IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics Sept to Dec 2017

Below are Β new topics that were given for IELTS speaking part 2 this month, September 2017. I will post more topics when students have informed me.

To prepare fully, you need to prepare the topics below, topics used in Aug and also common topics. You can find Aug topics on this page: Aug topics and common topics on this page: Main Speaking Page

The topics below are not easy so it is vital that you choose something simple to talk about. That way, you can expand your ideas more easily to showcase your English.

IELTS Cue Card Topics Sept – Dec 2017

Topics have been reported by students and are not predictions.

  1. A School Rule
  2. A Plant
  3. A person who helped you in your studies or work
  4. Disagreement with a decision that someone made
  5. Your favourite item of clothing
  6. Good news about a person you know well
  7. When someone said positive comments to you
  8. A book
  9. A healthy life style
  10. An occasion you helped someone
  11. Something you planned to do but haven’t done yet
  12. An important letter you received
  13. An important invention
  14. A gift that made you happy
  15. An achievement
  16. A time you were happy to have a mobile phone
  17. Your ideal home
  18. A garden you visited as a child
  19. A happily married couple
  20. An English lesson
  21. Something you got for free
  22. A piece of art
  23. Your favourite sport
  24. An invention
  25. A special cake
  26. A conversation with someone you don’t know
  27. A website
  28. A product of your country
  29. A time you teamed up with an old person
  30. A big company/organisation near you
  31. A car journey
  32. A city or town you visited
  33. A group of people who made you smile
  34. A place to listen to music
  35. A happy memory from childhood
  36. A business person you admire
  37. A holiday
  38. A time you moved home or school
  39. A person you admire who is not from your country
  40. Your favourite TV program
  41. An interesting place in your country that tourists don’t know about
  42. A person who knows everything


Tips for Speaking Part 2 Topics 2017

Below are some ideas for you to use for the current topics. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments box below.

Examples of School Rules:

  • no eating in class
  • do not disturb the teacher when he or she is talking
  • hand your homework in on time
  • turning off your mobile phone in class

Tips for Plant topic

  • choose a plant that is common or symbolic
  • you don’t need to know the name of the plant in English
  • you can choose to talk about any plant, tree, flower, fruit, vegetable – your choice doesn’t affect your score
  • you can describe it: leaves, colour, height, flower, stem, trunk, branches

A person who helped you in your work or studies

  • maybe a teacher or a colleague (you can you choose anyone you like)
  • remember to describe the person (appearance and character)
  • always say when you first met the person
  • mention if you will see this person again in the future

An item of clothing

  • choose something easy to talk about
  • mention – colour, material, length, style
  • talking about when you got it, when you usually wear it, when you plan to wear it next

A book

  • describe the story simply – don’t make it complicated or confusing
  • mention only main characters and describe them
  • mention plot, setting (where it was and which time period)
  • mention if it has been converted into a film
  • talk about when you bought it, how often you have read it, what type of people would like it

An achievement

  • try to branch away from your work or studies
    • it’s time to show the examiner you can talk about something else
  • examples: cooking, making something, a speech, a hobby, a time you helped someone, something you learned, travel, language etc

A product of your country

  • you can choose anything made or grown in your country
    • clothes, equipment, food, transportation, tea, coffee, wine, musical instruments, etc
    • your choice of product is not marked – only your language is marked
  • describe the product – appearance, how it’s made, where it’s made, who makes it, price etc
  • talk about the first time you use it, if you will use it again and what type of people would use it

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  1. Hi Liz, Thanks for the list.
    Can you please clarify if i can speak about jewelry (necklace set) in ‘piece of art’ rather than paintings? I’m not much interested in paintings so its hard to speak about it.
    please reply Liz.

    • You are not marked on your ideas. You are no marked for being on or off topic – nothing matters in speaking except your English. So, communication naturally and directly – “I can’t think of any work of art because I’m not into paintings or sculptures so I’ll tell you about a piece of jewellery which is really artistic ….”. The more open, honest and direct you are – the better for your score.

