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IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics Jan to Apr 2019

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for January, February, March & April 2019 

Below is a list of topics for IELTS Speaking Part 2. Please read all parts of this page to use this information correctly.

On this page, you will find:

  1. List of Topics for Part 2
  2. Tips which you MUST read about this page and about IELTS speaking

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics Jan-Apr 2019

Below are some of the current topics for IELTS Speaking Part 2.

  1. A remote place you wish to visit in the future
  2. A sport on TV you would like to try
  3. A quiet place
  4. A special date in your country’s history
  5. A lecture you have been to
  6. A situation when you found an item
  7. A book you recently read
  8. A person you know who is beautiful or handsome
  9. A time you needed to repair a broken item
  10. A recent public development in your city
  11. A time you gave money as a gift
  12. A beautiful city
  13. A person who cares about the environment
  14. A project that you need to collect information for (I need confirmation of the exact words)
  15. A place indoor or outdoor where you can study
  16. Your ideal house
  17. A public facility recently opened (park, cinema etc)
  18. A person you would like to meet
  19. A time you had to search for information
  20. A movie or TV show that made you laugh
  21. A subject you didn’t like at school, but are interested in now
  22. Something you taught a younger person
  23. Your grandfather’s job
  24. A statue in your city
  25. A service that wasn’t good and that you complained about
  26. Food for a special occasion
  27. A family business you know
  28. An interesting old person you met
  29. Good news you received or heard about
  30. A time when someone didn’t tell you the whole truth
  31. A good law in your country
  32. A time you wished to do something but you didn’t have time
  33. A party you went to
  34. Something you started that is good for your health

IELTS examiners have a lot of topics and the above are only a sample posted by candidates. You MUST prepare a range of topics which include the above and also common topics. See below for the useful link.

Tips Relating to Above Topics

  1. These topics are not predictions. They are topics that students have posted after their test.
  2. This list is not complete. There is always a chance you might get a topic not listed below.
  3. I will continue to up-date this list when candidates report new topics.
  4. You should prepare ideas for all topics listed on this page.
  5. Also prepare:  Common Part 2 Topics
  6. Do not memorise your talk. IELTS do not accept memorised answers. Instead you should prepare ideas and useful words. Then your talk will be natural during your test.
  7. You cannot change the topic, but you can adapt it. For example, if you get the topic of a poisonous plant, you can say “I don’t know about any poisonous plants, but one plant I often see in the local park is…”. It is fine to do this. You are still following the main topic which is plants.
  8. You cannot ask for the topics to be changed. You must talk about what you are given.
  9. You do not need to follow or use all prompts. But I recommend using them because they provide good structure for your talk.
  10. See all my speaking tips and free lessons: IELTS Speaking Main Page

All the best



  1. http://Natalia says

    Hello Liz, I follow you in this web and Youtube. Congratulations for the quality of the publications.
    I want to know if you will post topics too for the next months, I have my exam in June in Brazil.



    • http://Liz says

      The topics are not predictions. As explained on the page above, they are reported topics. This means when someone takes the test, they tell me what topics they had. In May, they will report new topics.

  2. http://DxbRN says

    Describe a free day at work or study that you enjoyed.

  3. http://M says

    My speaking was today, in Portugal and the cue card was about a time when a electronic device broke down

  4. http://A says

    I took the speaking test yesterday. My cue card topic was ‘An outdoor sport you woukd like to try’.

  5. http://Bipin says

    Same case here and i also went out of topic.

  6. http://S says

    hi Liz

    I gave exam today and they asked me about:

    part 1 : Work, cooking
    part 2 : An item you borrow – when, who, what , how you felt about it.
    part 3 : follow up on borrowing, habit of not returning, condition of item that was being returned etc.

    I finished too early. I feel I spoke too fast 🙁

  7. http://Violet says

    Good afternoon, Madam.
    I have a question about one of the topics reported by students. It’s sometimes given as “An effigy in your city” but in your list of current topics it’s written like “A statue in your city”. Am I supposed to talk about an ordinary statue or about an effigy that’s created for the purpose of burning it further? If the latter is the case, then I have nothing to say since we don’t practice such things in our culture. I’m a little confused 🙁 Thanks in advance.

  8. http://Pallavi%20Singla says

    Hello Liz,
    I would like to seek ur help to confirm if facial expressions and hand movements really effect our band scores in speaking.

