IELTS Speaking Recent Topic: Sky

This has been a reported topic in speaking this month. It’s a new topic but of course some of the questions will be similar to the topic of weather. Here are some possible questions for this topic.

The Sky

  • Do you ever look at the sky?
  • What do you think about when you look at the sky?
  • Are there often clouds in the sky in your country?
  • Is the sky often overcast?
  • Is star-gazing popular in your country?
  • Are there often spectacular sunsets or sunrises in your country?

Model Answers

  • Question: Do you ever look at the sky?
  • Answer: To be honest, the only time I really pay any attention to the sky is if there is an amazing sunset or if I need to see what the weather’s like. The weather can be changeable where I live, so I sometimes take a quick look at the sky to see if it there are any dark clouds on the horizon and it might rain.
  • Question: Is star-gazing popular in your country?
  • Answer: I wouldn’t say it was popular but there are quite a few people who enjoy it, I suppose. In summer, we often get really clear night skies when you can see a multitude of stars and they’re all incredibly bright. I must say, even I go out and take a look then.

Here is a useful vocabulary list for this topic. Below is an audio for the vocabulary.

  • overcast = cloudy, no sun is visible
  • a grey sky = overcast, cloudy
  • sunset = the sky turns different shades of orange, pink and red as the sun goes down
  • dark clouds on the horizon = threatening weather in the distance
  • star-gazing = looking at the stars
  • crystal clear night skies = very clear skies at night with excellent visibility
  • cloudless sky = a blue sky without clouds
  • small fluffy clouds = small clouds that do not threaten rain
  • multitude of stars = many stars
  • foggy = misty, low visibility due to mist
  • partly cloudy = some clouds


Audio for Model Answers 

Use the ideas and language for the models and adapt it to the questions you might get in the test.

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  1. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for your information about IELTS , I really learn a lot but I cannot find the rest of the answers of the speaking part ? where I can find it ?

    and thank you again

  2. keyur patel says:

    Hi …Liz
    I would like to ask you,that it good to use proverb in speaking?

  3. tausif patel says:

    yesterday i got similar topic but due to frustration and stress i m not able to speak my cur card…

  4. hi Liz,

    My grammar is bit weak and i am finding it hard to understand the below answer, as the question is about present tense. why the answer is in past tense

    is star-gazing popular in your country?

    why it is i wouldn’t say it WAS popular
    why not i wouldn’t say it IS popular

    thanks for your help.

    • Hi,

      It’s a good question. Yes, the question is present tense and the answer is also present tense, except for the opening “I wouldn’t say, it was…”. This is an expression we often use when we are talking and it uses the second conditional not the past tense. The second conditional is used for imaginary situations when we are talking about something we imagine and it usually starts with “If…”. Here’s a link to a grammar page to learn more about the second conditional:
      All the best

  5. Thanks Liz for this startling topic . Realy i wait your emalis from time to time , it helps me in ielts preparation and my confidence enhancing day by day .
    I believe that you are spending all your time to assist ielts seekers .
    thanks alot .

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