message on 07.04.17 saying that it is delayed due to quality control procedures. We will get back to you with result by 10.04.17. But still there is no response from their end. Send multiples emails as well to them.
    Anyone else in the same situation with any other updates ??? Please share !!!

    • I had the same thing and on the same date of the exam. I am still waiting and I did not get any reply up to this moment !!!

    • I received an email on 10 th of April telling that my paper is still under investigation. This time they did not give any information about when The result will be given.

    • The same situation,but ome of my colleague received the official score . We took the exam at the same date and center!

      • Mohammad Khan says:

        Is the score similar to what he/she expected ? If I can ask that. Just wanted to have an idea that the checking criteria have been strict or the same.

    • Same here .. 25th March was the exam.. got an sms on the 7th April saying the results have been delayed and will be available by the 10th April. On the 10th of April received another email late evening mentioning it will take longer. no timeline provided….arghhh!

    • Hi

      Same date 25th march, But received massage for 21st April on 7th April but i called today to BC office,according to them hold result may be released on 21st april or 12th may.

  17. Manish adhikari says:

    I give my ielts on 18 March 2017
    and theyput my results on hold.Do you
    tell me how can it happen and the time of maximum
    days of hold to publish the result?

  18. syed saad says:

    I gave my IELTS test on 10th,11th Feb 2017, today on 3rd april 2017 I received my results Got R6 L7 W7 S7 bands with overall band 7 … Waiting so long was so hectic … Guys whoever of you are in a situation like me I advice you to remain tolerant I know its difficult but you cannot do anything about it … Remain calm and forget your results for a while its the best therapy. My venue was Islamabad, Pakistan 🙂

  19. i wrote exam on 18 march bt my results are witheld by telling that it would come on31 but still no updates

  20. I have taken the IELTS test By BC on 18th March and waiting for the result (As tomorrow is the 13th day) but I have noticed few folks from Egypt had appeared on the same date and they got the result today how they can get before 13 days (I am in Pakistan) i called customer services they said to wait.

  21. did anybody contact IDP lately ?

  22. Mohsin Munir says:

    Hi ! Today is 21 March and I appeared in the test on 4th March, 2017. Still the result not announced, whats wrong with the british council? Anybody knows the exact date of result ?

  23. SAMUNDRA says:

    I took IELTS exam on march, my result was supposed to be published on march 17. when i searched online it says “no results found”. I really don’t understand what to do next. The wait is really very frustating. Please suggest me what to do. I want to apply for july intake. Can i take exam again ? or will it be better to wait for the result.

    • Same here. I got exam on 4th March, it still says no candidate here.. I contacted with two different headquarters in my country and they approved my information however they only said “wait a bit longer”. This is 3th day after results were announced. I also sent email to another Center, they said “your results were posted to your adress at the same day the announcement were made and please keep trying results.ieltsessentials.com in order to see your results”

      Please Liz, We need your advice…

      • Visit your local test center directly if you need to. Also continue to email them. Check that they have the right address for you. It’s not a nice situation and I do understand your worry. But keep your head clear and try to get it resolved.

        • Thank you Liz.
          I checked my adress, fortunately its correct. But I couldnt find a solution for my situation yet. I tried at least 200 times and they still want me to try. I hope i can get the result I need at the end.
          Take care yourself.

          • SAMUNDRA says:


            • Dear Samundra
              What is the latest position ?I also did on 4th March ;No reply.

              • This the reply for my Email dated 11/04/2017
                Quote “We have not received any an update yet, we will get back to you soon as we hear from the investigation team as this is beyond centres control “Unquote

              • SAMUNDRA says:

                SAL i got my results today.

                • Thanks SAmundra
                  still waiting for results – 4th March ;What should I do Now ?

                • SAMUNDRA says:

                  Keep on mailing BC regarding the updates of your result once or twice a week. I did the same. I got my results after 3 weeks of the actual result date. keep patience. My friend from feb- 11 has not got her result yet.

    • Parth Bhardwaj says:

      I took my Ielts gen exam on 4th march 2017 at Lutyens resort center in Delhi India…I got a sms saying it was not possible to publish the result today so they’ll give next status update until 31st march 2017
      Really confused…They are such a big organization yet so unprofessional and clumsy
      Planning to visit the british high commission in Connaught place Delhi India tomorrow

      • SAMUNDRA says:

        Parth, did you visit BC ? what was the response?

        • Parth Bhardwaj says:

          Well they said the same thing…wait till 31st march… fingers crossed…

          • SAMUNDRA says:

            Its a long wait. I really hope and pray that we all will get our results soon.

            • Parth Bhardwaj says:

              I wish I took the TOEFL jbt test…which is online…and less chances of bullshit.like bc

              • SAMUNDRA says:

                anyone got hold results from march 4???

                • STILL NO RESULTS

                • Still waiting for 2nd Feb results.. if it is in date order I would recommend forget the results for another month atleast.

                • Parth Bhardwaj says:

                  I received a Sms from british council today that the next update on the 4th march test will be on 12th may which is like more than a month wait now….I think this is really unprofessional and third class act by british council…really disappointed… playing with student’s careers

              • SAMUNDRA says:

                At least you got SMS regarding updates. I got no update at all.

                • Anyone got 4th March 2017 held results?

                • SAMUNDRA says:

                  Still waiting for the results for March 4. Is it advisable to forget the fee amount for previous exam and take the exam again?
                  Please, Liz help us out.

                • You must decide if you want to continue waiting. When you take the exam twice, you can decide which results to use. All results are valid for 2 years.

                • I am planning to take the exam after 17th April 2017 (hopefully before 14th Friday)

  24. I have written ielts Gen on March 4 and the result were supposed to declare today. I called customer care and they said due to technical issue results are not declared for that exam date

    • Same here! I have written the IELTS General Exam on March 4th, 2017, but wasn’t able to see my result online today. I have taken it through the British Council, Abu Dhabi so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to check with them (they do not work on Fridays).

    • Muhammad kashif says:

      I took my ielts test on 4th march 2017 at
      Venue: Zayed University, Convention centre, Dubai International Academic City, Dubai
      Results has been withheld for me . They didnt declare my results online . I wanted to confirm is there any one else from same venue and date whoz facing this issue
      You can contact me on 0501116682

    • Muhammad kashif says:

      I took my ielts test on 4th march 2017 at
      Venue: Zayed University, Convention centre, Dubai International Academic City, Dubai
      Results has been withheld for me . They didnt declare my results online . I wanted to confirm is there any one else from same venue and date whoz facing this issue
      You can contact me on 0501116682

    • SAMUNDRA says:

      my result is also withheld. what should we do now??

    • SAMUNDRA says:

      you got your resullts? what was the response from BC??

      • I have gotten my results. They texted them to me and I was also able to view them online. It seems they only had to get back to work as the results announcement day was a Friday.

  25. Hi Friends,
    I spoke to the BC Authorities about the status of results for the Feb 11 exams. They said that they will provide an update on March 31. It is highly frustrating as it will be almost 2 months since the exams. In the meanwhile friends let us help each other by sharing what ever updates we have. Hoping that we all receive the result soon and end this agonizing phase. Have a nice day.

    • Varun Rawal says:

      Hi. I have a question though. The website says that they won’t display the result for more than 40 days. What if they release our result after those 40 days are over? Will we still be able to see the result online?

      • Sahil Kapoor says:

        No, You can not see your result online after 40 days. You have to wait for hard copy that will be post to your address


      • The result won’t appear on the internet anymore, when they release the result you will get the TRF directly

        • Varun Rawal says:

          Thanks Samia. 🙂

        • Varun Rawal says:

          How much time does it take for the TRF to reach us? I appeared from BC and people say it takes around 15 days. Is it true?

          • Actually once I received the email said that my result no longer withheld I called the BC and they said that I can come by myself and get the TRF directly and so I did. This was in Saudi Arabia I don’t know if that applicable at all BC

      • I can understand the pain you guys are going through..I went through this a month back while I was waiting for my 7th jan IELTS results..so let me share my experience..
        1. you won’t be able to see your results online. You have to collect it from bc or idp ( wherever you registered)
        2. There’s no gurantee whether your second attempt will be withheld or not in future.
        3. Your results if withheld, may be released within as soon as 1week to even 3-4months.
        4. If they suspect any sort of forgery they might parmanently withheld or even cancel it and they will not even give u any explanation :-/
        5. U can sit for another exam any time
        Please share this with all your friends.

        • Varun Rawal says:

          Thanks a lot Tasnim. Also, did you get any notification when your results finally were out? And will I be able to see it online if I get it within 40 days?

          • Yes they notified me via email. I don’t think you are going to get results online cause mine was released within 40 days but I couldn’t see it. Just keep on checking your email. They might even ask you to submit notes regarding your expected score (as I ave heard from a few people).

    • 11th Feb result anybody have any idea when it is going to be out.


      Hi everyone..
      I had written my ielts on 11 feb 2017. Unfortunately my result withheld for the last one month. Today I received a sms its state that my result will be published on today evening by 4 pm. But while I am checking online I got the same answer Ie NO RESULT FOUND. Its frustrating me…

  26. Hi, guys, my IELTS results of 16 of Feb have been withheld
    I was waiting for it on the 1st of march anyone from that date have the same issue?

    • 11th feb still waiting

    • Varun Rawal says:

      Yes, I appeared on the same date for the test from Ahmedabad. It has been two weeks now and no e-mail or update has been sent to me from their side. Their helpline numbers are useless. I want to know if they’ll notify us when the results will be out. And what is the guarantee that this won’t repeat after I re-take the test?

    • Hi Guys, I spoke to the BC Authorities today, they said will provide update on the Feb 11 exam on March 31, 2017. This is highly frustrating. Its been more than a month and the results have not been released. Please friends let us help each other by sharing what ever updates we get. Hopefully we will get the results soon. Have a nice day

      • Sahil Kapoor says:

        My exam was on 7th Jan 2017 and i am still waiting for my result.

      • HI Sameer, Im going through the same situation.. pl confirm where was your test centre and you checked with BC PK? Awaiting reply. Thanks

        • Hello AZ where you sat your test at pakistan. any further updates regrding release of 11th feb result i am still waiting for it??

    • Hi Ali,

      Even I appeared for the Feb 11 exams however BC Authorities said they will provide an update on March 31. It is really frustrating as we struggled quite hard for this exam. Let us share any updates we have about the results. Thanks

      • hello sameer,how did they told you about this becuase we asked them 100times but they saying we are unable to told you any thing of any timeframe so how they say this to only you.BTW at which country you did your test?

        • Hi Ali,
          They have not given any time frame for the result declaration, they said that I will receive an update about the results on March 31. They have changed their dates three times till now. I did my test from India. How about you Ali, when did you gave your exam and from which country?

          • i did it on same date as you from pakistan but they didnt give me any certain release dates as they give it to you, does u done yours at british council?

    • Hi my IELTS results too from Feb 16th has been withheld, your not alone on this

  27. Sahil Kapoor says:

    My IELTS exam was on 7 Jan, 2017. But till now my result is under quality procedure. Please help me out for this.