  2. Hi liz, in IELTS speaking part 2, cue card topic such as ‘describe a businessman that you admire’ can I describe someone whom I don’t know personally but from the internet and a role model in a business like jack ma…
    I am also confused with describing a person from another country. Can I talk about an actor or any role model?

  3. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for sharing those speaking topics. These are helpful guide.
    Do you have the same list for written task 1 and task 2 GT?

    Thank you!

  4. Plz can u send me the list of expected speaking topics from October to December 2017

  5. Hi Liz. How about using body when speaking? it is good to get a better score?

  6. Tezz Vaishnav says:

    Hi, Liz, It’s really nice to know.
    so people have been Following you across the globe and me even one of them. it has been so long when you updated your topics. why don’t you keep on updating with current topics or are these topics quite enough for IELTS?

    • These are the current topics. As you can see they run until December. You can also check the Recent Questions Page.

  7. Hi Liz…i find your teachings interesting and very helpful. I have a question concerning speaking. Can i fabricate a scenario when i am asked about something knowing fully well that i have never done it or if its a place and i have never been there? E.g. a garden you visited as a child but can’t remember such visits

    • Yes, you can lie but why would you need to? It’s better to say “I don’t remember any specific garden so I will tell you about my dream garden”. You will get more marks for that because you are able to communicate clearly in English.

      • Wow…thanks. Im relieved

        • what if they ask memorable event in your life or childhood memory or memorable event of your college days. These types of question also doesn’t come into mind instantly. Do we need to fabricate a scenario for that too or we need to be well prepared for such questions?

  8. Hi Mam How are you & My problem is that i could not understand a single thing about reading so what should i do for it give me some tips about this

  9. mam i get nervous at the time of speaking what should i do

  10. Sonia Dutta says:

    Hi ma’am,
    I got 7.5 band overall and Speaking 7 , writing 6.5, listening 7.5 , Reading 8
    Thanks for your lessons. But I want to give another try, as I have to score at least 7 each and 8 listening.

  11. If i get a letter u received or anything related to letter then do i hv to speak on hand written letter or on letter on mail??

  12. Hi liz
    What happen if I use 2-3 words of Hindi in ielts speaking like, jyotish instead of astrology and Yagya instead of yajna

  13. In the cue card of sucessfull person u know…. Can i tell about my father or uncle? Is it necessary to talk about a national level personality?

  14. hlo liz mam my speaking test is 27 oct however , i have lot of grammatical mistakes in my speak
    plz any advice mee

    • During the speaking test, you need to focus on expanding your answers and being chatty. If you start worrying about grammar and vocab, you will lose fluency. So, relax and speak naturally. One day before the test is not time to think about improving grammar. Your level of English is your level – you can’t change it now. So, maximise your score by developing your fluency score.

  15. Hello! These are really helpful.
    My speaking test was today.
    Uzbekistan, Urgench.
    In part 1 I was asked what I do, study or work, what I do when I have free times, where I go with my family on holidays.
    In part 2, the cue card was the same in 12th. “Describe an important letter you received recently.”
    Questions in part 3 were:
    “Why people like to receive a letter than sending it?”
    “What do people do to keep hand-written letters for a long time”

  16. Hi, Liz

    In the question of ‘describe a traditional product’, can I say a meal or a popular food in my country?

  17. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your useful tips πŸ™‚

    I just want to know if it is ok to start a sentence with ‘Well’ in speaking test. For example if I am asked what my best colour is? can I go ahead and say well, my favourite colour is red?


  18. Happy Bhati says:

    Ielts speaking 2017 12 October

    Task 1
    About rainy weather
    What do you do (study) why u chose the subject?
    Task 2
    About special letter you recived from someone special
    Task 3
    Do people like writing letter these days
    Do you write letter
    Role of letter or handwritten message in business
    Do you like writing letter

  19. Hii mam,I’m so happy to meet you. your tips are exceeding to excellence! Thank you so much and do bless me πŸ™‚

  20. Will these cue cards be asked in IELTS Indian exams in India . Actually, I’m having problem in speaking and writing task 1 . Can you pls help me out?