    • Your score is based on fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation. Body language and hand movements are not part of the marking criteria.

  9. Hi Liz
    I would like some advice on the below speaking topics
    1. Speak about important date’s / day in ur country
    For this can we speak about more than one date or should we develop ideas about one particular day.
    2. An old person you met
    Can we talk abt saying have not met any but would like to talk about my grandfather will this be off the topic
    Please advice on these , it would be of great help

  10. Hi Liz,
    i faced for my IELTS speaking test and the topic that i received at the test was talk about

    A public or private building that recently opened in my country
    What was it,
    When this has opened,
    What has changed in there after this opened,
    What people do there

    An Liz, i don’t think that i performed well and i want to know about something as you are an instructor of IELTS.

    Liz, i have noticed that examiner marked down some points in a separate sheet which provided by the British Council, and he has put my marks as 2,3,4 (Min was 2 and Mam was 4 ). So i want to know what will be the actual results based on this mark and i really hope you will answer to this question.
    Also he asked more that 15 questions apart form the cue card at that time and he doesn’t allow me to build up my answer, even when i talk about my self. I just spoke two line and he stopped and move to next question that bothers me lots. Is this normal ?

    Please tell me what can be my result it would be a great help for me , waiting for your reply


    • The numbers written by the examiner have nothing to do with your score at all. You should know that your score is not even considered until the end of the test. They relate to timing and you should pay no attention at all to them.
      Part 1 has on average about 12 questions and part 3 on average about 6 – but this can vary and it also has nothing to do with your score.
      It is 100% normal for the examiner to interrupt your answers and move on to a new question. Task achievement has no place in IELTS speaking. If you produce the target language, the examiner will quickly move on. You should have been prepared for this before you entered the test room.
      If you prepare properly, there will be no surprised for you at all.

  11. http://Alexandre%20LEGRIS says

    Hi Liz, I just passed the IELTS test today and I would like to know if we can already find the answers of the Listening and Reading part on the Internet. Thanks for your help.

    • http://Liz says

      IELTS do not publish the tests or the answers. They only publish about 4 tests once a year in the form of the IELTS Cambridge Test books.

      • http://Danushka says

        Hi Liz,
        Thank you very much for sharing ,upcoming predicted cue card topics ,I just want to check have you got any sample answers for those ??
        because I am having my speaking test on tomorrow.

        • You should be developing your own ideas for these topics. This means to think of your own personal experiences, your own memories, your own opinions, your own future hopes etc. This is about you and your life.

  12. http://Umang says

    Hello Liz,

    Hope you’re doing well.
    First of all, i wanna thank you for your tips and advice, in the past I’ve achieved scores of 7 in all modules.

    Today i went for Speaking test, it started really well, I noticed as I was answering, the examiner was kind of moving on to next questions, I wasn’t speaking too much, i mean i was answering in 2/3 sentences but i had more to answer and he was moving on to next ones. So I don’t know if it was normal or not.

    Now coming to my main query, In part-2 i had cue card regarding “tell me about an Intellingent person you know” & i blanked out, but still i had to speak so i started speaking about my father, and mentioned his qualities like friendliness, multitasker, having sound knowledge of things going around in country and kept on going why I thought he was intelligent. I knew it wasn’t 100% on topic but i continued for a minute. Then he asked a supplementary question in part 2 from cur card (may be because he knew I didn’t speak for that long).

    So finally my question is, will me being off topic affect my speaking score? What you do think of the points i covered in part 2 as compared to what was asked on cue card?

    I’ve my LRW tomorrow but I’m stressed about my speaking disaster.

    Again, Thanks a lot.

    • http://Liz says

      It sounds to me like you didn’t prepare properly for the speaking test. You should know that it is 100% normal for the examiner to interrupt answers and move on quickly to a new question. You should also know that being on or off topic is NOT marked in IELTS speaking. You should know that it is 100% ok to adapt the topic on the cue card and speak loosely around the main topic. Your choice to topic was 100% fine. This means without being properly prepared – everything was completely fine. So, relax and think of tomorrow – good luck! 🙂

  13. http://Christina%20Katsyubka says

    Hi, Liz!
    I’m going to take IELTS tomorrow.
    I just want to ask you something about listening:
    Can I turn to another section whenever I want or only when it is told?
    I’m really nervous about it, can you give some advice how to deal with it?

