January 2017 IELTS Speaking Topics

Below are reported IELTS speaking topics for January 2017. These topics will probably be used from January to April 2017 so it’s worth preparing ideas for them and practising them. You can also find useful tips and links further down this page.

Speaking Part 1  Topics for Jan 2017

Indoor Games

Hospitality / Visitors



Future Plans








Speaking Part 2 & 3 Topics for Jan 2017

A decision you disagreed with / Making Decisions

A place to live for a short time / Living and working in different places

A good service from a company / Business and services

A garden/ Growing food and the Environment

Best Holiday / Tourism and Travel

Starting a business / Business Success

A time you couldn’t use a mobile phone / Technology

An interesting advert / Advertisement

An appointment you forget / Time Management

Your favourite movie / Film Industry and Cinema

A tall building / Buildings and Town Planning

A person you met recently / Making friends and Socialising

A time you worked in a team / Team work & Leadership

Two people who were related to each other / Family

A foreign food / Food Industry, Culture and Foreign Products

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  1. Monday I have speaking test. Pray for me. I am stressful:-( . After exam I will share the question 🙂

  2. Hey mam,
    I have problem in cue card. I do lot of grammar mistake
    In cue card. Tell how to improve this

    • If you are making grammar errors, you need an English language teacher or an English language website to help you. Never take the IELTS test until your level of English is sufficient for the band score requirements you need.

  3. madiha maqsood says:

    I had my speaking test today in Lahore.
    First part is related with general question of my self?
    Job related questions that why I chose this job and what I do.
    In future would I cgange this job and chose other kind of job or will continue with same kind of job?
    Do you have any favorite teacher while you were in school?
    Some questions is related with choclates such as how often u eat,why people eat,tto whom you give chocolate last time as gift,chocolate in other countries etc?
    Cue card is related with any place where you can relax yourself and why?
    Part 3 is related with relaxation questions in world and in different times?

  4. Anyone is having speaking test today? Kindly share the topics

  5. Hello,
    I have my exam on april 8 , I am worried because as I have stammering problem, so will it hamper over all

    • If you can get a doctor’s note, then do so. Contact your test center and discuss this with them. You won’t be given more time, but your note will be taken into consideration.

  6. Renjith Mathews says:

    I took the test on 23rd March

    Please find the questions below

    Part 1

    Name, do you live in an apartment or a house, describe your house, what can you see when you look out the window, do you read books, is there any book you have read more than once.. Why. Do you prefer to borrow books or buy them.

    Part 2

    If you can work in any country for a short period of time, which country and what profession would you prefer.

    Part 3

    Follow up questions:
    What kind of jobs do you think you can do in a short time.
    Do you know of anyone who wants to go to the country you mentioned (had mentioned i wanted to go to London for a short period)
    Why do you think people may NOT want to work in the place you mentioned.
    In this day and age technology is advanced and a person can work from anywhere. Do you think so.

  7. Hi friends
    Speaking test date: 24th March 2017
    What is your name?
    Do you work or study?
    What is the hard thing about your job?
    Do you like indoor games?
    Which indoor game do you like most?
    Do you think indoor games are right?


    Which weather do you like most?
    What usually do?
    Why do you like?
    Expalin what you feel in four favorite weather.

    Which weather usually enjoyable in your country?
    Do they use forecast for the weather report?why/why not?
    Do you think people change their dressing because of weather?
    Do you think weather effect on people daily activities? Why /why not?

  8. Hi Liz,
    Thank you so much for your help and valuable lessons.
    I had a test on 18 march. But I am really worried about my speaking test results. When the examiner asked me a question about I didn’t hear properly and gave wrong answer but later he repeated and I answered as per his question. Second time, I didn’t understand his question properly so I asked him to repeat the question.
    Will it affect in my scoring? I am really worried this time.

  9. you are great person i want to thank you too much for your efforts to help us i get a big useful from your website and channel .
    thank you too much

  10. Sleepyhead says:

    Speaking test on 13th March Malaysia
    Part 1
    Where do you live? House or apartment ?
    What can you see from the window?
    Water. Do you prefer sea or … forgotten. Why ?
    What can you do at the beach ?

