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IELTS Listening for Diagrams Practice and Tips

Here are tips and practice to label an IELTS listening diagram. It is common to get diagrams in IELTS listening section 2 and 3 although they may appear in section 4 too.

IELTS Listening Diagram Tips

  • check the location of each number
  • answers come in order
  • decide what kind of answer you need (noun, adj, verb)
  • check how many words or numbers you can use
  • predict language to describe locations (under, over, above, underneath, at the side, etc)
  • look at the title of the diagram to help you predict topic language

IELTS Listening Diagram Practice

The Brownie Camera

Label the diagram using no more than two words and/or a number.

IELTS Listening Diagram Camera


  1. strap
  2. viewfinder
  3. viewfinder lens
  4. shutter lever
The Brownie camera was introduced in February 1900  and popularised low-cost photograph bringing about the concept of the snapshot. At a cost of just £1, it was intended to be a camera everyone could afford and use. It was a simple camera to operate. It was a box camera made out of cardboard or, later, plastic. On the top was a strap to enable people to carry their cameras making photography more convenient to people on the go. The workings of the camera were secured inside the box by locks on the top and also at the side near the film advance. When people wanted to take a snapshot, they would put their eye to the rectangular viewfinder. There were two of these located both on the top and side of the camera allowing people to take both landscape and portrait pictures. The image from the viewfinder was seen though a viewfinder lens. There were also two of these on the front of the camera relating in position to each of the viewfinders. The real lens was placed squarely in a central position on the front of the camera. When people wanted to take a photo, they would press a small lever at the side of the camera known as the shutter lever. When this was pressed down, the photo would be captured. This is one of the most iconic cameras in the world and is responsible for development of photography as we know it today.


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  1. Cliffen says:

    Hi Ma’am

    I wanted to say that the videos you have uploaded have really helped me a lot. However, I have a very odd doubt. Can we write all the answers in cursive handwriting ?(Listening,writing and reading)


    • You can write as you want. The most important thing is to make sure your answers and writing are VERY easy to read.

  2. Hi Liz

    If I answered all the answers starting with a capita letter like – ‘Strap’, will it be wrong?
    Secondly, is viewfinder a single word? I wrote View Finder…


  3. Aqeel Ahmed says:

    Hello Mam !
    I just want to know that is all the questions comes in order as speaker speak ?

  4. Nice stuff 🙂

    • I wrote in April 2017 but got overall bandscore 6.0 instead of 6.5. Am sure this blog will help in the next two days. I only have 48hours. Pray for me Ma and thanks for the open education resources.

  5. Hello Liz,

    I have a doubt with a name’s spelling, I have seen name Sean and name Shawn which is pronounced in the same manner, so how to recognize the difference if the spelling is not provided?

  6. kalaivanan pullaiannan says:

    Respected madam
    why there is no articles used in this practice answer key

  7. Hello Liz,
    Thank you so much for your videos. This is my first time of viewing your videos and i must say you are a great teacher. So far, i understand that we can adopt capital letters all through the listening test if we wish. Relating to the answers here, can we write VIEWFINDER as an answer? From your answer to Justin, I also understand that we can use capital letter at the start of a word, names or pronouns..however, i am a bit confused about the use of capital letters all through in this case.
    I look forward to your response soonest as i have a test in less than 2 weeks from now
    Thank you,

  8. Hi Liz,

    Thank you so much for all the tips and information. Much appreciated

  9. Liz,
    Just to wish “Happy New Year”. May God promote you in all ramification of life.Thanks.

  10. Hlo liz mam..i m too worried about writing..i gave my 100% but even then i got only 5.5 …i also used vocab but i felt frustrate bcz i got only 5.5..i thought that i can get 6.5…

  11. Hello Liz,

    In GT exam , we will be given headphones for listening ?

    • The listening is the same for all students (GT and AC). Most centers use headphones but you will need to check with your local test center.

  12. hi liz !
    Is it necessary to add articles to the answers? If so? at what cases should I

  13. If i got wrong in spelling so the i will not have a scores??

  14. Danny Mulgrew says:

    Hi Liz , tks you so much for this free online courses , i’m new here so i hope i’ll learn something interesting lessons with you. Where is the audio file? i couldn’t find it anywhere

  15. Puneet Seth says:

    Thanks a lot Liz for the wonderful blog of yours. I have a general query , if you can please hep me on it. I don’t understand when should we put a hyphen between two words. I have seen it in reading comprehension as well wherein passage has two words ” functional strength ” and in the answer it was mentioned as “functional-strength” and do we loose marks if we write them without hyphen.


  16. I shall remain thankful for this helpful web.

  17. I shall remain thankful for this helpfull web.

  18. Sapient says:

    Hi Liz

    Just a query,

    What is meant by “over a period about the year”

  19. Hi Liz,

    Is view finder a single word? I mostly get confused in this things. could you help me please.


  20. Can I answer b as “viewfinders” ?

  21. Hi Liz,

    My answer for (2) was ‘rectangle viewfinders’. Is it correct?

    Looks like it’s not correct as the transcript uses ‘viewfinder’ in singular form.

  22. Please Liz,
    Is witing just’ lens’ as an answer to the 3rd question correct?

  23. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for your wonderful site. Could I check whether starting each of the answers with a capital letter, for example “Viewfinder Lens”, would be acceptable? I was rather confused when comparing my answers to yours as, while I understand when uppercase should be used, the diagram adopted the format of capital letters for each consecutive word. In such cases, do I adopt the format in the diagram or should I maintain all lower/uppercase?

    Best Regards

  24. Hi Liz. I need your help. Which sentences are correct?
    1.She had been an unemployed since she ended school.
    2. She was an unemployed since she ended school.

  25. Hi Liz

    Please mark and let me know how i fared
    Viewfinder lens
    Shutter lever

  26. Dear Ms Liz,

    Thanks you kindly for the lessons. They are very informative and educative. May I say you are an excellent linguist.

    I`m a banker by profession. As such, I would be very much grateful if you could send me a lesson of how to write proper Report writing.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    With kindest regards,

  27. Thank you very much, Liz!

  28. Thanks so much, Liz! It’s really useful for us to reach to IELTS. Hope to get more helps from you.

  29. Dear liz: hope you will be doing.. can you plz give me a link of ur lecture regarding writing task 1 vacoublary for barcharts graph etc

  30. Mahnaz Ahmadi says:

    Thank you for your useful information.
    It is really helpful .I am happy with that.

  31. Esmaeil Nasrollahi says:

    Dear Liz,
    Thank you very much for your useful listening tips.
    My biggest problem in listening test is spelling mistakes, I can recognize the correct answer, but I cannot write the answer correctly. Please advise me how I can improve my dictation skills. In The real IELTS exam, which I took two month age. I lost 4 questions just because of spelling errors, thus solving this issue is crucial for me.
    Thank so much again and I hope to get advice from you.
    Kind Regards,

    • Go to the IELTS Extra section and see the Useful Website page. You’ll find a link to a spelling website on that page.

  32. Nour Mohammad says:

    I am going to…. on Saturday

  33. Nour Mohammad says:

    Hi Liz,

    If I write ‘viewfinder’ as view finder in my real exam, is it count as correct ans? there are many others have like this? what will be for that? plz reply me as quickly as possible as I going to sit for Saturday………
    thanks in adv

  34. Thanks a lot Liz ! I will definitely do the practice when I reach home.

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