IELTS Listening: Bitcoin

A short listening exercise which focused on filling in the gaps in a passage. You need to read the passage first before listening the the recording. Make a note of key words in the passage and predict the types of answers that will come (nouns / verbs etc). This audio is on a cloud so you will need stable internet connection to stream it.

Tip: Answers will come in order of the question numbers. To keep your place in the recording and not get list, you need to focus on key words in the passage below and not get lost in the extra detail in the recording.

Post your answers below and I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

Listening: What is bitcoin?

Complete the summary using no more than two words and/or a number.

A new currency recently established is the bitcoin which allows (1) …………. transactions. It is not limited geographically and is not controlled by a (2) ………………………… The idea behind it is that money is any object or (3)……… which is accepted as payment. The benefits of bitcoins is that they can easily used online and transactions are (4)…………. but the downside is that they are (5)……………




Click below to see the answers

Answers to Bitcoin Listening


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  1. 1- instant
    2- Central Authority
    3- Source
    4- economic contest
    5- irreversible

  2. Hello how to answer 2nd. I repeat it again and again still do not understand. I answered network

  3. Hi I got 3/5. Thanks.

  4. Olasunkanmi says:

    Thank you so much Liz for your lessons; my day is incomplete at work without it. I will soon testify of my good scores in IELTS (General), courtesy of you.
    The answers are as follow:

    (a) Instant.
    (b) Central authority.
    (c) Read.
    (d) Fast.
    (e) Irreversible.

  5. 1.Managing
    2.Central authority

  6. Mohammod Fokrul Amin says:

    My favourite IELTS teacher my answer is given below:
    1. INSTANT
    3. RECORD
    4. FAST

    InShaAllah I will get 5 out of 5 😊😎

  7. 1.INSTANT

  8. 1 Peer to Peer
    2. Central Authority
    3 Record
    4 Fast
    5 Irreversible

  9. Aliva Mohanty says:

    1. money
    2. central authority
    3. record
    4. fast
    5. irreversible

  10. 1. instant
    2. central authority
    3. record
    4. fast
    5 irreversible

  11. Silvia Gomes says:

    1. instantened
    2. Central authority
    3. record
    4. fast
    5. irreversible

  12. Yousif Ahmed says:

    1- Instant Payment
    2- central authority
    3- record
    4- fast
    5- irreversible

  13. Vimal Kamothi says:

    1 instant
    2 central authority
    3 record
    4 fast
    5 irreversible

  14. 1. managing
    3.sort of record
    4. fast

  15. 1- Managing
    2- network
    3- Record
    4- Sent-easily
    5- irreversible

  16. 1.Instant Payment
    2.Central Authority
    3.Sort of records

  17. Instant
    Central authority
    Sort of record

  18. 1.Secure
    2.Central Authority
    3.sort of record

  19. Fernanda Castro says:

    1 – instant
    2 – central authority
    3 – record
    4 – fast
    5 – irreversible

  20. Omme_hashmi says:

    1) instant payment
    2) central authority
    3) any record
    4) fast
    5) irreversible
    Hope I got them correct……

  21. 1.managing
    2.central authorities
    3.any sort of record

  22. 1. instant
    2. central authority
    3. record
    4. first
    5. irreversible

  23. 1.instant payments
    2. central authority
    3. any record
    4. first
    5. irreversibility

  24. Robandeep Singh says:

    2.central authority

  25. 1. Instance payment
    2. Network
    3. Sort record
    4. Fast
    5. Irreversible

  26. 1-manage
    3-sort of record

  27. 1 instant
    2 central authority
    3 record
    4 fast
    5 irreversible

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