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Why are My IELTS Results Withheld or Delayed?

Learn why your IELTS results are withheld and what you can do about it. 

Why your IELTS results are withheld

When you apply for your IELTS test and fill in the application form, you will find the terms and conditions attached to the form. You should read these terms and conditions very carefully because you will find three points which explain that your results may be withheld or cancelled.

IELTS Terms and Conditions: Withholding Results

The following points can be found on your IELTS application form under the terms and conditions:

  • Your result may not be issued 13 days after the test if the IELTS Test Partners decide that it is necessary to review any matter associated with your test or the administration of your test. To assist any investigation, you may be required to provide writing and speaking samples. In exceptional circumstances you may be required to re-take one or more IELTS components.

The above point explains that you may not get your results after 13 days because IELTS want to check them more carefully. There are two main reasons given: 1) they want to check your test again 2) they are doing quality control checks on how the test is managed.

  • Your result may be cancelled after it has been issued if any irregularity is identified. You may be required to re-take one or more IELTS components.

This means that if there are any problems with your test, your results might be cancelled  and you might need to take your test again or part of your test again. An “irregularity” means that something occurred relating to your test or how it was managed which was not usual or acceptable.

  • If any of the data on the Test Report Form provided by you or your agent to Recognising Organisations has been altered in any way, your original test result may be cancelled.

This point shows that if any information you give has been altered, your result might be cancelled. So, be careful about providing the right information and only use reputable agents.

You now see that IELTS have the right to withhold or cancel your results for certain reasons, usually for analysing and quality checking.
When you sign your application form, you also agree that you accept a possible delay in results. Your signature is agreeing to the terms and conditions above.

IELTS will email you if your results are withheld or cancelled. If you don’t get this email, check your spam folder or contact your test center.

What can you do about it?

If your results have been delayed, you just need to wait and be patient.

Your results will arrive but there is no fixed time limit. Some students receive their results within just one week or a couple of weeks. However, for others, it might be longer – a month or even 3 months.

Can you take your test again? Sure you can. See below for advice:

Taking your Test Again

If you don’t want to wait, you can take your test again.

When you take more than one test, you can choose which results to use. You can choose to use the highest results. So, it won’t matter that you end up with two sets of results – just choose the best one to use for your future.

Booking your Test in Advance

When you decide the date for your IELTS test make sure you have a few months before your actual deadline because your results might not arrive after 13 days.

Give yourself lots of time to prepare for IELTS and to get your results!!

IELTS Test Information

Learn more about your IELTS test. Learn conditions, rules and tips: IELTS Test Information Page

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  1. Hi,
    I have given my results for remark ( idp Canada). On August 29th I received an email that they issued the results. But till today I didn’t get my results. I emailed them, but gave no response. Is there any way that I can know where the results now? And can I know whether the score has improved or not? Please help me. My education is depend upon this results. And I am near the deadline

  2. Hi, my exam was on 18 August, 2018. So, basically they told test result will be declared on 31 August. And it’s been 1 day and still waiting for it. Huh! Anyone else is facing same???

  3. Hi Liz,
    I received an email from IDP that my results are permanently withheld with a pdf file and in that file, they mentioned that the following actions will be taken:
    1. The result will not be released and a Test Report Form (TRF) will not be issued.
    2. A report has been made to the IELTS Test Partners and any nominated Recognising Organisations.

    So, this means the I can not write the IELTS again or the PR process cannot be processed?
    Kindly guide me what to do? am I eligible to write the IELTS again? If yes, then my results will be considered by the immigration authorities or not?

  4. Anita Kapoor says:

    My Son gave IELTS exams in the month of April and the result was supposed to come on 14th April,2018 , On 14 Apriol,2018 we got message that due to strict quality control his result will out by 22nd June and these kind of email are coming on every month and now it is postponed for the next update in September,2018. In the meantime, he gave the exam once again and cleared. But this is totally unprofessional behaviour of IELTS what I understand that they had missed the bundle of papers and they are keeps informing the candidates with the same reason. Is anybody there who had faced this problem and finally got the result.

    Is there any legal action needs to be take against this Institute … Please suggest.


  5. My ielts result delay today … Why this hpping. . Plz anyone tell me .. My score above ovrll 6 or low …plzz tell me 😞

  6. sandeep says:

    i gave my exam on 7th july and the result was declared on 20th july, but i am not able to view my result in candidate area of british council, it says result not found, however i am getting my result on message when i follow the result on message procedure.
    advice me what should i do.

    • Mahmoud Othman says:

      Did u get any updates ? I did mine at 21th july I should be getting my result 2th august but result not found

  7. I gave my exam to 12 may but IDP don’t declare my result.i wait for my from 70 days. Please any tell about this problem

  8. I gave my ielts exam on 23rd of june in Moga,Punjab & idp have declared its result on 6th of july.I did not get result on 6th of july even i am still waiting for my result or i could not get any email or text from idp..So,please anybody here those who are facing same trouble.Please contact me ÷ 6239667875

    • Today,i receive this mail from idp anybody knows when would my result come.Please Elizabeth mam assist me.Because i did lot of hardwork afterthat i gave exam now i am worried..

      Dear Concern,

      This is to inform you that your result is currently being investigated by Cambridge and IDP Australia & once we receive any confirmation from them, we will inform you about the outcome of the same. We would request for your kind patience regarding this matter.
      For any further assistance, you can also call us at 1800 102 4544 (Toll free) from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 am to 05:30 pm.

