IELTS Writing Task 2: Paraphrasing Practice

IELTS writing task 2 paraphrasing practice exercise. To get a good mark in IELTS writing task 2 for the criterion of vocabulary, you need to be able to paraphrase. The exercise below is a chance for you to practice your paraphrasing skills.


Paraphrase the words in this paragraph using the words in the box below. Only paraphrase a word if you are sure it is appropriate to do so.

Many people, when driving their cars, go over the speed limit in city centers. As a way of solving this, the government should put more speed cameras on major streets to put people off  speeding. If this is done, more people who speed will be caught and this problem will eventually be solved.

Paraphrasing Options

You do not need to use all the words. You must decide which words to use and which words not to use.

town         an answer            the law           install         motorway         stop        humans         put away         authorities               exceed               deter  from         directly          riding        ought to            key             by doing this            arrested       vehicles               resolved             citizens            large            caught red handed             speed prevention             increasing       urban

Answers and Advice

Please see the answers given below:

Answers: Click here


Many people, when driving their cars, exceed the speed limit in urban centers. As a way of solving this, the authorities ought to install more speed cameras on major streets to deter people from  speeding. By doing this, more people who speed will be caught and this problem will eventually be resolved.

Common Mistakes and Explanations

  1. Collocation: drive a car, not ride a car. We use the verb “ride” with bicycles.
  2. A town is not a city.  You can write “city center” or “urban center”. A town is much smaller and this essay is not about small towns and villages.
  3. The government can usually be paraphrased with the word “authorities”.
  4. The word “should” can be paraphrased as “ought to”. This is a common paraphrase.
  5. If you are writing about setting up or putting up equipment, you can use the word “install”.
  6. “to deter” is used to put people off committing a crime or an offence. It is actually a better word to use than “put off” for formal essay writing.
  7. “By doing this” and “As a way of solving this” both have the same meaning in this context. You can’t write “As an answer for solving this” – it isn’t correct English even though the meaning is the same.
  8. “people” are people. We rare use the word “citizen” in an essay about transport. However, it would be acceptable to use it in the second sentence which refers to the government.
  9. “people” cannot be paraphrased as “humans” except in one context – please watch the video below to learn. Any student making this mistake is not studying effectively. The video below explains this very clearly so you should not be making this mistake.
  10. “caught red handed” must be written as it is shown. You can never write “caught red”. There are three words in this idiom. However, this expression is mainly for theft or other crimes in which a person is caught face to face by the police. It can’t be used for speed offences caught by camera.
  11. “vehicles” is used when we don’t know what type of transport is being written about or when we refer to different types. This essay is about cars only which means you can’t use the word “vehicle”.
  12. This paragraph is about “streets”. This is not the same as a “motorway”. A motorway is a very large road outside a city which contains two or three lines in both directions for heavy traffic.

Results and Advice

  • If you had one mistakes, it is acceptable for band 7 or 8.
  • If you have two or three mistakes, it is around band 6.
  • If you are making more mistakes, it means you are not being careful enough with your language.
    • More Mistakes = Lower Score
    • You need to learn both the use and meaning of a word.
    • Don’t aim for range until you can achieve accuracy.
    • When you learn a noun or verb, learn the full collocation.
    • When you learn a word, learn when you can and cannot use it.
    • When you learn an idiom, learn if the words can be changed or not.

Best Writing Posted:

Well done to Esmaeil Bahmyari ! You wrote very well indeed but don’t avoid using the word “people”, it is the correct and most appropriate word to use for this essay. You have the potential to well with your level of English.

To all other students, I hope you learn to be careful when paraphrasing. Try to avoid making errors. You can see that a band score 9 student does not paraphrase continuously.

I hope you benefited from this lesson. I will put similar lessons up in the future if you found it useful.


Video: Paraphrasing Tips

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  1. Dr. Mona says

    To tackle the issue of people overspeeding their cars in the center of the city, the number of speed cameras should be increased in the major streets by the government. It will solve the problem as the offenders will be caught.

    • One point of feedback: try to be careful of your vocabulary “people overspeeding in their cars” should be either “people speeding” or “people going over the speed limit”. We do not need to add “in their cars” because obviously it is about traffic. We also don’t say “overspeeding” because speeding already implies they are over the speed limit. Good job otherwise 🙂

  2. Swarnali Nandi says

    In urban areas, many citizens exceed the speed limit when riding their vehicles. As the key to stopping this, the authorities should increase the installation of digital cameras in towns for surveillance and speed prevention by humans. As a result, more civilians will be caught red-handed when they break the law by speeding and this matter will eventually be resolved.

  3. TonyLeeee says

    I thought “be caught” is largely equivalent to “be arrested”? Can you explain it a bit more plz, Liz?