    • Please read the article above which explains.

      • Varun Rawal says:

        Hello Liz,

        I appeared for the test on 16th of Feb from India. The results should’ve been out on 1st of March but due to administrative issue, the result is delayed. My two questions are that will they notify me wheb the result will be out? And what is the guarantee that this won’t repeat after I re-take the test? Please reply ASAP. I need to apply to the good Canadian universities before they get filled up. Thank you.

    • Varun Rawal says:

      This is a lot of delay. The BC website doesn’t display the result for more than 40 days. Your result is probably cancelled. You better re-take the test before the good universities get filled up. I took the test on 16th of Feb and the result should’ve been out on 1st of March.

  28. Amjad Iqbal says:

    Amjad Iqbal Says:

    My wife result is also withheld since 2 February no clue what is going on. I have booked another one but still no answer

    • talib hussain says:

      me to brother my result held from 2 feb 2017 until today no update. I’m going to book new test but not with British council. can you please tell me any other regesterd center from UKBA?

  29. Anyone know why they ask some to give writing statement?? I got an email to notify me that my result for my IELTS exam on 11 Feb will be withheld for routinely investigation.. when I search google I found some have the same issue but they ask them to give additional writing statement??
    Anybody know why they ask some and don’t ask other for this statement please !!
    I want to know why they are holding our result I’m really frustrated to get an experience like this as this is my first attemp in IELTS exam

    • Priyansh Sharma says:

      Hello Samia,
      Even I got the same mail from Idp on same exam date that my result won’t issued unless the investigation has been done. I’m still waiting hopefully it won’t take so long time.

    • i also received the same e-mail for 11 Feb exam! did you get your email?

      • Hi Sahar,

        Yes I received the email that my results is under quality review and I will receive the update soon. Kindly let us know friends if you have any information on the Feb 11 results. This wait is really frustrating. Thanks

      • hello sahar did you receive your result mine is still withheld samia already got her result, also where was your test centre?

        • I did the exam with my friend on the same date and our result was withheld, after 2 weeks I got my result but her result still withheld and when she asked BC about it they said that they just realese the result of 50 person and yet there will realese more result each week. So be patience guys you will get your result eventually

          • Do they email if the result get realeased? and what was your band score , mine has also been withhold (11th feb)

            • Yes they do. BC emailed me when they released my result but they don’t give the score on email neither on telephone. I get my score when I got te TRF by myself in the same day they email me

    • I receive an email on Thursday said that my result no longer withheld and I can take my TRF from BC .. I received my result finally .. my exam was on 11 Feb .. thanks for this useful website

    • Hello samia any updated about your result i have same test on 11 february and still withheld

    • hi samia ,

      i have got same email from bc that i should provide some written statement could you please tell me what they are asking for???

  30. Hi Liz
    my results are held for about three weeks now, I took my exam in London and when I called my centre they said that British council had held many results from the same centre and they do not when the results will be due.
    what do you think about calling British Council or write to them?

    • I wrote my ielts academic test on7th January 2017 my result has been under investigation.recently they messaged me that my result has been released but they cannot publish it online,also said to visit their main office which is really far to collect my result.I am really stressed.what can I do .

      • My result is showing N/A except for speaking. I did the test on 11/02/2017 at Hobart, Tasmania. Has anyone had the similar experience or heard about the results partially available.

        • Hello, I did nor receive my result yet. I also toke my exam on 11 Feb in Iran. I have no idea what’s going on.but this trend happened for many ielts takers in this special day!!!
          I am really worried..:(

      • hello liz, todayI have receved an email stating that my result will not released so what I do and what that means

        • Please read the article above which explains it all.

          • So, I think my result is canceled because they wrote will not be released isn’t? and can I complain aginst this process? please liz reply about my question.

            • Please read the article above. When you signed your application form, you gave consent for them to do this.

              • Yes we sign the consent because there is no option other then to agree with their condition. However, there should also be reasonable time frame for the delay. It is also not right to withold the result for so long and then decide not to publish the result. Apart from agreeing to their condition we are also paying for their services. Imagine paying for a product but its upto the seller to give you what you pay for…they also have to follow the rules of fair trade.

                • I completely agree. I firmly believe that IELTS should stipulate a time frame. But IELTS so far have done nothing about this. Withholding results for checking is fine but limits should be set and communication clear.

    • I think Safa you should write a mail to bc that may help you.

  31. Hi
    I had the exam on 14 of January, the results were due on 27 of January, now more than three weeks later nothing appeared, had anyone take the ielts on the same day and his results still to come.

    • Hi
      I took the test on the same day with you. Just like you, it is still in waiting mode. Have you had any update till now? Did you take the test with IDP or BC?

  32. Thank you Liz for your wonderful videos. This was my 1st attempt and I got 7.5. Your videos were absolutely amazing 🙂

  33. Hi, Today I’ve received an email saying my results have been withheld permanently, I’m not even given a reason. I didn’t nothing wrong. I followed all rules. What can I do?

  34. I check the website and I find my result , the same with the previous one 6 😌

  35. Any one who appeared in Saudi Arabia through IDP got their results ???

    • Anyone in the U.K. got their result ?? I had the exam on 7 Jan, they asked me for statement about test performance and now the result is still under investigation. Yesterday, I called the Ielts centre and they told me we can’t tell you your score because it may cancel I’m really stressful.

      • Same here. Which centre is it in the UK? I did exam on 7th Jan from IHL.

        • Mine is west London Hammersmith.

          • Please update when you get your result. How much band score do you need and what band score are you expecting for this test? I have tried ielts many times and this time my test went really well and they withheld the result.
            Do you think it is best to wait for the result or have another go?

            • I’ve got an email saying that my result has been withheld permenintally. I really fed up with IELTS what should I do how can I complain???

  36. HI ,Iappeared for IELTSon Jan 7 and results were withheld but very dissppointed with these results becoz Igot many times writing 7 and listening and reading 8 and 7.5 consecutivelyand only speaking was 6 and 6.5 second time .and iam 100% sure that I wrote my essays well and better than before but today I got the lowest mark in my life .L6.5 reading 7 w 5.5 and S 5.5
    .first I appeared twice in BC and one in IDP but these much bad results for the first time
    I gave up ,becoz of these frustrating results ,and I suspect some foul play behind

  37. tasnim tamanna says:

    Is there anyone from Bangladesh who got withheld results of 7th jan :-/ or any news atleast??

  38. HI. if someone’s result is withheld permanently, would he/she get result in next attempt? if again it is withheld then what are the ways to catch that? I am waiting for result on 3 Feb but frighten inside as i need it desperately this time. It was much better this time.
    Kindly approach me at my Whatsapp: 0092 342 5925462

    • Hi
      I have the same situation as you, and I am waiting for my results on the 3rd of Feb.

      • My IELTS result withheld too and I’m really frustrated and afraid that they will held it premanently .. I did nothing wrong and I have no idea why they hold it!!! I did the exam of 11 Feb and this is my first time to do it .. if they hold it premanently would they realese my score if I do it again?? What happened with you please advice me

        • I had my IELTS UKVI in Islamabad on 11th Feb 2017 too and I am also having withheld situation … Don’t know what’s the issue because to best of my knowledge every thing was fine

  39. Hi Guys,

    I have learned a lot from ieltsliz.com and now it times to give back by sharing my IELTS journey. I tool IELTS 3 times in 2016 with following scores (1st: L-7,R-7, S-7, W-6.5 | 2nd: L-7.5, R-7.5, S-8, W-6.5 | 3rd: L-8.5, R-7.5, S-6.5, W-7). I received my result (3rd one) through SMS by BC and within 24 hrs, BC sent another SMS followed by an email that my results are withheld for investigation and I should disregard the SMS sent.

    I patiently waited for 2 weeks and sent a follow up email to BC to inquire about my withheld result, however they again replied it is still under investigation. I waited another week and called my Test Center unconsciously to check if they have received my TRF (although there was no confirmation by BC) and to my surprise the lady was like “yes your TRF is with us”!!!!!!!!!

    Since I was looking for 7 bands in each module, I applied for an EOR and again waited for another 9 weeks for the result and guess what !!!!!!!! Yesterday I got an email by BC confirming that my EOR is successful with an increase in band score and I will be getting back my refund.

    To summarize, It was a very long and painful journey but I survived by keep trying and patiently waited to get the score I needed.

    I hope my story would help IELTS candidates.

    • You had a tough stressful time getting the results you needed. I’m so glad to hear it finally worked out for you 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Thanks for Sharing Taha. Congrats

      Did they ask any information before releasing the results

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I was really about to give up on this IELTS thing and pursuing my dreams in UK. But I was somehow inspired by your story of not giving up and patiently waiting.

    • Thank u for sharing ,I can understand your feeling becoz I am also trying to achieve the desired score and each time they r playing with our life ,I thought after withholding the results they will check it properly but they proved that they will not

  40. Khristine Calo says:

    Hi there!

    I need help regarding my account because , I entered the wrong password in the log-in page, what am I going to do? Please Help

  41. Today , I have called the British council and I asked them why our result withheld and when we will recive the result . They told me after one week we will receive an email and this email has an explanation for why our results withheld and what the next step

    • Hi.. Thanks
      Please update us if you get any update from BC. I have also given on 7th Jan from UAE.. Results withheld.

    • Have any one receive an email or result for January 7th,2017 ? 😩😩

      • I have not received any results or updates from british council. The last time I called them they said it would take two weeks for us to receive an update. So probably by Feb 3 or 4. I’ll post here whatever update I’ll get.

      • No.. Nothing yet. I called multiple time to local BC call centre.. they are saying just wait.. no updates 🙁

      • Update: I already received an SMS saying that my results are released and I can personally collect my TRF in BC office on January 30. I hope that you guys got the same update too.

      • i gave the test in riyadh saudi arabia on 7 jan 2017 as well , and im still waiting

        • the same for me< my exam was on Jan 07, 2017 and till now I don't have the results yet, try to contact them tomorrow morning as they said in British council they will send us email this week about our results. it mostly will take about 13 days after the original test result due date.
          keep us updated

        • Mohammed Samir says:

          Me too 🙁

          If you have any update let me know by commenting here.

  42. WOW, its means i am not only one. Me and my 4 Friends appeared on 07th JAN IDP IELTS and we non of us received results. I called them and they also did not receive results. 🙂

  43. My result for 4th January is under investigation. Anyone has the same problem for 4th Jan test? They have given me an option to write as much as possible to explain my score. Is it worth to write them? I didn’t have any problem with first part of the test but for speaking, examiner made me really uncomfortable and I could not do as well as I had done in my previous attempts (band 8). Examiner was in hurry as well because there were more than hundred students for the test and only few examiners. I have attempted ielts couple of times but speaking experience has never been this much bad.
    I think my result is under investigation because I did well in first 3 parts and speaking didn’t go as good as it went in previous attempts. Do you guys think it is best to write them? Did anyone have similar experience? Please help.

    • I meant 7 January 2017 ielts.

      • I dont get it at all. They are asking you to explain your scores. How can you explain your scores if they are withholding it? They should let you know first what you are going to explain.