  21. Had my speaking test yesterday, Oct 1 here in Singapore. Topic was, decision made by someone you know.
    Other questions received were as follows:
    1. Talk about your hometown.
    2. What do young people find difficult to decide nowadays.
    3. At what age do you think young people should decide for themselves.
    4. How important is communication between Manager and Employee?
    5. International company with different cultures (I cannot remember what was the question about this topic).

    My friends also took the speaking test same time with me and their topics were about books, mobile phone usage (when, where & purpose), difference between Intl and local companies.

    Good luck to all the examiners!

  22. Bobby Ramachandran says:

    My ielts exam was today and the speaking topics were about social media, a time when I was pleased to have my mobile phone,
    Do teenagers spend a lot of time on social media, talk about the games that children play in your country, talk about your home town, do you spend a lot of time with teenagers.

  23. Hi, My speaking was today and topic was on achievements.
    Que — Describe something that you are proud of.
    — what you achieved?
    — when you achieved it?
    — what was difficult about achieving it?

  24. Another speaking topic for sep 2017 which I got it during my exam
    A person who knows everything
    Who is
    How you know
    why u felt

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I added it to the list above.

    • Lovedeep sharma says:

      Could you tell me what can say actually i do’not have idea about this

      • alison Smith says:

        This can be approached in a semi humorous way….otherwise you might sound a little cross!For example how you realised everytime a question or problem arose that person answered first and in a dictatororial style!Ie …it began to dawn on you…at first you accepted it thought maybe they were quite clever?Then perhaps it became a little irritating especially if on occassion they were WRONG……but on trying to correct them they shouted you down or didnt listen !!!the next stage in this three part realisation is tolerance and even a little mockery…though slightly tongue in cheek to dissipate any bad feeling!

  25. Hi, Liz, I really want to thank you for all your efforts. I want to ask a question about the speaking section. Can photos be included in the test? Might the examiner ask me to describe a photo?
    Thanks in advance

  26. Hi Liz , tomorrow is my IELTS. I asked you three days back please tell me if for an instance some one could not understand or know the meaning in cue card …. what should he do or can he ask the examiner for it?

  27. Hi Liz! Could you please give some hints on these topics?
    1. An English lesson
    2. A group of people who made you smile
    Thank you.

  28. Vikram Tatke says:

    Hey Liz!
    Thank you very much for you lessons. They’re incredibly helpful. I took my speaking test on 19/09/17. I’m not much of a talker.

    Speaking Part 1:
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or are you a student?
    Where do you study?
    Why have you chosen this course?
    What do you like about this course?
    Do you like a rainy day?
    What do people do on a rainy day?
    Does it rain a lot in your country?
    How do they feel about the atmosphere?
    Have you ever got wet in rain when you did not have an umbrella or a rain coat?

    Speaking Part 2: Bussinessperson whom you admire.
    Who was this person?
    What did he/she do?
    Why do you admire that person?

    Speaking part 3:
    What kind of bussinesses are popular in your country?
    At what age do people in your country retire?
    Do you think people should be given a chance to retire when they want?

    Liz, the examiner asked me whether I’d like to talk more about the person in part 2 and 15-20 seconds later she moved on to part 3.
    What kind of bussinesses are popular in your country? – was the first question. (Is the last sentence poorly constructed?)
    I described startups, who usually open startups and in one sentence I said how the government has recently started supporting startups.
    The examiner wanted me to speak more on that topic and she asked me whether other bussinesses are popular in you country. I took a pause for 3 to 4 seconds and then told her I need a moment to think. I mentioned textiles. She immediately asked me are textiles really popular? She repeated the question because I looked up at her. I said text are more famous than popular and India is known for textiles.
    She then asked whether there are any other popular bussineess to which I responded with an “umm” and nothing more. She immediately asked me whther food joints are popular? I said, yes, they definitely are.
    She moved on to the next question.

    All of this was quite absurd and I’m really concerned about my score. I was quite fluent. Once I started speaking, I didn’t hunt for grammar or words. I corrected myself self 2 times in part 3 without apologising. I paused for 3 times.