    • I see your confusion. I’m glad you are thinking about these points. This paragraph is about speeding. When someone is caught speeding, it means they are caught on camera (which means there is evidence of their speeding on camera) or they are caught speeding by police who have a speed machine. People who speed are usually given a fine when they are caught speeding. This doesn’t mean they are arrested.

      When someone is arrested, the police first catch them and then take them into custody to be charged with a crime. This means there are two steps – one the evidence of the crime and two taking them to a police station to formally charge them with a crime. But when people speed, they are not taken into custody and they are not charged with a crime. People who speed do not get a criminal record. So, you see the difference between the verbs? This is why it is essential not to paraphrase unless you are 100% sure of both meaning and usage limits of a word.

      One last point, we also use the words “to be caught” when referring to anything someone does wrong. For example, “the man was caught cheating in the test” or the women was caught eating three chocolate cakes even though she said she was on a diet”. It means to have evidence of someone doing something that we consider wrong – it is not always relating to a crime. But the verb “arrest” is only relating to crime.

      Hope you enjoyed the little extra lesson in vocabulary 🙂

  4. Nguyễn Tiến Hùng says

    Dear liz here is my paragraph
    Many people, when they on the road , go against the law and exceeded the speed limit in urban areas. To resolved this problem, the authories ought to put more cameras to deter from the increase of people driving above the speed allowed. By doing this, the problem will be solved throughly and it can also ensure the citizens safety

    • There are some issues with grammar. I highlight a few below:
      1. when they on the road = when they are on the road (don’t miss the verb)
      2. go against the law = break the law (vocab issue)
      3. to resolved this problem = to resolve this problem
      4. to deter from the increase of people driving above the speed limit = to deter people from driving above the speed limit
      Review each error and make a note about what grammar mistake you are making so that you can focus on this type of error correction in the future. More errors = lower band score

  5. Maryam says

    Most people drive their vehicles over the maximum speed limit in city centers. As a solution, the governmet should implement more speed cameras on main streets in order to hinder individuals from speeding. Consequently, more people who drive off the limit will be captured and eventually this will lead to solving the issue.

  6. Majority of people, while driving their cars in city centers, exceed their speed limit. To tackle this problem, the government need to mount lots of speed cameras on the main streets to scare, and capture people driving beyond the speed limits, which in turn puts an end to the problem.

    • I don’t usually comment because I don’t offer feedback, but I will say “good but be careful of your language”:
      1. The majority of people
      2. the government needS
      3. to scare = to deter
      4. to deter people from driving over the speed limit
      Take more time thinking about your language to avoid getting a lower score.

  7. Many people when driving their vehicles exceed the speed limit in city centers. As a way of resolving this, the authorities should install more speed cameras on major streets to deter people from speeding. By doing this, more people who speeds will be caught and eventually this problem will be resolved.

  8. The authorities ought to install more cameras in urban centers to prevent the exceeding the speed limit by a large number of drivers. By doing this the authorities will manage to resolve the problem and deter motorists from speeding.

  9. Francis Obe says

    Hello Liz,
    Greetings from Cameroon and thank you for the tips it’s really help me. I would like to know what’s appropriate concerning the writing section American or British english for example the word center (American) and centre (British) which form is correct ?
    Thanks a bunch.

  10. Lot of peaple go over the speed when they are driving in the urban cities. So govenment thoght putting more camaras in the street can be cought the person who drive more speed and they think problem will be resolved eventualy.

  11. Establishing more speed monitoring systems such as speed cameras would be integral for the authorities, since more people are getting over the speed limits while driving. As more violators will be caught if more monitoring exhibits, less and less people will be willing to cross the limits.

  12. Neha Saira Kingson says

    Exceeding speed limits while driving is commonly seen in city centres. The government installing more speed cameras on the streets can be seen as a solution to this problem. This will ensure that more violators are punished and will prevent over speeding in urban areas.

  13. Sometimes drivers exceed legal speed in towns. Because of the possible dangers, authorities should install more control cameras in the streets. Preventing predicted consequences could happen by arresting citizens who do not respect speed limits.

  14. Mitra says

    the people, when driving vehicles exceed the speed limit in urban centers, Authorities resolved this by installing speed cameras on streets to deter drivers from the law. By doing this, a large number of people have been arrested and this can be a good solution for this problem.

  15. Mas says

    Most residents may ignore limitation of speed and surpass it. One way to defeat this problem is that governments should impose a limitation on speed. This goal having been achieved by checking speed with cameras at the road of cities.

  16. Majority of drivers nowadays go beyond the implemented speed limits inside premises of cities, hence, it is expected that the ruling body should install speed cameras on major streets to demotivate such act and eventually solving the current issue.

  17. Over speeding while driving is considered a problematic issue mostly in city centres. It is often suggested that in order to solve this issue, authorities should install more speed cameras on major streets to catch offender drivers and decrease over speeding in urban areas.