    • My result on the same date 7th january is withheld as well , am soo terrified now as it was my first time to take IELTS

    • Hi Krishna says

      I received this email 👇🏻

      Dear Candidate,

      Notification of Investigation of IELTS Test Result

      We refer to your IELTS test of 07/01/2017.

      Strict quality control procedures are in place to protect the integrity and security of the IELTS test. As part of these procedures, test results are routinely analysed by the IELTS Test Partners before they are issued to candidates.

      As a result of these procedures, your test scores for the 07/01/2017 have come under scrutiny and are being investigated. Your results are being withheld while this investigation is being conducted. Please note that all investigations are conducted without prejudice by the IELTS Test Partners.

      The declaration on the IELTS application form that you agreed to includes the following statement: ‘I understand that my results may not be issued 13 days after the test if any of the IELTS Test Partners deem it necessary to review any matter associated with my test’

      Yours sincerely

      IELTS Investigations Team

      Is that same with what you received ?


    • WOW, its means i am not only one. Me and my 4 Friends appeared on 07th JAN IDP IELTS and we non of us received results. I called them and they also did not receive results. 🙂

  44. I took the islets exam on 7 January and my result withheld 😭😭😭

    • Same here. From BC Bangladesh. No clue when gonna get it or reason.

      • Hello Saint,
        What was your exam center? Mine was Mentor’s mirpur and my result is also withheld!! I just need to clarify are they suspecting any breech regarding the center??

        • Hi

          Anyone has got any update regarding result? ☹️

          • No update :-/ I don’t know what they are up to..I went to bc and they said 300+ candidates’ result have been withheld but they can’t say exact reason or time to get results

            • Got an email today, saying they will give some update on 7th feb, do you receive any such email?

              • I got an email yesterday stating my result is out and I can collect it from BC. But I couldn’t..I’ll go there next sunday and hopefully I’ll get some good news

        • Have u contacted BC? I was from BC Bashundhara

          • I called few times to BC, but they are repeating the same – we r very sorry, as soon as we have some info, we will update you..😤

            • Have they replied you with an email? Or a sms? Looks like Piper from UAE got sms regarding his reaultand they told him to obtain trf from BC.

    • I have given test on 7jan 2017 at Ottawa. When i try to check my resulg it say no candidate found please fill the details as filled while taking exam

      • I have the same situation as you. I have waited 14 days after my test was taken (Jan 7th 2017) and they say I can’t be found as a candidate. I see a message that says the results won’t be revealed until 5pm Australian Time. I am not sure what I should do.

    • same is the case with me , I took test 7 jan in Saudi arabia , and it is wittheld

      • Hi Muhammad: Me too is the same stream as u people. I have taken IELTS exams in KSA couple of time before. This was my third time to achieve required target.

      • Mohammad Mari says:

        I had my exam in Saudi Arabia in Tabuk city on Jan 07 , 2017 but unfortunately the results withheld, anybody know when we can get the results?
        update us with any news

      • Mohammed Samir says:

        I have the same situation here , please update let me if you get the results by commenting here.

    • Same is my case, I gave test in uae but no results found

    • Same as my case, I took the exam in BC Rayidh, Saudi Arabia

  45. I took the exam, UKVI Acad January 7, 2017 here in UAE. Results supposed to be posted today but I recieved an email instead that my results are withheld for investigation. No timeline is provided so I do not know how long should I wait. This is really frustrating. Does anyone here in the same boat?

    • For me also same

    • Same thing happened with me! I was about to get my results today but instead I got a mail yesterday stating my results were with held due to the same reason as you guys! Looks like so many of you are from UAE. Btw, I took the exam from BD and it was British Council..

      • Hi Aran, I am from BD BC too. I got that frustrating email as well.

        • This is really disturbing, depressing and frustrating. I can’t eat, can’t sleep thinking about my IELTS performance and results as well, and when the day came when I am finally supposed the outcome, this is what I got–another agony of waiting. but it seems we do not have any other choice but to wait. for a miracle. 😔

    • Eric Araza says:

      Same here. I took my exam last march 25 and i am supposed to receive my exam results today April 8 today but its under investigation. I dont know why???

  46. D SANOOP SHA says:

    Guyz, i took my IELTS test BC on sep15th 2016 till now i didnt hot my result. Now i took another date. So guyz what i am trying to say is that if u r waiting for ur result and if its been more than one and a half month then its better u take the test ones more because if u waited so long like me all ur touch/practice with the modules will be gone.

  47. Hi Liz , I have taken Ielts test on 3/12/2016 . I received my result by post . I used my TRF for educational purposes to other country and they accepted also but today I received an email states that my result withhold permanently. What should I do ? I paid all my fees to other country which is non refundable. Today I see my email. What I should do ? Please advice me .

    • This is an unfortunate situation. Until you get your certificate, you should not use your results for anything. In this case, you must be honest with the people that you told your results to.

      • Hi Liz , I want to know Is there any law that they can cancel my certificate after one month ? Please reply I am very stressed . Thanks

        • It is possible that results may be permanently withheld which means you need to take the test again. However, you should contact your test center to check.

  48. Hi zohaib, what is your next update.

  49. i took the exam on 26th nov and still did not recieve my results,my results are withheld. i have to submit my results before jan 10/1/2017.I have been offered conditional offer for masters programm.if don’t get it soon i wont be able to get addmission.

  50. I took the exam on 26th nov 2016 and still did not recieve my results,my results are withheld. i have to submit my results before jan 10/1/2017.I have been offered conditional offer for masters programm.if don’t get it soon i wont be able to get addmission.

  51. Mohamed.qat says:

    I took the exam on 17th of December, They send me an email today telling me that my results are withheld and will be released on 18-19 January. Any one else got the same Email? After withheld the result, do students may get high scores?

    • I took the exam on 17th of December too. And my results did not appear yet and they did not even send me an email. I took my exam through idp test center, can you share yours?

    • I’ve got the same problem. but they didn’t give me a date to get my results

    • Hi
      I am having the same problem.i have given my test on 3 December but still waiting for the result.it is coming over my nerves now 🙁 I have also got an email but the didn’t specify when I get my result.you r lucky at lease u know when u r going to see ur results.

      • Hi
        I also facing the same problem. I have given test on 3rd December through BC, first they given me date of 23rd Dec, on 23rd they have given me date of 30th and on 30th now they are saying 20th Jan 2017. I have written a lots of e mails to BC and a lots of call to their customer care but not get any satisfactory reply and still waiting for the result.
        Vikram Jeet Singh

        • I am also in same boat. I have also given on 3rd dec through BC and received same messages. Please post results whenever you guys get. Thanks

          • Have you got any date of results?and yes please post any update regarding any date or result.thank u

            • Mohd Aslam says:

              Hi, I took my test on 3rd December 2016. My results were due on 16th, but got delayed like everyone else. However, I received it today. Most common cause for the delay I think is due a gap of 2 between individual bands. They recheck it with other examiners before releasing the results I guess.

              So I would suggest everyone to keep faith, remain focussed and complete all other formalities for the university application. The results will definitely come if you haven’t done anything wrong. Wishing everyone the best in their endeavours.

    • Hi,

      It depends from case to case basis. My results were also withheld, but I got only overall 7.5 bands.

    • Akif H qureshi says:

      Did they gave you the date in mail.
      18- 19 january ??

      I also gave ielts ukvi on 17th december 2016. Havent got result.

  52. The actions will be taken ,

    Your result will not be released and a Test Report From ( TRF ) wil not be issued.
    recognising organisations willl be able to view this outcome online.

    A report will be made to the ielts test partners. ??????

    what mean ??

  53. otification of Investigation of IELTS Test Result

    We refer to your IELTS test of 3 December 2016.

    Strict quality control procedures are in place to protect the integrity and security of the IELTS test. As part of these procedures, test results are routinely analysed by the IELTS Test Partners before they are issued to candidates.

    As a result of these procedures, test scores for the 3 December 2016 have come under scrutiny and are being investigated. Your results are being withheld while this investigation is being conducted. Please note that all investigations are conducted without prejudice by the IELTS Test Partners.

    The declaration on the IELTS application form that you agreed to includes the following statement: ‘I understand that my results may not be issued 13 days after the test if any of the IELTS Test Partners deem it necessary to review any matter associated with my test’.
    We will provide an update on your results as soon as the investigation is complete.

    • Hate ielts ,they cheat people to get money ,assesment is never aim for them but money making sure is ..

      • Dear Arbaaz,

        I received the same letter i also took my exam on 3rd dec at karachi. i have no idea now what to do. they have send me a letter along with writing sample page they asked me to write statement and sign that page and send them back….. i dont know what is going and why they are treating us like this this is my third time i took ielts and this time i was really optimistic to achieve my required band score and they withheld my result……..

        • I sat in exam on 3rd December, and I viewed my result just once on Internet then it disappeared, now its showing no result found. Even I found my result is not fair, they gave me less bands, even how much good I did. I do not know what Ielts really wants, especially in Pakistan, they are not willing to give bands. At end of speaking test, the examiner asked me why I am giving ielts, whats my requirnment, have I appreared before. and said keep trying you will get your scores. I do not know how much more money they want from me to keep trying, however I was enough good to get my scores.

    • I sat the academic exam on Dec 3, 2016 as well and my result was also withheld.
      Do you know someone who sat only a part of the test (ex. Speaking) after investigation? what could be the possible reasons by ielts for allowing a candidate to retake certain parts of the test?

      • Shamshad Khan says:

        Plz share Your every Module score so that I could help you

        • idp and bc wont provide the scores if result is withheld… so i dont know what my scores are..

          • Shamshad Khan says:

            Don’t you worry they will release your Test result form after some time, If your result withheld temporarily.
            How you haven’t checked your result.The result has been showed online before they withheld it and after withheld they disappeared Your result from their website.

    • Anyone here whose exam got withheld permanently? Is there any chance of result in near future whose exam got held permanently

      • Shamshad Khan says:

        No,there is no chance.
        My friend result has also been withheld permanently.Now he is applying again and will appear for the test on 7 January 2017
        I’m very lucky because we take test on same test.After his result withheld permanently,I call British council and they told me that your result is still withheld temporarily.
        Can you plz share your score of 4 modules with me

    • Akif H qureshi says:

      Yeah, I also got the same mail. I took exam on 17th december.Havent got my result as well. Altho, they mailed me that my result is withheld for checking….. I dont understand the problem.

    • Hi there, any update on your result?? I am interested to know because I also received this exact email today. I supposed to see my online results but instead, they inform me thru email that this is the case.

    • did you receive your results???

  54. Hi Liz,

    I appeared in IELTS Academic test on November 19, 2016. However, I have not received my result but a mail stating that my result have been withheld.

    • Hello . . .

      I have also given IELTS on 19th Nov, 2016 and still i am waiting for my results. . . .

    • Hi,

      I got my result today.

      • ankit vashisht says:

        What were you scorea brother? So that I can get an idea about the delay

        • Hi Ankit,

          I got 7.5 band.

