IELTS Speaking: Idiom or Description?

IELTS Speaking

Will using an idiom get you a higher score or is it better to use description? Look below and decide which piece of language will give you a higher score in IELTS Speaking.

Which is best?

  • A) My brother is as cool as a cucumber.
  • B) My brother is so calm and composed that he doesn’t get stressed or worried under any kind of pressure.


Click here: Answer: Idiom or Description

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  1. Sunnatillo says:

    To my mind both of them A and B

  2. Oluwatoyin Jiboku says:

    B would be more appropriate

  3. Dianne Gansatao says:

    Both A and B should be put together in a sentence to get a higher band score. The first sentence contains an idiomatic expression and the second sentence contains more vocabulary and clearer explanation of the subject.

  4. sharanpreet says:

    ans. A

  5. kulwinder kaur says:


  6. A

  7. Harjeet kaur says:

    I think,,A is correct answer.

  8. from my point of view , the answer is A.

  9. I think B

  10. perpetua Ndubuisi says:


  11. Eman Elshekh says:


  12. Solima Sabeel says:


  13. The best answer is B

  14. A

  15. Rehan Akram JAVED says:

    The Answer is B.

  16. according to me ,the answer should be B

  17. Sara odat says:

    I think is B , it has more detailes and has alot of vocabulary with means good inpretion to examer .

  18. It should be the combination of both answers.
    As it is informal A is correct, it also expects to use complex structures B is also right.
    It should be a combination.

  19. It is B as we have to be more elaborative in speaking.

  20. I think it is A as it is always better to use idiomatic expressions in IELTS speaking.

  21. B

  22. Somephet San says:


  23. Nguyen Phuc Hung says:

    The best choice is A. the new one is added in my mind.

  24. Morsalina Khatun says:

    The best answer will be B.

  25. Caroline dsouza says:

    I think answer is B

  26. B

  27. A

  28. Ambika thagunna says:

    B is the best way to describe

  29. Both are okay, I prefer A. It is an idiom, as cool as cucumber.

  30. B, for sure.

  31. Babatola Taiwo says:

    I think B, because it is a formal examination

  32. B

  33. Amel GHANEM says:

    I find that B is the right answer

  34. Hello Liz
    Could you please give us some information how to describe an interesting person
    Thank you so much in advance

  35. answer is B

  36. Umme Asma says:


  37. Connie Faustino says:


  38. I think both of them are correct, A is idiom while B is the idiom explanation

  39. A
    My brother is As cool as ice

  40. Confidence says:

    To me;the both should be used.

  41. Kuda mango says:

    I think B is the answer

  42. Sulaiman kunh Kalakappara says:


  43. parwinder says:

    my brother is cool and cucumber because he is a keep and calm always

  44. oluwatosin says:


  45. My answer is option B. Because, I believe that IELTS speaking test is all about the expansion of answers into more concrete explanation in order for the examiner to evaluate your level of fluency, grammar and vocabulary.

  46. wael elayed says:

    I think A is more simple and nice but Idonot know how is the IELTS examine could evaluate ?

  47. Fernande Joseph Ambroise says:

    Both A and B because the speaking part is informal. The examiner will assess your fluency.

  48. B is my answer

  49. B

  50. I think B because A is not an idiom. It’s a simile!

  51. My reply is A bcz we can be quite casual in speaking test ..

  52. Dennis Endozo says:


  53. B

  54. I choose A because idiomatic expression is a higher form of english language.

  55. B

  56. A

  57. Diana Georgieva says:

    In my view, the answer B is correct because this expression is suitable for IELTS exam.

  58. Qurrat-ul-Ain says:


  59. I would certainly prefer idioms in a friendly conversation, to grab the attention , and put myself out of the box.However, IELTS expectations are more of language skills , so we should be presentable , organized and use an acceptable grammar. Furthermore, the examiner should understand our thoughts clearly to give that required bands.

    So, I would rather go with option “ B “ to follow the norms and get the highest score. As it shows your Skills on English

    Hope to get LIZ positive feedback..Thanks

  60. B

  61. B, I think coz it shows a better command of English usage.

  62. My answer is B

  63. Shweta pandya says:

    I think the option B would better because it express the situation very well..

  64. Tshering Yangzom says:


  65. Marwa Ahmed Ali says:

    Answer is B

  66. Ahmed Ibrahim says:

    I think it’s A simply because in ielts or toefl speaking it is more preferred to use brief idiomatic language than detailed description

  67. My answer is “My brother is as cool as a cucumber. I mean he is so calm and composed that he doesn’t get stressed or worried under any kind of pressure”.
    I use the second sentence to support the first one.

  68. Filza kamran says:


  69. Sara Alrwas says:


  70. Ajay Sharma says:


  71. B

  72. A

    Would be better. Idiom says 100 words

  73. B is clear and simple

  74. B

  75. My opinion is “B” that gives examiner a good impression about the vocabs and fluency.

  76. of course B because answer B is more reliable than A

  77. The answer is B because it eliminates any form of verbosity.

  78. B

  79. I wouldn’t choose A as doesn’t sound clear even if it’s class as an idiom.
    I would choose B not as an idiom but as clear structure but all depends on the concept of the texts.

