June 2017 IELTS Model Essay Answer

IELTS Model Essay Answer for June 2017. The IELTS essay question was reported in the academic test on 17th June, 2017 – just two days ago. It’s a difficult topic for students who have not prepared ideas for court trials. Use my model essay below to develop ideas.

There is a list of useful vocabulary and useful links below the model answer.

June 2017 IELTS Essay Question

In some countries,some criminal trials in law courts are shown on television so that the general public can watch.
Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

June 2017 IELTS Model Essay

Below is a model essay answer for the IELTS essay question above. Remember there are a number of different ways of writing this essay question and this model answer offers one way.


Model Essay Answer

In recent years, criminal trials have been televised in some countries to allow the public an opportunity to watch them. I believe, although there are advantages, making trials public can lead to too much injustice and other problems.

One of the main advantages of allowing court trials to be broadcast on TV is that the entire judicial system is open to the public to watch and supervise. In some countries where the judicial system is corrupt, it would be a step forward towards more justice by televising the trials as it is overseen by the public. Another benefit is that opening the doors of the court room allows the public rights to information. The public have a right to know the details of trials so that they can form their own opinions. This is important in countries where the government has restricted public access to information.

On the other hand, allowing trials to be shown on TV has serious consequences. Firstly, the public might form opinions which are based on mass media bias and a lack of understanding of the legal system. This public and media pressure might affect the outcome of the trial and justice will not be served. Secondly, the legal team might see this as an opportunity to promote themselves which means they may be distracted and not put all their attention into defending or prosecuting. Lastly, the jury is supposed to decide the verdict but by televising the trial, the entire public removes the effectiveness of a jury system.

In conclusion, regardless of the benefits, the disadvantages of an open televised trial can be devastating due to public and media pressure which might result in a lack of justice.

Words = 284 (please note I put the word count for your benefit, you don’t need to do this in your test)

Useful Language

shown on TV = televised = broadcast on TV

court trials = legal proceedings in court

justice / injustice

judicial system = legal system

outcome of the trial = results of the trial = verdict

defending / prosecuting

jury / judge

More Useful Language: Crime & Punishment Vocabulary for IELTS

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