          • brother i faced same problem.my result is upheld what i will do to get my result plz guide

            • Hello All,

              I understand the fear and apprehension one has when the results are withheld, I have gone through this. But trust me, you will get your result sooner or later. I appeared for my exam on 29th Oct and got the TRF on 17th Dec. The wait certainly is killing and you are overwhelmed with all the possible negative thoughts, but it will come to an end. I now know these are just random sample checks that they do and has nothing else behind it. They keep releasing TRF for few candidates every week, so the numbers are reducing, and you shall eventually get your TRF.

              All the best to all! Stay blessed.


              • ankit vashisht says:

                Sakshi I have a query.Did u get notified by BC about your trf by message or mail? Actually I stay at a different address than my Passport Address and I had appeared for the IELTS on 22nd October,2016 and I have not my results yet.

              • Shamshad Khan says:

                Hey Sakshi,
                I also take test on 29 of October but haven’t received my result still.
                Can you share your all modules score with me ?

          • whts band in individual skill?

        • I had a difference of two points in two components i.e. 8.5 in Reading and 6.5 in Writing. This could be the reason of delayed results.

          • ankit vashisht says:

            Oh That’s so good brother! I had given IELTS on 22nd October,2016 and I m yet to receive the result 🙁 I’ll get an update today by 4 pm.Hope I finally get it today.Also how long did it take for the trf to reach?

      • after how much time period you get your result?
        i was appear on 29th October 2016 from AEO. But my result is still hold. please tell me what i have to do. i am very much worried.

    • inderjeet singh says:


      does anybody gets result of 22nd oct ?? still my result is under process .

      • Hloo i had also given test on 22 oct my results had also been withheldd.. But yesterday i got a message that i will be getting trf directly

        • ankit vashisht says:

          I had also appeared for the exam on 22nd October,2016 and no result as yet.Today also I got a message that the results are still under process and I’ll be getting an update on 23 Dec

          • inderjeet singh says:

            hloo i had also recieve the same message that the result is still under process and I ll be getting an update on 23 dec .any one else getting delay for 22 oct result

          • sanoop ssha says:

            i took my IELTS test on sep15th 2016 still i am just waiting for my result so badly.It has been 3 months shame on ielts british council they are playing with students future.

          • inderjeet singh says:

            same message send to me by bc .does anyone get result of 22nd oct 2016??

            • ankit vashisht says:

              Did anyone get the delayed result of 22nd October,2016?

              • Inderjeet singh says:

                Hello about
                I had got a message from bc that your trf will be sent to your address with in 14 days.

                • ankit vashisht says:

                  Can u share the exact message brother?

                • Inderjeet singh says:

                  Hello ankit ,

                  Dear Candidate,
                  Your IELTS test result for 22 Oct is now released but will not be available online. Your TRF (score card) will be dispatched through Post/Courier. You will receive the shipment tracking number through SMS when it is out for delivery. Please allow up to 14 days for its delivery.
                  British Council

                  Message received from bc

      • Avtar Singh says:

        Same problem here. My exam was on 22 October. Now they have given next date of 23 December.

    • Hi Liz my score for general training is L-7.5 R-6.5 W-5.5 S-7. Overall 6.5 Looking to immigrate to Australia under PR visa, what should I do reaapear or there any chances with this score

    • I have appeared at
      3rd December 2016 academic Ielts
      Due to some unknow reason my result has been held
      I don’t know why
      There is no issue or problem at test day

  55. Raja Hassah says:

    does anybody gets the result of 26th nov? BC emailed me that my result is withheld.

    • same!! I gave the test on 26th nov 2016 and still haven’t received my result .

    • Same here, also took it on 3rd November, and it is withheld.

      • muhammad zeeshan says:

        Same here 🙁

        • I took my test on 26th Nov from IDP and today i got a letter stating that cambridge has withheld my result.
          My result was also delayed on 16th july and got my result after 52 days of test date with 6.5 in reading, 7.5 in listening and 7 each in speaking and writing.
          This is the second time i am facing this situation. I missed my november plab attempt because of the delay. And looks like i am going to miss my march attempt too because of their negligence. They have clearly made ielts a business rather than an English Language test.

    • Same here!
      I appeared for 26 Nov and am yet to receive my results!

  56. Javed Ahmed says:

    hi all, any update on 29th October withheld result from..?? Anyone received any message on this from BC today??

    • Hi Javed,
      I received a message stating they will provide update next week. I am apprehensive now and feel like resitting for the exam. Where did you appear your exam and which module was it?

      • Javed Ahmed says:

        Dear Candidate,
        Your IELTS test result for 29 Oct 2016 is now released but will not be available online. Your TRF (score card) will be dispatched through Post/Courier. You will receive the shipment tracking number through SMS when it is out for delivery. You will receive the TRF within 14 days.
        British Council

        I received this message today from BC on my 29th Oct exam result….

    • Jave,

      I am also waiting for the result for 29th October. What response did you get for the same.

  57. Hi Liz

    What does exactly mean by this ” Your IELTS Result permanently withhold” ?

    • It means they will not be released at all. I suggest you contact your test center – this isn’t good news.

      • Isn’t it better to seat for the exam again ? There are no other option left.

      • Hi Liz , would it affect my score if I answered in all caps in reading and listening section, while I didn’t use all caps in my writing section? Took the exam last Nov. 19 and result is still pending.

      • Hi Liz

        I want to recheck my IELTS speaking module..I scored 7.5 and I need 8. This was my second attempt. I scored 8 in my first attempt. Is there any probability I can get extra 0.5 marks after recheck ?
        Also during my speaking test, the examiner forgot to turn on the recorder and after asking me five questions she realised that and started the test again. What can I do on this issue?

        • There is nothing you can do about the examiner forgetting to turn on the recording device. The test was started again in the right way so you still had a full speaking test recorded. For remarking, of course it is possible to get a remark. But getting band 8 in one test, doesn’t mean you will get band 8 in a second. The English language you produce in each test can vary which can account for differences of 0.5. However, I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t try for a remark. Good luck!

    • You can give your exam again I think. Its an uncertain event.

    • Hi arslan
      From where u was appeared for test? And why ur result is withheld any reason?

  58. Dears,
    i am able to see my result online for 29 oct 2016. but it shows 0 0 0 0 in all components.
    does it mean i got 0 or it mean my result got cancel.

    please reply.

    • You will need to contact your local test center or wait for your certificate.

      • Thanks Liz…..
        well while i am trying to get the result on portal it shows to me my trf# as well.

      • your answer is not clear to me. i will get my result or it will be a sign for me that i will not receive my result.

        • I don’t know how to be clearer. You have two choices – contact your test center to ask them or wait for your certificate to arrive.

          • i call them and they said they don’t know why it is showing on portal but we did not receive your result. we will confirm you later and will inform you via email.

      • i contact my test center and said its from Cambridge not from us. if i would like to ask them what are the point they found in my test do they explain to me? simply i will prepare for next test and attempt.

  59. Hi Liz,
    Would you please give me some suggestions ?
    If my ielts result is cancelled for any reason, can I seat for ielts exam again ?

  60. Hi Liz

    I would like to say that my wife has took the Ielta life skills A1 exam five times, on the 4th attempt her results were withheld for 3 months and it turned out to be fail.

    She resat the exam on the 17th of November and after a week we received a email saying it was chosen randomly for investigation.

    I am confident that these investigation are not random and they are failing people deliberately especially when that person has attempted the exam several times.

    I am confident that my wife should have passed on the 3rd attempt, she speaks English well and has even rolled in an English course at British council.

    Can you please advice me on what I should do, I can not wait another 3months in a country that is not ours there’s a lot of expenses and time wasting. The wife travelled to Egypt to sit the exam cuz there is no test centre in her country. It’s almost 9 months trying to get an A1 pass. 6 months wasted in on pointless investigations without and outcome feedbacks.

    It really is pathetic and causes separation of families.

  61. I took IELTS Academic on 19th Nov and still no result!
    my result is withheld and I have no clue what is going on! Cheating? NO WAY
    I feel blueee. They are playing with my future…I can do nothing…I cannot concentrate…I do have a right to know what is really going on

    • Even I took the exam on 19th at a centre in Kochi. The mail said that I’ll get the result on November 9. Hopefully

      • I also took it….but got no mails from them…no clarification about being withheld or cancelled…
        But guyz give me a suggestion. If my results are cancelled for any reason, can I seat for another ielts exam ????
        Please response

        • Hi Nahid,
          As far as I understand from my concersation with BC, we can resit if results are cancelled-there is no clause on resitting.
          However, you may still recheck with them.

    • Hey marjan! where did u take your test from. I too have my IELTS result for 19th of November withheld!

  62. Well i m feeling more tensed after reading all the comments. I gave my test on 5th of nov it was life skills A1 test n i m still waiting for the result. They said it was a technical issue. But someone said tht it was due to the a lil bit help you provided to the girl sit next to u. Although i did not help anyone .i just said to the examiner tht this girl is not getting what you are saying, just say in that language which she understands 🙁

    • You are able to write to IELTS and explain why situation which you think they should know about. This is explained in the email they sent you.

      • Arianne Delicana says:

        can i ask what i will write in the supporting information that they want me to send to them? they also send an email that i need to write a supporting information.

    • Saman where u gave your result I also gave my result on 5th of Nov but didn’t get my result Nd BC send a mail that your results are being withheld.

  63. Hi everyone,
    My result was delay which was attempted on 29 of October 2016. Is there anyone who has to face with same scenario?

    • Hi I have same scenario appeared on 29 Oct 2016. I am waiting too

    • hi,

      I’m facing same scenario. It’s very disappointing because two of my friends who took the exam same as my schedule dated 29th October got their results already.

      We paid for that and at the same time, they were so strict during the exams, i wonder why they are treating this like a heavy crime that needs to be investigated. The main problem is that I am travelling to my country for a month and the agency is waiting for the test results before they can proceed with my application in Canada. It’s so frustrating that they don’t even apologize for the delay.

    • Hi, same here. I gave GT from Mumbai on 29th oct and ny results are withhled. What I’m worried about is-is the quality check a genuine random checking or is there any other reason behind selecting candidates.
      Please let the wider forum know as soon as anyone gets 29th oct results.

      May Peace Prevail.

  64. Birendra Mahat says:

    Hello Liz !!!
    I am posting this for the third time.

    I had appeared IELTS Exam on 27th August 2016 here in Kathmandu, Nepal. THE RESULTS ARE NOT OUT YET !!!
    Now, it’s just a week away to complete 3 months of shameful scenario created by BC.
    I had contacted to BC-UK office-asked me to wait. How long is the wait? I could complete a short term course/License Exam/my study preparation etc.
    It’s pathetic and hard to wait.

    Any words from you Ms. Liz?


    • As this page explains, there is no time limit for waiting. IELTS have not set a limit. You can see that some students are waiting months and others just a few weeks. It’s a dreadful situation but until IELTS change their procedures, there’s not much to be done.