    Part 2
    A happy event you prepared for
    … forgotten
    who prepare with you?
    Event successful? Everyone happy?

    Part 3
    Being well prepared:
    good bad ? how ?
    Is it natural or been taught ?

    People say unplanned event more fun:
    do you agree? what can you do if it is planned/unplanned ?

  11. thanks a lot liz
    really your page is useful

  12. Hi ! LIZ
    You are so great for IELTS results seekers.


  13. Hey Liz,

    Thank you very much for your tutorials and advice for IELTS test.
    My wife and I mainly learned IELTS from your web and your youtube videos and we didn’t take any formal preparation class, and both of us achieved overall band scores 7.5 with no section below 6.0.

    We got writing topic about living alone faraway from home while studying in universities, and state whether we agree or disagree.

    I got speaking topic for section 1 about traveling and seaside activities, section 2 about movies, and finally section 3 about movie industry and technology.

    She got speaking topic for section 1 about indoor games, section 2 about the most polite person that she has ever met, and finally section 3 about importance of respect between 2 nations and in our daily lives, such as at school.

    Helpfully this information could help.
    Once again, we would like to thank you and we really appreciate your effort to provide these useful lessons.

    • Thanks for sharing and very well done to both you and your wife. It’s great to hear you’ve both done so well 🙂

      • hello mam.. describe a tall building, in which cue card we can describe horizontal building such as mall

        • You can talk about what you want as ideas are not marked in speaking. You can say “I’d like to talk about an enormous building which although it isn’t that tall, it is extensive”.

        • navdeep kaur says:

          Hi Liz i had my speaking exam today. Your website really helped me
          Speaking part 1
          What is your full name?
          In which direction your hometown is?
          What are the interesting places in your town?
          Have u watched TV in your childhood?
          Do you watch TV now?
          What programs do you watch?
          Have your watch in childhood?
          In which age?
          Why people wear watch?
          Speaking part2
          Describe about any famous who is interesting
          How you came to know about him
          Do you know about his past activities
          How many awards he has won
          Speaking part3
          Which people are famous in your country?
          Was in past the same people famous?
          Do being in limelight has only advantages?
          Why newspapers has actors and sports blog
          Madam everything about the topics went so well. I spoke fluently without any pauses and with a lot confidence.
          BUT WHEN I ENTERED IN THE ROOM I FORGET TO TAKE HER PERMISSION BEFORE SITTING DUE TO NERVOUSNESS. She even said in the starting that I was supposed to sit only after her allowance. Madam will it affect my score nd will my hard work go in vain. Plz tell me madam

          • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I think you had a rude examiner. The examiner should not be criticising at any time. The examiner knows that candidates are nervous and should do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. It won’t affect your score at all.

  14. Sarah Kayal says:

    Hi Liz
    I had speaking test in British Council, Cairo, Egypt
    First, I’d like to say many thanks to your efforts to help us.
    – Where are you from ? why are you working this job?
    – Do you like your hometown?
    the card questions were about place i’m playing sports it
    – Which type it is?
    – Why are you going there?
    – Where is it ?
    After that general questions about sports
    – Do you think is it important to family practice together ? why ?
    – Would you like your hometown have many facilities like clubs in future?
    – Do you think is international events like olympic have effect on country ?
    – Do you think it affect your society ? How?
    – Can players make friendship through competition?
    – I were a little bit worry and i couldn’t hear first question despite she repeated twice

  15. I would like to share my topic that I got
    hope this help to other candidates for praticing 🙂
    test date : Feb,24 2017

    Background :
    Do you work or study?
    Does your work make you feel tired?

    Robot :
    Were you interested in a robot when you was young?
    Have you ever taken a photo with a robot?
    Would you like having a robot to drive a car for you?
    Do you want a robot to help you at home?

    Shoes :
    Do you prefer wearing shoes that look nice or comfortable?
    Have you ever bought shoes online?