    • Vikram Tatke says:

      She looked old and seemed friendly. She interrupted me quite a few times in part 3. 3 to 4 times, to be honest.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It sounds like the examiner had to ask you to explain your ideas. Fluency is about being willing to expand your own ideas as long as possible. You should be explaining everything in full, giving examples and details. Your task is not to answer questions, your task is to showcase your language by giving as much as you have. You’ve obviously got good English and “textiles” was a great idea. But your ideas are not marked in IELTS speaking. If you had said “Yes, textiles are a popular business in India and they are exported around the world. There is a huge range of textiles: silk, cotton, linen. Sometimes the materials are sold as they are but other times they are made into clothes. The popular clothes in India are…..” That answer would showcase your language: passive voice, great vocabulary. So, don’t worry about your test now. But always remember that the questions are an opportunity to show your English, not to show your ideas.

      • Vikram Tatke says:

        I said that textiles are famous because this bussiness isn’t really popular amongst the majority of people. Later, I realised I could’ve lied.

        • There’s no need to lie in IELTS speaking. It’s better just to explain. You could have explained why that business is no longer popular – that would give you a chance to use both past tense and present tense in explaining the changes. You could also have speculated about the future – using future forms. Each question is just a chance to show your English skills.

  29. Today was my speaking and i got the cue card on the topic: aa good decision made by someone. I couldn’t talk as long as i should. Will that affect my score? I need 6 each.

    • It means you missed a good chance to impress the examiner with your fluency. How it will affect your overall score is impossible to say.

  30. Dear Liz,
    Thanks once again for the good works you are doing. A quick one please. In IELTS speaking, do I use formal or informal tone is responding to the examiner?


    • The IELTS speaking test is informal, not formal. So, be chatty, friendly and explain all your answers. If the examiner interrupts one of your answers, don’t worry – it’s normal.

  31. Cue card : the most important achievement in your life

    but i have asked the examiner to repeat a word i have misheard and asked twice for explanation or what they mean exactly

    Does that affect my score?

  32. liz could you please tell me about cue card related to”Space Exploration”

    • I have not seen that topic in speaking part 2. It is a writing task 2 topic for academic students. Did someone tell you they had this topic in speaking part 2?

  33. sanjay vankar says:

    my speaking test was on 15 sep and it went so wrong.
    my cue card topic was “describe someone you know who you think is a good parent”. my introductory part was about high-school and transportation and follow up questions about role of parents and what difficulties working parents felt about their children..
    im so tense because i not able to cover cue card effectively, i paused many times and i not cover it 2 min i think i only spoke around 1 min.
    so liz i want to ask you that is it possible to get 6 band with part 1 and 3 because that i gave so well without any trouble and hesitation.
    thank you in advance

  34. Mam
    I can mention ” speak in english all the day “in school rule.

  35. Gurpreet singh says:

    How i can join your school

  36. Hi All,

    Had my IELTS speaking test today
    part 2
    leisure activity you like to do near sea

  37. My topic was A traditional product of your country
    I speak on turban is my answer of cue card is right

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The examiner doesn’t care what you choose to talk about because only your language is marked. I think the topic of “turbans” is an excellent choice offering a wide range of possible language.

  38. Im frm india, i wnt to know that
    Precious topics i mean speaking topics from may to aug may be used by examinar or they will ask any of the new topics (sep-dec)plz clear it ma’am bcz I can’t prepare around 90 topics.

    • No one has a crystal ball and can guess the topics you will get. You could get either common topics or recent topics – as I explained above. Yes, you can prepare simple ideas for 90 topics. It really depends on how determined you are to succeed.

  39. Hlo mam A book topic in which we tell about a book you would like to read again

  40. I appeared for my speaking today(13 Sept)

    Part 1 included general questions wat i do..wat transport i use to go etc.

