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Grammar for IELTS Writing: Adding a Clause Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will teach you how to improve your grammar for IELTS writing task 2 by adding a clause to a sentence to form a complex sentence structure. To get a good score, you must be able to demonstrate a range of grammar including the ability to use clauses.

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  1. http://Vikas%20Mahadevan says

    I got writing score 6.5 in the very first attempt, even without a single writing practice. First time writing after years for IELTS exam. But, I use to read many articles and IELTS topics. Is that a good sign to get 8 band next time? Of course, I need to practice both writing and reading.

  2. http://Prasad says

    Thank you very much liz, this was very helpful..

  3. Thank you very much mam , it is useful for me and i can easily write esaay than before .

  4. http://natia says

    thank u liz <3 i'm glad that you are going to help us <3 your lessons are very useful♥

  5. http://maruf says

    thanks Liz it is very useful. i reached 6.5 score

  6. http://manpreet says

    I got 5.5 in writing module .i took my ilets exam 3 times.how i rose up my ilets writing score

  7. http://ali%20muhammad says

    thank you very much. it is very useful and helpful website.

  8. http://khader%20al%20shawish says

    there is a fault in the spelling of the word ” building ” in the first sentence hhhh , but actually your are an amazing teacher , thanks for all lessons , it is really astonishing

    • Unfortunately, I can’t edit this mistake. It’s a shame because I didn’t notice until it was too late 🙁

      • http://khader%20alshawish says

        my comment just for joking.Fortunately i founded your website its really very useful and i will start studying all tips and lessons in this website , thanks for your efforts 🙂

        • http://aji says

          bingo!!! dear bro/sis found is the past tense of find and still past participle is same,its not “founded ” just found.

  9. Thanks Liz.
    This is very useful and easy to follow.
    Kind regards,

  10. http://hessie says

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you for your interesting lesson and I found it useful, I have use this website to review for my IELTS. By the way, can I use the writing task 2 tips as a guide in University English Exam?

    thank you once again.

    • http://Liz says

      I wouldn’t recommend using all the tips for university essays. While they are both academic in style and content, the length, technique and organisation sometimes differs. You need to get guidelines from you university or just ask for sample essays to look at. That way you will be able to see the differences between an IELTS essay and a university essay.
      All the best

  11. http://lynn says

    Hi Liz,

    I really enjoy your lessons! Your lessons cleared most of my doubts in IELTS!

    My question is how can i use “in which” ?
    Look forward your reply.

    Many Thanks!

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