  65. Mohammad mahmood says:

    I took the exam several times
    The first one on the 2nd of April and the results we’re withheld, but I got my score two months later
    After that, I took the IELTS several times and the last one was on the 5th of November and again results we’re withheld
    How can they investigate me twice?
    I’m really sick of that

  66. Varinder singh says:

    Do any one get result after 3 months of investigation ?

  67. Javed from Hyd says:

    I gave my exam on 29th Oct….instead of result received a msg saying…your results are still under process and will not be released today i.e. 11th Nov. We are working on releasing them to you at the earliest and will update you on the status of your result by 4pm on 18th Nov. We regret the inconvenience and delay in releasing your results. Regards BC. Received this SMS on 11th Nov at 11.30am.

    Later at 1.30pm received a mail saying….As part of quality control procedures designed to protect integrity and security of IELTS test, test results are routinely analysed. Bla bla bla…plz accept our apologies for the delay…next update on 18th Nov.

    Which one to believe?? N do they gonna release the result on 18th Nov or just prolong…quite worried.

  68. I just received my result last november 10 and i didnt achieved my desired score 🙁 L6R6.5W6.5S6.5, but i was suprised that i got sms the following day informing me to disregard the previous result and under investigation. Is there any chance that BC will re evaluate my score or for security purposes only? i dont wanna wait to think that i already failed.

  69. cookie_suezee says:

    Took my test on the 29th of October, and the results were supposed to have come out today. Unfortunately, it didn’t. I’ve been so stressed and I feel like I’m about to have a nervous breakdown, but I’m hanging in there. I just hate feeling this way. The whole waiting thing is pure torture! For those who agree, raise your hands! 🤗😜

    • muhammad ali khan says:

      I have same problem but the concern authorities are not bothering about that,,,,,,,,i don’t understand why are they playing with future of childs

    • Hi Even i took exam on same date at Al Ain University of Science and Technology and my results are under investigation.

      I know i need to wait and be patient but question is how much time i have wait?

      Got stuck because of this.

      Nikhil Chauhan

    • Was it in Al Ain ??? because same thing has happen with me also. I have called BC they said it will take 2 wks more.

    • Have the same issue. I gave my test on 29th oct and received an email that my result is being investigated and have to write a template to support my test band scores!
      should i mention how i prepared myself for an Ielts test about all 4 components?
      this is really disgusting to received such an email and have to wait, how long no one knows!

    • I Took the test too on the 29 Oct 2016, Al Nahda Boys school Abu Dhabi. My result too is withheld. What a chaos? Due to lack of expertise / experience of the exam centre invigilators…. I am sure the papers might have got mixed up. Will the money be refunded or will I be allowed to take a retest at no additional charges?

  70. Mozulonye Chibundo says:

    I made a terrible mistake in the reading test, instead of writing Yes/ No, I wrote True/ False. Am expecting 7, can this singular mistake drastically reduce my score as I’ve been worried ever since.

    • This would be considered an error. Anyway, fingers crossed you can still hit band 7!

      • Mozulonye Chibundo says:

        hello Liz, I want to thank you for your encouragement when I was depressed concerning the mistake I made in my reading test, I did promise that I’ll post my result here when it comes out, it was released today and am so thrilled that I hit my required band score in all the four components.
        They are as follows:
        Speaking 7.0
        Listening 8.0
        reading 7.0
        Writing 8.0
        Overall band score 7.5
        God bless you Liz

    • Mozulonye Chibundo says:

      Thank you very much Liz, I’ll post my result as soon as its released.

  71. mehtab singh says:

    Hi liz,
    I gave ielts test on 24 september 2016 and got my result on time but after one month i got an email that my result has cancelled due to irregularities.I am very woried, could you please tell me what is the meaning of this? Do i need to appear again in exam.I am looking forward for your reply.

    • You should contact your local test center and verify what they mean exactly before you make decisions.

      • Hi Liz,
        same situation with me i received my result card and exact after 20 days i received a horrible email however, my result still available online. L 6.0, R 6.0, W 6.0, S 6.5. i am really worry about this. i don’t know what to do.

        Dear Candidate,
        Re: Notification of cancellation of result

        We refer to the investigation into your IELTS test result of 25 March 2017

        Strict quality control procedures are in place to protect the integrity and security of the IELTS test. As a result of these procedures, your test result of the 25 March 2017 came under scrutiny and has been investigated.

        The IELTS application form which you signed states:
        -I understand that the IELTS Test Partners reserve the right to withhold test results temporarily or permanently, if they consider those results to be unreliable for reasons of suspected malpractice or any other irregularity in the test process.
        – I understand that if I am suspected of engaging in any form of malpractice, or do anything that might damage the integrity and security of IELTS, I may not receive a test result, and my test fee will not be refunded.
        – I understand that if any other person attempts to take the IELTS test in my place, both I and such person will be liable to prosecution.
        – I understand that details of any malpractice (including evidence of suspected malpractice) that has been established, is suspected, or is being formally investigated, may be provided to Recognising Organisations, including visa processing authorities and appropriate regulatory authorities.

        The following actions have been taken:
        – Your result has been cancelled. Recognising Organisations will be able to view this outcome online.
        – A report has been made to the IELTS Test Partners

        Any questions relating to your cancelled results should be forwarded to info@britishcouncil.org.pk

        If you wish to appeal against this decision our Appeals Procedure can be found at

        Yours sincerely

        IELTS Investigations Team

  72. BISOYE OGUNS says:

    i did my IELTS exam January and since then being trying to check for the result but unsuccessful. is it still valid or not and how can i get the result please because the site for checking result is for new exams

  73. Namratha Jawahir says:

    I did mine in 24th of September and i got nothing not even my result i even e-mail them but still no reply

  74. I received my 24 September 2016 results from IDP last Friday, but my husband did not receive his.. Liz, is that normal given that we both took the exam on the same day? Has anyone else who took their exam via IDP UAE not received their results yet?

    All your assistance is highly appreciated.


    • I did, but i received last week, did he receive any sms or email to acknowledge the status?

      • Nope nothing. He received that first initial email stating that the results were under investigation but no updates after that while mine already got released!!

  75. Thanks Liz….

    • Dear I have same issue
      3rd December 2016 academic Ielts
      Due to some unknow reason my result has been held
      I don’t know why
      I realize that they just generate revenue
      Rather than assessment of language

  76. Hi Tayyab,

    well i think we need to wait till what they mention in the email. I do not know what will be the update, its a bit frustrating but nothing in our hand. And by the way where did you attempt the exam? was it GT or AC?

    Best of luck…

  77. varinder singh says:

    i have taken ielts exam bc 13 aug . i have not got my result yet. after a week they send me an email that i will get an update about my result next week . what to do now? will i get my result not?

    • i think you need to wait until they released the result, nothing we can do at this stage. However, i have the same issue, i attempt on 24th sept but haven’t get my result too….

      • George Joseph says:

        I am also facing the same prm. I had atttent the exam under IDP in UAE on Sep 24th . Last day I got a mail from IDP with some template letter , which I have to hand written and to be send back to them for some varification purpouse .Actaually I am in very much need of my result this month itself . I dont know when my result will come. I am planning to take another exam under BC . Any of you friends have any idea when they will publish the result for Sep 24 th exam ?

        • Hi George,

          i had the same issue, i took exam on 24th sep in UAE and got the email on the day of result that my result is withheld due to the security check. but received a text message from BC that they will update me on 13th October so i am still waiting for tomorrow so let see. Hope for the best !!!!!!!!!

  78. Hey Liz! I’m Ammy from India.
    I appeared for the IELTS exam held on 24th of sept. and I didn’t get the result! I did an excellent job in the Listening Section and a slightly lower performane in the reading test(atleast I think so) , but couldn’t perform upto my abilities in the Writing part, which was due to an injury caused by a sharp pencil to my finger which led to further stress and Therefore a poor performance, to add to it my result is being withheld and I got the following E-mail from IDP, What should I do?

    Dear Anmol Ashish Singh Maan,

    Notification of Investigation of IELTS Test Result

    We refer to your IELTS test of 24th September, 2016.

    Strict quality control procedures are in place to protect the integrity and security of the IELTS test. As part of these procedures, test results are routinely analyzed by the IELTS Test Partners before they are issued to candidates.

    As a result of these procedures, your test scores for the 24th September, 2016 have come under scrutiny and are being investigated. Your results are being withheld while this investigation is being conducted. Please note that all investigations are conducted without prejudice by the IELTS Test Partners.

    The declaration on the IELTS application form that you agreed to includes the following statement: ‘I understand that my results may not be issued 13 days after the test if any of the IELTS Test Partners deem it necessary to review any matter associated with my test’

    Should you wish to offer any information that may support your test performance on 24th September, 2016, please send a scanned handwritten statement to verification.ielts@idp.com within 14 days of the date of this letter. A template has been provided with this letter for you to use. Your statement must be written in English in your own handwriting and signed by you.

    Any correspondence received after 14 days will not be considered.


    Complete the requested details.
    Please provide any information which may support your test scores. Please feel free to write as much as you would like, you are not restricted to one page.
    Email the form to verification.ielts@idp.com
    Your Name
    Centre Number
    Candidate Number
    ID Document Number
    Current Address
    Date of birth



    • Usually the tests are withheld for quality checking purposes. However, sometimes they are withheld if IELTS suspect cheating. This doesn’t mean that they suspect you. However, they are giving you a chance to email them if you wish to add any information about your test which might be useful to them when checking the results again. If you think there is a big difference between your score in different parts of the test, you might want to email them and explain about the accident with your pencil sharpener in the writing test which caused you to struggle. You decide if you want to inform them of that or just wait for the results to come out. Let me know what happens. Also contact your IELTS test center if you want more advice.

      • Hello miss lizz

        I recieved an email that my result is withheld because it is under invistigation. I called british council and they told my this is just for quality check and it is not related to your score. I just wonder if they doubt that there is a malpractice will they compare our result to previous result or will they see the difference in 2 section performance , it is a fact that sometimes candidate get for example 7.5 in reading and 5 in speaking , I think this is not fair to doubt the candidate was cheating by looking for his score , except if there is a similar pattern in writing between 2 candidates . Please miss reply to me as soon as possible because I am really so afraid . I did very well in reading and listening but I was stressful when I did speaking and I did some interruption , I am really worried about what is going on ???!!!!!!!

        • As I explained on this page, quality checks are the most common reason for delayed results and you have agreed to allow this by signing the application form.

          • Hi All,

            I had my exam on 24th September 2016 and got an email that my result has been withheld, however, today i receive a text message from BC that they will update me about my result on 13th October which is after 2 day.

            Is there anyone else who took exam on 24th Sep and get any update?


            • Muhammad Tayyab says:

              Hi Aryan

              I received same message from British Council.

            • I had given on 15 september but still no response…..

            • I have received the same email that results are under investigation but until now didnt get any text message or update😔

              • Hi Rachel,

                if you have got text message to wait until 13th October same as me so please wait you might get any update by tomorrow as i am waiting too. Cross the fingers and hope for the best.

                Best of Luck….

                • Thanks Aryan!please let me know if you get yours tomorrow😀 Godbless!