  18. Sidra Naz says

    A large number of people exceed their speed limit while driving their cars. One possible solution to resolve this issue could be that the higher authorities should install more speed detection devices, especially on main roads to slow down people’s driving speed. By doing this, humans can be caught red-handed, and finally, the issue would be minimized.

  19. Hello Liz,

    I trust you are doing well. I wrote my test yesterday and I’d like to thank you immensely for the wealth of knowledge and information on this website and in particular, your Ideas for IELTS Essay book. I purchased it 5 days before my actual test and had to burn the midnight candle to go through all the topics. It was indeed an invaluable resource.

    My task 2 topic : some people think that there is less communication between family members these days compared to the last few years. Do you agree/disagree. Give your opinion.

    Task 1 topic: You just got an international job, write a letter to your former boss/ex-employer requesting for a reference letter.

    A tip for everbody- on test day, I’d advise you tackle the task 2 essay first because it carries more marks and the time moves INCREDIBLY FAST!

  20. MANISHA says

    Owing to the problem, those who drive cars over the limit at high speed in city centers, which is usually a rushy area. Despite a warning by the government, people considered it a casual way of driving, whereas putting more cameras is the most effective solution in consequences by which speedy drivers can be caught very easily.

  21. Priya says

    Lot of people, cross the speed limit while driving their cars in urban centers. One of the way to solve this issue is that authorities should install more speed cameras on major streets to deter people from over speeding. With the help of this, more people exceeding the speed will be caught and this problem eventually will get resolved.

    • Personally I think “cross the speed limit” is not correct, it should be “exceed the speed limit”. Moreover, “to speed” means move quickly; so no need to use “over speeding”. The word “issue” is not appropriate in this paragraph, I suppose. Maybe “bad situation” is a better one, or just keep the word “problem”. 🙂

  22. An attempt to solve speeding problems in downtown areas it is expected from the authorities to install an additional number of speed cameras on the most significant streets which, if done correctly will result in higher number of speed offenders to be captured and a gradual solution to this problem.

    It would mean a lot if Miss Liz (or anyone) can point out any error if there’s any.

  23. Rajkumar says

    Two possible paraphrases I have managed to come up with:

    1. Government should install many surveillance devices to discourage speeding automobiles since there are high number of people who cross the speed limit at the central town. Perhaps, this would enable law enforcement bring down those in speed violation and at the end put a full stop for this problem.

    2. Towards solving the problem of speeding vehicle, the government should installing several surveillance devices, which acts as a harbinger of the consequences, because there are several people who have drove their automobiles over the speed limit in the central town. Implementing this, enables law enforcement to bring down those in violation, and at the end put an end to this problem.

  24. Citizens,when driving their cars,go over the speed limit in city centers,In other way of solving this, the authorities should put more speed cameras on major streets for speed prevention and this issue will eventually be solved.

  25. More often, many citizens while driving their car through the city, exceed the speed limits. To have a check over, speed cameras should be installed on the major streets of the cities. By doing so, the speed limits of the cars will be regulated, as the cameras would catch the rash drivers red handed.

  26. Hi Liz,

    I have just started surfing around, on your website and I am aiming for 7.5 band score of writing section in time period of 3 months (I got TOEFL IBT few year ago). This is really brilliant how you explained the answer for this example. Can I find more of this example somewhere? I am also wondering if there exists ”writing task correction” service available on your website which students can buy?

    • I’m glad this was helpful 🙂 You can use the red menu bar to find what you need on this site. This site contains over 300 pages of free lessons, tips etc. Sorry, I don’t offer a marking service. I only offer Advanced Writing Task 2 lessons as extra:

  27. aswin valson says

    Most people while driving in city centers exceeds the permitted limit for speed.This issue can be addressed by installing speed cameras on most popular streets to inhibit provocation .This will enable the authorities to capture evidence and penalize the violators of the law.

    I need feedback .

  28. Stanley Chimezie Nwaugo says

    Thank you Liz, your materials are helpful

  29. this is mine. hope you correct me.

    people often break the speed limit when driving their in the centre of a city. as an attempt to solve this. the ministry should install more trafic enforcement camera on the main street, to prevent people from speeding. if everything is set up. this will rise the number of people who get caught when they speed up. And this problem will be solved.

    thank your for readding

  30. Hello Liz,
    Kindly let me know, these four Linking word have same meaning “Due to, Owing to, By the virtue of, On account of. For instance, I must go to office today due to short of attendance.


    • We don’t use “by virtue of” any more. Otherwise, they have the same meaning – but this doesn’t mean you can use them in the same way. Always review how the grammar structure changes.

      • shweta says

        Speeding while driving cars, which has become a problem in the city centres, can be curtailed by using speed cameras on motorways. By the installation of cameras, the people who exceed the speed limit will be caught. This will ultimately help authorities to resolve this problem.