    Thanks for your advice ❤️

    • http://Liz says

      You can do what you want, but it is a waste of time doing it. When you have time to review answers, use the time to read a few questions ahead, highlight keywords and prepare paraphrases. Don’t jump sections, just read a bit ahead. Have you done full practice tests at home? You should always do about four FULL REAL IELTS tests at home before you do your actual test in the exam room. The real practice tests are 100% the same as in the exam. They are published by IELTS for candidates at use at home.

  14. http://Farsali%20Ali%20Carr says


    Just a question, in the part 3 of the speaking test, is the interviewer allowed to ask specific questions about politics like: What do you think about these 3 persons running for senate in the Philippines? Are you going to vote for them? Why? Are you familiar with the scandals they’re involved in?.
    To add to this, the interviewer is constantly interrupting me. He cannot wait for me to finish my answers but I always tried to end my statements as complete sentences. It was very challenging to remember his questions because he is throwing them like there is no tomorrow while, I was talking.. Is this okay? Thank you and more power!

    • http://Liz says

      IELTS is a non-political test. The examiner should NEVER ask you about your views on politics in that way. It is highly inappropriate. The only types of questions the examiner can ask about the government is, for example, “Do you think the government does enough to protect the environment?” All questions are topic based and politics is not an IELTS topic. You can complain about this. Because the test is recorded, something will have to be done about it. You can also complain to IELTS Official to take it further.

      About being interrupted, it is 100% normal for this to happen. You should be ready for this before entering the test room. Whenever you need thinking time, you can say “Could you repeat the question, please?” If the examiner is speaking too fast, you could say “Could you speak a bit slow please, I’m not feeling well today”. That is completely fine.

  15. Hello Ma’am

    I had my speaking test yesterday.

    My cue card topic was Describe a situation where someone didn’t told you the complete truth.

    I fumbled at the beginning but after that I spoke fluently. The examiner stopped me after 2 minutes but I was not able to cover my topic’s last point. Will it affect my band score ?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 There is no such thing as task achievement in IELTS speaking. You are marked on fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation – nothing else counts.

  16. http://Ana says

    Hi Liz,

    I gave my speaking test on 19th January

    Part 1:where ar you study right now.
    What kind of food you prefer to eat in breakfast
    And almost about about Food
    Part2:Describe a law in your country you really like.
    Part3:Related to the law.
    In your country, Is being policeman a popular job?

  17. http://Yas says

    Speaking part 1: do you prefer email or text messages for work.
    Which is that one email that is most important to you.
    Part 2: Food for special occasions
    What is the food.
    What is it’s significance
    How is it prepared, what are it’s ingredients.
    Part 3: what is your countries regional food.
    Should the family eat together and why?
    Should the entire family contribute in day to day cooking?
    should food industry market their food.
    Are consumers influenced by food marketing.
    What is better home cooked food or takeaway.

  18. Part 1 Introduction-

    1. What is your name?
    2. Do you study or work?
    3. What changes you want to see in your office?
    4. Let’s talk about goggles.
    Do you often wear them? If not Why?
    5. Have you gifted someone?
    6. Have you ever lost them?

    Part 2- Cue Card

    1. Talk about a Good Law of your country.
    What it is?
    What are its positive outcomes?
    Who told you about it?

    Part 3- Discussion Round

    1. Why do you think international laws are made?
    2. Why are they important?
    3. What are the reasons behind making them?

    Well my experience with the speaking was really amazing as I was completely relaxed. I understood that this is my time and I have to speak to score good.

    • Just stay relaxed and go with the flow.
    • Use atleast 5-6 strong words.
    • Use atleast 1 phrase or proverb in cue card.
    • Do not stop and be fluent!

    All the Best 😉

    • http://Liz says

      Thanks for sharing 🙂 I do need to contradict one of your suggestions. It is not recommended to use a proverb in any part of the IELTS test. IELTS is a language test which tests your own personal English. Each sentence should be created by you and not come from memory. If you want to say something, use your own words to express it. The more you express things in your own way, the better.

      • http://Raksha says

        Hello Glo, Thank you for sharing your experience and suggestions. In the part 3 discussion round you mentioned above, aren’t all the three questions conveying the same meaning? How would you differentiate your answers? As I am mentally preparing the answer to this, I am running out of points. Can you please reply when you get a chance.

