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Insect Blog: Develop your vocabulary and reading

Hi guys,

I’d like to introduce you to a new blog about insects. It’s written by a guy called Chris who is an entomologist, which is a person who studies insects.

As you know insects is a topic that has appeared in IELTS reading quite a few times and is very difficult because of the academic vocabulary involved. So, this blog can help you become more familiar with this topic. Some of the posts  on Chris’s blog are very high level with a lot of technical language for other entomologists. However, other posts are written for people without knowledge of insects and are very interesting to read, particularly for band score 7, 8 and 9 level students.

The aim of his blog is to share information and teach people about insects that pollinate and insects that are pests. Here’s a link: pests and pollinators by Chris



  1. http://Shikha says

    the link in the above article is not working. Could you please give me another active link for the same ‘pests and pollinators by Chris’ ?

  2. http://Mohammad says

    Thank you Liza

  3. http://Nhar says

    Thanks Liz for sharing this.

  4. http://fawzia says

    Thank you so much

  5. http://ginu%20george says

    Hi madam,my name is ginu, i just start the ielts study. I also saw your ielts video. Its very useful .how to improve my english level and get good score in iellts ? Your favourable suggestion please?

  6. http://David says

    Hi E.Liz,I’m David from DR Congo, your help was very much appreciated. I passed my IELTS last month and scored 6 overall just what I needed for the HPCSA exam.

    Wholeheartedly thanks and May God bless you and your family today and always

  7. http://Taim says

    Hi Liz! Thank you for everything!
    I would like to ask you in IELTS Exam in general,
    It would be possible to get band 7 if our scores were for example (6.5, 6.5, 7, 7) in IELTS Tests? IT (the overall band 6,75) will turn to band 7?

    All Thanks!

  8. http://Bella says

    Hi Liz,

    I hope you have the time to help me w Y/N/NG questions. (fyi, I finished with all the reading exercises you provided and all of them were very helpful thank you so much). Therefore, i had to search other sources to improve my reading. Would you mind looking at questions 28 and 31 and explain it to me? I hope you can really help me..

    Thank you very much in advance..

  9. http://Jennifer says

    Thank you Liz ! It’s really kind of you for sharing.

  10. http://Menuka says

    Hi Liz, how are you? My exam is on October 31st. I feel a bit difficult to write report writing in writing task 1 of academic module.Could you give me some tips for task 1?

    • http://Liz says

      All tips are on the writing task 1 page. Please visit the main page through the link on the red bar.

    • http://Bella says

      Hi! im taking ielts ac on the 31st Oct as well! Im from Malaysia.

      Maybe we could practice speaking together. you can add me on skype (nabilahily)

  11. http://mary%20brigit says

    hii maam,
    i hv one question is there any difference in speaking module for academic from general

  12. http://rajni says

    Hi mam I solute your efforts. I don’t have words for saying thanks.

  13. Dear Madam,

    You are doing a wonderful job and appreciate the same and may god bless you. Would definitely come back to you since I am too writing the IELTS Exam.


    Bino K Varghese

  14. http://Richa%20Bhatia says

    I attempt IELTS Exam 3 times and every time i scored 5.5 and my worst part is reading i don’t know where i go wrong, how could i improve my reading part.

    • You need to improve your English. Your score reflects your level and understanding of the English language.
      All the best

  15. http://jahongir says

    now I am downloading your video related to IELTS .then I believe that this is one of the best way for emproving my skills and may reach my huge dream for studing in abroad by your video. thanks

  16. http://jahongir says

    I want to pass from IELTS exam but I am afraiding of it I feel hard. what do you do. for IELTS exam.

  17. http://ajju says

    Hello, I have a doubt about using proverbs and thoughts in IELTS writing and speaking. Is it good for both module to get higher band ?

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