  31. abhishek goswami says

    While some “Commentators” believe…., other “analysts” defend the idea.

    Is Using Commentators and Analysts in spite of People correct? Are they accurate synonyms of people?

    • It is not normal to use such language in IELTS essays. I would avoid it. The opinions are from people – not analysts. And the word “commentators” is an inappropriate word to use. There are many words you can paraphrase in your essay- the word “people” isn’t usually one of them. Please watch the video above again which explains about being more careful with paraphrasing.

  32. Karam Botrous says

    Ought to exceeding the speed limit in urban cities by large number of drivers, the government can maintain this issue by installing cameras in main roads as a result, people who doing this can be arrested, which in turn this problem can be gradually solved.

  33. Sagar Rajbhandari says

    Usally in city areas, people drive their car faster han in village areas. The government can solve this problem by installing more speed cameras on the major streets. Realizing that that the drivers are being constantly monitored, they will start driving slowly eventually.

  34. Varun Chauhan says

    Increasing number of people speed up their cars while driving in city centers. To overcome this problem, authorities ought to install speed cameras on major streets to keep drivers under the speeding limit. By doing this, overspeeding drivers will be caught and this problem will eventually be resolved.

  35. Maniteja says

    Most of the people are exceeding their speed limits while driving their vehicles. As a result, the local authorities should take charge to shut down the rash drivers by keeping speed sensors and cameras in the major areas. If they accomplished the above idea ,then we can see the reduction in this problem .

  36. Dhaliwal says

    These days, numerous shows related to the crime are broadcasted on the television. As a consequence lot of violence taking place giving birth to numerous criminal activities. Therefore, it is said that such a program should not be telecast. I strongly agree with this statement and will discuss in upcoming paragraphs.

    First and foremost, nowadays, the most people more time to spend in mass media. It is responsible for framing through a human process. Therefore, it should be banned. Mostly young ones follow serials on television and its effects adversely on their mindset. For instance, in India, there is a program called Crime Patrol which talks about the different crimes and how those crimes are committed by criminals. Definitely, after watching this kind of telecast, the youngster may become delinquent, feeling that they would also appear on television if they do something of that sort.

    Furthermore, some people instead of considering such serial as the part of an awareness program. programs grasp various ways and misuse them getting templated result in diverting them towards the path of crime. Although, it is a source whichever provided with a solution by watched shows. People adopt certain techniques and strategies come out of various problems an encounter ever in life. Yet, it is a total time wasting because of this type of show just a part of the entertainment.
    Overall, I strongly agree with this statement these programs should be stopped, it is less fruitful and more drawbacks. Moreover, it does not provide a particular knowledge of awareness.

  37. Hazrat says

    I tried practice on writing tasks.
    But there is grammatical errors, plz guide me. How to improve it.

    • Your problem relates to your English language, not your exam skills. This means you need an English language website or a local teacher. Google online to find English language websites.


    Many driver have tendency to do overspeeding in urban center while driving car. it is thought by some people that key way to overcome this is to install more speed cameras on major street by government. This will certainly result in catching more overspeeding drivers.

    • Urban drivers,overspeed their cars in city centers.To solve it, officials have to keep an eye on them through installing speed cameras on main streets to keep them under speed limit.This way whoever will speedup their cars will be arrested and problem will be resolved.

  39. Mehul Panchal says

    Majority of people, while driving cars, Saturate the speed limit in urban centre. To overcome this problem management should install possible number of speed cameras on streets.

  40. sumiya says

    mostly people living in the urban arease drive carelessly beying the exceeding limits. to overcome this problem, authorities should take control by putting some laws and rules like speed camers over the main areas of the town. if it is to be done than the law breakers can be eaily caught red handed and peope will automatically follow the rules.

  41. sumiya says

    liz can u check my parapharse sentence.. i am writing again and again but u r not replying me
    plz reply me

    • I do not offer a marking service.

      • Manpreet says

        Hi Liz,

        We have to paraphrase in General IELTS essay as well. I am asking this because in one of the video you said that this is for academic. Kindly clear my doubt.


  42. Charity says

    Hi Liz
    Your lessons are very helpful
    Please can “the amount of meat” be paraphrased as “the quantity of meat” ?

  43. Ogoo Nnamah says

    Hi liz, please can we use individuals as a synonym for people.

    • Synonyms must be used in the right context and in the right way. Individuals is certainly a synonym that can be used, but you must learn when and how to use it.

  44. Sharon says

    While driving in the busy parts of city, many people drive their cars at such speed which is usually well above the authorized speed limit. To encounter, authorities must install more speed cameras to monitor the drivers effectively. Consequently, more violators will be be caught that will eventually resolve the issue of over speeding.