  19. Hey Liz,

    Today I took my speaking test, and I think it went well,

    Part 1 topic was about -> crowded places and photo taking picturesque views
    Part 2 topic was about -> A person you know who is beautiful or handsome (which you predicted in No. 8, I owe you a gratitude 😉 ).
    Part 3 topic was about nature and beauty

    Thank you Liz, you’ve been very helpful

  20. http://Kash says

    Today was my IELTS Speaking test,. Below were the questions asked:
    1. Do you study or work?
    2. What do you like about your work?
    3.Who is your favourite actor in Bollywood? why do you like him?
    4. How important is it to be patient in daily life?
    5.Tell me a situation when you lost your temper?

    Question : A situation when a person you trust the most has lied to you?
    who was the person?
    what was the situation?
    reason ?

    Following Questions:
    1. Did you tell anyone about knowing the truth?

    Part 3:
    1. How is modern technology used to minimize crime in society?
    2. Do people lie on daily basis?
    3. what are consequences of telling lie?
    4.Can telling lie benefit someone?

  21. Hello Ma’am

    I had my speaking test
    My cue card topic was: Describe a situation when someone didn’t told you the whole truth

    I spoke on this topic very well but a fumbled a little towards the starting but after that I spoke fluently and in the end examiner stopped me after 2 minutes so I was not able to complete my topic. Will it affect my band score ?

  22. http://Nelly says

    Hello Liz
    Thank you very much for all the help you offer! I had my speaking yesterday and would like to share the topics!
    Part1: where I lived, how long i’ve Lived there, what I like about the place, what i’d Like to change about the place, do I think people’s choice of films is affected by the actors involved, do people in my country watch films with international actors, have I met any film star in real life?
    Part2: describe good news either read/heard from a newspaper(what it was, when it happened, how I heard it, how I felt)
    Part3: Comparing how people got news in the past and present, is the electronic media a trusted source, do the different age groups all have interest in the same kinds of news, why do some people still wait to hear/read news from tv/radio/newspaper although they have electronic media?
    I just hope to get a good band score, I have the written part on Saturday!

  23. http://Sundar says

    Suppose say I don’t like or don’t relate to a particular topic, can I ask for an alternate one?
    For example, let’s take the topic, ” A sport on TV that you would like to try?
    Now, I don’t like to play or watch any kind of sport, can I ask for another topic

    • http://Liz says

      No you can’t ask to change the topic. If you don’t like sport, you can talk about why you don’t like and why other people do like it. You can talk about how sports have changed and how people’s views to them have changed. You can talk about your past experiences with sport when you were a child. You can talk about how you would approach the topic of sports if you had a child of your own. There is lots to talk about even if you don’t play sport.

      • http://Sundar says

        So is it fine to go off topic? instead of talking about the sport that I’d like to play, I can answer why I don’t like sports at all. Won’t I be penalized for going off topic, like in the writing section.

        • It is fine for part 2. There is no score for being on or off topic in speaking. But if the examiner thinks you changed topic from sport to weather because you prepared for the topic of weather, your answer could be invalid.

  24. http://SAI%20NAGA%20MANOJ says

    Hi, I recently completed my speaking exam last month.
    I got a cue card to describe how i would spend a leisure time?

    • http://Farrukh%20Safdar says

      I have lot of plans for leisure . As I love to travel if I get chance i will go for vacations . I like to visit different regions of world to see their life style, culture and social life. In past when ever I travel for leisure vacations always enjoyed lot learned lot of new things . How the world is changing day by day. When two year back when I visited schegen states I found extra ordinary communication system. Throughout Europe is well connected by road, rail and sea. Very efficient transport system network .

  25. http://Vel%20Tod says

    Hello, thank you for your helpful website. My speaking part just passed and the questions were about patience, about my study or my job and the part 2 was to tell about a situation recently when I had to change my plans, then the last part was about plans and planning a city. Good luck to everybody!

  26. http://Violet says

    I’ve recently come across this amazing website and I really love it! Thank you very much, Madam, for everything you post here, it’s really helpful!
    I’d like to ask you a question about the Speaking Section (Part 2). Do you think it’s important to prepare ideas for the cue cards from Cambridge IELTS books (3-11) or it’s better to concentrate on the common topics + recent questions from your website? Thank you in advance 🙂

  27. http://John says

    I took exam on 17 Jan 2019,
    Speaking part 2:
    About a time that I had to ask for advice to make a decision.
    Who they were?
    When it was?
    Do I always ask for advice?
    Will you do it again?
    Good luck,

  28. http://Cheng says

    Hi! What should I say if I’m not working and not studying too? Right now I’m just preparing for my immigration to Canada. Please help me with this. Thank you.