      Team IDP IELTS

  9. Harpreet Singh says:

    I appeared in the exam of 10th march 2018 which was conducted by IDP. It has got 4 months from the test date but i have not got my result till now. When i call to the customer care of IDP ielts they just give me a robotic answer that your result is under investigation and you have to wait and we will intimate you when we will get any update.
    It is very frustrating to just wait for result.

  10. Same thing happened with me.i also gave exam to 12 may 2018 ,but the result is witheld,IDP says to me for wait .what I do now.

  11. Ifeanyi Nwobu says:

    I wrote the exam 12th May 2018 in ph Nigeria, they sent me a mail the result is withheld for quality control. On 19th on June they sent another mail that the result is released and I can go for collection. But till today, whenever I go they say it still can’t be found. And because it’s past 40days I can’t view it online. Pls what could be the result. Could it be the result is missing? What can I do about it

  12. Gunjan arora says:

    I have given exam on 20 jan 2018 but still I didn’t got my result. Every time they are giving robotic answer Which is useless. They don’t give any timeline. I am really frustrated 😔

    • same happened with me…I have taken my IELTS ACEDMIC on 20th Jan,fortunately I got Result on 25th may (after 4 months) …they sent directly TRF at my place…So wait for it …You will get soon your results…thanks liz for this website… 🙂 lots of love from ahmedabad.

  13. Hey!
    I appeared for an exam on 2nd June and result had to be declared on 15th June. My result is withheld for further investigation and i have to fill a consent form attached in the mail and need to send back within 14 days. Can any one pls explain what we need to write in the instruction given as ” please provide information in support of your scores. Your answer is not limited to 1 page “. What exactly are they looking for and what all are we supposed to write in it?
    Pls reply

    • Mineshpatel says:

      Will we get any unwanted notification like not valid or cancelled like notification with ielts TRF??????? PLEASE PLEASE RLY ME PLEASE DEAR

      • Hey!
        Either we will receive the TRF directly or some email notifying about further delays

        • Hi Daniya i am dealing with same situation, so just wanted to ask you if you have got any update or your result yet? Thanks!

          • Daniya grover says:

            Not yet!
            And this is really frustrating because it’s almost 4 months now. Have u or any1 else received any update or scores?

    • Hi Danaya!
      I am facing the same situation. I gave exam on 12th september 2018.
      Please guide what information I need to give them. how long it will take to declare result.

    • Same thing happened with me. I gave an IDP ielts general training exam on 18th August and still waiting for result.

      • Jasmeet Kaur says:


        This message is for all those who are facing the issue of result being withheld by British council/ IDP.

        I took my exam on 8th September, and instead of getting the result on 21st, I got an email which stated that my result is withheld due to some breach done by me on test date. I was totally devastated, as my whole plan was getting messed up. On the top of it, the first thought that struck my mind after reading such email was, “Are they are trying to put some cheating blame on me?” Well! to answer that, it is not true in all the cases.

        Results are withheld either due to audit purpose or some malpractice reported by the Invigilator. Malpractice could be as innocent as asking for some extra time for revision. Inspite of declining your request and taking the sheet back, the Invigilator can still report an issue against you. Strange! isn’t it? Apart from it, I feel BC/IDP take chances in releasing less results also. Very less candidates follow-up with them pro-actively, so good number of rejected souls end up booking an another exam without putting an effort and fighting for themselves. It is all money making scam, so you better be aware of your rights.

        Here are the things I did to get my result released within a week:
        1) I read all the Ielts test guidelines for students, test takers, and investigation process. As per it, you can only be blamed for a breach if you were warned about it on the test date.
        2) Write a strong email to them as a response, and communicate clearly how it has impacted your complete plan.
        3) British council’s TAT to respond on your emails is 72 working hours, which I know is too much, so keep sending reminder emails.
        4) Call their customer care executives, and tell them how important this result is for you. Ask them to write an email on your behalf to the investigation team so that they can speed up the process.

        By doing above three steps( point 2, 3, 4), I was able to get my result on 30th Sept. Which was of no use though 🙁

        Here is my score:
        Listening: 8
        Writing: 7.5
        Speaking: 7.5
        Reading: 6.5 ( I swear to my God, there is no way I made 8 mistakes to qualify this score)

        Anyways, I am booking again. Hope I get 8,7,7,7 this time.

        I hope my suggestions can save your time.

        Good luck!
        Jasmeet Kaur

  14. Hi
    I wrote the IELTS General British Council on 2nd June 2018 in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Till date i did not receive my results. Is any one received the results who wrote the test on same date and loctaion

  15. Minesh patel says:

    Hello mem
    What is meaning of this mail…

    Dear Minesh Umeshkumar Patel,

    Notification of Investigation of IELTS Test Result

    Reason: Result withheld for investigation into suspected breach of test day rule

    Our test day staff have reported that you may have breached the IELTS test day rules on 24-May-18 at Baroda.

    As a result, your test scores for the 24-May-18 have come under scrutiny and are being investigated. Your results are being withheld while this investigation is being conducted. Please note that all investigations are conducted without prejudice.

    The declaration on the IELTS application form that you agreed to includes the following statement: ‘I understand that my results may not be issued 13 days after the test if any of the IELTS Test Partners deem it necessary to review any matter associated with my test’.

    We understand how important it is for you to have your result as soon as possible and we are making every effort to expedite the process.

