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IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics Jan to Apr 2019

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for January, February, March & April 2019 

Below is a list of topics for IELTS Speaking Part 2. Please read all parts of this page to use this information correctly.

On this page, you will find:

  1. List of Topics for Part 2
  2. Tips which you MUST read about this page and about IELTS speaking

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics Jan-Apr 2019

Below are some of the current topics for IELTS Speaking Part 2.

  1. A remote place you wish to visit in the future
  2. A sport on TV you would like to try
  3. A quiet place
  4. A special date in your country’s history
  5. A lecture you have been to
  6. A situation when you found an item
  7. A book you recently read
  8. A person you know who is beautiful or handsome
  9. A time you needed to repair a broken item
  10. A recent development in your city
  11. A time you gave money as a gift
  12. A beautiful city
  13. A person who cares about the environment
  14. A project that you need to collect information for (I need confirmation of the exact words)
  15. A place indoor or outdoor where you can study
  16. Your ideal house
  17. A public facility recently opened (park, cinema etc)
  18. A person you would like to meet
  19. A time you had to search for information
  20. A movie or TV show that made you laugh
  21. A subject you didn’t like at school, but are interested in now
  22. Something you taught a younger person

IELTS examiners have a lot of topics and the above are only a sample posted by candidates. You MUST prepare a range of topics which include the above and also common topics. See below for the useful link.

Tips Relating to Above Topics

  1. These topics are not predictions. They are topics that students have posted after their test.
  2. This list is not complete. There is always a chance you might get a topic not listed below.
  3. I will continue to up-date this list when candidates report new topics.
  4. You should prepare ideas for all topics listed on this page.
  5. Also prepare:  Common Part 2 Topics
  6. Do not memorise your talk. IELTS do not accept memorised answers. Instead you should prepare ideas and useful words. Then your talk will be natural during your test.
  7. You cannot ask for the topics to be changed. You must talk about what you are given.
  8. You do not need to follow or use all prompts. But I recommend using them because they provide good structure for your talk.
  9. See all my speaking tips and free lessons: IELTS Speaking Main Page

All the best




  1. Harjinder singh says:

    I’m giving the IELTS exam first time can you post some essays so I can see how to write the whole essay

    • Click on the RED BAR at the top of the website to access the writing task 2 page with model essays and other tips. This website is easy to navigate through the RED BAR.

  2. Hey Liz,
    how do examiner grade if we speak fluently but off the topic ?

    • If you choose to speak off topic because you want to change the topic, you might get a very very low score. You cannot change the topic. However, it is fine to add detail that is not asked for to extend your answer such as your opinions or comparisons etc, particularly in part 2.

  3. Hi liz
    I took my speaking exam on 18 jan.
    It was one of the most stressful experinces i have ever had. I were asked lots of questions and as much as i remember:
    Part1 :
    What do you do
    Are you satisfied by your job
    Do you want to change it
    What is your favorite colour
    What colour do you prefer for your room
    When was the last time you have traveled by taxi
    Do you think everyone should learn how to drive a car
    Describe an activity that you would like to do it when you are alone?
    Part 3: questions about freetime and job

  4. Hi mam, my speaking test held on 10th jan, my cue card was
    An important plant, flower or tree of your country.
    Q what is it?
    Q where it seen easily?
    Q why is it important?

    I scored 6.5 in that speaking test.

  5. Dana loay says:

    Hi lez my speaking test was 18 jan and the first question the examiner asked was if i work or study i explained that i have graduated fron university 6 years ago and now i dont work i am a housewife then he moved to another topic was my answer proper or should i have said that i am working something or what?

    • You answered correctly. If the person does not work and does not currently study, the examiner will change the topic. It is the only time that it happens in the test. The examiner chooses the topic, not you.

  6. StillRome says:

    Quick one please, can I write all my answers in Reading and Listening in capital letter?

  7. Thanks a lot)

  8. I did my speaking test 17th of Jan 2019
    My part 2 topic was on a sporting activity I’d like to learn in the nearest future
    What the sport is?
    Who I intend to learn it with
    What motivates me to learn about the sport
    How easy will it be to learn this new sport

  9. Hi,
    My speaking test was in UK, and my cue card was about a family business I know that was successful
    After that, the examiner asked if I would rather work in a big or in a small company and why? And if there is any advantage of exporting products, and how is it good?

    Thank you for all your help!

  10. my speaking.
    Part 1 Q:
    1. Do you work or study?
    2. Do you like your job and why?
    3.What do you do to perform well in your work?
    4.How to get to your work place/school?
    5. What will be another transport that you will prefer to go to your workplace?

