IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics Jan to Apr 2018

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics January to April 2018

Below you will find some IELTS speaking part 2 topics that students have posted so far this month. These topics will probably continue to be used for the next few months: January, February, March and possibly April.

Notice for all students using

  1. I do NOT offer a question/answer service on this website. I sometimes answer questions when I have time – you can’t demand this service. Most questions will NOT be answered.
  2. Most questions have been answered before, read the comments boxes.
  3. There are over 300 pages of tips on this site – all tips accessed through the RED BAR at the top of the website (or in the right hand side column)
  4. I will be on holiday for Feb, Mar and Apr. I will post a notice when I start my hols ๐Ÿ™‚

Using IELTS Speaking Topics

This topics are not predictions – they are reported topics. I will continue to up-date this page over the next few months as students report their topics to me.

  1. Will you get one of these topics?
    1. It is not possible to predict topics. However, current topics are frequently repeated in the IELTS speaking test. You need to prepare both current topics and common topics for IELTS speaking. It is not possible to do more. Below are current topics and here is a link to common topics: IELTS Speaking Page
  2. How can I use this list of topics?
    1. You can use the list to prepare ideas for your talk. DO NOT MEMORISE A FULL TALK OR A FULL ANSWER. If the examiner thinks you have actually memorised a talk, line by line, you will be given a different topic. IELTS do not accept memorised answers. So, use this list to develop your ideas and plan some words to use but not to memorise full sentences and answers.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics List Jan-Apr 2018

  1. A recreational center that could be started in your town
  2. A day that cost you nothing (think of activities that are free to do)
  3. Something you bought recently that made you very happy
  4. An activity for health living
  5. A, interesting school subject
  6. A difficult decision
  7. A car journey
  8. A country you would like to work or live in
  9. A historical event
  10. A exciting book
  11. A good parent
  12. A good service from a shop or company
  13. Furniture you like
  14. A useful device (not a computer)
  15. Traditional clothing in your country
  16. A public place you visited
  17. An interesting foreign person
  18. A time when you helped an old person
  19. A time you taught someone something
  20. An unusual meal
  21. A school rule you didn’t like
  22. A season you enjoy
  23. A facility you would like to have in your town
  24. A time you saved money
  25. An occasion a visitor came to your house
  26. A popular person you know
  27. A time someone took a nice photo of you (see model answer link below)
  28. An area of water in your country (lake, river etc)
  29. A perfect holiday
  30. A traditional product of your country
  31. A toy from your childhood
  32. A time you had to be polite
  33. A good story you have been told
  34. A time you were glad you had your mobile phone
  35. An important letter
  36. Your biggest achievement
  37. A time you went out with friends
  38. A TV show
  39. A recent development in the place where you live
  40. A successful business person
  41. A special occasion in your life

You can find a model answer for topic number 27: Model Answer Nice Photo of you

For IELTS speaking tips, model answers and free videos, click here: MAIN IELTS SPEAKING PAGE. Use the RED BAR at the top of the website to find your tips and lessons ๐Ÿ™‚

All the best


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  1. Gurpreet kaur says:

    Hi Liz Mam
    Today is My Speaking Test Done
    20 February 2018
    IDP Patiala

    1. School
    2. Family/Family Activities
    3. Work/Study
    Describe an advertisement you saw or heard
    Follow-up questions related to:-

    Thank you so much mam

  2. Prachi Goyal says:

    Hi Liz, your site and videos are very useful. Thanks for being such a wonderful trainer, it really helps.

    Today I had my speaking test and unfortunately it didn’t go well.

    I was asked to talk about a river in my country. And I didn’t had much idea about it๐Ÿ˜ฅ.

    Tell me one thing, do the examiner herself provide a score or the recording is listened again and examined by someone else?

  3. Paba Madhumalie says:

    Hi all,
    I had my IELTS Speaking test today (11th Feb 2018) and this was the topic I got for my part 2.
    * Tell about a thing that you do to stay healthy.
    * What do you do.
    * When or how often do you do it.
    * Where you do it.
    * How does it help you to stay healthy.
    Hope this will help someone. Good Luck!
    And Liz, thanks a bunch for all the help youโ€™re giving out!

  4. Today was my speaking test.10-2-2018.
    She asked me about a Perfect House.

  5. My speaking topic for today was ‘Describe an interesting place in your city or country that tourists don’t know about’ why is it interesting and why would you recommend it for tourists. Test taken in Lithuania:)

  6. Talat Masood says:

    My topic for today speaking was “A country you would like to work or live in “.

  7. Dakin Gheorghe says:

    I had my speaking exam this morning and my topic for 2 minutes was “AN IMPORTANT LETTER”.

    I couldn’t remember the other follow up questions exactly in Part 3 but they were also related to the letter topic.

    Thanks Liz for all the tips.

    I think I did well today. No stutters and stammers.
    Hopefully, less mistakes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. My speaking test was today.
    I was asked to taleave about a time when I had to teach someone something.

