IELTS Listening Practice: Picture Multiple Choice

This lesson is a picture multiple choice. It is one of the most difficult types of listening questions in your IELTS listening test. This particular listening lesson is similar to the type of question you might get in Section 4 – the most difficult section in the test.

The listening practice below is mainly aimed at students who are band score 7 and above.  For students under band score 7, you can use this listening exercise to improve your vocabulary and listening technique when I post the answers tomorrow. Now prepare both question and picture options before listening and answering the question.


1. Which type of mammoth is this lecture going to focus on? Choose the correct letter, A-C.

mammoth picture

 Picture from Sunday Times Magazine, 20/04/2014.

Answers and Vocabulary

Please click below to reveal vocabulary, transcript and answers:


mammoth = prehistoric animal now extinct similar in shape to an elephant
physiology = make-up / structure
prominent = major / outstanding
parts of an elephant and mammoth = tusks, trunk, large ears
huge / colossal = enormous / extremely large

There is evidence of much change and development in the mammoth. We can see the Ambelodon 20 million years ago, the Stegodon 12 million years ago and finally the Stegotetrabelodon which existed somewhere between 7.5 to 4.5 million years ago. There seem to have been a number of changes in the physiology of the mammoth, the most prominent were in the height, the size of the ears and the shape of the head and tusks. Today, I’m going to be focusing, on the one most of us associate with the ‘so-called’ classic shape and size of a mammoth and which is most known for its huge curving tusks and colossal size.
‘Today, I’m going to be focusing on….. which is most known for its huge curving tusks and colossal size.’



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  15. I so sad because I only make 2-4 mistakes in the fourth section of listening but I do a lot of error in the first and second section which is regarded as the easiest part of IELTS 🙁

    • Keep practising – it will get easier. Also write down lists of common paraphrases from all the exercises.

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    I ve just discovered your useful link. I had my IELTS examination one month ago and my overall score was 7. Unfortunately I have to pass it once more since I need 7 in each component. I had 7.5 in reading, 7.5 in speaking, 7 in writing and 6.5 in listening. I need it in order to register as a family physician in Canada. I m really worried and I would like to ask for your help as I really need to succeed this time. I ll go through your practice tests. But are they for the academic module too? Your tips I instill me courage and useful knowledge. Thank you so much!

    • All listening, reading, writing task 2 and speaking lessons are suitable for students taking both tests. The lessons are mostly at the academic level but all students can benefit from learning the necessary exam skills. The key to listening is having a clear strategy for each type of question, being able to spot paraphrases, knowing common traps and being able to follow the order of information given so you don’t lose your place in the audio. Hopefully the lessons on my blog will help as well as the videos. Also, make sure you are practicing the IELTS Cambridge books 1 to 10.
      All the best

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