Is Spelling Important in IELTS Listening

Yes, spelling is crucial in IELTS listening.

IELTS Listening scores are based on correct answers. This means for each question you answer correctly, you get one point. You don’t lose points for incorrect answers.

To get an answer correct, it must be spelled correctly. Any answer that is not spelled correctly will be marked wrong. IELTS accept both American and British English spelling.

Correct spelling includes the use of hyphens when necessary and knowing when compound nouns are written as one word.

Lessons for improving your Spelling

Click on the links below to practice your spelling:

How to improve your spelling

  1. Once way to improve your spelling is learning by heart. This means writing words down again and again until you can spell them correctly. Improve your vocabulary for IELTS with appropriate words lists for topics.
  2. Use spell checker on your laptop. When you do this, make sure you write down the list of words that you got wrong.
  3. When you write an essay at home, underline words that you think might be spelled wrong. Check them in a dictionary.
  4. Read more. Most people find that the more you read, the better your spelling will become. However, this is a passive method of learning and can take time. If you are short of time, then be active and make spelling lists.
  5. Use free spelling websites. You can find a link to one on this page: Useful Websites and Links for IELTS
  6. There is no quick easy way to improve your spelling, it takes time and dedication by you.

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  1. Hi Liz,

    Is it fine to spell the word weekend as “week-end” or it will be marked wrong?

    Appreciate your answer!

  2. Noman Khan says:

    In my recent listening test I spelled “nutts” rather than “nuts”. will i lose mark?

  3. delaram says:

    Hi Dear Liz
    I realy love your Website and your teaching style.
    I just have one question about spelling in listening test. is even simple mistakes like writing ‘bussines’ for example will realy take all our correct point?
    I’ve heard that is the mistake in spelling doeasnt change the words meaning then its fine.

  4. Madiha Asad says:

    Hello Liz,
    I appreciate all the videos that you have me lots of help in revision n practices…I’d like to thank you for doing so..keep up the good work 👍

    Take care 😊

  5. Hazem Adein says:

    which skills should i improve first in my preparation for IELTS?

  6. khalid Alzhrani says:

    I think ,it`s true

  7. Dilan kanti sikder says:

    what is paypal? when i went to pay you, there coming one paypal massage.

  8. Do our answer is marked wrong if we, for example write Day instead of days, during listening exam?

  9. Nami Erins says:

    I really hope you could have a correcting service for writing tasks sooner because the lessons you give are very helpful. 😊

  10. hello Liz,
    I thank you for your lessons, you’ve really been a great source of help and inspiration to many. I’ve learnt a lot from your videos and I am much better than before.
    However, I need more help with writing task 2. That’s the part of the test that is scaring me. I’ve been doing much practicing but I need a professional critique on my writing. Can I post some of my writings for you to review and provide comments? I would be very grateful.

    Thank you

  11. Thanks

  12. Khalil Ahmed says:

    Yeah, Spelling is very important to get the full marks. As we mark our students for their correct answers, we should be.

  13. Thank Liz for these tips

    I want to share my experience for master spelling it was by using . It improved my spelling dramatically. So I encourage all people to use it through make a new list and learn it .

    Thank a lot Liz

  14. Hello Liz I like to ask you how can I improve my band score in the academic reading as I only got 6 maximum in all my attempts?
    I need to get band 7 minimum.

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