  29. http://Harjinder%20singh says

    I’m giving the IELTS exam first time can you post some essays so I can see how to write the whole essay

    • http://Liz says

      Click on the RED BAR at the top of the website to access the writing task 2 page with model essays and other tips. This website is easy to navigate through the RED BAR.

  30. Hey Liz,
    how do examiner grade if we speak fluently but off the topic ?

    • http://Liz says

      If you choose to speak off topic because you want to change the topic, you might get a very very low score. You cannot change the topic. However, it is fine to add detail that is not asked for to extend your answer such as your opinions or comparisons etc, particularly in part 2.

  31. http://zena says

    Hi liz
    I took my speaking exam on 18 jan.
    It was one of the most stressful experinces i have ever had. I were asked lots of questions and as much as i remember:
    Part1 :
    What do you do
    Are you satisfied by your job
    Do you want to change it
    What is your favorite colour
    What colour do you prefer for your room
    When was the last time you have traveled by taxi
    Do you think everyone should learn how to drive a car
    Describe an activity that you would like to do it when you are alone?
    Part 3: questions about freetime and job

  32. http://Sara says

    Hi mam, my speaking test held on 10th jan, my cue card was
    An important plant, flower or tree of your country.
    Q what is it?
    Q where it seen easily?
    Q why is it important?

    I scored 6.5 in that speaking test.

  33. http://Dana%20loay says

    Hi lez my speaking test was 18 jan and the first question the examiner asked was if i work or study i explained that i have graduated fron university 6 years ago and now i dont work i am a housewife then he moved to another topic was my answer proper or should i have said that i am working something or what?

    • http://Liz says

      You answered correctly. If the person does not work and does not currently study, the examiner will change the topic. It is the only time that it happens in the test. The examiner chooses the topic, not you.

  34. http://StillRome says

    Quick one please, can I write all my answers in Reading and Listening in capital letter?

  35. http://Chris says

    Thanks a lot)

  36. http://Kate says

    I did my speaking test 17th of Jan 2019
    My part 2 topic was on a sporting activity I’d like to learn in the nearest future
    What the sport is?
    Who I intend to learn it with
    What motivates me to learn about the sport
    How easy will it be to learn this new sport

  37. http://Fran says

    My speaking test was in UK, and my cue card was about a family business I know that was successful
    After that, the examiner asked if I would rather work in a big or in a small company and why? And if there is any advantage of exporting products, and how is it good?

    Thank you for all your help!

  38. http://Shine says

    my speaking.
    Part 1 Q:
    1. Do you work or study?
    2. Do you like your job and why?
    3.What do you do to perform well in your work?
    4.How to get to your work place/school?
    5. What will be another transport that you will prefer to go to your workplace?

    PART 2.
    1. Describe an interesting old person you met?
    *Who is that?
    *where does he live?
    * When did you meet him?

    PART 3.
    1. What do you say about old people? Do you like them?
    2. What kind of personality do you like in others?
    3. Many people are self centered in this world? What is your say?
    4. Can one understand how the people are when visiting a country ?

  39. http://Hoping says

    Thank you Liz

    Had my speaking test today (jan 16) India.

    Task 1
    Full Name
    Where do you work
    Do you like your work environment
    What do you want to change about your work place
    Do you drink water often
    Do u prefer bottled water or tap water. Why
    Is bottled water expensive in your country. Why

    Task 2
    Topic: An important decision you took with the help of someone
    What was the decision
    Who helped you
    How did the decision help you

    Task 3
    What are some important decisions teenagers might have to take
    Should decisions be taken quickly or with time?
    Are decisions taken quickly correct?
    What are some important decisions national leaders would have to take
    Who should they consider while taking such decisions
    Would there be a situation where national leaders would have to take decisions that might disappoint a set of people

  40. http://Ash says

    On 11th January, In part 2 I was asked to say about a person whom I have never met but heard a lot.

  41. http://Pooya says

    Hi Liz

    I had the test in December and my part two topic was about a good law in my country, which I found really hard to answer because if my country had good laws I wouldn’t try to emigrate from it.

    I had to retake the test cause I need 8 in each skill.


    • http://Liz says

      As long as you speak close to your topic it’s fine. If you can’t speak about a good law, you explain to the examiner at the start of your talk and you continue to talk about a bad law in your country or a law that you would like to see in your country. You can still get band 9 doing that.