  45. Over-speeding is a major problem in cities as many drivers tend to drive above the allowed speed limits. A possible solution to this problem is the installation of surveillance cameras on the highways in order to apprehend offenders. This will deter people from over-speeding and will eventually solve the problem on the long run.

  46. Sonia Gandhi says

    Hi Liz,

    I read the list of uncountable nouns. Isn’t tea is the countable noun? I am confused.

    • No, it is uncountable. You can have “a cup of tea”. When people say “would you like a tea?”, it is informal and the full meaning is “would you like a cup of tea?”.

  47. Liz,

    my l/r/w was on 2/12/2017. A true false not given question was: The railway company owns 18,000 wagons.
    In the passage it was just mentioned in “all 18,000 wagons are washed every 28 days”. as it was not mentioned that the company owns it or if they are on lease. I answered Not Given. your views please

    • For this question, you need to refer to the whole paragraph or at least the five or six sentences surrounding that statement. It is common in IELTS that your answer will not be found in one sentence only and references might be made in other sentences.

    • Morning Liz,what is the difference between highways and motorways. Also,kindly check if highways is acceptable for my paraphrasing:
      Authorities ought to install speed cameras on the major roads because majority of the people tend to over speed along the main highways. Placing these cameras would make offenders caught,and thus resolving the issue

      • There difference is US English and UK English. For writing, you need to choose one only. For speaking, it is fine to have a mixed accent as long as pronunciation is easy to understand.

  48. Nwakanma says

    Several people, drive above the stipulated speed limit when driving their vehicles.As a method of combating this,there should be more speed cameras installed on major streets to stop people over speeding.More people will be apprehended when this takes effect and thus leads to an end to over speeding.

  49. Olayinka says

    Citizen mostly exceed speed limits while riding their personal vehicle in the motorways. This can be put to end, by installing surveillance / monitoring camera in major streets and some other strategic locations where over-speeding can be monitored and noticed by the authority.

  50. Gurpreet says

    To combat the problem of overspeeding in city centres, government should install more surveillance cameras on big streets, which will help to catch offenders and alleviate the menace.

  51. Bharath says

    In order to restrict people from driving cars above the speed limit, the government should impose strict rules such as installing speed cameras on busy streets which will be an incentive to overcome the consequences of speedy cars.

  52. Hey, Liz
    I have paraphrased the above question as-
    In order to avoid over-speeding, which is very common in city centers, the Government has decided to install more speed cameras to qualify people from over-speeding. The authorities believe that after the installation of speed cameras the problem will be abated and in my opinion, the Government will get the desired results and the problem will be resolved.

  53. Thanks Liz, informative and good for learning and introspection!

  54. Hi Liz. I enjoyed watching your lessons and the same time I learn a lot about the Ielts exam. Actually my exam is on 14 October 2017. Im a little bit nervous. Writing essay task1 and task2 is the hardest part. Any advise please. Thank you.

  55. vishwas says

    hi liz,
    My name is Vishwas from India,
    My question is, is there any prescribed structure for IELTS task 2 writing part which guarantee the high band. please reply. Thanking you in anticipation.

    • No. Most essays will have either two body paragraphs or three. But it depends on your main points and what you want to say. The examiner is marking you on logic – so organise logically.

  56. Honey says

    Thanku liz for such paraphrasing practice.please upload more such videos.

  57. Bassey says

    Thank you ma’am for this lesson.I have really learnt a lot today.

  58. Dear Liz,

    Its a wonderful exercise , would you be kind enough to provide more exercises like this or share any link , where I can do more practice.

  59. Hello Liz, I watched your video “how to write introduction” and have a question.
    If we are asked ” discuss this view and give your own opinion”,
    background statement and thesis statement in our introduction is the same ?

    • Yes, it’s the same technique. Paraphrase the essay question for the background and write your opinion as the thesis.

  60. Santhi says

    Hai mam, during speaking test , if I can’ t hear or understand the question, requesting for repeating the question may affect my score..??

  61. adithya says

    Hello, liz
    im adithya
    should we write both “BACK GROUND STMT” and “THESIS STMT” in the introduction or any one is enough ?

