IELTS Listening: Predicting answers

One key to success in the IELTS listening test is to be able to predict what kind of answer you must listen for. When you know what to listen for, you have a good chance of getting the answer right.

Learn how to predict the answers using prepositions.




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  1. asmaa eid says:

    please liz
    how to spell the year 2015 you mentioned before
    it is 2 thousands fifteen
    or twenty fifteen
    which of them is true

  2. Hi Liz,

    You told that, It is fine to use capital letter in whole word, but with the days can I write MONDAY instead of Monday?

    All The Best


  3. Hi,
    have a good day!!

    I would like to request could you give me some website or form you for listening test address.


    The best regards,

  4. Hi Liz ,
    God bless you dear for this very help you are giving .
    Keep doing it God will give you a great reward

  5. ROBINS K.GEORGE says:

    it is very useful mam,thank you very much

  6. It’s a wonderful session. I do lot of mistakes in sentence completion.
    Very helpful to remember in my exam.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. clarence says:

    Hi Liz,

    Your tutorials is currently the IELTS review essentials that I am using and I am glad to see my scores improving each day. Thanks to you.

    I hope you give clarity with my concerns regarding capitalization rules particularly in listening test when labeling maps or diagram, for instance the anwer is cafe . Rule of noun capitalization tells me it is a common noun so I will use lower cases but I have doubt if I will exclude that rule since it is use to label places in the map.

  8. What about occasions?
    Thank you very much for your kind support.

    • Good comment. Usually we use “at” = at Christmas, at Easter, at New Year. However, for birthday’s, we use “on” = one my birthday.

  9. Martin Kwaku Akpatsa says:

    Liz, you are great. I love your site and teaching style, clarity of voice and explanation to salient points.

    God richly blesses you.

  10. hii Liz,
    my ielts exam is next week ..i did not prepared for reading part ..How to start and how to end with in 6days please help me…

  11. Hi Liz,

    I have questions for you both in reading and listening section.

    For example, If I am asked to write 3 words for answer but in the practice answer sheet the answer is just water (one word) and I wrote hot water and thats what i heard. Would that be still correct or they will cut my mark?
    Another questions, if in the listening section, the speaker says 2500, should i write that in words or the number is acceptable? or both are acceptable?

    I have a test on Saturday, I would really appreciate your quickest feedback.

    Thank you,

    • Numbers are written as digits not words. For your water question, I can’t answer without seeing the full transcript and also questions etc. IELTS have a list of possible answers and your answers are judge according to them.
      All the best

  12. I’m preparing myself for December session
    I’ve so many confusion about test- writing task ,can i use pen or pencil would be good
    2.In reading task I’ve got difficult in true,false/yes no
    can you please gimme some tips about reading .

  13. Hello Liz,
    My name is Harish and recently i have done my first practice test in IELTS Listening Module Academic. I found a problem that instead of number 15% i wrote (Fifteen Percent). The answer is wrong and what type of approach i have to follow in regarding giving answers in numbers is fine or can i also give in writing in terms of words.

    • Numbers should be written as digits. Also the instructions might say no more than one word so writing two words would be wrong.

  14. Hazem Samoaa says:

    can we know the band score and questions to be answered well to get 7 band score?

  15. Hi Liz, I would like to ask if its correct to write November 15 instead of November 15th? Likewise 15th of November and 15 of November? thanks

  16. Dear Liz,
    Is it also possible to expect a place after ‘in’, like ‘meet in the theatre’? If so, there’s sometimes a problem to distinguish at/in with places. Thank you.

    • Yes, some places do use “in”. For example, “in hospital” means that the person is staying there overnight as a patient. And “at hospital” which means a person is temporarily visiting the hospital.

  17. Jamal. Hemmati says:

    I would like to express my best regards for your exellant videos and descriptions which really are very instructive and hope you continue your lessons to help people.God bless you.thanks a lot.

  18. Hi Liz,
    I have taken my IELTS Speaking part today. I had questions about my favorite place at home, spending leisure time for the part 1. For the part 2 I had to describe an ELECTRONIC DEVICE I would like to purchase in a future. For the last section of my speaking I have gotten questions related to technology and education. No surprises at all with questions.

    However, my examiner kept making notes very often and wrote “5/” Does it mean I am going to get only 5 for my speaking? I guess the examiner’s notes suppose to mean something different??? I am quit nervous about that.
    Liz, could you please comment briefly about that or direct me to a link where I could find an answer for my concern. Thanks.

    • Don’t worry at all about what notes the examiner writes. 14 minutes is a long time for the examiner to remember all the language you used. So, examiners often write down notes to remind them of what grammar, pronunciation features or some aspect of language you have used. It isn’t relating to your score. Each examiner will have their own way to make notes.
      All the best


    Hi liz
    I am to take my exam in Dec.could u please post full test ie 30 min test so that I can judge myself better.secondly i face load of problem in reading task.should i read newspapers nd magazines to enhance my reading? Plz guide me. I do speakking parts that is posted.Its great.Really u are fanstic.

  20. Samjhana Pradhan says:

    Dear Liz,
    I gave my IELTS exam on 1st August. In the first section of the Listening part, we had to write one word answer, so could you please tell whether PAPER-MACHE is one word or two word?
    Moreover, in the second section, the question consisted of two blanks, we had to write the time and the answer was 10 am to 4 pm (to was already written in the question), we were supposed to answer in one word/and/ or number format so in the answer sheet, I wrote 10 AM – 4 PM, could you please tell whether this answer will be correct or not?

    Thank You
    Kind regards
    Samjhana Pradhan

    • Here is a link to your first question: For the second question, IELTS NEVER writes “one word and/or number”, the instructions are either “one word and/pr numbers” (with an s) or “one word and/or a number” (a number = one). You probably had the first option which means you can write two number ” 10am 4pm”
      All the best

  21. Saurav Devkota says:

    Thanx Liz for ur videos… they were really helpful for me.. One thing I would like to ask you I m finding multiple choice and direction related questions in listening part.. How to improve it..

  22. Thanks I really love and appreciate it makes me put effort to practice.

  23. Hi Liz,

    I would like to ask, what if in the actual exam we forget to put on (the ) in front of the answer, but (the) did exist in the answer given?

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