IELTS Speaking Part 1: Camping

Below are some questions and a vocabulary for the topic of camping for IELTS speaking part 1. This topic can come in any part of the test although it is most common in part 1. This is a subtopic from the the topic of holidays.

Questions for Camping Speaking Part 1

  • Do you like camping?
  • Did you ever go camping when you were a child?
  • Is camping popular in your country?
  • Where do most people like to go camping?
  • Why do you think people like to go camping?
  • Do you think camping is popular for both men and women?
  • Why do you think children like to go camping?

Model Answers

Two different ways to answer the same question. Both answers offer the examiner a range of vocabulary suitable for the topic.

  • Question: Do you like camping?
  • Answer: Yes, I do. There’s something really exciting about being out in the forest, sleeping in a tent and cooking food over the campfire. It’s lovely to feel so close to nature. Unfortunately, I don’t get much chance to do it.
  • Answer: No, I don’t. I hate the idea of sleeping in a cramped tent and eating awful camp food. I would much prefer to sleep in a hotel where I had my own bathroom with a power shower. I honestly don’t know why people enjoy it.


Camping Vocabulary

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  1. Actually I am with the first choice ,I really enjoy being out side in camping because that give me the the time to relax and Chang our routine of living also being in camping give us the opertunity to play game competition with your companion so that give us the energy to spend funny time outside.

  2. How I can download these mp3 audio ? I want to move them to my mp3 . Can you help me please.

  3. Groot site ! Ik ben loving it! Zal terugkomen weer . Ik nemen uw feeds ook.

  4. Hi Liz,
    Do i need to give some more information to every yes/no questions?
    Thank Liz!

    • Yes, you must always add a little bit more to each answer you give in speaking part 1 and much more for speaking part 3.

  5. Liz,can you give me a synonym for respectively

  6. lightness says:

    thank you Liz your lessons have been so helpful am expecting my ELTS exam in april please please help send me different lessons in my email adress.. i really understand your teaching very much..

    • Hi,

      All my lessons are here on my website and at present I don’t offer other lessons. I will soon be opening an IELTS store with complete IELTS training videos for essays. I’ll post a notice when they are ready. If you look around all the pages and comments on this blog, I’m sure you will find plenty to help you.
      All the best

  7. Yes, I do
    really I would much prefer to be close to nature through out sleeping in a tent breathing fresh air an gazing to the sky . To be honest I fond of nature because you feel free and independent.It is really attractive.

  8. Dear Teacher,

    Thank you so much for the formation of the answer. Actually, I am always in a confusion about what should be my answer for a specific question, should it be better to answer ‘YES’ or better to say ‘NO’?

    Now I feel, I must prepare both opinion as per my own thought with a nice way.

    Thanks for this very helpful lesson .


    • It’s best not to over think. Be completely natural. In the speaking test, you should talk like you do to a friend. Be chatty. There is not right or wrong answer. The examiner doesn’t actually care about your answer, he/she only wants to hear your English language. In this way, the speaking test is completely different to the writing test where you get a score for the way you answer and your ideas.
      All the best

  9. Thu Thanh says:

    Thank you so much! Your ideas about examples are so good for me to learn and practise. I like them!

  10. Kamol Tajiev says:

    To tell the truth, that good enough answer for a part 1 speaking test. I think Iwould get higher score if I knew this type of answer. Thanks for a good argument!

  11. kyumsun says:

    Thanks for the good idea about answering the typical question~! Personally I like the former answer~!kk.. Have a good day~!

  12. Fatme akkileh says:

    actually I am with the second choice , I wonder how people enjoy their holiday sleeping in a tent and not using proper bathroom and shower. Moreover, sleeping in a sleeping bag is not comfortable for me at all. In addition to that I do not feel safe spending the night sleeping in a tent.

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