    • Watch this free video lesson about writing introductions:

      • Hello Liz,
        I am sadiya,
        Can you please check my errors in below writing task 2. so that I can rectify my mistakes. i will be thankfull

        The relative importance of main aim of advertising the various product on television to attract teenagers has been targeted should be prohibited. which can not be fully agreed, has now become more controversial. The substantial influence of the different advertisements of various products included in different categories has sparked the controversy over the potential impact of this advertising trend in this recent can be argued that it has some advantages on advertisements, but it has some drawbacks as well. This essay will elaborate both the positive and negative impact of advertisements resembling two sides of the single coin. Which usually runs in parallel and then will lead’s to the logical conclusion.
        At the outset, there are numerous ways to benefit the young children. The most conspicuous one is advertisements of various products which are used in daily life to improve the health as well standard of living according to status. Firstly, coming to improve or save the economic cost by spending on the product which is worth full in daily life. Like some branded products helpful in the kitchen with latest options as the technology has been fully developed. ex: which reduces the time spent in the kitchen for cooking, watching utensil, cleaning floors. Secondly, various health conscious product is known which help of advertisement, to cure the various minor diseases like cough syrup, pain reliefs painkillers, and healthy shakes so on.Thirdly, advertisements are beneficial to choose the good and cost effective product at less cost. The fourth one, the people are getting educated with these various adds in various ways, one of them is to maintain their personality lifestyle modification. Finally, people are knowing their rights to select the product and getting educated about the product before they are going to buy it,Products working status and its benefits has been compared with another.
        nevertheless, there remain some disadvantages, which can
        certainly, overwhelm the potential influence of advertisement on teenagers. But the most alarming one lies in the fact that the children are getting affected with advertisements via improper adds before their mindset has not well developed. There may chance of learning bad habits changing their social lifestyle.ex; smoking, chewing gutka, and other than this learning bad habits. Secondly, few adds are not proper for teenaged children like naked adds, getting addicted to television.
        from what has been discussed above it can be concluded that the impact of the advertising on children 70% is around beneficial and remaining 30% can be well handled by educating the children regarding good thing like having the proper diet, lifestyle modifications, learning how to improve the economic cost, learn the consumer rights.

  62. Richard Raquel says

    Hi Liz! Thank you for your videos. They’re very informative. I need your help though. Could you check if what I did was correct??

    Q: Prevention is better than cure. Do you agree or disagree that out of the country’s health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventive measures.

    A: The eradication of diseases is the focus of many countries in terms of health. However, disease prevention through health education is the lesser concern. In my view, the government should equally support both of these programs in terms of finances to create a better and healthier community.

    This is my introduction. it took me almost 10 mins to formulate this one. What do you think??

    Thank you.


  63. Rashmeen says

    What is the maximum limit of words for both task and can i use persnl words..?

  64. Bobby says

    Hi Liz,

    Can you please post more lessons of this kind. thank you.

  65. Jalal ahmed says

    I am a student of Ielts. now i want to sit for exam but my hand writing is not up to mark i have problem on Grammer and spelling, what will i do?

  66. Beatrice says

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks very much for all your ielts tip,they are very useful. I just checked my results now and i got the required bands listening-7.5,Reading-8.0,Writing-7.0,Speaking-8.5.
    Once again thank you very much.

    • Overall band score 8 – excellent!! A very good score which you should be proud of. I hope you can now go forward with confidence and achieve your future goals.
      Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  67. Ramandeep Kaur says

    Hllo liz
    I have required a great practice material, for improve my band score. My target was to achieve minimum 7 band score overall. But, i scored only 5.5 band as on 27 june, 2015.
    S- 5
    R- 6
    W- 4.5
    now i again fill my exam that will be on 8 oct. so now i want want to attain best score. I really thankful to you, if you give me some help to attain my goal.


    • All my lessons and tips are on this blog. To get band score 7, you will need to develop your level of English. Students getting around band 5 in speaking and writing are making too many mistakes to be awarded band 6. You now have just under 3 months to improve your English language. Go to google and look for English language websites.
      All the best

  68. Mohanad says

    Hello Liz,

    Thanks a lot for the great tips and lessons. I just got my result and I was able to increase my writing score to 6.5. However, I need to score minimum 7 in writing, so I will give it another try as soon as possible.

    Best regards.

  69. Santhosh says

    Hi Teacher,

    My name is Santhosh and I would like to improve my writing skills very much to attain a band score of 7+. First of all, I would like to thank you very much that, your online videos were very helpful for me.

    I took IELTS GT exam for 3 times to get a band score of 7+ in each modules and below are the score that I got:

    L8, S7, R6.5, W5
    L7, S7, R6, W6.5
    L7, S6.5, R6, W6.5.

    As you can see my writing is not upto the mark.
    Kindly provide an effective method to reach my goal and also I would like to do some practice exercise for planning and paraphrasing also, the link provided for paraphrasing practice is not available.


    • All lessons are listed on this blog. I don’t have extra lessons.
      All the best

      • Santhosh says

        Thank you teacher,

        While going through all the lesson’s and writing topics that you had provided in the website, I think it is sufficient enough for practice.

        Thanks for providing good materials for the exam.


