Map Completion for IELTS Listening

You may have to fill in points on a map in IELTS listening section2. This means you will be given a picture of a map to complete. When you must decide the answers to numbers on a map, the answer will come in order but that doesn’t mean it will be simple.

Always prepare the map by looking at the locations of each number and predicting what language you might hear to find the answers. Make sure you check the title of the map to help you predict answers and language.

Map Completion

Complete the map below using no more than two words for each question.

Bedford Surgery

Map Building Plan


Welcome to the Bedford Doctor’s Surgery. As you are a new patient, please listen to the information about our practice to learn about our surgery and the facilities available. To enter our surgery you will need to go up the stairs to the first floor so if you are disabled and need wheelchair access, you will need to call us to organize this. Once you enter the surgery, please go straight to the reception room on the left and sign in with our receptionist. You’ll also be able to wait for the doctor here. If you need the toilets, you’ll have to go back down to the ground floor which isn’t shown on the map and belong to the company renting that floor. If you have a large bag or a coat, you may want to leave them in the cloakroom which is located at the other end of the building. For the cloakroom, turn right once you get up the stairs and go straight ahead, it’s a small room at the end of the corridor.

The two doctor’s surgeries are situated just to the right of the stairs both with a lovely view over the town, one of them used to be the old waiting room. We also have a radiology unit which is next to the cloakroom and a laboratory for blood work just beyond the radiology unit. For patients who will be traveling by bus, there’s a bus stop just a few doors away from the surgery and for those of you coming by car, please park outside our main doors.

1. reception (left of the stairs)
2. cloakroom (right of the stairs at the end. You must spell this correctly to get the answer)
3. surgery (directly right of the stairs – the speakers says two surgeries so this is for number 4 as well. The speaker said that one of them used to be a waiting room – this is in the past, not now – a typical IELTS trap).
4. surgery
5. radiology unit (next to the cloakroom – if you didn’t get cloakroom, then you will have a problem to get this correct. You will need both words for a correct answer)
6. laboratory (next to the radiology unit)


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  1. Liz, first of all, thank you for offering all this material free for us. It has been helping me a lot! I just would like to make sure if I hear correctly. When you’re talking about the cloakroom I think you say: “If you have a large bag or a coat …”, don’t you? If so, I think there is a itty-bitty mistake in the script.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Sorry Liz for asking again but in my opinion the speaker says “reception room”and according to my dictionary this term exists…so why should it be marked wrong?

  3. Hi Liz

    I didn’t know cloakroom is a one word, how can I prevent such mistake in future, I mean for other similar examples?
    Also is it ok to write radiology instead of radiology unit?

  4. Daniel Hassan says:

    Hi Liz,
    Some of the answers said by the lady are doctors surgery, reception room, but your answers is surgery and reception respectively. Will I be given the full marks for putting doctors surgery and reception room because it is NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS?

    • You will see that the answers in the transcript are “Once you enter the surgery, please go straight to the reception on the left and sign in with your receptionist. You’ll also be able to wait for the doctor here. / The two doctors surgeries are situated just to the right of the stairs both with a lovely view over the town, one of them used to be the old waiting room. “. So, it is possible to have doctors surgery but it is not possible to have reception room because that is not given in the recording. You can’t add or change words.

  5. Hi liz,tx for the great work.I have a question.reception,radiology,laboratory,,…since those refer to places,,don’t we have to start them with capital letters?tx..

  6. would it be fine if I broke down cloakroom into two words?

  7. Dear Liz

    I am confuse and want to confirm the duration between question in listening section.
    to read question before listening .

    Thanks & Regards

    • Please get the IELTS Cambridge Test books 1 to 10. They are real tests published by IELTS and will give you the length of time for preparing questions.

  8. I would like to speak English which is very necessary in IELTS TEST for building my ability in speaking

  9. Hello mam,,
    In all sections of listening I feel the maps and mcq’s are most difficult
    Could u please upload more of practice lessons or tests for those two
    Thanq so much for ur gentleness…….

    • I only upload lessons slowly. Try to get the IELTS Camrbridge books 1 to 10 for more practice. I’m sure you can find more online.
      All the best

  10. The speaker actually said reception room, would that be wrong if we use it instead of just reception?

  11. Thank you so much liz,you are the best,can doctor’s surgery be used for questions 3 and 4,instead of surgery?it was mentioned like that in the description.thank youuuu

  12. Hi Madam
    Your blog is so informative and helpful. I have a query ,is it an error if we answer as reception room ,cloak room, ,surgery room etc.

    Thank you,

    • Hi,

      You need to write down the exact words you hear. So reception should be one word, cloakroom must be spelled as one word and surgery can’t have the word room attached. Try not to change the words you hear.
      All the best

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