    We will give you an update on the status of this investigation on or before 27th June, 2018

    Should you have any questions, please write to IndiaIELTSResultsInformation@britishcouncil.org

    Thank you for your patience

    Yours sincerely
    IELTS Investigations Team

  16. Hi Guys,
    I have written my exam on 12/5/18 and supposed to receive my result on 25/5/2018. But I have neither received my result nor the withheld mail. Pls advice, approx within how many days you guys have received ‘withheld mail’?

    • You should call them on their customer care number.it must be a case of withheld..I gave my test on 14th april and I still waiting for my result…they ask for handwritten statement which I gave on 2 may..but still they investigating my result..

      • gurjant singh says:

        Can you got your result aur not manbeer nd I gave exam on 12may2018. But still investigation anybudy now when I got result today is 11june

    • Tell us what happened to you? because my a certificate was blocked by the same date.

    • Tell us what happened to you because ny certificate was blocked by the same date .
      Will the certificate be blocked? Or They will adopt me?

    • satinder says:

      i also written my exam in 12.05.2018, but the result is withheld, idp says just wait and they dont said any reason. i dont know whats they justify in a long time. i donot know what i do now.

    • Foram patel says:

      My husband got the mail that the result is in investigation . he gave the exam on the 12/5/2018. Still they are saying the same .

    • Hello guys!!! I have got my results on that following week. It was my bad of giving my date of birth incorrectly during the test registration. I have realised it only after speaking with the service team. Wishing you all to get the result soon without any issues.

    • Divya Sharma says:

      When you got your result I give exam 12may2018 my result is investigation when I got my result nd I send written statement to idp you have contact num plz give me

    • What you date of relying your result nd you send notification to idp team plz tell me m divya plz give me your number is discussion with you for a exam nd how many days you got result

    • Divya Sharma says:

      Which service team you speak with them plz give me your number is want discuss with you 12may2018 I gave exam but my result is investigation Plz hlp me

      • GAGANDEEP SINGH says:

        Contact withe me. I have suffered from this all. I got my withheld result after 4 months. +919463894000

        • Hi Gagandeep!
          Was your result held for further investigation or due to some other reason?
          Because I appeared for an exam on 2nd June and my result has been withheld for further investigation purpose.

      • Hello Divya!! I have not written the exam in india. Pls call any ielts customer care number in the country you have written the exam.

  17. Hi Liz my exam was 21st April .but my result is delayed please tell me what to do .


    I appeared for IELTS exam on 20th January, 2018 and my result is still withheld. Nothing is disappointing than waiting for result. Anyone knows the maximum timeframe of withheld result ?


    i have given test on 21st april. my result which supposed to release on 5th may was withheld for investigation into suspected breach of test day rule. Now i got email that my result is permanently withheld since i have written after the end of test component.
    i want to know about the effect of this withheld result.
    they have informed me that following action are taken:-
    Test score permanently withheld
    Recognising organisations will be able to view this outcome online
    A report has been made to the IELTS test partners.

    please let me know whether i can give again exam.
    Is i am not banned. they have not stated it in their email.

    • Himanshu says:

      Hello harminder singh ji same case happened to me have u got any update regarding this please contact me my whatsapp +918800801809

  20. Sweety Gupta says:

    My husband too gave ielts test held on 24 th March 2018 but he has not received his marks yet.Nor got any information regarding its marks or cancellation .

    • I faced the same problem. Until now, no results. Where did your husband took the test?

      • I had written the test on the same day 23rd March in Hyderabad. I also haven’t got the results yet. Did your husband get the scores? Where did he take the test?
        My whatsapp number: +91-8500046885.

  21. Dear All,

    I gave my IELTS exam on 21st April 2018 and I got a notification today that my results have been withheld and I will get an update on the same before 22nd June 2018.

    This was a second attempt which was rescheduled by Britich Council since I had faced issues in my previous attempt and had written a formal complaint about it. They had acknowledged my problem and offered me a free re take which I had expected.

    Any suggestions on how long I should wait before I take a call on next steps.

    • Which country and city was it?
      we faced same problem.. but haven’t received any email from BC or IDP…
      one email came from centre that some candidates will get results next week..
      not sure what happened..

    • Me too, appeared on 21st april 2018, idp trivandrum (India). During the examination the hall was perfect and I never experienced any inconvenience in any manner.However I was expecting to get a result on 3rd May. Until 5th May I waited, after which i contacted idp team. I came to know from them that my results are under investigation. And today 12th of May I received a mail from team idp saying my results got cancelled. This is really disgusting. I have never done any kind of malpractice. I struggled a lot to prepare and appear for this exam and the fruit I received is hard to believe. What step should I take next, to know the possible reason for my cancellation of results?

      • HARMINDER SINGH says:

        Same thing happened to me. yesterday i got email that my result is hold permanently since i have written after end of test component.

  22. Anyone else ? Who face the same problem of 13th april test conducted by idp ….
    I want to know what kind investigation they are doing ???

    • Dilpreet Singh says:


      • Who conduct ur test idp kr bc ?? Mine was conducted by idp

        • Dilpreet Singh says:

          IDP. Are you a punjabi?

          • Yes from amritsar…I did really hardwork for this but get nothing …they send me only one mail and told me that my result is under investigation…I dont have any idea when they release my result..