  70. Laura says

    Hi, Liz. First of all, I would like to thank you for all of the amazing resources you have created. I watched many of your video lessons and used them to prepare for my IELTS Academic test. I got my results this week and they were: Listening 6.5, Reading 8, Writing 6.5, and Speaking 9. I’ve got nothing to complain about the Listening part because I got distracted during the first track and didn’t hear the exact words and also because I also had trouble with another conversation about giving directions in a building. I’m not good at giving and getting directions. Not even in my native language, so I know I must work on that. However, I am puzzled at my writing score. I am pretty sure I made no grammar nor spelling mistakes. I felt I did well on Writing Task 2 but perhaps my graph analysis was rather simple. I’ve read about other examinees complaining about having a hard time to score higher than 6.5 in the writing section. Any thoughts on this? What would you suggest to improve this score? Thanks.

  71. Deepali says

    Hello liz…. M planning to appear fr ielts in the coming 2 weeks, the only problem I feel with me is with speaking part…. I have no problem with speaking English or framing sentences but then I use the word umm… aa…. Quite often while thinking about the next sentence which I can say… Will that affect my bands??

    • Yes, that will affect your score for the criterion of fluency. However, it won’t affect your score for grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation.
      All the best

  72. Mohanpraveen says

    I want to check my writing mam could you please provide any link for that to caliculate.
    Because I don’t have any idea about my standard in writing english.

  73. Teshome Kebede says

    Hello Liz,
    I have one question for you. Currently, just I am preparing my self to take IELTS exam in the first week of August. Always I wonder on time management. So, to manage my time in relation to my experience, what if I do the written exam in the following order.
    1. Listening
    2. Writing
    3. Reading
    Thank you for your consideration, and I eagerly awaits your response.
    Kind regards,

    • Don’t change the order of doing the skills. In fact, I’m not sure that you can. The time management is during the skill. For example, sticking with only 20 minutes for each reading passage and spending no more than 20 mins on writing task 1.
      All the best

  74. sakshi says

    Large no of people while driving their cars overshoot the speed limit in city centres. To avoid this , governent should place extra cameras on major streets . This will ensure that people who overshoot would be caught .

  75. hi liz teacher ,thank you so much to teach us beneficial points i really confuse in paraphrases but i learn alot of things from your lessons

  76. Sukhu says

    mam,i am very weak in task 2. Becoz,when i strat essay to cofuse, what i write

    • You will need to develop ideas for topics, learn how to organise ideas and also improve your level of English. In your message above, you made two spelling mistakes and also grammar mistakes. This means, to get over band 5, you will need to be able to write more accurately. Here’s a link to my writing lessons: For English will need either a teacher or to find a website to help you. You can google that.
      All the best

  77. mowlid says

    A number of people exceed the speed limit, while they are crossing in the urban areas. To solve this problem the authorities have to install speed cameras in main junctions To deter people from speeding. By doing this, many people who are driving crazily will be coughed and the problem will disappear.

    • This lesson is now closed. You will find the answer above in the lesson.

  78. Esmaeil Bahmyari says

    Thank you Liz for your valuable instructions. I doubted in using “citizens” , but at last I used it.

    • You did really well. 50% of your writing is based on your grammar and vocabulary. That means you will do well in those criteria. You should focus now on coherence & cohesion and task response.
      Good luck

    • hello Liz my name is Anna :-Certain individuals used to exceed their vehicles speed limit in urban centers.Futhermore,authorities ought to overcome the issue by increasing the quantity of cameras on main streets to deter drivers from speeding.As a result ,people will stop to drive fast and the problem will be resolved completely.

  79. Arianna says

    A lot of car drivers exceed in speed when riding their vehicles in urban centers, going over the mandatory limits. One way to face this issue could be an increase in number of speed cameras installed by authorities in the main streets. By doing this, citizens will be deterred from driving too fast by the risk of being caught handed out and, consequently, the problem will probably be solved.

  80. Hussaini says

    Increasing number of people exceed the speed limit while driving in city centers. The only key to the problem is to install speed cameras on major streets by the government deterring people from speeding. By doing this, speed can be prevented and those who break the law will be caught red handed.

  81. DIana says

    Many citizens, when driving their vehicles, exceed the speed limit in urban areas. In order to resolving this, the authorities should install speed cameras in motorways to deter from speeding. By doing this, more individuals who speed will be arrested and this issue will be solved.

    Can you tell me please, if it is correct. Thank you.

  82. Rajesh says

    Many people, when driving cars, exceed the speed limit in city centers. To stop this, the government authorities should put more speed cameras on major streets to put people off speeding. If this is done, more people who speed will be caught red handed and this problem will eventually resolved.

  83. Kumar says

    A large number of people,when riding their vehicles,exceeds the speed limit in city centres. As a way of speed prevention, authorities should install more cameras on major streets to deter from speeding.By doing this,more people who speed will be arrested and this problem will directlly be resolved

  84. Some people exceed the speed limit while driving their vehicle in town centers. In order to resolve the problem, authorities ought to install large number of speedy cameras on motorways to prevent from increasing speed as by catching citizen red handed on cameras that in consequent deter directly the motor speed in urban areas.