                • Got the result today. Overall 7.5.

                • Hi Rachelle,

                  yes i have got my result today morning as follow:

                  L 7.5
                  R 7.5
                  S 7
                  W 7

                  and yours?

                  i was aiming to have 8 in each but could not get it 🙁

                • Yes, i got mine, too just today. I was aiming to get 7 in all band score but here are the results…

                  Listening 8
                  Reading 6.5
                  Writing 7
                  Speaking 7


                  All the best Aryan!😀

                • Hi Everyone,

                  I have got my 24th Sep exam withheld result today, but little disappointed about my scores.

                  L 7.5
                  R 7.5
                  W 7
                  S 7

                  i was aiming to get 8 in L and 8 in R. Do you think shell i go for recheck.

                  Thanks Liz, your blogs and videos really helps. I always recommend to my friends to visit your blogs to improve the IELTS skills.

                  Good luck to everybody

                • It’s rare that listening and reading scores change with remarking. Those scores are calculated on right or wrong answers, not examiner interpretation. However, you must decide for yourself what you wish to do.

                • Hi Aryan,

                  Did you get yours? I still didnt get mine,unfortunately😔

    • Hi Ammy!i also took it on 24th of Sep and got the same email 😩 What to do now?

  79. Hey liz

    I am Anmol

    Today was my result but i did not get my online result as well i did not recieve any email then ,what is this ?


  80. Hey Liz,

    I was supposed to get my results on 7 October 2016. I have received an email confirming that my results are delayed and I have to wait for 13 days. Why is this so?

  81. Halo my friends results already came today bt mine is not published what should I do

    • Contact your IELTS test center and also check your emails – including the spam folder.

      • same case

        Ielts test centre said me to wait for next 24 – 48 hours and i did not recieve any email too.

        plz help ! what i do?


        • I appeared in ielts exam on 24th September from idp but still not get my result through online and not get any email from them.I tried to contract with Idp but number seems unreachable.what can I do now?

  82. Hi There,

    i have the same issue, i have appeared in ILETS on 24th Sep 2016 and suppose to get my result today or tomorrow but get an email which says that, My result has been withheld, and even they have not mention any date to release my test.

    Please help why is that and how long will it take.


    • Where was your test centre?

    • Hey,
      I appeared on September 24 as well and got this email tonight. I’m imagining all kinds of mishaps. This is beyond frustrating. I cannot even pinpoint any criteria for the investigation. Some people whose results were withheld had all 4 bands between 8-9. So it is not always the case that for a difference of more than 2 bands in any two components, they reevaluate the test. This waiting sucks and I don’t even know how long it will take.

    • Hei aryan evn i am unable to opn my results and i did not receive any message.. theri might b any problem vit the site

    • Muhammad Tayyab says:

      I also appeared in IElTS 24 sep and received similar email. I hope they will complete quality control analysing with in a week

    • Hello brother
      Same here
      I talked with IDP but they said that their is no expected date ,you have to wait .
      I gave my exam in Ahmadabad.
      You ?

  83. Hey Liz,
    My results in withheld and I have to apply for my University soon. is there anything to do?
    Please mention it, I am really upset 🙁

    • As I explained with all the detail on this page. There is nothing you can do. You have signed an agreement with IELTS which allows them to withhold your results. It is a shame but you must wait.

      • Hello Liz,
        I have given ielts on 15th September in Baroda,India. My result was to be declared on 27 th september, but on 27th I have got a message and an email from BC stating that my result is withheld due to third party quality checking audit.
        When I called the BC, the spokesperson informed that the udate regarding result will be provided by 4 pm on 7 Oct.

  84. gufran khan says:

    Any one got pending result of 30 july in India ..
    Mine is still penping, I do not what should i do ?

  85. Did anyone receive 27th August delayed results?

  86. Hi, Liz ,
    My IELTS exam was on 27th Aug 2016 and my result declared on 9th Sep but it was postponed by 16Sep. And there was a message from british council that it is under processed.I m quite worried about my result.Plz help me out about it.

    • Birendra Mahat says:

      Same is the case with me.
      BC-Nepal has asked me to wait for 16th of September. Lets hope

      • Did you Get your results?
        I am also from Nepal and My result is also delayed.

        • I had given ilets on 15 sep 2016…The result was today…But it told me that its gonna be delayed…How much i have to wait now?..From Nepal..

          • mine was also in Sep 15! Which Centre??

            • Yeti Party Palace,Basundhara…Yours?

              • Birendra Mahat says:

                I am worried if I lose marks on re-evaluation as BC-Nepal said me that my papers are sent elsewhere for re-evaluation.
                I had telephonic call yesterday. They have asked me to wait for next two weeks.
                Hope to get each band 7 at least.

                • Mine was also on Yeti Party Palace. Where did you get the number from Birendra?

                • You had telephonic call to BC Nepal or main BC….Where are you from?….I am from Kathmandu…..I have contacted BC Nepal through Facebook and they told me generally it takes 3-4 weeks minimum…I was aiming to apply for November intake…Which is now gone…

          • What information did they provide you? My results were delayed as well. They told me I ve to wait till 7th to get an update.

            • Birendra Mahat says:

              Still no response from BC-Nepal, they say they can do nothing except consoling us to wait.
              So pathetic!!!
              Do anyone know what really happens when the results are on hold?
              How the marking system goes through? Any changes in the new marks?
              Birendra Mahat.

            • They only said it will take 3-4 Weeks in minimum.. As per you did they meant to say 7th Oct or November? Please do forward any updates 🙂

            • They only to wait for minimum of 3-4 weeks..How did you contact BC and who told you to wait till 7 ?? Please do forward any updates 🙂

              • Today I got the hold result of 15 september…I recieve Overall 6 band…Got 7 in listening and 6.5 in reading but got only 5.5 in both speaking and writing which was kind of a bummer…

    • Himansh Gupta says:

      is your result declared or still posponted

  87. Haven’t got my result declared yet for the test date 20th august . I had some headphone problems in the beginning and they had to switch the headphones in middle of test. So, complained to idp. They said theyhave forwarded complaint to test centre. Test centre gave me option for free resit. But no result has been declared for my original test. No email from idp that its been withheld. So i emailed them and person who replied said result is with varification department. I emailed that department as well but no reply. Its been about a month now and i decided to take the option from test centre for resit. No i am wondering would i ever get my result ? By choosing to resit did i do any mistake ? Would it cause hindrance in releasing old test result ?? Does any one has experience in scenario like this ??? Thanks

    • It won’t hinder the release of your results. If you take the test again, you will end up with two sets of results from two tests – this means you can choose which set of results to use for your future.

  88. Manmeet bajwa says:

    My 4 aug result is not come I got e mail that ur result is in investigation
    Is the result come after investigation
    I m very frustrated from idp they are playing with future of students
    Shall I ask my result from idp by legal proceeding
    Sugest me mam what I would do

    • The information contained in this page explains that you signed the application form. In the form, you have agreed that IELTS might delay your results. You have agreed to this and therefore you must wait. Please read the page above again so you understand what it happening.

    • karam silaka says:

      hello brother same case here.am still waiting for my result.many of my friends got there result after the 22 days.there is no updation regarding my result..please inform me if you recieve any updation…!!
      8146534709 (Whatsapp)

    • Harleen kaur says:

      Today my result is canceled

  89. Hey Liz, am so worried and wish you can help clarify things for me. My exam was on 27th August and was supposed to be out now, but while checking for my result preview am told “no candidate result found” pls what does this statement mean. This is my first time taking ielts

    • You need to contact your IELTS test center to ask them. Also check your emails and spam folder to see if your results have been delayed.

      • Hi Liz, I’ve been checking my emails several times including the spam but nothing about ielts result. I really need the result for my nursing profession, can’t practice without it. I hope it comes out good. British council seems to be misleading the candidates.

        • As this page explains, IELTS have the right to withhold the results for quality control purposes. You agreed to this when you signed the application form. It is unfortunate for students and it would be better if they made it clear when the results would be released. However, as you have had no email, I suggest you contact your test center and check.

  90. Had my exam on 4 August. Finally got my results, which had been withheld so far. L-9, R-8, W-8.5, S-7.5. Overall-8.5.
    While I am pretty satisfied with this, I can’t help but think that something’s off with my Reading scores as I was sure that I hadn’t made a single mistake in this section. Should I go for a re-evaluation? What’s stopping me from doing so is the fact that even if my Reading score is upgraded to a 9, it won’t make any difference to my overall score.
    I would be really thankful if you could advise me on this matter.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s unlikely your reading score will change with a remark, although never impossible. Scores are based on correct or incorrect answers rather than examiner interpretation for reading so mistakes are very rare.

    • Hi Bilal,

      I was expecting 39-40 in Listening and 38-40 in Reading, I got 9 in Listening but ended up with only 7.5 in Reading.

      Took IELTS on Aug 4, Bangalore (BC).
      Scores: L-9, R-7.5, S-8, W-7
      Overall: 8

      • Very well done! 9 in listening is excellent. Your reading is still a strong score even if it is below what you were expecting.

  91. Hello Liz,

    I got my withheld result yesterday. Got 8.5 8 6.5 7.5, overall 7.5. I’m disappointed with the writing score. I expected atleast 7.5. I would like to give for a revaluation. Just wanted to know if withheld results means it’s revaluated and sent and it won’t make a difference if I request for another reval?


  92. Birendra Mahat says:

    Hello Liz !!!
    I am extremely worried as my results are on hold!
    The rest date was on 27th August.
    I need each band 7 at least for my further study/license examination.
    The test went very good indeed.As per my attempt I expect L-8.5; R-8.5; W-7.5; S-7.
    As because the results are on hold, I am worried of losing my scores.

    I did indent but did not leave a line at each paragraphs in writing sections. The word count are at par.
    Please help me out.


  93. i took exam in riyadh 30 july and still waiting for result IDP.
    @yara what is your result any diffrence of 2 point in 2 modules.

  94. Just got the results for the IDP IELTS test I wrote on 4th Aug, my score is L-9,R-9,S-8.5 and W-7.
    Your videos were very helpful in my preparation. Thank you Liz. God bless.
    When I received an email from IDP saying that my results were withheld, I was anxious, but seeing posts of others who were in a similar situation helped me keep my cool.
    I hope that all withheld results would be released soon.

    • Very well done indeed!!! Thanks for sharing your results! It can be a stressful time waiting for results that have been delayed. It’s great to see your wait was worth it 🙂

  95. FINALLY. Just got the provisional results of IELTS UKVI held on 4th August IDP Mumbai

  96. Manpreet bhangu says:

    Burrrraaaahhhhh. ‘…. Today i got the withheld result of my 4th august idp exam…. 8.5 in listening and reading 6.5 in speaking and writing 7.5 overall…. Thankyou very much liz mam your resources are very helpfull 🙂

  97. Hassan Khan says:

    Today got my result for 16 July 2016. Listening 9 Reading 7 Writing 6.5 Speaking 6.5

  98. gufran khan says:

    Any update on 30 July result ?

  99. Hi

    any update on August 4th results??