    Part 2 :
    A shop in your city/town
    There was someone giving the detial below already

    Part 3 :
    follow-up questions

    Thank you so much Liz for making the useful website.

  16. I am done with my speaking test.
    It’s all about Shop. just like what do you prefer a small or large shop?

  17. Janak Mavani says:

    Janak Mavani
    Hello maam;
    you doing such a great job and your website is very supportive and informative for the English lerners.
    I have seen all your youtube videos of all the section and I am sure that it will be prove boon for me.
    my exam will be on 4th march so please give me some last minute revision tips for better score.

  18. Bennett Justus says:

    Thank you for your blog and support.
    test date: 11-02-17
    Venue: Kumasi, Ghana

    Speaking part 1
    Name,hometown, other familiar questions.
    Apartment– what you see when you look out of your Window
    describe you apartment.

    who is ur favorite celebrity in Ghana
    and why
    Do you read about celebrities and why
    Have u seen a celebrity in public
    Do you want to be a celebrity and why or why not

    Living or spending time close to water bodies
    have u spent time by water bodies(sea.lake etc)
    Do u like to swim and why
    what do u do when u don’t swim
    Have you traveled in a boat or ship and why…..

    Part Two and three
    A tall building in your hometown
    Follow up – what do u think about the work of an architect
    Why do people design their own buildings instead of contacting an architect.
    Do you think it’s a good practice to destroy historical buildings to make way for modern structures.

    end of test
    My test took less than 12 minutes. And I gave extended answers too…but in all, the questions were unexpected to me.. I hope for the best…

  19. Hi Liz..

    Thanks a lot for your help . I had my writing exam on 18 th Feb 2017 and the topic was something new for me. Hope it would help someone preparing for the upcoming exams.

    Topic- There has been a recent trend of open ended spaces in classrooms and workplaces. Is it a positive or negative change? Discuss your opinion.

  20. Hi Liz,

    A time you worked in a team

    Can i say about a group presentation we gave in our university??

  21. Liz,
    Describe a situation when you were angry?
    In this que card, can I tell something like i stuck in tarffic jam.

  22. 16th of Feb: 2:20pm

    One best friend or many friends

    Quiet place you would like to go

    Based on part2

    Thanks to you Liz.
    You are doing a great work!!! cheers!!!

  23. Chirag Gandhi says:

    Hello, mam
    My 3 friends went for speaking today.
    location- Chandigarh, India (British)
    1st boy
    hat and bag
    cue card- thing that make you laugh
    follow up- is laughing concert popular in our area?
    2nd boy
    totally same question as well as intro and que card and follow ups
    3rd boy
    not remember 😀
    cue card
    talk about gift you gave to someone.

    they tomorrow have their L,R,W test. I will post writing topics tomorrow as well thanks.
    And my exam date is 4 march :p

  24. Dear Liz,
    Thank you for the help you assisst us.I have a question:
    In the case of asked questions like” bags” what kind of answer is appropriate?

    • Here are a couple of sample questions and answers:
      Do you often use a bag? Yes, I do. I use a handbag most days and a briefcase for work.
      What do you look for when you choose a bag? I suppose I mostly look for compartments to store things in and a firm handle because so many bags are poorly made and can break.

      In this topic, you need to show an awareness of words relating to bags: handbag, briefcase, rucksack, suitcase, plastic bag, recycled bag, zip, strap, handle, pockets etc

  25. Hello mam
    Today was my speaking
    One thing i want to know that.. When i was doing speaking .the teacher was writting something on the page.. Is it marks? She was writting 6.45 and 6.24 and many more in the columns of the page even she was making diagonl lines in the corner of the box

    Plz mam reply soon

  26. Liz ,
    I have my ielts exam after 2 weeks ,so what’s the important topics in the writing task 2
    Thanks in advance

  27. Great Liz thank you so much…
    yestarday was my ielts exam(speaking part)
    2-future plans
    3-about music

  28. Maam it would be nice if you post few model answers for writing task 2 as well..

  29. Ashok mali says:

    Hi liz thanks a ton for your post on youtube,it helped me a lot to gain my confidence but the only thing i want to make improvement is my reading so can u plz give me some more reading practise