            • Dilpreet Singh says:

              Same here bro

              • By the way m not bro 😂..I think I have to go to their office..may be I find anything relevant..I read lot of blogs and I think it’s a case regarding band difference in particular modules or cross checking..(but m also afraid because I don’t expect long or permanent withheld which also happened in some cases coz honestly I did lot of hardwork..😑I dont want to appear in the exam for the third time ..because all the invigilators will probably same 😂😂

  23. Tony Gill says:

    I gave the IELTS academic paper on the 16th and 17th of December, 2017 in Hong Kong. Its soon going to be 4 months since I gave the paper and still have not received my results. My test scores were also withheld but its been too long. I really dont know when my results will be out or are they even going to ever tell me. I called several times and they cant provide me with useful information

  24. Hello Liz,

    I would like to ask about my pending result. I have taken my IELTS test on 24th March and my result is supposedly available on 6th April, but I haven’t got my result until today and I don’t get any emails or notifications from my test centre or IELTS. I’ve asked my test centre about it and they said they didn’t know about the reason as well and told me to email the verification team. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you.

    • I also have taken the test on 24th March 2018 and until now no results has been communicated to me. Where did you took the test?

  25. This policy is too long like you’ve cheated or been scammed after months of study. This policy is rubbish. We are entitled to a result! They don’t consider our deadline and more concerned on their profits and on administering future exams! It’s really frustrating. Am I gonna take the exam again? Hell no! At first, I didn’t believe that the IELTS exam is money-making and that opinion is from those who didn’t prepared well. But after the delay for almost a month and still waiting in vain, I think now that IELTS is purely business without considering their candidate’s deadline. If there should be any quality control, why don’t they have a time limit for this? A week should be enough! We paid, we were pushed to our limits during the exam, then what? nor result?? Not even an email for an update and I need to keep ringing them, asking if there is an update. This is an area that they must address. They don’t even consider their test-takers! It”s just unfair because we paid for their service. Took IELTS in BC. Still, no results till now.

    • niroshan says:

      100% agreed with you bro.
      day time robbers with license,and all the culprits are depend on our money

    • Hi evo, are we suppose to submit the form which is got attached with that mail… Did u get ur results…

    • Mohammed says:

      Hi Guys,

      I wrote IELTS on 24th March. I am facing similar issue and they do not give a timeline. They keep talking like robots and I tried my best through email, phone and chat, they still give a robotic response that my results are withheld and are under scrutiny. I am frustrated like everyone else here and now I am thinking of taking some serious step against them because we spend our effort, time and money to take up the test which is bluntly ignored by IELTS officials. Let’s get together and take some serious steps against them if they do not release our result by EOM.

      • What we have to do ?? It’s been a month and I still don’t get my result …even the number on their (idp) site isn’t working …its not really kind of way to deal with candidates….

  26. niroshan says:

    Hi liz,
    I did the exam on 10/2/2018.resutls were withheld and received an mail about an update on the 7/3/2018.
    Today 8/3/2018,I received another mail from IDP ,in which they stated, they will give another update by 15/3/2018.
    About this we agreed to wait for results factor, At the point of registration, do people have time to read and understand and compelled to do so?
    Same time none of the staff clarified that your results are going through quality testing/investigation. They basically said, results will come on 13th day which repeated as soon as I finished the exam too.
    Please advice do we get refunded our fee or could we get the help via human rights.

  27. Shoaib ansari says:

    I gave my test on 20th jan and since than received two mail that it has been withheld due to quality control procedure
    No matter what atleast I deserve a definite timeline
    Again and again mailing to respective concerned but all in vain

  28. Hi Liz. Do you know what is the estimate waiting time for withhold exam today is 10 weeks waiting whithhold?

  29. Hi Liz
    I’ve got “Notification of Investigation of IELTS test Result” for Feb 10th exam???
    what do they exactly do in the investigation???? If I cheated they would got me at exam !!! so Are they gonna check my exam or check the Camera??
    I’m confused coz I had to send to immigiration depart for my immigration:((

  30. I wrote exam on 20th Jan, however result is still awaited, next update is on 09th March.

    • Satvir Singh says:

      Dear Amar.

      Which place you had your exam. I wrote my exam in Dubai on 20-Jan-18 and still waiting for the result. I have got an email that update will be provided asap but no specific date mentioned.

      Did you got any email for next update by 9th Marck

    • Disha kalia says:

      Same thing happened with me…did u get any update??

      • I wrote an exam on Jan 20th in Delhi( Gurgaon) but till now i didnt get the result.My next update date is 30th march.this is the fourth time changed the update…..

        • …..you are lucky to get an email and been told the update time …… I took the exam on 13/1/2018 and now 25/3/2018 I still received nothing, just an email to tell your result was withheld and needed me a scanned handwriting statement ….. no next update date…. gosh, I just requested to change a pencil and the new pencil was given by a staff not pull out from my bag…… How come they can withhold my result for such long time without any further notice….. I am still a student who working hard for saving money to take this frustrated exam…..

  31. I also took mine on 20th Jan and until today 21-feb I am still waiting, any update please message me. From dubai.

  32. Glency Baby says:

    JAN 20-2018 QATAR
    Result still waiting any update any one????

    • As per their recent email, it will take some more time. We need to wait…

      • Hi All,

        I have created on whatsapp group for people with pending IELTS results for 20th Jan 2018. Ping me at +91-9899558884 and I will add you to that group for updates.

        Ankit Khurana.

