IELTS Listening Practice Multiple Choice

Below is a multiple choice listening exercise about the topic of copyright. This topic has recently appeared in the IELTS listening test. This exercise is not an IELTS test. It is a practice listening exercise for multiple choice questions.

Always read the questions before listening to the recording. In the test, you will have time to do this. However, you can listen only once to the audio.

You might hear all options or words similar to options given. It is your task to focus on paraphrasing and synonyms to select the right answer. You can make notes while you listen. This truly is a test of your vocabulary!!

Listening Questions 1-2

(1) Copyright is important for an author’s………...   (Choose one letter.)

  • A) future work
  • B) privacy
  • C) subsistence
  • D) adulthood

(2) What types of work are protected by copyright?  (Choose two letters.)

  • A) buildings
  • B) all books
  • C) films
  • D) computer components
  • E) nature’s song
  • F) words accompanying music
  • G) public source graphs and charts


Click to play the recording. Make notes while you listen.  The information for this recording is from and you can find more on this page: Copyright & Its Importance


The answers are available for this lesson. Click below:

Click here: Answers for Copyright Multiple Choice Listening

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  1. Priya Khiwal says:

    Hi Liz, please advise if in listening section a word is spelled, then do we need to write the hynated word or normal one?
    E.g. “scathold” is spelled, then do we need to write s-c-a-t-h-o-l-d in answer sheet ??

  2. Abdelbasset says:

    My answers were :
    1/ C
    2/ B-F
    I would like to thank you for the work you are doing. This is fantastic !
    eventhough I found your website at the last minute, i will definitely recommend it to my friends,
    today I had the speaking test, it was a bit difficult for me ^first time to hear about parenting skills* ???
    i will take the listening reading and writing by tomorrow <
    With Love

  3. Hi
    The practice tests that I got from idp are very tough, especially listening. Why is it so? Will actual test be so tough where it’s very difficult to follow the speaker(s) as they speak very fast?
    Some practice tests are way easier too. I’m a bit worried about that.

    • I suggest you get the IELTS Cambridge test books from 9 to 12 – they are real tests published by IELTS. You can judge the level of difficulty from those tests. My lessons are only for practising skills and are made by myself to provide free practice. So, check the real tests.


    1. C
    2. B, F

  5. Mohammed Imranuddin says:

    1. A
    2. CF

  6. Stella Obieze says:

    1. B
    2. C, F

  7. 1, B

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