      • http://Kitty says

        Even I got same question on January 12th and I attempted the exam with positive energy but they gave me 4.5 band. Can you please tell how to score 6.5 in speaking.

        • You are marked on the language you produce. Your ideas are not marked and task achievement is not marked. If you want a higher score, you need to deliver a better level of English with a broader range. You need to show the ability to speak in different tenses. Offer a comparison – offer a second conditional statement. Example in detail because descriptions offer more language. etc etc

  42. Hi Liz,
    I had the speaking test yesterday
    The first part was to talk about my job and preferences.
    Part 2 was with the topic n. 7 (A book you recently read).
    In Part 3 the teacher asked me questions about how could I improve the reading habbit in my country.

  43. http://jyoti says

    god bless ypu

  44. http://Dolly says

    My speaking was on 12 jan and in part 2, the question was
    the important decision which i made with the help of another person..
    In writing task 1 about bar chart and in task 2 about food….

  45. http://Mary%20Angeline%20Bonilla says

    Hi Liza’

    I just wast to ask . I subscribed the advanced IELTS writing test 2 sets video. But I did not received any link. I would really appreciate if you could assists me.

    • http://Liz says

      I sent you your links 3 days ago. Please check your email properly. I sent them on Jan 11th to the email we were already corresponding on.

  46. http://saleh says

    Thanks for sharing these inersting and helpfull information


  47. http://ANKIT%20PRAKASH says

    Dear Liz,

    Hope you are doing good ?

    I would highly appreciate if you can kindly provide your inputs on the below queries :

    1. In Reading and Listening , which sections have questions that appear in the same order as the passage ?
    2. In Reading and Listening , which of the particular sections should we attempt first in order to maximize our scores in respective sections ?

    I have been searching for an answer on the above queries for a while now and getting different versions on various websites.

    Your kind response on the same will be very highly appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Ankit Prakash

    • http://Liz says

      Listening and Reading are completely different. Go to the RED BAR at the top of the page and click: Test Information

    • I tried to much but i do silly mistakes in speaking test how i improve these mistakes in my speaking plzz tell me reasons

  48. http://Sudip says

    I completes my speaking on 11th
    Part 2:describe a person who is good or handsome
    May I know that they would give band 5 in speaking?

  49. http://Manan%20Chaudhari says

    Thanks a lot !

  50. http://Adva%20kapper says

    Hi liz
    I send my wt1 academic for a correction service. One of the comments were that if i want a higher score i need to write what was the reason for the increase-make an assumption and extend the information from the graph… Is that correct? Because i thought i shouldnt add any information not relevant or not given and stick to the facts… Would appriciate your comment since my writing task is on 17.1.. And I’m a bit Confused😕

    • http://Liz says

      You are NOT allowed to give your opinions or try to guess the reasons for information. Task 1 is not an essay, it is a factual report based on what you see. If you can’t see it, you can’t write it.

  51. http://Soul says


    U r an excellent teacher.I have learned a lot from ur website.thaks a ton for ur support.

    I gave my speaking exam in Jan

    Where do u live currently?
    Do u know any others who would like to live there?
    Do u drink water a lot through out d day?
    Do u prefer bottled water or tap water?
    Is bottled water at ur place affordable?
    Was there a situation when u were thirsty but couldn’t find water?
    Do u like music?
    Did u ever try playing any instruments?
    Did u ever go to a live concert?

    Part 2:
    Describe a teenager u know

    Who is it?
    How do u know him/her?
    Do u like/dislike him/her?
    Describe other people’s opinion about him/her

    Part 3:

    Are young people these days more spoiled than in the past?
    Do u think young people now get to enjoy a lot than elderly people?
    What is the difference between children and teenagers?
    Are teenagers beings spoiled due to financial support from parentswho do u think can take better decisions,young or the elderly people?

  52. http://Raly says

    My test was on 5th jan and my topic was “Historical period you want to know more about”

  53. http://Cha says

    Describe a thing someone had lost and you found it.
    -what is it?
    -how did you find it?
    -what you did when you found it

  54. http://Grace says

    I emailed you some questions from today if you want to add them. X

  55. http://Khal says

    talk about an interesting part of your country ” something like that ”
    1 : what is that part
    2: how did you know about that part?
    3 : what do you expect to see or do there?