  33. I took my test Jan 20th in Sri Lanka. I received my results on Feb15th. I did not get any email updates, no notifications at all. Only looked online by chance since people posted their results were coming through. I don’t know why they cant just say that there is a delay releasing the results instead of this whole “your results have come under scrutiny and are being investigated”. As if like you have cheated!! BC and IELTS need to be more professional without causing unnecessary stress and wasting our valuable time. My advice to all is to do another English exam that is acceptable other than IELTS. If not, then do it 6-9 months in advance and wish you the best of luck!!

    Overall band score: 8.5

  34. Changing your postal address while filling the form might be the reason why my ielts result is withheld. Is it so? Any idea guys! I changed my postal address for some reasons in third attempt but earlier, I was using some other address for ielts report card to deliver.
    Do you think changing address in the form would be the issue. I am waiting for tomorrow. I gave exam on 20th Jan.

  35. Gave my test on 20th January in Bengaluru. Finally got my results today after a long time. Overall band score 8.

  36. Finally got my result..of 20th jan. IDP Overall bands 7….
    Listening 7
    Speaking 7
    Writing 6.5
    Reading 6.5.
    Don’t worry guys you will get fruitful results soon….All the best👍

  37. Swaminathan says:

    I got my results today! I took my test on Jan 20th in Chennai. Results were withheld due to some scrutiny, and according to the last update from BC they informed me that I should receive further update by Feb 19th. However to my goodness, I received the results today.

  38. I got my Results today ,i gave my ielts on 20th January in Banglore
    overall 7.5

  39. I got my result announced which was withheld for so long . I gave my ielts test on 20 january 2018 . The result date for test was 2february but my results were withheld till 9 february and again got a text from british council that my results are withheld till 19 february but today i got my results announced . I scored 7 band overall . I am soo happy . Wish you luck whosoever are waiting for their results . I wish they will be released soon . . 😊👍

  40. Given IELTS on 20th Jan, same situation. BC said they will update me on 19th Feb. This is unacceptable. After paying 12k for a test and waiting 13 days I am entitled to at least a result. If my result is going through scrutiny then I should be notified few days before not at 11:57 via email when the result is going to be released at 12:00. This is so unprofessional of them.

    • Deepak Sharma says:

      I gave my IDP IELTS test on January 20,2018 in Chandigarh, India. The result was to come out on Feb 3, which they further stretched it to Feb 9; and to my chagrin, on Feb 9 they sent an email at 3:30pm saying that it would come out on February 16! This is really weird. What makes worse is their level of transparency – they are neither sharing the actual reason of “over-delay” nor reverting to social media posts (in fact, they are deleting those posts) and posting their sales-pitch or quoting guys like Henry Ford!!
      Seriously, It peeves to write it but IDP guys are a bunch of unprofessional amateurs who don’t really know “service” part of business.

      • Yup. This is getting annoying day by day. This is second time my result is getting scrutiny, actually many people from our center got the same email. They already conduct the test in very strict environment, I do not know what the scrutiny is all about.

        • Deepak Sharma says:

          Rishabh, you are right. And I suspect that they are just FAKE bodies sucking money from Indians just by becoming “Judge of English language”! I sent a tweet to @IDPGlobal but it has been over 48 hours and they are mum! It is all a scam and I doubt that provided our politicians/ministers’ credibility, such IELTS test takers might be having full back up from our dishonest ministers. These bodies are just corrupt. Now, I regret spending my INR 12,100 and wasting one full day. Today, I will escalate it to HRD ministry, let’s see what happens. Their support executives are foolish and NOT at all transparent. This is a BIG BIG SCAM.

  41. Parmvir Singh says:

    anyone here who gave the exam at ludhiana?

  42. Parmvir Singh says:

    i gave exam of academics under British council but i am facing the same problem. they are saying that they cant do nothing to provide me my result. you should wait patiently

  43. Woo hoo! I got my ielts result and I nailed it. Got 8.5 overall and gave the exam on 20th Jan.

  44. hi supriya ,what number you used to call up BC ,?
    I tried contacting them on Their Customer Support Number ,but never able to contact them
    please forward me the number ,you used to contact them

  45. I gave ielts test on 20 January 2018 . But my result has not been declared. I got an email from idp regarding update on 9 feb . But there is no further information provided.

  46. Dear Candidate
    This is for Jan20 results. Appeared for exam in Hyderabad.Results got delayed till Feb19 & they mentioned they will update further for any changes.

    What the helllllllllllll

    • My results also have followed the same scenario. feeling really pity on myself for choosing British Council. I could have written exam under IDP

      • well it is the same with IDP ! 🙂

        • It is same with me. Taken the test on 20-Jan in Chennai and got a information from British council today that will come back to me on Feb-19.

          • yeah same with me. what if we go and talk to people in british council is there any chance they will help us???

      • I request someone create a WA group for candidates facing problems with getting their IELTS results. Whether Academic or General, I urge we all get together and workout a plan to raise our concerns to respective authorities.

      • Dude, British Council is 100 times better than IDP. You are lucky you didn’t choose IDP.

    • My result of 6th january 2018 from British Council was withheld from last 3 weeks and now they said me email that your results are withheld permanently due to cheating issue what the hell is British Council is doing i even can’t digest this nonsense my complete future was depending on this result and now they did this plz advice me what can i do now as it was my 4th attempt

      • Hi Ahmed have you got your results back yet? Where is withheld?
        Mine withheld since 14/12/2017 almost 10 weeks.
        What do you do or any idea please?

    • Same scenario…wrote GT in Hyderabad on 20th jan via IDP…now delayed result..