    PART 2.
    1. Describe an interesting old person you met?
    *Who is that?
    *where does he live?
    * When did you meet him?

    PART 3.
    1. What do you say about old people? Do you like them?
    2. What kind of personality do you like in others?
    3. Many people are self centered in this world? What is your say?
    4. Can one understand how the people are when visiting a country ?

  11. Thank you Liz

    Had my speaking test today (jan 16) India.

    Task 1
    Full Name
    Where do you work
    Do you like your work environment
    What do you want to change about your work place
    Do you drink water often
    Do u prefer bottled water or tap water. Why
    Is bottled water expensive in your country. Why

    Task 2
    Topic: An important decision you took with the help of someone
    What was the decision
    Who helped you
    How did the decision help you

    Task 3
    What are some important decisions teenagers might have to take
    Should decisions be taken quickly or with time?
    Are decisions taken quickly correct?
    What are some important decisions national leaders would have to take
    Who should they consider while taking such decisions
    Would there be a situation where national leaders would have to take decisions that might disappoint a set of people

  12. On 11th January, In part 2 I was asked to say about a person whom I have never met but heard a lot.

  13. Hi Liz

    I had the test in December and my part two topic was about a good law in my country, which I found really hard to answer because if my country had good laws I wouldn’t try to emigrate from it.

    I had to retake the test cause I need 8 in each skill.


    • As long as you speak close to your topic it’s fine. If you can’t speak about a good law, you explain to the examiner at the start of your talk and you continue to talk about a bad law in your country or a law that you would like to see in your country. You can still get band 9 doing that.

  14. Hi Liz,
    I had the speaking test yesterday
    The first part was to talk about my job and preferences.
    Part 2 was with the topic n. 7 (A book you recently read).
    In Part 3 the teacher asked me questions about how could I improve the reading habbit in my country.

  15. god bless ypu

  16. My speaking was on 12 jan and in part 2, the question was
    the important decision which i made with the help of another person..
    In writing task 1 about bar chart and in task 2 about food….

  17. Mary Angeline Bonilla says:

    Hi Liza’

    I just wast to ask . I subscribed the advanced IELTS writing test 2 sets video. But I did not received any link. I would really appreciate if you could assists me.

    • I sent you your links 3 days ago. Please check your email properly. I sent them on Jan 11th to the email we were already corresponding on.

  18. Thanks for sharing these inersting and helpfull information


  19. ANKIT PRAKASH says:

    Dear Liz,

    Hope you are doing good ?

    I would highly appreciate if you can kindly provide your inputs on the below queries :

    1. In Reading and Listening , which sections have questions that appear in the same order as the passage ?
    2. In Reading and Listening , which of the particular sections should we attempt first in order to maximize our scores in respective sections ?

    I have been searching for an answer on the above queries for a while now and getting different versions on various websites.

    Your kind response on the same will be very highly appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Ankit Prakash

    • Listening and Reading are completely different. Go to the RED BAR at the top of the page and click: Test Information

  20. I completes my speaking on 11th
    Part 2:describe a person who is good or handsome
    May I know that they would give band 5 in speaking?

  21. Manan Chaudhari says:

    Thanks a lot !

  22. Adva kapper says:

    Hi liz
    I send my wt1 academic for a correction service. One of the comments were that if i want a higher score i need to write what was the reason for the increase-make an assumption and extend the information from the graph… Is that correct? Because i thought i shouldnt add any information not relevant or not given and stick to the facts… Would appriciate your comment since my writing task is on 17.1.. And I’m a bit Confused😕

    • You are NOT allowed to give your opinions or try to guess the reasons for information. Task 1 is not an essay, it is a factual report based on what you see. If you can’t see it, you can’t write it.

  23. Hello,

    U r an excellent teacher.I have learned a lot from ur website.thaks a ton for ur support.

    I gave my speaking exam in Jan

    Where do u live currently?
    Do u know any others who would like to live there?
    Do u drink water a lot through out d day?
    Do u prefer bottled water or tap water?
    Is bottled water at ur place affordable?
    Was there a situation when u were thirsty but couldn’t find water?
    Do u like music?
    Did u ever try playing any instruments?
    Did u ever go to a live concert?