    Part 2 (2min talk) was to tell abt the business person who you admire alot…

    Part 3 questions related to business and the nature of the company’s owner

  41. Hiii mam,
    Can you give a some idea of ‘your ideal home’speaking topic part2 i have no idea of this topic.

  42. Amanpreet kaur says:

    Today was my speaking test in punjab india..on 11 sept.. n i got cue card .. describe a traditional product you like .. i hope it will help other candidates out there

  43. Hi,liz:
    I want to ask if the speaking topics are the same in worldwide?

    • All examiners have a long list of topics so predicting the topic you get is impossible. For this reason, you need to prepare both common and current topics.

  44. Hie Liz
    Thank you so much for your informative website
    I wrote my all my tests today in Johannesburg South Africa IELTS GENERAL.
    Writing 2
    Some people think that students should regularly do some volunteer (free) work to help the community. What is your opinion?
    Speaking Cue card
    Talk about a traditional product from your country that you like.

    I did well in all the parts except reading. I did not finish. I do have a question though; inorder for me to get a 7 in reading, how many marks should I get out of 40?

  45. Jaspreet kaur says:

    What we can speak in product of your country cue card???

    • It could be anything – rice, clothes, musical instruments etc. It is a great topic because you can choose to talk about anything you want – so choose something you know lots about and showcase your language skills.

  46. Hy liz. Today I gave my speaking test and the question was Describe about a house you want to live in part two and there I gave all the answers and i also spoke a bit faster and due to that I could talk much and i got stuck.And i couldnot talk and after about 10-12 second she said thank you and begin to another part.. DID she said thank you because I couldnot speak at last of due to the end of the time??
    And I have done my part one and part two quite good .how will it hamper my mark???

  47. Hello Liz, thanks for your work here. Today I had my speaking test. In part 1, I was asked to talk about my home, why I like it and if I will like to live there in the future. But rather than answer, this questions, I erroneously talked about my neighbourhood. Will this blunder affect my score?

  48. Hello Liz,

    Thank you so much,Iam glad I found this blog.
    I took IELTS today and i was asked about topic number 6. Good news I received. Travelling by bus or underground which is convenient.The fruit I liked now and as a child.

    I did well all thanks to you.
    Lots of love from Nigeria.😘😘

  49. Speaking
    General module

    1. What kind of Magazine you read
    2. Digital magazine
    3. Jewellery – what you bought recently, do you like jewels- few questions related to that

    Cue card
    Your favorite sport
    When and where you watch
    With whom

    4. Further questions on sports
    How is sports looked in your country
    Famous sport
    And few more
    All the best

  50. Hi Liz,your blog is quite informative.I wanna share what happened this afternoon with my speaking test.I’ve got unsual topics than I expected.The first part is describe my hometown and two more related questions.I didn’t expect that i would describe “boat”, I am blessed that few of my family members owned boat for living so that I can able to discuss it.
    Following topics are all about, shopping and the benefits of online shop, gadgets,sports that I love to play and if it’s possible that I can influence my childrento play volleyball.She also tuckled the issue and difference between the purchased items from the old times to present.In regards to the topic that i need to explain was about the purchased item that I recently bought and how does it brought hapiness to me personally.
    I hope this will help and wish me luck to my written exam on September 9 πŸ™‚ Thanks and God bless !

  51. Hello Liz,

    I had my speaking test today in Kuwait and I thought I’d put up a few questions I was asked. I believe they were repeated.

    Part 1:
    Do you like history?
    Do you have a person in history that interests you?
    Have you used technology to learn about history?
    Tell me about your ideal home.
    Where do you live?
    What’s your house like?
    Do you like your house?

    Part 2:
    A plant or tree

    Part 3:
    Do you think it is the government’s job to take care of the environment?
    What sort of plants are grown in India?
    Do you think that in the future people will grow fruits in their home more?
    What do you think are the advantages of growing food at home?

    I can’t remember anymore Part 3 questions.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks Liz for all your help.