  47. Result delayed till 19 Jan ,,given on 20 jan.. really not fair.
    Location yamunangar

  48. Just got an text message for the next update on 19th feb

  49. Dear Candidate,
    Your result for 20-Jan test is currently being analysed by the IELTS Test Partners. We should be able to provide you further information on your result by Monday, 19 Feb, 2018. We apologise for the inconvenience.
    British Council

    What the hell yaaar

  50. Hello guys,

    Any update so for in respect to awaiting results for IELTS general exam conducted on 20th jan please ?

  51. For those who took the exam on Jan 20th, please post if you got any update or results. Thanks!!

  52. Hi,

    I have taken my IELTS exam on Jan 20 in Bangalore. My result has been delayed and I have just received an update that states next update will be on 16 Feb and they are not assure of any definite Timeframe to announce the results. This is very saddening !!

  53. Aparajith says:

    I took the test from Chennai, India on 20th Jan 18…rec’d a mail saying my results are being withheld for quality investigative purposes till 9th Feb…as of now no updates yet!

  54. Aparajith says:

    I took the test from Chennai, India on 20th Jan 18…rec’d a mail saying my results are being withheld for quality investigative purposed till 9th Feb…as of now no updates yet!

  55. Divy Mohan says:

    I appeared for IELTS on 20th Jan in Gurgaon. I got an email stating update will be provided on 9th feb and results are on hold !! What the hell is this ? I haven’t received any communication yet and today is 9th Feb !!!!

  56. Charanjeet Singh says:

    I gave my exam on 20th Jan and was suppose to get the results on 02nd Feb but they withheld the results for further investigation and advised for an update on 09th Feb.
    I got an updated today 09th Feb that they will now update on 16th Feb.
    Did anyone get their results today or got the same email for update on16th Feb.
    Location Dawarka
    General Training


  57. Hi Liz,
    I took my test on 20th January in Hyderabad (India) Test location and I’ve gotten an email that my results will be updated on or before 9th Feb after it was with held.

    Still I have not received any response from them, it’s hard for me to find out what bad I’d done on my part.

    Could any one tell how much time it took hardly?

  58. Kiran Padmakaran says:

    Did anyone who gave exam on January 20 th get RESULT update on February 9 as they mentioned in an e-mail regarding delay in result ?lllll

  59. Hello, I also gave exam on 20th Jan at Noida location and still waiting for the result…

    • Same here .. im also waiting

    • Rishabh Sharma says:

      I also gave my test on 20 of Jan but today I received an email that further updates will be on 16 feb

    • Me too, I have not gotten any email after my result was holded

    • Charanjeet Singh says:

      Hi Amar,

      Did you get your results today?


    • I called up BC.. they are saying that the next update for results for 20th Jan will be by 4pm today.. does this mean results are further postponed?

    • Same here. I gave in pune and now they will give on 19 feb,2018. British Council sucks.

    • Rohan Shorey says:

      I gave my exam on 20th Jan, 2018. Still no signs of result. Got an SMS today from British Council stating that my result might be declared on 19th Feb, 2018. So let’s see.


      Rohan Shorey

    • Yeah, me too! I’ve given the test here in Chennai. It should have been released by Feb 2, but now received a text saying I’ll receive further update by 19th Feb. Really frustrated!

    • Hello all, I gave my test on Jan 20th in Hyderabad for IELTS General Training. My results were supposed to have come out on Feb 2nd, which were delayed until Feb 9th. And again today I received a mail stating the Investigation is still on and I will need to wait until Feb 19th. This wait is so frustrating. They are not even confirming whether the results will be definitely out by Feb 19th. I am guessing it could delayed even further. The British left but I feel we are still at the mercy of BC 🙂

  60. Dalia Mathew says:

    It’s really quite disconcerting that most results are being withheld. Wrote the exam on 6th January 2018 in Dubai and still awaiting results. Is there anyone else there waiting who wrote from Dubai on the 6th of Jan?

    • Sara Nasir says:

      My test was also conducted on 6th January, 2018 from Islamabad. Haven’t received TRF yet.

      • Waleed Ghayas says:

        I took my test on 6th jan in Islamabad, Pakistan. Results were due on 19 jan but got this particular email. BC is using delaying tactics like “Investigation” and “quality check” blah blah. I am in contact with BC since then. Recently they provided me with a date of 8 feb with additional but meaningless apologising. Well, tomorrow is 8 feb, i hope we get results instead of further information ( which happens to be the same in every mail i.e to wait…)
        What was in the last email that you received?

    • have you got results?? I appeared on
      th Jan and results is still waiting….its too frustrating. no communication from IDP side.

      • Dalia Mathew says:

        Not yet! Did you write it from Dubai?

      • I gave a call to British Council as I was loosing my patience and had not received any updates from them via email or sms. To my utter surprise they informed me that my results have been released!! They did not intimate this to me either by email or sms!! So annoyed at the fact that I have probably been waiting patiently when my results have already been released. And my results don’t show up online either. I have to go British Council and pick up my report. Will do that today or tomorrow. So my advise is for everyone waiting to call up British Council and check with them whether your results are released.

  61. Guys,
    My email states- Results are routinely analysed before they are issues. These procedures have flagged results from the test taken on 20 Jan 18 for further analysis and therefore your result will not be released on 2 Feb.
    Does this means that they found something with my test(two band difference between modules) or it’s only quality check?
    Can anyone help?