  30. Hello Liz,
    You’re really doing an amazing job here.I’ll be taking my ielts on 11th Feb.In the speaking aspect,if I were to be asked about my favourite artiste, can I talk about an author and his book or does it have to be strictly on creative arts

    • In speaking part 2, you should speak as close to the topic as possible. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible. If you want to talk about something related to the topic but not spot on, then you say at the start of your talk: I’m not really into arts much and don’t know many artistes, so I’m going to talk about an author who I think is really creative…”. You can still get band 9 doing this. Just be open, chatty, honest and direct. Remember that part 2 is your chance to showcase your language skills so make sure you add a past memory, a future hope, a comparative, a second conditional and plenty of description.

      • Hi Liz, your points and suggestions are so accurate and bang on. Thank you so much for providing such tips. God bless you.

    • I m having my exam in Anand (Gujarat) on 18 Feb so plz suggest me some topics

  31. Sohorab Hossain says:

    Dear Liz,
    What’s the min marks required to get 7 band in listening and reading for both format?
    Should I close letter( in part1, gt) with my own name,for example—
    Yours faithfully,
    Sohorab Hossain
    Or should I write somebody else’s name in place of my name in the closing part of the letter? Please help.Thanks.

  32. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for all of the helpful materials.
    I was alway confused by the problem that in listening part1(simple dialogue) to fill a form, if the word what I should fill in is the first one of the sentence, do I need to use capital letter,

  33. Hello,
    Your blog is really helpful. Thank you. I had my IELTS exam last Jan. 21 in Hawke’s Bay, NZ.

    Speaking questions were
    Full name
    Where are you from
    Describe my hometown
    Will you live there in the future
    What makes it interesting to live
    Then she asked about mirrors
    How many mirrors I have at home
    How many times I check myself in front of a mirror

    Part 2
    What special occasion I waited
    What was it
    Why did you wait
    What did you while waiting
    How did you felt

    Part 3
    In. connection to waiting I was asked about being patient
    Can you teach people to be patient

  34. Komal Advani says:

    Jan 21st Test
    What do you do, study or work? do you prefer to have relatives at home? why and what you do with them? do you prefer to go out or have relatives in your home?
    Part 2: If you have to setup small business, what it would be, why would you chose this and where would you have it?
    what is good about having business? what are pros and cons or having own business and being employed

  35. Aparajita says:

    Hi Liz,
    Just now my speaking test got over.
    They asked me
    part 1: where do I live, flat or home.
    what do I see outside window.
    how my apartment looks like.
    Do I like vacations.
    Why it is important to me.
    tell your experience of any recent vacation.
    Part 2: Describe a music that you like.
    Why do you like it.

    Part 3: Do all age group like same music.
    Why music is important.
    How music affects people.
    Is it any thing like occasional music.
    When music turns into noise.
    The last question was, in a party music, when do you feel the music is only noise nothing more.

    Liz, For the last question I have replied : Actually this is a difficult question for me to answer because I am not a party guy.

    She said ok thank you, that’s the end of the test.

    I was willing to expand the answer further, but then she stopped. Since its a question for 3rd part so I m feeling, has something went wrong.
    Will it affect my score?

  36. Speaking test topics which i received :
    January 21st, 2017
    Abu dhabi, UAE.

    Where are you from?
    Could you tell me about your city/town?
    Do you like to go back to your city/town to work there?

    Part 2:
    Which Shop you visit recently opened in your town/city?
    -What kind of shop it is?
    -Who will go there for shopping?
    -How often do you go there for shopping?

    Part 3:
    Small shops or big shops, what do your prefer?
    Small shops or big shops gives more revenue to the government?
    Should government support small shops? why?
    Which shops are famous in your home town/city?
    Is it good to do shopping in free time?
    Do you go shopping with friends or alone?

    I mentioned as much i can remember. Hope, it will help someone.

