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IELTS Reading: Multiple Choice

A short lesson for IELTS reading multiple choice questions. Read the passage below and then answer the questions. Both GT and academic students should try this exercise.

All About Rice

The first rice may have been grown in East and South Asia as long as 15,000 years ago, when people began to settle in river deltas and domesticated wild rice. Today it is grown practically everywhere, except Antarctica! Rice is grown on flooded land and on dry land, in tropical rain forests of Africa and in arid deserts of the Middle East, on coastal plains and on the Himalayan mountains.
In the year 2003, the world produced about 589 million tonnes of paddy rice. Most of that (about 534 million tones) was grown in Asia. In 2002, it is estimated that rice fields covered almost 1.5 million square km of land. Again, most of those fields are in Asia – around 1.3 million square km.

Questions 1 – 2

Choose the correct letter (a-c) for the following questions.

1. Where is rice grown?

a. everywhere
b. almost everywhere
c. mainly on flood lands and coastal plains

2. In 2002, rice fields covered ……………

a) 1.5 million square miles of land
b) 1.3 million square km of land in China
c) 1.5 million square km of land in the world

Answers (Click to open)



  1. Thanks Liz.
    I got 2/2

  2. 2/2

  3. Ma. grace Ann Barrios says:

    Number 2 is correct Liz. I get it now..thank u liz ❤️

  4. sujit kumar biswas says:

    What’s the different between “rice is grown and rice grows

  5. you are super teacher , thank u very much

  6. Hi Liz

    Why “C” is not the correct option for first question?

    Kindly clarify.

  7. hi liz,
    will u please send me the links of reading tips other than yes/no/ng.

  8. hi liz

    thank you so much for such a precious effort by you for us to get familiar all type of reading questions in IELTS reading part.
    my question is that why answer of question 2 is c instead of a because specifically mentioned in passage that 1.5 m square miles of land.

    • Answer A relates to miles (which is not the units of distance used in this passage), whereas C relates to km. “In 2002, it is estimated that rice fields covered almost 1.5 million square km of land.”

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