  9. My speaking topic on 20th Jan was “Somebody you helped”

  10. Hi luz,
    For the cue card “a recent development in the place where you live” can we describe the opening of a sport and leisure centre in our neighbourhood which was built recently?

  11. Hi liz,
    In the cue card ” a day that cost you nothing” can we describe a walk to the countryside?

  12. Number 10. An exciting book.

  13. Dear Liz,
    Thank you very much for the great job you are doing. Your tips, advice, model answers are invaluable.
    The best of luck and health.
    Enjoy your holiday.
    Hope, you’ll soon be refreshed and back.
    Yours faithfully,

  14. Parita patel says:

    Thank you Liz for speaking topics…

  15. Liz, how are you doing? Seems you have started your holidays. Still looking out for your latest post.

  16. Thanks liz. Get well soon.

  17. Hello Liz!

    Thank you very much for all the information you have posted on your website! My IELTS Speaking Test is on 30th Jan 2018 and the L/R/W is on 1st Feb 2018. My test location is Mumbai.

    Your website and the Cambridge sample tests are the only study material I have needed so far. I am aiming for a Band 8.5. I will keep you posted. Enjoy your holidays!

    Take care,

    • Hi Anu,

      How was your speaking test and what topic did you get?

      • Hi John,
        The Speaking Test went fine. My topic was – Describe your idea of a perfect vacation. The people you would go with, the activities you would do etc. Then she asked about whether the vacation would help the company in any way, so basically whether it would impact employee productivity etc. All in all, the examiner was very kind and encouraging. She kept smiling and nodding through the interview, so that was very encouraging.
        All the best to you for your exam!

    • Same tests dates!)
      Tomorrow is my speaking too, good luck to us!))

  18. I love you Liz. It is well with you.

  19. Hi Dear Liz,

    I would like to how to answer for the following questions
    in Speaking part 2

    Describe the clothes you prefer wear?

    what the clothes look like?
    when you prefer to wear them?
    where you like to buy them?

    • There are NO questions in speaking part 2. I think you need to review the cue cards again – THERE ARE NO QUESTIONS AT ALL. No, cue card contains questions.

  20. Dear Liz

    Have a lovely break.
    Thanks a zillion for all your help.

  21. Thanks Liz. Your website was great help.
    Jan 20 US
    Where do you live?
    Tell me something about your town?
    Do u read newspapers? – I responded digital news like CNN
    What do you read first in the morning?
    Part 2:
    Tell me an event you celebrated
    Part 3:
    Do countries benefit from major events – e.g. Winter Olympics
    Many people think it is a bad idea to broadcast these events on TV -Agree/Disagree: I Disagreed

    Same day my wife:
    Part 1:
    City she lives in
    How far it is from here
    Part 2:
    Something that she had not learned in school but learned later in her life

  22. Hi Liz,

    Appreciate all your support for IELTS.

    I have doubt in speaking section. In cue card section, while speaking can we look in to the cue card (the key words written by myself ) and speak in case if i forget the points?

  23. my questions on january 6 exam (in turkey)

    in which district/neighborhood you live (in the city), how is that district (something like that), and do you like that district,?

    what do you use dictionaries for? ( thank god i saw that question in this website before :)) If someone gave you a dictionary as a present, would you be happy?

    she asked about hobbies, why do you think its important for adults to have hobbies?
    another question was: they say children learn easier than elder people (she told an idiom that i cant remember), do you agree? also questions about elderly people learning skills and having hobbies, probably about importance of having hobbies in that age group.

    cue card: tell about something you learned outside the school and university, what did you learn, how you learned it, how important /or valuable was it? and one more related question i believe. that was hard to prepare, because i’ve given no thought on that before

    the examiner was kind and calm, she was helpful in that respect. the previous examiner was more neutral (that’s ok) , but she was asking questions very fast, and really didnt allow time. she may have asked me more than 20 questions and probably gave around 30 seconds to reply. her hand was on the chronometer! ๐Ÿ˜€ towards the end i had to speak like a machine gun. i dont think people often meet an examiner like this one. anyway i got 7.5 in this attempt and 7 in first.

  24. Hi liz
    I just want to confirm that as rules are getting change in the following month. Is it possible that ielts band score table will b also changed ?
    If yes please reply me.

  25. Mam I am Sowmya from Kuwait. I am very much thankful to you for your valuable lessons.
    I had my Ielts test on January 20.My questions wer :name , profession ,outside activities
    part 2 was: unusual meal u had when ,where,with whom?
    Part 3:outside food ,why people choose restaurant food than home food?hw it affects the tradition?advantages and disadvantages of outside foods?

  26. tons of love that i found you in this side, it is really helpful to help me as a language learner. wish that you will always be healthy.