  62. My result is being delayed for quality check purpose.My exam centre was Kottayam.Anyone from Kottayam,please let me know.

  63. I sat to IELTS UKVI in Qatar 20th January 2018 I did not receive SMS, I couldn’t see my results online and on Saturday February the 3rd I went to BC and they said my result is withheld and I have to contact the examination section over the phone on Sunday, I did and they said we will send an email to explain why your result is withheld, 2 hours late I received the email (due to strict quality control procedures and we shall let you know if the investigation is complete ) that’s the case and I am waiting.

    • Glency Baby says:

      Hai Huss,
      For me i recieve a text message with my score.Am sure this result is not mine,very less score.I make a call to them and they inform me they send text result wrongly.I need to wait for next mail.They also dont know why they send result text message like this.

  64. Gave my test on 20th Jan in Bengaluru..
    Got a mail on 2nd Feb saying results are withheld for investigation and further update about the results will be given on or before 9th Feb. Anyone else with similar situation?

  65. Why would they not do it? Candidate’s harassment generates more business.

  66. Gave my test on 20th Jan in Bangalore.
    No results, no information. The BC numbers don’t work. It’s like a Black Hole. At least have proper information shared out as to when the results are going to come and why it’s being with held

    • I took the test on 20th in Bangalore and was informed via email regarding delay in result. They said, update on result will be provided on 9th. Didn’t you receive any intimation?

  67. I got my result by text message in Qatar and really it was a bad score.Afternoon again recieve a mail from BC that mentioning your result is with held for checking.I make a call to BC they inform me yes it was on hold.They dont know why send a text message.We need to wait until next mail.I seriously doubt these Ielts centers are doing some malpractice.And i dont know where to say all those issues.

    • Let us put some faith on process…may be it is held to prevent any illegal intervention… people get their score and frequent checks are inevitable for standardization

      Hope all get their expected scores soon

      Also any one got any update plz share here about 20/1/28 test

  68. Nothing more disappointing than receiving this sort of an email, instead of band scores on the results release date. I had to retake the test on 20th January as my previous band score for writing was just 0.5 below the required score. Just THAT! After retaking all the bands and waiting 13 days you receive a message saying that your results are withheld??? What if they take months to release my results? How am I going to meet the deadline? After all, what is the point of taking this 20th January test, if I have to wait for an unestimated time period for results? It is purely a waste of money. It is true that I had agreed with their terms and conditions with this regard. We all did. That’s solely because we had no option. Unless it is due to exam malpractices, in other cases such as quality checks, these authorities should consider refunding those candidates who had to go through this hassle, just to maintain the so called IELTS standards.
    Test taken in Sri Lanka

    • Waleed Ghayas says:

      Very well said Ayesha. I took test on 6th jan Pakistan through British Council but it turned out to be the biggest mistak. My result was due on 19 jan but instead i got this “particular” email. I am in contact with British Council since then and they are using delaying tactics like “Investigation” and “Quality Check” and blah blah. Even today i contacted the relative office and they gave me further date of 8 feb with additional but meaningless apologising. I was about to get rude but i controlled myself and decided to give them last chance. I am thinking of legal action otherwise. I will surely not recommend anyone to give IELTS through British Council and i hope you guys will do the same. Instead give IELTS through AEO, which is efficient and trustworthy. AEO is operating in Pakistan, i don’t know about other countries. I should’ve chose AEO but i made a terrible mistake.

    • I took my test on Jan 20th in Sri Lanka too. I got an email 2 hours before the results were due stating, “Notification of investigation… strict quality control.. blah blah blah…test scores for the 20 January have come under scrutiny and are being investigated”. The email had no contact number and no date when to expect the results. All it says is that we will provide an update as soon as the investigation is complete. When is that?? This is absurd!! You go through all this preparation to take the exam and then wait the specified 13 days to get the results.. all for what?? I called British Council and all they could say is that it’s out of their hands and only Cambridge in the UK knows. As for the timeline, it can take 1 week, 2 weeks or even a month to get an update. To quote them, “We don’t know”. So why do you handle the IELTS exam? British Council needs to take some responsibility for this matter! However, they were keen on telling me that I can retake the exam if I don’t want to wait that long. Seriously????? So basically you just want the money. They must think we pluck money off trees. These people are so unprofessional!! We need these results to go on with our education and employment. Just give us the results so that we can get on with our lives and retake it if needed in a timely manner. Why are you playing around with our livelihoods? I can’t wait months for these results. Something needs to be done about this. Test centers and the UK is abusing the fact that the IELTS is becoming the only universal English exam now and using it to make more money. I’m so frustrated!

      • My main concern with IELTS is that they do not give dates for when the results are likely to be released – I think this is the main problem that needs to be addressed. If students know the time frame, they can make an appropriate choice of what to do. IELTS really need to make their their time frame clear to students when relating to investigating and withholding results.

    • Same here, for last two times I scored well in any of the 3 modules but they managed to give 0.5 band less than required in one of the module and this time for 20th jan test they have withheld the result. Extremely annoying. Test centre was Navi Mumbai.

      • I also gave exam in Navi Mumbai on 20th jan, received mail today that results are further analysed, so there will be delay and next update about the results will be on 16 th feb.

        Please let us know if anyone of 20th jan takers have got results

      • Ruchi, read my reply to Sai Ram on this page.
        Switch to PTE if IELTS is not giving the desired results. Else you will keep losing money.