  56. http://Grace%20Nika-Obialo says

    Thank you very much. You are simply the best. God bless you as you continue the good works you are called to do.

  57. http://Polter says

    Today was my speaking exam. My cue card topic was health related. in part one national holidays , receiving emails this kind of questions the examiner asked me… He was asking me questions one after another constantly… it was really stressful experience though I tried to smile all the time.
    Thank you.

    • http://Liz says

      It is 100% normal that the examiner will ask one question after another without a break or pause. Did you expect something different? This is standard procedure in IELTS speaking.

  58. http://Karla says

    Thanks for all information, I had looked at these topics before my today exam.
    I finished my exam about one hour ago.
    Task 2 was about: a person never met and heard about him. wish to meet in future.
    Task 1 was about my work and cooking.
    Task 3 was about social interaction and clothes.

  59. http://Siu says

    I have finished my Speaking exam today. The topic I got for part 2 was “The place in your country which u find interesting” and questions based on that. This is not in the list.please add it. Hope it helps!

  60. http://Nija%20Jobin says

    Very thanks for sharing these topics and hoping to read/hear from you more and more in future to improve IELTS score.

  61. http://Marjuka%20Rahman%20Orthi says

    Thank you vary much.

  62. http://Susi says

    Something which you have not done, but your friend has done

  63. http://Adva says

    Hi Liz
    I had the speaking exam today in tel aviv. The topic on part 2 was to tell about a friend that I’m proud for something he accomplished.
    other questions on part 3 delt with the connection between success and happiness in life.

  64. http://Nosiaba%20faisal says

    Many thanks you are an angel ❤

  65. http://Pierre says

    Thank you! I hope there will also be like this for the upcoming writing task questions 😀

    • http://Liz says

      Writing is different. They change the topics with each test. Speaking has a range of topics used over a certain period. Click on the recent exams page in the right hand column of this website to follow recent topics for all parts of the test.

  66. http://Rakib says

    I have took exam 5th January and I got question number 26 in part 2.

  67. http://Renuka%20Damayanthi says

    Thank u teacher.. Liz

  68. http://Chin says

    My topic on 5th January was to talk about something someone gave me that I really wanted
    1. When I received it
    2. Who gave the item to you
    3. What purpose did it serve you
    4. How you felt when you received this.

  69. http://Emma says

    Liz.. i had my speaking this afternoon, and my topic was: describe the activity you at your free time alone.

  70. http://Pierre says

    Wow thank you so much for this! I’m planning to take the test on the first week of March so I still have a month and a half to prepare. Hopefully I’ll be given a topic that I have practiced on. Wish me luckkk 🙂

  71. http://Ekoh%20Sophia says

    Thank you for the update, you are a life saver and a God send.

  72. http://saif says

    bundle of thanks i am thankful to you mam world need awesome people like you

  73. Thanks for this , God bless you.

  74. http://Adebisi says

    Thanks for this

  75. http://Najat says

    Thank you so much Ms liz,you’re the beeeest IELTS Teacher.thank you for helping us ,thank you for your huge effort. I wished i had an income to enroll in your training courses But no problem i’m doing my best to succeed in the IELTS for sure by following your advice and learning from your videos and website. I have a biiig big respect for you teacher 🙋

    • http://Liz says

      With over 300 FREE pages on my website, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Click on the RED BAR at the top of the website to access the main pages.

  76. http://ANJU%20SHARMA says

    Thanks a lot Mam
    I’m grateful to you .

  77. http://Rishu says

    Thanks liz for this 😊

  78. http://Jagdeep%20kaur says

    Thnx a lot liz mam

  79. http://Viktor says

    Hello Liz!
    5th Jan exam Part 2:
    Discuss skill which you have taught children (or child)

  80. http://AMAr says

    Hi mam, my speaking topic was, Describe an occasion in which some didnot tell you truth ? done on 08/01/2019, New Delhi, India.

  81. http://Anla says

    My speaking cue card from 4/01:

    An important decision you made with help of another person.
    a/ what was the decision
    b/ who helped you
    c/ why this decision was so important

    Hopefully it will help 🙂

  82. http://Alka says

    Thanks mam

  83. http://Ashish%20Waghmare says

    Thank you madam

  84. http://inder says

    thanx mam for updating, I have speaking on 22nd Jan. I might get one of them.

  85. http://Alsu says

    I have had a topic about comedy I saw . It was so difficult to speculate on this topic ((

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