  27. Hi Liz
    My speaking topic was an unusual meal. Part three of the test had questions related to food, such as:
    – Advantages and disadvantages of food transport across the globe
    – typical meal in your culture
    – your opinion on meat processing in North America
    – what are the typical occasions when you give and receive presents in your culture

    • Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ For other students reading these questions, any question relating to America will probably not be asked. IELTS speaking does not test your knowledge – never! Questions only ask for samples of your spoken English. Questions usually relate to the country you reside in.

  28. may the Almighty God, the healing master, grant you healthy life to continue to touch lives like mine

  29. Get well soon Liz! Loads of love.

  30. Gurpreet kaur says:

    Thank you so much liz mam๐Ÿ˜Š
    You are best teacher in the world according to my experience
    You are very helpful …god bless you mam
    Again Thanku You

  31. shinyrajsiril says:

    Writing task 2 (20Jan Academic module)
    Some people think that it is the responsibilty of government to transport the children to school and other people think that it is the responsibilty of parents to sent their children to school. Discuss both views and your opinion.

    • shinyrajsiril says:

      I appreciate your efforts… you are a great teacher. Thanks for the wonderful classes… i wish all of your students get band score 7 and above… Good luck.

  32. shinyrajsiril says:

    Hi i am Shiny,
    I wrote my exam on 20th Jan. Academic module, Test Centre- Kuwait.
    Following are the questions asked in the three different modules:
    Speaking cue card topic;
    A recent development that had happened in the place where you live.
    -what was it?
    -where is it?
    -how long did it take to complete the work?
    -what health benefits are getting for the people through this development.

    – does governments have any responsibilty in ensuring the law (rules and regulations) has been followed by the people while constructing new buildings?
    -what do you think about government…are they keen in observing things about other people and is corruption free.
    -modes of transportaton in your place and what are advantages of good transportation facilities for the nation.
    -Childhood activities
    -what childhood activities did you enjoy when you were a child.
    -outdoor activities that you like.
    -few questions about traditonal and modern achitecture.

    (-Examiner did not ask me from the question paper ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Writing task 1
    Bar chart on the amount of time spent according to the status of employment by men and women during, 1998 2008 2012. (Categorised into 4- unemployed women, part-time employed women, full-time employed wom)

  33. Thanks Liz !!!

    Appreciate your help & input.

  34. Wishing for your quick recovery Liz.
    Enjoy the break.
    Just a small question. If I myself don’t have any particular experience regarding the cue card topic, can I say that I haven’t had that experience, but I know someone who did.
    Can I do that?

  35. Kushal Puri says:

    Thanks for sharing these topics.. Wishing you for an early recovery and great holidays.. Will we see sample answers on these topics?

  36. I had the ielts exam on 20th this month, question was about the newest development( construction, building, service, etc) in my city that I find most useful.

  37. I completed exam on 18jan, w. T-2 topic is science tell us that some activities are important to stay healthy, despite of knowing to everyone, millions of people do the bad activities. What are the causes and solutions . And speaking topic about part-1 is about regarding study, part-2 is about describe a park or garden u saw when u were a child. Part-3 is extension of part -2 questions.

  38. On 20th Jan I had a speaking cue card on a toy from childhood

  39. ABUL HASAN says:

    I strongly belive you are a best mentor of IELTS.

  40. Hi Liz,

    Speaking topic for section 2 in Auckland last week : describe a technology (not computer): what is it, what do you use for and how often do you use. Topic for section 3: why some older people struggle with new technology, how does it impact them and who should be responsible for teaching them; topic for section 1: home town, gifts ( a gift received recently, do you like to choose gifts? Any gifts you received but didn’t like): neighbor (relationship)

  41. Abhimanyu Kashyap says:

    My ielts speaking test was today on 22 January 2018
    In part 1
    I didn’t answer the two questions of why
    In part 2
    Last place you visited near your hometown
    In this i spoke and ended up by myself only
    In part 3
    There were question related to the topic in part 2
    I’m really afraid that i didn’t anwer 2 question in task 1 due to my nervousness whether i would get a minimum required band score or not?
    I would like to ask Liz Mam that what do you think the score i should get if my part 1 was not good but part 2 and part 3 were above average what kind of score should i get?


  42. Fatemeh Mohammadzadeh says:

    Dear Liz,

    Thanks alot for your nice website. it is really great. I offer your website to each person who is needed to learn for an Ielts.

    I have one problem in speaking which is about extra “s” I add at the end of some words whitout conscious. I know Grammer well and it is our of my hand. like accent. How I can solve this?can I tell this problem to examiner of speaking before starting the test?

    Best Regards

    • This is a pronunciation problem that you never fixed. If it is due to a medical reason, you might be able to submit a medical certificate about an impediment. But if it is due to bad habits, it will affect your score.

  43. Get well soon Liz, Thank you a lot for the lessons they helped me so much

  44. Thanks a lot Liz. Enjoy your holiday.

  45. Dianne Gansatao says:

    Hi, I had my exam last Saturday, January 20th and the Part 2 was about an achievement which I am very proud of. ๐Ÿ™‚

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