    Message to LIZ:
    Dear Liz,
    I really appreciate your work and helping people like us, who can’t able to attend the IELTS courses to prepare for their exams. Your videos in Youtube and your blog makes me learn more and boost my confidence to face IELTS easily. Your tips and ideas are very helpful. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.
    God bless you…

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 And thank you for your message of support. It’s so nice to know that my work is valuable and helpful 🙂

  37. Hi,

    My speaking test was this morning.

    Part 2 (in my words)
    Describe a cafe you have been to recently.
    a. How was the cafe decorated?
    b. What did you drink and eat there?
    c. What is it famous for?
    d. What did you like / dislike about the cafe?

    Part 3
    1. How would you differentiate between a restaurant and a cafe?
    2. Do old people like going to cafes in your city?
    3. What crowd do the restaurants and cafes attract?
    4. Do you like having people over at your home?
    5. Do you think you can get to know a person better if you visit their home?
    6. What sort of occasions do you invite guests for in your home?

  38. I had my speaking test days a go. Here’s the list of questions I had:
    Part 1:
    – Do you live in a flat or a house?
    – What do you see from windows?
    – Do you usually use bags?
    – Do you use different bags for different occasions?
    – Did you forget your bag before?

    Part 2:
    – Describe a time in which you were very busy
    – Why were you busy?
    – What did you do?

    Part 3:
    – What are the impacts of technology on our time?
    – How can technology help us relieving from stress?

  39. I will try to put as much as i remember
    Today in my IELTS speaking test the topics and questions covered were:
    1. What do you do with the photographs you take?
    2. Do you have have pictures from your childhood?
    3. What kind of pictures do you take?
    4. Do you like to take pictures?
    Describe a teacher who has influenced you from your childhood
    What qualities do you see in a teacher?
    Do you like teaching
    A place to live and work for a short visit
    cue card: which country
    why you would like to work there
    when did you visit this place
    why do people go to other country to work specially for short visit
    should international mnc try to understand cultures of other employees
    how can international mnc s contribute to the environment
    would you like to work once you visit another country
    why do some people don’t take you to work

  40. recent introduction qtion was on time
    How important is time for u
    Ever u had waited for your frnds or any other person
    Wht is your reaction when u have to wait for someone

    Cue cards
    Any foreign food you ate
    History of any person

  41. Talk about an interesting person you recently met

    Do you like chocolates?

    How important are friendships to you.

    Do you think your colleagues at work should be friends with you?

  42. Hi liz

    I had just taken my listening exam 15 min ago
    In Cairo Egypt

    First part about holiday beside water
    What sort of writing I prefer

    And cue card was about an advertisement that I saw
    What kind

    Why I remember

    And the third part was a follow up on advertising
    Where to see, type, what make it attractive, the regulations of it

  43. arun kumar says:

    liz mam

    please give me reading material.

  44. Manisha Vohra says:

    Thanks Liz for the wonderful website.It helped me a lot.I had my speaking test today.Sharing my Topics
    part I Music
    Part II Quite place I have been
    Part III Noise

  45. Speaking
    city Islamabad- Pakistan.
    Examiner asked questions related to my home town,
    How do people relax in ur city.
    Do u like ur home town.
    Explain the place where u feel relax
    And why.

  46. Pierre Teo says:

    Thanks so much for this! I’m planning to take my IELTS in May. I’m nervous… I only started with the review last week.

  47. Hi Liz,
    First Of All you are an extraordinary and so humble. The way you teach us is extremely awesome. Thank You So much.
    Secondly, today I have given my speaking Test and this website helped me a Lot.

    Part 1- work or Student and asked About bags, teachers

    Part 2- Talk about That person who you recently met and Would Like 2 Know More

    Part 3- a) conversation with strangers
    b) some questions were about Internet

    Millions Of thanks to you mam.

  48. Hi Mam Liz 🙂
    You are the best teacher for ielts .
    Thanks for you and your website
    It help me to do well.
    My exam is on 11th February in Pakistan .
    So,Please give me some important tips and topics for speaking .
    Thanks in advance dear Mam !
    I am upset for reading however I listen your videos but still have a fear .

