IELTS Listening: Which answer is correct?

Hi guys,

I continue to have students who ask me how to write answer for their IELTS listening test. See the questions below and decide which of the answers is correct.


Hi Mary, I guess you are not home so I’ll leave a message for you. You mentioned popping round for lunch tomorrow. I forget to tell you two things. The first one is to ask you to bring a cake. Make sure it’s free from milk or butter for John. You know he’s lactose intolerant. Also I forget to tell you that there’s a car park behind my house where you can park. But you’ll need to bring some small change because you have to purchase a ticket which will cost about 75p. Also I must warn you that the car park shuts at 9.30pm so make sure you get your car out before that. Well, that’s all. See you tomorrow.


Answer using no more than three words and/or a number.

  1. John can’t have  ……………or …………….
  2. Mary will need  to buy …………… for the car park.
  3. The car park will close at ………………………


Choose below which are the correct answers for these questions

**  You can choose more than one correct answer. In some cases, there might be two or three correct answers. **

Answer to Q1:   a) milk or butter         b) milk, butter           c) milk  / butter      d) milk  butter

Answer to Q2   a) ticket      b) a ticket     c) the ticket        d) car park ticket

Answer to Q3   a) at 9.30pm     b) at 9:30pm     c) 9.30pm     d)9:30pm

Answers to Above Options:

You can find the answers to this exercise on this link: Answers to Exercise Above



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  1. Francisca Okoro says:

    1. 80 Million
    2. Zoology
    3. Volted central hole
    4. a blue Whale
    5. 10 thons

  2. Jalpa patel says:


  3. B

  4. D

  5. Amritpal singh grewal says:


  6. Kuda mango says:

    my answer is
    1 a. 2b. 3a

  7. My answer is
    1. a
    2. b
    3. b

  8. 1- a
    2- d
    3. a

  9. Jincymol says:


  10. Vivianpie says:

    1 D
    2 B
    3 D

  11. B ,b,c

  12. B, B, C

  13. 1) C
    2) B
    3) D

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