  69. hari balakrishnan says:

    same thing with me as well
    test centre:trichy ,tamilnadu

  70. Charles ojukwu says:

    mine is more frustrating.i did not receive any mail and i couldn’t see my result

  71. Same is case with me.
    Exam date:20 Jan,2018
    Test Center:Dwarka

  72. recieved the same mail today stating an updated will be given on 9th, which means it can be further delayed. wtf, all deadlines approaching for sept 18 intake and then you come across such things.

  73. Sachin Premnath says:

    I too gave my exam on the 20th Jan in Bangalore and i have got the same exact message from IELTS that my results are withheld due to quality checks and i would get an update back from them on 9th Feb

  74. Same for me.. I gave my exam on 20th Jan, Bangalore..

    • Same here….why can’t they investigate in last 13 days ….iam also become frustrate…its the matter of our hardwork

  75. Same message posted to me stating “Results delayed due to quality check” – Expected results on Feb 09th.

    Test taken on : Jan 20
    Location: Chennai
    Centre: IDP

  76. Charanjeet Singh says:

    Yes, even I have received the same email. It’s the same email that they send out to the applicants. I am shocked and devastated to lean about this email as I had given my exam lawfully.

    I gave my exam on 20th Jan 2018 and was due to receive the results today 02nd Feb.
    Test Location: Dawarka, Delhi

  77. I had given my test on 20th JAn 2018 , Pune,India . I was expecting the results today (2nd Feb) but have got the results withheld message instead. Is that the case with anyone else ?
    This is so disappointing!

  78. Jan 20 results withheld Location India Chrnnai

  79. Bharath Reddy says:

    Hi Liz,
    I hope you see this and advise me.
    I received an email today that the results are delayed due to ‘strict quality control procedures’, and they’ll get back to me with an update on 9th of Feb.
    Could you please explain this? And do we need to worry about this?
    Your help is much appreciated.

  80. I got my results today via SMS. Took IElTS on January 6th in Dubai.

  81. I got my results today. I took the IELTS on January 6th in Dubai . Hope you will get yours results very soon as well .

  82. Hi,
    I sat for IELTS on December 16, 2017 in UAE – Ras al Khaimah, and I haven’t received my results yet.

    Any one had same issue?

    • Hi Mazin,

      I sat for the exams at Eton institute Dubai on 16th December and I am still waiting for my results.. They are not responding to my mails and no status update. Frustrating..

      • Hi Nahlah,

        Keep me updated plz on your results. Mine is still withheld.
        Tell me also how u did in the 4 modules.

        O fiv o et for nin on sev on tre

  83. I gave my exam on 6 January 2018 . I got a mail on 19 January that my result is withheld. We will inform u 27 January or before. Today i got my result

  84. Rishi Sharma says:

    My result for 6th Jan’s exam came today. Hope for you all it will come soon.
    Though I did not do well in speaking. My score was L-8 R-8 W-7.5 S-6.

    6 in Speaking is a big disappointment for me. But I will try again.

    Best of luck for all aspirants.

  85. Those who took the IELTS test on January 6th, please let everyone know if you have got your results or any updates from BC.
    Thank you .

    • I took on 6th January. No updates as of now. The BC call centre people told me to wait for an email from them. That’s where the updates will be received. So still waiting.

    • I have also given my ielts test on 6th jan in jeddah through BC. I have received the same email that my results have been with held..im glad to know that other people are also dealing with the same situation as i was worried. Results are out now?can u guys plz tell me?i stil didnt get my results..

    • Drugay Rana says:

      No Results yet. Expecting on 27th Jan 2018, as informed in mails.

    • Wrote the IETS on 6th Jan 2018 from Dubai. Still waiting for my results.

    • today i receive a mail regarding 6 jan 2018 in idp result withheld now i will get update about result on 2nd feb instead of 27th jan

      • Shivangi patel says:

        Hey harry,
        Hv u get any updates of your results!!
        If yes what score u get?
        I m facing the same as of you…do needful

    • Hi everyone, just got my results which were withheld for 6/1/18 test, which I gave in BC Jeddah. Do check if you all got yours,All the best!!

    • Lahore 6 january 18
      Just received an email that investigation completed and TRF has been posted.


  86. Hello!
    My results have been released after being withheld for 10 days. My scores are 8 8 8 and 6.5 in writing.

    I believe i did better than this in writing. Have anyone tried to go for reassesment after their results have been withheld for investigation?

    Liz, do think chances are much lower in this case?

    • It’s a very good question and one I can’t answer. Sorry. You could ask IELTS directly how the investigation is done when they withhold marks and if a remark is still an option. Hopefully they can enlighten you. If they do, please post the response here for other students to read.

      • I’ve contacted the test center and they said that it is totally fine and that remark is still an option as long as it has not been 6 weeks since the exam date.

        Luckily, tomorrow is the last day when I can apply for a remark! I ll go for it and will keep you updated with the outcome.

      • Thanks Liz for your guidance via all your videos. I took Ielts on 6th Jan & although my results were held for almost 10days. Just got confirmation that I scored overall 7.5 band like everyone says in writing they just gave 6.5 else I would have scored 8 bands but I’m happy with my scores. Once again thanks a ton for your valuable tips & wonderful guidance. 👍🏻

    • Hello mark. On which date you gave your exam

    • Hi,

      Even my scores are similar 8 9 8 and 6.5 in writing. It takes around 4 weeks for re-evaluation so I decided to give it agsin. It’s frustrating.

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