  100. sandeep kaur dhillon says:

    My test was in 4 august but my result is held still now plz tell me when it will be get me because January batch will be late if result will not came in few days

  101. hey liz yesterday i got my provisional result from ieltsessential.com and i am very disappointed from my result i want to know provisional result is the final result or it vary sometime reply

  102. Hello

    Did anyone received their results of Aug 4th .idp.??If no when could we expect the results.Seriously panicked :-(!!!

    • hi,
      I have also written 4 aug ielts idp exam bit did not get my result yet. . please anyone tell wn result will b declared. . seriously worried alot. . career also at stake becoz of delay. . 🙁

      • i got my 4th august provisinl result yesterday

      • Vyom Sharma says:

        I took the test on 04 Aug 16 (BC) @ Pune

        Just now got another sms – next update on 09 Sep now
        Results still under quality control!!!

        Just thought whether its a strategy to induce more ppl to retake the test in view of deadlines… Good money making

        • It clearly seems to be the strategy. Otherwise why would the results, which are supposed to announced in 13 days take more than 30 days. Crooks

          • Aug 4 BC Bangalore says:

            In the same boat here. Took IELTS on Aug 4th BC in Bangalore. Got SMS on Aug 17th pushing next update to Aug 26th. Then again got SMS on Aug 26th pushing next update to Sep 2nd. Again, got SMS on Sep 2nd pushing next update to Sep 9th. It obviously looks crappy. Can’t believe these guys are still around in the market after delaying results for about 75% of the test takers!

            • I gave my test on 04 August, British Council, Hyderabad. My result is withheld. First got a date of 26’th Aug, next 2’nd Sep, and now 9’th Sep. They are pushing the dates by 7 days for every update. We cant take re-exam for IELTS because, since our previous result is withheld there is a chancing of withhelding the new result also, so don’t fall into that trap. Yes it happened for candidates last year. I lost hope on this crooks, already missed some deadlines, cant take it anymore. Taking TOEFL on 17’th Sep.

            • at least you are all getting updates on future updates ! here I took the test on 4th August @ Pune and am yet to receive any update …. so you are all in a better boat!!

              • Dont worry. If you took the test from British Council and want updates, type RESULT space CANDIDATE NUMBER space PASSPORT NUMBER and send it to 928 989 2898. After sending you will get a message saying that “no details found” etc etc but don’t worry you will get the updates from nowonwards

        • I took my test on 4aug in hyderabad. Today I get a post saying my results are withheld permanently. What nonsense.

      • Hey
        I’m also on the same boat. I gave my exam in Chandigarh on 4 aug and didn’t get my result yet. However, I emailed idp but haven’t heard anything back from them . Worried.!

        • I also gave my exam in Chandigarh. Received a message in evening that the results are available online now. R – 9, W -7, L – 8.5 , S – 8.5

    • I also not received yet

    • anyone who got their withheld results from previous dates? like July 16th and july 30th??

      We could feel little hopeful.:-(

    • Monil Sharma says:

      Havent got my result yet. Next update will be on 2nd Sept. Seems IELTS is a fraud system. Considering to take PTE this month if the result is not declared soon.

    • I took the IELTS on Aug 4th from Bangalore through British Council..yet to receive my results..Today got an SMS stating next update would be on Sept 9th..

      • I have same issue it’s so frustrating
        is u have any idea of band score

      • Vyom Sharma says:

        Hi Abhishek
        I am also in the same situation
        04 Aug , BC exam

        I think we have to gather data on how many more candidates are like us , still awaiting result of 04 Aug
        I think , its am absolute misconduct by BC and it requires some focussed bad publicity for BC in Indian media to awaken the BC

        Anyone in touch with any journalists!!

        • Ramy Elsharkawy says:

          there is an article had been written in (THE TIMES) 1 month ago …..It reported all miserable situation regarding this and writer considered this action from Cambridge as irresponsible to student they need their result to enroll for upcoming semester.

          • It is certainly a serious issue that IELTS withhold results without informing people when they will be released. The lack of communication from IELTS to ensure that candidates know when their results will be released is worrying. IELTS should adopt a fixed policy of how long results will be withheld so that students do not suffer as a consequence.

            • Very true. It’s very frustrating to type details on the online IELTS results page every day, and see the ‘No Results Found’ message. Also, yesterday they have updated the online results page to retain the results only for 29 days instead of 40 days after the test.

        • Hi abhishek. I’m on the same boat. Today I got a mail saying they have withheld my results permanently.

    • I had exam on 4th august .but still do not get my result I got 3 updates with delaying of my result but they said u willget next update on 9 sep. can I except my result?

    • karam silaka says:

      hello brother same problem here.yet i have not recieve any update from idp and still am waiting for my result.please inform me if you recieved your result.please send me mail when got any update from idp!

    • Not yet received the results. Saying its withheld for further investigation. But that’s all misleading information. They aren’t understating that more we wait greater the problems for us.
      Test date -Aug 04
      Via – IDP

    • Dhairya Momaya says:

      I too took a test on 4th August in Mumbai (IDP). On 17th August I received an email from there stating that some test scores have come under scrutiny and they’re being investigated. Also, some results are being withheld.
      Its just unbelievable !

  103. Has anyone got the result from 16th july? I still don’t have any update on my result nor my test center has any information.

  104. Rob Willis says:

    30th July released as well from Reading, I didn’t get an email though and just logged in randomly once a week as I have been doing. I’m making a formal complaint about the test centre.

    Also I find my score of 6.5 for writing off and if I didn’t have more pressing issues I would be asking for a re-mark.

  105. I got July 30th result yesterday.I got an email first.then it was available on site.Overall 7

  106. Hi. I took the exam on 30th July. Got email today to say results have been released and will be posted to address

    • Yep
      I got email from them early in the morning. Extremely happy and proud with myself
      Thank you Liz
      Keep teaching and helping students changing their lives

    • Hi Anu

      may I know hwere did you appeared for your test?

    • In which country did you take your exam? Mine was on the 30th of July in Saudi Arabia and I did not receive my result yet. I also registered for another test on the 27th of August and I am afraid that they withheld it too. Thanks Lisa for your very helpful blog

      • Hi Tariq! I also took the exam on July 30 (jeddah, ksa) but received an email that my scores are withheld and until now no results yet. My scores was also released online and it disappeared after two days, so frustrating.

        • Ramy Elsharkawy says:

          what was your score before Disappeared?
          I had same case, I appeared in 30th of July (Riyadh) ,So far I do not got my result.

          • Hello Ramy
            I got an overall band score of 7.5
            All we can do now is to wait. Will update you once I received an email. BC or IDP?

      • Hello Tariq,
        Did you receive your test results or not yet?
        I am in the same boat with you. I took my test on July 30th, at Jeddah centre, KSA, and still no updates about the releasing date!!

  107. Hi All

    Anybody received any further infomation about IELTS results who appered on 30th July 2016. I have to submit my results at University by 31st August. I rang test center today, they haven’t received any infomation about the results which are on hold. This is so unproffessional.


  108. I had taken ielts on 16 july 2016 from AEO Islamabad and i havent got any results. I contacted the office many times but they say they cant tell me when will i get results and they don’t know the reasons of delay.
    I feel like AEO Is fraudulent organisation collecting fees from students and not giving results.

  109. I got my well delayed IELTS (16th JULY) result yesterday, it was like this:
    Listening 8.5
    Reading 8
    Writing 7.5
    Speaking 7

    I think, I did well in speaking. Please share your views if I should get my exam remarked. One thing which is holding me back is that my exam paper has already been under scrutiny. Chances of getting a raise are very slim.

    • The score is 8 overall.

    • That’s right. Your chances are not great that the score will increase on being remarked. Speaking is marked only on your range and accuracy of English language so have a think about the range of grammar you used and how accurate it was as well as how well you expanded all answers. Did you develop your talk? There are no questions in part 2, just suggestions to talk about and it’s your task to expand the talk in different directions.

  110. My exam took place July 16th in Riyadh, saudi arabia and result has been withheld for more than 3 weeks.. Yesterday, August 21st my result was released..

    I got 6.5.. It didn’t reach my expectations, anyway.

    • I got an email yesterday 23/7/16 as well saying that my 30th July result is out. And it will be posted the next day. I checked my result online and I didn’t get the marks I needed 🙁 my time has just been wasted waiting for a result that did not meet my expectation. If it was out on time I could have studied again and by now I would have already given another exam! What a shame!

    • Congrats .. I am still waiting for July 16th results in Saudi Arabia.

  111. Umer jutt says:

    Dear All,
    Any body got delayed result of IELTS 30th JULY 2016 and please any body have any idea how much roughly time to take to released 30 th july 2016 result coz my dead line to submit IELTS is 2 Sept 2016. Im much worried now.

  112. Hi
    Today I have received email telling that my result will be available tomorrow.l took the exam in 16th July in Saudi Arabia. I wish all delayed results will be released soon.

    Thanks for all of you.

  113. Hey Liz,
    By quality checks do they mean that they think we might have cheated and they want to recheck our paper. Nd if so on what grounds do they think so.. On what basis actually??

  114. thank God got my result today. i called the bey ritish council yesterday but they told me that they do not know about expected result date. they did not send an email. directly send the result card by mail.

  115. Dr fakhar says:

    Hi anyone recieved test result of 30th july so far??
    I still culdnt make out the exact reasons for this delay.

    • I haven’t received my IELTS result for 30 July test. I do check for the results several times a day due to which I am frustrated and despaired by now. Do anyone has latest updates on 30 July test results from BC or IDP ?

    • Me too. Took the exam on same date. But no results yet. Its frustrating as we pay £150 for the exam which determine our future and they just with holding the results without even saying an estimated date. I thinks its really bad.

    • I haven’t even received results from 16 july yet…
      Undue delay in results is putting everyone in pressure

  116. 16 July, IELTS result released. I got an Email from my exam centre today. They are sending my TRF, hopefully, I will receive it tomorrow. Best wishes to all whose results are withheld.

  117. Dear all,
    I got an e-mail from my test centre stating July 16 results will be released by this afternoon.

  118. Umer jutt says:

    Any body whose test date is 30th july2016 and result is delayed. If any one whose result is delayed got the result kindly do tell me im dying to know

    • I took mine on 30th of July in UK at Guildford branch and mine has been withheld no news of yet when I might receive my result. Where did you take it?

      • Spoke with my test centre today. Unfortunately they don’t have information when the results will be released:-(
        It’s up to British Council. I’m fed up calling them or writing emails and messages. They are like a parrots, answering the same question according to a template as a part of their training. So ridiculous situation

    • anie khalid says:

      yup same here, i gave my ielts on 30 july 2016. I called the british council and they say results have been withheld by a team for quality control and you will be informed about the results through email or post soon.

    • Anees Hussain says:

      Same here. I appeared in AEO on 30th of july, 2016… No update yet. Same reasons mentioned… 🙁

      • I haven’t known anyone so far who appeared in 30 July test and got their results. Is it that results of all candidates of 30 July are delayed ? Maybe they are in process of releasing results of test prior to 30 July and therefore our number has yet not come. The creator of heaven and hell knows better.

