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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Dictionaries

A new topic in IELTS speaking part 1 this year. Learn some useful vocabulary and ideas for the topic of Dictionaries by watching this lesson.





  1. http://Nicolas%20Raggi says

    Hello Liz!
    About this subject, there are also technical dictionaries. Those dictionaries explain technical words related to an activity or profession which sometimes can`t be found in the regular ones, or the meaning for the specific subject often differs from the general use.
    Your webpage is awesome! It helps me a lot.

    • http://Liz says

      Thank you! Absolutely! My Grandfather actually wrote dictionaries and one of them as a dictionary of medical language for foreigners. I’m shamed that I forgot it!!

  2. http://Somtoo%20Dominic%20Okolie says

    You are unique madam..
    I will love to meet you in future

  3. http://Kajuju says

    Wonderful Liz. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing, indeed sharing is caring . God bless you.

  4. http://fatima says

    Thank you so much Liz.

  5. http://SOUMIA says


  6. http://Shankar says

    Hi Liz,
    Is it expected to hamper my band scope if I use a word or a phrase that is strictly not english. E.g., Ad nauseum or QED?

    • You have to explain it if you use it. Some expressions are actually used in English, for example “dejavu” which is a French word now used in the English language. But it is a foreign word, not used in English, make sure you explain it.

  7. http://Yemi says

    Thanks Liz for the free resources on this website. My speaking test is scheduled for January 17th, 2018. How I wish I had come across your website much earlier but I have learned a lot from your website.


  8. http://harpinder%20maan says

    Hlo Liz
    Today my speaking test
    So give me information about recent cue cards

  9. http://kamal%20kamboj says

    hello mam my speaking is not well so give any tips for me which for me more helpful

  10. http://Lupe%20Proscia says

    I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before.

  11. http://betty says

    Hi liz, your page has helped me a lot but my problem is that how will I improve my vocabulary , fluency , grammar and also how to elaborate my answers. Some of the questions got me thinking, how will I answer any question without thinking that long. Please Liz, I need you help urgently. Betty from Nigeria.

  12. http://jasmeen says

    I am sooo happy so choose this website .Shes alwys help me . Nd m sooooo glad god bless u liz . U help alwys the people 😌😌😌😊😊

  13. http://prince says

    Hi liz . in the topic of study I want to know what is the different between “My Subject” and “My Major” .. like i’m study architecture .. is it subject or major ?
    and thank you so much ^^

    • http://Liz says

      The word “major” is mainly used in degrees whilst the word subject can be used for degrees, school etc.

  14. http://Santiago says

    Hello Everyone,

    I have found all this material very useful, however, I just presented the IELTS few weeks ago and I had this question about an historic event in my country. I have seen and there is no examples given for this answer, so I recommend you to keep it in mind.

    • http://Liz says

      Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ An historic event could be anything – a war, a declaration, a new law, the day something opened or closed etc. Almost anything you can think of.

  15. http://Aamir says

    My name is Aamir. I have appeared in IELTS twice before and always get 7.5 band as an average score. Since my IELTS has expired I shall appear again on the 4th of coming march but I do not find any time to prepare for it.
    Do you think I could maintain my score with a daily practice of 1 hour?
    Aamir Saeed

  16. thanks Liz madam… i appreciate your effort

  17. http://Sarvat says

    Hi Liz,

    This is such a useful clip.Your teaching style is really easy and quick to understand,very impressive.Well done,keep the blaze of teaching alive.Stay blessed,keep smiling!


  18. http://Nahid says

    Thank you so much for your absolutely useful website and your perfect pronunciation of words.
    This video helped me alot.
    Thanks again.

  19. http://Ahmed says

    This video is very useful i prefer to all the ielts students to watch this lesson and improve your abilities.

  20. Really nice i like it πŸ‘

  21. http://Sahar says

    Thank you so much. I was so confused with this topic, however this video has helped me a lot on the topic.

  22. http://omid%20najari says

    Thanks Liz

  23. http://Rodela says

    Hello Liz,
    Thank you so much for your motivated video lectures. I will sit for IELTS exam on 18th June this year. Please give me suggessions what I have to practice. I have problem in reading section 3 and it is helping me to ge poor marks πŸ™

  24. http://jesse%20j says

    Hi liz, I’m very happy to have known this site may God continue to bless u everyday as u help people like me. I have a question though, can one access a speaking ielts band 9 example either written or spoken without youtube? Cos my phone can hardly access that site. Lots of love from Nigeria

    • http://Liz says

      All model answers on this website are band 9 and do not require youtube. See each of the main pages on the red nav bar.

  25. http://Yusuf says

    Hey dear

    I wish I was a student in your class.

  26. http://mouu says

    Liz , you are the best! You have helped many people around the world! πŸ™‚

    Cheers from Brazil!

  27. http://SUNY%20gill says

    Hello mam could you please send me some question and answer for speaking so I can get good words and I will reach my goal thanks lot

  28. http://mariwan says

    hello dear Liz
    I appreciate your effort

  29. http://safeera says

    hi liz , your website is really helpful , I have recomanded it to my other fellows , i wanted to ask you one Question , there is a word ” hitherto ” tell me can i use this word in my speaking test ? like can i say something like this ” hitherto i am not doing studies nor job but yes i have so splendid plans for my studies??? please answer

    • http://Liz says

      IELTS speaking is an informal test so it would be unnatural to use such a word in speaking.
      All the best

      • http://safeera says

        thank u so much I got it ma’am and sorry for posting that question again πŸ˜›
        anyways i gave my test and waiting for my result πŸ™‚ hope so i will get my 6 , thank u soooo much for you website, students like me will always pray for u πŸ™‚ keep it up mam

  30. hey …thank you for your lessons but i have one question …. how i can improve my speaking at home ?

  31. It is very useful website because this site has lucid clear speaking writing task 1 writing task 2 and vocabulary has been improved my idea and topic thanks

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