IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Pictures

IELTS listening multiple choice pictures is when you need to choose the correct answer from a selection of pictures. It is one of the most difficult types of listening questions in your IELTS listening test. This particular listening lesson below is similar to the type of question you might get in Section 4 – the most difficult section in the IELTS listening test. However, picture multiple choice questions can come in any section of the listening test.

The listening practice below is mainly aimed at students who are band score 7 and above.  For students under band score 7, you can use this listening exercise to improve your vocabulary and listening technique.

Prepare both question and picture options before listening and choosing the answer. Answers are available below the audio.

Question 1

1. Which type of mammoth is this lecture going to focus on?

Choose the correct letter, A-C.

mammoth picture

 Picture from Sunday Times Magazine, 20/04/2014.


Answer & Transcript

Please click below to reveal vocabulary, transcript and answer:

mammoth = prehistoric animal now extinct similar in shape to an elephant
physiology = make-up / structure
prominent = major / outstanding
parts of an elephant and mammoth = tusks, trunk, large ears
huge / colossal = enormous / extremely large
There is evidence of much change and development in the mammoth. We can see the Ambelodon 20 million years ago, the Stegodon 12 million years ago and finally the Stegotetrabelodon which existed somewhere between 7.5 to 4.5 million years ago. There seem to have been a number of changes in the physiology of the mammoth, the most prominent were in the height, the size of the ears and the shape of the head and tusks. Today, I’m going to be focusing, on the one most of us associate with the ‘so-called’ classic shape and size of a mammoth and which is most known for its huge curving tusks and colossal size.
‘Today, I’m going to be focusing on….. which is most known for its huge curving tusks and colossal size.’


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All the best




  1. – B
    Finally i’ve got right answer :))
    Thank you so much Liz.

  2. I came to conclusion that ‘B’ because the mammoth in answer choice B has curving tusk and colossal size ?

  3. Hi Liz, i can’t hear this audio =( NOT AVAILABLE
    do you have other link with the audio?

  4. Hi Liz,
    I appreciate your work and thank you for helping me to prepare this exam. The only part I can’t do well is multiple choice in Listening, especially the one which has long question and answer sentences. By the time I read the sentences recording begins and get lost while I am trying to read and listen at the same time. What can you offer to me?
    Thanks in advance.

    • This means you need to do two things:
      1. Build your speed reading. This is a skill that you need to practise and develop.
      2. Learn to spot keywords. This is also a skill to practise and develop.

  5. answer is (B)

  6. answer is B (she said huge)

  7. Muhammad Umer Farooq says

    It’s b and thanks a lot Ms liz for your assistance to us . Your ielts content is very helpful to me . I found it very useful☺

  8. B

  9. Pabitra K Bhattacharjee says


  10. B

  11. B

  12. B

  13. B

  14. Gabriel Frimpong says


  15. A

  16. answer is B

  17. b

  18. B is the right answer

  19. B

  20. B

  21. B

  22. ans B

  23. ossai chidi says


  24. Pramila Pyakuryal says


  25. Answer : B

  26. Vinayak Nilajkar says

    B is the right answer.

  27. Answer is B

  28. B

  29. B

  30. My answer is B

  31. Answer : B

  32. Shirisha Gujjari says

    Answer is B

  33. Umme Kulsum Mukta says

    Answer. B

  34. Jaganmohan says

    Jaganmohan says:

  35. B

  36. Md Mamun khan says

    Ans Is B

  37. B

  38. My answer is B.

  39. B

  40. Rushell Rowe says


  41. The answer is B

  42. Kuti Rashedat Olorunjuwon says


  43. B

  44. Karan Kapadia says


  45. B

  46. B

  47. B

  48. B

  49. The answer is B

  50. !

  51. Pierre Teo says


  52. Rajeshwari says


  53. B

  54. DADA TEMILOLA says


  55. B

  56. Masala Louison says


  57. Hi, Liz!
    Thanks for your exercise! My answer is B.

    Since I haven’t taken any actual IELTS test yet, I have a small question about the Listening section. Is its speed the same as the audio in this exercise ?
    Thank you!

    • Please get the IELTS Cambridge test books from 1 to 13 – they are real IELTS tests published by IELTS. My lessons are helpful for developing skills and understanding, but you still need to get used to real tests before you enter the test room.

  58. Liz, you say its classic shape and size huge curving tusk and colossal size. the Answer would be B

  59. B

  60. Asai Thambi Ekambaram says


  61. Ibiyemi Ogunjobi says

    I think B is the answer.

  62. B

  63. B

  64. B

  65. Abdul Agento Koroma says

    B is my answer as a result of the adjective used( colossal size)

  66. B

  67. B

  68. B

  69. Its C

  70. B

  71. B

  72. The answer is B

  73. Answer is B

  74. B

  75. AMANDEEP KAUR says


  76. Answer: B

  77. I guess the answer is B since it is talking about the size and trunk of the mammoth

  78. Answer is B

  79. Ala Eddine says

    B Stegodon

  80. B

  81. Today was my speaking test and the cue card was to tell about a person who is doing some activity to protect the environment.
    Who this person is?
    What has he done?
    How this person interests you?
    Test Centre: Ambala, Haryana, India.


  83. B

  84. B

  85. B

  86. Is it B -because in the picture it resembles the most the so-called “classic type”?

  87. B

  88. The answer is B

  89. B

  90. b

  91. B.Stegodon

  92. Thulani Nleya says


  93. Answer B

  94. I think it’s B.

  95. B

  96. Stegodon

  97. b since you said huge (guess you meant long) curving tusk and colossal size…

    excellent recording – what device do you use..?

    • Just a hand-held recording device – it’s really useful 🙂

      • very good – my recorder picks up cars honking, dogs barking, planes flying overhead…the works – as i am trying to record guided meditation clips for my clients.

        • I hold the recording device directly over my nose – this means it is very near my mouth but avoids picking up breathing. You also need to be in a very quiet room, windows closed and also without echo – a room that has wallpaper and carpet is useful as it dims the echo.

  98. Hopefully, my answer is right.

  99. Jonny Cage says


  100. B

  101. B

  102. Emanuela Imbrisca says


  103. Priya devasia says


  104. Answer : B

  105. Dhara Patel says

    Ans is B

  106. B

  107. Priya Poudel says


  108. B

  109. B

  110. answer : B

  111. Chinwuko Ifeanyi says

    The Answer is B

  112. The Ans is B

  113. B is the answer

  114. Stegodon

  115. Shveta Sood says

    Cis the answer

  116. The ans is b

  117. Hi Liz ,

    I never thought listening would be that difficult, I finding difficulties in practising with exact materials used during the real test , most materials available online are either so difficult or so easy . How can I get question samples with audio exactly as used with real test ? Thanks

  118. Esha Katru says


  119. B

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