IELTS Reading: Choosing a title

A lesson on choosing a title for IELTS reading. Remember you need to think of the whole aim for the passage for this IELTS lesson. Useful for both GT and academic students – the level isn’t too hard.

Here are some tips to help you with how to choose the best title for the reading passage below.

Tips for Choosing a Title

  • This question type is usually the last question of the passage
  • By the time you come to this question, you will already have read skim read the passage
  • You should find the main aim of the passage
  • Analyse all the options for the title
  • Common trap – there will probably be information about all options in the passage – you need to find the main aim / message
  • Always look at the introduction sentence and concluding sentence to see if there is a similar message


Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks in the world. Almost a third of the world’s population drinks coffee. People often meet at cafes or coffee shops for a coffee break during the middle of the morning or stop work in the afternoon to drink coffee.
About 7 million tons of coffee is produced every year. Brazil is, by far, the world’s largest coffee producer. About a third of the world’s production comes from this South American country. Other coffee producing countries include Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia.
The United States is the biggest coffee consumer in the world. About 1.2 billion kilograms of coffee are consumed there every year. Drinking coffee is extremely popular in European countries, like Italy, France and Germany, as well as in Brazil.


Choose the correct letter A – C

Which is the best title for the passage below?

A.  Coffee – a popular hot drink
B.  Coffee – the main consumers
C.  Coffee – the main producers


Click below to reveal the answers.

[expand title=”Answers”]A is the correct answer
The first sentence of the passage and the last sentence of the passage both give the same aim – popularity.
It is not B because information about consumers is only given in two sentences.
It is not C because only the middle paragraph gives information about producers. It is not mentioned in the opening paragraph or closing paragraph.

All reading exercises on have been written by myself to help you prepare for your IELTS test.   





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    • Do you mean matching headings? Do you mean matching paragraph information? The main idea is often found in the first or last sentence – but not always. Be carefully using only that technique. Some headings can be found that way, others will require more careful investigation of the paragraph.

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    • You must improve your level of English, your understanding of vocabulary, your ability to paraphrase and also your understanding of the requirements of each type of question.

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    • If you visit the main pages of my blog, you’ll find letter writing tips in the writing task 1 section and model answers for speaking in the speaking section. Also look at the vocabulary page because words lead to ideas. It is essential that you plan and prepare ideas (I don’t mean memorise answers just prepare ideas) for different topics so that you have plenty to say when the examiner asks a question. This will also help you with shyness if you already know what you want to say.
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    • The aim is to identify the purpose of the whole passage rather than match specific information.
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