  52. Jugnu Gill says:

    Thanks for all the info. I’ve been visiting the site for quite some time and your e-mails have been really helpful. I’m very happy to say that I got 8 bands in IELTS, so thanks for sharing so much information with people. πŸ™‚

  53. Marco Polo says:

    Dear Ms. Liz
    I got done my speaking test today under genral traning.
    The part 2 topic is : site a person ypu know who cleverly solve a problem.
    Who as it.
    How did he/ she done it.
    The 3rd one can’t remember
    Part 3 focuses on intelligence
    Should genius children be separate?
    Is there a moment in the future will robot be more intelligent than human?

    I hope this will help others

    Thank you

  54. Done with speaking today.
    Date : 06-09-2017
    British Council- India
    Part-1 : about study and work,
    What type of activity you do at home in free time?
    How much time do you spend at home?
    about boat- Have you ever travelled by boat? Would you like to travel by boat?
    Would you like to have a boat?
    Do people travel by boat in your country?

    Part 2- cue card
    Talk about a leisure activity (e.g- theatre, cinema, sports centre) that you would like to have in your hometown.
    Which activity would it be?
    What facilities could be there?
    Who can ude the facilities?
    Why you would like to have it?

    Part 3- questions were about lesiure activities.
    Which type of leisure activities people do in your country? Why?
    Why some people like to do their leisure activities alone?
    What are the advantages of doing activities in group of people?
    Do people’s leisure activities changes with the time, as they become old? Why?
    I remember these questions from my test.

  55. Hello Liz! I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for quite sometime now. I really find it informative and interesting. I will have my speaking exam tomorrow here in Saudi Arabia and on the 9th of September will be my Written Exam. I feel so tensed and stressed out right now. I’m practicing on how to compose my answer in Speaking Part II. I hope adrenaline rush will work tomorrow =)

    You’re the best and most patient teacher I’ve ever known. I’ll update you with my scores after 2 weeks. Wish me luck! =)

    • I wish you lots of luck!! In part 2, remember that the talk is under your control. The prompts on the cue card are just guidelines – suggestions. You don’t have to follow them or complete them. Your aim in part 2 is to go beyond the prompts. Add details of past memories, future hopes, comparisons and descriptions – even if they are not on the card. This will help showcase the range of your English. The whole speaking test is informal so bear that in mind and be chatty and friendly. If you get a question that you have no idea about, just remember that all questions are a chance to use English – so keep talking “I haven’t got a clue to be honest, I haven’t thought about it before so, I suppose…” – even that sentence shows high level English and idiomatic English. If the examiner interrupts your answers, don’t worry about it – it’s normal and won’t affect your score. I these last minute tips will help πŸ™‚ Also check recent topics:

      • I cannot contain my happiness while reading your reply!!!!! I’m smiling right now while typing. I’m hoping to get a response from you. So, when I saw it, it gave me courage and confidence. Thank you very much! I’m your biggest fan! May God bless you =)

  56. Hi Liz,
    There is no clock in the speaking room.
    How could i know the time elapsed during my speaking.

    During my last attempt
    For Part 1: I had responded to the questions in detail and at the end of part 1 examiner asked a question and i was about to answer it and then she told me to stop immediately.

    For Part 2 and 3 : Keeping above situation in mind i answered the questions briefly for part 2 and 3 as i am unaware of the time.Then examiner asked frequently to expand and elaborate the answers.
    I was so depressed and guessed 5.5 for my speaking.
    However, I received band 7.

    So I want to know 2 things:-
    1. How many questions are asked in part 1,2 &3 and what is the time allocated to each section.
    2. How to estimate the time without watch/clock ?
    I hope you understood my problem
    Please reply me at the earliest.

    My next speaking is on 8th Sep’17

    • You do not need to worry about time in the speaking test. The examiner controls the time, not you. When you answer a question, expand it until the examiner stops you. This principle applies to all parts of the speaking test.
      See these pages for more information: and

      • Thank you Liz!
        I read faqs in your page.They were helpful.

        It says you will be asked 12 questions in part 1.
        So if i explain answers in detail for part 1 without considering time, certainly ill be able to answer only few questions as it happened in last test.

        So what could be the best rule ?