  49. Hii liz,,,thnks fr u hlp😊,,i wnt to ask a que,,,can i get gud bands without wide range of vocabulory?

  50. arun kumar says:

    liz mam

    I have recived specking cue card .but please give some solution how can i check my specking performance .

  51. Zeeshan Azam says:

    In Addition!
    there were some more topics in the speaking section during my interview.
    Those topics including
    1. Social events
    2. Public transport
    3. Cafeteria (cue card)

  52. My name is Khurshidbek.Im from Uzbekistan.I took speaking exam yesterday.Here is questions.
    Do u live in appartment or house?
    Did u have favourite teacher when u were younger?
    Were u intersted in reading books when u were younger?
    Wht looks like your appartment?
    Wht cn u see from window in ur appartment?
    Describe a car/motorbike/bicycle trip that u would like?
    *where would u go
    *whom would u go?
    *wht can u do easily by using dis vehicle
    Explain why u think dis trip is intersting
    Follow up question
    Do u know people who did dis kind of trip?
    Wht kind of public transport is popular in ur country?
    Is there any difference between public transports in cities and countrysidies?
    Is there enough public transport in countryside?
    Can government get profit by making public transportation system good?
    Does government pay attention to pedestrian?

  53. Exam Center Gaborone – Botswana

    Test Date 18/01/2016

    Speaking Module

    Part 1
    Are you a student or are you working
    What is your current job
    How do you feel about the job?
    Are you planning to change the job in the future

    Part 2
    Describe an activity you do occasionally and which is expensive
    What is the activity?
    Where you did the activity?
    Who are the others involved in the activity?

    Part 3

    What are the expensive goods in which people spend more money?
    Are both Men and Women spend in the same way?
    What are the water activities you do frequently?
    Do you thing swim is good for all people

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hello Liz , just need your help, how should I answer to this question if I’m a house wife. “Describe an activity you do occasionally and which is expensive
        What is the activity?”

        • Choose whatever you want. There are no marks lost for being slightly off topic. You could easily say “I don’t do any expensive activities but an activity I often do is meeting my friends for coffee”. You need to take control of your test in part 2.

  54. Hi Liz, I attended my test on the 8th of January in Sydney and got a topic in part two that hasn’t been included in your prediction. I would like to share that with other students who are also preparing for IELTS test and hopefully this can be helpful. In the second part, I was asked to describe a scene that I saw wildlife. I needed to say what kind of animal I saw, who was with me and how I felt. In the third part, I was asked some questions about wildlife conservation and I will list them below as detailed as I could.
    1. Do you think people should protect wildlife?
    2. What impacts do you think human actions have caused on wildlife.
    3. Why are animals important to us?
    4. Lists few items that are made of animals.

  55. umang shah says:

    is there any chances that the topic may come from 2017

    • The topics listed above are currently used in IELTS speaking. That means it is possible to get these topics in your test at the moment. Speaking topics and questions are often repeated.

  56. Amalalkhofi says:

    Excuse me I went topics speaking for February please…..

  57. Hi Liz,
    what is gerund,how can we apply it in a sentence,give some examples.

  58. Rks chaudhary says:

    Admire your efforts of helping us to get good score in ielts..ma’am your lessons are working worthy for my improvement and i have started to find speaking being easier to me following your preety tips..
    Alots of thanks ma’am.!

  59. Hello Liz;
    I have booked an Ielts exam on 8 april and now i’m preparing, so could you tell me what is the best materials to start with and what plan should i follow knowing that i have started with Cambridge vocabulary for ielts.

  60. Abul Hossain says:

    Hi Liz . Thank you very much for sharing

  61. Ashu saini says:

    hi Liz thanks for this source I being confused in reading paragraphs ….can you tell me instructions about them

  62. Hi Liz,

    Thanks so much for your help. I want to know if I made in listening answer two answers as [complex (advanced)}, it is wrong.

  63. Mine part2 was : describe a usual activity you enjoy but a bit expensive.
    January 7, 2017
    Tashkent Uzbekistan

  64. iqbal singh says:

    Send me videos writing task 1and my number +919914581404

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