  80. Its B I know That B is long but it is more specific as Compared to A

  81. B

  82. Rupinder kaur says:


  83. A
    Because it sounds good

  84. In my opinion it’s B

  85. A

  86. Rani Francis says:

    I think it is A which will make a better band score

  87. A

  88. The first one is colloquial and the second one for a writing . Depending on what I need it for I would say one or antoher.

  89. I think option B much better.😊

  90. B

  91. B
    Because, the examiner expect much more compound and complex sentences to asses our lexical resources and grammatical range and accurscy and lso longo sentences take longer time to be said.

  92. B is more appropriate style

  93. Bedada Mamo Bekele says:

    In my opinion ‘A’ is the answer.

  94. B

  95. Neeraj Mahajan says:


  96. I think the answer is B

  97. (A) is the best answer
    What I hv assessed from your lessons project is astoundingly benificience.
    How should I articulate above sentence? Reply me kindly
    Best regards

  98. Since the speaking test is informal communication, therefore we can use idiom but make sure that it’s 100% correct or else the band score will effect.

  99. A

  100. Ruby Lacoste says:

    A..because the interviewer prefer idiomatic expression and one of the criterion is your lexical resource, also gives you a high score..

  101. B description allows one to express more complex language structure

  102. Anu Tamang says:


  103. B

  104. B

  105. Vimal Kamothi says:


  106. Rajendra Maurya says:


  107. Option B

  108. A

  109. B would be much better.

    Some idioms sound like impolite.

  110. Sonam Jain says:


  111. Victoria Cortes says:


  112. B

  113. B

  114. Amandeep Kaur says:

    Answer A

  115. A

  116. B

  117. A

  118. (A)but i think i wuld have answered (B) because tat is what we speak in routine

  119. B

  120. B

  121. B

  122. Mahesh Neupane says:


  123. Ahmed Emam says:

    For speaking test parts 2 &3 should be formal so answer would be B. For part 1 of speaking exam answer A may be accepted (informal).

  124. A

  125. Nahida Akther says:

    I think B

  126. Paul Kayode says:


  127. Chanuka fernando says:


  128. HINA AFROZ says:

    Option A seems to get more score

  129. A.
    Hi liz i have my exam on 25th of November in Brisbane, Australia. I am sitting this test for second time . Earlier i scored L; 8.5 R;6.5 W;6 S;7. i want to score atleast 8 each, if possible. As i have been in Australia since two years.Please do you have any suggestions for me .

  130. A

  131. B

  132. B

  133. B

  134. A

  135. Damilare Apoeso says:


  136. vijender kaur says:


  137. Gurjeet singh says:


  138. definitely B( idioms are not appropriate for formal writing)

  139. Divyasree Binu says:


  140. Jasvinder Kaur says:


  141. B

  142. Angela Maiapu says:


  143. A

  144. A

  145. B

  146. Amit kumar Kashyap says:

    B bcz may be listener won’t understand u and he or she have to waste time to understand idiom

  147. Option A gud if enough content to speak however B if you are looking for some additional information/ expression…
    Both go well according to the time n situation of the speaker

  148. B

  149. Girija prasad yadav says:


  150. B

  151. B

  152. I think A is better because it sounds more natural than B that might be best for a formal writing.

  153. I think… b

  154. B

  155. Ofcourse B

  156. A

  157. A : When using idioms there is no need to give the entire descriptions of the brothers attitude

  158. Oni Oludamilola Ayodele says:

    A and B are both correct

  159. SIMON SANDRA says:


  160. B

  161. B

  162. I’d have to say ‘B’. Although, using an idiom can be good, the answer is quite short and due to that the examiner wouldn’t be able to judge it.

  163. B

  164. Anju sarna says:


  165. B

  166. A

  167. Ola olawoye says:

    B. This is because IELTS wants to know how well you can communicate in English. And complex sentences gives you higher band score.

  168. B

  169. B

  170. B

  171. B.

  172. Azgar Mohammed says:

    I think B; since we are describing his character and also with better use of words.

  173. subani poudel says:


  174. I’d have to say ‘B’. Although, using an idiom can be good, the answer is quite short and the examiner wouldn’t be able to judge it, with a small sentence.

  175. B

  176. Definitely, yes! It’s a B.



  178. B

  179. Ogbonoluwa Oderinde says:


  180. B

  181. I think it’s letter A.

  182. Olanrewaju Benjamin says:

    B of course.

  183. B

  184. B

  185. Dipesh chawla says:

    I think B sounds good,because option A is crammed answer and B is genuine and natural.

  186. well,i guess its A.Liz…could you please give us a pdf of such interesting idioms.that would be of great help…thank you.

  187. Mohammad Abed Obia says:


  188. B

  189. B

  190. Suhee Baek says:


  191. A

  192. I think option B is quite well than option A

  193. B

  194. Of course, A!

  195. A

  196. Harpreet Kaur says:


  197. Gagandeep Kau says:


  198. A

  199. I believe option A will fetch you some good scores.

  200. A

  201. achala pathirage says:


  202. A

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