        • The examiner controls the time – not you. The examiner will often interrupt your answer to ask a new question – so don’t think about timing. Always answer clearly, directly and add more until the examiner stops you.

  57. Hloo mam , please give my a clear answer . Wht task is important in writing. Task 1 or task 2 . Task 1 about graphs and task 2 about writing essay . In which task we can get high band ?

      • Hi Liz ma’am , I am always follow your guidelines. My speaking was on 5 the SEP.
        I have some questions.
        The examiner took my exam so quickly , it was about 8- 9 minutes.
        In part 1 : 5-6 questions
        Part 2 : incident when you were very please to your device.
        Part 3 : 7-8 questions.

        But still my exam hot over in 8- 9 minutes.
        So IS IT NORMAL ?
        PLEASE ma’am reply me . I am really aboutmy speaking.

        • I have many comments everyday and I am a human being – this means I can’t answer them all. The speaking test lasts between 11 and 14 mins – not more and not less. The examiner can’t change the rules.

  58. I just finished my speaking
    Part I was about the weather and how you feel
    Part II my topic was ” Favorite pieces of clothes ”
    Part III was about rock stars and still about clothes in my country.

  59. Hi Liz, am preparing to take my IELTS exam this month (Sept 2017) and I have been following some discussions here. Quite interesting and insightful, however, I have a concern. I do stammer sometimes, though not always (depending on the words I want to pronounce) and it is making me feel nervous about the speaking test. Please, do I have to inform the examiner of this before the test or how can I overcome this so that I get a good band score in my speaking test?

    • You can ask your local test center for the chance to submit a doctor’s certificate. You can also tell the examiner that you have a slight stammer.

      • Ok. Though I don’t have a doctor’s certificate and may not be able to get one before the exam date. I think I have to tell the examiner. Does this mean I have to tell him/her immediately am ushered into the exam room? Also, will it affect my score?

        • You tell the examiner before he or she starts the recording. After they ask the ID checking questions – name, where you come from, your ID – just add quickly – “I want to say that I have a slight stammer so please keep that in mind – thanks.” You’ll need to do this confidently and quickly because the examiner will usually jump quickly to recording so you might even have to interrupt her/him. It won’t affect your score to be confident and to push that sentence into the test.

    • Hi liz,
      My name is dhruv
      Module-academic (ahmedabad)
      Part 1
      Where are you from?
      How much time you take a meal per day
      With whom you take your meal
      Have you meal with your friends?
      Basic que. about daily use of vehicles

      Cue Card:
      Describe an important letter you received in your life.
      What is it?
      Who send you?
      Why this is important?

      Questions regarding letters.

  60. Tejashri Bhatt says:

    I would also like to share my part 2 question:
    Describe an occasion you helped someone
    1. Who that person is?
    2. Why did he need your help?
    3. How did you help him?
    4. How did you feel after that?

    The introduction questions were related to how do I commute to my office daily and some questions regarding the city where I live in.

    The third section was regarding how people help each other nowadays. I also had to compare it with past. After that we talked about various international organizations which offer help to the society.

    I hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  61. Tejashri Bhatt says:

    Hi Liz,
    I ve been reading your posts since two weeks and I must say they are very helpful. Thank you very much!
    I had my speaking test today. And I wanted to ask your opinion on one thing.
    While I was giving the first part of the examination, there was a question which took me quite long to answer (because of not able to form a sentence). It was nearly 7-10 seconds. During these 10 seconds I rephrased the answer twice and finally got it out of my mouth.
    The rest of the exam was decent and smooth. I never took a single pause nor did I make major errors (as far as I understand).
    Do you think the long pause which I took could ruin my scores in speaking ?