        • No one of my friend got her result after 13 days of exam dated 30th Aug. My test center said not everyone but quite a few candidates results are with held.

    • Appeared on the same date and still waiting for my result :/

  119. Balwinder kaur says:

    hlo i gave my ielts exam on 4 august but after 13 days i couldn’t get my result even email relating to my result delay can u tell me when my result out ? am so disappointed today because of it.

    • Well I too am in the same quandry….just wondering Liz if it’s a random selection process to stop a few results or a common practice? I seem to see a deluge of comments from people who have or are facing the same issue….I was to get the result today but ended up getting an email from IELTS stating that my result has been withheld / delayed due to some discrepancies noticed in the exam. So the question is, when do we get the result?

    • Kiran Kumar says:

      Same with me, my test was on August 4th and I’ve been eagerly waiting for the results, very disappointing. Got an email from them informing that theyl release at the earliest. Seems nothing else we can do except wait for it or give another exam

    • Same here, I’m very disappointed.. 🙁

    • Hello I gave my ielts exam on 4th August but after 13 days I couldn’t get my result . Which is the main reason for this ? Can you tell me when my result out .

  120. Dears,
    Anybody has any updates regarding July 16 results??

  121. I appeared IELTS on 30th July. I saw my result in online system and found that I had got 8 band. After one day I received Email from British Council saying that my result had been withheld. Now it is not even available on online system.

    Really worried.

    • I wrote my IELTS on August 4th, results were supposed to be out by today (August 17th) noon. I just now received an SMS and an email stating my results would be delayed due to strict quality control procedures. Does this mean I have got pretty good scores? Logically, you wouldn’t want to recheck scores if it is an average or a low score. Just trying to be positive amidst the frustration!

      • I read online that the delay may be caused because a candidate has an enormous difference in the modules. For example 8 in reading but 5.5 in writing
        Honestly, I do not believe that is the reason because I think it’s normal one to be good at reading but not so good at writing.
        Anyway, they are playing with us in a bad way

      • Ok…so you got an SMS too….all I got was an email….if I may ask which centre did you appear from….I took mine at Pune.

        • I took the exam on 4th from Delhi centre. Didn’t get the result yet. Just the mail. Let me know when you get your result.

        • Hey, I have mine at delhi on 4th of thud month and yes the results are withheld with them…. seems like a nexus for extorting more money from candidates who are in hurry because some xyz reasons… have interacted with some more guys of facing the same issue. I guess we all should raise our voices using some medium or the other…. let’s make our voices counted… my twitter handle id bkumar2403, lets make them hear us….

    • Hello Suhail,
      Same thing happened to me. I took the exam 30th of July, Jeddah KSA. Did you receive your results?


  122. Nitika Sohi says:

    Hi Liz
    I took IELTS academic on 14th of July in India and got my results just now (16th August). My scores are: L9, R 8.5, W 7, S 8. The whole credit for these scores goes to you, Ma’am. I prepared for Ielts by following your YouTube videos only. I am short of words to express my gratitude to you.Thank you so much Liz.

    Nitika Sohi

  123. hey !

    I took the test on 30 July, and I got an email from British council that my result under investigation , but I checked the result from the website and it was available .
    when I want to re-check it again , it wasn’t available !!
    also, I received another email says my results still under investigation !!
    How come ?
    could this mean they will change my results or something ?

    it’s really frustrating 🙁

    • Hi can I ask you what the score were when you checked online?

    • Huda, I feel so bad for you… I also took the test on 30th of July,and today they posted the results(10days delay). I had to check again on the website just to see if they are still there.
      I am curious if the official results are the same as the one that you saw online. Let us know!

  124. I did my exam on the 16th of July and still did not receive my results, for the amount of money we are paying to the British Council should have been able to get the results on time. Plus you are holding the results for every exam session for “quality control” so you really are not sure about the quality of the exam you are offering?! I did the IELTs 3 times few years ago back in my country and the results came out the date they told us.

  125. I think we urgently need to raise our issue in British Broad Cast (BBC). Either they release our result or give us TRF number for admission in concerned universities.

    • Honestly feel like there should be something we can do. This is unfair on SO many candidates. By the looks of it, more than 40% of the test results get held up in EACH sitting.

    • I think we should raise an international level concern / petition regarding the incompetency of BC and IDP. They never bother about our emails or calls regarding the results. Some results are delayed while others are permanently cancelled. If they are unable to declare our results within specific time, then they should refund us our money so that we go for an alternate testing service. Furthermore, I advice all candidates who are seeking to appear in IELTS; BC or IDP, do not waste your money, as its most probable that your result will be withheld.

    • Yup,

  126. Adedamola says:

    Had my test on 30th July, tries previewing my results online on the 13th day and I couldn’t , and I didn’t recieve any email about delay. I would go to the BC office on Tuesday to see what the problem is.

    • Hi same with me I called mine. I did at Guildford uni and they said that they will be sending out emails today so if the centre you are going to is faraway I wouldn’t waste my time just give them a call instead. They said they are withholding for quality control and checks. Hope this information helps. And good luck to us hopefully we get good result 😎

      • I took the exam on 30th July too, you were said they are going to send out an email blast today? I do hope you are right and we get another estimation today but I really doubt so, given there are still people waiting for results since June. This is killing me really, my Uni has said that if my results have not been published by a certain deadline in early September I’m not going to study there this year.

        • Yes I know. Since Friday midnight I felt like I was having an anxiety attack, when I kept checking and checking like crazy and the result not showing. I even ask my husband to check from his mobile in case if it was my mobile phone error! I had ielts ‘thousand’ of times in the past but never had this issue before! So I was quite shaken up when the result did not showed up online. The person told me that it could be this week or next and let the word linger meaning it could be longer than next week. I was just speechless on the phone. But I did receive an email later on saying what’s happening but no fixed date of when it will be out for sure.

  127. Mohammed Bader says:

    Hi guys,

    I have the same problem. I had my exam on July 30th and I received an e-mail telling my that my results will be delayed!! I called the British Council and they didn’t tell me how long it will take to get my results. It’s so frustrating.

    What are the reasons for this? How long does it usually take?

    Thank you for the help.

  128. kkkhoward says:

    Why my ielts account been locked out??

  129. Still waiting on the 16th July test I took in London – no update yet. I re-took the IELTS on 4th of August and I am really scared that that one is also going to be delayed. Need to apply for a work visa & I feel like I am going to miss out on an opportunity of a life-time because of this. Hopefully the 16th July one comes this week, it’s already been more than 2 weeks since the delay.

    Kindly post here if you have received your 16th July results after they had been withheld. Positive signs as one user on here from Bangalore had his results released.

    • Hello jjkk,

      I have also appeared on 16July and my result has been withheld.
      I have call my IDP centre, they told me that may be there is update today.
      lets wait and hope..

      • I am also awaiting for the result. I took my exam in birmingham last july 16 2016. I have sent them email and they said that if its more than 40 days, i need to wait until they notify me and post the result to me. I can still check online tho. However if its more than 40 days, i just have to wait til they post the result to me.

      • Any update, Bushra?

    • Yes even I took the test on 16 July 2016… Results are withheld.. Hope they come out soon

  130. Come de Germay says:

    My test was on the 16 of July and when I try to see them they tell me ‘no results found’ is that normal? Or have I been erased ?

  131. Hello,

    I have the same problem. My test was on 30 July 2016 in Manchester and i dont have my results 🙁

    • I called the test centre and was basically told we don’t know why they’ve been withheld or how long it will be, then called the British council and they said they didn’t know and to call the test centre! Round in circles with no answer! All I did manage to get was that it’s pretty much a countrywide issue and hopefully we’ll have results in another 2 weeks, but that’s not guaranteed!

      • Valeri Dilchovski says:

        hi ,
        i have the same problem. british council and my test centre in London – vicious circle. I’m so disappointed and furious though i know it is not personal but i take it as if it is. how is it possible to run security checks in the exam period???

      • Rob Willis says:

        Quality checks on their testing….what at mine and everyone else’s expense. I would presume that 13 days would be sufficient time to preform any checks.

        The reading and listening require nothing to be validated, its a check box for crying out loud.

        The writing is the only part of the test which requires any effort to mark.

        A better approach would be to provide a deadline on when the quality or validation will be completed by. This clearly highlights a fault in their process which with the revenue they receive from this should be fixed.

        Band 9 answer?

        • Nora

        • Concerned Candidate says:

          Hi Rob.

          Have you received your test result for 30/July/2016? I have not received it neither have I got amy correspondence from test centre or BC .


  132. I appeared Ielts test on 30/07/2016, My results are put on hold. i have to submit my results by the end o f August in University in order to secure the place. I have been offered conditional offer for Masters programm which I accepted from Uni. This is so dissaponiting. If results are delayed I might loose my place at Uni.

    • THE SAME IS THE CASE WITH ME!!! I too appeared on the same date and my result has been delayed. If I don’t get it soon I won’t be able to get admission in college. 🙁

    • I hope that you get your results before the deadline. I am waiting for my result of 16 July until now and I also afraid that I will miss the deadline of the conditional offer that I got.

      • I am also waiting eagerly for my 16th July results. I had taken my test in the UK , canterbury and expected the result on29th of July. It is quite disappointing . At least they could announce the dates of releasing withheld results. This is ridiculous. They are torturing us emotionally. I know nothing could be done, only thing is to wait. Friends, if you guys have any updates regarding the results , please let me know.

  133. Rob Willis says:

    Exam results from 30th July in the UK taken at Reading have been withheld, at least mine anyway. The team on the day did advise that a lot of papers are being audited now, however a few months to get the result is ridiculous.

    Personally I can’t believe that part of the advise is to re-take as that might be quicker. As students we have all paid a fairly large sum of money and the reading/listening doesn’t require any complex marking.

    At approx £6000 per session I think I should start my own “official” test up.

    • hi

      my results too are withheld. I appeared on 30th July.

    • Louise Gabell says:

      The ones from Canterbury are being withheld too – with no explanation. Have you been given any details as I can’t seem to get hold of anyone to answer my questions?



  134. Jeenu Joy says:


    Anyone got their july 16 withheld results?

  135. Valeri Dilchovski says:

    I am furious
    My result has been withheld

  136. bandana mushunuri says:

    my daughter took her IELTS on 9th July and till today we are waiting for her result

  137. Hiya, My test was on 16th of July, I can view my result online but I received an Email from exam centre that my result is withheld for investigation. I have access to my online result then why is my TRF not coming? Please help. Thanks.

  138. yatian Pan says:

    Hi Liz,

    I sat the exam ‪on April 30‬‬ and my result was withheld.It has been 3 months but I get nothing. I am desperate for my result as I need it to apply for an UK visa,otherwise I will miss the September intake.It is really an afwul experience.

  139. hello everyone,
    I appeared on 16th of july test and did not receive my result yet. Today i contact concern authorties and they told me that my result is withheld for quality assurances. Hopefully i will receive that result soon enough.
    Can you tell me that is it always a good news when your result is withheld or otherwise?