IELTS Reading: The Origin of Water

This practice exercise is about space and tests your ability to deal with true, false not given questions.

Where Did Earth’s Water Come From?

The exact origin of our planet’s water, which covers about 70 percent of Earth’s surface, is still a mystery to scientists. Many researchers think that, instead of water forming at the same time as Earth, objects in the outer solar system delivered water to Earth in violent collisions shortly after its formation.

Astronomers began to wonder if clues to our water’s past may lie in the asteroid belt. This region of hundreds of thousands of asteroids orbiting between the inner and outer planets was believed by astronomers to be too close to the sun to house water, but astronomers recently found the first evidence of ice on the asteroid 24 Themis.

This discovery and others of ice on asteroids suggest that there might be far more ice in the asteroid belt than originally thought and provide another possibility for the origin of ocean water. Probes sent to explore asteroids, such as the DAWN spacecraft, in the upcoming years will reveal more about their mysterious water ice, potentially help us understand the beginnings of Earth’s water.

Questions 1-5

Do the following statements agree with the information given in passage above?


  • True – if the statement agrees with the information
  • False – if the statement contradicts the information
  • Not Given – if there is no information on this
  1. 70% of the Earth is covered in water from a known source.
  2. Astronomers studied thousands of asteroids for signs of water.
  3. It was believed that asteroids did not have water because of the proximity to the sun.
  4. It has long been known that there was ice on the asteroid 24 Themis.
  5. More information will be gleaned about the ice on asteroids by dispatching probes.


Click below to reveal the answers

  1. False
  2. Not Given
  3. True
  4. False
  5. True

Passage from

  • collision = crash, impact, accident
  • to wonder = to speculate, to question
  • clue = indication, sign, evidence
  • astronomer = a person who studies space and the universe
  • asteroid = a kind of rock orbiting (circling, going round) the sun
  • house (vb) = to contain, to store
  • upcoming years = future, approaching
  • gleaned = learned, collected, gathered



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  1. 1.F 2.N 3.T 4.F.T

  2. Hello Liz,
    I really would like to thank you for all the amazing videos that you provide us with.
    Just a quick question, may I know where I can find the answer for the hw question in your video for true false not given questions. It was about the 17th century. I couldn’t find the link for it unfortunately. 🙁
    Thanks again.

  3. How answer of the question no: 3 is true.I didn’t realize.I did it wrong my answer was false.

  4. Noel Bava says:

    Hi Liz,

    I was wondering how I got the fifth question wrong. My answer was NOT GIVEN.
    I reasoned this out because I debated on the phrase “by dispatching probes” vs. “probes sent”.

    I thought the two are not really contradictory but neither are they supportive of each other. Also that “by dispatching” suggest a recommendation, hope or suggestion whereas “probes sent” is already a reality, has been done or accomplished already. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

  5. Shakhzod Akhmedov says:

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  7. sajith mullool says:

    thanks liz, I scored 5/5 . this is a new article thanks for posting this kinds of updated articles.

  8. false
    not given

  9. liz mam, thank you for uploading this. i scored 5/5 and i always afraid from reading. but today i did . thanking you. 🙂

  10. mana chhantyal says:

    1.false 2.true 3.not given 4.false 5.true

  11. Hi Liz,
    I did 3/5 🙁 but it was my first try. I want to apply IELTS exam which Will be in October. Your lessons are very useful. Thanks a lot.

  12. Harpreet says:

    Liz, could you please explain why Answer to question 1 is false. As the first line of the text says that – “which covers about 70% of Earth’s surface”.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Read the full question before you look for the answer. The question also says “from a known source”. All parts of the sentence must be correct for the answer True. Did you check that part?

      • Harpreet says:

        Okay! I forgot to check that part. I thought statement could be true if it partially agrees with the text.
        Thank you so much for correcting me on this. Really appreciate your effort 🙂

  13. Barkat Khan says:

    Hi Liz

    Thanks you for uploading the reading important question of T/F/N.G.
    I scored 4 out of 5 in just 3 minutes, Please comment and encourage me
    regrading my time frame.
    Thank you

    • That’s actually very good. It means you can locate information quickly and check answers. No you need to figure out why you got one wrong. Did you get it wrong because of the vocabulary or because you didn’t have the right technique? Always analyse your performance so you can improve next time. Anyway, good job!!

  14. 1. false
    2.not given
    3. true
    4. falts

  15. 1) True
    2) Not given
    3) True
    4) Fault
    5) True

  16. toui keo says:

    Hi Liz, your lessons are very very useful for me, i will share to my friends.
    Thanks you

  17. toui keo says:

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  18. darwinder says:

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    give me tasks and i will prepare them every day

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