    Part 2:
    Describe a teenager u know

    Who is it?
    How do u know him/her?
    Do u like/dislike him/her?
    Describe other people’s opinion about him/her

    Part 3:

    Are young people these days more spoiled than in the past?
    Do u think young people now get to enjoy a lot than elderly people?
    What is the difference between children and teenagers?
    Are teenagers beings spoiled due to financial support from parentswho do u think can take better decisions,young or the elderly people?

  24. My test was on 5th jan and my topic was “Historical period you want to know more about”

  25. Describe a thing someone had lost and you found it.
    -what is it?
    -how did you find it?
    -what you did when you found it

  26. I emailed you some questions from today if you want to add them. X

  27. talk about an interesting part of your country ” something like that ”
    1 : what is that part
    2: how did you know about that part?
    3 : what do you expect to see or do there?

  28. Grace Nika-Obialo says:

    Thank you very much. You are simply the best. God bless you as you continue the good works you are called to do.

  29. Today was my speaking exam. My cue card topic was health related. in part one national holidays , receiving emails this kind of questions the examiner asked me… He was asking me questions one after another constantly… it was really stressful experience though I tried to smile all the time.
    Thank you.

    • It is 100% normal that the examiner will ask one question after another without a break or pause. Did you expect something different? This is standard procedure in IELTS speaking.

  30. Thanks for all information, I had looked at these topics before my today exam.
    I finished my exam about one hour ago.
    Task 2 was about: a person never met and heard about him. wish to meet in future.
    Task 1 was about my work and cooking.
    Task 3 was about social interaction and clothes.

  31. I have finished my Speaking exam today. The topic I got for part 2 was “The place in your country which u find interesting” and questions based on that. This is not in the list.please add it. Hope it helps!

  32. Nija Jobin says:

    Very thanks for sharing these topics and hoping to read/hear from you more and more in future to improve IELTS score.

  33. Marjuka Rahman Orthi says:

    Thank you vary much.

  34. Something which you have not done, but your friend has done

  35. Hi Liz
    I had the speaking exam today in tel aviv. The topic on part 2 was to tell about a friend that I’m proud for something he accomplished.
    other questions on part 3 delt with the connection between success and happiness in life.

  36. Nosiaba faisal says:

    Many thanks you are an angel ❤

  37. Thank you! I hope there will also be like this for the upcoming writing task questions 😀

    • Writing is different. They change the topics with each test. Speaking has a range of topics used over a certain period. Click on the recent exams page in the right hand column of this website to follow recent topics for all parts of the test.

  38. I have took exam 5th January and I got question number 26 in part 2.

  39. Renuka Damayanthi says:

    Thank u teacher.. Liz

  40. My topic on 5th January was to talk about something someone gave me that I really wanted
    1. When I received it
    2. Who gave the item to you
    3. What purpose did it serve you
    4. How you felt when you received this.

  41. Liz.. i had my speaking this afternoon, and my topic was: describe the activity you at your free time alone.

  42. Wow thank you so much for this! I’m planning to take the test on the first week of March so I still have a month and a half to prepare. Hopefully I’ll be given a topic that I have practiced on. Wish me luckkk 🙂

  43. Ekoh Sophia says:

    Thank you for the update, you are a life saver and a God send.

  44. bundle of thanks i am thankful to you mam world need awesome people like you

  45. Thanks for this , God bless you.

  46. Thanks for this

  47. Thank you so much Ms liz,you’re the beeeest IELTS Teacher.thank you for helping us ,thank you for your huge effort. I wished i had an income to enroll in your training courses But no problem i’m doing my best to succeed in the IELTS for sure by following your advice and learning from your videos and website. I have a biiig big respect for you teacher 🙋

    • With over 300 FREE pages on my website, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Click on the RED BAR at the top of the website to access the main pages.

  48. ANJU SHARMA says:

    Thanks a lot Mam
    I’m grateful to you .

  49. Thanks liz for this 😊

  50. Jagdeep kaur says:

    Thnx a lot liz mam

  51. Hello Liz!
    5th Jan exam Part 2:
    Discuss skill which you have taught children (or child)

  52. Hi mam, my speaking topic was, Describe an occasion in which some didnot tell you truth ? done on 08/01/2019, New Delhi, India.

  53. My speaking cue card from 4/01:

    An important decision you made with help of another person.
    a/ what was the decision
    b/ who helped you
    c/ why this decision was so important

    Hopefully it will help 🙂

  54. Thanks mam

  55. Ashish Waghmare says:

    Thank you madam

  56. thanx mam for updating, I have speaking on 22nd Jan. I might get one of them.

  57. I have had a topic about comedy I saw . It was so difficult to speculate on this topic ((

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