  85. Mohamad says

    Many citizens, when riding their vehicles, exceed the speed limit in city centers. As an answer for this, the authorities ought to install more speed prevention cameras on motorways, to deter people from speeding. By doing this more humans who put the law away will directly be arrested and this problem will eventually be resolved.

  86. Shadi says

    An increasing number of people riding their vehicles in urban areas, exceed the speed limit. As an answer to speed prevention, the authorities ought to install more speed cameras on motorways to deter people from speeding. By doing this, more people who speed will be arrested and the problem will be resolved.

  87. Favour says

    Large number of peopl, when driving their car, exceed speed limit in urban centers. In order to resolve this, authorities ought to install more speed cameras on motorway to deter them from speeding. Doing this, citizens who speed will be arrested and the problem will eventually be solved.

  88. meenakshi says

    Dear Liz,

    Please read my paragraph and advice.

    Some people exceed the speed limit while driving in the town.To deter citizens from speeding, authorities ought to install more cameras on the motorways.By doing this, more people will be caught red handed which will eventually resolve this problem.

  89. Iuliana says

    A big number of drivers break the admitted legal speed when they are driving in urban areas. As a solution for this problem, the authorities should install surveillance cameras on main streets to deter drivers using exceed speed. By doing that, a large number of citizen would be caught red handed and this issue finally be resolved.

  90. marwa says

    A large number of people, when driving their vehicles,exceed the speed limit in urban centers .As an answer of this ,the authorities ought to install more speed camers on motor ways to deter citizens from speeding.By doing this ,more citizens who speed will arrested and this problem will be resolved directly

  91. salie says

    Many citizens in urban areas exceed their speed limit when driving their vehicles.The authorities ought to install more speed cameras on motorway to deter from speeding.By doing this, humans who caught red will be directly handed to authorities to resolve this problem.

  92. salie says

    Many citizens in exceed their speed limit when driving their vehicles.The authorities ought to install more speed cameras on motorway to deter from speeding.By doing this,humans who caught red will be directly handed to authorities to resolve this problem.

  93. priyalata says

    In town, when people driving their cars, exceed the speed limit in city centers. Inorder to solve this,authorities should install more speed cameras on major roads to put people off speeding. By doing this, more people who speed will be caugth and the problem will eventually be solved.

  94. sheriff says

    Large number of citizens in urban areas exceed their speed limits when driving. As a way of prevention the authorities ought to install more speed cameras on motorways to reduce citizens from speeding.By doing this, citizens who speed will be put away and situation solved .

  95. talat says

    Owing,this problem many citizens while riding a vehicals in the urban aerea they exceeds the speed,There are number of solution to handle this situation.motor way officials should install some extra speed catching camera in street,by taking this step many people would go off the speed either,panalies or punished in the large number city.finally,this way could be overcome the problem/situation.

    Hope for comments.

    • You must use the words given in the box. Don’t change the paragraph in any other way.

  96. aisha says

    In urban areas, many citizens exceed the speed limit when riding their cars. To deter from this problem, the authorities are ought to put more speed cameras on major motorways to put humans off speeding. By doing this, more people , who drive speedly will be caught red handed and finally this problem will be resolved.

  97. Philip says

    Hi…. am from india.
    When i write the phase 2 in writing. .. it takes lot of time to complete the essay… And my vocabulary is ok i think. ..

  98. Sepideh says

    The large number of citizens exceed their speed while driving their vehicles in the urban areas. To this problem be resolved,the authorities ought to install more speed cameras on main routes and motorways to make them reduce their speed.By doing this,more people, who drive speedly, will be caught red handed and finally this issue will be tackled.

  99. Esmaeil Bahmyari says

    Many citizens, when driving their vehicles, exceed the speed limit in urban areas. As a way of solving this, the authorities ought to install more speed cameras on major streets to deter citizens from speeding. By doing this, more citizens who speed will be caught and this problem will eventually be resolved.

  100. talat says

    Hello Teacher,
    In essay i write one introduction and thesis statement two body paraghraph and it ok?

    • The thesis statement is part of the introduction – it is not separate. Please watch my video about writing an introduction. The rest of the paragraph structure is fine.

      • talat says

        Yes,teacher it is.
        After introduction i could write only two paragraph and conclusion,in my test.

        Thanks teacher forbreply.

        • That’s right. Although it is possible to have three body paragraphs. It depends on the number of main points you have.

          • May Zun Aung Win says

            Many citizens, when driving their vehicles, exceed the speed limit in urban areas. As a way of speed prevention, the authorities ought to install more speed cameras on main motorways to deter people from speeding. By doing this, more citizens who speed will be caught red handed and this problem will eventually be resolved.

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