  62. Hi Liz, I read your blogs for a month as I was preparing for my ielts. I did not have much time due to my working schedule but I did manage and it was really helpful. I gave my test in Mumbai on August 19th. These are my scores – speaking 8, listening – 8, writing – 7.5 and reading – 7. Not particularly happy with my reading but I’m glad the overall score was 7.5. Just had high hopes of getting atleast an 8 😬.
    Speaking topic – should children be rewarded for their accomplishments? What attributes are parents really happy about? Also asked about mirrors and do I use it often. Spoke for 2 minutes about the one good deed someone did in my life.
    Hope this helps others who will be giving their ielts.
    Stay calm and focussed. I just lost a little focus as I was listening to music before my exam and it kept ringing in my head 😜

    • Writing I forgot – there is a repair that is going to take place in your house and you’re informing the restaurant next to your place about it and how it could inconvenience them and what other options you suggest.
      I forgot the letter writing one.

    • Very well done!! Overall band 7.5 is great and something to be proud of. Thanks for sharing your tips – I’m sure many students will be grateful πŸ™‚ Funny about the music πŸ™‚

  63. I had my speaking yesterday and was asked abt rules.then the examiner asked if I wanted to own a boat.why and why not

  64. Hie Liz
    Can you please also upload writing task 2 topics for September to December 2017?

    Thank you.

  65. Hi mam I download two free pdf from your site and both are blank.
    There is nothing written on both of them

  66. HI LIZ
    8 sep. i have an exam ko ielts speaking but m not well pepare can u give me some trips……..

  67. Are you sure what type of topics will be given to candidates? Even please tell me some suggestive topics that are possible to come…..Actually I’ll give exam on October…..I really need help and expert guidance coz here is not like this…..

    • I have explained on this page: review common topics, topics from August and recent topics. All links are provided on the page above – just click and learn.

  68. Maiya Lamsal says:

    Hi Liz,
    Sep 10 is my speaking date and I’m not good at all. I have fluency problem. So please give me some advices.

  69. Hi liz!
    I did well on speaking and Im thankful to you,but I have a question if I don’t do well on the other part of the exam and I have to do the test again and speaking again and maybe I take a lower band on the second time what will happen?

  70. Can I talk about any fruit bearing plant or some ornamental plant

  71. Saroj Rimal says:

    Writing Task 2 Should euthanasia be legalized in your country? Give reasons and suitable example to support your answer.

  72. Hello Liz,
    If I am given a cue card topic about “A plant that is grown in your country”.
    Can I talk about other plants that are not artificially grown, for instance Cordyceps.
    Please reply as soon as possible>>>>

    Thank you in advance

    • You can talk about anything you want because your ideas are nor marked in IELTS speaking. You can talk about a plant, a tree, a flower – anything like that. Even if it is artificially grown – it’s all fine. Just use the talk as a chance to showcase your language skills.

      • Thank you Liz.
        I am appearing for speaking exam the day after tomorrow.
        I hope everything will just go fiine>

        At last,Thank you for all your lessons, which helped me to build my confidence and provided me with a lot of ideas about different topics.

  73. Hi Liz,I did my speaking test yesterday 2/9/17,the examiner was very friendly and this made me comfortable from the onset,part 1was speaking abt my self and my home,pt 2 was about plants, fruits or vegetables grown in my home part three was in relation to part two but now the examiner digressed 😁she asked me about jewelry probably because I had alot of them on me,I found it very interesting and she even laughed as I was giving my answers,I hope to get a good score😁.

  74. please upload a list of cue cards as well as Task 2 Topics as you uploaded before for summer appearance…

  75. Today was my speaking topic was
    Descscribe about a goal that you achevied
    What isthe goal
    What you done to acheive it
    What you felt after acheiving it

  76. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for the useful sharing!!!
    I wonder, if candidates should cover all questions mentioned in each cue card?

    Thank you for your attention

    • There are no questions on the cue cards. There are prompts which are suggestions – you can use them or not use them – as you want.

      • Hi Mam…topic of plant is not s old one,in this topic student can say about any plant of veg or plant of tomato..

  77. I did my speaking on 18th August and none of those highlighted topics was given to me.
    My topic was “Who has influenced you in your career and in what manner has such influenced you? How has that impacted your career?”
    Also, part 1 of speaking was quite tensed with “when did email tech got to your country and how has it changed how people communicate?”
    “Do you like Fruits and what are the usefulness to the body? ”

    I got 7.5 from the speaking eventually.

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